Child Care Centre

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Published: 14-Jun-2012

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This is fiction.

When I learned that a child-care centre had been opened in our town and that it was being used as a location for kiddie porn production I quickly volunteered for a (non-paying) job.

My first trip to the child care centre my assignment was to help in any way possible to get the kids ready for whatever scene was to be shot next. First little Jimmy, about 10 years old was going to fuck little Janet, my job was to get Jimmy ready then Janet. I took Jimmy's pants off and looked at his little dick. It was really cute, maybe about two inches long and soft. Jimmy had not been in a movie before so he didn't know what to expect. I gently touched his little pecker and his little belly jumped a little. I told him to be calm, he would like what was coming, it would not hurt but would feel really very good.

Jimmy relaxed and laid his head back, while I undressed little Janet. Janet was eleven and just beginning to develop. Her little tits were the first thing I saw as I undressed her, they were really very beautiful. A small swelling on each side of her chest with a pink nipple topping it off. Her little stomach was soft and round and was quivering as my hands passed over it to grasp the elastic of her panties, and pull them off of her. Janet had watched as I undressed Jimmy, and now Jimmy was watching as I undressed Janet. I gently placed my mouth on Janet's budding breasts one at a time and felt her body react to my touch as I held my hand on her stomach. Jimmy was avidly watching all this activity and asked Janet if that felt good. She replied that it felt great. I then moved to Jimmy. I was to do something I'd never done before. I'd have done just about anything to keep this job though. I gently took his little dick into my mouth.

It felt soft and pleasant to the inside of my mouth. I began to move Jimmy's little pecker around in my mouth; rubbing my tongue around on the sensitive underside. Soon I could feel his little penis hardening in my mouth. I moved my mouth up and down so I could give him the feeling he would be looking for, when in a few minutes he would fuck Janet. Jimmy began to moan and writhe around so to avoid making him cum in my mouth, I stopped sucking and moved my mouth off Jimmy's little hard pecker and took a look at it, I had done well it was now about 5 inches long and sticking straight up. The camera zoomed it on the results of my handiwork and I moved over to little Janet.

Janet had been watching the action as I sucked little Jimmy's cock and seemed to relish the idea of receiving the same treatment. I also was looking forward to fondling her nubile young body. I began by kissing her gently on the mouth, moving my mouth slowly down to her budding little breasts, licking them gently one at a time. Then gently taking each tit in turn into my mouth, I sucked and caressed it with my tongue. I then moved my mouth down and looked at her totally hairless pussy. This was a truly delectable sight. Janet's little pussy was just like a little baby pussy only larger and firmer. I began to move my tongue up and down the crack feeling her little body quiver each time my tongue passed over her little clitoris. I pulled her pussy into my mouth deeply and felt her suck in her breath as her little body tensed. I knew it was now time for the scene and called Jimmy over to Janet's mat. Janet's naked body was flat on the mat and so inviting it was all I could do to bring Jimmy over instead of ripping off my clothes and fucking her little twat myself. However, I wanted to be able to come back so I laid Jimmy's naked body next to Janet's and told each of them to do to the other what I'd been doing to them. I placed them sixty-nine style and Jimmy immediately put his little cock in front of Janet's mouth. Janet opened her mouth and took that little dick in like an old pro. Jimmy started sucking and licking on Janet's little hairless pussy and the scene was complete.

The camera moved in for a close up of Jimmy's little dick moving in and out of that little eager mouth, then down to see Janet's little twat getting licked and sucked by Jimmy's little mouth, it was one of the most erotic sights I'd ever witnessed. Soon I had to bring this scene to a halt, because the main idea was to shoot a scene of these two children fucking. I moved Jimmy so his little dick was by Janet's pussy, arranged the camera for a close up, and slowly guided his hard little cock into Janet's hairless little twat. The cameras caught the detail of that little cock deflowering Janet's pussy, and the look on Jimmy's face as well as Janet's as they felt the pleasure only fucking can give.

Jimmy began to move faster and faster pushing his little dick in and out of Janet's pussy. Janet was moving in unison with his every motion. I then following the directors' instructions lifted his little body from hers and had her hold his little cock as cum squirted violently from it hitting her in the face, stomach and tits. She watched this as if hypnotized, then smiled at what she had seen. Seeming to understand what power she had.

Now that the main scene had been shot, it was time for my pay. Which was to do whatever I wanted with either of the actors. Jimmy was played out now but Janet was still horny. I started to put my cock into her pussy, the camera moved in for another close-up, but I moved my cock to Janet's mouth and told her to suck it while I brought her to a climax like she brought Jimmy to. I began to lick and suck that sweet hairless little pussy Little Janet began to groan and quiver while she kept saying yes! Yes! Soon she was ready to cum and I stopped and brought my big cock around and lined it up with her little vagina, one hard push and my cock went deep into that hairless cunt. She squealed and put her arms around me pushing her little clit against the shaft of my cock; this made my cock hit the end of her cunt. She kept moving her tight pussy around on my cock and the feeling became unbearably good. I began to cum. Shooting my cum into that tight little pussy that had never felt a cock before little Jimmy's and never felt a full size cock before was now feeling my cum shooting into it she started panting heavily and her body quivered unloading the pent-up feelings she had been experiencing. Little Janet was cumming! And I was cumming into that little eleven year old child's pussy. As I felt her firm supple little body next to me my cock was inside her body and shooting cum into her.

The next time I went to the centre I was to be the sample cock. I was covered with a sheet with a hole cut in it and only my cock and balls showed through the hole. I of course could see through the sheet. The children were brought in and shown what a cock looked like. There were about eight kids, boys and girls who ranged in age from six to twelve, all races were represented and all were naked.

Each was to closely examine my cock; feel it, then lick and suck it. The camera would capture the action and the expression on each face as they reacted to my cock and as they reacted to each other's naked bodies.

The first was five year old Niki, Niki was very petite, with fully a child's body, no waist no swelling breasts, childlike legs and a beautifully rounded little ass. She walked up to my cock and as instructed, looked closely at it, then her tiny hand closed around my cock and chills went all through my body.

She was gentle as she caressed my cock with her tiny fingers. She then began licking the tip and down the sides of my rod, and as her tiny tongue passed across the sensitive underside, I sucked in my breath and rejoiced in the thrill of finally being touched by a child this young. Especially this one, since I had known her since she was a baby. I came very close to exposing my cock to her once before. When she was about four she wandered into my house when I was in my underwear. I had strongly considered allowing her to see my cock then, since I probably could have gotten away with it. However, this was far better, she didn't know whose cock she was licking, but I knew that it was little Niki who was licking my cock.

The next child in line was nine year old Janine, Janine was black, tall and willowy. She was beginning to take the shape of a woman, in that a waist was beginning to develop but her legs and stomach were those of a little girl. Her little nipples were black and shiny and were shaped like tiny tits. There was no swelling other then the nipples themselves. This is one of the sexiest phases of breast development to me and I watched in anticipation as she approached my cock. Her eyes grew big as she admired the size of it. She said, more or less under her breath "I've seen little boys dicks before, but this is really something". She gently touched my rod and it jumped, she said "Shit this thing's alive, I bet it could do a lot of things that'd feel good". She then closed her little black hand around my pink dick, the contrast was sexy. Her hands explored my dick then moved to gently fondle my balls. She held my balls in her hand and brought her lips down to encircle my cock, the other kids watched this wide-eyed it was obvious that little Janine had at least seen people involved in sexual situations before this. She started sucking on my cock and the director had to stop her, he knew I would cum into her little mouth and it wasn't yet time for that.

Next was seven year old Steven, Steven was slight of build and very delicate in appearance. His Mexican heritage was obvious, dark hair, skin and eyes. His little dick was sticking straight out. I couldn't tell if it was because of what he had just seen or what he was thinking about my cock. He looked at my cock, obviously comparing his hairless little dick with my hairy big one. His hand reached out and closed around my cock, almost immediately he began licking and sucking on my dick, apparently he had liked what he had seen his little black predecessor do and that was why his little dick had gotten so hard. Anyway he soon stopped and moved on so the next child could have her turn.

Next was twelve year old Kathy, Kathy had a very well developed body, small tits when compared to a full busted woman but beautifully shaped, firm and standing straight out. She had an almost perfect waist and ass, her pussy was lightly covered with hair, and her ass was beautifully shaped. She represented the perfect blend of child and woman. Kathy looked at my cock with what seemed to be a mix of admiration and fear. Her hand touched it gently using just her fingertips but she very deftly moved her fingertips all over my dick in a very sexy way giving me feelings that were new and different to me. Then her tongue moved quickly over my cock in much the same way, making it quiver and tingle as Kathy's tongue darted all over my cock and balls.

Next was little Jimmy whose cock I had sucked on my last visit. Jimmy seemed to recognize my cock but he said nothing. He just went through the moves he had seen the others go through. He sucked harder on my cock than most, probably to return the favour for the pleasure he knew I had given to, and arranged for him.

Following Jimmy was his former partner Janet, who seemed to also recognize my dick but nonetheless hovered over it and admired it with her hands and mouth until I again almost came.

Next was a beautiful Chinese girl of ten, Kim. Kim's skin was smooth and firm as any child I'd ever seen, her almond shaped eyes were admiring my dick as I admired her delectable little body. Her face was like a doll, her body was extremely sensual, a small rounded butt the beginnings of a waist, slightly swollen breasts topped by large pink nipples. A cute little twat with only a trace of dark, fine hair to give it that special level of beauty. Kim reached out her delicate little hand and gently stroked my cock. When it quivered she let out a little squeal of delight. She licked it and my balls gently and took my cock into her mouth as far as it would go. Then closed her mouth over my cock and sucked as she moved her head up, releasing my cock with a pop. I knew I would want to look this one up another time.

Last was twelve year old Denise, yes Denise my little daughter. I couldn't decide whether I should blow the whole film and get out of there or play along.

I decided the best course would to avoid letting Denise know that it was her father under the sheet by just laying there as I'd done with all of the other children. I looked at Denise, she was slender, had really very nice little breasts. Her waist was almost perfect and her lightly hairy little twat was very inviting even to her father. Denise seemed to be enjoying her view of my dick, she took it in her hand and moved it around looking at it from all angles, lightly stroking it and my balls as she did. She then began to lick my cock then put her mouth down over it. Oh my god, what to do now, my daughter is sucking my cock. I began panting. My cock felt like it would explode it was throbbing so hard. Denise sucked with her tongue against the underside of my cock her mouth was tightly surrounding my cock, the sensations were unbelievable, I couldn't think, I couldn't move, I could only feel the erotic sensations caused by my daughter sucking so firmly on my cock. My cock felt as if it were twice its normal size, the pressure was so strong. Suddenly without warning I was cumming in my daughter's mouth, I couldn't help it, it felt so good I knew it was wrong but there was no way to stop now. My cum was shooting into Denise's mouth in almost a steady stream, I had never cum like this before, my cock felt like it was exploding, the sensations were better than anything, ever, with anyone, in my entire life. I kept squirting cum into Denise's mouth, wave after wave.

Suddenly I came back to consciousness enough to realize that my daughter was swallowing my cum, nobody would realize what had happened, the rapid fire cumming finally began to slow, Denise sucked the cum from my penis and swallowed it until I was totally spent. I'd never been so completely spent. I know I must have squirted a gallon of cum into Denise's mouth. She swallowed the last of my cum, raised her head and walked away as all the others had. No one would realize what they had just witnessed. Not that I had cum because a little girl sucked my cock, and especially not that, the little girl who has sucked my cock was my daughter. I guess incest pays after all. In pleasure at least.

I continued to lay under the sheet as the next segment was shot, the children formed a daisy chain, each sucked a cock or pussy and of course each received a cock or pussy sucking in return from another. Although this was exciting to watch, I was so spent my cock went soft anyway.

On the next visit I was still caught up it the idea that I had committed incest with Denise even though she didn't know it. But it had become an obsession with me. And I was determined to arrange more. As it turned out my dream could come true. My assignment was to take part in a filmed cherry breaking with all adults. Men and women, wearing masks. The women were to break in the virgin boys while the men were to deflower the little girl of their choice. I quickly chose Denise. Yes I knew it was wrong but the obsession was too strong -- I had to fuck my little daughter.

Step one was to slowly undress our chosen conquest as the cameras rolled, I began by untying Denise's shoes and removing them and her stockings one at a time. I could see up her dress to her panties as I worked. My cock was pushing hard against my pants already. I removed her blouse and admired the beautifully developing waist and her flat stomach. Then it was time to remove her bra, I gently unsnapped it and slowly removed it, freeing her delightful little breasts. I kissed each one of those wonderful little tits and brushed my tongue across them. Denise sucked her breath in and moaned. It was now time for her skirt. I slowly lowered her skirt to the floor, leaving her little panties in place. Then I stood back and admired a work of art. The result of fucking her mother was something I could be proud of. I then slowly pulled her panties down, revealing her delicious little pussy. It was lightly covered with light brown hair, the lips were full and pink, and the crack was open just enough to look inviting. I moved my mouth down and let my tongue just slip into the crack and tickle her little clitoris. Denise sucked her breath in and pushed her little twat toward my face obviously wanting more.

I then moved my mouth back to her small, pointed little breasts taking each into my mouth and swishing it around with my tongue. Denise pushed each tit hungrily against my mouth in turn and moaned. Not knowing that it was her father who was giving her all of this pleasure. I moved my mouth back down to her little pussy and began to turn her on in earnest, I was beyond the point of slow arousal, it was time to proceed. Denise's pussy was beginning to lubricate and she was writhing and moaning.

I quickly removed my clothes, Denise recognized my cock from the last time when she had sucked the life out of it, she smiled at me, and said "I hoped it would be you". My cock was already hard as a rock and eager to plunge into my daughters little cunt. She laid back and spread her legs, I lined my penis up with my daughters vagina and as the cameras recorded this moment in slow motion, I plunged my hungry cock deep into my little darling daughter's body.

The inside of Denise's pussy was tightly clinging to my cock, the folds of her vagina were obviously made in my image, because they gripped my cock and caressed every inch of it. The depth was just perfect, allowing my cock to go all the way into her pussy. The various pressures against all areas of my cock were in all the right places. My cock was throbbing even more strongly than when Denise had been sucking it. I knew it would explode this time. The ecstasy was beyond belief. Denise was writhing around under me, my body was against hers, I could look down and see her little pointed tits against my chest, and the feel of her naked little body against my skin was causing even more delight. My hands moved to her little butt and cupped each cheek, pulling her closer and pushing my cock deeper into her little tight cunt.

I began to push and pull against her ass with my hands, pushing my cock deep and pulling it out, each tine it hit bottom I moved up to be sure I hit her clitoris, I wanted my daughters first time to be one she would always remember, she started moaning softly and pushing against my cock in rhythm with my movements. Then her breathing became deeper and faster, she was approaching her first climax. This knowledge was all that I could take, I began cumming, shooting cum into my own daughters pussy, she began to shake violently and cried out, "Daddy! Daddy! Fuck me! I'm cumming! You're cumming in me you're squirting your cum into my fucking little pussy, oh Daddy!, oh!, oh!, Fuck me!". Her calling me Daddy caused even stronger waves of passion to sweep over me, my cock squirted cum into her pussy with unbelievable force, this seemed to turn her on even more, she quivered, and held me tightly against her, keeping my shooting cock deep inside her body. The waves of passion were passing through both of us as we moved in unison each feeling a bond that only the closeness of father and daughter, combined with the closeness of feeling your bodies in sheer ecstasy together can bring. We gradually slowed our movements, still savouring the pleasure of each others body intertwined with our own.

The knowledge that I had just fucked my own little daughter was a tremendous turn on and my cock began to return to it's fully erect state, causing me to again feel the folds of the inside of Denise's pussy as it grew back to full size inside her body. She also felt the new erection growing inside her body and pulled me against her.

She whispered softly, "Fuck me again Dad."

My cock began to move again inside her pussy this time it was more able to savour the feeling of her pussy against the sensitive areas. I moved it around slowly, exploring the inside of Denise's twat, raising up to watch her little breasts, her flat stomach, and to watch my dick moving in and out of her little pussy. Her face was a delight to watch, she was enjoying my cock moving inside her as much as I was enjoying moving it into and out of my daughter's vagina. I turned her over and put her on top, not letting my cock slip from her pussy for an instant.

Denise now was raised up looking at my cock moving in and out of her pussy as she moved her little ass up and down. She smiled at me and began to move up and down at a faster and faster pace. The sensations this gave my cock were extremely strong, and I began to pant, I held her little ass in my hands and helped her as she moved her little cunt up and down my cock.

She cried out, "Daddy! I'm Fucking you, I'm going to cum, Oh! Oh! I'm cumming again! Daddy! Daddy! Oh Fuck, Oh this is good!!!"

I began to cum again my cock squirted into her cunt again and she said, "Daddy! Daddy! I feel your dick squirting into me oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck! Your cock feels so good in my pussy! Oh! Daddy you are squirting cum into my little pussy and it feels so good!"

This was probably the most intense climax I'd ever reached. I said, "Denise I love you and I love Fucking you!"

Niki The next visit to the child care centre was to shoot a film about the fucking of a five year girl by an adult man. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the part and my partner was to be Niki. Niki at five had a very cute little body, totally childlike and the type who I'd always wondered what it would feel like to put my cock into.

The school doctor gave her a shot to anesthetize and relax her before she was brought out since Niki was too young to be sexually aroused, and since she might feel pain and hurt the mood of the shot.

Niki's limp body was placed on a mat on a table, she was fully clothed, and my job was to undress her and fuck her in as erotic a way as possible. I began by kissing her on the mouth, she smiled and said Hi to me. She was not unconscious but very very relaxed. I then unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Her little nipples were as I'd seen them before, cute but not yet developed I licked and sucked them for a minute just to see what it would be like. I then unzipped and removed her jeans. The camera zoomed in for a close-up of her crotch, and as I pulled her little panties down, revealing her tiny little pussy. I looked at her little twat, opening the lips admiring the inside as well as those cute little pussy lips.

Niki was laying there totally relaxed, this shot was to show how a man could enjoy fucking a five year old girl, not that the child would enjoy it. So I was to totally enjoy myself by using her body in any way that would give me pleasure. I began by liberally applying Vaseline to her little pussy, pushing some into her little vagina with my finger, exploring the inside of her body with my finger at the same time. Her little cunt was tight, even to my finger, I knew my cock was going to have to be really jammed home to get past her little virgin hole. I then applied Vaseline to my dick, lined it up with the opening to Niki's limp little body, enjoying the contrast of the large cock against this little pussy which was not much bigger than the end of my cock, I pushed gently while the camera closed in for a tight shot, Niki just laid there smiling. I then held her little body, to keep her from sliding away and jammed my cock past her maidenhead and into her five year old pussy. Her tight little pussy was clinging to my cock more tightly than any pussy it'd ever been into before. I was glad I had a desensitizing fluid put on my cock before the scene or I would have cum as soon as my cock entered that little pussy. As it was the sensations were severe and my cock felt the high pressure caused by that untried pussy tightly gripping it. The director said to push it the rest of the way in, I looked and saw only about two inches had gone into Niki's little body. I gave another giant push and my cock plunged deeply into Niki, she began to bleed but I no longer gave a shit, the pleasure of my entire cock being surrounded by Niki's limp little body was all that mattered. Her little body laying there was now simply a means to give myself pleasure, sort of a human masturbation device.

No other device I'd ever used was capable of giving this much pleasure to my cock.

Suddenly the door opened and Sandy came in, she was naked and walked over to me, looking at her limp little daughter impaled on my cock. She smiled and offered me a tit to suck on. Sandy's cute body though a turn on, was only a mild added turn-on. I sucked on her little tit for a minute but couldn't keep my mind or my eyes from my cock buried deep in little Niki's pussy. Sandy moved her mouth down and sucked on my balls. Seeing mother and daughter both giving me sexual pleasure at the same time was a real extra. I slowly moved my cock out and back into Niki's limp little body, as Sandy licked my balls. The camera was focused in on this and I could see it on the monitor. I picked Niki up and held her limp and naked body against me. My cock could feel her insides shifting from the position change, causing additional excitement to build. I put her back down on the table, and began to pump my cock into and out of Niki's naked body feeling her little pussy tightly gripping my rod and stimulating me to undreamed of heights of passion. Niki was acting as an instrument for my pleasure alone. Her body was doing things for me that even willing partners had never supplied. The tight folds of the inside of Niki's limp body were massaging my dick in the most wonderful ways. I began to lose consciousness as the ecstasy of this experience closed in on my entire system. I began cumming! Cumming! Shooting cum into this five year old limp body. I held her still with both hands as I pumped my cock into Niki and shot cum deeply into her body. I quickly pulled my cock out and pushed it into her little mouth. Still shooting cum. I held her little mouth closed to make tighter contact. She moved my hand and started sucking hard on my cock as her mother licked the part of my cock and balls that weren't in Niki's little mouth. The surprise of her cooperation caused my climax to return to its full intensity and high pressure cum shot into little Niki's mouth. What cum leaked out, her mother was licking from her mouth and my cock. I continued at that high level for a long time. Then gradually came down to earth.

I can't wait for my next visit to the centre!

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One of the first pedo stories I read - on Black Spectre if I'm not mistaken - and still a cracker.


good story, especially if you like the word 'little', it only shows up about a million times. it doesnt really take away from the story, it just gets a lttle aggrevating reading little every other word.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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