Our Daughter's Tribadism Video, Part 3

[ MMF/gg, oral, anal finger, trib, video, spanking ]

by Corn53

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Published: 2-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Gloria, Tom, and Taylor arrived five minutes before noon. Gloria was wearing an even shorter skirt today. There were ten other adults already there, and the men checked her out even though they were more interested in her ten year old daughter, whose skirt barely covered her pink, thong panties.

Ms. Vicky introduced then to Lexie and Angie, Lexie's Mom, and Frank, her Mom's boyfriend. Ms. Rachael led the two girls around the room to meet the other adults.

As the girls walked around the room, with Angie and the two men, Gloria casually walked over to Ms. Vicky, lowered her voice, and asked if there was any way she could help out.

Ms. Vicky looked at her and whispered, "No boys today, Gloria, but there will be next week. Seven boys, ages thirteen and fourteen, with one fifteen year old. And maybe you could arrive early to help each boy relieve his built up tension, so that by the time they are in a video with either of the girls, they wouldn't cum so quickly. And they wouldn't be shooting as much cum on Taylor's body or in her mouth when she gets them to cum. Taylor has trouble swallowing a big load, and I suppose Lexie will have problems swallowing, too. Or you could come even earlier if you would like to have more than ten minutes with each boy. It would be nice if you shaved completely, and then took your clothes off to let each of them examine you, and maybe even finger you. That would help them cum faster for you by the time you start sucking."

"Yes, I know it would. Next Saturday?" She smiled. "Well, I'm happy to help out, and that would help the boys last longer when they are in a video. Shaving is fine. I shaved this morning, in fact, since I wasn't sure if you would need my help today, and Last time, well, the boys seemed to enjoy examining me."

Ms. Vicky smiled. "Good, the boys are young, so I especially appreciate your extra help with them. One of the things I'll be teaching the girls next week is to finger a boy's ass while sucking his cock. Maybe you could help get the boys lubricated back there a little, too. Then they would also do a better job when they lubricate and finger Taylor's anus, and the other girls who will be here next week. There will probably only be one girl besides Taylor next week, but there might be a third girl. We will focus on tribidism again next week, but the girls will also be fingering each other - front and back. Just girls at first, helping each other cum. But the boys will come out one at a time, an hour or probably ninety minutes after we get started, near the end of the tribidism video shoot. Would you be willing to help each of the seven boys? Maybe even teach them techniques to lick you, so they would do a better job when they lick your daughter's pussy. Can you get here a little early?"

"I'm happy to help. Yes. This is such a worthwhile project."

Ms. Vicky nodded as she noticed Gloria biting her lower lip, apparently eager for the next video shoot already. Then she turned to talk to one of the men who was walking over towards them. She introduced the man to Gloria and said, "Gloria's pretty daughter, Taylor, is one of our models. She also volunteered to help out with other things, like fingering Lexie a little later. I like my models to get used to different fingers. Thank you, Gloria." Then Ms. Vicky walked across the set with the man, who seemed to know her well.

Lexie, a little girl who was the same age as Taylor, even though looked two years younger, was standing with her Mom, Angie, and Angie's current boyfriend, Frank. Lexie had short, sandy-blond hair, big, brown eyes, full lips, and could pass for eight years old, even though she was beginning to get a figure. At four feet, six inches, she was almost three inches shorter than Taylor, and at least ten pounds lighter.

Both girls seemed suddenly shy when they saw each other, so Ms. Vicky had them hold hands and go around to meet the adults and kiss each one of them on the mouth.

The adults sat in a large semi-circle around the set - leaving room for the cameras to move. Then Ms. Vicky led Lexie and Taylor to stand in the front area between the couch set and the adults in the folding chairs. She asked them to kiss and feel each other. Taylor put her hand up under Lexie's short party dress and started feeling her panties. Lexie started to back away, but then hugged Taylor and put her hand on Taylor's chest - feeling one small breast at a time.

They "practiced" doing their introductions on the set, and then kissed and felt each other. It took four practices to get it more-or-less right. Ms. Vicky told Lexie to say she was eight years old instead of ten years old. She also said, "And if I send Ms. Rachael over to join you girls in the video, call her 'Sis.' OK?"

Both girls nodded.

Ms. Vicky knelt down next to the girls so her head would be level with theirs. She talked to the girls, but spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. "Taylor, you've been in other videos, but tonight is Lexie's first time with another girl, so you will get undressed first and Lexie will be following our directions - doing what Ms. Rachael says, and what I say. And I will call more breaks during the video shooting today, so that our visitors can come over and get closer to watch you girls, or maybe even help with the stimulation. I know they would be glad to help stimulate you." She was correct, and aware of the enormity of her understatement.

Then Ms. Vicky came to the side, out of the lights, and motioned for them to step back by the couch and introduce themselves again. Lexie pulled down Taylor's panties, while they were standing in front of the couch. She stopped to look closely at Taylor's bald pussy while Taylor held up the front of her dress. Lexie said, "It's pretty."

"Thank you."

Taylor pulled her panties back up and had Lexie bend over the arm of the couch. After flipping up the back of Lexie's dress, she pulled down Lexie's panties; massaged her ass - pulling it open for the cameras, and then playfully spanked her. Then they traded positions. Rachael came over and sat on the couch, and invited Lexie to sit next to her. They had Taylor lie across their laps so Lexie could spank Taylor. Rachael gave Lexie a paddle and told her to spank harder, since that would help loosen up Taylor's bottom for things they were going to do later, so Lexie gave Taylor a harder spanking, which Taylor didn't like at first - saying "Ouch," after every smack.

Ms. Rachael became the "big sister" figure in this video clip. She said, "I want you to spank Taylor again, but take off her panties first."

Lexie and Rachel pulled off Taylor's panties. Lexie flipped up the back of Taylor's dress. Then Ms. Rachael said, "Roll over, Taylor, so Lexie can play with your pussy for a little bit. She liked looking at it, so we'll let her finger you in a minute. Keep your legs together at first, and we'll let Little Lexie examine you."

Ms. Rachael gave Lexie suggestions, which the girl enjoyed immensely - feeling Taylor's pussy - pulling her pussy lips apart to look closely at Taylor's clitty. Lexie said, "Oh, gee, it's so wet. Is it supposed to be that wet?" She ran a finger through it, and looked at her hand - pressing her thumb against her forefinger and then slowly spreading her thumb and forefinger apart - stretching a string of viscous love cream between her fingers. Lexie then got the forefingers of both hands wet in Taylor's pussy, then pressed her fingers together and pulling them apart slowly - making a string - almost as thick as heavy snot.

Ms. Rachael said, "Open your legs a little bit, Taylor, so Lexi can push her finger into your pussy.


Lexie's Mom Gets Upset

The little girl had just started fingering Taylor, when Angie, Lexie's Mother, stood up. "I didn't know these videos would be so sexual!"

Ms. Vicky told the girls to keep going as she walked over to the couch and signaled for the Mom to join her beside the couch, in front of the cameras. The two girls operating the cameras stepped back, as if the cameras were turned off, but they weren't. The cameras were never turned off as long as the little stars were in the studio. All of the adults gathered around - not wanting to miss any of Ms. Vicky's explanations.

Ms. Vicky said, "But you agreed to let your daughter be in our videos. During her screen test two weeks ago, you and your boyfriend were both present the whole time. Lexie undressed completely from three different outfits, and showed off for the cameras. She spread her legs for the close-ups; pinched and pulled on her breasts. She even pulled her pussy lips open for the cameras, and demonstrated how she rubs her clitty at night. You knelt down beside her and showed her how to flick it from side to side with her fingernail. You flicked your daughter's clitty about ten times and had your boyfriend do the same demonstration. It's on the original video, but of course we never show those scenes on my websites. We never show adult faces. But I keep all the originals in a safe place. Your video is safe, and we would never show video of you doing things with our young actors or actresses to anyone... unless you try to get us in trouble. Anyway, Lexie got visibly wet while you and your boyfriend were each flicking and rubbing her clitty while she held her pussy open for the cameras. She started moaning with pleasure - even knowing she was on camera and that hundreds of people might see her videos. For many girls, knowing the lots of people will see their videos adds to her pleasure - makes it more intense. They even open wider for the cameras. Lexie did. Do you remember how she strained her legs extra wide apart? She had a very intense, creamy wet, noisy orgasm on camera, and you told her she did a great job. You took the money and signed the papers." She kept her voice calm. "Now look at these girls. They are having so much fun."

Angie was blushing. "I was just trying to help. I wanted to show her a different way to flick her clitty when we were here two weeks ago. That's all. And my boyfriend helps me with all kinds of things, so he was just trying to be helpful, too. Of course we would never report this to anyone."

"It's OK." Said Ms. Vicky. "We just want everyone to feel safe in our studio. Everyone knows they will be in my collection of videos, but I never show any video on the websites that show an adult face. Even our visitors - who have all agreed to help us stimulate the girls with their fingers in a little while - they know they will be in my very private, and very secret, fully encrypted, video archives... with their names and the dates. So nobody will ever dare complain to the police or anything like that. Look at the girls. Aren't they having fun?"

Everyone looked down at Lexie who continued to finger Taylor's pussy. Taylor, lying on her back with her head on a pillow and her butt on Lexie's lap and her legs on Ms. Rachael's lap, kept looking up at the adults. She watched them, but was also focused on the good feelings in her pussy. Her hips were moving.

Then Gloria said, "I was a little taken aback at first, too, Angie, but Taylor was enjoying all this so much, and the purpose of these videos is to demonstrate that sex doesn't have to mean a man or boy putting his penis in the girl's vagina. There are so many other options to get those good, orgasmic feelings. So in that sense, this is a 'non-sex' series of videos. We are glad that our daughter is part of the production. It's part of her professional modeling and acting portfolio."

Ms. Vicky said, "Thank you, Gloria. And Taylor is doing a great job." She looked back at Lexie's Mother. "I think Lexie is enjoying this, too. Why not ask her."

"Yes, but there are so many people here. And they will see my daughter naked."

"Most of them have already seen her naked in the videos she made here two weeks ago. Everyone who has seen your daughter's other video clips said she was very cute and sexy, and they could tell she enjoyed being in the videos and pulling her pussy wide open for the cameras, especially when she had that orgasm."

One of the men said, "I enjoyed watching Lexie bring herself to orgasm very much. A delightful and very juicy girl. Excellent!"

And another man said, "She is so flexible and can really spread her legs. Then when she pulls her pussy lips apart to make her little clitty stick out, that's great. I loved watching her flick her fingers across it so it got very stiff and springy. You did a good job showing her how to flick it."

Lexie's Mom said, "Thanks. They wanted her to do that for her video."

That same other man said, "And it was an excellent video. I watched it everyday since it was posted, and came each time." He turned to Ms. Vicky, "How many members of that website now? The one where you posted Lexie's videos?"

Ms. Vicky said, "Just over three thousand members, and I've gotten good comments from hundreds of viewers already. It's why I can now pay you so much more. She has such a photogenic clitty which sticks right out - high and proud - for the cameras. They want to see more of your daughter, and have offered other suggestions - ways she could orgasm without needing a cock in her vagina. They all enjoyed watching her flick her clitty the way you taught her. And many of the viewers expressed an interest in watching her help boys reach orgasms, so I'm thinking of using Lexie in some of those video sessions. Taylor here enjoys helping with those demonstrations, don't you, Taylor?"

"Yes. Boys' things are so funny. I like to pull them down and watch them spring up when you let go. Do you want to do that, Lexie? It's fun."

"Yes, that sounds like fun."

"It just doesn't taste that good, but then you get some pop after the video. And if it gets on your skin, it washes right off."

Ms. Vicky laughed. "Thank you girls. So I could use Lexie in more videos, Angie, but I don't want any objections while we're shooting. It would be the same great rate of pay as today that we talked about earlier, before Taylor arrived."

Angie looked at her daughter, "Honey, would you like to be in other videos with Taylor, and maybe you would get to play with boys?"

"Yes, Mommy! Please, can I?"

Then Ms. Vicky stepped back several feet farther from the girls, and the adults followed suit. She lowered her voice, "The cash you will be getting for these other videos is also substantially more than those numbers we first talked about a few weeks ago. Seems that your daughter is a big hit. Could pass for eight or nine easy, even with her little cupcake titties. It's much more money than you got two weeks ago when Lexie pulled her pussy open, and rubbed her stiff, perky clitty for the cameras. I'm able to pay you two Mothers much more than I first estimated, in part because your daughters are so cute and sexy. It's obvious - and proves my point - that girls can have great sexual pleasure without the need for a penis in her vagina. Sometimes alone, like in her first video, and sometimes with another girl, like today, and later with a man or a woman or perhaps a small group of boys."

Ms. Vicky looked over at the two little girls on the couch. She raised her voice back to a normal volume, "Lexie, do you want to keep doing these videos? Your Mommy will be getting money to let you be in the videos and you'll learn to do new, fun things, with other girls and boys about your age, and even some grown-ups who will play games with you."

"Yes, Mommy, please. I want to."

Angie said, "Well, OK then. I'm sorry for the interruption."

"That's OK, Angie. It's one reason why I want the parents to be present during our sessions. And with the extra visitors today, it will help the girls get used to show business - with lots of people watching them, and in this case, even touching them."

Ms. Vicky said, "Rachael, while we are up close to the couch, why don't you teach Lexie how to pinch Taylor's pussy lips together so she can press on the skin to stimulate Taylor's clitty. Then we'll do the same with Lexie."

Ms. Rachael said, "First, Taylor, open your legs again so I can taste you." While she fingered Taylor, she looked up at the adults. This is Taylor's first time to get fingered on camera, but we'll be doing lots of fingering today; maybe even with all of the adults here with us for today's video shoot." She pulled her finger out of Taylor's wet pussy, and put it in her mouth. "Umm, good. You taste good, Taylor."

"Thank you."

Ms. Rachael said, "OK, Lexie, now you put your finger all the way in to get it nice and wet, and then suck on your finger to taste Taylor's pussy juice. She gets nice and juicy, just like you, Lexie. We'll all want to taste you later, too."

Lexie's finger was all the way in Taylor's pussy before Ms. Rachel finished talking. Then Lexie tasted her finger and agreed with Ms. Rachel. "Taylor tastes good."


Tribidism And Fingering - Video

"Now close your legs, Taylor, and, Lexie, I want you to kind of pinch Taylor's pussy lips together with your hand and then move her pussy around and press on it. That stimulates her clitty. You clitty is the little button hidden inside the wrinkly thing in the center of your pussy. This is a type of tribbing, which we'll be doing today. It feels good to a girl to have her clitty rubbed and pressed on."

"I know." Said Lexie. "It feels good to rub it. I like to flick it like Mommy showed me."

Ms. Vicky signaled for the adults to return to their chairs.

"Yes, and Taylor will teach you more about tribbing today. That's when you scissors your pussy and press against another girl, or straddle something and press on your clitty. You'll be doing lots of rubbing your pussies together and pressing. It feels good, doesn't it, Taylor?"

"Yes. Really good." She looked up at Lexie. "I used to bounce on my bicycle seat because it felt good."

"I do that, too." Said Lexie.

After more pussy pinching, and then opening Taylor's legs so Lexie could finger her again, Ms. Rachael gave Lexie a little paddle to spank Taylor's pussy. "Not too hard, Lexie. Just little smacks. Keep going. The faster, the better. That's it. Tap it right on her clitty."

Within fifteen minutes both girls were naked. They had fingered and tasted each other for the cameras, and practiced giving each other a little tribidism treat with their fingers; pinching and rubbing. They practiced crab walking on their hands and feet, tummies up. Taylor showed her how to crab walk up to one of the adults and open her pussy towards the adult. Lexie seemed to enjoy doing that - really getting turned on by showing herself to strangers. She liked how they stared at her open pussy. The visitors enjoyed it, too.

Ms. Vicky noticed the look in Lexie's face each time she opened her pussy wider to show one of the visiting adults. She said, "I have an idea everybody, for a little game before we go to the bedroom set. Maybe if one of the girls comes up to you and opens her pussy, you can put a finger in her vagina if you promise to give her a dollar later. Let's see, there are twelve adults here, not counting me and the camera operators. What do you think, Girls? Would that be a fun game?"

Both girls and all of the adults liked the idea, although an official vote wasn't taken. Some of the men knew that Ms. Vicky was just doing this to teach Lexie's mother a lesson. They also knew there were on video, but they trusted Ms. Vicky to never show anyone their faces.

The girls began crab walking up to an adult who was sitting on a folding chair. After opening wide, the adult leaned forward and slowly pushed his or her finger in the girl's vagina. Some of the adults got up to refresh their drinks at the bar, but sat down quickly so they would get to finger each of the girls. Frank, Lexie's Mom's boyfriend, was aware of the camera a few yards away - aimed directly at him, but he fingered both Taylor and Lexie when they opened their legs in front of him. He certainly didn't want to disrupt things, and he also didn't want to miss an opportunity to finger a cute, and very tight, ten year old girl.

Tom and Gloria both fingered Lexie, and they were glad to see that Lexie's Mom and her boyfriend each fingered Taylor. Some of the men put their finger directly in their own mouth after pulling it out of the girl. They told the girls they tasted great.


Tribidism In The Bedroom

Ms. Vicky led the naked girls to the bedroom set. The camera girls moved the cameras into position around the bed. Then the adults brought their folding chairs over to form another semi-circle around the action.

The naked girls began with kissing, and then humping each other in various positions. As Taylor positioned Lexie they started grinding their pussies together. Lying on their backs with feet towards each other, they inched closer and closer, overlapping, so that soon they could start scissoring while mostly on their backs; pussies together, and their heads near the other girls feet, then Lexie laid on the bed and Taylor straddled her to do more pussy grinding while sitting on top of her. Taylor laid on the bed on her back with one foot up in the air so Lexie could straddle her other leg and slide up to grind their bare, bald pussies together in that position, while hugging Taylor's raised leg. Both girls, and the audience, loved it. One of the camera girls was zooming in from behind and the other camera from the front to capture the bare, juicy pussies grinding together - actually exchanging pussy excitement.

After ten minutes of tribbing in many different positions, Ms. Rachel put them in sixty-nine position and let them get started. First Lexie was on top, but after a few minutes they changed places. Again, both the girls and the audience loved it. Lexie said, "You taste so good, Taylor. I like when you're on top so more of it gets in my mouth."

Again, Ms. Vicky invited the adults to gather around the bed to watch. She even did a little commentary while they all watched the girls perform. "That's it, Lexie. Really stick your tongue as far in Taylor's vagina as you can. Very good. Does she taste good to you?"

Lexie said, "Ummm, yess, ummm."

Ms. Vicky asked, "It's fun licking another girl's pussy, isn't it, Lexie?"

"Yes. Ummm. I like it."

"Would you like to make more videos so you could lick other girls' pussies?"

Lexie said, "Yes, gee, yes, unnnn. Lots of them."

"And you like having cameras and strangers watching you do things like this, don't you, Lexie?"

"Ummff, unnn, yes, unnn."

"Isn't it exciting to know that maybe thousands of men and women and some other girls and even boys will watch this video of you licking Taylor's pussy?"

"Ummf, yes, she tastes good."

Ms. Vicky had the girls change places so everyone could see Lexie lie on her back and open her pussy for Taylor. She pulled her lips wide apart - revealing a very swollen clitty - which appeared even more prominent compared to the almost non-existent inner labia. The girls were soon busy again, and Lexie's moans revealed that her clitty was not only big, but very sensitive as well. Ms. Vicky whispered something to Ms. Rachael.

A few minutes later Ms. Rachel called a temporary halt so she could wipe off each girl's anus with a warm, soapy washcloth. Then Taylor got on her hands and knees and lowered her head to the bed. She reached back to pull her ass open with both hands so Lexie could lick her anus. Everyone said that Lexi was doing a terrific job and that all the viewers would love it, too.

The girls switched places, and Taylor licked Lexie's anus, getting the girl very excited.

The adults had to step back so the cameras could get closer. A few minutes later, Ms. Rachael had Lexi put lubricant in Taylor's anus and on her finger. Then Lexie started fingering Taylor's anus. Rachael handed Lexie a small vibrator and told her how to tap it on Taylor's clitty each time she pushed her finger in.

Taylor's moans, "Unnnnnn, ohhhh," told everyone she enjoyed the new form of stimulation. Ms. Vickie and Ms. Rachael each had a jar of lubricant which they were holding in front of each adult so they could lubricate a finger.

She said to Angie, Lexie's Mom, "Why don't you put your finger in Taylor's ass next so you can see how tight she is."

Angie stepped to the side of the bed while Ms. Rachael moved Lexie to one side and got her in the same receptive position. She had Tom, Taylor's step-father, get Lexie's anus lubricated. Soon both girls were moaning in pleasure as each of the adults took a few turns fingering each girl. Angie commented that Taylor's anus was also very tight. Every adult fingered each of the girls, commenting on how tight they were. The girls loved the anal stimulation along with occasional taps on her clitty with the vibrator. Each time a slippery finger pushed into her anus, the girl moaned loudly.

Ms. Vicky said, "I think you girls are enjoying this. Should we stop now, or would you like more stimulation?"

As expected, both of them wanted more.


Ms. Vicky's Suggestions For Gloria, Taylor's Mom

While the other adults brought each girl to orgasm, Ms. Vicky pulled Gloria to the side. "Next week, get here early to work with the boys. Before you help them relieve their tension, spend a little time with each of them on anal stimulation and pussy licking. We may have two other girls here besides Taylor. I'm not sure how things will work out, but I would like the boys to be skillful by practicing on you. Would you still like to help? The boys are pretty young - only thirteen and fourteen, with one fifteen year old."

"Yes, I would like to help out. I think this is such a worthwhile project - what you are trying to teach men and women and girls and boys."

Ms. Vicky smiled, "Thank you. Maybe get here ninety minutes to two hours early. I'll have some of the boys arrive early. There is a shower back there, too. You would have privacy with one boy at a time. I'm careful not to let them meet each other, but perhaps you could shower the older boys - getting them soapy clean all over, before you lubricate them and teach them how to get a girl's anus all lubricated. You could demonstrate on them and then let them practice on you. And of course licking you between your legs and explain the importance of the clitty. Different tongue techniques. And then help each of them release any built up tension so they will last longer on the set. Then they will be able to make better videos with Taylor when they are licking or fingering her."

"OK. I'll get here two hours early. I'll shower a couple of them, and then teach them those things."

"And make sure they demonstrate on you. I want each of the seven boys to practice inserting the lubricant in your anus, and practice licking your clitty so they will do a good job when they are fingering or licking your daughter in front of the cameras. Make sure they push in slowly at first, and go all the way in. Will you teach them? I might be able to give you a cash bonus, too. Off the record, of course. And there will be a camera in each room. I'll have one of my camera girls teach you how to set up the shot and work the cameras. We'll edit out any shots of your face, but the back of your head, or maybe your hands would be in the videos." She stopped talking; held up a finger as if she just had a good idea. "If you're willing... I mean... and you are very attractive, slim woman under thirty, and you shave?"

"Yes, I keep it shaved most of the time. I'll make sure it's clean and smooth for next week."

"Good. Maybe I'll have one of my other camera girls come in to shoot your training sessions. Much better video that way. The focus will be the boy's erection, of course, and lots of whole-body shots of the boys. The close-ups would show your hand stroking or washing them, or putting lubricant in the boy's anus, or him putting lubricant in yours or of his face and your pussy while you teach him how to lick you. When you finally bring the boy to his cum shot, let it squirt in your mouth. I'll tell the camera girls to get most of it from the side, towards the back of your head, but at any rate, your whole face would never be in the videos - just your mouth. There would be close-ups of your pussy as you teach the boy how to lick you and nibble on your clitty, and close-ups of your anus as he lubricates you and then fingers you, just before you do the same to him. Maybe close-ups of his face also, if you don't mind having one of my very discrete camera girls in there some of the time, it would be a nice bonus for you. And fun, too. The boys would learn new skills. You wouldn't have to swallow, but you could. Since your head will be several inches away from the tip of each boy's penis, some of it will get on you, so it would be best if you are naked during your lessons." She looked at Gloria. "Are you still interested? Or would you rather have complete privacy and no video and unfortunately, no bonus money?"

"And you're sure my face wouldn't be in any of the videos?"

"Only your mouth as you suck or lick a boy, or your open mouth when he shoots his cum into it, or the back of your head, or side views that would be impossible to identify. And I'll double check everything before it gets posted to that site. It's not the same site where your daughter is. And, you probably heard me mention earlier, that soon we will shoot some videos of adults helping little girls. There wouldn't be any faces of adults in those videos either, but side views, rear views, etc, and in some video clips, both the little girl and the adult would be naked - but still - no face shots of the adults. Maybe you could do one of those with your daughter, too, or with some of the other little girls."

"The other little girls are cute. I've noticed that you only use cute, little girls. That would be fun, too. I would be glad to teach them things."

Perhaps you and Tom could keep one girl at a time at your house on a Friday night, while Taylor is staying somewhere else. I would arrange it."

"Yes, that would work. And you're sure Taylor would be safe?"

"Yes, Gloria. She would be as safe as the little girls who would be staying with you and Tom."

Ms. Vicky and Gloria looked back to the bedroom set where everyone else was busy watching or doing something with one of the girls. Ms. Vicky said, "I've arranged for Brittany to spend the night at your house next Friday. Taylor will spend the night with Brittany's Mom and the boyfriend. Nice variety that way. And I would hope that you and Tom could practice tribidism and oral sex with Brittany - like letting her bounce on Tom's leg without her panties on, and maybe even if Tom was only wearing his underwear, or even naked. It's good for the girls to get used to other people - all people I trust. So Brittany could play with Tom's cock, but he could never put it in her vagina. Strict rule."

"I know, and I agree with you. I'm sure Tom would be glad to help, and he won't put his cock anywhere it shouldn't be."

"OK. The girls will still be virgins... just fingers and tongues, and of course the tribidism practice which even you could help with if you don't mind practicing."

"I'll spend time with her, too."

"You can supervise while Brittany sucks on Tom and also while she licks you. Lots of practice for everybody. No cameras in the homes. And no vaginal sex. Are you interested?" She raised her eyebrows, looking directly into Gloria's face.

"Yes. And then back here on Saturday? I'll come early. Tom will bring Brittany over later."

"Perfect." Said Ms. Vicky. She smiled.


Brittany Sleeps Over

On the way home Gloria explained the sleep-over arrangements for the following Friday night. Both Tom and Taylor were excited about the idea. Gloria said, "Morgan, Brittany's Mom, and Jack, her Mom's boyfriend, will..."

"I remember them." Taylor said. "They seem real nice. He likes to bounce me on his knee. Is he going to give me a bath? This will be fun. And then making videos again next Saturday?"

Gloria said, "On Saturday morning, I'll go over to the studio a couple hours early to help Ms. Vicky get some things ready." She smiled to herself, thinking of the 'things' she would be getting ready for the day's video shoot.

"I'm glad we're doing it again next weekend." Taylor said.

Gloria said, "Morgan and Jack will bring Taylor over at noon, and Tom, you can bring Brittany over at noon, also, after getting her all clean in the bathtub. Don't get her too excited Saturday morning, because Ms. Vicky wants her to get excited while they are shooting the videos."

"My pleasure, Honey. I'm glad to help." Once again, he thanked his lucky stars for meeting such a bizarre, horny, cute family!

"OK." Gloria said, "Just so you don't mind giving her a bath on Friday night before we play games, and again Saturday morning before you bring Brittany over to the studio. And Ms. Vicky was hoping that we could explain some things to her about a penis - like the sensitive areas, and she was wondering if we could use yours as a model so she can practice with it."

"Well, OK. We can do that."

Gloria said, "Ms. Vicky will bring Brittany to our house around six o'clock on Friday when she picks up Taylor. And she might have some fun costumes and high heels for each of you girls to use to play 'dress-up. Won't that be fun?"

"It will be fun!" Said Taylor. "I'll get to practice with Morgan and Jack?"

Gloria said, "Yes, Honey. We'll all help each other get ready for next weekend. I'm looking forward to it."

END of Part Three

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How come all mothers have boyfriends instead of husbands?


you don't need a standin do you, i'm willing to giveit a try

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