Craig's List, Part 1

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Published: 3-Feb-2013

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Warning- This story consists of graphic sex between men and underage boys. It is purely your decision to read this and in doing so consent to the content. If you are underage then you should stop reading now. This story is fiction only. Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Thankfully I have never counted the number of times I sat at my desk with my underwear around my ankles but here I am again. My hand is wrapped around my erect cock while viewing the same stale fuzzy images of men and boys in different poses of sexual coupling. I wished I had newer images but it is much too difficult to download now that the authorities have flooded the IRC chat rooms looking for pedophiles to bust. You just can't trust the other person you are sharing your photos with anymore. I switched to my video collection and watched my favorite kid. He couldn't have been more than seven years old as I watched him swallow his daddy's six inch cock. My arm moved faster as the boy's upturned nose pressed into the coarse hairy man bush. The boy's thin red lips were sealed around the base. I knew how long the man's dick was before the kid swallowed so I knew it was bent and lodged down the child's throat. I wondered how many years it took the boy to fully please his man. It was my wish to be that man. To be the one who taught the boy the extreme pleasures of pedo sex.

I had seen this kid suck cock and take it up the ass so many times I simply lost interest in the video. After closing the media player I opened internet explorer and selected a saved favorite; I needed body contact and I hoped someone close by would be available. While looking through the Men Seeking Men ads I was shocked to discover an ad openly looking for like-minded men who shared "taboo" "perv" interests for JO session. Of course my mind was thinking man/boy taboo perv but it could mean other things too. I was apprehensive in answering the ad but I finally loaded up my pervy email account.

I had reservation about replying to this ad but my little head was thinking for me. I wrote, "Read your ad on Craigslist. Me, 36 yo 6'-1" 190 lbs. Brn hair/eyes. Clean shaven. 7" uncut cock with shaved balls. Taboo can mean many things. Into perv m/b. What makes you a perv?"

An email replay came one day later. "man/boy as well but like dad/son best. We should hang out sometime and discuss our interest."

Now I never had an actual pedo friend whom I could sit down and talk with so the idea was both scary and exciting at the same time. We corresponded for weeks and then we both decided to meet. The safest place I could think of was the gay bar off of 4th street. The place would be loud and if we were overheard very few men would object.

Kent was his name. A fairly good looking guy any man or women could fall for. We had a few drinks just to get to know each other and decided to leave the bar and head back to his place where we could continue talking without the thump thump of the music.

He lived in the tallest condominium in town and near the top floor I entered Kent's place.

If you ever hooked up with anyone you know to look around to see if it is a safe place. "Nice pad you've got!"

"Thanks! Have a seat in the living room and let's talk some more." Kent brought a few beers from the kitchen and handed me one. "You didn't lie in your email. You are as you described yourself."

I smiled and said, "why lie about my stats? You know I like underage boys so, if I were to keep one of them secret which would I choose?"

Kent laughed. "I suppose you are right. Let's discuss our shared interest, shall we?"

Reaching for his belt he began to unfasten it and work his pants off his hips. Taking his lead I also began to remove my pants and shoes and finally my shirt. I watched Kent undress and when he last removed his underwear I followed suit and lifted my hips off the couch and slid my briefs off. Kent sat on the chair opposite of myself. We both looked at each other's firm bodies. Kent had some chest hair while mine was less so.

"Nice!" Kent spoke as he looked at my dick. "Your balls are shaved like you said. It reminds me of what I love. Hairless boy balls."

"I shave them so I can be more like a young boy. It feels nice. Have you had any experience with boys?"

"I've had one or two boys in my bed." It was apparent Kent was being coy.

"It's liberating to finally talk pedo perv shit with someone else." Pausing while touching my inflating cock. "I admit I have never had the chance to fuck a boy. The hard part is actually finding one. I'm not a teacher, bus driver or scout leader. Maybe you can give me some pointers from your experience?"

Kent was stroking his cock. "We'll see. Tell me about your perfect boy? How old is he, what does he look like and what would you do with him?"

I closed my eyes to picture my perfect boy. "He is a gorgeous ten year old with medium length brown hair. Ruby cheeks and red pouty lips with a cute button nose. He knows nothing about sex and I get to introduce him to everything. I want to mark him as my own by emptying my balls into him. What about you?"

Kent pounded his cut cock, stroking every inch of it. "Well, I would say that I don't have a favorite age. I like boys of all ages. In fact, the hornier I get the younger I crave. I used to prefer boys from 11 to 14, thinking they were best when they could cum. The more experience I got the younger I needed."

Kent peaked my interest. It was as if he was imparting some of his knowledge onto me.

I told you in the ad I am into perv taboo shit. I fucking love the hairless, immature boys who can't shoot yet. Do you know what I mean?" Kent asks.

"I think I do! When it comes to sex I want the hairless prepubescent boys too. There is something very perverted about fucking a sexually immature boy." I said with delight. It was exhilarating to finally open up and tell someone what I really lusted after.

"That's the taboo of pure, untouched innocence ." Kent looks at my cock. "You're getting harder just thinking about fucking a young boy. Me too."

Kent and I continued to stroke our dicks. Our legs spread wide and our balls jumping with each stroke.

"Most people don't understand our attraction to boys. If they only knew what it was like to seduce a little boy." Kent was serious. "I was lucky enough to breed a nine year old boy. When his little body was under mine and I started cumming inside him I wasn't taking anything from him. He was sharing his child like innocence with me. I was introducing him to a world he hadn't known yet."

I replied, "You may say he shared his innocence but you actually took a piece of it when you pinned him to the bed and fucked his brains out. I'm not judging you but I am fucking jealous."

Kent relented, "True. There is something I get from him but it is hard to quantify."

I was curious to ask Kent, "You say you gave him something. What was that?"

Kent looked at the ceiling for a moment. "I introduced him to man/boy sex. There is a good chance that he will molest young boys when he gets older."

Neither of us had a problem with that.

"Tell me of another boy you molested?" I asked while eagerly waiting for the answer.

Kent slowed the pace of stroking his dick. His eyes glazed and he began to softly speak. "Little Max! He was only two years old but with patience I was able to flip him over and ride his small ass."

My mouth dropped open in shock. "Are you kidding me?" I just couldn't believe it. "Did you really get your dick in a two year old boy butt?"

Kent nodded his head while fondling his balls and stroking his dick.

"Wow. You are a perv and you are right! The hornier I get the more pervy I get. Knowing that it can be done I guess I would fuck a two year old boy." I continued. "I've seen porn videos of men fucking babies. For me that is too young. Two. That is my limit." I confessed.

Kent looked at me and smiled. "Just a moment ago you said your favorite age is ten but now you say as young as two."

"What can I say? I guess I am a bigger pervert than you." Kidding around.

"Wanna bet? I've actually been there and done that!" said Kent.

"Oh, do tell because my dick is hard just thinking about it."

"I won't say when or with who but I had some time alone with this two year old boy. I was watching a friend's kid. During the evening he sat on my lap while I began to fondle him through his PJ's. The little kid was boned up and so was I. I carried him to his own bedroom and stripped him naked. When I removed his underpants I did it slowly. I like watching the small vee shape slowly emerge and finally the hairless groin. He just laid on his bed watching me. He didn't understand what was happening, nor did I care. His mouth was framed with beautiful soft red lips. Without pausing I covered his mouth with mine and kissed him deeply. I explored his baby teeth with my tongue. The boy didn't know how to kiss back but I reveled in the age difference as I stuck my tongue into his throat."

"He watched me remove my clothes and he seemed really interested in my dick. Most boys are curious so I let him explore by body when I presented my hard cock to him His little fingers explored my dick, balls and bush. When I bent over to presented my butt to him he even touched there."

Both of us were stroking harder as the story went on.

Kent continued, "Finally I had enough of the foreplay and pushed him back on the bed. His small legs splayed open exposing his nearly two inch dick and barely visible balls that were mine for the taking. And I did. I sucked that kid to multiple climaxes. As I did so, his arms and legs were flailing from the pleasure. I played with the taught skin that held his baby balls that barely stretched as I sucked each tiny morsel. I can still taste his savory dick in my mouth."

Kent paused the story to educate me. "The area between boy's thighs and their dick is a great place to spend some time. Very hot and moist."

Kent picked up the story. "I was hard while holding the boy in my lap as my dick was steadily leaking. I straddled his face. I pushed my hard dick down causing a drop of juice to land on his lips. Naturally, he licked his lips and in doing so, tasted me for the first time. He watched me watch him not knowing what to do. Stroking upward on my cock more dick leak formed at my piss slit. The boy lifted his head and actually licked it off. As the child pulled away a clear liquid strand stretched, connecting both pedophile and prey."

Kent shook his head and confessed that, at the time, he was so lost in lust that he wanted to force his aching cock into the child's throat without concern.

Kent looked at me. "That was the moment when I knew I had to take what was his."

"I dropped my hips and entered his mouth. My cock stretched his lips wide and I could feel his teeth but I didn't care. His smooth tongue moved along my dick. His small nose flared as he breathed. I looked into his eyes and could see the innocence of the boy. I wanted to cream in his mouth but that wouldn't make the boy mine. I decided a little ass play would benefit us both."

Looking at me Kent taught me, "Really young boys are easy to control. All you need to do is raise your voice loud enough and they will do anything you say."

Kent Continued. "While the kid was still flat on his back I knelt over the boy, facing his feet. It was easy to lower my ass into his face."

I commanded the little shit to, "Lick me up and down."

"The boy hesitated but after squeezing his thigh I eventually felt his small tongue touch my ass. With both hands I pulled my ass cheeks apart and moved my hips to center my hairy man hole onto his tongue. While the boy half-heartedly licked my ass I pulled his legs up to access his own virgin hole. Spitting on my finger I lubed his smooth tight hole and inserted my finger. The boys anal lips molded around the intruding digit. The more I finger fucked him the less my own hole was being licked. I commanded him to stick his tongue inside my ass. He was so easy to control. The boy opened wide and I felt his red ruby mouth press against my wet butt lips. I felt his tongue inside me as my ass drooled back into his mouth.." Kent stopped to take a drink of his beer.

Kent's story had me breathing heavy and my dick was hard as a rock. "Don't stop. You have to tell me the rest. You have to tell me you fucked him."

Kent smiled and continued his story. "Well, I stretched his fuck hole with two fingers. I wasn't sure If he could take my six inch dick but what the hell. I had to give it a try. Right? So, I got off the boy's face. I was on a quest to breed him as deeply as I could. I greased up my dick to prepare for the slow journey of feeding my man cock to his toddler ass. After positioning him doggie style I forced the kid to inhale some poppers. After a few hits he finally relaxed enough."

Kent spoke to me, "you have never seen the untouched beauty of a small boy's ass. His two firm cheeks were so soft to the touch, white as linen. In the center was the object of my desire. The skin folds that closed around his hole would wink at me in time with his breathing. The ring was as red as the boys lips when they sucked my dick. While the boy was kneeling at the edge of the bed, I knelt on the floor. The view from behind was so cute. His tiny little boy balls were tight to his body and his flaccid dick barely hung at all. After opening his crack with my thumbs I could smell a clean boy scent. My nose touched his rosebud before I flattened my tongue and licked the boy from balls to spine. The texture and taste were very different as I licked his hole. He fought my tongue as it tried to break the ring. He lost when I drove it hard against the folds of skin. The tight ring held my tongue. Flicking it caused the boy to relax. When he dropped his hips unknowingly he offered me deeper access. Pure boy was all I could taste. My tongue was coated with his own anal lubricant. I was like a hummingbird lapping up the sweet nectar of his flower until I got my fill.

Now it was my turn to pause Kent. "Hold on. I need another beer." After bringing two beers from the kitchen Kent began again.

"After moving the child to the center of the bed doggie style I used my thumbs to pull open the unblemished hole and pushed my engorged cock head into it. Even with the poppers the kid was squirming. Holding his small hips in my hands I easily held him in position continuing to mount him. He was so small underneath me. I absolutely loved watching and feeling my dick begin to disappear inside the youngest boy I have ever raped."

"Do you really think you raped him?" I inquired.

"I am not sure what else you can call it. It was forced sex so it must be rape. Did I cross a line?" Kent asked.

"To me, rape was always violent but the way you were able to molest the toddler then I say rape him." There was no other answer for a horny pedophile.

Kent continued, "As I was saying. I watched my cock slowly disappear into his body. Finally the hair above my dick covered his ass crack as his soft smooth butt cheeks pressed against my groin. It fit! I was surprised beyond belief but it fit! I remembered saying out loud. I held the boy tight to me for a few minutes with slight movements just to keep me hard. Slowly I pulled out an inch and pressed forward once again.

Back and forth I sawed and watched how his skin stretched over my dick. As I pulled from the boy his small hole grabbed and pulled with me. So small and so young. My mind raced with primal instincts. I needed to cum and that was all that mattered. I pulled out completely and grabbed the boys legs to flip him on his back. Standing on the floor I pulled his 27 lb. body to me.

Grabbing each ankle I forced his feet to his ears so his skinny hips were hanging over the edge of his own bed. My cock was rock hard and his small hole was open and winking at me. I lined up his hole and rammed my dick fully into him, hard! I pounded his immature body as a man should. My dick roughly moved in and out of his fuck hole.

In for a penny, in for a pound is what I thought. The little raggedy doll took everything I gave him. I almost wished he would put up a fight because I knew there wasn't anything he could do to stop my sexual assault. The child's dick was soft, so the pleasure was all mine. I was in total control of the child beneath me so I took everything I could. The room filled with sounds of my groin and his butt slapping together hard. Loud squeals came from the boy as the air was being forced out of his lungs with every thrust. I can still smell the musky sexual odor between us.

My balls were hard and tight to my body. They crashed against his small frame when I bottomed out inside him. Because the boy was mine and we were alone in his own bed I yelled without care.'You're mine, boy! Take my fucking pedo cock. Take it all...' As I crashed against his tiny body I sank my cock deep inside the boy and pulled his small hips hard against me. Tears welled up in the child's eyes but not from the pain but from the loud noise and movement.

He cried harder when his bruised anal ring was stretched tightly around the very base of my'rape stick' as I forced every last bit inside him. I finally threw my head back and exploded deep inside my youngest prey yet. I could feel cum rush from my balls and up through my shaft. It almost hurt as it blasted into the newly fucked little boy. I couldn't stop. His mouth was open and his eyes were watching me as more of me poured into him. My body was awash with feelings of sexual enlightenment. I reached a new plateau of pedo perversion as I raped his small body and took his cherry, and innocence."

Sitting in the living room Kent pumped his dick one last time and shot his load all over his stomach while I began to shoot my own load high onto my chest and neck. I kept thinking about the two year old being molested so fully and all the cum deep inside him. I emptied my balls and tried to catch my breath after the hottest conversation I ever had.

After we both cleaned our cum from our own bodies I had to ask Kent if he ever got to fuck him again.

"He is the son of a friend of mine. That was some years ago but the kid is eleven now. His father wanted his boy broken in but the mother was always around. He took his wife out for a weekend getaway and instructed me to start the process. I still see them both on a regular basis. The kid has already expressed interest in two and three year old boys but we deny him any boy younger than himself. Boys are for men." Kent said.

"When he turns 18 I expect to be there to watch him molest his first toddler."

Smiling while wishing I had my own boy., "The cycle continues..."

End of Chapter 1


Please comment on the story. What are your favorite parts of the story? Was it descriptive enough? Too young? Too old? Any suggestions for more perverted thoughts?

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After the first sentence, I had my pants down too. Masturbated throughout the story. Dirty....younger the better filthy fun. Thanks! Bravo!


Please continue your story Craig's List it is very well written with very good description from Kent of what he has done and got brilliant sexual pleasures with these boy's. A little of bit of taking down of trousers and underpants for some spanking would have been also nice turning them ass cheeks red before fucking them with a few tears in their eye's. I hope they both manage to enjoy and abuse a boy together.Looking out for chapter 2.

Antonio Green

I'd love to read more. I hope you're able to get part 2 out soon. Great stuff!


Thought it was going to be another ho-hum man meets 10 year old. Wow!!!!! Man meets 2 year old!! I love your story...even better than your 'Disney' series.


Awesome story sure hope more chapters coming very soon. Pumped load after blissful load out of my rock hard cock. This was very hot.


Love it. I'm staying tuned for cumming attractions. Love the young stories. The younger the better.

Love stick

Oh wow. I stroked my hard cock while the little boy was fucked.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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