Club Paris or New York's Finest Kiddy Fuck Lounge

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Published: 22-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was a cold night, the chill air snapped at my skin when I stepped out into the bustle of lights and noise on the corner of East 51 street and Park Avenue. I dislike the cold more then I hate traveling into Manhattan at 8 in the night. I live in Brooklyn but I never considered myself to be part of the city. People are usually proud to say they're New Yorkers. There is so much filth, crime and prostitution, none of which I object to individually but combined to these levels just disgusts me. Remember we are talking about the mid 60's before Giuliani came in and made over the city.

However, on Fridays the whole town becomes my hunting ground and this particularly evening is special. Normally I'll find myself at one of the smaller lounges that dot the basements of the city, these are the places that cater to my particular tastes in females. Unfortunately the quality tends to fail to meet the expectations of the high standards I set for my little nymphs I seek to court for the night. There is little in the way of an 'A' game unless you want to be around mobsters all night and if you can swallow having to pick up antibiotics every couple of weeks to get rid of that itch around your dick.

I work as a freelance financial consultant, it wasn't a career choice born out of love of math or telling people how to spend their money but I enjoy some of the finer things in life. I tend to spoil myself; I'm only 28 and can do almost anything I want thanks to a salary that matches my greed. I should correct that statement by saying that this night I'll have had everything I've ever wanted and proceed to take part in such activates until I die.

I'm a very quiet person, I have a few friends and we hang out from time to time which is fine for me. Usually being antisocial restricts you from certain experiences but I was lucky to choose the right friends.

So let's go back about 50 years from today or 8 years from the night in description to when I first met Tommy. I was in college and Tommy and I shared a writing class, he knew I was a math major so he asked me to help him figure out financing for a production he was going to put together after graduation. He was very sketchy about sharing information, I knew some of it but it wasn't until opening night while sitting with everyone else that I found out what he was up to.

He always spoke about his big break and he was convinced that this play was going to change the way theatre is made for the next century. It went far worse than any of us could have imagined but he was a social and likable guy so experience and opportunity greeted him through every door, I'm not sure if one closed or opened but it worked out.

Let me detour just a little bit more.

'Club Paris,' pronounced Pari where the 'i' is sounded as a long 'e.' Irrelevant either way since we all spoke about it as, 'Kiddy Fuck Club.' Club Paris is an oddity of a name for a lounge in the middle of an American city, I admit, pretentious in a way. The owner had a club in France during WWII and met a small platoon of soldiers who were stationed overseas but happened to be on the street of his lounge which catered to all tastes. When I talk about prostitutes it's that French owner who got it. I hear that French children have no modesty and are quite the beautiful little nymphs.

I've been with nymphs of all kind around the world; European, Russian, Asian, Korean, Black, Spanish, all of it. I'll tell you that American girls are okay. Not that they can't be beautiful but it's the culture of the people and the modesty that is so pervasive it borders on a psychological trauma.

Around the time the war ended and all of the Frenchman's new found businesses dried up he made his way to the States so he could set up an American club of his own. What I heard is an Army Lieutenant, while over in France, had made some sort of group deal to get his men reduced rates for the lounge in exchange for not blowing the whistle on the whole thing. I doubt he would of but I'm sure the threat of French authorities especially during war time was ever present. Happy soldiers make for a dead Hitler you know.

Somehow this lieutenant made arrangements with Vincent Impellitteri - I think was the mayor of New York at the time - and some mobsters in the city to get everything set up. Easy deal, Mayor gets something he wants, the Frenchmen gets lounge space in the city that's kept off of the books, they bring in girls, advertise a little under the radar and the mobsters learn about valuable cargo moving through the city while the police look the other way.

Tommy got into the club after the debut of his play about the relationship between a 7 year old and a 24 year old homeless poet on the streets of Manhattan. A true experience based on something he went through with a young prostitute. The script called for the on-stage deflowering of a 7 year old which no one knew was going to happen prior to the moment of actually penetration. The play was a huge success up until the deflowering took place and the audience stormed out in horror. He had to flee the angry mob and change his name with the help of a patron of the club who came out to watch and enjoyed what he saw.

You would be amazed at how pervasive and common adult child relationships were in the 50s and 60s. The benefit to being around in those day was how it was taboo to even talk about in most parts of the country. Rape, incest and promiscuity would mean your neighbors or town would disown you, everyone knew each other and word traveled fast. They would say your family was totally fucked up and they didn't want you spreading your problems to them.

It's funny because people weren't sure diseases could spread through sex but they thought social problems were contagious. It's hard to even know if the police would do anything, no one really knew how to test or prove anything had occurred and the media hadn't developed to point where fear of 'rape' and 'molestation' of their kids and the BS psychological trauma they talk about today hadn't been engrained in their heads.

Eventually Tommy shared the news with me but I had to wait to get in, there are only so many members allowed to join at a time. Tommy told me I'm lucky to get in at all. After Tommy got into the club he introduced me to a few of his buddies he met inside; Chance, Tommy and Ray. The way they spoke about it, amazing. It was rare they talked about it because you didn't want to make it known that you were in the club, there was a long waiting list and a lot of men who wanted to get their rocks off with a little nymph.

You aren't supposed to know where the club is until you are finally accepted. If any of the management found out who blabbed you can bet you would have a mobster visit you at home and no one wanted to give up their access to the lounge and use of their legs to blab about it. Now there was a guy who was on the list for 3 years stalking around the city going off of rumors of where the club was. He started offing people as they were leaving for the night, waiting until he saw them walk outside, stab them, shoot them, whatever he had to do to shorten the waiting list to get himself in.

Eventually he started getting creative and tried to plant a bomb in a car that would be triggered by the ignition. The police think the guy wired it wrong, the electrical current already in the lines triggered the bomb and blew him to pieces.

The concept of that place, being able to find and enjoy the finest quality nymphs just drove people bananas. To this day I dream about that place. I'll wake up in the middle of the night to find myself cradling a pillow between my legs having creamed my pants from grinding it. I've tried going back to alley nymphs but it's never been able to quench my hunger. When it closed, well, you can imagine.

So I got on the list but let me tell you that quality isn't cheap. After 5 years I was privileged with putting together $10,000 cash and dropping it off at a predetermined location. Each month after that it cost $4,500 for the right to hold this gold membership card. It was a simple design that was pretty innocuous except for the basic outline of a girl laying flat on her back with one leg up in the air and her arm hanging below the horizontal line of her back.

So on the day I got in, an address was in the mail, 301 Park Avenue. You know how they say if you want to hide something put it in plain sight. They weren't shitting. The Waldorf-Astoria was and is one of the finer places you can enjoy if you have the means. Along with the address they gave me a short list of instructions that would get me to where I needed to be. I walked briskly up and through the doors and climbed the steps into the expanse of the lobby among the bustle of business men having drinks and a family of 5 at the front desk with their luggage piled around them. I made my way to the stairs and went up to the 3rd floor and out into the hallway to the elevators.

The humming of the elevator stopped in front of me. The doors opened revealing the elevator attendant waiting to assist me. I stepped into the elevator and immediately noticed there was no button for floor 32. Where the button should be there was an etching that read 'Electrical and plumbing.'

'How curious.' I said aloud to no one in particular. I felt quite stupid now, the attendant was waiting for me to ask for a floor and I had none, perhaps I should excuse myself and proceed out to the pay phones and hopefully reach Tommy. No, he was in the lounge by now and I don't have their number.

'What floor do you want, sir.' The man asked brightly.

'I wanted floor 32 but I think maybe I have put on a ruse.' My confidence was starting to melt, I begun to think I had done something wrong. I pulled out the instructions; I didn't need it as I had its image imprinted in my memory. There was nothing after, 'get on the third floor elevator and reach the 32 floor.'

'Mhmm we'll you managed to make it to the third floor, haven't you?' The man asked looking down at the sheet of paper in my hands

I shot him a stern look, how curious. 'Yes, I suppose,' I thought for a moment and wondered if I should step off.

'Do you have your card or not? Now I know I'm not supposed to let people on if they don't know what to do but I've heard a thing or two about what goes on up there and I'm just happy to see the happy faces that come through here.' He just stood there smiling, possibly playing images through his head wishing he could be among those with the privilege of being a member.

My hand rose up inside my coat pocket and withdrew the gold card. I had completely forgotten that I had it. I made a mental note to triple check that I have it next time I leave the house. I'm not sure I could get another one if I lost it, perhaps I'd be bumped to the bottom of the list.

'Very good sir, floor 32 it is.' He smiled and pulled out a key ring from his pocket, searching it until he found the bronze key that fit the small slot on the upper right edge of the elevator panel. Behind the surface was a mess of wires that Benny sorted through knowingly pulling out several of the connections and replacing them in a different order. 'Don't want anyone else stopping the elevator and getting on before we get you to your floor.' After he pushed the final connection in the elevator started upward.

The anticipation of coming to a stop was overbearing, my palms were sweaty and my heart was racing. I needed a drink to calm my nerves. We came to a stop and the doors parted. I pulled out what change I had in my pocket, 6 dollars, I handed it to the man which he happily accepted without condition.

I stepped out into an unfinished lobby full of exposed wires, dripping pipes, and puddles along the floor. It was frighteningly cold and the ambience wasn't what I anticipated. Darkness was everywhere, I had no idea where the empty space ending.

'You'll want to come with a group next time. Sorting these wires is a bit of a hassle and looks suspicious if anybody were to see. 'The doors shut with the attended off in the corner fidgeting with the panel. The elevator whirred to life and left me to fend for myself.

There was very little light but I managed to find my way down a narrow hallway towards a pink glow coming from around the corner. Every step of my shoes sounded with a crash off of the concrete corridor. At the end of the hallway was a large rusted iron door and a small neon outline of a girl identical to the one on the card. There was a large iron button. Pressing it gave a buzz from somewhere on the other side. There was a harsh clash of metal sliding against metal. The door crawled open creaking and moaning along the travel of the hinges. A brawny Italian man wearing full body armor and a rifle strung across his chest came from behind the door to greet me.

His voice was deep, 'Never seen you before.' he stood over me like an 800 pound silverback gorilla.

I had to pause for a minute to think over the situation, I still wasn't aware of what was happening and how much of this was correct. I reached in to pull out the gold card. The guard's massive hand sprang forward ripping it from my grasp. He gave me an approving nod, 'Yeah, right there. Go in and don't fuck around or I will smash your face on this door.'

I slide past the guard moving down another narrow hallway to a swinging door. This next hallway was wider and had taller ceilings. The walls were lined with red velvet drapes with gold ornate lights flanking various pictures of singers and bands, none of which I recognized. I started to hear music, the indistinguishable thumps of drums, matching the beat of my heart, the sharp pitch of a saxophone, equal to the sharp anxiety churning my stomach, laughter and clanking of glasses, sharing the jubilation of the images racing through my head. At the end of the hallway there was a small door covered in red satin and framed in gold. I reached out turning the handled, pushed the door forward. Sight, sound and smell overcame me.

I was taken aback by the huge lounge that lay in front of me; the carpets were a deep burgundy surrounded by golden trim meeting at tan marble pillars reaching up at least 15 feet to the upper level balconies which were adorned by golden railings. In the seats of the balconies I could just barely make out figures and shadows moving in the dim light. Hanging off of the pillars were lights providing just enough light to see but keep the mood clam to draw attention to the brightly lit center of the lounge where a huge golden chandelier hung. At the far end of the lounge was the band stand where a group of 7 men and 1 female singer were performing a jazz/blues mix.

In front of the band were all of the patrons sitting on colorful couches positioned in disarray. On either side of the couches were side tables which had a small lamp and ashtray, most of them were a mess of bottles and glasses. The air was unforgettable, it hung like a gently haze; a mixture of cigarette smoke, perfumes, liquors and the unmistakable smell of fluids; sweat and semen. I stood aghast in the darkness of the doorway until my stare was broken by a little voice.

'Hi handsome, you're the new one, huh? Grey isn't it? Your friends are all sitting down there I can walk you to them, yea?' A little cherry blossom of a girl with the biggest greenest eyes I've ever seen was one foot in front of me just starring up into my eyes.

The bright lights in the center of the room cast a Shallotte over her that made it hard to see her in that moment but I could feel her radiance. 'Y-yea-yes thank you.' Oh I stammered like an inexperienced fool.

I've been tossed into the lion's den except the lions were actually nymphs and they were now hunting me as their prey. This was unexpected. As a child lover over these years of my short life had forced me to become a depraved madman at times, often seeking children out in the most lewd of circumstances only to walk away feeling even emptier then when I started.

The lounge was chock full of little girls serving as waiters and dancers, this is something I've only been able to imagine in my own perverse dreams and masturbatory fantasies. This is something altogether different then imagination, there is a feel we child lovers get when we are in the presence of children, something I suspect other men fell when around a busty or sleazy woman. How grown women disgust me I cannot express to you.

She giggled so sweetly, 'hey, you won't be nervous around me, yea? Your friends said I should show you a good time as a welcome gift. You'll tell me what you want me to do to make you more comfortable!' There was boyishness in her mannerisms but her eyes screamed Lolitesque innocence of a young girl who knew what she could do to a man's libido but played coy about it. She grabbed me by the handed and started towards the sitting area where she said my friends were.

I tugged her arm stopping her, 'What do I call you?'

She spun around giving me a pert smile barring her big white teeth, 'Emmy!'

Oh sweet Emmy, yes, such a wonderful name for you child! Shame if that wasn't her real name, I wanted it to be true and I found myself in lust over her so suddenly. There was a short moment that allowed me to gather my bearings and stare longingly at her.

Her face was long and narrow with big round cheeks. Her skin was an ivory white with a few handfuls of freckles sprinkled across her nose and forehead. Her hair color was a dirty cherry red and cut in a 'bob' - short all around but the front was left long and was slicked across her forehead with a little gold flower adorning her bangs. Her ears were big, stuck out a bit and she had adorned them with turquoise diamond earrings. Her lips were full, dressed with pink lipstick, she wore no other makeup but she didn't need it as far as I was concerned.

I paused for a moment to drink in the sight of everything happening around me. Each girl had a dress theme, one girl had kitty ears and wore furs, another had little red horns and was half naked in a small red leather tube top, and panties that rode high on her waist but with leggings trimmed no more than an inch below the crest of her labia. Her outfit was accented with black lacing and dark makeup making her look sinister .Most of the girls wore different kinds of two piece outfits exposing so much of their lithe tan or pale bodies.

Little Emmy wore something akin to a ballerina, she had a white spandex one piece that was cut modestly around her pussy lips and held up with spaghetti straps over her shoulders. The material was thin and clung to her features. Over top of the one-piece was a maroon satin jacket that fell just past where her nipples would be, it was covered in different rhinestones and gold lacing. She had gold dancing shoes with white lace leggings and gold stitching that rose to her upper thigh which met her hips with a small frilly tutu.

Emmy was very tall, her legs went on forever and she had a nice pert little ass that stuck out from the inward curve of her spin. She was a medium build which was okay even though I prefer little girls who are mere sticks, not anorexic but very fit and cared little for snacks. Perhaps then what I found attractive in her body was how tone her physic was, like a professional dancer might be. You could see the subtle curvature of muscle beneath the thin fabric of her outfit. The best part is she had only just started to develop little pubescent hips, still small enough to be girly but wide enough to use as leverage if I find myself inside of her.

She stepped towards me and held my hand in both of hers; her eyes got big sucking me into their emerald depths. 'You want to tell me how pretty I am, yea? I would like that a lot if you did.'

'You're gorgeous, Emmy.' I told her quite sincerely and with an emphasis on her name. I swung her arms side to side playfully, eliciting a big smile from her little face. I was grinning.

She giggled again, 'Kay! I'm going to take you to your friends now.' She playfully danced ahead of pulling and tugging on my hand as she bounced around as though she was skipping through a field of flowers.

'What did I tell you Grey it exists and it is wonderful.' Chance was sitting on the end of the couch with a glass in one hand and a brown headed little girl on the other side. Chance was one of my friends who had been a member of the club for a few years. Tommy introduced us, I liked him enough. There aren't many people who you can openly talk with about your weekly exploits in pedophilia.

Alongside Chance was Tommy and they both raised their glasses to me. 'To our exciting new adventures partaking from the well of eternal youth.' They spoke in near unison while looking around to the nymphs populating the surrounding area.

Emmy clutched my arm and brought herself right up against me, 'Your friends are funny, yea? My tummy is tired from laughing. They have good jokes.'

'She's perfect for you isn't she Grey. We kept her company until you got here. Angelic little thing.' Tommy proclaimed.

The little girl next to Tommy hit him on the shoulder and gave a scowl. 'Am I not angelic?'

Tommy replied, 'Aww your my little baby slut but the thing you do with your tongue isn't very angelic, is it?

I would agree the girl wasn't angelic, not like Emmy but she was still very fuckable. Tommy said her name was Libby, adorable, blood rushed into my member when he said it. She was sitting slumped on the couch with her arms across her bare stomach. She had messy brown curls framing her face. Her eyes were narrow and dark brown, she had a pointy nose and a big full lips.

All of her makeup had started to run from sweat and what were probably tears from gagging on some guys cock, or so I imagine. In her hair was a band with 2 little bumble bees attached to springs, they bobbed and wiggled with every movement.

She had a very long body and legs, a deep caramel tan plus she was very skinny. Her pseudo top consisted of 2 pink and yellow flowers that were taped to her completely smooth chest to hide her nipples, just barely. She had a wonderful little v shape that formed from her hips down to her hidden little pussy. Her fuck hole was hidden beneath glittered low cut pink leather boy shorts .Moving down her legs she wasn't wearing anything but a pair of yellow 3 inch high heels.

Quite exotic for a girl of about 10 or 11. I noticed most of the girls in the club were probably as young as 7 or 8 ranging up to maybe 14. There were no fully pubescent girls. A few of the little ones had immature breast and hips but not much more. Emmy was perhaps 8 or 9, the perfect age for me.

I sighed while looking Emmy over. I was fully erect and quite uncomfortable since I hadn't gotten comfortable enough to remove my pants or pull my cock through the fly of my pants.

'Let me show you how much I like my baby slut.' Tommy chimed to her as he moved her arms away from her indrawn abdomen and began rubbing in little circles on her soft looking tummy. The little girl and Tommy locked lips, their lounges entwined while Tommy took his free hand through her hair pulling her hair as he moved to the back of her head.

She moaned out loudly.

He began to twist and turn her head kissing her on the cheek, nose, neck, and shoulders. The hand he had on her stomach slid down into her little boy shorts. Libby went rigid and slid forward almost falling off of the couch as Tommy began to work his hands around her pussy.

Tommy never broke eye contact with her when he was fondling her beneath the pink leather. Suddenly he got an eerie look about him and the lump formed by his intruding hand had stopped and was centered over her pussy.

Libby's mouth hung open and her eye lids narrowed as I pictured Tommy sliding his fingers into her pussy, invading the tight warm wetness. The girl's eyes rolled up into her head and she let out a purr. Her feet were firmly planted on the ground as she lay horizontal hanging half off of the couch and she began rhythmically pumping her hips up and down against his hand.

Chance slid to the side a bit, 'this may be a bit overwhelming. Have a seat. I've already got you a drink to loosen you up while you watch.' He held out the glass with scotch

Chance was on the end of the couch and the girl he was with was between us. Before I sat down I made sure to give her a once over. The child was probably one of the youngest in the room, she may have been 7. She was a small thing compared to the other girls in the lounge. Her face was round with chubby red cheeks, eye shadow and lipstick. Her hair was tied in pigtails with big bright blue bows. She wore a lot of baby fat and the cutest little feet.

Chance has pulled her polka dotted sun dress down below her chest so her tiny pink nipples were exposed. Chances fingers were caressing her skin gently. The look on her face was of disinterest. She was likely much too young to have too many feelings of arousal. Her sex drive hadn't really started up but she was attractive enough to get child lovers to pay money to see her. I'm sure no one complained.

Looking back over at Libby she certainly seems legitimately interested and in the first throes of impending orgasm. What a sight it was. The girl lay there arms up over her head, her hips rising and falling while Tommy pumped fingers in and out of that immature body while strumming their tongues around each other's mouths. Saliva pooled on the girls chin and ran down her elegant neck to the little dimple between her collar bones at the base of her neck.

Emmy had gotten in on the action by pulling off a flower nipple cover. She started rubbing the now exposed brown, raised nipple between her thumb and forefinger. I reached around Emmy to rub her back through the thin fabric of her outfit while I watched the act of lesbianism. I had down several mouths full of scotch to free myself to the sensory overload because I was about to pop off in my pants.

Tommy slid Libby's shorts off revealing the 3 fingers he worked inside the girl's pussy, pushing in and out past her prepubescent folds which were rosy red from all of the attention her baby hole was getting. His fingers were soaked, her pussy was drenching everything in the area about her labia and the juices had begun spreading down her thighs .Perspiration had formed all over her dark tan skin causing her to glisten in the lounges moody light.

Emmy quickly got tired of the girls nipples and ran her fingers down over the sexually induced child to her stomach which was rising and falling rapidly while tensing every half second or so as Libby's inexperienced body attempted to deal with the overload of electrical signals shooting through her brain causing her conscious mind to lose control of her muscles. Involuntary instinct was taking over. Emmy was running circles around the girl's belly button occasionally entering the shallow navel almost as if she wished to finger fuck the little adornment. Then my angel leaned down and started kissing the girls bare sweat drench tummy, making smacking sounds with her lips working circles around the girl's navel. I had to lean around to get a better look, my ivory angel's face laid strong contrast against Libby's tan stomach. Emmy's bright red tongue lapped at the girl's belly button, entering and encircling it, tasting salty sweetness of Libby's nymph skin.

Emmy worked her tongue up to one of the girl's exposed erect nipple, placing the small brown nub into her mouth. She sucked with a great force, her cheeks become indrawn while pulling away from her chest with the girl's nipple in her mouth.

Libby heaved and groaned; her body convulsed and went rigid, her mouth agape, moaning and cursing.

Emmy shifted onto her knees positioning her arms on either side of Libby's body so she was face-to-face with the child. Their eyes were locked. Libby's face was a contorted mess of pleasure, sweat poured down her face, hair was matted across her forehead, her mouth hung open and saliva was running down over her chin and neck. Libby's eyes were glazed over and offered only a faint awareness of Emmy starring back at her. Emmy raised her hand to clear the hair that was matted to her face and smiled.

Emmy cooed to Libby, lowering her fingers to wipe away the tears and sweat that was running down her face. Emmy placed her fingers into Libby's mouth which instinctively closed and began sucking. Emmy pulled her fingers out and in imitating a fucking motion as if it were a little boys cock. 'It's okay Lib,' she shushed in response to Libby's illicit moans will giving a blowjob to her hand. 'We only want to make you feel good.' Emmy glanced down over Libby's writhing body. 'You like cumming don't you.'

Libby's emotions were all over the place right now, so young and she was being demanded so much more than see was capable of.

Emmy let out a gentle purr opening her mouth, leaning forward to kiss Libby gently on the nose, followed by her lips. Libby responded by opening her mouth which Emmy met by running her tongue inside. The two little girls were entranced with each other's tongues which could manage to be so strong while remaining unbelievably soft. I could see the expression on Libby's face soften a bit as Emmy shared the salty sweetness accrued in her own mouth from the lapping of perspiration out of the girl's belly button.

Tommy pulled his fingers for Libby's small overly stretched pussy and brought his fingers up to Emmy's face, running them just under her nose. When Emmy smelled a sweet and bitter scent she quickly withdrew her mouth from Libby's. Emmy's eyes were wide grabbing Tommy's hand in her own and then she turned to me and starred deep into my soul. She ran her tongue along each finger, flicking the tip of each one. Emmy pursed her lips and sucked their length all at once, slurping and lapping at the saliva and cunt juices.

'Mmm, I'm still hungry Tommy, can I please have some more?' Emmy pleaded.

'Don't be greedy sweet,' Tommy held her chin up smiling at her, examining the wetness all around her lips and cheeks, saliva and pussy juices hanging from her chip. 'You're going to want to save room for what Grey is going to give you, right?'

Emmy beamed at me, 'We like teasing you Grey. The longer you wait the better it'll be. I promise.'

It was all I needed to hear but I was finding myself in an awkward position. My cock was rock hard and was pressing painfully on the inside of my pants. Even taking a breath caused my oversensitive cock to jump around edging me closer to release; a large wet spot was forming around my crotch and visible to everyone. It didn't help that Emmy plopped down alongside me, her warm body pressing against me.

I pressed my face into her hair and drew in the air; a mix of strawberry and just a hint of sex. I took to top of her ear into my mouth and suckled it making her giggle and push me away.

'Not yet Grey, enjoy the show and you can have me later,' She said. 'If you can't be a good boy and keep your hands to yourself maybe I just have to find another man who'll be obedient.' Emmy was too happy to have me wrapped up tight in her little hand but the waiting only increases my desire.

I knew that when I finally had her to myself I would ravage her in ways I know she had never experienced. I took another mouthful of scotch swallowing in one large gulp, I was getting more drunk then I wanted, the call of the night was lucidity but alcohol dulls the senses and my balls were starting to ache.

Tommy slid off the couch and made his way in front of Libby who was laying horizontal along the bottom of the couch. Tommy grabbed Libby's long slender legs, taking his time run his hands from her ankles up under her knees and squeezing lightly causing her to giggle and flail about. Libby's leg muscles were flexing from her ticklishness and Tommy was savoring the soft ridges of her toned body and then placing her legs over his own shoulders, which she instinctively wrapped around his head.

Libby eyed Tommy's movements waiting until he extended his tongue towards her puffy labia. Using her legs that were wrapped around his head as leverage she pulled herself into his waiting mouth. Tommy grabbed her ass cheeks lifting her off of the couch. While his hands roamed her backside his tongue ran between the ridges of her full lips from just under her asshole up to her little clitoral nub hiding beneath the fold of skin making up the hood. He flicked his tongue along her growing clitoris forcing her to buck her hips up and down causing her love button to grind against Tommy's nose. When she raised her hips up his tongue ran down to her vaginal entrance and partially entered before her hips fell and his tongue returned her clitoris, flicking it and repeating the masturbatory face grind, up and down.

Libby was supporting herself on Tommy's shoulders allowing him to take his hands away from her ass. He left one there to knead her plump cheeks. He took his left hand up over her body starting at the base of her tummy just above her pussy.

Her body was trembling; her mouth quivered and hung open. Her grinding motion had become labored and arrhythmic. When her now fully erect and engorged clitoral nub brushed his nose she would involuntarily quake, her muscles relaxed and her hips fell before she was able to catch herself, muscles tensing at the right moment his tongue flicked over her love button so she could greedily receive the full of the offered pleasure.

Libby began moaning loudly over her own labored breathing, 'cumming, cumming, Tommy I'm cum.' Another illicit moan spew from her mouth, salvia spraying out while heaving and thrusting wildly.

Tommy took this as an opportunity to blown her mind. Moving the free hand from her ass he brought it around and spread her reddened labia, lifting upward to fully retract the clitoral hood. Tommy ran his tongue upward but rather than flick the fully erect numb her puckered his lips and took it inside his sucking mouth.

Libby roared, eyes bulging, veins in her neck and face I've never notices filled and pulsated through her skin, her whole body turned bright red and the muscles tensed everywhere before thrusting her body off of the couch and up into the air.

With Libby's love button securely in his mouth he freed her pussy from his hands raising 3 digits and thrusting them repeatedly into her gaping pink fuck hole causing her gushing pussy to spray juices all over his chin and neck.

I've never witnessed anyone sustain an orgasm for so long but her body was frozen in the same arched position for almost 30 seconds now. A curious thing how an orgasm can feel like only an instant but averages only around 10 seconds long and Libby was still in midst of her sexual throes, the juices pouring and spraying from her fuck hole. The pungent and sweet smell of her fluids filled the air. You could see the juices running under her to her ass and back dripping down onto the floor.

Another 15 seconds passed before Libby began hissing as she lowered herself back onto the couch, her stomach rising and falling gasping for air, her eyes were shut and her muscles had relaxed but she was still gently shaking. Tommy began lapping her fuck juice from around the underside of her ass up around her pussy and to her inner thighs After allowing Libby to rest for a minute Tommy appeared dissatisfied that he had yet to have his own orgasm so he seized the girl up into his arms and carried her over to a table near the middle of the room throwing her upon it face down.

Tommy climbed up on the table's edge squatting behind Libby. He lifted the girl up by the hips so she was on her knees but he took his hand and forced her face to the table while her arms laid out behind her so her pussy was at perfect height to his cock and she wouldn't be able to resist at all. Then with a grunt he stuffed all 7 inches into the girls glistening pussy. She was already well lubed but the child still managed a powerful howl with overwhelming pleasure left over from their previous foreplay.

Tommy was pistoning in and out of the girl who with each thrust slide forward in a pool of her own sweat and saliva then being drug back when Tommy, who was using her hips to support him to keep from falling backwards off of the table, pulled completely out of her body.

The music had stopped and patrons from all around the room got up to gawk at the animalistic ritual of lust only a pedophile can understand when taming the perfect form of the child as you share your bodily pleasures.

Tommy was a large muscular man, his hands were almost the size of the girls head, he was using all of his strength to forcibly impale the girl on his engorged cock and his stomach completely tensed as he rhythmically timed each thrust to sedate his coming orgasm.

Neither was aware that the whole club had come to a halt. Libby was drenched in sweat, you couldn't even see her face because her hair was mated like a broom right from a wash bucket all across the table. The amount of times her body had seized and illicit moans and violently curses of, 'fuck me harder and please stop,' had me believing the girl would surely die in total ecstasy.

I looked at my watch and 3 minutes had passed, Tommy continued to thrust into this tiny thin 10 year old who probably had school on Monday. What a lewd thought, that while she sat in math class surrounded by all of her peers and male teachers who would call on her to come to the board. She would have to solve the equation at the top of the board, body stretched upwards, while the perverted teacher looked upon her pert ass and flat chest. Only days or perhaps hours prior she was completely naked for strangers to see.

Her little face set atop her tall skinny prepubescent body, a child who would look adorable and innocent in a sun dress at Sunday mass only to come to work in a 2-piece to cover her underdeveloped chest, her stomach bare to navel gazers abound and little pieces of underwear to hide her slit.

That little slit her Daddy seeks to protect and keep from boys was being taken by a full grown man, her mother and father bore her into this world to be consumed by that most utterly primal urge of fucking. Daddy's little girl was now face down in a pool of her own bodily fluids, her thighs glistened from fuck juices and the entire club was made to watch.

Around the club men were fondling the various girls while they returned the favor through oral or offering up their soft folds but perhaps for those unlucky just a hand job. I looked to Emmy and wondered what it would be for me. I was now quite fond of the child next to me and I wished to look on her bare front, nipples, navel and pussy to engross myself in touch and taste.

Tommy was now howling out 'baby slut, baby slut, baby slut,' as he performed his dominating act on the little thing that had all but ceased to make any noise or motion. As I imagine she would be getting quite sore and the utter humiliations of being fucked like a dog in a pool of her own fluid might be creeping into her head slowly.

Suddenly Tommy bellowed and grunted violently causing everyone to gasp as his repetitive actions had ceased and he lay still against the girl who seemed to shrink beneath him as every last bit of energy escaped her. Twice more Tommy shuttered and slammed himself forward causing a loud slap. Liquids were flying in all directions and the scent unmistakable. Tommy slid out of the girl with a plop and carefully stepped down off of the table; he stumbled a bit but managed to recover.

The girl rolled over onto her back and lay motionless with her legs hanging over the end of the table, cum was starting to dribble out and onto the carpet. Her pussy was bright red, gapping open and gently closing and opening again.

A few of the girls ran over to tend to the girl on the table; they licked her pussy and the table of any cum, not wanting to waste a drop, true dedication. One little girl of about 11 with lightly tanned skin climbed atop the table and spread her legs wide to lower her moistening pussy to the mouth to Libby. I looked upon the lewd act, fighting the churning in my balls as I watched the little nymph on top grind her pussy into her face. Not a moment after she was released from the sexual trap she was employed to perform more depraved acts. The girl on top leaned back resting her hand on the table and closed her eyes, mouth agape letting out little mouse sounds, her tummy and chest were thrust forward was her hips rocked along the face of her little lesbian lover.

Tommy came back to the couch slunk down in his seat. "That's how you do it Grey,' he said very proudly. 'If you can grasp that these girls are trained and very good at what they do then you'll enjoy yourself a lot more then those little alley shops where they peddle flesh.' He paused briefly taking his drink in hand and sipping it but without continuing.

'I don't think it was all that bad,' I was defending myself. I knew what went on behind the scenes of those places but I had desires and the control wasn't there. 'Weren't many other places I could go you know.'

'Yea, it's in the past now because look where you are and who is at your side,' he smiled knowing how grateful I was too be here.

'I haven't had the time to take it in like you have,' his experience enticed me and I was envious that he has been here for so much longer than me. 'On your first night did anyone give a little girl a 45 second orgasm then mount her for the whole lounge to see?'

'It felt like a lot longer, my mouth and tongue felt like they were on fire from working so hard,' he chuckled and starred off in front of him to nobody, 'My first night Alison greeted me at the door, small blue eyes, blonde curly hair wearing this cute little cowgirl outfit; jean jacket left open, nothing underneath, jean short that were maybe 2 inches in length and knee high brown boots. She didn't have the hat on but when she put me out to stud she wore it.' He went into thought again. 'It was different for me though. I'd never expressed my child lover side before that night. Magazines and movies were what I had to rely on.'

I turned to Emmy who was at my side, "I'm happy you're keeping me company tonight, it's nice having a warm body at my side."

Emmy beamed up at me, "I'm warm because I'm turned on and you're doing that to me Grey." She gave me a big hug.

My pants were as tight as ever, practically bursting which is what I was afraid of. Emmy rubbing against me, even if she wasn't touching my hard cock she was likely to set me off at any moment.

Chance howled with laughter, "Man's pants look like a gopher trying to sprout out of the ground. He didn't bring a change of underwear so I suggest you let the man get a little drunk, he'll last longer. You know that right, Emmy?"

Emmy said to me, "Go get your drink and I'll stay here and keep your seat warm, maybe play with Katie a little bit." She looked over to the 7yo girl Chance has at his side. "In case you didn't ask Chance, that's her name,"

I shared Emmy's glance at Chance, 'of all people I thought you were the romantic one of our group.' I added, 'I would of thought you wined them and dined them.'

Emmy swung her head side-to-side, 'Not that I've witnessed. He just wants to pop off and not return the favor.'

I turned to Emmy, 'you know from experience, sweetie? I'll knock his teeth out for you if he's being mean.'

'I'd take him out back myself, show him how strong girl are,' she spoke with such authority.

With that I excused myself.

Chance called to me as I walked away, "Ah, hurry back Grey this little one has spunk that I don't much care for in my little nymphs." Her turn to Emmy and beamed down at her, 'I'd punish your behind for talking to me like that if I didn't think Grey would be upset.' Chance went back to focusing on Katie at his lap who had about 2 inched of his manhood in her mouth and her dress pulled up to her waist while he rubbed his index finger between her pale pussy lips.

I had adjust myself before making my way to the bar, I was on the verge of cumming and any stimulation would be bad. I worked my way through the lounge and up the to the outer edge of room where the bar was. My eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim light again. The floors were wood instead of carpet and they shone brightly from the neon and colored lights running around the massive bar along the wall

I found Ray among other men who were all standing around a girl of about 12, laid out and bare naked across the surface of the bar. Running along the bottom edge of the front side of the bar was a gold railing whose intention was probably to rest ones feet however it has taken on a different purpose that was quite exhilarating. The girl was laid stretch out, her left arm was hanging over the front of the bar and her right over the back where the bartender was standing. Her legs were similarly positioned. There were straps attached to the railing running along the bottom of the bar so her body was locked into an 'X' position with ligaments hanging on either side.

As I moved closer and managed to position myself alongside the small crowd that had gathered I saw a strap also ran over her neck so her head could only be shifted left or right but the girls gaze was starring straight up at the ceiling. In this position men were free to fondle her body and she had no way of resisting. There is something primal about bondage, the submission and expression of power, freeing the alpha male and dominating one of the tribe.

Much more interesting was how they were using her body. The men had a bottle of whisky and were pouring it into her exposed belly button and one at a time leaning and sucking the fluid out. Body shots were something I had done in my late teens and a little in college but not with a child which was such a sight. The little girl was a picture of beauty. Long blonde hair flowed freely over the side of the bar, her blue eyes glistening, reflecting the light above her, big red pouting lips, she was quite unhappy with her predicament. The men seemed to of gave the straps a few extra tugs for extra security but in their drunken state may have almost ripped a joint from its socket, not to mention the neck strap. It was okay though, I was extremely aroused and cared little about her condition, my own animal instincts were taking over and my mind was telling me to take pleasure as I see fit. Not that she was suffering or anything but no doubt there was discomfort.

'Grey, buddy you made it. We never thought we'd get to share this with you. Are you having fun or did you just get here.' Ray had just taken a shot and prepared the bottle to pour into the little lovelies exposed navel again.

'I've been over with Tommy and Chance. Thank you for Emmy she is quite stunning.' I replied. My erection was growing again and my balls had begun to ache. The need for release was coming soon.

'Darling thing. You know she's really fresh.' Britten dived forward again and inhaled the alcohol then proceeded to lap up the whiskey that was splashed across the girls stomach.

I was intrigued, 'fresh? What do you mean?'

'Shes only been here a few months, she usually just walks around and talks to the other girls, never really spends time with anyone guy. I think Chance said she's a virgin.' Britten stumbled around and took a seat to let the next guy in line have his turn.

'I'm about to explode just sitting there with Emmy wrapped around me and you go and tell me that.' I didn't want to make assumptions, her being here probably meant she at least masturbated, sticking things inside yourself is what little girls do.

Britten grabbed the bottle of whiskey and poured a large portion and handed it to me. 'Take it down real fast and we'll take your mind off of it for a minute, let yourself calm down.'

I downed the drink quickly. After my eyes straightened out I leaned against the bar and took a few deep breathes. I was staring straight ahead into the mirror behind the bar. At least the erection in my pants was subsiding but that was because of the new feeling of anxiety. I wouldn't want to hurt this girl or do something she's never done before.

Britten chuckled. 'Grey you don't have to worry, Chance assures me she is quite the sex toy. Ask him about it, she's in a bunch of his movies.'

I was shocked, 'What movies? He writes and does plays right?'

'In good time, Grey, one thing at a time. Now come over and do a shot off of - erm - it's Cindy, right baby?'

Cindy strained to look at who was talking to him, she gave an eager nod. Noticing someone had finally acknowledge her she started pleading to let her up, that the table was uncomfortable and the alcohol was dripping down to her pussy which stung terribly.

'I got you taken care of baby doll.' An oriental man at the bar said while repositioning himself between her legs to lick at her bald pussy. The girl strained against the straps trying to make her fuck hole more accessible to the man but there was no leverage and she only hurt herself pulling at the already too tight straps.

Britten took the whiskey bottle and started splashing booze over Cindy's bare stomach again. The lights above cast wondrous images and fantastic colors over the light skinned nymph. In his drunken state it became difficult for him to aim but enough made it into her little navel to be acceptable though it wasn't much of a shot. Her navel was deep but the little hole didn't have much of a diameter. It was more of a slit with her body stretch out so much.

I fell head first into her stomach and covered as much as I could with my mouth which sucking. It was quite a rush and I found myself becoming aroused again but the feeling of bursting had at least subsided. I found myself at the girl's chest over her small puffy pubescent mounds and nipples that stood proudly upward in the cool air of the lounge. I placed my mouth over one dark brown nipple and suckled like a baby while tweaking her other breast between my thumb and forefinger. Cindy began making squealing noises, thrashing her body as best she could.

The oriental man between her legs had opened her pussy enough with his tongue to pull down the zipper of his pants revealing his manhood. The large pulsing red head of his cock was glistening with precum. The man climbed up onto the bar positioning himself over top of her so his cock was poking at the soft folds of her labia.

I turned my gaze to look at the child's face which was straining against the tie around her neck. She was curious as to who was about to use her body. He spent enough time between her legs to lubricate her so she should take him well enough. Then I heard a loud cry and was shocked to find it wasn't the girl in pain but the man had thrown his head back, his mouth agape, saliva dripping off of his chin and the veins in his neck and one on his forehead pulsing. The man had thrust himself into the warm fold of the child puffy lips and warm moist depth of 'Gods Promised Land' all at once.

The girl had the similar reaction, she didn't scream but her eyes were bulging. Convulsing, she slammed her head back onto the bars surface letting out the breath and gasping for what little air she could take in under the crushing weight of pleasure and neck strap. Her stomach rose bulging upward and then tensing as the man pulled out and pushed back into her, her abs hardening to show the firmness and lines separating the muscles along the center ridge and the horizontal curvature from that center line making up the 6 individuals muscles she was graced with. Her stomach fell and became indrawn, her top half trying to fold towards her feet while her legs tried to rise up towards her head, but the bonds held her tight.

The intense pleasure of having her sensitive nipples tweaked and sucked at my hands and the oriental man fucking her pussy hard and deep along with the pulling of her joints created the most intense experience of pain and please this young preteen could experience.

She was heaving and fighting her bonds making purring sounds, moaning and the faint cries of, 'yes, yes, more, deeper, fuck me fuck me harder.' I took to her chest again and sucked as hard as I could, pulling the nipples and skin away from her body.

The man between her legs had increased his speed, each thrust was met with a sloshing sound of precum and pussy juice mixing. The smell of the two was unmistakable but there was a sweetness mixed in; the scent of innocence and perfection.

I removed myself from her pubescent chest and stood over her to witnessed every muscle in her body tense and spasm as her preteen orgasm rocked her physical self while her mind entered a state of nirvana where the world around her came crashing down leaving only fragments of rationality to make room for the sensations created by the mass release of chemicals and firing of electrical signals throughout her brain. She would return soon and remember the pain, discomfort and humiliation only to seek out more pleasure, her only escape, though brief. Freedom none the less.

The oriental man thrust once more as hard has he could find leverage for with each push being fought by the bonds that locked the child into place. He collapsed atop Cindy, his sweaty body obscuring her size under his adult frame. She could only heave and groan as the drunken man lay half passed out on top of her. Britten and several other men had gathered around us, each with their cocks out ready to perform the same lewd concert for the audience on and in Cindy's nubile body.

I found myself sauntering back to my little Emmy. Booze was fresh in my head and I struggled to steady myself but I was determined to court my little nymph tonight. I found Emmy where I had left here but she was sitting alone watching the other patrons throughout the room. The band had settled into a relaxed low tempo beat, much of the talking and laughing was replaced by low moans and grunts as everyone found their partners for the nights. There weren't a lot of people left in the lounge.

'Where did everyone go?' I inquired to Emmy whom I felt bad for having left her to be alone.

My voice broke her from her trance, she turned and smiled pointing up. 'Most everyone goes up to the private rooms about this time.'

I looked up to the balconies to see dark shadows tracing around in front of the open doorways and the subtle movements of fucking. 'I'm sorry I left you alone. I didn't think I'd be gone that long. Do you forgive me?'

'It's okay, I saw you at the bar with Cindy. She's really pretty and I wouldn't mind playing with her myself.' She looked around then starred down at her feet, 'Maybe you want to go upstairs to a room and we can be alone.'

I held my hand out to her to get her off of the couch. Her small hand found mine. Pulling her onto the soles of her feet she mewed up at me, eyes big and that heart melting smile. I wrapped my arm down under her knees and swept her legs out from under her catching the child's body at the last second. I lugged her up to chest level and leaned her upwards, our mouths locked into a passionate kiss, tongues roaming each other's mouths.

Her mouth tasted like sweet candy. My mouth was sour from liquor but Emmy didn't care at all. Her arms wrapped around my neck, her hands roamed the back of my head pulling me into her more than was possible our faces smooched together. Her body was on fire and the pace of her breathing was startling, I could feel her body trying to grind against me in my arms.

I carried her through the lounge past the band stand and up the stairs to the first vacant room we could find. It wasn't much more than a closet without a door and it was incredibly dark except for the faint glimmer of bulbs overhead. Inside the room was a thick shag carpet and large circular mattress covered in pillows of different sizes, colors and decoration. Everything was mostly gold, red, pink and maroon but it was still so dark I could hardly tell.

I crawled onto the bed with Emmy still in my arms and dropped her down making a shallow thud and eliciting a small girlish scream. As she laid their arms and legs flailed out around her, her hair messy across her face, she stared up at me with her mouth slightly agape and lips moist and glistening in the dim light.

'I've only just met you Emmy but you are as important to me as the moment when I open my eyes in the morning to know I have another day.' I ran her fingers across her face to clear the hair from her face, back down and around to her lips running my thumb over them down her chin and finding the shoulder strap on her left side.

Her hand raised and met mine pulling it to her chest over her heart which fluttered wildly. 'Grey. I do like you. You are nice and you make me feel special. It's just that I see lots of guys through here and they all tell me such nice and romantic things.' She paused and looked past me through the open door for almost a minute. 'I've never did anything with a guy before.' She paused again but blurted out, 'I masturbate and have put things inside of me but -'

I cut her off. 'You want your first time to be special with someone who really means something.' Her eyes lit up. 'Emmy, I could leave here right now without doing anything other than holding you and I'd be happy. I'm not just going to fuck you, throw a few bills at you and find another girl next time I come through.' I was very serious with my next few words. 'I will take you from here tonight and we can run away from the city and go and travel and just be together.'

'I don't think I could do that to the other girls, they've given me so much and I really like it here.'

'Just think about it. Maybe I -' I paused to look her over, my hand traced down over her stomach to the plumpness of her pussy. '-can convince you otherwise.'

Emmy breathed in deeply her body raised and arched at my exploring finger. We kissed again and more passionately then before. She rolled me over onto my back straddling my chest our lips never breaking apart. Her hands were cradling my face my I roamed her backside through the fabric of the one-piece. The warmth between her thighs was driving me mad with lust so I traced my fingers to the straps of her outfit to again try and reveal her nudity.

As I began to strip her she pulled away and lifted herself from me and stood at the side of the room back to me. She turned her head to look at me while she crossed her arms and slid the top of the outfit down past her chest revealing her smooth shoulders and backside to me. Her creamy white skin shown through the darkness like a beacon of desire to my wayward nymph loving heart. Her tease continued as the top of the fabric found her hips and her top half completely exposed by hidden from my gaze. I wanted so badly to run over and finish the job, throwing her back onto the bed and climbing on top of her to take her purity.

'Close your eyes Grey.' Emmy said to me in a serious voice.

'Emmy I want to see you. You don't have to be embarrassed.' I pleaded.

'Close your eyes Grey.' She repeated and I obeyed.

I could hear her slide the last of the material from her body. 'Keep your eyes closed and stand up.' See commanded to me and I obeyed again.

Her hands were at the buttons of my dress shirt undoing each one but struggling to make progress very quickly so I started unbuttoning from the top to meet her in the middle. See pulled the shirt from my body over my arms. I pulled the white undershirt off myself. My belt and pants came next leaving only my boxers which barely covered my engorged penis.

'Sit down and I'll get your shoes.' She said. 'No peeking!'

My shoes we a bit too big for me so they slid off quickly and she made easy work of my socks leaving me only in my underwear. 'Do I get to take these off now?' I asked blindly.

'Lie on your back and lift your butt.' She giggled as she said it.

Eagerly I did as she said and the fabric pulled from my waist and my penis flopping against my stomach. Emmy climbed up on me straddling my penis; the intense fire between the girls legs send bolts through my cock as her pussy made contact with me.

Her voice was soft, 'Open your eyes.'

Emmy sat boldly on top of me with her arms over her head to let me drink in her physic which was everything I imagined. Hard and puffy nipples set on toned and nearly flat chest, slight inward curve with little developing pubescent hips giving her a wonderful little shape. Her stomach was flat and well-toned plus a little bit of baby fat was a welcome sight as was her well-shaped navel that was drawn in somewhat of a diamond shape with a little protuberance of an outie that was barely visible.

Emmy began grinding herself along the shaft of my cock, wetness allowing her to glide effortlessly along me. 'Do you love my body? Is it what you wanted?' She moaned leaning back and using my legs to support her as she continued the pseudo fucking.

'Fucking yes, Emmy, my goddess nymph queen.' I roared out as my balls churned and the pressure of my orgasm built rapidly and violently after denying myself release all night. 'You're so beautiful.' I ran my hands over her exposed front side. I took each nipple between my fingers playing and kneading them harshly causing them to turn bright red against her lily white skin. Her pale and plump little pussy lips were spread over the shaft of my cock as she ground herself into me. Her pussy was slick with juices as was my stomach as I oozed precum. 'Emmy baby, keep going and make me come.' I told her ecstatically.

She slowed her pace a little, 'so soon?'

I grunted out with desire as she slowed and compensated by using my hips to grind into her. 'I've got plenty. We'll fuck all night, I promise.'

Emmy leaned forward laying herself on top of me and matched her movements with my grinding as our lips met. I reached around to her ass and started rubbing and grabbing while she ran her hands over my face and through my hair. Our mouths were locked, her strong yet delicate tongue probed inside my mouth while I massaged it with my own.

The heat of her body against mine was incredible. The softness of her skin beneath my fingers was overwhelming. Her pussy ground firmly into me as I pressed back into her feeling her engorged clitoral nub hitting the head of my cock and the sensitive spot at the top of my shaft. Her moaning became louder and her speed faster. I could feel her body tensing on top of my as she approached orgasm. Suddenly she removed her mouth from mind and stuck her head into my chest and grabbed my should screaming. Her nails dug into my skin but the pain was an incredible turn on as Emmy was wracked with her own orgasm.

I felt a sudden wash of wetness between my. There was a sudden pain as my balls released everything they had. Emmy's pussy was pressing into my cock building the pressure causing my ejaculation to be both powerful and slow. I tightly gripped Emmy's ass and began grinding her harder into me. I could feel every squirt of cum as my cock throbbed for what felt like a minute.

We lay in each other's arms for about 5 minutes before moving after I had gone soft. Our bellies and chests were incredible sticky, there was cum mated all around my cock which was stuck to my abdomen.

'That was amazing Emmy -' I stopped and looked down to see her licking from my balls up to the tip of my cock. Her tongue circled around the head while she looked up at me with those big green eyes. She took the whole of my soft cock inside her warm mouth, her tongue circling and tasting the salty bitterness of my cum. She slurped in sucked my cock and only stopped when she had to take a breath before letting it fall from her mouth as my erection returned.

I sat up and took Emmy under the arms and lifted her to my face as I lay back down so that that her pussy was above my mouth. I looked up over her little tummy and smooth chest to her face as see gleamed happily down at me. I stuck my lounge out and flicked her little love button.

'I like that a lot Grey. I makes me feel so good.' She whispered to me as I flicked her clitoris again. Her eyes were shut and her head hung over me as she focused her energies on enjoying the experience.

The more I flicked her nub the bigger it became. Her pussy began to pour out juices which ran down my prodding tongue and filled my mouth. The heavenly sweetness was nothing I'd ever tasted before, it was so pure and rich of flavor. I pulled her hips into me taking her whole pussy into my mouth as I sucked and prodded the entrance of her pussy.

'Oh my god, Grey, keep going it's so good.' Emmy moaned out again as her hips started grinding my face. Her hands pulled and tugged at my hair as she sought to control the overwhelming pleasure that was making her lose control.

The entrance of her pussy was convulsing as I hungrily sucked her pale fat little lips. I found my moment and pressed upwards into her with my tongue. She matched my movement by pressing her body as hard as she could into me. I could hardly breathe as she ground into me. I wiggled my tongue inside of her finding the hard little nub of her G spot on the inside wall of her vagina. I started using my teeth against her engorged love button occasionally pressing the point of my canines into the little nub of blood and nerves which caused her to jump and roar out in.

I licked, sucked, drank and gnawed on her pussy. Her hands tightened around my head and her legs squeezed together.

'Grey I'm coming so hard. Eat me Grey, just fucking eat my pussy.' She yelled out at me.

I was doing the best I could as her pussy entrance tightened around my tongue painfully and her pussy juices squirted out into my mouth. She was frozen with her mouth hanging open drooling on top of me. I lay there not moving, letting her control her orgasm. Finally she heaved forward grunting and taking in a deep breath before falling off to my side again lying face down and spread out before me.

'You are incredible Gray. I've never had these feelings before.' She told me serenely.

I ran my hands over the soft backside of her body. Heat radiated from her skin which glowed in the dim light of the room. I found her full round ass in my hands running my palms around each cheack, admiring the plumpness of each one. I dug my fingers into her ass groping at fat and muscle, pulling and kneading to reveal her small asshole.

She was quite enjoying herself and I saw no reason to stop now with my erection almost at bursting again. I crawled behind her and dug my hand underneath her burning pussy. I could feel her little sex throbbing in my hand. I lifted her lower half placing several pillows under her for support.

'What are you doing Grey?'

I hushed her, 'You'll see Emmy. I promise you'll like it. Just relax and let me take care of everything.'

She didn't object, her previous two orgasms clearly had tired her as well as the long night so her fight was gone but I wasn't anywhere close to being finished with the little nymph.

I crawled behind her sticking my face in-between her ass cheeks inhaling the slightly acrid odor. Her ass was relatively clean but being sanitary didn't concern me at this moment so I started licking along her crack and asshole.

Emmy jumped a little, giggling. 'What are you doing! That tickles!' She howled

I didn't respond continuing to graze over her skin. I flicked her asshole a few more times before diving forward pressing my tongue into her depths. The taste sent my cock into spasms and I could feel the precum oozing out as my balls churned again.

Emmy was wiggling her butt against me, laughing and enjoying the odd sensation of my tongue wiggling inside of her. I took my tongue out and crawled up on top of her so my cock was resting along the crack of her ass.

She turned to look at me, 'Are you putting it inside of me?'

'Lie down and relax Emmy.' I was pressing my cock against her hole letting my precum lube her entrance. 'I have to be inside of you sweaty I can't help it. I need to fuck you.' I leaned over her, one hand guiding my cock against her ass and the pressing on her back between the shoulder blades for support and to keep for from flinching.

I pressed myself forward letting the head slip in without giving Emmy much time to prepare. I knew it was best to do it quickly or else she won't relax.

She let out a little shriek, 'Ouch! You didn't warn me!'

'Are you okay?' I asked

She moaned a little. 'Its - ehm. It hurts a little. I never had anything so big inside.'

I leaned and whispered, 'should I stop?'

'No, don't, I want this, and you to fuck my pussy so -'

I cut her off by pressing into her again getting another inch or so inside of her. Her ass was so warm and gripped tightly around my cock head and shaft. I wasn't sure I could even of pulled out, my head was so big and throbbed inside of her. I made the best of it and continue to slowly thrust back and forth putting a little bit more inside of her each time. I wrapped my legs around hers and spread them wide to keep her open to my invading cock.

'Here I go Emmy.' I leaned in kissing her cheek while thrusting faster and deeper. I pulled my hips back until I felt my cock head hit the entrance of her ass which stopped me from pulling out and thrust violently forward getting almost all of myself inside of her.

Emmy was screaming a mix of profanities and encouragement to fuck her more. I denied her nothing and continued, pulling back and pressing repeatedly. Her asshole was slowly getting tighter and tighter around my cock making it increasingly hard to fuck her but that also meant she was closing in on her own orgasm.

I fucked her harder and deeper then I had initially intended but I was so lost in lust that I had forgotten she was still just a little nymph with a relatively virgin asshole. I was pummeling her with my cock, which looked silly sliding between her ass cheeks and disappearing into her body small body. It was amazing that she was able to take all of me inside of her to the point where my hips and balls were slapping her rear-end.

Emmy lay beneath me frozen. Her eyes were shut tight and her face read pain and discomfort but she moaned out words of pleasure. 'More Grey. Deeper. Faster. Fuck me faster. I feel every inch of you. My pussy is gushing. Make me cum.'

I obeyed my nymph. I was to the point where I lay directly on top of her, my weight pressing down on her while I ground my body along her, fucking the entire length of my cock deep in her ass while kissing the soft skin of her upper back her neck and face. I occasional got to nibble on her ears, sucking the lobe then poking my tongue inside her ear canal. This sent her into wild convulsions; her body would quake and feel several degrees hotter, moaning out she was coming the entire time.

I pressed and held myself inside of her, no longer moving, so I could feel her insides twist and tighten around my cock. My balls were pressed against her pussy lips. Her pussy oozed and sprayed hot cunt juices all over my balls which sent me into orgasm. My own body shook and quivered. I fucked her contracting asshole as violently as possible as my balls churned and my cock filled with semen. I let out a long roar as ropes of cum sprayed inside of her ass.

Feeling my hot cum inside of her for the first time sent Emmy into a powerful orgasm. Her legs twisted and fought my grasp as her hips quickly rose and fell around my cock, struggling to get more cock then she already had. The look on her face was brazen, 'Give me more! Fuck me more! Fuck me!' She demand of me as my orgasm subsided.

I slowly slide out of her. My cock fell out of her ass with a gentle plop followed by a long trail of thick semen. The entire bed where we lay, her legs and my hips were covered in her warm pussy juices. The air lay heavy with the smell of sex and ass. It was wonderful.

Emmy tried to lift herself but her legs gave way under her. Overwhelmed by what we just did she mustered to roll over onto her backside, still spread. 'That was amazing Grey. I've never felt anything like that before. I came so many times I lost count.' She was running her hands around her body while she said that.

I smiled down at her nudity spread out before me. Her pussy glowed bright red and continued its flood of juices. Her hand found its way to her pussy. She ran her hand around in the wetness and brought it up to her mouth and sucked the ejaculate hungrily.

'I'm still horny Grey.' She paused and smiled at me spreading her pussy as wide as possible. 'You still haven't made love to me here.'

I was suddenly elated. 'Make love Emmy? Yes! Absolutely, I'll love you and your body for as much and as long as you are in my life.' I crawled over to and positioned myself on top of her with her arms at her sides and my legs on either side holding her tight. 'You made a mess of my cock and balls therefore I think you should clean them before I enter your little fuck hole.'

'Ewww, that's gross aaand demeaning.' She said playful making a facing at me.

'Come on Emmy. You love the taste of pussy don't you?'

'Your cock was in my butt and that's gross and not the same thing at all.'

'No, its not. It's just different. If you want me inside your little pussy you'll do this.' She was initially resistant so I turned around and put a few fingers at her pussy and started to rub her slick mound, grazing her clitoris and vaginal entrance.

'That feels so good.' She moaned out to me, her face flushed and perspiration gathered on her brow.

I pulled my hand away. 'If you want me to make you cum you have to suck my cock and balls or else I'll keep you trapped like this and neither of us will get off and I bet I can hold out longer than you.'

Emmy's mouth popped open, inviting me inside. Her lips were a wonderful deep shade of pink and amazingly soft as I grazed the head of my cock around as thought I were applying lipstick. Precum leaked out all around her mouth to her chin, cheeks and I dappled a little on her nose. I rested my balls directly in front of her waiting mouth.

Emmy cocked her head forward and took the left nut into her mouth, sucking and pulling on it through my sack. It was a wonderful sensation that sent my cock more rigid then it had been all night. Emmy switched and took the right and did the same then licked all around my sack not missing an inch. After I moved backwards a little I leaned forwards placing the head of my cock at the entrance of her mouth. Emmy's tongue flicked the tip of my cock tasting the salty fluids building there. My cock was bobbing up and down involuntarily from the sensation of her mouths touch. I was already building another orgasm. She pursued her lips and I pressed my hips forward placing about 2 inches of cock into her mouth. Looking down at her she was grimacing a little from the taste.

'Is that delicious my little nymph. Do you love tasting yourself?'

She tried to answer but I had stuffed another inch into her mouth so her words came out unintelligible. 'That's good to hear Emmy.' I pulled myself out from her mouth letting her swallow and take a deep breath and pushed in again before she could object. 'You're making me feel so good Emmy.' I pulled out again but this time a long strand of precum came out with my cock. I pressed the tip to her face and smeared it around.

She tried to speak again after managing to swallow my thick fluid but I caught her before she could say anything and pressed my cock far enough inside that I could feel myself at the back of her throat. 'Ah god fucking damnit that's nice.'

Emmy's eyes bulged and she gagged a little, turning her head side to side trying to get me out of her mouth.

I put my hand on her head holding her in place while I pulled my entire length out once more to let her catch her breath and swallow. 'You're going to enjoy this part.'

She tried to protest again but I attacked her face again with my throbbing cock. I hit the back of her throat again and almost pulled out but instead thrust forward again and again repeatedly. While I face fucked my little nymph I twisted myself around to feel up her pussy with my fingers and erect clitoris. Even as I stuffed my meat into her mouth her pussy continued gushing and spraying juices. With my fingers properly lubed I put two fingers inside of her and fucked her while my thumb pressed and rubbed her engorged love button.

'That a good Nymph. A good cock sucker. Ahh, yea, the best.' I continued praising her making her eyes light up even as she struggled for breathe and to handle my leaking precum that dripped slowly down her throat.

My thrusting became faster and faster. Her hips were rising off the ground and falling with a subtle thump against the table as I invaded her body. The warmth of her skin became hot against my balls which were resting at her chin.

'I'm gonna pull out baby but I want you to keep your mouth open. Can you do that Emmy? Can you eat my cum?'

She made a sound which I took to mean yes.

'You're so perfect Emmy. You're the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.' I continued face fucking her while fingering her hot cunt. My balls churned and an intense pressure built inside. Suddenly I felt my balls release and I quickly pulled out of her mouth and pussy, bringing my lubed had to my cock which I began masturbating furiously with Emmy's warm sticky cunt juice as lubricant. Emmy did perfectly as I'd asked; mouth open but she shut her eyes tight.

I staggered forward a bit while moaning out as one long strand shot across her face leaving a streak of cum from her lips to the bangs of her hair. I pointed my cock at her mouth before shooting the second gush of semen which again shot out and struck the top of her mouth. I continued stroking my cock as more semen oozed from my cock and into Emmy's mouth which she lapped up with her tongue. She never flinched even as her mouth filled with my thick cum.

I let out a sigh and climbed off of her. 'You can swallow now Emmy.' I said smiling to myself.

Emmy took a big gulp, straining to get my thick cum to go down then she tried wiping her eyes.

'I didn't get any in your eyes.'

She opened her eyes and sat up coughing a little and gasping for breath. I moved along side of her, holding her in my arms. I pulled a blanket over to us and wiped my cum from her face while cradling her. 'That wasn't too bad was it Emmy?'

'I didn't like it so much. You're too big and your dick makes a lot of cum.'

'It makes a lot of cum because you're so perfect and it wants to thank you for making me feel so good.' I teased.

She only laughed and smiled up at me and we shared another long passionate kiss while I roamed her naked flesh.

We lay in each other's arms for almost an hour while we caught our breath and let my aching balls replenish cum. We never said anything, occasionally we shared a kiss but we mostly lay listening to the soft moans coming from the rooms around us or we would see silhouettes of figures passing across our field of vision.

I must have drifted off because I awoke suddenly to soft groping of my cock and a strange wetness at the tip. Emmy was sitting on my legs facing me. Her pussy was right against my cock and she was rubbing it against her plump pussy lips, teasing he clitoris with the swelling tip.

'You dozed off. I was tired but I remembered you were going to make love to me.' She said sweetly pointing at herself. 'Here.' She looked down at my hardening cock comparing its size to her own opening. 'My pussy if it'll fit. We can make it fit can't we?' Her big green eyes looked to me earnestly hoping for some consolation.

I was the happiest man alive. I've never had a virgin before. To be fair Emmy did masturbate and had penetrated herself but I was uncertain if it had been with anything as large as me. 'We'll do our best regardless of whether it fits. It'll still feel good because we are trying together.' I reached out and ran my hand over her body savoring her warm flesh. Here hand continued to work my growing erection up and down, squeezing occasional making a little fountain of precum ooze out.

'Is that hard enough Grey?'

'You'll be so tight I'm not sure I want to be too big. I'll probably grow inside of you still.'

Emmy's eyes got big as she looked down at her hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock unable to believe it would ever get inside of her.

I didn't think it would happen either but I was willing to let her try. She was on top of me squatting over the head of my cock smearing precum around. She was already wet enough for both of us but I let her explore and take her time. I lay back and enjoy the show. Emmy's white, firm and boyish body working my cock around her puffy red labia and clit, working up the courage to slide down onto my cock in the shared experience of love making.

If her own weight wasn't enough to get her inside I would probably roll her over, put my feet firmly on the floor and just thrust as hard as I could all at once. Yet, I loved when nymph were courageous enough to take control and get on top, bucking wildly around as they got themselves off on my body.

I was charging through the lobby of the lounge with Emmy in my arms. I didn't see Ray, Chance or Tommy as I made my way through the exit of the club which was a freight elevator in the back of the club. The cold breeze of the night struck my warm tired body right at my core but I kept going, threw open the door of the first cab I found and we were off.

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getting low

Absolutely gorgeous story, very erotic and sensual! More more more


Liked the story. Liked the idea.

You really need to pay more attention when editing and with grammar and incorrect words. Examples - starring when it should be staring. Would of instead of would have. Numerous inappropriate pronouns - her for he etc. Actually reread the story after you've run the spell check to see if the sentences make sense.

Your fans will like the stories better if they don't have to try to figure out what you meant to say.



Thanks for the advice. You are absolutely right. Regrettably I sabotaged the story from the start. I ended up making huge revisions on more then one occasion with several rewrites and after going over the originally planned 10,000 words I decided to kick its ass out the door without looking back.

I'm working much more efficiently with my other stories so a lot of these problems will hopefully be worked out in the future. I'm not an English major so I'm leaning as I go.

@getting low

I'd love to continue this story. Definitely rewrite the ending. As I said above the story didn't really work out how I envisioned it. I'm happy with it but it's not at all complete.


I was disappointed with the last two paragraphs. I enjoyed the build up to the sex and then you just stopped. Did she enjoy the penetration as much as she expected? Did he cum inside her? Did he suck his cum out of her near virgin pussy? So many questions left unanswered.

Kevin's Brother

Fabulous story, with details , and superb horny build-up and release. I'm not sure if there could be a sequel, but it would be absolutely over the top. Thanks!!

dummy cunnies

A fine story. My only serious criticism is that there are far, far too few cocks for the little tyke.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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