The Great Pussy Pageant

[ M/g ex, ws, voy, oral, anal ]

by dale10

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Published: 7-Apr-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The room was filled with excitement. The men were soaked with the sweat of anticipation in spite of the air conditioning. A long runway covered in red carpet split the room down the middle. What seemed like hundreds of theatrical lights illuminated the area where the contestants would be appearing. The men in the audience hungrily eyed the pictures in their programs of the girls who would be competing. The five finalists. It was down to that. The five little darlings who would compete for the title of Little Miss Pussy. There were three ten year olds, one eight year old and one little seven year old left in the contest. It would be unfair of me not to mention that most of the men were rooting for the seven year old. She was just so adorable and so sweet and innocent.

The room erupted in a roar as the recorded music blared and the announcer's voice filled the converted warehouse space.

"And now, gentlemen, and the few ladies present, we are down to the final five. Out of the twenty little beauties who competed this year, we have chosen the cream of the crop. The final five. Who will win the coveted title of "Little Miss Pussy? " The room filled with the cheers of the horny men, some of whom used one hand to grope themselves through their trousers.

"And now, I'd like to introduce our special celebrity judge. This is a young man who needs no introduction at all. He is the most popular young entertainer in the world, and we are extremely lucky to have him as our judge. The one and only....Justin B."

While Justin B. was not a favorite among the men int he audience, in fact most of them thought of him as a teenage dweeb, he was the perfect choice to judge who would become "Little Miss Pussy." The men applauded the cute seventeen year old in skin tight jeans and huge gym shoes. His world famous adorable smile flashed and he took a little bow. Everyone knew the little girls in the contest would be out of their fucking little minds when they found out Justin B. would be judging them. Justin sat on a high wrought iron chair at the end of the runway. He spread his legs to ease discomfort of his already ready to burst teenage erection. Justin had quite a fucker on him, and being a teenage heartthrob celebrity, he generally fucked three young bitches a day, but on this particular day, he had held back his load for the contest. Consequently his big teen balls were ready top explode with baby batter.

The automatic veri-lights shifted to focus on the entrance way at the other end of the runway. The music grew in volume and pounding rhythm.

"And Now let's meet the final five." The curtain parted and five naked little girls wearing high heels and nothing else paraded down the runway. Each of them was a beauty in her own right. Smooth pale skin, soft sensuous lips, large flashing eyes, and a killer smile. These girls had been trained. And all were totally bare assed naked. None of them had more than tiny bumps where they would someday have tits, but each of the little darlings had well developed puffy nipples. The girls, or their parents or adult friends worked on their little titties for hours every day to keep those nipples puffy and pouty. Of course what drew the most attention lay between the girls slender pale legs. All eyes were on the pre-teen pussy slits.

At first glance each of the girls appeared to have nothing more than a tiny hairless slit down there, but the pre-teen cuntal experts in the audience could detect subtle differences even at this difference and with the girls simply walking. A thunderous round of applause greeted each girl. The ten year olds were the first to reach Justin B. and the end of the runway. Television cameras here caught close ups of the girls' baby twats. However, as each of the young darlings reached the end of the runway, she spread her legs wide apart, hands on hips, titless chests thrust out. This put each little cunt fully on display. Justin studied each young pussy with a judges eye. One hand worked his throbbing teenage dick leaking into his skin tight jeans.

"Amy, Marcee, and Ann, each ten years old. Perfect little beauties. Look at those cunts gentlemen!" The three ten year olds, who had had quite a bit of pageant expereince, smiled and waved and then swivelled their hips so their bald little cunts could be clearly seen by every segment of the audience. The eight year old, Julie was much more shy. While she did not cover her baby cunt with her hands, she did not show it off like the older girls. But seven year old Debbie was a real surprise. She spread her legs like a trooper, and Justin almost fell off his chair at the sight of her puffy little cuntal mound. It was a truly beautiful seven year old cunt. The cunt lips were full and puffy, and the slit small and perfect. The crowd went nuts. Debbie smiled and lifted her little hands to finger her tit-buds.

"There they, are, our five final Cunts." The girls bowed and the lights dimmed. The stage hands now placed five armchairs on the stage. When the music resumed and the lights went up again, each of the five little girls sat in one of the armchairs. " And now our guest Judge, Justin B. will examine each of the cunts in detail." At a signal, each of the little girls spread her legs and draped them over the arms of the chair, opening up her little pussy and exposing her tiny asshole. Cameras captured close-ups of each of the pre-teen cunts.

Justin climbed down from his chair, adjusting his huge leaking erection in his jeans. The eyes of the girls fluttered as they took in the sight of their teen idol and then focused on his massive fuckmeat pushing out the front of his pants. The breathing of the little pageant queens grew ragged as their own baby bodies became sexed up. To these young bitches, Justin B. was their dream boy...their God. They trembled in their chairs as Justin approached. The ten year olds were first. They spread their legs painfully wide and arched their backs, thrusting their young cunts up at the pop star. Justin leaned down to examine the ten year old twat. He studied the cunt lips and the shape of the fuck holes. He liked a cuntal mound with some shape, not just a skinny runt with a slit. He placed his hands on the legs of the girls he studied and forced them even farther apart. The little sweethearts could hardly breath. He rubbed his hands up and down their legs and watched their fluttering pussies respond. The cunts opened and closed in response and Amy and Ann produced a bit of cuntal fluid.

"Look at that, gentlemen and ladies, Amy and Ann are leaking cunt juice. Ten year old cunt juice!" A round of applause filled the room. Ann looked shy, but Amy smiled proudly. "These fucking bitches are ripe!"

After a bit, Justin moved on to the eight year old. His fuckmeat ached painfully in his pants. The eight year old had the most delicate little cunt he had ever seen. Now it was true that Justin liked his cunt as young and innocent as possible, so perhaps he was a bit prejudiced. The eight year old sucked in her breath and her smooth little tummy fluttered. She smiled at Justin and chewed her cute lower lip.

"Hi!" she whispered. "Hi yourself you fucking delicious piece of cock ditch, you!" He answered. Her nipples sere hard little nubs. "Do you suck dick, Bitch?" he asked.

She nodded, her beautiful long hair swirling around her face. "My daddy says I'm the best." The eight year old fuckhole was almost hypnotizing. Justin spurted some pre-fuck into his pants and moved on to the seven year old. It was her puffy little cuntal mound that got to him. She was tiny, tiny all over. The slit was only a bit over an inch in length, but the lips were full and swollen. She was a fucking sex machine.

"You have a beautiful cunt, baby," Justin said, his fingers gently pushing the little girl's legs even further apart, and his eyes then wandering down to her baby asshole. "And your asshole is a wonder."

Debbie grinned. "Thank you."

Well, it was no surprise that Justin chose eight year old Julie and seven year old Debbie as the two finalists. The older girls felt cheated, and eventually one of the mothers would complain the the contest was geared toward younger pussy and was therefore unfair. But nobody cared. Little Amy sobbed in the dressing room that at ten her cunt was too old to please men.

"You should have started me younger!" she screamed at her mother. "I'm old and ugly now and no cute boys will want me. They want fresh young cunt! I'll never get to date cute boys or men."

"If you had pushed your cunt out at Justin more, he might have liked you. I hear he fucks girls your age all the time backstage at concerts."

"But he chose those young bitches!" The ten year olds knew that soon they would be entering contests for older girls, so they licked their wounds and took their consolation prizes.

On stage, Justin was now judging the final two. This was a difficult decision, and the room fell silent. Justin knelt before the little girls, seated in armchairs side by side. He reached in and with his fingers, he spread eight year old Julie's cunt lips to reveal her pink inner pussy. It was a truly beautiful cunt He prodded and poked at the eight year old fuckhole. He took the cunt lips in his fingers and pinched, feeling the thickness and fullness of the pussy labia. \Men were openly masturbating in the room.

The whispered voice of the commentator wafted over the space. "Justin is now doing a detailed examination of the eight year old cunt, examining it both inside and out. He is testing the fuckhole for tightness and elasticity. Little Julie is squirming in her seat. Look at her face, is that ecstasy or pain or a bit of both? She is feeing the fingers of the world's most famous pop star up inside her baby cunt. Justin will now pull back her little hood and examine clit." The eight year old was now emitting groans and sobs and a well placed microphone amplified the sound so it filled the showplace.

Justin flicked the tiny clit and then pinched it. "How does that feel you fucking piece of pre-teen shit?" She chewed her lip and threw her head from side to side. "You like that, huh? You like your clitty pinched. I'll bet you'd love a big fat cock fucking deep into your whore hole! You are ready for it, aren't you? You need dick." Julie licked her lips and her body bounced in the chair. Then Justin stood, and she was left twisting and humping the air. The crowd went wild. Justin moved on to seven year old Debbie. He worked her cunt hard. He forced the tiny pussy lips open, He worked two fingers up into her cunt. Her breathing was ragged and raw. She sobbed and threw her little head. Her tiny fingers clutched the arms of the chair. A high wailing sound came from her baby throat as Justin fucked two fingers into her cunt. He felt the membrane and knew he must not break it. He was in serious heat now. He stood and unbuttoned his jeans and took out his fat pink leaking dick. Little Debbie's eyes grew wide. Julie in the next chair leaned over and reached for the seventeen year old cuntbuster. Justin stepped away, so she grabbed air. She screamed in frustration. Justin stood in front of seven year old Debbie, his fat swollen dick drooling pre-fuck in long strings. "You want this, Bitch?" Debbie could not even speak. She nodded, her baby pink tongue hanging from her mouth and her eyes looking bleary with lust.

"If you want to taste this dick, Fuckface, you need to win. And to win, you need to spread those cunt lips for me! I want to see that cunt stretched."

The girl tore at her pussy. She took a cunt lip in each hand and yanked it. The cameras moved in to show the raw pink inner baby cunt.

"'Wider, Bitch. Spread it wider." Justin was fisting and pumping his swollen dick. Pre-Fuck spray hit the little girl in the face and on her baby tits. She sobbed, as she stretched her cunt even more. Justin knelt down, his dick bobbing. He poked a finger at her asshole, and she pushed her little rectum onto his digit. The audience stood as one. Most of the men had their dicks out and were jerking off. The few women were working their leaking cunts. Seven year old Debbie threw herself in her chair and pulled at her cunt. Justin started to spit in her face. He hawked huge gobs of spit onto her beautiful little face. He jerked his dick harder and then grunted and shot a huge load of sperm all over the little beauty queen. Little Debbie opened her mouth and tried to catch the flying spooge. Justin grunted and leaned in and rubbed his dickhead over her face. Pop star jizz coated and glistened on her face. Glops of cum hung from her lips. In the wings, her mother swelled with pride. She had never been proud of her baby. To cause a judge to actually cum was almost unheard of at one of these events.

But the young pop star wasn't finished yet. He was wild with lust for this little darling. he stood there and started to piss all over her. His big teenage dick bobbed and swayed shooting piss all over the little girl. Eight year old Julie, trying to get something out of the moment, crawled over and tried to get in the piss spray, but Debbie got most of it. Debbie opened her mouth and Justin B. pissed into her seven year old mouth. It was truly beautiful.

Of course little Debbie won the contest. She got flowers, and money, and an exclusive video contract with "Kitten Films." She also got the first fuck of her little life by World famous pop star, Justin B. Of course, Debbie's mom and dad were on hand to take photos of their little star getting fucked in both the baby cunt and asshole. Justin also fed the little little contest winner his fucker in her mouth several times. It was the most wonderful day in her young life. He promised her that he had lots of friends int he music business, including lots of black rappers who would want to fuck her. At this moment, her newly fucked cunt was really sore and stretched, and she was in extreme pain, but her mom and dad assured her that once her twat healed, she would want cock every day. And so she did.

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