Peter's Peril, Part 14

[ Mmfb, exhib, voyer, humil, oral, anal, racial ]

by dale10

[email protected]

Published: 6-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Peter was on his hands and knees when Samuel Charlston brought the old man into the Executive Wash Room. It was Peter's job to clean the bathroom from top to bottom with a tooth brush. Mr. Charlston had informed him that a toothbrush could better get the dried urine and dirt from out of the grout. So as not to dirty and destroy his clothing during his bathroom cleaning, Peter wore only a tiny pair of gym shorts. All day men came in and out of the luxurious bathroom, men very high up in the Charlston corporation, men who had thought Peter was a brilliant young executive on the rise. And now this. Most of the men were disgusted to see the handsome young man crawling around scrubbing out toilet bowls with a toothbrush.

Mr. Charlston had warned him. "Look, Fuckface, if even one executive shits and leaves a brown stain in the white porcelain of the toilet bowl, and you don't get it immediately, I swear to God, I will bring your sons in here and make them lick the toilets clean with their tongues!"

Peter believed it. Peter believed that Samuel Charlston was monster enough to do any horrible thing. Why just the previous night, Samuel had fucked Maggie, Peter's lovely young wife. Samuel had insisted that Peter's two young sons, Jared, aged ten, and James, aged eight, lick his huge swinging testicles while he fucked. The two little boys were growing used to the abuse, and Peter's only hope was to protect them from as much pain and degradation as possible.

The poor sweet little guys had dutifully lapped at Samuel's fat hair covered eggs while he slammed his huge dick into their mother's cunt right in front of them. Samuel called these perverse sexual games "Sexual Education" for the boys. He made them watch while Peter licked and sucked his asshole, then the demon made then try the same thing on each other. To watch those two dear little boys with their faces buried in each others' tiny asses made Peter sick at heart. To hear them lapping at each others' little boy puckers brought tears to his eyes. They were such good little boys. Tears came to their eyes too as their tiny pink tongues tasted the bitter tang of each other's shitholes. Now each day, they made certain they were very very clean everywhere, so you see, even bad experiences can lead to positive outcomes.

What Jared and James absolutely hated the most was when they were forced to suck Mr. Charlston's cum out of their mother's just fucked cunt. The taste of Mom's red juicy pussy made them sick, and the flavor of Mr. Charlston's fuck sauce was almost as bad. They were bright boys. They now knew that the "special vitamin" medicine they were fed from a big spoon each night was also cum. They still did not know that it came from dog and horse cock. Mr. Charlston also insisted that each morning before going to school they spread a thick coating of cum from a jar onto their morning breakfast toast.

That too was animal sperm. And their sandwiches for lunch also contained a thick mayonaise like helping of animal cum. The poor little boys threw out the sandwiches at first, but eventually they were so hungry at lunchtime, that they ate them. They tried to scrape some of it off, but the flavor was still there.

And at home Wilson was usually around to check on them. Wilson was the big black janitor who worked for Mr. Charlston. He also fucked their mother, and he fucked their father in the ass as well. Neither of the boys had ever conceived of the idea of a person getting dick up the ass, until they saw Wilson ass fuck their dad.

Every day Wilson, his white teeth gleaming and his broad nose wrinkled up as he gave a nasty leer, told the boys that "Soon, I gonna be fucking my big black ole dick up yo' tiny little boy asses. Mr. Charlston, he promised I could fuck you often as I pleases...jus' as soon as he through with yo' baby asses. The boys would sometimes talk about this at night and cry. Their dad promised that he would protect them, but one night Jared who had had enough of words snapped back at his father, "You can't even protect yourself. It's your fault we gotta do this sick stuff!"

And in a way, he was right. Jared hated sucking Mr. Charlston's dick, and he hated watching the businessman shove his fat cock all the way down little James' throat as well. Sometimes both boys had sore throats for days after such an experience.

The old man stared down at Peter on the floor. He had delayed flying back to Tokyo for days and days trying to hammer out a deal with Samuel to buy Peter and his sons. In certain very high up business circles of Japan, people still bought and sold other people like cattle. But Samuel was not ready to give up Peter yet. And he knew that by the time he had finished with Peter and his sons, they might not be much good to the Japanese any more.

They might very well be so wasted and destroyed that they would be no good to anyone. The old man walked up to one of the bright spotlessly clean urinals and took out his shriveled old dick. He rose up onto the toes of his two thousand dollar loafers. He adjusted his five thousand dollar grey slacks, freed his prick a bit more and began to piss. The old man was diabetic and his piss was thick and dark yellow and strong. It splashed against the white surface of the urinal and swirled down the drain. It was a strong piss stream.

The old man was a tyrant. When he discovered that the piss hole of his own son's dick was not wide enough to emit a strong hard spray, he shoved rods up his son's urethra to widen the piss canal. He told his son that he was shamed by such a weak, sissy piss flow, and that his son and heir needed a strong manly urine spray. That was when his son was nine years old. He tolerated nothing less than complete obedience from his family and his workers. When one of his workers could not pay back a debt he had incurred, the Old Man had taken the man's seven year old son and put him to work in a male brothel. The little boy had to take dick in the ass and mouth until the debt was paid...with interest.

The old man pissed, staring at Peter who cleaned the tiles around a near by urinal. Peter tried to keep his head down, hoping that Mr. Charlston and the Japanese would soon leave. But suddenly the old man turned his body and his piss leapt out of the urinal and hit the wall next to it. He pissed up and down the wall and then he pissed right on the floor. A small lake of dark yellow piss formed on the floor tiles. The piss flow lessened and then ceased. The old man shook off his tired old willy and put it away. Then he frowned.

"Your toilet boy is not very good. Look, there is piss all over the wall and floor," he said in terribly broken stilted English.

Samuel smiled and shook his head. "Good help is so hard to find nowadays."

The old man grunted and crossed to the sink to clean his hands. "He should clean it up!" he said in a guttural voice.

Samuel walked over and kicked Peter with one highly polished black shoe. "You heard the should clean it up!"

"With his tongue," the old man added, soaping his hands.

Samuel chuckled. "Of course...with his tongue. With your tongue, Fuckface!"

The whole room stank of the old man's foul piss. Peter crawled toward the lake on the floor. He lowered his head and stuck out his tongue. He forced down the bile that rose. If he got sick, he would really be punished.

He touched his tongue to the still warm urine and began to lap. His tummy turned over as he was forced to lick the floor clean of the foul piss. Then, when the floor was once again spotless, he turned his attention to the wall. The old man and Mr. Charlston watched him. Samuel's dick grew hard in his trousers. Poor young Peter lapped the piss off the white tiled wall. When it was clean, he knelt and hung his head.

"Peter, clean it out of the urinal too!" Samuel said, unzipping his trousers and hauling out his massive fucker. It was so fucking humiliating. Peter placed his face in the urinal and began to lick the piss stained porcelain. the man could have simply flushed it. While he had his face stuck in the urinal, licking, Samuel walked up behind him and began to piss onto his head. His hair grew limp with a cascade of piss which also ran down over his face. Lots of the piss also went onto the floor around the urinal. Soon, Peter's body was covered in piss. Good thing he wore so little clothing. Samuel finished pissing.

"It's filthy in here. Can't you keep this fucking place clean? If you are not a good little toilet boy, Peter, I will take away your toothbrush and make you clean the entire place with your tongue." Peter's breathing grrew labored. He didn't want to take his head out of the urinal for fear of getting more piss on the floor.

"Oh, by the way, there is another reason we've come in here. My friend here,' he indicated the old man, " has made a proposal to me. It's a very good proposal. He wants to fuck one of your sons."

Peter pulled his head out of the piss trough and snapped it toward Samuel. Unrivaled hatred poured from his eyes. His entire body trembled.

"Oh my, aren't we the rough tough macho man. Remember Peter, I have leverage. If you don't do as I say, you and your wife go to prison and your children get taken away from you for good!" Tears filled Peter's eyes. He was helpless. He didn't know what to do.

"My friend here even postponed several important business meetings in Asia over this conundrum. You see he can't make up his mind which boy he wants to fuck more...the ten year old, or the eight year old.

Where as Jared, the ten year old might give a better fuck, because he is more aware of sexuality and the implications of taking dick up the ass and so on...and he is a very good cocksucker, I must say. Of course, some of his dick sucking skill comes from having me as a teacher. I'm sure that little James will be equally proficient in a few weeks. Still a boy of ten often responds better to his first fuck...he feels more shame and degradation. He knows even at ten what this ass fuck is doing to his self-esteem and masculinity. All of that makes for an exquisite fuck. Not even to mention opening up the sweet ten year old asshole itself. But therein lies the problem. An eight year old ass is even smaller and tighter.

An eight year old boy asshole is like a little flower, nestled between to tiny melon cheeks. There are very few things int he world as beautiful as the asshole of a boy of six, seven or eight. As a boy reaches nine and ten and his body begins to grow, the ass changes too. My esteemed friend here has fucked many little girls and boys in Japan, but he freely admits he has never had the pleasure of a Western little boy ass. His negotiations have been most impressive. So, which is it to be? Should he fuck Jared or James? Ten or eight? You tell me what you think, Peter."

How could Peter answer? How could he toss one of his dear young sons to the wolves to save the other? He pictured his sons in his mind. They were both so sweet and innocent. Just normal, ordinary healthy young boys who deserved the very best the world has to offer. And here they were, caught in this web of disgusting depravity.

"Which son, Peter..I want a name. Which of your sons should my Asian business partner fuck? Which little boy are we going to turn into a little girl? Into a little dick bitch?"

Peter felt sick to his stomach, and it was not from the piss. He could not answer...he could not make a choice. Perhaps Jared could take the man's dick with less damage both physically and mentally.

But how could he sacrifice his own dear son to the mercies of a man's fucker? How could he offer up his boy to be emasculated by having to take dick up the ass. And what if Samuel told the boy it was his father's choice?

That was just the sort of thing Samuel Charlston would do. Wasn't it bad enough that Jared had to suck dick? At ten years old he was a cocksucker. Wasn't that enough for the boy to have to live with? But little James' ass was so tiny. Surly a cock, any cock, would rip the ass ring. How could his tiny rectum stand it? And what would happen to his little insides when a cock plowed into them? The boy was built small...he was still a little child. He was only eight. Surly no man in his right mind would even contemplate fucking an eight year old child. People just didn't do that sort of thing, did they?

Peter hung his head and sobbed. Of course they did. Men all over the world contemplated fucking eight year old children, and some even wanted their victims younger. What kind of pleasure was there shoving a big fat cock into the tiny little asshole of an eight year old boy? Was it the power of knowing that the little boy would never get over the experience? For the rest of his life, that ass fuck when he was little would shape his decisions, his memories, his hopes, his fears. He would never escape from that ass fuck. Was this what boy fuckers scar the boy forever? And so many would be child fuckers tell themselves the children love it. They even write stories about the children are little sluts and love the fucking. It's a way for the depraved fuckers to cover up their sins. The hard cold truth was KIDS DON'T LIKE BEING FUCKED...EVER! Could Peter let such a man touch his eight year old son? No, his ten year old boy could handle it better. Jared was always a strong kid.

Jared could deal with dick up his ass better. But Jared was already having to deal with being Samuel Charlston's dick sucker. What kind of man wants to make a child suck his dick? What kind of man wants to fuck a soft little face, smashing his pubes into the little nose and mouth while his big fat balls bounce against the child's chin?

Even if they somehow escaped from this horror, each time in the future that a teenaged Jared kissed his teenage girlfriend, would he think about the fact that he had had cock in his mouth? That he was a cocksucker? Once you are a cocksucker, you are always a cocksucker! Samuel Charlston had told Jared this. He had told the little boy that no matter how much he gargled, his breath would always smell of cock. He told him the kids at school would notice it.

Jared had sniffed back tears and whined that he didn't want to smell of cock. Samuel had rubbed his big leaking dick all over little Jared's face and told him it was too late...he was now marked with dick! Little boys believe such things. They ever ever get over them.

"I can't..." Peter stammered. "I can't tell you which one..."

"Don't feel bad, Peter. I couldn't make such a difficult decision either." Samuel said smiling. "So I told my friend...why not just fuck them both?"

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I'm so glad you are continuing this series. There is no better way to finish jerk off session than to a fresh chapter in one of Dale10's awesome series.


Dream job for Peter. Love the animal sperm eating. Wondering one thing, where and how does Peter do his own pissing and shitting?


Good evening, Dale! Thanks so much for another chapter of this story. I have been waiting for it. You really got me off tonight. Can't wait for more!


Just great humiliation at it's brilliant best, in all 14 chapters. I do hope Samuel's Jap friend get's to fuck both Peter's son's. Keep this story going Dale a little longer. Many Thanks.


Looks like Jared and James are in for some more fun, Asian style!


Thank you so much for the story, Dale! You are the best. Keep up the good work! Recently been re-reading the Mr. Black & the FBI series. Hope to see more Mr. Black stories soon hopefully a long(er) one. Just one little request - Mr. Black wins at the end!!!

frustrated fan

great story. but i'm afraid it'll be unfinished. why do you always abandon great stories? remember Paul's Slavery? Away Game? and now this? why do you make us hooooked and then just cruelly stop?


There are several reasons my stories remain unfinished, and i think I do owe you an explanation.
1. People clamor for more and more chapters...and then...they suddenly read one chapter too many and they turn off to the story. This has happened many times. You can only up the stakes in a story so much. i stop writing a story when people stop reading it or want it to go in a different direction than the one I can take it.
2. I go through great personal shifts, from writing a tremendous amount to not being able to write porno for two months or more. It has much to do with my mood and real life. Often when I have not written something on a story for some time, and then try to go back to it, I find I don't have the same enthusiasm or arousal. After all, a story needs to excite me too.
3. Often I do finish stories, but they are too violent or dark to be posted on most sites. I have had that problem with three sites. I understand their positions, but to the readers, my stories remain unfinished. I do get pretty dark at times...but it is the way I write, and I cannot alter my creative process for others.
4. I often love to leave a story hanging so that the reader has to use his imagination and supply the end. Since so much porno is about imagination, the mind of the reader can do things I cannot do. I sometimes intentionally do a detailed build up...and then leave the story for the reader to finish.
All of the above reasons are true and play apart in my eclectic writing style. Bottom line is, I think of this as 'jerk-off' writing...not the serious writing that I do, so I only have so much time for it. I am always sorry when a reader is frustrated rather than happy with my stuff.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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