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Published: 11-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter One

Cindy felt herself getting wet. She slipped her finger deep inside the soft folds of her pussy and moved it around, massaging her still-intact hymen.

"That's nice," Billy said, grinning down at his naked sister. "How long have you been playing with yourself like that?"

"Ever since I was nine," the teen-aged girl answered defiantly. "Ever since I saw you playing with yourself in the bathroom that afternoon, when you thought you were alone and no one could see you!"

"Yeah, and I'm glad you did see me," he answered. "I'm only sorry you took so long to come and tell me about it."

"Well, I did. Now get down here and help me!" Cindy rubbed her pussy- lips furiously. "You know I like it better when you do it!"

"Sure, Sis," Billy said, still grinning. "But you'll have to do me when I'm done doing you, you know."

"I know! I always do you last. It's not fair!"

"Life isn't fair, little sister," Billy said, stretching out beside the young girl. "You take what you can get."

"I want to come, now!" Cindy said without a trace of shame or discomfort.

Billy slipped his hand onto Cindy's breast. The young flesh was firm and resilient to his touch. Her little pink nipple grew hard and stood up stiffly at the touch of his finger. The surrounding pink aureole puckered and shrank, making the nipple stand out even further.

Cindy shivered at her brother's touch. She had touched herself in the same places and in the same way many times in the past, but it never felt as good as when her big brother Billy did it instead.

Billy leaned over and placed his lips on Cindy's breast. He slowly kissed and teased the soft flesh, leaving a trail of saliva around the glowing mound. Expertly, he gradually approached the nipple, feeling his sister's excitement growing more and more intense the closer he got to the sensitive spot.

"Ooooh, yes, Billy," Cindy moaned. "You know how to do me. Do me now!"

Billy's lips fastened on the sensitive spot and he began sucking mightily.

"Oh!" Cindy gasped.

Billy played his tongue over the young girl's nipple. It tasted sweet in his mouth. That fact that it was his own sister, young, pretty, and a virgin, made him even hotter. His cock was as hard as iron. He wanted to come soon, but he knew he would have to wait until he had satisfied Cindy's growing lust. That way he would be able to come and then just relax and let the warm waves of pleasure carry him away without having to trouble himself about anybody's orgasm but his own.

Cindy wrapped her arms around her big brother's head, pressing him harder against her breast. She loved the feel of his lips on her titties. She loved the way he sucked on her nipples. In fact, she loved everything about him. She loved the way he brought her to orgasm and made her come over and over again.

"Do it harder, Billy," she whispered, encouraging him."You know how I like it."

Billy sucked hard on her little pink nipple. He drew it deep into his mouth and played his tongue over the hard little tip.

"Oh, yes, Billy," the girl moaned, "use your teeth!"

Billy sucked even harder on his sister's nipples. He chewed gently around the puckered aureole, feeling it get harder as he did so.

He ran his hand over the girl's breast, enjoying the firm resilience of her flesh. He squeezed and pinched it playfully. She twisted and writhed under him, obviously enjoying their incestuous liaison. Billy let his hand leave his sister's breast and travel down her chest, over her ribcage, across her flat, muscular stomach, and finally down to her hot little crotch.

"Mmmmm, yes, Billy," Cindy moaned, spreading her thighs apart to allow him access to her hot, virgin cunt.

He was amazed, as he always was with her, at how hot and wet her cunt was when he touched it. He let his fingers play with her pubic hair. It was soft and silky, like a kitten's fur, he thought. How appropriate that his sister should have kitten's fur on her little pussy.

He let his middle finger find Cindy's slit. The lips were soft and swollen with excitement. He pressed against her virgin cunt-lips and felt them immediately surrender and allow him entrance.

Cindy's cunt was hot and ready for his ministrations. Cindy was more than ready herself; she was eager. Billy's finger awakened desires in the young girl that only months before she didn't even know existed.

Now, she thought she might never get free of them, or if, indeed, she would ever want to be free of them.

Billy let his finger slip between Cindy's cunt-lips. Her pussy opened and let him in easily. He pressed forward, forcing his finger deeper into his sister's virgin cunt. She gasped and moaned softly as he pressed further in. Her cunt was tight, so tight that he could barely squeeze more than the first knuckle past her hymen. Feeling her slick, thick, cunt-juice flowing around his finger, feeling her cuntwalls gripping him, watching her sweet young face beneath him contorting with such pleasure that it looked like pain, all this was nearly too much for the teen-aged boy. It was all he could do to restrain himself and not fuck his little sister right there on her own bed.

Instead, he pulled back from her a little bit and said, "Cindy, honey, I'm going to give you a special treat."

Cindy opened her eyes wide. Billy had a strange look on his face, one she had never seen before. She didn't know what to expect, but she did know what she was afraid of.

"No, Billy," she said, her voice shaking with nervousness. "Don't do it. If you put it in me that would be incest and that's wrong."

"Don't worry, Sis, I'm not going to fuck you, not yet, anyway." He laughed at his little sister; she looked so relieved and so sexy, he was tempted to go back on his word immediately, but he didn't.

"Besides," he continued, "how would fucking be any different from what we've been doing? It's all just sex, anyway."

"No, Billy," Cindy was adamant. "What we're doing is just fooling around. We've never done anything, you know, serious, yet."

Yet. The word echoed in Billy's brain. Then, he made up his mind. He would fuck Cindy. Not today maybe, and maybe not tomorrow, but some day he would take his little sister's cherry and she would thank him for it.

"Don't worry, Cindy," he said soothingly, trying to reassure the nervous young girl. "That's not what I meant. Here's what I meant."

Without any further warning, Billy slid down the bed until his face was level with his sister's crotch. He climbed between her legs, forcing them further apart, and put his mouth just inches from her cunt.

"Billy," she gasped, "what are you doing?"

"Nothing, yet," he grinned up at her inquiring face, "but you'll like it when I do you, I guarantee it!"

Using both his thumbs, Billy spread his sister's pussy-lips apart, revealing the wet, pink folds within. He bent down and breathed gently, blowing his warm moist breath over Cindy's sensitive flesh.

"Oh Billy!" Cindy gasped. "What are you doing? That feels wonderful!"

"You ain't felt nothin' yet," Billy chuckled and immediately went to work on the willing young girl. He placed the tip of his tongue at the bottom of her tight little slit and gently licked. He ran the tip of his tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit in one long, continuous motion.

"Billy! What are you...Oh Billy, that's wonderful!" Cindy gasped and moaned with pleasure. She had been nervous about her big brother's intentions at first, but now, she no longer cared what he did, just as long as it continued to feel as good as it did now.

Smiling inwardly, Billy continued his erotic stimulations. Cindy was obviously a willing student. Her reservations about fucking, although inconvenient, were easily understandable. Billy knew that incest was wrong, sinful, and taboo. He knew that practically every society had outlawed incest. He also knew that he didn't care.

Billy licked up and down his sister's cunt, savoring the sweet taste of her virgin pussy-juice. First, he explored the tight little slit itself, licking just where her soft, pink cunt-lips joined. He licked softly at first, barely touching Cindy's quivering flesh, teasing her to greater heights of erotic pleasure before moving on to more sophisticated delights.

Cindy immediately abandoned herself to the exciting new sensations Billy was providing her. She purred softly, deep in her throat, and spread her thighs apart so that Billy would have no difficulty in reaching the most sensitive parts of her virgin cunt.

"Ooohhh, Billy, I had no idea sex could feel this good."

Billy didn't answer. Instead, he took both his thumbs and gently spread his sister's cunt --- lips apart, revealing the wet inner folds to his incestuous gaze. Cindy's cunt was slippery with her thick virgin cunt- juice. The outer lips were soft and puffy, swollen with her newly- awakened eroticism. The inner lips, which Billy was now seeing for the first time, were a deep, dark pink color, gorged with blood.

"Billy!" Cindy's voice held a note of urgency. "What are you doing down there? Lick it some more like you were doing before!"

"Okay, little sister," he answered, leering up at his sister's lust- distorted face. "But you'll have to do the same for me when I'm through with you."

"Yes, Billy, you know I will! Only hurry up, I want to come!"

Billy dove back to his task. He licked up and down the insides of her outer cunt-lips. He extended his tongue to the utmost and started licking the soft inner folds of the young girl's slippery wet pussy.

Cindy moaned and groaned above him. She had never felt or even imagined anything as hot and good as her brother's tongue licking at her pussy.

She tried to hold still so as not to move away from the source of her new-found pleasure, but her hips began to undulate and gyrate with a life all their own. Cindy could not help grinding and bucking her hips in a tight little circle, rhythmically pressing her cunt hard against her brother's licking mouth.

"Billy, that's so good, so good. Do it harder, Billy, do it deeper. Do me good, Billy, you know I like it!"

Billy plunged his tongue deep into his sister's cunt. Cindy gasped with pleasure and grabbed his head with both hands, holding him still while she ground her cunt against his mouth in a wanton display of lust.

"Billy, yes!" she cried out. "Yes, that's it! I'm coming! Billy this're wonderful!"

Billy lapped avidly at Cindy's pussy. Her virgin cunt smelled so sweet, her pussy-juice was so thick and tasty, he was nearly intoxicated with pleasure. He plunged his tongue deep into her vagina, licking out the virgin cunt-juice he found there. He forced his tongue deep into Cindy's cunt. He ground his mouth against her swollen pussy lips. He sucked and swallowed her cunt-juice with incestuous delight.

"Billy! Yes! I'm coming!" Cindy called out. "I'm comiinngg nowww!

The young girl's hips bucked and spasmed under him. He had to wrap his arms under her thighs to hold on. Her cunt-juice flowed in copious spurts over his tongue and down his chin. He lapped up all he could, savoring the sweet flavor his sister's virgin come.

Cindy moaned softly and continuously, tossing her head from side to side on the pillow. The force of this orgasm was greater than anything else she had ever experienced before in her life. It left her panting, weak, and wanting more.

Billy slowly stopped his licking of Cindy's cunt. He watched with fascination and delight as his sister's cunt slowly stopped its spasmodic contractions. Billy didn't have a lot of experience with girls. In fact, none of the girls he had ever dated had ever let him do more than feel them up over their clothes. He had never even seen a girl's breasts before Cindy's. And now, he was doing more than just seeing her breasts, more than just touching her cunt. He was breaking her in. He was turning his little sister into one of the hottest numbers in school.

He relished the knowledge that he was introducing his sweet sister to the mysteries of sex one by one. He knew he wouldn't stop until he had finished her initiation completely.

Chapter Two

Billy's cock was raging with unfulfilled lust. He got up and stood next to the bed, gazing down at the lewd display his little sister presented to him.

Cindy opened her eyes, her long lashes fluttering as she regained her composure.

"Billy," she breathed. "That was the best you ever did me." Her pale blue eyes grew wide with surprise at the memory of the unexpected pleasure her big brother's tongue had given her.

"Yeah," Billy leered down at her. "Now it's your turn to do me the same way."

Cindy looked up at him. She wasn't used to Billy being so dominant, so demanding. They had endured the usual rivalries that siblings are wont to have. Billy had always bested Cindy in sports and Cindy usually got better grades in school. When both the children had entered their teen- aged years their earlier animosity and competitiveness mellowed into a friendly acceptance of each other. Now, more recently, that acceptance was replaced by a growing, mutual, incestuous desire.

"I'll do you, Billy," Cindy said softly. "Don't worry. You know I like it when you come. I just don't want to do the 'f-thing' with you; that would be bad."

"The 'f-thing'," Billy mocked her. "Ha! You're such a scaredycat you can't even say the word! What makes you think I'd even want to fuck you anyway?"

"Billy! Be nice!" Cindy sat up on the bed and turned her face away from her jeering older brother. "It's so nice when we can be together like this, why do you have to spoil it?"

He looked down at Cindy and immediately regretted being so thoughtless.

Cindy's pale shoulders shook slightly with repressed sobs. He had really hurt her feelings. All he had wanted to do was to shame her into being more sexually aggressive, or at least less inhibited.

"Cindy, baby, I'm sorry." He sat down next to her on the narrow bed and put his arm around her shoulders. "I don't know what came over me."

Cindy shook her head and twisted away from him. Her soft blonde hair glistened in the afternoon sunlight as it fell forward, hiding her face from her brother's concerned gaze.

Billy slipped off the bed and kneeled on the floor in front of Cindy.

He cupped her face in both his hands and forced her to turn and look at him. Two shining rivulets of tears ran down Cindy's pink cheeks and dripped onto her flat, smooth belly. Her firm little breasts, the size of grapefruits, jiggled slightly with each shaking breath the young girl took. Her nipples had gotten soft and disappeared in the surrounding pink aureoles. Her pussy, too, had returned to its unexcited state, the soft, pink lips were no longer swollen and the narrow slit was almost fully concealed beneath the wispy blonde pubic hairs. Seeing her like that, frightened and vulnerable made Billy more determined than ever to have his way with her. But he knew he would have to be careful and patient, so as not to frighten her away.

"Cindy, please listen to me," he entreated, "I'm sorry. Really, I am.

It's just that...I don't know, when you get me so excited like this...I guess I go a little crazy."

Cindy allowed herself to look at him. She really did love her big brother, more than anything or anyone else in the whole world, more than their parents, even, who never seemed to have any time for their two children anymore.

"Billy, I love you, too," she said, wiping the tears away from her eyes. "But sometimes when you get mean like that...It scares me."

"I know, baby," he said soothingly, "I'm sorry, I promise not to be like that again."

He petted her hair as she sniffed back her tears and gave him a brave little smile. He let his hand run down to her shoulder and then onto her breast. She gave an involuntary shudder at the contact.

Billy placed his other hand on her other breast and squeezed them both, gently but firmly. Immediately, Cindy's nipples began to harden. Her eyelids fluttered and she took in a long, shaking breath.

"Oh, Billy," she said, softly. "I love when you touch me."

He leaned forward and placed his lips gently on first one pink nipple, then the next. Cindy shuddered slightly at the erotic contact. She felt an electric thrill course through her as first one, then the other nipple stiffened and got hard between his lips. She felt his tongue play over the hard little tip and her pussy started getting wet again.

"Cindy, please..." he stood up once more before her, his cock still rigid and sticking out in front of him.

Cindy looked up at her big brother. The two teen-agers looked almost enough alike to be twins, except that he was two years older than her fourteen and four inches taller than her five and a half feet. She had grown soft, voluptuous curves where he had grown muscles. They could have been a stylized Adam and Eve in a modern garden of Eden.

"What, Billy?" Cindy asked, hesitantly. His stiff cock hung just inches from her face but she was still unsure as to what he wanted her to do.

"C'mon, Cindy!" Billy nearly wailed in frustration. "You know...I did you with my mouth, now you do me the same way."

"But, I don't know how, Billy."

"Just kiss it, like I did for you."

"Okay...I guess."

The young girl leaned forward. The musky scent of her brother's cock reached her nostrils and sent a thrill of incestuous lust through her.

The purple head was just inches from her lips. She could see the blue, blood-engorged veins twisting in their serpentine paths around the thick, hard shaft. It looked so hard, so hot, so...obscene. She felt a nearly uncontrollable desire to finger her cunt and frig herself to another sweet orgasm just from looking at it.

She reached up with her right hand and grasped the shaft gently in her fist. Slowly, uncertainly, she leaned over and planted a quick, chaste kiss on the swollen tip. At the touch of her lips, the massive cock twitched and throbbed in her grasp. She pulled away from it, startled by its sudden, almost violent response to her kiss.

"No, Cindy," Billy said. "Really kiss it. Use your tongue, like I did for you."

She looked up at him. Her big brother was so strong and handsome, she would do almost anything for him, anything he asked of her. And although she had some reservations about going all the way with him, he made her feel so good when they were together that she was sure she would do it if he were to ask her nicely.

She smiled up at him with a mischievous expression on her fact. "You mean like this?" she asked.

She parted her lips slightly and let the bulbous head of his throbbing cock enter her mouth. The taste of his sex-flesh excited her more than she thought it could. Her eyes closed and her head swam. She felt dizzy and disoriented. She held onto his cock as a drowning person would clutch a life-buoy. As if of its own accord, her tongue sought and found the cock-head in her mouth and teased it.

"Oh God, Cindy!" Billy cried. No one had ever licked his cock before and it felt better than he could have imagined. "Deeper, Cindy, honey, suck me deeper."

Cindy didn't have to be told. Her first taste of her brother's cock convinced her that she liked it and that she wanted more. Eagerly she opened her lips wider and let all of his cock-head slide into her mouth.

Billy gasped and lurched forward, instinctively trying to put even more of his cock into his sister's sweet young mouth.

Cindy gagged slightly and retreated, pulling back from Billy's thrusting cock. She kept a firm grip on it with her right hand, keeping Billy from shoving it completely down her throat, but at the same time she was very careful not to let the head slip out of her mouth.

She held it there and started to swirl her tongue around the swollen head, enjoying the salty, musky flavor of this forbidden fruit. She swirled her tongue first one way, then the other, feeling the throbbing member grow even larger in her mouth as she did so. Billy groaned with pleasure. Seeing his sweet young sister sucking on his cock gave him almost as much pleasure as feeling her tongue licking it. He struggled to keep his knees from buckling under him as Cindy continued on her maiden voyage in cock-sucking.

"Yeah, Cindy, that's it, honey," Billy encouraged her in her efforts.

"Now lick it some more, baby, not just the head."

Cindy pulled her mouth from her brother's cock momentarily. She stroked the shaft slowly with her right hand. "What do you mean, Billy?" she asked, innocently.

"You know what I mean, you little tease. You know you like it. Now do me good, like I did you!"

Cindy smiled up at her brother knowingly. Her reservations and inhibitions were slowly disintegrating in the face of her new-found erotic lust.

"You mean like this?" she asked coquettishly. Lifting her brother's cock with her right hand, she placed the tip of her tongue at the base of the shaft, right where his ball sack joined the penis. She licked from the base to the tip in one long, continuous motion.

"Oh, yeah, baby, like that," Billy moaned. "Do it more."

Obediently, when she got to the tip, Cindy ran her tongue down one side of his throbbing prick and then back up the other. She held it like a popsicle and licked it all over, covering it with her saliva, leaving it slick and wet. Up and down, licking around the pubic hair and flicking his balls with her tongue, Cindy teased her brother to the edge of ecstacy without taking him all the way to release.

This was a new, exciting game for the teen-aged girl, one she knew immediately she was going to enjoy very much. The feel and taste of a male organ in her mouth sent tingles of pleasure all through her body, but especially between her legs.

"Now suck me deep, Cindy," Billy said, hoarsely. "Suck me as deep as you can and I'll come in your mouth."

Cindy needed no further encouragement or instruction. Hungrily, she opened her mouth and let Billy's cock slide in. She thrilled at the feel of his hot flesh passing between her lips. She teased the swollen head with her tongue, savoring the now familiar musky taste of his sex.

"That's good, baby," Billy groaned. "That's really good. You're gonna be a really good little cock-sucker." Cindy was hardly listening. The blood pounded in her ears and made her head swim. Her cunt was wet and itching. Her excitement was growing along with Billy's.

"Deeper, baby, deeper," Billy groaned.

Cindy dropped her right hand to her cunt. With practiced familiarity her forefinger found her clit and started rubbing it. The soft heat of her orgasm quickly reasserted itself and began growing deep in her loins. Her pussy was still wet with Billy's saliva and her own come- juice. Her clit slipped around under her finger, almost too slimy for her to frig. She fingered it as best she could, relishing its erotic slipperiness.

"Rub my balls, baby," Billy said.

Obediently, Cindy cupped Billy's huge scrotum in her left hand. His balls felt heavy and full in her small hand. She could imagine the load of creamy come they contained. She wanted to taste it. She wanted to feel it filling her mouth.

"That's it, baby, that's it. I'm almost there," Billy moaned.

Frantically, Cindy bobbed her head up and down on her brother's cock.

She sucked it as hard as she could, forcing her head down on it, taking as much of the rigid shaft into her mouth as she could.

Billy's breathing was becoming labored. He gasped and moaned as Cindy sucked his prick. Amazingly, his prick seemed to grow even bigger as she sucked on it. She couldn't get it all in her mouth. She had to open her jaw wider; it stretched her lips apart. The big, bulbous head pressed against the back of her throat, threatening to choke her if she weren't careful.

"Here it comes, Cindy, don't let go of it," Billy groaned, his voice thick with lust.

Cindy was in an ecstasy of incestuous pleasure. She sucked hard on her brother's prick, trying to draw his come from him into her mouth. She gently squeezed his balls in her left hand, as if to force the come out and into her mouth. With her right hand she frantically fingered her hard little clit.

"Yeah, baby, yeah, baby, yeah, yeah," Billy gasped, nearly incoherent with orgasmic pleasure.

Billy's prick pulsed and throbbed in Cindy's wet sucking mouth. First one, then another and another spurt of milky come erupted from his thrusting cock.

Cindy moaned with fulfilled lust. Billy's come was thick and sweet on her tongue. She swallowed it as fast as she could. The musky flavor filled her mouth and made her dizzy with drunken pleasure. Immediately, she felt her own orgasm approach and then quickly arrive. Waves of hot, liquid pleasure coursed through her belly and down to her cunt. Her own pussy-juice poured thick and warm from her cunt over her hand.

"Suck it, baby!" Billy rasped. "Drink it all, don't spill any!"

Cindy didn't have to be told. She didn't want to waste a drop of Billy's delicious come. She wanted to drink it all, and more. She swallowed hungrily, avidly, taking as much of the thick liquid into her mouth as she could.

It was more than the young girl could hold, however. Thick rivulets of sperm ran from the corners of her pretty little mouth and dripped from her chin onto her plump young breasts. She gulped and swallowed as quickly as she could, drinking the incestuous scum with a lecherous pleasure that surprised and delighted her. Finally, when she had sucked her brother's prick dry and her own orgasm had abated, Cindy let go of Billy's cock and lay back on the bed.

With her right hand she was still idly fingering her cunt. With her left she smeared the drops of Billy's come around her on her breasts, enjoying the sticky, slimy feel of it. Billy still stood before her.

His cock was still long and half hard, but now it hung down between his thighs, wet and shiny from his come and her saliva. Cindy licked her lips, savoring the last few drops of her brother's sperm that still hung there.

Cindy was in a heaven of delight and wonder at her new-found sexual power and capacity. She was able to make her big brother come in her mouth! She was able to satisfy his desire and her own at the same time!

Cindy knew at that point that she had found the ultimate in sexual pleasure. She wanted nothing more than to do this as much and as often as she could.

Chapter Three

Two weeks earlier, Cindy had been introduced to the mysteries of sex and incest by her big brother Billy. One afternoon Cindy had come home from school early. Her physical education class had been scheduled to participate in an intramural track meet but the meet had been canceled because of rain. So, unexpectedly and with nothing to do, Cindy had arrived home a full two hours ahead of her usual time.

Putting her schoolbooks down on the kitchen counter, Cindy quietly headed up the stairs to her bedroom. She was moving slowly, deep in thought. She was thinking about how disappointed she was that the track meet had been canceled. However, her disappointment wasn't just over the contest, she realized. She had also been looking forward to changing clothes with the other girls in the locker room, and then showering with them after the meet.

Cindy had only recently begun to blossom into womanhood. Other girls in her class had begun developing already. Marla Brown had even started wearing a bra last year. Some of the kids had accused her of wearing falsies but Cindy knew Marla's breasts were real. Marla had her gym locker right next to Cindy's and Cindy had the opportunity to watch Marla develop from flat-chested pre-pubescence into succulent, ripe, near-womanhood.

With growing dismay, Cindy saw her own breasts remain flat, undistinguished little mounds, while Marla's quickly grew into luscious, melon-sized breasts with hard pink nipples right in the center of each. Then, suddenly, miraculously, in the course of one summer vacation, Cindy's breasts had begun to develop also.

That September, when she returned to school, Cindy took advantage of every opportunity that afforded itself to compare her breasts with the other girls. Hers were not the biggest breasts in the school, she didn't want that, but they were among the best shaped and best proportioned among all the others. Cindy was very proud of them.

That was why Cindy was feeling disappointed that afternoon. She had hoped to use that opportunity to compare herself with the girls in the other classes, girls she normally didn't have the opportunity to change clothes or shower with. Now, it seemed, she might never have that opportunity and she would have to just guess what they looked like under their clothes.

She was also aware, even though it was only a vary faint awareness, that the idea of seeing those other girls with their clothes off made her sexually excited. The first time she had gotten aroused was one afternoon after gym class when she and Marla were getting out of their gym suits.

"Oh, darn it!" Marla's back was turned to Cindy.

"What's wrong, Marla?" Cindy asked.

"It's this stupid bra," Marla said, turning to face her friend.

Marla was about five feet, four inches tall, a little shorter than Cindy. Both girls had fair skin and slender bodies and could almost be taken for sisters. They both had pert little noses set above wide, full-lipped mouths. Each had a naturally innocent, expectant look on her face. However, Cindy's hair was pale, honeycolored blonde and her eyes ice-blue while Marla's hair was fiery red and her eyes mischievous green.

Marla held the bra in question out for Cindy to have a better look at it. Both girls had finished their showers and were getting dressed.

Cindy was already buttoning her blouse but Marla had so far only put on her panties.

"I don't know what's wrong with it," Marla explained. "When I try to hook it in back, it pinches me in front. Can you help me, please?"

"Sure," Cindy replied, a little uncertainly. "What do you want me to do?"

Marla looked her long and steady in the eye before answering. The delay made Cindy think that she wanted to say something other than what she finally did say.

"See if you can hold it down under my boobies while I hook it."

"Sure." Cindy held down the bottom edge of the bra.

"No, it's still pinching me," Marla complained, "see if you can fix it."

Obediently, Cindy slipped her fingers under the white material and pushed her friend's breasts up and out the way. The contact of her fingers against the soft flesh sent electric shocks through her. She felt her cheeks glow red. She cast her eyes down, not wanting to let her friend see the excitement and uncertainty she had aroused.

"That's better, thanks, Cindy," Marla said as she hooked the bra straps together behind her back. The motion made her breasts stick out provocatively in front of her.

Cindy couldn't take her eyes off her friend's voluptuous body. She even thought she could see Marla's nipples get hard and stiff beneath the soft fabric of her bra.

Cindy had heard about lesbians, women who liked other women and not men, but she never thought of herself as one. That incident with Marla, although never repeated, had made her doubt and wonder about her own sexuality. Cindy thought she liked boys. She had never dated one, it was true, nor had she ever kissed or even touched one, but she always had thought that it was just a matter of time. She was still young, she told herself, practically still a kid. She still had plenty of time.

Besides, all the boys in her class were still just that, boys. They were all too immature to be taken seriously. And all the older boys, well, Cindy guessed, they just hadn't gotten around to noticing her yet, that was all, she told herself.

Such were the thoughts that were swimming through Cindy's mind that afternoon as she climbed the stairs to her room. She walked down the hall, lost in wondering about herself and other girls, herself and boys, and just herself and sex, when she heard what she thought were strange noises coming from Billy's room.

She couldn't tell what the noises were. It sounded as if he were sick or exercising, or both. She could hear him groaning as if he were in pain, but at the same time he was panting as if he were working out or something like that.

Quietly, Cindy crept down the hall to her big brother's room. the door was slightly ajar and she put her eye to the crack so she could see inside. What she saw was like nothing she had ever seen or imagined before.

Billy was lying on his back on his bed. His pants were around his knees and his right hand was on his crotch. In his left hand he held a magazine. Even from across the room, Cindy could see he was looking at pictures of naked women.

Billy's right hand started to move and Cindy watched in fascination.

Billy was masturbating himself! Cindy had seen him masturbating once before but she had been too scared to say or do anything about it at the time. She had started playing with herself down there between her legs, but she didn't know what she was doing, only that it felt good.

Even to her totally inexperienced eyes, Billy's cock looked especially long and thick. The helmet shaped head was the size and color of a ripe plum. Billy's hand moved up and down, pulling the loose skin over the thick shaft in a steady rhythm.

Cindy stared as if she were hypnotized. She felt rooted to the spot.

She couldn't have left if she had wanted to, and she didn't want to. A new sensation was coursing through her body, one she had never felt before.

Cindy felt fluttery in her stomach, like butterflies only more intense.

At the same time she felt her knees get rubbery and a sensation of great heat began to grow in her thighs. Her little pussy was hot and itchy. She felt she had to touch it, rub it, do something to relieve the burning itch that was growing there.

She pulled her skirt up to her waist and slipped her hand inside her panties. Her fingers moved down her flat belly and found the few wisps of pubic hair that had started to grow on her still undeveloped pube.

Involuntarily, Cindy gasped with pleasure. She had never deliberately touched herself there before. Only when she was washing herself or drying off after a shower had she ever touched her private spot. Well, except when she had to dry herself after taking a pee, but that didn't count, it was too dirty.

This was dirty, too, she thought. But the thought did not stop her. She was too excited by what she saw her big brother doing to be able to stop herself from doing the same thing to herself.

Cindy's left hand moved under her panties to join her right one. With the first and second fingers of her left hand, she spread open her little pussy lips and with the middle finger of her right hand she explored the soft, virgin folds within.

Involuntarily, she caught her breath, making a sharp gasping noise. She had never thought that simply touching herself could feel so good. She closed her eyes, savoring the new sensation. But when she opened them, Billy was standing at the door, glowering at her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, you little sneak?"

"I...I..." was all Cindy could manage to stammer.

They stood there like that for only a moment or two, Billy with his dirty magazine in one hand and his cock in the other, his pants still around his ankles, and Cindy with her skirt up and both hands inside her panties. Finally, they both laughed. The scene was too funny to be taken seriously.

Soon, they were both lying together on Billy's bed, naked. At first, Cindy had felt a little self-conscious about undressing in front of her brother but Billy's easy confidence had won her over.

Without saying anything or even waiting to see how she felt about it, Billy had calmly stripped out of his clothing. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants and undershorts. Then he sat on the edge of his bed and pulled off his socks. Finally he pulled his shirt off over his head and lay down on his back.

Cindy sat immobile, watching his every move. She was painfully aware of how much more mature he was than she. His firm body was finely muscled and perfectly proportioned. There wasn't a single hair on his chest or stomach, but a thick bushy growth of fine brown hair framed his rigid cock and half covered the tight, wrinkled ball-sack below.

Billy put his hand behind his head and looked at Cindy expectantly.

"Now it's your turn, Sis," he said. "Get undressed."

Shyly, almost reluctantly, Cindy stood up from the bed. With trembling fingers she removed her blouse and skirt. Then she bent over and took off her shoes and socks.

Billy could see the shape of her firm young breasts within her bra when she bent over. He licked his lips. He hadn't planned on introducing his little sister to sex, but now that it was happening he was sure he would enjoy it.

Cindy stopped undressing and just stood there for a moment, nervous, unsure of herself, not knowing whether she should continue or just leave. There was something about this that was wrong, she knew. Sex was something that she had heard a little about but not enough to understand what was happening. Sex, however, was something that married people did together, or maybe boyfriends and girlfriends did if they were really in love. But brothers and sisters weren't supposed to do it. She was sure that was called incest and that it was wrong. But something else, she couldn't say exactly what, was drawing her on, compelling her to do exactly what Billy wanted her to do. Something was making her like the strange, fluttery feeling she had in her stomach.

"Come on, Cindy," Billy urged her, "strip. I got naked for you. I want to see you naked, too."

With a shy little smile on her pretty pink lips, Cindy reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She pulled the white cotton material away from her chest and let it drop to the floor. She took a deep breath and straightened up, pulling her shoulders back to accentuate the high roundness of her firm young breasts.

Billy drew in his breath. Cindy's tits were even prettier and better shaped than he could have hoped. They were perfect twin hemispheres, standing high and proud on her chest. The nipples were hard and pink and perfectly centered in their crinkled pink aureoles.

"Come on," Billy said, almost in a whisper, hypnotized by his sister's beauty, "the panties, too. I want you totally naked."

Cindy trembled slightly. Something about the way Billy was looking at her, something about the way he said "naked" excited her. She looked at his cock. It was still stiff and hard between his legs. It twitched as she looked at it. It seemed to be beckoning her on. She hooked her thumbs under the waist band of her panties and slowly pulled them down.

Slowly and for the first time, Cindy's virgin pussy came into view before a boy. A few wisps of blonde hair half covered the soft outer lips of her cunt. As she exposed her private parts, Cindy felt her little clitoris begin to throb and stiffen. Flushed with embarrassment as well as excitement, Cindy lowered her eyes, hoping that Billy couldn't see how excited she was. When Billy didn't say or do anything she looked back up and continued her self-conscious disrobing.

Cindy watched her brother as she stripped for him. His eyes were fixed on her crotch. She wriggled her hips slightly as she pulled her panties down. Billy's cock twitched and seemed to grow even bigger as she did so. Billy liked what she was doing! She didn't know how or why, but somehow she was getting her big brother as excited as he had gotten her. This awareness gave her a sense of power that she had never experienced before, and she liked it!

Finally, Cindy was as naked as Billy. She walked over to the bed and lay down on it next to her big brother. She shivered slightly and covered her breasts with her hands. She looked at Billy expectantly and then moved her hands back down to her sides.

Billy licked his lips and gazed raptly at his sister as she slowly exposed her naked ness to his lecherous gaze. She might be virgin, he thought, and she might be scared, but she was a natural sex-kitten and he was going to enjoy breaking her in, slowly, one step at a time, until she begged him for more.

"I guess it's time you learned about sex, Cindy," Billy said. "This is my cock. Do you want to touch it?"

Cindy didn't say anything, she was too nervous. She just stared at the massive tool that sprouted out from between her brother's legs like a miniature baseball bat.

"Don't be scared, Cindy," Billy reassured the timid young girl. "It won't bite."

Tentatively, she reached out and touched it. The velvety flesh felt incongruously soft to her touch, and hot, hotter than any other flesh she had ever felt, except for the heat she had felt in her own pussy just moments before.

Cindy's soft, cool fingers grasped Billy's cock just below the head. It twitched convulsively in her small hand. Frightened she pulled back.

"What's the matter, Cindy? Scared?" Billy's voice was jeering, shaming her into continuing against her moral instincts.

"No, I'm not scared," the young girl lied. "It just surprised me, that's all."

"Do you know what I was doing?" Billy asked.

Cindy said nothing. She looked alternately from her brother's handsome face to his rigid cock. She held it in her tiny fist as she had seen him doing and gently pulled the soft skin up and down over the stiff shaft.

"It's called jerking off," Billy said, ignoring her silence. "I was jerking off. Do you want to know why?"

"Why?" Cindy's voice was barely audible. She was completely engrossed in Billy's cock now. It was the most fascinating thing she had ever seen. She wanted to learn all she could about it. There was something about it, she didn't know what, that made her feel all funny between her legs. She had a nearly overpowering urge to touch her pussy again.

She didn't know why, only that she wanted to.

"When a guy jerks off," Billy continued, "he makes his sperm shoot out.

It's called come, jizz, scum, and a lot of other things. When it squirts out, that's called coming. It feels real good. Would you like to see me come, Cindy?"

"Sure, I guess," the girl replied.

"Okay, only, you'll have to do it for me," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you'll have to jerk me off if you want to see me come. It feels a lot better to have girl do it than to do it myself."

"But I don't know how, Billy."

"Well, I'll show you, Cindy. That's what big brothers are for. You just grab a hold of it like this..." He took her hand and placed in on the shaft of his throbbing cock. "Then you move it up and down like this..." He guided Cindy's small fist in a gentle rhythm.

"Wait, Billy, it's hard for me to reach you like this and I can't see."

"Well, then move so you can reach me."

Cindy settled herself comfortably at her brother's side. She sat cross- legged at his hips facing his crotch. She took his cock in her right hand. She could hardly reach her fingers around the thick, swollen shaft.

"That's good, baby," Billy said. "Now jerk me off like I showed you."

Cindy moved her hand up and down on her brother's prick, moving the loose skin in a gentle steady rhythm.

"Yeah, that's it, Cindy, that's it," Billy moaned. "I'm gonna come for you, just like you want me to."

Cindy stared at Billy's cock, fascinated by it, and by the power she had over it. She loved the feel of the soft, velvety skin moving over the steel-hard shaft. As she moved her hand faster, she saw the bulbous head grow bigger and even more swollen with each stroke.

She gripped the shaft tighter and slowed the movements of her hand. She held this cock just below the purple helmet and squeezed. Billy moaned and tossed his head from side to side on the pillow. A drop of clear liquid appeared at the piss-hole. With her left forefinger, Cindy touched the droplet. It was hot and oily to her touch. She smeared it around Billy's swollen cock-head. The slimy, oily feel of it excited her even more.

"Is this scum, Billy?" she asked in her high, piping voice.

"Not yet, Cindy," Billy moaned. "Keep pumping. Keep jerking me off.

I'll give you my jizz, lots of it. I'll come for you, Cindy, just jerk me some more, I'm almost there."

Cindy renewed her pumping with enthusiasm. Seeing Billy in such transports of pleasure thrilled her as she had never been thrilled before. She felt her pussy getting hot and wet just watching him.

Feeling him in her hand gave her even greater pleasure.

"Are you coming yet, Billy?" she asked breathlessly. "Come for me now, Billy," she urged him.

"Yes, Cindy, yes!" Billy gasped.

His cock erupted in Cindy's hand. Great white streams of come shot from his prick and flew through the air. One hit Cindy in the cheek, another landed on her breast and a third splattered on her thigh. Cindy squealed with pleasure at seeing the physical evidence of the success of her ministrations to her brother's desires.

Billy kept moaning and coming. Drops of come splashed on his chest and stomach and thighs. Cindy's hand was covered with the hot, milky fluid but she kept on pumping his prick anyway. She kept milking her brother's cock until he had no more come to give her.

Chapter Four

"That was good, Cindy," Billy said, wiping the jizz from his chest with a handkerchief. "Are you sure you've never done that for anyone before?"

"That was the first time, Billy, honest," the teenager replied. "Was I really good?"

"You sure were, Cindy. You were so good, I'm going to give you a treat.

I'm going to do the same for you."

"Okay," the young girl said, eagerly. "Will I squirt scum, too?"

Billy almost gasped in surprise at his sister's naiveté.

"You mean you've never had an orgasm?" he asked, incredulous.

"I don't know...I mean...I guess not," she stammered.

"Well, if you don't know then you haven't. If you had, there wouldn't be any question about it in your mind."

"Then I haven't, Billy," the girl said. Then she added eagerly, "But I want to have one. Please give me an orgasm now."

"But you were playing with yourself when I saw you," her brother said, pulling her down on the bed to lie beside him. "Why were you doing that if you've never come?"

Cindy knitted her brows in thought. She hadn't given any thought to what she had been doing, she was only following her instincts.

"I don't know why, Billy," she finally said. "When I saw you pulling on your thing like that, it...I don't made me feel all funny inside...and itchy...down there. I just had to touch it, it felt really good when I did."

"I'll bet it'll feel even better when I touch it for you."

Slowly, Billy reached over and placed his hand over his sister's crotch. She sucked her breath in sharply at his touch. It seemed to send an electric shock through her whole body.

"Does it?" he asked. "Does it feel as good as when you touched it, does it feel better?"

"Oh, Billy," Cindy sighed, her voice quaking with excitement. "It feels wonderful!~"

"This is nothing, Cindy," Billy said, confidently. "I'll make you feel things you never even imagined."

* * *

The young girl trembled inside. This was her first initiation into the mysteries of sex. She knew that boys and girls did things together. She knew that lovers kissed and touched each other in private places, but that was all she knew. She had no idea what it was exactly that they did. She had heard kids at school whispering and laughing about "making out" on dates. She knew some girls were "easy" and some boys were "hunks", but she hadn't a clue as to what any of that meant.

She had wanted to experiment, just like any other girl her age, but, like many other girls, she was shy. The fact that she was a little late in developing made her even more shy. Cindy watched other girls in her class develop into rip young adolescence. She had stood by in sad frustration when other girls started wearing bras and tight skirts and pants, showing off their figures like trophies.

Cindy had no figure to show off. She remained flat-chested and dateless while other girls giggled and flirted and were taken to movies and on picnics, leaving her behind with no one to talk to or commiserate with.

Then, last summer, finally, Cindy began to grow. One day when she was taking a shower, Cindy happened to notice that her nipples were every sensitive. She was rubbing her chest with soap when her hand passed over her nipple, a tingle went through her, a sensation she had never experienced before. She looked down to see that her nipples, which had been nothing more than two tiny pink buds, had gotten much bigger.

Seemingly overnight, they had grown from the size of dimes to that of silver dollars, and they stood out from her chest slightly, as if they were puffy or swollen.

Fascinated, Cindy ran her fingers over her nipples. They tingled and sent a slight shudder through her. She picked up the soap again and made her fingers all slippery. Then she touched her nipples again, this time using just her fingertips. She teased her nipples, drawing them out from her chest and twisting them a little at their centers.

Quickly, in response to her self-fondling, the tips of her nipples became hard and began to protrude from the center. The surrounding flesh, the aureoles, grew crinkly and puckered. The delicious sensations increased and became more intense. Cindy's breathing became slower, more labored. Something new was happening. She didn't know exactly what it was but she knew that she was finally growing up and that this was an important part of it.

She might have played with herself to the point of giving her self her first orgasm that first time in the shower, but Billy had interrupted her by pounding on the door and insisting that she hurry up and let somebody else use the bathroom for a change.

Then, as the weeks went by, Cindy was amazed and delighted at the changes that quickly overtook her fine young body. Her nipples continued to grow and swell. The flesh beneath them also grew and filled out until she found herself endowed with full firm breasts. They were round and high on her chest like two halves of grapefruits, and in the center of each, a firm, pink nipple poked out its sensitive tip.

Cindy noticed too that her hips were growing as well. Instead of the slim, almost boyish figure that she had all of her life, Cindy saw that she was beginning to develop the hips and legs of a woman. Her dungarees, which she still wore every day, fitted her more tightly than they ever had before. Her buttocks became firm and round just as her breasts had, and now her jeans stretched tightly across them, clearly outlining the succulent ass-cheeks within.

Each night when she went to bed, Cindy would finger her nipples, her new toys, teasing them to exciting hardness, reveling in the delicious, sexy feelings her ministrations gave her.

One night, while she was thus playing with herself, twisting her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, making them stand up stiff and hard in the centers of her breasts, she felt a strange new sensation. A kind of warm, itchy feeling made itself known between her legs. Cindy squirmed and rubber her thighs together. This was something new, something she had never experienced before. She let one hand roam down her body to her crotch. There, much to her surprise, she felt the beginnings of soft, downy pubic hair be ginning to grow.

With rising anticipation, Cindy ran her fingers through the silky growth. It felt good to touch herself there. She pulled the covers back and raised her night-dress above the waist. She saw her pussy as if for the first time. The lips were pink and swollen, there were drops of moisture oozing out from between them. Startled and a little afraid, the young girl pushed her night-dress back down and pulled the covers back up to her chin. She was excited, but at the same time she was frightened. She wanted to continue exploring these new developments but for some unknown reason she felt that she shouldn't. Something in her told her to stop, to wait. Somehow she knew she would rather have someone else lead her along this path of exploration, but she didn't know who that would be.

At the same time, Cindy noticed that she was growing hair in unexpected places on her body. The soft peach-fuzz on her legs grew darker and coarser, requiring her to begin shaving her legs. This pleases her almost as much as her newly grown breasts. Not that it felt good, but because it was an outward confirmation of her maturity. It was something that she could talk to her girlfriends about openly and without embarrassment. Everything else about her development, her breasts and the new sensation they gave her, she was more reticent about. For some reason that she could not understand, she was reluctant to talk about sex to anyone, not her girlfriends, of whom she was still slightly jealous for having developed faster than her, and certainly not to the boys she knew. They would never understand, she felt sure.

They would probably just tease her and make her feel even more uncomfortable than she already did.

* * *

Billy's fingers moved gently on his sister's crotch. He played with her silky pubic hair, twisting it gently around his fingers.

"Oh, Billy," Cindy sighed, "you're right, that does feel better than anything I've ever felt before."

She sighed and closed her eyes. She felt good and safe and warm. She was happy that she had waited to have someone else do this for her. She would never have guessed that it would be her brother, though. Billy had always been impatient with her, so much like a mean old big brother that she never thought he could be so gentle and understanding as he was now.

"It'll feel even better, Sis," Billy said, "just you wait."

He leaned over and looked at his younger sister, his lust rising. Her eyes were closed, a look of happy anticipation on her face. Her firm young breasts rose and fell with each breath. Her flat tummy quivered as he ran his fingers over her virgin cunt.

Bending down, Billy placed his face right over Cindy's breast, the one nearest him. He puckered his lips and gently kissed it. Then he flicked the nipple with his tongue.

"Oh!" she gasped.

Then he licked around the nipple, feeling the aureole crinkle and pucker beneath his tongue.

Cindy began to breathe more quickly. Her chest rose and fell, pressing her breast into her brother's face. Billy parted hips lips and let the nipple slip into his mouth. He ran his tongue around the hard little tip, exciting it even more.

"Oh, Billy," Cindy moaned. "Do that some more, it feels so good."

He sucked, drawing Cindy's nipple into his hot, lusting mouth. He nibbled gently around the aureole, making Cindy gasp and squirm with delight. He teased the nipple with his tongue, flicking it back and forth over his sister's taut young flesh.

"Billy, Billy, Billy," Cindy wrapped her arms around her broth er's head, holding him against her breast, not wanting to let him go, not wanting him to stop giving her these wonderful new sensations.

"Do the other one, Billy," she said, eagerly, "do the other one, too."

He raised his head and let her nipple slip from his mouth with a wet, slurping sound. It quivered there, glistening with his saliva. Then he leaned over and started working on her other one.

First he kissed her breast. He kissed around the circumference, nibbling on her resilient young flesh with his lips and teeth.

Gradually he worked his way in to the center, making a slow, wet spiral of nibbles and licks.

Cindy was in a daze. Her breath was coming in shallow, ragged gasps.

The blood pounded in her ears. Her mouth hung open, her lips were dry.

Her mind was centered on her left breast, nothing else in the world mattered, just her aching, quivering breast, and her brother's hot, questing mouth.

"Do it, Billy," she urged him, "Suck it like you did the other one."

Billy held back. As much as he wanted to suck his little sister's breasts, he liked hearing her beg for it. It gave him a sense of power and control. He would suck her tit all right. He would suck more than just her tit. He would do more to her and for her than she knew or could imagine, but when he was ready, and not before.

He moved his mouth away from Cindy's rigid nipple. He buried his face between her soft breast mounds and kissed her there, enjoying the feel of her soft, hot flesh on his face.

Cindy moaned with frustration. Billy was being mean to her. She had jerked him off and given him what he wanted. Now he was teasing her, denying her the satisfaction that he had promised her.

Still holding his head in her arms, Cindy pulled Billy's head back to her left breast and jammed her nipple against his mouth.

"Come on, Billy," she pleaded, "please suck on it."

"Suck on what, Cindy?" he asked, teasing her, his voice muffled by her breasts.

"You know," she said.

"Yeah, I know, but I want to hear you say it. Suck on what."

Cindy hesitated. She had never used dirty language before. She wasn't even sure what it was exactly that he wanted her to say.

"Say it, Cindy," he commanded her. "If you don't say it, I won't do it."

"Suck on my tittie, Billy, please suck on my tittie!"

Billy opened his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. Cindy gasped with pleasure. He sucked fully half of her breast into his mouth and held it there. The skin was stretched tight, pressing against the hard ridge of his teeth. He ran his tongue around the rigid nipple, teasing it mercilessly.

Still holding onto her brother's head with her right arm, Cindy placed her left hand over his where it rested on her crotch. She pressed it down, forcing him to rub her pussy. The friction sent jolts of pleasure through her, sensations so much better than the ones she had give herself that there was no comparison.

This was what she wanted. This was what she had asked for, and it was better than she had dared to hope for.

"Oh, Billy!" Cindy cried out. "Billy, I think I'm going to...I think I am...Oh, Billy, I am!"

Cindy's whole body began to tremble uncontrollably. Her chest heaved.

She tossed her head from side to side. Her hips jerked spasmodically.

Waves of hot, liquid pleasure coursed through every fiber of her being.

She felt her pussy muscles contracting rhythmically and she began rubbing herself up and down against her brother's hand, still pressed firmly against her cunt.

"Billy, I'm coming!" she cried out in ecstasy. "You did it! I'm coming, I'm commminnnggg, I'm commmminnnnngggg!"

After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, the crisis slowly passed. The overpowering waves of lust gradually subsided, leaving her spent, seating, transformed forever from an innocent young girl to a lusting, libidinous teen-ager.

Chapter Five

"That was wonderful, Billy," Cindy sighed. "You were right; I never imagined anything could feel so good."

Billy smiled down at his sister. Her voluptuous young body seemed to glow with sexual satisfaction.

"I told you you'd like it, Cindy," he said, "and I have even more in store for you, lots more."

Cindy sat up and put her arms around her brother's neck. She kissed him affectionately on the cheek.

"Oh, Billy, thank you." She kissed him again and buried her face in his shoulder. "But...let's not go too fast, okay? I mean...I don't know what I's just that...I'm feeling a little scared now."

"What's there to be scared of, silly?" Billy asked, stroking his sister's hair.

"I don't's just...what we did, wasn't that incest?" she asked.

"That depends on how you define incest," he said. "And even if it were incest, what's wrong with that?"

"But...incest is when you make love with somebody you're related to.

And that's what we just did, wasn't it? And incest is wrong, isn't it?" she stammered.

"Who says so?"

"Why, everybody says so, don't they?"

"Cindy," Billy laughed gently, "you really don't know much, do you?"

"Well, I haven't had much experience, no," she said, averting her eyes from her brother's gaze. "In fact, I hadn't had any experience at all...until today."

"Well, first of all, Sis, what we did wasn't making love. We were just fooling around a little."

"Really?" she asked, her face lighting up with relief. "What we did, is that what the kids mean when they talk about making out?"

"Yeah, that's right," he said, "we were just making out."

"So, what's making love, then?" she asked, looking puzzled.

"Making love," he said, smiling, "is when I put this..." he placed Cindy's hand on his cock, "into this..." he placed his own hand on her cunt.

"Oh, I get it." The light of understanding began dawning in her eyes.

"And making love is the same as, as...fucking?" Her voice dropped to a barely audible whisper.

"Yes, making love is the same as fucking," he laughed. "What's the matter, are you afraid to say it?"

"Well, no, it's just that I don't like it, talking dirty, I mean. I like making out...with you that is."

"There's nothing wrong with talking dirty, Cindy," he said, looking her straight in the eye. "Words can't hurt you. Besides, I like it when you talk dirty. I like hearing dirty words coming out of your pretty little mouth."

"Well, I don't like it," she said pulling away from him. She re moved her hand from his prick and took his away from her crotch. Then she looked back up at him from beneath lowered eyelashes, a mischievous glint in her eye. "Not all the time, anyway," she added, coyly.

The two teen-aged children sat on the bed, looking at each other's nakedness. Cindy felt that it was time for her to leave her brother's bedroom, but she didn't want to, not yet anyway. There was still more she wanted to learn from her big brother, and yet more that she wanted to do with him.

"So, why do you say that incest isn't necessarily wrong?" she asked.

"Everybody else says it is."

Billy leaned back against the wall. He knew he would have to be careful, go slow take his time. He wanted to fuck his little sister, he wanted to fuck her more than he had ever wanted anything before in his life, but he knew he would have to wait until she was ready. He didn't want to spoil it by scaring her. If he scared her too badly, he might never get the opportunity to fuck her, and Billy was determined to fuck his sister.

"In ancient times," he began, "the Egyptians always practiced incest.

In the royal families brothers and sisters practically always married each other, that's how they kept the political power for themselves."

"But we're not royalty," Cindy retorted. "We're not even Egyptian."

"No," Billy laughed. "We're not. But later, in the middle ages, fathers used to fuck their daughters all the time."

"Really?" Cindy's eyes went wide with wonder. "They didn't teach us that in school."

"It's true, though," Billy replied, "I read it in a book."

"And just because you read it you think it's true, huh?"

"Yes, I do. In the book it said that it was considered the father's right to take his daughter's maidenhead, that's what they used to call a girl's cherry, or virginity, before she left the family to get married. And sometimes, if they were serfs, you know, like slaves almost, the lord of the manor would fuck the girl on her wedding night, even before the bridegroom had a chance."

"Gosh," said Cindy. She was starting to believe what her brother was telling her.

"Not only that," he continued, "but back then, girls used to get married before they even reached puberty, when they were younger than you."

"Really?" Cindy was astonished. "You mean, if we were serfs or something back in the middle ages, Daddy would know...done it to me...already?"

"Probably," Billy replied. And if he hadn't, I would have, he thought to himself.

"Golly," Cindy said, "I'm glad we're living now and not back then."

"Heck, Cindy," Bill went on, warming to his subject, "even these days, right here in the United States, incest goes on all the time."

"No," Cindy couldn't believe what her brother was telling her.

"It's true, Cindy," Billy insisted. "You've heard about poor people, down in the South for instance, who have families with six or eight kids and who all live in a three room shack."

"Yeah, Mrs. Arnold showed us pictures of share-croppers' families in Social Studies class," Cindy replied, a trace of doubt in her voice, "What about them?"

"Think about it, Cindy. They've got no television, they can't afford to go out to the movies, they've got nothing to do all night, they have to go to bed early in order to get up and work the farm, and they sleep four and five to a bed. Incest goes on all the time!"

"You mean between brothers and sisters?" Cindy believed him now.

Wonder, excitement, and fear showed in her wide eyes all at once.

"You bet!" He had convinced her. Billy tried to keep the triumph out of his voice. He wanted Cindy too see him as her wise older broth er who was gently teaching her, leading her from childhood into maturity.

"Incest goes on between brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, just about any combination you can think of."

"Gee, Billy, I'm glad we don't live like that. I mean, I like what we did together, you know," she blushed, "but I wouldn't like it if I thought I had to or if we didn't have any choice."

"I'm glad too, Cindy. I wouldn't want anybody fucking you unless you wanted him to, not even Dad. And speaking of like what we just did together, we still have a little time before Mom and Dad get home from work."

"Time for what?" Cindy asked.

"Time for more making out, of course," Billy answered. "All this talking about incest and taking young girls' maidenheads has gotten me all horny again."

Sure enough, when Cindy looked down at her brother's crotch, she saw his penis stiff and hard again, just as it had been before.

"Do you want me to...jerk you off...again?" she asked.

"You bet I do," he answered, a big grin spreading across his face. "And I've got a treat in store for you, too."

Billy got up and walked across the room to his bureau. There was a mirror above it, attached by a hinge. He adjusted the mirror so that Cindy could see herself reflected in it while she sat on the bed.

"Can you see yourself in the mirror?" he asked.

"Yes, why?" Cindy blushed. She had looked at her naked body in her own mirror many times before, noting each time how her young body was developing into womanhood, but always when she was alone, never with anyone else in the room with her.

"Because it's more fun when you can see as well as feel, that's why."

It was true, Cindy realized. She admitted to herself, without any false modesty, that she was a beautiful, sexy young girl. The sight of her own firm, round breasts, with their soft, pink nipples poking proudly from the centers started to excite her sexual feelings again.

She turned on the bed so that she was facing the mirror full on. She opened her thighs slightly. The soft, blonde hair on her pussy was still damp from her previous orgasm. Her pussy-lips were still pink from her recent excitement and seemed to grow fuller and redder as she watched.

She pulled her eyes away from her own reflection and looked at her brother. Billy was still standing by the bureau, watching her, a lecherous grin on his face. His right hand was on his cock, slowly stroking the stiff member with long, slow pulls of the skin.

"See what I mean, Sis? It's nice to watch yourself. It makes it more exciting."

"Yes, it does," she admitted. "But don't you want to watch yourself, too?"

"That's the whole idea, Sis," he said, walking over to join her on the bed, "this way we can both watch."

Billy sat next to his sister and put his arm around her shoulder. He pulled her to him and she slipped her arm behind him, nestling her self to his side. They gazed raptly at their refection. They were beautiful, perfect examples of the male and female forms. They were both blonde and slim, with perfectly proportioned bodies. Cindy knew that her breasts and hips would continue to grow and fill out, but even now, in its adolescent state, her body was flawless, perfect in every respect.

"We look good together, don't we, Sis?"

"Yes, we do, like those Greek gods I was reading about in school, Venus and Adonis."

"Or Adam and Eve," Billy suggested.

Adam and Eve, Cindy thought. If we had babies, I wonder if they would be as beautiful as we are. No! She stopped herself from even thinking about that. She wouldn't go all the way with Billy. That would be incest and no matter how Billy tried to justify it to her, Cindy still felt it was wrong. What they were doing was just fooling around, and that was okay. It had to be okay, it felt so good, and anything that felt that good couldn't be bad.

"What do you want to do, Billy," Cindy asked, snuggling closer to him.

"Just sit and look at ourselves?"

"Why don't you play with yourself a little? Let me watch you do it?" he suggested.

Cindy needed no further encouragement; her natural reservations had already been overcome by Billy's description of incestuous practices.

She put her hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. The lips were still moist and swollen. She let her middle finger slip inside the outer lips. She let it slide slowly up and her slit until it countered her clitoris. She gave an involuntary gasp at the contact.

"Feels good, doesn't it, Sis?" Billy said, watching her every move in the mirror.

"Yes...yes it does, Billy."

"What's that you're touching?"

"It's clit, Billy."

"And you like touching your clit, don't you Cindy?"


"Say it, Cindy. I like hearing you say it."

"I like touching my clit, Billy. It makes me hot."

"You like being watched while you do it, too, don't you, Cindy?"

"Oh, God, yes, Billy," Cindy gasped. "I like it when you watch me playing with myself. I like fingering my clit in front of you like this. It makes me all hot and horny. I think I can come again, real soon!"

It was true. Cindy was hotter than she had ever been before. She had always been naturally shy, but being with her brother like this, she felt safe. She felt she could do or say anything and it would be all right, more than all right. It was what Billy wanted and it made her hot, too.

Cindy massaged her clit with her forefinger. She rubbed it around the base, first on one side, then on the other. She dipped her finger into her slit and scooped out some of the pussy-juice that was starting to ooze out of her again. She rubbed it on her clit, making it wet and slippery. Her clit became hard and distended. It poked its head out of her slit. She rubbed it furiously. Her hips began to writhe on the edge of the bed.

For the first time in her life, Cindy understood why women would pose nude for magazines or act in pornographic movies. It made her feel wanton and cheap to expose herself this way in front of her brother, and she liked the feeling, because it also made her feel hot.

And it made Billy hot, too. With his arm around her back, he reached under Cindy's arm and squeezed her breast with his right hand while he pulled on his pecker with his left. Cindy was coming along nicely, he thought. She was quickly responding to this initiation. She was already talking dirty with very little encouragement on his part, and she obviously enjoyed sex with him. Her face was flushed and her breath came in rapid, shallow gasps. She was fingering herself furiously and was quickly approaching her second orgasm. But he wanted to be the one to give it to her. He wanted to be the one she looked to for sexual fulfillment.

"Are you almost coming, Cindy?" he asked.

"Yes, Billy," Cindy said, softly. "I'm almost there. It feels so good.

I like you watching me while I come, Billy."

"Don't come yet, honey," Billy said. "I want to do something else for you." He dropped his hand from Cindy's tit and placed it over her hand, preventing her from frigging herself.

"What, Billy? I want to come so bad!"

"Here, sit on my leg, yeah, like that."

Cindy did as she was told, and straddled Billy's right leg with both of hers.

"That's it. Can you still see yourself?"

"Of course I can, Billy." Cindy started rubbing her pussy back and forth against her brother's muscular thigh. "Is this what you meant? Is this what you want me to do?"

"No, but it sure feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does, Billy. It feels good to rub my pussy on your leg like this."

"Here's what I want you to do..." He took Cindy's left hand and placed it on his rigid cock. "I want you to jerk me off like you did before while you play with yourself."

The touch of Billy's hot organ in her hand sent a new thrill of excitement through Cindy's already over-heated body. She squeezed the big member gently, relishing the hot, silky feel of his flesh in her palm.

"Billy, your cock is so big, and hard. I like touching it, Billy."

"Jerk me off while you frig yourself, Cindy. I want to come, too."

"And you're just going to sit and watch while I do all the work? That's not fair, Billy!"

"No, I've got a little treat for you, Cindy, just wait."

Cindy didn't know if she could wait. With her right hand she resumed tickling her swollen little clitoris. The lovely, wet, sexual sensations began building again. With her left, she stroked her brother's huge cock. She could barely get her fingers around the thick shaft. It seemed to grow longer and harder with each stroke of her hand.

Cindy stared at their reflection in the mirror, fascinated and ex cited by the lewd wantonness of the spectacle she saw there. Two teenaged children, brother and sister, naked and horny, and she, little virgin Cindy, was bringing them both to orgasm.

Billy reached up from behind her and began fondling Cindy's breasts, one in each hand. He squeezed and kneaded the firm young flesh. He pulled and pinched her nipples, making them even harder than they already were.

"Do you like this, Cindy?" Billy asked. "Tell me."

"Yes, Billy, I like jerking you off while I play with my pussy. I like seeing us in the mirror. It makes me hot, Billy. I feel hot and wild."

"Lick my finger, baby," Billy ordered her. "Make it wet."

He released Cindy's right tit and raised his hand in front of her face, the middle finger extended in an obscene gesture.

Seeing her brother making the "fuck-you" sign in her face while she pulled on his prick and fingered her pussy at the same time gave Cindy a new thrill. It was so dirty, so obscene, it made her feel cheap and whorish. She felt like a little slut, and she liked the feeling.

Cindy opened her lips and extended her pink little tongue. She licked Billy's finger from the base to the tip with one long, slurping lick.

"Lick all of it, baby. Get it wet all over."

She licked it again from top to bottom, then she licked the sides. She twisted her neck, trying to lick the far side but couldn't reach it. So she opened her mouth and took his whole finger inside. She sucked up and down on Billy's finger, enjoying the feel of it on her lips and tongue. She knew instinctively that she would do this to Billy's cock, too, and she was looking forward to it.

"That's good, baby, really good," Billy said, appreciatively. He removed his finger from Cindy's mouth. A droplet of saliva hung from her lower lip.

I even look like a little whore, Cindy thought to herself.

Billy took his wet finger and placed it at the entrance to Cindy's cunt. He moved it up and down, teasing her puffy young cunt-lips.

"Oh, Billy, that feels good," Cindy moaned happily.

"This will feel even better, Sis."

Slowly and steadily, Billy swirled his finger around inside Cindy's pussy-lips. Deeper and deeper he slipped his finger inside his sister's virgin cunt.

"Oh, yes, Billy, push it deeper," Cindy moaned. "Your finger feels good inside me."

"Inside what?"

"Inside my cunt, Billy. Your finger feels good inside my cunt. Push it in deeper, Billy, I like it. I like your finger in my cunt."

Billy forced his finger further into Cindy's pussy. The young girl moaned and squirmed, rubbing her buttocks on his leg. Soon his finger encountered her hymen, her virgin membrane, her cherry.

"Ouch!" Cindy gasped.

"What's the matter?" Billy stopped his probing finger. "Did I hurt you?"

"Only a little, Billy. Don't stop. It still feels good. Don't stop what you're doing."

"Do you know what it's called?"

"No, what?"

"It's called finger-fucking, Cindy. I'm finger-fucking your virgin little cunt."

"Keep it up, Billy. Finger-fuck me some more. Finger-fuck me 'til I come!"

Billy continued his exploration of his sister's cunt-hole. Her smooth inner folds were wet, and tight, and juicy. He swirled his finger around, feeling her gooey cunt-juice drip down his finger and onto his hand and wrist. Finally, he found the tiny hole in the center of her hymen. He pressed against it.

"Oh, Billy, oh, Billy," Cindy whimpered.

He watched his sister in the mirror. Her face was flushed, her eyes glazed. Her mouth hung open, the lips slack. Her finger rubbed her little clit furiously, almost too fast for the eye to follow. Her other hand pulled on his pecker wildly. She pumped the skin up and down, faster and faster.

"Oh, yes, Billy," she moaned again, "push it in deeper. Fingerfuck me real deep in my cunt. I like it, Billy, I like it!"

The tip of Billy's finger pushed through the little hole in Cindy's hymen. She gasped slightly with the pain. It hurt a little, stretching her like that, but she didn't mind. It felt so good, Billy's finger up her cunt, that she didn't mind the pain at all. It even made the pleasure a little more exciting.

She looked at her brother's reflection in the mirror. He was staring at her intently. She could see his eyes moving from her breasts to her cunt and then back again. Cindy shimmied her shoulders, making her titties shake and jiggle. Billy moaned deep in his throat. His cock pulsed in her hand. He liked seeing his young sister making a wanton display of herself. Cindy smiled to herself. She knew that she had some power over her big brother at least.

She gripped his cock tighter, continuing to pull the loose, velvety skin up and down in a regular rhythm. Gnarled, twisted, veins stood out all along the length of his shaft. The helmet-shaped head already red and swollen, grew darker and more distended with each stroke of her hand. A few drops of clear liquid began to ooze from the tip.

"Are you coming, Billy?" she asked, anxiously.

"Almost, Cindy," he gasped. "I'm almost there. Don't stop. Keep jerking me. Make me come, baby. Your hand feels so good on my cock."

"Wait!" Cindy wailed. "Don't come yet! I want to come too! Don't come without me!"

She slowed the stroking of his cock, trying to delay his orgasm until she was ready to come also. It seemed to be too late. Billy was gasping, his cock pulsed and throbbed in her small hand. She could feel the final contractions beginning.

"No, Billy, wait!" Cindy cried. "Help me! You've got to help me!"

Frantically, she let go of her clit and grabbed Billy's left hand away from her tit. She licked and sucked the first two fingers, making them wet and slippery with her saliva. The she placed his hand on the top of her slit, rubbing his fingers against her swollen clit.

"Here, you frig me, Billy," she said. "You frig my clit for me. Yes, that feels so good!"

Billy would have done anything she told him to at that point. He was so near his orgasm that anything seemed preferable to her stopping rubbing his cock. He played with her clit just as she wanted him to. He rubbed it between his fingers, then he flicked it back and forth, then he pulled on it the same way he had pulled on her nipples.

Cindy moaned and squirmed on Billy's leg. She bucked and writhed like a woman possessed. She was almost there, almost.

"That's it, Billy, keep it up, frig me good," she moaned. "Yes, it feels so good when you play with it like that! Don't stop with you other hand, Billy," she continued, almost in a daze of lust. "Don't stop finger-fucking me, finger-fuck me deep, Billy, really deep!"

Now that Billy was frigging her clit for her, Cindy's right hand was free. She grasped Billy's hand, the one he was finger-fucking her with, and pressed it toward her, forcing more of his middle finger through her tiny cherry-hole.

"Yes, Billy, yes," she said. "Nice and deep, like that, Billy, finger- fuck my virgin cunt deep, deep, deep!"

"Oh, God, Cindy," Billy gasped. "I'm coming! Hurry up! I can't hold back! Hurry! Here I come!"

Billy's prick throbbed and swelled in Cindy's hand. She could see his balls contracting rhythmically in the mirror. He was ready to shoot his load!

Frantically, Cindy pulled on Billy's wrist. With one frenzied thrust, she pulled it to her, forcing Billy's finger all the way through her cherry into her inner cunt.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" she cried, pushing Billy's finger as deep inside her as she could. "Come now, Billy! Come now! I'm there! I'm here! I'm commminnnggg!!!"

Wave after wave of pleasure poured through Cindy's body. She shook and gasped, she moaned and writhed, her head spun. Fire coursed through her loins and poured in liquid form from her cunt. Her whole body twitched spasmodically.

At the same time, Billy's cock erupted. When Cindy forced his finger past her cherry, it was though an electric shock ran through her cunt through his arm and down to his cock. He could almost feel her thrill as her virgin recesses were penetrated for the first time. The come shot from his cock in sympathy.

"I'm coming, Cindy," Billy called. "I'm coming, too. Watch my jizz, Cindy, here it comes!"

First one, then another, and another, and another stream of cum shot from Billy's prick. One glob landed in Cindy's hair, another landed on her thigh. She tingled and thrilled at the feel of the hot liquid splashing on her.

Cindy kept pumping Billy's cock. Come oozed from his piss-hole and ran over her fingers. Soon her tiny hand was covered with his hot, sticky jism, but she wouldn't stop pumping. She milked Billy's cock until he had no more come to give her and his rod started to soften and grow limp in her hand.

Finally, exhausted from her own orgasm and convinced that Billy was done, too, Cindy leaned back against her brother's chest, heaving a sigh of deep satisfaction.

Looking at their reflection in the mirror, Cindy had to stifle a giggle. Didn't they look like the all-American family, she mused, him with his finger stuffed up her cunt and her with her hand covered with his jizz. What a picture! She leaned over and gave Billy an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you, Billy. That was wonderful," she purred.

"Thank you, Sis," he replied. "That was the best come I ever had!"

"Really? You're not just saying that to make me feel good, are you?"

"No way! You were great, really."

"Then, you think we can do this again sometime?"

"You bet! Anytime! We can do this again, and lots more. We can do anything you want, Cindy."

Gee, anything I want, Cindy thought. I wonder what else we could do that would be fun? I wonder?

Idly, Cindy took her hand from her brother's cock. It was still covered with his sticky come. She wiped it across her breasts. It still felt warm and oily. It gave her a shiver of dirty pleasure.

I wonder what else we can do, she thought.

Chapter Six

Cindy's life changed both dramatically and subtly over the next few weeks. Dramatically, in that she felt a new confidence, a new ease, in everything she did. She spoke up more in her classes at school, she was more active and aggressive at sports, and she was less bashful and shy when talking to her friends and classmates. The change was subtle in that it came about as a result of a new attitude, a new way of looking at the world. And this change of attitude was the direct result of Billy's initiating her into the mysteries of love, sex, and incest.

However, this change did not come about immediately, or even easily. At first, in fact, Billy thought he had done Cindy more harm than good by turning her on sexually. He even vowed to himself not to touch her again unless and until she asked him to.

After her first session of afternoon sex with Billy, Cindy had become shy again. She retreated back into her shell of reticence and reserve.

She wouldn't talk to him or even watch television with him. When she came home from school she would lock herself in her room and study until dinner time. At the table with Billy and their parents, Cindy would talk to them but not to him. She wouldn't even look at her brother across the table, but instead she kept her eyes cast down at her plate, giving her food more attention than her family.

"Cindy, are you all right?" her mother asked one night.

"Sure, Mom," she answered, sulkily.

"Are you sure, honey?" her mother persisted. "You've been so quiet these last couple of days, I'm a little worried about you."

"It's nothing, Mom," Cindy lied, "There's a big test coming up in Biology class and I've been studying a lot, that's all."

Cindy's mom looked at her daughter, a slightly worried look creasing her forehead. She knew her daughter well enough to know when she was telling the truth and when she was not. This was definitely one of the times that she was not. But what the truth was, she had no idea.

"Well, if you have any trouble," she said with false cheerfulness, "Just ask Billy to help you. He was always good in science. Biology was one of his best subjects."

"I will, Mom," Cindy said, repressing a shudder.

* * *

The next afternoon Cindy was walking home from school alone. She carried her books in both arms, pressing them protectively to her chest. It was a habit she had developed before she had any breasts. She did it to hide the fact that she had remained flat-chested for so long, Now that her breasts had grown into ripe fullness, she continued the practice to prevent adolescent boys from copping a feel as they passed in the hall while changing classes.

Now Cindy was just walking alone, her eyes cast down, feeling sad and lonely, and more than anything else, confused. She was confused mostly about her own feelings. Billy had aroused in her a wantonness, a free, libidinous abandon that frightened the young girl. She had been curious about sex, and eager to learn from her loving older brother, but she had not been prepared to deal with the overpowering strength of the forces that sex would release in her. While she had been making out with Billy, it was as if she was another person entirely, someone with no inhibitions at all, someone who would abandon everything, risk anything, just to fulfill her wanton, lusting desires.

Cindy shuddered. She hated to think of herself that way. She had always striven to be a good girl, a sensible girl, someone who could be trusted and relied on to always do the right thing. Now, she realized, when it came to sex, she was someone who could not be relied on or perhaps it would be more accurate to say she was someone who could be relied on to do whatever felt good, regardless of whether it was right or wrong.

With thoughts like these tumbling through her head, Cindy walked along.

The leaves on the tress that lined the streets were turning red and gold and falling to the ground. The air was brisk and chilly. A gusting breeze tossed her hair and stung her cheeks. Cindy was oblivious to the autumnal beauty that surrounded her, she could only think of herself and what seemed to her to be her insurmountable problems.

Thus lost within herself, Cindy didn't realize that she was being followed. Just ten feet behind her, Billy walked the same path home. He hadn't intended to follow her. It was just coincidence that he had left school a few minutes after her and, since he walked more quickly than she did, he had nearly caught up with her just a block from their home.

Billy hadn't even recognized her at first. From behind, he had merely noticed that a girl was walking in front of him. He also noticed that she had a cute butt. The skirt she wore was stretched tightly across her buttocks, clearly outlining her round little ass-cheeks, and the cleft between them. Billy tried to imagine the soft, round thighs rubbing together beneath her skirt as she walked. He tried to imagine what she looked like naked. Was her cunt hair dark or light? Was it curly? Was it the same color as the hair on her head, soft and blonde?

It was then that Billy realized that the girl in front of him was his sister Cindy. He recalled that he had already seen her naked body, and touched it, and fondled it, and more. He remembered how skillfully she had jerked him off, even though it was her first time. He remembered how she had forced his finger deep into her cunt, past her tight little cherry, how she had gasped and moaned, and writhed in his arms as she came, pouring her thick, slippery cunt-juice over his hand.

Immediately, Billy felt his cock stiffen in his pants. He didn't know why Cindy had retreated from him these last couple of days. She acted as though she were mad at him. She wouldn't talked to him, or even look at him. Whatever it was, he decided, he would have to fix it. After all, he hadn't forced her to do anything she hadn't wanted to do. She had even thanked him when they were done. She had kissed him, only on the cheek, it was true, but she had kissed him out of gratitude. And now she was treating him like dirt, as if he didn't even exist.

Billy's swelling cock and growing desire for his virgin little sister spurred him to action. He lengthened his stride and quickly caught up with her.

"Hi, Sis," he said, walking by her side.

Cindy looked up, startled. She immediately turned away from him and continued walking, ignoring him completely.

Billy grabbed her by the arm and spun her toward him, making her face him.

"Cindy, what's the matter? Why are you mad at me?"

"" Cindy was incoherent. Tears welled up in her pale blue eyes. Suddenly, she dropped her books and began beating Billy on the chest, trying with all her might to hurt him with her tiny little fists.

"Cindy, wait..." Billy put up his arms to protect himself from her assault.

With a choking sob, Cindy turned and ran. She ran as fast as she could, trying to get away from what she feared most --- not her brother --- but her own uncontrollable passion.

Quickly, Billy stooped down and picked up his sister's schoolbooks.

Then he chased after her.

Cindy had just gotten the key in the lock and opened the front door when Billy came bounding up the steps behind her. She slipped inside the house and tried to shut the door behind her but Billy was too fast and too strong. He pushed her back into the foyer and slammed the door.

"Cindy, you've got to tell me," he was nearly shouting. "What's wrong?"

Again she turned and tried to flee from him. Again he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. With his other hand he grabbed her chin and forced her to turn and face him. Her eyes were puffy and her cheeks were wet with her tears. She was trying to choke back her sobs. Her lips were pouty and quivering.

Billy's head spun. She was so pretty, so sweet, so young, so delectable. Without planning to, without even thinking about what he was about to do, he kissed her.

He bent down and placed his mouth on hers. The contact was electric.

Cindy felt trapped by her big brother, smothered by his strength. She tried to twist away from him but could not. She felt the strength draining from her limbs. Billy's lips held her more firmly than his hands. She began to melt. She dropped her arms.

Billy let go of Cindy's arm. He put his arm around her and crushed her body to his. The taste of her lips sent fire racing through his loins.

His cock grew and swelled, pressing painfully against his pants. He parted his lips and thrust his tongue into his sister's waiting mouth.

Cindy shivered at the moist contact of Billy's tongue against her lips.

Her whole body trembled. This was what she had most feared, and most desired. Billy was exciting her passions and desires as she had never felt before. She parted her lips and let his tongue enter. She rubbed her tongue against his, thrilling at the intimate contact.

Billy was on fire. His sister's luscious young body excited him beyond measure and reason, beyond control. He had to struggle with himself to stop from tearing her clothes off and raping her on the spot. He dropped his hand from her jaw and placed it on her breast. He squeezed hard, massaging her firm young flesh.

Cindy moaned deep in her throat. She tore her mouth away from Billy's and buried her face in his neck.

"Billy, Billy, Billy," she whispered.

She ground her hips against his. She could feel the bulge in his crotch pressing against her belly. She rubbed against it harder, exciting both of them simultaneously.

Still squeezing Cindy's breast with one hand, Billy dropped the other from her shoulders to her ass. He held her tightly against him. He pumped his hips up and down, dry-humping his little sister. He squeezed her buttocks the same way he squeezed her tit, urgently, passionately, with no thought for anything but the delicious, incestuous sensations she was giving him.

"Cindy, don't be mad at me," Billy pleaded. "I love you, Sis. I need you. I've got to have you."

Cindy clung tightly to her older brother. She had never been mad at him. She was only afraid of the lustful urges he aroused in her.

"Billy," she said, "I'm not mad at you. It's just that...we shouldn''s wrong."

"No, Sis, it's not wrong," Billy insisted. "It's not wrong, it's wonderful. You like what we did last time, I know you did. And you want to do it again, I can tell."

"But, Billy..." she whispered, hesitantly.

"Cindy, I promise," Billy pressed on. "We won't do anything you don't want to do. I won't hurt you. I won't force you." He relaxed his grip slightly and pulled back so he could look his younger sister in the eye. "Cindy, I've got to have you, I've got to, any way you'll let me, please?"

Looking up into her big brother's face, seeing the need there, the aching desire in his burning eyes, Cindy relented.

"But not the 'f-thing', okay," Cindy said softly.

"No fucking? Sure, Sis, whatever you say. Just like last time, only better. You'll see, Cindy, you'll like it. It's not wrong, we'll just make out some more, like last time, only better.

* * *

The two teen-agers stood facing each other in Cindy's bedroom.

"Let's get undressed together," Billy suggested.

"What do you mean?" Cindy was unsure of what he wanted.

"Look, you just stand there and do what I do, okay?"

"Okay." Cindy didn't know what Billy had in mind, but already she had that now familiar fluttery feeling in her stomach, the feeling of uncertain excitement that preceded sex-play with her brother.

Billy kicked off his shoes and then pulled off his socks. Cindy stepped out of her shoes, having wore no stockings.

Billy unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it from his shoulder. He wasn't wearing any undershirt. Cindy unbuttoned her blouse with trembling fingers. Her eyes were on her brother's muscular chest and abdomen. She licked her lips. Billy's torso was young, smooth, and perfectly proportioned. Cindy wanted to feel his naked skin rubbing against hers.

She reached behind her back to unhook her bra.

"Wait," Billy said, "Don't take it off yet."

"But you're not wearing anything on top," Cindy protested.

"I know, but I want you to wait anyway. It'll be more fun. Watch."

Billy unbuckled his belt, opened the top button of his pants and pulled down the zipper. Cindy watched every step of the process with rapt attention. She felt her knees getting weak and rubbery, her pussy was starting to itch. Billy pushed his pants down to his knees and then pulled them off one leg at a time. He threw them across the room. They landed in a heap in a corner. Billy then stood facing his sister, wearing only his underpants. His cock was in a state of fierce erection. It stretched his white cotton briefs out in front of him in an obscene fashion.

"Come on, Cindy," he said, "You take yours off, too. And don't start frigging yourself yet, let's make it last."

Slightly startled, Cindy raised her eyes to Billy's face. She had been staring at the bulge in his shorts and unselfconsciously had begun rubbing her crotch through her skirt with slow, languid strokes of her hand.

Quickly then, Cindy took off her belt and unzipped her skirt. It fell at her feet and she stepped out of it, kicking it aside to join Billy's pants in the corner. Now she was wearing only her plain cotton panties and bra. She stood with her arms at her sides, gazing at her brother.

How could she have resisted this, she wondered. She could not imagine why she had felt so scared, so upset before. It now seemed to her to be the most natural, normal thing for her to learn about sex from her loving older brother, and for her to please him any and every way she could.

Billy stepped forward. His cock, still covered by his underpants, almost touched Cindy's belly. He watched her staring at it in anticipation. Her breathing was shallow. Billy was pleased and excited by Cindy's sudden re-acquiescence to his desires. She would soon be an active and experienced sex partner, he was sure. The fact that she was his little sister just made it dirtier and more exciting for him.

Billy gazed at his sister's lovely young body. It was perfectly formed and ripe for plucking. The curves of her breasts showed above her bar.

With each inhalation they pressed more tightly against the cotton lace.

Billy could see her tight little nipples through the fabric. They poked two sharp little point in the fabric.

He let his gaze roam down her body. Her wide, healthy chest tapered down to a thin, delicate waist and then flared out again into full, girlish hips. The panties she wore must be an old pair, he thought, bought before her body had begun developing. The cotton fabric was stretched so tightly across her hips that it was practically sheer.

Billy could see her belly-button on her flat little tummy, and below that, where her full, round thighs joined together, he could see the slight bulge of her pubis. He could even discern the individual pubic hairs and the slight indentation of her slit between her pussy-lips.

Right there at her cunt, Billy saw a drop of moisture. Her cunt was wet and dripping already.

"Don't move, Cindy," Billy said. "Let me do this part."

He reached around behind Cindy's back with both hands and unhooked her bra-straps. He pulled it off her arms and dropped it on the floor.

Cindy shuddered and took a deep breath, as if relieved to be free of restraint. Billy knelt down in front of his sister. He hooked his fingers under the waist-band of her panties and gently tugged. Cindy moaned softly, her hips undulating slightly of their own accord. He pulled the tight fabric down over her hips and belly. It seemed to stick at her crotch, trapped by the juncture of her legs.

Cindy sighed and bent her knees ever so slightly, just enough to allow her to spread her thighs and let Billy finish removing her panties. She was trembling with anticipation. She had denied herself this pleasure for too long.

Billy tugged her panties down to her ankles. Cindy stepped out of them.

Billy remained on his knees before her, relishing the close-up view of her wet, virgin cunt. The sweet, pungent aroma of her adolescent pussy wafted into his nostrils. He put his nose in her pubic hair and inhaled deeply. The smell made him light-headed and caused his prick to throb.

He exhaled through his mouth, blowing his hot breath across Cindy's cunt.

"Oh!" Cindy said. Involuntarily, she bent her knees more and thrust her hips forward, trying to bring her cunt into contact with Billy's mouth.

"Not yet," Billy said, drawing away from her. He stood up. "Now you undress me."

Cindy immediately dropped to her knees before her brother. She grabbed the waist-band of his briefs and pulled down. Billy's cock was too hard and stiff. She had to pull the shorts out and around it before she could get them off of him. Billy lifted one foot, then the other so Cindy could free the shorts from around his ankles.

Billy's prick bobbed free in front of her fact. She had never seen it up close like this before. The helmet-shaped head was dull red and swollen. One thick vein ran along the underside of his cock from the tip to the base where it joined his ball-sack. His balls were large and full, the size and shape of a large peach. They were sparsely covered with blonde pubic hairs, just like her own. The skin was tight and wrinkled.

At the top of his prick, a clear drop of liquid hung from Billy's piss- hole. Cindy stared at it, fascinated. She remembered the feel and texture of Billy's come on her hand. She remembered how he had ordered her to lick and suck his finger. She wondered what it would be like to lick and suck his prick in that same way. She wondered what his come would feel like in her mouth, how it would taste.

Impulsively, Cindy stuck out her tongue and touched it to the tip of Billy's prick. She licked up the drop of pre-come liquid that hung there. It tasted salty and sweet. She put her lips together and kissed the tip of Billy's prick, chastely, the way a little girl might kiss her favorite doll. Then she sat back on her heels and looked up at her big brother.

"Why did you do that, Sis?" Billy asked her.

"I don't know," she answered. "I just wanted to see what it tasted like, I guess."

"And how did it taste?"

"Kinda good." She smiled up at him with a sly look in her eye.

"Would you like some more?"


"Come with me."

He pulled her to her feet and led her to her bed. He flopped down on his back, his cock standing straight up.

"Now, you kneel over my head," he ordered.

Cindy climbed up on the bed. She placed her knees on either side of his head, her shins pressing into his shoulders.

"Like this?" she asked.

"No, turn and face the other way."

Cindy did as she was told.

"Now, squat down," he told her. "I want to eat your pussy."


"Just do like I tell you," he commanded. "You'll see."

Cindy squatted down, bending her hips.

"No, no," Billy protested. "You're putting your ass in my face. I want your pussy."

Cindy leaned forward and tilted her hips back. The only way she could maintain her balance was to put her hands down on the bed. Then she was on all fours over her brother, her cunt over his face and his cock under hers.

"That's it, Sis," Billy chuckled. "Are you getting the idea?"

Cindy was definitely getting the idea. She lowered her hips until she felt her pussy brush against Billy's chin. Billy rewarded her by giving her slit a quick lick.

Billy was ecstatic. Cindy's firm, round ass was presented clearly to his view. Her pussy was pink and puffy with anticipation. He could taste the sweet, tangy flavor of her cunt-juice, already oozing from her cunt-lips. He licked her slit again, this time forcing his tongue between the lips.

Cindy gasped and shuddered. She fought to control herself, to keep herself from mashing her cunt down against her brother's mouth and smothering him. She never expected that Billy would do anything like this. He was eating her cunt! He was licking her where she peed and he didn't mind! It was his idea! She hadn't even asked him to do it! It was dirty, it was obscene, and Cindy loved it!

"Billy, I love what you're doing down there," she gasped.

"Tell me about, Cindy," he said, his breath blowing hot against her cunt. "You know I like to hear you talk dirty."

"You're licking my cunt, Billy," Cindy said.

The words seemed to increase her own passion. Once her initial reluctance was overcome, Cindy would turn into a passionate and imaginative sex partner. She loved the hot, wet feel of her own cunt as much has she loved the smell and feel of Billy's cock. Billy's insistence that she use dirty language while they did dirty things to each other made her feel cheap and dirty herself, and that, somehow, got her even more excited and turned-on than anything else they did together.

"Do you like it when I lick your cunt, Cindy?" he persisted.

"I love it when you lick my cunt, Billy. Don't just lick the lips, stick your tongue inside me and eat my pussy. Eat me out, Billy!"

Billy reached up and with his thumbs spread Cindy's cunt-lips apart. He pulled her swollen lips open, exposing the hot, wet folds within. A couple of drops of Cindy's cunt-juice dripped out and landed on his chin. He licked them off.

"Your cunt is so pretty, Cindy," he said. "So soft and pink --and your cunt-juice is nice and hot, too. I'll never get enough of your pretty little cunt, Sis, never."

"Don't talk about it, Billy, eat it!" Cindy wailed. "Eat my cunt! Stick your tongue in my piss-box and eat me out! Hurry! I can't wait!"

Still holding her cunt-lips open with his thumbs Billy spread his hands over Cindy's ass-cheeks and pulled her down to him. He shoved his tongue as deep into her cunt as it could reach. Cindy's thick virgin cunt-juice poured down into his mouth. He licked and swallowed it greedily, savoring the sweet, girlish flavor.

"Oh, God, Billy!" Cindy gasped. "That's good...that's wonderful... do it me, my hot me good!"

Billy plunged his tongue wildly into his sister's cunt. He swirled it around, licking and teasing her hot, inner flesh. Cindy's cunt-juice dripped out over his chin. She ground her ass in his face.

Cindy was in a daze of incestuous bliss. When Billy had stuck his finger up her cunt, she thought she had never felt anything so good before, but this, Billy's hot, wet tongue going deep inside her sensitive pussy, this was ten times better, better than she could have dreamed!

Looking down, Cindy saw Billy's cock directly below her face. This was why he had wanted her to get over him like this, she thought. He wanted her to suck him while he ate her! Well, that was all right with Cindy.

She had already wondered what it would be like to have Billy's cock in her mouth. She liked the taste of the lube-juice she had licked off his prick earlier and she had no hesitation about experimenting further.

"That feels good, Billy. I like the way you lick my pussy," she said, savoring the words as she spoke them. "Would you like me to suck your cock? Do you want me to suck you off while you eat me?"

Billy tore his mouth from his sister's cunt momentarily.

"Suck my dick, baby," he said. "Suck me off. I want to come in your mouth."

Cindy immediately lowered her head to her brother's crotch. She opened her jaws wide and took the enormous head of Billy's cock into her mouth. The taste was all she had dreamed it would be. The heady, musky aroma filled her nostrils and tongue, making her dizzy and light-headed with lust.

"Oh, good, baby, good, Cindy," Billy moaned. "Suck my cock, baby, and I'll come in your mouth."

Cindy released Billy's prick from her mouth momentarily.

"Don't talk, just lick," she said. "I want to come, too."

Thus admonished, Billy went back to eating his sister's pussy. He ran his tongue around her swollen pussy-lips and plunged it as deep into her cunt-hole as he could reach. Cindy plunged and bucked above him.

She ground her hips in his face and rubbed her pussy on his chin. She moaned and thrashed like a wild animal.

Meanwhile, Cindy was busy with her brother's cock. She held the bulbous head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, licking it thoroughly all over. She let her saliva drip from the corners of her mouth and run down Billy's shaft, lubricating it. Then she pressed down, sucking fully half of Billy's enormous shaft into her mouth.

Billy stiffened at the pleasurable sensation. Cindy's mouth thrilled him beyond measure. Uncontrollably, he began pumping his hips, forcing his cock deeper into Cindy' mouth.

Cindy didn't pull away. She held still while Billy pumped his dick into her. She opened her mouth wider, allowing him easier access. She felt his cock pressing against the back of her mouth, massaging her tonsils.

She repressed her instinct to gag and held steady. Slowly, Billy forced his massive cock down Cindy's throat. When Billy seemingly could go no further. Cindy helped him by pressing her head down and swallowing the rest of it.

Soon Cindy's lips were stretched around the base of her brother's cock and her nose was buried in his balls. Billy moaned with pleasure. He rotated hips slowly and steadily, extracting the utmost sensation from his sister's mouth and tongue.

Cindy couldn't take much more. She was almost to the point of coming and she wanted Billy to come with her. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, sucking him with long, slow, slurping strokes of her mouth.

Billy moaned and forced his tongue deeper into Cindy's cunt. He licked and sucked like a madman. He squeezed her ass-cheeks and nibbled on her cunt-lips. His cock grew harder and thicker in Cindy's mouth.

Cindy felt herself starting to come. Bolts of electric pleasure shot through her cunt. She felt her cunt-muscles contracting rhythmically, the come-juice starting to flow. She raised her head and held just the top half of Billy's cock in her mouth. She swirled the tongue around the head. With her right hand, she grasped the base of the shaft and began pumping the skin up and down, jerking Billy off in her mouth.

Her efforts were quickly rewarded. Billy's prick soon began to swell and throb. The pulsations came quicker and stronger. Soon she could taste the musky flavor of his pre-come fluid on her tongue. She pumped faster, heedless of hitting herself in the face as she jerked him off.

Billy moaned and gasped. He pumped his hips up and down, trying to keep as much of his cock in Cindy's mouth as he could. He sucked her pussy- juice as a drowning man would gulp for air.

The first shot of milky jizz splashed into Cindy's mouth. She nearly fainted with excitement. Immediately, her own orgasm completely overtook her. Her hips bucked and spasmed. She ground her cunt in Billy' face, nearly smothering him with her cunt-juice. She sucked his cock as hard as she could. She beat his shaft up and down, forcing his come into her mouth.

Billy shook and spasmed under his sister. His come shot in thick gooey streams into her mouth. He licked her cunt in a delirium of incestuous lust.

Cindy tried to swallow it all as best she could. Spurt after creamy spurt of hot, sticky come poured out of Billy's piss-hole and filled her mouth. She sucked and swallowed and still more came. Rivulets of milky come ran from the corners of her mouth, down Billy's cock and over her hand. Still she kept pumping. She wanted it all. She wanted to drain her brother dry. She wanted him to fill her with his come.

* * *

Some time later, tired and spent, the two teen-agers still lay on Cindy's bed, with each of their heads at the other's crotch. Cindy couldn't have been happier. With Billy's tongue in her cunt and his cock in her mouth, she felt thoroughly content and fulfilled.

As she lay there, halfway between sleeping and waking, Cindy pondered her life and where it was leading her. She was entering unchartered waters. None of her friends had done anything like this, she was sure.

She didn't quite know if she should be proud of what she had with Billy or not. She decided just to accept it for the time being and not to say anything to anyone. They probably wouldn't understand anyway. They'd probably think, just as she had thought, that incest was wrong. They wouldn't understand how wonderful it was to have a sweet, loving brother like Billy. They probably wouldn't understand at all.

Chapter Seven

"Cindy, I can't get over the change in you."

Cindy and Marla were walking away from the school together. They had finished their classes for the day were heading over to Cindy's house.

They had made a date to study together. Mid-terms were coming up soon and neither girl was doing well enough in her classes not to need help.

"Really, Cindy," Marla continued, "I remember last year you were such a shy little stick of a thing, and now --- why, it's almost as if you were a different person."

"Gosh, Marla," Cindy said, secretly pleased that her friend had noticed the difference, "I don't know what you mean. I'm still just plain old me."

"Don't kid a kidder, Cindy," Marla persisted. "Something's changed.

Have you got a boyfriend hidden away somewhere that you're not telling me about? Is that it?"

Cindy blushed. Marla's guess was closer to the truth than she would have liked. Should she tell Marla the truth, she wondered. No, better not, she decided. It was impossible to tell how anyone would react, even a friend as close as Marla.

"No, there's no one new in my life," Cindy replied. That statement at least was technically accurate, even if it wasn't exactly the truth.

The two girls finished the walk to Cindy's house in only a few minutes.

The rest of their conversation concerned itself with boys, fashion, and the unfairness of their teachers, in that order.

Once they got to her house, Cindy unlocked the front door and let them in.

"We'll have the place to ourselves for a while," Cindy said. "Billy's at football practice and my folks won't be home for hours."

"That's neat, Cindy," Marla said. "I wish my mom would get a job or something. She's always waiting for me when I get home. 'How was school, dear? Did you meet any nice boys?'" Marla mimicked her mother's parental concern. "What a nag!"

"Yeah, it is kind of nice to have some freedom," Cindy agreed. "Even if it is only for a few hours."

The two girls went up the stairs to Cindy's room. They spread their books out on the floor and sat down to make an attempt at learning the mysteries of mathematics. Within less than an hour, however, it became clear that neither girl had a sufficient grasp of the subject to be of any help to herself or the other.

"It's hopeless, Cindy," Marla sighed. "I can't make heads or tails of these formulas."

"Me neither," Cindy agreed. "Maybe we can get Billy to help us when he gets home," she added brightly. "He was always pretty good at math."

"Okay," Marla said, closing her text book. "How is Billy, anyway?" she asked.

"Fine, I guess. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason." She leaned back against Cindy's bed. "He is a hunk, though. Does he have a girlfriend?"

"I don't think so," Cindy said.

Cindy was surprised to realize that she was reluctant to discuss Billy's social life with Marla. She felt a little jealous of her big brother; she wanted to keep him for herself. She didn't like other girls being interested in him, she didn't want to have to share him with anyone.

"Want to see my new bathing suit?" Cindy asked, changing the subject.

"Cindy, it's autumn," Marla said.

"I know, that's why it was on sale."

She went to her bureau and rummaged through the drawers for a moment.

Then she turned back to her friend.

"Here it is, see?"

It was one of the skimpiest string bikinis Marla had ever seen. It resembled nothing more than three little patches of pastel fabric tied together with a few strand of dental floss.

Marla let out a soft whistle. "Cindy, that's hot," she said. "Let's see it on you."


Without any hesitation, Cindy began stripping off her clothing. After all, she and Marla had their gym lockers next to each other and often showered together after gym class. They had seen, and even occasionally touched, each other's naked bodies many times in the past.

It wasn't until she had dropped her bra and was bending down to pull off her panties that Cindy noticed that Marla was staring at her intently. She remembered the time that Marla had asked her to help her adjust her bra blushed. Quickly, she picked up her bikini and put it on.

"There," she said brightly. "How does it look?"

"It looks hot, Cindy," Marla said. "Real hot."

It did look good on her. The tiny bathing suit did more to show off the young girl's budding figure than it did to cover it.

Cindy thought she saw more than just an appreciation of fashion in her friend's eye but didn't know exactly what it was or if she should do anything about it.

"Can I try it on?" Marla asked. "I'd like to see how it looks on me."

"Sure," Cindy said. "Why not?"

Marla quickly stripped out of her clothes. Almost before Cindy had finished taking the bikini off, Marla was as naked as she.

Cindy couldn't help but admire her friend's natural beauty. Al most five and a half feet tall, with flaming red hair and green eyes, full, luscious breasts and hips, long, tapering legs and arms, Marla was going to be a gorgeous, statuesque woman when she finished growing.

Cindy handed the bikini to her friend and turned to pick up her panties.

"Wait," Marla said. "Don't get dressed yet. I want to see something."

"What?" Cindy asked, turning to face her.

"Look," Marla said, stepping up close to her. "See how much hard er my nipples are than yours? I wonder why that is."

Cindy didn't say anything. She was surprised, stunned by what her friend was saying.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to touch another girl's breasts, Cindy?" Marla asked.

"No...I..." Cindy stammered.

"I have," Marla interrupted her.

Marla reached out and began tracing a circle around Cindy's left breast with her fingernail. Very gently, barely touching her friend's naked tit-flesh. Marla outlined Cindy's breast with her finger.

Cindy shuddered but didn't pull away. Marla was acting very strangely, but she was also getting Cindy very excited.

Marla's fingernail continued circling Cindy's breast, but the circles kept getting smaller, spiraling inward, approaching the sensitive nipple in the center.

"Look, Cindy," Marla said. "Now your nipple is starting to get hard, too."

It was true. Cindy's soft, pink aureole was starting to crinkle and pucker. Soon her nipple stuck out hard and straight just like Marla's.

"Marla, wait...What are you doing?" Cindy stammered.

"Isn't what I'm doing obvious, Cindy?" Marla asked. "Don't you like it?

Your nipples seem to like it." She had reached the center of Cindy's breast and now she was tickling Cindy's nipple with her fingertip.

"Look, your other nipple likes it, and I haven't even got ten to her yet."

Just as Marla said it was, Cindy's right nipple was hard and puckered as well, aching, waiting for the girl's gentle, insistent touch.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss another girl's tittie, Cindy" she asked.

"Marla...don't...I..." Cindy protested. She was frightened, confused.

She hadn't expected anything like this to happen. Marla dated boys, she was one of the prettiest and most popular girls in school. Cindy was completely unprepared for what was about to happen.

Marla leaned over and placed her lips on Cindy's rigid nipple. She sucked the hard little tip and teased it with her teeth.

Cindy sucked in her breath. Marla's mouth felt almost as good as Billy's on her tit. She sighed softly, enjoying the new experience. She didn't want to encourage Marla but she didn't want to stop her either.

She didn't know what she wanted. She wanted Marla to go on sucking on her tittie.

As if she could read her friend's mind, Marla sucked harder on Cindy's breast. After she had stimulated the right one, she moved to the left.

At the same time she dropped her hand to Cindy's crotch. She cupped her palm over Cindy's cunt. She could feel the heat coming from Cindy's pussy. She released Cindy's nipple from her mouth and smiled down at her friend.

"Marla, what are you doing?" Cindy gasped.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl, Cindy?"

Marla asked, ignoring Cindy's question.


"Did you know your cunt is a hot as an oven, Cindy? Would you like me to fix that for you?"

Cindy didn't know what to say or do. Her knees were weak, her mouth was dry, her cunt was on fire.

"Come here, Cindy," Marla said. "Let me show you something. You'll like it."

Marla led Cindy to her own bed and had her lie down on it. Then she got on top of her. She held her weight on her knees and elbows, holding her body just above Cindy's. Her large, full breasts hung down from her chest, her nipples grazed Cindy's lightly. Cindy shivered and squirmed at the erotic contact.

"Hold still, Cindy," Marla said, softly. "I'll bet we make a perfect fit."

Gently, Marla lowered herself down onto the willing young girl. She positioned her titties right over Cindy's so that their nipples were pressed together. Then she lowered her hips. Marla's cunt came in contact with Cindy's Their pubic hairs intertwined.

"We do fit, Cindy," Marla said. "Can you feel it?"

"Oh, yes, Marla." Cindy smiled shyly up at her friend. "You feel really good on me."

"Have you ever thought about doing this before, Cindy?" Marla whispered. "I've thought about it, a lot."

"But, Marla," Cindy said. "I thought you liked boys."

"I do like boys, Cindy. I like you, too. Don't you like me?"

In reply, Cindy took Marla's face in both her hands and kissed her full on the mouth. She hadn't planned on it, but it was what she wanted to do.

Marla moaned and opened her lips. She jabbed her tongue into Cindy's mouth and kissed her deeply. She ground her hips against Cindy's, rubbing their pussies together.

Cindy was immediately on fire. Letting Marla make love to her like this was, in some ways, even kinkier than making out with Billy. She spread her legs and undulated her hips. She could feel Marla's clit rubbing against her own.

Gasping for air, Cindy pulled her mouth away from Marla's.

"You were right, Marla," Cindy grinned. "We do fit perfectly. Fuck me with your pussy, Marla. I like it. Fuck me good."

Marla needed no further encouragement. She ground her hips and pressed her clit hard against her willing young partner. She rubbed her lush breasts against Cindy's firm tit-mounds, their nipples poking hard, almost painfully, into each other.

Cindy wrapped her arms around Marla. She opened her mouth and drew Marla's back down to her. She kissed again, even more passionately than before.

The two girls were lost in a frenzy of lesbian lust. Marla ground her cunt against Cindy's and Cindy spread her legs to receive her. Cindy clasped Marla to her breast, enjoying the soft, warm pressure of Marla's breasts on hers. Perspiration dripped from Marla onto Cindy and mingled with hers.

Cindy felt Marla's cunt juice dripping down onto her pussy. She gasped and shuddered. She bucked her hips.

"I'm coming," she whispered. "Marla, you're...I've got to ...I'm coming!"

"Wait!" Marla wailed. "Wait for me!"

"I can't! Oh, God, it's good! Marla...your cunt...your God!"

Cindy heaved and writhed on the bed. Waves of nearly unbearable pleasure crashed over her. Marla had to hang on, she felt as she were riding a bucking bronco.

Suddenly, Marla was with her. Marla's orgasm overtook her just as Cindy was coming. Electric contractions shot through her body from her cunt to her head, making her shake and quiver all over.

Marla's pussy-juice oozed from her cunt and dripped onto Cindy where it mingled with hers and pooled on the bed between their legs. The girls moaned and sighed in their mutual pleasure. They had been able to give each other something very special.

Finally, when their pleasure was spent, Marla rolled off Cindy and lay by her side. They gently stroked each other's body, enjoying the new intimacy they had discovered.

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