My Nymphet Pain Slut

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Published: 29-Mar-2012

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Boys & Girls, this is fiction, don't try this at home!

A knock at my motel door, opining it, there she was at last. I'd Sheliah online, in a taboo chat room. I quickly realized this girl was something special. I'd never met a girl as perfectly sluty as Sheliah. She'd do absolutely anything I told her to. Relating to me she wanted to b used & abused violently & a lot. Asking that no matter how bad she cried or begged, not to stop her tortures.

Back at the motel door, she had done as shed been told. Standing there was an absolutely beautiful 16 year old pain slut slave whore, dressed as ordered. She was about 5"0' tall, a perfectly toned, 32b, blond, blue eyed, little 94 lb. wet dream. Wearing sky high heeled platform cum fuck me shoes, black thigh high cobweb net stockings, garters disappearing under a very short black skirt, & a black & red trimmed leather corseted top. Her makeup was perfect slightly slutty, but not trashy. I smiled in amazement at my luck to have this gorgeous teen girl as my sex slave pain slut. I'm a 45 year old divorced man, my body was past its prime, but I looked ok.

"Mmmmmmm god your a beautiful fucking whore Sheliah" I commented. "Come in, let's look at you. You're not wearing any panties or bra, are you" I ask?

"No Sir" she answered meekly, lifting her skirt showing her smoothly shaved cunt to show me.

"Very good little slut" I responded. "Come here & bend over" I ordered. She did as told, I produced a large butt plug, lubed it n forced it in her 16 year old ass roughly.

She gasped as it went into her tight asshole.

"Oh my god, thank u sir" she breathed. I then ordered her to get my already hard & throbbing cock out & take it down her throat. The nasty teenaged whore greedily complied, getting it out, dropping to her knees, gulping me down hungrily. In no time I was face fucking this delicious teen cock sucker. Grabbing a hand full of her hair I was pistoning my hard on down her throat. I reach down, taking a riding crop, I start whipping her tits. Wild passionate groans escape from her round my cock.

"Pull the top of your top down exposing them to my whip u nasty fuck toy" I demand. She gladly complies, folding the top of the strapless corset down exposing her naked tits to my wicked swats. Tears now streaming down her face from the intense pain I am inflecting on her tits. Her blue eyes stare lustfully up at me, her fingers feverously manipulating her wanton cunt. Her exquisite mouth working her magic on my raging cock had me at the verge of my climax. Slamming & holding my cock down her throat, cutting off her oxygen, I shot load after load of my sticky cum into her throat, as she too cum, from her fingering. She was getting a bit pale from the lack of oxygen I noticed as I regained reality. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, letting her tumble onto the floor. Seeing she was still breathing, I relaxed back on the bed. A few minuets later I noticed her starting to stir, getting up, I put my foot on her, pushing her.

"Get up u worthless fucking whore" I teased. She finally stood her legs like jelly yet.

Oh shit, sir I couldn't breathe, thank you so much" she said, looking down & smiling at her red whipped tits. She started to roll her corseted top back up.

"Leave your tits exposed, whore" I yelled! "You'll leave them out on display till I inform u otherwise" I demanded.

"Yes sir, sorry sir" she complied. After cleaning up some, we were off to the club.

She walked to the car, her naked & abused tits held up proudly, holding to my arm. In the car noticing I needed gas, I pulled into an out of the way self service gas station. The station was pretty much deserted, except for the attendant. I ordered her to bunch her skirt up around her waist, exposing her cunt, and told her to get out & pump the gas. She was red faced, but obviously turned on at the thought of the attendant n who knows who would see her.

She got out, pumped the gas, I saw the attendant straining to take in the glorious sight of this amazing peace of teenaged female flesh. Knowing he was looking, she put on an exquisite show. Then I got out & escorted her in and paid.

"Wow mister, she's a hot looking sight, I would give anything to have a little of that" he could obliviously could tell she wasn't in control.

"Anything" I ask "how much is the bill?"

"$29.65" he answered looking in my eyes "damn, really?"

"Well" I said, paying him the full amount "suck hi s cock slut, make me proud." She impedingly obliged, falling to her knees a second time in the last 40 min. as she took his cock in her slut mouth, sucking like a pro. (maybe better than most pros) as she gobbled this punks cock, I looked at her exposed ass & couldn't resist picking up a little nerd rope candy & whipped it, "smack, smack, smack," echoed thou the building.

"Come one whore, were late because of the last blowjob u give, make him cum & do it fucking now" I raged. Her pretty head bobbed faster as she jerked him, in no more than 10 more seconds he was blowing his load in her mouth & throat. Getting up, cleaning her self, & straightening her outfit, leaving her cunt, ass, & tits exposed, we went back to the car.

Wolf whistles echoed from a passing car, as we got in our car & took off. Turning to her in the car I said "your 1 hot fucking bitch, Sheliah, give me a kiss." She smiled proudly, leaning over n kissed me with a passionate, loving, lust, our tounges exploring each others mouth. Being at a stop light, we let our hands fondle & grope each others bodies as our kiss continued until the car behind us honked, letting me know the light had changed.

We arrived at the club a while later. I had my little slut pull her top up, and adjust her very short skirt, and fix her makeup. Finishing her make up, she asks if she looked suitable. I looked her perfect teen face & makeup over, and then agreed it would have to do. Once out of the car, she adjusted her provocative outfit, making sure she was legally covered. We entered the club; it was a very busy dance club. People ranged in age from maybe 21 to 60. The music was ok, not really my stile, but good to dance to. I'd gotten the slut a fake id so she could drink n we'd not b harassed. However the guy at the door eyed her, then the id, then back, a little unsure.

"Show him your other id slut" I said motioning at her cunt. She immediately lifted the front of her skirt, showing her freshly shaven cunt. "Is that good enough, or would u like a quick hand job behind the counter" I ask?

"Well, maybe a quick blow job would get her a free pass to anything the club has to offer" he responded.

"How about I make her fuck u quickly, & we both get free drinks and stuff for the night" I bargained? He made a quick call, relaying the request, and then hung up.

"The owner says he gets to fuck her as she sucks me, and it's a deal" he answered.

"Deal," I retorted "now, where, right here ok"? The owner arrived with another to work the door.

"Hey George, wow is this the girl" he ask? "I spoke up "she's just a slut, where u want her to earn our drinks n alike at"? We were lead into a small room beside the main door. Inside, I ordered her "get to work slut, u know what's expected of u". She quickly got both of their cocks out; begin sucking 1st one, then the other, then bent down and completely swallowed George's big boner, making him moan with intense pleasure. Chick, the owner lifted the back of her skirt, noticing the butt plug in her slut asshole as e impaled her wet 16 year old cunt on his large member.

"Damn buddy, this is one fine slut, how longs the butt plugs been that cunts ass" he ask?

"Yes, she'll do I guess, for about an hour, use the hell out of her guys, she likes it rough, slack her ass, pinch & slap her tits" I said. They needed no more encouragement, chuck started spanking her ass, George slapped her tits, as they was brutally slamming into her from both ends.

"If u want to do any dancing tonight whore, u best get them off in the next minute or so. She really went to work, sucking like a wild animal whore, her little cunt flexing & milking the cocks. Both men shouted about the same time "OH SHIT, fuck, fuck, fuck." They flooded her in both ends. She sucked both cocks clean for the men. They nodded in approval to me when I ask "so, we're good for the night? Into the club we went. Finding a nice table out of the way, but not hidden, we sit down.

Leaning in to me Sheliah whispered "I just love u so much for this, I haven't ever had this much fun in 1 night in my life." I then told her "im glad u like it slut, but I'm so hard, I think I might burst, stand up n take out your plug." She stood there in the main room, lifted her skirt, reached & removed the anal intruder. Putting it in her purse she starts to sit, but I stop her.

"Your masters cock needs to b fucked get it out. And sit your asshole around it. She smiled and did as told. My cock easily slipped inside her stretched 16 year old ass. As she started fucking me, bouncing up & down over my ridged cock, she started to notice a few people watching us casually.

"Oh my god sir," she gasp "we are getting a few stares." I chuckled "you wanted to be used, abused, and humiliated, didn't you?" she was fucking her ass onto my cock wildly now as she shook her head in agreement. The public display and the extreme pleasure coming from my lil slut's ass soon had me close.

Just then, she begged "OMG, can I please cum sir?" As I answered "yes" we both cum with all or lust burning within us. A couple claps, and a whistle was our reward for our performance. My whore quickly cleaned my cock with her wanton slut mouth. Our drinks got there as she was pulling her mouth from my clean cock.

The waitress sit out drinks on our table as she introduced herself "here's your drinks sir, I'm Cindy, I'll b your waitress tonight, I understand your drinks are on the house tonight, will there be anything else? Oh, and that was a great show" she said as she stares at my little whore putting my cock away. I thanked her, as I pushed the plug back in Sheliah's ass.

"Wow," she moaned "I bet that feels nice, I'd kind of like to feel her tongue on me sometime too."

"Well," I started, as my slut surprised me by slipping her hand under Cindy's skirt & rubbed her through her wet panties.

Because Sheliah had told me she wasn't into girls at all. Shortly Cindy was bracing herself on our table as she cum from the expert fingering my slut had given her.

"Wow, thank you" Cindy said, looking at my slut.

"Oh, don't thank me mistress, I'm just a worthless whore, only here on earth to pleasure others, I just try to please my master" she spoke.

"Well, thank you Sir, if there's anything you need, please let me know, I'm just here to please, I mean serve you too, and she smiled lustfully at me. We relaxed for a couple songs, then a nice slow song came on, & I lead her to the dance floor. Taking her into my arms, pulling her close, & slowly we started to sway. It took me no time at all until I had her skirt up and my hands on her bare little ass, showing it to all.

Whispering into your ear "mmmmmm sweet sexy little slut, I just love showing everyone here your gorgeous ass, butt plug and all." She whispered back "oh god sir, I can't believe how extremely nasty you're makin g me be, I think I'm the wettest I've ever been, & I know the nights just getting started good. So, u planed all this stuff tonight?"

I laughed softly into her ear "no little slut, I've just playing it all as it's come." I was now fucking the butt plug in n out of her slut ass for all to see, & believe me, there was plenty watching. One guy came up to us after the song had ended & grabbed your ass as your skirt was still around your waist.

After the slow dance, I told u you that you could go out and dance close to a pole along the edge of the dance floor. Explaining that you're not to actually fuck, suck, or hand job anyone without my permission, but to interact with as many peoples as possible. Ordering u to rub your slut body on anyone that would let you, only a few seconds each, not wanting an all out orgy, not yet anyhow. Guys or girls could grab, grope, fondle, pinch, or slap any of her body they wished, as long as contact didn't last but a few seconds. Out on the dance floor she begin an amazing show of provocative dancing, she even did a bit of a pole dance that would put a seasoned stripper to shame. She was rubbing about every inch of her fucking slut body on anyone that allowed her to. One guy was grabbing at her ass, mistakenly grabbing her skirt, & intentional or not it was ripped off her. It soon was never to be seen again. Now her cunt & plugged ass was being invaded by fingers of all shapes & sizes.

A couple guys came and ask her something, she listened, looked up shaking her head no & pointing at me, then hands in the air. I knew they'd ask to dance or fuck, and she's said "no, well its up to my master, you'll have to ask him, he might allow it." Eventually her top was folded down exposing her tits too. Guys and gals both had been grabbing her ass, cunt, & now her tits were taking an on slot of assorted fondling, from soft touching, to grabbing and squeezing, to pinching and twisting. One guy pinched her nipple really hard, about like he was trying to tear it from her body, to our surprise the other patrons quickly made him leave; apparently, they enjoyed my slut dancing in their midst's. After a few dances she returned to our table, kissing me with a pleased n very happy passion. Moaning as the kiss finally broke "my god daddy/sir I didn't know I could have so much fun, there's 3 guys supposed ask you if they could fuck me, did you see the guys protect me?" she was so excited she sit down and took a deep breath.

"I'm glad you are having fun little slut" I smiled. Cindy came back with more drinks, this time sitting beside me, putting her hand on my lap, rubbing my cock through my pants.

Smiling she said "ok, yes there is another room, chuck said that he'll charge a cover charge for up to 30 people, and that there'd be no charge to you." She leaned close, kissing me wildly. Not being out done Sheliah slid in close, she too kissed me, and then kissed Cindy, smiling lustfully at me, her face dropped to my lap taking my cock out, licking & kissing it, and engulfed it throbbing cock, sucking me wildly. Cindy, still kissing me started pushing my sluts head down "shove it completely down, Cindy, swallow my cock u nasty fuck slut" I told them. Pulling my sluts head & mouth from my cock, I said "Cindy, show us this room."

We followed Cindy to a room at the back of the club. Inside, we could see it was a small auditorium. There were tables and chairs, a bar at one side, and a little stage at the front.

"Think this will do" Cindy asks? "I'm sure it will b fine, what's on the stage, any ropes, or anything like that" I questioned.

"Slut, come up to the stage, let's see what they have here we can use" I ordered. She anxiously followed me behind Cindy to the little stage. Cindy was a very pretty young woman, 24 years old. She had long dark hair, brown eyes, maybe 34c tits, a few inches taller than Sheliah , a firm body, and displayed in under uniform (a short skirt & blouse) was her nicely rounded ass. She was very pretty, but no where as beautiful as my little slut. Once on the stage I noticed there was curtain pulls, many ropes around to use, and a box of old costumes.

"Slut, 1st I want you to strip, except your garters, stockings, and your heels" I commanded.

"Oh sir, may I strip her" Cindy cooed?

"Ok, but only if u get on your knees and eat her out after you've striped my little whore" I answered. Smiling bid Cindy shook her head in agreement and ludely Striped Sheliah and then dropped to her knees & hungrily licked and sucked my nymphet's cunt.

"Spread your legs wide for her slut, lace your fingers behind your head, thrusting your whore tits out" I demanded. She immediately complied. Cindy had apparently eaten cunt before, I could see my sluts knees wobble a little as she was being eat. Looking at Cindy's ass, I couldn't help myself; I pulled her skirt up, pulled her little thong aside and rubbed my cock in her cunt. As I shoved my hard cock into her, she gasped a little into my nymphet's cunt, but didn't slow her lustful attack.

"Oh my god sir, I never realized a woman licking my worthless cunt would feel this good" my slut exclaimed. Fucking this pretty woman's wanton mouth into my slut's cunt. Slamming into her, feeling my balls tighten, I noticed that not only was Cindy's cunt starting to spasm, but Sheliah's eyes was starting to roll back as her orgasm was about to take her as well.

"That's it sluts, lets all cum toget her, show your master your obedience" I said. "OH SHIT, aaaaggggghhhhhhh" I gasp. As the girls both started to uncontrollably began to shudder with a wild orgasm of their own. I flooded Cindy's cunt, as she cum on my cock, and Sheliah covered Cindy's face with hers. We collapsed in a bunch on the stage floor. I kissed Cindy, tasting my little nymphet on her mouth. Looking up, I noticed my obedient whore was still standing in her ordered position, though her knees were visualably quite weak. After catching my breath, I got her a chair and give her permission to sit.

I scurried around , using what was on hand, I soon had my little slut suspended, her toes of her heels, barely touching the floor, legs spread about 4 foot apart, tied to a make shift spreader bar. Having found a acceptable little switch, we were ready.

"Ok Cindy lets start the show" I said. Cindy opened the doors, a group of maybe 35 people had paid an extra cover charge to witness my slaves degrading, and were filing in, taking their seats. As the people came in Sheliah noticed 3 high school boys from her school. Her face was noticeably red, knowing that Monday she would be the talk of her whole school. She motioned to me, I went to her.

"Sir, there are some boys from my school, I can't do this in front of them, please make them leave, please Sir, please" she begged.

"Sorry slut, they paid, there's a no return policy here, and they'd make more trouble if we kicked them out than they will being here" I answered. She whimpered some, but accepted her fate, noticing her little slut cunt was now dripping from her humiliation.

As the show began, I spoke, "good evening all, thank you for coming and enjoying the abuses of my slut fuck slave. I hope you all enjoy the show." There was ooooh's and awwwww's as the lights came onto my suspended whore on the stage. A hush came over the room as I held the switch.

"Oh shit, that's Sheliah" the school boys whispered loudly.

"What are you" I ask her. "I'm your worthless shut, sir" she responded, knowing that shed b tormented Monday at school, but still loving her humiliation.

"That is right slut, and what is your purpose" I ask?

"I am on this earth so serve all my masters desires, sir" she answered.

"That's correct cunt" I said. Rubbing my switch on her spread & open cunt, I went behind her, SWISH, I whipped her tender ass. The crowd murmured. Again the switch landed on her ass, again & again & again I whipped her, tears now running down her cheeks, her yelps of pain ring out through the room. An audible "thank you sir" was heard by all as I whipped her ass, thighs (front & rear), bare back, tummy, and of course her tits. Her whole body was now covered in the red welt lined of her painful torture. I then slowly shoved the switch in her slut ass. "Ok you all may have a turn at her cunt, ass, and mouth, file up here in an orderly fashion; she will service you with any hole, up to 3 at a time.

The crowd begin coming up as my whipped slut was taken down, and instantly mounted one of the 1st men laying on the floor, as she started another guy shoved his cock up her slut ass, and yet another in her mouth. The crowd filed through remarkably fast, my little sex fiend slut was milking every one maybe even better than a hooker that had fucked all her life. When the 3 classmates got their turn, they teased & taunted her, saying that they couldn't wait to tell everyone. My slut milked their cocks as was her command, not saying a word. After a couple hours of nonstop gangbanging she had servi ced nearly 25 men, and 3 ladies. After Cindy helped her get herself cleaned up, nurse any wounds, and get her legs working again, I thanked chuck for the use of the extra room. He in turn handed me $100 saying that was not what shed of earned striping, but he thought she deserved some. Thanking all again, Cindy & I helped my amazing little slave to the car; of course, she was still only wearing her garters, stockings, and heels. Once she was in the car, I thanked Cindy for everything, giving her the $100 as her tip.

Once in the car on the way back to our room, Sheliah leaned close to me, snuggling lovingly, reached up kissing me, she said "thank you sir, I've never had so much pleasure in my whole life that was simply amazing." Kissing her back, I said, "You must be the most incredibility exquisite slut slave that ever lived." She smiled proudly and thanked me for being her master, and allowing her to be my fuck toy. Back in the room we were in bed, snuggled together lovingly, and sound asleep.

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