An English Teacher In Russia, Part 12

[ MMMF/ggggg, ped, exhib, oral, photo, bond, spank, mast ]

by Corn53

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Published: 31-Mar-2011

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Dear Reader, Thank you for enjoying a vicarious adventure with me. If you enjoyed the story, please send me a note. Also, please share any fantasies, memories, suggestions, etc. It's how I get material for new stories. And of course, there is no way for me to verify if something actually happened or if it is pure fantasy. I'm not seeking any themes that involve violence, although mild coercion may be OK, as the naive, curious, protagonist progresses through her adventure. I'm not advocating doing any of these things with minors, although role play with consenting adults could be fun. The reason that many of my fantasy stories involve younger characters is that they are so curious about their own, budding sexuality, and they are easily seduced with compliments or 'stuff,' that is promised to them. The character is led through little steps and soon gets into very compromising situations.

Rough Stuff

I never saw any "rough stuff" during those first 23 months, but in the last month before I left I had to film a few things that both turned me on and haunted me.

I set up cameras in Prague for a young girl's debut. I expected another stage mother with a shy, pretty girl. Sometimes the mothers would say, "Do everything they tell you." And then leave the set.

However, that day I didn't meet the girl's mother. The set that day was in a beautiful, eighteenth century bedroom in a house outside of Prague. There was a large four-poster bed in the middle of the room. The pictures had been removed from the walls exposing squares and rectangles of lighter colored wallpaper. The girl, Olenka, was very shy and seemed scared, but I was scared by then, too, so I kept my mouth shut. She was dressed nicely and her hair was up. She looked so pretty, but I could tell she was really scared. A rough-looking lady with a dark complexion escorted her in. I suspected she was working for the mob, too. She reminded me of the old stereotype ethnic term, "Gypsy," but we didn't talk so I don't really know anything about her, not even her name. She didn't smile, but led the girl into the room. From the way she said, "Do everything they tell you," I knew she wasn't related to our young starlet. She was as dark as the girl was fair. Olenka looked like she was about twelve, but maybe a year older or younger. She may have been small for her age.

I had set up two video cameras; one at the foot of the bed and one beside the bed, six feet away. I ran the cameras and got footage of her as she danced and undressed. She bravely tried to keep smiling. She was slim and cute; very cute with sandy, blond hair and hazel eyes.

Before she was led into the room I gathered that she had been taken from her father who owed the mob lots of money. Evidently she became the collateral for some kind of loan shark deal gone bad. I pretended not to know or care what the two thugs talked about while I was busy filming - going from camera to camera while Olenka danced. I showed each of the two thugs how to operate the cameras and they seemed to pick it up right away. They went to the back of the room and made comments about the twelve year old, virgin star of today's show. She was just beginning to get a figure and had a dusting of blond pubic hair. She was reluctant to undress, but Sevastian said it would be better if she did it herself or he would beat her and then undress her himself. So she began undressing.

Sevastian told her to spread her legs wide for the camera. "Pull your pussy lips open so we can see in you. Wider! That's better. You want us to see your little, pink hole, don't you, Olenka?" He had me zoom in on her open pussy. I noted that her pink, inner labia weren't developed yet.

He had her turn over on her shoulders and knees with her knees wide apart to show the camera how limber she was. "Now pull your ass open for the camera. You want everybody to see you little, pink asshole, too, don't you?"

Again she balked, and Sevastian repeated his threat, so she got in position and pulled her tiny ass open. I was told to zoom in again while she held her bottom open.

She stood up, blushing brightly, on the edge of tears at the end of her first performance for the day. On cue, she looked into the camera and read the sign that Sevastian was holding, "Daddy, thanks for sending me to get these extra dancing lessons, but I hope you can get the money soon so I can come back home. They said they have lots of dance partners who want to dance with me. And they said that pretty soon maybe lots and lots of people will get to see the pictures and videos of me dancing." Her voice cracked twice.

After she went into the other room to get dressed again, I had the thugs demonstrate how they would work the cameras when the starlet came back in wearing her new outfit. I pretended I wanted to watch her next show because she was so cute, but they told me I would have to leave soon.

"There are some things you must not see, Phillip." Sevastian explained. "We want you to forget all about today. You must never talk about this to anybody. Wait downstairs in case we need you."

When she came back into the room she was all dressed up again but also had on ankle and wrist straps that had chrome plated O rings stitched into the leather. She was dressed normally other than that. Sevastian, one of the thugs, who was directing the show, told her she would soon be undressed again. The other hoodlum, whose name I never learned brought in a slim, scruffy, fifteen year old boy. He looked rough. Sevastian asked him if he wanted to help them begin to teach a virgin some lessons.

Then Sevastian pulled a pile of ropes out of a cardboard box. I glanced in the box and noticed a small, white vibrator, a big vibrator with studs and ribs, a blindfold, a red, ball gag on a leather strap, a small butt plug, a little whip, a paddle, and some other things I had never seen before.

Olenka looked at the boy who grinned back at her, while he licked his lips like a hungry wolf.

Sevastian said, "This is Fedor and he wants to watch you undress, Olenka. Will you take off all your clothes so he can see you?" The cameras were on. Fedor stepped up to Olenka. He was almost a foot taller, and probably weighed sixty pounds more than her.

I thought she might faint from fear and embarrassment, but she put on a brave smile. Part of me wanted to intervene, but then I knew that it would be me who disappear in a gully somewhere.

Sevastian said, "Olenka, tell Fedor what you want to show him. Tell him you want him to put his finger in it."

I was struck by her poise, as if she realized her danger and knew she would actually be safer to play along with them. Or maybe she really did want to enjoy some new experiences. She said, "I want to undress for you, Fedor." She smiled. "And I want to show you my pussy." She used a crude, Russian slang word for pussy. That made Sevastian smile and rub his own crotch. But Olenka continued, "I want to pull my pussy wide open and want to feel your finger sliding in me. And I'll pull my ass open, too. I want you to play with me." Her boldness surprised all of us, and I think it even made Fedor loose some of his bravado.

But Sevastian said, "Fedor, I think this little bitch is hot for you. You will both enjoy making this video." He grinned at Olenka, "And I think you will like being tied up and whipped with a plug in your ass. I think you'll really like it. I'm betting that your pussy will get very wet, and then we'll put the vibrator up your pussy at the same time. I bet you'll like that. And I bet you'll like the taste of Fedor's cock. And you'd better swallow all of it. I'll make a video of Fedor shooting his wad into your open mouth and then you'd better swallow it all and smile for the camera." As I headed downstairs the girl looked scared again. They started the music. But she began dancing and undressing in front of the big four-poster bed. She seemed to be getting into it. It looked like a battle between her fear and modesty versus her curiousity.

Sevastian said, "You don't have to worry, Olenka, I won't hurt you." He emphasized the word, "I." Then he laughed, "not this week anyway. We have orders not to hurt you. In fact, even Fedor here won't hurt you. It might feel good, Olenka. You will enjoy the new things you'll get to do today. And then Fedor has a special treat for you to taste - a creamy new delicacy. Some girls love it. And you'll swallow all of it."

Then he said to Fedor, "And you'll get to taste something, too. But you won't be getting into any tight spots just yet. Well, maybe a finger. But we are making a video to send to somebody so he will know he has to come up with the money so that little Olenka here won't have to undress in front of lots of other people. But then, maybe she would like that." Olenka was still trying to smile and be brave. "What are these funny bracelets for, and these straps on my ankles? They look kind of like dog collars."

Sevastian laughed, "They are! My, my, you are a smart little girl! It's just part of the crazy outfit you have to wear today. Bad doggies get tied up, but you are going to be a good doggie, aren't you? You'll dance and take off all your clothes while we watch? And you'll smile at the cameras? And you'll lie on the bed and open your legs for the camera, won't you? You want to show Fedor your bare pussy, don't you?"

Olenka swallowed. "Yes." She said. "I'll do whatever you say."

"Good girl. Because good doggies get nice treats to taste, but bad doggies get tied up and sometimes they are whipped." Said Sevastian. He showed me out of the room. I heard Sevastian say "Undress!" as I started down the stairs. I didn't close the door behind me and they didn't close it either.

During the fifth song I heard the smack of a paddle. It was a softer song, or else they had turned down the music. Sevastian said, "Now use the little vibrator in her ass and spank her again. I think she likes it!" He clapped his hands.

I felt sick. Twenty minutes later the music stopped. Sevastian said, "I don't know how to work this." He called for me to come back upstairs and start the music again. I looked at Olenka, naked on the bed. She was kneeling up. Her back was towards me and I saw red streaks across her ass and lower back. She was sucking Fedor who was standing on the bed in front of her. It looked like she enjoyed it. I restarted the music. I thought he was going to ask me to go back downstairs, but he said, "take the camera off the tripod and try to get video of Fedor cumming in her mouth. The little slut loves it now."

It looked to me like he was right. At least she seemed to enjoy it. I unscrewed the camera from the tripod and stood next to the bed. As Fedor came, Olenka tried to keep her mouth on his cock, but he pushed her head back and told her to open wide. He shot quite a load into her mouth and all over her face, hair, and chest. Then he let her suck him a little longer. It looked like she didn't want to stop but his penis softened and he pulled it out of her mouth.

They were done with her and turned off the cameras. But Olenka laid back on the bed and started rubbing her pussy. Sevastian said, "You can all leave now. I told her to lay back and rub her pussy if she wanted me to lick it for her and use the vibrator longer. So please excuse us." He said, trying to mimic politeness.

We all left. The other man closed the door. Fedor carried his clothes downstairs and started getting dressed. I heard a moan coming through the door. I didn't know if she was cumming or if she was in pain. But it didn't matter, I had to wait downstairs.

Fedor laughed. He regarded me as one of the conspirators. He said, "She loved the butt plug and vibrator, especially while getting spanked, don't you think?"

The other man, whose name I never heard, gave an affirmative, "Unph."

Fedor said, "If things don't work out with her father, I think she might enjoy working for Sevastian."

A few weeks later I came back to the states and took three showers everyday for a month. I only brought a few pictures with me - head and shoulders of some of the fully-dressed students. Uri and Demetri didn't want me to take any other pictures with me. Uri said he would write. He also said they had "friends" in the states, so I could talk about the teaching and some of the things about their program, but that I could not talk about certain things, and he was sure I knew what he meant. I did. In retrospect I learned how I could be manipulated just like the girls. It was so much fun at first, even for the first year, but as things progressed and I learned more about the mob and about how the pictures and video clips were being used, I felt bad about it; about my part in it.

I couldn't talk with the girls about what was really going on either, although I suspect some of the older and brighter girls knew what was happening. They enjoyed it, too. I wonder if prostitutes feel that way at first - just a fun trick here, and a fun trick there, and pretty soon you can't get out of the racket.

I never told Uri, but I changed my opinion about some of the "lawyer stuff" we had talked about. Yes, I still think we have too many lawyers and way too many "documents" in this country, but I'm also glad we have bankruptcy laws. But then again, I don't know if they apply if you stiff the mob. Maybe I'm still a little naïve.

The End

During those two years at the school at least thirty of the girls at the school had tasted my cum, as did several other girls whom we met on our little photo trips... while their mothers were sitting in the next room - letting their nine, ten, eleven, or twelve-year old daughters get photographed. They did tell the girls to do everything we asked them to do. We kept the music playing during those photo sessions.

I had been fondling and fingering my students for months before any of those photo excursion trips. Two or three nights per week I would take one or more of the girls to my room for a private "charm lesson." They wanted to visit. They did their best in school so they could get a "reward," which in time came to mean my "cum," although they didn't directly say that.

I'm very ashamed of what I did, but still have to say that I never had sex with any of them if she was still a virgin. There were a few girls over 14 who I screwed occasionally, but none of them were virgins by the time they were allowed to do that with me. Uri - and indirectly, the mob - were still in control and I knew it. I knew how far each girl was allowed to go before she came up for a private lesson.

Well, that's my story. I still see pictures of some of the girls posted in newsgroups. Some of the girls were posted on lots of different sites over the course of a few years - it looks like - from the growth they displayed. Who knows where they are now. None of them knew my last name or where in "America" I lived. I've been tempted to visit Prague someday to see if I would run into any of them in a titty bar somewhere, but I'm also afraid of running into Georg or any of those other henchmen. I worry about who all has copies of those incriminating pictures and video tapes of me.

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I'm surprised to see I'm the first to review this series, which I consider a landmark in pedoerotica. The whole story strikes me as entirely credible. One possible reason for that impression might be that this is fact-based fiction. Not that I want to accuse anyone, be they innocent or guilty or caught in a vicious web of circumstance. I like the idea that some of the girls enjoyed their education, especially the sex education part. I like to think some of the girls grew up to enjoy some success and have some happiness in their chosen fields of endeavor. It saddens me to think some of them may have found the world to be an unkind place. Which it definitely is for many people. I consider this series a classic, on a par with Tale of Two Cities.


Corn53, you certainly turned out a delightful piece of writing. Nicely done.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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