Karens Tale

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Published: 7-May-2012

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FIRST things first I guess. This is an erotic story written for the enjoyment of consenting adults. If you are not consenting don't read it (now that made a lot of sense). If you are not an adult don't read it. This story contains pedophilia and incest. If this offends you or violates your personal moral code DON'T READ IT.

SECOND: While I have the soapbox I want to say something about the nature of fantasy. That is what this story is FANTASY. I do not condone or agree with the activities portrayed in this story. Anyone in real life who harms a child deserves to be castrated then shot. That said, what is harm? Is a consenting, loving, sexual relationship between a child and an adult harmful? If done with care it is not physically harmful but there are other kinds of harm. Is it emotionally harmful? Perhaps, perhaps not, in actuality it probably varies case by case. Children don't have labels, there is no tag that says 'I can handle sex'. So for that reason alone caring adults should not consider a sexual relationship with a child (uncaring adults are going to do as they damn well please).

THIRD: Now I wish to speak on incest. I have no problem on a moral level with incest. I even consider the idea erotic (go figure) on an abstract level. I only have problems with incest is when it involves an adult and a child. The adult whether he/she be a parent or uncle/aunt or whatever is in a position of authority over the child. That brings in the possibility of coercion. Even if this is not intended there will be an element of it there just because of the authority position. Most children want to please their parents. A child that is subject to sexual advances by a parent may acquiesce even if this is not something they wish to do. I would have the same problem if the adult were a teacher or a principle. Other than that I have no problems with incest. If a brother and sister want to play around under the sheets, as long as certain precautions are taken, more power to them.

LAST: I want to speak on the nature of eroticism. This is in two parts, the first ties in with the nature of fantasy above. I find many things erotic in literature, these include, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, torture, rape, water sports etc... Very few of these things would I find erotic if I was a participant. Let me state that again, not only would I not do them (for moral reasons) but the thought of actually doing them turns me off like a light. Curious, I enjoy reading about them but the thought of doing them is repellant.

Now for the second part, I have for many years read erotic stories, starting with filched copies of Penthouse Letters as a teenager then downloading them from BBS's and finally the internet. I have found many, many erotic stories that I have enjoyed immensely. I have also found a great deal of duds. To be erotic a story needs several things. It has to be believable both in the setting and the actions/reactions of the participants. A story where a child walks into a pool hall, raises her dress and takes on everybody in the place would not be erotic for me no matter how hot the sex, because I would not believe it. A story has to be descriptive. Adjectives and adverbs are important. Don't tell me that Jane dropped to her knees and fucked the dog. Tell me what she feels, what she says, how she moves. Don't tell me a child is cute. Describe her, what is her skin tone, what color are her eyes, her hair? How soft is her skin? What is she thinking?

She was about 7 or 8 years old and though she stood a hair under four feet she had to tip the scales at over eighty pounds. She was fat, no doubt about it. She had a pretty face though, framed in cornflower yellow hair and illuminated by bright blue eyes. The extra weight gave her proto-breasts, the hint of a double chin and a truly mind blowing butt and thighs. I thought she was sexy as all hell.

She was wearing a badly worn and undersized one-piece bathing suit, it was a dirty yellow with some kind of faded floral pattern. Her wide bubble butt strained the worn fabric to its limits and that put the lips of her fat, bald pussy on display for the world to see. You could clearly identify her puffy labia and the deep groove between them.

She was kicking a scuffed old ball as she passed in front of my house, the perfect picture of summer day childhood boredom.

I sat down my beer and smiled at her. "A pretty little girl like you shouldn't look so bored."

She stopped, the ball rolling unattended into the gutter. She pushed her hair from her eyes and squinted at me. My yard was narrow so the distance between her on the sidewalk and me on the front porch was only about twenty feet but my place has some thick trees. I was sitting deep in the shade and she was out in the bright sun.

"There's nothin' to do."

"You could go to the pool." The Y was only about 2 blocks away.

She frowned and again brushed her bangs from her face. "Naw, they want two dollars and momma don't have it. 'Sides, the kids there call me names."

"Well then you could sit here with me. It's cool and I'll get you a soda."

She considered that for a second then looked up and down the street. She looked back at me. "What kinda soda?"

"Grape, orange, or cola. That's all I have."

She brightened. "I like grape!"

"Then come on over and sit down. I'll get it."

She hesitated a further moment then started across the yard. As she seated herself on the stoop I stood. "Be right back."

I grabbed her a grape and exchanged my lukewarm beer for a cold one. I let the old wooden screen door slam shut, handed her the soda and dropped down beside her. "The other kids shouldn't call you names." I took a long, refreshing drink of my beer.

She sipped her grape and looked up at me with a purple mustache. "They call me two-ton. They say I'm fat!"

"Well I think you're pretty."

"Do you really?" There was honest curiosity in the question.

I slid my arm around her shoulders and allowed my hand to trail down and caress her side before giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Really, really, I don't kiss ugly girls."

She giggled and didn't recoil from either my hand or the kiss. My cock started to stir. "I even think you're sexy." I slid my arm off her shoulder and down her side, resting my hand lightly on her bare thigh. She glanced down at it but didn't seem alarmed.

She looked back up at me. "What's sexy?"

"Well, it's when a person thinks you're really pretty, that your whole body is pretty. They think you are so pretty they get excited around you."

She blinked at me, her expression hovering between a smile and a frown. "Do I excite you?"

I took another drink of beer. What the hell, "Yes you do honey."

She looked down at the sidewalk for a moment then back up at me. "Is sexy what makes my sister's cooter itch?"


She blushed and looked down, "you know." A pudgy hand waved vaguely at her crotch.

I slid my hand up her thigh in a long caress then extended one finger to trace the groove of her fat little cunt. "You mean this?" Holy shit! Now I knew why her charms were so much on display. The inner panty liner of her suit had been ripped out. Only a single threadbare layer of fabric separated her goodies from the world. The little vixen must be giving half the pervs in the neighborhood wood, and here she was on my porch. I applied more pressure and pulled my finger back up her slot. If nothing else I was getting a good feel to whack off too.

She hadn't tensed when I'd started fondling her twat but she did follow my finger. Finally she looked up. "Uhuh, she likes to rub hers."

"Do you ever rub yours?" I extended my range, caressing the fat lips through the thin fabric. Her legs closed then opened slightly.

Her eyes returned to my wandering finger, "Nuhuh. I tried once but didn't feel nothin'."

"It generally feels a lot better when someone else does it for you." I drained my beer and stood. "I'd like to take some pictures of you. Would you like that?"

She squinted up at me. "Why you wanna take pictures of me?"

"Because men like taking pictures of sexy girls. Haven't you seen pictures of women in magazines?"

She looked down, "Uhuh, but their all pretty and grown up."

"Well I like girls pretty and young."

She bit her lip then grinned up at me, "Ok."

I led the way into the house. It was gloomy inside. The place had been boarded up when I rented it a week ago and I still didn't have all the plywood off. It also smelled musty, the roof leaked in a back room but the rent was cheap. I didn't need that room anyway.

I got my 35mm and grabbed a dozen rolls of film from the fridge. I found the camcorder and some spare tapes in a box on the couch. I led my charge out into the brilliant sunshine of the back yard. The yard was the houses glory if it had one. At sometime in the past someone had tried their hand at landscaping. Wildflowers and brilliant sunflowers framed a tiny rectangle of emerald grass. The weeds hadn't yet totally taken possession of the plots. The whole was ringed by a 10 foot privacy fence.

The lawnmower was still in the middle of the grass where I left it. I pulled it back onto the postage stamp sized porch then went back inside for a blanket. This I spread on the grass.

I made idle conversation as I sat up the camcorder then directed my charge onto the blanket. I started talking her through poses as I snapped away. Soon I was actively posing her, running my hands all over her plump, sexy little body as I turned her this way and that. At first I confined my touches to her non-sexual parts but before I'd shot the second roll of film I was caressing that hot little butt and rubbing her prominent little pussy. She just giggled, no alarm at all. I adjusted my dick and silently thanked her no-account mom.

She had a hole worn through her suit on her right buttock. I caressed the soft, white bottom flesh it exposed then put my finger inside and felt around a bit. As a final measure I tugged and tore it a bit wider.

"A pretty girl like you should have a pretty suit. When we're done here I'm taking you to the store and we're buying you a new suit."

Her eyes lit up at that. "A brand new suit?"

I rubbed her slit. "That's right baby. Brand new."

"I've never had a new one. Mommy buys mine at the Salvador Army."

"Salvation Army", I corrected, again picking up my camera.

"Do I get to pick it?"

"Yes baby, you get to pick it."

I talked her through a half-dozen poses then called, "Show me some pussy baby."

"Pussy? Like a cat?"

"Your cooter baby, show me your cooter."

She bit her lower lip and stared at me. For a moment I thought I had misjudged and pushed too fast. Finally she got a sly look in her eyes and a thin smile touched her lips. Silently she reached down and hooked the crotch aside, baring her plump, bald little cunt.

"Oh honey that's a pretty pussy. I'll bet none of the little girls that pick on you have a pussy that pretty." I talked her through a half dozen bare twat poses, keeping the compliments flowing as I did so. She ate it up and was soon straining to pull the cloth further aside and thrusting her sexy, fat cunt at the camera.

When I called for ass she shoved that sexy little bottom at me and tried the same approach. The suit was too tight however, she couldn't expose more than another inch or so of cheek that way. She tried a few more times then turned her head and looked over her shoulder at me.

"I'm getting a new suit right?"

"That's right baby."

My cock gave another twinge when she reached around and dug several fingers into the hole on her buttock and pulled. The cloth held at first but she was determined. A few more tugs and a two inch wide rip appeared.

"Oh that so sexy baby."

She got a fresh grip and more fabric tore. In seconds half of her butt was exposed. She grabbed a handful of fabric at this latest damage and with a yank destroyed her suit some more. I clicked away while sparing a glimpse at the video camera. A pre-teen girl tearing her own suit off in my backyard. No way I wanted to miss this.

"Oh that's great honey. That's the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

By now her butt was mostly bare. She grabbed a hanging strip and pulled it between her legs. She got a two handed grip on it from the front and tore the crotch out her suit, permanently baring her snowy pussy. She continued pulling, tearing a long strip out of her belly. This injury was widened by pulling on both sides, that ripped it all the way to the neck ring.

I noticed her face was flushed and was alarmed for a second. Then I noticed a glistening on her jiggling little cunt lips. Shit! She was getting off on this and her little twat was creaming.

In a last orgy of destruction she ripped most of the remaining fabric away. When she finally stopped, facing me, only the leg bands were left below the waist. A little more remained as tattered flags around the neck ring but over 90% of her suit lay at her feet in tattered strips.

I put down the camera and strode forward. Grasping her under the arms I lifted her up and kissed her first on her cute nose then on her pouty lips. She looked bemused as I pulled my lips from hers. I repositioned my hands under that soft round bottom. She squealed in surprise when I lifted her to my shoulders. Directly before me was her dripping little twat. I could smell her pre-teen arousal.

She squealed again as my tongue met her pussy. I felt like returning the gesture. She was sweet and very, very wet. I licked the soft, half round shape of each puffy little lip, marveling at their smoothness. Her lips were dewy with her arousal and it was ambrosia sweet. Only when I had it all did my tongue slide into her gooey girl groove. I licked the length of it then applied some pressure. Her pussy resisted at first before reluctantly letting me in. I slid into the sweetest, softest, and hottest place I had ever been. Her fat little cunny was a furnace!

I quested upward till I found her tiny clit. It was just a little bead of hardness. When my tongue swept across it the child's thighs squeezed my head. When I sucked it in and gently nipped it with my teeth she nearly crushed my skull.

I ate her for another minute or so the eased her to the ground. She had trouble standing for a moment and swayed from side to side. Finally she just looked up at me and smiled.

I wanted to taste more of her. I wanted to eat that fat little butt, I wanted to taste her sweet mouth, I wanted to lick every square inch of her body, but there was another priority at the moment.

Her eyes dropped to my crotch when I pulled my zipper down. I unsnapped my jeans and let them slip to the ground. My boxers followed. Her eyes got saucer big when my 7 inches of hard dick sprang free.

I stepped forward till my cock bounced off her chin. "Ever seen one of these before honey? Ever seen a hard cock?"

She nodded as I gently bent her forward and started to rub myself on her face. "I've seen some of my mom's boyfriends."

"Did they ever let you play with it? Ever suck one?"

She shook her head, her lips sliding over my drooling prick head. "One time Gary let me kiss his but he made me promise not to tell mommy."

"Gary thought you were sexy too honey. But he wouldn't let you be real, real sexy. I'm going to let you. You want to be real, real sexy don't you?"

She nodded slowly.

"I grinned, that's a good girl. That's a sexy girl." I brought the head of my cock to her lips and spread precum like it was lipstick. "Lick it."

Her little tongue came out and slid slowly across the hard dome of my cock. When she gathered up a dollop of precum she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and tasted it for a moment. Here eyes met mine. "'Sgood."

I forced my cock down and started pushing past her lips. "There's plenty more where that came from honey, plenty more."

I pushed my dick into her mouth and just probed around a bit. She stood still and let me explore her mouth with my cock. Damn it felt good to be in an eight-year-old's mouth.

I pulled out after a brief foray. Any more and I'd have busted a nut. I intended to bust many on and in this little trollup but had some other nasty fantasies to act out first. I rubbed my wet dick across her face. "You like having my dick in your mouth?"

She licked her lips and nodded, "It made my cooter tingle."

"As good as me licking your cooter? That tingly?"

She swayed before me then shook her head, "Being licked was better but I liked your thing too."

I pulled my stiff cock down till it pointed at her pussy. "You're going to get plenty of both honey, plenty."

She yelped and backed a step when I began to piss on her pussy. I squeezed off the flow and reached down to rub her fat, piss wet, little cunt. As my finger flicked over her clit I leaned down and kissed her nose. "Did that make it tingle baby?"

She looked at me slack jawed, and after a moment nodded. I removed my finger and again wet down her little twat. After a moment I moved the stream up, pissing on her round, white belly. I kissed her again this time on the mouth then pissed all over her chest.

I explored her mouth with my tongue for a moment then stood. I ran my fingers through her hair while I rubbed my cock on her face. She stared at me, seemingly knowing what was coming, when I laid the head of my prick on her lower lip. I smiled down at her and pushed my dick a little ways into her mouth, "So sexy."

I sent a short spurt into her mouth, it flowed back out to drip off her lip and chin. My smile broadened. "Oh yeah, so so sexy. Sexy little girls drink piss. Drink it baby, drink my piss." So saying I opened the flood gates and sent a long stream over her tongue and into the back of her mouth. Yellow piss spurted out of her mouth and coursed down her cheeks. She snorted and some spewed from her nose. For long seconds her mouth was my toilet. As my flow waned she tried to back off but I held her head and sent a few feeble last spurts into her mouth.

With my bladder empty I started to bang my dick off the back of her throat. I kept up a string of praise even as I choked her on dick. I was so hot that it didn't take long. As I felt my nuts starting to tingle I picked up the pace, really sliding my dick in and out. At the sublime moment I pushed her down hard and, using both hands, tilted her head back and forced my dick past her spasming throat. With her lips crushed against my pubic hair I fired spurt after spurt of cum into her stomach. Only when she started to struggle frantically did I back and send the last jets of spunk coursing across her tongue.

She fell onto her fat, little bottom and gasped for air when I released her. I dropped down beside her and immediately attacked her plump, bald, piss-wet pussy with my finger. I massaged her little girl groove, giving particular attention to her tiny clit.

I rolled her onto her side and began to rub her round butt with my other hand. I pinched and fondled her alabaster cheeks. I loved the creamy softness of them. There is nothing on Earth that feels as fine as child butt.

Slowly I circled in till I was feeling up her crack. My fingers quested till they found her tiny rear hole. I circled and tickled some then sent a finger slowly into the child's ass. She bucked at this new intrusion but that only drove me deeper.

I caressed and fondled; molesting the child in her private places. I tried to match the pace to her reactions. At the first sign of arousal I sped up. When I felt wetness in her bald little quim too slick to be piss I sped up again. Her moans and squeaks drove me on and in minutes I was furiously finger fucking her plump ass while rubbing and pinching her tiny clit.

She shrieked and went rigid, one heel barely missing my balls as it glanced off of my thigh with painful force. Her pussy spasmed while her asshole tried to alternately spit out and devour my finger. She kicked as my finger became a blur on her tiny clit, holding her atop that scary precipice for long seconds before letting her cross over and crash into the valley beyond.

I eased up and she gave one final jerk and sagged in exhaustion, her breath whooping as she struggled to pull air into her starving lungs.

I kissed her on the forehead then scooped her up and carried her into the house. In the bathroom I stood her on unsteady, swaying feet while I started the bath. After getting the temperature right I poured in some bubble bath then gently picked her up and sat her into the warm rising water as the foam began to billow. I pulled the tattered remnants of her suit off then reached for the soap.

My hands were feather gentle as I washed her soft, creamy body. I shampooed her hair then gently worked her way down her body. She closed her eyes and cooed as my fingers caressed and petted. I soaped up my fingers and washed out her cunny and her bottom, eliciting another small orgasm from her in the process. All the while I kept up a littany, telling her how cute and sexy she was and how I was going to enjoy molesting her,

When she was clean I helped her stand and pulled the plug. I then turned on the shower and rinsed the clinging foam from her body.

I wrapped her in a fluffy towel and carried her out to the living room. I sat on the couch with her in my lap then gently toweled her dry. I found a comb and started in on her yellow tresses. She winced at first but relaxed when the tangles were out. Soon she was nearly purring.

I slid her off onto the couch then eased off the couch myself and knelt at her feet. Her large blue eyes followed me. I smiled and leaned forward and kissed her stomach. I then tongued out her belly button.

She was still smiling from that when I abruptly upended her, rolling her back onto her shoulders and pushing her chubby legs down till her ankles were opposite her ears. Her round ass and bald, fat pussy were fully exposed. I delivered a sharp slap to her bottom, setting the flesh to jiggling and leaving an angry, red imprint then dove into the displayed feast.

She had barely had time to cry out from the pain of the blow when my mouth sealed over her underage pussy. Her cry became a gasp as my tongue slid into her cunny till I was licking her hymen. I withdrew and sucked a fat lip into my mouth, biting it and chewing till I left teeth marks. Before that indignity registered I was again root deep in her pre-teen pussy. I gave her a couple of deep soundings then savaged the other lip. I again went diving then let my tongue slide down till it was circling the pretty pink pucker of her anus.

I circled her bottom hole then put my tongue on her button and pushed. She whimpered and tried to come off the couch as I sank into her hot, slick ass. I alternated rimming and tongue fucking her bottom for a minute then attacked the silky, white flesh of her fat butt. I licked an area of cheek till it glistened then sucked my mouth full of jiggly bottom and applied my teeth. I bit hard, leaving purple imprints then licking and sucking to soothe away the pain.

I went to her pussy and wrecked it some more then back to her ass again. In all places I alternated between the soothing action of tongue and lips and the unyielding sharpness of teeth. The child teetered between pleasure and pain till the great mass of stimulation intermingled and rose up, propelling her higher and higher.

My tongue was blade deep in her ass and I was pinching and rolling her little clit when she tipped over into orgasm. Her bottom clamped down on my tongue and she shuddered as her plump pussy drooled into my hand. She didn't scream this time, only squeaked repeatedly like a broken toy.

I moved my mouth to her fluttering twat and licked her dry then gently stretched her out on the sofa.

She came back to the world as I sat her up to pull a T-shirt onto her. I helped her stand. Perfect, the shirt fell only spare inches below her ravaged cunt. I smiled and kissed her. "Okay, sexy girl. Let's go buy that new swimsuit!"

She blinked at me for a second then down at the shirt she was wearing. "What else do I wear?"

I kissed her forehead. "Nothing honey that's all you need."

She looked up at me, "But I got no panties on?"

I flicked up the hem of the shirt, briefly baring her snow white twat. "That's right. This way I can easily show your pretty pussy and bottom to other men to show them how sexy you are. You want other men to think you're sexy don't you?"

She bit her lip and swayed for a second but finally jerked a nod.

"Then let's go get that new bathing suit."

A brief query established that she lived in some apartments a few streets north, we headed south.

Center street was hardly the centerpiece of prosperous America but it wasn't quite the skids either. This was an older part of town, pre-zoning at least. Old houses interspersed with stores, barber shops and the occasional garage. There was even a small factory. I think it made heating registers or something like that.

As we walked down the cracked sidewalks the breeze played with her shirt, shooting glimpses of her round, sexy bottom and bare, snowy cooter to anyone who might be looking. I watched the old and sometimes not old men who lolled on the peeling front porches. Most turned away or shook their heads but a few, the pervs, leaned forward for a better look. These I rewarded by pulling the shirt up, flashing the child's bare charms. Once, an old geezer nearly fell off a ladder. He scrambled quickly down and hustled to the fence line of his property for another look as we made the corner. I cupped the child's bottom then slowly drew my fingers up her crack to the small of her back, raising the shirt as I did so. I thought the old coot was going to die of cardiac arrest. His worn jeans tented out beneath his protruding gut. I imagined the old fart would be soon knocking the bottom out of the old lady, that or beating the skin off his gnarly prick.

As we moved up Fourth Street the houses got better, brick and concrete block replaced peeling clapboard. There were no factories or garages but there was a dental clinic, I guess that's kinda' like a garage for teeth. I kept my hands to myself here. This was where the Samaritans lived. All I needed was one PTA going, Girl Scout hauling soccer mom to call the cops.

As we crossed Vine, a big 4 lane, a vagrant breeze briefly picked up the girl's shirt. It wasn't quite high enough to reveal her lack of panties, well at least not high enough to be SURE. By my count it still caused three cases of whiplash and one near rear ending. Not bad for a twenty second light.

Once across Vine it was down Oasis. We were back in my comfort zone. Old Chevies on blocks outnumbered the sport utes and the predominant color was weathered pine. We passed a bar called the 'Able Hand', I favored the crowd out front with a full butt shot, to whistles and jeers, then turned the corner.

Quinn's Emporium was a combination grocery, head shop and pawn all stuffed into 2000 scuffed, low rent, square feet. The bell tinkled as we stepped inside.

Bonny Quinn, The Bonny short for something with three syllables that once hung on a civil war general, was a man mountain behind the counter. Three other low-lifes, one of who might have been high and another who might have been trying to hock a chain saw, lounged against the glass.

Bonny looked up as I entered the place, a grin split his ugly face. "Man! Been some time since I saw your ugly mugg! He came around the counter and advanced with his hand out. How's it hangin' spud?

I let him cover half the distance then pulled the child's shirt up, baring her pussy to the room.

"This sexy little girl was nice to me so I promised her a new bathing suit. I figured you would have some nice ones in stock." My finger traveled the length of her puffy slit suggestively. "You can help us out can't you?"

He stopped like he'd hit a wall, his gaze alternating between my face and my trolling finger. Finally another grin split his mug. Not dumb was Bonny. "Sure, sure we can do that. Let me get rid-I mean finish up with these gentleman and we'll go in the back for a private fitting."

"Oh bring them along. We'll need lots of opinions won't we honey." I hugged the child. Unsure, she looked up at me but at my smile she slowly nodded.

I led the child back into the stock room, three drooling pervs in trail. Behind us Bonny hung the closed sign and locked the door.

There was a big, sturdy table back in the stock room. I sat the chubby little girl on it, kissed her forehead then pulled the T-shirt off in a single smooth motion, leaving her naked. Instant hardons sprang up around the table as the pervs closed in. Bonny entered the room and started for the child but I looked at him and mouthed 'bathing suits'. He frowned but altered course. In seconds he was muttering to himself and tearing cartons open.

Bonny bought overstocks, damaged goods and stuff from other stores that closed. Sometimes he had little control over inventory, having to by a truckload potluck to get the prices he wanted. It actually wasn't a bad deal for a neighborhood store that sold more stuff under the table via food stamp than over the counter.

Two of the pervs now had their cocks out and the third was groping none too gently between the child's chubby thighs. She shivered and looked fearfully at me. I smiled at her and stroked her hair. "You're so sexy honey."

I pulled her to her feet on the table then motioned to the groper, "get some chairs."

I stroked the child's silky thigh. "While Bonny finds the swimsuits you can entertain us honey. Have you ever danced?"

She looked puzzled and shook her head.

"No matter, just sway back and forth and shake that sexy butt. Then walk around the table and shove that bald little pussy of yours into the men's faces. They'll lick it for you. You like having your little pussy licked don't you?" I slid my hand up and let one finger gently stroke the slit between her puffy little lips.

She bit her lip but after a moment gave a slight nod. I grinned and slapped her bottom. "That's my sexy little girl."

One of the pervs had found some mismatched chairs while another came up with a battered boom box. He found something with a deep base rhythm and we settled in for the show. At first she just stood there but a little prodding got her moving. I clapped my hands and told her how sexy she was and the pervs caught on. Soon cheers and whistles echoed among the boxes along with calls of 'sexy baby' and 'nice ass'. She fed on it and those fat little hips started to swing with more authority, her plump cunny bouncing and jiggling to the drools of all.

She started when I leaned over and slapped her on one cheek but my smile kept her dancing. I licked my lips and mouthed 'sexy' at her and winked. She actually giggled.

I smacked her ass a half dozen more times over the next five minutes, the last 2 hard enough to leave angry red handprints. Here eyes moistened at the sting but so did her bald little pussy, and she danced all the harder.

I leaned forward and licked her right buttock before biting it. I then shoved her toward one of the pervs, the chainsaw I think, "Eat her!".

He didn't need to be told twice. His hands slid up her thick thighs to cup her soft bottom and pull her slick, oozing, little girl twat to his mouth.

She squealed when I bit her but it was choked off as the perv tried his hand at oral hysterectomy. She swayed an cooed as the fucker's tongue caressed her insides.

He pulled back. "Hey she's cherry!"

"And going to stay that way for now!" I popped her on the butt hard enough to set the flesh to jiggling. "Eat!"

The child was inexperienced and over stimulated. In less than a minute she was soaring toward orgasm. As she came I landing a stinging blow across both cheeks. She screamed maybe at the slap, maybe at the cum, maybe both.

I pulled her away from the wet faced perv and told her to dance some more. She was groggy at first but the whistles and cat calls got her moving. From the corner of my eye I saw that Bonny hadn't found any bathing suits yet but had come across a camcorder. It was an older model and the viewfinder hid much of his face but he was either grinning ear to ear or rigor had set in.

It was when the next perv was dining on bald baby pussy that I hit her with the belt for the first time. It popped loud, even over the music and left an angry red stripe across her fat little white ass but she didn't even look around, just shoved her goodies harder at the face of her molester. Shit, either this perv was a world class drooler or kiddy fuck lube was running down her thigh.

I slashed her a few more times with the belt then pulled her off the perv just as her legs gave out. She sat down hard, her little cunny squelched. Shit she was wet. I kissed her then yanked a can of hot soda from a pile of no-brand cases. She drank half of it. I kissed her again and cooed at her some then got her back on her feet. We had at least one perv to go.

I stroked her legs while she danced then slowly made my way up her chubby thighs till I was stroking her sexy, flaming bottom. I rubbed and kneaded the hot flesh then began to gently slide my finger up and down her crack.

When she was fully into her dance again I shoved her at the last perv. This one looked like he was on something. Zits showed through his straggly beard and his eyes were fixed and glassy over a beak like nose. He was ready for pedo pussy though. He leered like a gargoyle then shoved his whole face into the child's crotch. Fuck! The guy had a tongue, it slithered between her legs and damn near reached her cute little asshole.

I waited till she started to jerk on his mouth and lit into her ass with the belt. I limbered up and really whaled her a dozen odd times. Her mouth opened and her thighs closed as she screamed and came and came and came. When she would have collapsed the perv held her up, his long tongue lapping the nectar from her immature little twat.

When he finally released her she sank to the table, a twitching pile of nerves strung halfway between agony and extasy.

As hands caressed her I motioned bunny over and took the camera from him, indicating he should take his turn. He licked his lips then moved in, his big hands were gentle as they caressed the chunky pre-teens nude flesh. He began to kiss and lick her face then moved down her neck and onto her heaving chest. He licked her nipples then gently bit each and pulled it slightly out before releasing it. He moved downward, licking and nibbling when he reached her innie navel he spiraled in, pulling a giggle from the exhausted child.

I motioned with the camera and he gently pulled her to her feet. She was beyond dancing but did sway a little. Her head went back and she gave a gurgling groan when that ugly mug nosed between her thighs.

Bonny ate her cunny for a bit then pulled on her thighs turning her around. Her eyes flew open when his big lapper started to push into her bottom. I moved around and zoomed in, catching a good long look at her tight little pink asshole stretching around his tongue then I motioned one of the pervs over and handed him the camera.

I made sure he was capturing everything then moved to face the child. Her eyes were again closed, her head was back and a small smile graced her tired features. She had started to hunch her bottom against Bonny's face. I gave her a further moment to get into it then took careful aim and laid the leather right between her fat, glistening cunt lips.

A song was just tailing off and the wet pop of impact seemed like a pistol shot. The tender flesh deformed then splayed open to either side allowing the impact to penetrate to the tender pink insides. As the leather fell away the already reddening lips jiggled like tiny jello half moons.

The child's eyes flew open; they seemed to almost start from her head so large were they. Her hands flew to her smashed pussy. Her mouth opened but even as she started to scream in agony she came. Pre-teen baby cum actually fucking sprayed from her abused little twat. Her scream gurgled off into a moan and she jerked once, then twice. Her eyes fluttered then rolled back in her head as she passed out. She slumped bonelessly, pulling Bonny's tongue from her ass. She would have fallen but hands quickly grasped and eased her to the table.

I stepped forward and began stroking her legs, stomach and chest. She was flushed and slick with sweat but still sexy. Her flesh was butter soft and oh so smooth the way only a child can be. I slid a hand down to her bald, gaping pussy. The lips were slowly creeping closed like a flower opening in reverse. They had began to take on even more of an angry red hue. I stroked them for a moment before sending a finger gently worming inside. Her hot little cunt pulsed around the intruding digit. I pushed forward till I reached her cherry. It was intact. I'd half worried that I'd sundered it with that last blow.

I pulled the child forward till her head hung over the edge of the table then unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I motioned to the perv with the camera to zoom in and then told another to "eat her!"

I waited till both filming and eating were underway to my satisfaction then began to piss in the little girl's face.

Hot, rank piss struck her chin and ran down to either side of her mouth. In ran into the hollows of her closed eyes then into her blond tresses before dripping to the floor. At first there was no reaction but when I lowered my aim and sent a stream up her nose that changed.

The child came awake with a hacking cough, her body jackknifed off the table only to slam down again on the scarred wood. Her eyes fluttered open and when her mouth followed I sent a stream of high pressure urine inside.

That set her to coughing worse; she heaved and flopped as piss sprayed from her mouth and nose. I waited till she had settled down to a steady hacking that did not register on the Richter scale then emptied the remaining contents of my bladder into her hair.

All the pervs and Bonny now had their dicks in hand and were whacking furiously. I didn't care of the pussy eater beat his meat but the designated camera perv was shaking the appliance all over the place.

I backhanded him in the chest. "Film or fucking jerk, not both dickhead!" He glared at me but his hand came off his cock and his eye went back to the viewfinder.

We waited while the pre-teen girl finished coughing then I stepped up and smiled into her piss wet face. Her eyes looked glazed and her expression said she still wasn't all there. Part of that might have been the coughing fit but I figured the pussy licking was starting to have an effect as well. I stroked her cheek for a moment then put pressure on her chin to open her mouth. Still smiling I pushed forward and shoved my dick inside.

I cooed at her and told her how sexy and hot she was as I gently began to fuck her mouth. I fucking wanted to drive past her tonsils and try her throat but decided not to after her recent coughing spell. I also didn't want Bonny and the pervs to try the same thing; that would surely be too much for her.

Still, just her hot little mouth felt great and I was firecracker hot from stripping this child naked and watching four strangers gang molest her. It was so fucking perverted and dirty what we were doing to this little girl. It took less than a dozen trips into the child's little toilet mouth and I was filling it with cum. I gave her three spurts that had thick spunk oozing from the corners of her mouth then pulled out and painted her face with the remainder.

I took a minute to recover then motioned the camera perv over and took the instrument from him before indicating it was his turn. He was so eager her nearly tripped over his pants as he stumbled forward.

He took station in front of her face and then looked from me to her while licking his lips. His dick was on the small side but stood out iron bar straight. He gave it a stroke or two then groaned and started to piss.

The pussy eater had just abandoned his station, his own cock in hand as he anticipated his turn. It was lucky he had because the piss stream arced over the child and landed between her knees. Had pussy eating perv still been eating pussy then pissing perv would have bulls eyed him. The pisser bent forward to correct his aim and the impact point marched upward, over the childs abused twat then up her stomach and chest. By the time he plugged his pissing cock into her mouth the child was warned. The rank brew went into her stomach, not her lungs. I got a good close up of her Adam's apple bobbing as she swallowed.

Over the next fifteen minutes four cocks pissed then came in the childs mouth and on her face. Cum was clumped in her piss wet hair and oozed from one ear. Piss was pooled in her navel and congealed spunk and drying piss covered her face and chest.

Bonny hustled the pervs out while I got the child into the store's lone, dingy bathroom. She was limp and listless as I began to clean her up. I was gentle and kept telling her how grown up and sexy she was. I had barely started when she rushed to the toilet and threw up nearly a quart of urine and cum. Over the sound of her retching I heard Bonny rumble a final threat to the pervs then the tinkle of the bell on the front door. I stroked the child's wet hair till she was finished.

I used a soft cloth and plenty of soap and hot water to cleanse the debauchery off of her. Washing her hair in the sink proved a challenge but I was up to it. When I was satisfied the she was clean I wrapped her in a fluffy towel and carried her out and deposited her on a broken down chair. Bonny had already wiped the table clean and had shoved it aside so he could mop up the piss puddled on the floor. I got the child another soda then leaned down and kissed her on the mouth before heading over to Bonny.

He grinned when I approached but it changed to a frown when I picked up the camera and ejected the tape.

I met his gaze. "My girl, my movie. I'll edit it and see you get a copy."

He didn't like that, "You gonna take out the faces?"

I nodded, "and anything else too identifying."

He motioned about the room, "What about my place? That's identifying."

I fought the urge to laugh. His place looked like the back room of a hundred other dumps in this burg but I nodded. "Anything too identifying."

He still didn't like it but when I indicated it might be my way or no more repeat performance he licked his lips and gave in.

When we left a half hour later the child clutched a bag with not one but three new bathing suits. She also wore a bright yellow sun dress that set off her hair and actually seemed to slim her a little. A new pair of sneakers also adorned her feet. The kind with the little l.e.d.'s that flash with every step.

The new clothes had gone a long way to brighten the child up. A stop at a local burger joint for a belly bomber and a big strawberry shake almost made her giddy.

When we reached the house I gave her another soda. I then went to the back of the house and hid Bonny's tape with the one I had made earlier. When I came back into the front room I was just in time to rescue the nearly full can as it tilted toward the floor. The child was out like a light. By now it was afternoon and I was pretty tranqued myself. I gently lifted her then pulled her back to my chest and lay on my side on the couch. She barely murmured. I pulled her skirt up and cupped her bald, pantyless cunny. I gave that sweet, abused treasure a few strokes then joined her in the land of nod.

I awoke with the child squirming against me. I kissed the top of her head then tilted her chin up till I was looking into her big, blue eyes.

"I gotta pee," she whispered.

My own bladder felt rather full as well. I rubbed her pussy. "You got to pee from right here?"


I kissed her nose. "Okay."

I eased us both to a sitting position then stood the child on her feet. She winced as I palmed and caressed her bare bottom under her dress.



I kissed her again, this time on the lips. "We'll see about that after we pee."

I stood and took her hand, leading her to the bathroom. Once inside I reached down and pulled her dress off, leaving her naked save for frilly socks and sneakers. "So we don't get your new dress wet," I answered her puzzled look.

I sat her on the toilet then stood in front of her and pulled down my zipper. "I've got to pee too sexy girl." She glanced from my face to my heavy cock, her face neutral. After a moment her mouth opened however. I eased my dick into her mouth and told her to close as I stroked her hair. When her piss started to spray into the water mine began to fill up her mouth. I held her gaze as she swallowed, my own little pre-teen toilet.

When both of our bladders were empty I retrieved a baby wipe and gently wiped her face and pussy clean. I then picked up her bare form and carried her out to the sofa. I got her another soda then busied myself setting up the camera and tripod. I had two stand-mount halogen work lights so I retrieved these and sat them up as well.

The child sipped her soda and watched without comment as I stripped. I smiled and waggled my heavy cock at her as I went in search of an ashtray. I found a heavy, chipped ceramic thing that a previous tenant had abandoned and sat it on the couch beside her. I lit a cigarette and placed it in the ashtray then leaned down and kissed the child hard on the mouth. She tasted of grape soda, not a hint of piss.

As our tongues dueled I gently pinched and pulled at her little nipples. After a moment I pulled back and gently kissed the hollows of her eyes. She giggled at this. When I mouthed and sucked at the end of her nose she giggled some more. I dropped down a bit then sucked and nibbled at the hollow of her throat. I kissed and licked my way across then gently bit the protruding shape of her right collarbone. I kissed her shoulder then went for her puffy little nipples.

She gasped as I sucked the first one into my mouth and gently batted it around with my tongue. When I bit it ever so lightly her arms encircled my head, pulling me to her chest. I sucked hard, pulling the little nubbin deep into my mouth. I trapped just the hard little tip and eased my head slowly back, stretching her proto-breast away from her chest. She groaned when I released her nipple to snap back to her chest.

I repeated the procedure twice more then moved to her other nipple. She was flushed by now and was breathing hard. I savaged this nipple for a minute then extended my tongue and licked my way to her navel.

I wanted to linger here a bit but the preteen was pushing my head down while lifting her crotch up. The little slut wanted my mouth on her fat cunny now! I gave her belly button a one tripper then kissed the inside of each of the child's thighs and stood.

She gave me a puzzled look. I just smiled down at her then reached down and took her into my arms. I reversed her then laid her down on the couch with her head hanging over the end of the cushion and her legs vertical against the back cushion.

I stepped forward, straddling her head then got my arms around her lower back just above her butt. She squealed as I lifted her pussy to my mouth. She now hung down my front with only the back of her head and her neck on the cushions. I speared my tongue between her fat lips, driving all the way to her hymen in one plunge. She bucked and her plump, satiny thighs squeezed my head. I was looking right down at her bubble bottom. The fat, round cheeks jiggled as she moved. They were red and in some places blue but there were no welts. Next time I'd use a whip. Welts were sexy.

I held her in place with one hand while I munched bald baby pussy. With my other hand I grasped my cock and pulled it down till the head was at her lips. It took three tries but she finally got the message and opened her mouth. I groaned into pussy as my dick slid into her mouth. She gagged as I pushed into the back of her mouth. I knelt slightly, causing her head to bend more toward her chest. Then, judging the angle right I again shoved my tongue deep into her twat and my cock down her throat.

Fuck! It was tight! I could feel her gagging around my dick. The convulsions that passed through her throat tried to pinch my cock in two. That thought brought a brief vision of teeth but I was too into her hot little mouth to worry about it. She could fucking bite it off, just let me blast her tonsils first.

She began to jerk and I pulled out, one great shuddering grasp and I was balls deep again. I held myself in that hot, wet luxury for another long moment then pulled back again. Slowly I started to full stroke her, pulling back into her mouth then plowing into her resisting throat again.

At the top end I started to demolish kiddy pussy. I used my tongue like a sword, slicing and thrusting at her tender pink parts. At the same time I was sucking her little clit and bald cunt lips into my mouth and chewing them brutally. I tried to shove my face into her drooling little slot so hungry was I for her.

I gave a final deep suck then pulled back, several slimy tendrils trailed from her cunt to my mouth. Not all of it was saliva. I could taste her juices, the little slut was lubing heavily. I grasped both butt cheeks and yanked her against my chest, her soaked little cunny fit into the hollow of my throat. I attacked her bottom, kissing, licking and biting her tortured cheeks before diving into her deep cleft and shoving my tongue up her ass.

I tongue raped her ass for a bit then went back to her abused little slot. My left hand patted around till it encountered the ashtray. I flicked off the ash and then while giving her my best effort at an oral hysterectomy brought the burning coal to her chubby left cheek.

She screamed around my dick as her flesh burned. I switched cheeks and burned her again. She jerked and her pussy spasmed around my tongue as she screamed again. Fuck it felt good when she screamed around my cock! I burned her ass another half dozen times then pulled my tongue from her fat cunny and began to lick and suck her burned bottom. I gave every spot where I'd tortured her butt a good balm of saliva then slithered my tongue back up her bottom. It was time to burn her pussy.

Man! If I though she'd jumped when I'd burned her butt it was nothing to when the glowing tip first touched her cunt! I brought the coal to her left lip and she jerked as if disemboweled. Only my dick plugging her throat kept her from emptying her lungs in a truly epic bellow and she still gave it a game effort. Her ass clamped so tight around my tongue that for long seconds I could not advance or retreat. Her body wound up like a spring and then held that impossibly taut pose for a second before relaxing like a puppet with its strings cut.

I waited till she relaxed then burned the smooth, pearl white flesh of her right lip. She jerked so hard I though I hear vertebrae crack. Her scream almost inflated my fucking balls. As I pulled the glowing tip back from her melted flesh pre-teen cum sprayed from her between her savaged cunny lips. The little slut came!

I alternated, burning one lip and then the other till her snowy twat was ruined. I was close to losing it and took time to fuck her throat for three good strokes, my balls bouncing on her sweaty forehead. I pulled my tongue out of her bottom, kissed both cheeks then thrust into her quivering ass again. As my tongue slid into her butt I pried her destroyed little cunt lips apart and shoved the entire cigarette into her cunt!

She convulsed like an epileptic, spittle sprayed out around my dick and dripped from my balls. Her scream seemed to rattle the windows, cock or no cock. At the peak she came again, actually forcing the extinguished cigarette from her cunt on an upwelling of kiddy cum. I was with her, bellowing as I fired steaming spunk into her mouth.

The child went limp and it took me a second to realize she had passed out. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and then pissed down her throat before pulling my shrinking dick free. I was bushed myself but staggered to the bathroom and moistened a washrag.

She came around as I cleaned her up. I helped her to the bathroom where I finished the job, cooing to and praising her the entire time. I applied a soothing ointment to her twat and bottom then helped her into her dress. A cold soda helped a bit but the still seemed out of it when I walked her to the door.

It was only when she was gone that I realized I didn't even fucking know her name!

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Wow, what an incredibly hot fucking story. My favorite stories are those that are told in first-person voice by a nasty child molester like this one. Especially loved all the pissing in her and on her. Hope you'll continue and bust that little cherry. Excellent!

cummy cunnies

EXCELLENT writing! In the top 2 percentile of anyone here. By the way, did I mention that a 2nd part -- or a re-interpretation even -- of Lisa's Chronicles would be cool?

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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