Gina's Dad Gives In To His Lust

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Published: 5-Jan-2013

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"A Father Daughter Vignette"

Something had been happening between him and his young daughter for a few months now. First, the tickling that had brought them so close, with him pushing down into her and she squirming and pushing back at his hardened manhood with a strange look in her eyes. Then there were the times that he hardened as she sat on his lap and he honest to god felt her squirming down onto him. And it seemed at all these times a strange smile played upon her lips; lips that he began to kiss in pecks; lips that then began kissing him back. His own little girl was getting him hot and he couldn't help it. Worse, he was sure that she understood how she was affecting him and he was sure that she was enjoying it.

So it was on this night. She had come into his bedroom to say goodnight, and now, as he sat on the side of his bed, she sat on his lap. Her nightgown had risen up about that cute rear end of hers, and when the warmth and softness of that incredible little naked ass touched his bare skin, sexual excitement shot through him like wildfire going through sagebrush!

His cock got so hard he thought it was going to explode! Gina's right hip was up against it so he knew she could feel it. He was afraid it would frighten her but there was nothing he could do about it.

He sat there just hugging her for a moment with his left arm around her back and left side while his right hand was cupping her knee, squeezing gently. The top of her head was just touching the bottom of his chin as her face was looking downward shyly. He kissed the top of her head and whispered, "Sweetie, you are so beautiful."

It was here that he had lost his last bit of resistance. His right hand slowly moved up along the outside of her left hip savoring the warmth and softness of his daughter's young skin. Her left hand was atop her lap and he took ahold of that and brought it up to his lips where he slowly kissed each finger. Then his hand found her chin and slowly raised it towards him as his eyes explored that adorable little face.

As her eyes met his, she smiled, nervously, but didn't utter a sound. He gently kissed her forehead several times, then her nose, and then whispered, "Gosh, you have a cute little nose."

Gina giggled. He started kissing her right cheek. As his lips began moving towards hers, his right hand started gently caressing her left cheek and neck. At first, he barely touched her lips with his. He was mesmerized by this little girl, his own daughter! Never had he been so controlled by anyone or anything as he was at that moment by her.

He slowly and very gently kissed her lips, first the top one, then the bottom one. Then, he was pecking gently at both lips and she began to do the same to him. Finally, their lips held contact and his began the practiced tease. As his tongue began to search between the youngster's lips, it was met by her nervous tongue. He gently touched the tip of it with his and slowly moved about it in circles.

Then he stopped with his tongue and started kissing her lips again. When he did, she stopped and pulled away for a moment, causing him to open his eyes. Those beautiful innocent blue eyes were curiously staring into his. It was as if she was asking him if she did something wrong, as if she was asking, 'Daddy, why did you stop? Did I do it wrong?'

He looked into her eyes, smiled, and whispered, "You are incredible!"

She smiled, then closed her eyes and without any urging on his part, moved her mouth towards his again.

Their lips barely touched before their tongues met and became one.

Gina was sitting side-saddle on his lap. He could feel the heat from her little rear and the backs of her legs against his thigh and his whole body began getting real hot. His right hand started slowly moving downward along her left arm, then her hip and along the outside of her left leg until it found her knee once again. His heart was now racing. Unable to stop himself, his fingers moved to where her knees met and he gently tried to separate them.

At first they resisted. He continued to kiss her and again his tongue thrust gently into her mouth; now their tongues were moving around each other more and more. His hand again gently urged her knees to part and this time, he felt her legs relax and his fingers were allowed in between them.

Gina's baby-smooth skin was so hot and so soft! His excitement was sky high! Trying not to frighten his daughter, his hand started to slowly move her left knee away from the right, careful not to force the issue. After about an inch of movement, his little girl's knee stopped opening and hesitated, as if she wasn't sure if she should allow her Daddy to be doing this. He too stopped, making a deliberate decision to coax her. He again started to kiss her lips for a moment and then went back to that fantastic little tongue. As he did, a small moan came from the child's throat and then her knees began moving farther apart.

His right hand started to slowly and gently caress the inside of her left thigh. His hand could feel the heat flowing from her skin. Gina seemed to tighten up inside his arms and he guessed that she not only knew what he was doing, but had come to admit to herself that she was allowing him to touch her.

Sensing her willingness, he then moved his hand to the inside of the youngster's right knee. When he was convinced of her complicity, he gently pulled her knee towards him pressing the outside of her leg firmer against his bulging hard on. Don was going over the edge! As he started to slowly move his hand up along the inside of his little girl's thigh, he entered another world. God she was soft and warm! He would move his hand up a little, then stop and move it back down a little, feeling her inner nerves causing her soft young flesh to quiver. Each time he moved his hand upward, he would go a little further up his daughter's thigh.

Every few moments he would move his hand to the inside of her outer leg and gently caress it, testing to see if Gina might change her mind and close her legs, which she didn't. In fact, her legs actually began to move farther apart, while at the same time, the youngster's tongue was really starting to move sensuously about his, and moans were frequently erupting from her throat. His little girl was undoubtedly aroused - indeed, complicit - at what was happening.

His hand finally went back to the inner thigh of Gina's right leg and moved towards its goal. She squirmed and worked her mouth a bit more frantically, obviously aware where his hand was heading.

And then, finally, his finger finally found its prize! The naked flesh of his own daughter's cunt. Little Gina groaned.

The youngster was soaking wet! Don couldn't believe how awesome it felt; his cock was twitching! Ever so slowly and ever so gently, he began to move his fingers along that incredible little slit. As he did, the youngster moaned into his mouth. At the same time Gina's legs started to move even farther apart; her body was now trembling in her father's arms!

Don's hand found the top of his daughter's sweet little slit and slowly started to follow it downward. His middle finger gently and slowly followed that slit along the outside edge, just barely touching it. When he got to its bottom, his hand moved even further downward, and then gently cupped her whole cute little ass. Again she moaned. Although Gina was an innocent virgin, her father had managed to arouse things in her that she had never experienced.

As they continued to kiss, he began to work his hand and fingers to arouse the youngster even further, giving her ass cheek a gentle squeeze, release it, and again move his middle finger back up along that incredulous little slit. Then he repeated that same process.

After the third time, his finger found itself starting to enter along the outer edge of that soft warm inviting little tunnel. As it did, his daughter's tongue stopped moving and he heard her start to make a high pitched sound, almost like a little kitten would make while searching for its mother. He felt a sudden wetness in his pants and knew that his cock had ejaculated a small portion of its pent up load.

Four or five more times he repeated the same process with his hand and finger, bringing his daughter to the point where her lower torso was instinctively lifting to encourage his hand to do more.

Breaking the kiss, Don now saw the tiny little beads of sweat that had formed above the youngster's eyebrows and along the edges of her lips.

He gently put his right arm underneath both of his daughter's legs and bringing them together, turned to his left slowly, sliding the youngster from his lap onto the edge of the bed. At the same time, he stood up from the side of the bed.

Gina looked so cute and adorable sitting on the edge of the bed like that. Her blonde hair was shimmering in the flickering light from the TV, which played classical music while flashing pleasant scenery pictures. It was a music channel he left on when went to sleep at night. It now played the strains of Chopin while it flashed colorful glows across the room. He could see the tiny beads of sweat all about his little girl's face as she looked up at him, flushed, her hands nervously, instinctively, pushing her nightgown back down over her knees.

He looked down in wonder at his little girl. God what a little angel!

Leaning down toward her, he gently took both her cheeks into his hands, leaned forward and kissed her nose, then her lips, softly kissing her for a half minute or so, then breaking the lip lock.

He looked into her eyes and whispered, "Do you have any idea what you're doing to me? You are Daddy's little Lolita." He didn't think she knew the story of Lolita but he didn't care.

With her soft cheeks still cupped in his hands he leaned forward and gently started to kiss her lips again. Now, their tongues were swirling around each other once more becoming familiar. As his little girl began to moan into his mouth, he took both of her hands and moved them up to his shoulders as he now pressured his mouth upon hers. His cock was throbbing!

Slowly, mouths still together, he lowered himself down onto his knees, delighting that it seemed that Gina's hands on his shoulders were actually urging him down, almost as if she knew what he wanted to do.

Once settled on his knees, he repositioned himself directly in front of his daughter. As they continued to kiss, his hands moved down to the backs of her calves where he gently began to caress them. As they moved up behind her knees, they gently moved her legs apart. His little girl offered no resistance this time. He moved forward in between her legs, pressing until his bulging cock pressed against the edge of the bed.

His hands started to move up along the outsides of his daughter's knees, up along the soft warm flesh of her outer legs, moving teasingly - upward a few inches, and then back downward, each time moving a little higher up the youngster's legs. Every few moments he would stop with the tongue kissing, pull his mouth from hers and kiss her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, and then return to her lips. Each time, her tongue was waiting to meet his. He could still see the beads of sweat and the redness in her face even in the dim light of the room.

As his hands found their way up to her hips, little Gina's breathing became heavier. The child started to pull him towards her more, using her hands, which were now behind his neck. He slowly reached up behind his head and pried her fingers apart to remove her hold on him. Taking his lips from hers, he whispered, "Lie back on the bed, baby."

As his hands guided her body backward onto the bed, his daughter's eyes closed. When her head touched the surface of the bed his hands started to slowly remove the nylon shorts he had been wearing. His heart was running like a freight train. He could feel the beads of sweat forming all over his own body as it began to shake. God, he was nervous and excited!

When he got his shorts off, he leaned down and began kissing the top of her right knee while gently caressing both sides of her lower leg with both of his hands. As his hands slowly came up the sides of her knee, his lips and tongue started to move up the top of her leg a little. Every so often he would stop and start to kiss her other knee and caress her other leg for a while. Once in a while he would pause and look up at her.

His little daughter was lying back with her head on its side, her eyes closed and a strange little smile on her innocent face. Her arms were down by her sides.

As his lips and tongue continued up the inside of her left thigh, his hands would slowly slide her nightgown up a little higher. His lips and tongue were being satisfied beyond belief as they covered every single inch of his little girl's skin. Gina had the finest down-like hair on her legs. Her skin was so soft and so warm, he couldn't stand it! His fingertips were deliberately caressing both of her hips and had just pushed her nightgown up to about her belly button when IT came into full view! IT was the most exquisite sight one could imagine!

His whole body started to shake when he saw his daughter's beautiful little slit not three inches away from his mouth and tongue. The awesome aroma filling his nostrils was so powerful that it seemed to have an aphrodisiac-like affect on his brain. As his tongue started to get closer, Gina's hands touched his and she squeezed them firmly.

He softly whispered, "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

He kissed the top and sides of her hips first, just barely letting his lips and tongue touch her flesh. He moved her hands back along her sides in order to free his hands, which then found their way back down to the insides of her knees. He gently started to raise her knees and move them apart even more as he kissed the inside of her thigh now, only an inch or so away from her little puss. It was so perfectly shaped and not a hair on it! Her little slit was closed so he could see the moisture that had been building, along its center, the moisture that was creating that mindboggling luring aroma. You could have shot him right then and there and he would not have known it!

As his hands lifted his daughter's knees upward, her legs seemed to float by themselves as if they knew what to do and where to go. His mouth went back to the upper inside of her left knee and again started to kiss it, moving downward, the pulse in his brain throbbing. He heard his daughter mewling as his lips and tongue teased her flesh. His left hand was gently caressing the inside of her right thigh.

His tongue finally came to the child's puss and slowly started to trace along its outer edges as his fingers danced their way lightly around the upper backs of both her legs near her sweet little ass. Her knees had moved all the way up and she had instinctively spread her legs far apart as if she had known what to do all along. His little Gina looked so innocent, and yet so wanton.

His tongue found the beginning of his little daughter's youth-tight slit and he started licking her gently, delighting to hear her groan aloud. Eagerly, he flicked out his tongue, parting the bare traces of pubic hair and penetrating the already softly pulsating little slit of his own child's naked cunt. He eagerly slid his tongue down along the outer edge of her little slit, then back up the inner edge.

"Aaaaahhh!" Gina cried, jerking a little at the unexpected sensations from the hotly searing contact.

The youngster kept moaning and wriggling. Don had to hold the inside of her thighs to control her movement. He held his little girl firm and wormed his tongue slowly inward, making a sharp little spear with the tip of it. God, she was delicious!

His tongue finally started entering her. It was soft and yet hard against her delicate cuntal flesh and the seeping secret warmth of her excitedly aroused pussy surrounded his protruding tongue. The aroused father savored his little girl's sexual flavor, rolling his tongue about in the moist confines of the narrow pulsing lips of her eagerly offered young pussy. She tasted and smelled awesome!

"Oooooh!" she moaned, "Oooooh, Daddy!"

The tip of his tongue started moving in and out, just a little at first. He would slip it in a little, then move it up and down her slit. After a few times, he was able to slip it further in and to his surprise, in spite of her virginal innocence, it really started to drive her wild.

He could feel his little girl's entire body jerking and quivering with each teasing stroke of his tongue up between her open thighs as he breathed deeply into the widespread area of the youngster's openly exposed cunt, letting the flat of his tongue brush again and again over the rising hardness of her tiny pulsating clitoris.

"I love you!" he muttered into her openly presented pussy. "Let me love your little cunt good!"

Gina moaned her assent. She had never in her young life felt anything so wonderful, so far beyond her wildest imaginings about what her first real encounter would be like!

The soft trembling folds and crevices of the little girl's virgin pussy responded willingly to her father's expert tonguing, and Don could feel her getting wetter and wetter as she became more and more aroused. He was starting to have a hard time controlling the youngster's movements. Two small hands reached down and tangled in his hair, tugging and pulling as the anguish of her desire mounted moment by moment.

Don mouthed the moist area of his little girl's now hungrily straining pussy, noisily forming a gentle sucking action by pursing his lips, creating lewd wet sounds, licking hungrily at the morsel of her baby pussy, enjoying his sensual task as he worked for her to reach completion for the very first time.

He could feel his thickly swollen cock, tensed and hard, aching to be released to ravage his own daughter's delightfully fresh young pussy, wishing to crawl up between those little legs and enter the secret tiny vagina that had never known a man's thick hard cock before.

Gina's excitedly straining thighs were widespread on either side of his kneeling body as she reclined upon the pillows to let her Daddy's hands move upward along her slender form and feel the small heated mounds of her just budding young breasts.

Don's still hotly probing tongue worked steadily at the moist interior of his daughter's virgin cunt, worming upward into the tight opening of her vaginal slit, moving and slipping back and forth with maddening persistence over the desire-swollen bud of the little girl's clitoris.

The sign he had been waiting for came when suddenly Gina shuddered, her ravaged young pussy unable to bear a second longer of her father's sensually unrelenting attack. The little girl's eyes opened briefly to take in the picture of her father's dark wavy hair moving lewdly back and forth down between her spread thighs. Then with a low groan from deep in her chest, she began to thrust her inexperienced loins with outright wantonness upward toward his face, automatically swishing about, pushing steadily as though she were trying to draw his entire tongue all the way up inside her hotly flooded little cunt.

"MmmmmnnnnnNNNoooonnnnoooo! Oh Daddy oh Daddy..."

She moaned over and over, little goose-pimples forming on the smooth surfaces of her skin, beads of perspiration evident on her forehead. This was more arousing than anything she ever imagined...much felt as though she were going to evaporate and explode at the same time, as though she could never survive the pleasure that she was receiving.

Sobbing and trembling, completely out of control, little Gina was caught in the midst of a wild stormy tempest. Her straining white thighs jerked upward, and with a low groan of total surrender, she locked them up over her father's shoulders, pulling his head and his hungrily nibbling mouth and tongue still closer to the exciting turmoil seething deep inside her wetly climaxing young pussy.

All thought was erased from her usually curious mind. She was his, utterly and totally his! Her father's mouth was attached to the most important part of her very being, her recently discovered womanhood.

He was doing to her what she'd seen happening on the internet that had looked so exciting to her, and he was bringing her closer and closer to that ultimate climax that she had read and heard about, but had never been able to fully achieve with her hand. The little girl's shamelessly aroused body thrashed crazily as her hips ground voraciously upward, her throbbing young vaginal slit presenting all its softness and every fold and heated crevice to the unmerciful licking and sucking of her father's wildly swirling tongue.

"OOOOAAAAAAAH!" Each delicate ridge of little Gina's nakedly exposed pussy was melting into her Daddy's mouth, the wetness and the warmth of his lips combining to set her whole world spinning...dazzling her with an inner fireworks explosion of tumultuous cumming.

A thoroughly unfamiliar rapture was building and building deep within the little girl's loins! "Oh! Oh! Oh! OOOHHHHHH!" she sighed.

Don ground his mouth hungrily and tightly down onto his young daughter's hotly seeping cunt, feeling the soft flesh of her open pussy against his lips. He let her vent off her youthful lust against him, feeling it strike her in wave after wave of overwhelming orgasm.

"OOOOHHHHHHH DADEEEEEEEE! YESSSSSS! YESSSSSS! OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" she keened, her voice trailing off into a babble of unintelligible words and half words.

Don received the precious juices of his little girl's first orgasm, waiting until the fire finally subsided within her and her young limbs quivered and twitched against him with the potent memory of her introduction to sexual life.

As he waited for her to come back to the world of the conscious, he again began to work his mouth into the beckoning aroma of her cunt. Once again, the tip of his tongue slowly circled the outer edge of her perfect little slit. Every so often, he would stop at the top of it and ever so gently tickle its outer edge. When he did, Gina would let out a tiny high pitched moan. Each time she did, it drove him crazy!

After about the fourth or fifth time, his daughter reached down with both her hands and tried to push his head away; her pussy, obviously sensitive, was either hurting or so aroused she couldn't take it anymore.

Adroitly, he gently took both her hands in his, kissed her fingers, and then started to move her hands away. He started to move them upwards towards her head. As he did so, he began kissing her belly all over, along her sides and inside her belly button, excited to feel that her baby smooth tummy was quivering. He was about to fuck his own daughter!!!

He let go of her hands and started to rub along her sides slowly, moving the nightgown upward as he went. As he started to kiss her up along her belly and move slowly higher, Gina once again began to writhe under his oral assault. His lips were following the bottom edge of her nightgown as his hands continued to push the garment upward. Soon he was kissing those beautiful little nipples of hers. As his tongue darted around them, the youngster started to wiggle a little and moan more. His hands kept pushing the nightgown up, the beads of sweat were building on her forehead, which was now thrashing from side to side.

Then, as if in total surrender, little Gina moved her arms above her head, as if to signal, 'do whatever you want, Daddy.' He finally slipped the nightgown off over her head and looked down at her. Seeing his daughter completely naked, spread out like that, was absolutely breathtaking!

Her breasts were just starting to develop, and her nipples stood straight up when he touched them! He twit them with his fingers, then his tongue; he then began to suck on them gently. His entire being was inflamed, kissing her little body. In all the excitement, he didn't realize he was off his knees as he had moved up to devour that cute little body.

Then, longing to feel his cock sinking deep in where his tongue had been, he rose up before her and placed its hot aching tip against the hot entrance to her virginal pussy. He began to push. His daughter's eyes widened in fright. Although he wasn't overly big, she was so young, his cock was too large for her, and no matter what, was going to give her some pain.

He then eased the pressure. Gina was much too young and it wouldn't go in easily, even though she was now wet. As much as he wanted to put it in her at that moment, he wanted to bring her on just a little more. His hand moved down onto her little pussy; and then he placed his middle finger there, letting it push and worm its way slowly up between his little sweetheart's slender legs like a scalding hot poker.

Little Gina was wet and instinctively waiting, her love bump already up and throbbing. When her Daddy's fingertip touched it, a jolt of electricity shot through her, and she couldn't help letting out a soft moan of pleasure.

Don pushed his middle finger over his daughter's clit and down through the slick outer lips of her pussy. He slid it up and down in her slot, wetting it with her juices, moving up into her tight but unresisting cuntal sheath, boring right up into her virginity...his finger's thick mass forcing her young slippery pussy wider and wider. He then slowly wormed it into her hole. Gina pushed up to meet it and helped him press his finger as deep as it could reach, hoping it wouldn't hurt...wondering if it would feel as good as her own.

"Aaaarrrggggg! YES! OH!" she cried, and then words were lost as the tightly clinging interior depths of her tautly stretched virgin pussy were thoroughly penetrated by her father's extended middle finger.

He pushed with his finger all the way to the inner depth of her highly aroused young cunt, enjoying his daughter's excruciating moans of pleasure, surprised at her lack of pain. He then lapsed into a relentless rhythm of sluicing his finger in and out of her excited body. Don was actually finger-fucking his own child.

Gina bucked and humped against her father's finger in mindless need. It was so much better than hers inside her. The young girl hoped it would never end. "Omigod, Daddy," she gasped.

Her lust-filled father grew bolder as his little girl rutted her pussy onto his finger.

"You like it?" he asked lewdly, lifting himself up a little and moving up between her nakedly wide-held thighs. "This will feel even better, Baby Girl..."

Gina heard him panting over her, and then suddenly her mind whirled unbelievably as she was once again exploding inside her little body, this time against her father's penetrating finger, the juices from this second orgasm oozing around the finger's hotly driving mass.

Suddenly, he was out of control, his loins squirming frantically between her legs. The bottom of his cock rubbed against the heat and moisture from her love tunnel. He couldn't stop himself! Eagerly, he pressed the bottom of his cock against his little girl's hot moist slit. He leaned down and started kissing her cheek and neck. Then he started kissing her ear. To his delight, Gina was moaning beneath this sexual assault. She and he were both sweating and breathing hard.

He whispered, "I adore you with all my heart. I want to make love to you."

He waited for a moment but no response of any kind. He then started to lightly and slowly move his hips, letting the bottom of his cock again rub gently along the child's moist hot little tunnel. He kept kissing her all along her neck and shoulders and then moved lower, licking and sucking gently on those firm little nipples. In a few moments, his daughter started to moan again and her body started to wiggle a little. Her knees moved higher up and apart, even more than they already had been. Her little body was instinctively preparing itself for penetration.

He kept gently sucking on her left nipple as he reached down to his cock with his left hand. He slowly started to rub the head of it along that heavenly slit, stopping near its top every few moments and concentrating on where he knew that little bud was hiding, rubbing his cock-head against and around her love bud, teasingly. His daughter began moaning a little louder now and began wiggling more. The youngster's pussy was soon becoming real wet.

His lips and tongue kept enjoying her little nipples as he allowed his throbbing cock to meet and rub against the youngster's aroused pudenda. Don moved back upward and went back to kissing her neck and gently sucking on her nipples. He reached down and took his cock in his left hand and continued to rub it against her pussy. He placed the head of it against her slit and started to push, gently, but firmly. The head started to go in and she caught her breath and tensed.

Gina was wriggling and moaning like crazy by then. They were both sweating and rocking back and forth. Finally, when he got it in about an inch, she looked up at him and said, "It's okay, daddy," then closed her eyes again.

He gave another thrust and felt her open up as his cock-head popped inside. Gina jerked a little and they both stopped moving for a moment.

He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "Are you okay?"

She didn't answer him. Her eyes stayed closed. She wasn't breathing. He froze and waited; afraid that she was hurting too much. Then he felt her arms around his neck and he looked down at her face. There was a smile on her lips, the smile that only this sweet little angel could own. She was trying to wrap her legs around him but couldn't, she was too small.

He gently moved forward a little more and in it went...entirely! His cock was actually all the way inside his own daughter! The youngster was so tight, so moist, and so hot that he couldn't control himself!

Gina gasped excitedly, "Oh Daddy..."

After pausing to both savor the moment and also to assure that she was okay, Don then slowly started moving again. This time he didn't stop. He couldn't. He started thrusting in and out of his little girl, now overwhelmed by lust. He could feel the surge coming. He started moving faster and faster. Gina's little pussy was squeezing so tightly, he thought he was going to have a heart attack!

She kept making what sounded like little squeals as she wriggled beneath him. His mouth moved up to her neck and he started nibbling and kissing it. Then she turned her head to his and their tongues started working away at each other. All the time he kept thrusting his shaft in and out of her, not ever wanting to stop.

Suddenly, his daughter pulled her tongue from inside his mouth, turned her face away from his and let out a shriek as her whole body seemed to lift up off the bed!

"Omigod, Daddy, omigod...!"

Don couldn't believe this! His little blue eyed blonde beauty, his sweet little girl, was having an orgasm, her juices about to flood his dick! He thought he was going to die! This was the very first time his cock was making her cum and he was sure that this wouldn't be the last time.

Finally, he couldn't hold it anymore. When the first spurt left him, Gina jerked. He started shooting out cum like he had never knew he could. He started coming like there was no tomorrow! He was coming inside his own daughter. In spite of the fact that women can't feel a man's cum, his little girl's body was obviously reacting to just that. Her body seemed to lurch up to his as each pulse of sperm splattered her insides.

His daughter had become so excited, Don couldn't believe it! A sudden thought about pregnancy flashed through his brain, but he quickly discarded it, never considering the possibility that his little girl could become pregnant. The cum kept spurting out of him. He exploded into her again and again as her little pussy squeezed the hell out of his burning, throbbing cock!

After spurting everything that he had left inside of him, he relaxed and slowed down. Gina was just laying there, her arms spread out over her head, her eyes closed, all sweaty and flushed. Her knees were still raised and spread apart. He could feel the swelling go down inside of him as he began to relax a little more. Finally, he slipped out of her. He slowly backed off of her.

The bottom of her belly and her whole little slit and ass were soaked with their juices. As exhausted as he was, he wanted to show how much she meant to him. Easing himself off the end of the bed, he stood on the floor and leaned down moving his head between her legs and started to lick every single bit of cum off of her. The youngster remained in place, unmoving, her legs parted. Every once in a while she would let out a little moan and a smile.

Don worked his way up her belly, over her little nipples and up her neck. He softly whispered, "I love you."

She turned her head, opened her eyes and whispered back, "I love you too, daddy. I didn't know it would be like that."

Then she closed her eyes.

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Good! Good! A very exciting and arousing story and definitely not a Wham! Bam! Thank you ma'm sort of tale. I plan on reading more of your work. Keep it up.


My friend and i love your stories. they are so soft and have so much detail, i hope we can read more


WOW great story. I loved the desciption of the slow buildup of kissing and licking before putting the meat to her. It was a shame we were not told how young she is though. It was also nice to see that there was obviously some proofreading and editing done. It is so disappointing to be jacking off to a hot story and coming across spelling errors and improper word usage making it look like it was written by a 10 year old. Please post more!

Johnny -B

It's a good story But is't not forbidden I like this story sendme more


Il commento KLT critica che non metti la età della bambina. Per me fai bene così ogni lettore le da una età che piace più a lui; Io per esempio mi immagino che Gina abbia solo 9 anni


It is a beautiful master-piece of detailed description.For sure I will read more of your stories.


Fuck this made me hot

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