Lakeland Clinic, Part 2

[ Mbg, oral, anal, humil, ws ]

by dale10

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Published: 20-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Dr. Fichter ushered me into the classroom. It was a cheery enough room with light green walls and large windows allowing sunlight to drape itself across the area. The room itself was quite large and seems to have been sectioned off to allow for different teaching areas. We stopped at the first table. On the table was a life sized artificial torso of a man, From the neck down to the thighs. It seems to have been made out of some kind of smooth polished black stone.

Extending out from the torso was a huge artificial cock and balls. The cock must have been twelve or thirteen inches long and as thick as an adult wrist. The balls were also large. Practicing at this learning station was a darling little boy of about eight. He was totally naked. I was amused at his determined attempt to conquer the challenge. He would stare at the large stone dick, and then open his little mouth and plunge his face into the groin, taking as much cock into his mouth as he could.

He would forced his mouth over the huge dick until he made gagging sounds, then he would pull his face back off the monster cock. He wiped the dick with a tissue and began again. He stare4d at the cock as if he were willing himself to be able to swallow it. Dr. Fichter walked over to the boy, smiled and put his hand on the child's naked shoulder. I could see the kid's body grow stiff with tension at the arrival of the Doctor.

Dr. Fichter gently placed his hand at the back of the student's little head and guided the boy back onto the dick. The boy's eyes rolled as Dr. Fichter calmly forced more and more of the stone dick into the child's mouth. I could see the outline of the cock in his neck. He was being taught to deep throat. Dr. Fichter lowered one hand to the little boy's naked stomach and rubbed the kid's tummy.

"If the boy does an acceptable job, the artificial dick and balls will squirt cum into his mouth. In this case it is..." he glanced at the jar sitting on the table beside the sucking eight year old, "horse cum."

"Little Martin here, has not been doing very well. He failed the anal stretching lesson yesterday, and he just isn't showing the proper enthusiasm sucking dick. He keeps gagging and choking when he has a real cock in his mouth. He may be only eight, but that is not reason to be impolite." He pushed a bit more of the boy's face onto the stone dick. "Got to learn how to suck dick properly, right, Martin?" About nine inches of stone dick was now down the boy's throat. His neck was swollen and his little face was red. Dr. Fichter's hand went lower to gently fondle the little boy's tiny dick.

"Martin is a very lucky boy. His little sister Greta is also at our clinic. We don't often get a brother and sister. She is just as beautiful as he is. Last week he got to fuck his sister. Didn't you Martin. It was so cute watching the two of them rutting away on the bed. Martinis so popular, he had about fifty guests watch the whole thing." He worked the boy's head back and forth on the stone dick.

"First they had a little date, he brought her flowers. Then they made know necked and petted. Then they undressed each other, just like the big kids do. Then he felt and licked her little pussy. She's two years younger than he is. Then she sucked his little dick for him. She's actually much better at cocksucking than he is. You should see that girl go to town on a big black adult dick. And then they went to bed and fucked. It was so cute.

Of course Martin can't cum yet, but we provided the sperm. While they fucked, ten of our employees surrounded the bed and jerked off on them. It didn't take much believe me. When the little darlings were covered with sperm, we had them lick it off each other's bodies. Greta is a great jizz licker too, I have to say that. Better than little Martin here. But he will soon improve. He's currently on an almost total sperm diet. He'll get used to the taste."

Dr. Fichter gently ruffled the little boy's hair. " Come on Martin, swallow that dick. Get your reward." He squeezed one of the little boy's beautifully pale smooth ass cheeks."This boy needs to be fucked bad... Have you ever fucked an eight year old boy ass?" he asked me.

"Eh, no, I've never had the pleasure." My dick was rock hard looking at the purity of the little boy ass and the way the doctor was rubbing it.

"Oh Dear, well, we must arrange that for you during your visit with us. I do adore teenage boys, but there is something about a really young ass that is...well, it's like eating fine caviar, You don't know why you like it, but it does something wild inside you. When I force my fat dick into the ass of a very young boy, I get the craziest feeling of butterflies in my stomach. My balls tingle. So you see, our work here is not only benefitting children, it is also teaching us things about adult sexuality as well. I watched, captivated as Dr. Fichter drilled one finger up into the little boy's asshole. He leaned down and whispered to the darling child.

"You are such a fucking slut, Martin. Such a fucking little whore. We're going to teach you how to be the best dick slut anyone ever saw. Once we start fucking this baby hole, you are going to be impaled on cock sixteen hours a day." The little boy trembled and focused himself on the stone cock he was trying to swallow.

We moved on. "Of course the stone cock has no flexibility or give. It also has no texture. It is strictly for opening the throat." We approached two boys of fourteen or so seated facing each other. They were masturbating each other's dicks. A young handsome teacher dressed in white shorts was monitoring the boys' progress and helping them.

"Come on, you useless cumdumps, beat that meat. Jerk each other's fuckers. You've only been doing it for two hours, show some enthusiasm. The boys mouths hung slack and their eyes looked glazed. They masturbated each other to a steady rhythm, their young sets of balls jiggling and bouncing. Both boys were also extremely beautiful.

"I notice, Dr. Fichter, that all of the boys here at your clinic are really that by design?"

"Oh yes indeed. We only accept beautiful children. It's the same with the cunts. Oh my, there are very few sights on this earth more lovely than watching a very attractive fourteen year old boy fucking a beautiful thirteen year old girl. Face fucking her, taking her ass is just magic. And of course watching two boys go at it is special. At first the boys don't want to do sexual things with each other. You see, if an adult takes them, that is one thing, they can justify it as being forced to participate, but if they fuck and suck other boys of their own age, then they somehow feel responsible.

"These boys here, one is fourteen and his friend is fifteen are learning how to control their orgasms. They are working on keeping their young dicks supremely sensitive without spraying boy sperm all over the place."

"Rub the cockheads. Work the pissholes..." The handsome teacher working with the boys barked. At once, the boys' fingers began to move over each others' dick heads. Teen fingers rubbed wet pissholes. Teh two boys groaned, and their cute faces twisted with agony or ecstasy. Their slender chest heaved, and their nipples grew hard and tight. Their young flat stomachs fluttered. They rubbed each other's pissholes. One boy thew his head back. Sweat dripped from their smooth hairless bodies. Their toes curled. The younger boy grimaced and ground his perfect white teeth together. Both boys arched their bodies up off the mat.

"STOP! HANDS OFF..." the teacher barked, and the boys at once released each others' teenage dicks. The smooth cocks throbbed and pre-cum bubbled from the pissholes, but the boys did not cum. One of them, the older one, screamed and clutched the mat with both hands. His hips pumped the air. I was certain for a moment that he was going to spurt. But he managed to control it. His chest heaved. He swallowed and hung his head. His hair was wringing wet. The two teenage boys sat there staring at the floor, breathing ragged and rapid, then slowing. The teacher watched them closely.

"All right," he said finally. "That was not bad. Now...masturbate." The boys dragged their hands down to their own drooling teenage pricks and began to pump. "Tits..." the teacher barked. The boys reached out one hand to rub and pinch each others rosy boy nipples. The nipples on many teenage boys are exceptionally beautiful. The pecs are not developed yet, so the nipples stick out kind of pouty and soft looking. A teenage boy's nipples can be extremely sensitive. The boys moaned as they masturbated their own dicks now and pinched each others' nipples.

"Kiss..." the teacher instructed, and the boys brought their cute faces together in a deep tongue kiss. They sloshed spit back and forth and twisted and turned their faces. At one point urged by the instructor, they licked each others' faces. It was really hot to see teenaged boys behaving in this way.

"Jack is such a fine masturbation teacher. He has a kind of sixth sense. He just seems to know when a boy is about to blow and how to curb that. He can keep a boy on the very edge for a month or more, until the kid has almost lost his mind with sexual agony. These boys will eventually sob, begging to be allowed to empty their balls."

"How long since they last shot their loads?" I asked.

"Two and a half weeks. We do this for four to six hours every day." Jack raised his handsome head for a moment and smiled at me.

"And if they cum by accident..?"

"You don't want to know," Jack said. "The boys are so terrified of the punishments that just thinking about them brings them back from the brink of orgasm.

"What's the longest a boy can be kept on edge without release?" The poor boys looked positively haggard from their masturbating.

"We've got several boys here who have not cum in over a year. They are edged every single day. After a while, they seem to develop a pattern or rhythm. We like to bring them very close. we like to make them leak at least once an hour, but not let them ejaculate. Of course it takes it effect on their nervous systems. We have to medicate a few of them. Dr. Fichter, you ought to take your guest to visit Michael. Michael is eighteen and actually losing his mind from being sexually stimulated without release. He's become a kind of satyr...thinking of nothing but sex day and night, kept on edge...its' quite wonderful."

Dr. Fichter smiled. "Perhaps you'd like to show Michael to our guest. Why don't you take him this afternoon?"

Handsome Jack grinned. "I'd love to..." was he flirting with me? He had nice crinkly eyes when he smiled. "I have to go over to the Cunt's section at eleven. I'm fucking little Marissa, a nine year old bitch we are having trouble stretching, but I'll be free after lunch."

"Well, why not join us for lunch, and then you can take over as our guest's guide. I'm overseeing a fist fucking this afternoon...young Jeremy Clews."

Jack frowned. "Oh? Do you think his boy pussy is ready for a fist?"

"Well, that's what we're going to find out."

Jack shook his head, reflecting. "That is as pretty an ass as I've ever seen on a ten year old boy, and while I agree it has become quite elastic, I'd hate to see it ruined by fisting it too early.

Dr. Fichter removed his glasses and polished them with a monogramed handkerchief. "I fully agree, Jack, only one of our benefactors has taken a shine to young Jeremy. It seem sJeremy reminds him of his son. And he wants to see the boy fist fucked. You know the rules concerning our corporate sponsors...they get whatever they want."

"I know the guy. It's Mr. Koening, isn't it? Why doesn't he just fuck his own son then...or fist fuck him, if that is what he wants so much. We spend months grooming a boy, slowing opening up his ass, getting him used to taking big dicks. We teach the boy how to pleasure a man in every way. We create a perfect ten year old slut as Jeremy is becoming, and then someone like Mr. Koening goes and ruins the whole thing. Of course Jeremy should be fist fucked, but can't Mr. Koening be just a little patient? The boy is taking nigger dick beautifully, and he now can relax around a twelve inch dildo with no problem. But his asslips are stretched to their maximum. I don't want to see that ass ring ripped."

Dr. Fichter glared over his glasses at the young teacher. "Your problem, young man, is that you become too attached to the boys and girls. I've told you that before. You must learn to think of them as experiments. They are here to be used, so that we might learn more. You must not get involved."

While the two boys continued to masturbate, Jack stood up. He was tall and really well built. "I understand that, and I admit that I do sometimes get too involved. But In Jeremy's case it is for the best of the clinic. His ass is beautiful as you know, and it feels like a tight sheath around a cock. He really is one of the very best fucks I've ever had. As the other instructors. They'll all agree. We were just saying the other night at dinner what a superb fuck young Jeremy is. You really should try him, Sir. There is so much we could still learn from him, before we rip the hell out of his rectum with a fist fuck.' I could not help but notice the gigantic bulge in the crotch of Jack's shorts.

"I understand everything you are saying Jack. And I wish they would leave the teaching to us, but you know as well as I do, that we are at the mercy of these big businessmen and politicians. Moving to this isolated location doesn't remove us from their control. And when they want little boy ass or little girl cunt, they get it exactly as they want it. Mr. Koening wants to see Jeremy fist fucked, so the ten year old gets fist fucked."

Only half concentrating on his work, a very disturbed Jack gently pushed the heads of the masturbating boys together, so they could swap spit once again. "Who's going to fist him?"

"Mr. Koening has asked for Tyrese."

Jack was visually upset. "Jesus, he's got an arm like a four by eight, and he can easily hold a basketball in one hand. Isn't there any way to postpone it? If we could just work on the kid's ass for a few more days, maybe we could get it ready." He glanced down at the kissing boys. "Come on you dumb cunts, show me spit! And work those dicks, I want to hear ball sacks flopping." The teenage boys exerted themselves harder, faces coated with spittle, hands yanking at their sore, red dicks.

"I'm sorry, Jack, it's set for this afternoon. Remember we had the same problem when Mr. Gother last month wanted that seven year old cunt, what was her name, Maria or something, double fucked by those two big nigger brothers. She had been coming along so nicely, she could take one twelve inch dick just fine in her tiny baby cunt, we were so proud when we finally achieved that, remember, but how could she take two huge black cocks up her little pussy a the same time? They always want too much too soon. Who doesn't enjoy seeing a seven year old bitch gang banged? But such things must be done in moderation. They don't seem to have any concern for the children. Be that as it may, today's the day Jeremy gets fist fucked."

Jack ran a hand through his hair and then held it up in a peace sign kind of way. "Okay. I understand. I'm just trying to protect our work, Sir." He nudged one of the masturbating boys with his foot. "You are getting dick leak all over your hand, lick it up." The boy lapped at the pre-spunk coating his hand.

"All right, boys, time to do each other again. And I want to see more enthusiasm this time." I honestly don't know how the two teenaged boys could last even one session, much less weeks of this sexual torment. It was quite impressive. And it raised my curiosity about the punishments. What could terrify them so much, that they willfully held themselves back from blowing a nut? I would have paid a considerable price to have been able to fuck either one of those cute teen boys. But we moved on.

Two boys were seated working on computers. They seemed to be chatting on line.

"Ah, here we have twelve year old Hans and thirteen year old Jesse. They are practicing social skills. They are chatting on line with twenty or thirty adult men who are fans of theirs. They answer the men's questions about very personal matters, and they perform little acts for the cameras, so the gentlemen can watch. let's see what Hans is doing."

I looked at the messages. Some man from Wyoming in America was asking young Hans to piss in a glass and drink it. Hans stood up. It was then that I noticed that affixed to his chair was a ten inch rubber dildo. It had been up the boy's ass. Jesse had a similar dildo up his young ass. He was currently masturbating for his web cam. Hans checked the camera angles and then draped his little boy prick over the rim of a glass and began to pee. Jesse was jerking the hell out of his dick, as his messages urged him to "frig it harder. Frig it faster!"

"No shooting your load, Jesse. That's a no-no. Tell the nice men, you can do anything else for them, but not cum." Jesse quickly typed something on the keyboard. Hans was draining his glass of piss. He licked his lips and looked at the camera. Then he licked out as much of the inside of the glass as his young tongue would reach. Then still standing, he bent over to read what his fans were writing. He made an ugly face and looked at Dr. Fichter as if to say, "Do I have to?" Dr. Fichter nodded sagely. I leaned in to read the message. "Now, you fucking little slut, squat over a bowl and take a shit. AND THEN EAT IT FOR US."

I turned to Dr. Fichter. " You make them do things like that?" I felt a bit sick at the thought of this angelic twelve year old having to eat shit.

"It's all part of their education. They learn that they must do whatever an adult male wants. They are to have no wills of their own. They have no right to resist. There is no sexual perversion too disgusting for them. Some take longer to break than others, but they are all broken in the end. Hans has been with us for almost two years. He has had many shit sessions. but you see, he still resists. We must break him of that resistance. He knows that everything will be all right, if he just does what he is told to do with out disobeying. He is learning to trust us. That we know what is best for him, mentally, physically, and sexually."

I looked at the cute little boy squatting over the bowl and squeezing, and I saw that his face had the saddest expression...I almost shot off in my pants.

"The morning is flying by. Why don't we go have a look at the Boys' Dorms. I think you'll find them interesting."

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Please, please, please more of this story!


Mister Dale, thanks for this great Lakeland Clinic story about the education and training for boys en girls. I am looking for the next parts. Thanks.

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