Part Four - Wednesday

Chapter 1 - Jackie

I was about half asleep and enjoying the feeling of having JR next to me. The door to the bedroom opened and I saw my mom standing in the opening. I blinked a few times to help my eyes adjust. When I was finally awake, I began to panic. Mom put her finger to her lips and then smiled at me.

She came to the bed, leaned over, and whispered, "I'm leaving in a few minutes. I checked your room but found it empty. Is everything going as well as it looks?"

I grinned and nodded. Mom kissed my forehead and said, "I'll see you after school." She walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

I sighed, feeling relieved Mom didn't want me to get up. JR was lying behind me with his cock nested in the crack of my butt. It wasn't that I minded her seeing me; I liked how it felt and didn't want to move. I shifted my bottom and JR put his arm around me. He wiggled a little, but he didn't wake up. I moved his hand so it covered my boob, holding it in place with my hand.

While lying with JR snuggled against me, I thought about the things we had done the night before. I had tricked JR into having oral sex with Mo and me at the same time. While we were doing it I didn't think he minded, but I was a bit concerned about how he would feel this morning.

Part of the reason I told Mo to join JR and me was to make her happy, but I also had ulterior motives. I wanted to engage in a threesome with JR and another guy. In order to keep our promise to each other, I had to get JR into a threesome first. While it would have been the same if we did it with JR, another guy, and me first, I thought it would be easier if it was with my sister.

I grinned when I remembered how surprised JR was when Mo started giving him a blowjob. Seeing my sister sucking my boyfriend's cock really turned me on-maybe more than it should have. I began to worry that I had gone too far. What if JR was upset when he woke up? What if he started liking, or even loving, Mo more than he loved me? What if I had derailed our relationship just when it was getting started?

The more I thought about it, to more anxious I became. I started to draft my apology in my head. While I searched for the words I would use to tell JR I had made a mistake, I felt him kiss the back of my neck. His lips barely grazed my skin as he moved them on my neck.

JR began flexing his fingers on my boob. I sighed, letting my breath out slowly. He moved a little and then I felt his cock between my legs. His hips moved slowly, rubbing his hardon against my pussy.

Turning my head toward JR, I said, "Mo is in bed with us." I wanted him to put his penis in me more than anything.

JR moved his head so his mouth was near my ear. "I know, I just want to feel my cock where it is," he whispered. JR kissed my cheek and continued to move.

I reached down and used my fingers to press his cock against me. He moved a little faster, rubbing against my labia and clit. His hand massaged my breasts, moving from one to the other. I felt myself being turned on and knew I would come if he kept it up.

"I love you, Baby," JR said softly.

My body tensed with pleasure. "Mmmm, I love you too."

JR's cock started to throb against my fingers and my pussy. I pressed harder, causing it to scrape against my clit even more than it had been. He let out a grunt, his body stiffened, and I felt his come hit the palm of my hand. His hot semen triggered my orgasm and I joined him in a mutual orgasm. When his cock stopped spurting, I held it against me. I felt his chest against my back as he took one deep breath after another. I too was breathing hard, but I was also so happy my eyes filled with tears of joy.

JR held me snuggly against him, his hand still on my breast. He kissed my shoulder a couple times and then nuzzled my neck with his nose.

All thoughts of JR being upset with me left my mind. I stopped thinking and started to thoroughly enjoy the feeling of his cock against my sex. It was hard for me to comprehend that only three days ago I was dreaming of scenarios just like the one I was relishing-having JR as my lover. Now, thanks in large part to The Program, my dreams had started to become realities.

Fantasies that had been stored in my mind, only used for stimulation for masturbation, were real-at last! All of the things I had thought of as dirty, were tame by comparison. Having JR's cock in my mouth was a dream. Having his semen squirt against my tongue was a feeling and taste I longed to repeat whenever I could.

There was more than sex though; I loved kissing JR and having him hold me. I couldn't put a finger on the moment I fell for JR, all I know is it happened and I was happy it did. The fact he felt the same way about me was a resent dream come true.

I felt his semen start to drip from my hand. Rather than mess up the bed anymore than we had, I smeared the thick fluid over my mons. "You made me messy," I whispered and then I giggled. "I can't wait until you can do it again."

JR chuckled and said, "Honey, you wouldn't like the next mess I'm going to make. I have to take a leak."

I rolled over so I was facing JR. I kissed him tenderly, giggled, and said, "How do you know?"

JR mumbled something about golden showers before climbing over me. I watched his butt as he headed for the bathroom.

"It's about time you two finished, I have to pee!" Mo said as she sat up. "Jackie, thanks for last night, I had fun."

"Just don't plan on making it a habit, Sis. Once this week is over, so is the fooling around. I love JR and he loves me."

"I know-you are so lucky." Mo giggled and said, "So is JR!"

"Don't worry, you'll find a boyfriend someday," I said to Mo. "You're only fifteen, you have time."

"I'm almost sixteen," Mo corrected me with a grin. We laughed and then I gave my sister a hug.

It was weird hugging Mo while we were both naked. We had hugged before, but this felt so different. I began to unwrap my arms from around her and startled when she kissed my boob.

"Hey, don't do that, I'm no lez you know!" I chided.

Mo giggled and said, "I'm not either."

"Then why did you do that-kiss my boob?"

"Because I wanted to, Jackie. Don't knock it until you've tried it."

"Go take your shower. You can use the other bathroom okay?" I told Mo, wanting to shower alone with JR.

Mo nodded and headed for the door. I giggled and told her to take a cold shower to cool her down. Mo left the room. I went to the bathroom to shower with JR. He was turning on the water when I walked in.

"Want some company?" I asked.

"Sure do," JR replied as he turned around and gave me a hug.

"Careful, I have to pee."

JR released me, going back to what he was doing. I giggled and sat on the toilet. It was strange going to the bathroom with JR in the room with me, and it was exciting. He glanced over his shoulder as he started to tell me the water was warm enough. When he saw what I was doing, he got a weird look on his face. I smiled at him.

"Sorry, I had to go," I said.

JR turned away, shifting nervously from one foot to the other. Reaching out, I touched his leg.

"I didn't think, Honey. It's just that I've grown so comfortable around you," I said, realizing that I was perfectly at ease doing one of my most personal things while he was in the room.

Finished on the pot, I patted my pussy with a wad of tissue. I got up, flushed, and got into the shower with JR. The water had turned hot because I had flushed the toilet so JR and I huddled close, out of reach of the spray.

Once the water returned to the right temperature, JR and I began to shower. We smiled and talked while washing one another. JR's touch was nice, but not sexual.

"You won't believe what Mo did, she kissed my boob this morning," I said with a grin.

JR leaned over. He kissed the tops of each of my breasts and said, "Like that?"

I put my mouth against his chest, flicking my tongue against his nipple. "More like that."

JR and I laughed. I felt his cock moving against my belly. Pressing against him, I wiggled.

"Maybe I should give you some relief this morning, or should I say more relief? That, or you can have Mo do it for you, I'm sure she wouldn't complain," I said.

JR took me by the shoulders. Pushing me back, he looked into my eyes. I stared into his blue eyes, wondering if I had said something wrong.

"Um, Jackie, what we did last night was great. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. Fooling around with Mo was fun, but I love you!"

I took the opening to confirm JR wasn't upset because I had invited Mo to join us. "You're not mad at me for tricking you, are you?"

"No, not at all. I know it was just sex, at least between Mo and me. Baby, I don't want to lose you, not over something as silly as some sexual fun. I would do it again if you wanted to, I'd never do it again if you didn't."

I pulled his mouth to mine, kissing him hard. His tongue swiped my lips and I let it into my mouth. When we broke the kiss, I said, "I love you so much!"

JR told me he loved me. We finished in the shower, getting out to dry off. While I fixed my hair and put on the little makeup I wore, JR went to get dressed.

I put on a skirt and top, sans underwear. There wasn't any need for more clothing than I had decided to wear. Dressed, JR and I went to the kitchen to eat breakfast with Mo.

"Are you going to go to school like that again this morning?" I asked my naked sister.

Mo giggled and nodded her head. "Why not? We don't have to dress if we don't want to, and I don't want to!"

"I think its fun getting undressed while being watched," I said. "This program thing is really fun; at least it has been for me so far."

"Monday was kind of hard, but I got used to it pretty fast," JR said. "Seeing the other kids before our turn helped. I agree with Jackie about getting undressed outside, it's cool."

"Getting undressed or watching me and the other girls undress?" I asked.

"Both, but seeing you undress is really hot! There is something about seeing you take off your clothes that really turns me on." JR chuckled. "I love seeing you bend over when you take off your panties."

"You do?" I said.

"Yeah, and your bra too. Seeing a girl in her undies is very sexy to me," JR said.

After we ate, I went to my room to put on my underwear while JR and Mo took care of the dishes. I picked out a white lace thong and matching bra. Grinning from ear to ear, I put on the garments.

When we arrived at school, JR and I went to the designated area to undress. I reached for the hem of my top, but stopped.

"Why don't you undress me?" I asked JR.

JR pulled my top over my head to the cheering of the students that had gathered to watch. He smiled at me when my flimsy bra came into view. When JR removed my skirt, the crowd cheered again.

"Nice ass, Kid," Ted yelled out, using the nick name he had tagged me with years ago.

JR turned to Ted and said, "No kidding! Why don't you give me a hand here?"

Ted bounded up to where JR and I stood. JR began unfastening my bra while Ted rolled my thong over my hips and down my legs. Once I was naked, I struck a pose for the onlookers.

I undressed JR. Several of the girls in the group offered to help, but I was feeling selfish. While removing his boxers, I made sure I nudged his cock several times. Holding his dick, I looked up and licked my lips.

JR's cock jumped in my hand, causing me to giggle. I stood up and kissed him while the kids around us egged us on. One of the boys yelled out, telling JR to fuck me. JR broke our kiss, but Ted told the kid to shut up before JR could say anything.

"Thanks, Man, some guys are just jerks, aren't they?" JR said to Ted.

"No shit, but you know I wouldn't let anything happen to the Kid," Ted said.

"The Kid?" JR asked Ted.

"Ted calls me that because he's a whole two months older than me," I said. "I don't mind though."

The three of went into the building when the two seniors started to undress. In the hallway, several guys played with my boobs and patted my ass. Several girls played with JR's cock. One of the guys tried to put his finger in my pussy, but I grabbed his arm and pushed it away before he could. I warned him about unwanted penetration, telling him I didn't want him to do that to me.

JR and Ted heard what was going on. JR walked up to the kid and told him to leave me alone.

One the way into class, I told JR to ask for relief. He told me he really didn't need it after what we had done that morning.

"Please, I want to do something today." I grinned at him. "I want to have some fun!"

JR nodded. "You ask too!" he said.

Giggling, I went to my seat, spread my towel on the chair, and sat down.

Chapter 2 - Jonathon

I didn't know what Jackie was up to, but what the hell; I was going to go along. I was excited, but not to the point I needed relief. Jackie and I had fooled around that morning and I had come several times the night before. Having Mo in bed with us was a trip, something I would definitely want to do again. The things my aunt had told me were still clear in my mind and made more sense that ever.

It was like I could feel my love for Jackie growing by the minute. My aunt's explanation of the difference between love and sex, along with the analogy to a plant made clear what had been confusing to me. Even though Jackie was my first girlfriend and love, I felt I could-we could, separate our love from our desires and enjoy the remaining days we had in The Program.

I had heard about some of the other students and the things they did while they were in The Program. At first the stories about the open sexual activity seemed to be a plot for an adult movie, but the more I was exposed, and saw how things went, the more I realized we, the kids in The Program, were being given an opportunity that we wouldn't otherwise have.

In my mind, I knew I had an out. I could always go back home to Michigan. My mom would surely see the difference in me and realize I had changed. I wasn't interested in hanging with my crew anymore or doing the things I had done to get me where I was. Being a jerk wasn't something I planned to do again. I loved Jackie and wanted to be with her, but if for some reason it didn't workout, I knew I had an escape route.

With that in mind, I knew what I wanted to do. I wasn't sure about Jackie's wishes, but I figured I could just let things develop and see where they went. Jackie had something up her sleeve, metaphorically-so did I.

Looking up, I caught Jackie's eye. We shared a smile that made my heart jump. When I mouthed, "I love you," she did the same.

Mr. Wilcox came into the classroom. He went to his desk and said hello to the class. Glancing at me and then Jackie, he said, "Do either of you need relief this morning?"

I raised my hand, telling Mr. Wilcox I wanted relief when he acknowledged me. Jackie raised her hand, telling our teacher she wanted relief too. Mr. Wilcox chuckled and called us to the front of the class.

"Let me guess, you two want to provide relief for each other, right?" Mr. Wilcox said.

"Yes, sir, if that's okay," I said.

"Yes, it's fine. As far as I know there is nothing in the rules that prevents you from providing relief for one another." Mr. Wilcox lowered his voice so only Jackie and I could hear him. "You know that intercourse is against the rules don't you."

"Ahh darn, I always wanted my first time to be in front of the class," Jackie said with a giggle. She smiled and then said, "Yes, we know the rules, Mr. Wilcox."

"Very well, have fun," Mr. Wilcox said as he headed for his desk.

Putting my mouth close to Jackie's ear, I whispered, "Sit in the chair."

Jackie placed her towel on the small wooden chair and sat down. I put my hands behind her knees, pulling her forward until her butt was on the edge of the chair. Jackie smiled when I started to rub her pussy. When I worked my finger into her, she let out a muffled gasp. It was the first time I had entered her vagina with my finger.

"Oh God that feels so good, JR," Jackie said as I began to saw my finger in her pussy. She moaned and looked up into my eyes. "Move closer so I can kiss your cock"

I shifted around so Jackie could get a hold of my cock. She stroked me for a moment and then covered the end with her mouth. When Jackie began taking more, I removed my finger from her sex. Jackie let out a moan. She removed her mouth, looked into my eyes, and said, "What about me?"

"Sorry, but I can't-not while you're doing what you're doing, Baby. Don't worry, I'll make sure you are satisfied too," I told Jackie.

Jackie grinned and went back to what she was doing. She moved her head, sliding her lips up and down my shaft. While she was concentrating on me, I glanced toward Ted. I pointed at Ted and then indicated he should come up to the front of the room. Ted pointed at his chest and I nodded.

I put my hands on the sides of Jackie's head to block her view of Ted coming up to where we were. She held my wrists and increased her movement. When Ted got close, I cocked my head toward Jackie's splayed legs. He raised his eyebrows and I opened my mouth, waggling my tongue. Ted's mouth fell open when he realized what I was asking him to do. He mouthed, "Are you sure," and I nodded.

Looking down, I could see Jackie's mouth moving over the first half of my cock. I could also see Ted as he dropped to his knees between Jackie's legs. Ted moved his head closer to Jackie's crotch and licked the length of her vulva. I felt her mouth tighten around my dick and then she glanced down.

Jackie's eyes opened as wide as I'd ever seen them. She watched Ted licking her for a moment and then looked up at me. I grinned, winking at her. Jackie rolled her eyes and gobbled my cock back into her mouth.

Grabbing my ass, Jackie attacked my cock energetically. She bobbed her head, taking more each time she pushed her head forward. I could hear the heckling from our classmates, but ignored the comments. Ted was lapping Jackie's pussy and fingering her as she sucked my cock. Suddenly Jackie growled around my dick and then shoved her face forward. I felt my cock pop through the opening to her throat and then I felt her head against my lower stomach.

Jackie gagged a little, but didn't pull back. The gasps of the kids watching quickly turned to cheers. The sensation was more than I could take. I felt my climax boil and warned Jackie. She groaned, sending vibrations through my body. When my cock began to swell, Jackie pulled back a little. My semen shot into her sucking mouth. Jackie swallowed the first and second surge, but let the next to collect in her mouth.

My cock stopped pulsing and Jackie sucked it back into her throat. She shook her head from side to side, rubbing her nose in my pubic hair. Jackie pulled her mouth off my cock, tilted her head back, and let out a screech as her orgasm overtook her.

I grinned, watching her clamp Ted's head between her thighs. Her body went stiff and her hands gripped the back of Ted's head. Jackie babbled as she came for all our classmates to see. After a moment, her body relaxed. Her legs fell off Ted's shoulders, her feet hitting the floor with a thud. Jackie pushed Ted away from her crotch, telling him she couldn't take anymore.

Ted and I helped Jackie to her feet. She kissed his cheek and then kissed my mouth passionately. "Thank you, both of you." I helped Jackie to her seat.

Our classmates clapped as I lowered Jackie into her chair. She giggled and pulled my head close to hers. "Was it like that for you last night?" she asked.

"If it was great, yes."

"Honey, it was wonderful!" Jackie said.

Mr. Wilcox told me to sit down. I moved to my desk and took my seat. When I looked at Amber, she shook her head. "I've been beaten fair and square," Amber said. "She is good!"

"No, Amber, Jackie is great and I love her!" I said loud enough for everyone around us to hear me.

Jackie turned around and said, "Yeah, and I love him!"

Mr. Wilcox managed to regain control of his class. He lectured on the day's subject mater while giving me coy looks. I just shrugged my shoulders and tried to keep up with my note taking.

When the class ended, Jackie and I went out to the hallway. Ted looked like he was a little embarrassed so I waved him over to us. Before he reached Jackie and me, I told Jackie, "Make sure you thank him." She giggled and nodded her head.

"Thanks for doing that, Ted," Jackie said as she gave Ted a big hug. She giggled and then said, "I normally like it if a guy kisses me before he eats my pussy."

"I did, three years ago, I guess it just took a little time to catch up," Ted said.

"You're forgiven. Where did you learn to do that?" Jackie asked.

Ted laughed and told us about a girl he'd met the previous summer while he was on vacation with his parents. He said she was older and showed him how to make her happy.

"She never let me do anything more than lick her pussy and kiss. She only jacked me off to thank me," Ted said. "I found out she was a lesbian and couldn't find a girl so she picked me up on the beach."

"I'll bet you felt so used," I said in jest. "By the way, thanks for the pointers, I think Jackie enjoyed it."

"Ted told you to do that to me?" Jackie said. "Wow, you are a good friend, Ted!"

"Hey, you'd do the same for me, wouldn't you?" Ted replied with a chuckle.

Ted left for his next class. Jackie and I made our way to our history class, taking our seats just as the bell rang. The class room was abuzz with the kids talking about what happened in English. Kim and Jackie giggled as they talked about what Ted did. Before taking her seat, Kim came over to me.

"I can only hope that someday I'll find a guy that loves me half as much as you obviously love Jackie," Kim said.

"I think you'll find someone that loves you just as much as I love Jackie," I told Kim.

"Then I hope I can love him back the way you do Jackie. You two are so lucky to be together. I've never seen her this happy, JR."

"I do my best," I said, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Kim grinned. "It would be so nice to have someone that cared more for me than what he could get from me. I don't mind sex, I like it. I just don't want it to be the only thing we have in common."

The bell rang so Kim and I took our seats. While our teacher began talking about the day's lesson, I thought about what Kim said. Was there more to Jackie's and my relationship than sex? It seemed that since Monday, about the thing we did was fool around. Well, that wasn't entirely true, we did have swimming, our study sessions, doing the dinner dishes, talking-talking as much as we could whenever we could. Maybe there was more than sex.

By the time the class ended, I didn't know anything more about the Viet Nam war than I had when the class started. However, I did know that the next time Jackie and I were alone things were going to be different. I wanted more than the playful sex. I wanted to make love with her-even if it didn't include fucking.

By lunch hour, it seemed that most of the school knew about Jackie giving me a deep throat blowjob while Ted ate her pussy. Girls fondled me in the hallway while asking Jackie how she could do it. Jackie always gave the same answer. She said, "When you love someone as much as I love JR, you do what you can to make him happy." Each time Jackie said it, I felt my chest puff out.

Several guys asked me how I could let Ted, Jackie's old boyfriend, kiss her pussy, I told them I could do it because I trusted her and I loved her.

"I still can't believe you, JR. You are so sweet," Jackie said to me at the table we shared for lunch.

"Why, because I had Ted do what he did?"

"No, not at all. That was really a surprise, a nice surprise. It's because you're so sure of yourself, of us. You have no idea how envious some of my girlfriends are of me. There are a lot of guys that make it very hard for their girlfriends when they're in The Program," Jackie said.

"I do it because I love you and I believe it when you say you love me. I know The Program only lasts a week and after that it will just be us. It wouldn't be much different if we started going out and you and I had done the things we're doing before we started dating, would it?"

Jackie looked at me and said, "How did a hood from Michigan get so smart so fast?"

I laughed. "I have an aunt that can put things into perspective for me. Your mom and I had a really nice talk and I learned a lot. The most important thing I learned is that if our love is strong, we can overcome anything, including a little playful sex with other people."

"Mom said that?" Jackie looked stunned. After a moment she said, "Yeah, that sounds like my mom. It wasn't as good as when you do it to me, JR. It was nice, but there was something missing."

"I thought you liked Ted," I said.

"I do, that's the only reason I let him do it. If it would have been Marcus, or any number of other guys, I would have crossed my legs. I may have to let anyone that wants to touch me, but I get to pick who does anything else."

Mo came over to the table. She plopped down next to Jackie and giggled. "I heard about this morning. Have fun?"

"Yeah, I had a blast!" Jackie told her sister.

Kim joined us at the table. After the three girls chatted for a moment, Kim said, "Come on, let's go to the bathroom."

Chapter 3 - Jackie

"Okay, tell me all about it, Jackie," Kim said to me when we got into the bathroom. "How was it having Ted lick you while you sucked JR?"

"It was dreamy! I thought I was going to pass out," I told Kim and Mo.

"Ted must have been great!" Mo said.

"Ted was okay, but JR was wonderful! He fingered me before Ted came up. I never felt anything like it before. When I was kissing his cock, I almost came-before Ted did anything," I said.

"How could JR ask Ted to do that? Doesn't he know you two used to go out?" Kim said.

"Yes, JR knows about Ted and me. I don't know why he asked Ted, but to be perfectly honest, I'm glad he did. It sort of satisfied a fantasy of mine. I have always wondered how it would be to fool around with Ted." I giggled. "You know, he still hasn't felt me up this week."

"Do you want Ted to do more?" Mo asked.

"No, not really. Like I said, it was nice, but I love JR and I'm happy with him-more than happy. I think Ted is a great guy and all; he's my friend, but not anything more. I used to think I wanted us to be more, but things change," I said.

I went into one of the stalls and took a seat. I had to go, but I wanted to stop having to answer questions too. I loved my sister and Kim was a good friend, but I didn't want to dredge up old feelings, not feelings about Ted.

While enjoying my solitude, I thought about what had happened earlier. I began to wonder why JR had asked Ted to do what he did. After all, JR loved me, didn't he? I knew we had talked, and we had agreed to have fun this week, but how could he give me to Ted like he did?

The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. By the time I headed back to the lunch room, I was upset with JR. I sat at the table, staring at JR. When he smiled at me, I got up and ran out of the room.

I felt someone grab my arm. When I turned around I saw it was JR holding on to me.

"Leave me alone!" I said, trying to free myself from his grip.

"Jackie, what's wrong? What did I do?" JR asked.

"You don't know? How could you not know! You did it!"

"I'm sorry for whatever it was I did, but I still don't know what it was." JR kept calm as he talked to me.

"You gave me to Ted this morning, that's what. How could you invite my old boyfriend to eat me in front of everyone like that?"

"Um, I thought you liked it. I just thought it would be fun for you. If I would have known it would have upset you so much, I wouldn't have done it. Look, I love you-I love you more than anything in the world. Please forgive me, it'll never happen again," JR said.

I looked into JR's eyes, seeing them filled with tears. He let go of my arm and began slowly walking away. I watched him shuffling his feet, his head down as he moved away from me. I began crying, wondering what I had done.

"JR, WAIT!" I shouted to him. I ran toward JR, moving in front of him when I caught up.

"Honey, we have to talk," I said as I put my hand on his chest.

JR nodded. I took his hand, leading him toward the exit door. When we were outside, we sat on a bench. I stared at the ground, trying to work up the courage to tell JR my deepest thoughts.

"JR, I'm sorry for what I said, I really didn't mean it. I was using you as a scapegoat for my feelings, feelings that scare me. I'm not mad at you for what you did this morning, I'm mad at myself for how it made me feel."

When he started to interrupt me, I stopped him.

"What you did was the most unselfish thing anyone could ever do. I love you too, Baby. After Ted did that to me, I started having some of the same feelings I had when we dated. I know we were young at the time and neither of us was prepared to go any further than kissing, but that doesn't mean I didn't think about other things."

I paused, watching JR's face for his reaction. His lips were straight across his mouth, not frowning or smiling. I took a deep breath while composing what I planned to say next.

"Things were going pretty good for me, not great, but not bad. I was dating Marcus and even considering taking our relationship to the next level. I didn't love him, but he was nice and I really liked him. The next thing I knew, you moved in with us and my whole world changed. JR, I felt something happening to me from the first moment I saw you."

JR's eyebrows went up for a second. His face relaxed and I saw a smile forming.

"Honey, I can't put my finger on the day, but sometime during the first two weeks you were here, I fell for you big time!"

"I fell you too, Jackie. I don't see the problem?"

"The problem is me and my weird brain. You have to believe me when I say I love you, I do. It's just that there's something in the back of my mind that keeps bothering me."

"What is it, Honey?" JR asked.

"I don't know how to tell you, not without hurting you," I replied.

"All you have to do is say it. It's better to hurt me now than later isn't it? I mean how bad can it be?"

I shrugged my shoulders. JR put his hand on mine, rubbing his thumb over the back of it. I looked into his eyes and forced a smile.

"How can we be sure we're really right for each other? Neither of us has ever really done anything with anyone else. What if you decide you like another girl better than me?"

JR smiled and said, "I think you're saying 'what if you like another guy better than me,' aren't you? You're afraid you might be missing something."

I lowered my eyes and nodded my head. "I'm sorry, but sometimes I start wondering about other guys. You know, what it would be like to fool around with them. When Ted went down on me this morning, those feelings"

JR laughed. He leaned closer, taking my chin in his hand. Tilting my head up, he kissed me-I mean he really kissed me.

"Don't you think I think about those things too? I have raging hormones just like you do." JR chuckled and kissed me again. "Look, I think everyone has thoughts like that. We've talked about this before, I thought we understood that. I love you!"

"You're not mad because I think about things like that?" I asked, feeling silly, but still concerned.

"Jackie, I don't know how many ways I can tell you, I love you! Your happiness is more important than anything as far as I'm concerned. I would rather see you with someone you were happy with than be miserable with me. If you think you need to find out about yourself, find out if I'm really the one that makes you happy, I'll understand. I'll wait until you're sure.

"The things we done together, the sexual things, have been wonderful. I'll never forget a single moment we've shared. You are sexy and fun. What ever happens, I'll always love you and cherish the things we've done," JR said.

Once again my world changed in the blink of an eye. It's like wanting something so bad you can taste it, but it's out of reach. Then when you find you can have whatever it is, it isn't as important as you thought it was. Here I was feeling that I might miss something if I was monogamous with JR and I suddenly realized what I might not have if I wasn't.

I threw my arms around JR's neck. I found his lips with mine, kissing him passionately. After a moment, I pulled back so I could look into his eyes.

"I'm stupid, aren't I? I mean, how could I think there could be anyone else in the world that would love me, or I could love more than you? Please forgive me for being like I was."

"Baby, I'm never going to forgive you for being human-I don't have to. I love you and that's all that matters. Now, we better get to class before we're late," JR said and he kissed me again. "I meant every word, Baby; I'll wait for you if that's what you need."

JR stood up, offering me his hand. When he pulled me to my feet, I hugged him for all I was worth. We headed into the building, getting to PE just in time. I gave JR a quick kiss before heading into the boy's locker room.

Chapter 4 - Jonathon

Why did things have to be so difficult I thought as I went into the gym? After checking with the teacher, I headed to the weights. I needed to think about the things Jackie had said to me, as well as how I responded. I wondered if I told Jackie what did to please her, or if I really meant it. Seeing Ted between Jackie's legs was exciting because she seemed to really enjoy it. I didn't think about the fact Jackie and Ted had been dating, not at the time. My only goal was to see her have as much fun as I was having.

"What me to spot for you?" Ted asked me while I was stretched out on the weight bench.

I sat up, looking up at him. "In a minute, I was just thinking about a few things."

"Is everything okay? I saw what happened in the lunchroom," Ted said. "I hope I didn't fuck things up."

"No, but I think I might have, I don't know yet. When I asked you to give Jackie relief this morning, I wasn't thinking about the fact you and her were together before."

Ted nodded. "I kind of thought that's what it was about, JR. Hey, man, I'm really sorry if I caused trouble for you and Jackie."

"It didn't cause me any trouble, but I think it has affected Jackie. She really cares for you," I told Ted.

"I care for Jackie, but not like that. She's a great girl, but I don't have those feelings for her, not anymore. Jackie is a great friend, my buddy, but I don't think of her in terms of being a girlfriend. When you asked me to join you two, I almost didn't do it."

I didn't ask Ted why, I didn't really need to know. I stretched out on the bench, grabbed the bar, and began doing bench presses. After doing my set, I switched with Ted. We did curls, military presses, and a few other things before we finally stopped.

After class, I went to the girls' locker room to shower. I managed to get my shower with a minimum of fondling. Finished, I went out to wait for Jackie.

"Ready for art class?" I asked Jackie when she came out of the locker room.

Jackie giggled, gave me a kiss, and then took my hand. "I'm as ready as I going to be."

Our art teacher wasn't a fan of The Program and had made her feelings well known. However, she did take the opportunity to use Jackie and me as live models for the charcoal drawings the class was working on. The class was pretty boring because Jackie and I spent the entire period sitting in straight-back chairs so our classmates could sketch us. After art, we headed to the pool for practice.

Mr. Rosin had us warm up and begin swimming laps. After that, he worked with me on getting off the block. I made dive after dive, improving my reaction time. He told me I was doing very well and went to work with a few of the other members of the team. I went to sit in the bleachers to rest.

"Honey, a few of the team members are going to TJ's after practice, want to go?"

TJ's was a small place owned by Terry Jackson and his wife. They served burgers, fries, sodas, ice cream, and a few other things. Mostly, it was a place to hang around and meet friends.

"Sure, sounds like fun," I said. "What about Mo, are we going to take her with us?"

"If she wants to go," Jackie said.

The coach reminded us of the upcoming meet. He told us we should plan to get to the pool at six o'clock, an hour early. After asking for questions, he dismissed us.

Mo was waiting in the hallway. She and her program partner, Billy, were chatting about a concert they would be playing in on Sunday. Jackie told her sister we were going to TJ's and asked if Mo wanted to come with us.

"Sure, if you guys want me to," Mo said.

"If we didn't want you to go, we wouldn't have asked you," I said.

Mo giggled and nodded her head. We went to get our clothes so we could get dressed. Mo hadn't worn her clothes to school so she watched as Jackie, Billy and I dressed.

Cindy and Suzie, two of our team members asked for a ride to TJ's. Mo sat up front with Jackie and me to make room for the two girls. I saw Ted and asked if he wanted a ride. Ted got into the backseat and we were off.

At TJ's, we ordered sodas. We gathered around a large table and began talking about the meet. While chatting and having fun, Cindy said, "Oh shit!"

"What's wrong?" Ted asked her.

Suzie pointed at the parking lot. "Look, it's the Baxters."

I asked who the Baxters were.

"They're brothers, Brad and Billy are twins, and they're like twenty or something. The bigger one is Bryan, their older brother. He goes by Bubba. They were in prison for the last three and a half years," Ted said.

"What were they in prison for?" I asked.

"For raping my sister," Cindy replied, her voice showing her fear. "My older sister used to date Brad. Lorie was at their house one weekend with Brad and the other two came home drunk. They all raped her!"

"Wow, that's horrible!" I said. "How come they're out of prison?"

"Their lawyer got them off with a reduced charge because Lorie had been having sex with Brad. He tried to convince the jury it was consensual. In the end, the jury found them guilty of a lesser charge. They got six years, but I guess they made parole," Cindy said.

While Cindy told me about what happened, I watched the three brothers. They were standing by their car, drinking out of a bottle of whisky. A few minutes later, the three of then came into the building.

I listened to them swearing and laughing. They pushed their way to the front of the line, ordered sodas, and yelled at the young girl behind the counter to hurry. While they waited, they looked around. When Bubba saw Cindy, he nudged his brother Brad.

"Hey, isn't that your slut's little sister?" Bubba said loudly. "Shit, she looks almost as good as the whore."

I saw the color drain from Cindy's face. It was clear she was scared half to death. I knew about guys like the Baxter brothers, I used to be a lot like them. While the crew and I never raped anyone, we did use intimidation to get what we wanted. The Baxter brothers got their sodas and headed our way.

"Oh shit, here comes trouble," Ted said.

"Hey cutie, how's your sister doing?" Bubba said as he grabbed his crotch. "Tell her we want to see her again."

"She doesn't want to see you assholes!" Cindy spat.

"That's okay, we'll just show you a good time. Your slut sister loved it when we fucked her brains out!" Bobby said.

Brad spotted Mo and said, "What the fuck is this? Do the whores around here just run around naked now?"

I looked up at Bubba. It was easy to see he was the leader of the trio. "Please leave us alone, punk! If I want any shit from you, I'll kick it out of you-got it?" He slapped the back of my head.

"We don't want any trouble. Just leave us alone, okay?" I said.

"What if we don't want to leave you alone? What if we want to take these little sluts out side and fuck them? What are you going to do about it?" Bubba said.

I heard Mo scream. Looking at her, I saw Brad was squeezing her breasts with both hands. He was laughing at Mo as she tried to get away.

Jumping to my feet, I pushed Bobby out of the way so I could get to Brad. I pulled him away from Mo, pushing him into his twin brother. I knew things were going to get ugly after I did it.

"You fucking punk! I eat candy-ass punks like you for breakfast!" Bubba said as he came at me.

"Look, I'm sure you do, but I have to tell you I'm straight," I said.

That got a chuckle out of the twins. They stood next to their big brother and flexed their fingers into fists.

"I'm going to kick the shit out of you!" Bubba said.

I had to think quickly. I didn't want to fight with the brothers, but I decided that wasn't a choice. I had embarrassed them and they wanted revenge. The most important thing was to get the confrontation out of the building. Looking around, I saw how the other patrons, were acting. It was easy to see they were scared.

"If you think you can, let's go outside!" I said moving closer to Bubba. Grinning at him, I said, "Bring your sisters."

I could tell the three brothers weren't used to anyone standing up to them. I was pretty sure they weren't so tough when they were in prison, but it was clear they had the people that knew them buffaloed.

"JR, don't!" I heard Jackie say.

Bubba headed toward the door. Bobby and Brad escorted me to the door, one in front of me and one behind me. I heard someone say, "Call the cops!"

Bubba laughed and said, "Call an ambulance too!"

When we got outside, Brad shoved me from behind. Bubba turned around and puffed his chest.

"I don't know who you think you are, but I'm going to fucking kill you!" Bubba said.

I watched his eyes and his hands. He made fists and I knew what was going to happen next. His arm shot out and hit me in the stomach. When I didn't flinch, Bubba's eyes opened wide. I had taken years of karate and was trained how to take a punch. Bubba hadn't wound up so I knew he wouldn't have much steam in the punch he threw at me. It was enough for me to be able to protect myself though, now anything I did would be self-defense.

Bubba's next attempt at hitting was a round-house with his right arm. I deflected the punch with my left hand and drove my right into his gut and up under his ribcage. He doubled up, grabbing his stomach. My next punch hit his jaw, knocking him to his knees. Bobby and Brad started at me. I caught Brad's nose with an elbow and kicked Bobby in the side.

"You boys should leave now while you still can," I said.

There was a crowd of people gathered in the parking lot. I caught Ted moving in out of the corner of my eye and waved him off. Bubba managed to get up and come at me again. He tried to hit me in the face, but ended up on the ground again. One of the twins grabbed me from behind. Bubba started to get up again while his brother had me immobilized. I kicked the brother holding me in the knee and felt him let go. If I had done it properly, I had just dislocated his patella. Seeing Bobby lying on the ground and holding his leg confirmed it.

"Kill this fucking punk," Bubba screamed after I kicked him in the balls.

Brad pulled up his shirt. I saw the butt of a handgun and reacted without thinking. He pulled the gun out of his waistband, pushing it toward me. I stepped in, hooked his arm with mine, and jerked up. I heard his arm break and the gun hit the ground. Acting quickly, I kicked the gun out of reach. Bubba came at me on his hands and knees. I kicked him in the forehead, knocking him unconscious.

Stepping back, I surveyed the scene. Bubba was out cold. Bobby was screaming in pain and holding the leg I had kicked. Brad's arm hung limply. The police came into the lot with lights and sirens. They jumped out of their squad cars, pulled their guns, and ran over. I put my hands above my head and stood still.

The crowd of onlookers began yelling and pointing at the three brothers. One of the cops pulled my arms behind my back and cuffed me. A sergeant showed up and began talking to Terry, the owner of the restaurant. After a few moments, the sergeant told an office to remove the cuffs.

"Would you tell me what happened here?" the sergeant said to me.

I gave him a brief explanation of what the brothers did and what I did. Terry stood at my side, confirming my story. I looked for Mo. When I spotted her standing with Jackie, I went over to them.

"Are you okay, Mo?" I asked.

Mo had put on her shirt and shorts. She had her arms folded over her chest. Nodding, she said, "My boobs hurt, but I'm okay."

I gave her a hug, telling Mo everything would be okay. A female officer came over to talk to Mo. I hugged Jackie, telling her I was fine when she asked how I was doing.

The female officer asked Mo about what happened to her. Mo pulled her shirt up, embarrassing the officer, and showed the woman the bruises on her breasts. After taking Mo's statement, the officer asked if she could take a few pictures. Mo giggled and removed her top.

"Um we could go somewhere private," the officer said.

"I've been in The Program all week, I don't mind if someone sees my boobies," Mo replied.

The officer took a few shots with a digital camera, checking each one before taking the next. When she was finished, she told Mo to have the EMS technicians check her. Mo left with the officer, leaving me somewhat alone with Jackie.

I put my arm around Jackie's waist, pulling her to my side. We watched the cops and EMS technicians load the three brothers into an ambulance. While we watched the ambulances leave, we saw Jackie's parents pull into the lot. Uncle Jason parked the car. He and my aunt got out, scurrying over when they saw Jackie and me. Jackie embellished while I told my aunt and uncle what happened.

Terry Jackson and his wife came over to where we were standing. Uncle Jason and Terry shook hands and greeted one another. Terry asked me if I was okay and I chuckled as I told him I was fine.

The crowd broke up and we went into the building. Terry and his wife served sodas while I sat down with my friends and my aunt and uncle. I felt Jackie's body quivering when she sat on my lap. For the first time since everything started, there was silence. I glanced around the table, looking at my friends. They all stared at me like I had a third eye or something.

"What the hell was that?" Ted finally said.

"That was three bullies getting what they deserved. They use intimidation to make people afraid of them, I wasn't intimidated. They may be big, but they don't know how to fight-I do."

Cindy came over to me and hugged my neck. She was crying and thanking me. I scooted Jackie off my lap so I could comfort Cindy for a moment. I didn't know her very well. She was a member of the swim team, but other than that, I seldom talked to her at school. Cindy seemed very shy and barely ever talked to me or anyone else.

I didn't say anything while I held Cindy, letting her cry in my arms. After a few moments, she looked up and thanked me again. I nodded and let her out of my arms.

The sergeant came over to our table. He pulled up a chair between Uncle Jason and me. After talking to my uncle for a moment, the sergeant introduced himself.

"I'm Sergeant Nelson. I have finished my interviews and have what I need for now, Jonathon. I will need you to come to the station to sign the reports and take care of a few things."

"What's going to happen to the Baxter brothers?" Cindy asked meekly.

"Well, that's up to the courts. I know they will go back to prison for parole violations, that's a given. As far as anything else, we'll have to see. So far, we are charging them with aggravated assault, carrying concealed weapons, sexual assault on a minor, and I'm sure several other things. All three of them had guns," the sergeant said.

"Oh my God, you could have been shot!" Jackie said.

"I know, it was really scary," I told her. I didn't want Jackie to think I wasn't worried about what had happened; I was.

I answered questions for the next half hour, questions my friends had as well as a few from the sergeant. When I told the group that I had taken karate for years, the sergeant's eyebrows went up.

"Jonathon, what belt do you have?" the Sergeant Nelson asked.

Smiling, I said, "White. I stopped testing when I got my white belt. My dad was a police officer. He was killed in the line of duty. His partner took care of me for a while and told me not to test. He said I didn't have to prove anything with belts."

"Smart man, what would you have, if you did test?" Sergeant Nelson asked.

Shrugging my shoulders, I said, "I'm not sure, black I guess."

"Well, I'm finished here. I'll see you tomorrow or Friday, okay, Jonathon," the sergeant said as he got up and shook my hand.

"Is JR in trouble?" my aunt asked.

"No, Andrea, I'll make sure of that," Sergeant Nelson said.

We stayed at TJ's for another hour. Uncle Jason bought burgers and fries for all of us. After eating, we headed for home.

Chapter 5 - Jackie

I was still vibrating when JR drove away from TJ's. He dropped Cindy, Suzie, and Ted off at their houses before heading home. Mo rode with my parents.

I was still in a daze. I had watched JR take on three guys that were bigger than he was and beat all of them. He moved like he was dancing as he punched and kicked the bullies. I remembered hearing about Cindy's sister and her ordeal. The local news covered the trial. I couldn't imagine how Cindy must have felt when the Baxter brothers came into TJ's.

JR smiled as he drove. I sat next to him, hugging his right arm. When we got home, we sat in the living room and talked with Mom and Dad. Mo sat on one side of JR, leaning against him. I sat on the other side, holding his hand.

"Look, I don't want to make a big deal out of this," JR said. "I don't like to fight, but this was one of the times it was necessary. Those guys weren't going to leave us alone and I was pretty sure they would end up hurting someone."

"They did hurt someone, they hurt me," Mo said. She pulled her shirt up to show the bruises. "Thanks for sticking up for me."

"I want to thank you too, JR. I don't approve of fighting, but you're right, sometimes it's unavoidable. I think you kids should get to bed; you have school in the morning," Dad said.

My dad got up and went into his office, closing the door. Mom gave us hugs, telling JR how proud she was for sticking up for Mo and the rest of us. JR, Mo, and I went to our rooms.

"Are you going to sleep in JR's room tonight?" Mo asked me.

Shrugging my shoulders, I said, "I don't know, I don't know if he wants me to."

"Don't be silly, of course he wants you to. JR loves you." Mo came over and sat on my bed. "I promise to stay in here tonight."

I grinned at my sister. Deciding that I could always come back if JR wanted to be alone, I got up. On the way through the bathroom, I stopped to make sure my top and skirt looked right. I closed the door to my room and opened the door to JR's.

Chapter 6 - Jonathon

Jackie came into my room, walked to where I was standing, and gave me a hug. She rested her head against my chest, holding me with her arms around my waist. I put my arms around her, resting my chin on the top of her head. Neither of us said anything while we held one another. I began to move my hand up and down Jackie's back, feeling her spine. She sighed and squeezed me tighter.

Turning her head up, Jackie looked at me. I leaned over, placing my lips against hers. We kissed tenderly for a moment and then Jackie parted her lips. Our tongues met, moving against one another's. Jackie's breathing changed and she moaned into my mouth.

We moved across the floor until I felt the bed against my leg. Sitting on the bed, I brought Jackie down with me. We fell back, our mouths still locked together. Shifting, Jackie and I faced one another. She pulled her leg up, placing it on top of mine. I broke out kiss to take a deep breath. Jackie put her hand behind my head, pulling my mouth back to hers.

I rubbed Jackie's side, moving my hand from the waistband of her skirt to her armpit and back. When I brushed her breast with my thumb, she moaned. Covering her breast with my hand, I massaged her through her top and bra. She pushed against my hand as my fingers flexed on the firm mound of her breast. Jackie moved her hand to my ass, pulling my crotch against hers. She shifted so she could rub her thigh against my erection.

As my lust rose I moaned. I worked Jackie's top up over her breasts. She released me long enough for me to remove the shirt. Jackie tugged at my shirt, so I helped her remove it. After a few more minutes of kissing and touching, I removed her bra. I lowered my head so I could kiss her boobs while my hand explored under her skirt. I felt the dampness between her legs when I rubbed the gusset of her panties.

The next thing I knew, Jackie and I were naked, a state we had been enjoying for three days. We wiggled our bodies against one another's, trying to get as close as we could. With my mouth latched to hers, I rolled Jackie onto her back. I moved until I was laying on her, my cock pressing against her mons. We rocked our hips, both of us moaning out in pleasure.

Jackie wiggled her body, sliding down until the head of my cock was against her vulva. She put her hands on the sides of my face, pushing my head up so she could look into my eyes. Her eyes sparkled and her smile made my heart pound even harder. I knew what I wanted to do; Jackie told me what she wanted.

"Jonathon, I want to feel you in me. I want to make love with you," Jackie said. She reached between us, taking my cock in her hand. Jackie rubbed my cock against her labia while still staring into my eyes. "I love you so much!"

I pushed forward, feeling the heat of her pussy with the head of my cock. Jackie continued to guide me until I was centered at her wet entrance. She kept her hand wrapped around my shaft and pulled me into her. I felt the tightness of her pussy as my cock pressed through the ring of muscle around her vaginal opening. She stopped my progress, holding still for a moment. When Jackie pulled on my cock again, I pushed.

The feeling of my cock entering her pussy was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I had hand jobs and blowjobs, but nothing compared to how her hot pussy felt around my cock. Jackie moved her hips up, mine moved down. She removed her hand from between us, putting it on my ass. Jackie put her other hand on my butt cheek and pulled. She let out a whimper as my cock went deeper into her folds.

"Wait a minute, Baby, I have to get used to it," Jackie said in a low throaty voice.

I kissed her, feeling her suck my tongue when it entered her mouth. Her hips bucked up, causing me to go even deeper. She groaned into my mouth, pulling on my ass again. I pulled back a little, paused, and then moved into her. Jackie groaned again as my cock bottomed out in her pussy.

"Oh, Baby this is so good, so right," Jackie moaned.

"Yes, yes it is. I'm not hurting you, am I?" I asked.

"If this is pain, I want to feel it all the time. You make me feel so full, JR."

I began to move slowly. Jackie lifted her legs, pressing her knees against my sides. She gripped my ass, pulling me into her on ever down stroke. When I picked up speed, Jackie moved up against my thrusts. I notice that when I was all the way in her, my pubic bone against hers, Jackie would let out a muffled grunt. I wiggled against her and she dug her fingers into my ass.

While our movements were very erratic, Jackie and I managed to get into a rhythm several times. I felt myself losing control and began moving in short jerky strokes. Jackie writhed beneath me. Her moaning grew into a steady throaty groan, matching mine. I covered her mouth with mine, yelling into it as I reached my climax. My cock surged, sending my semen into her contracting vagina. Jackie's vocal glee was muffled by my mouth. She wrapped her legs around me, squeezing me as tight as she could.

Jackie and I gasped for air. Our bodies were wet with perspiration. Jackie held onto me like I was her last hope. After several minutes, I was able to speak.

"I love you, Jackie," I whispered.

Jackie's arms tightened around me. "Oh JR, I love you too!"

"Do you want me to get up?" I asked.

"Do you want to live?" Jackie replied with a giggle. "I don't ever want you to take it out of me."

I began kissing Jackie. She kissed me back and we professed our undying love for one another. Before we finally fell asleep from exhaustion, we made love two more times. The sheets were soaked with a mixture of our sweat and fluids, but neither of us seemed to care-I know I didn't.


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