Johnny's Closet

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Published: 31-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 1

Looking back, I couldn't have had a better childhood if I had written the script myself. Well, not really "childhood." What I am going to tell you starts at about age 14 and continues up to... up to now, actually. The purpose of my tale is not to make you jealous, but, rather, to wake you up to some delicious possibilities.

My name is Johnny. I lived in a huge Victorian house in New Jersey with my mom and two sisters. My father left when I was 13 and my sisters were 11 and 15. Mom and dad had what seemed like the perfect family... three kids spaced two years apart... but the two of them just never got along. They decided divorce was better than all the fighting, and we kids actually agreed.

We saw dad every other weekend and he never missed a child-support payment or a birthday. It could have been much worse.

When they first sat us down and gave us the "divorce" talk, little Marie cried and Barbara, my older sister just got angry. I sat there coolly and listened. When dad got to the part about my being "the man of the house now," I just shrugged. What could I do at age 13? Take out the garbage? I did that anyway. However, none of us wanted to make dad or mom feel guilty, so we managed to calm Marie and that was that. He left the next morning.

Now, age 13 is difficult for any boy, what with hormones and body changes and noticing girls and all that, but for me it was a bitch -- literally. That's because there I was, starting to get erections at anything that looked like tits -- even two scoops of mashed potatoes on a plate -- and what happens? I'm left as the "man of the house" with three women. There was mom, 38 years old and absolutely beautiful; Barbara, 15 and incredibly well developed; and Marie, 13 and a real flirt.

My daily life consisted of 8 hours of sleep and 16 hours of hard-ons. It was probably more of hard-ons, but I couldn't tell about the sleeping ones.

Well, about a month after dad left, I started having this fantasy that I could see through walls. Our four bedrooms were on the second floor of the house, and we all shared a huge bathroom. Mom and dad had spent plenty to make it real big and luxurious when we moved in. There was a giant shower stall with sliding glass doors, a separate antique clawfoot tub, an antique sink and this thing that dad said was for women's cleanliness. The bathroom was decorated with fine prints and the walls were covered with a beautiful Victorian-design wallpaper.

My bedroom was next to the bathroom, separated only by my walk-in closet. My two sisters had the rooms across the hall, and mom slept -- alone, now -- in the master bedroom at the end of the hall, farthest from the bathroom.

The bad thing about my room was that, being next to the bathroom, I would wake up every time someone flushed the toilet. I started sleeping with earplugs when I was about 10, and that seemed to solve the noise problem.

The good thing, of course, was also that my room was next to the bathroom. It made it much more convenient to take a pee in the middle of the night, or to run back to my room after a shower on a cold morning.

So, the bathroom thing was both good and bad. Soon I would forget the bad. Very soon.

As I mentioned, I was working on this keen fantasy of being able to see through walls. What I did was to wait until one of the girls -- mom or Marie or Barbara -- went into the bathroom. I would go into my closet and put my ear to the wall. It was a very thin wall (a piece of paneling, actually, that dad installed when converting the original bathroom). The purpose was to even out the new room and to give me a nice-sized closet. So, I would listen through the wall and determine what the person in the bathroom was doing. I would then go back to my bed and pretend that I could see them.

With my door locked, I would then jerk off -- as quietly as I could -- imagining what it looked like as, let's say, Barbara was peeing or mom was taking a shower. I would try to picture their bodies, the actual pee coming out, the soap dripping across breasts, and so on. But my almost-14-year-old imagination was not very good, and sometimes I'd fall asleep without cumming.

Then, it hit me. On the eve of my 14th birthday, I was listening to little Marie going to the bathroom, and I realized that there was only about a quarter of an inch separating my eyes from that room. What an asshole I'd been!

All I had to do was figure out an undetectable way to poke a hole in the paneling and I'd be able to watch everything that went on in there.

I was home alone that evening. Mom was next door arranging some sort of sales party, cookware or something, where friends would come to the house and buy plates and baking stuff. Barbara was out with a new boyfriend and Marie was with mom.

I went to the basement and opened the toolbox dad had left for mom. I got out a screwdriver and a hammer and a giant nail and then went back to the bathroom.

I looked at the wall that backed to my closet. On it was the sink and the medicine cabinet. Any hole I made would certainly be seen, I thought. But then I realized that the wallpaper might provide camouflage for a tiny hole if I placed the hole in exactly the right spot.

About an inch above the top of the medicine cabinet, the wallpaper image was that of a dark red-and-black flower. The black spot was in the center, about a quarter of an inch wide, maybe a little more.

I climbed up on the sink and placed a nail on the black spot. WHAM! I banged it with the hammer and -- miracle of miracles! -- a perfect hole. I climbed down and looked at it from ground level. If you really REALLY stared, you might notice something, but odds were no one would ever look carefully at that particular flower. I climbed back onto the sink and, inserting the screwdriver, made the hole a little bigger. I cleaned up all of the tiny wood splinters that had fallen into the sink, and ran downstairs to put the tools back. Just as I got back to my room, Barbara came home from her date.

"I hope you're not in the bathroom, Johnny," she shouted. "I really gotta pee!"

"No problem," I said. "I'm studying."

I never moved so quickly in my life. I grabbed my desk chair and practically threw it into the closet. I climbed on top and looked for the hole. As soon as the light went on in the bathroom I could see its shaft coming through the paneling. My, god, with the chair, the hole was at exactly the height of my eyes. I supported myself using the clothes rod and looked in. There was Barbara ripping off her jumper and squatting on the toilet, which was on the wall to the left of the sink. I looked down as she sat and watched her rock back and forth as the pee streamed into the water below. "Whew!" she said out loud. "Holy shit" I said, to myself. "This was going to be great."

Chapter 2

I couldn't believe it. After more than a year of lusting after my mom and two sisters, I finally had figured out a way to watch them at will. My walk-in closet, right next to the bathroom, provided a perfect view, thanks to the quarter-inch hole I had put above the medicine cabinet's mirror.

In the first five minutes I already had watched older sister Barbara pee. True, I hadn't seen her jumbo tits yet, but hey, I was only 14. I had years of peeking ahead of me. Life, all of a sudden, seemed wonderful. I was, as my parents had told me the day they announced their divorce, "The man of the house now." And to me, that meant I was free to watch, watch, watch. My big sister, Barbara, almost 17. My little sister, Marie, 12 but developing quickly. And, most of all, mom, 38 and the sexiest women I've ever seen.

Barbara wiped herself dry and dropped the used toilet paper into the bowl. I shuddered, wondering what it would be like to have that damp pile of sheets to play with. What would I do? Would I smell it? Would I inhale the odor of Barbara's pee and her hole? Would I jerk off as I looked at the yellow stained wad and then add my cum to it? I was hard again just fantasizing. What a mind for being only 14!

I was tempted to jerk off again, but I had never cum more than twice in one day, and I knew mom took a shower every evening at 10. I wanted to save my next load for that, so I forced myself to think about something else.

"I'm done in here, in case you need the bathroom now," Barbara shouted as she passed my door."

I almost said, "I know," but managed to catch myself. "Thanks, Barb." I offered. "I'm OK."

Since there were so many of us to share one bathroom, we always announced when we were done in there, so anyone else who had to go could get in quickly. "I won't need them to tell me now," I said to myself, smiling.

Mom and Marie got home from next door, where they had been planning the home sales party, and all they did was wash their hands. We had dinner and watched a little TV, and at 9 it was time for Marie to go to bed.

"I'm going to take my shower in the morning, mom, if that's OK," she announced. "I'm pretty tired."

"No problem, love," mom said. "See you tomorrow."

Marie went upstairs to get into her pajamas and, I guess, to pee. But I already had seen Barbara pee, and I didn't want to climb the stairs just to watch Marie do the same thing. I continued to watch sitcoms with Barbara and mom, and then, at 9:30 it was time for my shower.

"G'night," I said to the two older women in my life. "I'm gonna wash up and then go to sleep. See ya tomorrow."

"'Night, sweetie," mom said. "Night," Barbara said.

As I left the living room to climb the stairs, I saw looked back for a second to get one more glance at the two women whose tits I would be seeing for the first time that night. For a second, I thought I caught them smiling at each other, but I looked closer and figured it was my imagination. I went upstairs, got my pajamas and hurried to the bathroom for that quick shower.

Once behind the locked door, I immediately looked up at the hole. It was barely visible. "No," I thought to myself, "they'll never see it."

I took a quick shower, and about two minutes into it, I realized something terrible. The damn glass shower door! I had looked through my new closet hole at that door five or six times that evening, imagining what a great angle I had into the shower. But shit! In less than three minutes in the shower, the whole door had steamed up. It was impossible to see out, so it certainly would be impossible to look in. Damn! What could I do.

It was then that a miracle happened, or at least it seemed like a miracle to a young kid. Two weeks before, I had been shopping at the local mall with mom, and we had been called over to a small, temporary booth by some guy selling something. You know those little kiosks that set up in malls, where people who are out of work or something try to make ends meet by pushing one kind or crappy product or another. Well, this guy was selling something to clean your eyeglasses with, a kind if slippery salve in a small jar. He offered to clean mom's sunglasses for free and she let him.

He rubbed the stuff on her glasses, then wiped it off with a little rag. Mom looked at the glasses. "Wow," she said to him. "You weren't kidding! This really is clean!"

"It's a very good product ma'am," he said. "The one tub is $7 and lasts a year," he said. "But for $10 you can have two tubs, or one tub and a bottle of WindowCleer."

"Of what?" mom asked?

"WindowCleer," he said. "It's the same product, but in liquid form," he said. "You wipe in on windows, mirrors, even the inside of your car's windshield, and the glass is guaranteed not to steam up."

The miracle, I guess, is that conversation just popped into my head, word for word, at exactly the time I most needed it. Of course! WindowCleer! Mom had gotten the $10 package, and I remember that she put the bottle under the bathroom sink.

I bolted out of the shower and opened the door to the cabinet below the sink. YES! It was there. I quickly read the instructions. "Place a small amount of product on a cotton cloth and rub gently on glass surface. Do not rinse. Glass is guaranteed not to steam up. Perfect for bathrooms, eyeglasses..."

I didn't have to read another word. I got a washcloth and poured some of the liquid on it. I then scrubbed down both sides of the shower door, put the bottle back, dried myself off and threw on my pajamas.

My dick was hard as a rock and still a little red from all the rubbing I'd been doing. I really wanted to jerk off, but I knew it would pay to wait.

I looked at the hole again, on my way out and smiled again. Oh, man. I was gonna see mom's tits in less than an hour.

"I'm done in the bathroom," I shouted down to the girls.

"Thanks, honey," mom shouted back. "See you later."

"No," I joked to myself. "I'll see YOU later!"

I went back in my room and made sure everything was set up. First, of course, I locked my door. I guess people who like to spy on others usually take real care to make sure no one can spy on them. Then, I moved the clothes along the rod to one end of the closet and placed my chair just under the hole. There was just enough room to stand there and fit my head under the closet shelf while peeking through the hole.

What else would I need? Ahh... a flashlight, because I'd be working in the dark, so no one would see light coming through my end of the hole. And, yes, a box of tissues for, well, you know... I didn't want to get cum all over the closet wall.

I placed the tissue box on the closet shelf and then got into bed. I wanted to do a quick run-through, so nothing could go wrong.

Let's see... mom walks past my room in her bathrobe and into the bathroom. I turn on the flashlight, leap out of bed and climb on the chair. I turn out the flashlight and place it on the closet shelf, grab three or four tissues in my left hand and place my left eye up to the hole.

Right hand on cock, left hand full of tissues. Clear view of the shower. Perfect. I retraced my steps and waited.

I gently squeezed my hard-on, waiting for mom. First, I rubbed it up and down slowly. Then I pinched it in the middle. Then I tickled the head. Then I rubbed the shaft against my stomach. "C'mon, mom," I said softly. "Let me watch you take a shower."

I couldn't possibly know how much better my first show would be than simply watching her get washed.

After what seemed like an hour -- but according to the clock was only about 20 minutes -- I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I heard two doors close. Guess mom and Barbara had come up at the same time. A few minutes later I heard more steps, this time coming down the hall and walking toward the bathroom. I turned on the flashlight and, knees literally shaking, went to the closet and got up on the chair.

I would see a tiny spot of light in the closet, telling me someone was in the bathroom.

"Here goes," I said to myself. "Presenting... mom's tits!"

I put the tissues in my left hand, grabbed my blood-filled cock in my right and placed my eye to the hole. Oh, my god. It wasn't mom. I mean, it wasn't JUST mom. This was unbelievable. This was incredible. There was mom, yes, starting to undress for her shower. But with her and already totally naked was Barbara!

Mom was sitting on the toilet, peeing. She still had on her bra but nothing else. Barbara was standing in front of her, only inches away. And Barbara was reaching down and playing with her own pussy. She was standing in front of our mom and playing with herself! What was happening?

Mom's eyes were glued to Barbara's hands. Barb started pumping her rear end back and forth in a regular motion. She started to moan, but mom quickly put her finger up to make a shhhh sound.

Barbara nodded but continued to touch herself. Then, mom stood up, reached behind her and started unhooking her bra.

My cock was throbbing and was dripping with precum, but I was too shocked to jerk it. I just watched and tried to control my breathing so no one could hear me. Mom's bra dropped to the floor. Oh, god, what fabulous tits! They were bigger than I had dreamed, although the numbers associated with bra sizes meant nothing to me. I had often looked at mom's bras in the hamper and on the drying line in the basement, but I didn't know what 40DD had meant -- until now, that is!

And her nipples. They were dark and large -- covering almost a third of the front of each tit. And the points were long and like a pencil eraser. In spite of my shock, I managed to start a slow knack and forward motion with my right hand.

Barbara's tits were also gorgeous. Her bras had said 36C, and now I knew what that meant too. Her nipples were smaller and lighter colored but more pointy than mom's. But while both women had different bodies, both really were getting me hot.

I started to look down toward their pussies, now, but before I could focus there Barbara started to reach out toward mom. She grabbed both of mom's nipples and started to pinch them gently. And mom started doing the same to Barbara.

I couldn't believe this. Mom and Barbara playing with each other's bodies. That must have been why they were smiling earlier when I had mentioned my shower. Why, they must have been doing this forever... playing with each other when I was done with my shower. And the only reason I learned about it at all was because of the hole. My wonderful closet hole.

Their hands now shifted downward, to their hairy mounds. Mom's was short and trimmed, almost like she shaved it into the shape of a beard. Barbara's was long, big and wild, hairs sticking out at all angles.

Mom rubbed Barbara. Barbara rubbed mom. And then they sidled over to the shower and turned it on.

A minute later they both were inside, a mass of hands and wetness and soap and rubbing and touching. Fingers going in and out of holes. Even though I had a beautifully clear view through the chemical-treated window, it was hard to keep track of all the moving.

Mom bent over and Barbara spread mom's butt cheeks and found her asshole. Barb stuck in her index finger and moved in and out as mom wiggled her ass.

Then mom did the same to Barb.

The went for each other's tits again, this time squeezing and sucking. Then mom got down on her knees and started kissing Barb's mound.

They changed positions, with Barb doing the tonguing this time. It went on for 10 minutes. I looked down and noticed that I had already shot a load onto the closet wall. Shit! I had come and didn't even notice! I wiped up the dribbling stain with the tissues and went back to the hole. My two little sex kittens were out of the shower now, drying each other off and smiling as if it was THEY who had just cum, not me. Shit, they probably did cum in there but I never saw the actual moment.

They each put bathrobes on, smiled again at each other and walked out into the hall like nothing had happened. I heard both of their bedroom doors close and got back into my bed.

I was still breathing hard. Holy shit, Mom and Barbara make each other cum. And probably every night. And I would be watching, secretly.

My cock was hard again. Would I be able to go for three in one day? I fell asleep trying and woke up once in the middle of the night in a cold, wet puddle.

My alarm went off at 6 in the morning and in the background I could hear the shower handles being turned. It was Marie, I guessed, getting ready for her morning shower. What surprise would I see when I peeked now, I wondered? Who'd be in there with her, fuckin' Elvis Presley? I joked.

I ran to the chair and looked through the hole.

All I could say was, JESUS H. CHRIST!"

Chapter 3

After an evening of watching my mom and my older sister masturbate each other in the bathroom, I thought I was ready for anything. I had heard my sister Marie, who is 12, go in for her morning shower. I figured I'd get an eyeful watching her take off her pajamas and pee and then rub her young body all over in the shower. I was rock hard - at least for a 15-year-old. But what I saw when I looked through the tiny hole I had made in the wall the day before really shook me. Because when I stood up on the chair and placed my eye next to the hole, what I saw was... another eye, looking back at me!

"JESUS H. CHRIST" I said aloud.

"Hi, Johnny!" I heard. "I can see you, and now you can see me!"

It was Marie! She was looking back at me through the hole I had made, the hole I was certain no one would notice. What was going on here?

"Uh, Marie?" I said, loud enough for her to hear through the paneling.

"Yup," she said. "It's me!" Can I come in so we can talk?"

"Uh, sh-sh-sure, I stammered.

I climbed off the chair and walked to my bedroom door, unlocking it quietly. Marie was standing there in her jammies.

I ushered her in... didn't want to wake up mom or Barbara... and she plopped right down on my bed.

"Bet you thought you were pretty sly putting a hole in the bathroom wall," she said, smiling. "Well, have I got a surprise for you!"

"OK," I said, "you got me. I really didn't want to spy on you," I lied. "I just was curious about, well, what Barbara looked like. Please don't tell."

"Don't tell? Of course I won't tell. After all, I've been watching you for months!"

What the hell was she talking about, I wondered. I had made the hole only the day before. I told her that and waited for her response.

"Oh, yes, THAT hole. I'm not talking about the hole you made yesterday. I noticed it the minute I went into the bathroom last night, because I always look at that wall. And I always look at it because I have my own hole there."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, getting a little nervous now.

"Well, just like you wonder what Barbara looks like naked, I always wondered about you. You're the only man in the house, and I started thinking about what you looked like, you know, undressed. So last summer I poked a tiny hole in the wall, just to the side of the sink, and I've been watching you since then. Anytime you leave your closet door open, anyway."

"No way," I said. I got up and went into my closet, Marie right behind me. And just like she said, about three feet high - and with a direct line to my bed - was a small opening in the wall.

"WHAT HAVE YOU SEEN!" I demanded, more embarrassed than angry.

"Well, I guess I've seen it all, but not up close. I watch you undress each night, I watch you lie in bed and touch your weenie, I watch you rub it real fast and I watch you clean up the white stuff that squirts out."

My face was red and I didn't know if I wanted to cry, die or just beat the shit out of her.

"I have to tell you," she said quickly, "I really love to watch you. It makes me feel soooo good down here," she said, pointing to her crotch. "And then, when I saw that you had put a hole in the wall, too, I figured that you were doing the same thing to me and mom and Barb."

I didn't know what to say, but Marie spoke again, before I had a chance to think of anything. "Can I ask you something?" she said.

"OK," I told her.

"Well, first, are you mad? After all, I wasn't doing anything that you didn't do."

"No, I guess I'm not mad. Just a little surprised."

"Well, here's my second question. You know now that I've been watching you for a couple of months. But that hole is small, and your bed is far away from it. Would you..." she hesitated a second and then, brave kid, continued. "Would you show me what you do with your weenie, up close?"

God, this was hot! My little sister asking to watch me jerk off. Maybe if I let her see, she'd let me watch - and touch - her.

"Sure," I said. "But you have to get naked first."

I smiled at her, and she smiled at me, and the first thing we did was go to the door to make sure it was locked.

I pulled my pajama bottoms down and my dick snapped forward, like it was driven by a spring. She slipped out of her top and bottom, and all I could do was stare. That little vixen... only 12 years old and she had these beautiful little titties. Each was about the size of half an orange, and each had a gorgeous quarter-sized nipple in the center, all smooth and pointy.

Her pussy was covered with a see-though layer of light blond hair. I could see her whole slit.

"OK," I said. "I'm going to start. This is called jerking off, and it's like having sex with your hand. It feels really good, especially when I squirt the white stuff out, which is called cumming."

"Is that what happens when people have sex together to make a baby?" she asked.

"It is," I said. "It's the white stuff that has the baby-making sperm in it."

"I read about it in a book mom gave me," Marie said, "but it used a lot of words I didn't understand. Does it feel good for the girl, too?"

"I'm sure it does," I said. "Don't you ever, uh, rub yourself down there?"

Marie blushed but said she did, a lot, and she did it each time she watched me through the hole.

"Well," I told her, "that's like the feeling I get. It's called 'orgasm' and I wish I could do it 10 times a day."

"I can!" she announced proudly.

"Shut up!" I said. "You're making me jealous!"

I lay down on the bed and told her to lean over me. She bent over and I positioned her nipples over my mouth. Then I started to pull off, very slowly at first.

"If you want to watch up close, now's your chance," I told her.

I stared at those nipples and started to suck on one. She turned her face toward my moving hand and watched intently.

"Can I touch you, too?" I asked.

"Yes," Marie said. "Touch me down here with your other hand."

So there we were. I'm lying on the bed, jerking off with my right hand, Marie is standing next to the bed, bending over so I could suck her nipples, head turned to watch for any sign of cum. And, at her request, I put my left hand between her spread legs and found that delicious little crack. I inserted my middle finger, but the angle was awkward and it couldn't go in deep. I then tried my thumb. A perfect fit.

Up and down, up and down, I used my thumb as a tiny dick inside her pussy.

"Mmmm," she said. "That feels sooo... sexy."

I sucked a nipple hard, continuing to move my thumb up and down inside her, all the while jerking - now furiously,

I pulled my mouth away just in time to say, "Here it comes... get real close."

My thumb slid out as Marie moved over to within an inch of my cock.

"Ahhhhh," I said, as one, two, three, four squirts came out, landing mostly on my stomach.

"Wow!" she said.

"Wow for me, too," I said.

"What does it feel like?" Marie asked.

"Warm and sticky," I said. "Here, touch my dick."

I pointed to the head of my cock, where a few lingering drops of cum were slowly beginning to slide down my shaft.

Marie didn't hesitate a second. She took my cock in both hands and used an index finger to rub the cum in little circles around the head.

I smiled. "Let's do this every morning," I said.

"And every night, too?" she asked, smiling back?

"And every night!" I agreed.

Just then, we heard footsteps down the hall. Was it mom again, or Barbara, or BOTH of them, like last night? I hopped up on my chair, still dribbling cum, and looked.

There was mom, naked and sitting on the toilet. I watched, focusing on those huge, gorgeous nipples.

"Who is it?" Marie asked.

"Mom," I said.

"Well," Marie said, you concentrate on Mom, and I'll handle you."

Standing next to the chair, she took my cock in her right hand and started to jerk it the way I had just before.

"You watch, I'll jerk," she said.

I couldn't even answer. I just supported my body against the paneling and watched mom as Marie moved her right hand back and forth around my cock. She then put her left hand in the crack of my butt and, without even asking, found the asshole with her middle finger. I had never had anyone do that to me... certainly never even thought of it. But it felt wonderful. Jerking me with one hand, rubbing my asshole with the other. Marie was wonderful!

"God, don't stop!" I said.

"Shhhh!" she said. "Just promise me you'll make me cum, too, tonight."

"You bet," I said.

Mom was off the toilet now and instead of showering, she was using a washcloth to clean herself at the sink. I watched her wet down and soap her tits, and her pussy and under her arms. Then she did something I hadn't expected. She placed a large towel on the floor, in front of the toilet, and grabbed a bottle of shampoo. She lay down on the towel and raised one foot up onto the toilet seat. She spread the other foot out far to the left, leaving her pussy wide open. Then she took the bottle of shampoo and put the rounded top inside her. Deep inside.

She moved it in and out, then sideways, then around in a circle, and then took her other hand and found a little spot on the top of her pussy and began to rub it madly. As she did all this, her tits were rocking back and forth and she had this blank look on her face.

I watch for about a minute, Marie jerking me the whole time. And then, just as mom's ass moved WAY up for a second, and I heard her moan (the word YES, I think), I shot my load. My cum landed right on one of Marie's nipples, and she seemed to like that. At least she smiled and started to rub my wetness into her, like body lotion.

Mom stood up and wiped her pussy, which was all wet from the action. She hung the towel up and put on her bathrobe.

"Time to get up, kids," she shouted as she passed each of our rooms. And then she went into her bedroom to get dressed,

Marie looked up at me. "What was mom doing?" she asked.

"She was doing what you do... rubbing down there... and cumming," I said.

"And that's what you'll do to me tonight, right?" she asked.

"Right!" I promised.

"Maybe we should say we're sick today and stay home and do this all day long," Marie said.

"I'd really like to do that," I said, "but I can't miss school today. There's a big test I can't miss. But, tomorrow is another story," I added.

"Tomorrow is mom's home show," Marie said. "She's setting it up tonight."

"Oh, you mean the party she's giving to sell cookware?" I asked.

"Cookware?" Marie said. "Who ever said it was cookware? She's giving a lingerie party for all her friends. There'll be about 25 of her girlfriends here, trying on bras and panties and all kinds of gross things."

"What?" I asked. "Trying them on where?"

"Well, when I went with mom to Cherry's, next door, for a planning meeting, they said that they'd all sit in the living room and group to the bathroom one by one to put on the stuff and then come down to model it."

Our faces brightened at the same time. Tomorrow evening I'd lock myself in my room... to study, of course. I told Marie that and we laughed.

Marie and I left for school that morning knowing that when we returned in the afternoon we'd help each other cum again. And we knew that night we'd take turns watching the neighbors and mom's other friends undressing. I made a mental list of the tits I'd be seeing... all of those wonderful ladies that I've dreamed about when they visited mom in the past. I'd get to see 25 pairs of knockers in one evening. What could be better than that, I asked myself.

But that evening Marie would tell me something that'd make my future even brighter. Something about mom and Barbara. Something that would change our lives.

Chapter 4

I don't know how I got through school the next day. I didn't hear a word any teacher said, and I'm sure I failed my science test miserably. But eventually last period ended and I found myself racing home.

By 4:30 I was lying in bed, naked, with Marie at my side, also with nothing on. Mom and Barbara wouldn't be home for about an hour and a half; mom worked till 5:30 and never got home before 6, and Barb has cheerleading practice most evenings until the same time. That means Marie and I had 90 minutes to play.

She started stroking my cock, which had already begin to dribble at the thought of what was about to happen. I was staring at her beautiful little breasts and dark red nipples. She was rubbing me with one hand and herself with the other.

But somehow her mind seemed elsewhere.

"God, this is great, Marie," I said.

"Yeah, she said, and hesitated a second. "Johnny, can I ask you something?"


"Will we be able to do this forever?"

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Mom and Barb get home in about an hour."

"No," she said. "I don't mean forever without stopping, I mean for all of our lives. I know I'm just a kid, but I've been thinking about sex for a long time, and when I started watching you through the hole in the wall - watching you jerk off and all - I sort of fell in love with your cock. I hope we never have to stop this. I know my tits aren't as big as mom's, or Barb's, but they will be soon, I promise. They really will."

It was a strange moment. Marie, barely a teenager, was sitting there in all her innocent beauty trying so hard to make me cum, and masturbating herself at the same time, and ruining the moment by worrying. I didn't know quite what to say.

"God, I love this too, Marie. I never want it to stop. And your tits are gorgeous just the way they are. I think I could cum just staring at them. Why are you worried?"

"Well, I know something you don't know... and I'm afraid that you might want mom and Barbara more than you want me, and I know that that will never happen."

"Huh?" I said. "What are you talking about?" I got this terrible feeling that she thought mom and Barbara were going to die or something, and that they had told her but not me.

"Well, mom made me promise me not to tell you this, but I think we should have no secrets now that we're lovers," Marie said.

"No secrets is right," I said. I liked it that she called us lovers. I really did love my little sister, now more then ever.

"Well, remember when dad left, and we all had a talk about the divorce?"

That had been two years before. "Sure I remember," I said. "We all sat down and mom and dad told us they weren't in love anymore but they both loved all of us, and that it would be better if he moved out so there wouldn't be so many fights."

It was difficult for me to talk, with Marie stroking so fast. She was really good at this. My little 12-year-old lover. What a life!

"Well," Marie continued, "about a week after dad left, mom called Barbara and me into her bedroom. She closed the door and said she had something to tell us that she didn't want you to know."

"Really? Is it bad? Are they going to die?" I said, not knowing how to balance this bad news with the orgasmic feeling that was rising in my lower stomach.

"No, silly. It was about mom's love life. She told us that she and dad had decided to divorce because she didn't really like men. She was a lezzian or something, and only wanted to make love to other girls. She said that dad didn't know that when they both got married, and she had kept the secret as well as she could, but that one day dad had come home early and caught her with Cherry, Debbie's mom, from next door. They were on the bed kissing each other's pussies."

"Holy shit!" I said. "Mom is a lesbian?"

"Yes, that was the word. Then she looked at me and Barb and asked us if we still loved her."

"What did you say?"

"Well, I didn't know what it all meant, but I said, 'Yes, I love you mommy,' and mom started to cry. Then came the real shocker. Mom looked up at Barb, who hadn't said a word, and asked her if she still loved her."

"And Barb said...?"

"She said, 'Mom, I think I'm like you. I don't like boys at all, and when I look at a girl I get a funny feeling, especially when they have no clothes on, like in the showers after gym."

Marie went on to tell me that mom then asked Marie to leave the room for a while. Marie left, but stayed at the door quietly, and after a minute of hearing nothing she looked through the keyhole.

"I saw mom and Barb naked, and they were touching each other all over. Mom was rubbing Barb's pussy and Barb was squeezing mom's nipples. I didn't know what to do. I sneaked back to my room and masturbated. And I kept thinking about what I had seen. It was sexy, but I still wanted to see boys naked instead."

The thought of Marie watching mom and Barb sent me over the edge.

"I'm gonna cum," I said. "So if you want to see it closely, put your face next to my cock now!"

She got down real close and kept stroking. My orgasm was seconds away.

"Do you want to taste it?" I said.

"Is it poison?" Marie asked.

"Of course not," I said, "but you'd better make up your mind soon. If you want it, put my cock deep into your mouth and start sucking. NOW!"

Without missing a beat, Marie started sucking my cock. In another second I was spurting wads of hot, white cum deep into her throat. This was heaven.

Marie kept pumping me with her mouth and hand until I was dry. Then she swallowed my load without hesitation.

"That was nice," she said, smiling. "But now you have to make me cum."

"Do you want me to do it with my fingers or my tongue?" I asked.

"BOTH!" she said. "I'm gonna lay down on the bed and spread my legs and close my eyes, and you do whatever you want."

I looked at the clock. We had at least a half-hour. No sweat.

Marie got on the bed and spread her legs wide. She reached down and pulled the lips of her fuzz-covered pussy apart. I could see deep inside. Even at 12, she had a clit to die for, small and hard. I imagined I could almost see it throbbing, but I knew that was impossible.

I dove in and started licking it. I wiggled my tongue up and down, back and forth, and Marie moaned and wriggled her hips sideways. She spread the lips even more.

"Go into the hole with your fingers," she begged. "Rub me real fast."

I did as she asked, noticing at the same time that I was hard again and beginning to dribble onto the bedspread.

The action of my tongue and fingers drove Marie wild. She started screaming, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," with each hip movement. And finally, with one huge "Ahhhhhhhh!" she came. A little spurt of yellow pee came out at that moment, dripping on my lips and then onto the bed. I had never tasted pee before, and I was surprised that it didn't turn me off.

"Oh, that was soooo nice," Marie said. "So nice. Sorry about the pee. I do that sometimes when I make myself cum, but I didn't think I would do it now."

"That's OK," I said. "I actually liked it."

The taste had been salty, but it was the wetness and warmth that really turned me on.

"We'll have to experiment with pee and stuff sometime," I said.

"And stuff?" she asked, smiling.

"Well, who knows..." I said.

At that moment, we heard a key in the front door. We threw on our clothes and I turned the bedspread around so the wet spots were under the pillow. I got out a book to make it look like I was studying, but Marie and I continued to talk, softly.

"I was worried that YOU were a lezzian," she said to me.

"What?" I said. "ME? Only girls can be lesbians," I said. "Boys who like boys are called gays or queers," I said. "What made you think I was gay?"

"Well, I've been watching you through the hole for about six months," Marie said.

"I know," I said. "I told you I didn't mind that."

"But..." she hesitated. "Promise you won't get mad at me?"

"Of course not," I said. "We're lovers, remember?"

"OK. Well, a few months ago you were up here with Joey, from Little League, and I was in the bathroom peeing. I looked through my hole, the one I had made, and I saw you and Joey sitting on the bed and your cocks were out. He was rubbing yours and you were rubbing his."

I turned red. My god. Someone actually had seen that.

"Listen," I said. "I'm not gay. Neither is Joey - at least I don't think he is. We had been talking about jerking off, and he asked me how many times I did it. I told him about two times a day, once when I wake up and once when I go to sleep. He told me her jerked off three or four times a day, and that he had pictures that helped him.

"He reached into his pocket and unfolded these pages from a magazine. They showed men and women fucking. I was wearing shorts, and so was Joey, and our cocks both got real hard. Joey saw mine sticking out of one of the legs of my shorts.

"'Want me to do you?' he asked. 'What do you mean?' I said. 'I'll jerk you off and you jerk me off. I'll be fun,'" he said.

"Well I couldn't see any problems with that, because we both really liked girls anyway, so we tried it."

"I know," Marie interrupted. "I was watching!"

"Yes, you saw us. You already said that. But I want you to know that we never did that again, and that I'd much rather have you do it to me than anyone else."

"Hi, kids, what you up to!"

It was mom, at my bedroom door.

"And why is this door locked?" she shouted.

"Oh, sorry," I said. "Didn't realize it was." I got up and unlocked it, science book in my hand.

"Just studying, and Marie was asking me about my science project."

"OK," mom said, but you've both got to help me clean up now, and quick. We're going to have about 25 people here in an hour, and I want the place spotless. Marie, you help me downstairs. Johnny, you clean the bathroom. And listen, Johnny, you're going to have to stay in your room all night, because my girlfriends are going to be here trying on underwear."

"No problem, mom," I said. "I'll stay right here all night, studying."

"Thanks, love," she said.

Mom left and I looked at Marie.

"Geez, what a waste," I said.

"What do you mean? We're going to be in here all evening watching the girls dress and undress in the bathroom, and masturbating each other."

"I know," I said. "I was just thinking, what a shame we don't have a video camera. That way we could hide it in the bathroom and make a tape of the whole evening."

"Well, we don't have one now, and we probably never will," Marie said. She was right. Even with dad's support payments and the money mom made, we barely had enough to pay the bills.

Then, I had a flash of genius.

"Wait... I know how we can get a camera. Maybe not by tonight, but in one or two weeks, anyway. That way we'll be ready for the next opportunity. We could tape mom and Barb in the bathroom, for starters, and we could even tape you and me together."

"And when your friends come over, would you tape them peeing and everything, so I could watch?"

"Tell you what, I'll take the camera with me to Little League, and I'll put it in a gym bag, with a little hole in the side. I'll tape the boys taking showers, for you to see. And you could take it to the pool, and tape what happens in the locker room and showers, and we'll watch them together and jerk off together."

"Wow, what a great idea," Marie said. "I can think of a lot of places I could tape girls for you. But first we have to buy a camera, and how in the world are we going to do that?"

"ARE YOU KIDS GOING TO HELP, OR NOT?" mom shouted from downstairs.

"Be right there," Marie yelled.

"I'm starting now," I answered.

"So," Marie asked as she got up, "where will the money come from?"

"From you," I answered. "From you."

"What do you mean, me?" she said. "I get $3 a week allowance."

"Well," I said, my mind already putting together a grand plan, "By next week you'll be getting about $3 a minute. I'll tell you how later, when we're watching Cherry and Liz and Harriet and the rest of mom's friends getting naked."

"OK," Marie said, on her way downstairs. "This sounds interesting."

My little sexpot lover had no idea how interesting. No idea.

Chapter 5

Part 4 ended with my 12-year-old sister, Marie, and I preparing to watch, through a peephole in our bathroom, the 25 women who mom invited over for a lingerie-buying party. Marie and I, although brother and sister (I'm 14) consider ourselves "lovers." We masturbate together and love to peek at people in our bathroom. Mom and our older sister, Barbara, are lesbians and have a relationship much like mine and Marie's. They masturbate together, but they don't know that we watch them.

I'm going to skip ahead a few years for part 5. We'll get back to the lingerie party in a later chapter. In this part, Marie and I are now 10 years older. She's 22 and I am 24. We've been "lovers" all that time, feeding on each other's joy of cumming and of peeking at others. We have been inseparable for a decade. I went to a local college so I could live at home, and Marie chose the same school. When I was 20 and she was 18, I moved to an apartment and she moved into a smaller unit in the same building. We still masturbate together every chance we get, and have experimented a few times with actual fucking. But we like peeking so much that we've perfected ways to watch other people, and we masturbate each other while we watch strangers and friends. We also videotape a lot, and masturbate while we watch the tapes. I've reserved Part 5 to explain some of our techniques:


The more I think about the past 10 years, the more I believe that I have lead a charmed life. It's every kid's fantasy to catch a brief glimpse of some beautiful girl undressing. But since age 14 I have been able to peek at almost anyone I wanted to. I've done it by employing intelligent plans and also with the help of my wonderful sister and lover, Marie.

Let me give you just one example.

As you know if you've been following my story, Marie and I started masturbating together when I was 14 ands she was 12. Over the years we've continued. I don't think a day has gone by when we haven't each helped each other have at least two orgasms. Even when Marie has her period, she likes to cum at least twice a day, and I don't mind helping her. I see her blood not as anything gross but rather as a love liquid, warm and sweet.

We live in the same apartment building in a New Jersey suburb, and we do everything together. We're both out of college now. I work in an electronics supply store selling top-of-the-line stereos, TV sets and the like, and Marie is an assistant managers at a suburban mall national brand lingerie store. I won't tell you the name; it's a, um, Secret (ha ha).

I'm going to tell you about one of the capers we've performed over the past year, so you can get an idea of what our lives have been like.

As I said, we've figured out ways to see anything we want, to watch anyone we want to, secretly. And while we watch we masturbate together, unless it's in a place where we'd be caught. In those cases we make tape recordings and watch them in my apartment, masturbating each other while the tape runs.

Neither of us has had a steady boyfriend or girlfriend since we started being lovers. We didn't need to. Oh, sure, I dated, and so did Marie, but only so that we could secretly tape our temporary beaus. Once we got what we wanted on tape, we moved on to another "friend." Our tape library consists of hundreds of secretly made fuck and suck sessions, and we even have our boy and girlfriends alone, masturbating when they thought no one was around.

Let me tell you about what we do on vacations.

Vacations are wonderful for peeking, and, with some planning, for videotaping, too. We've really got it down to a science. I don't want you to think I'm suggesting that YOU do what we have done. Understand that if you try this and get caught, it's on YOU. I'm just telling you about our experiences.

Last fall, Marie and I want to New Hampshire for a week, during the beautiful fall foliage season. It's a time when a lot of couples vacation there, some with kids, some just with each other. We are equal-opportunity peekers: We don't care if we're looking in on a single guy or gal or a couple or a family with kids. We do stay away from people with dogs, though, because those animals have a sixth sense that makes them bark when we're looking in.

Here's a technique we perfected last fall. Marie and I checked out a series of motels. The one we choose have to have certain qualities. What we looked for are motels that had a long row of windows in the back. We make sure that this back area is unlit and easy to walk through undetected.

But that's not all. We also make sure that they have at least one of two other things: Either venetian blinds or in-window air conditioners.

When we find a motel that meets those requirements, we drive up to the office and register as husband and wife. But we ask for a specific kind of room. We ask for adjoining rooms on the first floor. We tell the clerk that we're going to be in one of the rooms, and that some friends - who should be arriving soon - will be in the other. And need it on the first floor, we say, because the wife in the other couple is handicapped and can't climb stairs.

We pay for both rooms and then go to them. Once we get inside, we start looking around. If the two rooms have Venetian blinds, we go to each blind and put a small rip in the cotton strap that supports the bottom slat of the blind. That causes that slat to lie about a half-inch too low, so that when the blind is closed, there's enough of a gap to see into the room from the outside - but not enough of a gap for anyone inside the room to notice.

Then we look for an in-window air conditioner. You know, the kind that has accordion-fold flaps on the side that expand to make the unit fit snugly. If there is one of those in the room, we take a sharp pen-knife and cut a small slit in one of the folds. Again, we make a hole large enough to see into the room, but not so large that it would be noticed by anyone inside the room.

After about an hour, we go back to the office and act very apologetic. We explain that we called our friends and found out that they had to cancel. The wife had fallen, we say, and broken her ankle, ruining their whole vacation.

We explain to the clerk that not only don't we need the second room... we also would actually prefer to be on the second floor, where it's quieter. Would it be too terrible to change room, we ask. And since we've already taken our luggage out of the car, would it be OK if the room was near the original two, like maybe above one of them?

Most times, this is no problem. We get keys to the new room, move our stuff and turn in the original keys.

And then we wait, hoping that someone interesting will be assigned to those two first-floor rooms.

If we're also lucky enough to have a room on the second floor that adjoins to another room, and if there's no one in it yet, we see if the doors separating the rooms can somehow be adapted to peeping. Sometimes we luck out, sometimes we don't. When we do, it's a bonus. We get to look through a keyhole or tiny self-made hole in that door, or we spread the molding a little to make it possible to see through a crack.

All of this works, of course, only in older places. The new motels are all concrete block and heavy fiberboard doors. But the older ones are perfect, with old wooden-paneled doors that can easily be compromised.

This particular night we were incredibly lucky. Going into the corner room downstairs we saw was a man and woman in their 30s. He was really fat - looked like more than 300 pounds! She was the opposite: tall and skinny but with decent boobs, about 36C, I guessed. They were an odd couple, but we couldn't wait to see what they'd do after dark.

In the room next to them was an older couple - but we've found that sometimes they're more fun to watch than young people. More creative, if you know what I mean. These two were in their 60s. She was the huge one this time, short - about five feet - and with absolutely enormous breasts. It seemed, as we looked out our window and watched them walk inside from the parking lot, that her boobs hung down to her knees!

"Gosh," I said to Marie, who was already rubbing her pussy, "I can't wait to see those!"

The guy was normal looking, about 6 feet tall and with a grey goatee.

"I guess he's a tit man," Marie joked.

"I sure hope so," I said. That lady is three-quarters tit!"

It was about 4 p.m. Most of the motel patrons would be eating in the dining room attached to the place, we figured, because there wasn't anything else on the highway for miles. Marie and I planned to eat at about 5, then go back to the room and wait for dark.

No one had moved into the room next to ours yet, so we just waited to see what would happen there. The crack we had made in the door molding gave us a perfect view of the bed in that room. We hoped for the best.

We had about a half-hour until dinner.

"Make me cum," Marie said, out of the blue.

"Why should I?" I joked.

"Cause I'm horny as hell, asshole, and I can cum as many times a day as I want."

She always rubbed that in. My record was only four, and I liked to save my orgasms for crucial peeking sessions.

"OK, spread 'em, lady," I said mimicking a TV cop.

Marie laughed and bounced onto the king-sized bed, pulling down her shorts and underpants in one clean motion, almost in mid-air.

I dove into her perfumed muff and started to kiss her deeply. I pressed my nose into her slit and took a huge breath. "God, you smell delicious," I said.

I continued to kiss and suck her until her clit started to harden. Then I gripped it gently with my teeth and started flicking it with my tongue.

"Put your fingers in, too," she said. Marie had loved that ever since we were kids. My teeth and tongue on her clit, my fingers, at least two or three of them, deep in her moist pussy. Lately we had added a long middle finger up her asshole.

We lay there for about 10 minutes, me slurping and fingering away, Marie moaning softly at first and then more loudly. I could tell she was about to blow.

"Ohhhhhhh, God!" she yelled. "God, I love you, Michael."

She squirted that little squirt of pee that always comes out when she has an orgasm. As usual, it landed on my lips and rolled down my cheek. I stuck my tongue deep inside her again and licked her clean. I had grown to love the smell and taste and touch of her pee, just as she had become accustomed to the heady flavor of my cum. We really were in love, Marie and I. I wondered if this was going to be a lifelong commitment. I really wanted it to be.

Her whole body seemed to go limp.

"Let's skip dinner," she said. "I just want to lie here forever." We heard a door slam in the room below us. I jumped up and looked out the window.

"It's the fat guy and his string-bean wife," I said. It looks like they're going to dinner. Let's get a table near them."

We loved to talk to the people were planned to peek at. It added something to the excitement. Marie slowly got up and threw on a T-shirt and shorts.

"Shit. OK, let's go. You're right. We'll get friendly with them."

Marie's beautiful nipples were rock-hard, and you could see the points through her shirt. There even was a hint of the darkness showing through.

"I'll bet you give the fat guy a hard-on," I said.

"Let's see, lover!" Marie said, and we bounded out to the restaurant.

We wangled a table right next to the couple, smiled and said hello. A little small talk later and we learned that they were from New York City, where he was a stock broker and she was an artist. They had been married the day before, had spent their honeymoon at a snazzy New York hotel and then driven up here for the scenery.

They had no idea that within an hour or two THEY would be OUR scenery!

I spent the whole meal wondering what he would look like fucking her. Marie obviously was thinking about the same thing. I could see her right hand, hidden by the tablecloth, gently rubbing her pussy as she stared at the guy's crotch to see if her nipples had given him a hard- on. It was impossible to tell, but it was fun to think about.

About halfway through the meal the second couple came in - the old folks. The hostess tried to seat them at a booth, but this woman's chest was so huge she couldn't fit in the seat. Embarrassed, they asked to move, and the hostess put them at a table, where the women could move her chair back a foot and sit comfortably. I tell you, I have never, ever, seen breasts this huge. I began to dribble into my shorts thinking about what her nipples must look like. Marie saw me redden and just smiled.

We finished eating and, as the waiter was bringing our check we noticed a van pull up to the section of the motel where our room was. We couldn't make out who was inside, but we said goodnight to the fat guy and his bride, left the money on our table, and rushed out, hoping to see who was in the van.

Just as we got to the sidewalk, out of the van stepped a long-legged drop-dead blonde, about 40 I would guess, wearing a mini-skirt that was almost no skirt at all, and a T-shirt that, like Marie's, left nothing to the imagination. About a 40D, I guessed. "Lucky husband," I whispered to Marie, and we strained to look as the guy got out of the driver's seat.

My jaw dropped. It wasn't her husband, that's for sure. Son, maybe, but definitely not husband. This kid was 16 at most. He went to the back of the van, picked up two pieces of luggage and headed for the stairs.

"OK, mom," he said. "Open the door... these are heavy!"

The went into the room next to ours!

I looked at Marie. "Holy shit," I said. "Do you think they're fucking?"

"Why do you say that?" she asked. "Many moms travel with their sons."

"Yes," I said. "But do you remember what we saw when we looked into that room?"

"No," she said. "What?"

"A bed, that's what. ONE bed! They ARE sleeping together! This is going to be a great night."

We went back to our room and planned the evening. We'd turn out the light in our room and watch the mom and son as long as we could. Then, when it got dark, we'd take turns "strolling" along the back of the motel, waiting for a chance to watch the couples. If we were lucky, we could peek and masturbate together either in the room or down in the back as we watched.

"I can't want to see that huge lady," I said.

"I can't want to see that fat man fuck his skinny bride," Marie said.

And, practically in unison, we both said: "And I can't want to watch that lucky kid fuck his mom's brains out!"

Chapter 6

As my sister Marie and I walked back to our motel to spy on the mother and son in the next room, I started to reminisce about how we both had gotten to this stage of our lives.

After growing up together in the same house and experimenting regularly with sex and voyeurism, we decided never to separate. After college, we moved into the same apartment house and did everything together - from attending movies to going on vacations and, of course, having our own particular brand of sex. If you've read about our early teen years, you know what we like best: mutually masturbating each other while secretly watching other people.

By the time we had moved out of the large Victorian house we grew up in with our mother and older sister Barbara, we had peppered the walls, ceilings and floors with enough tiny spy hole so we would watch virtually anything anywhere.

Of course, what we ended up watching the most was the great sex that our mom had with our sister. After dad left, mom admitted - at least to the girls - that it was because she was a lesbian and couldn't give him the kind of love he craved. It was at that point that Barbara admitted that she, too, was a lesbian. And the two started making each other cum regularly almost immediately. As a horny 14-year-old, I figured out many ways to watch. Marie also liked to watch, and that's how we started our special relationship.

Marie and I, of course, preferred opposite-sex fun. Still, we got many jollies watching the two older gals suck, finger, eat and otherwise grope each other. While we peeped we'd both masturbate. I'd watch mom and Barbara and jerk off. Marie would watch me jerk off watching them, and she'd finger her own hole to orgasm. And I'd watch her fingering and rubbing her hole and I'd cum again. It was the best imaginable "vicious circle!"

Sometimes - my favorite times - Marie simply would jerk me off while I peeked at mom and Barb. That was nice because I could concentrate on watching their incredible tits through the hole in the bathroom wall without having to keep moving my hand!

Marie and I had pretty much decided to live our lives as husband and wife. We truly loved each other and were only two years apart in age, me being the older.

So, now, 15 years later, we were in a motel looking through the crack we had made in the door frame that led to the adjoining room. We had seen a 40ish knockout blonde and her teenage son go into the room, and from our earlier peeking we knew the room had only one bed.

Sure enough, within a minute after the two of them slammed their door shut, mom had stripped to bra and panties and sonny boy was in his briefs. I had placed a chair in front of the crack in the door frame and was sitting sideways in it, eyes glued to the bed that was only about 10 feet away.

Naked, I spread my legs so Marie could get a good hold on my cock, which already was dripping.

Marie, also naked, spit on her right hand and slowly started to jerk me off. We had learned each others moaning signals well. She knew exactly when I wanted her to speed up or slow down, or when she should stop cold or go for the gold. We could make this last two minutes or two hours.

It was clear that the mom and son were not new to fucking around. I surmised that this was like so many other instances: A horny broad left lonely by divorce or widowhood at just the time her son was starting to fantasize about sex. In most families, this kind of mother-son lust remains in the dream world. But in some lucky instances, one of the two takes a bold step.

Sometimes, it's accidental: Mother walks in on son as he is masturbating, or son accidentally does the same to mom.

Other times it's planned. Son lies in wait for his mother to step out of the shower. Or for her to take the vibrator out of her secret drawer. And then he walks in, erection long and hard, and the two just do the inevitable.

I had no way of knowing this couple's exact story, but that really didn't matter. I had a front-row seat and wasn't complaining.

I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they were standing in front of the bed and he was shouting. I thought it was a little strange, all that yelling. She actually looked a bit scared. He was rubbing his crotch, working on making that cock harder than it already was. Suddenly, he grabbed her shoulders and twisted her around, going for her bra hooks. He struggled with them for a second and then, hitting paydirt, threw the undergarment violently onto the floor, out of my line of sight.

He then grabbed her giant tits and started to squeeze them violently, first one, then the other, in a milking motion. After about 10 seconds, he put his hands on the elastic of her panties and ripped them down below her knees. Whatever game they were playing, and I was sure it must be a game, he was the aggressor.

In a second, it was clear that they were, indeed, role playing. I couldn't know what was in their minds, so I made up a story in my own: He was her son and had always wanted to fuck her but never had acted on it until now. In one violent moment, he turned from obedient youth to unstoppable motherfucker. She was overpowered and had no choice.

He shouted something, pointed to his crotch and pulled his briefs down. My God, his cock was enormous! It's difficult to tell, but I would guess it was at least nine inches, circumcised and throbbing, almost purple.

He shouted something else and pointed again, this time to the head of his dick. It sounded like he said, "Now, mommy, now," but angrily, not nicely.

She dropped to her knees and started sucking him, her head rocking forward and backward like a piston. She grabbed the cheeks of his ass for stability, and I watched as her freckled tits swayed from side to side, their dark red nipples beginning to wrinkle and point. In a second, the two of them clearly had run out of patience with the game- playing and simply wanted to continue with the sex. No more shouting, no more pointing. They knew what they liked and they were determined to get on with it.

The kid pushed his mom's head off his dick, which now seemed at least an inch longer before, and thicker, too. I have about six inches, and while it's served me well, I frankly was a little jealous of the lad.

He stood her up and walked her to the bed and lay down on his back. She quickly climbed on top of him, her buttocks facing me. She reached down and guided his cock into her cunt hole, which was so wet there was virtually no resistance.

As she rode him - furiously from the start - I wondered if my mom would have been that good a fuck. It was something I had fantasized about and talked to Marie about endlessly, but I never had approached either mom or Barb for sex, more out of respect for their orientation than for the fact that we were blood.

After all, Marie was blood and we had the greatest sex life together I could ever imagine.

As I was watching the Incest Show of Shows next door, Marie continued to jerk, adding a coy suck every 10 or so strokes.

"Looks like the kid is about to cum," I whispered to Marie as the couple's pace quickened. "I'd love to cum along with him."

Marie started closing her lips over the shaft of my cock at exactly the right intervals. After only six or seven of her long, sucking strokes I started creaming into her mouth. At exactly the same moment, I heard a bellow from the 10-Inch Kid. He raised his hips about a foot, thrusting his mom high into the air. She shuddered, too. The three of us had cum at the same time!

"Quick," Marie begged, "let me look while you do me."

I stood up and let her take my place, allowing her to watch laddie and his mum bask in the afterglow of a hot, incestuous fuck.

I pushed my face into Marie's light blond bush, first taking a long breath in through my nose to smell her delightful scent. God I loved that odor; probably could cum again just sticking my nose deep in her and breathing in and out.

I started rubbing her firm clit with the tip of my nose as I let my tongue work its way into her pussy. Then I moved my whole face in a circular motion, so her clit, pussy and inner cheeks all got the same pressure.

She moaned softly and rotated her hips slightly to let me know I was right on target.

"They're just lying there naked, not moving," she said.

"That won't last." I predicted, knowing that if I were next to a piece of ass like that kid's mom, I'd go for two or three fucks at least.

"I don't want to wait," Marie said. "I'm going to stare at his dick now. Make me go over the edge..."

I quickened my motion and raised my chin slightly, leaving just enough room for me to slip three fingers into her widening pussy. The two separate actions - nose and tongue rotating against her crotch and my fingers jerking in and out - did the trick. A few drops of pee dribbled out onto my lips, as always when Marie came.

"Thanks," she said, and just sat motionless watching the kid's dick and showing a tiny smile.

I licked the saltiness with my lips and, swallowing the tiny droplets, walked over to the drapes to peek out.

"It's dark now," I said. "We have to make a decision. Do we watch these two some more, or do we go out and look in on our friends downstairs?"

In the room directly below us were a newlywed couple - a 300-pound guy and his skinny but large-breasted wife. I longed to see how they managed to hide the salami. And next to him were two people in their sixties, but in this pair she was the huge one. In fact, I never had seen breasts as large as hers - not even in porno films. They virtually reached to her knees! I didn't care how old she was, I wanted to see those tits in the flesh.

You'll remember that Marie and I had gotten access to those two rooms earlier in the day and had "fixed" the blinds so we'd be able to see in the back windows.

"I don't want to move," Marie said. "That was so good."

"Well," I joked, "you must have been real horny. After all, you came in the car only three times today."

It was true, actually. Marie needed at least 10 orgasms to feel fulfilled. She was up to four now. It was going to be a long night.

"OK," she said. "Go down and see if there's any action. If you're not up in five minutes, I'll join you."

I pulled on my pants and T-shirt and slipped into my sneaks. Everything in our evening wardrobes, even the shoes, were black, to lessen the chances we'd be spotted.

I opened the front door and slowly walked down the stairs, so anyone who happened to be watching wouldn't know I was a man on a mission.

I stood by the car for a moment, letting my eyes get accustomed to the dark. I scanned the parking lot. No one was out there.

I worked my way to the side of the motel section and then into the back strip, which was protected by high bushes and completely unlit. Motels routinely are set up like that - high bushes and no lighting - to insure that no excess light, either from fixtures or passing cars - shines into the patrons' bedroom windows. Little did they realize that this kind of landscaping is a voyeur's dream.

Ceiling lights were on in both rooms. I knelt down and looked into the first through the half-inch-or-so slit that the Venetian blind allowed. Holy shit! The tubbo was standing in the middle of the room, totally naked and licking the asshole of his wife, who was on all fours, doggie style, on the bed. Preparing her shit hole for his dick, I said to myself. I squinted to see that dick and realized why they chose this form of fucking. It was the smallest erection I had ever seen- certainly no more than three inches!

Anal sex was clearly the only way he could get into her with that huge belly and short cock of his.

But then I noticed something that almost made me fall over. While she had really nice tits, when I looked across to check out her pussy I saw - are you sitting down?- a... a... DICK!

IT WAS A FUCKIN' GUY! Or at least a half-guy. Tits and a dick. What the fuck was going on here?

And where the fuck was Marie! She HAD to see this!

I quickly made for the second room, where the old folks were staying. Again, I got a real eyeful, although nothing could have been more surprising than room number one. My wish to see the old woman's enormous breasts was being granted. There she was, sitting at a dressing table, completely naked and combing her hair. Her husband was standing next to her, watching her and, as if it was no big deal, masturbating.

His eyes - like mine - were glued to those massive mammaries. She looked like she wasn't even paying attention to him, and after about 15 seconds I realized she probably wasn't. This must be how a guy his age has sex, I thought. Too tired to fuck, but enough energy to watch his wife's boobs rest on her legs as she sat and prepared for bed. They'd probably done this for years, so it was no big deal to her.

His cock was about a sixer, too, but even in erection seemed a little soft. Still, he had that blank-stare smile on his face that I knew so well, for having had it so much myself. The old guy was in jerk-off heaven.

"Where the fuck is Marie," I said again, this time out loud.

Her hand on my shoulder almost made me scream.

"Did you see..." I started to ask.

"I've already seen the guys-and-a-half ass fucking," she whispered. "What's going on here?"

What a pro she is. Takes everything in stride!

"The old guy is staring at his wife's tits and jerking off," I whispered. "Take a look."

I moved back to the first window, and, sure enough, Giganto and His Half Man were very into the ass thing. The folds on his enormous stomach rolled up and down as he pumped his tiny tyke into the man- girl's asshole. It slipped out about every three strokes, and I had to cover my mouth not to laugh.

The wife - if that's truly what she was - had really nice tits, a 36C I'd guess, and they flapped back and forth as Big Boy pumped.

I had watched same-sex couples before. Mom and Barb, many times, of course. But guys, too, at parties and on videotape. As I've said before, I'm not gay, but I will admit to getting turned on a bit by watching two guys really get into each other. After all, a cum is a cum is a cum no matter how you shoot it.

But to watch El Lardo and his Half-n-Half lover pumping away, and seeing his mate's tits AND dick swinging back and forth, I have to say I didn't know what to think, how to feel... or where to stare!

I looked over at Marie. She was watching the old guy masturbate and apparently it was turning her on! She was rubbing away at her slit so fast I thought she'd she'd start a brush fire (or should I say "bush" fire?).

I got bored with the Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Show and joined Marie at room number two. There wasn't enough room for us to watch the retirement show at the same time, so I let her continue. After all, she needed about six more orgasms, I had only one or two left in me.

"I'm going up to check out Mom and the Boy Wonder," I whispered.

"I'll come with you," she said with a shudder, indicating that she had, literally, cum again.

We got back upstairs just in time to see the Lady and her Tramp fall over again on the bed, fresh from another success.

"We missed the Second Coming," I joked.

"Fuck 'em," Marie said. "Let's just do it now and forget the others. I really want you."

Now if you've been paying attention, you'll know that Marie and I prefer masturbating, but I never said that's all we do. This was going to be one of the times when a helping hand wasn't enough. Marie wanted to fuck, and when Marie wants to fuck, Marie fucks.

I won't bore you with the details... just a quick list... and let you know that our session lasted an hour and a half! Sucking... 10 minutes... Sixty-nine... 20 minutes... fingering each other's asses... 10 minutes... anal fucking... 10 minutes (and a whole jar of Vaseline)... heavenly girl-on-top pussy fucking... 20 minutes... and, finally, 20 glorious minutes in the shower, washing each other, peeing on each other and washing again.

We collapsed on the bed at midnight and slept through to 8 in the morning, except for about five minutes sometime during the night when mamma's boy started moaning loudly. I was too damn tired to go see why.

Chapter 7

There's something I haven't told you. Something that my sister Marie and I started doing shortly after we started peeking at mom and our sister Barbara. We started videotaping.

That was 15 years ago, when I was 14 and she was 12, and you should see our tape library now. Not only have our video skills improved, but our methods of getting subjects have taken a quantum leap also. What we did next, after spying on the three couples in our motel the night before, will prove to you just how creative we'd gotten.

Marie and I had watched the mother and son duo in the adjoining room fuck the night away. And we had spent time peeking in on the newly wed couple and the 60-ish man and women. The big surprise of the night were the newlyweds: He was a 300-pound tubbo and she - if you could call her a she - turned out to be a post-operative transsexual... but only on top. The "broad" still had a dick, and it was a riot to watch this oversized steer slip his undersized cock into his spouses asshole.

The old folks also were gems. She was about 5 feet two, I'd guess, but had the largest boobs I had ever seen in my life, X-rated movies included. They hung down to her knees, literally, and swing back and fourth when she walked. Even while she was clothed you could see there was something there that the Guinness people would be interested in. The husband was a regular kind of guy but kind of worn out, sexually at least. Looked like he didn't have the energy to fuck the night away with his cow-wife. Instead, and Marie had masturbated as she watched from their back window, he simply would stand next to his wife, stare at her huge tits as she prepared for bed, and jerk off. There she sat, sitting in front of the motel's dressing table combing her hair, and there he stood, inches from her, pounding the pud. It looked like something they had done routinely for years.

As Marie reported to me later, he rubbed and pulled and jerked and tried all different techniques to cum, but nothing was happening. After about five minutes he clearly was getting winded. His wife noticed his predicament, stood up and started to arch her back and swing her hips, like a stripper does who wants her tits to rotate round and round. In fact, Marie said, this woman must have been a stripper in her younger days, maybe 40 years before. With tits like that, it would have been impossible to find any other work, she joked

So there she is rotating her mams in huge circles, and that was all her husband needed. In about 15 seconds he began to smile and grunt. His orgasm may have felt good to him, Marie said, but it wasn't too impressive to watch. Two, maybe three drools of thin, white liquid dribbled out into the tissue he was holding in his other hand. He went soft almost immediately and then threw the crumpled cum-rag into the wastepaper basket.

I always wondered about the gross things maids would find in motel and hotel rooms. Did they look through the trash cans and fantasize about what had gone on the night before? Did they scan the sheets for wet spots? Did they examine the wash cloths and towels for evidence of sex play in the bathroom?

I know I would if I had the chance! Each time I'm alone in a hotel or motel, I try to leave a little present for the maid and then, driving home, imagine her finding it and sneaking into the bathroom to masturbate.

Usually, it's an ounce or so of cum, straight from my most recent jerk- off. That way, sometimes it's still warm to the touch. I might shoot into the drinking glass and leave it for her on the bathroom counter.

Or I might aim carefully and have it land right in the middle of a square of tissue, and put the paper on the carpet in front of the door, so she'd see it the minute she entered.

Once, I came on a $5 bill and left it as a tip in the middle of the bed. As I was leaving that time, I noticed that the maid was in the next room and probably would be cleaning mine next. I decided to hang in the hall and see what happened.

I took my bag to the car, checked out and then stood at the end of the hall as the cleaning lady - a slim Asian looking woman of about 30 - finished up in the next room. I had heard her talking earlier and knew her English wasn't real good. But she had a pair of the nicest tits I'd ever seen on someone of her race. I mean, usually, Asian women, especially slim ones, have tiny boobs. This one had at least a 36C, and my curiosity kicked in.

She rolled her cart down to my room and used her passkey to get in. I started walking slowly toward the door and got there just as her eyes focused on the five and the little glob of white semen covering Lincoln's face.

I inched into position so I could watch, At first, she had no idea what the stuff was. She took one step inside, bent down and picked up the bill and immediately got my still-warm cum all over her fingers.

She rubbed her thumb and other fingers together to see what the hell the sticky liquid was. It wasn't until she smelled the gooey mess that she realized it was fresh ejaculate. I didn't know if she'd freak out or get horny.

"Hi!" I shouted, about six inches from behind. She screamed and jumped a foot.

"That's mine," I said. "I didn't mean to leave it there, but now that you've found it, you can keep it."

"This yours?" she said in her shaky English? "This WET is yours?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so," I said. "I was going to leave a $5 tip, but when I saw you down the hall, I got an erection," (I pointed to my cock, which was pointing at her through my pants) "and had to make it go away. So I" (I made the hand signal for masturbating) "jerked off on it. As a present. For you!" I smiled, hoping to make her think this was some normal American custom and it would be impolite not to accept my gift. "This is from there?" she asked, somewhere between very embarrassed and very curious.

"Yes," I said, moving past her and into the room. I closed the door slowly, so as not to frighten her. "Can I show you?"

She was clearly shaken. Nothing like this had ever happened to her, not here or in her home country. But she couldn't take her eyes off my dick.

"This is from there?" she asked, somewhere between very embarrassed and very curious.

"Yes," I said, moving past her and into the room. I closed the door slowly, so as not to frighten her. "Can I show you?"

She was clearly shaken. Nothing like this had ever happened to her, not here or in her home country. But she couldn't take her eyes off the protrusion at the front of my trousers.

"Here," I said. "Watch."

"I slowly zipped down and reached in. She didn't move or make a sound. I reached through the slit in my briefs, grabbed my cock by the shaft. And pulled it out. Her eye widened.

Slowly, I started to pump. She looked behind her to make sure the door was closed. Then she reached up and hooked the security chain. Bingo! I thought to myself, and started pumping faster.

It took only about five seconds for her to start to rub herself through her maid's uniform.

"No," I said. "Under. Under." I motioned for her to lift up the dress.

She reached down to the hem and tucked it into her waistband, exposing a pair of white cotton panties.

"Down," I said. "Pull them down."

He hesitated a second, so I started to moan as an incentive. "Mmmmm. Please, pull them down," I said.

She complied, revealing a jet black mound of pubic hair. I fantasized that I was the first person on earth ever to see that beautiful sight, and that brought me closer to the end.

Still jerking with my right hand, I reached over to her hidden slit with my left and found it. "Rub," I said. "Like I do."

She reached down and started to massage herself. Slowly at first, then more quickly. Soon, her wrist was vibrating so quickly I could barely see individual fingers. This gal was a masturbation pro, but I guarantee she never had shared the experience with a soul.

Her eyes were glued to the head of my cock and the drops of precum that had started to dribble to the carpet.

But I wanted to see those tits. I stopped my jerking long enough to reach up to her uniform and undo the top five buttons. After three I could see her bra, a sports garment like joggers wear. It would be easy to lift up or down.

Two more buttons and then I reached in and lowered the whole bra, exposing two of the most exquisite mountains of tit flesh on the planet. Each breast was about the size of cantaloupe, and at the peaks were dark nipples, small but rock hard and pointing directly at me. I have seen all shapes, sizes and colors of nipples in my peeking career, but none like these. About the size of a quarter, they were a very dark brownish-purple and consisted of concentric ringlets of bumps. The most suckable tits I'd ever seen. So that is what I did

My right hand went back to my cock and with my left I started squeezing her right breast and sucking on the nipple. What happened next nearly blew me away. With the very first suck, I started tasting her own white milky liquid! This gal was nursing, I realized, and I was getting the benefit! Milk from the nicest tits I had ever seen.

And all for just $5!

The milk did it for me. I started shooting enormous wads onto the carpet, an especially amazing feat considering I had come only about 20 minutes earlier on the five-dollar bill.

Seeing my jizz sent the maid to O-land, and with a deep sigh she shuddered and started looking into my eyes and saying something in a language I couldn't identify.

My cock had softened by was still bloated a bit and had droplets of cum hanging down. "I clean you," she said, and dropped to her knees. I expected her to use a rag to wipe off my dick, but instead she opened her tiny mouth as wide as she could and started sucking me. I could feel her cleaning off the droplets with her tongue deep inside her cheeks. I looked down and saw a few spots of white milk on her nipples. That sight, plus her sucking action, got me hard again, and the instant it happened she looked up and her eyes brightened.

She grabbed the shaft of my cock and squeezed, taking the dick out for a second. "I will get more out now," she said.

"No more left, sugar," I said. "Sorry."

"Yes," she said, "Many more. Watch."

She pulled my pants down to the floor and started a combination of sucking and squeezing that I had never felt before. Then, without warning, she wet her middle finger, thrust her right hand behind me and found my asshole. In a second, she had found her mark. The blowjob plus the handjob plus the surprise prostate massage must have unearthed a load of cum that I hadn't known about. It spurted out in huge lumps, shooting deep into her mouth. She gurgled as she swallowed it, and continued to suck my head until every drop was consumed.

I didn't know what to do. My "practical joke" had turned into the best quickie of my life. I wanted to through her onto the bed and fuck her brains out. And I wondered what other little tricks she could teach me.

But I was truly spermed out now, and I could tell by how she was looking at the door that she was worried about getting caught.

I pulled up my pants. She buttoned her uniform, lowered her skirt and we parted without saying a word.

Incidentally, I've been back to that motel a few times since but have never seen her again. And I've tried the $5 bill trick in a couple of other places, but with no luck.

But I digress. I was telling you about the videotaping Marie and I had done over the past 15 years.

And I promise to do just that. I will tell you how we started, the things we taped, and how we have improved our skills until they have become the envy of all of our voyeurism pals. We have captured things - and people - on tape that no one else in the world has been able to do. And thanks to the technique we developed last year, our tape library has grown to the level that it will probably support us for the rest of our lives.

In fact, Marie and I plan to retire next year, when I am 30 and she is 28. We plan to do that by selling the rights to our tapes to a major distributor of pornography in Europe.

And you will learn about all of then... but it will have to wait until next time. I got off track with my story about the maid, and for that I apologize. But believe me, what I tell you next will be worth waiting for.

Chapter 8

I guess the correct word for Marie and I would be precocious. We started to have an active sex life together as soon as we discovered our mutual love of voyeurism and masturbation. She was 12 and I, her horny older brother, was 14

We poked peep holes throughout our huge Victorian house and watched our 16-year-old sister and 40-year-old mother play out their lesbian fantasies with each other. And while we peeked, we would masturbate, either ourselves or each other.

I didn't think it could get any better until I came up with what I like to call "The Videotaping Plan."

Marie and I had discovered each other's peep holes virtually at the same time. She had been watching me masturbate in my bedroom for six months before I even thought of peeking. Then, once I made a hole in my closet, giving me visual access to the bathroom, I started watching her, mom and older sister Barb do the things that females do when they think they're away from prying eyes. Marie found my peephole immediately.

You learned all about that in Parts 1 and 2.

Marie and I were anticipating the lingerie sales party that mom was about to put on for her friends. We knew that the gals - about 25 of them - would be trying on bras and panties and other sexy things in the bathroom and then modeling them for the others in the living room downstairs. So we made plans to watch and to masturbate each other during the show.

I was dripping wet the whole day just anticipating seeing all of the breasts and pussies of my mom's friends, women I had been fantasizing about for a year or so, ever since I got the first urge to fuck everything with tits.

And Marie was excited too, not because she had any great desire to see naked women, but rather because she liked to watch me jerk off.

"Geez," I said to her, "I wish we had a video camera. That way we could tape this thing and then watch it forever."

"Yeah," she said. "We'll never be able to afford one of those."

I thought a sec and a plan popped into my brain.

"I think maybe we can afford one," I said. "Not by tomorrow, but certainly in a week or so."

"How?" she asked.

"YOU are going to pay for it," I said, matter-of-factly.

"Right. On my $3-a-week allowance. Funny man."

"No, I figure more like $3 a minute," I said.

"What the heck are you talking about?" she asked.

I told her my plan. Marie had admitted to me that she didn't mind my spying on her when she was in the bathroom. In fact, when she discovered the hole I had made in the wall, she thought it was cool. She probably never had heard the word, but I knew what my little sister was. She was an exhibitionist.

"I'll tell some of the guys in my school that I have a way of watching my sister in the bathroom. I will tell them that she goes in there and plays with her pussy and does other sexy things."

"Why would you say that?" she asked. "And how is that going to get me money for a video camera?"

"Because I plan to get them real horny telling them what you do, and the offer them a chance to watch. But I'll tell them it will cost $10 for 3 minutes."

"You mean you'll bring them to the house to watch me?"

"I'll arrange for them to come over at 4:30 after school, when Barb is at cheerleading and mom is still at work. You'll be in the bathroom. When I give you the signal, you'll start touching yourself and peeing a little at a time and fingering your pussy and asshole and anything else you can think of. We could easily get five guys a day. Maybe even some repeats. We'd have $500 or more in two weeks."

"I don't know..."

"Look, we promised to be honest with each other, right?"

"Yes, I guess."

"Well, you LIKE being watched, don't you. Turns you on, doesn't it? Makes you horny and wet?"

"I guess, yeah."

"Well, it's not like anyone would be touching you. You'd be like an actress. And we'd have a camera in a couple of weeks and start making tapes."

"What if they told?"

"No one is going to tell. First, there'd be no proof. I could patch up the hole in a minute. And second, do you think any of those guys would admit to peeping? Their parents would kill them. And I would threaten to kill them too!" I said, exaggerating a bit to impress her.

She paused a few seconds and said, "Let's go for it!"

Our conversation had gotten Marie hot, and I could see her rubbing herself. That made me hard, so we took a few minutes off to make each other cum. I checked the bedroom door to make sure it was locked, and we immediately got naked.

As much as I loved to watch mom and Barb in the bathroom, there was something about 12-year-old Marie that turned me on much more. It was the innocent way she approached sex, I guess. She walked to the bed, lay on her back and spread her legs, reaching down and using her two index fingers to open the doors to her pussy.

"Use your nose," she said. "Like before."

Marie knew that I was turned on my smells almost as much as sights. I got on my knees next to her and buried my face in her fuzz. The tip of my nose found her 12-year-old opening and I pushed it in so my nostrils were almost buried. I rotated my face in a clockwise circle, using my nose as a cock. I made sure to pause on the upstroke and linger an extra half-second when it rubbed her mini-sized clit. She began to dribble onto me, a combination of pussy-moisture and those few driplets of pee that always escaped when she was about to cum.

I shook my head violently from side to side, as if I were saying, "No," and that did the trick. Her hips shook for about three seconds and, silently except for a long inhale, Marie came.

I let her lie there for a few minutes enjoying the relaxation that always follows a good orgasm. I stood over her and played with my cock, staring at her budding nipples.

"Spread your pussy apart so I can look in and get myself ready," I said.

She complied. Her wet pinkness glistened, little drops of pee still dribbling onto my bedspread. I'd have to remember to turn the spread around, like before, so mom wouldn't notice the wet spot. I pumped until I had reached my maximum size, which at age14 was about 4 inches.

Marie rotated on her back and let her head hang over the side of the bed. Taking the cue, I stood over her face and lowered myself down on the bed, my hands near her knees. My aim was perfect; my cock landed squarely into her mouth.

I started pumping, staring at her wet pussy and using her mouth as a cunt. She locked her lips around my shaft, pressing down with every upstroke and loosening her hold as I pumped in. She flicked her tongue on the head about every third time. The effect was like fucking a pussy with a life of its own. An intelligent cunt.

Since I was using her mouth as a fuck hole, I stared at her real cunt and fantasized it was a mouth. I imagined it was smiling at me, even talking. "Fuck me hard," I could her cunt-lips saying. "Fuck me and squirt that delicious white stuff deep into me."

I decided I wanted to kiss her there, to pretend that the cunt lips were really mouth lips and kiss them deeply, with my own lips and tongue. I closed my eyes and lowered my face again into her beautiful pussy, but in my mind it was a mouth.

"Mmmmm," I moaned, sticking my tongue as deep into her as I could. I quickened the rhythm of my pumping, and Marie, turned on by my kisses, started to add her teeth to the sucking mix. It felt like she was actually chewing on my dick, chewing and tonguing and sucking and pressing her lips on every other stroke.

I came. It was an absolutely brilliant cum, like none other I had ever experienced. With each squirt, Marie pressed her lips together, squeezing out every drop and priming me for the next shot. Where the fuck did a 12-year-old learn technique like that? I'd have to remember to ask.

When the final shot of cream had pulsed from of my cock, I lifted up and squeezed out that last little orphan string of cum. Marie reached up and collected the drip, rubbing it between her thumb and index finger and rubbing it on a nipple. God she was good.

"You have gotta have the best mouth in the world," I said.

"Thanks," she said. "I just think about this all the time, especially at night. I lie in bed and pretend to be sucking you, and I experiment with my thumb with different ways of making you cum."

"Well," I said, "you get an A-plus."

We used a few tissues to clean each other up. I gently patted her pussy dry; she gave my dick a few final squeezes and also wiped up the single shot that had missed her mouth and landed on the spread.

"Now," I said. "Let's get ready to watch the lingerie show tonight, and plan tomorrow. I'm going to tell Danny, Jimmy and Todd about the spy hole and ask them if they'd pay $10 to watch you masturbate. I'll tell them you do it at 4:30 every afternoon, OK?"

"That is very cool," she said. "Because it's true, you know, I do masturbate every day after school, although maybe not exactly at 4:30."

"And now you'll be paid for it!"

"Yup," she said. "And soon we'll have a video camera. What are we going to do with it?" she asked.

"I've got major plans," I said. "Major."

We heard a key in the front door and we quickly dressed. I unlocked my bedroom and we met mom downstairs.

"Remember, my little darlings, tonight is my home show, and, Johnny, you have to stay in your room."

"I remember, Mom. Marie and I both have homework, and we're going to sit together and do it."

"You're gems," she said. "Hot dogs OK for dinner?"

"OK," we both said, as mom walked off to the kitchen.

"Yeah," Marie added when mom was out of earshot. "Even though I've had one fabulous hot dog in my mouth already!"

I smiled at her, and we headed back to my room to wait for dinner, and then the 25 pairs of grown-up tits we were about to watch.

Chapter 9

Mom's friends started arriving at 7:30, right on time. She had signed up 25 women, neighbors, co-workers, other friends and a couple of family members - two older cousins and my only aunt, mom's older sister Samantha.

They all knew the drill, because mom had mailed them each a letter of instructions: There was a trunk of lingerie in the living room, various styles in different colors and sizes. Bras from 32AA to 48DD, frilly panties from small to XXL and other things I had never heard of. ("What the fuck is a teddy," I asked Marie when we had sneaked one of the letters into my room. "No idea," she said.)

The 48DD and XXL stuff was for Aunt Samantha, we guessed. Sam was 45 and a rather large gal. When I had started appreciating tits, about two years earlier, I developed a healthy appreciation for her. She always wore too many clothes for me get a line on exactly what her boobs looked like, but I could tell they were massive. I was getting drippy just thinking about finally seeing them tonight.

The smallest size, we suspected, were for mom's friend Cherry, who lived next door. As far as I could tell, Cherry had no tits at all. I'd watched her the summer before in her backyard garden. She was digging up the soil, preparing to plant flowers and vegetables, and was wearing nothing on top except one of her husband's V-neck undershirts.

I walked into the yard to say hi. Well, really to get a peek, which is about all I did that summer: try to get views through girls' armholes or down their shirts or up their skirts. I was a regular Industrial Strength Voyeur Machine.

Cherry had looked up and smiled, but kept digging. For a second or two, when she tilted her head to greet me, I got a straight-through view of her chest. Or what passed as her chest. There were two dark spots, her small but pointed nipples, but hell, I already had made them out through the shirt. As for actual breasts, nothing.

Still, even though she wasn't much more developed than my little sister Marie, who was 10 at the time, the though of seeing something I shouldn't got me excited. It still does, many years and thousands of tits later.

Well, Marie and I soon would be seeing those nipples, and Aunt Sam's, and 20 or so other pair, plus tits and pussies and asses of just about every woman I'd ever fantasized about.

I looked out of my window at the driveway below. A car was pulling up, a red convertible with the top down.

"Oh, my God!" I said. "WHAT?" Marie said?

"It's Miss Garland!"

"Your teacher? That Miss Garland?"

"Holy shit! I'm gonna see Miss Garland's tits and pussy!"

My very, very first cum-spurting jerk-off had been while thinking about Miss Garland, who had come for dinner when I was 10 as part of a parent-teacher meeting mom had organized. Miss Garland was the tallest woman I had ever seen, about 6 feet tall, I would say. As a result, her boobs - huge melons that bounced when she walked - lined up exactly with my eyes. She had arrived that night four years before with no bra on. Dad was still living with us then, and I noticed that he got very quiet during the meal. Mom was all friendly and bubbly, and I guess it's because of the lesbian thing, which no one but dad knew about yet.

Well, I don't think Miss Garland caught me staring during that meal, but if she did, she didn't say anything.

I raced to my room after dinner and tore into my pants. I had been rubbing my cock for a couple of years, but had never actually cum. The rubbing simply felt good, like when you have to pee real bad and finally do. But nothing else had happened.

That night was different. I lay on my back and rubbed the bottom of my cock against my stomach, as usual, with the side of my thumb. But after about two minutes I felt a strange pumping starting up, something I couldn't stop if I tried. And before I realized what was happening, my stomach was covered with a white liquid, sort of a combination of Elmer's Glue and the stuff I used to slick my hair down.

I loved that feeling. And, I was sure, I loved Miss Garland. She had made me cum!

So you can imagine how I felt when, four years later, I was assigned to her classroom. On the first day I fought three guys for the seat in front of her desk, so maybe, just maybe, I'd get an occasional glance at her panties. As it turned out, I got a view like that almost every day. Either Miss Garland was an exhibitionist or the dumbest 6-foot- tall woman in the world. See, her legs wouldn't fit under the opening in her desk, which was on a riser at the front of the class. So she sat there - every fuckin' day! - with her legs straight as an arrow and pointing through the opening, spread in a "V" that showed me her white (and sometimes black) panties. When they were white, which was about every other day, and if the light coming in from the back window was right, I could almost make out a dark patch up there.

And here she was - goddamn Miss Garland! - getting out of her red sports car and walking into our house, just so I could watch her take her clothes off!

"You lucky little shit!" Marie joked.

"Hey, you're the lucky one, remember?" I said. "You can cum 10 times a day."

It was true. Marie masturbated hourly, while I was limited to no more than four, and that was on a good day. I had used all of the self- control I could muster that day to save myself for this peeping session, and so I had three decent jerk-offs left.

It took about a half-hour for everyone to arrive. When they were all seated in the living room, we tiptoed to the top of the stairs and heard mom go over the instructions. There were 50 outfits, all different. Each of the guests would get two and a number to show what order to model in. Mom had asked them all for their sizes and, using that chart gave out all the lingerie. Then each picked a number from a basket. As soon as Number One was chosen - and we couldn't tell who got it - we had to race back to my bedroom. In a few seconds, we heard footsteps going into the bathroom.

I had placed my chair in the closet just below my peephole. Marie was squatting low, looking through the hole she had made six months earlier. Both holes were virtually impossible to see from the bathroom itself, because we had placed them carefully on the black centers of flowers on the wallpaper.

I flipped on my flashlight, turned out the ceiling light, and made sure a pile of tissues was on the closet shelf, in case Marie was too busy to swallow this time.

And then we looked.

It was Aunt Sam! What a great way to start the show! My legs were shaking. I was only seconds away from seeing her mountainous tits.

Sam was holding the huge bra and panties that mom had chosen for her. The bra, white with cups of a see-through mesh, looked like it had a life of its own. It stood up straight when she lifted it to the light to examine it more closely. Seemed like there was a thick wire running around the bottom of each giant cup, making each one look more like a butterfly net than a bra.

Sam started to undress. I could hear mom calling out the rest of the numbers below - 8, 9, 10 - and the rest of the ladies laughing when seeing the items they would model.

It was lucky that mom had a way to go, because Sam took ages to strip. First came the sweater. Then the pants. Then her flannel shirt. Then her stockings, which were attached at their tops to a stretchy thing with some kind of hooks. Then a T-shirt that had been under the flannel. Then the stretchy thing, which she had to tug and pull on to get down off her thighs.

Finally, Sam was down to a bra and panties, both of them black, so it was impossible to see through them. I stood there pumping my cock faster and faster in anticipation of finally seeing Aunt Sam's nipples and cunt. I looked down for a second to see what Marie was doing. She had the flashlight in one hand, shining right on my dick, watching my every move. Her other hand was moving at double speed inside her pussy, which was so drippy I could see a dark puddle forming on the closet floor, half pee, half that sexy moisture that I love to smell and taste when I eat her out.

She'd watch me for a few seconds, then move to the hole to check Sam's progress, then back to see if I'd cum yet. I almost laughed; she resembled one of those little wind-up toys from Germany, the kind that clockmakers would fashion for kids.

I realized that 10 precious seconds had gone by and quickly turned back to the bathroom hole, refocusing. AND THERE THEY WERE! The largest breasts and nipples I had ever seen! Sam had removed her bra and was bending down to pull off her panties. When she did, and I saw those mammoths rock side-to-side as she struggled with the panties, I went over the edge. My second load of the day squirted out in five wonderful shots, landing on closet's back wall.

Marie, following the path of my cum with the light, also came, adding about an ounce to the pee spot below. She dripped out a little more than she usually does when she has an orgasm. I figured that was because of the squatting position, but didn't want to waste time thinking about it.

Marie and I now both were watching Sam. Her panties off, she looked down at her mountain of black hair and reached into the middle, as if she was searching for something. We saw what it was in a second. A thin white string appeared in Sam's fingers and, lifting one leg onto the toilet seat, she crouched a little and pulled on the thread. Slowly, a tiny tube of what looked like a cotton cylinder appeared, all bloody and red.

"She had her period!" Marie said.

"Oh, gross!" I whispered. I know about periods, and had seen mom's box of those cotton things, but had never understood exactly what they were. I felt disgusted but, at the same time, excited because I was watching something forbidden. I was hard again but I knew I had to save my jerking for others, especially Miss Garland.

Sam took another cotton thing out of a little plastic tube and stuck that fresh one into her pussy. She wrapped the red one in some toilet paper and pushed it to the bottom of the trash can. I'd get it later and smell it, I told Marie. Smell was a major turn-on for me, as she knew.

"When I get my period, will you smell me?" she asked, shining the light onto her face so I could see her smile?

I didn't have to answer. She knew I would.

I went back to the hole just in time to see Sam hooking the back of the bra in front of her and swiveling it around so the cups covered her tits.

The panties were already on. They were white, too, and you could see her dark pubic hair through them. She picked up mom's hand mirror and angled it so she could see just how dark the patch was.

"Shit!" I heard her say. She was not at all please about having to parade around in front of 24 others in this outfit.

"SAM!" mom shouted from below. "We're ready!"

"Shit!" Sam said again. And then, taking a deep breath, she walked out and down the stairs. We heard applause and whistles, a little giggling, and then more applause. And the party had begun.

The next five women came and went in what seemed like a flash. I couldn't believe this parade of tits and pussy. Marie continued to squat and watch both me and the hole. I stared into the hole and rubbed my cock gently, waiting for it to recharge.

First came Cherry with her flat chest and pointy nipples. The only surprise there was the fact that she had no pubic hair at all. "She shaves," Marie explained to me, "just like some men shave their beards."

"Why?" I whispered. "I think some guys like to see the slit with no hair around it," she said. I decided to think about that later. It's been years now, and I can report that the jury is still out. I've seen hundreds of bushes and hundreds of clean-shaven pussies, and each one of them has a personality of its own. No, I had developed no preference. Show me a cunt and I'll look at it, hairy or shaved.

I didn't know the next two women. I guessed they were people who worked with mom. Gave 'em both a B-plus: nice medium-sized tits and dark triangles of hair down below.

The next two were blondes, and that was fun. They shared the bathroom, and I expected a little sex play but there was none. Each helped the other on with those things called teddies. One took a pee and the other sort of glanced down while the first one wiped herself, but that was all.

And one of the blondes had a blonde bush, while the others was dark brown. Marie explained that to me, too.

The fifth was this tough-looking lady with short hair, a leather skirt and boots. She put on the leather bra she had been issued and then started fiddling with a strange strap-like thing, trying to fit it around her hips and between her legs. Marie was transfixed.

"Wow!" she said. "There's a penis on that!"

"Huh?" I said. I angled my view to look downward and, sure enough, she had strapped on a contraption that made a foot long penis stick out from her pussy!

"What the fuck is that?" I said.

"No idea," Marie said, "but it is a real turn on!"

Ahh, my little sister. She's never seen a cock she didn't like, fake or real, not in the 15 years we've been doing this now.

I was ready to go now, hard as a rock and, it seemed, a little thicker than usual. And the timing was perfect. As the cock-lady made her way downstairs and we heard raucous laughter from the crowd, more footsteps approached. And in walked my dream girl, Miss Garland.

She was carrying a red bra and red lacy panties. But it looked like they were broken. There were holes in the front of each bra cup, and the panties were missing some fabric between the legs. She looked at the two pieces and smiled. Guess there's nothing wrong, I said to myself.

I started to jerk as she began to remove her blouse, but I felt a hand grab mine.

"Here, this is special for you," Marie said. "You concentrate, and I'll suck you off."

"God, I love you," I said.

"And I love you," she answered. "Now, let's go!"

Marie started sucking my already drenched cock slowly. I looked into the bathroom and saw my 6-foot-tall teacher starting to remove her panties and bra. I got a little light-headed and almost lost my balance, but Marie steadied me by putting her two hands on my butt. Her mouth continued its gentle back-and-forth motion, and I glued my eyes to Miss Garland's bra.

She reached behind her and unhooked the garment, then took two fingers and slid the straps off her shoulders. The bra still was on, held up by her tits alone. She stuck the same two fingers into the cups and peeled them off, revealing two pure white breasts, a little smaller than mom's 40DDs. She slipped on the red bra and looked down at the holes in the front.

NOW I knew what the holes were for! To show the nipples. Hers were light brown and about the size of a 50-cent piece. They were awesome, I thought, but a frown on her face indicated something was wrong. She started to rub and then pinch them, I think to make them stand up and point out of the bra, but they simply wouldn't cooperate. She shook her head and then pulled off her panties - those white panties I had spied so many times.

There it was: Her beautiful pussy. And there was the hair, brown and soft, but only a little of it. This, I thought to myself, was the best of both possible worlds. Miss Garland apparently wanted to keep her pubic hair, just not too much of it. I stared and could see those short hairs and the slit hiding beneath them. She pulled on the red lace panties and adjusted them so the slit was centered in the hole. Then she looked back at her nipples. They were as flat as before.

She cursed and rubbed them again, this time harder, but nothing happened. Then her eyes widened, as if she had come up with a solution. She went to our medicine cabinet and opened it. What on earth could she find in there, I wondered, to make nipples get erect? She scanned each shelf and then - and I couldn't believe this - she picked up my hair brush. She took the bristly part and held it tightly in her right hand and then ran the plastic handle under the water for a few seconds.

Then she got down on the floor, spread her legs as wide as she could, and started to insert the handle into her pussy. She stopped and spit on her fingers a few times and rubbed the wetness into her hole, then tried the handle again. In a second it was an inch inside, then two, finally all the way in, about four inches of hard, black plastic.

She rotated her hips and lifted them a few inches off the floor, then started to rock the head of the brush from side to side, so that the handle found every nook inside her cunt. Then she started pulling the handle out and shoving it back in, first slowly and then more quickly. I could see the handle glistening each time she pulled it out. My God, I thought, Miss Garland is fucking herself with my hairbrush!

I heard a gurgling sound come from below. It was Marie. Christ! I was so enthralled with my teacher's masturbation show, I had cum in Marie's mouth and didn't even realize it.

Marie sucked out the last drop of my jizz and swallowed it, licking her lips and patting me on the ass. "Great cum," she said. "A record eight squirts," she said.

I didn't have time to gloat. I watched Miss Garland stand up and put the brush back in the cabinet. I hadn't seen her wash it off! God, I couldn't wait to get in there to smell the handle. But I had promised mom we'd stay in my room all evening.

Miss Garland was now standing up, looking down again at her nipples. Naturally, I looked, too. And there they were, pointy and perky as my dick gets when I think about naked girls. So that's why she had masturbated. I remembered that every time Marie and I play around, her buds swell up. Guess that was the case with grown-ups, too.

The next two hours flew by. I saw more tits and cunts than in six months' worth of Playboy. Most of the women simply went into the bathroom, stripped and threw on their lingerie. Two others masturbated, but with their hands, not with my brush or anything else in there.

Mom and our sister Barb went in together (I guess mom had "arranged" for them to get consecutive numbers), and sucked each other's tits for a few minutes but didn't really have time to go into their normal, hot routine.

They wrapped things up by 11:30, long after my fourth and final cum. Marie was going to stop at 10 but decided to go for a record. For her 11th orgasm she asked me to bend over and spread my butt cheeks as wide as I could. I complied - anything to help someone cum! She started rubbing her pussy with her right hand while sticking the index finger of her left hand deep in my asshole. I looked around to see what she was doing: In went the finger - I could feel it probing deeply - and out it went, straight to her nose. She took a long, deep sniff, enjoying the odor of my shit hole. Then in again, out, sniff. In, out, sniff. The rhythm was hypnotizing, and each time she poked I felt something happen down at the base of my cock.

"I looove this smell, Johnny," Marie said.

"And I love all of your smells," I said to her, although I hadn't tried this particular brand yet. I promised myself I'd check it out the next day, maybe right after she'd taken a crap.

She came in a few seconds, then wiped her finger on a tissue and smelled the slightly soiled stain it left. I was all cum out, but I was intrigued by the interesting sensation I had felt each time her fingertip had reached its deepest penetration.

I vowed to follow that up, too. Tomorrow would be a good day, I thought. A day of smells and orgasms and - if our plan worked - of the beginning of our financial empire.

Chapter 10

After our evening of peeking at the 25 women who took part in mom's lingerie party, Marie and I were exhausted. Mentally - and physically- drained. Marie had cum 11 times, in fact, a record for my 12-year-old sexpot of a sister. I had managed my usual four.

We waited for all the ladies to leave and for the footsteps that told us mom and Barb had gone to bed for the night. Marie sneaked out and into her room, and I collapsed onto my bed. Tomorrow was Friday, and I'd need a lot of sleep to prepare for the first day of The Marie Show!

As I slipped off to dreamland, my right hand gently squeezing my now- soft cock, I reviewed the plan: I would tell a few classmates that I had discovered a way to watch my sister Marie masturbate. I would offer to let them look on, but it would cost them $10 for three minutes at the peephole.

Marie would be in the bathroom putting on the show, but the guys would have no idea that she knew about it.

We'd do this for a few weeks, with different friends each day, until we had enough money to buy a video camera. And once we had that, our real adventure would begin.

I was just about asleep when I heard my door creak. I automatically jerked my hand away from my dick, as I always did when mom came in to check me. Seems she always walked in when I was pulling at myself.

"Johnny... you awake?"

It wasn't mom. It was Marie.

"Yes," I said. "What's wrong?"

"I'm too excited to sleep. Alone, I mean. Can I lay next to you?"

"What if mom...?"

"Shhh," she said. "I'll set the alarm for 6 and sneak out before they get up."

Mom and Barb always got out of bed at 6:30 and scooted into the bathroom to pee and shower together. We'd be safe.

"OK, come in."

Marie walked to my desk and, using the flashlight, set the clock radio for 6 a.m. Then she slipped under the covers and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"We're going to have such a good life together," she said, letting out a contented sigh. It was like she knew at that very moment someday we'd be the equivalent of husband and wife. Looking back, I realize now how perceptive that little 12-year-old was.

In a minute, the two of us were breathing in unison. In two minutes, we were fast asleep.

I was awakened by a my clock's electric buzz.

"Shit," I said, not ready to wake up. My head was in a fog, but something seemed wrong. I couldn't shake my grogginess enough to focus on what it could be. I looked for Marie and didn't see her. My dick, as usual when I woke up, was piss-hard, with my hand wrapped around the shaft.

Then I realized what was strange. Both of my hands were on top of the blanket! But then what the fuck was gripping my cock? I panicked and threw the blanket and sheet off.

There was Marie's cute little face staring up at me, her right hand toying with my erection.

"Hi!" she said. "I couldn't wait. And it was sooo big..." She smiled and started to stroke.

What a wonderful way to wake up, I thought. But, God, I had to pee.

"If I don't get to the bathroom right away, I'm gonna piss in the bed," I told her.

"Oh," she said. "Don't go. Besides, you might wake up mom or Barb. We have about 20 minutes. Let's cum."

"Marie," I said, more firmly, "I REALLY have to piss!"

"Well, then let's sneak in together," she said.

What a vixen!

I opened the bedroom door slowly, so it wouldn't squeak, and Marie and I slipped into the bathroom. She beat me to the toilet and started to pee first, spreading her legs extra wide so I could see the yellow stream shooting into the bowl.

She saw me grabbing my cock through my pajamas in an attempt to pinch off the imminent torrent.

"Here," she said. "Pee into the bowl, between my legs."

"I'd get you wet," I said, my face contorted with have-to-piss pain.

"That's OK," she said. "I don't care. I want to watch you."

I couldn't wait another second. I stood in front of her, dropped my pajama bottoms and let loose.

My aim sucked.

A powerful stream hit Marie right between the tits and immediately turned into a bubbly, yellow waterfall. It formed a wet sheet that traveled down her body, dripping past her stomach and into the light brown pubic hair covering her pussy. Finally, joining her own waning flow, it landed in the darkness of the toilet.

Within a second I redirected the flow downward, trying to zero in on the path between her legs that led directly to the water.

"Sorry," I said.

But instead of answering, she took my dick in her own hands and, to my surprise, raised its angle, so the still heavy stream washed across her tiny boobs and now perky nipples.

"Mmmm," she said. "This is nice."

As the flow diminished to a trickle and finally to a few lonesome drops, she started squeezing, hoping to convince the last molecules of piss to dribble out. It was that squeezing that did it. The second the last drop of pee landed, I came. No jerking, no sucking, no nothing but watching my pee land on Marie and having her give me that "good to the last drop" squeeze. It was my first cum of the day, and so it was a massive one. Six good shots landed on her: two on her tits, a couple on her face and, as soon as she could manage to lean over and get into position, two final blasts smack in the middle of her tongue.

Without saying a word she got up and went to the medicine cabinet. She opened it and grabbed my hairbrush, the one that my teacher, Miss Garland, had used to masturbate with only hours before.

"Hey!" I protested. "Let me smell it first!" I had waited all night to sniff her pussy juices on it.

"Can't wait," Marie said. "You'll have to smell it when I'm done."

The thought of smelling two cunts on that handle was more than I could take. My little pal popped up again, like a cadet at attention.

I started to jerk as Marie got on the floor and put her feet up on the toilet seat. She had a little more trouble than Miss Garland had fitting the handle inside her, but she managed, somehow. I stood over her head so she could get a good view of my balls as I jerked. The sight of her using that brush handle like a cock really got me hot, and in seconds we were cumming together.

I squirted only twice that time, managing to catch the loads in my other hand. Marie got up and teased me with the brush.

"Here, Johnny..." she said, threatening to drop it in the pee-filled toilet. "Here... come and get it!"

"Don't you DARE!" I said.

"I love you too much to do that," she said, and handed it to me.

I can't describe the smell of that handle. The mixture of Marie's pussy dampness, which I had smelled for the first time two days earlier, was mixed with a more faint but somehow more animal odor, and the combination started my head to spin.

"I am NEVER washing this brush," I said.

"Shit," said Marie. "I hear mom's alarm."

We grabbed our nightclothes, threw them on and bolted, each getting to our own rooms just as mom and Barb's doors opened.

Safe. The perfect start to what would be an incredible day.

Twenty minutes later, Mom and Barb were in the bathroom drying off from their morning orgy/shower. I, on the other hand, was nursing my sore cock after its third orgasm in a half hour, a cum that was barely a dribble. I really hadn't wanted to do it again so soon, but my brain lost control of my hand as I watched my older sister stick her face into mom's pussy.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. Mom packed out lunches and got us all off to school on time. The whole three-block walk, all I thought about was how to tell the three guys I had decided on, Danny, Jimmy and Todd, about Marie.

I had picked them because they were kids I knew usually had a little money in their pockets. Danny's folks were pretty rich; his father was my dentist. I didn't know what Jimmy or Todd parents did, but I knew they drove nice cars.

I waited until noon and then approached the three, who happened to be sitting at the same table in the lunchroom.

"Hey," I said, glancing over to Melinda, a pretty sixth grader sitting three tables away. Marie was out of sight, at another table across the room.

"Hey, what?" Todd said.

"Hey, look at Melinda."

"Yeah?" Jimmy said. "So?"

"I'd love to see her naked."

We talked like that all the time, so this was no big deal.

"Yeah," Danny said, "And I'd like to see your mom naked."

"Yo," I said, "no mother mocks. I'm serious. I bet Melinda has hair down there."

"So," Jimmy repeated. "Like you're ever gonna see Melinda naked.

"I see my sister all the time." I said.

"Barbara?" they said in unison. "Holy shit, she's hot," Todd said.

"No, not Barbara, asshole. Marie," I said.

"That twerp," Jimmy said. "What's the big deal?"

"The big deal," I said," is that little twerp Marie has a dynamite body with two perfect tits and brown pussy hair. And," I added, whispering like it was a State Secret, "little twerp Maria masturbates every day."

"And I suppose she lets you look?" Todd said.

"Of course not," I said. "I watch, but she doesn't know I watch."

"How do you manage that?" said Jimmy.

"Well, I used to see her go into the bathroom every afternoon at about 4, so last week I poked a hole in my bedroom wall, near the sink that's on the other side, and I watched. And that's what she does, every fuckin' day. Lies on the floor and rubs her little pussy like there's no tomorrow, until she shudders and shakes and then pees all over herself. Then she gets up and walks out like nothing happened. She'd die if she knew anyone was watching."

"Wow!" Danny said. "I'd give ANYTHING to see my sister do that."

Danny was sitting next to me and I glanced down at his pants. He was clearly aroused, and I suspected the others were, too. It was time to pop the big question.

"Would you give anything to see Marie do it?" I whispered.

"Huh?" said Todd. "What do you mean?"

"Well," I said. "I could probably be convinced to let you into my room to peek at her. But there'd have to be something in it for me."

"Like what?" Jimmy asked? "A blowjob?" he said, giggling. Todd looked up.

"Funny boy," I said. "No, not a blowjob, you penis brain. But I might let you watch for, say, 20 dollars."

"Fuck you," Jimmy said.

"Twenty bucks, for three full minutes of Marie jerkin' off," I said. "The memory would last a lifetime. You could see her today, after school."

"First of all, I don't have 20 bucks," Jimmy said. "And second of all, you're full of shit anyway. Like you really watch Marie masturbate."

"OK," I said, as if I had been dealing with a real tough customer, "I'll let you watch for..." I paused for effect. "For 10 bucks."

Danny looked up this time. Hooked, I said to myself. I jerked the hook. "And you wont have to pay me until it's over."

"I've got 10 bucks now," Danny said. "OK, mister hole-in-the-wall, I'll play your game. But it you're lying you're dead."

"Meet me on the front steps after school," I said. "And if anyone else wants in," I said, looking at Todd and Jimmy, "be there, too."

The bell rang for the next period and we got up to go.

"And no credit!" I shouted after them!"

Marie ran all the way home and changed into white shorts and a loose tank top, with no underwear. She was waiting in the living room when the four of us arrived five minutes later. As I suspected, Todd and Jimmy had somehow come up with the dough.

"Hi, Johnny. Hi, guys," Marie said innocently. She was sitting on the couch watching a cartoon show and finishing a glass of milk and a chocolate-chip cookie. Her left arm was raised and resting along the back of the couch, making it was possible to see the edge of her tit through the armhole. She held the pose long enough for our first three customers to notice.

"You going to have a snack?" she asked.

"No," I said. "We have a lot of studying to do. We're going up to my room. Now," I stressed.

"OK," she said, pretending barely to notice we were leaving.

Then, just as we were halfway up the staircase, she said, "Hey, don't you guys use the bathroom. I gotta go real bad."

I heard Jimmy swallow a quart of air. Todd looked at Danny and made the universal jerk-off sign. We ran to my bedroom and locked the door.

"You're sure she can't see us," Jimmy said.

"Absolutely," I said. "No way."

Everything was set up. Danny had signed on first, so he got the higher hole, the one you needed a chair to see through. Todd and Jimmy, the latecomers, had to share the bottom hole, a minute and a half each.

"Are you sure this will last a full three minutes?" asked Jimmy, who, in last place, figured he'd be out of luck if Marie came too quickly.

"She usually takes 10 minutes," I said. "No sweat."

"She's in," Danny whispered, "and she's takin' off her clothes!"

Todd dropped to his knees and banged his head on the back wall of the closet in a spastic attempt to find the hole.

"Quiet, asshole," I said, pretending that Marie didn't know what was going on and might hear us.

"Ow!" Todd said. He looked more carefully, found the hole and inched an eye up to it.

"Wow," he said. "What a nice little body!"

Now I started to get hard. The idea of other guys watching Marie was making me hot, too. But I had to detach. This was business.

"Hurry up," Jimmy said. "Is it a minute and a half yet?"

"Shut up," I said to him. "I'll tell you when."

Danny reached down through the top of his pants to find his pecker, carefully so he wouldn't lose a second of the show. He found the thing and started stroking.

"Man!" he said. "She's on the floor with her legs spread wide open, and she's got this hair brush..."

"WHAT!" I shouted. "That little bitch!"

"What?" said Jimmy. "Hey, is it a minute and a half yet?"

"Asshole, shut up." I said again. "I'll tell you when. You've got 40 seconds to go."

"Geez," said Todd. "She's bending over and sticking something up her ass. I think it's a toothbrush."

"A toothbrush?" I asked. This was something new. "Uh, what color?" I asked.

"Yellow," Todd said. "Why?"

"Oh, just curious," I said. I couldn't show it, but I was half angry and half turned on by the thought of brushing my teeth the next morning with something that smelled like Maria's shit hole.

"Is it a minute and a half yet?" Jimmy asked.

"Ten fucking seconds, Jimmy, unless I kill you first," I said.

Danny's hips shuddered. "Mmmmm," he said, "I came."

A dark spot formed on the front of his light brown pants.

Todd, who hadn't been jerking at all, stood up and let Jimmy take his place. Jimmy, who had removed his pants and underpants at the start, was already halfway to paradise just listening to the other two describe what they were watching.

"Now she's on her back again," Danny said, sounding more like a basketball play-by-play announcer than a horny teen who had just jerked off watching a 12-year-old girl masturbate.

Jimmy was really into it now.

"Holy shit," he said. "Holy shit."

He was jerking so fast I couldn't see his individual fingers. Something made me glance up at Todd, who had now dropped his pants and had pulled his wang out of the front hole of his underpants.

It took two seconds for me to realize what was going on. Todd was staring at Jimmy's swollen dick, and jerking his own. I just smiled to myself. You learn something every day. Even about your friends.

Marie must have been putting on quite a show. Danny had started jerking again. Jimmy was moving faster and faster and repeating, :"Holy shit! Holy shit" in rhythm with each pump of his cock. And Todd was watching both boys now and about to go over the edge.

"Fifteen seconds left," I announced. The three jerked even more furiously, and in about six seconds I watched my first three-male simultaneous orgasms. To be honest, I haven't seen another since.

Danny came into his pants again. The spot was twice as large now, about the size of a donut.

Jimmy, who found the squatting position uncomfortable, had stood up and sprayed straight ahead, five full loads that landed right on Todd's exposed legs. "Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit," he repeated with each squirt.

That sent Todd to O-town, and he came with a gusto that was, actually, quite a turn on.

"Ahhhh," he said, and then, as if out of control, "fuck my ass, fuck my ass."

Danny and Jimmy looked at him funny.

"It's just a saying," Todd said, embarrassed but still in ecstasy. "Just a saying. Don't stare at me, assholes."

They looked away, but somehow none of us ever thought of Todd in the same way again.

"Uh-oh," I said. "I hear a key, Mom's home,"

The front door opened.

"You kids upstairs?" she shouted.

"Marie's in the bathroom, and I'm in my room studying with Danny, Jimmy and Todd," I yelled.

"OK, loves." She said. "Do they want to stay for dinner?" she shouted back. "It's just spaghetti."

"I can't," Danny whispered. "Look at my pants."

"We better all go," Jimmy said quietly, I think feeling a little uncomfortable about being the object of Todd's orgasm.

"No, mom," I yelled. "They have to go home."

Danny slipped me a 10-dollar bill. Jimmy and Todd came up with 10 singles each, money they had probably borrowed from friends. We slipped downstairs and out the door and the three spent lads walked home, Danny holding his jacket in front of him. Barbara was just getting back from cheerleading and noticed them leave. Her eyes landed on the funny way Danny was holding his coat, but didn't give it a second thought.

I went into the kitchen and kissed mom on the cheek. "How was work?"

"Fine," she said. "And how was your day?"

"Productive," I said, just as Marie walked in.

"And you, Marie?"

"Uh, productive, too, mom," she said, winking a wink that, at least to me, said, "This could be the start of a beautiful business."

Again that night, after mom and Barbara went to their rooms, Marie slipped into mine. From then on we started sleeping together more often than not. It was a habit we've not broken to this day, 15 years later.

We lay in bed that night thinking about the afternoon's labors.

"It really turned me on to give them a show," she said. "I wasn't faking when I came."

I told her about how the three of them had cum at the same time, and what we had learned about Todd.

"He came out of the closet while he was in a closet," I said, proud of my little joke. Marie didn't get it, but that was OK.

I fell asleep to the rhythm of Marie gently stroking my cock, and didn't wake up until 10 o'clock Saturday morning.

Chapter 11

Saturday. Nothing to do but sit with Marie and talk about the rest of our lives.

Now serious lovers, my 12-year-old sister and I had decided on our future after only two days of nonstop masturbation and voyeurism.

She had discovered me peeking at her in the bathroom through a hole I had made in the wall of my closet. And then she admitted to me that she'd been watching me for months through her own little peephole.

Neither of us was angry with the other. It was a turn-on, we agreed, and from that moment on we started masturbating with each other, peeking at anyone who happened to go into that bathroom, and making plans to buy a video camera so we could document our escapades.

We'd even slept together - twice - but hadn't fucked yet. Not that we weren't thinking about it. We just hadn't worked out the details.

Right now, the details we were considering were what we would do once we had earned the money for the camera. We'd already promised each other we would spend the rest of our lives together. I was two years older, and while I know that's young, we were positive we would never need anyone else.

Writing this now, from the vantage point of 15 additional years, I'm sure both of us made the right decision. I am 29, she is 27, and we've been living as husband and wife for quite some time.

But that day, our life plans were still in the formative stages. We knew we loved each other. We knew that masturbation, especially while secretly watching others, was the sex we liked best. And with our new- found way to raise money - my selling $10 tickets to classmates who wanted to watch Marie masturbate - we'd have a state-of-the-art video camera in a couple of months.

"So," Marie said. "Once we get the camera, what will we tape?"

"That's all I've been thinking about," I said. "Here are my ideas. First, answer this: What is the one thing you'd like to see most?"

We were sitting on the front steps of our large Victorian house. It was early spring, and a light breeze was causing the flowering trees to rustle gently. Higher up, the wind was more aggressive, pushing clouds quickly across the sky.

Marie looked up at the clouds and pondered. A few seconds later a smile formed on her lovely lips.

"I think I'd like to see... Danny, Todd and Jimmy naked!"

Danny, Todd and Jimmy were the classmates who the day before had watched through the hole in my closet wall as Marie masturbated. Marie knew, of course, but the boys didn't know she was in on it. The session earned us our first $30 toward the camera.

"They saw me and masturbated. I'd like to return the favor. But I don't want them to know."

"Then they'll be the first ones we tape," I promised.

"How?" Marie asked. "You can't just say to them. 'Uh, Marie wants you to masturbate for her, would you please stand in front of this video camera and jerk off?' "

"I know that," I said. "I'll hide the camera. I could tell them that because they were the first ones to watch you, I've decided to let them see you again, but for half price. They'll get three minutes each for only $5 apiece.

"When they come back to my room, I'll have the camera in my gym bag, with the lens lined up with a little hole in the fabric. The camera will be on a shelf but aimed at the closet, so when they jerk off, we'll get it all on the tape."

"Wow," she said. "Sounds good... but do you think Todd will come back?"

"Oh, yeah," I said. "I forgot."

For reasons I won't go into now, we had discovered during yesterday's peeking session that Todd was gay... or at least we were pretty damn sure he was.

"You're right," I said to Marie. "I probably won't be able to get Todd."

"Well," she said, "Danny and Jimmy are enough."

She looked me in the eyes.

"I'd rather be watching you, anyway," she said. "I love your cock more than anything else in the world."

"And I love you... and your pussy," I said. "And that reminds me," I added, trying to make myself sound angry, "The guys told me what you did in the bathroom with my hairbrush. And with my goddamn TOOTHbrush. You little slut!"

"Hey, you said you liked the smell on the hairbrush handle. I just added to it with some more pussy juice. And as for the toothbrush, well, while I was masturbating for the guys, I was thinking about the night before, when I put my finger in your ass and smelled it. That really turned me on, and I wanted you to be able to smell mine. I looked up and took the closest thing I could find that would fit."

The conversation was getting me horny. Mom and Barb had left early to go to some women's festival in town, so Marie and I had the house to ourselves. We looked at each other for a second, smiled, and dashed inside.

"Let's not do it in the bedroom this time," she said.


"Let's do it on the couch. Right here. No one will know, and it'll be fun to play around in the same place that mom and Barb and our friends sit."

She was right. That would be cool.

"What do you want to do?" I asked.

"I want to cum," she said.

"I know you want to cum. So do I. I mean, how?"

I walked to the front door and made sure it was locked. Did the same thing with the back door, as Marie thought about how we'd get each other off.

When I returned to the living room, she was naked.

"I want you to put your cock in my asshole," she said. "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

My dick exploded. "Yes!" I said.

I had wanted to fuck Marie since we'd started playing around two days earlier, but I'd been afraid. Afraid she might get pregnant. After all the shit we'd been doing, I know it's stupid, but I hadn't been able to get up the nerve to go buy a condom. I wasn't even sure they came in kid sizes, like for my skinny four inches.

So we'd done everything in the past two days we could think of EXCEPT fuck. The thought of screwing her ass hadn't even entered my mind. What a perfect solution to the pregnancy problem. Before I could even drop my pants, Marie got on the couch in a kneeling position, butt raised high and cheeks spread wide. I had read about this, and knew I'd need some Vaseline.

"Wait right there," I said. I'll be back in a sec."

I raced to the bathroom and got the jar of Vaseline. By the time I returned, Marie was well on her way. She was rubbing her pussy and rocking back and forth on the couch. I got directly behind her and started smearing her crack with the green goop.

Slowly, I placed some at the opening of her ass, and gently I inserted my index finger, pushing the stuff in. It made a slurping sound, and I could see Marie contract her ass muscles. The hole got smaller, like it was sucking the Vaseline in, and then wider again as she relaxed.

I put more in, and this time her ass contracted around my finger.

"Do that on my cock and I'll cum in two seconds," I said.

I started covering my dick with Vaseline. Mom and dad had had me circumcised when I was born, so the head of my cock sat high up and happily at the top of my shaft, like the hat of a mushroom. I smeared a little on the lower edge of the rim, and then put the jar down.

"C'mon," Marie said, rocking more violently, "Put it in!"

I rested my palms on her beautiful white ass cheeks, spreading them wide, and lay the tip of my dick on the opening to her ass. A shiver ran across her whole body.

Slowly, I pushed in. She tightened up automatically, pushing me out. "Relax," I said, "I can't do this if you close the hole."

She stopped rocking and concentrated.

"OK, try it now," she said.

A second time, I pushed the tip of my cock into the slippery hole. This time it seemed to widen, inviting me deep inside. Half of my dick's head was inside, then all of it, then an inch of the shaft, and then two inches.

"Oh, God, Michael..." Marie said. "It feel soooo good."

"Tell me what it feels like," I said, slowly moving in and out, and adding a tiny bit more of depth with each push.

"It... it's like masturbating and shitting at the same time," she said. "The best of both feelings."

I knew what she meant. Nothing beat the feeling of an orgasm, but taking a giant dump came close. The rush that comes when a load of shit finally whooshes out of your asshole can't really be described, especially if you've been holding it in for a while, like during class or a movie.

It was similar to peeing after holding the pee in. These organs... dick, assholes, cunts... what wonderful inventions, I thought to myself. Each one of them can do things that make you feel so good.

I'd been pumping for about a minute, and was not to the point where my entire four inches were in Marie. I let my dick linger inside for a few seconds and flexed it, so the width expanded a fraction.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Marie said. "That's it. Do that again."

I did.

"And again!"

I did.

"Dammit, don't stop!"

I flexed three, four, five more times, all the while my full four inches sitting deep in her ass.

She started to breathe heavily and then shook violently from side to side. The motion scared me a little, but she was moaning with pleasure and whispering, "Don't stop, don't stop, please don't stop," so I knew there couldn't be anything wrong.

I was feeling my own eruption starting. From deep inside, a little volcano was turning into a giant, and a second later, at my seventh or eighth pump, I started squirting cum deep into her ass.

There was so much cum, it had no place to go but out, and out it came. I remember thinking later that it really did resemble a volcano, with thick white lava erupting from the pink and brown crater that was my sister's gorgeous little asshole.

When there was nothing left to squirt out, and when Marie stopped shaking, I slowly pulled out.

We both collapsed on the couch.

"I love you," Marie said. "I want us to fuck every day."

"And I love you, little sister," I said. "I want to fuck you every hour!"

We tried to laugh but were so spent we could barely get a giggle out.

We lay there for 15 minutes, just listening to each other breathe.

Later, we managed to get up, dress, and clean up the stains on the carpet.

I made us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, with a glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie. I know this is silly, but I felt married. Maybe you understand that, maybe you don't. Looking back, I remember other guys my age telling me about crushes they had on girls in school, and how they pretended to be married to them. They'd lie in bed and "make love" to their pillows and pretend they were talking lovey-dovey to the girl.

This was the same, except Marie and I already lived together and had started a real sex life.

"Let's go downtown and look at video cameras," I said. "We don't have the money now, but we can see what's there."

"OK," Marie said. "Let's walk down and pretend we're married." Shit, I thought, we really are thinking alike! We walked the mile or so to Center Electronics and went in. I knew the owner Mr. Anthony, because he was the father of a schoolmate, a guy we sometimes made fun of because his name was Anthony Anthony. "Hi, Mr. Anthony," I said. "How's Anthony?"

"Hi, Johnny. He's fine. What brings you here? And who is this lovely lass you're with?" Marie blushed. "This is Marie, my wi... my sister," I said, catching myself just in time. Marie giggled. "Well, hello, Marie. You're a beautiful young lady. What can I do for you two today?"

"Um, we want to get our mom a video camera as a present. We wanted to see how much they cost."

"For her birthday?" Mr. Anthony asked. "Well, her birthday is next week," I said, "and we'll never be able to get it by then, so no, not for her birthday. Maybe for Mother's Day," I said. That'd give us a couple of months to save up."

"What a nice pair of kids," Mr. Anthony said. "Well, we have about 10 different models. How much did you plan on spending?" I did some quick calculating. "Maybe $600," I said. Mr. Anthony's jaw dropped. "Where are you kids going to get $600?"

"I started a lawn mowing business," I lied. "I'm doing everyone on our block, and it comes to about $100 a week."

"Well," he said, "$600 would buy about the best camera I have. It focuses automatically and takes pictures in almost no light at all. Do you think she needs one that good? I could sell you one for about $400 that's really just fine."

"Uh, I think automatic focusing and that no-light thing would be perfect for, uh, mom," I said. I looked at Marie. She was stifling a laugh. "Could you put one away for us, and we'll pick it up the week before Mother's Day?" Mr. Anthony looked me in the eyes and then at Marie and then back at me again. "Tell you what," he said. "How much money do you have now?"

"Only $30," I said, "but that's because I don't start mowing until Monday after school." He thought for a second. "OK, look. Give me the $30 as a down-payment. I can't have your mom co-sign, 'cause this is a present for her, so I'll just trust you. Give me the $30, and promise to pay $100 a week, and I'll give you the camera now." My eyes doubled in size and I almost peed in my pants. Marie actually did, but only a little, she said later, and not enough to show. "Wow!" I finally was able to say. "That's really nice of you."

"Now you'll be able to give it to her for her birthday, instead of waiting for Mother's Day."

"Right," I said. That, of course, had been the whole reason for his generosity. I reached deep into my pocket and brought out the ten- dollar bill and the twenty singles. "Here." He went to the back of the store and brought out a box. "Let me show you how this works, Johnny," he said, "so you can teach your mom." Mr. Anthony gave us a half-hour lesson. The camera was incredible. You could aim it in one direction and leave it alone. Whenever something moved in front of it, the lens would automatically focus. That meant we could leave the camera alone and not worry that our subjects would get too close or too far away. And, Mr. Anthony said, the camera was so sensitive it could take pictures even in an almost-dark room. He said he once made a tape of his little daughter sleeping, and the only thing on in the room was a night light. The camera even came with two batteries that would each last for a couple of hours. He put everything back in the box and then put the whole thing into a shopping bag. "Thanks a lot," I said. "We'll see you next Saturday." Marie and I walked for three blocks before we were able to talk. "We can start taping right away!" I finally said. "I know," Marie said. "I've been thinking about that, and I want to cum again."

"You always want to cum," I said.

"And you don't?" she joked.

"Let's tape mom and Barb when they take their shower and do their thing in the bathroom tonight," I said. "Then we can put the tape on in the living room when we're alone and fuck while we watch it." Our pace quickened. I had to hold the bag in front of me anytime we passed people on the street, so they couldn't see my hard-on.

Marie just walked, staring at the clouds and daydreaming. I thought I heard her say "fuck my ass," a few times, but it might have been the wind.

Like this shit? Let me know. Part 12 will be posted as soon as I get 10 letters.

And now the 13th and final part of "Johnny's Closet" My six not-so willing subjects were about to make me a lot richer. I was confident the videotape we were making would get a cool $50,000 from my Asian contact. And then, when we sold our entire library the following week for $6 million, my younger sister Marie and I would be able to retire. Not bad - wealthy and retired at ages 27 and 29. "We're gonna start," I said to them, "by doing exactly what each of you couples was doing last night, when I videotaped you in your rooms." Marie and I hadn't taped them, of course. We'd just watched them through peepholes we had made earlier at the motel, and then TOLD them they were on tape. We threatened to expose what they had done either to the police (in the case of the mother and her underage son) or to all of their neighbors (in the cases of the newlywed and his transsexual wife, and the elderly couple). We promised to give them the blackmail tapes to dispose of if they followed our directions at today's little filming session.

The two stationary cameras were rolling. Marie was hand-holding the third and would focus its attention on whichever couple was having the hottest sex. We'd edit the three together later in our lab, producing what would be the best tape of our 15-year, more-than-1,000-tape career.

"Now," I said, "listen carefully to my instructions. We have only three rules. Follow them and you will get possession of the tapes from last night. Mess up and you'll pay the consequences."

Rule number one, I told them, is that I am the director, and they must do for the cameras exactly what I tell them to do. No hesitation, no balking. They must comply instantly with what I told them to do, and with whom I told them to do it.

Rule number two, I said, is that these are what we call "voyeur tapes," and that meant the illusion we were to give is that they did not know they were being filmed. Now only the dumbest in the audience would actually believe that a tape of this quality could be produced by a hidden camera, much less by three hidden cameras, but no matter - at no time, I said, were any of them to look into the camera. The illusion must remain that the six of them did not know that they were being taped.

"Look even once at a camera, even sideways, and you will forfeit getting last night's tape back. Is that clear?"

The six nodded their assent.

"Rule number three is equally important. Now you know and I know that when people are having real sex, they don't pull out of each other at the moment of orgasm. That happens only in pornographic tapes, so the audience can see the cum. After all, what good is an ejaculation that happens INSIDE a pussy? You can't see the squirting, the loads landing on faces, stomachs and in hair.

"So," I told them, "even though we want this tape to look as real as possible, the one thing that you must do is pull out of whatever hole you are in when you are about to cum. You will something when you get that inevitable feeling, so my partner here will be able to zoom in on you. Say it loud so we'll hear, either 'I'm coming!' on 'Now, now!' " Anything to get our attention. We absolutely will not tolerate losing a cum shot. Do you understand?"

Again, they all nodded. I turned to the transsexual, the guy who had had one key operation - his breasts were magnificent - but still had the dick he was born with.

"How about you?" I asked. "Do you, uh, cum the old fashioned way?"

"I still do, although..." he paused in embarrassment. "... it only dribbles out now, because of the hormones."

"Well, just make sure we have enough warning to catch the dribble." I said.

"Yes, sir," he answered in his best submissive voice.

"We're ready to start," I said. "Son," I said to the 16-year-old, "Lie down at the foot of the bed, crosswise, with your dick up in the air. And mom," I said to his mother, "climb on top and start riding that dick. Do this for about five minutes and while you're doing it I want your son to play with your nipples. But don't block the nipples from the camera," I said to the kid. Viewers want a clear look at any changes that nipples go through.

"Old man," I said to the 60ish husband, "Stand on the right side of the bed and start to jerk off over your wife's nipples. I want you to take it slowly, because, again, I don't want any cumming for at least five minutes. Got that?"

"Yes," he answered, and got into position.

"As for you," I said to his wife, the woman with the biggest tits in the world, "when was the last time you masturbated?"

She flushed. While she was used to her husband's jerking off, her activities in that area were apparently something the two did not discuss with each other. She mumbled something I couldn't make out.

"Speak clearly," I said. "We don't have time for modesty."

"I masturbate every morning in the shower," she said, "because..."

Her voice trailed off again.

"BECAUSE WHY??" I demanded. Sometimes you have to get assertive when dealing with amateurs.

She turned even redder, but this time got it out.

"Because I can't reach my vagina when I'm laying down."

Of course, Those boobs were so huge, they completely blocked any access she would have needed to her crotch, at least in a lying position.

"Well, I want you to cum, too, so we'll have to figure something out."

I looked at the kid, who was getting fucked by his mom. His left arm wasn't in use yet on his mother's tits, but it was in exactly the right position to reach over between the old lady's legs.

"OK, kid, I want you to stick as many fingers inside grandmom there as you can."

The boy got wide-eyed, looked over at the old woman and reached out. Her legs automatically parted, revealing the perfect counterpart to those huge breasts: The Largest Pussy in the Northern Hemisphere.

Even Marie took a sudden deep breath, and her jaw dropped as we saw the kid's hand being dwarfed by the woman's cavernous hole.

"We have to rethink this," I said to the boy. "Make a fist."

He followed my suggestion.

"Now, stick the whole damn thing inside her."

The kid may have been a motherfucker, but he was inexperienced with the great variety of sexual activities.

"A fist?" he asked.

"Like this," I said, clenching my fingers. "Stick your entire fist in her hold, as far as it will go."

At the mention of "fist," the old lady started dripping gushers of pussy juice onto the sheet. She was obviously recalling something from her past, something she had loved. She had lubricated enough in about five seconds to provide a smooth entry for the kid. His arm went in past the wrist.

"Oh, yes, oh God, yes," she said, pushing forward with her pelvis. "Fuck me with your arm, baby," she said.

Now this got her husband really hot, and I had to remind him to slow down. He tried his best, but I knew I had only about a minute left if I was going to get a quadruple cum shot out of this.

It was the newlyweds' turn. "OK," I said to the 300-pound husband, "fuck your wife in the ass, like last night. And while he's doing that," I said to the transsexual, "you jerk off."

The big guy took that tiny three-incher of his and popped it right into his mate's butthole. No lubrication needed at all; they had obviously been in training for a long time.

He started pumping and his half-wife started jerking off. It had taken about four minutes from the moment I started directing, but I had all six people doing what I wanted.

"Now," I said, "just have a ball."

In the next few minutes we produced what I honestly believe to be the best single scene ever shot for a porno flick. A teen-age boy getting fucked by his mom while he masturbated an old women who was being jerked off on by her horny husband. And on the side, a fat man having anal sex with his half-male-half-female spouse, her tits flopping back and forth as she pulled off on her own cock.

All of my rules, so far, had been followed. All had done exactly what I directed them to do, and no one had even thought about the cameras. Each was too busy enjoying the sex to even notice them.

Now all I needed were four good cum shots: The kid, the old man, the fat husband and the penis-half of the transsexual. And from the sounds everyone was making, that wouldn't be too far off.

Marie was having a wonderful time. She moved all around the room - careful to stay out of the pictures being taken by the other two cameras - panning from one couple to another and zooming in for exquisite details. We photographed the mother's nipples go from large and flat to small, wrinkled and pointy as her son brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

We zoomed in on the kid's left arm - covered with pussy juice and traveling in and out of the old lady's massive cunt like a train grinding from forward to reverse inside a tunnel.

And we watched as the husband-and-wife team undulated back and forth like a synchronized swim team, one continuous motion interrupted only when the big guy's little dick would slip out and have to be re- inserted into the waiting asshole of his "wife."

Marie was focusing on the transsexual's dick when the old woman's husband said, "I'm gonna cum!"

She panned across the bed, over the woman's gigantic tits and landed square on the guy's cock just as it began erupting. Wads of thick, white cum squirted out of the hole at the tip of his reddened cock's head, each one landing somewhere on his wife's closest tit. The first blast came to rest on her nipple and slowly dripped down it and onto the sheet. The next shots spread out evenly across the wide expanse of the breast, leaving its landscape pockmarked with tiny white puddles.

"I'm coming now!" said the kid, who had watched the old lady's tits absorb her husband's cum.

"Lift off your son NOW!" I shouted to his mother, and recalling my threat she complied just in time to let his load shoot backward across his stomach and as far up his body as his own chin. The mom, who had been close to cumming herself, reached down and began to rub her clit to finish the process. It took only a couple of seconds: She shuddered and yelped, than lowered herself on her kid's stomach. The creamy ooze that had just burst from his cock made little squishy noises as their two bodies met. I think Marie captured the sound on the tape .

As if right on queue, the newlyweds shouted, "Cumming!" at the same time. Marie panned over to the pair. "Who's shooting first?" I demanded.

"Here I go!" said the husband. "PULL OUT!" I said, and he did, spreading out a fan-shape of jism across his lover's backside, two blobs on one butt cheek, three on the other.

"And here I go," said the transsexual, responding to the little warm darts he felt on his ass. Marie panned down just in time to see the man-girl squeeze out a few thin drizzles of what looked more like skim milk than good old American cum. But hey, he was two... two... two sexes in one. Who was I to complain!

I then heard something that sounded like a low rumble, as if a train were approaching. The floor of the motel started to shake. What was happening? This wasn't California - it couldn't be an earthquake, could it? Marie felt the same vibration and I noticed a panicky look in her eyes. "What...?" is all she got out.

"My wife!" shouted the old man.

Marie and I had been so focused on the others, we had forgotten about the star of the show lying in the middle of the bed. The kid, although he already had cum, had continued faithfully shoveling his fist, wrist and half of his arm in and out of her volcanic pussy. And the thing was about to blow.

The rumbling, it seemed, was coming from deep inside her chest cavity... like a bellow from a killer whale warning the rest of the herd that sharks were approaching. The low roar was working its way up her body, heading for her mouth, and at the same time something frightening was heading downward from her very center toward the abyss that was her pussy.

The kid had a look of horror in his eyes. He tried to pull his arm out but the woman would have no part of it. She jammed her knees together, locking the youth's elbow between massive thighs. And then she came.

Now, I use the word "came" because that's the term everyone recognizes for orgasm, but "came" does not do justice to what actually occurred. The reverberation coming from deep inside her reached her lungs and her pussy at the same time.

Out of her mouth there emanated something that sounded like the rolling echo of thunder. It started deep, as low as the human ear can detect, and slowly increased in frequency and volume until it became a deafening roar I was afraid would bring the drapes down.

Her legs flew open and she started bouncing her buttocks on the mattress. The kid, still terrified, used the moment to pull out. He flew off the bed and started nursing his bruised arm.

Everyone else was transfixed. The woman's husband looked the most terrified. He apparently had never witnessed his wife cum before. His dick had gone completely limp and he was just standing there, staring at his wife's undulating crotch. The kid's mother didn't know what to do: tend to her son's aching arm or watch the force of nature that was building in the center of the bed.

The newlyweds were in shock. At the first hint of what was happening they stepped away and were now standing in a corner holding onto each other. Marie, professional that she is, never stopped taping. Her hand- held camera was aimed right at the woman's dripping cunt, but I could tell that my consummate photographer-mate was scared. The clue? A growing puddle of yellow liquid on the motel carpet directly between her legs.

I just stood there speechless, waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Slowly, the shaking lessened. Between each strained breath, the old lady was voicing something that sounded like Russian. I looked at her husband.

"It's Polish," he said. "But she hasn't spoken Polish for 40 years.".

Clearly, what had just happened to her reminded her of something from her childhood back home. Something that hadn't been duplicated for decades.

I can tell you now that when we were editing the tape later, I enhanced the audio from that moment and had a friend translate the word the woman had been saying. It was Polish for Daddy.

"OK," I said, trying to speak in my most professional director's voice. "That's a wrap."

I told them to get dressed and return to their rooms, and said I would return the previous evening's tapes to them within the hour.

Slowly, everyone - realizing that they weren't all going to die in some supernatural explosion from Hell - started moving again. The woman just lay on the bed, motionless, wetness still dripping from between her legs.

In five minutes all but the old lady were dressed. Her husband had collected her underwear and oversized house dress and was working on getting her clothed. The job took 15 minutes, but he managed, although the dress went on backward. Somehow, he got her to her feet and led her downstairs to their room.

Marie and I packed up our gear, loaded it into our car and then returned to the room for what we usually do after a taping session. A quick fuck.

We shut the door, stripped quickly and headed for the bed. But both of us stopped at the same time. Something about that bed - its sheet and mattress, too - now seemed sacred. What we had seen take place there the hour before was almost certainly unique to the world of sex play and absolutely unique to the world of pornography.

We could not defile it with a common act of screwing.

"Let's pretend we're teens again," I said. "Yes," Marie said.

I started to stroke myself slowly. Squeeze, pull, relax. Squeeze, pull, relax.

Marie watched and then reached down to the perfect brown mound of hair covering my favorite place in the whole world, her beautiful pussy. She pressed in with her middle finger and found the tiny hard spot that for half of my life I had kissed and bitten gently, and caressed with my tongue to make her cum.

She moaned softly as the juices started to flow, and I did the same, our two songs joining to form a duet of brother-sister - no, of husband-wife - love.

My breathing became deeper as I watched the faint smile on her face form into a larger grin. Her nipples, hard and pointed, seemed to beckon. I took the three steps I needed to be next to her, and, leaning down slightly, took one beautiful brown point into my mouth and began to suck.

"Johnny, I love you so," she said.

Mfnnnnmmmgh," I said. And we both came.

The End

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