Seductive, Sexy... And Six!, Part 1

[ Mgg, g6g7, pedo, schoolgirl, fond, oral, anal, preteen les, het, ws, 1st, cons ]

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Published: 10-Jun-2013

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This story is a work of fiction... this means that it did NOT happen. If stories featuring adult/child sex offend you, then don't read it!

This story is © Carroll Lewis 2012.

You know, when I think back to the early 1990's, life was better. Okay we might not have had the internet and all this technology, but then again it was before Tony Blair and all the crap he brought with him. Oh and you could actually find a job AND somewhere half decent to live. You could even afford to have a social life, rather than sit at home on a computer in a 'virtual' world with 'virtual' friends and 'virtual' social life.

Mind you, I was never one for socialising. Not really. I wouldn't know any of my neighbours at all if it was left to me. With shift work it's hard anyway, what with the unsocial hours. I worked as a security officer at a local shopping centre back then which was a pretty good job, paid reasonably well, and was brilliant for watching my favourite sort of person without rousing suspicion from anybody. My wife didn't work. She stayed at home looking after our flat and our baby daughter.

I was on the day shift so arrived home around 4.30pm. When I entered the lounge I was surprised to find a woman I didn't recognise sitting there chatting to my wife Kelly. We'd only moved in a few months previously and what with work, I hadn't a clue who she was. My wife introduced her as the woman that actually lived next door to us on the same landing as our flat. I said hello.

There was also a little girl there who the woman, I found out was called Helen, introduced as her daughter Nicole, together with a slightly older boy who she said was named James. My own daughter was sound asleep in her little bouncy chair. I offered to make coffee and went to the kitchen, which was located straight opposite the lounge. I filled the kettle and switched it on. As I turned round, I was startled to see little Nicole had followed me in there. She beamed me a lovely little smile that melted my heart. Her dirty blonde hair was naturally curly and came down just below her shoulders. She was dressed in an old white t-shirt with a motif on it, I forget which one now, and a pair of dark blue ski pants, you know the sort with an elasticated waist that little girls sometimes wear.

'Hello!' I said with a smile.

'Hello!' she replied politely, beaming that little heart melting smile at me. 'Could I have a drink please?'

'Of course you can sweetheart!'I told her.'Would you like to sit up here?'

I pointed to the work top. She smiled again and nodded. I lifted her up and placed her on it as she watched me make up a glass of orange squash for her.

'So, how old are you sweetie?' I asked handing her the beaker.

'Nearly 7,' she told me.

'I'd have thought you were at least... 9!' I told her, looking into her pretty little face with those big wide, soft brown eyes.

Nicole giggled.

'And... you are very pretty!' I told her honestly.

'Thank you.' she said.

I made the coffee and took it in before I changed out of my uniform. When I came out of the bedroom, I realised I'd left poor little Nicole sitting on the kitchen worktop.

'Oops!' I said as I walked back into the kitchen with my hand over my mouth. 'Sorry I forgot all about you there!'

'That's okay!' she giggled, before she gulped down the last of her juice.

As I lifted her down I planted a kiss on her little button nose, making her giggle again. I let her little body slip through my hands and managed a nice grope of her little bum which appeared to go unnoticed. In the lounge the women were still talking.

'Come with me Nic,' I said, before I turned to address my wife. 'She can play with the toys in Marie's room?' I said.

Whether either of the woman heard me I had no idea, as neither of them acknowledged me. In my daughter's bedroom it wasn't long before Nicole and I were skylarking around, with me tickling her. She was extremely ticklish and wriggled all over the bed as I gently dug her skinny little ribs. When I stopped, I saw that her t-shirt had become all untucked.

'Come here scruff pot!' I said.

Nicole stood up on my daughter's bed.

'Let's tuck you in!'

As I tucked her t-shirt back in, I had a little idea enter my head. We played the tickle game again, and this time around, I made sure her t-shirt came out again. Only this time when I tucked it back in, I made sure I pushed it down into her knickers. After a few more times of tucking her back in, I put my hand right down the back of her knickers under the guise of making sure it was tucked in properly, before doing the same at the front.

She soon got wise to the game I was playing, as she was now deliberately pulling it out to ensure that I tucked her back in with my hands right down inside her knickers. This time, I had her stand facing away from me as I tucked in the back right down into her knickers. Only as I did it, on this occasion, I had a good look down inside them. She had lovely little pink ones on and as I pulled the waistband out, I got my first glimpse of her sweet little bum.

I then turned her back round and did the same at the front, making sure I got a nice look at her delicious looking, hairless little slit. The next time she deliberately pulled it out, I went a step further. I followed the same routine, but this time when I pulled the elastic waistband of her knickers out, as I made sure I 'tucked her in properly', I put my hands down both the back and the front of her knickers at the same time. Almost immediately she untucked herself again.

So I repeated the process each time, only now my hand lingered in her knickers a little longer, having a quick but deliberate grope of her cute little bum and letting my fingertips brush her little slit over the top of them. Once again and almost immediately, she pulled her t-shirt back out.

'Do you like my special tucking in?' I asked her quietly.

She was extremely perceptive for her age and knew immediately that I was actually referring to what my hand was doing inside her knickers, rather than the actual tucking in. She nodded shyly.

'Do you want me to stop?' I asked her.

She shook her head.

'Shall I carry on then?'

She knew exactly what I meant, and she nodded her head. Clearly she was enjoying what I was doing, so I put an arm round her and pulled her t-shirt out at the back.

'Oh look,' I said laughing quietly. 'Your t-shirt's come out... again!'

Nicole giggled as I slipped my hand into the back of her little pink knickers and cupped her soft little bum cheeks, before giving them a gentle squeeze. I constantly kept an ear open for any approaching footsteps but didn't hear any. I could hear the two women still deep in some inane conversation as well. I pulled my hand out from the back of her knickers, but kept my fingers under the waistband, sliding them round her hip to the front, before slowly moving my hand down.

Her skin was beautifully soft, smooth and flawless, and at last my fingers touched that lovely hairless little sex that I'd glimpsed earlier. I desperately wanted to just pull her ski pants and knickers down there and then. I've always thought that there's no sight more beautiful in this world than that of a little girl's smooth, hairless vagina. I wanted to look at Nicole's beautiful little vagina in all its glory. I also wanted to smell, to kiss and to lick that sweet, beautiful sex of hers. It'd been a while since I'd enjoyed the loveliest taste of them all... little girl pussy juice.

As I stroked her lovely little lips and cupped her sweet mound in the palm of my hand, she instinctively stood and opened her legs a little to give me better access to it. I'd always found that once a little girl did that, you'd cracked it. I kissed sweet Nicole on her lips.

'I want to kiss these lips...' I said, grinding my knuckle into her little slit. 'Would you let me... not here right now... but...'

She nodded enthusiastically. Then I had an idea. I spoke quietly as I explained my idea to Nicole.

'When I go back in and say I have to go to the shops,' I explained, 'ask to come with me okay?'

I winked at her and she nodded back with a smile. I had a final grope of her sweet little pussy and bum before I finally tucked her back in. When she returned to the lounge, nothing looked out of place, and Nicole looked the picture of complete innocence as she went and sat in the armchair. She was the perfect little actress. I went back into the kitchen before I returned to the lounge. During a break in their conversation I spoke.

'Just popping to the shops...' I said, 'we're almost out of milk!'

'Okay love,' my wife said.

Right on cue, Nicole piped up.

'Can I come with you please Uncle Pete?'

'That's up to Mummy,' I said. 'You'll have to ask her.'

'I don't mind...' she said, 'if it's okay with you?'

Nicky's face lit up and inside I was ecstatic.

Then her brother asked to come too. I hadn't even considered that he might ask and Nicole's little face fell. I wasn't too happy either, and under my breath called him all the names under the sun. However, his Mum saved the day for us.

'No!' she said firmly. 'He doesn't need both of you... and Nic asked first!'

Nicole looked at me, her face beaming again as I gave her a little knowing wink. I could have kissed Helen!

'Be good and do as your told!' Nicole's Mum warned her.

'You will, won't you sweetheart?' I said.

Nicky nodded.

'Won't be long!' I called out cheerily, as Nicole took my hand and we walked out.

As we walked down to my notoriously unreliable car, Nic looked up at me with a big beaming smile.

'We did it!' she whispered.

'We certainly did poppet!' I whispered back, squeezing her little soft hand.

Once in the car, I made sure her belt was done up. As I checked it was secured, I put my hand between her legs and tickled her there making her giggle. We were both much more relaxed now we were in a place where we couldn't be overheard.

'Did you like what I was doing in the bedroom then?' I asked her as I attempted to coax the car into starting.

Nicole nodded.

'Do you want to do it some more?'

She nodded again with a big smile. I then devised a plan in my head as the car finally spluttered into life. I drove as quickly as I could, shot into the shop and returned with the milk in a flash. I then found a nice quiet spot in the service area at the rear of the shops where nobody went at this time of day. I unclipped my seatbelt and then undone Nicole's. As I leaned over her, I gave her a kiss on her little sweet lips before I reclined her seat, so that from outside, if anyone should happen to pass by, they wouldn't have even known she was actually there. I had a good look around just to make sure that there wasn't anyone lurking about or likely to pass us, before I leaned across and gave her another brief kiss on her lips.

'You are a very pretty little girl...' I told her.

And she was too. Not only was she stunningly pretty in a very innocent and cute looking way, she had a fantastic little personality. What I call an inner beauty. As well as having a very sexy little body, she was clearly also a very intelligent little girl too, and as I later found out, extremely quick witted for her age. At that moment I'd forgotten how old her and her brother were, so I asked her again. She told me that her brother had just turned 9 and she wasn't actually 7 yet, but would be very soon. I then watched as she deliberately pulled her t-shirt out so that it was untucked and showing her lovely little tummy.

'You don't have to pretend now!' I said.

'I know!' she giggled cheekily.

I did a quick check round again to make sure no one was about, bent down and blew a large, loud raspberry on her lovely soft, flat little tummy. Nicole collapsed in a fit of giggles, so I did it again. I was constantly aware of the time, knowing that if we were too long, some awkward questions might be asked. Kelly was more than aware of the car's faults, so that would be an ideal excuse if I needed one. I looked around again.

'You sure it's okay for me to do this?' I checked with little Nicole again.

She beamed me a big smile, nodded and said firmly 'Yes!'

So with my right hand, I slipped my fingers into the front of her ski pants and knickers. As my hand made its way between her legs, Nicole opened them for me. The problem was the elastic was pretty tight, especially on her little ski pants, which was probably made worse by the way she was half sitting and half laying on the seat. I also wanted to get a really good look at her.

'It's hard to get my hand in,' I told her. 'Can I pull them down?'

Nicky nodded. I had another quick check round and seeing the coast was clear, hooked my thumbs into the elastic of her ski pants and knickers together and pulled. Nicole lifted her bum up off the seat as they came down. It seemed that Nicole was as keen to show me her charms as I was to see them. As they got caught between her little legs she helped me yank them down. Soon both her knickers and ski pants were round her knees and I got my first real look at Nicole's beautiful, hairless little pussy. Unfortunately, she was restricted by her knickers and ski pants from opening her legs wide like she wanted to. She knew I was keen to have a good look between her legs, and she was just as keen to show me. She did try bless her, but soon got frustrated. Before I'd even realised it, Nicole had pulled them down right to her ankles and kicked them off with a giggle.

'Nick!' I said in alarm. 'What happens if someone sees?'

It seemed I was more worried than she was. But then again, it would always be the adult who lands in the shit if a 6 year old girl, naked from the waist down was found in your car, even if SHE was the one who removed them quite willingly. I did another more nervous check round and saw it was deserted so I calmed down.

Nicole was much happier now and she opened her legs nice and wide for me. Now I could actually see it, she had the sexiest, sweetest little slit, or 'minny' as she referred to it. Her skin was soft and smooth with no blemishes at all. She was bald and completely hairless of course, and her pussy was like the rest of her. Absolutely beautiful. My cock hardened the instant I saw it. I looked at it for long moments. I took a mental photograph. I knew that no matter whatever happened in my life from that moment on, I would always remember Nicole with such love and affection, and whenever I closed my eyes, I would NEVER forget that image of her sitting there in my car like that with her legs spread wide open, showing me that sweet, darling, hairless little vagina of hers. I could also see her tiny little hole. A hole that had only ever let her sweet urine out. A hole that had never had anything put into it. Yet. A sweet, unused virginal hole that no adult woman could ever hope to match, even with the best cosmetic surgery that money could buy. This was the natural beauty that came with little girls. Her tiny inner lips had a pink glow, and I could see they were damp with her juices as they glistened in the light. I ran my finger gently along the fold where those sweet lips met and little Nicole gasped.

'You okay sweetie?' I whispered.

'Uh-huh,' she nodded. 'That felt nice!'

I was still very wary of the time.

'Can I kiss you down there?' I asked as I put my finger on the hard little bump that was her tiny clitoris.

'If you want...' she replied, totally unfazed as she expectantly opened her legs even wider.

I did another quick sweep of the area with my eyes and then bent down. I kissed her lovely, smooth, fleshy mound, followed by her clit, before I swiped my tongue up and down the slit itself. I felt her tiny body judder.

'Was that nice babes?' I asked looking up at her.

She had a dreamy smile on her face as she nodded. I swiped my tongue along it again, this time harder and slower. I drank in that intoxicating little girl smell. Her fresh fragrant juices, full of innocence mixed with her sweet urine and the hint of apple soap, following a day at school learning the ways of the world and how to read and write. I sucked on her clit briefly and then kissed her puffy little mound again, before coming back up and kissing her sweet lips as I looked into her gorgeous brown eyes.

'Thank you..' I whispered. 'You are absolutely beautiful... and very, very sexy!'

She giggled.

'Did you like that?' I asked her.

Nicole nodded.

'Can we do it again sometime?' she asked.

This was music to my ears. She was hooked already and I was determined to hook her even more.

'Of course we can sweetheart,' I told her, 'but when we have more time and we're on our own. You have to keep this a big secret though... just to yourself darling. You can't tell anyone, otherwise I will be in VERY big trouble!' I told her.

'Will they put you prison?' she asked getting quite upset.

'Probably!' I answered truthfully.

I didn't want to scare or upset her, but I did want her to know how serious it would be taken by certain people if it got out. I never, ever wanted to lie to her either.

'I don't want them to put you in prison!' she said quite tearfully. '...Would they do that even if I said I wanted you to and that I liked it?'

'I'm afraid so darling!' I answered honestly.

That's stupid!' she said with real anger.

I totally agreed.

'I promise I won't tell anybody... not Mummy... James or even my best friend...' she said adamantly, before her crossing her chest with her little finger and adding, 'cross my heart and hope to die!'

'Thank you poppet!' I said, giving her lips another peck. 'Our little secret yeah?'

She beamed at me and nodded.

'Our little secret!' she whispered.

'Before we go home...' I said, 'can I look at your sexy bum?'

She giggled and nodded. She turned herself over onto her tummy and I saw her perfect little bum, which was as beautiful as her little pussy. Two sexy round little globes, soft yet at the same time firm, with perfectly smooth skin. She tucked her knees up under herself so that her little bum stuck up in the air. I had another quick glance around and satisfied nobody was about, gently prised her bum cheeks apart to reveal the wrinkled, darker pink rosebud of her anal opening. Tightly closed and spotlessly clean, it was ripe for the picking. Once again, it had only ever had things come out of it and nothing had gone into it. I resolved there and then to change that. Hopefully, before she hit her 7th birthday. I looked at my watch.

'Shit!' I said.

'What?' Nicole asked, panicked that I meant that someone had spotted us and what we were doing.

'The time!' I said. 'We best get back. Can you put those back on while I drive?'

Nicole nodded.

'Good girl!' I said pecking her lips and putting her seat back up.

I left her seatbelt off while Nicole got herself dressed. Fortunately and unusually, the car started first time. Nic got her knickers and ski pants up to mid thigh and I put my hand between her legs for a final little feel. She was still pulling her knickers up as I pulled up outside the block, We entered the lobby and I carried her up the stairs, groping her bum as we went.

As we approached my flat I whispered, 'Don't forget the story and...'

'I know..' she whispered back giving me a lovely sweet kiss. 'It's our little secret!'

The pair of us wandered back into the lounge as Nicole headed for the only available armchair. I went into the kitchen and put the milk in the fridge before heading to the lounge myself. No one mentioned the amount of time we'd been and I thought we'd gotten away with it. Until her brat of a brother piped up.

'You've been gone ages!' he said with a tone that I thought sounded suspicious.

I have to say that Nicole was one hell of an actress and played her part to absolute perfection.

'Sodding car!' I said, acting really annoyed.

My wife made noises that she completely understood.

'We need to get that sorted!' she said. 'Bloody thing goes when it wants to!'

That was when Nicky put in her Oscar winning performance.

'You should have seen him!' she said. 'Each time it wouldn't start, he was getting more and more angry... I thought he was going to explode!'

'I thought about doing a Basil Fawlty and hitting it with a big stick!' I laughed.

Everyone except James laughed. He thought he was going to stir the shit, but instead it had backfired on him. I'm not sure why he did it, but I later found out that he was a bit of a nasty, vindictive little fucker. I think he was wildly jealous of his little sister and the attention I lavished on the sweet little 6 year old. Helen looked across to Nicole.

'Oi miss!' she said sternly. 'Get up and let Uncle Peter sit down in his own home!'

Reluctantly, she got up looking rather glum. I sat down and then patted my thighs.

'You can sit up here if you want to sweetheart?'

Nic was up on my lap almost before I'd finished the sentence. James went back to watching TV and the women got engrossed in conversation again. God knows what they found to chat about continuously as they droned on. No one took any notice of Nicole and me as we fooled around, laughing and joking. I began tickling her again.

Soon I asked Helen and Kelly if they wanted a drink. The pair of them said yes, so I lifted Nic down and trotted off to the kitchen. Nicole followed me of course. I put the kettle on and while it was boiling I positioned Nic standing behind the open kitchen door so that she couldn't be seen from the lounge. I stood in front of her where I had a perfect view straight into it and could see if anyone got up to come out.

I bent down and kissed the top of Nicole's head before I whispered in her ear, 'Let's have another look?'

Nicky nodded as I pulled the front of her ski pants out and looked down inside the front of her knickers again at that darling, sweet, bald little pussy of hers. She then turned around and I did the same at the back with her bum. I then picked her up and sat her on the worktop while I prepared the mugs. As I sat her on it I whispered to her.

'Next time you come in... wear a skirt for me darling? It'll make things a lot easier...'

I winked at her and she smiled before doing one of those childish little winks back... you know, the one that half looks like a blink. I felt a huge surge of affection for her. The kettle boiled so I made the drinks and took them in, remembering to lift Nicole down this time. As soon as I sat down Nicole was back on my lap.

'You've made a friend for life there!' Helen laughed before adding, 'Get down Nic... let him drink his coffee and have his cigarette!'

'She's okay!' I insisted, leaping to my little darling's defence. 'I'll soon kick her off if it's too much!'

'Can we watch a video?' Nicole asked hopefully.

'Yeah... pick one out and stick it on,' I said.

She jumped off my lap and sorted through the rack at the huge collection, finally settling on "Mrs Doubtfire".

It hadn't been on long before James began to whine, 'I'm hungry!'

'I'll take you home soon and do something to eat,' Helen replied.

'Aww!' Nic complained. 'I wanna watch this!'

What she really meant of course was, I want to stay here and sit on Uncle Pete's lap.

'Have your tea,' I said, 'and then maybe... Mummy will let you come back afterwards to watch it?'

I looked at Helen.

'You sure?' Helen asked.

'Yeah... Marie will be in bed.. so if she wants to come back in that's fine with me. I don't mind keeping an eye on her.'

'Okay,' she replied, 'Kelly can come into my place if she wants?'

I couldn't have planned it any better if I'd tried. Soon, Helen and the kids were heading back to their place after I'd gotten a big hug and kiss from Nicole.

I had something to eat and changed into something more casual before Kelly put Marie to bed and then announced she was "popping next door for an hour", which in reality meant most of the evening. I went with her to the door as she knocked at Helen's. When the door opened, I was pleased to see little Nicole standing next to her. She flashed one of her lovely smiles at me. She'd also changed into a pink t-shirt and short skirt which I was extremely pleased to see.

'You coming to watch the rest of this film then Missy?' I asked with a wink.

Her smile got wider and she nodded before running full pelt towards me. Helen laughed.

'You behave and do as you're told... do you hear?'

'I'm sure she will... won't you sweetheart?'

Nicole looked up at me with those delightful, wide brown eyes and nodded.

'See you later!' Helen said closing her door.

Nicky stepped in and I closed our door too. As soon as the front door was closed I lifted Nicole up into my arms.

'I thought James might have wanted to come in with you?' I said relieved, kissing her lovely little button nose.

'He's watching his own film in the bedroom. He said he didn't like Mrs Doubtfire' she told me.

'Good!' I said laughing, before adding, 'You changed?'

Nic beamed me a big smile before saying, 'You asked me to!'

'I know' I said, slipping my hands under her skirt and fondling her little bum. 'What did your Mum say? Did she say anything about you changing?'

'Yeah,' she replied, 'she asked me why?'

'What did you say?' I asked as I caressed her little knicker clad bum, carrying her to the kitchen.

'I told her the elastic was too tight and hurting my tummy,' she said. 'They're old and too small anyway!'

'Good thinking batman!' I said plonking her on the worktop like before 'Cola?'

'Yes please!' she answered.

'Only on condition...' I said.


'You have to sit there... with your legs up and wide open so that I can look at your knickers... not just now, but ANY time I sit you up there and you have a skirt or a dress on... and we're in the kitchen on our own!' I winked at her.

'Okay!' Nic said giggling, lifting her legs up so her feet were flat on the surface of the worktop and then opening them.

'I love your sexy knickers...' I told her as I looked up her skirt. 'Oh you changed them as well...'

I noticed she'd changed into a pair of light powder blue ones now. Nicole giggled as I poured the cola's before lifting her down. We went back to the lounge and sat on the sofa with Nicole on my lap of course. I put the video back on and Nic cuddled into me. It wasn't long before I slipped my hand down the back of her knickers and fondled that cute little bum again. I then stroked her little slit from behind.

As soon as I touched her, Nic turned so that she was laying back against me, and opened her legs so that she had one draped either side of mine. I put my hand down the front of her powder blue knicks and ran my finger up and down her soft, hot slippery little slit. I kissed her head as I played with her using one hand, and stroked her hair tenderly with the other, before she turned her head and looked up at me.

'Uncle Peter? she said quietly.

'Yes poppet?'

'Will you do to me... what you did earlier... you know in the car.. again?' she asked.

'What's that babes?'

'You know... when you kissed and licked me down there?'

She pointed between her legs.

'Oh you liked that then?' I asked, taking the mickey.

Nicole nodded enthusiastically.

'If I do that for you...will you do something for me in return?'

Nicole nodded and then asked 'What?'

'Will you touch and play with my willy?'

She thought for a nano second, before smiling and nodding.

'Me first then!' I said laughing.'Do you want to get it out for me?'

I took her hand and placed it on the large lump in my trousers.

'Ooh... it's hard!' Nicole squealed with a giggle as she squeezed it a bit too hard.

'Oww!' I protested. 'You have to do it gently!'

'Sorry Uncle Pete!' she said apologetically with a giggle.

I felt her undo the button on my trousers and tug my zip down. I stood up and let my trousers fall, before Nic tugged my pants down to just above my knees. Nicky giggled like mad as my cock sprang into view.

'What ya laughing at?' I asked with a smile.

'It's all big and hairy!' she said before giggling again. 'And you've got a big hairy bum!'

I couldn't help but laugh with her. It was her tone of voice, the way she said it, and the fact she was just so surprised about it. But when I gave it some thought, she had no Dad at home, so she was unlikely to have seen a cock except James's, and as he was also a pre-teen, no doubt his little cock and balls were as hairless as Nicole's sweet pussy was.

'You'll have hair down there when you get older,' I told her, 'but I prefer yours just as it is right now. Cute, bald, smooth, sexy.... and absolutely beautiful!'

I sat back down, took Nic's hand, and guided it to my hard aching cock. I showed her how to hold it in her soft little fingers.

'Remember... it's really sensitive sweetie,' I reminded her, 'so don't squeeze it too hard madam!'

'Okay!' Nicole giggled.

I then showed her how to gently wank it. She took a firm grip with my big hand over the top of her little one and I moved it back and forth.

'That's the idea...' I said encouragingly. 'That makes me feel really nice.... you know like when I rubbed you?'

Nicole nodded.

'You're such a clever girl...' I told her.

'Urrgh' she suddenly said. 'What's all that gooey, squidgy stuff?'

I laughed at her cute, childish 6 year old description.

'That's called pre-cum,' I explained. 'It leaks out when I'm with a really pretty, sexy little girl... just like you!'


'It helps when a man or boy puts his willy into a girl's minny or bum hole... it makes it all nice and slippery!'

Nic got some and rubbed it between her fingers.

'Oh yeah it's really slippy!' she squealed before holding it to her nose.

'I can't smell nothing,' she said.

Then her curiosity got the better of her.

'What's it taste like?' she asked.

'Try it?... I told her, 'as it's hard to describe. Look!'

I scooped some up and put it in my mouth. I then scooped up a little more and offered it to Nicky to try. Tentatively she licked it off.

'It's okay...' she decided. '...It's not horrible anyway!'

'Does that mean that you might suck and lick my willy?' I asked hopefully.

'Maybe...' she answered with a wicked grin and a sexy little glint in her eye.

She then started to wank me again all on her own.

'Mmm... that's really nice baby...' I told her as I reached between her legs. 'You're doing that really well...'

She was too. Okay, so she was a tiny bit clumsy. But it was her first time wanking an adult cock, and let's face it, if you've ever been in the same position yourself you'll know exactly what I mean here. The uncoordinated clumsiness of a little girl (or boy) as they play with or suck your cock, is all part of the incredibly exquisite experience of sex with a child.

And of course... she was only 6 years old!

I took her other hand and encouraged her to cup and fondle my balls at the same time. After a couple of minutes, she surprised me by reaching round to caress my bum. I'd never had a little girl do that before and I found it rather nice.

'I thought you didn't like my bum!' I laughed.


'Because you said it was all big and hairy!'

'It is!' she giggled before adding quietly, 'But I still like it!'

Nicole giggled again. She was giving me some delicious feelings as she continued to gently wank me, stopping occasionally to squeeze it or run her fingers through the copious amounts of pre-cum that was leaking continuously from the end of my cock.

Suddenly she said, 'I need a wee!'

'Can I come with you... and watch you have a wee darling?' I asked.

I always loved to watch kids having a wee, particularly little girls. Nic gave me a wide smile and nodded, before giggling like it was such a naughty thing to do. I kicked my trousers and pants off and walked with her to the bathroom. Nic lifted her skirt up, holding it high up on her chest as I pulled her little knickers right down to her ankles and she kicked them off. I then lifted her up onto the seat. Nicole was still holding her skirt right up to her chest to give me a good view as she opened her legs wide. I knelt down so that I was level with her and had the perfect view of her gorgeous little pussy. I reached out and ran my finger along her slit, just as a tiny dribble of hot wee began to trickle from her. I could feel the hot amber liquid as it trickled over my fingers.

'That's nice...' Nic said ' doing that at the same time as I do a wee wee. You can always wash your hands afterwards can't you?'

'Yup!' I said as I kissed her, pleased that she seemed to like little wee games. 'You are just so sexy!' I told her as her golden fluid continued to flow over my fingers.

Eventually she slowed, then stopped and I quickly rinsed my hands as Nic wiped her little slit.

'You might as well leave your knickers off?' I told her picking them up.

Nicole was still sat on the toilet seat and after drying my hands, I stood in front of her with my hard, aching and dripping cock literally about an inch from her sweet face.

'Wanna try a little lick and suck babes?' I asked. 'Just for me?'

To my surprise, she wrapped both of her little soft hands around the base and I felt her hot little tongue swipe across the top.

'Ooh Nic...' I gasped, 'that feels really nice... do it again darling... please?'

Encouraged and more confident now, she did it again... and again. It felt exquisitely beautiful and I wanted more. Much more.

'Oh you're making me feel so nice babes...' I said encouragingly. 'Want to try putting it in your mouth properly... and giving me a nice little suck?'

She moved her little head forward and I felt her hot, soft little lips cover just the tip.

'Oh baby... that's really nice' I sighed. 'Put a bit more in sweetheart... suck a little bit harder...'

I felt her move her head and she took the whole of my cock head into her hot little mouth as she sucked harder. She only did it for maybe 30 seconds or so, but it was the most beautiful feeling in the world and I was very impressed with this wonderful sexy 6 year old girl. When she pulled off, she looked up at me. There were long stringy strands of pre-cum stretching from her sweet little lips to the tip of my cock as she smiled.

'Did I do it okay?' she asked innocently.

'You were absolutely brilliant babes!' I praised her. 'That was fantastic for your first time... even better than when Kelly does it!'

'Really?' she said with excitement in her voice.

'Miles better!' I told her. 'Next time will you do it for longer sweetie?'

Nick nodded furiously, spurred on by my praise and compliments.

'Right then!' I said to the little sexy 6 year old. 'My turn now I think!'

Nic flushed the toilet and I chased her into the lounge, tickling, hugging and kissing her when I finally caught up. I heard Marie stir in the other room so I crept in quietly to check on her, but she settled herself back down and went straight back to sleep. When I returned to the lounge, I deliberately said nothing about what I said I was going to do. I wanted to see how long it took her to mention it. I didn't have to wait too long.

'Are you going to do it now?' she asked.

'Do what? I asked innocently, pretending not to know what she was on about.

'You know...' she said shyly, 'what you said... lick me... down there?'

'Oh THAT!' I said with a laugh. 'Oh.... alright then!'

She then realised I was actually winding her up. I got her to lift her skirt up again and sit on the edge of the sofa before I told her to open her legs nice and wide and then lay back. I got down on my knees in front of her and kissed her lovely little fleshy mound, before I kissed the inside of each of her thighs and then licked the creases, before running my tongue slowly and softly up and down her slit where her two little lips met.

'Oooh...' Nic sighed, 'that's nice...'

I flicked at her tiny clit with the tip of my tongue, working it in tiny little circles before I closed my lips on the hard little nubbin and sucked on it. Nicole sat herself up a little so that she could look down, wanting to watch me as I sucked and licked her beautiful, fresh, smooth bald little pussy. I started to lap at her and her little hands held onto my head as she continued making little moans and gasps of pure pleasure. Her breathing started to become faster and laboured.

I wanted Nicole's first orgasm to be mind blowing for the little 6 year old and something she'd remember for the rest of her life. I wanted her to feel so good that she'd come back for another one, time and time again. I wanted her to crave those wonderful sensations I was about to give her, every single time we were alone together. I gently thumbed her tight little lips apart and poked her little hole with my tongue, savouring that fresh, innocent taste of little girl juice.

Then I went to town on her hard, pea sized little love button. I sucked it, flicked it, circled it and licked it, getting faster and faster, doing it harder and harder. Nicky was panting fast now and struggling to catch her breath.

'Ooh... ooh... mmm... mmm... ooh...' she moaned as she held my head tighter, moving her tiny slim hips around.

I knew I was about to take the sweet little 6 year old over the edge and beyond the point of no return. I was about to give Nicole the very first orgasm of her little life. I licked her even faster and even harder, my tongue swiping her little clit in tight tiny circles. I don't think she really knew how to react to the intense waves of pleasure that suddenly rippled through her sweet, sexy 6 year old body. She grabbed my head hard, pulling my face onto her pussy as she gyrated and ground her tiny little hips on my mouth. As I sent her to little girl heaven, I glanced up to see that her eyes were closed, her little face scrunched up in pure pleasure, and she was biting down on her bottom lip as her tiny flat chest heaved up and down rapidly. Her lovely little body began to jerk and shudder involuntarily, her little wide open legs wobbling and jolting with every further swipe of my tongue. Nicole was clearly enjoying every single second of her first ever powerful orgasm, and these new sensations that were emanating from between her legs. She had a dreamy look on her sweet little face and despite her best efforts to keep them in, she made lots of pleasurable little sounds; moaning, groaning, sighing and gasping.

I continued to lick and suck at her little pussy until she shook violently with every single touch and pushed my head away, her little clit so tender she was unable to bear it any longer. I looked at the beautiful 6 year old pussy spread in front of me. I knew there and then that I would want to feast on it at every single opportunity I could, as her lovely little vaginal lips glistened with her juices and my saliva. I looked up at Nicole's sweet little face and although I don't think she was exactly sure what had just happened to her for the first time, judging by her face, it had been a beautiful and very pleasurable experience for her. I waited for her orgasm to subside and for her to open her eyes before I spoke.

'Did you enjoy that sweetheart?' I asked.

It was a bloody ridiculous thing to say I know. I could clearly see that she had, but I just had to ask and see what she said about it.

'Uh-huh...' she nodded furiously, with that same dreamy smile on her face. 'That was really really nice... I love it... and the end bit... when it felt super nice...'

She couldn't finish the sentence. I guess at just 6 years old, she couldn't put the feelings she'd just experienced into real words. I did my best to explain to little Nicole what an orgasm actually was, as I held her lovingly in my arms. I explained to her that men had them too, what came out of the end of a man's cock when he had one, and what semen actually did. I also explained that most people called semen cum, and they also called an orgasm a cum. I told her that most people made funny or strange noises, or talked dirty when they had one, and that it was okay for her to make any noise or say anything she wanted when she was cumming.

I explained to her that lots of men, myself included, liked dirty talk, especially when it was said by a little girl or boy such as herself. She seemed to take it all in. I explained all this while hugging her and tenderly stroking her hair. I gently picked her up, sat down and then placed her onto my lap before giving her another loving hug.

'You are such a sexy little girl!' I told her. 'You are absolutely beautiful!'

She smiled back at me.

'How would you like to make me feel nice?' I said to her.

My cock was aching and I needed some relief.

'You could make me feel really nice like I just did you? You could make me cum and see the stuff squirt out?'

I certainly knew that it wouldn't take very long. Nicole nodded, but I sensed she was a little hesitant.

'What's up babes?' I asked.

Shyly she said 'How... I mean... I don't know how to?'

'Oh poppet,' I said, giving her a reassuring hug. 'Bless you... like you did before?'

'With my hands... moving them up and down your willy?'

'Yup, you clever girl,' I praised her. 'You remembered. And... the faster you do it... the nicer you'll make me feel, and...'

I paused for dramatic effect.

'If you do it for long enough... you'll make me feel all nice and special like you just did... and you'll see the stuff squirt out!'

'Cum!' Nicole remembered.

'That's it... you clever sexy thing you remembered... cum!'

Nicole became quite excited by the prospect of seeing that and nodded enthusiastically. She repositioned herself and I guided her little hands to my sensitive, aching and rock hard cock, pre-cum oozing continuously out of the end of it. With my hand over hers, I refreshed her memory on how to wank me. She picked it back up again very quickly and continued on her own. Once again it was a little clumsy, and due to the huge amount of pre-cum leaking from me, her hand slipped off the end a couple of times making us both laugh, but the feeling of her delicate, soft, warm fingers wrapped around my stiff cock was out of this world.

'Oh sweetheart... that feels so nice...' I gave her lots of praise and encouragement.

She was pleased that she was making me feel so good and if I'm honest about it, she actually wasn't making a bad job of things. I'd had a lot worse... from adult women!

'Ooh...' I gasped, 'I'm gonna cum soon... and all the stuff will shoot out. Whatever you do... when it starts... don't stop doing it until I tell you... okay sweetheart?'

She nodded to signify she understood. I could feel myself getting really close now.

'Here it comes babes... ooh that is so nice... a little faster darling... keep going...aargh...'

With that I let out a groan as my cock erupted, shooting big streaks of hot sticky cum high up into the air, before it landed on my stomach and coated Nicky's sweet little hands as she continued to work my cock up and down just as she'd been shown.

'Ooh baby... darling... you are... making me feel... so nice... mmm...'

Again, her warm little hands slipped off a few times, but she got straight back on with the job in hand - so to speak - until I let her know that she could stop. She had a look of sheer concentration on her face as she put all of her efforts into pleasing me and making me feel nice. When my cock stopped spewing I told her it was okay for her to stop.

'Oh Nicole sweetheart...' I cooed, wrapping my big arms around her tiny, 6 year old frame. 'That was fantastic... you made me feel so good...'

I kissed her.

'Thank you poppet!'

She had as well. I must have had thousands of wanks from kids of all ages, both from girls and boys and my fair share of women... besides Kelly of course... but I didn't recall ever cumming so hard, or my cum shooting out with such force as that before. Big globs of semen were all over my stomach and even up on my chest. It looked like I'd cum by the absolute bucket load. Nicole held her hands up and looked at hot, gooey cum all over them.

'Uuurgh!' she said with a naughty little giggle.

'Hmm.' I said laughing, 'I think we need some tissues!'

Nic immediately jumped off my lap and ran to the bathroom, returning with a big roll of toilet tissue. Between us, we used half the roll up and soon there was a large pile of scrunched up, cum soaked, tissue on the carpet.

'I think we better get dressed,' I said standing up.

I put my trousers and pants back on and Nic found her knickers and replaced them. I then collected up all the used tissue, took them to the toilet and flushed the evidence away. When I returned to the lounge, Nicole had the sense to remove the film that had long since finished and replaced it with "The Mask". We'd managed to time it just right, as about half an hour later there was a knock at the door and Helen said it was Nic's bed time. I informed Helen that Nic had been good as gold and was welcome into my place absolutely any time. Kelly said she'd be back in about an hour. After giving me a huge hug and kiss, Nicole reluctantly went back indoors.

Once she'd gone home, I made myself a coffee and smoked a cigarette, after checking my daughter was okay. She was sound asleep, making her little baby snuffling noises. Now Nicole had gone, the place seemed empty and quiet. As much as I loved my wife and daughter of course, I wanted Nicole back. Even without the sexual side of things, I simply loved being in the company of the lively 6 year old. She was full of energy and fun, and I felt completely different when she was around me. Sitting there in the armchair smoking, I felt extremely lost... and strangely lonely. In the end I turned everything off and put the door on the latch, before heading off to bed. By the time Kelly actually returned home and slid into bed next to me, I was sound asleep and dreaming of my little 6 year old next door neighbour. Sexy, beautiful, enchanting and delightful... Nicole.

I didn't see her for a few days after that, mainly due to the shifts I was working. However, I thought about her constantly. I simply couldn't get her out of my mind, no matter how much I tried. Even all the little cutie's in the centre that I usually followed around, suddenly didn't seem as good somehow. Then the reason why suddenly hit me.

Now I wasn't sure if it was even possible for a 30 something man, but I think I'd fallen in love with Nicole. I know that sounds ridiculous. I thought it was ridiculous. And like I said, I wasn't even sure if that was possible, but it certainly felt that way and it was the only logical conclusion that I could come to. That I was in love with this beautiful, charismatic, 6 year old little girl.

I thought about her all day, every day, and dreamt about her every night. I'd had many sexual relationships with kids before, boys and girls of all ages shapes and sizes and if I'm totally honest, had performed many more different sex acts with them. I'd felt affection for every single one of them, but not one had made me feel the way I felt about little Nic. Even her name cheered me up instantly. Nicole... sweet Nicole.

When I did see her a few days later as I pulled up having just finished work, my heart sang and I felt elated. The moment she spotted me, she came bounding down the road towards me with a beaming smile on her sweet little face and her arms stretched out in front of her. As she reached me, I scooped her up in my arms and swung her around before hugging her tightly.

'Hello sweetie pie!' I said, as she wrapped her arms and legs around me like a little monkey and plastered my face with sweet little kisses.

'Where have you been?' she asked sounding annoyed. 'I've not seen you for ages... I thought you'd gone off me!'

I kissed her sweet little button nose and hugged her tightly.

'How could I go off someone as gorgeous as you?' I said genuinely. 'But I have to go to work darling...'

'Yeah... I know,' she replied with a very grown up understanding.

'But I've really, really missed not seeing you,' I told her '...and now I've got a few days off!'

Nic beamed with absolute delight at the news.

'Now... all we have to do is get rid of Kelly for a little while...' I winked at her.

Nicole had just come home from school and was dressed in her school uniform. You know, the one that girls in primary school wear in summer? A checked gingham dress that had buttons all the way down the front of it, in her school colour of green with a matching green cardigan. I desperately wanted to slip my hands under her dress, but we were out in public view with Helen and James waiting by the entrance to the flats for us. So I walked towards them as Nic continued to hug me tightly and resting her sweet little head on my shoulder. While we were still out of earshot, I whispered in Nicole's ear.

'What colour knickers have you got on today my sexy girl?'

'White ones...' she whispered back sexily.

'Nice!' I replied, as I put her down when we reached the door.

'Hiya!' I said to Helen.

'Hi,' she replied, 'I'm glad I've seen you...'

I immediately became worried as paranoia crept in.

'Nic's not stopped going on about you!' she laughed. 'It's been Uncle Peter this... Uncle Pete that! She loves you to bits!'

'I love her too!' I said honestly, although I meant it in a very different way to Helen. 'She's delightful and a credit to you!' I added.

'You can have her if you want!' she laughed. 'You'd soon chuck her back!'

No I bloody well wouldn't! I thought to myself. If only you knew. Then that thing they call fate stepped in and gave me a helping hand.

'You don't mind if Kelly pops in later do you... only I want to discuss someone's birthday party with her...' she added quietly nodding to Nicole who was ahead of us climbing the stairs.

'Not at all,' I said before surprising myself by adding, 'send her into me if you like... then there won't be any little lug-holes listening. We can watch another film if she wants. She was brilliant last time... good as gold!'

'Wish she was like that for me...' Helen laughed, 'you must have the magic touch!'

She called to Nicole waiting for us at the top of the stairs.

'After tea... do you want to go into Uncle Peter's and watch another film... while I chat with Auntie Kelly?'

'Yeah!' Nic squealed with delight, clapping her hands.

I managed to give Nicole a crafty little wink without anyone else noticing.

'If it makes things easier, I'll do her something to eat. I need to cook something for myself anyway!' I said as we walked up the stairs.

It also meant that Nicole could come in sooner and spend more time with me. Once we reached my door, Helen came in with me and explained the plan to Kelly.

'Yeah fine,' she agreed.

Marie was crying and a bit miserable for some reason. Kelly said she'd been a bit cranky all day. I suggested that Kelly take her in with her as it might help to settle her down more if she was with her Mum. Kelly agreed and left with her, Helen and James, leaving Nicole alone with me again. I looked at that sweet little face in her green school uniform, with her hair tied up in bunches with matching green hair scrunchies, and I felt my heart lurch together with a tight knot in my stomach.

'Come here you sexy little thing!' I said with my arms outstretched.

Nicole leapt into them again and did her little monkey thing with her arms wrapped around my neck. I kissed her sweet little lips.

'I love you!' she said sweetly.

'Funny that,' I said before kissing her again, 'cos I love you too!'

And I meant it. This time, I did slip my hands up under her dress. I squeezed her bum cheeks over the top of her soft, cotton knickers before pulling the back of them down slightly and squeezing them directly. As ever, her skin was warm soft and smooth. I wandered to the kitchen with her still clinging to me, before I pulled the back of her knicks back up and deposited her onto the worktop. I rummaged around in the freezer and removed a pizza for us.

'Look Uncle Pete!' Nicole called. 'I didn't forget!'

When I turned and looked, Nic had pulled her dress up slightly and was sitting with her feet flat on the worktop with her legs spread wide open, giving me a lovely view of her knicker clad pussy.

'Very sexy!' I said as I unwrapped the pizza and slung it in the oven.

'Show me that lovely, sexy little slit of yours...' I whispered.

Nicole reached between her legs, hooked a finger into the gusset of her little white knickers and pulled it to one side with a huge sexy grin.

'Mmm..'. I said, wandering over to her. 'Very, very sexy!'

Nicole giggled at her own naughtiness. I gave her a little kiss.

'You are wonderful!' I said, picking her back up and carrying her back to the lounge.

'I love you in that school uniform dress,' I whispered tenderly, 'especially when Mummy puts your hair up like that too... that is very sexy!'

'I like my hair like this too,' she told me. 'I asked Mummy to do it.. it's my favourite!'

She suddenly went very quiet for moment and her mood became very serious.

'I really missed not seeing you...' she told me. 'It made me feel really sad.'

'Oh babes,' I said, giving her a big loving hug.

'When I was at school...' she said, 'I kept thinking about you. It made me feel all warm and squidgy inside my tummy.'

'I been thinking about you too babes,' I told her, 'all the time.'

There was something about the way she said it and the tone she used. It's hard to explain and put into words exactly what it was, but it wasn't the usual 6 year old way of saying it... like they'd say to a parent or other relative. There was something in her face, in her eyes. Her whole demeanour led me to believe that she meant every single word of what she was telling me. In fact, I believed her more than when my wife told me she loved me.

Nicole ate on my lap as we hugged and gave each other little kisses. Just little pecks on each others cheeks and lips. I was genuinely interested in Nicky's little life and wanted to know all about it. I asked her about school, and she happily told me all about it. Her teacher, whom she quite liked, the lessons she had, her friends and the games they played. She even told me what she'd had for lunch. I was really interested in her life and asked her questions which she answered with an honesty you only ever find in a 6 year old.

As she laid back against me and we chatted idly, I stroked her beautiful soft hair. It was a loving and very special moment I thought. Then she suddenly looked up at me with those sweet, soft brown eyes.

'Uncle Pete?' she said in a serious tone.

'Yes sweetheart?'

'You know my Mum and Auntie Kelly are talking about my birthday party...?'

'Uh-huh' I said. 'What about it?'

'Will you come?'

'Aren't I a bit old? I laughed. 'You don't want an old fogey like me there!'

'I DO!' she insisted. 'Please?'

Those eyes. Oh those beautiful innocent eyes. I'd decided that no matter what, I'd always try to be as honest as I could be with Nicole and answer anything she asked me as honestly as I could.

'I don't think I'll be able to anyway darling...' I said softly, 'I'm on shift that day...'

Nicole looked at me and her little face crumpled. I could tell she was absolutely devastated, and I'd almost single handedly shattered her little life. Those beautiful brown eyes filled up as I saw tears well up in her, despite her desperate attempts not to show them. As I looked at her little face, I knew instantly that I would move heaven and earth to be at her birthday party. I would NOT let this delightful little girl down. If she wanted me to be there, then I WOULD be there, regardless of what anyone else said or thought. It was as simple as that. I gave her a huge loving hug, followed by a kiss and then lifted her off and sat her next to me,

'Sit here a tick sweetheart', I said tenderly as I had an idea.

I went to the phone, picked up the receiver and then dialled the number of a friend of mine that I worked with, and who worked a different shift pattern to my own. I knew that his relief were off on that day. Our boss had always said that if we wanted to swap shifts between us for any reason, that was fine provided both parties agreed. I got the ring tone and a little boy answered. They always did. He had 7 of them!

'Hello matey!' I said cheerfully. I never called them by their name as I was always unsure which one had got to the phone first.

'Give your dad a shout for me please?'

'Hello Uncle Peter...' he said, 'it's David!'

'Oh hello Davey mate... you okay?'

'Yeah!' he said before he bellowed, 'DAAAAAD! PHOOONNNEEE!'

'Cheers Davey!' I laughed. 'Right down my bloody ear hole!'

'Sorry!' he giggled.

A few bangs and crashes later and the phone was handed over. I could hear his boys going mad, fighting and arguing in the background.

'Hi Pete!'

'Hello mate... sounds like you got your hands full there?' I laughed.

'Just a bit,' he laughed, 'she's buggered off to bingo!'

It was comical to hear him talk that way as I knew how much every one of his boys meant to him and he worshipped them all.

'Tony! Tony! Put Jonathan DOWN!'

I laughed again.

'What's he up to?'

I was curious.

'You don't wanna know...' he laughed. 'What's up anyway mate?'

'Well...' I said looking across to a teary eyed Nicole on the sofa, 'I have a young lady friend who requires my attendance at her 7th birthday party,' I explained, 'and seeing as you're off and I'm on...'

'Not a problem!' he said before I'd even asked him to swap. 'You can't disappoint a young lady!' he said with a laugh.

I told him the date and he jotted it down.

'..and I'll cover your next Saturday on...'

We always covered the same day to reciprocate, especially on busy days like Saturdays.

'George... you're a true gent!' I told him.

'Some say!' he laughed. 'Sorry I gotta go... I think Georgie Jnr. has a green crayon stuck up his bloody nose!'

'Oh wonderful...' I burst out laughing. 'Enjoy! Thanks again matey!'

'No probs... see you soon!'

The line clicked off and I replaced the receiver.

I looked over at Nicole who'd been listening, although I'm pretty sure she didn't follow the conversation. Her eyes were still wet and a single tear had rolled down her soft little cheek. I lifted her back up, sat down and plonked her back on my lap with my arms around her. I kissed her cheek and licked away the salty little tear.

'Guess what?' I said.


'I'm not working on your birthday any more!'

Her little face lit up immediately and the image etched itself on my brain like a photograph.

'Really?' she said excitedly.

'REALLY! I told her.

She hugged me so hard I thought she was going to squeeze the life out of me.

'You going to come?' she asked excitedly.

'After pizza!' I said laughing. 'I hope!'

For a little girl who was about to turn 7, she was very switched on and got the joke immediately, which surprised me to be honest with the sexual innuendo. Playfully, she thumped me on the arm.

'To my party!' she said, 'And you KNOW I meant that!'

I couldn't stop laughing at the look on her face. I knew she simply couldn't pretend to be angry with me.

'Might do..' I said like it was no big deal.

'YIPPEE!' she squealed, hugging my neck and plastering my face with those sweet little kisses.

'Stop!' I said suddenly.

'What?' she said, thinking she'd done something wrong.

'Pizza! I said 'I forgot all about that... quick jump off!'

Nicole jumped up and I dashed to the kitchen. Fortunately, l rescued it just in time and it was cooked nicely.

'That was lucky!' Nicky giggled from behind me.

'Wasn't it just?' I said as I cut it into slices.

We returned to the lounge and had a banquet of meat feast pizza and garlic bread, washed down with endless amounts of ice cold coca-cola. As we ate, we mucked around, laughed, joked and once again enjoyed just being in one another's company. I felt great. Once we'd finished, I cleared up and we washed our sticky, sauce covered hands. Soon she was back sitting on my lap with my arm around her. Gently, I turned her face to me and placed a kiss on those sweet soft lips.

'I love you Missy...' I said. 'Really love you... in a grown up way!'

'Like you love Kelly?' she asked.

'Yup!' I said. 'But I love you more!'

I really, really meant it as well.

'I love you too,' she told me, 'and not like I love Mummy or James either.'

I knew exactly what she meant, even though she couldn't exactly find the right words to express it.

'I know you do sweetheart,' I told her, giving her another hug and kissing her lovely nose making her giggle like mad.

'Well... seeing as I love you like a really big girl... I reckon we ought to kiss properly... like a really big girl too. After all, you are my secret girlfriend now aren't you?'

Nicole nodded.

'Will you show me how?' she asked.

'Course I will,' I said, 'it isn't hard anyway...'

'Are we going to kiss like you and Kelly do?'

'Yup!' I said.

She'd seen us kiss, so I think she had a pretty good idea of what happened anyway.

'All you do is open your mouth a bit and touch tongues... oh and you close your eyes. Want to try it?'

Nic nodded as she flung her arms around my neck and we had our first proper, passionate kiss. She caught onto things very quickly did Nicole, and as my tongue searched her sweet little mouth, our tongues met and then danced as our lips locked together. I opened an eye slightly and saw Nic's were tightly closed. Clearly, she was enjoying the experience. Eventually we came up for air.

'What did you think?' I asked her.

'I really liked it...' she said. Let's do it again!'

She certainly did like it and we spent the next half hour just cuddling and kissing passionately.

'We can only kiss like this on our own though?' I reminded her.

'I know!' she said in a tone like I was stupid.

I lifted her off and she looked at me strangely.

'Don't panic,' I laughed. 'I need to go for a wee!'

I dashed to the loo and returned quickly, sitting back on the armchair.

'Come here you!' I said pulling the 6 year old into my arms.

She stood in front of me between my legs as we kissed and I caressed her lovely little bum, before moving my hands onto her little flat chest, rubbing her softly over the area which would one day be a lovely little titty. We kissed again as I undone a couple of buttons at the top of her dress, slipped my hand inside her soft little vest, and rubbed her tiny little nipple making it harden and stick out. Nic moaned softly into my mouth as I did it, so she was obviously very sensitive there despite the fact that it was totally flat and undeveloped for a few years to come yet.

When we came up for air Nicole said, 'That feels so nice when you do that... sort of makes me feel all squidgy and sexy.'

She was clearly getting turned on by my playing with her little nipples. I would have been happy to kiss those soft sweet lips of hers all night long if I could, it was such a fantastic feeling to be kissing a little 6 year old like that. I undone a few more buttons, rubbed her chest and her little flat smooth tummy, before stroking her inner thigh as Nicky repositioned herself and opened her legs a bit for me.

When we broke away again, I looked at this magnificent, delightful child stood there. Her green school uniform dress completely unbuttoned at the front, displaying part of her flat, boyish chest that would someday require a bra to support her little breasts, and her cute white, little girl knickers and white knee length school socks. With her hair in bunches either side of her pretty little face, she oozed sexiness and my hard cock ached.

I slipped a hand into the back of her knickers and ran my finger along her bum crack, making her giggle before pulling the back of her knickers down. We kissed again as I put my hand down the front of them and pulled them down to her knees. With my right hand, I ran my finger along her smooth pussy slit while I held the back of her head with the other hand stroking her hair. The playing with her non existent titties must have really turned her on immensely, as her little hot slit was really wet and slippery. It was the wettest I'd ever felt on a girl of that age and trust me... I'd touched a few!

We broke away, and as I continued to finger the 6 year old she sighed, 'Mmm... that's really nice!'

'You must have really liked me playing with your nipples,' I told her 'because you're really wet and slippery down there.'

'I did!' she said as I rubbed on her hard little clitty bump.

'You'll like this then,' I said, lifting up her vest and moving my head forward, before licking around her tiny darker areola and tiny erect nipple.

I heard her suck her breath in as I circled it with my tongue, and at the same time, continued to rub my finger up and down her slippery little slit.

'Ooh... that's so nice...' she sighed. 'Mmm...'

I stopped fingering her and slipped her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, before lifting her vest off her and leaving it on top of her dress in a pile on the floor. I then lifted her back onto my lap. We kissed again as I gave tender attention with my fingers between her legs, which she parted for me as best she could, before I took her knickers right down and relieved her of them completely.

We'd kissed so much now that my lips were actually starting to get a little sore, not that I was complaining. I continued to give her slit my attention as I ground the knuckle of my index finger into her. With my other fingers, I moved down towards her bum. She raised herself up a little to give me better access to her tightly closed rosebud, as I ran my fingers along her gorgeous little bum crack.

'I like that...' she said quietly, ' touching my bum...'

'How about I put my finger up it?' I suggested.

'Will it hurt?'

As always, I wanted to be completely honest with her.

'Maybe... just a tiny bit at first...' I told her. 'But it might feel more uncomfortable than actually hurt...'

'Are these the things you do with Kelly?' she asked.

'Yeah... well sort of... we do a lot more...' I said before adding, 'but I'd rather be doing them with you?'

'Would you... really?' she asked.

'Definitely!' I replied honestly. 'You're far more sexy!'

Now I didn't realise this at the time, but Nicole wasn't keen on Kelly at all, and now it seemed, she liked her even less. In fact, I got the distinct feeling that Nicole now felt she was in competition with her... and was determined to be better. Quite frankly, had it been possible I'd have left Kelly in a heartbeat for Nicole. However in the real world, that wasn't possible of course. Nic turned herself onto her tummy and lay across my lap.

'You can put your finger up my bum now!' she said happily.

'If it hurts too much... or you don't like it... tell me and I'll stop okay?'

Nicole nodded. I looked at her little white bum contrasting with the darker, naturally tanned skin of her back. It was like a little peach. Soft, but firm to the touch, and skin as smooth as anything. I kneaded and caressed it before I parted her little cheeks and just admired the clean, darker pink wrinkled circle surrounding her tightly closed little hole. I moved my head down and licked all around it, before running my tongue up and down her delicious little bum crack.

'Ooh...' she giggled, 'that feels funny... nice though... but funny!'

I stiffened my tongue and stabbed at the tightly closed hole. I could feel its resistance. I pressed the tip of my tongue against it and wiggled it around, coaxing it to grant me entry. Eventually it yielded to my request and gave up the fight, allowing the tip of my tongue entry to her rectum. I wanted to ensure my mouth provided plenty of lubrication there. I then removed my face from her sweet bum and probed it with my little finger. The tip slipped inside her easily and her anal muscle clenched it tightly.

'Hmmph!' Nic made a little noise as I pushed it in and her body jolted slightly.

'You okay baby? I whispered tenderly, 'does it hurt?'

'No...' she replied. 'It just feels... well a bit weird... nice weird though!' she giggled.

I pushed my finger deeper and watched as her little wrinkled hole accepted most of my little finger. I wiggled it about inside her.

'Ooh that's nice!' she said. 'Really nice!'

So I did it again.

'After...' she asked, 'will you lick me like you did last time... that felt super nice!' she told me.

'Course I will!' I told her, recalling the delicious, sweet nectar taste of her lovely little pussy juices.

'Are you going to play with me and maybe suck me again... make me cum and spurt again?' I asked as I continued to pleasure her bum.

Nic nodded as I withdrew my finger and turned her back round.

'I love you!' she repeated.

'I love you too!' I told her.

Again, I gently ground my knuckle into her. She seemed to quite like that judging from her reaction, before I lifted her up. She stood there in front of me, a tiny foot on each of the armrests of the armchair. I held her by each of her lovely soft bum cheeks as I gently pulled her to me and my mouth made contact with the soft mound of her pussy. It was different than before as last time she had her legs spread wide so I was able to see and lick her little hole. Although she had her legs apart, because she was in a standing position, her pussy was more closed. The little line where her two fleshy little lips met was just perfect. Her tiny clit, no more than the size of a small pea, completely hidden from view within those secret folds.

'Open up your little pussy for me sweetheart...' I whispered to her.

She brought her hands down and gently separated her vaginal lips. I could now see her little clit and her inner, darker pink fleshy lips and tiny hole. I sucked her little nubbin hard before sucking and licking those succulent lips. I then thought about how she'd cum before, how powerful it had been, and how her sexy little legs had buckled beneath her. I decided that her standing probably wasn't a good idea, so I stopped and lifted her down. It would have been a tad difficult for me to explain to Helen that Nic had fallen during my performing an act of oral sex on her 6 year old daughter! When I stopped Nicole looked crestfallen.

'Don't worry!' I said to her. 'I just didn't want your legs going all wobbly and you falling down!'

Then I had an obvious thought and couldn't believe we hadn't done this sooner.

'Shall we go in the bedroom?' I suggested.

Nic nodded eagerly, so I chased the 6 year old girl in there, watching her beautiful little bum wiggling in front of me enticingly, as she ran naked except for her socks before jumping on the bed. I quickly stripped off and joined her. Nicole reached out to stroke my cock, before giving it a little lick without any prompting from me. It was totally unexpected and very nice.

'Mmm...' I sighed, 'that's lovely!'

Nic gave one of her naughty but cute little girl giggles as I positioned her on the bed with a couple of pillows under her hips to raise them up, before she opened her legs spreading them nice and wide in anticipation.

'Let's see if you like this...' I said as I knelt between her little widespread legs and gripped my cock.

'Are you going to put it inside me?' she asked nervously, looking a little bit concerned.

'No baby,' I said allying her fears. 'One day I will though... if you'll let me that is.. but no not now. I'm going to do this...'

I ran the head of my cock along the soft little folds of her pussy and then onto her clit.

'OOH!' she squealed loudly. 'That is REALLY nice!'

It felt really nice for me too. I'd done this with other little girls and they'd always loved it the same as I did. My hot, hard cock sliding up and down her equally hot, soft slippery slit was a delicious, divine sensation for both of us. I did it again, up and down continuously going faster and applying more pressure, especially when it was on her hard little clitty bump. I leaned over the naked little 6 year old and kissed her lips briefly, as I continued to rub my cock along her gorgeous little gash. Nicole threw her arms around my neck.

'That's really nice...' she said quietly before she really shocked me. 'If you wanted to... you can put it in me... I don't mind... that's what you and Kelly do isn't it?'

I didn't answer for a minute as I took in what she said.

'Er... we do babes...' I said tenderly, 'but we're not going to do that just yet.'

She accepted what I said as I rubbed my cock against her harder. I think that because I was an adult, she trusted me to make the call as to what we should do, and when, and what was and wasn't likely to hurt her.

'Mmm...' she sighed, ' it right there again...'

I was rubbing the tip of my cock in tiny little circles on her clit, so I did it harder and faster.

'Oh yeah... nice!' she moaned as my lips met hers.

We kissed hard as my cock continued up and down her soft, slippery crack. When we broke away, I noticed Nicole's breathing was shallow and fast. My little 6 year old lover was close to another orgasm.

'Ooh... aaah... yeah... yeah... nice...' she gasped.

I went to town on her, rubbing my cock harder and faster up and down and round in circles on her hard little nubbin.

'Cum for me babes...' I whispered, as I reached underneath her and pushed my finger up her tight little bum again.

I could feel Nicky pushing back on me now.

'Cum for Uncle Peter sweetheart...' I whispered lovingly.

'Oooh... aaah.. feels really... nice... think it's... happening... again...'

She let out a load moan of pleasure.

'That's it sweetie...' I encouraged her. 'Cum for me... nice and hard... make as much noise as you want!'

'Aaah... yeahhh...' she gasped as her sweet little body shook and she writhed about, gyrating and pushing her hips up onto my cock.

I continued to rub it against her hard and fast, as I gently finger fucked her sweet, tight little bum hole. She was still in the throes of a hard cum when I felt my own rising up.

'Oh baby girl...' I gasped, 'I love you so much Nicole...'

Again I clamped my lips to hers and as we kissed hard, our tongues dancing in a frenzy. My cock exploded forcefully all over her sweet fleshy little pussy, between her legs, over her mound, and flat little tummy. The spurting jets were so powerful, there were even large globs of hot cum on her chest and up on her neck.

'Oh god... I'm cumming...' I panted as we broke away, and I withdrew my finger from Nicole's little poop chute, despite her anal muscles trying to keep a hold of it.

Even when I was finally spent, I continued to rub her slit. I wanted her orgasm to last as long as was humanly possible for a 6 year old. Then to my total surprise, just as I thought she was about to calm down, Nicole started to cum again.

'Ooh....' she gasped as another series of pleasure waves hit her.

I circled her clit with my thumb hard, using the cum on her mound as lubricant, as I got faster and faster. Nic's face screwed up and she bit down on her lip.

'It... it's happening againnnn!' she squealed.

'That's it baby...' I whispered, 'cum again... enjoy it sweetie..'

'Oh yeah... mmm... nice... niccccee!' she writhed, pushed her hips up and gyrated them about again, before finally collapsing back onto the pillows exhausted, with that dreamy self satisfied smile on her face again.

Even when she'd calmed down and I hugged her, she was still out of breath as she slowly opened her eyes again.

'Oh... my... god...' she gasped as she finally managed to get some words out. 'That... was ... amazing... even better... than last... time...'

I brushed the hair out of her eyes and then kissed her.

'That was absolutely brilliant!' I told her.

I honestly couldn't remember a time when I'd cum so much, so hard, or with such force. Nor had it ever felt so deliciously wonderful. I looked down Nicole's chest, that wonderful flat smooth tummy and the sticky mess between her legs.

'Look at the state of you!' I said laughing. 'Covered in my gooey stuff!'

Nicole giggled.

'I know!' she said, looking down her sweet little body and bursting into another fit of the giggles. 'I wonder what Mummy would say if she could see me right now!'

I didn't want to even contemplate that particular thought. I grabbed some tissues and wiped the excess from her, before getting up and fetching a warm flannel and a towel to remove all the evidence. After we'd cleaned each other up, we got dressed and returned to the lounge, making sure that we hadn't left any evidence of our activities behind for Kelly to stumble across.

Nicole cuddled up close to me as we sat on the sofa and watched Beauty & The Beast together. I gave her the odd kiss and grope, but we were both knackered after our session in the bedroom. In fact, Nic fell asleep silently against me. I found that out when I glanced down after I noticed she was rather quiet. I looked at that sweet innocent face as she slept silently, watching her little chest rise and fall and wondering what it was she was dreaming about. I hoped it was me. I was on the verge of dozing off myself when I heard a key go in the lock and Kelly wandered back in with Marie asleep in her arms, followed by Helen and James. I could hear James' loud gob as usual and I silently cursed him. As they all entered the lounge I hushed him.

'Oh look at her!' Helen said, spotting Nicole curled up with her head on my lap, her arm across me and my arm round her.

'Sssh!' I said to Helen laughing. 'I am trying to watch Beauty & The Beast!'

'That's what you two look like!' Kelly said joking.

'Oi!' I said with mock hurt '... She's not a beast!'

They all rolled up laughing as they sat down quietly.

'Well now I know where to bring her!' Helen said. 'Dunno how the hell you did that though!'

'Any time!' I said genuinely. 'She's an absolute delight to have around.'

'He's always been like that...' Kelly said. 'He has this way with kids...they come to him and within 20 minutes has them eating out of his hand!'

Or my hand in their knickers... I thought to myself.

'That's handy,' Helen said, 'as I have another big favour to ask?'

'Fire away!' I said, wondering what was going to follow.

She looked to check Nicole was still sound asleep and then lowered her voice.

'It's about her birthday?' she said quietly, pointing to Nic.

'Any chance you could do the music and stuff for it... it's in the church hall?'

Kelly had obviously mentioned my past as a DJ and my having done countless children's parties in the past.

'I'd love to,' I told her, without trying to show my delight at being 'officially' asked. 'But... I think I'm working... it's Saturday week isn't it?'

Helen nodded, looking disappointed.

'Can't you do a swap?' Kelly suggested.

I didn't want to tell them I'd already sorted it, as I didn't want to appear too keen. I also thought that if I made it look like I'd rearranged my schedule for her, it would put me and consequently soon-to-be 7 year old Nicole in Helen's good books. I'd also score loads of brownie points with Kelly.

'I'll see what I can do...' I said, 'but no promises!'

'Thanks!' Helen said appreciatively. 'She's been going on for ages that she wants you to be there... and if she turns up and sees you doing the full disco thing, she'll be absolutely thrilled!'

I smiled.

'Is it still okay to take her that morning for her present?'

Helen nodded. Nicole was totally unaware of what Kelly and I had planned for her birthday present. Even James didn't know in case he blabbed to his little sister, and it annoyed the hell out of him.

'She's going to love it!' Helen said.

'Hope so!' I said with a laugh.

'What is it Mum?' James asked again. 'I won't tell her... I promise!'

'You'll find out when she does... you nosy little sod!' she replied.

Helen and James stayed for a cup of tea which Kelly made for once, as I didn't want to wake or disturb Nicole. About 20 minutes, sweet little Nicole stirred and then woke up.

'Hello sleepyhead!' I said softly.

She beamed me that dreamy smile.

'Hello you,' Helen said 'Nice sleep?'

Nicky suddenly jumped up and looked around, not realising we had company. She smiled at her Mum and nodded.

'Uncle Pete said you've been really good... I'll have to leave you here with him more often!' she laughed.

'Yeah!' Nic squealed happily.

'Anyway... we best be going, so give him a hug and a kiss?'

Nicole threw her arms around my neck as we pecked innocently on the lips.

'I love you...' I whispered in her ear barely audible, so that Nicole was the only one who could hear it.

'Love you too...' she whispered back just as quietly.

Once again, the moment she'd gone I missed her, despite the presence of my wife and daughter. I went along with things as usual, but my mind was still focused on my darling little Nicole.

I went to work on the night shift, so I was home during the day, spending a fair part of it sleeping of course. It was always much harder in the summer, as it was warm, bright and with the local kids on their summer holidays, often very noisy outside with their whoops, squeals and arguments. That never bothered me much though, as I always thought the sound of kids at play and enjoying themselves one of the best sounds in the world.

It was almost a week later and I'd slept for a few hours, but it was hot and sticky, so I got up. I could hear the kids playing outside on the grassed area at the rear of the block where there were a few swings and a climbing frame. I glanced out of the kitchen window which overlooked it, while I made a coffee. I could see Nicole was out there running around. She was being what she was. A 6 year old little girl. When she stopped running around, she just happened to look up and spotted me at the window. She beamed me a wide, beautiful smile. I waved and blew her a kiss. She did the same to me.

I wandered into the lounge sleepily with my coffee. Little Marie was on the carpet playing with some toys. I placed my coffee on the table and picked my daughter up facing me, kissing her sweet little face.

'Hello poppet!' I said lovingly, before playfully throwing her up in the air the way I knew she loved.

Marie squealed and giggled with delight.

'You're up early love?' Kelly said.

'Too hot!' I told her. 'Plus last night was my last one... so if I sleep too much now, I won't sleep tonight.'

It was always a sod getting your body clock back to normal.

'True,' she said as I bent to give her a kiss.

'I was planning on going over to see Karen soon,' she said. 'I thought you'd be in bed still... do you mind?'

'Not really,' I said, 'you don't get to see her that much these days. You don't want me to drive you do you? I'm not in the mood for battling with that bloody car!'

Kelly laughed. 'No it's okay.'

She took Marie from me.

'We can go on the bus can't we darling?' she said to the little one.

'We going to go on a big bus?' she said to Marie, before bursting into a chorus of "The wheels an the bus go round and round."

'Oh you taking Marie?' I said surprised.

'I thought it'd give you a nice rest... she can play with Jason... she likes that!'

'Okay.. no problem,' I told her. 'What time are you planning to, or actually coming back? Do you want me to do tea?'

'Well...' she began.

I recognised that tone and laughed.

'She said she'd run us back... about 9pm?'

I looked at my watch. It was 1.30pm.

'We thought we'd do a bit of shopping... have a bite to eat...'

I burst out laughing.

'I get the picture!' I laughed picking up my wallet. 'Get yourself and Marie something nice!' I said as I plucked out five twenty pound notes and handed them to her.

'Thanks love!' Kelly said appreciatively giving me a kiss. 'You're the best... do you know that?'

'Yup!' I laughed. '...And you're full of bullshit!'

She got herself and Marie ready and about half an hour later I was kissing them goodbye. I put the television on and watched the news while I smoked a cigarette. About 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

'Forgotten her bloody key again...' I mumbled as I made my way to open it.

'Okay... what have you forgotten...' I said as I opened the door and got the surprise of my life. Nicole was stood there with her usual beaming smile.

'Hello you!' I said immediately brightening up My heart lifted. 'Come in poppet!'

She stepped inside, and the moment I'd closed the front door, I scooped her up into my arms. Nicole wrapped herself around me as usual before I kissed her.

'Kelly and Marie aren't here...' I whispered in her ear.

'I know...' she said cheekily with an ear to ear grin. 'I watched them go... and they got on a bus!'

'You are something else!' I said, squeezing her delicious little bum as I wandered back to the lounge with Nicole in my arms.

I plonked her down on the sofa and I sat in the armchair. I looked across at her. She had her hair up in a ponytail today and was dressed in a black T-shirt with a pair of very tight, yellow coloured Lycra shorts - similar to those tight stretchy things cyclists wear - and a pair of scuffed dirty white trainers. As always, she looked a picture of pure sexiness. The shorts were so tight, they were like a second skin. In fact, I could almost make out her sweet pussy lips in them. I told her to stand up and turn around so that I could see her shorts from the back.

Her little bum looked superb as the material clung to those lovely, perfectly rounded globes. It made me want to just shove my cock straight up it, and I wondered how many other men had seen her in those, looked at that gorgeous bum and wanted a piece of it as well. She wandered over to me and we kissed as I caressed that lovely bum. During the kiss, I was surprised to feel her little hand rub my hard cock over the top of my shorts. I'd noticed that she was becoming much more confident and bolder when it came to our sexual activities, and that pleased me immensely.

'That was nice...' I said as we broke away.' Are you feeling randy... you know... sexy?'

Nicole giggled and nodded.

'Don't let me stop you then...' I laughed, as she reached into my shorts and wrapped her fingers around it.

She was just getting into a nice steady rhythm when there was an unexpected knock at the front door. We both jumped a mile and Nicole pulled her hand out of my shorts like she'd just been burnt. We looked at one another as there was another tap at the door. Whoever it was wasn't going away in a hurry. My cock started to deflate and I hoped whoever it was at the door, wouldn't notice it was still semi hard as I went to answer it. I went on my own and when I opened the door, Ayesha the little black girl who lived downstairs, was stood there. I knew she often played with Nic, but I didn't know her that well.

'Is Nicole there?' she asked sweetly.

'Nic... it's for you babes!' I called out.

Nicole wandered out to the front door looking a bit miffed.

'You coming back out?' Ayesha wanted to know.

'Nah!' Nic replied. 'I'm tired... and it's hot, so I'm having a drink, a rest, and watching a video with my Uncle Peter!'

'Okay then!' the little dusky girl replied, and disappeared off as I closed the door.

'You don't have to stay in with me sweetheart?' I said.

'I know,' she replied, 'but I'd rather. I am hot and tired though.'

'Does Mummy know where you are?' I asked her.

Hesitantly, Nicole shook her head.

'You best go and tell her,' I said, 'otherwise she'll wonder where you are and get worried.'

Reluctantly, she disappeared off. When she knocked 10 minutes later she'd changed into a white summer dress, one of those lightweight sleeveless things. Helen was still stood at her door.

'Is it okay?'

'Yeah course... she's always welcome!' I said. 'I'll do her a bit of tea if you like? She can stay as long as she likes... I could do with the company!'

Helen laughed.

'Okay thanks... just chuck her back when you get fed up with her!'

I laughed.

'Looks like you're never going home again then Nic!' I joked.

Nicole clapped her hands and whooped.

'And you madam... be-have!' Helen warned.

'Yes Mum...' Nicole replied in that tone that kids do when they've been warned too many times before, as she rolled her little eyes at me. I closed the front door.

'See?' I said to her. 'Better to tell her you're here. Now she won't worry... or be suspicious.'

I scooped her back up in my arms.

'I prefer you in dresses or skirts,' I told her slipping my hands underneath and feeling her bum over her knickers.

'I know!' she giggled. 'That's the main reason I changed. The elastic was hurting my tummy as well. It's much cooler in this!' she said as we entered the kitchen.

I plonked Nic up on the work top as usual, as I fixed us both an ice cold coke.

'Look!' Nic called.

I turned round to see she'd put her legs up and spread them apart. She'd lifted her dress up and I had a lovely view up it at her bulging little pussy under her tightly stretched knickers.

'Oh,' I said. 'They're pretty and sexy!'

I wandered over for a closer inspection. They were white, with little pink roses printed all over them and a little pink bow at the front.

'Very sexy!' I repeated, before lifting her back down.

We went back to the lounge and put the drinks on the table. I sat down and Nicole stood in front of me. I wrapped her in my arms as we kissed.

Once we'd broken away I said to her, 'Are you still hot?'

Nicole nodded. Without her realising, I'd grabbed hold of the hem of her dress, and before she'd even had time to think about it, I'd lifted it up over her head and pulled it off her. I did it so quickly that she stood there in just those pretty printed knickers and trainers, and giggled like mad, wondering what had happened.

I grabbed my coke, drank the last of it down and as I stood up to place the glass back on the table, Nicole got her own back. As quickly as I'd removed her dress, she grabbed my shorts and pants together, and whipped them down to my ankles. I looked down at her in amazement as she giggled uncontrollably. My hard cock was just inches from her face as I stepped out of them totally naked. Nicole then kicked her trainers off before she removed those pretty little knickers. She left them in a rolled up heap on the floor as she wrapped both her little hands around my cock and began to wank me slowly.

'Mmm...' I moaned, 'are you still in a sexy mood?'

She speeded up her actions and giggled like mad as she nodded her head.

'So am I!' I told her. 'Stop a tick.'

She stopped and I sat down. I then lifted her onto my lap facing me with a leg either side. As I hugged her body close to mine, we kissed long, hard and passionately. As ever, the feeling of her fresh smooth skin against mine was wonderful. I placed my hands on her bum cheeks, caressing them as we kissed. I then moved a hand and played with her pussy from behind. Once again, it was hot slick and extremely slippery. As we continued to kiss with passion, I lined the tip of my finger against her hole and as we got lost in our little tongue dance, I pushed.

To my surprise, the tip of my finger slipped easily into her hot, tight, and very, very wet little hole, due to her sexual excitement and naturally flowing juices. Nicole gave a slight jolt which was probably due more to surprise than anything. She didn't cry out in pain or anything. I quickly withdrew my finger from her and had a crafty look at it. There was no sign of blood either. I began to wonder if I had actually popped it, but when I replaced my finger back into her hot little hole, there was no doubt, as it slipped back in easily with none of the resistance I'd felt felt before. When we stopped kissing I checked on her.

'Are you okay poppet?' I asked. 'Did I hurt you?'

She shook her head.

'No... my minny is a tiddly bit sore... and it feels a bit... I dunno strange... but no not really. Why?'

'Remember the conversation we had... when I told you about that piece of skin covering the hole?'

She looked a little puzzled.

'Also called a cherry?'

She giggled as she remembered.

'You haven't got it any more...' I whispered to her.


'Nope... I just busted it. That's how come my finger is there!'

I wiggled my finger inside her.

'That feels nice!' she said.

'Good.' I replied. 'It'll feel even nicer with all sorts of things in there!'

I wiggled my finger again.

'Mmm... that is really nice...' she said hugging my neck.

'And...' I leant in and whispered in her ear sexily. 'It means I can put it inside you now...'

I left her to digest what that meant. Even though she said she hadn't felt it, and wasn't in any pain, I wanted her freshly opened hole to recover a bit. So I withdrew my finger, ran it along her little slit from behind, and concentrated on rubbing her clit. It wasn't long before she was shuddering and shrieking in the throes of another strong little girl orgasm. Once she'd recovered from it, we enjoyed another, lovely long sexy kiss before Nicole climbed off me. It always surprised me how much passion the 6 year old showed whenever we kissed like that.

She knelt down in front of me and took hold of my cock in both hands before she began to wank me gently. I complimented Nicole on her rapidly improving skills, then without any warning, she moved her head forward and I felt her soft little lips over the head of it.

'Oh sweetie.., that feels so good...' I sighed as she took in more.

I gently held the back of her head.

'Oh you are so clever...' I encouraged, 'suck it nice and hard babes...'

With her little mouth bulging already, I felt her take a little more in.

'Oh baby...' I gasped, 'can you put more in... as much as you can fit...'

I then played my trump card, which I just knew would REALLY make her go for it.

'See if you can fit in more than Kelly does...'

I pulled her head into me gently and watched, as over half of my hard cock fill her hot, sucking mouth.

'That's so good...' I gasped again ' suck nice and hard for me... move your head up and down it...'

I guided her head as her soft sucking lips moved up and down the length my cock.

She was still a little uncertain of herself, occasionally catching me with her sharp teeth, but the intense feeling of extreme pleasure was unbelievable, and more than made up for any of her errors. For a first time, little Nicole was doing brilliantly. This little girl was a natural born little cocksucker it seemed. She made sweet little slurping noises as the lovely 6 year old sucked my cock properly for the very first time. I knew it wouldn't take her too long to bring me off and I wanted to let her know that I was close to cumming.

'I'm going to cum baby girl...' I warned her.

No sooner had I said it, then the first spurt shot straight into her little mouth, followed by a second and a third. I heard her gulping and swallowing noisily, trying to keep up with the flow. Then she coughed. I quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth. The last thing I wanted was to scare her in any way. I had no control over my eruptions of course. My cock continued to spew stream after stream of hot gooey cum, hitting Nicole in the face, hair and neck. Each time a big glob hit her, I heard her giggle so I knew she was okay.

'Oh Nic darling... I'm so sorry... you made me feel so good.. that it happened so suddenly...'

I looked at her cum streaked little face and she gave me a huge cummy smile, before she burst into another fit of uncontrollable giggles.

'It's okay,' she told me with love in her eyes. 'It was just a bit hard to breathe at first... cos I couldn't swallow it quick enough...' she giggled again.

'I know babes...' I said giving her a hug. 'I'm so sorry!'

'I liked it when it squirted all over my face though!' she giggled again.

'Well it makes you look even more sexy!' I told her. 'Do you want to see?'

She giggled uncontrollably again and nodded, so I went and grabbed my small shaving mirror from the bathroom before returning and holding it in front of her face.

Nicole collapsed in hysterical giggles.

'Look!' I laughed. 'Look at the state of you... ya mucky little moo!'

When she eventually stopped giggling for long enough, I grabbed some tissues and gave her face a wipe. There was a glob in her hair too, so I wiped that away. Once I'd given her a good clean up, you'd never have known it was even there. I lifted her back onto my lap and gave her the biggest hug and kiss.

'Thank you for that darling.' I told her. 'You made me feel so good and I wasn't expecting it either. What a lovely surprise! What made you do that?'

She shrugged her little shoulders.

'Dunno... just wanted to!' she said casually.

'Well, thank you babes!'

'You're welcome!' she said politely, like it really wasn't a big deal. 'Was I as good as Kelly?' she wanted to know.

'Better!' I told her honestly. 'A hundred, million, trillion zillion times better!'

Now, if you've ever had a 6 year old suck on your cock, and especially if you have been lucky enough for them to let you cum in their mouth, you will know that when I said that to Nicole... I was telling the absolute truth! You'll know that even if a woman does it for a living... absolutely NOTHING compares to the wonderful feeling of having your cock in the mouth of, and being sucked off by, a cute little 6 year old... especially if you cum in their little mouth and they swallow it!

Nicole was quite rightly pleased with herself. I was certainly pleased with her. Once we were properly cleaned up, I decided I'd return the compliment as I sat her on the armchair with a leg draped either side like before. I got between her spread legs and gave her little pussy the licking of its 6 year old life. In no time at all, I had Nicole gyrating her little hips, writhing around all over the place and wailing like a banshee, as she had another powerful cum.

When she'd calmed down and I was hugging and kissing her pretty little face, she said to me, 'That's my most favourite thing in the whole wide world... I love it when you lick me like that... and that special feeling at the end.. when you make me... cum!'

I was pleased that my little 6 year old lover was starting to crave oral sex and a wonderful orgasm.

It was really frustrating after that afternoon and evening, because each time Nic came in, she was with Helen and James. Mind you, she'd always make a beeline straight for my lap and Nicole would always sit in such a way that I could slip my hand up her skirt or dress and into her knickers, or down the back of her knickers if she happened to be wearing trousers, and play with her pussy in a way that no one else in the room was aware of or noticed. It was quite comical really with my wife, daughter, her Mum and her brother sitting there while I fingered the sexy little 6 year old. The trouble was, poor little Nicole had to really stifle the noise every time I made her cum, which was quite funny. Her little body would shudder quite violently and on more than one occasion, someone noticed and they thought it was because she was cold.

There was one time when Nicole let out a loud gasp as I made her cum while I was circling her little clit with my hand in her knickers. I shit myself because I thought we'd been caught, but Nicole being the great actress she was, immediately said 'pardon!' and passed it off as a burp. It was absolutely hysterical as Nicole looked up at me innocently and I winked at her.

If I went out to the kitchen to make drinks or anything, Nicole followed. We both became very confident and daring. I'd sit her on the work top and she'd show off her knickers or pussy slit to me. A few times she even pulled her knickers down and lifted her skirt up to show me. She even got my cock out a few times to stroke, lick or suck it.

As she approached her 7th birthday, Nicole was becoming extremely daring, not to mention a little precocious, pre-teen nymphomaniac.

On the morning of her birthday, we'd already arranged with Helen to take Nicole out before her party in the afternoon, in order to get her present, but the day before when I finished work, I went shopping in the centre for a very special present for my little pre-teen lover. Something personal from me alone, to her. I knew exactly what I wanted and the shop where I'd find it, so once I'd made my purchase, I bought some special wrapping paper, ribbon and a gift card before making my way home. I wrapped Nicole's special little present in the car and left it in there concealed.

The following morning, we collected a very excited Nicole early, after wishing her a Happy Birthday of course. She still had absolutely no idea what she was getting or why we needed to take her with us to get it. When we arrived, Kelly took the two girls to McDonald's for breakfast while I paid a visit to the jewellers. Kelly and I had picked out a pair of earrings for Nicole for her birthday, but I'd spotted a more expensive pair of diamond studs which I thought would suit her perfectly, so I bought those instead. To say Kelly wasn't pleased by the amount I spent was an understatement, but I didn't care. I wanted the best for my little 7 year old (as she now was) lover. When I returned, I had a small pink gift bag with me complete with a small tag, which I handed to Nicole.

'Happy Birthday darling!' I said as I gave her a huge hug and kiss, before Kelly did the same.

Excitedly, Nic looked into the bag and saw a small presentation box. Her eyes lit up when she opened it and saw the exquisite little diamond stud earrings, although it was safe to say that Kelly's didn't. But I didn't care. I earned the money and if I wanted to spend every single penny of it on Nicole, then I would. I never kept Kelly or my daughter short of anything.

'Oh wow!' she squealed as she opened the box. 'They're beautiful!'

She gave me another huge hug and then plastered me with little kisses, before doing the same to Kelly. Suddenly, realisation dawned. Her sweet little face fell and her excitement evaporated.

'But... but I don't have my ears pierced?' she said.

'I know you don't!' I laughed.

'That's why... we're taking you in there to have them done!' Kelly pointed to a shop.

'When?' Nicole asked, her excitement returning.

I looked at my watch.

In about.... 5 minutes!' I laughed.

Nicole was absolutely ecstatic. She'd wanted her ears pierced for a very long time and Helen had always refused for one reason or another, but we'd managed to talk her round.

'What about Mum?' Nicole asked, 'Does she know?'

'Nah...' I said laughing louder. 'It'll be a nice surprise for her won't it?'

'Don't listen to him sweetheart!' Kelly said glaring at me, still angry over the amount I'd spent. 'She knows all about it!'

'This is the bestest birthday ever!' Nicole said happily.

'It's only just started...' Kelly told her.

'You still have your party this afternoon!' I reminded her.

I went for a cup of coffee and kept an eye on Marie, while Kelly trotted off with Nicole to get her ears pierced. As I drank it, I enjoyed the "walk past" scenery immensely. It wasn't long before they were back, with Nicole sporting the new diamond earrings we'd bought her.

'Oh sweetheart!' I said holding my arms out for a hug. 'You look even more beautiful now... if that's possible!'

As we hugged, I made sure Kelly couldn't hear us.

'Happy Birthday darling... I love you!' I whispered in her ear.

'Thank you for these... love you too...' she whispered back.

Nicole turned this way and that like a little model, proudly showing her earrings off.

Even Kelly finally admitted that they were a good choice, and really suited her better than the ones we'd chosen together. Soon we were back in the car making our way back home with a big day ahead of all of us. I kept an eye on Nicole sitting in the back via the rear view mirror, who kept blowing me sweet little kisses and mouthing the words I love you.

When we arrived back, we popped into Helen's for a short time as Nic showed off her earrings to her Mum.

'Did it hurt?' she asked

Nicole shook her head.

'Only my wallet!' I laughed.

Helen asked if I'd go with her to the kitchen for a moment. So I followed her out, ensuring we were out of Nicole's earshot.

'Everything okay for later?' she asked quietly.

She knew I no longer owned any equipment, but I had a friend who owned a disco hire shop and he'd had agreed to lend me anything I needed for the day free of charge.

'Yup!' I told her. 'Pick everything up in about an hour, then I'll go and set it all up!'

Helen handed me the keys to the hall.

'You'll need these?' she said 'Oh and... any chance... you could have Nic for half hour or so while me and Kelly go over the final bits... and again a little later when you get back from setting up?'

'Be my pleasure!' I told her happily.

We wandered back into Helen's lounge. I gave Nic a mock glare and she looked worried. I crooked a finger at her, signalling her over to me.

'Come here madam!' I said.

She wandered over to me looking a little nervous. I couldn't torment her any more, especially not on her birthday. So I smiled.

'Fancy coming home with me for a bit?'

She beamed at me.

'I thought I was in trouble then...' she said relieved.

'Oh... guilty conscience?' Helen said laughing.

'Come on then...' I said crouching down. 'Birthday piggy back!'

She climbed on and we went home to a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday To You". As soon as we were indoors, I gave her a huge hug as she sat on my lap.

'Happy Birthday darling!' I repeated as I wrapped her in my arms. 'I can't believe you're 7. Wow such a big girl!'

'Thank you...' she said, 'and thank you for the present.' She fingered the earrings. 'You're the best!'

'Nah... you are!' I said, before we launched into a passionate kiss. When we broke away I said to her, 'We haven't got a lot of time, is there anything you want me to do?'

Nicole knew immediately what I was referring to, and I knew instinctively what she was going to say, but it was so erotic hearing her say it.

'I want you to lick me... down there...' she said pointing between her legs. 'My minny!'

I reached under her skirt and gave her vagina a fondle over her knickers.

'You'll have to take these off then!' I tugged at the back of them.

Nicole immediately jumped off my lap, hitched her pink skirt up to reveal a pair of lilac knickers with a Barbie motif on the front, before quickly whipping them right down and off.

I scooped them up and stuffed them in my pocket for safe keeping. 'Just in case...' I said with a wink.

Nic got into her usual position, one leg over each arm of the armchair and I got on my knees between her little wide spread legs. I slipped my little finger into her now unobstructed hole.

'How is it now... still sore?'

'Nope!' she said happily '...And what you're doing feels really nice!'

I had my finger inside her up to the first joint and as I wiggled it about a little, Nicole moaned softly. I then set about giving her a 7th birthday licking, running my tongue up and down the join of her lips, sucking her hard little nubbin and tongue fucking her deep inside her sweet tasting hole. It wasn't long before Nicole was shrieking and wailing, writhing around and grinding her lovely little hips onto my face. Her wonderful little body shook and juddered as she experienced a hard, birthday orgasm. Her first at the age of 7. Afterwards, we kissed and cuddled again, and Nicole replaced her little Barbie knickers.

'By the way...' I whispered. 'I've got another special present for you... just from me... Kelly doesn't know anything anything about it...' I winked. 'It's in my car... when we have time alone together... I'll give it to you okay?'

Nicole nodded. 'What is it?'

'Wait and see!' I teased her, giving her a hug as we heard a key go into the lock.

'You best go home now!' I said. 'I have to go out. I'll see you later birthday girl!' She pecked me on the lips and ran indoors, happy and contented.

I left soon after to go pick up the disco equipment and get it set it all up. My friend was brilliant. As well as the actual disco sound system, he'd let me have a full light show, a bubble machine with fluid, and even a couple of confetti cannons. I got to the hall, got it all set up perfectly and tested it all out. My little Nicole still had absolutely no idea that it would be a proper disco, or that I was doing it, and given her love of music and dancing, I knew she was going to absolutely love it. She was like me, music mad. I set the turntable decks up on a table, with another table either side for the huge collection of records so it was in a U shape, and then covered them with long cloths that reached to the floor, which hid the tables and wiring completely so that nobody tripped over them. I left a small gap so I could get in and out from behind the tables, and put a couple of chairs there so I could sit if I needed to. I made sure I'd switched the power off and I set off back for home.

Once I returned, I handed the keys to the hall over to Kelly so that she, Helen and James could get in and decorate the place up, put all the food out and all that jazz. Marie was asleep in her room, when Nic came back in. Once they'd all left for the hall, I shot down to the car and retrieved Nic's special extra present.

'A special present... just between us...' I said handing her the package brightly wrapped in "I love you" paper. She ripped it open.

'Wow!' she said, as she looked at the garments inside.

I'd bought her 3 pairs of special knickers from a well known high street store. I'd read about them in the newspapers as they'd caused an uproar. The store had been accused of selling underwear for little girls deemed "inappropriate" and after bowing to pressure from the media, had actually withdrawn them from sale on the day of Nic's birthday. But I'd got in there beforehand. When I'd bought them, I saw for myself what the fuss was all about. I could understand why a lot of parents were irate about them, but for my little lovers 7th birthday... I thought they were just the perfect special present. Nicole went through them holding them up. The first pair were lacy and silky, the second pair were actually a thong ,and the third were see through. I had to ensure I threw the wrapping paper and card out into the large communal bin outside.

I told Nicole that there was no way she could take them home or show them to Mum. I said I'd keep hold of them in my place and she'd only be able to wear them when we were alone together, but that didn't seem to bother her at all. She rushed with them to the bathroom and shortly returned wanting to do a sexy fashion show for me.

'I like these...' she told me as she lifted her skirt up to show me.

She was wearing the white lacy see through ones. She did a little twirl. Her peachy little bum and pussy looked so incredibly sexy in them as I ran my hands over her bum.

'Ooh...' I said, 'even more sexy!'

Nicole giggled.

'Is this MY little bum?' I asked her.

Nic nodded.

I moved my hand and ran it over her pussy area.

'Is this MINE as well?'

'Yup!' she said happily.

'And your mouth?'

She nodded again before putting her lips to mine and kissing me hard as I caressed her between the legs.

When we broke away I said, 'If your bum... pussy and mouth all belong to me.. what's YOURS?'

Nicole's little hand came down and she gently squeezed my hard cock and balls.

'THESE are mine!' she said sexily as she fumbled to get my cock out.

She then bent down and kissed the tip of it, leaving long strands of pre-cum trailing from her lips to the head before she seductively licked her lips.

'You look so sexy in those!' I said. 'But they need to come down... can't do much with your knickers on... no matter how sexy they are!' I laughed.

Nicole quickly pulled them down and off, and I hid all three pairs away where they wouldn't be found by Kelly. When I sat down, Nicole took up her usual position on my lap facing me with a leg either side. We kissed passionately again as I held my hard cock and rubbed it up and down her smooth, hairless slippery little slit. Nicole moaned softly into my mouth with pleasure.

We broke away and as Nic sat there, our arms around one another I said, 'I'd love to give you a really extra special present... now you're such a big girl!'

A puzzled expression formed on her sweet face.

'What's that?'

'Well'..' I said, 'you're such a big girl now... I'd like to do this properly!' I told her, increasing the pressure of my cock on her sweet little pussy before I whispered in her ear. 'Put it inside you...'

She thought for a moment.

'Will I have a baby? ' she asked.

I laughed at her sweet innocence.

'No poppet...' I said hugging her, 'you're much too young yet.'

She thought again.

'Is that what you and Kelly do?'

'Yup... it's what grown ups and big girls do. That's how come we have Marie... and Mummy had you. Grown ups call it fucking!' I told her.

She thought again digesting the information.

'So you want to fuck me?'

She giggled at the use of the forbidden word.

'Very much so... I'd love to...' I said honestly, '...but only if it's what you want too?'

Again she thought.

'Will it hurt?'

'It's possible... just the first time.'

Again, I answered as honestly as I possibly could.

'But, it didn't hurt when I popped your little cherry did it?'

She shook her head.

'So it might not', I continued. 'Everyone's different. I don't want to hurt you babes... so if it did hurt... just say and I'd stop.'

She was clearly considering it as she rubbed herself on my cock.

'It's entirely up to you...' I said. 'If you don't want to... or you're not sure, just say no and we won't. I won't be upset or angry... we can always wait...'

She reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock, so that she could rub it on her clit before she rubbed it directly around her little hole itself.

She looked at me right in my eyes... and then nodded.

'What does that mean?' I asked.

'I want to!' she said with a huge smile.

I wanted to hear her say it. I wanted to hear the actual the words from her sweet 7 year old mouth.

'Want what?' I asked.

She whispered into my ear just as sexily as I had done to her.

'Put it in me... you know...' she whispered shyly.

And then she said it.

'I want you to fuck me... like you do Kelly!'

'Are you certain?' I asked.

She looked into my eyes again and nodded furiously.

'Jump down a tick,' I said, lifting her off me.

I remembered we had some KY jelly in the bedroom drawer, so I went and fetched it before sitting back down and lifting Nicole back into the same position again. I spread some of the lubricant over my cock and then onto my fingers, which I worked in and around her slit and her hole.

'Ooh!' Nicole giggled. 'That's cold... what is it?'

'Sorry I should have warned you it was cold!' I laughed. 'It's stuff that makes us both nice and slippery... a bit like my pre-cum.. but I want to make it go in nice and easy so it's less likely to hurt... now are you absolutely sure you want me to? It's not too late to say no?'

I double checked with her.

'Uh-huh!' she nodded, hugging my neck.

I decided to use the kiss method again like I'd done when I busted her cherry open. As our lips touched, I pulled her closer and I took a firm grip on my cock. I rubbed it around her very slippery hole and while she was preoccupied with our kissing, I pushed my hips up. I thought it wasn't going to go in at first, but the slight initial resistance soon gave way and I felt a very hot sensation around the end of my cock. I realised the head was inside her tiny tight vagina. I felt Nicole's hands clench at the intrusion into her little 7 year old body and I broke the kiss.

'You okay darling?' I asked lovingly. 'Are you hurting?'

'No,' she confirmed, 'just surprised how it felt!' she giggled. 'I can feel it inside me!'

I inched a little more in ever so slowly.

'How's that?' I whispered.

'It feels... I dunno... strange...' she replied with that giggle again.

'If it hurts... you tell me... and I'll take it straight out!'

'It's not...' she said trying to reassure me. 'Honest!'

I inched more in, and over half of my hard cock was inside the 7 year old now. Her darling little pussy was so hot and so tight, as it clenched my hard cock like a velvety silky smooth vice.

'Let's stay like this for a minute or two...' I said, 'let you get used to it.'

I pulled her to me and we kissed again, before I slowly gave her a little more hard cock into her tight little hole. I'd never felt anything more wonderful in my whole life. My big, hard adult cock was inside the tight, hairless hole of my little 7 year old lover.

'Are we doing it?' she whispered. 'You know... fucking?'

'We will be in a moment,' I told her, 'when I start to slide it in and out... like when you do it with your mouth?'

She nodded her understanding.

'When you feel me pushing it in... you push too okay... and it'll start to feel really nice?'

I slowly pulled almost all the way out, before sliding my cock back into her. I could feel her trying hard, but it took a few minutes before our rhythms finally matched up. Each time I pushed in, I inched it a little deeper.

'Now we are!' I told her as I held her by the bum to guide her. 'You're so good... feels so nice... such a big girl!'

'Feels really nice... strange... sort of... but nice...' she said..

'The faster we do it, the nicer it will feel...' I told her, 'remember? Like when you suck me... or do it with your hands?'

'Will the stuff squirt out again?'

'Yup!' I said. 'It'll go straight inside you!'

She liked the idea of that, and slowly, we started to build up a steady rhythm as I slid in and out of her, and whispered in her ear as she held onto me tightly.

'Tell me what you want darling... what we're doing... remember what I said about dirty talking?'

Nicole was already breathing heavily as I fucked the 7 year old little girl on my lap.

'You... have... your... big... willy... in... me...' she gasped. 'We're you're me... oooh fuck'

I started to speed up and fuck her a little more forcefully.

'Oh... yeah... nice... mmm...' she gasped as her tiny little body rose and fell on my cock, her arms wrapped round my neck hugging me tightly.

We were both close to cumming.

'Oh... fuck... nice... I ...!' I panted as I felt my cock swell up and start to spurt.

'Love... you... tooo.... oooh... aaahh...' came her reply as she started to cum.

I gave a thrust harder than I really should have done, and held the 7 year old there as I filled her tiny tight love tunnel with my baby making seed, flooding her little immature womb as Nicole thrashed about on my lap, consumed by her own pleasure. It was a deliciously strong cum for both of us, as I fucked my little 7 year old girl for the very first time.

Once we both calmed down, as my cock began to soften, I pulled out from her and cum oozed from her wide open pulsating little pussy hole. We hugged and kissed in the afterglow of our lovemaking.,

'How do you feel... now you've been fucked... properly?' I asked.

She was still a little breathless.

'Wow!' she said eventually. 'Can we do that again?'

I laughed.

'I need time to rest... me willy needs a kip!'

I laughed harder. I explained to her that men needed time to recover. She looked extremely disappointed but accepted what I said.

'We will do it again again... very soon!' I promised her. 'And anyway... I still have a beautiful, sexy little bum to fuck yet as well!'

'YOUR bum!' she giggled with a big smile.

'Yup... and now... I best get you all cleaned up, you gooey, messy, little Missy... you've got a party to go to!'

I nuzzled her neck and we had another kiss, before she gingerly waddled to the bathroom with my cum oozing out of her, down the inside of her thighs and running down her legs making her giggle non stop. I cleaned her up and gave her back her normal knickers which she slipped back on.

'You okay babes?' I double checked.

'Uh-huh...' she replied. 'I like being fucked though!' she said quite casually.

That was music to my ears, as I planned on fucking her repeatedly and regularly from now on.

'I liked fucking you...' I told her, 'much better than Kelly... and your little pussy is nice and tight'.

'YOUR pussy!' she giggled.

'Okay... mine,' I said, 'and I'm going to fuck MY little pussy over and over again!'

Nicole smiled widely at me.

It wasn't too long before Helen and Kelly returned and after a huge hug and kiss, Nicole ran off happily to prepare for her party. I had a quick shower and changed, before we left ahead of Helen, Nicole and James.

Kelly was to greet the young guests as they arrived, so that I could ensure the birthday girl got her big entrance. As the party guests arrived, my eyes were everywhere as the hall began to fill with around twenty or so sexy looking children, all aged 6 or 7. Most of them were girls of course, although there were a few boys amongst them. As the only other adult present at that time, Kelly was organising them when we spotted Helen's car pulling up outside. I grabbed the cordless mike and opened it up.

'Okay boys and girls... I said, 'get ready... here's the birthday girl... Nicole!!'

As Nicole entered the hall I faded up Prince's "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" followed by Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday". Nicole wandered around the hall in a stunned daze, with a smile I thought was permanently engraved on her little face, saying hello to all her friends and collecting handfuls of presents and cards. Every so often, Kelly, Helen or James relieved her of them, as she collected more and more.

I have to say, little 7 year old Nicole looked absolutely stunning in a deep maroon party dress, that had a silk effect, and a contrasting ribbon that went round her slim little waist, tied in a bow at the back. Helen had put Nic's hair up in bunches, tied in bows with ribbon that matched the one round her waist. Her little white ankle socks also had a coloured frill that matched the colour of her dress, and her shoes were new, black and shiny.

I was pleased when I saw her earrings sparkling, reflecting the lights from the disco. She seemed to be showing them off proudly to anyone who asked. Helen had put make up on Nicole too. A light subtle coating of eye shadow in just the right colour and lip gloss. She looked absolutely beautiful.

As I looked around at these delightful children all dolled up to the nines, there were a number that interested me, but unsurprisingly there was one little girl in particular besides my little Nic of course, that really caught my eye. She had dark brown hair, collar length in that bell type shape. She was extremely pretty, in a pink dress which was quite short. It put me in mind of a 60's or 70's one, so I guessed that was what it was based on. She also wore long white knee length socks, which is a particular favourite of mine and something I always like to see. Her fringe was held out of her eyes with a matching pink Alice band.

She had a brightly wrapped present in her hands and when Nicole reached her, it was clear that they were very good friends by the conversation they were having. It appeared to be quite animated when Nic suddenly turned and pointed me out to her cute little friend. I waved and blew her a kiss, before she did the same back.

Once she'd been round and the presents were neatly stacked on a table, I told them it was party time and played a succession of songs that I knew would be popular. Girls being little girls, were quick to get up and start dancing, while the boys tended to hang at the sides or round around like lunatics, sliding across the highly polished floor on their knees. I fired the confetti cannon and it went off with a loud bang, making them all jump as they were showered with thousands of tiny pieces of brightly coloured tissue paper. They all thought it was fantastic as they clapped and cheered.

After a short while, I saw Nicole approaching hand in hand with the other little brown haired cutie in the short pink dress. I let them in behind the tables.

'Ha!' I laughed at Nicole. 'You didn't expect me to be doing THIS did you?'

Nic shook her head.

'So... do I get a big hug and a birthday kiss then?'

I held my arms out to her. Nicole hugged me tightly.

'I love you...' I said into her ear.

'Love you too!' she said, pecking me on the lips.

'So... are you going to introduce me this lovely young lady?'

The girl in the pink giggled like mad, showing off the fact that she'd recently lost her two front teeth, making her look especially cute.

'Oh my god!' I said in mock alarm. 'ANOTHER little giggler!'

This made her giggle even more.

'She always giggles!' Nic told me. 'She never stops. She always gets told off in school for it... don't you?'

The girl nodded.

'She's my best friend!' Nic informed me. 'We sit next to each other in class. Her name's Millie.'

'Nice to meet you Millie!' I said, taking her soft tiny hand and kissing the back of it, sending her into another fit of hysterical giggles.

'I love your dresses by the way girls... very sexy!'

I looked at Millie and especially her very lovely, sexy little legs as I said it. Both girls smiled.

'I hope you're both going to have a dance with me later...' I said, '... but not both at the same time though... cos I'll fall over!'

They found that hilarious and both giggled at the thought. I knew Nicole was mad on "Take That" so I put on "Relight My Fire" for her, which seemed to please just about every other little girl in the hall as well as they jigged and wiggled to Robbie, Gary and the boys.

'I have a song just for you too...' I said to the cute little Millie, and when Take That had finished I put a song on and sang along to it as I looked at her.

'Millie Molly Mandy... sweet as sugar candy... pretty little eyes of blue...'

'Oh wow!' she said delighted. 'I ain't never heard a song with me name in before... thank you!'

'You're welcome!' I said with a wink as I continued to sing along with it to her.

'Millie Molly Mandy... sweet as sugar candy... I'm .. in love... with YOUUU!'

As it neared the end I said to them, 'We're going to play a game in a minute... so you two best go the other side now!'

Nicole gave me another hug and a kiss and to my surprise, so did little Millie before they joined hands again and skipped off back to the dance floor. I picked the mic back up.

'Right then...' I told the little guests. 'Let's have you all sitting in a circle... time for... PASS THE PARCEL!'

Everyone clapped and cheered as they sat down. I noticed Millie and Nicole sat next to one another on the opposite side of the circle so that they were facing me and although I couldn't be certain if it had been a deliberate move or not, Nic sat with her legs up and spread a bit so I had a perfect view up her dress at her cute, pristine, little white knickers. Millie sat in a similar fashion and I could see her little pussy straining against a tight little pair of neon pink ones. As much as I loved Nicole, I was also becoming very strongly attracted to the sexy little Millie.

Maybe it was something to do with the most startling blue eyes I'd ever seen in my life. They had a way of drawing you to them and a look of pure childhood innocence and wonder about them.

Now I knew I was meant to be impartial, but I decided there and then that little Millie would be the ultimate winner of this particular game, and whatever was in the small brightly wrapped package they were going to pass to one another. I didn't make it too obvious though, stopping the music in various places to let others have a go and rip at the paper.

Each layer had a small packet of sweets inside it anyway, so lots of them ended up with some, but I made sure it was little Millie who ended up with the main prize... a massive bar of chocolate! Everyone clapped and cheered her as the winner, before I played more songs for them to dance to while Helen and Kelly set up tables for the feast of party food.

I looked to Marie who bless her, was sound asleep. How the hell she slept through that noise I'll never know. She must take after me! I moved her little buggy behind the tables with me so that she was behind the speakers and it wasn't quite so loud.

I set the bubble machine going which the kids absolutely loved, and as the air filled with thousands of tiny bubbles, they chased around trying to catch and pop them. While everyone was preoccupied with the bubbles, I came out from the tables and slipped a new cartridge into the confetti cannon. When I returned back to my DJ space, I saw Nicole had sneaked in behind my back and was sitting on one of the chairs with Millie next to her.

'Woohoo!' I called out as I saw them. 'The two most sexiest little girls in the room!'

With the noise of the music I could shout and only they could hear me. Millie giggled at my choice of words. I looked at her.

'You can't have that chocolate!' I said.

'Why?' she said puzzled.

'Cos if you scoff all that... you'll get fat like me... so seeing as I'm fat already... I think you ought to give it to me!'

She giggled hysterically when she realised I was having her on.

'Well done sweetheart!' I said with a little wink.

Nicole crooked her finger at me. I came close to her.

'What's up darling?' I asked

'YOU!' she said trying, but failing to look stern.

'Me? ME?' I asked as innocently as I could manage. 'What have I done this time?'

I looked at little Millie.

'She's always like this you know...' I said putting my hand to my mouth as if I was telling her it on the quiet. 'Nag... nag... nag... she's like me bleeding missus she is!'

Millie was in absolute fits of laughter.

'THIS!' Nicole said, raising her hands around to indicate the disco.

'Yeah...' I said, 'and... what about it?'

'You never told me you was going to do all this...' she said.

'It's called a surprise...that means you wasn't supposed to know! Why... don't you like it?'

'Like it?' Nic said. 'I LOVE it!' she squealed. 'Everyone thinks it's brill!' she replied.

'So what you moaning about then?' I said, looking to Millie and rolling my eyes.

'I'm NOT!' she laughed.

'Jesus!' I said to Millie, '...see what I have to put up with? And I've not even had another hug and kiss yet either!'

I did an exaggerated loud sniff like I was upset. Nicole immediately put her arms out. I picked her up and she hugged my neck hard, plastering my face with little light kisses, repeating 'thank you' over and over again. Then she cupped a hand on my ear.

'I love you..' she said, before adding sexily '...brand new white ones!'

'Mmm...' I said back in her ear, 'and I love you too!'

I put her down as the record came to an end and I replaced it with a long track so I could go and visit the toilet. On route I bumped into Kelly who asked how Marie was. I told her she was asleep and that I'd moved her in with me. She gave me a peck and I hurried to the loo. When I got back to my DJ space, Nic and Millie were still there sharing my chair.

'You two not dancing?' I asked as I wiggled my bum from side to side in a silly "Dad dance".

Millie giggled like mad and said something to Nicole that I couldn't hear. Nicole nodded her head and all I caught from her side was 'I know!'. I knew instinctively that it was about me. I put a slower record on, some popular ballad and I picked Nicole up. I stretched a hand out with hers and led her in my arms doing a mock waltz, swinging her about and doing 'dips' which she found hilarious. Millie was giggling hysterically at our antics.

'So...' I said to her, 'my ears were burning just now... what was that all about?'

'What?' Nic said innocently.

'You two... talking about me?'

'Oh!' she said.

'Oh!' I repeated mimicking her and laughing.

'Millie just said she really likes you... and she thinks you're really funny!'

'Lots of people think I'm funny...' I laughed, 'but not in a ha-ha way!'

Playfully, Nicole thumped my arm.

'Oww!' I pretended she'd hurt me. 'You big bully!'

Millie was doubled up in laughter.

'Uncle Pete?'

I recognised that tone from Nicole. It meant she wanted something.

'Nicole?' I said, copying her tone.

She lowered her voice, so I knew it was something just between us and I strained to hear what she was saying to me.

'Can I tell Millie about us... you know...'

That one floored me. I didn't see it coming.

'Why would you want to do that sweetheart?' I asked.

'We normally tell each other everything...' she explained. 'And we have secrets just between us... and... I think... she'd like to do things as well.'

I glanced at cute, sweet Millie who was miles away singing along to the song and swinging those sexy little legs about on the chair. I also took in her lovely, little white sexy thighs where her dress had ridden up. I'd most certainly like to, I knew that. Millie looked a paedo's wet dream.

'What makes you think that?' I asked.

'Cos when they did the thing at school... when they said about pervy people wanting to touch us... she said the same as me... that they was talking rubbish. Then she told me as well that...'

'Hang on babes...' I said, 'the record's ending!'

I plonked her back down before I started up the next record and cued up the one after, wondering how that sentence was going to end. I picked Nicole back up.

'What was you going to say just now darling...she told you that what?'

Nic glanced around to make sure no one including Millie, could hear what she was about to tell me.

'She told me that... just before he died... her Granddad had touched her bum on her knickers...'

'Really?' I said interested.

'Yup! She said that she'd really liked it... but he only did it one time... because he went into hospital... and then he died!'

'Oh poor little love!' I said. 'You sure she won't say anything though?'

'I think so,' Nic said confidently. 'She's only ever told me.. you know about her Granddad... and that was only after he died...'

'As long as you're certain she'll keep it a secret?' I said. 'You'll have to make her promise?'

'Okay,' she said as I put her back down. 'I'll go to the toilets with her and talk to her?'

'Make sure no one hears you!'

Nicole tutted as if to inform me she wasn't that stupid.

'Coming to the loo Mill?' Nic asked.

Millie jumped up and hand in hand, the two girls ran off to the toilets. I winked at Millie as they passed, and she beamed me a heart melting little smile. She was an incredibly beautiful, pretty little girl. As soon as they'd gone, Helen and Kelly wandered over to me.

'About 10 minutes... we'll bring the cake in!'

'No problem!' I called back.

'Where's Nic off to?'

'Loo I think... with her mate!'

'Oh little Millie?' Helen said. 'Like Siamese bloody twins those two when they get together!' she laughed.

'Talk of the devils!' I said, as I spotted them on their way back still holding hands.

'I'll give you a wave when we're ready!' Helen said.

I heard Marie stirring and crying, so I lifted her out of the buggy and handed her to Kelly, giving her a kiss on the way.

'Ooh... here comes trouble!' I laughed as Nicole and Millie came back into the DJ space.

I was certain that they both had a smug, self satisfied look on their little faces. I introduced another record and switched the bubble machine back on again.

'Dance madam?' I said, scooping Nic back up again.

As we 'danced' around again I asked her.

'Did you talk to her?' I said.

She smiled and nodded.


'She made a BFF cross your heart promise not to say anything... and I was right...' she added with a smug grin.

'Right?' I asked.

'She does want to do the things we do... you know... she said that she told her Granddad that she liked what he did... and he was going to do lots more... well you know what happened...'

'No one heard you talking did they?' I wanted to check.

'Toilets were empty!' she said.

'Good girl!' I said giving her a kiss. 'Shall I talk to her about it now?'

'I said you would...' Nic replied.

I put Nicole back down.

'Back in a minute!' she said, deliberately leaving Millie and me alone.

'Can I sit down poppet?' I asked with a big puff like I was exhausted. 'You can sit on my lap if you'd like?'

She smiled and nodded her head. I sat down, resting my aching legs and little Millie jumped up. It was the first time I'd really looked at her face close up. She really was beautiful, a little upturned button nose, fresh complexion and those eyes. All finished off with half a dozen or so tiny freckles barely visible on each of her soft cheeks. She gave me another cute smile, showing off the gap where her front teeth should have been.

'Hope you got lots of money from the tooth fairy for those!' I laughed.

Millie giggled with a nod.

'You are a very pretty girl...' I complimented her before whispering, '...and very sexy!'

She giggled again.

'So did Nicole tell you?'

She nodded.

'You know how to keep it a big secret though?'

She nodded again. I asked her about her Granddad. She told me it had happened when she was staying for the weekend with her Grandparents. She said that he'd put his hand up her skirt and was rubbing her bum, but her Nana had come in and he'd had to stop. It was the same day he died. I felt really sorry for her.

'But I want to do it... I really liked it... he made me feel really nice!' she told me. 'I don't mind if you want to do it to me. I won't tell anyone. I promise!'

I believed her. It was the way she'd said it. I lifted her down while I sorted the next record out, before sitting back down and lifting her back onto my lap.

'You sure it's okay to?' I checked.

Millie nodded as she gave me a hug followed by a sweet little kiss.

'Mmm...' I told her. 'That was nice... softy lips!'

I placed a hand on her bare thigh. Just like Nicole's it was soft and smooth as you'd expect. I stroked her leg. I was thankful I'd put table to floor covers over the tables so no one could see what we were doing. Plus I could see if anyone was approaching us from any direction. I gently stroked the inside of Millie's thighs, as she moved her legs apart a bit.

'Did Granddad ever touch you at the front?' I asked her.

Little Millie shook her head.

'He was just about to... but Nana came in...' she said sadly. 'But you can... if you want to?'

I moved my hand up a little more and my fingertips brushed the soft cotton of those neon pink knickers I'd glimpsed earlier. She opened her little legs a bit more and I ran a finger over the folds of her little pussy lips on top of her knickers.

'Ooh that's nice...' she told me.

'You'll have to come over to Nicole's to play??' I said with a wink. 'Then you can come in mine with her... and we can all play together... can't really do a lot here with all these people...' I told her as I turned her a little bit and fondled her bum. 'Your Granddad had very good taste!' I told her. 'You have a beautiful, sexy little bum!'

Millie giggled.

'Have to be it for now...' I said sadly, 'time for the food!'

I saw Helen waving frantically. Millie hugged and kissed me before she dashed off to find Nicole. I played a little fanfare as the lights went down and led everyone in a chorus of "Happy Birthday" as Helen walked in carrying Nicole's birthday cake with seven candles burning on top of it. They all gathered round clapping and cheering as my sweet little Nicole blew them out. Soon all the kids were seated round the large tables eating. I called Kelly over.

'Popping outside for some fresh air... cold drink... and a ciggy!' I told her.

'Okay love!' she said laughing. 'I think you've earned it!'

I left some background music playing low as I wandered outside. I wasn't sure how long I'd been out there when I heard Kelly's voice.

'You okay love?' I asked.

'Bit warm in there,' she said, pecking my cheek.

'That's why I came out!' I said 'How's it all going in there?'

'Mad!' she laughed. 'But they're loving it... especially the disco and games!'

'Yeah!' I laughed. 'I saw Nicole's face light up when she walked in!'

'Oh she loves it bless her... and she especially loves you!'

'I noticed!' I laughed. 'But she is delightful!'

'I'm glad you think that....' she said.

'This sounds ominous,' I laughed again.

'How are you up for some babysitting... tomorrow?'

'Who?' I asked.

'Two of them?' Kelly replied.

'Nic and James?'

'No,' Kelly laughed, 'I wouldn't inflict the pair of them together on you!'

'Who then?'

'Well you're 50% right... Nicole and a friend?'

'Blimey... what am I the neighbourhood babysitter now?' I joked.

'Well...' Kelly explained, 'Nic had already invited her friend over... before Helen found out about the sale at the shop which sells James' school kit. She wants me to go with them. I'll take Marie with us, so it'll only be the two of them... Do you mind babes?'

I was a bit miffed really, because if Nicole had a friend there, our activities would be severely limited, if not non-existent.

'Which friend anyway... I assume it's one of those in there?'

'Some girl called Molly... no sorry Millie... the one she's been hanging around with all afternoon?'

'Pink dress?' I asked, trying to hide my elation.

'Yeah that's the one! Helen says she's as good as gold!'

I certainly hoped she would be. But for a different reason.

'Okay then...' I said, making it sound I was doing her a favour, 'you twisted my arm.'

'Thanks hun!' she said hugging me. 'I'll go let Helen know.'

'They still scoffing?' I asked.

'Oh yeah,' she laughed, 'there's jelly, ice cream and cake to come yet!'

'Oh right.'

'No rush to come back in,' she said. 'I'll get someone to give you a shout when they're ready to boogie again!' she added with a laugh.

'Cheers love!' I said, lighting a cigarette.

I was lost in my own little world, when I suddenly heard two giggly little voices.


I pretended I hadn't heard them, although I knew straight away who they were. I suddenly turned on them, raising my hands like a monster.

'AAARRRGGGHI' they both shrieked.

'Gotcha... ner ner!' I laughed.

Millie had her little hand on her chest.

'You nearly gave me a flippin' heart attack!' she said.

'Sorry!' I said with a big grin.

I loved Millie's strong little cockney accent. She dropped 'H's and missed off 'G's' all over the place, so heart attack came out as "art attak" and flipping as "flippin".

'We come to tell ya something!' she said, although it came out as "sumfink".

'Don't tell me... let me guess...' I said winding them up and pretending to be a mind reader with my hand on my head and my eyes closed.

'You Millie... are coming to Nic's tomorrow... Helen's going out with... James and Kelly and Marie... so I'm babysitting two sexy little girls... am I close?'

'Oh bum!' Nic said disappointed. 'Who told you?'

'Kelly did.. ya wuzzock!' I laughed. 'She's going to check it's okay with me first isn't she?'

'Suppose so!' Nicky said in a narked tone.

'But... it means I get to spend all day with my two favourite, sexy little girls!'

'Yeah!' Nic squealed.

'It's gonna be so good!' Millie said excitedly.

'Make sure you're both wearing skirts or dresses okay?' I said with a wink. 'I want you both looking nice and sexy for me!'

They both nodded.

'And don't forget... it's our little secret?'

They both did the cross on the chest thing with their fingers.

'Oh!' Nic suddenly remembered why she'd come out in the first place. 'Mum said ready when you are!'

'Okee Dokee' I said, bending down for a hug and kiss from each of them.

'So who wants to win musical chairs this time?' I laughed as I wandered back in holding the hand of each of them.

The rest of the afternoon went off well with musical statues, a dancing competition, musical chairs, and a mini disco with bubbles and more confetti. At the end of it all, 18 happy little kids left clutching party bags and balloons as I started packing the equipment away. Other than James, Nic and Marie, the only other child still there was poor little Millie.

'Where's her Mum?' I asked Helen.

'Probably forgot!' Helen said quietly. 'Millie's a lovely little girl... but her mother... it's why I don't mind having her over so often.'

I nodded my understanding to what she was saying.

'Why don't I take the kids with me?' I suggested. 'Then you can clear up in peace. Marie's knackered and asleep, so I can put her to bed?'

'James can stay and give us a hand!' Helen said.

The miserable little git moaned, but Helen told him to shut up. So once I'd packed all the gear, I set off for home with the three girls. I got Marie settled down quickly and flopped down on the sofa. Millie sat one side of me and Nic on the other. I slipped an arm round both of them.

'You had a good day sweetheart?' I asked Nicole.

'The best!' she said, giving me a kiss.

'And what about you Millie Molly Mandy, sweet as sugar candy?' I laughed.

Millie giggled.

'Yeah... brilliant!'

'Want to change out of that party dress Nic?' I asked, producing Helen's front door key she'd given me like a magician.

'I'd better,' she said taking the key from me. 'You coming or staying Mill? I won't be a minute.'

'I'll stay then,' Millie said.

Nicole pecked my lips.

'See ya in a mo!' she said, running next door.

I lifted little Millie onto my lap.

'So how old are you Mill?' I asked.

'Seven!' she said proudly. 'I'm older than Nic.'

That surprised me because she was a tiny little waif of a thing and actually looked much younger than Nicole when they were side by side.

'I see,' I told her. 'But just as beautiful!'

I gave her a kiss as I slipped my hand up her thigh and played with the elastic waistband of her knickers.

'You can... if you want...' she said quietly and confidently.

'Can what?'

'Touch me there?' she said opening her legs. 'Inside me knickers I mean. I don't mind. I want ya to. Granddad said it'd feel really nice!'

'Your Granddad was right,' I told her as I slipped my hand down the front of her neon pink knickers.

I cupped my hand between her legs as Millie spread her thighs wider and I ran a finger along her soft little slit, which was surprisingly wet and slippery.

'Ooh that feels really nice...' she said quietly in almost a whisper. 'Are yer gonna put yer finga right in... like yer do with Nicole... and do that cherry fing?'

I had to laugh at the way she'd said it, especially with that cute little cockney accent. Talk about get straight to the point. I was a little surprised that Nic had told her about my busting open her cherry, and it made me wonder what else she'd told her.

'Not right now darling... maybe tomorrow though... but only if that's what you really want?'

She nodded vigorously. On the downward stroke of her lovely hot little slit I kept going and run my fingers along her bum crack.

'Oh... I really like that...' she sighed.

We soon heard a front door slam shut followed by little footsteps as Nicole came charging back in, dressed in a crop top that showed off her little flat tummy, and a really short skirt. With her make up still on from earlier and her hair in bunches, the change had made it look like she'd gone from sophisticated young lady to a little pre-teen hooker. She looked so hot and sexy. I gave her a wolf whistle.

'I knew you'd be doing that!' she said, looking where my hand was.

'What?' I said innocently, as my hand continued to move around inside Millie's cute little knickers as I fingered her.

'Your hand in her knickers... playing with her!' she laughed.

'You're only jealous... because you want my hand in yours!'

Nicole laughed and poked her tongue out at me.

'Oh yuck!' I laughed.

I suddenly realised that not only had I not seen either of their knickers properly, I'd yet to have a good look at Millie's little pussy or bum.

'Oi Missy!' I said to Nicole, 'I've not seen those new knickers yet... or Millie's?'

I pulled my hand out of Millie's knickers. She jumped down and the two girls whispered to one another, cupping their mouths with the hands and giggling. Then Nic took hold of the hem of Millie's short pink dress and lifted it right up above her waist. Millie flashed me a lovely smile as I looked at her bright pink neon knickers, tightly encasing a lovely looking vagina with a quite pronounced little mound.

'Yum!' I said as Nic got Millie to turn around.

The back of her knickers were only covering about half of her bum, so I got a lovely view of the most sexiest little bum crack.

'Double yum... sexy bum!' I said.

I heard Millie giggle before she turned back round and Nicole let go of her dress. Then Millie grabbed Nicole's skirt hem and the show was repeated, as I watched Nic show off her new little white knickers to me.

'I'll show you her new special, sexy ones tomorrow!' I told Millie as she released the skirt after Nic had given me a rear view of them.

Then I heard Nic say '1...2...3...GO!'

The two giggling girls quickly grabbed hold of the waistband on their knickers and pulled them down before stepping out of them, leaving a crumpled scrap of bright pink and white on the carpet. Then Millie held her dress and Nic her skirt, up to their flat little chests.

It was the first time I'd seen Millie's little mound and I wasn't disappointed. It was every bit as sexy, smooth, hairless, and beautiful as Nicole's and I told her so. Then they both turned around. Her fabulous sexy bum was flawless. Two perfect round, white little globes. Although she was the older of the two, Millie's bum was smaller and slightly slimmer than Nic's, but still a little peach. When they turned back round I beckoned them both to me. With them both still holding them up and displaying their delightful charms to me, I hugged them both closely.

'You are both beautiful, sexy little girls...' I told them, 'and I love you both!'

I then moved my hands lower, giving both bums a lovely little squeeze before I moved my hands to the front of them. Both little girls stood with their legs apart, thrusting their little mounds out towards me. While they continued to hold their skirt and dress up, I played with them, running my finger up and down their soft smooth slippery little slits, before I used my thumbs to rub their little clitty bumps in small circles. Both girls began to sigh, moan and whimper at the nice feelings.

'That's really nice...' Millie said softly, '...just like Granddad said it would!'

'Ooh yeah...' Nic agreed, 'are you going to make us cum?' she asked.

'What's that?' Millie asked innocently.

Nic laughed.

'You'll know when it happens..' she said to Millie before turning to me. 'Won't she Uncle Pete?'

'Yes darling...' I laughed, 'she certainly will... and yes... most probably!'

Poor Millie hadn't a clue what we were on about, but I was certain she'd find out very soon. I continued my diddling of Millie's little hard clit and with Nicole, I alternated between her clit and actually finger fucking her. Both girls were making little sounds of pleasure. I concentrated more on little Millie. As always, I wanted to make her first ever orgasm as nice and as powerful as possible for her and something she'd remember for the rest of her life. I wanted her to crave that feeling of intense pleasure and I wanted her, just like Nicole did, to crave it continually from me. She already had her eyes closed, biting down on her lip and her sweet little face scrunched up in pleasure. I stopped what I was doing to Nicole and nodded towards Millie. Nicole looked and smiled as she saw how much pleasure I was giving her little best friend.

'You going to make her cum?' she whispered.

Millie herself was lost in her own little pleasure place and was oblivious to our conversation. I nodded to Nicole, as I rubbed Millie's clit harder and faster in tiny small circular movements.

'Oh... oh... oh...' Millie gasped as I saw her little legs starting to wobble.

'That nice darling?' I whispered tenderly to her.

'Oh yeah... oh yeah... nice nice nice...' she gasped.

'Just let the feeling happen...' Nicole encouraged her friend. 'It'll take over you!'

'Oh god... oh god...' Millie was squealing.

'You should lick her...' Nic suggested. '...but stand her on your lap or she'll fall over!'

Nic stood behind her little friend and took over the holding up of her dress. Millie was so lost in her new, wonderful sensations that she never even noticed that I'd lifted her up and placed each of her tiny feet on each of my thighs. I rubbed her clit more as I ground my knuckle up and down her slit.

'Oh... so nice...' little Millie was sighing.

I moved my mouth closer. I could smell those wonderful little girl juices flowing freely from her, as I swiped my tongue along the folds of her slit.

'Oh me godddd!' Millie shrieked. '...Oh yeah... so so nice...'

I started sucking, biting and flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue, as her little thin legs buckled.

'Aargh...' she yelled.

Nicole held her to stop her best friend from falling, as I sucked hard on her little love button.

'That's it...' Nicole encouraged, '...feels nice don't it.. just go with it... and let it out...'

'Oh me goddd!!' Millie shrieked again as I gave her sweet smooth pussy my continued attention.

Millie threw her head around and nearly accidentally head butted Nicole. As 7 year old Millie had her first ever orgasm with my mouth clamped between her legs, she unwittingly wet herself a little. It was only a tiny dribble and her sweet, salty tasting golden fluid trickled into my mouth, which I savoured and then swallowed. Another tiniest drop dribbled down the inside of her thigh.

Once she'd ridden the waves of sheer pleasure that ripped through her tiny body, she eventually calmed down and opened her eyes. Her little flat chest rose and fell quickly and she was panting.

'Oh... me... god...' she gasped, 'is that... what a...'

Millie couldn't remember the word.

'CUM!' Nicole reminded her helpfully.

'Cum is?' she asked.

I nodded.

'That was... was...'

'I know...' Nic giggled. 'SO good isn't it? The same thing happened to me the first time Uncle Pete did it!'

She looked at me lovingly and smiled.

'Oh ... wow!' Millie said blowing air up onto her own face.

'You liked that then?' I laughed,

'I loved it!' she said kissing me. 'Granddad was right... oh wow... fank you!'

I then had an idea. I offered Millie the finger that had been inside Nicole and vice versa.

'Can you smell these?' I said.

They both nodded.

'Put them in your mouths... see if you like the taste?'

Both girls licked and sucked at the fingers I offered them.

'Mmm...' Nic said, 'tastes really nice!'

'Mine too!' Millie agreed. 'What is it?'

I explained it was each other's juices from their pussies. Both of them were surprised that they tasted so nice. I lifted Millie down.

'Well I made you feel nice and special...' I said to her, 'time for the birthday girl... before Mum gets back. What do you reckon?'

Millie nodded.

'Can I watch?' she asked.

'Course you can. Why don't you kneel down there next to me... and then you can see exactly what we both do?' I said.

Nicole wasted no time in getting in position in the armchair, one leg draped over each side as usual. It was the first time Millie had seen a pussy close up and spread wide like that.

'Is that what mine looks like?' she asked.

'Pretty much!' I answered before pointing to the little hole. 'That's where the cherry usually is... but I popped it... as you know.'

She nodded.

'Did it 'urt?' Millie asked her best friend, who was laying back in the armchair with her legs spread wide open.

'Nope!' she said proudly. 'Nor when he put his willy inside it and fucked me!'

Nicole was boasting now.

'Wow!' Millie said in astonishment clearly impressed. 'You's did THAT?'

'Uh-huh!' Nicole laughed.

'That's so cool!' Millie replied. 'I fink I'd like to do that!'

'One thing at a time sweetie,' I said to the very eager little 7 year old with a laugh. 'And if you look here...' I said peeling back Nic's clitty hood. 'That little white bit there?' She nodded as she leaned forward for a closer inspection. 'That's her clit. That's what I was rubbing, licking and sucking... and that is what made you feel so good.'

'Is that what makes you... cum?' she asked.

I nodded.

'Wow... I'm learning so much I didn't know!' Millie told me.

'Right... time to make Nicole feel nice like you did!' I laughed.

Turning to Millie I said quietly, 'Shall I make her cum as well?'

Millie nodded her head furiously and watched intently as I began rubbing Nicole's little clit with my thumb, before I latched my mouth onto it and began licking and sucking on it. At the same time I slipped a finger into her and began to finger fuck her. It wasn't long before Nicole was moaning, sighing and writhing about all over the place.

'This is so cool!' Millie gasped excitedly.

'Give me you hand darling?' I said quietly.

I got Millie to stick out her index finger as I withdrew my own finger from Nicole and guided Millie's index finger into her. I then put my hand over hers and moved it back and forth so that little Millie was the one whose finger was sliding in and out of Nicole's tight little hole and finger fucking her 7 year old best friend. At the same time I flicked at her clit with my tongue. I looked at Millie who was having a whale of a time, plunging her finger deep in and out of Nicole. Every so often, little Millie stopped and I watched her lick the juices off.

'You like that taste?' I asked.

Millie smiled and nodded. I moved over and positioned Millie between Nicole's legs.

'Suck on there babes!' I said to Millie, pointing to Nicole's clit. '...And along the slit there... you can suck on each of those lips there... or stick your tongue in the hole just there for lots of juice... but you have to keep going all the time... and do it as hard and as fast as you can...'

Little Millie got straight in there, sucking hard on her friends clit.

'Oh yeah... yeah... nice...' Nic moaned with her eyes closed, as Millie switched to tongue fucking her.

I circled Nic's clit with my thumb.

'Oh... yeah... aaahh.. gonna... cum... oh yeahhh!!' Nic shrieked.

'Go for it Mill!' I whispered.

I watched as this sweet, innocent looking 7 year old, brought her 7 year old best friend to orgasm.

'Oh... so nice... yeah... oooh!'

Nicole's little body started to shake and shudder in the now familiar powerful orgasm, as she ground her pussy hard onto what she thought was my mouth. I continued to rub her clit as I told Millie it was okay for her to stop. She smiled at me and I saw Nic's juices glistening around Millie's lips and chin. Nicole moved my hand away as a signal she'd had enough and we let her ride out the last of her strong cum, until she eventually calmed down and opened her eyes. She was shocked to see little Millie wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

'W... w... was that you?' she asked her best friend.

'Not all of it...' I laughed, 'but it was Millie who made you cum though!'

Millie stood as Nic sat up. Nicole put her arms around her best friend and kissed her on the lips.

'That felt so nice... wow!'

'Why don't you kiss her properly Nic...' I suggested, 'show her how to do it?'

Nicole explained to Millie what she should do and soon the two 7 year old girls were locked in a passionate embrace. I was pleased to see Nicole slip her hands under Millie's dress and caress her little bum as they tongued each other.

When they broke away, all Millie could say was 'Wow!'

'I can taste my pussy!' Nicole giggled. 'That's really sexy!'

I laughed.

'I'm going to lick you tomorrow!' Nicole announced to her little friend.

Millie smiled.

'Well,' I said, 'there's lots for Millie to learn... and we can show her yeah?'

Nicole nodded furiously.

'I can't wait!' Millie said enthusiastically.

'You two had better put your knickers back on and straighten yourselves back up. But before you do, I want a proper sexy kiss off both of you!'

I sat on the chair and passionately kissed Nicole while fondling her bum, before I did the same with Millie.

'And don't forget tomorrow... skirts or dresses... cute and sexy knickers!'

Both girls giggled as they replaced their knickers and adjusted themselves to look the picture of innocence. By the time Helen and Kelly returned we were all curled up together on the sofa watching Aladdin.

'Thanks for everything today...' Helen said as they got up to leave.

'My pleasure!' I assured her.

'You'll have to come up with a way of thanking Uncle Peter properly for everything he's done for you today Nic?' Helen told her.

She already has... I thought to myself... and very nice it was too! Both girls gave me a big hug and kiss, before I saw them to the door. As they left, unseen by anyone else I did the cross on my chest with my finger before blowing them a kiss. They did the same back to me, before they disappeared down the stairs so Helen could take Millie home. I returned to the lounge and flopped into the armchair.

'You look shattered!' Kelly said. 'Fancy a coffee?'

'Love one!' I said. 'It's been a long day!'

As Kelly made the coffees she called out from the kitchen.

'That little Millie's a right little sweetie!'

'Yeah...' I answered.

'Stunning blue eyes... and very pretty!' she called back.

'Never looked at her that closely to be honest... can't say as I noticed...' I lied.

I was so tired, I didn't even remember going to bed. I did remember the dream I'd had though. It was Nicole's party and I was the only adult there. All the little party guests were naked. The games they played were different too. Little naked 7 year old boys... seeing who could pee the furthest... little naked 6 and 7 year old girls seeing who could fit the biggest item into their little pussies with a prize for whoever pushed it in furthest too... All that sort of thing. As I often do, I woke up with a hard erection. Unusually, Kelly thought I was deserving of an increasingly rare blow job.

Unlike a certain little 7 year old neighbour who couldn't get enough of it, Kelly wasn't keen on the taste of semen. Although she would allow me to cum in her mouth, she would always discreetly spit it out into a tissue. Naturally, I couldn't help comparing Kelly's cock sucking skills with Nicole's. It was a no contest. The sexy little 7 year old won hands down every time. I just hoped that Millie would like the taste too.

Oh well, I thought, hopefully I'll find out tomorrow......

End Of Part One

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Believable characters, patient, sincere dialogue, sufficient details to draw delightful imagery in the mind's eye, and well-written, the writer substantially more literate than many. THAT is one of the best stories I've read here in a very long time, mate. Thanks so much for that. I hope there will be more to come.


What an absolutely erotic story. This is by far the best I have read on this site. It is very believable and got better the more it continued. I hope to hear lots more from you.


Thanks for submitting the story, it was an absolute joy and thrill to read. Your writing style is second to none, and you leave the reader definitely wanting more. Best wishes and keep up the great work.


Can't wait for part 2. So fucking hot!


Excellent piece of writing. Can't wait for Part Two!


fantastic story looking forward to part 2!

mr henrys parrot

this seems a lot like Sweet Little Lauren, by Darles Chickens


This has got to be the best story that I have read on this site. It is more believable than the majority. Nothing is hurried and everything fits together as in a complex jig-saw. I hope that Millie is just as willing to learn new things as Nicole was and that 'Uncle' Peter ends up with two little nymphomaniacs to pleasure. He deserves them. I am looking forward very much to Part 2.


I take it that they're from England or abouts. Great style! please more of the girls eating each other out maybe even 69ing?


Why does it read so much like 'Sweet Little Lauren' ?


Although this is a remake of sweet little lauren I love this story I hope you continue past where you left off with your other story I loved that series as well

Carroll Lewis

Thanks for the kind reviews guys, glad you like it! There will be more to cum, but these things take time.

@ Mr Henrys Parrot - Yes it is a bit isn't it, but it will go off in a different direction to SLL.

Oh by the way peeps... if you enjoy my stories, why not check out my EARLIER stories written under my previous name of....

'DARLES CHICKENS!' pmsl! - mr henry you sussed me! lol Anyhow, my DC stories are available EXCLUSIVELY here, and here ONLY! Go to authors > 'D' and then scroll down for DARLES CHICKENS

Once again, thanks for the kind comments!

C.L (& D.C!) ;)


great story would love uncle Pete to fuck Nicole while she eats Millie's pussy


a great story to savour - stands up a stand alone story, but I am looking forward part 2 when it arrives. Always enjoy your tales, thanks for sharing


Awesome story! Can't hardly wait for part 2!!!!!!


Such a terrific story. Couldn't stop till the end. Keep up the great writing.


Awesome story!!! Can`t hardly wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By far, the most enjoyable and sensual story I've read. totally believable and well written. Thank you for showing that love between two people doesn't have to be restricted by age.

Jonny b Good

Amazing story. Great description. I loved it! Can't wait for part 2. Please include pee drinking in the next part.


Amazing story - thanks! It was sooo believable and really quite wonderful erotic, love story. Couldn't stop...


Very hott story. Absolutely wonderful. Can you do more with the peeing in part 2? Maybe he can drink their pee in the next part and/or Nicole can drink Millie's pee, please?


Thank you for a good story enjoyed.


Great story, but use words like panties and penis, rather than knickers and willy

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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