Personal Spanking Stories Web Sites

(mainly M/F) –– Very resourceful site. If you’re into M/F with a sexual theme (not to mention some schoolgirl content) you’re going to have a great time here.

(mainly M/F) –– Now not updated anymore, this site was already "off" the scene when I jumped in... so I cannot tell you exactly what’s in it. What is known is that there is spanking, sex, and BDSM... not necessarily in that order. Hehe.

(mainly M/F) –– This little site hosts original fiction (not very interesting to me in the spanking sense, but well worth a read anyway), and a very cool and useful archive of the SSC entries for years 1999, 2000 and 2001.

(mainly M/F, but not just that) –– Don A. Landhill is a classic author, a "dinosaur", one of the first whose stories I read when I first ventured on the Internet. His talents are there for everyone to see, even though some of his themes are even too traditional and often lack inventive to be enjoyed nowadays. By me anyway. But he’s a good writer, and his work should be at least given a try. Consensual and non-consensual discipline, ageplay, some sexual underthemes. The site also features stories by other authors such as SamPast.

(mainly X/f) –– Lawrence is among the most talented authors around. Stories like Cyber Tattletale and Storm Seekers are among my favourites. He also draws pictures and his site is a vast and well-organised repository of his works. His themes vary from family discipline to mild sensuality.

(mostly M/f) –– My cool friend Brianna’s stories repository. This has got to be one of the most original sites on the Net, for it focuses only on brother/sister spanking stories, and that’s a rare pairing to find. Bri’s talent makes it an enjoyable, intriguing read for everyone. Definitely check this out!

(mainly M/F) –– A collection of stories by Mrs. Mish, most of which feature explicit sexual content. They’re not bad at all, though.

(mainly M/f and M/F) –– Pablo and Mija’s stories are... well, "original" to say the least. I’m personally not crazy about them (the stories I mean! the authors are wonderful), but also, some of the best I’ve ever read have been written by Mija (check out Ghost Girl especially). They’re tasteful and have an artistic touch which many will like.

Rick_Oh’s Story Site (mainly F/M) –– This web site hosts Rick_Oh’s stories, of course, most of which are devoted to FemDom. Not quite my cup of tea but it can be enjoyable, and this is a very good collection anyway. This web site is hosted on the ASSTR.org network.

(M/f) –– Typical M/f schoolgirl stories (sometimes discipline, sometimes with a kinky twist, but very traditional throughout). Pleated skirts, paddles and canes, Dean’s office, sororities and all that. I personally loathe this stuff, but if it’s your kink, go ahead and have a great time at this site. Quintessential schoolgirl spanking awaits!

(mainly X/f) –– I’ve heard pretty much everything said about SamPast: some are literally in love with her works, others despise them. I’m somewhere in between. I don’t exactly like the childish feel to some stories, the rhetoric "spank with love" themes, and overall the characters’ lack of development – but Sam does have a huge load of talent, and more importantly, she’s prolific.

(all pairings) –– Easy to get lost in this huge archive, but it is well worth a visit, and possibly many more. General spanking discussion, role-playing, and a big story board. It focuses on adult spanking, disciplinary or erotic.

(all pairings) –– Another big archive, which has a spanking store, videos for sale, a large community and of course a board for stories. People aren’t the friendliest ever, and the site is sometimes a bit difficult to access, but I do suggest paying a few visits here, if only for reading purposes.

(mainly M/F) –– Duh, as the title says, this web site features stories written by Quillis, most of which are M/F, often with a sensual twist but not always. Some are very good, some not so good, but all in all intriguing.

(mainly M/f but not only) –– This is my sweet friend Emmalynn’s personal web site which contains her stories, one of which we have co-written. That she’s addicted to sugar (hence the title, lol) doesn’t make her a worse author at all. Now if only she were more prolific! Hehe. *smooch*

The Coyote’s Den (M/M and M/m) –– This site features the works of Y. Lee Coyote, one of the most prolific authors in his field. M/m spanking and lots of gay sexual content. If this is your thing, go ahead and help yourself. This web site is hosted on the ASSTR.org network.

(mainly M/F and M/f) –– This web site features the works of Tasha and Delirium. Spanking, sometimes extreme, dealing with pretty much every theme coming to mind. Especially Tasha is a probably the best author currently writing, IMHO anyway.

(mainly M/f, mostly in ageplay contexts) –– Z’s many stories. Her themes vary from traditional family discipline to ageplay, from essays to poems, from real life accounts to the most extreme fantasies. Some are really edgy, so you’re warned, but the stories are great.


Spanking and Spanking Fiction Yahoo! Groups

–– For any kind of spanking stories, as long as they’re clean.

–– Spanking in Japanese animation movies, series, etc. Pictures, clips and discussion.
–– Banjo’s Bare Bottom Spankings, exclusively on the F/M side. Large, rich group.
–– Lovely F/F and F/f spoof magazine with truly fake articles from all over the world.
–– The title says it all. Don’t expect too much ‘style’, though.
–– Stories by domino, very good quality overall.
–– EC’s group for adult spanking, home of his “Maragana Girl” novel.
–– Fiction and more; not for discussion of child rearing, despite the name.
–– Also fan-fiction stories with spanking can be posted, but that is NOT the group’s focus.
–– FDH = female dominated households, so you know what the content is.
–– Supposed to be real-life but I tell you, there’s lots of ‘fiction’ here. Nice concept though.
–– For fans of severe punishments. Pictures, clips, and discussion.
–– A repository of Ann’s home made spanking drawings, that you have certainly seen elsewhere.
–– Banjo’s other group, especially devoted to the most dreaded implement.
–– ... but actually for discipline, in stories with spanking content too.
–– Used to be an archive for stories taken from the great site lamaman.org, now defunct.
–– Name says it all. RL is largely favoured to fiction.
–– For corner time aficionados.
–– ... and if spanking worked the other way ‘round??? Hehehe.
–– Weird name... officially D/s and DD... but they allow fiction.
–– Another group dedicated to one of the implements spankees fear the most.
–– Kessily’s group for spanking-related fan-fiction. Small but great!
–– Banjo’s other group, about F/M and F/m spanking stories. Very nice collection.
–– A group focusing on spanking-related fan-fiction stories.
–– BostonBob’s group for spanking in mainstream movies and TV series.
–– Another group focusing on spanking-related fan-fiction stories.
–– Rosaleen Young’s official group... likely the most spankable bottom on the Net.
–– Fiction and fan-fiction of all kinds, stories, pictures, etc.
–– Fiction and fan-fiction of all kinds, stories, pictures, etc.
–– Fiction and fan-fiction of all kinds, stories, pictures, etc.
–– For those who make a lifestyle out of spanking, for either discipline or pleasure.


Web Sites with Stories by Miscellaneous Authors

(all pairings) –– Alvaro Garces manages this large archive of stories that should suit every reader’s taste. Some are really notable, like (in my opinion), Sylvia’s Mother by Simon Smith. Here you can read rare-to-find stories, but also works by authors who do have their own personal web sites elsewhere, so consider this archive a personal selection.

(M/m and M/M) –– Strictly focused on disciplinary and erotic M/m and M/M spanking stories, this site is the #1 source for this category of writing. Even I, who usually dislike such pairings, have found many of these stories to be captivating and intriguing, especially those by Tristan, Juan Santiago and Biggles. Now mirrored at malespank.net

(mostly X/f) –– By far the most popular collection of stories from various authors. They were all posted on the soc.sexualty.spanking newsgroup some time up to 2000. Here you can find great classics such as Lurking Dragon’s Melody series, and works by Mija, Hairbrushed, SamPast and other good authors. Mostly family and school discipline of kids and teenagers, but adult stories as well. A must-see for every spanking enthusiast (and, quite curiously, this site is the first stop for many newbies on the scene, for it is a comprehensive compendium of fiction).

(F/x) –– This web site is an archive of stories from miscellaneous authors regarding childhood discipline by mothers, aunts, grandmothers, teachers and other female disciplinarians. It is not an adult site by any means and there is no "FemDom", just old-fashioned, mostly loving discipline often featuring preteen spankees. Most accounts are claimed to be real-life, and given the state of things, I have no trouble believing it. (In French, "maman" means "mother", of course). Good site.

–– Some of this large, classic newsgroup’s activities are archived here, including the famous SSC (Short-Story Contest) held every summer for stories 500 words and shorter. A nice source of information, even though you’re likely to find it useless unless you participate in the newsgroup itself (which can be either great or boring... depends on the seasons, lol).

(all pairings) –– This is the web archive for the stories appeared through time on the now defunct Yahoo! Group spankinstories. The site is an idea of and is coordinated by Christopher Nuttall.

(mainly M/F) –– Some stories, basically focusing on D/s themes. 

(mainly X/f) –– A web site featuring the works of Susie, author of the lovely but depressing Barrington Hall series, as well as other authors’ stories: DaisyLane, Kris, Gladdy, Jesse and the very talented Paris Annette Morreau, who’d deserve to have a site of her own. Overall, a very nice site with stories for all tastes, but basically focusing on family discipline of preteens and teenagers.


2005-2013 Haley Brimley

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