The Jeremy Series
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Written by Janus
Copyright 2014-2019

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All chapters so far:
Chapter 1 - The Beginning
Twenty-something Pam is babysitting Jeremy, a ten year old. She has an unexpected reaction when she realizes he's no longer a little boy who thinks girls are gross.

Chapter 2 - Truth or Dare
Though she still feels embarrassed about Jeremy's attention, Pam calls his bluff when he dares her to take off her top in a hot tub.

Chapter 3 - Sleepytime
Pam accidentally knocks out Jeremy by giving him the wrong allergy medication. He's out cold and she's unbearably curious. Can she live with herself if she does it?

Chapter 4 - Up Periscope
Pam is trying to define the boundaries of an appropriate relationship, but then catches Jeremy spying on her while she takes a shower.

Chapter 5 - A Turning Point
Pam and Jeremy are camping in his backyard. She learns some interesting things about Jeremy, including the mystery of his Coppertone obsession.

Chapter 6 - Breaking the Seal
Pam and Jeremy go for a hike in the woods behind the house. His backpack contains everything a person needs for hiking: beef jerky, trail mix, water, and... a pair of handcuffs?

Chapter 7 - The Worst Birthday Ever
Jeremy's parents announce some unexpected news that affects everyone.

Chapter 8 - The Opposite of a Honeymoon
Pam discovers that living with a young boy is much different than babysitting him.

Chapter 9 - The Good Boy
Though she still has a lot to learn, Pam is getting better at her role as Jeremy's caretaker.

Chapter 10 - The Opposite of Jailbait
Jeremy convinces Pam to dress up in a revealing Halloween costume.

Chapter 11 - Kryptonite, Part 1
Pam is summoned to Florida where Jeremy is vacationing with his dad. Things go awry when they discover a crucial missing ingredient.

Chapter 11 - Kryptonite, Part 2
Vacation gets better when Pam figures out herself and figures out the Coppertone Conundrum.

Chapter 12 - The Little Drummer Boy
Pam cheers up Jeremy, who is uncharacteristically dejected on Christmas Eve.

Chapter 13 - Miss Carpenter
Jeremy's mom unexpectedly comes home in the middle of the day. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

Chapter 14 - The Sex Talk
Kate enlists Pam in talking to her son about the birds and the bees. Pam continues Jeremy's education once Kate leaves.

Chapter 15 - Spring Break, Part 1
Pam duels with her nemesis for Jeremy's affection.

Chapter 15 - Spring Break, Part 2
Jeremy becomes ill at Apple's birthday party and Pam has to deal with the consequences.

Chapter 16 - Peel Slowly and See
Pam is called away on a family emergency, leaving Kate to entertain her son.

Chapter 17 - Call the Doctor
After an embarrassing doctor's visit for Jeremy, Pam makes it up to him by playing doctor when they get home.

Chapter 18 - The Best Birthday Ever
On Jeremy's twelfth birthday, Pam spends the day overseeing a party with his preteen friends.

Chapter 19 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Jeremy's birthday is capped off by a loud thunderstorm and an unforeseen event.

Pam gets to spend a few hours with Jeremy before he leaves for summer camp.

... nor any drop to drink. With Jeremy temporarily out of the picture, Pam is left to her own devices.

After embarking on a mission, Pam runs into a tiny hiccup.

Stranded up north, Pam and Jeremy adjust to their new surroundings.

Pam becomes a tad overconfident after a successful day at the convent.

Pam accidentally goes to confession. Jeremy is convinced there is a vampire in their midst.

Pam and Jeremy discover all the ways the devil finds work for idle hands.

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