Away Game, Part 10

[ Mb, D/s, anal, oral, tor, nc, rape, ws ]

by dale10

[email protected]

Published: 8-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was the day of the championship game. Everyone except the Coach was sleeping off the hard night of fucking and sucking. The team members were snuggled bare assed together two or three to a single bed, their naked teenage boy bodies entwined, their horny dicks hard from the body contact and slapping against boy flesh, dripping pre-fuck as boys do all night. Alenby and the Coach ordered the boys to sleep head to foot, with their faces pressed into each others' dicks and balls. When a threesome slept together, the third boy had to sleep with his face pressed into the ass crack of one of the boys. Another one of the Coach's bonding exercises. He wanted his boys totally immersed in the world of Man flesh twenty-for-seven. In the Coach's suite, Tommy Lawson star quarterback was dead to the world, in a sleep of total exhaustion. He had to get his rest, as the success of the team depended on him. As he slept, his naked muscular young body twisted and turned, perhaps trying to expel the twelve inch wrist thick rubber dick that Asst. Coach Alenby had shoved up the kid's ass.

Alenby loved to shove objects up the asses of teenage boys. It was such an alien invasion for a boy to get something rammed up his ass. Well, not for Coach's boys. They had something stuffed up their rectums most of the day. Coach insisted that his boys be able to take almost anything and everything up their asses. Since the young jocks were seldom allowed to cum, they learned to enjoy feeling stimulation in their assholes. The Coach taught them that their assholes were like cunts. Just as a bitch felt sexual fulfillment in her cunt, so too could a jock feel sexual fulfillment in his asshole. That way by the time a boy was fourteen or fifteen, he no longer balked at the idea of getting ass fucked by one of the members of the Board of Trustees of the school.

You see, that was how Coach maintained his position and kept control of the school. Each week, he arranged for the horny old men on the Board of Trustees to fuck some of his boys. Or if they preferred to play some other game with them, like for example taking a shit in a boy's mouth, he could arrange that too. There were a few Board Members who preferred real cunt, and Coach arranged for them to fuck the cute female cheerleaders of thirteen and fourteen. The school got their cheerleaders from the local middle school because they knew the old farts who ran the school liked their pussy young and fresh. After a bitch was opened up and had a sloppy fuckhole, she was turned over to the nearby college for the boys there to fuck. What high school bitch wouldn't want a college aged boyfriend?

But most of the Board members like boy pussy. Coach made sure of that. And for "services provided" he was rewarded with a gigantic salary, amazing perks, and the freedom to do as he wished in the school. It didn't hurt that his teams won almost every competition. God help the boy who was responsible for a loss. He was tied up bare assed naked in the locker room and tortured for hours on end. He would have his balls and dick electrocuted. He would have pins stuck through his dick stalk and head, ball sack, and into his feet. He would have toilet plungers and broom handles fucked in and out of his ass for hours. All the boys on the team would piss on the floor, and the boy responsible for losing would have to crawl through the lake of piss, licking it up. Imagine the sight of a naked teenage boy crawling ass up with a toilet plunger sticking out of his hole, head down, lapping piss up off the floor, as more boys pissed down on him, their big fat teenage cocks swaying with the force of the piss. Woe be to the boy who caused a loss.

While Quarterback Tommy Lawson slept on the carpeted floor, his gang fucked ten year old brother Timmy lay naked on the bed, amid puddles of cum, piss, snot, ass juice and who knows what else. Timmy lay on his tummy, his slender, hairless naked little boy body splayed out, arms and legs akimbo. His beautiful ten year old ass twitched every now and then, and dog and human cum bubbled out of his stretched, raped rectum. Fuck slop rand down over his tiny nut sack. Fuck slop dribbled out of his mouth and nose as well. His red lips were swollen from sucking so much dick. The team mascot, a big black mixed breed dog, hovered over his latest lover, licking some of the scum off the little boy body with his rough sandpapery doggie tongue. He needn't have worried. He would get to fuck little Timmy several times a week from now on. After all, Canine team mascots need some fun too. The coach would see to it that ten year old Timmy was not only ass fucked by the team dog, but by other dogs as well. Some of the Board members had huge dogs for pets, and they loved nothing more than to see the animals mount little boys. Well, they also enjoyed ancillary activities like watching little boys drink dog piss right out of the dogs' pizzles, or little boys sucking on dog ass or dog testicles. No matter what you did, you just could not keep a dog's rectum totally clean, and every time some boy was forced to suck dog ass, he came away with a surprise in his mouth.

Coach Alenby sat slumped in an armchair, his long muscular hairy legs stretched out in front of him. At his feet, the team manager and school faggot Chris Baron lay curled up on the floor, with one of Alenby's big toes in his mouth. He sucked on the toe like it was his own thumb. A champagne bottle stuck out of Chris Baron's fourteen year old asshole. He was used to the ceaseless abuse and welcomed the chance to rest.

So where was the team bus driver, Terrence? The tall, muscular freakishly hung black man was prowling the halls for yet more ass to fuck. He had left his floor and was padding naked, dick swinging, down the hall on the floor below theirs. He was tireless when it came to sex, and shooting his load four or five times only got him hungry for more boy pussy. Bu the knew the boys had to rest for the game, so he dare not go into one of their rooms and rip off a piece of teen ass.

He looked down at his own dick, standing up half hard, pre-fuck hanging in a long string from his pulsing pisshole. He shook his head and laughed at himself. "Don't you never want to sleep?" he asked his pecker. It was his prick that controlled most if not all of his life. It was his prick that got him in trouble, that got him sent to prison. It was his prick that led him from this job to that. It was his prick that forced him to do nasty unspeakable things to little children.

Terrence stopped in his track. There ahed of him in the alcove where they kept the ice and vending machines, stood one of the most beautiful little boys he had ever seen. The boy could not have been older than seven. He was wearing little blue underpants and a tee shirt. Otherwise he was naked. How could anyone blame Terrence's dick for giving a pre-fuck splattering lurch. The boy was holding a bag of chips and a can of soda in his little hands. He looked up at Terrence as if he had been caught doing something wrong. Then his eyes travelled down to the black man's enormous wet fucker. The little boy's eyes grew wide. His tiny bird like mouth opened and closed and his little pink tongue came out and wet his lips. His small bare toes curled in the industrial carpet that lined the hallway.

The first words out of the little angel's mouth were, "I'm Sorry! Please don't tell." Terrence like nothing better than a seven year old boy whose first words were, "I'm sorry." It was perfect.

"Well, now, I don't know. I'm supposed to keep these halls secure at night. It's still pretty early in the morning and you woke me up. That's why I got no clothes on me. " He licked his thick negroid lips. He could almost taste the boy. Holy Jesus, this boy would taste good.

"Please don't tell my mom and dad. They made me promise I wouldn't leave my room."

"They put you in your own room?" Terrence allowed one of his hands to travel down his his huge ball sack. He hefted it in his hand. The boy watched in awe. The kid nodded his head.

"So they could fool around. They said they needed some Adult time. They do that. But if they find out I left my room, they will ground me and take away my games."

"Oh my, that would be terrible." Terrence's fingers encircled his fat snake like dick.

In some kind of peace offering, the little boy tore open his bag of chips and held it out to the tall black man. He was so pale, with such delicate straw colored hair, that he was the exact opposite of the muscular negro. "Want some chips?"

Terrence laughed. "Well, yeah, I guess I do. He squeezed his dick so that gobs of pre-fuck covered his hand. Then he reached out and plucked several large chips from the bag. He put one in his mouth, and with an exaggerated expression of delight chew the chip and swallowed. Then, he spread the pre-fuck from his fingers on another one of the chips. Still not satisfied, he held the chip under his pulsing dickhead and watched the fuck slop drip down onto the snack. When the potato chip was covered with dick snot, he held it out to the boy. "Here. You have one."

If the little guy could have gone paler, he would have. His eyes opened up wider as he stared at the fuck covered potato chip. His small mouth moved, but for a moment nothing came out. Then he shook his little head. "I got my own." he said.

"Eat this one as a sign of friendship. I would hate to have to tell your mom and dad what you been doing."

The poor boy's face twisted up into a frown then a grimace. He looked about to cry. Then his little hand reached out and he took the pre-fuck covered chip. Twice he put it in toward his mouth, and twice he pulled back.

"Let's see what room are your parents in?" Terrence asked casually looking up and down the hall.

The little boy put the soggy chip in his mouth. He looked as if he would be sick as he chewed and swallowed the scummy chip.

"There, that was pretty good, wasn't it. But those chips made me thirsty. Can I have some of your soda?" The boy handed the can of soda to the black man. Terrence popped the top and took a giant swig of soda. He smacked his big lips. "My oh my oh my, that was delicious. Why don't you have some too. Open your mouth nice and wide." Then Terrence put one hand on the boy's head. His hand was as larger as the kid's whole face. He tiled the boy's head back. Then he poured a little soda into the kid's open mouth. The boy gurgled and swallowed. Terrence smiled. Then he took another huge slug of the soda, but this time, he didn't swallow. No, this time, he leaned over and spit the soda into the seven year old's mouth. The kid started to freak out. He dropped his chips on the floor and soda got onto his tee shirt.

"Now look what you did, you naughty little boy. Now your parents will know you been out here. Take that wet tee shirt off. I'll try to clean the soda out." Before the child could protest, Terrence had stripped the boy's tee shirt off of his tiny pale body. Terrence marveled at the soft, smooth child skin, the shape of the body, the pale hardly formed nipples. His fucker gave a lurch and leaked even more. "Better get those shorts off too." he said. The boy to his credit, did try to protest, but Terrence peeled the little blue brief down and yanked them off the boys feet. Now the seven year old was bare assed naked in the hotel hallway with an equally naked black man. Tears did form in his eyes.

Terrence took a long, slow look at the boy's baby dicklet and his unformed nutsack. He looked lovingly at the seven year old ass. Oh my, wasn't that just the most fuckable ass he had ever seen? Each pale ass globe was no larger than a cantaloupe half.

"Now look what you did, Boy. You spilled your chips all over the hotel carpet. You could get charged for ruining the carpet." terrence stepped onto the chips with his huge black feet, breaking them into crumbs. "You better get your little ass down on the floor and eat all those broken chips."

The seven year old sank to the carpet in seeming defeat. He knelt there and began with his fingers to try to pick up the tiny chip crumbs.

"No, no, little Asswipe, that won't work. You gots to get on your hands and knees and lower your head and lick up them crumbs. That's the only way to get them out of the carpet."

The boy looked up at the black man standing over him. The man's thick dick was still leaking and some of if dripped down on the little boy's pale shoulder and chest.

"Do I gotta?" he asked a really sweet plea in his thin little boy voice.

"You gotta, or I am going to report you not only to your parents but to the hotel as well. Your parents could get charged for cleaning the whole goddamn rug." Terrence nudged the boy with his large black foot. The boy scrambled to his hands and knees and then lowered his head to the floor and began to lick the carpet. This brought his ass up high enough for Terrence to see into the crack and behold the tiny pink boy asshole. Terrence was certain it was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen. the kid crawled around on all fours like an animal, licking the filthy carpet, trying to get all the chip crumbs up.

Terrence chuckled and took a chip out of the bag and crumpled it, so the pieces fell on his big sweaty hairy ball sack.

"Lookee here, Boy, you got some chip crums on my balls as well. You better get up here and lick this clean too."

Now a seven year may be innocent, but he is not totally stupid. He knew he was being used by the man. But what could he do? He lifted his sweet darling face and begged. "Please, Mister, don't make me."

"Listen here, Boy. If I gotta go back to my room and shower just to get these chip crumbs out of my nut hair, you are going to be one sorry little boybitch. Now get your tongue out and wash my balls real good!"

The sound that came from the child's mouth was priceless. Not a wail, not loud enough, not a sob, stronger than that. It was hopeless. He lifted his head. The huge black dick bumped into his forehead and slid across his ear, leaving a trail of pre-fuck. He leaned his little head in and was almost overcome by the stink of the black scrotum. Terrence had not washed his huge dick and balls since he had fucked Timmy. His genitals stank of fuck!

"Get licking boy, or I am going to whup you alongside your head, so you see stars."

The seven year old extended his tiny pink tongue and started to lick the wrinked, hairy, scrotum. The taste was awful; salty and bitter, and scummy and oily. The hairs were wiry and stiff. He licked over the swollen ball bag, as the big nigger cock bounced over his head.

"Lick harder, motherfucker!" The black man said. forcing the little head into his crotch. "Oh now, lookee here. I think you got some chip crumbs on my big old leaking dick as well. Better get that too."

"I can't. I can't do that!" The boy reared up, as if to protest, but Terrence's large hand slapped him into the soda machine.

"You will do what the fuck I tell you to do!" The kid banged into the machine hard enough to cause a nice large bruise. It hurt something awful. Terrence reached into the ice machine and withdrew a handful of ice cubes. He grabbed the little boy around the waist and held him upside down. Then he forced a large ice cube into the boy's seven year old asshole. The child squealed and tried to twist free, but the black man was a giant. He forced a second and a third ice cube into the baby asshole. The boy almost passed out from the pain. First the pain of having his little pink asshole stretched, and then the pain of the numbing cold inside his bowels. Terrence grabbed the kid by his hair and yanked his head back. Then he ruthlessly shoved his huge dripping dick into the boy's seven year old mouth, He face fucked the boy, fast and hard. He used the little boy face like a fuck hole. Like a cunt. His dick was blocked for a second by the slender throat of the boy, but then the black man forced his fuckmeat down and in and it filled the boy's gullet. The child could no longer breath. His air passage was clogged with dick. The tall black man put the boy against the soda machine, so the kid's head had no where to go. Then he brutally face fucked the boy, harder and harder. Cock snot backed up and bubbled out of the boy's nose. His eyes rolled back in his little head. Terrence pulled his dick out, and the boy gulped for air, his lips coated with pre-fuck and spit. Terrence slapped the boy's face with his cock. Melting ice cube water ran from the child's asshole, down his slender pale legs.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! The fuckmeat slapped the boy's face, leaving red welts.

"Kiss my dickhead. Kiss it and make love to it. Make believe it is Mommy you are kissing. Kiss that big fat leaking dickhead!"

The little boy kissed the wet dickhead. He smooched it. He rubbed it all over his little pink face and licked the pisshole.

Terrence laughed a loud, hearty laugh. "If you are a good boy, I won't tell your parents. Now, I do believe you are ready to be ASS FUCKED!'

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Please come back to this story. It's the best thing you've ever written and I am dying for this little 7 yo to get ass raped by this giant black cock!!


I agree with the above comment about another part to this amazing find! what a delight, thanks man


I loved it. Excellent story. I've been a perv since I was a little boy. Can't wait for that big dicked black pervert to rape that little white boy's ass. Please write more about black men raping little white boys & girls. Thanks


my cock is hard thinking about a big black dick in a tight 7yr olds ass. please finish story

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