Our Daughter's Tribadism Video, Part 1

[ gg, tribbing, video, bath, oral sex, feeling, exhib ]

by Corn53

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Published: 21-Jun-2011

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Note to readers: This story is for a request in Our Loliwood Forum. Please be patient with any grammar or other English mistakes, because I wrote it so quickly - without proofing... But it's a fun story!

"Guess what, Honey," she asked her new husband, Tom. "I think all this money you say I've been wasting on Taylor's beauty pageants is paying off. She was asked to be in a series of videos, and we'll get two hundred dollars for each one she is in. It will be her and another girl. The producer said she's been trying to find two cute pre-teens with lots of personality - 'pretty smiles, and personality,' that's what she said. She says the two girls she picks could be in as many as ten videos for the series. Sometimes it might be with different actresses."

"What? No boys?" Tom laughed. "Then I suppose it's OK."

"OK? No, its lots better than 'OK,' it's great. Taylor is all excited. She says she loves being on camera."

"Well, of course, Gloria, all little girls do. She just turned ten. I suppose she is excited about it. What's it about?"

"I forget what she called it. Something about tribulations, or playing with scissors. I forget. I was kind of excited when she was talking to me. So, it's OK with you for her to do it?"

"Yes, she'll have fun, and it will give me some peace and quiet around here with you two gone. How long will you be gone, and when does she start?"

"We'll only be gone a couple hours. It could be her start into show business. I already signed the permission papers and got five hundred dollars in cash."

"Wow. That is wonderful! That will help." He said. They were both laughing when Taylor came into the living room a minute later. He said, "Congratulations Honey. I hear you might be making some videos. That sounds like fun."

"It will be, Daddy, but the lady says we're not supposed to talk about it. That will be hard - not to tell my friends. But I guess after a while they will find out I'm in show business. We can only talk about it with just us."

Her Mother said, "That's right. We can't tell anybody about it, or we will have to give the money back. Kind of like we only talk about some of the pageants she is in. You know how girls are. They like to tease."

Tom asked, "When does it start? I mean, when is your first session? Can I go watch, too?"

Taylor said, "I don't think boys are supposed to watch, but maybe. Do you know, Mommy? Can Daddy come and watch me? Please!" She called her step-father 'Daddy,' instead of Tom, because Gloria though it would help her chances with the judges in the pageants if she wasn't from a divorced family.

"I'll check with Ms. Vicky." She looked at her husband of seven months. "Ms. Vicky is the producer."

Tom definitely wanted to watch. He loved watching his step-daughter, just like he loved helping give her a bath and change outfits between dances or other pageant events. He liked helping her change from a little bikini, to a short party dress, or leotards. And little Taylor liked how he took his time washing her, or brushing out her hair, or helping with her make-up. He was very affectionate, and she liked that.

Gloria was glad that her new husband and only child hit it off so well, too. She liked how he spend extra time giving her a bath and drying her off and then putting lotion all over her to keep her skin soft and good smelling. He even took an interest in buying clothes for Taylor. They both enjoyed dressing and undressing Taylor between her acts, or before they took her out. She was like their own little doll baby.

"So, when is the first video session?" Tom asked again.

Gloria said, "It could start as soon as tomorrow, if she gets another model lined up. And Ms. Vicky suggested we get a few new under things with some of the money - 'panties and a new training bra' she said, since she said the panties might get torn during the video while the girls are wrestling and tickling. She wouldn't tell me anymore, but she did assure us that the girls wouldn't be 'fighting,' but just 'wrestling around.' Ms. Vicky said it would be a very affectionate scene between two, little girls, and they would have to practice a few times. Then they would start again in different settings. She says there are four different photo areas set up in her studio." Gloria looked at her budding, young daughter. "Doesn't that sound like fun, Honey?"

"Gee." Tom said, "What else did she say?"

"Both girls will be about the same size and same age, and they will have to do some kissing and get to know each other. Its part of the series - like an educational thing she is working on. Ms. Vicky is doing this series so she can practice being a producer. It's not for Hollywood, but for some of her friends. But still, I think it will be good practice for Taylor."

Tom moved in his chair - trying to get more comfortable without letting he two women see that he had an erection.

Gloria kept talking, "Some scenes will be like a slumber party, with the two cute, little girls in panties and their training bras, and they start tickling and acting silly and dancing around with music playing, and then they start wrestling, but they aren't mad at each other, so they often stop and then kiss for a little bit, like to prove they aren't mad at each other. Like they keep rolling around and kissing and rubbing each other. That's what Ms. Vicky said. She said the girls would have fun." Then she looked right in Tom's face, "and she said she had a back-up girl to fill in if either of the first-choice girls or their parents had objections. So I told her it would be fine and it would be a good 'on-camera' experience for Taylor. Then I signed the papers and took the money. And it's just for practice, but it would be good practice for her."

Tom agreed, which made Taylor clap her hands. "Oh, good. This will be so much fun."

Gloria sent Tom and Taylor out shopping for a new training bra and panties. "Get some really sexy ones, too." She said as they went out the door.

They were gone two hours. When they returned, Gloria said she had a phone call from Ms. Vicky, "and the first video session will be tomorrow at noon. She said to be sure to give Taylor a long, hot bath and to wash her really good all over. Would you mind doing that Tom - giving her a bath?"

"No, I'll be happy to do it. I don't mind washing Taylor, and I'll get her clean all over."

"Thanks," Gloria said. "I'll be getting her outfits ready. Oh, and she also said that since there is a Dad in the house, that Taylor should practice kissing. I'll fix dinner and you, too, go sit on the couch and practice kissing. She said to do lots of different positions. And she said to do some very light, playful spankings, and also tickle her, because the girls will be doing some of that to each other while they are dancing. Nothing hard, just some fun spankings." She looked at Taylor, "Why don't you run upstairs and put on a short, party dress so it will be easier practice. That's what Ms. Vicky suggested."

Taylor ran upstairs without waiting, and Tom sat in the middle of the big couch. He was smiling, as he thought, 'this is a wet dream of a crazy family!'

When Taylor came back downstairs wearing one of her very short dresses, she climbed on Tom's lap. He grabbed her and started tickling her - making her giggle and twist all around. Then, while she was face down, he gave her some playful spankings. She held still for that. Tom noticed immediately that she was wearing her red, thong panties. After ten playful spanks, he tickled her. She started giggling and wiggling all over, and soon he had wrestled her so she was facing him with one knee on either side of his hips. He said, "Let's practice kissing for a little while."

Gloria came in and smiled; glad to see them practicing. She watched a minute before calling them in for dinner. She said, "Tonight, I want to see the new clothes you got. You can model them for us in the living room, while I'm taking the tags off."

Gloria assigned Tom to help her take off and put on the new things, while she snipped off the tags. Tom undressed Taylor and helped her into the first pair of panties. Both Tom and Gloria liked the new, tight-fitting, sheer, pink, hip-hugger panties. Gloria said, "And have you noticed that her breasts are getting bigger? Big as marshmallows now ... like half a big lemon." Then she said to Taylor, "It helps them stand up and look bigger, if you pinch and pull on them. Try it, and you'll see."

They watched as she pinched and pulled on them. Gloria said to Tom, "I taught her how to do that before her last pageant, and I think she got extra points in that round, even though it was hard to see them through her blouse."

Tom didn't know what to say. He thought he must be in heaven.

Gloria said, "Try pinching a little harder. See how far out you can pull them. That's it. Show Tom. Do you think that makes them look bigger, Tom?"

"Yes, and it makes her nipples stiffen up, too, which makes them seem even bigger. And it's like she enjoys what she is doing, which impresses the judges."

Taylor said, "It feels funny when I do this." She pinched and pulled again. "Like it makes them tingle, and even gives me tingles, down, well, like inside my panties, too."

"It's only natural, Taylor, and it makes you kind of shine, like you know you're pretty inside."

"Yes, it's very attractive." Added Tom, who was glad he was sitting down with baggy trousers so they couldn't see his erection.

After trying on the new, sexy training bra, she reminded her to pinch and pull again. Then she said, "Tom, feel them and see you think they are maximum size."

"Yes, almost. Try pinching and pulling again, and then let me feel them again."

Taylor did, and then Tom said they felt maximum size. He took his time feeling them.


Getting Ready For The First Video

Tom gave Taylor her bath Saturday morning. Gloria had emphasized to get her feminine areas especially clean, so he spent extra time washing between her legs and on her breasts. To Tom's credit, he had never tried to push a finger in her vagina, although he had 'washed' the opening many times. He liked spending extra time washing Taylor's clitty, getting it extra clean, while Taylor looked at him, with her legs wide open and leaning back in the tub. She liked watching his face as he kept washing her clitty. She could tell that Tom enjoyed it, too, and that made her smile inside, along with all the tingles shooting around in her belly.

They got her dressed after Gloria did her hair - putting white ribbons in her curly blond hair. She was a doll, with long, slim legs, blue eyes, and a dusting of freckles across her nose and upper cheeks. She wore the new training bra and white, sheer, thong panties, under the very short, white party dress. Black flats with white, lacy ankle socks completed her outfit. Ms. Vicky greeted them at the studio, which was much nicer than Gloria had expected, considering the neighborhood - small, run-down factories, and lots of warehouse space for rent. There was a living room set, a bedroom, dining room, and a carpeted area with curtains in the background. There were two cameras on tripods and several hand-held cameras sitting around.

The other couple arrived with their daughter, Brittany, also ten, only a few weeks older than Taylor, they discovered. Brittany's Mom was Morgan, and her boyfriend's name was Jack. Both of the Mom's were in their late twenties and attractive, dressed for the occasion in dresses. Jack and Tom were both in their mid thirties and wearing khaki slacks and sport shirts.

Although both girls had freckles, and teeth that looked too big for their mouths, Brittany had dark hair and was slightly bigger than the slim, blond Taylor. Both girls were very cute.

Ms. Vicky introduced everybody to each other and to Rachael, her seventeen year old assistant today. Ms. Vicky said, "Rachael will also be my director today. I needed someone who is also underage. And that's why, especially today, I wanted the parents to be here. And if either set of parents objects to our videos, then we'll use one of the back-up girls for the rest of the videos. There are several other girls hoping to get involved with our project."

Morgan said, "I know we won't object."

"We won't either." Said Gloria.

Ms. Vicky smiled, "Good. We'll be changing outfits frequently, and the girls will have so much fun. The two camera operators were Ginny and Steffy, close friends of mine." Ms. Vicky continued, during all the hand-shaking and cheek-kissing. "After introducing themselves for each shoot, the girls will follow Rachael's directions. And... well, so that we are all one, big, happy family here today, I'll have Taylor's parents change Brittany, and Morgan and Jack will change Taylor. That way the girls will feel more comfortable with them watching us make the videos."

The five grown-ups set in a semi-circle around the opening set. Tom and Gloria were sitting on Ms. Vicky's right, and a little ways away, on the other side of a set of umbrella lights, were Morgan and Jack, with Taylor's bag of clothes on the floor next to them. Both men were trying to hide their growing erections, which tickled Ms. Vicky, although everyone pretended not to notice.

Ms. Vicky said, "We'll do a couple takes of the introductions and first kisses. And you girls should be comfortable with each other and everyone who is on the set today. In fact, as you know, you will be changing outfits here in the studio. We don't have separate dressing rooms. Let the parents undress you and dress you. That includes the new panties. So you will be completely naked, except for your shoes many times today, so just get used to it. It's OK. Right?" She looked at the two, very cute, very nervous, little girls.

Both girls nodded and agreed that it would be fine. Brittany said, "Lots of people have seen me naked between different camera sessions over the last few years."

"Me, too." Said Taylor. "And Tom gives me my baths."


The First Video

Ms. Vicky gave them some stage directions and asked everyone to get quiet. She noticed that Taylor surreptitiously pinched both of her breasts. Rachael was sitting on the couch in front of the curtains and had Taylor and Brittany walk towards her. Rachael stood up to greet them. "Come over here girls, and introduce yourselves. Tell me your name and age and what grade you're in. We're going to have lots of fun today."

Both girls started to talk at the same time, and then broke into giggles. Rachael intervened, saying, "You first, Taylor."

Taylor said, "I'm Taylor, and I just turned ten a few weeks ago, and I'm in the fourth grade. I like to ride my bike and go swimming in the summer."

Rachael said, "Well, it's almost summer. You'll both have fun. We're going to start some of our video clips in swimming suits. And now you, Brittany."

"I'm Brittany, and I'm in the fourth grade and I'm ten years old. I like to go swimming, too, and sometimes I'm in beauty pageants."

"Very good girls. Now I'm going to step over to the side of the room and let you two get to know each other. I want you to do lots of kissing and hugging and rolling around on the couch and the floor. Then you can start doing some tickling and wrestling, and I'll let you know what's next. It's OK for the cameras to see your panties while you're wrestling around, so don't worry about that." She left the set.

The girls tried to kiss, but it took several tries to get in hugging position. Ms. Vicky was relieved to see that they cooperated and giggled about it instead of arguing. They kept kissing in a variety of positions which they awkwardly worked out as they went. After some time rolling around on the couch, twisting and almost wrestling, they ended up on the floor. The dresses were way up above their panties by then, but they kept going, and almost started showing off their fancy panties.

Rachael walked over to them with the cameras still running. She said, "Good job, young ladies. We'll be changing outfits pretty soon, but do a little more tickling now, and some playful spanking. While you're spanking - and keep it playful - try to pull each other's panties down, like you're acting silly. Try to keep them above your knees, though. It's OK for the cameras to see you - front and back - with your panties down a little ways, while your tickling, spanking, and generally acting silly." She walked off the set again.

The two camera girls were each moving one of the tripod-mounted cameras and then using the hand-helds for close-ups. Sometimes they even aimed their cameras at the parents who were intently watching everything.

Soon each of the girls had been giggling, squirming, and wrestling around with panties down to their knees. Ms. Vicky noticed that Brittany had darker pubic hair - just a little dusting, but still noticeable. Taylor's sparse, blond pubic hair was hardly noticeable, but would be in the close-ups.

She signaled for the girls to end the scene with more kissing. Ms. Rachael suggested they stand with their panties stretched between their knees, while still wearing the short dresses. Ms. Vicky liked the idea, so after some kissing, they pulled each other's panties to the knees and stood with their feet apart so they wouldn't fall all the way down.

Ms. Vicky led the applause after she said, "Cut!"

The smiling girls turned around; held hands, and bowed. Both of them were blushing and grinning. Brittany's panties fell to her ankles when she started to walk. Ms. Vicky said, "Girls, for fun, see if you can keep your panties from falling all the way off while you walk over to let them help you with the next outfit. Brittany, pull your panties back up to your knees. Hold up your dresses and walk over to let them undress you before we put on the next outfits. Don't forget, you're going to each other's parents."

The girls working the cameras captured the walk back - zooming in on the Dads as the ten year olds walked over to them, holding up the front of their dresses with their panties stretched between their knees as they walked. Amid lots of giggling, the girls got to the adults who were going to finish undressing them. Ms. Vicky told the parents to undress the girls, but to leave the panties stretched between the knees as kind of a game. The two camera operators kept moving around - capturing the festive atmosphere. The adults enjoyed undressing the girl in front of them, but were also watching their daughters, just ten feet away, being undressed by a man and woman they had never met before.

Then Ms. Vicky laughed, "Very good, everybody. Now, it's one of my customs to let the Dads keep the panties after each act, so Dads, go ahead and take off the girl's panties. I'll give you the new outfits in just a few seconds. And girls, once you are ready for your next costume, give each of the adults who helped undress you a big kiss. Let them know you mean it. Kiss your friend's Mom and Dad."

Tom gladly took Brittany's panties off. He could feel the wetness as he slid them into his pocket. He was staring at Brittany's pussy which was just a foot in front of his face. He wished the girl holding the camera wasn't standing so close. He was glad that Gloria was also looking closely at the girl's pussy.

Tom and Gloria looked over at Taylor who was undressed and giggling, standing in front of Morgan and Jack.

Ms. Vicky had both girls come over to the couch. She sat down and hand the girls and their parents gather around her while she inspected each girl's pussy. She said, "Well, a little fuzz. Not enough to interfere with today's videos, but I would like each of the girls to get a Brazilian Wax. I'll set it up and pay for it. Our next video session is in two weeks, and both girls will be bald and beautiful when we meet again." She looked up at the two sets of parents while she kept gently tugging on the little tuft of pubic hair on each girl. "After the wax treatments, your daughters won't ever have to shave. My friend, Ms. Ginny, who will do the treatments - just two or three times a year over the next three or four years, says that girls who go through these treatments before much pubic hair grows out, might never have to shave for the rest of their lives. It hurts a little bit, but will make it easier for your daughters to keep being in beauty pageants and videos for years and years to come. And both of you girls have beautiful pussies with full lips and firm, youthful skin. We don't want them hidden behind fur!" She laughed and then everybody laughed, too.

The two mothers expressed their thanks to Ms. Vicky. Gloria said, "I've been thinking of get Taylor waxed anyway. I've heard the same thing about early treatments."


The Second Video

Ms. Vicky stood up and handed each girl a handful of cloth. These are your swimming suits for the next scene. They will be tied on the side of each hip with a bow, so they can be untied quickly and easily. Same with the bras. I want a big bow in the back so it can be untied with one, easy pull. The girls will be kissing, wrestling, tickling and so on in the next scene, and as part of the wrestling - after Rachael gives the signal - you will unfasten the bows on each other's swimming suit. It will be fun. Now go let the adults who undressed you, help put these little suits on."

'Little' was the correct word, Tom thought. There was a little triangle with strings for the bottoms, and two, even-smaller triangles for the bra.

Tom and Gloria were having trouble putting the black triangles on Brittany, so Gloria had Tom hold it in place on Brittany's pussy. Tom noticed the girl was wet while he was holding the small, black triangle against her pussy. Brittany had to stand with her feet apart, and Tom had his hand in front with a few fingers between her legs pressing up. Whenever Gloria messed up on the bows, his fingers slid off the material and into Brittany's pussy.

In a few minutes, Brittany was ready, and so was Taylor, in her bright orange triangle and matching top.

The camera girls had moved the couch out of the way, and put a big poster of a beach scene on the wall. They laid beach towels on the carpeting. The two girls walked up to the beach towels and introduced themselves again for the start of this video. Then they sat down the cooler and beach basket and laid on the towels. Soon they were kissing and rolling around, which led to tickling and wrestling. At Ms. Rachael's signal, they soon had both suits off. That's when Ms. Rachael walked over and told the girls, "Keep wrestling and hugging, and to try scissoring, or 'tribbing' as it is sometimes called. Kind of like making humping motions on each other... like to rub you pussy on the other girl's leg and so on. Later I'll give you other positions later. Try it. It feels good. Help each other. Lot's of kissing and moving your hips. That's what we're looking for in this video. Then when I signal in a little bit, you can each start feeling each other's breasts. OK, go ahead as soon as I'm off the set."

The two naked girls had already been rolling around and kissing. But Gloria interrupted. "Wait! That sounds too sexual. I don't know if Taylor should be doing that in a video."

Ms. Vicky said, "We can stop if you insist. I'll get the other girl to come next time." She looked at Brittany's Mom. "It's OK for Brittany to do this, isn't it?"

"Yes, of course. She wants to be in the video."

Then Gloria said, "Well, OK. I'm just surprised, that's all. I'm sorry for the interruption." She didn't want to have to leave, especially since Brittany's Mom said it was OK.

The scene progressed nicely - kissing, hugging, wrestling, more kissing, and then they started scissoring on each other. When Taylor was lying on her back with one foot up by her bottom, Brittany, who was lying on top of her, with one leg on either side of Taylor's leg, started humping her pussy against Taylor's leg. Soon she was pressing back into Taylor's leg as they kept kissing and holding each other tightly. Both girls were moving. It was quiet on the set except for the soft moaning of each moving ten year old. Soon they were rolling and taking turns humping on each other's leg. That's when they got the signal to begin touching and kissing each other's breasts.

They kept going another five minutes. Every adult was either fully erect, or fully wet before Ms. Vicky said, "Cut."

She and Rachael led the two quiet, naked girls back to the adults. Taylor was standing in front of Morgan and Jack, and Brittany was standing in front of Tom and Gloria. Both girls were flushed and still moving their hips.

Ms. Vicky walked over to them and had Brittany put her feet apart. She reached between the girls legs and ran a finger through Brittan's pussy. "Good." Ms. Vicky said. "I can tell she is excited to be acting in my videos. You two feel, and see if you think she is excited to be doing this."

Tom's had was immediately between the girl's legs, and indeed, she was much wetter that before the swim suit scene. Gloria checked, too. She help her hand on the girl's pussy, moving her fingers up and back through Brittany's wet slit. She said, "Are you having fun, Brittany? It feels like you are."

"Yes." The girl said softly. She looked into the camera that one of the older girls was holding. She said, "This is fun."

For the next scene, each girl had a short, cotton nightgown. They went to the bedroom - cameras and audience all gathered around. Ten minutes later the two naked girls were humping on each other's legs and moaning. Rolling and kissing and feeling each other. So far they were only kissing each other's mouth, neck, and breasts, but they were feeling each other between the legs, too, and rubbing their pussies on each other's leg. The girl who was lying on her back held up one knee so the other girl could hump on her thigh. Then they would roll around and switch positions.

Then Rachael walked over to the bed and whispered additional instructions to the girls. After she was off the set, they continued kissing and humping, but then they switched so that their pussies were rubbing together. Taylor was on her back and Brittany was, too, scooting up so that their pussies touched as they continued rubbing and humping each other. They kept doing that while the camera operators moved around - taking turns zooming in on the pussy-pussy action.


Getting Ready For Home

After that scene, it was very quiet on the set again. The naked girls let the other girl's parents dress her back in the party dress, shoes, and so on - everything except panties. The kissed each other good bye, so that each girl actually kissed everybody on the set, including the camera operators.

Ms. Vicky said, "We're out of time, and need to get going. We'll use the other sets next time. You girls did great today - great at following directions both on and off stage. Do you want to come back again in two weeks for more videos?"

Both smiling girls said they wanted to, and all the parents agreed to bring them back. The two Moms agreed to take their daughters to see Ms. Ginny for the wax treatments.

"Very good." Said Ms. Vicky. She looked at the two sets of parents, "And thank you for helping with the costumes. Can I count on you to help undress and dress my little stars again next time?"

All the parents agreed, and said they would be happy to help.

Ms. Vicky said, "And remember, you can't talk about this with anyone. Only each other, and not much of that. I would recommend that you girls can practice tribbing on your Dad's leg. Wear a dress but not panties, and let him hold your hips to help you. Before I give you fresh panties, I want the Dads to sit in a chair. Brittany, you go to Tom, and Taylor, you go to Jack. Now straddle his leg and move your hips - up and back - kind of rocking. That's it. Dads, do you feel how that feels on your leg? You want the girl to really grind into you while she rubs herself up and back. Would you mind practicing that a little at home?"

Both Dads readily agreed. Jack wasn't married to Morgan, and Tom hadn't been married to Gloria very long. They would certainly be happy to help! And the two Mom's smiled as they watcher their daughters humping a strange man's leg - following directions.

Ms. Vicky congratulated the girls again, and handed each girl the other panties she had brought with her. She thanked the parents for all their help. Then she bent down close to the two girls, "And I have other videos to make, too, so I need to know if either of you would like to help me make other videos - sometimes with the two of you together, and sometimes with other girls."

"I would." Said Taylor.

"Me, too." Said Brittany.


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loved this story. looking forward to further episodes

Alien Sex Fiend

Thank you for writing this wonderful story. It's by far one of my favourite stories by you. I think the big improvement is how you had parents present during the making of the videos so they could observe and see what the girls were made to do. Also the undressing by dads and then humping their legs made me cum really hard. I wish your other stories were like this where parents were part of the audience and participants. It's just makes it so much sexier when they can witness their child being seduced and sexualized beofre the cameras.

The tribbing part was little short but still good. I hope there will be a sequel to this because there are still so many things the girls could be made to do with each others and their parents or some new members of the audience.


Dear Corn:

One of the hottest ideas ever. Loved the pussy-pussy rubbing. I bet next time the moms will become more involved.

really hot.


Nice job once again, Corn. I like the slow introduction to sex and their dads getting turned on by the show. You should describe their pussies as they rubbed against each other, their juices mixing and flowing out as they mashed their cunnies together. Maybe you could show mothers being embarrassed by the sexual exhibition of their little daughters while dads having a hard time keeping their hands away from the girls. This story should be turned into a series, a very HOT series. It has that potential. I hope to read more about the two families as they explore what more their little girls are capable of.


This story should come with warning 'may cause extreme horniness'. Please give us another chapter.


Great story. Maybe later while they practice kissing with daddy, daddys hands can play under their dresses. God i`m wet!


Great. Just fantastic. Loved the parents involvement. Anxious to read more and hope to see the mothers get more involved. Thanks. Write back if you like. Love your style.

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