A Day Out With Mommy

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Published: 25-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Janice lied in bed fingering her clean shaven cunt for what has seemed like the thousandth night in a row. Life was rough for her. Well, her sex life anyway. Her husband left her two years before for a younger woman never to be heard from again. This left Janice and her four year old daughter Kayla alone and unfortunately for the single mother, very unfulfilled sexually.

She tried to meet men and even at the age of thirty-five was still very attractive. She had shoulder length sandy blonde hair atop a classically beautiful oval shaped face and sparkling blue eyes. Her body was slender with breasts that stayed pert even without the help of a bra and an ass that would put many twenty year olds to shame. Her legs still retained their youthful, almost coltish appearance due to the many hours she spent in her home gym.

Unfortunately for her, her job as district attorney for the city of Los Angeles kept her too busy from meeting the right man. Sure, there were plenty of men at the office who had been obvious in their sexual advances, but Janice found them to be either overly pretentious or just too damn creepy.

However, finding a man was not the true reason for her sexual discontent. Janice had a secret. A very taboo secret. Over the past year, she had begun to become sexually attracted to her now six year old daughter, Kayla. It had all started when, at the age of five, the little girl had twisted her ankle playing with some neighborhood kids. This left Janice having to wait on her daughter hand and foot for two weeks. Surely, she could have hired someone to watch over Kayla, but being involved in the criminal justice profession, Janice had a hard time trusting strangers.

As it was, she had to do things for Kayla she hadn't normally been doing, one of which was helping the little girl in and out of the bathtub. Kayla was a very independent child and had been bathing herself alone since she was three due to a mother who was constantly busy and an almost non-existent father. Janice hadn't really seen her daughter naked in quite some time.

Now here she was helping her baby girl in and out of the lukewarm water. Janice couldn't explain it, but something about seeing the little nymph cavorting in the bathtub with her smooth, baby soft body, pink nipples set atop a blemish free chest and prominent hairless pubic mound and slit, brought out chills in the lonely mother.

Ever since then, Janice has had some very intense erotic fantasies of herself doing some very adult things to her sexy little girl. Why just this very night, nearly a year later, as she plays with herself, she imagines Kayla's pretty little head between her legs as she instructs the first grader how to properly perform cunnilingus.

"Yes, baby, oooh yeah. Swirl your tongue around mommy's clit. That's it. Now bite it a little. Ohhh! That's a good girl." She began to rub herself faster. "Oh...oh Kayla. You're gonna make mommy cum! Kayla!!" She furiously frigged herself to a mind-blowing orgasm. It never ceased to amaze her that, even after a year, every climax fueled by her incestuos fantasies was always stronger than the night before. This was becoming a real problem for her and she was beginning to wonder how much longer she could be satisfied with mere fantasies of her daughter.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, she could faintly hear music playing down the hall.

"What the hell?" she thought out loud. "It's half past midnight. Kayla should be asleep."

Just down the hall, in her room, little six.year old Kayla was admiring her lithe form in her full length mirror. One only needed a cursory glance to appreciate just how beautiful she is. A prolonged look, and it's understandable how anyone, even the girl's own mother, could be sexually obsessed with the child. Her long, golden blonde hair reached the middle of her back and ended in soft curls, framing her sweet pixie face and cobalt eyes perfectly. Her slender form showcased a delicate torso with her ribcage being slightly visible, but she was far from underweight. Actually, she was perfect for her age and height, having lost all traces of baby fat when she was four. Her elegant back gently sloped into an incredible firm bubble of an ass. From there were her legs, toned and supple due to her many hours of active play with the other neighborhood kids. Her skin was tanned a brilliant bronze tinge, a product of good genetics and California sunshine. On a scale of one to ten, Kayla was definitely a fifteen. If Hustler magazine ever decided to run a lolita edition, sweet little Kayla could easily be that issue's centerfold.

She was completely naked, save for a pair of panties; hot pink plastic panties to be exact. A gift from a special friend, she swayed back and forth in time to some inane Justin Bieber song playing on her stereo as she ran her hands over the slick material.

Kayla felt very special in her plastic panties. As she danced, she thought about the person who'd got them for her and how they'd kept telling her how beautiful and sexy she looked in them. A part of Kayla's allure was the fact that she didn't realize how desirable she is. Even now, she thought about how significant that person made her feel. The attention shown to her was something she'd never experienced from her own parents. Her father never showed much interest in her and her mom always seemed kind of distant. Unbeknownst to the child was that her mother remained distant to keep herself from indulging her temptations toward the six year old.

Janice tiptoed down the hall towards her daughter's bedroom. The door was closed but she could see light emanating from beneath it, indicating her daughter was still awake. She opened the door ready to give her child the second degree about being up so late. However, when she peered into Kayla's sanctuary she froze, her jaw dropping in shock.

Her daughter had her back turned to her and was wiggling her body seductively to the music. The mirror she was giving the performance for was angled in a way where she couldn't see her mommy looking in on her. Janice just watched, mesmerized by the sight of her baby girls' tight little six year old ass looking exquisitely delicious in those shiny plastic panties. Despite her recent orgasm, she began to feel a familiar tingle and wetness between her thighs. She unwittingly let out a soft groan which Kayla heard and turned around.

"Mommy!" she gasped. "I...I..." She didn't know what to say. She thought her mom had gone to sleep. She had never intended to be caught wearing her plastic panties. Now she had some explaining to do.

"K...Kayla" Janice stuttered. "Where did you get those panties?" Janice may not be a nominee for mother of the year, but she was well aware of all the clothes and undergarments she bought for her six year old and these plastic panties were not one of them.

"I found them" Kayla lied. "Aren't they pretty mommy?"

Janice just stood there for a moment not knowing what to think. Here was the object of her desire standing before her in nothing but these sexy plastic panties. She wasn't sure, but they appeared to be a little damp in the front.

"Kayla, honey" Janice started. "Have...have you wet yourself?" Kayla looked down at her crotch and then looked back up to her mommy and giggling said, "Of course not mommy. But I do feel a little tingly between my legs. Janice let out another groan, stepped into her daughter's bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Alone in the room now with her daughter, Janice was unsure of her next move. Oh, she knew what she wanted to do: pounce on the sexy preteen goddess. But if this was truly going to happen and to get her daughter to accept it, she knew she had to take things slow.

"What now mommy?" Kayla asked. She had resumed dancing again. Janice's first thought was, 'Get on the bed and spread your legs now!' But she restrained herself. She bit her lip and inched closer to the little girl.

"Kayla, what are you still doing up?" Janice asked. "It's way past your bedtime."

"I couldn't sleep" Kayla said. "I'm sorry mommy."

Her innocence was just too damn sexy, Janice thought. Little Kayla stood there peering up at her through her long eyelashes with those deep blue eyes. Janice felt her knees get weak. She sat down on the child's bed and reached her arms out to her.

"Come sit in mommy's lap sweetie and tell me where you found those panties."

The sexy little angel climbed in her mommy's lap. Janice situated Kayla's bum right in the center of her lap, right on top of her swollen clit. She wrapped her arms around the child's small frame and began tracing her fingertips along the waistband of Kayla's panties.

"So where did you find those panties?" Janice asked.

"In the park" Kayla said. It was a half-truth. The person she got the panties from, she met in the park. They were given to her somewhere else. In any case, Janice was barely listening to her anyway. She was too busy delighting in the feel of her daughter's soft skin and plastic panties against her fingers. She closed her eyes and bent her head down to breathe in her essence. The smell of shampoo and fresh flowers wafted up to her nose. Just the way a little girl's hair should smell. Without realizing it, Janice's hand began to move between her daughter's legs. She surreptitiously began rubbing the girl's cleft through her panties.

"Mmmm...that feels nice mommy" Kayla breathlessly cooed. Janice opened her eyes and realized what she was doing. She also noticed that her daughter was not complaining. In fact she seemed to be enjoying herself. Janice, having felt like she'd been given the green light, continued.

She gently caressed the child's labia with her index and middle fingers. Kayla spread her legs to give her mother better access to her treasure trove. Using her other hand, Janice undid the tie of her robe, revealing her seductively naked form underneath. Kayla lied back, seeming to melt into her mother as she mewled and whimpered, enjoying the special feelings she was receiving.

Janice could definitely feel a dampness between those prepubescent thighs. Kayla's head lolled back and her eyes closed as she gasped from her mother's ministrations. Janice brought up her middle finger to rub against the little girl's rapidly swelling clit.

"Mommy!" Kayla sighed. "That feels so nice." Her words were coming out in breathless whispers. The sound sent shivers along Janice's skin. She couldn't believe this was actually happening. She was actually getting her daughter off! How many times had she lied in bed, dreaming of this very moment.

She slipped her other hand between her own legs and proceeded to work her sopping pussy to what she knew would be an earth shattering climax. She continued to rub her daughter's clit through the plastic panties.

Kayla's body was shuddering as she let out breathless sighs as her mommy stroked her. She thought to herself that it felt a little different than when her special friend did it for her. She liked her mother's gentle touch and the feel of her breasts pressed against her shoulder blades. Little Kayla liked having her nipples licked and wondered if her mother liked it too. She turned slightly in Janice's lap so that she could latch on to one of those chesty mounds.

Janice was on cloud nine as her six year old daughter took the nipple of her left tit between tongue and teeth. It would be quite the sight to see if anyone happened to walk in the room just then. Janice, with her left hand between her legs, vigorously rubbing her wet snatch while she just as furiously rubbed Kayla's cunt, the six year old moaning and writhing as she suckled on her mother's left tit.

"Oh God, Kay, that feels so good baby" Janice moaned.

"I like what you're doing to my cunny mommy. That feels going too." It would register with Janice later that Kayla used a word she hadn't taught her. Right now she was lost in utter ecstasy. She picked up the tempo on both her and her daughter's slits.

Kayla's bedroom became filled with the sounds of moans and groans as Janice worked herself and her daughter to orgasm. Despite the plastic panties, she could feel the child's wetness. It felt so delicious to be rubbing her plastic covered pussy. Janice wasn't sure if Kayla was telling the truth about where she'd gotten the panties, but right now it hardly mattered.

Janice rubbed faster and faster. Kayla's pussy was leaking. Her immature juices were running out the leg holes of her panties and down onto Janice's thighs. She could no longer concentrate on sucking her mother's breast. Her body was shaking uncontrollably as her mommy worked her hot cunt.

Suddenly, she painfully arched her back and cried out, "I'm cumming mommy!" Her orgasm racked her small body and her climax caused Janice to reach her own peak.

"Goddammit, Kayla! Mommy's cumming too!" she screamed. She pulled Kayla into her, both of their sweaty bodies twitching and shuddering together in some kind of post-orgasmic dance.

Janice looked down as Kayla peered up at her. As those dazzling blue eyes met hers, she felt like she would melt.

"That felt really good mommy" the little tyke said. She then looked down and bit her lip as if lost in thought.

Janice noticed and, brushing a few strands of perfect golden hair from the child's beautiful face, asked, "What is it, honey?"

Looking a little embarrassed, Kayla quietly asked, "Mommy... will you... lick... me... you know... down there?" Janice couldn't believe her ears! How many times she had fantasized about doing this very thing! But she thought of something first.

"Kay" she started, "I can do that, but first you have to answer a question for me and you have to tell the truth."

"Okay, mommy." Janice took a deep breath and asked, "Sweetie, who told you to call your vagina your cunny and how do you know about cumming?" Kayla didn't like to lie to her mother but she didn't want to get her friend in trouble.

"If I tell you, my friend will get in trouble" she said.

"What friend?" Janice asked. "Where did you meet this friend?"

"At the park" Kayla slowly answered.

Janice studied her for a moment and then lifted her up, laid her on the bed and settled down between the girl's legs. She got a wicked idea.

"Kayla, do you mind if mommy sucks on your pussy while you still have your plastic panties on?"

Kayla smiled and said, "Okay mommy." Janice wasted no time in devouring her daughter's underage pussy. She covered the entire cleft with her mouth and sucked hard as she tongued Kayla's little girl bits. Kayla grabbed her mommy's head and tangled her fingers in the woman's hair as she pressed Janice into her and grinded her pubis into her mother's face. Janice's tongue found the girl's engorged clit and all her attention went there. She sucked and sucked until Kayla gave a convulsive shudder and shrieked to another orgasm.

As she came down, Janice said, "Kayla."

"Yes mommy" the girl sighed.

"Tomorrow, I want you to take me to the park to meet this friend."

"Okay mommy."

The next morning, Janice awoke to a peculiar feeling between her legs. She was still in her daughter's bed, tired from the restless night of love making with her six year old baby girl. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked down to see the pretty preteen slurping and slobbering away at her cunt.

"That's a nice way to wake up mommy, sweetheart." Kayla giggled and continued eating her mother's pussy. This was now her third time doing so and Janice marvelled at how fast she was getting good at it.

Kayla was sucking her mommy's clit and sliding two of her small fingers in and out of Janice's hot slit. Janice squeezed her tits and kneaded her nipples while her daughter licked and finger fucked her. Kayla was moaning into her mother's pussy as she ate it. She liked the taste of her mommy's slit. If her own pussy tasted this good, she could understand why her friend enjoyed licking it so much.

"Oohh...ohh Kay!!" Janice was quickly approaching climax. She was bucking her hips up and down and leaking a copious amount of fluid. Kayla thrusted her fingers in and out of her mom's wet box faster as she could feel the vaginal walls clamping down on them. As she nibbled and sucked on the woman's clit, Janice pulled her head into her steamy twat. "Aaaahhh!!" Janice screamed as her orgasm overtook her. She gushed a healthy spray of nookie nectar right in her daughter's face. Kayla drank down the juice she happened to catch in her mouth. Her face was coated with the rest of it.

After catching her breath, Janice sat up and took her daughter in her arms. She lovingly licked her pussy cum off the little girl's face.

"Did I do it good, mommy?" Kayla asked.

"You did it wonderfully sweetheart." She gave her a motherly peck on the forehead. "Now why don't you wash up and I'll make us some breakfast and then we'll go to the park."

"Okay mommy!" And with that, she hopped off the bed and ran - naked - to the bathroom. Janice watched her perfect little ass wiggle as she ran and had an impulse to follow her to the bathroom but knew if she did, they wouldn't be getting anything done today. She got up and went to get breakfast started.

While they ate, Janice resisted the urge to ask Kayla anymore questions about her friend. How they met, what were they doing together, these were things she needed to know. But she knew if she asked, she would only get one side of the story and that some of her daughter's answers may even be rehearsed. No, she had to confront this person together with her daughter and get the whole story.

After breakfast, they both got dressed. Kayla decided that today she would wear her clear plastic panties. The material stretched obscenely over her pussy and made her undeveloped cunt seem to bulge out. She knew how much the sheerness of the underwear excited her friend.

In her room, Janice was trembling with excitement. She couldn't believe how her and her daughter's familial relationship had changed so drastically within the past twelve hours. And now, what was she doing? Taking her six year old daughter to the park to meet someone for a possible sexual encounter? She could feel herself tingling all over.

At the park, it was the typical scene one might expect on an early Saturday afternoon. Families, kids running around, people walking their dogs, joggers trying to keep fit, young couples having picnics. Janice could see that Kayla was scanning around for her friend. She was wearing a very short skirt. Janice noticed it was one she'd bought for her after she had turned five. The skirt was now a little too short for her and the little girl continuously bent over at the waist giving anyone who cared to look a wonderful view of her ass and pussy encased in clear plastic. 'My God,' Janice silently thought. 'She's a little exhibitionist.' Sure enough, the little girl was noticed by plenty of people. Daddies and other mommies were either intrigued or disgusted by the show. Janice only hoped no one recognized her or was even aware of who their city's district attorney is.

"Come on mommy, over here." Kayla tugged on her mother's hand, pulling her over to a bench that was hidden from view by some very tall hedges. Once they sat down, Janice noticed they were virtually out of view of the rest of the park. The hedges formed an irregular semicircle blocking it from the park on the other side and across from them was a deep woods. There really was no reason for the bench to be there. It was likely many people would even notice it. Janice looked down at Kayla. "Is this where you meet your friend?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," Kayla nodded.

They sat, idly chatting for a little over half an hour when a woman appeared around the corner and came and sat down on the bench next to Kayla.

"Good afternoon," she said.

"Hello," Janice said.

"Hi!" Kayla said rather enthusiastically. Janice was a little surprised. This was now what she was expecting. The woman appeared to be mid to late forties. Very proper looking with a simple, chaste blouse, dress that went past her knees, even while sitting and conservative dress shoes. She wore her dark hair back in a tight bun and wore thick glasses. Janice thought she looked like a librarian. Actually, the more she thought about it, the woman reminded her of some of the stuffy women back at the office.

"My name is Prudence" the woman said. She offered her hand to Janice who gingerly shook it. "You have a very lovely daughter." She began running her hand up the child's thigh. Kayla giggled. "So soft" Prudence said quietly as if she was speaking to herself. She looked up at Janice to see if the girl's mother might object. Janice watched the woman's hand with her lips parted and eyes wide. Her hands moved to her breasts. Prudence, seeing that the child's mother was becoming aroused, continued to fondle the little girl.

She moved her hand up higher as little Kayla spread her legs. "Your a naughty little girl, aren't you," Prudence said. "Bending over and showing those see through plastic panties to everyone." Her hand reached the gusset of Kayla's panties. The six year old let out a soft moan. "Yes, very naughty indeed." She began to rub the outside of the preadolescent's panties.

Janice already had one hand inside her own panties. She was so hot, frigging herself while a stranger molested her six year old daughter right out in public. The sheer illicitness of it was enough to make her cunt sopping wet. She knew she wouldn't last long.

Prudence had now moved her hand inside the girl's underwear. She bent down to whisper into the girl's ear as she manipulated her clit.

"Your nothing but a little orgasm craving slut, aren't you?" she said. She slid a finger into Kayla's hot box. The little girl writhed and groaned. "You like that, don't you bitch," Prudence continued whispering.

"Y-yes" Kayla stuttered.

Janice legs were spread lewdly and she was rubbing her slit furiously. She couldn't remember being so turned on before in all her life.

Kayla's breathing was coming rapidly now. She was close. So very close.

"You gonna cum for me baby? Is your naughty little bitch pussy gonna cum all over my hand?" Kayla answered with a shout. She came all over the woman's expert fingers. At hearing that, Janice also climaxed. She saw stars and she thought she might faint.

After Prudence withdrew her hand, she licked her fingers clean of preadolescent juices. She then simply got up and left without so much as a goodbye. After they straightened themselves out, Janice said, "Your friend is very interesting sweetie." Kayla laughed.

"That's not my friend mommy. I've never even seen that lady before."

Janice's jaw dropped in shock. Just then a man appeared from behind the other side of the hedges. Kayla got up and ran over to him. Grabbing his hand, she said, "This is my friend!"

Janice studied the man. Again, this is not what she was expecting. While she assumed Kayla's friend would be a man of some sort, his appearance was quite different from how she thought he'd look. Like most people, she had a stereotypical vision of what a pedophile might look like. In her mind's eye, Janice pictured an overweight man in his forties or fifties with thinning hair, glasses, grubby hands with dirty fingernails, bad breath and who always seems to be sweating from his brow. Someone who looks like he spends all his free time sitting in front of a computer eating Cheetos while visiting teen chat rooms and surfing for child porn.

This handsome man was a far cry from all of that. For one thing, he was younger than Janice. Mid, maybe late twenties with a full lock of brown hair. He was in good shape and his personal hygiene was above reproach. He was neatly dressed and Janice thought he didn't look like a man who would have a problem hooking up with women.

"Hello" he said to her. "My name is Jack. Jack Deland." He extended his hand to Janice who shook it and when Jack pulled his hand back, he smelled his fingers.

Smiling coyly, he said, "Smells like someone's been enjoying herself." Janice blushed, then a look of befuddled embarrassment crossed her face.

As if reading her mind, Jack said, "Yes. I saw everything." He sat down on the bench next to Janice and placed Kayla in his lap who giggled when he tickled her a little.

"I'm Janice" the girl's mother said.

"I know who you are," Jack replied. "Janice McCrary, D.A. of Los Angeles. Caught in quite a compromising situation."

Janice scowled threateningly and in a low voice, said, "Listen, Mr. Deland. If you're thinking of blackmailing me, I'll have you know the word of a child molester will mean absolutely nothing in court against someone like me. I'll have you put so far under the jail, not even the demolition crew from ground zero will be able to find you."

"Whoa, little lady!" Jack said. "Who said anything about blackmailing? I was just making conversation." He looked down at Kayla and said. "You didn't tell me she gets riled up so easily."

Kayla laughed and said, "That's my mommy!"

Jack looked back at Janice and said, "Actually, I was hoping if I could see a repeat performance. Maybe somewhere a little more private?"

Janice narrowed her eyes. She couldn't help but notice how comfortable her daughter was on this man's lap. "Tell me Jack. Just what have you and my six year old daughter been doing together?"

The smooth man finally seemed a little rattled. He cleared his throat and said, "Well...uh...just to let you know...before you jump to any conclusions...we...uh...we haven't had full intercourse."

Janice gave him a long hard look. She was very good at being able to tell when someone was lying to her. After all, she wouldn't be very good at her job if she couldn't sense when someone was being untruthful with her. He was telling the truth.

"What's intercawse?" Kayla blurted out.

"It's intercourse" Janice corrected. "It's when a man sticks his penis inside a girl's cunny." Janice looked at Jack to see if he would notice she didn't use the word vagina. She was pretty sure it was this man who had taught her daughter the street vernacular for a female's genitals.

"Oh no mommy, we haven't done that. But he licks me between my legs and I like to suck on his big cock!"

Again, Jack cleared his throat.

"I see" Janice said. "And I suppose the plastic panties were a gift from you?" Jack nodded soberly. He wasn't sure where this was going and was beginning to wonder if he should let Kayla down from his lap. The erection he'd gotten when he first put her there had wilted away now.

Janice was excited by the thought of her little girl having sexual contact with a grown man. However, she was not about to let Jack know that just yet. In classic womanly fashion, she thought it more fun to watch him twist in the wind.

"So" she began. "My daughter has sucked on your - what was that she called it - your cock? Hmmm...that's not a word I taught her." Jack smiled sheepishly. Kayla was worried her mother might be mad.

"It's fun mommy and I really like to do it!" she said.

Janice thought silently for a moment. It seemed to Jack to be an eternity before she spoke again but was really only about ten or fifteen seconds.

"And all this takes place here?" she asked.

Finally regaining some composure, Jack responded "Of course not. I take her back to my place."

Janice lowered her voice again and said, "Well then, let's go." Jack could hardly believe his ears! Was this actually happening? Was he dreaming? Had the girl's mother alerted the police who hit him over the head and now he was hallucinating? Was he - "You coming or not?" he heard Janice say. Jack snapped back to reality to realize the two females had started walking off without him. He quickly gathered himself and rushed to join them.

They got to his car, an impressive looking Mercedes.

"Nice car" Janice said blandly, sounding unimpressed. "I didn't realize such prestigious people visited this park," she said sarcastically.

"What were you expecting," Jack retorted. "An Aerostar van with blacked out windows and a bumper sticker that says, 'I Like To Rape Your Kids'?"

Janice laughed. She liked this man. She had already decided she would fuck him. It had been a long time since she'd had some cock and she knew watching him mess around with her daughter would really get her going.

Jack lived in a nice high rise apartment building in downtown L.A. As they rode the elevator to the fourteenth floor, Jack explained to Janice how he convinced the lobby personnel that Kayla was his daughter whom he had partial custody of. "I only moved in a couple months ago, so it's the truth as far as they're concerned" he said.

As the trio made their way into the palatial luxury apartment, Janice couldn't help but notice how opulent the surroundings were. She would have to appreciate it later as she was already wet and ready to get things underway.

Jack had made himself comfortable on his sofa and Kayla was already unzipping his pants. Janice made herself at home right next to Jack so she could get a good view of the action. Little Kayla fished Jack's dick out of his pants. Janice got very excited.

"Looks like my daughter was right" she said. "That is a big cock." Jack wasn't hearing her. He was in sweet bliss as Kayla's warm six year old mouth wrapped around his engorged shaft. She started by twirling her hot little tongue around the head looking into his eyes the whole time. After a couple minutes of that, she began to engulf his member into her preteen throat. Janice began to undress, not happy with the confinement of clothes at this salacious moment.

"Aaaahh yeah" Jack groaned. As usual when the little first grader sucked him, he was in pure ecstasy. Kayla sucked him like a porn star. Her cheeks hollowed as her lips reached all the way to his pubic hair. With the head of his cock in her throat, she flexed her throat muscles, milking his dick as she bobbed her head up and down. As she drew her head up, her mouth expelled his cock with a loud pop before she went back down. It wouldn't be long for Jack. Ever since he'd taught the six year old this technique, he could only take five minutes or so of this treatment before exploding in the youngster's mouth. And that's exactly what happened. White hot semen surged up his shaft, about five or six jets going into Kayla's mouth. Her cheeks expanded as she tried to swallow it all. She eventually succeeded with only a small dribble leaking from her lips. Janice was on the verge of cumming but she stopped her frigging just then.

"Let's see how talented you are Mr. Deland." She grabbed his semi-hard cock and took it into her mouth. Within a minute she sucked him back to full hardness. She took him out of her mouth and said, "Now I want you to fuck her."

Jack stared back at her wide-eyed.

"But...but...she's so small" he stuttered. "I'm not sure if I should -"

"Don't give me that shit" Janice cut him off. "Don't sit there and tell me the thought of fucking your little six year old girlfriend having never crossed your mind." Jack didn't admit it, but she was right. Stuffing himself inside of that six year old crotch was a thought he masturbated to frequently.

Janice beckoned to Kayla.

"Come here sweetie, let mommy help you out of that skirt."

"Okay mommy!" As Janice got the little girl undressed, Jack began to remove his own clothing. Janice admired his toned body and almost wanted Kayla to sit this one out. Her phallic needs would have to wait. She had just offered up her daughter's six year old cunt to this man and attractive as Janice is, no man is going to pass up a sweet virginal prepubescent pussy waiting to be filled up.

"How are we going to do this?" Jack asked. Kayla was now out of her cute little sandals and was standing in her clear plastic panties. Janice began to take those off too.

"Why don't you sit back down on the couch and I'll have her straddle you. That way she can control how much she takes." She got Kayla's panties off as Jack sat down.

"We gonna do intercourse, mommy?" the little girl asked excitedly.

"Yes baby and mommy's going to help." She picked up her daughter and lifted her over Jack's lap.

As Kayla positioned herself over Jack's cock, he wiped up some of his precum and lathered the six year old hole with it. Janice was behind Kayla with her hands on the girl's hips, guiding her down while Jack held his shaft in place. Jack watched, mesmerized, as grade school pussy lowered itself to his member. He let out a sigh as her outer lips kissed the head of his shaft. She looked up into his eyes as she moved agonizingly slow down the head. He watched her pink preteen lips stretch around the crown. So smooth. The gates to heaven continued to suck their way past the head as the tip of his dick finally came into contact with her opening. Kayla looked back down as she felt him begin to enter her.

"It's happening mommy" she whispered sweetly.

"Just relax, sweetpea." Kayla did and inched down some more. Janice removed her hands from the girl's hips and let gravity take over.

Jack groaned as he felt himself slide into the velvety tightness. His brain was overwhelmed by a rush of endorphins as the little girl slid deeper and deeper down his fuckpole. Soon he was met with resistance.

"I guess that's as far as it's gonna go" Kayla said. Janice placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders. "This might hurt a little, okay."

"Okay." Janice gently pushed down.

"Ouch!" Kayla squealed as she lost the last traces of her innocence.

"Fuuucck" Jack sighed. "Goddamn, that's tight."

A little concerned, Janice asked, "You alright, Kay?"

"Yes mommy. It hurt a little but it doesn't feel bad anymore."

Jack placed his hands on her hips.

"Why don't you try moving up and down now baby" he urged. The six year old began to fuck her pussy up and down Jack's invading tool. Janice resumed her position on the couch. She stuffed Kayla's plastic panties in her mouth and masturbated as she watched.

Jack's eyes were riveted to where he was joined with the preadolescent. Kayla's pussy was so.tight and small, it inverted to the point where her clit was rubbing along his shaft as they fucked. They were into a good rhythm now and their breath came in rasping gasps as the tempo increased.

"A little faster" Kayla desperately pleaded.

"Yes" Jack breathlessly answered. "You like being molested, baby?"

"Mm-hmm" the schoolgirl answered.

"Say it" Jack commanded.

"I like being molested!" she almost shouted. "Do it more Jack! Molest my little pussy!"

That did it for Jack. He would've likes to have lasted longer, but having a six year old girl almost scream at you to molest her pussy while you thrust into her would be more than even the most virile of men could handle. With a loud grunt he approached nirvana as he came against her immature cervix. Kayla shouted out her own climax as she felt the hot baby batter coat the inner walls of her love tunnel.

Not to be outdone, Janice brought herself to a life-altering orgasm as she watched the couple get each other off. Afterwards, the trio lied together in post-orgasmic bliss. Then both mother and daughter licked Jack's cock clean of the combined juices.

Looking up, Janice said, "I bet you feel like the luckiest man in the world."

Smiling, Jack said, "You have no idea." Laughing, Janice said, "Just wait until you get to fuck both of us up the ass."

The End

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I really enjoyed this story, I love it when a girl this young just becomes a very sexually aware person, loves sex, just can't get enough of it. Your description of Kayla and her body was awesome, I could picture her lithe form, so perfect! I hope there's more!


You are a superb writer, please write more! More French kissing would be my one suggestion.

Will Wanton

Delicious story. Not wasting too much time, just adults being nasty with a kid. I love the part where some librarian type woman just gets nasty with a young girl in public not even caring how the girl's mother feels about it. Love to visualize how the mother is wanking her cunt as a woman is molesting her girl in a public place.


Nice story. It's good to readabout a very young child used for sex.


Well written and very much realistic! When is the next chapter going to surface...

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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