By Ivan the Terror

Chapter 1

Frank's mother looked in the door of his room where he was doing his homework.  She told her 12-year-old son that she and his father were going to a party that Friday evening.

Great, he thought, the whole house to myself!  I can watch whatever I want on TV, maybe watch some of those videos mom and dad keep in their closet.  So he replied, "Ok,” not wanting to sound too excited.

"We have hired Melissa to take care of things while we are at the Party, so you shouldn't have any problem." Oh shit, he thought, just what I need, a babysitter!

"But Mom!  I don't need a babysitter!  I'm almost thirteen!"

"No 'buts' mister," she replied and then left the room.

Frank was royally pissed, but the more he thought about it, the better he liked the idea.  Melissa was 15 and on the cheerleading squad.  She had a tight athletic body with perfect C cup tits and a nice curvy ass.  She had babysat before, and although she had sent him to bed at an early 10 o'clock, he had loved watching her as she had sat in the chair watching TV with him beforehand.

As he remembered he made sure the door to his room was closed, then laid back on the bed, pulling his pants down.  Squeezing his stiff 7 inch cock (the biggest in the 7th grade), he slowly started to whack off to the daydream of somehow getting a look at her gorgeous tits.

Suddenly the idea hit him. Thinking about the possibilities, he started to cum like crazy.  He pinched the end of the foreskin to try to hold it back and ran to the bathroom attached to his room to clean it up. He had been reading some stories on the net about hypnotism, and he had decided to give it a try.

Since Friday was only two days away, he had some planning to do.  Going online he found detailed instructions on how to hypnotize someone, plus all of the kudos involved.  He was a little disappointed when he read that someone under hypnosis wouldn't do anything that they wouldn't normally do.  Reading on, however, he discovered that one had to shape the thoughts of the person under, and that if they thought that it was the right thing to do, they would do it.  This was perfect.


Friday after school I started to get ready.  I made a tranquilizer that I had read about in the anarchist's handbook, telling my mom that I was just making myself a snack.  I ran down to the video store and rented the most boring videos I could find.  I went up to my room, read the web pages a few more times, practicing what I was going to say.

At six o'clock, Melissa arrived.  She looked fabulous - a pair of shorts and a tank top, I could see the outline of her bra through the material.  It was raining off and on so she also had her raincoat, but she hung that up in the front closet.

"Melissa, we'll be back late, probably around two or three, so just make sure Frank is in bed before eleven, Ok?"

"Ok, have a nice time Mr. and Mrs. Anderson."  And my parents left.  "Ok, Frank, what do you want to do?"

What a question!  Well, I couldn't tell the truth, so I just said, "Let's watch a movie or two."  Trying not to stare at her perfect cheerleader legs, I went over to the VCR and put in the first of the rented movies, then collapsed in a chair.

It was some old boring movie from the 1950s.  It was already mind numbingly boring, but I decided to hedge my bets a bit.  "Millie, would you like something to drink?"  I said, getting up and heading toward the kitchen.

"Sure, how about a diet coke?"  Just like a cheerleader, drinking that horrible diet stuff.  Fortunately my mom drank the same stuff, so I popped the top and poured it in a glass.  Wanting to keep her relaxed, and to counter-act the caffeine, I put several teaspoons of the tranquilizer into her drink, then grabbing a can of dew for myself, I headed back to the living room.  "Here's your drink, Millie."

She took the laced diet coke and immediately drank a good third of it.  "Thanks Frank, I needed that."  She said as I plopped back in my chair.  The drink revived her somewhat, but 10 minutes later I could see her fighting to keep her eyes open.

Perfect!  I thought.  Just like described in the web page.  Now I just had to put her under the rest of the way without raising her suspicions.  "Millie, you are tired, aren't you?"

"Umm, yes."

This distracted remark was better than I had hoped for.   She was ready for the main liturgy.  I pulled the sheet of paper out of my pocket where I had written my notes and began.  "Millie, you are very tired.  You can only hear my voice." (I then turned off the sound on the TV.)  You are getting so tired that you are having trouble moving.  You love the way this feels and you want to feel this relaxed.  You trust my voice as it tells you how much you want to feel more relaxed.  You feel more and more relaxed..."  I couldn't believe it!  It appeared to be working.  Melissa was draped over the chair, arms and legs sagging, her head lolling off to the side, and a small smile on her lips.  I wasn't sure whether she was pretending or not, but just to be safe I started the next level, the elevator analogy.  "You are in an elevator, as it descends you are more and more relaxed, your feet and hands slowly sinking into the chair.  The elevator goes down a floor, and your legs and arms begin to sink into the chair as well.  You like my voice telling you how to feel this good and relaxed.  The elevator descends another floor and your body starts to sink into the chair.  You feel the chair around your whole body as it sinks in.  Finally the elevator descends another floor and your head starts to sink into the chair, but you still hear my wonderful voice..."

I decided to see if she was faking or not.  I had planned this very carefully.  If she was faking it, there is no way that she would do what I was planning, but otherwise it was worth the risk.  "Millie, can you hear me?"

"Yes."  She whispered.

"Millie, it is really hot in here.  So hot that you can hardly stand it.  You know that taking off your top will make you nice and cool.  It is so hot in here."  She was already sweating.  It smelled nice.  I went over and sniffed her.  I waited a few seconds for those ideas to percolate, then suggested, "why don't you take off your top and get cool."

Melissa sat up, reached down, and pulled her tank top off over her head.  Her bra was one of those light white lace ones, probably so that it would fit under the tank top.  "You know, your bra is hot as well, so why don't you take that off with your tank top?"  I practically came in my shorts as she reached down, unhooked her bra, and took it off.

Her tits were perfect.  As I mentioned before they were 36Cs, with puffy aureoles and long pointy nipples.  They were tight against her body, no hang at all, as a result of all of her gymnastics for cheerleading.

My dick was getting a little cramped in my pants, so I quickly undressed, leaving me nude in the same room as a topless cheerleader!  My rod was sticking out so far that I must have reached 8 inches that day!  I was about to relieve myself when I had a thought, why stop here?  So, with an effort, I kept my hands off of my cock.


Chapter 2


Thinking quickly I rapidly rejected several methods of getting her to take her pants off.  I wanted her to let me touch her after she was nude, so I finally settled on a method.

"Melissa," I said, "you are now at the gynecologist.  I need to examine you.  Please remove your shorts and underwear and get onto the table."  Pointing at the coffee table.

Millie stood up, and pulled down her shorts.  Wow! What an ass!  She was wearing French cut undies!  I practically howled at the moon!  Then she reached down and removed the undies as well!  As she sat on the marble coffee table I felt that I just had to take a closer look at that ass!  I had her lie down on her back and spread her legs.  "Now Millie, you don't want me to have to use stirrups, do you?"  I knew from an overheard comment from my mom that girls hated the stirrups.  I didn't have any, but since Millie thought she was at the doctors, he would have.

"Millie, I will now have to examine you.  This will cause some pleasure, that is all right, you may respond as you like."  I tentatively reached out and stroked my hand up her thigh.  She felt so wonderful.  Since she was a natural blonde, she didn't need to shave her legs, so she had a fine down that just added to the silkiness of her thigh.

I used my finger and lightly touched her on her pussy lips.  She didn't have much hair, only a light blonde bush at the top of her crack.  I slowly rubbed up and down, just letting the tip of my finger intrude into her pussy.  Melissa was now moaning a bit, which encouraged me.  I poked my finger in a little further until I suddenly felt a little bump.  Melissa grunted, and her toes curled.  I figured that that must be her clit, so I started rubbing it.  With my other hand I started probing for her cunt.

By now Melissa was quivering a little, and as I slowly slid my left index finger into her juicy warm hole, she actually thrust up at me!  I couldn't take it anymore.  My dick was starting to hurt from inattention.

"Melissa, we need to insert a slightly larger probe now, so hold still."  I crawled forward, positioning myself.  Rubbing the head of my cock through her copious juices, I got my dick all wet and slippery, then I leaned forward and pressed.  Oh! Sweet ecstasy!  She was so tight.  The head of my prick slowly penetrated her cunt, it seemed to take a good 10 minutes just to get the first inch in.  She was starting to groan and hunch herself toward me, so I kept pressing.  At about two inches I felt a resistance.  Shit!  She was a virgin!  Trying to sound like a doctor I said, "Melissa, in order to fit this probe, I am going to have to break your hymen, Ok?"

"Ugh!  Yes, Yes, Yes!"

With this encouragement, I pressed forward.  It was almost painful when suddenly I sunk in another three inches.

"Arragh!"  I wasn't sure if this was her or me making the sound!

I rested for a minute, letting her adjust, then started sliding back out, then back in.  Going back and forth, with Melissa matching my thrusts, I soon had the full eight inches buried in her cunt.  All of a sudden, she arched her back, stiffened all of the muscles in her body, and screamed!  At the same time, she clamped her vaginal muscles around my cock and I came as well, dumping what must have been a liter of spunk in her womb.

I lay on top of her for a moment, completely exhausted.


Chapter 3


I decided that I wanted more of this in the future.  I was twelve, and consequently horny as could be.  Having a beautiful cheerleader to fuck seemed like a great idea.  I decided to try some post-hypnotic suggestions to see if I could make her my girlfriend.  After dressing I asked, “Millie, do you have a boyfriend?"

"No."  Perfect!

"Millie, whenever you think of me, I want you to remember how you feel right now.  How do you feel?"


"You know I made you feel this way, right?"


"You want to feel this good again, correct?"


"You know that only I can make you feel like this again, and you want to feel like this again, so you must come to me when you want to feel this way, correct?"

"Yes."  Unbelievable!  She accepted the shaky logic!

"You don't mind that I am younger than you, you just want to feel this good again.  You will think that it is even a little kinky having a boyfriend younger than you."  This was the first time I had labeled myself as her boyfriend, hopefully she would just accept it.  "You will daydream about being with me; even draw little hearts with my name in your notebooks at school."

"Now, Millie, do you like me?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Who is your boyfriend?"

"You are, of course!"

"Good.  Now Millie, whenever you hear me say 'babysitter love' you will instantly relax like this and listen to my voice.  You will not remember anything except falling asleep in your chair, but you will do everything I say, understand?


"You will now get dressed and sit back down in the chair.  When you do you will wake up and remember nothing."

Melissa slowly put on her clothes and sat in the chair.  Suddenly she started looking around, exclaiming, "Oh!  I must have fallen asleep!  Don't tell your folks, ok?"

"Sure Millie."  I decided to test things.  "Why don't you come over here and sit next to me?  I'm a little lonely."

"Sure!"  she exclaimed and hopped up, walked over, sat down next to me on the couch, and snuggled up to me!  Wow!  I put my right arm around her, then used my left hand to lightly pull her chin toward me.  When she was looking into my eyes, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.  This being my first kiss I prolonged it for as long as I could.  I could see her eyes shut, and could feel her start breathing harder.  This was ok since I was breathing pretty hard myself.

Deciding to try frenching, I opened my mouth a little and started using my tongue.  She immediately matched my movements and we spent the next half-hour swapping spit.  This was almost as good as fucking!

I reached up and started fondling her tit while we kissed.  She started moaning.  I rubbed the tip and scratched lightly with my fingertips.  She thrust her breast into my hand and started frenching even harder.  She grabbed my hand and pressed it harder onto her tit.

At that moment I heard the garage door open.  Quickly I jumped back to the opposite end of the couch and put my finger to my lips, telling Melissa not the say anything.  She looked a bit flustered, but quickly straightened herself out.

When mom came down the stairs everything looked normal.  I turned to her and asked, “You are home early.  How was the party?”

She said that it was a bit boring so they had left early.  She asked Melissa how things went here.  “Just fine,” she replied.

My mom paid her and sent her home.  Melissa blew me a kiss when my mom’s back was turned before she left.


Chapter 4


As laid back in bed, I couldn’t believe it!  Here I was, not a virgin anymore, and I had a beautiful sexy cheerleader to play with!  I was hard as a rock, so I beat off and went to sleep happy.

The next morning after breakfast I wanted to play some more, so I called Melissa.  When she answered I said, “Hi!”

“Hi!” she replied.

“I loved last night.  Would you like to get together?”

“Yes!” she said eagerly.  “I really need to get with you.  My parents are gone for the weekend, can you come over?”

“I’ll be right there.”

I ran out the door and biked over to her house.  Being the object of my adolescent fantasies, I knew exactly where she lived.  I ditched my bike in her driveway and ran up to the door and knocked.

She opened the door, she was dressed in what appeared to be a nightshirt, showing all of her legs and barely covering her butt and pussy.  My semi that I had been sporting on the ride over went instantly hard. I scrambled in the door and closed it behind me.

I pulled her to me and we started frenching like there was no tomorrow.  Sliding my hands down I was pleased to discover that there was nothing covering her gorgeous ass.  Squeezing those perfect cheeks, she redoubled her efforts.

Lifting up, I pulled up her nightshirt, she was completely naked underneath.  As I pulled it up over her head, she grinned and took my hand, leading me into a bedroom off of the foyer.

I followed shedding my clothes as I went.  As she reached the bed she turned around and saw my erect cock.  She couldn’t take her eyes off of it as I walked over towards her.  As I stood before her she pulled out a condom.  She hadn’t said a word since I came in the door, and I really wanted some more interaction as well.  I said, “Babysitter Love”.

Melissa immediately slumped and just sat there.  It worked!  “Melissa, can you hear me?”


“Do you like me?”

“Oh yes!  You make me feel good!  I need you.”

While that is nice, having a gorgeous cheerleader “need” me, I wanted more.  “Melissa, you need me, right?”


“I am here helping you, so I must be a very nice guy, right?”


Time to play some verbal pool.  “Don’t you love nice guys?”

“Of course.”

“Then since I am here for you and you love nice guys, you love me, right?”  This is stretching things a bit, but I have noticed that her subconscious wasn’t very smart.

“I suppose I do.”

That didn’t sound very strong.  I need to reinforce it.  “Since you love me and need me, you really need to tell me, don’t you?”

“Yes!  I love you!”

“You love me so much that you want to tell me over and over, don’t you?”

“Oh yes!  I love you so much!  I love you, I love you, I love you...!”

The more she said it I could see the more she believed it.  I had to protect my interests now.  “Melissa, what if your friends tell you that you are crazy loving me, what will you say?”

“How can love be crazy?” she said.  Great!  My greatest fear in all this is what will happen when her friends find out about her new boyfriend.

“You really need to communicate with the man you love, don’t you?”


“So you need to tell me everything, right?”

“I suppose so.”

Good enough.  Now on to the next thing.  “Why do you have the condom?”

“I snitched it from my brother’s stash.  We can have sex if we use a condom.  That is what they said in health class at school.”

Well!  I certainty haven’t had that class!  Anyway, I don’t want to wear a condom.  It was too wonderful without one.  I sat and thought for a minute. I didn’t have any good ideas, so I decided to try a post-hypnotic suggestion, she has been very susceptible up to now, so let’s try it.

“Melissa, whenever my cock enters your pussy you know it has a condom on it, right?”


Well, I guess we’ll see if that works.  Time to reinforce.  “You really need me, don’t you?”


“You ache with need whenever I am not around, right?”


“No matter what anyone says, you need and love me, yes?”

“Yes, I sure do!”

“Well then, wake up and show me how much you need and love me!”

She slowly sat up straight.  Then she suddenly hugged me tight and cried, “Oh Frank, I love you so much!”  Since I was standing and she was sitting, her face was pressed up against my cock.  I had gotten a little soft while reprogramming her, but I got hard again really fast, poking her in the face.  “God damn, I need this!” she exclaimed.

Leaning back, she pulled me down on her.  I saw her glance at the condom and then back at my dick.  She pulled me forward onto her, my cock poking at the pearly gates.  I guess the suggestion worked.  Good.  I reached down, aimed myself, and slid forward.

Mon deau! That felt great!  As I started stroking Melissa started grunting with each thrust.  Trying some of the stuff that I had read about I rotated my hips as I pushed, rubbing her clit with the base of my cock.  Her grunts changed into “woo, woo” or something like that.  I could feel her cunt squeezing my cock with each thrust.  Her legs were around me pulling me in.  Suddenly, she screamed, arched her back, and came.  Her pussy clamping down on my dick was the final straw and I came as well, filling her pussy with spunk.

Being an adolescent, I was still hard, so I flipped her over and rammed home in her pussy from behind.  She let out another scream, and kept shrieking and having orgasms with almost every thrust.  She must of cum 15-20 times!  I could feel her cervix with each thrust.  Fortunately she was one of those lucky girls who didn’t find banging her cervix painful – she just loved it.  I finally released my second load deep into her pussy.

Melissa passed out and I collapsed next to her.

An hour later we recovered enough to make love again.  A total of 8 times that day I left a hearty helping of spunk in her delicious quim.  I left at seven that evening when she told me her parents would be back soon.  That goodbye kiss was almost as good as another fuck.  I told her that I would see her Monday since she was stuck with her parents all day Sunday.  We had arranged it that she would treat me nice, but she and I both knew that no-one could know about our relationship.


Chapter 5


For the next two months she would “babysit” on Fridays, and I would visit her on Saturdays.  Occasionally we would find a broom closet, or once even under the bleachers at school.  In all, there wasn’t more than two days in a row that she didn’t have a load of spunk in her womb.

Naturally, the inevitable happened.  Melissa was over Friday evening, we were fucking like bunnies on my bed, when she suddenly yelled between grunts, “Frank, I’m pregnant!”  I kept pumping until she came; then laid down next to her.  I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Are you sure?” I finally got the gumption to ask.

“Yes,” she said, then immediately started crying.  As I hugged her I was rapidly thinking.  I was a father!  While I loved the idea, I didn’t think that I was ready to be a father and have that responsibility.  How could I have both?  I really liked Melissa and didn’t want to dump everything on her, but I couldn’t think of any other choice.

Holding her tight, I whispered in her ear, “Babysitter Love,” hoping that it would still work.  It worked like a charm.  She immediately relaxed and fell back against the bed.

“Melissa, do you want a baby?”

“Yes, I love this baby!”  Well, that took care of that option.

“You know that I am too young to be a father.”


“You love me beyond all comprehension and don’t want to hurt me, do you?”

“Of course not!”

“Then you are not going to tell anyone who the father is until I am at least 17, right?”

“I suppose so,” She muttered, not sounding all that convinced.

“You want me in the babies’ life, but you know that I cannot directly help until I am older, so you will just have me around a lot to help take care of him or her.  That way we can play while the baby sleeps, right?”

“Yes, that will work!”

“So you won’t tell anyone I am the father until I am 17, then we can tell everyone, right?”


“Maybe even get married?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Then wake up and don’t worry about anything.  I love you.”

Melissa suddenly hugged me, sat over me, and fucked me silly.




Five years later I married Melissa, acknowledging our 3 kids.  I worked with my father at his hardware store, eventually inheriting it when he retired.  Life is good.


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