Melissa Loves Her Mommy

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Published: 12-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Melissa was a little angry when she got home from school. She let herself into the house with her key and tossed her school bag into the hall closet. She listened carefully for a moment. She knew that her Mommy wasn't home. Since MommyAmber left them Mommy had spent more and more time at her business.

Melissa was eight. She had long blond hair and pretty sky blue eyes. Her lips were full and she had a smile that shined like the sun. She wasn't smiling right now.

Her head hung as she shuffled into the laundry room. She reached up to her neck and unclipped her school tie, dropping it into the machine.

Her mommy hadn't been a good friend lately. All she did when she got home from work was to open a bottle of wine and sit on the couch naked and sip until the bottle was empty. For the first few days Melissa had sat with her mommy, trying to share what happened at school or on the playground. But soon Melissa gave up.

Melissa slipped out of her black patent schoolgirl shoes. She stood in her white thigh-high tights, hands on her hips.

Melissa didn't hate MommyAmber for leaving. MommyAmber had said that sometimes love goes away and that she still loved Mommy and Melissa but she couldn't live with them anymore. She would have still been Mommies girlfriend but Mommy couldn't stand not having MommyAmber living in the same house. So it came to a tearful end.

Melissa slowly drew down the side zipper on her grey-pleated miniskirt. She liked the sound. She bent over as she lowered the skirt to the floor and stepped out of it. The tongue of her blouse slipped down (or up?) revealing her white nylon bikini panties. She stood and added the skirt to the load.

Melissa understood love. She loved her daddy, even though she hadn't seen him since she and Mommy moved to the new city two years ago. She loved Mommy, that she knew for a fact. But knew that Mommy had loved MommyAmber, but she couldn't understand exactly how Mommy loved MommyAmber.

Melissa stopped at the last button on her blouse. She blushed as she thought about some of the boys in her class. She understood what it meant to love boys. She forgot that she hadn't finished unbuttoning the shirt. The button bounced off the wall and skidded across the floor before ending up underneath the dryer. Angry at herself Melissa jammed the garment into the tub. Her preteen nippies stood out hard in the cool of the room.

Melissa dropped to her knees and leaned down, her athletic backside sticking up in the air. Annoyed she flipped her hair out of her face and reached under the machine for the button so she could sew it back on before she went to bed. Her hand touched something smooth and small. Melissa grabbed it and drew back her hand. She had found one of MommyAmbers panties. MommyAmber had always worn tiny panties, she called them thongs. This one was fire-engine red and made of shiny satin. Melissa had always wanted to try one of these but both Mommies had insisted that she was too young.

It took Melissa only a moment before she had her white panty off and into the machine. She carefully picked off the dryer fluff before stepping into the thong and drawing it up between her legs. MommyAmber had been rather small, Melissa remembered Mommy describing MommyAmber as petite. Melissa was taller that the rest of her classmates. As a matter of fact, neighbors had commented that she and MommyAmber had been pretty close in size and shape, though Melissa didn't have MommyAmbers "D" cup boobs.

Melissa pulled the front of the panty just like she had seen MommyAmber do so that the material hugged her little cunnie tightly and showed its shape. She carefully drew the string part between her butt cheeks. Melissa didn't like that part too much but resisted the impulse to fiddle with it. It felt funny in her crack as she walked into the front hallway to look at herself in the full-length mirror there. She drew her arms behind her back and thrust her nippies forward, turning from side to side to get a good look at herself. Then she turned around to look at her butt and giggled at how her butt looked so...naked. She had a flash of memory, remembering the look on her Mommies face when MommyAmber walked into the kitchen wearing this very panty. For a moment Melissa wondered if it had been laundered since then but she was interrupted by another thought. Her best friend Karen had looked at the new boy today and Melissa got a good look at the look on her face. Melissa sat down quickly in the hall chair and grasped the arms as she realized that the look on her friend's face was exactly the same look that Mommy had that day.

In a flash of insight she knew what she needed to do.

First Melissa laid out a few things on her bed and took a hot shower. She dried quickly and fairly raced into her bedroom. Sitting at her make-up table she took a moment to gather her thoughts and plan her moves. Picking up her hair comb she carefully worked out the tangles before putting her hair up in pigtails the way Mommy used to do for her. She used red ribbons that she had grabbed out of the christmas trunk. She tied another red ribbon around her neck as a choker. It was a little tight, but she didn't want to ruin the knot so she just trimmed away the excess. She was glad that she had put the know behind her head and out of sight.

Melissa studied her face in the mirror. Her head was more like a short rectangle than an oval like her friend Karen.

Starting with the eyes, Melissa used just enough mascara to define her lashes, using a tad more on the outside lashes. She winked and giggled. She liked the way that the lash appeared to be waving hello. She had decided to go with a medium brown shadow. She carefully ran the applicator around the cake to be sure that it was covered completely and evenly with the make-up. She did her right eye first, adding three layers so it it looked smooth. She marveled at how much difference the eye-shadow made. Her left eye was a little girls, blending into her creamy white skin. Her right eye now looked like that of a woman, seeming to jump out at her from her face. She winked and found herself being stirred somewhat by the effect. She carefully painted her right eyelid, and just as carefully put the applicator and cake away in her make-up drawer.

Melissa stared at herself in the mirror as she tried to decide whether to put on lipstick or do her fingernails next. She noted how the eye-shadow compliment the light spray of freckles on her upper cheeks and nose.

Melissa picked up a small plastic case and opened the lid. Inside lay ten perfectly shaped false nails. They weren't "glamour" length, but they were longer than her real nails. They were just the right size for her slim fingers. MommyAmber had bought them for her for her birthday that year, but Mommy had forbidden her to wear them. Maybe Mommy told her she couldn't wear them, but she said nothing about fiddling with them. Melissa made sure that they were kept buffed and polished, just in case Mommy changed her mind. In the box with them was a packet of special adhesive pads. They would hold the nails firmly in place but weren't permanent and if one twisted the nail just the right way it would come loose and then the pad could be easily removed without damage to the real nail.

Melissa looked at the nails for a moment then thought better of it and set them aside. She had a couple of things to do that were better done without the hindrance of long nails. She picked up a lipstick. Pulling off the cap she sniffed. She loved the smell of lipstick. It reminded her of her early years and the aroma of Mommy as she bent down and kissed her on the cheek. She removed the cap and rolled out the make-up. It was red, matched to the color of the false nails.

Melissa opened her mouth as wide as she could and carefully put just a touch of lipstick on the part of her lips that divided her upper and lower lip. MommyAmber had taught her how to put on make-up and had said that women often forget that part. She lightly touched the lipstick to her lower lip on her left side and slowly, carefully drew it across her lip leaving a creamy red trail behind. She continued until the lipstick reached the upper right edge. Her lip was full, but the lipstick was made for a woman and that single pass she covered her lip completely. Closing her mouth she bussed, transferring the color to her upper lip. Just for good measure she applied two more layers. A few touchups and she was finished.

She sat patiently with her mouth open and waited for the lipstick to change. It was a special type made for the movies. Once it dried it would stay on for a week or more and wouldn't come off without a special cream. MommyAmber joked once that it came off with the tape, whatever that meant. Melissa thought that her lips were a little heavy, but she knew that MommyAmber had worn her lipstick that way so it must be all right. She liked the way that the red contrasted with her skin, the way her eyes and lips jumped off the mirror. It took only a few moment for the lipstick to change and become glossy. Melissa knew that it had set.

Melissa took a moment to blow herself a kiss. She felt an odd stirring inside her. Shrugging her shoulders she picked up her favorite earrings. They had belonged to Mommy's Mommy. Her ears weren't pierced, unnatural holes in her body wasn't her thing, so these were held on the earlobes by little spring clips. The dangles were silver and resembled a long and thin tree leaf, slightly twisted. She put them on and admired the effect. She liked the way the light danced off of them when she turned her head from side to side. They hurt her lobes a little, they were tight, but she knew that that was necessary so the earrings didn't fall off as she moved about.

Melissa stood up and walked over to her bed. She sat down on the bed and picked up a pair of silk stockings. She had rummaged through the boxes of stuff in the garage that MommyAmber had left behind when she moved and these were the first she found. MommyAmber always said "If a girl's going to wear stockings, she better wear silk." Melissa picked up one and carefully folded the tops down until she was holding the stocking balled up in her fists. She pointed her toes and slipped her into the stocking. She giggled, there was something about stockings that tickled her toes and she loved that feeling. Moving her hands back and forth, she carefully pulled the stocking over her foot. It made a soft rustling sound as she worked the stocking onto her calf and over her knee. Just for fun she leaned back on the bed. She could see herself in the mirror on her makeup table as she pointed her toes towards the ceiling and slowly sensually worked the stocking up her thigh and almost to her little cunnie. She reached up, her eyes locked on her image in the mirror, her breath ragged, and she slowly ran her hands over the entire length of the stocking, slowly carefully, savoring every inch of soft smooth pleasure through her fingertips. As she reached the top of her thigh, she had the sudden urge to lick her lips. She did so, slowly sliding her tongue over her upper lip. She almost made it across when she felt a jolt in her belly that startled her and made her stop. Her face turned red as she quickly put on the other stocking.

Melissa had also found a pair of shoes in the boxes. These were shiny patent-leather pumps with six inch heels and wide ankle straps that had a double row of holes riveted in them and a buckle with two tines. She slipped them on her feet, bending over to make sure the straps were drawn down tight and buckled. She stood and fell back on the bed. It took her a few tries before she could stand up in the heels. She had heard MommyAmber call these "overarches" because they were so high on her tiny feet that the tip top of the arch of her foot actually was forward of ball of her foot. In other words, she was walking on the flat of her toes. Carefully Melissa walked around the room. At first she had to hold onto furniture but after a few minutes she found that she could walk in them fairly easily. When she was real little Melissa walked everywhere on tippy toes so this wasn't all that different, except she had to be careful of the stiletto heel which tried to trip her up a couple of times by snagging on the carpet.

It was time for the fingernails. Melissa took them out of the box and applying the tape first she was able to press the nails firmly into place.

Melissa strode to the door of her bathroom and closed the door so she could look at herself in the full-length mirror that hung there. Her feet had all but disappeared from the front and her legs looked like they were five inches longer. The heels rounded her calves and defined her thighs nicely. Her but looked rounder and in order to balance she had to hold her shoulders back and thrust out her nippies. Which reminded her...

Melissa went back to the make-up table and picked up a tube of cream. She had bought it at the local pharmacy. It was advertised as being able to enlarge a girls lips when applied before make-up. This was because the cream attracted something that began with a "C" to the lips and made them fuller. Melissa also read somewhere that this "C" thing also was present in her nippies. So she liked to rub this cream over her boobie area and watch as she grew little boobies. They weren't very big, not even an "A" cup, but they were boobies and to an eight year old girl, having any boobies was grand. Melissa applied the cream to her chest and as an afterthought to her cunnie as well.

"Almost done", she said aloud as she walked back to her bed. She picked up a tiny sheer red nightie that MommyAmber had bought for her. It was simple, like a bib for the front and back connected over the shoulders by strings and by tied strings at the waist. It was supposed to cover only to the midriff, but it was a little long on Melissa and hung to her cunnie. She slipped it on and reached for the matching panty. Her alarm clock sounded and she raced to turn it off. Mommy would be home any second!!!

Melissa did one more quick check in the mirror before rushing as quickly as she could in those heels into the front hallway. It took effort to move the chair but she positioned it and seated herself carefully. She was sitting on the chair with her right side sort of facing the door at a forty-five degree angle. She crossed her left leg over her right, leaving a gap so that Mommy could see her panties. At that moment, Melissa realized that she hadn't put on the panties. She looked down at her cunnie and saw that the cream worked on cunnies like it did on boobies. It was very puffy, made even more puffy by her bodies response to finding she forgot her panties. She looked at the mail slot in the door so her head was slightly downward. Her pigtails hung over her little nippies. Annoyed, she flipped them so they lay behind her back. Melissa looked at the spot that Mommy's face would be and as she heard the key in the lock, she smiled.

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Beautifully done, Bigirish. I loved this piece, and hope that you plan to add a few more chapters to it. We want to see Melissa's seductive scheme unfold!


Yes, I agree. This story has a lot of potential.


I specially loved the part when Melissa were putting on her stockings, I imagine her lovely little feet encased in nylon, hope to read more very soon.


How sad to have a story that starts as promising as this one just be abandoned!

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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