Hong Kong Stories


Di felt the sick thrust of unexpected vertigo when she stepped out into the alleys of HK City. Six months she had been imprisoned, so long that her cell had now become her universe and home, and the sight of the towering sky palaces piercing the thick smog above almost caused her to faint into the arms of her lover and mistress Sun Li. From behind her, Sun Li reached out, cupping each of her small firm breasts.

"Easy, Lotus Flower. You shall be fine. I promise you." She whispered into her ear. Di could feel the soft lips brushing against her earlobe.

The streets were thick with night life. Sun Li lived between the slums and the pleasure districts; a dangerous neighborhood for the uninitiated. It was best to keep herself inconspicuous rather than court the attention of living in Sky Metroscape, or Alabaster Tower, or any of the other shielded communities. These streets, lined with tenement housing and dim alleys, and small mobile food carts where merchants sold rice and what looked like two headed specimens of some mutated rodentia family skewered on bamboo sticks, were a realm where, if one wished, one could slip away and lose any unwanted attention.  

Hooks, of the lowest caste, worked the streets, street models of eighteen or older, some even into their thirties. Wrinkled, rotund, battered hooks capable of only getting a few Yens from their mark. Some Mousies, Chimeras, hardly over the age of ten, (in mousie years, 25 was antiquated, and most died at thirty) with soft pliable tails running out from garter belts, small b cup breast with halter tops laminated on, and their whiskered and felt eared faces heavily painted in thick rouge. Ratties and other degenerates swarmed the streets, Fly-boys in mohawks, Black Dragons, Shaolin Mafia, all the rough types that represented the many gangs and factions, all glancing menacingly at Di, yet keeping a wide berth from Sun Li. Di wore a plain servant tunic that did nothing to hide the fact that she was the only white women in any direction along this long and narrow street; Sun Li on the other hand, wore a tight fitting black leather combat suit.


Di stared at the mutants and criminals that habituated these dark streets. The United American Providences had long since become homogenized and had barricaded themselves almost exclusively against other cultures. Genetic tampering not sanctioned by the government was a civil crime. Even in the tourist centers where Di had earlier explored, legalities had been set in place so as not to frighten the tourists to much. Thus the tourism center, the Flowering Garden, surrounded by Plasma shields which split it off from the rest of the city was a place where only the affluent half of HK City could be seen. The only way in and out was by special visas or along more secretive black market routes deep under the city. The rest of the Hong Kong, the bleeding heart of which Di now lived, was in the dark bacchanal jaws of some hedonistic beast gnawing and growling as it chewed through it..


Di clung to her mistress and whimpered.

"It will be just a little bit...And we shall be at Baby Blue Eyes, Lotus Flower."

Sun Li hailed a rickshaw over and Danica stared in wonder. The rickshaw drivers were of the Chimera races, a legally sanctioned slave race of genetically altered Animans. Cloned humans were bred with horses for stamina and speed than given further bionic enhancements including several neural circuits that jutted from the base of their spine to a control panel attached to a rickshaw cart which created an almost symbiotic relationship between the two. For Di, who hadn't seen a male in over six months, the sight was intoxicating. Every muscle in his body, from his equine head, to his human torso, glistened with sweat. Di could smell it pouring off him like some sort of aphrodisiac.

She stared down and gasped. Dangling limp between his legs was a gnarled ten inch trunk of a cock thick and bulging with veins. Di doubted whether she would be able to wrap both of her hands around the girthy shaft. A moist saliva swelled to her lips as she stared lecherously driven by some unknown newly awakened instinct. She reached forward and grasped the bulbous mushroom head in her hand. The tip was leathery and smelled of musk. She licked her lips. The Equine nickered, the eye on the left side of his head rolled back, and the Rickshaw console beeped and whistled. Sun Li reached from behind and pulled Di reluctantly away.

"Do not think such things, my pet. I know you the power of these new desires, but your first cock should not be from one of these street carts. They're filthy disease carriers. If you have a taste for the Equines then wait and let me purchase you some time with one of the pure breeds."

"I cannot help it Mistress," said Di, speaking in the wispy servant speak of Asian common, as she cuddled up against her on the cart. "Lately I have harbored the strange desire for a man's shaft between my legs, probing my cunt and ass, and to taste his seed on my tongue."

"You will have your chance soon enough. All of our sex, no matter how strong our desire for the sweet scent of our sister's pussies, must join with the phallus. One must have yin with our yang in order for our chi to flow freely."

Sun Li reached in and began to greedily kiss Di. Their tongues merged and became entwined like two lovers.

The trip was a blur for Di as the cart bounced and tossed along. Soon they were in the Red District. The scene was awash in the pink glow of fluorescent lights shaped as women, men, girls, and boys, in every conceivable position. Pleasure of every imagination was advertised raucously at every well lit brothel along the wide avenue. This district attracted men of a richer standing; senators and business men, and industrialists.

On the streets, Hooks of a much higher caste plied their business. Young, supple girls and women of immense beauty dressed seductively and begged for pleasure. Doms strutted the sidewalk promising pain and leading on chains behind them dozens of naked sub-boys, and sub-girls. Every imaginable bionic and genetic aid to add more sensuality to the human form was seen that night. Lolis, a special class of hooks, weaved in and around the legs of the others.

Lolis were a new addition to the dirty streets. HK City law had declared that hooks under the age of thirteen were illegal without special permits and must remain in legally sanctioned houses not visible from the street. However, the clever underbelly had already  managed to figure away around these rules. Though paying for sex with a a child hook was illegal and considered beyond the pall, having sex with an adult with age regressive gene therapy wasn’t. This little loophole was what allowed men and women to ply their trade in the streets, while looking like young children.

"I had no idea that the business of love was so big, Mistress." Whispered Di, as she stared at a domme fucking a crying sub-boy over the edge of a Honda with a strap-on dildo while an admiring crowd watched. The hundreds of piercings and studs that adorned the snarling Bitch's face, breasts, and pussy, were attached to silver chains that jangled as she fucked the poor boy's asshole.

 "No, my pet, it is fucking that they pay for, but not merely fucking, for one could find that on any street within this city; it is also the illusions and the games that they so want,  and that they can only get on this street, and it is just one of the many games in this city that many will pay a high price for. And my Mistress, Madame Dragon, is the Queen of this particular game."


"You have a mistress?" Di turned, surprised and concerned towards her lover.

"Yes" Sun Li laughed and kissed her on the lips. "I have a mistress and since she is my mistress she is your mistress too. So best be obedient or I will give her to you."

"Who is she?"

"Someone who is concerned with the business that you see before you and no concern of yours."


Di pouted.

Sun Li looked at her.

"She is a business women in this city and I do several small tasks for her. It is to one of her businesses that we are going to now."

"Why am I going?" said Di suddenly worried that she was going to be abandoned by Sun Li to be the common property of Madame Dragon.

Sun Li smiled again recognizing Di's fear.

"Because no precious bird should be cooped up for to long and every mistress needs a slave to attend to her wherever we go. Besides I thought I might introduce you to an old friend."

Di hugged Sun Li.

"I love you so much you can fuck me here in the street if you want to mistress."

Sun Li laughed again. "I'm sure you would like that my horny little flower."



"What may you mean by old friend?"

But Sun Li did not answer for they had just arrived at Eroticus Mundi.


As  their journey progressed, Di passed several grandiose buildings that in the context of their surroundings, she was clearly able to surmised that they were houses of ill repute, Or perhaps more accurate described as mansions of ill repute. Neon lit structures clearly describing saphorical delights within. But none was as gaudy and elaborate as Eroticus Mundi.  Eroticus Mundi was a globe, not globular, but an actual globe, a facsimile neon replica of the entire earth that spiraled above the streets with the aid of three giant anti-gravity generators that jutted up from the street beneath it.

It reminded Di of the globe that was in her classroom except hundreds and hundreds of feet in diameter and in bright neon colors. Twirling around the equator like some sort of holographic flashing satellite were the words  followed by the advertisement "The Second Coming is at Hand. Fuck every Continent in one Day".

Di laughed, recognizing the poem from school,  and Sun Li smiled. "Madame Dragon has a taste for European literature. Though she would never admit it."

Projected from the centers of each continent were gigantic holo-vids of girls of different ethnicities in a smorgasbord of sexual positions: Over New Gaul was superimposed a French maid with her wriggling ass on top of her masters lap while he flogged her with a cane; Over Russk, a lithe ballerina was being violently fucked by a Russian bear of a man who forced vodka down her gagging throat as he fucked her in the ass; In the African Superstate, a Nubian goddess took part in a tribal ceremony which involved all the well-endowed warriors of the tribe fucking her well oiled tits, then cumming all over her heavily pierced face.

To Di the whole thing was incredible and as the glass turbo-lift took them up through Antarctica (a large cock receiving Eskimo kisses from an authentic Eskimo princess) and into the globe she swore she even noticed (as the world erotica turns) Jessica's face superimposed over the United Continents.

The elevator opened onto a circular mezzanine. Girls of all ethnicities, their cultural heritage, helpfully advertised by the tight fitting slips they wore which were emblazoned by their national flag. Others, dressed up in revealing flight attendant outfits, hung onto the arms of their male admirers guiding them about.

"Now let us see where she is working tonight shall we?" Whispered Sun Li. She lead over to the concierge, a perky little mousie wearing nothing but a little round concierge cap. All Di could do was stare at the tiny red-rosed nipples on her downy breasts as she greeted Sun Li informally.

"Hi Yah, Li, here to see boss?"

Yes, but first let me see the roster. I need to find someone. Hmmm. She's working on Continent7."

There were several large passage-ways out of the mezzanine. The largest labeled the United Nations, but the others seemed to signify continents of some kind. Sun Li led them through the one labeled the Eastern Sun. Di gasped again when they entered out into a small Chinese village up and out in the mountains. She could smell sweet country air that had never tasted petrol. She could see in the distance rice fields and a sun setting behind misty mountains that had never known pollution. The sky above here seemed to disappear into the infinite lined .

This was one of the realest holographic landscapes she had ever experienced. One would pay a fortune for this where she had once lived. They were on a cobbled street forking out into a Y. One street lead into the village. The other lead off into a bamboo forest.  A sign said This way to Imperial City. They walked into the village. One of the buildings looked like some sort of Buddhist temple. Di could see bald girls in orange robes leading men in an out.

"Tantric rituals," whispered Sun Li.

There were shouts from windows.

"You want to fuck a hairless pussy. She taste delicious."

"Mr. Please come here and fuck my little brother's asshole. He only sixteen."

"Watch me fuck a twelve inch cock. Can put it all inside me. I have a sister. She suck while you watch, eat asshole too."

As they walked down the street, passing gambling houses and brothels, Di saw street performers fight in some mix of rough sex and martial arts that resembled the movements of animals.

"Hmph!" Muttered Sun Li.

Di watched wide eyed as a prepubescent street performer rolled her feet behind her head and began to suck on her big toe. Another threw her legs over her head until she was almost bent in half and and began to nibble until she pulled a colorful sash out of her pussy. They stopped at the end of the street. In front of them was the Geisha house.

"This is the main establishment in the village of the Eastern Sun and also the only place in the Village to see one of the  seven wonders in this zone.

"Seven Wonders?"

"The Seven Wonders are the seven whores of Mistress Dragon's very own Babylon: Eroticus Mundi. They have mastered the art of the sexuality in every way. They are the most beautiful, the most docile, the perfect toy."

Di was amazed.

"Do you want to see one?" Sun Li had a wry gleam in her eye.

"Yes, please Mistress."

Sun Li lead her around the back of the building. There was a small door in the shadows. With a flick of her wrist Sun Li passed her ID through the scanner and the door opened. Inside was a tight hallway with one way glass against the wall. Past the one way glass Di could see what looked like an orgy going on in a Japanese tea house. Sun Li began walking.

 "Come here, there is something that I want you to see." Said Sun Li as she reached around and cupped Di's ass then led her to an opaque one way window. The scene on the other side of the window shocked Di.

"It it is fine my timid one," whispered Sun Li into Di's ear as she stepped back, "none of them can see you."

There on the other side of the window, kneeling was Jessica Bess. But this was a side of Bess that Di had never seen before. In some sense, she looked even better then when Di had first met her. Jessica's body had been firmed into perfection. Her hair had been done up in a daisy duke  southern style that went with the garish eyeliner and makeup she wore. Around her neck was a little gold collar with a diamond tag with the words Princess etched across it.

But "Princess" also looked decidedly worse for wear.

Japanese business men, in various stages of undress, surrounded Princess. At the moment, Princess was expertly jacking off a penis in each hand, while another was energetically pounding her open face. Along the back walls, a line of business men stood and sat, waiting their turn for her use. Di guessed from Princess's face and body that they had all gone through the line at least once.  Princess was sautéed in cum; the milky white liquid was drenched over ever inch of her body. Her hair was caked as if someone had sprayed on too much mousse. It lay on her head in large sticky points that diverged at weird angles. Her right hand job pulled away from her and with a grunt shot another milky deposit into her hair while the the one in her mouth pulled out trailing a long thick line of cum that  after him and hung from her bottom lip.

He came grunting, in her eye socket which at this point had become two thick pools of milky cum running down her cheeks like rivers of tears. Di admired her technique noting that her ordeal must have been far more difficult blind. As the penis fell out of her mouth with a wet plop, Princess opened her mouth in a big white gooey smile. She blew a smiling cum bubble and  a big glob of cum slipped down her chin as she begged in perfect servant Asian Commons for another gentlemen to "secrete his sacred fluids over her cheap American face."

With this the third Asian came, adding another modicum of fluid to a smiling face already covered in several inches of it. Releasing her hold on the cocks, Princess began to rub the excess cum that had dripped from her face all over her breast and stomach. The cum was kneaded into her skin like some sort of lotion. Her greased breasts and body gleamed and shone. It was a fine contrast from the milky white dripping face.

Di approved of the way the once haughty teenager was now the willing cum deposit of all these men. She approved of the way Princess's belly was extended as if she was pregnant because of all the cum that she swallowed. She approved of the cum dripping from her nostrils. She approved the way the cum mixed with her eyeliner drawing two grayish streaks down her cheeks. She approved of the way Princess held her tongue out, never flinching, to take the load of ever single man there, and then with a dramatic flourish either swallow it, or spit back out to join the rest of the cum on her face and chest.  

Di began to touch herself through her mini-skirt, moaning. Sun Li reached around her from behind grabbing her breasts and whispering in her ear.

"When the men are finished, Princess will be required to lick every drop off of her face and every drop on the floor until all the semen that has been spilled in this room will be inside her. They keep her in the back room for these Japanese business men. In Japan, they say the face of an American girl is the perfect place to hold a bukkake party."

Di moaned and began to play with herself harder.

Sun Li continued. "Maybe, you might want her? She is very valuable. One of the seven. I could give her to you as a gift to do with as you like. Would you like that my panting little Bitch."

Di orgasmed against her biting at her neck.

Princess gargled happily as she took another shot of cum in her open flooded mouth courtesy of a wrinkled Japanese cock. She loved the taste of Asian cum. She was a stupid American whore.

Hong Kong Stories III

Copyright, 2013

Hong Kong Stories is a work of adult fiction and contains sexually explicit material that some may find offensive. It is meant for persons over the age of 18 and is not suitable for children.

All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental.

The author reserves all rights to this work. It may be freely distributed, posted and archived electronically only in its entirety including all header material. It may not be sold in whole or in any part, or as part of an electronic document, printed material, voice recording or any other manner without proper copyright clearances being obtained from the author.


Warning: Bukkake, Mass Perversion

This is smut. Enjoy.

Summary: Di is taken on a journey and we find out what has happened to Jessica.

[email protected]

Cast of Characters:

Danica Guile, heroine

Jessica Bess,

teenage wet dream

Madame Dragon, powerful owner of Eroticus Mundi

Sun Li,

Master assassin


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