The Other Woman

The Other Woman

by Gato Medio

The woman was lying in bed, awake but with her eyes closed. She was still in a state of shock; it felt like she had been anesthetized and the numbing effect of the drug was still lingering, wearing off very slowly. Her hand moved to the left side of the bed, the place where she might feel the man's body, resting. But she didn't really expect him to be there. She wasn't surprised when her hand only found the crumpled bed sheet.

The woman opened her eyes. The empty pillow still showed the depression where the man's head had rested. The bed sheets were in a disorderly tangle after their passionate love bout that had lasted into the small hours of the morning. Her face brightened as she remembered how he had made love to her. It seemed that the man had been eager to prove to her that he continued to love her, and she had been trying to please him as much as possible in a vain hope that he might abandon his crazy plan.

The top of the night table was empty. It was true then. He had taken all his belongings, the small things which had found a permanent home in her bedroom for the last three years. He would be back in the evening to get her response to his proposal.

The evening before, the man had dropped a bombshell. He had told her there was another woman. He had slept with that woman, only once, but that one time had been enough for him to know that he wanted to have a permanent relationship with her. He didn't want to have any secrets. He didn't want to hide his passion for another woman from her, living in fear that she might eventually find out, become suspicious, be told by other people.

He declared that he still loved and desired her, that his feelings for her had not changed one little bit. It wasn't a case of leaving her for someone else. That was a solution for narrow minds. Creative people like him came up with bold, unconventional solutions. He wanted to live with two women, both of whom he loved with equal fervor, both of whom loved him enough to agree to share him with each other. And he would be the happiest man on earth if the two would become friends rather than compete for his exclusive love.

That had been his proposal. He wanted her to agree to a mnage trois without having met the other woman or even knowing her name. Names were irrelevant at this stage, he had said. She had all day to think about it. In the evening he would return to hear what she had decided. Then he would either take her to meet the other woman or leave her forever.

The other woman had already agreed to his proposal. For her, the decision was much easier. She had met him only recently and knew from the beginning that he had an ongoing relationship which he did not intend to terminate. She knew he wouldn't be hers alone.

The other woman was a model and actress. She had met the man when he was looking for an attractive female to appear in a commercial. His agency, 'Creative Marketing Inc.', employed around twenty permanent staff, all of whom were living off his ideas. Right now, they were shooting a TV commercial which showed a woman taking a shower. The clip wouldn't show any intimate details - he didn't want to get into trouble with the advertising standards authority. But to create the realistic image of a woman having a shower, it was best if the actress was in fact naked, at least from the waist up.

The other woman hadn't hesitated for a moment. She had shed all her clothes and behaved quite natural throughout the shooting. It was this natural behavior which had attracted him to her. For her it was a normal part of her job. Afterwards he had invited her for dinner. She accepted, just as she accepted his suggestion to have another drink in his apartment. He was the man in charge, so it was only natural that she would do whatever necessary to please him.

The woman tried to imagine the two in bed. The man hadn't gone into any details. He just told her that they had spent the night together, and as a result of that one night he had decided he wanted to have her permanently on his side, along with his first woman, whom he also loved.

He had already found a suitable place for them to live. A house in a new development where each woman would have her own suite, and there would be his 'master' bedroom, the largest in the house. There would be a bed large enough for three people to make love, or sleep, if that's what they wanted to do, and a Jacuzzi of a suitable size on the sheltered veranda.

He had painted a picture of three people dedicating their lives to the pleasures they derived from each other. This life was hers for the taking. All she had to do was say yes. Their financial situation was secure. There was enough money, even if he never sold another commercial for the rest of his life. He would make sure that both his women were provided for, come what may.

The woman remembered that he had often called her attitude towards sex conservative. She wasn't opposed to sex; most of the time she enjoyed it when the man made love to her. But there were certain things she didn't feel comfortable with, that she only agreed to after a lot of cajoling. Had the other woman sucked his cock? Had she let him come in her mouth?

It seemed quite possible, considering how she had accepted going to bed with the Creative Director as a natural step in the process of landing a contract. Had she let him fuck her ass? The woman abhorred those crude words, but 'fuck' and 'ass' seemed the only appropriate words to talk about such an unnatural an barbarian practice. She had so far resisted all attempts by the man to soften her resistance to it.

But if the other woman had let him do it, then she had a huge advantage over her. If she agreed to live with the two, wouldn't he expect her to show the same dedication and willingness to satisfy his desires? Was her resolve so strong that she preferred to lose him altogether rather than let him penetrate her rear? And what did he mean when he talked about the two women becoming friends? Was he suggesting that she should make love to the other woman? That she behave like a lesbian?

She had until the evening to decide. Enough time to visualize the life and love under the new circumstances.

She imagined herself, kneeling in front of the man, sucking his cock, swallowing his sperm. She saw herself belly-down on the bed and the man pushing his cock into her rear, the hands of another woman spreading her cheeks, guiding the hard rod into her hole.

Finally, she visualized herself on a huge bed with another naked woman, embracing, kissing, caressing each other. She saw the hand of the other woman fondling her breasts, touching her pussy. She imagined what it would feel like to touch another woman, to be touched by her.

The dull pain, the fear of losing him, had given way to apprehension, the uncertainty of what life as part of a threesome would be like. She realized that the scenes which passed before her mind's eye only served to help her accept the inevitable.

The decision was already made. She couldn't contemplate losing him. She would swallow her pride, accept her fate. She would be ready for him when he came to get her answer. The response would be in her eyes, her face, her dress, her posture. There wouldn't be any need to say anything.

The woman thought about how he had frequently commented on her lack of really sexy clothes, her reluctance to let him and other men catch a glimpse of her feminine beauty. She put it down to her job. Working for a firm of estate agents, the emphasis was on a sober, respectable appearance. Being young meant lacking experience and clients preferred to deal with mature, knowledgeable professionals rather than attractive but inexperienced newcomers. She had found a way of dressing that made her appear older than she really was and somehow this style had carried over to the clothes she wore in her free time.

But it wasn't only because of her job. She couldn't understand those women who seemed to invite men to leer down their cleavage or peek up their skirt, to drool as they undressed them with their eyes. She considered that kind of revealing attire vulgar, but he called it seductive. She found the thought of advertising the physical qualities of her body disgusting. It made her feel like being put on display for inspection by potential buyers.

This would have to change. She was going to fight. Not for his exclusive attention, but she would make it difficult for him to chose the other woman when it came to the question with whom he would spend the night.

It seemed that she had just discovered another part of her personality which had been hidden so far. She pictured it as a small side cave, the entrance to which had been blocked by a massive boulder. The man's revelation, his forcing her to make a decision, had caused that boulder to shift and the side cave had become accessible. It was still difficult to get in there, but it was possible. In this side cave she found another woman, one who was proud to display the beauty nature had bestowed upon her, one who was eager to use every part of her body to give and experience pleasure.

The decision was made. It was time to get out of her stupor. She opened the doors of her wardrobe to see what she could wear. There were a few dresses she had bought on the man's suggestion, but never worn because she considered them too revealing. She tried them on, one by one. She looked at herself in the mirror. She admitted that she looked quite sexy in these dresses, but not sexy enough for her purpose. She didn't just want to be seductive, she wanted to be devastating. She rummaged through the drawers where she kept her underwear. There was nothing that would fit her new image.

The woman put on one of her sexiest dresses, not bothering with any underwear, and went shopping. She bought low cut dresses, see-through blouses, miniskirts which barely covered her bottom, lacy, miniscule panties, even a few bras although she knew that the man preferred her to go without bra.

Her next stop was the beauty parlor. She decided to go for the full works: new haircut, manicure, pedicure, followed by a Brazilian waxing. She asked the hairdresser for a new, exciting cut and he obliged. She looked in the mirror and found herself irresistible. The attendant doing the waxing barley managed to hide her surprise when she simply took off her dress and sat down on the reclining chair, in full view of the other customers and staff.

When she left the beauty parlor, the newly waxed skin around her pussy felt extremely sensitive. She decided to go for a walk to see if the sensation would wear off, or if not, to get used to it. She turned into a side street and then another one without paying much attention to where she was going.

After a while she found herself in a part of town she hadn't been to before. It looked a little run-down; most of the houses could do with a fresh coat of paint, some looked like they needed a general overhaul. There was a flat-roofed, bungalow-style building which announced in large neon letters 'Massages - Invigorating - Relaxing'.

Dark, heavy curtains in the windows kept passers-by from looking inside. There was a glass-covered display box containing a few wilted newspaper cuttings where the name of the establishment had been highlighted and extracts from letters in which satisfied customers praised the service they had received. The logo of the establishment was the silhouette of the upper body of a naked woman. The woman decided to go inside.

As she entered the building she came face to face - or rather face to muscular chest - with a mountain of a man.

"Can I help you, Ma'am?"

The way he articulated the question sounded like helping her was the last thing on his mind. And his presence, just inches from her face, seemed to be intended to stop her from intruding any further into the inner sanctum of the massage parlor.

The hunk looked like a competitor for the title of Mister Universe, and like these competitors he wore a tight pair of swimming trunks and nothing else. The trunks looked tiny on his massive body and gave a good idea of the size and position of his penis.

The woman had only a limited view of the establishment. She was standing in a small reception area from which a corridor was leading to a number of cubicles. These cubicles were divided from each other with plastic curtains and seemed to contain a bed and not much else.

"I would like a massage".

She found she was stating the obvious. What else could people want who came into a place advertising 'Massages - Invigorating - Relaxing'?

"Invigorating or relaxing?"

"What's the difference?"

The hunk seemed to be taken aback by the question. Was there really anybody so ignorant that they didn't know the difference? He tried to come up with an explanation that even a fool would understand, but he couldn't find one.

"Well, I take care of 'Invigorating' and my colleague," he pointed to a girl, barely 18 years old, sitting on a chair in the far corner of the room, filing her nails with great attention to detail. "My colleague does 'Relaxing'.

"I'll have both," the woman said, "let's start with 'Invigorating'." She let her dress drop to the floor, displaying her tits and her freshly-waxed pussy.

The hunk looked horrified. He actually blushed!

"Sorry Ma'am, I don't do women."

The woman ignored his refusal and placed herself belly down on the massage bed.

"I think you'll find that women aren't that different from men," she said. "They're part of the same species."

The hunk's hands were strong and firm as they massaged every part of her body. This wasn't just invigorating, this was highly arousing! The woman couldn't remember having ever felt this excited. Her pussy was soaking wet but she made no attempt at holding back or at hiding her excitement. 'Doing' a woman was not without effect on the muscle-man either. She could watch his cock grow and get rock hard as he massaged her front. There was a real danger that it would burst out of its tight prison.

"Would you like any specials, Ma'am?"

After recovering a little from the 'invigorating' massage, the woman had moved to the massage bed on the far end of the room and the girl had drawn the curtain around the bed to give them a certain amount of privacy. It took the woman some time to figure out what 'specials' might be.

"What specials are you offering?" she asked, smiling at the girl.

Maybe it was this smile, maybe it was the fact that she had walked in there already stark naked without much ceremony that made the girl hesitate - something which didn't happen very often.

"My male customers often ask me to take off my top," she stammered.

"Just the top?"

"Well, I can undress completely, but that costs extra."

"I would like that very much."

The girl pulled her top over her head, revealing a pair of youthful bouncing tits. Then she took off her skirt and pushed down her panties. The girl's pussy was covered with a neatly trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair. It looked fully dressed compared with the nakedness of the woman's almost hairless sex.

"What other specials do you offer your male customers?"

"I offer relaxation, either manual or oral."

"Relaxation? You mean you masturbate them or perform cunnilingus?"

"It's called relaxation, or sometimes relief."

"Alright. Oral relaxation, please."

It amused her to think how quickly she got used to the terminology of this world she had never visited before.

The girl seemed uneasy.

"I've never done a woman before."

"I'm sure you'll know instinctively what to do."

The woman lay back in anticipation of the things to come. She had just made the girl strip naked so that she could feast her eyes on her young and succulent body. And she had placed an order for 'oral relaxation' to be delivered as part of her 'relaxing' massage. She had never felt this free in her whole life.

The girl's hands worked wonders on the woman's body. Her young tits bounced and jiggled as she applied a fragrant oil to the woman's skin, massaging her neck and shoulders, her back, her bottom, her thighs. As she turned the woman around to massage her front, she noticed that the woman was highly aroused; her nipples were hard as pebbles, her pussy was gushing juices, adding the musky scent of a woman on heat to the other smells permeating the air.

"They're hard," she said as she touched the woman's nipples very gently with her fingers. It was stating the obvious.

"Kiss them, please. Suck them," the woman begged like a starving man asking for food.

The girl lowered her mouth onto one breast. But she did not kiss, nor did she suck. She used her tongue like a whip. She lashed the stiff, highly sensitive morsel repeatedly. The woman arched her back to bring her breast closer to the attacking mouth. Every time the girl's tongue made contact with the woman's sensitive nipples, the thousands of nerve ends in the swollen flesh sent urgent messages of pure pleasure to her pussy, which passed them on to her brain: 'requesting permission to climax'. The brain's response came straight back: 'permission granted'.

"Aaah!" she moaned, "Aaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!".

Her whole body shook as she came to an earth-shattering orgasm.

The girl treated the other nipple to the same tongue-lashing and the woman reacted just as enthusiastically. Then, wanting to cool things down a little, the girl returned to her 'normal' massage, applying the fragrant oil to the woman's upper body, working gradually down do her abdomen, paying special attention to the woman's full breasts.

The woman made no secret of how much she enjoyed the treatment she received. She moaned and writhed on the narrow bed.

The girl's mouth came back into action when her focus moved down, between the woman's thighs. By now, the woman had lost any remaining self-restraint. She was completely out of control. She had never imagined that she was capable of experiencing so may orgasms in a row. If an 18-year-old on her first attempt could give her so much pleasure, what would a mature, experienced woman do to her? She would definitely try to persuade the other woman to eat her pussy as soon as the opportunity arose.

The girl licked the woman's pussy, at first a little timid, but growing more confident by the minute. Spurred on by the woman's shouts of appreciation, she turned up the intensity and brought the woman's series of orgasms to a crashing crescendo.

The curtain around the bed could keep prying eyes from seeing what was happening in the girl's little cubicle. But it couldn't keep people in the massage parlor from hearing the ecstatic noises the woman had produced. They couldn't see, but they could imagine what might have happened behind that curtain, although most people's imagination is not vivid enough to come even close to the intensity of pleasure the woman had experienced.

When the woman emerged from the cubicle, still naked, to retrieve her dress, there were two customers waiting for a 'relaxing' massage. They looked away as if they felt uncomfortable to have been the ear-witnesses of such a satisfying massage.

The woman paid the girl for all the specials and gave her a generous tip. The girl handed her her card. "Next time you need a relaxation, call me before you come. I'll prepare something extra special for you."

Back at her apartment, the woman undressed and looked at herself in the large mirror in her bedroom. She realized how beautiful she was. As she smiled her winning smile, little dimples formed on her cheeks. Her eyes sparkled. Her firm breasts were beautiful: not too large, not too small. Her perky nipples were pointing slightly upwards. Her bottom was firm and well shaped. And her pussy! Was there a man in this world who would be able to resist this pussy? So vulnerable, almost completely deprived of hair! She didn't have anything to worry about.

At this point, the woman decided that she wasn't going to remove the evidence of the multiple orgasms she had enjoyed. She wanted the man and the other woman to see the encrusted juices on the bare skin of her pussy, her lower belly, her thighs. She wanted them to smell her sated sex, to know how fulfilling the day had been for her already. And, if things went according to plan, her pussy would soon be soaking in juices again - and not only her own.

The woman spread her pussy lips in front of the mirror and looked at her gaping love hole. She pushed a finger inside, then put it into her mouth and licked it. What an exquisite taste! She couldn't decide whether it was sweet or salty, it was simply delicious. It was the first time she savored the taste of her own pussy - or any pussy for that matter. That was going to change. 'How strange,' she thought. She had never been curious enough to find out what her pussy tasted like.

Watching herself in the mirror as she licked her own juices from her finger aroused her. She felt tempted to masturbate in front of the mirror, to make love to that sexy creature which was reflected in the glass, but she decided to deny herself that pleasure. She still had to decide which outfit she was going to wear.

The woman tried on all the clothes she had bought, with and without underwear. She tried a number of combinations to achieve the desired effect. She wanted to surprise the man with her new look without going over the top, without using all her powder on the first shot.

In the end she opted for a low cut mini dress which she could wear without a bra. The dress was so short that her bottom, even her pussy, were revealed when she bent down.

She decided to put on a pair of tiny white panties. She liked that outfit also for practical reasons. She only needed to undo one button in the back of her neck and the dress would slide off her body. But her pussy would still be covered by the tiny panties, allowing her to achieve another surprise effect when she'd take them off.

She put on make-up - not too much, but enough to be noticed - and prepared a small suitcase with all her new clothes and a few other things she might need. Then she waited for the doorbell to ring.

The man hoped that the woman would accept his proposal. But he expected that it would be a reluctant agreement, motivated by the desire to keep him, even if she had to share him with another woman. He expected that it would take some time and a lot of patience for her to fully accept her new role as one of two women in his life, in his bed.

He couldn't believe his eyes when she answered the door, wearing the sexiest outfit he had ever seen her in. She had changed her hair cut, put on make-up and wore an exciting perfume. This was a different woman from the one he had left behind this morning. She embraced him and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Thanks for not dropping me for another woman."

"You look so sexy, I feel like making love to you right here in the hallway".

He held her in a tight embrace, her breasts squashed against his chest. They could both feel her nipples harden.

"That would be cheating," she said. "Let's go and meet the other woman." She picked up the case she had already put into the entrance hall.

The other woman had been sitting on the sofa, watching television, when they arrived. She looked very attractive. Her tight pullover and pants hugged her figure and showed off her curves to best effect. Looking attractive and well-groomed was part of her job. Nobody would want to hire a model which didn't look after herself. But compared with the new-found identity of the woman, her appearance was merely pedestrian.

There was surprise on the other woman's face as she got up to meet them. The woman she saw in front of her looked nothing like the one she had been expecting.

The woman hugged the other woman and gave her a passionate kiss on the mouth. "Thanks for sharing him with me," she said as she squeezed her hands underneath the tight pullover. She pulled it over the other woman's head. The other woman wore a bra which pushed her ample breasts up and produced a deep valley between those firm globes. The woman's tongue slid into this valley, licking both globes as her hands unfastened the bra and freed the beautiful mounds of flesh. Her hands, having dropped the bra to the floor, cradled the breasts, pushed them up so that the nipples were close to the woman's eager mouth. The woman kissed the breasts, sucked the nipples into her mouth, one at a time, before she knelt down to take off the other woman's shoes.

Still kneeling, the woman helped the other woman out of her tight jeans and her panties. She kissed the other woman's sex as her hands slowly pushed the panties down to her ankles. Then she got up and pressed her body against that of the other woman in a tight embrace.

"Let's go to the bedroom," she whispered into her ear. She lead the other woman by the hand to the bedroom and made her lie down on the large bed. She kicked off her sandals and then, making sure that both the man and the other woman were watching, she undid the single button which was holding her dress in place.

The man had watched the woman in amazement ever since they had arrived in the apartment. He hadn't thought he would ever see her seduce and undress another woman. He couldn't believe his eyes when her dress dropped to the floor, leaving the woman naked except for a pair of miniscule panties. His sense of disbelief grew even more when he saw her push down those panties to reveal her almost hair-less pussy. He had not felt this excited since the start of their relationship.

The woman pushed the other woman's legs apart and bent over her pussy. Turning around to the man she said, "Would you like to fuck my ass while I eat this delicious pussy?"

The man had been watching, stunned. He was glued to the spot, almost in a state of paralysis. Hearing the woman's invitation, he scrambled into action. He fumbled his way out of his clothes, entangling himself in trouser legs and shirt sleeves, eager to undress as quickly as possible. He rummaged through drawers to find the lubricant he had bought some time ago but never used. Having found it, he greased his cock and applied some of the jelly to the woman's ass. He felt her body shudder as he pushed his cock into her tight rear.

The woman's ass hurt as the man shoved his cock inside her. But this did not matter. What mattered was that he had chosen her for his first fuck in their love triangle. This victory was worth a lot more than the discomfort in her rear which was filled to bursting with his cock. It was to be expected that the first time wouldn't be very pleasant. She wondered whether the expression 'a pain in the ass' had anything to do with anal sex. With time she would get used to it. She would learn to relax, to enjoy having her rear stretched by his pounding cock.

In the meantime she just enjoyed the thrill of her victory and the effect her mouth had on the other woman. She had no experience in eating pussy, but she remembered what it had felt like when the girl had licked her, earlier that day. The other woman seemed to appreciate her first-ever attempt. She reacted to every little stimulation of the tongue moving up and down her pussy lips, darting inside her love hole, the lips searching out and imprisoning her clitoris. She produced copious amounts of fluid and didn't hold back when her orgasm took control.

The woman herself felt her excitement rise, listening to the sounds of pleasure the other woman produced. Her pussy got wet but she didn't reach an orgasm, not even when she felt the cock in her ass pulsate and spurt jets of hot cum into her tight passage. The sensation was just too uncomfortable to allow her to relax completely and abandon herself to lust. She continued to pleasure the other woman, taking her from one orgasm to the next, on a steady climb to seventh heaven.

The man withdrew his softening cock from the woman's ass and went to clean himself. He returned to watch the two women - his two women - on the bed. He could see the woman's head buried between the other woman's thighs. Her ass was sticking up in the air, just as it had been when he fucked her. The hole was still red, looking slightly bruised from the penetration. He could see his cum trickle down between her ass cheeks. The sight of the woman eating the other woman's pussy, the noises the two produced, the freshly fucked ass right before his eyes excited him so much that his cook was soon hard again.

When the man was ready to re-join the action, the woman rolled to the side so that he could fuck the other woman.

The man, too, had considered it logical that now would be the other woman's turn to have his cock buried inside her. He looked at her, her pussy moist from the multiple orgasms she had experienced as a result of the woman's efforts. Then he looked at the woman who was reclining on the bed. This was his first chance to get a good look at her new, almost hairless pussy. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her; she seemed a new, hitherto unknown woman to him. He couldn't resist the fascination of this new woman, whose pussy was sporting a Mohican haircut. He pounced on her and entered her in one forceful stroke.

The other woman watched the man fuck the woman. The sight of his cock thrusting deep inside the woman's cunt made her wish that it was her lying under the man. She felt a little disappointed that the man hadn't chosen to fuck her. For a while it seemed that this was going to happen, and then something made him change his mind. But she had no reason to complain. She had already experienced a multitude of orgasms from the woman's mouth. Considering that those two had known each other for some time, it was understandable that he would give some special attention to her on their first night as a love triangle. After all, she herself had only spent one single night with the man.

But something puzzled the other woman. Hadn't the man told her that the woman would probably be very reluctant to agree to this unusual arrangement? There hadn't been any sign of hesitation on the woman's part. This woman didn't match the picture the man had painted of her. He had described her as attractive but reluctant to display her charms. Concerning her attitude to sex, he had said that she was willing but a little dull. If this was dull, in the man's opinion, then what would exciting be like?

When the man came home from work the following day, the woman greeted him in the entrance hall, kissing him tenderly. She was wearing a black fishnet dress and nothing underneath. The man's eyes lit up as he looked at her. 'This dress is a fraud,' he thought. It was a pretence of being dressed when in fact she was naked. But it was a very well executed fraud. It left the woman looking much more seductive than if she had been naked.

The woman lead the man to the bedroom, where the other woman was lying naked on one side of the large bed. She was blindfolded and her arms and legs were tied to the bedposts. The woman had left the other half of the bed free in case the man wanted to tie her up as well and then take turns in teasing and fucking his helpless victims. The man looked at the woman.

"Did you tie her up?"

The woman nodded and started to unbutton the man's shirt.

"Did she agree to this?"

The woman didn't need to answer. The other woman herself confirmed that it had been her own wish to be tied up and blindfolded.

"We both thought it would turn you on to see her so completely at your mercy, unable to resist whatever you chose to do to her.

The sight of the restrained, naked woman did indeed turn him on. He could feel his cock harden as the woman continued to undress him. But then he looked at the woman in her fishnet dress. It didn't take him long to make up his mind. He threw her onto the free half of the bed and entered her without giving her a chance to take off her dress. His hands squeezed her breasts, his mouth ravaged her nipples through the gaps in the netting. His cock pounded mercilessly into her pussy. He was in a frenzy. His hands slid underneath her bottom and grabbed her buttocks to allow him to thrust even harder into her.

After she had overcome her initial surprise at this sudden and violent attack, the woman joined into the mood of the occasion and encouraged the man to give it to her rough and hard. The man's excitement soon reached the point of no return. With a loud moan he shot his load into the woman's pussy.

The other woman could hear what was happening. She felt the bed rock under the man's hard thrusts, she heard the woman beg the man to fuck her harder, deeper, faster. She was aware of their heavy breathing, the man's ecstatic moan and the relative silence when the two rested to recover their normal breathing. Once again, she wondered why the man had decided not to use and abuse her freely available body.

Being tied up and blindfolded excited her, even though nobody had touched her. Listening to the two making love had raised her arousal even more. She was longing for an orgasm, but she was too proud to beg to be fucked.

As soon as the man lifted off her, the woman straddled the other woman so that her flooded pussy was positioned over the other woman's mouth. "Clean me," she ordered, "lick his cum from my cunt."

The other woman was surprised, even a little shocked by the request. But she felt that obeying orders was part of her submissive role and she did as she had been told. She could not see, but she could smell the rich mixture of fragrances produced by the man's cum and the juices flowing from a well-fucked cunt. She had to rely on the tactile skills of her tongue and lips as she proceeded with the clean-up operation, slowly but thoroughly. As she explored every fold and crevice of the pussy placed before her, the woman rewarded her efforts with deep moans and a rich flow of juices from her pussy.

The woman bent over the other woman's sex and paid back every lick, every stimulation. What had started as a gesture of domination, the order to lick the woman's pussy clean, turned into a frenzied 69 with each woman trying to outdo the other in the thrills they produced.

The man recovered his hardness watching the two women and listening to the uninhibited sounds of pleasure. He greased up his cock and shoved it into the woman's ass. The woman gasped at the unexpected intrusion. Her pussy ground against the other woman's face with each powerful thrust by the man. The other woman was worried she might suffocate as the weight of the other two pushed down on her face, but she kept licking the woman's pussy, just as the woman didn't stop eating hers.

After the man had filled her ass with his hot cum, the woman untied the other woman and removed her blindfold. Then she lay close to her, holding her in a tender embrace, as if she wanted to comfort and protect the other woman.

The woman had reason to feel elated. In the first two days of the mnage trois, the man had fucked her and only her. It almost seemed that he had forgotten he had another woman, that the two women had agreed to share his love. When the woman had agreed to share him with another woman, it had been to avoid losing him completely. She had changed her attitude towards sex, decided to fight for her share of the man's attention. But now it seemed that she had won him all for herself. The thought didn't give her any pleasure. She thought it was unfair to the other woman to let her go without.

The pattern repeated itself over the following days. The man would return to find two sexy women, both eager to please him, to win his attention, but he always fucked the same one and ignored the other woman. It seemed that he was only interested in one of his two women. The woman tried to direct the man's attention to the other woman, but it was to no avail.

At one time, the woman had arranged for the two of them to masturbate for the enjoyment of the man. They were kneeling side by side on the large bed, with their legs spread, facing the man. The two women brought themselves off repeatedly, spreading their pussy lips, fingering themselves, playing with their clitorises. The man watched in awe. He remembered how, in the old days, the woman had refused to finger herself in his presence. She had admitted that she did do it sometimes, even that she enjoyed doing it, but she had never let him watch. Now, she didn't just let him watch, she put on a show for him. His excitement grew as he watched her nimble fingers stroke her pussy lips, slip inside her slit, her thumb rubbing her clitoris in rapid, circular movements.

The woman had arranged their little performance in the hope that the man would realize that the other woman was just as sexy and exciting as her. But her hopes that the man might for once decide to fuck the other woman came to nothing when he interrupted her play and put his cock where her fingers had been. The other woman had to carry on with what she had started and satisfy herself with her fingers.

The only time the other woman got into direct contact with the man's cock was when the woman asked her to help her suck it back into life after it had gone soft.

In a way, the woman considered herself responsible for this situation. Had she stuck to her conventional attitude towards sex, she might now be the one watching the other two from the sidelines. Her change in attitude excited the man so much that he couldn't get enough of her. But what could she do? She enjoyed sex like she had never imagined possible before. She loved being the center of the man's attention. And, after a few uncomfortable experiences, she even enjoyed it when he fucked her ass.

The first time that happened was in the Jacuzzi. The man had watched the two women bring each other off by directing the strong water jet at each other's pussy. After a while he wanted to join in. He made the woman bend over the rim of the circular tub and worked a piece of soap in and out of her rear until her ass was foaming. Then he fucked her soapy ass while the other woman kept pointing the water jet at the woman's pussy. That water jet, the man's roaming hands on her tits and his cock in her ass had produced an exquisite mixture of sensations that brought her to a very satisfying climax. From that day on, the apprehension she had always felt when she realized he was going to use her rear entrance disappeared.

Occasionally, the three would go out together for a drink or a meal. Both women would be dressed to kill and make quite a few heads turn. The man's friends called him a lucky bastard when they saw him in the company of these two beautiful women. A few of them also called him a bloody egoist when he didn't agree to their suggestion to let them join in what they all thought would be an exciting night.

Both women would have found the participation of another man to form two couples very exciting, but the man remained deaf to his friends' pleas and declared that he wasn't in the habit of organizing orgies for other people. He was just realizing his dream of living with two women and if the others needed a woman they should find their own.

The woman wasn't very happy about the man's possessive attitude. In fact, on one of these occasions she wondered what it would be like to live with two men. But on the whole she had no reason to complain. Her sex life had never been more exciting.

When the man left for work in the morning, the two women usually remained in bed for a while and, more often than not, they ended up making love to each other. The woman tried to compensate for the lack of attention the other woman received from the man and did everything to please her. But her efforts were not purely an act of charity. She enjoyed eating the other woman's pussy while she was eating hers.

It was after one of these love sessions that the other woman plucked up the courage to talk about her dissatisfaction with the situation.

"I feel like I have been persuaded to join a team but now I find myself watching all the matches from the substitutes' bench without ever getting to join in. Before this, I used to be the secret mistress of a married man. I wasn't happy about being the 'bit on the side', but at least I knew that I would get laid two or three times a week. Now I've got a permanent relationship and I haven't had a cock inside me for weeks."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about you. You're the main reason I haven't yet packed my things and left. What you do to my pussy is just fabulous! And I enjoy eating yours, too. Particularly that time you tied me down and made me lick his cum out of you. Remember? You said 'clean me' and pushed your pussy into my face and I thought 'who the hell does she think she is to give me orders'. But when I did it, it was so hot, I almost came just from licking you. Maybe we could do this again one day?"

"You see, when I agreed to this arrangement, I had certain expectations, but now he doesn't even seem to know I exist. So I'm asking myself, what am I doing here. There's got to be something more satisfying out there, even if I won't be able to play with you anymore."

The woman assured her that it would be her turn this night. She didn't quite know how she would be able to deliver on this promise, but as a first step she decided to take the other woman to the massage parlor where she had been the day she agreed to the man's proposal and started a new life.

The woman phoned the girl to let her know she was coming, however she didn't mention the other woman. On the way to the place the woman gave the other woman a brief but incomplete run-down of what had happened during her first and so far only visit. This shack in the seedy part of town had come to symbolize more than any other place the woman's transformation into the sex-mad creature she now was. The place had become like a shrine to her to which she was paying a second visit to give thanks for the miraculous redemption she had experienced there. And maybe it would do the same for the other woman.

When they arrived at the place, the big neon sign still read 'Massages - Invigorating - Relaxing', but a new announcement had been added to the display box, covering some of the fan mail. It read 'Relaxation - male and female'.

The woman and the girl embraced like old friends.

"I've been doing quite a few women since you got me started. I had no idea there was so much demand for this kind of service. It's a lot more fun then sucking off dirty old men. Also, women are more generous with their tips."

"I would like you to do to my friend here what you did to me last time." The girl's face showed disappointment. "And then I'd like a repeat performance - and I want to find out what the extra special is."

The woman left the other woman in the capable hands of the girl and went to see the hunk for an invigorating massage. Once more, the touch of his firm hands on her skin made her squirm with delight. Just like the previous time she could watch his cock grow and put a considerable strain on the fabric of his trunks.

She wondered if she would feel any remorse if she'd ask for an invigorating fuck. There had never been any secrets between her and the man. She would have to tell him. That by itself didn't seem to be a problem, but she didn't want to complicate things further. Right now her priority was to help the other woman claim her rightful place in the team. She decided to put the experiment off until a later date.

When she had recovered from her invigorating massage, she went to the girl's cubicle to watch. They were in the middle of the oral relaxation. She could tell that the other woman was enjoying the treatment she received from the girl at least as much as she herself had the first time around. Her pussy was already wet from the hunk's massage. It got even wetter from watching the girl in action. Her fingers automatically homed in on the center of her excitement and she frigged herself while she waited for her turn on the massage table.

The 'extra special' turned out to be a selection of vibrators from the girl's personal collection. She wasn't using them yet professionally and wanted to see how the woman would react to them. The girl asked the woman to chose one from the spread on offer. Greedily, the woman chose the largest one. It had a knobby head, imitating quite realistically the shape of a large cock. Then the girl asked her to chose another one without offering any explanation. The girl inserted the first vibrator into the woman's pussy and the other one, after lubricating it slightly, into her ass. She kept both of them switched on throughout the massage. Neither of the two vibrators could compete with a real cock, but the fact that both of them kept humming away while the girl's skillful hands massaged her, added a new edge to the woman's orgasms. She was sure that her juices were forming a small lake on the massage bed. She also thought about what it would feel like to have two real cocks in the place of the vibrators.

The high point of the session was once more the girl's tongue in the woman's pussy. The vibrator made a slurping noise when the girl removed it from the woman's dripping cunt. The girl was pleased about the plentiful supply of liquid which this never-drying well produced. The woman's hips bucked to push her pussy closer into the girl's face while the second vibrator was still stimulating her ass.

The other woman had watched the scene in a state of sweet exhaustion. Once more she was amazed about the intensity of the sexual energy which seemed to drive the woman from one orgasm to the next. Maybe the man was right to be bewitched by this volcano of a woman. Even if she tried she couldn't compete with so much wanton lust.

As a special expression of their gratitude, the two women lifted the girl onto the massage table and took turns in licking her pussy. Initially, the girl protested loudly, declaring that this kind of behavior was highly irregular, that she couldn't possibly let clients do this to her, that she risked losing her job if they didn't stop immediately. But her resistance lacked conviction and soon her moans spoke louder than any objections she had voiced before. She let the two woman's mouths and hands roam over her youthful body and give her a small taste of the pleasures those two had experienced when she had been in control.

The woman's strategy for getting the man to fuck the other woman was simple, maybe simplistic. She just wouldn't be there when the man got home. She would lock herself into her room and let the other two make love on their own. Before she went into reclusion she coached the other woman. "Go to the door when he arrives. Welcome him. Naked, semi-nude, fully dressed - whichever way you think works best. Seduce him. Make him forget that I exist."

The woman's advise did not produce the desired effect. A few minutes after the man came home he was knocking on her door. He threatened to break it down when she refused to open up. When she eventually conceded defeat and unlocked her door, he threw her on the bed and fucked her like a wild animal.

The other woman came to the conclusion that she would never manage to win the man for herself. She was ready to throw in the towel and start a 'normal' relationship with someone else. The following day she packed her things into a suitcase and was ready to leave, but the woman persuaded her to talk to the man before taking that final step. Maybe he wasn't aware of how she felt, maybe explaining the situation would make him realize that he had to pay the same attention to both his women. The other woman wasn't convinced that talking about it would change anything, but she agreed to wait, just to do the woman who told her how much she would miss her a favor.

That evening, nobody came to the door to greet the man. He found the woman in the kitchen, preparing dinner. She was naked except for a tiny apron which she had put on to protect her exposed pussy. She managed to avoid the man's advances, reminding him that making love bent over a hot stove could result in serious burns. Then she told him that the other woman was waiting in the living room to talk to him.

"Have you been fighting?"

From the beginning of this unusual arrangement, the man had been worried that his two women might not get along, that they would end up fighting. So far there hadn't been any sign of this. Had it finally happened?

The other woman sat in an armchair, fully dressed, her face serious. The man noticed a suitcase on the floor next to her chair.

"We need to talk," she said.

She told him how frustrated she felt, having to watch all the matches from the substitutes' bench without ever seeing any action. The only one who showed any interest in her was the woman. She asked the man to give her a reason to stay, to explain why he wanted her around.

The man had just started to explain that even if he didn't touch her, her mere presence, the fact that he could have her if he wanted, was a great excitement to him, when, in a case of terrible timing, the woman entered the room to announce that dinner was ready. The man looked at her, her tiny apron, her beautiful breasts. He got up and pinned her against the wall. Then he dropped is trousers and fucked her standing up. The other woman picked up her suitcase and left without saying a word.

The man and the woman continued to live together in the big house. His passion for his new sex-goddess continued unabated and she was always available to suck his cock or let him fuck her pussy or ass at will. But the man's sexual appetite was bigger than his physical strength. There were days when he just asked the woman to cuddle up next to him on the large bed and fell soon asleep.

One day, the man arrived home and the woman didn't greet him at the door. He checked in the bedroom to see if she had prepared another of her surprises for him. A few times he had found her, naked, on all fours on the bed, waiting for him to fuck her in what seemed to be her favorite position. Once this had excited him so much that he had penetrated her without any lubrication, fucking her ass raw. She seemed to enjoy his rough, animal-like behavior, even if it meant that she wouldn't be able to offer him her rear entrance for about a week afterwards.

But this time she wasn't waiting for him in the bedroom. He found her sitting in the living room. Not only was she fully dressed, she was wearing the type of clothes she used to prefer before her transformation and her face had a serious expression - friendly but serious.

"Sit down, we need to talk."

That sounded ominous. He checked if there was a suitcase somewhere, ready packed and waiting, and was relieved when he didn't see any.

"You've always been honest to me, even when it hurt, and I think that's one of the reasons why our relationship works so well," she started. "I don't want to hide anything from you either, even though this may be painful: I slept with another man."

Yes, it did hurt. What on earth could another man offer her in bed that he couldn't? But he wasn't one of those old-fashioned men who made a scandal when they found out that their partner had been unfaithful. He found that word itself antiquated, unsuitable for their kind of relationship. So she had had a casual fling with someone else. He had feared something much worse.

"Go on," he said.

"He's one of my clients," she said.

It disturbed the man that she said 'is' rather 'was'. Did this mean it was more than a one-time fling?

After the other woman had left, the woman had felt extremely bored staying at home on her own. She had contacted her former employer and they had agreed to offer her a part-time job. That way she had the opportunity to mix with other people, but still had enough time to look after herself, to make sure she was always looking her best, and to be available to the man whenever he wanted her. The man wondered whether it had been a mistake to allow the woman to return to work.

"I had already shown him several properties in his price range but none of them was what he wanted. There was another, more expensive property which has been on the market for some time and the owner was desperate to sell, even if it meant dropping the price. That property hasn't found any buyer yet, because of its - shall we say, unique - layout. Particularly the main bedroom is unconventional. It is circular, all the walls are covered with mirrors and the bed, also circular, is built into the center of the room. Anyone buying this apartment would have to do significant redesign work - or have a similar taste to that of its current owner.

"When I showed the apartment to my client, he asked if I considered it possible to live in a place with a bedroom like this. I looked around, seeing my image reflected many times in the mirror and answered that it would feel a little strange but I might get used to it. He asked, 'Would you like to try?' and embraced me. The question was so unexpected and his touch was so gentle that I couldn't resist. I just said 'why not?' and that's how it happened."

The woman didn't tell the man what a thrill it had been to make love to the other man whose soft hands caressed her with so much tenderness as he slowly undressed her, who called her the most beautiful names, who praised every part of her body as it was revealed to his eyes. There was nothing soft about his cock as he drove into her with determination. But it was clear that he wasn't fucking her only for his own pleasure. It was important to him that she got the most out of it, too. Her orgasms with him were not like the eruption of a volcano as they used to be, they were more like the never-ending crashing of the sea against the rocks.

All this remained unsaid. What she did tell the man, however, was that the experience had been so satisfying that she wanted to repeat it many more times. She wasn't going do leave him, but she wanted to turn the one-time event with the other man into a regular feature of her sex-life. And, as the house was much too big for the two of them, she suggested that the other man move in with them.

The man was aghast. Was she bluffing? Was this her way of getting back at him, her revenge for him having brought another woman into their relationship?

"No," she said. Revenge was something for narrow-minded people. Creative thinkers like them came up with bold, unconventional solutions. Her suggestion wasn't a bluff. It was a serious suggestion. So serious that she had already talked to the other man about it. He had said he'd be delighted to share her with another man - with twenty other men if necessary, as long as he got to fuck her every now and then.

The man was in a state of shock. Unable to say anything.

She carried on. "Just think how wonderful it would be for me. I could chose if I wanted it rough or gentle, depending on the day, or even the time of day. There's no need to worry that you won't get enough. My sexual appetite is enough to satisfy two men."

"On the other hand," she sat on his lap and put her arm around his shoulders to make what she was about to say less painful. "On the other hand, I have the feeling that the task of depositing your seed in all my orifices every day is becoming burdensome to you. It leaves you exhausted, you wake up tired and short-tempered. Some nights you only want to cuddle and sleep." On those nights, she told him, she lay awake until she was sure he was asleep and then used her fingers to satisfy herself.

The man was devastated. She had just told him, in the most gentle way she could manage, that he wasn't man enough to satisfy her needs.

"Just think, how the two of you could join forces and test the limits of my sexual appetite. Hoy you could fuck my ass while the other man fucks my pussy. I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

She gave him a deep kiss and could feel his cock harden under her bottom.

"But it wouldn't be only for my own benefit. It would be a new experience for you too. The other man told me that he's made love to men occasionally and found it very exciting. Just think of me sucking your hard cock while he fucks your ass."

The man was horrified. He shook his head vigorously and was about to say that there was just no way he would let anybody fuck his ass - ever, when the woman put her fingers on his lips.

"Don't say anything now. I only want your answer tomorrow evening. Then I'll go to meet the other man and, depending on your answer, I'll bring him here, or I'll stay with him in his circular bedroom."

The man was still in a state of shock when she said, "Shall we make love?" There was the implication that this might be the last time.

The woman didn't wait for an answer. She undid his belt and zipper and pulled down his trousers and underpants. Kneeling before him, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it until it was hard. Then she lifted the hem of her dress just enough to allow her to straddle him. She pushed the gusset of her panties to the side so that his cock could slide inside her. She lowered herself onto his cock until it was completely inside her and began slow up-and-down movements, getting faster and more forceful all the time. As soon as the man hat shot his semen inside her, she got up, put her panties back in place, gave the man a kiss on the cheek and said, "See you tomorrow."

As soon as she got to her bedroom she lay on the bed with a pile of cushions under her thighs. She didn't want the man's seed to seep out of her. She wanted to feel it inside her for as long as possible. She fell asleep, her pussy filled with the man's semen, her head filled with the image of her being sandwiched between two men, of having her ass and cunt fucked at the same time.

The man couldn't find any sleep. His head was still spinning from the woman's revelation and her proposal. He found it impossible to agree to let another man fuck him. He found it equally impossible to give up the woman. She had turned into a never-tiring, never-refusing sex partner. He couldn't imagine that there was another one like her anywhere in the world. And all because he had confronted her with his decision to bring another woman into his life. Now he was faced with an equally difficult situation. He looked at his watch. He still had 22 hours to reach a decision.

The End

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