The Princess Bride




For years the two Kingdoms had been ravaged by the effects of war, villages and hamlets sacked and destroyed by the king's armies, peasants and lords alike slain and tortured in the name of a long forgotten argument between the two Royal families. Following a series of really bad defeats by his knights at the hands of King Blacktrench's armies, King Whitemoor searched for a means of gaining support for his cause from the kings of other neighbouring states.

His quest was finally successful when he found an ally in the form of King Mear, who's lands bordered the southern end of the two feuding King's lands. As a condition of the treaty between the two Kingdoms an arranged marriage was agreed between King Whitemoor's only daughter, the beautiful Princess Clarissa and King Mear's eldest son, Prince Edmund. With the princess went a large dowry of gold and jewels to seal the deal.

The Story

Her maid and officers of her escort party assisted the beautiful Princess Clarissa in her flowing white and gold dress into the state carriage. In her eighteenth year she was a startling picture of womanhood. Flowing blonde hair cascading over the shoulders of her gown, which was topped by a diamond encrusted tiara. Her beautiful face was that of an angel, clear creamy white skin totally devoid of any form of blemish. Her smile radiated out to those around her bringing a total dedication to her by all those present. Although her gown hid a lot of her form, those present could see her shapely slim waist and the creamy skin of her upper chest as it disappeared into the two large buxom mounds hidden by her gown, the enticing valley between her breasts drawing the eyes of the men around her and the envious glances of her female staff. She was indeed a royal beauty.

Once the Princess was seated in the carriage, her personal maid, a girl of about the same age as the Princess, joined her and although not a striking beauty like the Princess, she had a pretty attractive face and body. As well as being the Princesses maid and servant, she was also her friend and confidant. The two had grown up together as children, playing together and sharing those intimate moments of young girls in the first throws of womanhood. Now as a woman herself she was totally dedicated to her mistresses needs and wishes. She shared in all her mistresses' dreams and joy at the forth-coming wedding to the young hansom Prince Edmund.

The state carriage set off south accompanied by two wagons containing the Princesses dowry and an escort of thirty knights of the Kings personal guard in full ceremonial armour. By nightfall the caravan would arrive at the castle of her bridegroom's father.
The local peasants and town people turned out to watch and wave as their beloved Princess was driven off to a new married life, many had tears in their eyes as she drove past in her state carriage.

The journey was pretty smooth and uneventful for the most part. By the time that the party was approaching the border between the two kingdoms, the Princess was relaxed and chatting to her maid behind the closed curtains of the carriage. Laughing and giggling about the coming wedding night and their dreams for the future as young brides seem to do.

Suddenly shouts and cries broke out from along the trail that they were taking. The carriage came to a stop as the sound of ringing metal blades reached them, swords and armour making that distinctive sound of a battle in progress. The Princess and her maid huddled together for protection as the hidden fight was taking place, Screams and cries of men reached their ears amongst the sounds of ringing steel.

Eventually the sounds of fighting died down to leave the screams and moans of injured soldiers, these were soon cut off by calls for mercy and sudden silence. The door of the carriage was flung open to reveal a scene of utter carnage; the blood-soaked bodies of her escort and retainers were strewn around the road at the side of the carriage. A knight with the coat of arms of King Blacktrench on his tunic stood in front of the doorway.

   "Good morning Princess, I am sorry to inform you that your wedding has been postponed indefinitely. King Blacktrench requires your presence as a special guest at his castle this very night."

With that he ordered the two women out of the carriage. Once they were outside they were searched for any hidden weapons while his men also searched the carriage. When he was satisfied that there were no implements available that could be used to harm themselves, the two women were helped back into the carriage. As an added precaution the men tied the wrists and ankles of the two women together.

The carriage once again set off under escort, only this time it was heading westwards towards the domain of King Blacktrench. The two frightened women huddled together in silence as the carriage bounced along the road at speed. Gone was the chatter and laughter of the bridal party of earlier.

By dusk the party had reached the castle and thundered across the drawbridge into the courtyard, before coming to a shuddering halt. The sounds of commotion outside floated into the carriage, and then the door of the carriage was once again flung open. The bulky figure of the dreaded King Blacktrench stood in the opening looking in at the women. He studied their forms before he spoke.

    "Well Princess, it seems as if your father unfortunately decided to use you as a Pawn in his games, and as any good chess player knows, it is the duty of an opponent to take the other players pawns. You will be my honoured guest this evening, being wined, dined and entertained. After a good nights rest you will become my prisoner and used to set an example to any who would challenge my right as the ruler of all that I desire. My men will now escort you to your chamber and I will see you later in the great hall."

With that he turned and marched back inside the castle. The two women were untied and escorted up a staircase to a large bedchamber to prepare themselves. As soon as they were alone they wrapped their arms around each other and burst into tears, their pent up fears bursting to the surface. They were alone and at the mercy of a cruel enemy tyrant King.

An hour later the heavy wooden door shook as it was hammered from without, it then swung open to reveal a party of armed knights. "The King requests the company of the Princess Clarissa in the Great Hall," announced one of the knights. As the two women stepped through the doorway and joined their escort, the same knight stated, " The Princess will come with me, whilst your maid goes with the second escort party." The two women were then both escorted away in opposite directions.

The large Great Hall that the Princess was led into was filled with senior knights and lords with their ladies. They were all sat around a large banquet table laden with food of all types. As she entered the room still wearing her white and gold wedding dress all eyes in the room turned towards her, the men with a sort of lust in their eyes and their ladies with envy and jealousy. She was led to a spare seat at the head of the main table, next to the King.

The feast was pleasant enough with the King and others engaging her in conversation. She was treated with the respect expected for a visiting member of a Royal family. Other than a cryptic answer to the whereabouts of her maid, when she was told that while she being entertained by the King, her maid was entertaining his officers. She started to enjoy the entertainment of jugglers, ballads and acrobats. The only awkward moment was when one of the knights who had drunk to much tried to make a grope for her breasts across the table. The King drew his dagger from his belt and slit the knights throat without a word. As the servants carried the body of the knight out of the hall, the other guests carried on as if nothing had happened.

At the end of the feast the King wished her goodnight and ordered the guards to escort her back to her bedchamber. He told her to prepare herself for the ordeals to come. When she entered her chamber, she was alone; there was no sign of her maid. She undressed and went to bed, finally she cried herself to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

Next Day

The Princess awoke to find the sun streaming in through the windows of her bedchamber. She arose from the bed and had to dress herself, as her maid had not reappeared, again she had to get into her wedding gown as none of her possessions or clothes had been brought up to her room. No sooner had she finished dressing when the door of her chamber burst open and the room was filled with armed men. She was roughly grabbed by each arm and frog marched out of the room.

She was escorted without ceremony along the corridors and down into the very bowels of the castle, here the very air was foul with the smell of years of sweat and blood. She was led through the dimly lit passageways, illuminated by only the burning torches mounted on the walls, until she reached a large solid oak doorway. When the door swung open, she was pushed through the opening into the chamber inside.

As her eyes got used to the light inside the chamber the Princess realised that she was inside a torture chamber surrounded by instruments of pain. Her maid, and friend for many years, was also there, she was suspended from the roof of the chamber by ropes attached to her wrists. Her friends clothes had been removed and she hung naked, her feet just off the ground. It was obvious that she had been badly beaten and viciously raped, as her legs and thighs were still coated with dried blood and semen from the entertainment she had become during the previous night.

The Princess was held between a couple of the guards until the arrival of the King a few minutes later. Taking the Princesses chin between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, the King turned her face so that he could look straight into her eyes.

" Yesterday you were a Princess, today you are nothing more than a tool of war. I expect nothing more of you than to be humiliated and mutilated as an example to your father and all others that challenge my authority. Tomorrow you will die painfully for my entertainment and then I will return your body to your family as a warning to any who challenge me. You may scream and beg for mercy as much as you wish, for it will make no difference to the order or outcome of proceedings." He let go of her chin and instructed his men to also hang her by her wrists from the roof near her friend.

She was dragged across the room and held while ropes were passed over the support beams. Once these were attached to her wrists she was hauled up until her feet were just off the ground. The Men in the room watched and admired the way she looked suspended in her wedding gown, the strain on her arms forcing her chest out so that her magnificent breasts were trying to pop out of the top of her bodice. The King ordered all of the men out of the chamber except for his most senior knights and the torturer and his assistants. Reluctantly the men departed, taking a final glance at the bound women as they went through the doorway.

As the door slammed shut again the King turned to those left and said, "Strip her! Let's see what the Prince will be missing out on and Sir John gave his life for last night." The men eagerly surged forward and surrounded the girl, with rough hands they tore at her cloths, quickly stripping away her gown. Next came her bodice and pantaloons, followed by her silk undergarments and stockings. When the men stood back, the Princess was stripped totally naked, more than one of the men gasped at her beauty as she swung on the rope in front of them.

She had long shapely legs that terminated at the junction of her thighs with a trimmed patch of blonde curly hair. Her waist was slim and she had a firm smooth stomach. Her two breasts were both large and firm with large pink nipples at their centres, both were being displayed perfectly due to the way in which see was being suspended. Lust for her body was in all of the men's minds as they gazed at her charms.

"I wonder if the Prince would have got himself a real Royal Virgin Bride?" The King said, "spread her legs and we'll find out." Two of the assistants stepped forward and grabbed hold of a leg each by the knee and ankle. The Princess struggled with her legs to try to avoid their grasping hands to no avail as she spat out curses on them and the King. Within moments her legs were both splayed out wide to the sides and raised up a little to the front so that the men could see her blonde royal cunt displayed wide to their gaze.

The King stepped forward and bent to inspect her naked displayed sex. He started to gently caress the tops of her thighs close to the patch of blonde hair, stroking the soft skin and moving his hand ever closer to the lips of her womanhood. The girls struggles continued, as did her curses, as his fingers finally touched the mouth of her sex. Stroking the lips with his fingers, he gently eased them  passed the portal and lowered his head even closer to inspect her inner sex. The girl winced as he pressed his fingers against her intact hymen and a smile lit up his face as he withdrew his fingers and turned to his men.

"Yes we have a genuine virgin bride." He said, "It would be a real shame to let her die without knowing the joys of lovemaking this day. You men draw lots to see who follows me with this delightful wench, and don't forget to use her fully in every way. This is the only chance she will have to sample the delights of men's lust." He turned to the two assistants holding her legs apart and instructed them to lash her legs apart in that position and lower her down a few inches to make access to her easier.

When the assistants had carried out the King's instructions they stepped back away from the bound girl. The King stepped forward to stand between the girls legs and removed his cod-piece and untied the top of his hose. Taking his inflamed manhood in one hand he taunted the girl by waving it in front of her face.

"This is what a real royal weapon looks like my dear, not the small little piss pipe that your young prince would have given you if you had married him. Get ready to receive the right royal fucking that your beautiful body so richly deserves. I am going to fill your cunt up to bursting point with my cock and then spew my seed deep inside your virgin womb."

Grabbing the girl firmly by putting his hands behind her and grasping her buttocks, he placed the head of his large inflamed cock against the girls cunt lips. She was pleading for him to release her, as he slowly pushed his cock through the opening until he met the resistance of her virgin womanhood. With a gleam in his eye he took a firmer grip of her buttocks and pulled them towards him sharply as he thrust his hips forwards to meet them. The girls plea's turned to an ear-splitting scream as the King's cock ploughed up through her hymen into her virgin pussy hole, stretching the unused fleshy passage for the first time. With his cock sunk in up to his balls in the tight passage, he paused to savour the feelings in his twitching cock before he slowly started to pump into her in a steady rhythm. As he slowly raped the Princess, her body started to automatically respond and lubricate her love channel. When he felt the friction of his cock diminishing and his cock sliding easier in and out he increased his rhythm to rut into her in a frenzy of sexual excitement.

The King felt his ball sacks filling up with his seed as he neared his frenzied climax. Pulling the princesses body tightly towards him, he unloaded his royal sperm deep inside her cunt, thrusting forwards and holding tightly on to her until his jerking cock had planted all of his juice inside her pussy. As he withdrew his spent cock from between her legs, her cunt made a loud farting noise, much to the amusement of the other men in the room.

The King stepped back from the girl and signalled for his men to take his place in fucking the bound princess. As they stepped forward the King ordered the Princesses maid to be cut down and forced to kneel in front of him. She was ordered to use her mouth to clean off the King's manhood. Her reluctance was overcome when one of the assistants holding her, took hold of one of her breasts and started to squeeze it, digging his fingernails deep into the flesh to cause her great pain. Once she had licked and sucked the King's cock clean, he corrected his dress and the girl was informed that she would provide the same service to all the men if she wanted to avoid the fate of her mistress and live.

The King turned his attention back to the raping of the princess. Enjoying the scene before his eyes as one of his men humped her bound torso for all he was worth, her screams combining in rhythm to his grunts and groans as he brought himself to climax inside her abused body. As the man stepped back and crossed over to the maid for cleaning, his place was taken by another of the knights who mounted her body without any hesitation.

The King watched more of his men abusing the girl's body and called for ale, which was brought in for them in casks along with a load of tankards.  By the time that he had sunk the liquid out of his second tankard he again wanted to join in with the fun. Pushing the knight who was raping the girl aside, any objections from the knight were immediately quashed when he saw who had pushed him away, the king again approached the girl. Her crotch area was covered in blood and dripping sperm from the abuse she was receiving from the men, so he walked around behind her and once again took out his engorged cock.

Reaching around her waist with one powerful arm he used his other hand to guide his cock towards the girls so far unused rear passage. She seemed to come to life as she felt his hot cock brush against her tight rectum opening. Realising the meaning of his actions she tried to struggle free of his grip and throw his aim off course. The King used his overwhelming strength to hold her in place as he started to force his rigid penis against her closed opening. Spitting on his guiding hand and wiping it on to the end of his cock for lubrication for the task at hand, he forced the head of his cock against her tight butt hole until the pressure opened up the hole for the head of his cock to slip inside. Once again the princess screamed out in pain as her rectum was impaled on his enormous manhood. Once he had gained entry with the end of his cock, the King thrust his hips forward again while drawing the girl onto his invading pole with the arm around her waist.

To the accompaniment of her screams, he forced himself deep inside her anus as far as he could before starting to fuck her arse, seeking sexual release inside her tight rear passage. Fucking her like a rutting wild beast, the King brought himself to an explosive climax, firing his seed up into the princesses bowels before releasing her and withdrawing himself.

Two of the knights took his place with the princess, mounting her from front and rear at the same time, filling both her holes at the same time, as the King crossed over to the kneeling maid to be cleaned off. The poor girl was nearly retching at the smell and taste of his cock as he presented his shit covered penis for her oral manipulations. Once again one of the assistants had to step in to encourage her with a dose of sharp pain to her tender breasts.

Again drinking a tankard of ale while he watched his men screw the poor princess in both pairs and separately, he had words with the Master Torturer to finalise the next stage of the girls demise. He gave specific instructions that the girls beautiful face was not to be touched in any way as he had plans for it later so that she could be clearly identified by her family.

Draining the last dregs of the ale from his tankard, the King stood up. He instructed his men to get themselves cleaned up with the maid. She was then to be re-hung from the ceiling as before. He told the assistants to clean up the princess ready for the torturer. Buckets of cold water were thrown over the girl to both clean her up and to bring her around from the stupor she was falling into following her rape and Sodomy. When his instructions had been carried out, the King and his men made themselves comfortable at one end of the room to watch the master torturer at work.

The Master Torturer, was a huge bald headed man wearing leather trousers covering his tree trunk like legs with a thick studded belt to hold in his massive stomach, he was naked from the waist up, which showed off his powerful upper torso and thick muscular arms. He crossed over to the still bound and splayed legged princess and walked around her bound form ignoring her whimpers and pleading until he was behind her. Instructing one of his assistants, he was handed a vicious looking leather bound handle that had eight long, thin but strong leather strips attached to one end. Looking over at the King, he said, (We will just warm her up a bit before we really start. With your majesties permission?) The king nodded his head and settled back to watch the show, he knew he could rely on his man to make a very interesting afternoons entertainment.

Drawing back his arm, the torturer swung the multi headed whip down across the girls back. She heard the whoosh of air as the eight strips of leather cut through the air, then felt the awful agonising stinging pain across her back as her head shot backwards and a scream of pure agony burst out of her wide open mouth.

Again the whip struck her back and she screamed out at the pain. The third strike whooshed through the air but instead of striking the girls back it hit the floor behind her. As it hit, the princess again threw her head back and screamed in response to the pain that didn't arrive. The watching men burst out laughing, they were well aware of the master torturer's skill in not only inflicting pain, but in using psychology as part of his technique.

The whip again fell on the girls back, again and again, occasionally a dummy stroke would bring laughter from the watchers. After a dozen or so strokes the torturer changed his aim to lay his strikes across the girls buttocks. Once he did two dummy strokes and then brought the whip upwards between the girl legs so that the eight tails wrapped themselves upwards across the girls inner thighs and across her cunt lips. This brought a really high pitched scream from the girls mouth and howls of laughter from the watchers.

After another dozen or so strikes across the girls buttocks which raised the same ugly red lines across them that also covered her back, the torturer moved around the girl to face her vunerable exposed front.

This time the girl could see the strikes coming and she physically cringed as the torturer raised his arm. Seeing this, the torturer let the whip slowly drop down again until she relaxed, again he raised the whip and let it drop in front of her. On the third lifting of the whip, he let its vicious tails spring forward, striking the girl hard across the large mounds of her perfect breasts. Again the girls screams echoed around the chamber to the delight of the watchers, as the tender breasts were cut into by the vicious tails.

Three times he pummelled those magnificent mounds with the whip. Then on his next stroke he brought the tip of the whips tails down so that they caught the girl directly on her exposed cunt lips between her legs. Her animalistic howl of pain was agony to listen too, but the men still roared with laughter at her pain. The torturer brought the whip down again on her sensitive cunt lips and then he started to alternate between strikes to her breasts and to her sex. Finally the torturer handed the eight tailed whip to one of his assistants, then he ordered the girl taken down and moved over to the table like apparatus near the centre of the room.

The ropes holding her legs apart were released, then she was lowered to the ground as the ropes suspending her wrists were released. The assistants had to carry the princess over to the apparatus as she was unable to stand on her own two feet. They laid her down on her back on the table, then tied her wrists above her head to a couple of eyelets built into the corners at one end. Her ankles were then tied to similar eyelets on the opposite corners so that she was held stretched out on top of the table.

One of the assistants then handed a large wooden wheel with a square hole in the centre to the torturer, who slotted it over a square spindle on one side of the table. As he started to turn the wheel, the top end of the table, where the girls arms were, started to move away from the other section. As the table moved the girls bonds were tightened, then her limbs were stretched taut. He continued to turn until she started to scream out at the pain as the bones of her joints strained at their sockets.

The torturer would keep the tension on for a few minutes and then slacken off the wheel to allow her to relax before again tightening the wheel. This was repeated over and over until she eventually past out from the stress and pain. At a signal from the torturer the two assistants emptied a couple of buckets of icy cold water onto her naked body to bring her around.

Winding the wheel back all the way to close the gap in the table style rack, the torturer removed the wheel from the table and handed it to one of the assistants. As the two assistants prepared implements for the next stage, the torturer attached a thick leather strap to one side of the table. This he threw over the girls body just above her hips and attached it to the opposite side of the table and pulled it tight, so that her stomach and pelvis area were immobile. He then pulled a lever at the side of the table to unlock a mechanism hidden inside. The two assistants grabbed hold of one of the girl's ankles each and swung them outwards, the lower part of the table split in half down the centre and pivoted outwards with the girls legs still secured to the ends.

Once the extensions were out at nearly right angles to the main table there was a couple of loud clicks as the tables mechanism locked the extensions into place. The girls legs were painfully stretched obscenely wide apart to expose her ravaged cunt and anus to the watchers, as they were positioned hanging over the edge of the table. The assistants carried over another small table covered with various instruments of torture and then brought over a metal brazier  filled with burning, glowing coals. As they stepped back again to watch their master at work, the King rose from his position to come over for a closer look at the girl.

Some of the red welts on the girls body from the whipping that she had received were beginning to fade away, as she lay there her body was covered from head to toe with a glistening layer of sweat, all her muscles and tendons were stretched taut. Her once beautiful face was now strained and haggard looking, dark shadows surrounded her eyes and the stains from numerous tears covered her cheeks. Her beautiful shapely body though still looked sexy and voluptuous in its crudely exposed position. The King rubbed his hands over her body paying particular attention to her large proud breasts, cupping them in his hands, rubbing and tweaking the large pink nipples on their crowns until they grew to hard sensitive pointed teats. Running his hands down over her flat narrow stomach, he massaged and tweaked the flesh until he got close to her hips. Then he lightly traced his fingers across her skin towards the bushy patch of blonde fur at the junction of her outspread thighs. Changing direction he ran his hands along the top of her legs and trailed a line across her thighs half way down to her knees before circling back lower down, trailing a line up her inner thighs towards her sex.

With his finger tips he parted the princesses cunt lips to expose the moist pink interior, gently rubbing the end of her clitoris until it responded and hardened to his touch, swelling and growing in sensitivity. Involuntary moans came from the girls mouth at the manipulations that her private sex was receiving. The King continued to manipulate her, slowly dipping first one finger inside her ravaged virgina, and then another. His expert fingers brought the girl to near orgasm, as he started to feel her peaking to a climax, he took the swollen bud of her clitoris between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and squeezed. He squeezed hard, digging his nails into the tender swollen bunch of  nerve endings, changing the girls moans of ecstasy into a howl of excruciating pain.

Letting go of her sex, he leaned over her face and said, "It's such a pity that your father is stupid a fool. If he had wanted to end the war, he should have sent you to me. We could have formed an alliance and you could have been my special mistress and enjoyed a life of gratification and riches. His stupidity has only caused you pain and death." Stepping back he nodded to the torturer again to continue.

Taking hold of a long poker whose end had been placed in the burning coals of the brazier, the torturer once again approached the restrained bound girl. Without any hesitation he placed the glowing tip of the fiery rod to the still hard and swollen nipple on the girls right breast. He held the iron in place as the girls body jumped and bucked in time to the horrific scream that broke from her mouth. As the nipple sizzled and burnt, the scream died down to a gurgle from the girls throat, and then she passed out. The torturer replaced the poker in the coals of the brazier as one of his assistants threw another bucket of icy water onto the girl to revive her.

Reaching onto the small table, the torturer selected a round metallic object, the size and shape of a pear, with a handle at one end. Approaching the girl between her outstretched legs, he placed the instrument against the girls exposed cunt lips. Pulling back the lips with the fingers of one hand to expose the soft pink flesh and the passage of her virgina, the torturer pushed the end of the pear into the passageway, twisting and pushing so that it forced its way inside her. The pear stretched the walls of her cunt wide, causing the girl great discomfort. When the pear was in far enough so that  her cunt lips started to fold back over the instrument, and only the handle stuck out from between her legs like a metallic tail, the torturer reached for another instrument from the small table.

This time he selected a metal stick about fourteen inches in length and about an inch in diameter, it was shaped like a huge dildo, rounded at one end, and with a handle at the other. Again stepping between the princesses legs he placed the rounded end against the entrance of the girls anus. Twisting and pushing, he forced the instrument up deep inside the girls rectum, ignoring her screams and pleads for him to stop. He continued to stretch and impale her bowels until only a couple of inches of the dildo still protruded from the girls anus. Pressing a small stud near the handle, a spring mechanism inside the dildo released a multitude of small metal spikes running along its length inside the girls body bringing another scream from the tortured girls lips.

Before he turned back to the small table, he gave the handle of the pear inside the girls cunt a couple of turns. This handle was attached to a screw threaded mechanism inside the pear which started to open up the sides of the pear inside the girl, stretching her tortured virgina even wider inside her. Turning to the table he selected a metal ring about six inches in diameter and about two inches in depth, this was hinged on one side and had a screw thread mechanism on the other. Moving to one side of the girl he roughly grabbed hold of her un-burnt left breast and painfully stretched it away from her chest. Placing the metal ring around the girls breast he started to tighten the screw until the base of the breast was being squeezed tightly. When he let go of her breast it stood out from her body like a large stretched balloon. However unlike a balloon, it did not burst when he next pushed a sharp needle through the girls swollen nipple.

Turning back to the brazier, the torturer again picked up the red hot poker and placed its burning end against one of the girls exposed inner thighs until the flesh scorched and started to blister. Never holding it in place long enough for the girl to pass out again, he alternated his target points between both her thighs. When ever the girl looked to be fainting from the torture one of the assistants would empty a bucket of water over her face to keep her alert.

Placing the poker back into the coals to reheat after he had burnt a number of welts onto the girls thighs, he gave the pear another couple of turns. He then turned the handle of the dildo in the girls rectum which had the same effect, stretching the width of the spike covered implement up the girls arse even wider. The ring around her breast was also given a couple more turns to squeeze and stretch her tender breast even further.

By now the princess was in permanent agony from the inserted torture instruments and the squeezing of her breast. This was added to by the sharp agonising pains inflicted by the burning poker on her flesh. Her screams were almost a continuous howl from her mouth. The poker next contacted the souls of her bare feet, as the torturer retrieved it and expertly applied it to her skin once again.

Alternating between tightening the screws and using the burning poker on various parts of her body, her stomach, armpits, buttocks and again her right breast, she eventually passed out completely. Unable to bring her round straight away with the cold water, the torturer screwed up the three torture devices and removed them from her body. She was left to recover on the table with her legs spread wide. The King was pleased with the torturer and his assistants and told them to bring down the naked maid for their own pleasure, but that she was not to be injured as he required her for the next day.

The maid was dragged over to a barrel in the centre of the room and bent over backwards, her legs and arms were splayed out and lashed with ropes so that she was spread eagled in front of them with her sex fully exposed. The torturer stood in front of her and undid his leather belt and trousers to expose his own sex. His penis was just as huge as the man himself, being at least twelve inches long and the girth of a normal mans wrist. The maid looked at it with horror on her face as she realised that she was to be impaled and ravished by this monster cock in front of all these watching men.

She had watched in tears as her mistress and friend had been tortured, raped and humiliated in front of her, now she herself was to be raped and humiliated again for their sick pleasure. She was still sore and tender down between her legs from the previous night when she had been marched off to the Kings officers quarters. While her mistress had been wined and dined in the great hall she had been raped and sodomised over and over again by his men, who used her body for their own satisfaction. On the journey the day before, she like her mistress had been a virgin, the only sex that she had indulged in was self masturbation and exploratory games with her mistress in the private seclusion of the princesses bedchamber.

The previous night she had been stripped and taken by force by dozens of men who had rammed their dirty cocks deep into her virgin pussy and arse. Her body had been pinched and groped painfully all over by rough hands. She had been forced to take three men at the same time in her cunt, anus and mouth. By the time that they had finished with her and fallen into a drunken stupor, all her orifices had been abused and filled with their gushing semen.

She was shaken out of her memories of the previous evening as she felt the gigantic head of the torturers cock brush against the lips of her exposed cunt. None of the men from the previous evening had owned a cock even half the size of the monster that this man was about to split her in half with. She was terrified of the pain that she knew was about to surge through her loins.

The brute of a man placed the head of his cock against the girls pussy and started to push it past the lips of her cunt into the warm channel inside. The girls started to scream out like a stuck pig as the cock stretched the entrance to her sex wide. She continued to scream as he slowly forced half its length deep inside her pussy. He paused when he had about six inches of his cock inside her, to allow her tunnel to accommodate itself to his girth, then he started to pump the six inches in and out of her cunt until it started to get moist. Grabbing the girl around the hips, he used them to suddenly push the whole of his massive cock right up into her cunt until his scrotum banged against the girls arsehole. The maid let out yet another agonising scream as the unused part of her virgina was stretched to breaking point by his massive pole. As the initial high pitched scream died out, he started to pump his full length and girth into her hot box of love.

The watching men ogled the scene with relish, watching this enormous brute of a man pounding his gigantic meat into the small attractive body of this young defenceless maiden. Each time as he sunk his cock deep inside her womb, her whole body would shake from the thrust, her breasts would bounce around with a mind of their own and they could hear the wind being knocked out of her with each thrust. As the torturer started to build up to fire his hot juices into the girl belly, he let go of her hips and grabbed hold of a breast in each hand. Although her breasts were large and shapely, they disappeared inside his hands as he squeezed and crushed them powerfully with his fingers, bringing more screams from the girl's throat. Using the two breasts as handles, the beast pulled her pained body down onto his cock so that he could get every bit of its size buried deep inside her body. As he felt his seed about to burst from his cock into her body, he thrust his hips forward and pulled her down on to him with her tits, holding her there while his semen exploded into her belly. Through the pain the girl felt his burning come fill her womb with jet after jet of hot sticky liquid, she could feel his massive knob-end twitch and jerk deep inside her as each new jet of liquid was expelled. On and on went the mans orgasm, until she thought that her womb would burst from the amount of come inside her. Finally it was over and the torturer withdrew his weapon from her female sheaf and stood back to the cheers and claps of the watching observers.

The two assistants now could take their reward with the girl, but being normal men it was obvious that if they themselves tried to rape the girl's cunt, they would hardly be able to touch the sides of her hugely stretched virgina walls. Together they untied the girl and flipped her over on her stomach over the barrel, then they retied her as before with her arms and legs stretch out wide. The torturers semen flowed out of the girls gapping cunt and dripped onto the floor as the two assistants prepared for their own enjoyment.

The more senior assistant dropped his pants and stood between her legs, behind the girl's bare arse, taking his swollen cock in one hand to guide it, he spat on the fingers of his other hand and wiped the spittle on the entrance to the girls anus, probing the tight entrance with one of his fingers and forcing some of the fluid inside the opening. Once he was satisfied, he guided the head of his cock to the entrance of her butt and pushed forwards with his hips. Slowly his cock sunk itself into her rear entrance, first an inch, and then another, until he had buried the full seven inches of cock into her anus. Once he was impaling her fully, he started to pound her rear end for all he was worth, using her hips as leverage to thrust himself forwards with each stroke. Before long he reached his climax and empted his bollocks contents deep into the girls bowels, spewing his come in spurts into her insides.

When the first assistant withdrew his cock from the girls butt, the other man took his place and raped the girls anus in a similar manner, pumping into her until he himself emptied his sperm sack deep inside her bowels. When both men had finished and corrected their dress, the girl was untied from the barrel and again suspended from the roof by her wrists.

The groups attention was now turned back to the now conscious princess spread out on the table. The master torturer checked to see that she was fully awake and would appreciate the final part of his work. This would be the final punishment before she was allowed to rest overnight and recover a bit for her execution the next day. Although he expected that her coming last night would be pretty uncomfortable by the time that he had finished with her.

Taking a small very sharp skinning knife from the small table, he walked around to the side of the princess. Cupping her left breast with one of his hands, he used the very sharp knife to slice her breast open across the nipple. He then sliced another line across the nipple at right angles to the first. When he let go of her breast it burst open like a flower head opening. Leaning across her, he carried out the same operation on her right breast. The princess was moaning in agony at the abuse of her beautiful breasts that now lay in ruins on her chest. Little did she know that the next stage would turn her moans to pure agonising screams, as her breasts became her biggest torment.

Signalling to his two assistants to stand each side of her, he retrieved a small sack from off the small table. Joining the one of the assistants he put his hand inside the sack and drew out a large handful of salt. This he placed inside the hole in one of the split open breasts. As the assistant on that side pulled the breast back together and started to stitch it up, the girls screams of agony turned to pure hysterical screams of mindless pain as the salt started to work on her wounds. Taking a second handful of salt, the torturer again placed it inside the other open breast and his assistant again folded the breast back together and started to stitch it up.

When the three men stepped away from the girl, she was thrashing away at her bonds and screaming continuously at the burning pain cursing through her body. She was allowed to continue like this for about five minutes, much to the enjoyment of the sadistic men present. At a nod from the King, the torturer stepped forward to complete the final act of sadistic torture of the hysterical girl. Once again taking the red hot poker from out of the coals of the brazier, he stood between the spread legs of the wretched girl. With one quick movement he shoved eight inches of the pokers burning length straight up the screaming girls cunt and held it there until she mercifully passed out.

As the King and his knight's filed out of the room, laughing and slapping each other on the back, praising the King for a wonderful days entertainment, the assistants started to untie the two females from their bondage.

Both girls were carried naked to a cell adjoining the room, where the princess would spend her very last night in great discomfort. Rags and buckets of cold water were supplied so that the maid could clean up both their bodies and help to relieve the princesses suffering. As the door of the cell swung closed and left them in darkness, the maid cradled her unconscious friends head in her hands and burst into uncontrollable tears.

The Third Day

The next morning the guards brought in fresh tepid water and some soap, along with a brush and comb. The maid was instructed to clean up the princess properly and do her hair to make her presentable to appear in public for her execution. They were again left for a couple of hours on their own to make their preparations.

They heard the guards returning before the heavy wooden door swung open. The Master of the Guard tied the wrists of the two females together behind their backs and then ordered them to march out with the guard. The princess was shocked that they had not returned any clothes to them to cover their nakedness for a public appearance. The Master of the Guard just laughed at her and muttered something about clothes not really being appropriate.

They were escorted back through the corridors and out into the castle courtyard, the princess had to be supported part of the way due to the treatment that she had suffered the day before. Once their eyes had adjusted to the bright sunlight of a fine sunny day, the girls saw that the yard was filled with both the lord and gentry of the land, as well as the towns peasant population. Both girls, especially the princess, were extremely embarrassed at their nakedness in front of the massed crowd of people as they were marched through their ranks towards a raised platform at the other end of the courtyard.

On arrival at the platform the girls were helped to mount the stairs to the top. The maid was dragged to the rear of the platform and forced to sit on a stool. The Princess was led to the front of the platform and made to stand in full view of the staring eyes of all the onlookers, who were enjoying the sight of her full figured naked body, even if it was covered in scars, bruises and welts.

At one side of the platform stood the unmistakeable form of the Master Torturer in his other post as the Royal Executioner. He was wearing the same leather trousers and belt, with his upper torso naked, however this time he had a leather hood over his head, with a couple of large eye holes cut into it to see out of. He was resting on a huge, long, two handed sword, which was resting with its point on the ground. A hush was over the courtyard while the people stared at the princess and waited for something to happen.

Suddenly there was a fanfare of trumpets and the King appeared followed by half a dozen of his senior knights. The crowd parted to allow them to reach the base of the platform. Once they had mounted the steps to the raised platform, the King raised his hands for total silence.

In a booming, loud authoritive voice he made a proclamation to the gathered crowd.

"I  King Blacktrench, your sovereign ruler, declare that the prisoner, Princess Clarissa, in allowing herself to be used as an agent in the war between our two kingdoms, with the intention of bringing our kingdom into defeat, has forfeited her right to life. This sentence of death is to be carried immediately. In line with tradition for an execution of a member of a Royal family, death will be; Beheading by the Sword. The prisoners head to be mounted on a pole as an example to all others who would challenge the monarchy of this sovereign Kingdom."

A murmur started to spread around the crowd at his words, which he allowed for a few moments before continuing.

"However, because the example needs to be seen by our enemies in their own land, proceedings will take a slightly different form on this occasion. The princesses head and body will both be mounted on poles for public display and transportation back to her father.
Bring in the cart..."

At his last words, the gates at one end of the courtyard swung open and a cart pulled by two oxen was led into the courtyard and placed in front of, and close too the platform. In the back of the platform were two upright poles. The front one was shorter but fatter, standing about five feet high, it measured at least six inches in diameter, the top eight inches had been sharpened to a wicked looking point. The other pole stood about seven feet high, but was only about two inches thick, this pole also had a sharpened point at its top.

The King stepped back and two of his knights grabbed the naked princess by her arms, another two picked up a piece of pole about five feet wide and a couple of lengths of rope. They pulled her legs wide apart and tied her ankles to each end of the pole so that she could not close her legs, and then they stood back. The crowd down below now had a completely uninterrupted view of the princesses cunt and lips through the patch of trimmed blonde hair of her pussy, more than a few cocks sprang to attention inside trousers at this unusual and erotic sight.

Three of the knights went back down off the platform and climbed into the back of the cart. The two knights holding her arms dragged her over to the edge of the platform. Between them, they lifted her naked body down into the back of the cart. The King and the executioner stepped forwards to the front of the platform to watch.

The girl was lifted up into the air and positioned above the thickest of the fixed poles. At a signal from the King, she was lowed down onto the pole, its long wicked point was carefully guided into the opening of her virgina. Slowly the men released their hold on the girl so that the full weight of her body was being impaled on the pole. The knights stood back to watch as she slowly slid down the point, her royal cunt lips were stretched to breaking point as they slipped over the six inch diameter section of the pole.

At first the princess made no sound except to draw in sharp breaths of air. And then as her cunt was stretched wide the pain hit her, not only from the diameter of the pole, but from the sharp point that was now piercing her cervix, she started to scream as her body slipped down further into the impaling pole. She continued to scream out her pain while the invading point passed through her womb and into the intestines of her stomach. Blood and guts started to flow around her cunt lips and down the pole as she continued to ride the pole.

The executioner stood above her with the great sword poised, timing his strike so that the princess would ride the pole until it travelled all the way though her guts and into her diaphragm. At that point she would be close to death as she wouldn't be able to breath properly. Watching her closely he finally swung the great two handed sword in a large powerful arc.

The princess was still screaming from her agony as she felt the sharp point of the pole travel up through her guts, cutting her intestines to shreds on the way. Then it seemed to stop for a moment at some resistance. She tried to draw in a breath of air to find herself unable to control her breathing. As she gasped for air she felt a sudden pain in the back of her neck and everything suddenly started to spin in front of her eyes. She saw the thick impaling pole coated in blood going up between the stretched lips of her royal sex before everything went black. The princess was dead.

The executioner picked up the princesses head by the hair and held it up for the cheering crowd to see. He then carried the blood dripping appendage over to the maid and placed it on a stool next to her. She was given a brush and comb, and told to do the princesses hair one last time. Hesitantly she started to do what she could to make the princesses head look respectable. When she went to close the dead princesses eyes, she was struck hard from behind and told to leave them open. When she had done her best, she was handed the diamond studded tiara that the princess had been wearing on her arrival in the carriage, and told to fit it back on correctly.

The executioner took the prepared head off of the maid and took it to the cart where he lifted it up and placed it up on the top of the sharpened tall pole. With a careful but powerful yank he impaled the skull onto the pole. The naked maid was led to the cart and told to climb up in the back with her former mistress.

The cart was driven out of the castle with an armed escort. By mid-afternoon it had crossed the border into King Whitemoor's lands, on a large hill overlooking the Kings castle, the party stopped and the cart driver climbed down. The naked maid was ordered into the driving seat and instructed to take the princess home. The escort party watched the cart descend the hill until it reached the gates and then turned and rode away quickly.


King Blacktrench's plans backfired on him badly. The alliance between the two neighbouring kingdoms still took place, not because of what happened to the princess bride Clarissa, but because the large dowry promised to King Mear had been stolen.

As a result the two kingdom's armies combined and invaded King Blacktrench's lands and destroyed his armies. The king himself was killed and the plunder and land shared out between the victors.

Of course the poor young maid knew nothing of this outcome. On her arrival back at the castle, the King's terrible anger and frustration at seeing his mutilated daughter's body on the back of the cart, had sent him into a rage. She was dragged off of the cart and immediately hung by the neck, still naked, from the castle walls. Her body was left to rot until it disintegrated.

The End

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