Deja-Vu, Part 1

[ MF/g8, g7, g5, pedo, oral, anal, ws, mild scat, 1st ]

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Published: 27-May-2013

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This story is a work of fiction. This means that it did NOT happen. If stories featuring adult/child sex offends you, then please do not read it!

This story is © Carroll Lewis 2012.

I'd lived there for about four months, but I hadn't a clue that she lived there as well. It's like that when you live in a tower block. I didn't even know who lived in the neighbouring flats on my own landing, let alone the other fifty odd. I never saw them.

But I got into the lift that morning to go downstairs like I normally do, and it just happened to stop on the floor that she lived on. Because she had called it. It was one of 'those' moments. I wasn't even sure if it was her at first.

She was holding the hands of two little girls. Clearly they were her little girls. You could tell that a mile off. The last time I'd seen her, she was only about 8 or 9 herself I suppose, possibly a little older.

It had been a long time and I wasn't exactly sure. Now she had kids of her own, and I suddenly felt very old. I wasn't sure how she'd react or what she'd say to be honest. She'd either be really pleased to see me or... totally horrified. There was only one way to find out.

'Hello Sam!' I said with a smile. 'It is you isn't it?'

She looked up. Clearly she hadn't recognised or realised it was me.

'Bloody hell!' she said. 'Pete?'

I grinned at her inanely.

'Yup. The one and only... thank god some might say. Long time no see. I didn't know you lived here?'

'I didn't know you did either!' she told me.

I tried to work out quickly how long it had been since I''d seen her.

'You've grown a bit since I last saw you' I laughed. 'And changed. How long ago was that?'

'I was 8' she laughed. 'Almost 15 years ago now. How long have you lived here?'

'Around four months now' I told her.


'About a year. What happened to...?'


She nodded.

'Divorced!' I said. 'Who are you with these days?'

'No one' she answered. 'Their old man was a total waste of space' she indicated the two little blonde girls smiling up at me.

'You can tell her their Mum is!' I told her. 'They're the spitting image of you. They both look exactly how I remember you.'

Sam gave me a knowing little smile.

'Not exactly!' she laughed.

We both knew what she was referring to without either of us saying a word.

'Well no. Are you on your way somewhere? Fancy a coffee?'

'Nowhere important. You?'

'Not really. A few bits and bobs of shopping. Nothing urgent.'

The lift door slid open on the ground floor and I immediately pushed the button to send us back up to the eighth.

'Your girls are beautiful!' I complimented her. 'What's their names?'

Sam laughed.

'I wondered how long it's take you to ask... longer than I expected actually!'

'I'm getting old!' I laughed, '..and these days... more bloody careful!'

'This one is Madison. She's 6. Say hello to Uncle Pete,' she said to the little girl. 'He's a friend of Mummy's.'

'Hello Uncle Pete!' she said sweetly, little dimples appearing in her cheeks when she smiled.

She looked just like Sam did when she was younger. The same blue eyes, freckles across the bridge of her nose, and her dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.

'...And this one is Bethany. She can be a bit shy. Say hello Beth!'

Bethany turned and cuddled into Sam's leg shyly

'NO!' she said defiantly, shaking her head and making her little blonde bunches sway about. 'Don't want to!'

'That's okay...' I said in a soft friendly tone, 'you don't have to. Maybe you'll say hello to me later?'

I gave her as little wink as she eyed me suspiciously.

'It's not you,' Sam explained. 'She's like that with everyone. You wait until she gets to know you,' Sam laughed, 'she'll be all over you like a rash!'

'Can't wait!' I replied, giving the little girl another little wink.

'You've not changed then?' Sam laughed as the lift stopped and the door slid open.

I led the way to my flat and we all entered. I headed straight for the kitchen and switched the kettle on.

'Do the girls want juice?' I called out.

'Please!' Sam called back.

I joined them in the lounge and Madison, or Maddy I found out she was often called, was eyeing up my shelf of Disney DVD's.

'Pick one out!' I said, giving her a little wink, 'and I'll stick it on for you to watch?'

At the mention of a DVD, little Bethany seemed to come to life and after walking over to her big sister, they had a discussion on the merits of various films before they settled on Cinderella. I put it on and they both settled themselves on the floor in front of the TV to watch it.

'You've not lost your touch I see?' Sam laughed.

'Don't forget I've had daughters of my own since,' I laughed. 'Hence the DVD collection!'

Sam laughed as she gave me another knowing little smile.

'I thought they were tools of the trade?'

'Still bloody cheeky I see!' I laughed as I went back to the kitchen to make the coffee. 'Just one of the many things I loved about you!'

'Yeah!' Sam laughed again, '...and I know what the others were! Do you mind if I smoke?'

'You can burst into flames if you want!' I joked as I came in with the drinks.

It was really strange seeing Sam all grown up and smoking. When you remember somebody, especially if when you last saw them they were a child, then that's how they tend to etch themselves on your memory. You kind of think that they'll be like that forever, as adulthood seems so far away for them, so I was still adjusting to the fact that the little girl I remembered, was far from a little girl now. She still had that sweet, innocent look about her that I'd loved though, and from what I could tell, had grown a lovely little pair of tiny tits. Her bum, although bigger now of course, looked like it had remained firm and pert, despite having given birth twice. For a Mum of two, she was actually in great shape. I sat down next to her.

'So how old are you now... if you don't mind me asking?'

'22' she replied. 'I was 16 when I had Maddy.'

I looked to the two little blonde girls who were totally lost in their film. They were dressed identically in pink t-shirts, short white skirts, white frilly ankle socks and pink plastic sandals.

'So,' I asked, 'what you doing with yourself these days?'

'Not a lot!' she laughed. 'Bringing these two up. That's hard enough. Can't really afford much else.'

'We'll have to change that,' I said as I lit a cigarette. 'That's if you'll let me?'

I looked at Samantha, changing to a more serious tone.

'I thought about you a lot,' I told her. 'A hell of a lot!

'I have to ask... how come you stopped coming down to see us?' she asked.

She crushed her cigarette out.

'I really missed you... and I used to cry myself to sleep. Did you know that? I thought it was my fault!'

She looked like she was about to get tearful, so I slid an arm round her.

'It wasn't anything to do with you sweetheart,' I said soothingly. 'Or me for that matter. Angela had some sort of barney with your Mum, and they fell out... so she decided we wasn't going to come down any more... then we moved... and that was that. You know what she was like...'

'Yeah...' Sam said, 'a right bitch! I never liked her very much anyway!' she laughed. 'I used to really like the things we used to get up to,' she admitted.

'Me too!' I replied.

I gave her a hug and looking into her eyes, kissed her lips. Sam looked a little startled.

'Sorry...' I said.

'It's okay... its just... them two...' she nodded towards Maddy and Beth. 'Hang on... can you pause the film for a moment?'

I pressed pause on the remote control.

'Aww!' Maddy complained, turning round.

'It's just while I talk to you for a minute so you don't miss anything. Me and Uncle Peter are going into the other room to talk. If you need me, knock on the door and wait... don't just come barging in okay?'

'Okay Mummy!' she said, more interested in getting back to the DVD. 'Can you put Cinderella back on now please?'

I laughed.

'That's all they bloody care about!' Sam laughed with me.

I pressed play and Maddy turned back to the screen. Sam and I got up and I led her to my bedroom, closing the door to, but not actually shutting it. We both sat on the edge of the bed as I slipped an arm round her.

'I loved you...' she said quietly.

'Believe it or not...I loved you too...'

I kissed her lips again. Sam put her arms around me and we kissed passionately, our tongues searching each other's mouths. I placed a hand on one of Sam's tits. They were small but firm. Just a nice little handful. And just how I liked them. As I gently squeezed and caressed it, Sam moaned softly into my mouth. She was a great kisser, but then again, she ought to have been. It was me who taught her. When we broke away, Sam laughed as she looked down to see my hand on one of her mounds over her top.

'What?' I said innocently.


Her laugh was infectious and made her eyes dance. She looked like that little 8 year old again that I remembered from all those years ago.

'Well...' she said with a giggle, 'the last time we did this... I didn't even have those!'

She pointed to her cute little mounds.

'I just found it funny!'

I saw the funny side of what she was saying and laughed with her.

'Mind you,' she added. 'I didn't think they'd be your thing?'

'Well you know my absolute preferences,' I laughed, 'you more than most people!'

'Yeah!' she laughed.

'But those that you have are just the sort I like...'

'I thought most men liked big tits... you know the Jordan type?'

'You have got to be kidding!' I laughed, pulling a face. 'I can't stand her... or her rubber, plastic, silicone... or whatever her tits are made of!'

Sam fell about laughing.

'Give me nice little ones like yours... or little budding ones...'

'Or none at all?' Sam raised her eyebrows teasing me.

There was a light tapping at the door.

'Mummy?' Madison called out. 'Bethany needs a wee!'

'Tell her to go then!' Sam replied, rolling her eyes at me.

'Where is it?'

'Oh Christ!' Sam suddenly realised. 'Our flat's on the opposite side... so it's the other way round to this one!'

She jumped up to go and show Beth where the toilet was. Sam sorted her out and I heard the toilet flush.

'Mummy...' I heard Bethany's little voice. 'I'm hungry!'

I had an idea on how to get little Bethany on my side, so I wandered out of the bedroom.

'I'm hungry too Beth...' I told her. 'How about we all go out for some lunch. How about... McDonald's?

'Yeah!' Both girls screamed excitedly, clapping their hands.

'Hang on... don't get carried away!' Sam told them.

'Why?' I asked. 'It's my treat. All you have to do is say yes!'

'Please?' Bethany asked.

'Please Mummy?' Madison added.

'Oh... go on then!' Sam relented. 'But I don't want you spoiling these two!'

She eyed me up.

'Shut ya face!' I laughed, poking my tongue out at her. 'I will if I want to!'

I winked at little Bethany and got a beautiful smile in return. From that moment on, I bonded with her.

'Has the film finished Mads?' I asked.

She shook her head no.

'I'll pause it and then when we've finished at McD's, you'll just have to come back and watch it. I mean, you can't watch half a film can you?' I said with a sly wink.

Madison beamed me a big smile as she shook her head vigorously. Sam looked at me.

'Oh you're good... ' she laughed. 'You are VERY good!'

'Years of practice... as you well know!' I laughed. 'Come on girls... let's go and see Uncle Ronald!'

The two girls held hands and did a little dance in a circle while singing.

'We're going to McDonald's... we're going to McDonald's...'

Not long after I was pulling into the car park of the local McDonald's on the retail park, with very two excited little girls strapped in the back. We got our order and found a place to sit. Both girls had Happy Meals and I watched in fascination as they dipped nuggets into ketchup and wolfed them down.

'Thanks for this,' Sam said leaning over and kissing my cheek. 'I can't afford to bring them, so this is a real treat for them... that's why they got so excited!'

'You're welcome!' I told her. 'No need to thank me. I think they're having a good time!'

I looked at the girls.

'Enjoying yourselves?'

Maddy and Beth looked up with ketchup smeared faces and nodded.

'The state of you two!' Sam laughed.

Soon the girls decided they'd eaten enough.

'Can we go play outside?' Madison asked.

'Go on then...' Sam said, 'but look after your sister!'

The two girls joined hands and went running off to play on the slide.

'Best take our coffees outside and keep an eye on them?' I suggested, so we picked our cups up and followed them out, finding an empty bench.

'Thanks again Pete...' she said. 'It seems really strange just calling you Pete... you were always Uncle Pete to me.'

'Well... ' I laughed, 'if it makes you feel better....'

Samantha hit me playfully.

'Anyway, no thanks needed. The girls are delightful and ... well... you know how I felt about you and...'

I let the sentence trail off.

'And what?' Sam asked.

I didn't know if what I was about to say would spoil things.

'I still do!' I admitted.

'That's good...' Sam eventually said quietly, so do I!'

I gave her a hug and a kiss.

'Mummy! Uncle Peter! Watch!' Madison called from the top of the slide.

She came whizzing down it, showing off her little white knickers printed with little pink love hearts all over them. Little Bethany followed her, showing off her pastel lilac ones with Tellytubbies on them.

Sam spotted me looking.

'Remember when I used to wear knickers like that?' Sam whispered in my ear.

I nodded.

'Preferred it when you took them off though...' I whispered back.

'Don't I know it!' Sam laughed.

'Seriously though...' I said, lowering my voice to a whisper, 'Do you regret it? Do you wish we hadn't?'

Samantha didn't even stop to consider the question and without hesitation shook her head. 'No... and definitely no!'

'Do you really mean that though. They reckon so-called abuse scars kids for life... blah... blah... blah...?'

'Course I do!' she said. 'I was never abused by you!' she continued, taking hold of my hand on the table. 'You never forced me to do anything. I did it happily and willingly. If I hadn't liked it or had wanted you to stop, I'd have said so. But I didn't. And you know... that often, it was ME that instigated it!' she laughed. 'Those so called do-gooders talk out of their arses... they don;t have a clue!'

I was surprised at how strongly Sam felt on the subject.

'No regrets then?'

'Ah... now I didn't say I didn't have any regrets...' she said honestly, looking into my eyes.

'So what do you regret?'

'That my Mum fell out with Ange... and you stopped coming down!'

'Well I regret that too,' I told her, 'but I could hardly have come down on my own!'

'Suppose not.' she replied. 'I also regret that we didn't do more... you know..' she said lowering her voice to barely audible whisper. 'You didn't actually fuck me... but I wish you had have done. I'd have liked for you to have been the first... I know you'd have done it properly... and for the right reasons too...'

Sam sighed and looked close to tears. I was touched.

'You taught me so much... and I'd have dearly loved for you to teach me more... much more...'

'You and me both sweetheart...' I said tenderly, 'you and me both!'

The mood changed in an instant when Maddy and Beth came charging back, all red faced and breathless.

'Having fun?' I asked the two smiling girls.

They both nodded like mad.

'I'm all puffed!' Madison told me.

'Me too!' Bethany added.

'Oh well... that's no good then!'

'What? What?' both girls asked.

'Well...' I said, 'if you're all puffed out...'

I gave Sam a sly wink which the girls never noticed.

'You can't have any ice cream... can you Mummy?'

'Nope!' Sam said playing along. 'It's the law or something...' she added for effect.

Madison and Bethany's little faces fell.

'Look!' I said pointing. 'There's even a policeman checking up on you!'

The girls turned to look, just as a patrol car happened to drive down the road at the right moment. I heard Sam stifle a giggle. They both totally believed us and looked really worried. I watched as the police car drove out of sight.

'He's gone now,' I said struggling to keep a straight face. 'Let's tell him knickers... and get some ice cream anyway!'

Sam burst out laughing and couldn't contain her giggles any longer.

'Yeah!' the girls cried with excitement.

'Still a wind-up then?' Sam laughed. I remember you doing that to me all the time. What was that one you used to say? Oh yeah... when the ice cream man rings his chimes... it means he's run out of ice cream?'

I cracked up laughing.

'The worst bit is...' Sam laughed, 'I bloody believed you! Right up until I was 10! I was at a friend's house one day and we heard the ice cream man. She asked her Dad if we could have one. I told him not to bother... because the chimes meant he'd run out! She couldn't stop laughing... and I felt a right pratt when she told me the truth!'

I was now laughing so much that my jaw ached and my stomach hurt.

'I'm... so... sorry...' I eventually managed to get out.

'Yeah right!' Sam said dryly.

I stood up.

'Samantha sweetheart?' I said sarcastically.

'Yes darling?' she answered with equal sarcasm.

'Do you want an ice cream? I didn't hear any chimes... so they must have some?' I laughed.

'Come on girls!' I said, taking Maddy and Beth by the hand.

'Git!' Sam called after me laughing as we headed back towards the counter.

When we returned, it was with four huge ice creams topped with sugar stands, marshmallows and chocolate sauce.

'Uncle Peter?' little Bethany suddenly said.

'Yes poppet?' I looked at her with a big smile.

'Can I sit on your lap please?' she asked very politely.

I looked at Sam who nodded.

'Course you can poppet!' I replied lifting her up. 'Look at that ice cream... it's nearly as big as you!'

Bethany giggled as she tucked in, getting most of it around her sweet little mouth.

'You've cracked it with her...' Sam said to me quietly. 'She never EVER sits on anyone's lap normally.'

I looked at Sam as she licked ice cream off her spoon. There were so many little things that she did without even realising, which instantly reminded me of her when she was 8 years old.

'You look so sexy doing that...' I whispered in her ear.

She dipped her finger into the tub and licked the ice cream off seductively, like she was giving a blow job.

'Remind you of anything... or anyone?' she teased with a saucy wink.

'Jesus!' I gasped as I watched her.

'Huh!' Sam giggled, I've learnt the art of wind-ups too!'

I laughed.

Once the girls had finished and Sam had cleaned them up a bit, we made our way back home. The girls were back on the floor lying on their tummy's with their heads in their hands as Cinderella continued. I sat on the sofa with my arm around Samantha as she turned and cuddled into me. Suddenly she looked up at me.

'Thanks for everything today Pete...' she said.

'You're more than welcome... all three of you.'

'Well I want you to know it's appreciated. I don't get to treat them like that as much as I'd like to, what with money being so tight. I've tried to get a job, but it's not easy fitting it in around school and stuff... and benefits don't go far... and...'

I put my index finger to her lips to silence her.

'Sssh!' I said removing my finger and then kissing her. 'I hope there'll be many more days like this... bigger and better... there's parks and picnics... swimming... theme parks...'

She looked at me.

'And there's no ulterior motive either... before you ask!'

'I wasn't going to say that!' she said defensively. 'In fact, if...'

She didn't finish the sentence.

'If what?' I asked.

'Nothing!' she replied.

I decided not to push her. Whatever it was, if she wanted to say it, then she'd tell me in her own time... or not. Whatever she decided. I kissed her again.

'I mean it,' I told her. 'I... well you know how I feel about you... and I think Maddy and Beth are wonderful...'

Bethany turned her head and smiled at me at the mention of her name. I poked my tongue out at her.

'Nosey!' I laughed.

Beth poked her little pink tongue back at me cheekily.

'She definitely likes you...' Sam told me as Beth turned back to the film. 'I've never seen her like this with anyone.'

'Good,' I said, 'because I like her... and her sister... and her Mum!'

We sat there cuddling each other close as we watched the film, even though we'd both seen it many times before.

Suddenly, Madison's hand came round the back of herself and lifted her skirt, pulling the back of those cute little white knickers with the pink love hearts on them down a bit, and idly scratched her sweet little bum cheek, before pulling them back up, removing her hand and dropping her skirt back down.

'Exhibitionist...' I commented quietly to Sam, 'wonder where she gets that from?'

She gave me a playful little slap as I lowered my voice.

'Her bum's as cute as someone else's I used to get a frequent look at... and still looks quite nice from what I've seen!'

'You've definitely not changed,' she laughed before adding, 'you never know your luck... you might get the chance to find out?'

'Yours... or hers?' I asked, taking a chance.

Sam hesitated before answering, like she was about to say one thing but decided to say something else.

'Mine... but you never know...' she laughed.

I looked towards the girls. Bethany was kicking her legs around to a song in the film, so I get a lovely view right up her little short skirt at her knicker clad bum and between her legs. It was the last song in the film and very shortly the credits began to roll.

'Right you two,' Sam announced, 'time to go home!'

'Aww...' both girls complained.

'We can't stay here all day and all night,' Sam explained, 'and I'm not sure Uncle Pete would want us to either. I'm sure he has things he needs to do'

'Actually...' I said, 'I haven't!'

Maddy got up and ran over to me.

'I want to stay here with Uncle Pete!' she cried, giving me a huge hug.

'Me too!' Bethany joined in. 'And watch another film!' she added hopefully.

Sam looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders.

'You two need to have a bath and stuff...' she told them.

'But Mummy..' Maddy protested.

Sam looked at me again. I remained silent as I didn't want her to think I was trying to influence her decision, as much as I would have liked to.

'Okay...' Sam finally said looking at me. 'IF Uncle Peter has nothing to do... and IF he wants to... how about he comes downstairs with us?'

'Yeah!' Maddy cried. 'Please come...pleeeassseee?'

Bethany looked up at me with those delightful bright blue eyes which looked so much like her mother's. I looked at Sam and then these two beautiful, blonde little darlings. How could I refuse? I put an arm around each of them and hugged them to me, kissing the tops of their heads.

'Course I'll come!' I smiled.

Madison and Bethany skipped and danced about wildly.

'I think they're happy!' I said to Sam.

'You don't say?' she said sarcastically.

'Want to pick a film out each girls?'

They dashed over to the cabinet. Maddy picked out Monsters Inc. and Bethany chose The Little Mermaid.

'Look!' Bethany said pointing to the cover, 'that's Ariel! I got knickers with Ariel on them!' She informed me proudly.

I laughed.

'Have you?' I said. 'You'll have to show me!' I said with a little wink.

'Right then... let's go!' Sam said.

We took the lift back down to her flat. Although sparsely furnished with cheap items, it was comfortable and functional, and the place was spotlessly clean. It was clear she was living on a very limited income, but equally clear that she was doing her best. Once we were in more familiar surroundings, the girls were much more relaxed and felt able to be themselves. Sam went to make drinks.

'Come see our bedroom!' Maddy insisted, tugging at my hand.

Bethany put her arms up to be carried. So I scooped her up and with her on one arm, little Madison took my other hand and led me to the bedroom they shared. It was a proper little girl's bedroom, all pink and very girlie with little twin beds. The girls proudly pointed out the childish drawings and pictures they'd done and were stuck up on the walls.

'Wow that's good! I told Madison.

'Did you do that one Beth? That's brilliant!'

I looked down at the two little beds. One had a Barbie duvet, the other Pokehontas. I put little Bethany down on the carpet and then lay down on top of the Barbie one with my hands behind my head.

'That's it!' I said with a big put on yawn. 'I got my bed. Night night!'

'That's MY bed!' Madison protested.

'It's mine now!' I told her.

Maddy went charging out of the room to find Sam.

'Mummy! Mummy!' she called.

I looked at sweet little Bethany and put my finger to my lips and went 'Sssh' as I got up and laid down on hers instead. Madison dragged a harassed looking Sam in.

'Look! Uncle Peter said...'

She stopped mid sentence and looked between the beds puzzled.

'Said what?' I laughed with a silly grin on my face.

Sam glared at me.

'When you've finished acting like a big kid...' she laughed, 'there's a coffee waiting for you in the lounge... or would you prefer it in a sippy cup?'

'Ha ha ha!' I said getting up and following her back to the lounge.

Once we were back in there, an argument broke out between the girls over which film to watch first, so I flipped a coin and they ended up watching Monsters Inc. Again, they lay on their little flat tummy's with their head resting in their hands.

Sam and I drank our coffee's and had a cigarette.

'So they showed you their bedroom then?' she said blowing the smoke out.

'Yeah,' I replied. 'Haven't seen yours though... yet!'

Sam gave me one of those smiles.

'Fancy giving me a hand to bathe them?' she asked.

'Seriously... you trust me with them to do that?'

'Seriously!' she answered. 'And of course I bloody well trust you!'

I laughed. Sam got up to go and run the bath.

'Girls...' she said as she got up, 'pause that film and go get your night stuff and a towel each please?'

Reluctantly, Madison paused the DVD and they both dashed to their bedroom. I heard the taps running in the bathroom as the girls returned. They both then started to undress and seemed totally unconcerned as I sat there enjoying their little impromptu pre-teen strip show. Soon they were both stark naked and as I admired their cute, sexy little bodies, I felt the familiar stirring in my jeans. Sam wandered back in.

'Oh you're both ready!' she sounded surprised. 'Come on then. Uncle Pete's going to help!'

Excitedly, the two naked little darlings ran squealing to the bathroom. I stood up and Sam's hand went to the front of my jeans as she felt for my cock.

'Thought it might be!' she laughed. 'You do Maddy, and I'll do Beth!'

When we reached the bathroom, Bethany was sitting on the toilet, golden coloured liquid dribbling from between her legs. She eventually jumped off and Madison followed suit. Sam lifted Beth into the bath while I enjoyed watching Madison having a wee. She didn't seem bothered in the slightest that I was blatantly watching her. Once she'd finished, I lifted her in to join her sister.

I watched Sam as she washed little Bethany's body, soaping her hands and rubbing her all over. I noticed Beth open her little legs as Sam washed her cute little pussy, followed by her equally cute little bum. I did the same with Madison as she stood with her legs apart. Sam lifted Beth out and wrapped her in a big fluffy towel.

'I'll leave you to it...' Sam said with a wink. 'Take your time!'

Samantha disappeared with Bethany as I soaped up my hands. I washed Maddy's lower legs before making my way up her smooth, white little thighs.

'Turn round babes...' I said.

Madison turned her back to me as I soaped her shoulders and back before I started on her cute little peach of a bum. I soaped my fingers as I washed in between her lovely, soft cheeks. Maddy's hands came round to the back of her and she pulled her little bum cheeks apart as she bent forward a little.

'Now you can wash my bum properly!' she said. 'That's how Mummy does it.'

Hmm... is it, I thought to myself. I spent a long time with my fingers in and around her tight little bum crack and my hard cock began to ache. Eventually I rinsed her bum off and Maddy turned back round.

'Now the front...' she announced, opening her legs and pulling those sweet little pussy lips of hers apart.

I spent plenty of time washing and rubbing her delicious little 6 year old slit before rinsing her off. Finally, I lifted her tiny frame and wrapped her in a towel like her sister, before carrying the warm little bundle into the lounge where Sam was busy drying Bethany between her legs. I plonked Maddy down and began to dry her off too.

'Alright?' Sam asked.

I nodded.

'Did you like Uncle Peter bathing you?'

Little Maddy nodded.

'It was good!' she replied.

Sam dressed Beth in her nightie, a short white one with a cute teddy bear on the front and the words 'Sweet Dreams' across it. Once Maddy was dried, I helped her into hers, a similar one with the words 'Night Night' on it. I noticed neither of the girls wore knickers to bed. They curled up together on an armchair and the film continued.

'Did you enjoy bath time?' Sam asked me quietly.

'You knew I would!' I replied slipping an arm round her before I gave her a long, passionate kiss. 'Do I get to see your bedroom now?' I asked as we broke away.

'Maybe...' she replied, still determined to keep me guessing.

Sam nudged me and pointed to the girls who were suddenly both sound asleep. She stood up and crooked a finger at me to follow her, as she led me to the bedroom.

'They'll sleep for a little while now,' she laughed. 'A bath always does that to them... why do you think I suggested it? Anyway, here's the room you've been dying to see!'

We sat down on the large double bed before I put an arm round her and we kissed, falling back onto the bed. I slipped a hand up her top and squeezed one of those cute little tits. When we broke away, I lifted her top up, and Sam raised her arms, allowing me to take it off.

She had a little white, lacy bra on, which with her tiny tits, looked like a 12 year old's training bra on her. I reached round and unclipped it, letting it fall away from her. Then I pulled my own t-shirt off before clamping my lips onto one of Sam's hard little nipples. As I sucked her tit, I felt Sam's hand rubbing and caressing my cock over my jeans.

'Mmm...' Sam moaned, 'it's been a while since my hand was on that...'

I lifted my mouth off her.

'You hand was much smaller back then...' I laughed as she undone the button and unzipped me.

My hand went between her legs.

'The last time my hand was here... it was soft, smooth and bald... just like the girls are now...'

'Yeah...' Sam replied, 'that's what worries me...'

'What do you mean?' I asked as I caressed and fondled her.

I thought she was referring to me and what I might do to the two beautiful little babes asleep in the lounge. I was wrong.

'Well... it's a bit different to the last time you had your hand down there...' she explained. 'You might not like it. I've grown up and I've had two kids since...remember?'

'Only one way to find out,' I said as I unbuttoned her jeans and slid down her zip.

I slipped my hand into her soft cotton knickers and stroked a very wet, very slippery slit.

'Oh yeah,' I said approvingly as I stroked her, 'and still hairless?'

Sam nodded as her hand went into my pants and wrapped her fingers around my aching cock.

'Prefer it like that...' she told me.

We pulled each others jeans off and I removed my pants before I removed Sam's knickers, pulling them down and off. I looked at her pussy. It had lost that cute 'little girl' look with the tightly closed lips and hidden clit of course, that I'd loved so much. Like Sam had said, she'd grown up and had two kids, but she didn't have any stretch marks anywhere which surprised me, given how petite she was. Her tummy was very flat too. All in all, she was in very good shape. I lay on top of her as she wrapped her arms around me and we had a long, delightful and very passionate kiss. I slipped a finger into her easily.

'Oh yeah...' Sam moaned softly when we broke away, 'that's nice...'

I moved down her body, kissing and nibbling each little tit on the way, before I kissed her lower tummy. I then moved between her legs as she raised and opened them. Using a thumb, I began to rub her clit.

'Oh... yeah... yeah... ' Sam gasped as I circled it slowly.

I lowered my face and sucked on her hard bump.

'Suck it... lick it... lick me Pete... like you used to do when I was just a little girl...'

My mind flashed back to Samantha when she was 8 years old, lying in her little bed with her Strawberry Shortcake duvet cover pulled down, her Minnie Mouse nightdress lifted up, and her my little pony knickers round her ankles, waiting for me to climb the stairs and sneak into her bedroom, while everyone else was preoccupied downstairs. How she'd unashamedly open her little legs to expose her smooth, bald little pussy to me. How I'd kiss and lick between her little 8 year old legs, sucking on her tiny hard little clit making her writhe in ecstasy as the little girl cum and cum and cum again on my lips....

She may have been a grown woman now, but she was just as responsive as she'd been when she was little. I took one of her lips in my mouth and sucked on it, before doing the same to the other. I then sucked and flicked her clit with my tongue before I inserted two fingers deep inside her and began to finger fuck her hard. Sam grabbed my head and pulled my mouth onto her harder.

I withdrew my fingers, replacing them with my tongue and as I began to tongue fuck her, Sam gyrated, writhed and thrust her hips at my face just like she did all those years ago.

'Oh... oh... oh...' she gasped as I stabbed her with my stiffened tongue.

I recognised the signs. Sam was close to cumming. I went back to fucking her with my fingers as I sucked and flicked her clit again.

'Oh... yeah... cumming... oh god...' Sam sighed, 'oh god...'

As she started to cum, I thrust my fingers deep into her and pressed against her pelvic wall before wriggling my fingers around inside her. I felt her vaginal muscles contracting on them as she clenched me tightly.

As Sam continued to cum, I worked my way back up, sucking on her little tits again on the way back before we kissed hard. Eventually we broke away and she opened her eyes.

'Phew!' she said kissing me again and then breaking into a big smile. 'I've not cum like that since...'

'Since?' I asked.

'Since... the last time YOU made me cum... when I was 8 years old!'

'Yeah right!' I said dismissively.

'Yeah right!' she said seriously.

The look on her face told me she meant it. Before I had the chance to ask her any more, she pushed me onto my back. Sam sat up and leaned across me. She wrapped a hand around my cock, lowered her head and slipped her lips over the end. She sucked hard, taking almost all of it into her mouth and caressed my balls with her other hand, just like I'd taught her all those years ago.

Then she pulled the foreskin back and swirled her tongue around the head, before she licked up and down the shaft and then went back to sucking me properly. Her head began moving up and down as she sucked harder and faster.

Sam had always been a fantastic little cock sucker, even back then, and it was clear she'd lost none of her skills. I could feel my own orgasm rapidly approaching.

'Gonna... cum... babes...' I gasped as my cock exploded in her mouth.

Expertly, Sam swallowed every spurt as it arrived in her mouth... and not for the first time. Once I'd finished spewing and repeatedly filling her mouth, Sam came off my cock, licking her lips and smacking them loudly.

'Thank you.' I hugged her. 'You suck cock so well!'

'I had a good teacher!' she giggled.

We lay there naked and smoked a cigarette, chatting and having a cuddle

'Sounded like you had a good cum there babes?' I said.

'Not had one for a while... and they were never much cop to be honest. Not only that... but the last person to give my pussy a good licking... was you... when I was 8 years old!'

'You're kidding?' I said in disbelief.

Sam shook her head.

'How the fuck did you ever manage to have two kids then?'

'Rob, my partner... their Dad... he was okay when it came to a quick fuck... in-out... cum... done..'

I laughed.

'Seriously,' she told me, 'it was as quick as that... as long as he shot HIS load!'

'Typical of most blokes... selfish bastard' I said.

'Anyway... he refused to go down on me and lick my pussy... point blank!'

'You ARE kidding?' I said in astonishment. 'A tasty little pussy like yours and he wouldn't lick it?'

Sam shook her head.

'Totally refused. There were lots of other things he wouldn't do... or even try either!'

'Yet you were always willing to experiment and try anything... even back then when you were just 8!'

'I know,' she said, 'and I still am!'

She winked at me saucily.

'I'll remember that!' I laughed.

To my surprise, Sam said, 'Good!'

'So did he expect you to suck him off?'

'Oh yeah!' Sam replied as she blew out some smoke. 'I did it once... AND I refused to let him cum in my mouth!' she giggled. 'After that I refused to do it. When I realised he wouldn't do it to me.. I said bollocks to him!'

I laughed.

'And when we did actually fuck... it was all over in about thirty seconds. He never tried to make me cum... like you always did. You ALWAYS made me cum when I was a little girl, and because of that, I really enjoyed it... and that made me want to make you cum as well. You always cared how I felt. I was used to you and there was nobody... not him or anyone else... who could have matched up to you... or made me feel the way you did!'

We crushed out our cigarettes.

'Fancy a coffee? Sam asked. 'I need to go and check on the girls anyway.'

'Please' I replied.

I watched a naked Samantha climb out of the bed as she made her way out to the kitchen. She really was in fantastic shape for someone who had bore two children. I watched her sexy bum cheeks wiggle to and fro before she disappeared out of sight.

Shortly, Sam returned with two mugs of coffee. She set them down and slipped back in beside me. I put my arm around her as she cuddled back into me and rested her head on my chest.

'How are the girls?' I asked as I stroked her hair.

'Soundo!' she replied. 'I think you tired them out today!'

'They remind me so much of you when you were little... especially Madison. I know you were slightly older, but I did love you... even then.'

'I know,' she said softly. 'I loved you too.'

'I know you did... I could tell. What did you think when I first did it... you know, put my hand on your little bum?'

'Dunno really. It felt nice... I knew that. Mixed feelings I suppose... a bit confused?'

'Why? What do you mean?' I asked as I caressed her bum.

'Well at school, they did the thing about "good touching" and "bad touching" you know? Not like it is nowadays. Maddy's already had the paedophile thing at school!'

'Yeah,' I laughed. 'It's so over the top isn't it? Perverts on every street corner... always on the news, in the newspapers and all that...'

'It's all bollocks!' Sam said angrily.

'Do you think it's harmed you in any way, or do you wish it's never happened... be honest...'

'Honestly?' she said. 'No. I'm GLAD it happened, and no way did it harm me. In fact, I think the opposite, and it was a really GOOD thing to have happened. More girls should have a sexual relationship with a man at that age... or even younger, I think. The Government and that need to wake up and realise that... and stop sending men to jail for it!'

Clearly Sam had strong views on the subject as she continued.

'Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying it's for every girl...or boy even... but kids should be free to make their own decisions and have a sexual relationship if THEY want to.'

'Oh I agree,' I told her. 'No one should be forced into anything... I mean rape is rape... but take me and you for instance. They call that abuse, and if you were that age now and I fucked you... regardless of whatever YOU say or the consent you give... the law now says that it's statutory rape!'

'Well you didn't abuse me... and calling it rape is absolutely ridiculous... and I so wish you had now too!'

'I know that and you know that,' I told her, 'but the law makers say you're incapable of consent until you're 16.'

'Load of bollocks!' Sam said angrily. 'They should speak to girls like me... I'd set them straight!'

I had very little doubt that she would as well.

'When I was about 14...' Sam began, 'pretty much every girl in my class was having, or had already had sex. Alright, they probably didn't start at 6 or 7 like I did... but I bet some of them did though!'

I laughed.

'They would have if they'd have met me! But seriously, I bet there were more than you realised... at it with their Uncles, Granddads, the bloke next door... down the road... or even their own fathers!'

'Probably,' Sam agreed. 'But to go back to what you originally said. I felt so special and REALLY loved when we were doing stuff. It felt nice and exciting too. It was such a thrill when you first put your hand down my knickers... and I've never had that feeling since either. The fact that we had to keep it a secret... actually made it more exciting to be honest. I loved the fact that while they were all downstairs chatting, there was us... an 8 year old little girl with my legs spread wide open while you licked me... and then when I had my mouth full of cock while you slid it in and out...'

'It was pretty wild... and daring,' I said reminiscing. 'What about when you first saw, touched and sucked my cock?'

'I was surprised how big it was. I'd only seen my brother's dinky little cocktail sausage up until then,' she giggled. 'And I hadn't touched one... so I didn't know what to expect. It was weird, but in a good way... sort of hard and soft at the same time. Even when you asked me to put it in my mouth. I never realised that anyone did that for a start... and I expected it to be horrible.'

'Yeah...' I laughed. 'I remember the look on your face when I first asked you to put it in your mouth. You went "E.. that's where you wee from...".'

Sam laughed.

'Then I reminded you that I'd already licked where YOU wee'd from!'

She laughed again at the memory.

'I remember that...' Sam said with a chuckle, '...and when I agreed to give it a try... it wasn't anything like that. In fact, I loved the full feeling of a cock in my mouth. I loved the taste of pre-cum... you made loads of that... and the taste of cum itself is pretty good. There was only one part about it that I didn't like...'

I raised my eyebrows at her.

'What was that?' I wanted to know.

'When you cum in my mouth... I couldn't swallow it quick enough!' she giggled.

'Yeah you struggled a bit at first. Do you remember the time you coughed while you were swallowing it?'

Sam burst out laughing.

'It's one of my funniest memories... when it all shot out of my nose like some weird white snot?' she laughed harder. 'Then you had to do a very quick, very quiet dash across the landing to the bathroom for some tissue to clean me up with... that was SO funny!'

'Yeah!' I laughed with her. 'You seemed okay today though?'

'Yeah!' she giggled. 'I got a much bigger gob now!'

I hugged her close and kissed her head.

'Do you really wish we'd done more?'

'I do. I really wanted you to fuck me... but I didn't know how to ask you. I wanted to try it up my bum as well... in fact, I still do!'

'I might just grant you your wish!' I laughed. 'Can I ask you something... seriously?'

'Course!' Sam replied looking up at me, detecting the change in my tone.

'Now I've said all that... you know about when YOU were 8... how would you feel if Maddy... or even Beth, suddenly turned round one day and said to you that some bloke had put their hand down THEIR knickers... would you be okay with that?'

'I knew this question would come up sooner or later,' Sam said seriously, 'and if I'm honest about it... no I wouldn't!'

I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

'But you said...'

'Let me finish...' Sam continued. 'You said some bloke... so no, I wouldn't be happy with just anyone. If you'd said would you be happy if YOU had put your hand down their knickers... then that's different.'

'In what way?'

'Well, I know you for a start. I also know that you would never ever hurt them, do anything they wouldn't want you to do, or scare them. You care. I know that for a fact. I've been there... remember?'

I nodded.

'I'm surprised you asked anyway,' Sam added.


'Well I asked you to bath Madison... remember? AND I told you to take your time!' she laughed.

'Well I did wonder what you were on about to be honest.'

'And did you... you know... do anything?'

'Yes... and no...' I laughed.

'What's that meant to bloody mean?' Sam laughed.

'Well I fingered her... kind of... if you know what I mean?'

Sam shook her head.

'Not really! Anyway, how did she respond?'

'Well she never went screaming to you did she?' I laughed. 'She seemed quite responsive as it goes. From my experience...'

'And you've had a shit load of that!' Sam giggled.

I glared at her before I smiled and kissed her on the nose.

'From my experience...' I repeated, 'I would conclude... Maddy is... how we say... well and truly...' I paused for effect. 'Up for it!'

'Good!' Sam said as she looked straight into my eyes. 'I want you to teach them... like you did me?'

'Both of them?' I asked, surprised that she'd included little Bethany.

Sam nodded.

'Don't worry, I'll help you. You'll have to see to my needs too though?' she laughed. 'And you won't have to do it in secret either!'

I kissed her lips.

'I want them to know all this is to know about sex... try everything... and that way, they won't end up with some twat loser who can't even be bothered to make them cum like I did! I want them to know what REAL pleasure's like... how wonderful a strong orgasm feels... just like I did. Orgasms they'll remember for the rest of their lives and pass on to their little daughters just like I'm doing. I can still remember how wonderful my first ever orgasm was, and I always will... and I have YOU to thank for that memory!'

'What if they tell someone... at school or something?' I asked.

'They won't, don't worry. I'll make sure that they know that what goes on between us in this flat... or yours... stays there!'

'When do you want me to start?' I asked.

'Whenever you want to?' Sam replied as she wrapped her hand around my hard cock and began to gently stroke me.

'I see you like the idea,' she said, squeezing it gently.

'You know me,' I replied. 'They've both got cute, sexy little pussies and bums.'

'They have haven't they? Anyhow, I've been waiting fifteen years for this!'

'For what?'

Sam came close to my face before whispering in my ear.

'Fuck me!' she whispered. 'Fuck me hard. I want to feel you ramming this...' she squeezed my cock again, '...deep inside me!'

'You couldn't get enough of my cock when you were an 8 year old... you haven't changed!'

'Let's hope the girls take after their Mum then...' she giggled. 'I think they will. Anyway, I've not had decent sex since then, so shut ya face and fuck me... NOW!'

I rolled over and got on top of her as Sam opened her legs.

'Guide it in babes...' I whispered lovingly.

Sam reached down and guided my cock into her hot, very slippery hole, before I moved my hips and it slipped easily inside her.

'Ooh...' Sam sighed as I pushed my cock deeper inside her.

'At long last...' I gasped, 'I have my cock inside you...wish I'd done it fifteen years ago!' I told her, as I began to slide in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

'So do I!' Sam gasped as I thrust harder.

'Ooh yeah... harder... faster...'

We built up a rhythm quickly and I knew that after our conversation and the mood we were both in, it would be a pretty quick fuck. I began to pound into her hard. As I did, I reached behind the small of her back down to her bum and I pushed my finger hard up her tight, sweet arse.

'Oh god yeah!' Sam gasped, as I rammed her pussy with my cock and her lovely tight bum with my index finger at the same time.

'I'm... gonna... cum... any... minute...' Sam panted as I continued to ram into her hard.

As Samantha started to cum, I slammed into her and finger fucked her backside hard. I could feel my own approaching, so I slammed into her one last time and held it there as I filled her womb with my hot, slimy, baby making seed, which I still wished I'd done fifteen years ago when the person underneath me was a little 8 year old girl. When we were both spent, I collapsed on top of her as we hugged and kissed in the lovely afterglow of our frenzied fuck, before we kissed long and hard. Once we broke away, Sam smiled at me dreamily.

'I just knew that if you ever got to fuck me... it would be the best ever!'

I hugged her and we kissed again.

'Thank you!' she said. 'That was the best fuck I've ever had. I liked your finger up my bum by the way!'

'It's just occurred to me... and I don't like to mention this... but shouldn't I have worn something?'

Sam burst out laughing.

'What... like a pair of bedsocks or a silly hat?'

I playfully slapped her bum.

'Mmm...' she giggled with a wicked look. 'No you're okay... I'm on the pill!'

We continued to hug and kiss, simply enjoying one another.

'You staying the night?' she asked.

'You want me to?'

'I wouldn't have bloody well asked if I didn't!' she laughed. 'And I'm sure the girls would love you being around.'

'That's settled then!' I told her. 'I can pick up clean clothes in the morning. It's not like I live miles away!'

We'd both dozed off blissfully to sleep in one another's arms, and were awoken by a little body climbing into the bed with us. I opened my eyes.

'Hello madam...' I said looking as a smiling Madison. 'You okay?'

'I'm hot... need a drink...' she complained.

Sam pulled Maddy's nightdress off over her head. Like earlier, Madison was totally unconcerned by me seeing her naked. I had a sheet covering me so she couldn't actually see that I was naked too. Sam slid out of the bed.

'I'll fetch you a drink sweetheart,' Sam said to Madison as she gave me a sly wink. 'Why don't you give Uncle Pete a nice hug?'

As Sam disappeared, walking gingerly with my cum oozing from her pussy and slowly running down the inside of her thighs from our earlier fuck, Maddy got under the sheet with me. I grabbed her and laid her tiny smooth body on top of my own big hairy one. Madison giggled as she realised I was naked too.

'Oi where's my hug?'

She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tight as I rested my hands on her lovely, little round bum cheeks.

'I'll have a kiss with that as well...' I told her.

Maddy planted a big wet sloppy kiss on my lips before I lifted her down, and then laid her next to me as she put an arm across my chest and cuddled into me.

'Uncle Peter?' Maddy asked quietly. 'Are you going to be my new Daddy?'

'I don't know!' I answered her honestly. 'Would you like me to be?'

Madison nodded like mad.

'I'll be a good girl if you are... I promise!'

'Oh sweetie!' I said, putting my arm around her and hugging her close to me.

I was really touched by what she'd said and the way she'd said it, and felt a hard lump in my throat.

'I know you're a good girl... it's just a little bit more complicated than that!' I winked at her and kissed the top of her head. 'Grown up stuff always is!'

I stroked her hair.

'Let's just see what happens eh? Anyway, I'll always love you, Mummy and Bethany... no matter what okay?'

Maddy nodded her sweet little head as Sam returned with a glass of juice for her.

'Thanks Mummy!' she said, taking it from her and gulping it down quickly.

'Ooh you are thirsty!' I laughed. 'Save me a bit!

Madison stopped drinking and offered me the glass with the last bit in the bottom.

'Oh sweetheart... thank you!' I laughed. 'But I was only joking. You drink it!'

'I'm just going to lay Beth on her bed,' Sam told me.

'Want me to carry her in?' I offered.

'It's okay,' Sam replied. 'I'm used to it... and you two look like you're nice and comfy?'

'We are, aren't we poppet?' I said to Madison, giving her a hug and resting my hand on her bum again.

'Yup!' Maddy replied smiling. 'Snug as a bug...'

'In a rug!' I laughed.

Sam disappeared off as I tickled Maddy and she burst into a fit of the giggles. As she rolled about, she kicked the cover off and didn't seem bothered or worried in the slightest that I was naked. Sam returned quickly and slipped into bed beside us with Maddy in the middle.

'A Madison sandwich!' I laughed.

Little Maddy giggled.

'I could just eat you!'

'I bet you could!' Sam said with a crafty wink, the innuendo going straight over Maddy's head of course.

'Mads?' Sam said. 'You know sometimes in the bath... when Mummy makes you feel nice?'

Madison nodded.

'How would you like Uncle Peter to do it too?'

Maddy nodded enthusiastically.

'Remember what I told you though? It's still the same, even though Uncle Pete's going to join in...'

'Don't worry Mummy' she replied brightly. 'I still won't tell anyone... I promised!'

I was stunned. I had no idea that Sam had already started. I looked at her.

'You're not the only one...' she laughed as she took hold of my hand and with her hand on top of mine, placed it between her daughter's legs.

She pressed my hand against Madison's smooth bald little mound and smiled.

'Remind you of anything... or anyone?'' she laughed. 'Open your legs for Uncle Peter darling...' Sam said softly to her 6 year old daughter.

I felt Maddy's legs part.

'Good girl...' Sam said as she removed her own hand, leaving mine there.

I ran a finger along Maddy's soft smooth slit and back up before searching out her little nubbin at the very top.

'That's nice...' the little girl cooed. 'Do it again?'

I ran my finger up and down her little slit a few more times with a little firmer pressure. Little Maddy sighed, clearly feeling the pleasure.

'She definitely takes after you!' I said to Sam.

'Remember what Mummy told you Mads...' Sam said to her daughter, '...about all the sexy things she used to do when she was a little girl? All those really fun times and the nice feelings?'

Madison nodded.

'Uncle Peter was the man I did it with. He used to make Mummy feel really, REALLY nice... even nicer than he's making you feel now... and he taught her how to do the really sexy stuff. Now he's going to teach you too. Would you like that?'

'Goody!' Madison squealed, nodding and clapping her hands excitedly, 'And Bethany?'

'And Bethany too!' I confirmed. 'Is that okay with you?'

Maddy nodded again.

'I like it!' she said with the enthusiasm of any 6 year old. 'It feels nice... I like feeling nice!'

'Uncle Peter will make you feel the nicest ever... I promise!' Sam said as she took Maddy's soft little hand and guided it to my hard cock. 'You have to make Uncle Pete feel nice too...' she explained, as she helped the little girl curl her fingers around it with her own hand over her daughter's to guide her.

'Put your fingers around it darling...' Sam instructed... 'that's it.'

I felt Maddy's soft little hand taking a grip and I gasped.

'See?' Sam said softly. 'You're making him feel nice simply by touching him... just like he did to you just now. Isn't it?'

Sam and Madison both looked at me.

'That feels wonderful!' I confirmed. 'You're such a clever little girl Mads...' I praised her.

Madison beamed my praise.

'Now hold it nice and tight... not too tight though...' Sam told her. 'You need to check.'

Madison looked at me as she took a firm grip.

'That's lovely... just right!' I told the 6 year old with a big smile.

'Now... you move it up and down like this...'

Sam guided Maddy's little hand and showed her how to gently wank me.

'Like this Mummy?' little Madison asked as she moved my foreskin backwards and forwards.

'That's it!' Sam encouraged her. 'And the faster you do it, the nicer you make Uncle Peter feel...'

Maddy looked at me again and I nodded. Her hand movement speeded up, determined to make me feel nice.

'Oh that feels so nice sweetie...' I told her, 'you're making me feel so good!'

'You can use both hands if you want to...' Sam said to her. 'I've got an idea!'

Samantha lifted Madison up and sat her astride me, each of her little legs either side of my body so that she was facing me.

'Put both hands around it Mads...' Sam instructed.

Maddy followed her Mum's advice and added her other hand.

'Now do it...'

Madison began to wank me with both little hands wrapped around my cock, finding she could do it harder and faster.

'Oh yeah...' I groaned, looking down at little 6 year old Madison concentrating hard on the job in hand - literally.

'Now do it with just one hand?' Sam said as she took one of her little hands away and placed it on my balls. 'Rub these as you do it...' Sam instructed her daughter. 'You can squeeze them... but not too hard or you'll hurt him!'

I felt deliciously nice to have this lovely blonde 6 year old on top of me, wanking me and rubbing rubbing my balls tenderly, being taught by a beautiful woman whom I'd taught myself when she was just a little girl.

'You're such a big, clever girl Maddy!' I heaped praise on the little girl.

'Now...' Sam explained to her daughter, '...if you keep doing it like that... you'll make him feel really, really nice and special. You'll know when he feels extra nice because it'll get a tiny bit bigger... and then you'll feel it pump... and all this lovely hot slippery stuff will come shooting out of it!'

'Really?' Maddy asked, like she didn't really believe it.

I nodded.

'It's called cum!' Sam told her. 'Can you say that?'

'Cum!'Madison repeated.

'Clever girl! When Uncle Peter shoots his stuff out... and he gets that really special feeling?'

Maddy nodded.

'That's called cumming!' Sam explained, before she lowered her voice and whispered like it was a big secret, 'And it tastes yummy!'

'Can I have a taste?' Maddy asked innocently.

'Course you can darling...' Sam said, 'but you have to be a clever little girl and make it all squirt out first... so you have to do that nice and fast... and make Uncle Peter feel really nice and special! Think you can do that?'

Maddy nodded with determination before she went back to doing it two handed and wanked my cock furiously.

'That's it darling...' Sam encouraged, 'you'll make him squirt his cum in no time!'

'Cum!' Maddy repeated again, as if engraving the word on her brain and adding it to her ever expanding vocabulary.

'I'm close...' I whispered to Sam.

'Keep going nice and fast!' Sam told her 6 year old daughter. 'When it starts to shoot out... keep going until I tell you to stop okay sweetheart? That's really important. It's going to happen really soon...'

'Oh... aargh... here it comes!' I gasped.

My cock suddenly erupted in Madison's little hands.

'Ooh I felt it get all big!' Maddy squealed.

Her little eyes widened as she watched the first spurts fly out and land on my chest.

'Keep going darling...' Sam reminded her.

'Oh god... oh Maddy...' I gasped as I continued to cum.

The hot slippery fluid ran down my cock and over Madison's soft little hands. She began to giggle but never stopped her actions for a second.

'It's hot and gooey!' she giggled again, fascinated by the continuous flow of this white stuff coating her hands making them more slippery.

'Keep going...' Sam reminded her again. 'You're doing brilliantly!'

My spurting slowed down to a trickle before stopping completely.

'You can stop now sweetheart...' Sam told her daughter as she looked at my cock.

Madison released her grip and looked at her tiny, delicate hands covered in the slippery slime. She studied this stuff that she'd never seen before. Then she sniffed at it before sticking her little pink tongue and tentatively licking a little from the palm of her hand.

'Nice?' Sam asked.

Madison nodded her head before she lapped up a little more. I opened my eyes and saw Sam smiling.

'Oh wow Madison!' I raved. 'You made me feel SO nice and SO special. You are such a special, clever little girl! And special clever little girls get... a great big hug and an even bigger kiss. Come here!'

Maddy moved forward and I wrapped my arms around her skinny little body appreciatively in a bear hug. I gave her a big kiss on the lips.

'Well done sweetie!' I said as we broke away. 'I think because she's such a big and clever girl... we'll have to teach her to kiss like a big girl too! What do you think Mummy?'

'Definitely!' Sam said in agreement as Madison licked more cum from her hands.

'That nice babes?' I asked.

'It's really yummy!' she said.

I looked at Sam with a big smile.

'Like mother... like daughter!'

Sam rolled up with laughter.

'I don't know what you mean!' she said as she scooped some up for herself and licked it off, smacking her lips loudly.

'I need a wee Mummy!' Maddy said as she started to climb off me.

'Okay darling' Sam replied. 'Is it okay if Uncle Peter comes with you and watches?'

'Uh-huh!' the little girl replied, nodding her sweet head.

I looked at Sam.

'I remember how much you used to love watching me wee... it always turned you on... and gave you a massive hard-on!' she said with a big grin.

I got up, and holding Maddy's hand, the pair of us walked naked to the bathroom. I lifted her onto the seat and then knelt down, gently spreading her knees so that I got a good view.

'You're such a pretty little girl...' I told her, 'especially down there!'

I pointed between her little spread legs at her gorgeous bald little slit winking at me invitingly.

'I'm going to do it now...' she announced as the lightly golden coloured fluid began to dribble from the tiny opening between her legs.

I leaned forward and gave her a kiss.

'How about we surprise Mummy? I suggested as I continued to watch the little 6 year old have a wee.

'Yeah!' Maddy said happily before she suddenly thought about it. 'How?'

'When you've finished your wee wee... how about I teach you how to kiss like a REALLY big girl? Then we can show her when we go back?'

Little Madison nodded her head as her flow slowed down to a dribble and then stopped altogether. I grabbed a small wad of tissue and wiped her sweet smooth pussy for her.

'Okay... lean forward... and put you arms around my neck babes?'

Maddy followed my directions.

'Now... kiss like before... but close your eyes... and open your mouth a little... that's it... and then we put our tongues in each other's mouths.'

'Like you and Mummy do?'

'Yup!' I said. 'Shall we try?'

Maddy gave me a little nod, moved her head further forward and closed her tiny mouth on mine. I watched her eyes fall and immediately her little tongue was in my mouth meeting mine. They danced about, albeit a little clumsily and awkwardly. However, considering she was only 6 years old and it was her first time, she did extraordinarily well. I opened one eye and saw that Madison's were tightly closed. We broke away and she opened them.

'Oh you clever little girl!' I praised her. 'Did you like that?'

Maddy nodded her head vigorously.

'Can we do it again?' she whispered.

We kissed again. This time it was longer. Maddy was less awkward and much more confident in what she was doing.

When we broke away I said 'Sssh... let's go and show Mummy... but keep it a secret until we show her!' I winked.

'Okay dokey!' Madison replied happily, climbing off the toilet and flushing it.

We wandered back to the bedroom where Sam was lying naked on the bed. I climbed on next to her and slipped an arm around her, before Madison climbed up and lay naked on top of me. I put my other arm around her and stroked her soft but firm little bum. I leaned across and kissed Sam passionately as Madison watched with renewed interest. When we broke away I winked at the little girl.

'Mummy...' I said, 'do you want to see what clever little Maddy can do?'

Sam smiled and nodded. Madison put her arms around my neck like she'd done in the bathroom and brought her lips to mine. We closed our eyes and kissed passionately, just as Sam and I had done. When we broke off, Sam smiled and clapped her hands.

'You clever girl!' Sam said with pride. 'When did you learn to do that?'

Maddy giggled.

'Just now... when I was having a wee wee!' she replied just as proudly.

'Oh wow!' Sam said, before giving her daughter a huge hug and kiss.

'I think that clever little Madison deserves a special little treat. What do you think Uncle Pete?'

'Definitely!' I agreed. 'What did you have in mind Mummy?'

'Something I used to REALLY love you doing to me when I was a little girl... something I STILL love!' she laughed.

I knew immediately what she was referring to, and what she had in mind for the beautiful 6 year old. It was something I loved to do too, and was looking forward to it immensely. Sam arranged the pillows.

'Lay back on these sweetie...' Sam instructed as she positioned Madison against them.

She then picked up another.

'Lift up darling...'

Little Maddy arched her back and Sam slipped the pillow underneath her sweet little bum.

'Comfy?' she checked.

Maddy nodded before Sam took hold of her little slim legs and opened them wide.

'What's Uncle Peter going to do?' Maddy asked curiously.

'You'll see...' Sam replied, 'but it'll feel really... REALLY nice... I promise you. Mummy loved it when she was a little girl... and she still loves it! I bet you will too...' she smiled at winked at the 6 year old.

I crawled between Madison's splayed legs so that my face was an inch or two from that beautiful, sweet smooth hairless little slit. I sniffed that wondrous, distinctive fragrance of little pre-teen pussy. Her tiny pink opening winked at me invitingly, and I saw a wetness there glistening in the half light. Madison was definitely turned on and excited, and once again I was reminded of Samantha when she was an 8 year old. Even at that age, Sam used to get incredibly wet, horny and turned on.

It seemed that Madison had inherited the same sex drive.

I moved my head forward and planted a kiss on Maddy's fleshy little pubic mound. Her flawless skin was soft and smooth, just like her Mum's had been when she was a little girl, before I swiped my tongue tenderly up and down the line where her two little lips fused together. Little Madison gasped.

'That nice baby?' Sam asked her daughter, as she stroked her lovingly with her right hand.

Maddy nodded. I thumbed those soft little lips apart and used a fingertip to rub her tiny hard clitty hood.

'Ooh...' Maddy sighed as my finger hit the spot.

I gently sucked on each of her little lips in turn as Maddy continued to make little gasps and sighs of pleasure. I placed my hands under the 6 year old's bum so that I could lift her pelvis up more to my face. Using her left hand, Sam spread her daughter's 6 year old pussy lips for me with two fingers as I pushed the tip of my tongue into her tiny little hole, getting my first proper taste of her sweet juices.

Maddy's little pussy tasted as sweet as her mother's did at 8 years old. That wonderful, glorious, distinctive nectar that you only got from a little pre-teen girl's slit. Sweet and intoxicating. I pushed my tongue in a little deeper as Maddy sighed softly.

'How's that feel sweetheart?' Sam asked her daughter tenderly.

'Really nice Mummy...' she said dreamily.

As I licked her, Maddy began to gyrate and push her little hips onto my mouth.

'Do her bum as well...' Sam whispered quietly to me.

She reached over and took hold of Madison's ankles.

'I'm going to lift your legs right up babes...' she explained as she lifted Maddy's little legs up over her shoulders so that the 6 year old was almost bent double.

I'm always amazed at little girl's suppleness at that age. With her little legs bent over like that and held wide apart by her Mum, Madison's sweet little bum was totally accessible to me along with that lovely little pussy. I studied those gorgeous little bum cheeks before gently prising them apart to expose the wrinkly, darker pink of her tightly closed anal opening. I licked her bum crack from top to bottom, up along the line of her smooth lips to her hard little nubbin at the top. Then I flicked and circled her love button before I sucked on it, and then made my way back down the same way to her wrinkled little rosette. I licked all around the darker pink circle before stiffening my tongue and poking at her tight little sphincter.

All the while, Maddy was making little mewing noises and sighs of pleasure, clearly enjoying all the attention I was lavishing on her. I held her tiny waist as I stabbed my tongue at her opening.

'Ooh...' Madison squealed as her tight, virgin anal muscle relented and allowed my tongue entry. I pushed it right up inside her as 6 year old Madison squealed in delight.

'Oh... my baby takes after her Mummy...' Sam said softly to her daughter. 'She likes things up her little bum...'

I tongue fucked that sweet little bum hole for a few minutes before going back to her other tiny hole. I concentrated on her hard, pea sized clit as Sam released Maddy's legs down from her shoulders, but kept them spread widely apart. I alternately licked the length of her slit before licking and sucking on her tiny nubbin. The more I did it, the more little Maddy rotated and ground her pelvis onto my mouth as I teased her little love button with my tongue and lips.

'Make her cum now...' Sam whispered in my ear. 'Suck and lick her... give her an orgasm to remember for the rest of her life... just like you did to me when I was 8 years old... I want to see my baby cum...'

I went to town on the little 6 year old girl, sucking and licking like a man possessed as she continued to writhe about, gyrate her hips and breath faster. I brought her to the brink a number of times. Each time I knew she was about to cum, I changed tactics to stop her from going over the edge, wanting to build up that intense, desperate feeling inside her.

'Ooh... ooh... ooh...' Maddy gasped as I went for the final build up.

Both Sam and I knew that Maddy was going to cum imminently, and it was going to be the biggest, most powerful, most pleasurable experience Madison had ever experienced in her 6 years on this earth. I circled her clit with my tongue... round and round... getting quicker and quicker... getting harder and harder.

'Let it happen baby...' Sam whispered lovingly. 'It's going to feel really, really nice for you... so let yourself go... let yourself cum...'

'Oh yeah... really nice... oooh...'

Maddy's little face was screwed up, her eyes tightly closed and she was biting her bottom lip as she arched her back to grind her pelvis against my hungry mouth. I gave her clit one final hard suck, sending 6 year old Madison past the point of no return, over the edge and into little girl sexual heaven.

'Oh Mummy... mummmmmyyyy... MUMMMMEEEE!' little Maddy screamed in delight.

I stopped sucking and licking and instead, ground my thumb into her little clit hard, going around and around in tiny little circles as the 6 year old had the most powerful orgasm I'd ever seen in a little girl. She wailed and lifted her hips off the bed, gyrating, writhing and flailing her legs about wildly. I took my fingers away and let little Maddy ride out the rest of the pleasure waves that were rippling through her little 6 year old body. I looked at Sam and winked with a smile.

'Thank you...' she mouthed with tears in her eyes.

'Why are you hurting Madison?' a little voice suddenly said.

We both turned to look. Little 5 year old Bethany was stood at the door, a hand up the back of her nightie scratching her little bum sleepily and a teddy under her other arm.

'Shit!' I said quietly.

'We're not hurting her darling...' Sam said soothingly.

Bethany took a couple of steps closer.

'It sounded like it...' Bethany insisted. 'She was going "ooh...ooh...ooh..."' She did a little impression. '..And then she cried out "Mummy!"'

Madison was still lying totally naked and spread eagled on the pillows. Her legs were wantonly spread wide open, showing everyone present her sweet little pussy glistening and shining with wetness in the light, and a lovely dark pink colour from my attention. Bethany looked at her naked big sister. Without saying a word, she put her teddy down on the bed and pulled her own little nightdress off over her head, so that she was naked like the rest of us.

'Ooh...' I laughed, 'another little nudey girl... just like her big sister!'

Now she was a little more awake, Bethany giggled before she put her arms out to be lifted up, so I lifted her onto my lap and little Beth began to giggle uncontrollably.

'What's so funny?' Samantha asked her youngest daughter.

'We've all got no clothes on!' she giggled before she cupped a hand to her mouth and whispered to Sam, 'and I can see Uncle Peter's winkle!'

My cock was rock solid and standing out.

'Do you like Uncle Peter's winkle?' Sam asked her quietly.

Little Bethany had another good look... then nodded shyly.

'It looks like a big sausage!' she giggled.

Sam gave me a sly little wink.

'And I a little girl who LOVES big sausages!' Sam said.

Bethany nodded in agreement.

'What was you doing to Maddy... and why was she making that noise?' she wanted to know.

Before I had a chance to say a word, Sam piped up.

'We was making Madison feel really, really nice'

The 5 year old turned to her big sister who had now calmed down a little and opened her eyes, although her breathing was still fast and heavy.

'Isn't that right Mads?'

Madison had that dreamy smile on her face that little girls tended to have straight after an orgasm, and she was nodding furiously in confirmation. Bethany thought for a moment.

'Can you make ME feel nice?' she asked. "Like you did Maddy?'

I looked to Sam, unsure of how to answer the little girl.

'What did you see sweetheart?' Sam asked.

Bethany seemed a little hesitant to answer.

'It's okay sweetie...' Sam encouraged her. 'You can say what you want in here.'

'Uncle Peter had his head between Maddy's legs...' she recounted, 'and he was licking and touching her trickle... down there!' she said, opening her legs and bending them a little before pointing to her own pudgy little mound.

'Would you like Uncle Peter to kiss and touch you down there as well... on YOUR trickle?' Sam asked her.

'Say yes!' Madison encouraged her little sister. 'It feels really... REALLY... nice!'

'Did it hurt?' Bethany wanted to know.

She still wasn't entirely convinced we hadn't been hurting her big sister. Maddy shook her head.

'It just makes you feel really... I dunno... nicer than anything!'

Bethany nodded shyly.

'Listen then...' Sam said, 'and this goes for BOTH of you. You mustn't never, EVER tell anybody about what we do okay? No one. Never. Ever!'

She then looked at each of the girls individually.

'Or we'll all get in VERY big trouble and they'll take you away!'

She paused for a moment to let the seriousness of it sink in.

'So I want you both to PROMISE me?'

'I promise Mummy!' Madison said solemnly.

'Me too...I promise!' Bethany added.

'That's my good girls!' Sam said as she hugged them tightly.

I moved my hand up Beth's little leg, stroking her smooth upper thigh before stroking her soft baby slit.

'Ooh...' Beth cooed with surprise, 'it tickles...'

I traced my finger along the line where her lips fused.

'But nice...' she giggled as she looked at my hard cock.

The 5 year old seemed absolutely fascinated by this big thing between my legs, something that didn't go unnoticed by the rest of us, especially Madison.

'Touch it!' Maddy encouraged her little sister. 'I did... and I made the stuff squirt out!' she added proudly for good measure.

Bethany looked up at Sam for confirmation. Sam nodded. Tentatively, Bethany reached her little hand out between my legs and I felt hot, soft, delicate little fingers on it, touching it lightly. Maddy crawled across the bed over to us.

'You have to put your hand round it... like this...' she said to her little sister as she wrapped her own little hand around it like she'd been shown.

I looked at Sam who smiled back at me.

'...Then you move it up and down... like this...' Maddy continued her instruction. '...But you have to do it nice and fast... and then if you do it fast and for long enough... hot slippery stuff shoots out... it's called cum...' she continued before adding, '...and it tastes yummy... doesn't it Mummy?'

Sam nodded at her to confirm what she was saying.

'Let's make Bethany feel all nice and squidgy first?' I suggested. 'Can you lay back on the pillows like Maddy did darling?'

Little Bethany crawled across the bed, her delicious little bum wiggling invitingly, and laid back on them. Maddy followed her. The 6 year old was revelling in being the sex teacher to her little 5 year old sister, and was keen to continue her instruction.

'You have to put your legs up like this...' she said, getting Beth to put her feet flat on the bed like she'd done, 'and then open your legs nice and wide!'

Sam and I watched in fascination and delight as Madison gently parted her little sisters knees, so that her little legs were spread wide. Sam sat on the other side of her youngest daughter and stroked her hair lovingly.

'Don't worry sweetie..' she encouraged, looking at the slightly concerned expression she had on her face. 'It's not going to hurt I promise. It'll make you feel really really nice!'

I crawled between her spread little legs and blew a little raspberry on her smooth soft, flat little tummy before giving her pudgy little mound and clit area a long lingering kiss. Little Bethany was clearly very sensitive there, as the second my lips made contact, she let out a little gasp, before I ran my tongue up and down the little line where her smooth lips joined.

'That nice baby?' Sam asked.

Bethany nodded. Sam brought one of her hands down and carefully parted little Bethany's vaginal lips with her fingers. I savoured that sweet aroma again as her tiny hole opened slightly. Little Beth was clearly sexually excited. Her shiny hairless lips were already quite pink as I began to lick them and suck on her tiny nubbin.

'Ooh that feels nice Mummy...' she sighed.

'It's nice when he licks your bum as well!' Maddy piped up. 'Lick her bum Uncle Pete...' she encouraged..

'Shall I?' I asked.

Sam nodded as she lifted Bethany's legs up high like she'd done with Madison. I set to work in exactly the same way as I'd done with her sister, and in half the time, little Bethany was gasping and writing around moaning, her tiny body shaking and jerking, as I brought the little 5 year old to her very first, very intensive orgasm.

I came off her and Sam let her legs down. I looked at little Bethany who lie there panting. Her eyes were closed and her flat little chest rose and fell very quickly as pleasure continued to ripple through her tiny sexy body

'I know a little girl who has a VERY sensitive little love button...' I said before looking at Madison and adding, '...and two very sexy little girls who take after their Mummy!'

Maddy beamed me a lovely smile.

'They both like oral and anal...' I said to Sam with a big smile.

'Nothing wrong with that!' Sam laughed as Madison crawled over to me and wrapped her little hand around my hard cock again.

'Mmm...' I moaned as she gently began to wank me. 'And a little 6 year old girl especially... who loves cock!'

Maddy giggled as she continued to play with me. Still breathing heavily, Bethany crawled across to watch her sister and see how it was done.

'Was that nice poppet?' I asked the angelic 5 year old.

She nodded furiously.

'It still feels nice, squidgy and tingly!' she said with a big smile.

I gave her a little wink.

'I think...' Sam said, 'that as Uncle Peter worked so hard to make you two feel so nice... how about the three of us make him feel nice now?'

'Yeah!' Both girls squealed enthusiastically, clapping their hands.

I moved across the bed and lay back on the pillows with my legs apart. Madison sat kneeling on one side of me with Bethany doing the same on the other, and Sam kneeling behind her. Sam took Bethany's hand and encouraged her to wank me, but the little 5 year old struggled to fit her tiny fingers around my hard cock.

'Use both hands darling...' Sam said as she brought the little girl's other hand up and using her own hands, wrapped them around it. She then guided her on how to wank me.

'Oh that is so nice...' I gasped. 'You two are such clever little girls!'

As Bethany continued to stroke me with Sam's assistance, Madison took it upon herself to caress my balls.

'Who wants to see what Mummy used to do to make Uncle Peter feel nice when she was a little girl like you?' Sam asked.

'Me! Me!' both girls screeched excitedly.

Sam repositioned herself between my legs.

'Move round then,' she said, 'so that you can both see and get a good view.'

The girls shuffled around on their knees as Sam leant across me and licked the head of my cock.

'Oh wow!' I heard Madison gasp.

I looked at Bethany who remained silent, but had wide, interested eyes and an open little mouth. Samantha took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked gently.

'Mmm...' I sighed, 'that feels so good...'

Sam pulled her mouth off me and then licked my balls before coming back up.

'That makes Uncle Peter feel really special... like he just made you two?' Sam explained. 'Want to try and make him feel special like that?' she asked Madison.

Maddy nodded and leaned over like she'd seen Sam do. Little 6 year old Madison was taking to her sex lessons like a duck to water, and reminded me so much of her mother when she was a little girl. That's not to say that sweet little Bethany wasn't interested. Sam instructed Maddy, as Bethany bent her head down to get a better look.

'Okay... start by licking at the bottom there...'

Sam pointed at the base of my cock.

'...Right the way up to the top there...'

She pointed again.

'...And down again... that's it..'

I moaned and sighed softly as Madison's hot little pink tongue made contact with my hard, aching cock.

'That's it... good girl...' Sam said, 'move round a bit this way...'

She held Maddy by her slim little hips and repositioned her on the bed.

'Open your legs a little bit as well...'

Maddy complied with her Mum's instruction.

'That's it...' Sam said to her. 'If you remember to do it in this position with your legs apart... then Uncle Pete can make you feel nice and play with your little pussy or bum while you suck him... as I know he likes to do that. And while you suck him, always try to look up at him while you're doing it... he likes that as well. Always let him guide you. He might want to hold your head... while he pushes it in and out of your mouth... or he might tell you to put more in your mouth... or suck a bit harder. You should always do what he asks if you want to make him feel special... okay girls?'

Two little heads nodded up and down.

'So... you ready to suck it properly now Mads?'

The 6 year old nodded eagerly.

'Good girl... now open your mouth, but remember to keep your teeth out of the way because they're very sharp... now put your lips over them... like this...' Sam demonstrated what she meant before both girls copied her. 'Because you don't want to hurt Uncle Peter do you?'

Both girls shook their little blonde heads.

'Now Mads...' she continued, '...slide your lips over the top...'

I felt Madison's hot little mouth engulf itself over the head of my cock and I nearly came there and then. The feeling was indescribable as the naked little 6 year old started to deliver her first ever blow-job under the instruction and guidance of her naked mother, as her little equally naked 5 year old sister watched and learned with her. Sam put her hand on the back of Madison's head and gently pushed down, encouraging the little girl to take more cock into that sweet little mouth of hers.

'Breathe through your nose baby...' Sam whispered softly, '...good girl...take more in... more...' she instructed.

All the while, little Madison looked up and me and I watched her tiny cheeks bulging out. I reached out and lightly ran my fingertip along her sweet bum crack and pussy lips from behind.

'Suck harder poppet...' Sam whispered to the sweet little blonde.

I felt the little girl suck on my cock harder as Sam pushed her head down further and little Bethany craned her neck down so that she could watch close up. Suddenly little Maddy gagged. Sam released the pressure and Madison took her mouth off, coming up for air as she coughed. I looked at Maddy who smiled at me with little watery eyes.

'That happens sometimes...' Sam explained softly, 'you okay darling?'

Maddy had stopped coughing now. She smiled and nodded before giggling.

'It happens sometimes...' Sam repeated giving Maddy a little hug. 'Don't worry... you'll get past that and it won't be a problem!'

Sam leant across me.

'Soon...' she said to the girls, 'you'll be able to do this!'

Samantha opened her mouth, and expertly slid her lips down the entire length of my cock. She held it in the back of her throat for a few moments while I groaned with pleasure, as her two naked little girls learned and watched with admiration. Sam moved her lips back to the top, and then swirled her tongue around the head before coming off, long stringy strands of pre-cum hanging from her lips which she wiped with the back of her hand.

'I learned to do that when I was just a little girl like you two!' she said to the two wide-eyed little beauties.

I was amazed by little Bethany. For a 5 year old, she had an exceptionally keen interest in sex, and like her mother when she was young, seemed eager to try absolutely anything.

'Can I suck on it Mummy?' Bethany asked hopefully.

Without waiting for an answer, I felt her tiny hands around my cock and a hot, wet sensation on the end of it.

'Oh... my...god...' I sighed at this unexpected pleasure.

'Put it right in baby...' Sam encouraged the 5 year old, '...don't scratch him with your teeth sweetheart... be careful...'

She pushed Beth's head down gently to force more in. Bethany struggled even to fit the the big round end into her tiny little mouth. I ran my finger along her lovely little slit from behind, surprised at how wet and slippery the 5 year old's little pussy was. She seemed to suck a little harder when I stroked her as she looked up at me, before coming up for air. Like her mother before her, a long strand of pre-cum dangled from her lips before she wiped the back of her hand across her mouth like she'd seen her Mummy do, and then smiled at me.

'Well done Bethany!' I praised the little girl. 'That was wonderful. So wonderful... that I'm very close to squirting!'

Bethany was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing my cum shoot out and clapped her hands in glee.

'Put your hands around it Beth...' Sam said, wanting to continue the momentum before I went off the boil as it were, '...and we can make Uncle Peter squirt his cream!'

Bethany grasped my cock with both hands and began to wank me.

'Do it really really fast!' Maddy advised her little sister.

'That's right sweetheart!' Sam confirmed, as she guided Maddy's hands onto my ball sack.

The look on little Bethany's face was an absolute picture. One of total and utter concentration and determination to see the cum she'd heard so much about, shoot out of it like her older sister Madison had already done.

'Don't stop doing it until I tell you darling...' Sam reminded the 5 year old, as she wanked me with all her might.

'Mmm... yeah... oh god...' I panted ' it...comes...'

I felt my cock swell as my seed made its way up the shaft of my cock and then spewed forth as the 5 year old wanked me and her 6 year old sister fondled my balls, overseen by their mother. My cum shot high in the air, such was the intensity of the orgasm little 5 year old Bethany had induced, spurt after spurt flying out and landing on my belly and coating both girl's little hands in the slimy goo. Both Bethany's and Madison's eyes widened in amazement as they watched it fly out, despite the fact that little Maddy had already seen it before of course.

'Keep going!' Sam reminded little Bethany as she continued to slide her tiny hands up and down my shaft in the slippery goo.

'Oh you girls... are... so good...' I managed to get out, 'so sexy... making me feel... so nice...ooh yeah...' I gasped as the spurts became less forceful, slowed and eventually stopped.

'You can stop now poppet...' Sam told her daughters with a tone of pride in her voice.

'That was so nice...' I said as I tried to catch my breath. 'You are such clever little girls!'

I heaped praise on them and gave them both a huge, grateful hug before they both looked at their little hands covered in my cum. Immediately, little 6 year old Maddy began to lick it off hers. Clearly, she'd very quickly discovered a love for the taste of semen. Just like her mother had. Little Bethany looked at the hot stringy mess on hers, a little unsure. Sam leant over and began to lap up some of the cum that had dribbled down my cock and landed on my stomach.

I kept a careful eye on little Bethany. The 5 year old decided she wasn't going to be outdone or left out, and so took a hesitant little lick at the gooey mess all over her hands. She decided it wasn't so bad and took another, bigger lick. It wasn't long before she was lapping it up noisily with the same gusto as her Mum and 6 year old sister. The only sound in the room was the slurping, gulping and swallowing of the three of them as they cleaned both me and themselves. Watching Sam and her two little girls lapping up my seed with such enthusiasm was incredibly erotic. Very soon, between the three of them every trace of it was gone. Sam looked at me, smacked her lips noisily and smiled seductively. Both little girls gave me big cummy smiles too.

Soon the four of us lay naked on the bed. Madison was to my right, my arm around her, caressing her cute little bum as she cuddled into me sideways. On my left was little Bethany, sandwiched between myself and Samantha on the end. We all dozed off into a blissful sleep in a tangle of arms, legs and hugs.

I was awoken by movement in the bed. I opened my eyes to see little Bethany struggling to get out of it without disturbing everyone else.

'What's up poppet?' I asked her quietly.

'Need a wee wee!' she whispered back.

'Hold on...' I said quietly as I carefully extracted my arm from around her sleeping sister.

I managed to get out of bed quietly without disturbing little Madison, and reached across to lift naked little Bethany up and out of the bed.

'Thank you...' she whispered as she wrapped her little legs around me and I carried her out to the bathroom and plonked her on the toilet seat.

'Can I watch?' I asked.

Little Bethany smiled and nodded her head.

'Open these up then!' I said as I gently took hold of her knees and pushed her legs wide apart.

I placed my thumb on her little clit and gently rubbed it in tiny circles. I smiled at the sexy little 5 year old who beamed me a smile back.

'That nice darling?'

Bethany nodded but had a slightly worried look about her.

'It's okay poppet...'I said, sensing what was troubling her. 'If you need to wee, you just do it. Don't worry about doing it on my hand!'

Bethany looked relieved as the amber fluid began to slowly dribble from between her open legs. As it trickled out. I ran my finger up and down her little slit, her hot urine splashing over my fingers. Beth watched in fascination as I raised my fingers to my mouth and licked them, tasting the sweet, salty juice that had just left her little body. I tenderly took hold of her little hand and placed it into the hot stream that was flowing from her. Little Bethany giggled as her delicate fingers got saturated with wee. I lifted her hand to her own mouth.

'Lick them sweetheart...' I whispered, 'taste your wee wee...'

To my utter surprise, Bethany didn't hesitate to put her urine soaked fingers in her mouth.


Bethany nodded as she sucked and licked her fingers.

Grabbing one of the plastic beakers on the shelf, I tipped the toothbrushes into the sink before I held it between her legs under her sweet little pussy, and caught the last drops of her wee before her flow stopped. The small beaker was about a third full of Beth's sweet juice. I took a little sip before handing her the beaker. Without hesitating, little Bethany raised it to her mouth and gulped it down greedily, some of the golden liquid dribbling down her chin, neck and onto her flat little chest. She handed me back the empty beaker with a huge smile on her face as she smacked her little lips.

'Did you enjoy that baby girl?' I asked.

Beth nodded with a big smile. I leaned forward and licked the dribbled urine from her little chest and around her tiny pink nipples, before licking her sweet little pussy for the last droplets of her sweet little girl juice. I then stood up, rinsed the beaker and put the toothbrushes back in it before replacing it on the shelf. I wet a face cloth and wiped Beth's face, neck and chest to stop her smelling too much before drying her, flushing, and then carrying her back to the bedroom.

We arrived back in the bedroom to find that Maddy had decided to change her position and was lying sideways across the bed. I wandered back out with little Bethany still in my arms.

'I think we need to sleep in your bed!...' I whispered.

Bethany gave a quiet little giggle as I carried her into her room, and placed her on the small single bed before climbing in next to her.

'Uncle Peter?' little Beth whispered.

'Yes darling?' I replied, wrapping her tiny body in my big arms.

'Will you touch me again... like you did in the toilet?'

'If you want me to sweetie,' I replied. 'Are you going to touch and suck me like you did earlier?'

Bethany beamed me a smile as she nodded eagerly. She reached across, and her little fingers stretched around my hard cock. She then decided that two hands were better, so she got up onto her knees, and with both of them around it, began to wank me. I reached around her and placed a hand on each of her tiny bum cheeks, giving them a gentle squeeze before I scooped up a decent amount of my pre-cum and worked it around her tiny, tight little wrinkled anal opening. I then scooped up some more and smeared that there too, just to make sure she was well and truly lubricated.

'I'm going to put my finger up your bum...' I warned her, not wanting her to be taken too much by surprise.

'Okay!' she said simply, as she bent forward to give me better access to her sweet, tiny tight poop chute.

As she was younger and obviously much smaller than Maddy, I decided to use my little finger. It felt like it was going to be very resistant, but I managed to slowly inch my fingertip in before her tight little sphincter gave up the fight completely and I pushed my finger up her bum to the first joint. She didn't seem bothered by it at all, nor did she appear to be in any pain or discomfort either.

'That okay?' I checked, my little finger lodged up her tiny rectum.

'Uh-huh...' she nodded, 'feels nice...' before she leant forward and her sweet hot lips made contact with the tip of my cock.

I felt her little tongue swirl around the head just like Sam had shown her earlier, before she opened her little mouth and slid her lips over it. She'd obviously watched her Mum very closely. Little Bethany was without a doubt, a little slut in waiting, and a natural born cock sucker. It also appeared that the innocent looking Bethany was interested in the dirtier, more 'perverted' side of sex. Her drinking of her own urine was proof of that. I pushed my finger deeper into her tiny, tight bum, and used my other fingers to rub her tiny clit from behind.

Beth continued to suck on my cock as she looked up at me, another lesson learned from Mummy. I applied gentle pressure to the back of he head like Samantha had done earlier. The little 5 year old knew this was a signal to take more into her tiny mouth. The little darling crammed in a little more as her cheeks bulged out, and she sucked a little harder.

I was now finger fucking her tiny tight back door with my little finger as I stroked her smooth little slit at the same time. Holding her head in place I slowly began to move my hips, sliding the big round head of my cock in and out of little Bethany's tiny mouth and sweet sucking lips.

'Ooh baby... ooh yeah... making Uncle Peter feel so nice... clever girl... suck me harder... ooh good girl...'

It felt so good that I struggled to get the words out.

'Get ready to swallow poppet... I'm cumming.... here it is...aaarggh...'

My cock swelled, and I felt it starting to spew into the little girls hot sucking mouth. I withdrew my finger from her bum, and used both hands to hold her little head in place.

She swallowed, gulping noisily and continually, but I never released my grip on her. She coughed and gagged as cum dribbled from her nose and mouth. I released my hold on her head, but little 5 year old Bethany stayed right on my cock, gulping and slurping away, even though she had no chance of swallowing anywhere near all of it. I pulled out of her mouth and the last couple of weak spurts hit her in the face, making her giggle like mad.

I looked at the cute blonde 5 year old with my semen coating her face, neck and chest. She looked up at me with big streaks of slimy cum across her face and in her hair, before giving me a big cummy smile, as long ropes hung down from her sweet cherry lips.

'Oh you are such a big, clever girl!' I beamed as I heaped praise on her.

But Bethany wasn't finished yet. She leaned back over me and began to lick up all the cum she'd missed off my cock like she'd done earlier with Maddy and Sam. She lapped away with the same enthusiasm as I continued to stroke her sweet little pussy from behind and played with her bum again. Every so often she'd stop, scoop up some of the goo that was running down her little flat chest, and then go back to my cock and surrounding area.

Little Bethany was definitely her mother's daughter. She absolutely loved the taste of cum, and I resolved to ensure that it would NEVER be in short supply.

I dozed off and little Beth must have done the same. When I woke up and opened my eyes, little Bethany was still leaning across me, and had fallen asleep with her sweet face a few inches from my now soft cock. Her little face and chest was encrusted with dried cum. Her hair was also stuck to her forehead where my semen had dried in it. Her hand was still wrapped around my cock, and every so often she squeezed it in her sleep.

It was making me feel incredibly horny again looking at her tiny naked body and my cock inches from that sweet innocent looking little face. Her bum was sticking up in the air and I could have eaten my dinner off it... so long as I was allowed to 'lick the plate clean' of course. I squeezed those delicious little bum cheeks before I wetted my finger and stroked her little pussy from behind, making little Bethany sigh in her sleep. I was just getting ready to launch a full out assault on Bethany's lovely little pussy and bum when I heard the toilet door creak open.

I gently lifted Bethany off me, after carefully uncurling her little fingers from around my cock, and laid her down next to me before I got out of bed. As I reached the bathroom, the door was open with the light on and Madison was sitting on the seat. She had her legs wide apart and was scratching the top of her leg sleepily.

'Hello sleepyhead...' I said quietly.

Poor little Maddy jumped, not having heard me come in. She looked up at me and gave me a big smile, her lovely eyes locking onto my cock which had now become hard, sticking out in front of me. I knelt down and gave her a kiss, as her scratching hand went from thigh to between her legs.

'That was nice and sexy...' I whispered as she giggled. 'here... let me do that...'

I gently moved her hand from between her legs and replaced it with my own, gently circling her little love button with my fingertip. As I fingered her, I whispered in her ear.

'Have you ever tasted your own wee?'

To my total surprise, little Maddy nodded before adding a little hesitantly and shyly, '...and my poo!'

'And your poo?' I said, raising my eyebrows.

Madison nodded again.

'I wanted to know what they tasted like...' she said like it was no big deal.

'And?' I asked.

'They're okay,' she replied just as simply. 'Poo's a bit smelly though!' she giggled.

I laughed.

'Yeah it does tend to be sweetie,' I said before whispering 'how about you show me?'

I grabbed the beaker again like I'd done earlier with Bethany. Madison giggled naughtily as I held it between her legs.

'Wee into this!' I said.

'What about the poo?' she asked.

'Poo like you normally do darling,' I told her, 'we can sort that out after.'

'Okay!' she said happily with a big smile.

I watched her face as she strained. A little liquid dribbled into the beaker before I heard a splash of something hitting the water.

'I did it!' she whispered, followed by that giggle again

'Good girl,' I said encouragingly, 'now show me what you did babes?'

I watched as Madison lifted her bottom up a little and reached underneath with her hand. When she pulled it back out, one of her fingers had a little light brown streak on it. She looked directly at me, stuck it in her mouth and sucked it clean.

'Oh wow!' I said as I offered her the beaker.

Madison took it from me and swallowed the contents in one big gulp before handing it back. I rinsed the beaker, replaced the contents and placed it back on the shelf.

'Wow' I said again. 'You're a very dirty, sexy little girl aren't you?'

Maddy giggled uncontrollably and nodded.

'Is that bad?' she wanted to know.

'No darling...' I reassured her as I wrapped my arms around her, 'it's incredibly sexy. You are incredibly sexy!' I praised her.

Maddy jumped off the toilet, turned round and bent over the bowl.

'Wipe my bum for me Uncle Pete?' she asked.

She looked pretty clean but I grabbed some tissue and wiped her before flushing it away.

'Want to go in the lounge so we don't wake anyone up?' I said with a wink.

Maddy nodded with a big smile, so I picked the naked 6 year old up and carried her into the lounge. I sat on the edge of the sofa with Madison on my lap facing me, a leg either side and her soft smooth pussy pushing up against my hard dripping cock. I put my arms around her and kissed her lips.

'That feels nice...' I sighed quietly.

I lowered my hands onto her tiny hips and and pulled her even closer, forcing her soft fleshy lips onto my cock a little more.

'Mmm... that's really nice!'

I grasped my cock and rubbed it up and down the soft folds, as my fingers probed at her rear entrance. After a little coaxing, my finger penetrated her tight wrinkled rosebud and her anal ring clamped it tightly.

'Oh...' she gasped as it went in.

'You okay darling?' I asked.

'Yeah,' Maddy gasped. 'That feels nice up my bum!'

'Good!' I told her. 'I have an idea!'

I pulled my finger from her bum.

'Jump down a minute sweetie.'

Madison climbed off my lap and then I stood and picked her up.

'Seeing as you like my finger up there so much... how would you like me to lick your bum?' I whispered, squeezing the little cheeks in question.

'Like you did before?'

'Better!' I said with a wink. 'I want to stick my tongue right up inside you like I did with my finger and make you feel really, really nice!'

I knew this little pre-teen anal queen would nod furiously at me, and that's exactly what she did. So I set her down on the armchair, facing away from me curled up in a sort of ball, with that delicious little of hers in the air. I knelt down behind her, getting her into the perfect position with her legs slightly apart and that soft, peach of a bum level with my face. I kissed each of those lovely rounded, unblemished globes before gently prising them apart.

I looked at the darker pink, wrinkled circle surrounding the tightly closed little hole, before running my tongue up and down the crack a few times where those lovely little cheeks met. Maddy made pleasurable little sighs. When I stabbed at her anal ring with my stiffened tongue, I felt her pushing her bum back onto my face. As I pushed through the natural resistance, Maddy sucked in her breath. I pushed my tongue right up her, as deep into her anal canal as I could, breathing in that fantastic fragrance that you only got with little girls. With my right hand, I reached in front of her between her skinny little legs, and started to circle her little nubbin with my finger as I tongue fucked her lovely little bum. I speeded up my rubbing of her little love button, getting faster and rubbing it harder.

'Ooh... that feels nice...' Maddy panted, her breathing fast and raspy. 'I like that... your tongue... so nice... up my bum...'

Her little body began to shake and shudder, and I knew my little 6 year old sexpot was about to cum.

'Aargh... nice...' I heard her gasp.

I withdrew my tongue and concentrated on her slit to give her a lovely, strong and pleasurable orgasm.

'Cum for me baby...' I whispered, '...have a nice beautiful cum for Uncle Peter...'

I rubbed even faster and harder and as her little legs wobbled, she threw her head back.

'Yeah...nice...' she managed to get out, her little body convulsing and shaking as pleasure spread across her 6 year old body from between her legs.

I continued to rub her until she couldn't take any more, and she collapsed in a little heap on the armchair, her little body still shuddering. Maddy was panting and unable to speak. I picked her up and sat her back on my lap as she cuddled into me, her orgasm continuing to rack her little body.

I let her ride the pleasure right out for a few minutes until she managed to regain her breath, and looked up at me with one of those dreamy, post orgasmic little smiles. I kissed her on the lips as I looked into those sweet, innocent looking, bright blue eyes and I stroked her hair tenderly.

'I know a very sexy little girl... who likes dirty, naughty things done to her cute little bum bum!'

Maddy giggled naughtily as I gave her bum another little squeeze.

'And her name's...Madison!'

Maddy giggled again.

'I think we should get some sleep?' I said, picking her back up.

We made our way back to the bedroom and with a naked little Madison in my arms, we drifted off into a blissful sleep as Samantha slept silently beside us.

I awoke in the morning to a lovely kiss from Sam and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

'Morning!' I said, opening my eyes and returning the kiss.

'Busy night?' she laughed.

I looked round. Maddy was missing.

'She's with Beth... watching cartoons in the lounge. Funny how they both look so knackered though...' she laughed again.

'Well... you know how it is!' I laughed as I sat up.

'I know YOU!' she smiled, slipping her hand under the cover and feeling my usual morning hard on.

'Ooh...' she whispered, 'I hope this one's for me. Beth and Maddy had enough of their own during the night!' she winked.

'How the bloody hell do you know?' I laughed.

'I have eyes and ears... oh and the dried cum on Bethany was a bit of a give-away!' she laughed.

'You looked like you were enjoying yourselves... and I was knackered so I left you to it... the girls filled me in with the rest this morning!' she told me as she slowly stroked me.

Before I knew it, Sam had locked her mouth onto my cock, and in no time at all, I was depositing another load of my slippery baby making seed down her lovely throat.

'Now THAT'S what I call breakfast! Sam giggled, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

'It's the ONLY way to wake up!' I laughed. 'I can see where Bethany and Madison get their sexual appetites from!' I said as we cuddled up closely.

'Well, I got you to thank for that!' she replied with another laugh.

I was about to come back at her with some smart-arse remark when the two little girls in question came bounding in, both still stark naked and as cute and sexy as ever. They decided to jump on the bed and 'bundle' me. I grabbed them both, tickled their skinny little ribs, and soon they were both writhing around, howling with laughter. It wasn't long before I had a naked little Bethany next to me on one side, Samantha on the other and Madison on top of me. My cock stiffened, although not fully, as little Maddy ground her sweet little pussy onto me.

'Why don't you two go and watch some more cartoons?' Sam suggested. 'I want to talk to Uncle Peter for a minute?'

They both complained, but after a sloppy wet kiss from each of them, they did as their Mum asked and they both scampered back to the lounge. Sam and I lay there having a kiss and a cuddle while we lay there chatting.

'They both love you!' she told me.

I nodded in acknowledgement.

'I love them too... and I've always loved you!'

'You always loved my body... and the things we did!' she laughed.

'That as well!' I replied, kissing her forehead. 'So, what did you want to talk about?'

'I was just wondering if you wanted to take Maddy back up with you for the day... and night?' she said. 'Maybe give her some... well private tuition? Then tomorrow you could swap for Beth?'

'That sounds like a good idea,' I said. 'They might learn more without an audience... if you know what I mean... you know, being alone and stuff?'

'Like we were. I'd have loved the chance to spend the night alone with you,' she said. 'Do you think you'd have actually fucked me if we'd had?'

I nodded.

'Without a doubt I reckon. The main reason I didn't was because I wanted it to be special for you... and not rushed in your bedroom... or the car. I mean, fingering and licking you in public was mad enough, but to get caught in broad daylight fucking an 8 year old... no matter how much she wants it...'

Sam laughed.

'Yeah we did some pretty wild things in some crazy open places! Do you remember that time... I must have been around 7 or so... when I was sucking your cock in that quiet, country lane... and just as you were about to cum in my mouth... that police car slowed down as it drove past us really slowly?'

I laughed.

'Remember? I'm almost shitting myself just REMEMBERING it!'

Sam roared with laughter.

'That's why I held your head down on it... so that you didn't suddenly pop up!'

'Nothing to do with making me swallow your cum then?'

'Nah!' I laughed again. 'That was just an added bonus!'

'Yeah right...' Sam laughed at the memory. 'And then there was that time when we went to the seaside... and I took my knickers off in that public toilet and then got you to carry me...'

'Yeah... and you insisted on me putting my hand up your skirt and fingering you while the others went on the rides...'

'Well?' Sam giggled, 'it was the PLEASURE beach... and that's certainly what I got... especially when I said I needed a wee and you took me into that disabled toilet and licked my little pussy!'

'I'm surprised no-one called the police... you were so noisy when I made you cum... it sounded like you were being bloody murdered!'

I remembered it well.

'That's your fault... you always licked me so well... and you always encouraged me to scream and shout when I cum! Do you remember your nickname for me?'

'Course I do!' I laughed, hugging her and kissing her nose. 'My little Martini girl...'

I began to sing the old jingle from the TV ad.

'Any time.... any place....'

'Any...where!' Sam finished the line.

'I never knew a little girl like you... always up for it... you NEVER said no!'

'Except for...' Sam spoke quietly and hesitantly as if she was unsure about saying it, '...Mish...'

I looked at Sam in shock.

'You knew about me and Michelle?'

'I knew about her... and she knew about me. We talked about you a lot... when we were alone. She loved you too you know. Did you love her as well?'

I looked at her again, unsure of how she expected me to answer.

'You can be honest,' she said, 'I don't mind. I've never minded.'

'Yeah,' I finally said, 'I think I did. Maybe not quite as much as you... I don't know... but I've not seen her for years either!'

'She still talks about you. We only discuss you when we're alone of course. She said she'd love to see you again. Michelle's on her own now as well... she's got three kids... two boys and a girl.. Did you ever fuck her?' she asked.

'No'' I shook my head, 'for the same reasons.'

Michelle was Samantha's sister. She was two years older than Sam and I'd had a sexual relationship with her as a child too.

'How would you feel if I invited her and the kids over?' Sam asked

'I... err... dunno....' I stammered, still in shock.

'I think she'd like you to do the same sort of thing with hers too... and I'm sure she'd let you fuck her... or we could have a threesome... or just one great big orgy!' Sam giggled.

'How old are hers?'

'Adam's 9, Sara is 8 and Matthew's 4.'

'Sounds interesting,' I said. 'Okay... see what she says.

I kissed Sam passionately, my hand slipping between her legs.

'You best save your energy,' she whispered when we broke away. 'You'll probably need it with Maddy!'

'Takes after her Mum!' I said. 'Oh you don't mind if I take photo's of her... you know?'

'Course not,' she said, 'as long as I get to see them. I wish digital cameras and stuff had been around 15 years ago... you could have taken some of me. I'll sort some bits out for her to wear as well. I know you like little girls in school uniform... you always went wild when I was wearing mine... ' she giggled. 'So I'll pack her winter and summer ones, some leotards, swimsuits and bikinis. She's outgrown some of them a little bit, but they'll make her look even more sexy if they're nice and tight... white socks... because I know you like them too, and lots of different pairs of cute knickers. Some of those might be a little small on her too, but again they'll be nice an tight and it won't matter if they get torn or ripped!'

I nodded.

'And some short skirts, dresses... oh and some tight shorts and skimpy t-shirts. She's got some of those Lycra ones that fit like a second skin?'

'Okay!' I said with a big smile.

Sam called the girls back in and explained things to them. Little Bethany was extremely miffed about it, until she realised that she would have her turn tomorrow. I got up and threw my clothes on before returning to my flat to sort a few things out. Sam said she'd bring Maddy up to me shortly.

I'd had a shower, changed into a t-shirt and joggers and sorted through my mail. I'd just made a pot of coffee and was enjoying a cigarette when Sam knocked. I let her in and the girls dashed straight into the lounge. They both looked utterly delightful. Madison was dressed in a short white summer dress which stopped at mid-thigh, with little Bethany similarly attired in a pink one. Both of their dresses had buttons from top to bottom. Sam was carrying a carrier bag full of clothes for Maddy.

'Plenty to chose from,' she said with a wink. 'Oh and I told Maddy about the photo's as well by the way...'

We reached the lounge where the girls had settled themselves comfortably and were watching Cbeebies.

'Coffee before you leave?'

Sam nodded. I poured her a coffee and offered her a cigarette which she accepted. As we sat there drinking and smoking Sam spoke.

'I... er... phoned Mish...' she said quietly.

I looked at her.


'She can't wait to see you!' she smiled. 'I mentioned... you know what... and she said yes... she wants you to. Oh and she said... you owe her a good fuck!'

I burst out laughing.

'What?' Sam said innocently. 'That's exactly what she told me to tell you! I offered to babysit the kids for the night so you can spend it alone with her up here with her if you want?'

'You don't mind?' I asked.

'Why should I?' she replied. 'We shared you when we were kids... I'm sure we can do it now we're adults!'

I simply nodded. We finished our cigarettes and Sam drank her coffee.

'Bring her back whenever!' Sam told me, 'I'll make sure that Beth's ready for you. We're going now Mads!' she called.

Madison came over and gave Sam a big hug and a kiss.

'Remember what I told you,' she said as Maddy nodded. 'Have lots of fun okay darling?'

Madison went across to her little sister giving her a hug and kiss as well before she went to leave with Sam.

'Oh hang on!' I said, before I fetched a key from the kitchen and pressed it into Sam's hand. 'In future, just come straight in!' I said. 'No more knocking!'

'You sure?'

I nodded.


Sam and Bethany gave me another hug and kiss and then they were gone.

I wandered back into the lounge where Madison was waiting for me excitedly.

'Uncle Pete?'

'Yes darling?'

'Guess what?' she asked.

'What poppet?'

Maddy lifted her dress up.

'No knickers on!' she giggled, showing me her cute, bald little pussy.

'Oh wow!' I said genuinely surprised, looking at that lovely little slit she was proudly displaying for me. 'My sexy little girl! Come here and give me a big, sexy kiss!' I said as I sat down on the sofa.

Maddy rushed over and hugged my neck as she stood in front of me. As we kissed, my hands went up her dress and fondled her lovely, soft little bum cheeks.

'Did Mummy explain what we'd be doing while you're here?'

'Uh-huh... sort of.'

'Is that okay with you?' I asked.

Maddy nodded vigorously.

I grabbed my camera, switched it over to the highest resolution and then slid a high capacity memory card into the slot. I took a few ordinary full length shots of Maddy as she posed like a model on a catwalk, before some close-up head and shoulders ones where she smiled like a beauty queen.

I then got her to lift her dress up like she'd done earlier, and took a number of shots from the front and back as she showed off her delightful little treasures. I took various others; on the armchair with her legs up, legs spread wide, pulling her sweet pussy lips apart, on all fours showing off her cute little bum, and then pulling her cheeks apart to show her wrinkled little rosebud, before I put the camera down for a little while.

Maddy stood in front of me and I slowly started to undo the buttons on the front of her dress. As I did, we kissed again and I felt Maddy's little hands caressing my cock through my joggers.

'Mmm... that's nice Mad...' I told her as I exposed her sexy flat little chest with its tiny pink nipples.

Madison squeezed my cock in acknowledgement. My mind flashed back to Samantha as a little 8 year old girl. She'd not been able to get enough of my cock either. At every available opportunity she'd give it a squeeze, fondle or caress. She'd try to get her little hand around it whenever she could. She loved to play with it and squeeze it, but most of all, Samantha loved to suck it. It seemed that both of her daughters had inherited that same want, that need. They definitely had a very strong sexual appetite, just like their Mum had... and still had it seemed.

I finished unbuttoning Madison's dress and slipped it from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Picking the camera back up I took some naked shots of sweet little Madison, with close ups on her slit, bum, spread pussy lips and bum cheeks before I set it aside again.

Once I'd put it back down, Maddy tried to pull my joggers down, so I stood up to make it easier for her. She managed to tug them right down before I stepped out of them . She then did the same to my pants, squealing triumphantly as my hard cock sprang out in front of her face. I stepped out of them too before sitting back down. Madison knelt down in front of me as I sat on the edge of the sofa, before she wrapped both of her little hands snugly around my cock and began to gently wank me. I reached for the camera again and took a number of pictures of a smiling little Maddy looking up at me, happily playing with my cock.

She then shuffled forward a little, playing up to the camera, snaking her tiny pink tongue out to lick the tip. I made sure I got plenty of good shots of that, and some nice close-ups of her tongue's contact. I knew Sam would be absolutely thrilled when she saw them.

'Oooh baby...' I sighed softly as Madison fondled my balls, just as she'd been taught by her Mum.

She then slipped her lips over the head of my cock, pulling it into her hot little mouth and sucking hard, all the time looking up at me with those delightful, little blue eyes. I took more photographs as her little cheeks bulged out and she took more and more in. Placing the camera back down I put my hands on the back of her head and applied a little pressure.

'Take more in sweetheart...' I urged, as my lust for the little girl began to take over.

Remembering what her Mum had told her, Maddy was as good as gold, and did as I asked, until more than half of my cock was in her little sucking mouth. I pushed down some more, watching her already bulging cheeks full of my manhood bulge out even more before her eyes watered and she gagged. I immediately released the pressure and let the little darling come up for some air.

'You okay baby girl?' I checked.

Madison smiled and nodded as she wiped the wetness from her eyes.

'We'll have to get past that bit won't we... where it makes you gag...' I told her, picking her little waif like body up and sitting her on my lap. 'I want to teach you to take all of it in your mouth...' I told her as I hugged the naked little girl, '..just like Mummy does... and without gagging. Would you like to be able to do that?'

Maddy nodded enthusiastically, clearly her mothers daughter. I hugged her again before setting her back down and standing her in front of me.

'You're a beautiful, sexy little girl Madison!' I told her as I gave her bum a little squeeze, 'and as you're such a good girl, I think it's time to make you feel really special again. What would you like me to do to make you feel really nice?'

Like I didn't know!

Somewhat shyly, Maddy said, 'Will you lick me again?'

Madison was most DEFINITELY Sam's daughter. As an 8 year old, Samantha adored having her little hairless pussy licked, and when she had an orgasm, if I was licking her, she went wild, writhing around and clawing at my head. I wanted to encourage Maddy in dirty talk and the use of adult words like I'd done with Sam when she was young. I always found it an extreme turn-on to hear a young child talking like that.

'Where do you want me to lick you?' I asked her.

Madison pointed to her sweet, bald little mound.

'Down there!' she said with a shy smile.

'Down there?' I laughed, taking the mickey. 'What's... down there? What's it called?'

Sweetly, Madison put a finger in the corner of her mouth and looked upwards as she tried to remember.

'My trickle!' she finally said.

'Right...' I replied, 'but that's the baby word for it. What's the grown-up word for it... can you remember?'

She shook her little blonde head.

'It's a pussy!' I reminded her. I saw a flicker of recognition from her now I'd actually said the word. 'Can you say that?

'Pussy!' the 6 year old repeated.

'And what's mine called?'

'A willy!' she immediately answered.

'Yup!' I said, giving her another big hug, 'But what's the grown-up word for that?' I whispered in her ear.

She thought for a moment.

'Cock!' she announced proudly.

'Oh you're such a big and clever girl!' I praised her as I gave her another kiss. 'Right, now you have to ask me properly... using the proper grown up words. Don't worry...' I reassured her, 'it's okay to say them to me and Mummy.'

'I want you to lick my... pussy!' she said shyly.

'That's better!' I said, 'And do you want me to suck on this bit?' I asked as I touched her little clit with the tip of my finger.

'Uh-huh...' she nodded eagerly, 'it feels really, really nice when you do it there...'

'That's called a clitoris... or a clit or clitty for short,' I informed her.

'Like a cat... or a pussy!' she giggled.

'Nearly,' I laughed, 'cLitty... with an L... not kitty!'

'Cl - it - or - is' she said, 'cLitty...' she then repeated, as if she was storing it into her memory bank.

'Right... what was I going to do?' I said, pretending I'd forgotten.

'Lick my pussy...' Madison confirmed before giggling, 'and suck on my kitty... I mean... cLitty!'

I wrapped my arms around the sweet 6 year old and stood up. Maddy wrapped her spindly little legs around my waist as I held her by her bum and wandered over to the armchair. I sat her in it and gently spread her legs, draping each one over the arms of the chair so that her legs were spread nice and wide. Then I manoeuvred her into position by carefully pulling her forward, so that her bum was on the edge of the seat cushion. I looked at her little bald slit gaping open teasingly, just waiting for my tongue. It was as sweet and sexy as I remembered Sam's being when she was just a little girl and I did the same to her.

'That is a beautiful, sexy little pussy!' I complimented the darling 6 year old.

I ran my finger up and down her soft folds. It was silky smooth to my touch and without a single blemish. I felt little Maddy shudder as I tenderly fingered the little girl.

'Mmm... that's nice...' she murmured.

'Good,' I said, 'and don't forget to tell me if it's nice... or you want me to suck or lick a particularly nice part okay? Or if you just want to make a noise... you just do it, and don't worry about it okay darling?'

The sweet little blonde nodded her head as I leaned forward and we had a nice, passionate kiss. As we did, I ran my fingers lightly around her tiny nipples on her flat little chest.

'That feels nice...' she whispered as we broke away.

She may only have been 6 years old, but my attention had made her tiny little nipples hard.

'You'll have nice little boobies there when you get a little older... just like Mummy... will you let me suck and play with them?'

Maddy nodded furiously. I moved my head down and lightly licked her almost non-existent little nipples, running my tongue lightly in circles around the darker pink areola which were no bigger than a penny piece. They may have been almost non-existent, but they were still clearly sensitive, as when I licked them, little Maddy sucked her breath in and sighed softly.

'That nice darling?' I asked.

'Uh-huh...' she murmured.

I licked and kissed my way further down, stopping to lick in and around her tiny tummy button.

'That tickles!' she giggled as I moved the tip of my tongue around inside it lightly.

I then kissed and licked my way down her smooth flat little tummy before I reached her delightful, protruding fleshy little mound. I plastered it with little light kisses before covering my teeth with my lips and playfully biting her, which she loved. I placed my hand on her mound and drew my thumb across the little hard bump that was her clitty at the very top of her slit.

'Mmm...' Maddy sighed her seal of approval at my actions, so I did it again, only this time with a bit more pressure.

I brought my other hand up and using both hands, gently prised her little love lips apart before using the tip of one of my fingers to tease her little hard love button. Little Madison writhed and moaned softly as I rubbed it hard and harder in tiny circular movements. I could feel Maddy arching her back and trying to hump herself against my finger.

'That's really, really nice...' she gasped.

I brought my mouth down and took a long, tasty swipe across her little nubbin.

'Oh yeah...' she sighed with a whisper.

I closed my lips over it and then flicked at it with my tongue. Little Madison went crazy, lifting her little bum up off the armchair onto my mouth. Just like her mother. Maddy reminded me so much of an 8 year old Sam.

'I know a little girl who loves having her little clitty licked...' I whispered, taking a short pause.

I drank in the sweet aroma of her little girl pussy juices which were clearly flowing, and was captivated by them. In my opinion, there is no finer fragrance in the whole world then that of an excited little girl's pussy. At that moment I couldn't imagine a more beautiful sight or aroma than the gorgeous, hairless, 6 year old vagina an inch or so from my face. Her soft little lips were engorged and filled with blood, a nice shade of pink with her inner lips and hole a slightly darker pink, all wet and shiny from my saliva mixed with her own natural juices.

Despite her tender age, 6 year old Madison was clearly turned on, highly stimulated, and in a raised state of sexual arousal. I swiped my tongue along the right side of her slit adjacent to her soft folds and then did the same on the opposite side. Maddy's little hands came down onto my head. Following my advice from earlier, she instructed me as to where it felt the nicest.

'Lick in the middle...'

I sucked on her lips, licking directly up and down the folds from top to bottom a few times.

'Ooh...' she gasped as I stiffened my tongue and stabbed at the little hole with the tip.

Madison tasted delicious. That taste of sweet, innocent little girl juice, mixed with her fragrant urine and a hint of apple soap. Maddy applied more pressure to the back of my head.

'Do it some more... do it harder this time Uncle Pete...' she insisted.

I slipped my hands under her cute, soft, little bum to lift her up a little, and pulled her onto my mouth even more. I licked, sucked and stabbed at her a bit harder. Maddy began to move her tiny hips in a circular motion, grinding her pelvis onto my mouth and I wondered how long it would be before she had a mind blowing little girl orgasm.

Moving one of my hands, I probed at her tight bum hole with my little finger. Feeling the usual resistance, I quickly wet it with my saliva and tried again. I went back to sucking on Maddy's little love button as I worked my little finger into the tight rosebud of her anus. This time it yielded, and the tip of my finger slipped in. Madison yelped a little although I'm pretty certain it was more out of surprise than any pain, but I left it there as her sphincter adjusted to the intrusion anyway, while I continued to pleasure her with my mouth. As Madison continued to writhe and gyrate around in pleasure, I slowly worked my finger up and deeper into her anal canal.

She either didn't notice, or more likely, didn't care, when I pushed my finger further up into her than I'd ever done before, and her tight little anal muscle clenched tightly around my finger.

Eventually I pulled my finger out, gently prised her bum cheeks apart and licked around her rosebud. I got Maddy to hold her legs right up and apart, before going to town on her bum hole and her slit alternately. I then went back to sucking and licking her clit. Madison's breathing quickened and her little legs thrashed around, as she pressed her sweet pussy onto my mouth harder. I replaced my hands back underneath her, pulling her onto me as I sucked, flicked and licked her sweet slit.

'Ooh... ooh...' Maddy puffed as she started to cum.

As her little 6 year old body shook, I stuck my tongue into her tiny hole again and rubbed her hard little clit with my thumb as I brought the little sweetie off. Madison let go of her legs and grabbed my head again. Her skinny legs clamped my head as her little body jolted, shuddered and quivered. I was surprised at the strength of her orgasm, and I continued to rub and tongue fuck her until her little legs trembled and she pushed my head away. I pulled my mouth off and looked up.

Madison's eyes were closed. Her little chest was rising and falling rapidly as she breathed heavily, her face a picture of sheer bliss as waves of pleasure emanating from between her legs rippled through her 6 year old body. I let her ride it out and enjoy the sensations until she eventually opened her eyes.

'Wowie!' she gasped breathlessly.

'Nice sweetie?'

Maddy nodded furiously.

'Really REALLY, nice' she replied.

I gave her little mound another little kiss.

'Uncle Pete?'

'Yes poppet?' I said as I got up.

'What does that taste like?' she asked. 'You know... er... my pussy?'

'The nicest thing in the world!' I answered honestly.

Then I had an idea. I lifted her up and then sat with her on my lap facing me.

'Open your legs baby' I said.

Maddy did as I asked. I took her little hand and guided it between her legs.

'Can you feel there... where it's wet?'

'The hole?' she asked.

'Yup. Put your finger inside it. Be careful or it'll hurt!'

'It's wet and a bit sticky...' she giggled as she stuck a finger into her own little hole.

I then took her hand and guided her finger to her mouth.

'Taste it?' I whispered.

Maddy put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it.

'Ooh... that's scrummy!' she cooed, going back for more.

'If you like that taste...' I said, 'you should lick Bethany and Mummy... like I just did you.'

'Will they taste the same?' Maddy wanted to know, clearly interested.

'Beth's definitely will,' I told her, 'but Mummy's might taste a little bit differently because she's older. But it'll still be nice though.'

'Do all little girls like me taste the same?'

'Pretty much,' I replied, 'although they're all slightly different... but they're all very nice. I mean, your nose is different to Beth's... but it's still a nose isn't it?'

Maddy nodded as she put her finger back into her little hole.

'Ouch!' she yelped.

'I did tell you to be careful!'

I hugged her.

'You okay?'

Maddy nodded.

'Why did that hurt?' she asked.

'You put your finger in too far babes!' I explained. 'Just inside, there's a little bit of skin covering it to keep it nice and clean, and you have to break through it to put your finger right deep inside... but if it's done properly, it shouldn't hurt too much when you break it.'

'Does Bethany and Mummy have that?'

'Bethany will... but Mummy's will be broken because she had you and Beth.'

Madison nodded her understanding.

'Until it's broken, you can only put your finger in a little bit.'

I took her hand and guided her again, to show her how far she could actually put her finger inside herself.

'How's that?' I asked her.

'Nice,' Maddy replied, 'it doesn't hurt this time.'

I showed her how to run her finger up and down her own pussy.

'Mmm.. that's nice...' she murmered.

'Remember your little clitty... the little bump at the very top?'


'If you rub that... that's your extra special nice bit!'

Maddy fingered and rubbed her nubbin.

'Oh yeah!' she cried, pleased with her new knowledge.

'And...' I added, 'the faster and harder you rub it... the nicer it is. Try doing it different ways until you find the way that makes you feel nicest!'

I watched as little Maddy experimented, speeding up, slowing down, going in circles and from side to side. She finally decided that the best way for her was to hold her pussy lips open with one hand, and then use the index finger of the other to rub it up and down. She seemed to be really enjoying herself with her new found skills.

'That's called wanking...' I told her, 'the same as when you play with mine like this.'

I pulled my foreskin back and forth to show her.

'This is having a wank!'

'Having a wank!' she repeated breathlessly as she fingered herself.

'Now you'll be able to make yourself feel nice whenever you want to... if I'm not about... like in bed at night. Or again, you can do it to Mummy... or Bethany!'

Madison seemed to be having a whale of a time with this new activity as she rubbed her clit. It was an erotic sight watching the 6 year old playing with herself, so I picked up the camera and took plenty of pictures.

'That nice sweetheart?' I asked. Stupid bloody question I know, especially judging by the look on her face. Maddy nodded dreamily as I put my hand between her legs.

'Here... let me do it...' I said, 'you just enjoy it babes!'

I ran my finger up and down her slit a few times, before diddling her little clitty bump.

'Mmm...' the sexy little 6 year old sighed as I rubbed harder and faster.

I suddenly had another idea so I stopped. Madison looked at me really disappointed.

'Why did you stop?' she asked puzzled. 'That was really nice!'

I kissed the top of her head.

'Because... my little sexpot,' I said grasping my cock firmly in my right hand, 'I'm going to make you feel even nicer!'

Maddy grinned as I put my left arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me, the tip of my hard hot cock making contact with her soft, fleshy little pussy lips.

'Ooh!' she gasped as I ran my cock along her little slit, coating it and making it slippery with my pre-cum.

I pulled her closer as I applied even more pressure. This time I was the one who gasped, as I pressed the head of my cock against her hard little clit and firmly moved it in tiny circles.

'Oh baby...' I sighed.

'That's nice...' Maddy sighed softly as she rested her head on my shoulder.

I rubbed harder and faster as Madison's breathing became heavier and laboured.

'Ooh... nice...' she panted.

My little 6 year old lover was close to cumming again. So was I. I felt her lovely little body begin to shudder as my own orgasm approached.

'Oh Maddy... oh darling...' I panted as I began to coat her sweet smooth pussy with hot cum. 'Oh yeah..., I gasped as my cock continued to pump.

'Mmm...' Maddy sighed before she burst into a fit of sweet little giggles.

'Ooh it's all hot and squidgy!' she giggled as she reached down between her legs and ran her fingers through it, spreading it over her soft little mound.

I was so tempted to try and worm my thick, hard cock up inside her tight little hole, but I decided that I'd need to discuss it with Samantha before I did that. If nothing else, I was certain that she would want to be there to see her little girl get fucked for the very first time. I hugged her little body close to me as we both let our orgasms subside, neither of us bothered by the gooey, sticky mess between us. Once we'd calmed down Maddy began to giggle.

'What's up with you?' I laughed.

'It's all nice and squidgy!' she giggled infectiously, looking down between her little legs.

'I know!' I replied.

Madison began to move herself about in the gooey mess, spreading it about.

'Maddy darling... what you doing?'

'Nothing!' she giggled again as she reached down between her legs and scooped a glob up on her fingertip before sucking it off.

'You like that don't you?'

Madison nodded.

'It's reallty scrummy!' she replied with a big smile.

I looked at her little face. Her reaction, her smile and her attitude. That could have been a little Samantha sitting on my lap, she was so like her mother when she was younger.

'Uncle Peter?'

'Yes sweetheart?'

'Are you going to put it inside me... you know... like you do to Mummy?' she asked.

'I'd like to...' I replied looking into her eyes. 'Is that okay with you?'

She hugged my neck tighter and nodded.


'I'll have to speak to Mummy first darling...' I explained, 'as I'm sure Mummy will want to be there. You want Mummy to be there as well don't you?'

'Uh-huh' she nodded again and kissed my lips.

'Right then madam,' I laughed. 'I think we ought to get cleaned up a bit don't you?'

Madison giggled as I lifted her down. I looked at the sweet, naked little 6 year old stood there in front of me, the upper part of her thighs and her sweet little mound covered in cum. I felt a huge rush of love and affection for her.

'Race ya to the bathroom!' I said with a laugh.

Little Madison had already run out of the lounge before I'd even managed to stand up! Once I caught up with her I cleaned us both up before we returned to the lounge.

'I'm going to do us something to eat sweetheart,' I told her. 'Do you want to put some knickers on?'

She looked up at me with that lovely little smile.

'Do I have to?' she asked.

'No poppet... it's up to you. You don't have to do anything you don't want to!' I replied.

She smiled wider.

'But...' I laughed, 'I AM going to put some shorts on because I'm going to be cooking and if I splash myself...'

I pulled a grimace and Maddy giggled.

'Ouch?' she said with a giggle.

'Exactly!' I laughed. 'And if it splashes on me dinkle...'

That was it. Madison was absolutely doubled up in hysterical giggles at the thought of me burning my exposed cock. I however wasn't, and slipped on a pair of jogging trousers for safety. I asked Maddy what she wanted to eat, and she decided on a simple meal of burger and chips, so I switched the TV over to one of the children's channels for her to watch while I was busy in the kitchen.

Every so often I'd stick my head round the kitchen door and peer into the lounge just to check that she was okay. Madison was being exactly what she was. A happy little 6 year old girl. She was laying totally naked on her tummy, giggling like mad at the antics of some cartoon or other. I couldn't help but think of all those so-called experts and do-gooders who continually brainwash the public in believing that sexual activity with children was damaging. I wished I could have invited them in to observe little Maddy, as she lay there laughing and giggling, without a care in the world. I could have just stood there watching her for hours with that lovely little bum on display.

Every so often, she'd kick her legs up, or open them the way little girls do, and I'd see her delicious little slit opening up, all smooth, hairless and pink, her lovely little hole winking at me. I so wanted to pop that little cherry and stick my cock inside her. I couldn't wait to discuss it with Sam and see what she thought of the idea.

I went back to cooking, and when I next stuck my head around the door, I got a very pleasant surprise. Little Madison was still laying on her tummy, but had her legs wide open, and was reaching down between them and playing with herself from behind. I stood silently watching her as her little finger rubbed her slit up and down, before she headed for her little clit. My cock came to hardness instantly as I watched her little show. Maddy was really getting into it now, rocking and gyrating her little hips, as her hand became a blur, before she gasped and her little body juddered as she made herself cum. She'd clearly taken all her earlier lessons on board, and I was really pleased as I went back to cooking. I was just in time as well, as having been mesmerised by Madison playing with herself, I nearly burnt it all and set my place on fire into the bargain.

Soon we were both sat on the sofa eating tucking into our food, which little Maddy ate with enthusiasm. She must have worked up a right appetite with all our sexual activity.

Once we'd eaten and had something to drink, I cleared the things away and washed up, before joining Madison on the sofa. She was straight up onto my lap with her arms around my neck.

'I love you' she told me as she kissed my lips.

'I love you too poppet!' I replied giving her another big hug.

'Are you going to take your trousers back off?' she asked, 'Cos you're not cooking now..'

Madison burst into another fit of those hysterical giggles before she added ' you won't splash your dinkle now will you?'

'No darling l won't...' I laughed. 'How about I take them off... in the bedroom?'

Maddy looked up at me with a wide grin, nodding profusely before she jumped up and raced ahead of me. I knew exactly what she was going to do. I wandered into the bedroom, pretending not to see her hiding behind the bedroom door.

'Maddy?' I called out pretending to search for her. 'Madison?'

I kept watch on her out the corner of my eye without her realising, as she tip-toed out from behind the door so that she was behind me.

'Oh well...' I commented like I was talking to myself, 'she must have gone home!'

Suddenly I felt Maddy's little hands yank my joggers down from behind as the 6 year old giggled hysterically.

'Madison!' I said in mock alarm, making her giggle even more.

I spun on my heels and picked the light little bundle up, lightly tapped her sweet little bum and playfully threw her onto my big double bed.

'You are soooo cheeky!' I told her, as I pulled my joggers the rest of the way down, and then kicked them right off, before joining her naked on the bed. I lifted her up so that she was laying flat on top of me with my hands on her lovely little bum.

'Gissa kiss?' I said looking into her bright, innocent eyes.

Maddy shook her head, trying not to giggle.

'Aww...' I said making a sad face. 'Please? Pretty please? Pretty pretty pleasey weasey?'

'You're silly!' she said as she gave me a big, noisy sloppy kiss on the lips.

'And you are very very sexy!' I whispered as I put my lips back to hers.

We kissed passionately and my cock hardened in an instant. As we kissed, I ran my fingers along her tight little bum crack. Automatically, Maddy opened her legs, and I ran my fingers down her bum crack again, right down to the folds of her soft, smooth pussy. It was incredibly wet and for a 6 year old, very, VERY slippery. I ground my knuckle up and down it, reaching her hard little nubbin with my fingertip.

'Mmm...' she sighed as I did it faster and faster.

As I fingered her, we kissed passionately again before I felt her reaching underneath herself, trying desperately to reach my cock.

"I can't get it!' she complained when we broke away.

I moved her slightly to one side and I felt her hot, soft little hands squeeze my cock.

'Oooh nice...' I murmured.

'That's better!' Maddy said in her impish little way, running her fingers up and down the length of it.

She played with it for a short time before she looked up at me.

'When?' she asked.

'When what?'

She'd totally lost me.

'When are you going to put it inside me?' she asked again, like l was stupid for not knowing what she meant. I had the strangest feeling of deja-vu. We'd had this discussion not less than an hour before, and now she was asking about it again. I had to admit, I really wanted to and if she kept asking, I wasn't sure that I'd be able to resist the temptation.

'I told you earlier darling...' I said, hugging her lovely warm little body close to me. 'I need to speak to Mummy about it...'

She looked extremely disappointed.

'You could phone her?' Maddy suggested.

'I don't know sweetie...'

I looked at her little face, not to mention my rock hard cock. Just the thought of fucking little 6 year old Madison was enough to make it ache. I reached over and picked up the bedside phone. Little Maddy beamed as I dialled Sam's number.

'It's only me...' I said when it was picked up.

'Hi Pete...' Sam answered, her voice suddenly changing to concern. 'What's up... is Maddy okay?'

'Calm down dear!' I laughed, doing my best impression of Michael Winner from the commercials on TV.

'Is something wrong?' she asked, clearly worried.

'Yeah... er... no... not really... the opposite the really...'

'You're not making a great deal of sense Pete...' she replied.

'Yeah I know... listen what you up to?'

'Not much... Beth's had her bath and she's got her nightie on ready for bed... we're just having a cuddle on the sofa... and watching cartoons...'

'Could you pop up?' I asked.

'Er... yeah course... I thought you were going to spend the night with Maddy... alone?'

'It's just that something has... how can I put it... come up?'

'I thought that was the whole the idea of it!' she laughed sexily.

'Ha bloody ha!' I said dryly.

'We can come up if you really want to... is Maddy okay?'

'I told you she's fine... as we speak she is laying on top of me... naked as the day she was born!'

'Hello Mummy!' Maddy called out.

'See? Now stop worrying your knickers off... actually forget the bit about your knickers not coming off...' I laughed. 'Just stop worrying and get your sexy little bums up here. We need a chat!'

'Okay...' she laughed, 'see you in a couple of minutes!'

- End Of Part One -

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Samantha is such an excellent character. Her sister has apparently also done some things with her three children. This setup can lead to all kinds of interesting sexual combinations.


Probably the best story I have ever read on this forum...Great job.


Nice premise.Very good work. Can't wait for the next installment.


Love this. The girls are the perfect age to enjoy and be enjoyed. Love reading about little girls getting their fat slick hairless pussies licked and sucked.


While this is the best story I have read, I expect them to move together and he helping support them and then get married, inter alia.


..LOVELY!... Sam and Pete and the lil ones...(and Michelle and her brood, too! LOL) this appears it could be a LONG Novel, not a short story! I ADORE this mum/daughter scenario and the loving FUN sex they ALL enjoy together. Please continue...(and SOON!!)


once again a brilliant story can`t wait for the next chapter


Of the many such stories I have read, this It the most enjoyable I have yet seen. I do not like negative stories where someone is hurt.

Carroll Lewis

WOW! What a reaction! I never expected that!

Thank you all for your kind comments. This was one of those stories that I really enjoyed writing, You will be pleased to hear that along with many others of my 'continuing' stories, I am currently working on part 2 of Deja-Vu!

I am also working on somne NEW stories too, including: 'Michelle-My Girl', 'The Estate', & 'I'm Into Something Good!'

The onlky troublke with writing (good, decent writing that is!) youy cannot rush it and I have to be, 'In the zone' so apologies for the time it takes to get something posted.

I hope it reflects in my writing and as they say,some things are worth waiting for. I hope that is true in my case.

Thanks once again for reading my stories, and taking the trouble to comment on them.


great story, can't wait for chapter 2


When's chapter 2 coming?

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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