Party for Claire
(M+F, nec, orgy)
Written by TLeg Man
([email protected])

My wife Claire was a beautiful, tall, 36 yr old redhead who had an insatiable appetite for sex. So what's the problem say? Even though I still had the hots for her after 15 years of marriage; I couldn't keep her satisfied.

I considered myself to be a good lover and she agreed. Nevertheless; she had had numerous affairs and she had left me several times for other guys. She eventually would grow tired of them or the other way around and she would return to me begging for forgiveness and I would always take her back.

Why did I take her back? Because in bed; she could bat your balls right out of the park. You know what I mean. Claire loved to drink and party. It didn't take much booze to really get her in the mood to fuck and she could be an amazing lover.

Claire was a secretary for a large law firm and I knew her latest lover was one of the lawyers in the firm. So I wasn't surprised when she didn't come home after work one day and still hadn't shown up when I went to bed that evening around eleven.

I was startled out of sound sleep about 6:40 the next morning by the sound of the phone ringing. Answering it; a friend who was a deputy with the sheriff's department suggested I come to the old sawmill. He indicated it concerned my wife.

I arrived at the old sawmill as quickly as I could and saw a small crowd of law enforcement and medical personnel gathered around an old white Lincoln parked beside one of the broken down buildings.

The deputy who had called me ran over to try and stop me from coming close to the scene. I told him; "I've got to see her no matter what!" So finally he stepped aside.

I walked up closer to the car until I could see inside. Claire's body, nude except for her sheer stockings and red heels, was lying against some pillows in the big back seat of the Lincoln. Her long shapely legs were splayed wide apart so that her cum-soaked pussy was in full view.

Her naked lover, who I recognized as one of the senior partners in the firm, was lying beside her with his face on her left breast and his left hand on her right breast. I turned away from the scene and was assisted to a nearby police car to sit down. I felt weak but I also felt angry and hurt that my wife had met her end this way for the entire world to see; finally announcing to everyone that I was nothing more than a cuckold.

I was consoled by the people at the scene and a few minutes after the coroner had arrived and had done his preliminary exam; he came over and told me what he suspected had happened. It was a cold night and my wife's lover had probably left the car running so they could keep warm.

The car was still running when it was discovered by a couple of teenagers going deer hunting. When they opened it to stop the engine and check on the occupants; one of them became light headed. Based on that the coroner said he suspected carbon monoxide poisoning from a leak in the exhaust system. He would know for sure after further investigation.

After the bodies were removed from the car and placed in morgue bags; the coroner had me positively ID Claire and then my deputy friend drove me home.

Late in the afternoon I was awakened by the coroner at the door; he confirmed his original diagnosis and said he was releasing the bodies for burial. There would be no autopsy since he had determined that their deaths' were accidental. Claire's dead lover was a respected member of the community and the sheriff didn't want to it to be common knowledge that he'd died out of respect for the deceased's wife, children and grandchildren.

I told the coroner I understood and told him that Wyatt's Funeral Home would be in charge of Claire's arrangements.

Later that evening; Mark Wyatt from the funeral home called and I went to the funeral home to make the arrangements. After expressing his regrets concerning Claire; I told him I had a special request and to please hear me out before he replied. I had played golf in a foursome with Mark on several occasions and had heard enough comments from him to know that he took some liberties with his female "clients".

I also knew that Mark, who was divorced, had the hots for my wife but she was turned off by the fact that he was a mortician. I also had another buddy whose wife had left him and who had commented that he would love to have a piece of that (my wife) if she hadn't been married.

Well, I know it sounds really strange, but I wanted one more fling with Claire, and I was going to give these guys a chance to join in with me if they wanted it. Claire had been such a slut and loved to fuck so much a couple more lovers wouldn't matter.

I told Mark of my "party plans" and he was receptive of the idea right away. In fact I had a suspicion that he'd had designs on Claire anyway.

He came up with a few suggestions of his own. He preferred to go ahead and arterially embalm his "lovers" first; he would leave off the orifice plugs until after the "party" was over. Mark would also give her mouth, pussy and asshole a good cleansing and make her up to look and smell nice. After he was done telling me all these things I knew for certain that he'd been planning on his own little party before I suggested it.

Most of you readers will think we were gross, making plans to fuck my dead wife. But you have to believe me when I say that Claire and I had done just about everything sexually, including gangbangs, and bestiality. Necrophilia was the only thing we'd never gotten around to. So now we were going to do the last sexual fantasy left to us.

We decided to have our party around six the next evening. Mark wanted to invite a female friend of his who loved to "play dead", to attend the party. The idea turned me on like crazy. To find a woman who was going to be as perverted as a bunch of guys was a real find.

I contacted my other buddy and was pleased to learn that he would love to fuck my wife, and it didn't matter that she was dead. He went along with the whole idea without any protests.

The next day I arrived at the funeral home at about six and gave Mark a short sheer negligee and stockings I wanted Claire dressed in for her party. I waited in the hall for my buddy Jack and shortly after he arrived Mark led us to a big room in the back of the building.

There were two large sleeper couches that were pulled out into a bed and covered by white knit bedspreads. On the one on the left was Claire, clad in the sheer red negligee and sheer black thigh-high stockings with lacy bands on top. She had on the red heels she was wearing when she died.

Claire was posed sitting back against a couple of pillows with her luscious long legs positioned just wide enough apart so that her bush and pussy were visible as you looked up under the negligee. She had never looking sexier!

On the couch to the right was a young blonde dressed in a white nightie, white stockings and white heels. She was positioned in the same pose as Claire and looked mighty sexy lying there. We could see up her nightie to view her blonde bush. But unlike Claire; when Mark touched her on the shoulder she came to life and he introduced her as Nikki.

Mark indicated that being I was the husband of the "guest of honor"; I should have her first. I sat down beside Claire and kissed her on the lips and played with her big tits. Over on the other couch; Jake sat down beside Nikki, she spread her legs and Jake began to eat her pussy as Mark removed his pants and underwear and Nikki took his dick into her mouth and began to suck it.

I was hard as a rock by now and I removed my clothes and got down between Claire's shapely thighs and commenced to eat her pussy, imitating Jack. I have to admit that it felt strange licking and kissing a cold pussy and getting no reaction from my partner.

I looked over at Jake who now had his dick in Nikki's pussy and was doing some serious fucking as Mark came in her mouth. I now had Claire's cool clammy cunt lubed up enough to give it a try with my rod.

It only took a couple of thrusts to hit bottom and I settled into a rhythm as I pumped her dead KY-lubed pussy. I heard the moans of pleasure as Jake and Nikki both reached orgasm simultaneously and I knew by his body jerking that he was filling her pussy with his cum.

I looked at Claire's beautiful face as I continued to pump her. Mark had done an excellent job with her hair and makeup. I opened each lifeless eyelid so her brown eyes were now staring lifelessly into space.

My lips kissed her cold, slightly parted cherry red lips. I was getting close to a climax and I increased the tempo of my thrusts and watched Claire's big tits jiggle with each thrust. My wife's dead cunt seemed to be grabbing my dick on each withdrawal. Oh; how wonderful it felt!

With one final deep hard thrust, I shot my hot sticky load deep into Claire's lovely hole, like so many men had done before. My body jerked several times as I experienced a mind numbing orgasm, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

Finally spent, I withdrew from her and wiped the cum still oozing from my dick on her lips and then opened her mouth and stuck my dick in it and fucked her that way a few times before I decided it was time for Claire to have some attention from the other guys.

I got up off my wife and Mark crawled on to Claire and inserted his dick into her mouth and began to fuck her hard and deep. I could see her throat bulge as his stiff member went down it.

Jake was recuperating from his fuck session with Nikki and I sat down on the sofa with her. She pulled me on top of her and my slimy dick slid into her juicy cunt and we began to thrust in unison.

I heard Mark moan and looked up as he shot his load down my slut wife's throat. I know it was my imagination, but it almost looked like Claire was enjoying herself.

Then it was Jake's turn with her. He decided he wanted the only hole that hadn't been fucked yet. He rolled Claire over on top of one of the large pillows so that her lovely ass was up in the air. He stuck his middle finger inside and pumped it in and out a few times to loosen her up before getting up behind her and pulling her ass cheeks apart and licking her asshole.

I watched in amazement as Jake stuck his big dick at the entrance of my wife's bunghole and with a few thrusts buried it into Claire's sexy ass. Reaching around and grasping her big luscious tits; he smiled as he screwed her asshole.

Watching Jake fuck my wife's unresisting body and fucking Nikki in the same rhythm as Jack was doing my wife, brought me to the top again very soon. With a shout I shot my load into Nikki's pussy just like I had only moments earlier into my wife's cold dead pussy.

Finally exhausted, I withdrew from her. She lay there like she was dead with a smile on her face, while Jake continued to plow Claire's asshole until finally he groaned and shot a full of cum into her backdoor.

Around midnight; after all the "guests" had been with each other multiple times; the party was winding down. Mark walked over to Nikki and picked her up. She remained "lifeless" as he carried her into another room and placed her in an open coffin for the rest of the night. Mark indicated that it was the usual way of ending her evenings here.

He returned and all three of us stood staring at the beautiful sexy corpse of my slutty wife. Dried or drying cum was all over her face and was still oozing out of her well used pussy and asshole. The "party" had been a success. I had gotten rid of most of the anger and disgust I had for Claire by screwing her corpse and then seeing my friends use and abuse her too.

Mark picked up Claire's corpse and placed her in the cooler overnight and I went home and had a good night's sleep.

The next evening was the viewing and I arrived just before 6:30. Mark led me into the room; where Claire's silver casket was, to view her before the other guests arrived. He had dressed her in the clothes I had brought earlier in the day. She was wearing a thin red v-neck sweater that was cut low in the front. The bottom of the v ended about halfway between her breasts and her navel and since she wasn't wearing a bra; revealed the inside contour of both big breasts. The sweater only covered the nipples and the outer contour.

My wife was wearing her favorite red high heels and sheer long black nylon stockings. She was wearing a short black mini-skirt so that only about half of her long shapely thighs were hidden from view. Looking around to see that no one was looking; Mark lifted Claire's skirt to reveal the lacy red panties she was clad in. He pulled them down to show me "the special request" that I had made.

I had him insert a big pulsating dildo turned on "low" into Claire's pussy instead of the usual venting tube. I indicated my approval and he put the panties and skirt back in place just before people started to arrive.

A large crowd turned out that evening and it was interesting to see the reaction of the men; young and old, to Claire and her burial outfit. Most of them, before they left, had developed erections that they were trying to hide and it was obvious that a considerable number would have done more than just look if they had the chance. Who could blame them with a sexy corpse lying there almost inviting them to.

The funeral the next day was sad and I shed tears for the first time since Claire's death. She was buried in the church cemetery with the dildo still pulsating in her well-used cunt. I wondered how long the batteries would last on "low".


It's been six months since Claire's funeral and I still miss her and probably always will. But life must go on. I've been to several more "parties" at the funeral home and have become well acquainted with a tall brunette named Jacqueline; one of Nikki's necro friends I met at one of the parties. So things are looking up.


The author retains all copyright options. If this work is copied and used elsewhere the author name and address must accompany the work. This work must be used only in free access areas unless otherwise agreed upon by the author. This notice must remain with the work in its entirety or you are in infringement of the author's copyright. Thank you. The Staff


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