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Kevin and Dominic find a quite part of the pub to sit down. As they sip their beers, Kevin starts to tell his mate Dom about the scenario that could happen later that day.


This is what Kevin says to Dom in Kevin's own words;


Dom, I've been asked to baby sit a beautiful little blonde haired 4 year old girl later this evening, her name is Kylie. Her 8 month old baby sister Ellie will be there too. The mum tells me that she won't be back until the morning. As soon as she leaves, I'm going to ring you to ask you if you want to join me. If your interested mate, which I know you will be, you can come round immediately.


Imagine Dom, when you arrive Kylie is sitting on the floor watching some kind of children's program. When you see the two girls' in the fresh, I promise you, you're going to be really up for it, mate.


I will turn off the TV and tell Kylie that it's bedtime. We will stand over her as she stands up in front of us. You could then get your phone out and take a picture of her standing there smiling before we abuse her, if you want too.


(Note to readers; Dom will take several photographs throughout the pedophilic evening. I will describe 10 of the best at the very end of this story).


I'll tell her that tonight she and her sister are going to have to take something very special to bed with them.


She'll ask us both `what is it'?


You'll look at me with an evil looking grin on your face.


We'll then waste no more time and immediately show her. Unzipping our flies, we'll pull out our aching 55 year old hard pedo cocks right in front of a perplexed 4 year old toddler.


`These................' I'll tell her in no uncertain terms.


Kylie's eyes will light up.


She'll start to giggle as she stares at them.


You'll ask her if she has ever seen a man's cock before. She'll shake her little toddler head to say she hasn't.


We'll look at each other and think `bingo'.


She'll tell us that they look funny.


We'll tell her that they've become funny looking because of her. Telling her that they were once small and soft but as soon as they saw her and her baby sister they became big and stiff like this.


Kylie just stares wide eyed at our two throbbing cocks looking at her face, mate.


Then you'll look at me and ask if I'm ready.


`To fucking right I am' I'll tell you.


Then simultaneously we'll both reach out and place a hand each around the back of Kylie's small blonde haired head. Together, Dom, we'll force her head right back by pulling hard on her lovely long blonde hair. You'll tell me that she is `fucking gorgeous'. I'll smile at you and have to agree. We'll then both move slightly forward and at precisely the same time lay both of our hard pedo cocks onto Kylie's extremely beautiful looking little 4 year old face.


She'll look even more fucking beautiful now with two incredibly randy 55 year old pedo cocks lying side by side on it. They'll both look fucking massive compared to her size of her little face, all long and very thick.


You'll then tell her that before she and her sister go off to sleep tonight they're going to fucking drain these two dirty old pedo cocks completely fucking dry.


Dom, you're the man.


She'll just stares up at us with her beautiful big blue eyes wide open; we'll just LOL at her.


Fancy saying that to a little 4 year old girl, Dom, as our randy meats are lying completely still on her cutie little pedo cock draining face?


She's everything a pedophile dreams of having to drain their dirty randy cocks with.


Then we'll take our big hard pieces of meat off her and bring the heads of them together. We're now only an inch or so short of Kylie's cock inviting small infant mouth. You'll tell her to look up at us, which she does. You'll then tell her to stick her little toddler tongue out and run it just for now across the tips of both of our pre-cum soaked randy pedo helmets. She'll smiles at up us and keep looking up, as we watch open mouthed, a very pretty 4 year old girl with big blue eyes gently gliding her very young soft wet tongue back and fro across both of our extremely randy but very lucky indeed mature knobs. Luckily for us, her innocent tongue (up to now that is in her short life) will soon become attached to our helmets. That's because of all the sticky pre-cum that is oozing out of the slits in our helmets. Several thin strings of pre-cum are instantly created when Kylie momentarily takes her tongue. These fill the space between her cherry red lips and both of our knobs.


`arrrrrrrrrr what's this?' Kylie will say with her nose all screwed up.


`That's pre-cum' I'll tell her `it comes out of a man's cock when he it gets excited.


We'll tell her to look up and smile at us at that point.


She'll look fucking amazing, mate, I can promise you that, with her toddler lips covered in our pre-cum.


Imagine that Dominic, us standing side by side together as our 55 year old pedo cock heads are being tongued by a gorgeous little 4 year old girl, us covering her lips and tongue with pre-cum. That would be fucking great mate, wouldn't it?


I'll tell her too fucking keep going, which she does willingly as she continues to stare up at us with a huge smile now etched right across her lovely sweet looking face.


We've hit bingo with this one, mate.


Then suddenly you'll tell her to put her fucking gorgeous looking little 4 year old gob onto both of our pedo knobs at the same fucking time, asking her quickly if she'd ever had a cock in her mouth before.


She'll shake her tiny head that she hasn't.


Mmmmmmmm beautiful hey, mate.


Imagine that Dom, this is the first time this hot little slut standing before us has ever had, in her very short life so far, a cock in her beautiful little mouth and not only is it going to be a 55 year old cock but she's going to get two of them in for the bargain, magic that.


We'll order her to keep looking up at us as she goes and performs this totally filthy sex act on the both of us. Kylie will open her mouth really wide and place her incredibly soft sweet lips onto BOTH of our very lucky horny helmets at the same fucking time. We'll grin at each other once again and then quickly look down to stare at a stunning little 4 year old toddler with her little red lips pressed hard onto both of our 55 year old pedo knobs.


We'll then do another high 5 together.


We'll both agree that Kylie really does look fucking beautiful now.


I'll see you then go and carefully place a hand around the back of her tiny head. You'll scoop some of her long blonde hair up and then push her head slightly forward. This will make her gob go further down onto our cockheads and finally stretch open a 4 year old girl's gob. Soon both of our knobs will be residing deep inside a gorgeous little toddler's mouth. Her face cheeks will be all puffed out because of what WE have just done to her, Dom.


I'll pass you a beer can, mate.


We'll then both sip beer together as we stand there looking down at our two 55 year old pedo cocks lodged inside a 4 year old girl's stretch to the limit mouth. Her mouth will be completely stuffed full of cock, OUR PEDO COCKS DOM.


No one could get any more in her, even if you tried.


We'll LOL.


Does that sound good to you, mate, it does to me?


Next I'll reluctantly have to remove my knob to let you face fuck the little 4 year old slag.


Telling her to keep looking up at you, you'll hold onto the back her small toddler head and then force her face further down onto your randy meat. Then you'll bob her pretty little head repeatedly up and down your dirty randy cock shaft, making her swallow several inches of your thick hard fuckpole with every dirty stroke, you filthy bastard Dom. I'll be watching you, grinning away all fucking jealous of you now and can't wait to have my turn with this little 4 year old whore, to use her mouth like you're doing to her right now.


You'll tell me that her little gob feels fucking amazing wrapped around your cock.


I bet it fucking does, Dom. I wouldn't expect anything less, mate.


You'll thank me for ringing you. I'll tell you it was no problem, mate, anytime.


Anyway luckily for me you do eventually pull out of her and pass her over to me.


I'm ready for her.


I will immediately grab the back of her head like you did and force her small young soft lips straight onto the head of my waiting pedo cock. I'll then order her look up at me. I'll grin down at her and just laugh. Then I'll tell her that I'm going to `fucking use her beautiful little 4 year old toddler gob for my own fucking pleasure'


I'll then tell you to fucking watch this, mate.


You'll then watch me yanking on Kylie's pretty tiny head, making my cock disappear into an infant's mouth and go down into her gorgeous throat. I'm stretching it with about 6 inches of my pedo meat.


You'll clap and tell me excitedly to `fucking do a toddler'.


I'll then stand there with my legs slightly apart, my hand on the top of Kylie's head, working the little cunt's lips repeatedly up and down my horny pedo shaft, face fucking a toddler.


I'll tell you that this is fucking great and this is how I like to treat a toddler.


You'll keep encouraging me to really do her good and proper, which I'll fucking do for you mate, don't you ever worry on that score.


I'll tell Kylie to keep looking up at me as I tell her `I love raping your little toddler mouth'.


I keep working on Kylie for several more minutes like this as she continues to look up at me.


Then finally I'll pass her mouth back to you, for you to use.


We, Dominic, will then just stand there side by side with our pedo dicks sticking out of our flies for well over 10 minutes more just face fucking a little infant, just because we fucking want too.


Then finally you'll tell me it's now fucking time to take these two little slut's to bed.


I'll totally agree with you on that one.


I'll see you then placing one of Kylie's small hands around your hard pedo dick (you dirty bastard) and get her to lead you by your cock up the stairs to her bedroom


I'll pick up baby Ellie and follow you up while admiring the incredible view of a middle aged pedophile being lead by his cock by a beautiful long blonde haired 4 year old beauty to her bedroom for the sole purpose to be raped by him in there.


Just hold on to that thought for a moment or two, Dom.


................................Ok let's move on now;


We go into Kylie's bedroom. It's a typical toddler girl's bedroom. There's pink and girlie toys' lying everywhere. Luckily for us, she has a double bed in her room. I put baby Ellie down on the bed and go and stand next to you in front of a smiling but also slightly nervous looking Kylie.


I'll watch you as you remove Kylie's lovely dress to leave her standing there now totally naked before us.


Both our pedo cocks will twitch like mad as we finally see what you're about to fuck together that night.


She'll look totally fuckable, cock draining in fact, I can tell you, Dom.


I'll tell her to turn round and show us her arse. This she will do this for us. Her beautiful long blonde hair freely falls down her back and nearly reaches her equally beautiful and very rape able looking and also extremely slim bottom


`Wow' is the only description I can give you on that picture, mate.


You'll tell her to look over her shoulder at us as we both strip before her. We'll see her eyes focusing down onto our big hard horny dicks that are now pointing directly at her very slim naked toddler body.


Great hey, Dom!


You'll then walk over to her and pick her up and lay her down onto the bed. You'll then prise her small legs apart to reveal to us her lovely small and very tight looking bald fuckholes. I'll then move baby Ellie next to her sister and now open up her very short chubby legs to reveal her 8 month old cunt and arsehole to us also. We're now both kneeling on the bed, our pedo cocks all stiff and twitching from side to side as we grin at what we're both about to fuck that night.


Imagine that Dominic, we're about to abuse a little 4 year old girl and her 8 month old baby sister with our 55 year old pedo cocks. I can go with that one, mate.


Then you'll get off the bed and go and stand in the middle of the room.


You'll call Kylie over to you.


I'll tell you that we better gag her first, so that her screams won't alert the neighbours. You'll agree with me. I'll then take one of my socks and tie it tight around her little mouth. I'll then take Kylie over to you.


You'll pick her up and open her legs, letting them go across your waist. Her hands will hold onto your shoulders, her nervous looking face now staring at you. Your pedo cock will be pointing directly up at her two tiny holes. You'll look at me and grin. I'll grin back and then walk slowly over to you. I'll stand in front of you and position my pedo cock right next yours, so that they are nearly touching each other. Now both our pedo pricks are pointing up at toddler Kylie's two gorgeous fuckholes.


You'll stare into her face and tell her that men like us like doing things like this to little toddlers like her.


Grinning I'll then tell you `let's fucking do a toddler, mate'.


You'll laugh first, you dirty bastard before you slowly start to lower Kylie's beautiful tiny body down onto our aching pedo pieces of randy fuckmeat. You'll carefully place her 4 year old cunt onto the head of your cock, leaving mine to go onto her arsehole. Immediately she'll feel to the both of us that she is going to be incredibly tight.


Then we'll grin at each other before you tell Kylie that she is going to have two dirty middle aged pedos shoving their filthy, dirty 55 year old cocks right up into her 4 year old body at the same time, one going into her cunt and one going into her arsehole.


She'll look at you all scared now but you'll just laugh at her, mate.


You'll then look at me just before you start to push Kylie once again downwards. Lowering her, you're pushing her stunning little 4 year old body onto both of our waiting pieces of 55 year old pedo fuckpoles. I'll feel the head of my cock being pushed hard onto the entrance to her shitter. I'll sense your cock trying to open up her 4 year old cunt.


Imagine that Dom, the first time Kylie has ever had a cock going in her, she's having two of them at once and on top of that they both belong to two randy pedos like us, you and me, mate. That sounds fucking fantastic to me.


Soon I'll feel my dick finally opening up Kylie's gorgeous 4 year old bum hole. It goes into her at last. I'll immediately feel through her very thin arsehole membrane, your cock moving inside her cunt.


You're managed to penetrate inside her too, mate. Aren't we two lucky blokes?


We both now have the heads of our dicks buried inside a 4 year old girl at the same time, incredible to think that, hey Dom.


You'll see Kylie's face twisting up momentarily from the pain that our cocks are inflicting on her as she tries to accommodate BOTH of our randy pieces of 55 year old pedo fuckmeats in her two holes at the same time.


We'll grin at each other and just laugh at her.


We don't fucking care, do we mate?


We love doing this sort of thing to toddlers, don't we Dom?


I'll then grab hold of some of Kylie's long blonde hair and violently force the tiny cunt's head right back.


We'll LOL at that.


Then I'll say to you `let's fucking have a 4 year old toddler together, mate'


You'll smile and nod back at me `yeah let's do it'.


You'll then push the little cunt further down onto our infant hungry dicks.


We'll smile at each other.


Nice one, Dom.


We like toddlers, don't we Dom?


I can feel the both of our cocks sinking further and further inside Kylie's beautiful little 4 year old body as you continue to bring her hard down onto our rock hard straining pricks. Soon I'd reckon we'll both have about 3-4 inches of our dirty toddler hungry loving meats buried deep inside a gorgeous 4 year olds cunt and arsehole at the same time.


With her head still being forced back by me and luckily for us, her screams being muffled by the gag around her mouth, you then start to move her gently at first, up and down on our completely still pedo cocks.


You keep a good steady rhythm going, good on you mate.


Imagine that Dom, me and you sandwiching a beautiful little 4 year old toddler between us, her little legs wrapped around your waist as we rape her tiny tight fuckholes together, fucking her beautifully together as one, enjoying her little body.


That would be fucking great in my fucking book.


You'll then ask Kylie if she enjoys being fucked by two dirty old randy pedos like this, being fucked by them in her cunt and arsehole at the same time.


She'll breathless replies back `it feels ok'.


We'll LOL at her at that and tell her she has no fucking choice anyway. She's just here, like her baby sister will be later, for our cocks to enjoy.


Then I will then tell you to stop because I've just got a fucking wicked idea that has popped into my head.


My idea is this; let's suspend Kylie in mid air between the two of us. You hold onto her legs now as I violently pull her head back really hard this time. Then we both lean back at bit, pull out our dicks so that just the tips of them are inside her now and then at precisely the same time we ram both of them simultaneously hard back up her little cock hungry toddler fuckholes to fucking see how much fuckmeat a little toddler like her can take up her now fucking dirty pedo cock hungry slits.


You'll grin at me and agree `that's a fucking great idea mate'.


So Dom imagine that, you're holding a 4 year old toddler now by her slim legs, suspending her in mid air, her head is being pulled back violently by me by her hair, tilted skyward. You and me then lean back and pull our cocks out of her so that just our knobs are only just inside her two holes now. Then after counting to 3, we both fucking ram our dirty fucking toddler loving pedo dicks right up inside Kylie, just to find out how much cock a little slag at her age can take up her cunt and arsehole at the same time.


Fucking awesome that would be Dom, don't you agree.


So Dom what do we do next, may you ask?


Well after we have both counted to 3, we thrust both of our now extremely randy pedo dicks right up into Kylie. She'll then scream out loud through her gag, I can guarantee you that, mate. Then we'll both look down and together agree that she's taken about 6 inches each of our dirty toddler hungry cocks up both of her gorgeous fuckholes.


We'll then keep Kylie suspended in middle air like this for at least a further 10 minutes, continually spearing her lovely body onto our randy pricks, just so we can get our cocks off.


We will eventually though lift her off of us and stand her on the floor.


Her tiny very slim looking bum is now facing us.


We'll both see clearly that her bum crack has been really opened up good and proper by us and that her arsehole is gapping really wide open big time now.


We'll look at each other and grin; we both know what we're going to do to little whore next, don't we mate?


So then you'd arrange some pillows on the bed and tell Kylie on lay down on them, on her side.


This she will willingly do.


Then we'll both kneel on the bed, our cocks all hard and throbbing, pointing at her. You'd go and pull her legs up towards her stomach. We can clearly see now that her cunt and arsehole look fucking sore i.e. red raw.


We'll grin at each other and do another high 5.


We've done that to a 4 year old toddler, mate.


You'd then tell her that she is a very lucky girl, as most toddlers never have the chance to have this done to them what we're able to do to her next.


Then we will move forward, bringing our dick right up to her anus. We'll keep them hanging there with pre-cum dripping out of both of our slits, only a couple of inches off of her still slightly gapping open shit hole.


We'll grin at each other before taking a drink each from our beer cans.


We'll then move further forward still, so now both our soaked knobs are just about in touching distance of Kylie's 4 year old arsehole. We see her looking up and back at us as she senses two randy dicks waiting at the entrance to her rectum.


She probably can't believe what we're about to do to her now.


I'd tell you to go and enjoy your fucking self first, mate.


You grin at me and say `thanks mate'.


Then I will see you placing your filthy knob onto Kylie's still slightly open bum hole, just resting it there for a moment or two. You'll then reach out and hold her body down with your left hand. Then I'll watch you, as you kneel before her, pushing your incredibly randy 55 year old experienced helmet into a 4 year olds toddler's bum. We'd both see Kylie'a tiny arsehole lips being really forced apart by your fat cock head. We both then watch in total amazement as they only just go and wrap themselves around your incredibly lucky helmet Dom, sucking you into her shit hole.


You're a fucking lucky bastard, Dom. I fucking bet that feels fucking amazing. Your cock inside a 4 year olds anus, fucking hell Dom, that sounds fucking incredible to me.


Still kneeling next to her very slim bum, I'd then watch you pushing a further 4 inches of your randy shaft into Kylie's turd shoot. You hold it there, throbbing inside her, keeping it completely still, you dirty bastard Dom for 30 seconds or more before you slowly and carefully pull out of her to let me have a go.


You'll then watch me swinging my dick towards Kylie's shitter entrance and then pushing my hard cock into a 4 year olds bum hole.


This is great Dom, isn't it, us both fucking a 4 year old toddler in the arse like this?


I put nearly 5 inches of dick meat inside her with my very first attempt. I hold it in her like you did, you randy bastard, throbbing also in her shit box for awhile before I pull out extremely slowly indeed. My cock pops out of her air tight shitter like a cork popping out of a bottle of wine, mate.


We'll both see her arsehole clamping tightly shut.


We both know it won't be shut for long though, don't we mate. No more than a few seconds I reckon.


I'd then just kneel next to you and watch you having another go with her.


We'll then spend the next 8 minutes or so together, enjoying a beautiful little toddler's bum hole like that. Soon her shit box will be really gapping wide open and look even more sore to us.


We'd have both done that to her, mate.


We'll look at each other and grin and nod with total satisfaction etched across both our faces.


We both know what we're going to do to this little toddler cunt next though.


So we now both place a hand each onto her small body, to really hold her down now. You then will first put just the tip of your helmet back inside Kylie's anal passage, just a few millimetres this time around, mate. I will then bring my cock forward, bringing it right up to yours. I'll rest my knob against a small portion of Kylie's arsehole lips that are still on view. It's to the right of your cock. As you hold your pedo prick completely still for me, I'll then try and push my cock head into her arsehole as well. It's going to be bit difficult for me at first. We'll both witness Kylie looking up at us at that point with quite some pain now etched on her face once again. We don't care. I'll continue to push even harder still until finally I force the small bit of Kylie's arsehole lips that I have available to me apart, allowing my knob finally go into her, to join yours in there.


Kylie will scream and scream the place down through her gag.


We'll grin at each other and drink some more beer while looking down at both of the heads of our pedo cocks now lodged firmly inside a beautiful little screaming 4 year old toddler's shitter.


Just picture that Dom, us kneeling together side by side before an adorable crying toddler. She's been placed on her side by us. We are holding her down by our hands, so that she cannot get away from us and we have both of our 55 year old pedo cocks sticking in her extremely tight and very young shit hole at the same time.


Fucking brilliant that would be, mate!


We'll continue to hold her down as we then, precisely at the same time, push both our randy hard dicks further into her lovely body. To be honest, it's really difficult for us, but we both keep trying, Dom.


We both want to perform this extremely sordid pedophilic act on a 4 year old girl together.


I'll look at you and tell you that we are both really raping her now.


You'd tell me that you can't disagree on that one.


When we've both got about 4 inches of our stiff meat in her, we'll start to move in and out of her very gently. We'll get a good thing going, as you move out, I'd move in, and so on.


We'll really work her fucking well now, mate.


Experience counts, hey Dom.


This little whore is taking her first double anal fucking at the ripe old age of 4, great.


We're really opening her up, Dom, you and me.


Just imagine that, us two together doing that to a 4 year old girl at our age, I know I could.


After awhile you tell Kylie that she now needs to fucking drain our pedo cocks dry.


So we both pull out of her shitter at the same time. I then remove her gag. We arrange ourselves on the bed, so that we are both lying down with our backs on it with our cocks pressed together. You tell Kylie to use your boot lace, from one of your shoes, to tire our cocks together at our bases.


This she does for us.


Then we make Kylie sit upright on the bed, right next to our 55 year old pedo cocks that have been so kindly strapped tight together by her. You tell Kylie to stick her 4 year old tongue out once again and run it across both of our knobs, just like she did before.


Kylie is giggling and smiling at us now before she leans over our cock heads, dropping her tiny head down and then bushing just the tip of her wet and soon become again sticky tongue repeatedly over the tops of our pre-cum flavoured helmets.


She has learned really quickly how to please a couple of pedos like us, Dom.


Of course it's really easy for her to do this with our cocks tired side by side like that. She does have to move far.


You then tell her to smile at us as you order her put her beautiful small 4 year old gob on each of our dirty knobs in turn.


We, Dom, both lay there watching a stunning little 4 year old girl then wrapping her lovely sweet wet pre-cum affected small mouth over and over again onto our randy pedo knobs, going back and fro between us, performing oral sex on us both, mate.


That would be incredible, don't you think?


You then tell her to now fucking start bobbing her head up and down on our hard pieces of randy fuck meat.


Kylie smiles at us and then performs this beautiful sordid sexual act on the both of us.


The atmosphere in the room now is pure unadulterated raw sex at its very best.


We, Dom are both lying there, tired together by our dicks, letting a 4 year old beauty trying her fucking hardest to drain both of our aching 55 year old pedo cocks at the same time, mate.


We look at each other, do a high 5, and then agree that we're both incredibly lucky.


I'll tell you who needs them at home when we can share toddlers like this together. I'll tell you that I know who I'd want on the end of my dick all the fucking time in the future, mate. You'll tell me mate that you feel the same and will take toddlers over her indoors anytime as well.


We both lay there looking down watching and letting our pedo dicks being continually abused by a lovely 4 year old toddler.


Kylie's is constantly going back and fro between us, trying to drain our cocks over her pretty infant face.


Soon we'll oblige her, Dom.


I'll hear you shouting out that you're about to cum.


This sets me off also.


You order Kylie to place her mouth onto the top of both our upright meats, ready to have her face spunked on.


This she does for us.


She'll then ask us `what's spunk?'


You tell her to smile and keep smiling as I tell her we're about to show her. You and I will then empty our extremely randy spunk filled ball sacks onto a gorgeous little 4 year olds smiling face.


You shot first with your hot randy white spunk shooting out of your cock straight into the air. It immediately goes and lands onto Kylie's smiling and now giggling face cheeks.


Seconds later I'm shooting my load all over her face as well.


We, Dom, completely cover a gorgeous 4 year old toddler's face with our pedo spunk.


I'll then tell her `that's spunk'


She'll be a total fucking mess after we'd finished with her.


But I promise you this, mate. She'll look even more fucking beautiful than she was before.


What toddler doesn't look fucking gorgeous with their face covered in spunk, I ask you?


It's got to be one of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see in this world.


Especially even more so if the spunk as come out of two or more dirty cocks.


So, mate, our sperm will be everywhere.


Dripping and hanging down now from her very young wet chin.


That would be fucking magic, don't you agree Dom. Being brought off like that together by a 4 year old sex toy.


Being 55 isn't so bad after all, isn't it mate?


We'll then get Kylie to untie our dicks now. As she sits on the bed, giggling from all of our semen still running down her face cheeks, unfortunately our dicks will start to go down.


But don't worry about that, Dom we've still got 8 month old Ellie to get our cocks back rock hard again.


We will then have a very short rest before I'll tell you now we can get our dicks up.


You'll then watch me picking up Ellie and laying her, now naked body, onto a pillow, near to the top of the bed.


I'll tell you to watch this mate.


I'll then crouch on all fours over Ellie. I will position my limp dick over her baby mouth. It is hanging down between my legs. I'll then lower my now soft cock into an 8 month old baby girl's mouth.


She'll probably think it's her mother nipple or something. Anyway I don't fucking care.


I will then start to face fuck a baby.


You'll be watching me as I move my hips up and down, pushing my cock ever so deeper each time into Ellie's throat.


I'd now throat fucking a baby.


My cock will then start to grow. Soon I'm rock hard again and now really stretching a little 8 month old baby slut's gob and throat muscles. I move onto my knees, gently tilting Ellie's head back with me. Keeping my cock still buried in Ellie's throat. I will then move it up and down slowly.


You'll see, mate, the outline of my helmet moving now gently up and down inside a baby's throat.


Picture that, Dom.


Then finally I pull out Ellie and tell you to have a fucking go now.


This you willingly do.


I'll watch you now getting your cock hard again by putting it inside an 8 month old baby girl's throat.


Just imagine doing that, Dom.


You throat fucking an 8 month old baby girl just so that you can get your fucking cock rock hard again.


When you finally do pull out of her throat, you'll indeed be as stiff as a post, mate.


I'm now sitting upright against the headboard of the bed. My randy pedo cock is all rock hard and sticking straight up in the air, throbbing between my legs.


I'll tell you that I want Ellie.


You'll smile at me and then scoop her up in your arms and bring her over to me.


I'd sit there completely still as I watch you opening up Ellie's chubby baby legs.


You'll then place her 8 month old baby cunt onto the top of my 55 year old baby loving pedo fuckpole.


I'd tell you to push a baby down onto my fucking cock.


You grin at me, Dom and do this for me, mate.


I'll just sit there and feel you forcing a baby's cunt onto the head of my dick. I tell you to push her harder down.


This you do for me.


Ellie's cunt then finally opens up for me and my cock disappears into an 8 month old baby girl. Nearly an inch of my dick goes into her. You then hold her still as I then rock my hips up and down, fucking a baby's cunt for my own fucking pleasure for several minutes in total.


Imagine that, Dom, doing that to a baby.


Well of course you want a go too because you're a dirty bastard as well, mate


So you hand me Ellie and then go and sit in the chair that's in the bedroom. You spread your legs wide open, your dick is sticking straight up in the air. I pull Ellie off my dick and bring her over to you. I go to place her cunt onto your cock but you move her.


You want her arsehole, you fucking dirty bastard, Dom.


So I place her baby shit hole onto your now baby loving pedo helmet. I then push Ellie down, forcing your cock to go into an 8 month old baby's shitter. The sod that you are then swings her round and lays her on her back onto your chest. You still have an inch or so of cock in her arse as I crouch over the both of you and now push my dick back into Ellie's cunt again.


Soon you and I, Dom, are both moving our 55 year old pedo cocks, very gently indeed, in and out of an 8 month old baby's fuckholes at the same time, pretty awesome hey.


I'll say to you that this is fucking wrong doing this to a baby girl, but you'll tell me you don't fucking care and just grin at me. I tell you `me either'.


We both then look over at Kylie, who sitting upright on her bed with our spunk, now beginning to dry on her face, watching us fucking her baby sister.


Because Ellie's holes are so close together, our cocks are constantly rubbing against each other all the time as we fuck a baby.


We do this sordid pedo act together on a baby for well over 10 minutes before we're both finally start to want to cum again.


But this time we'll keep both of our pedo dicks inside Ellie's holes respectively. Both of us then shot hot pedo spunk up a baby's cunt and arsehole at the same time. As we pull out of her, we'll immediately witness rivers of sperm streaming out of 8 month old Ellie's fucked holes.


So Dom, fancy some of that, mate?


You and me, together fucking a 4 year old toddler and her 8 month old baby sister with both of our dirty, filthy but very randy and lucky 55 year old pedo cocks?



So readers what did actually happen later that night?


Well exactly now Kevin has described it above.


Here's a description of 10 of the best pictures that Dom took that night to approve it;



Picture 1;


Kylie is standing, dressed in her pretty pink dress looking at the camera, smiling away.



Picture 2;


Kylie's head has now been tilted skyward. She's got two big stiff cocks lying side by side on her smiling 4 year old face. Her lovely blue eyes are wide open.


Nice picture that one



Picture 3;


This picture has been taken at Kylie's level. It shows her looking towards the camera again smiling. Now the two huge dicks are right next to her small face. Her little tongue is sticking out, covered in pre-cum. It's obvious from this photo that she has been licking the two cocks' helmets.



Picture 4;


Kylie is staring up now at the camera. Her mouth is stuffed full with the heads of the two big dicks. You can quite clearly see her young 4 year old mouth being stretched to the limit by them. She does look totally beautiful though in this photography.


One of my favs



Picture 5;


A side view again like picture no 3. Kylie has a hand on the top of her head. Her mouth is now at least half down one of the cock shafts while in the foreground the other one is waiting for her with a huge drip of pre-cum hanging several inches down from its slit.


A very erotic picture that one



Picture 6;


We're now in the bedroom. This shows Kylie with her baby sister Ellie both lying naked on the bed with their legs apart. You can see the ends of two hard cocks in bottom of the picture, pointing at the two girls.



Picture 7;


This picture was taken with some difficulty by Kevin. It shows Kylie hanging onto Dom's shoulders with her legs wrapped around his waist. You can just make out the same two cocks from before now stuck in her cunt and arsehole at the same time.



Picture 8;


This one shows a gagged Kylie being held down by two big hands. She has the same two cocks that have been fucking her so far now buried in her arsehole at the same time. Her toddler shitter is clearly seen from this photo being stretched to breaking point by them. By the looks of it, I'll say she has at least several inches of each cock inside her tiny 4 year old hole.


Another nice picture that one



Picture 9;


Kylie is now seen next to two tied together upright stiff cocks. Her face has been completely covered in spunk. She has it running down her face cheeks and hanging from her small chin. She is smiling.


A great photo that proves my statement from earlier on in this story was right.





Picture 10;


And finally, a picture of baby Ellie with those two cocks again. She has one of them in her 8 month old cunt and the other one in her arsehole.


A really nice photo to finish with





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