Kathy Learns - Family Secrets, 3

The sun was up when Rich awoke the next morning. The candle on the dresser had burnt out; leaving a pool of wax on the small plate he placed on the night before. Joanne was still sleeping soundly in his arms as he looked at her mussed hair and cute face. The two siblings were still in each other's arms, their legs hooked together.

Rich kissed his little sister's forehead and whispered her name. She wiggled in his strong arms and hugged him tightly. Slowly she opened her eyes and gazed into his. She untangled her arms from her brother, stretched them over her head and smiled.

"Good morning," Joanne said softly.

"Morning sis," Rich replied.

"I love you Richard."

"I love you too Joanne."

"I have to pee," Joanne giggled.

"So do I, you go first," Rich said.

Joanne slipped out of her brother's bed and headed for the bathroom. When she finished she opened the door and waved her brother in. She waited in the hallway for Rich to come out and threw her arms around him when he did. They kissed tenderly and ran their hands over the other's back. When they broke the kiss, they went downstairs to eat.

"You sit down and I'll fix breakfast," Rich said to her.

"I can help you."

Rich patted her bottom and insisted that she sit at the table. Joanne sat down, put her feet on the chair and wrapped her arms around her knees. She watched as her brother took sausage from the refrigerator and put it into a cast-iron frying pan. He lit the stove and began to crack eggs in a bowl as the sausage began to sizzle. He whipped the eggs with a fork and set the bowl on the counter. He flipped the sausage and started a pot of coffee.

As Rich moved around the kitchen, he kept glancing at his sister. The way she was sitting caused Joanne's baggy pajama bottoms to gap around her legs and he could see her vulva. The sight of his sister's sex made his penis begin to grow and Joanne saw it pushing out against his boxers. She followed his every move and felt her vagina tingle. When she saw his eyes looking between her legs, she parted her knees.

Rich grinned at her and placed a loaf of bread on the table. When he stood next to her, Joanne reached into the fly of his shorts and wrapped her fingers around penis. She squeezed him and he pulled away.

Joanne giggled and said, "Can't I play this morning?"

"Later sweetheart, I'm fixing breakfast."

The term of endearment Rich used took her by surprise. Joanne felt her cheeks glow as she repeated it over and over in her mind. She continued to follow him with her eyes as he took the sausage out of the pan and poured the eggs into it. He stirred the eggs and then scraped then onto the plate with the meat, carried it to the table and set it down.

Joanne divided the food between them and they began to eat. When they were finished, she cleared the table and washed the dishes.

"Let's get dressed and go finish the hay," Rich said. "I'd like to have it done before Mom and Dad gets home."

They went to their rooms, dressed and headed out to the barn. After tending to the livestock, they went up and started to work on the remaining bails. By noon all of the hay was in the loft. They only had about twenty bails they needed to stack. The afternoon was hot and humid. The heat in the barn was stifling, as it always in the summer. Joanne removed her shirt and pulled her bibs back up over the white bra she wore. When Rich saw what she was wearing, he chuckled.

"We aren't going to get our work finished if you go around like that," Rich said as he slipped his hands into her overalls and massaged her breasts through the bra.

Joanne grinned at her brother and said, "I'm sorry, I'll put my shirt back on."

"That won't be necessary, Sis," Rich said as he gently squeezed her.

Giggling, Joanne slid her hand down the front of her brother's bibs and fondled his penis. She felt the hardness and was happy that she had caused his erection. Pulling her hand out of his pants and stepping back she grinned at him.

"Do you want to go swimming again today, Rich?"

"Sure, if we have time. We have to get this work done first."

Joanne grabbed a bail of hay and pulled it across the floor. "Let's get going then," Joanne said as she went for another. They were almost finished with the hay when the barn door opened and their parents walked in. Seth yelled up to his children, announcing they were back. Joanne and her brother went to the edge of the loft, leaned over the rail and said, "Hello."

"Did you guys have a nice time in Carson?" Joanne asked.

Betty looked up, saw the way her daughter was dressed and frowned.

"Yes, we had a very nice time. Joanne I want you to come down here for a minute, I want to talk to you," Betty said.

As she came down the ladder, her father saw what she was wearing. When she reached the barn floor, she turned around and faced her parents.

"I really don't think that's anyway for a young lady to dress while working, Joanne," her mother said.

"But mom," Joanne said. "It's so hot in here. I don't really have anything that's cool enough to wear. Besides, Rich has seen me in my undies before."

"You know she's right, Betty. Don't you remember how you dressed when we were young? You wore less than that," Seth said.

Joanne's mom turned red and she smacked her husband.

"How did Mom dress, Daddy?" Joanne asked.

"You just never mind young lady," Betty said. "You get back to work."

Betty grabbed her husband's sleeve and pulled him out of the barn, whispering to him.

Rich and his sister finished the work, cleaned up the loose hay and went to the house for dinner. Joanne put her shirt back on in order to avoid a lecture from her mother. They ate fried chicken and all the fixings, like every Sunday. When dinner was finished and the table cleared, Rich asked about swimming.

Seth questioned his son about the chores. When he was confident his children completed their work, he agreed to let his children go to the swimming hole for a few hours. The two siblings ran up to their rooms, grabbed their suits and towels and headed for the creek.

When they reached the pond, Rich and Joanne quickly removed their clothing and ran into the cool water. They swam around, splashed one another and used the rope to swing out over the water and drop in. After an hour, they went to the grassy spot under the tree and stretched out.

"Why are these so small?" Joanne asked her brother as she cupped his testicles in the palm of her hand.

"My balls shrink up when they get cold, I don't know why."

"Are they cold? I can warm them up for you," Joanne said as she sat up and took his scrotum into both of her hands.

"They'll be fine, Jo, but you can warm them up if you want to."

Joanne gently massaged his testicles in her hands. She felt them soften and begin to return to their normal size. Removing one hand from his scrotum, she wrapped her fingers around his penis and began to stroke it.

Rich moaned as his sister pumped her hand up and down his member and cuddled his testicles in her hand. She smiled at him when she saw the look of pleasure in his eyes and leaned over to kiss him.

When their lips met, a low moan escaped Joanne's throat. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue against his as they moved their mouths together. When Rich put his hand on her bottom, she moved around to give him access to her sex. Joanne felt his fingers wiggling at her opening and his thumb against her clitoris. She moaned into his mouth, pulled her head up and stretched out next to him, her crotch near his head and his near hers.

The two lay silently, fondling one another until Rich's penis swelled and he shot his semen up into the air. When his strong spurts turned to a dribble and dripped onto Joanne's hand, she removed it and licked it clean. Rolling onto her back and spreading her legs as far as she could, she groaned as her brother's fingers brought her to her climax.

They lay next to each other breathing heavily as they regained their composure. Joanne was the first to get up, wade out into the water and clean her brother's cum from her body. He sat up and watched as she bent at the waist, her back to him. Rich stood up, waded out to his sister and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

Joanne leaned her head back against her brother as he moved his hands up and cupped her breasts. She felt Rich's penis against her bottom and wiggled against it. As it grew, his member rose between her legs and pressed against her wet slit. Joanne pushed her legs together, trapped him and slowly moved. She felt the head of his rigid member bumping against her clitoris as she rocked her hips. Rich began to roll her nipples between his fingers and it sent shocks of pleasure into her vagina.

The motion of her hips and the friction of her heated crotch caused Rich to begin moving with her. He pushed forward when she pushed back and then they reversed to movement. Joanne reached between her legs, pressed his hard penis against her and moaned as it rubbed over her clit. She could feel the head hit the palm of her hand each time her brother shoved his hips against her bottom and then drag along her fingers as he pulled back.

After several minutes, Joanne felt Rich's hot cum fill her hand and she smeared it over his penis. When he began to ejaculate, he pressed against her and held her tight. Once the pluses stopped, she removed her hand, turned to him and looked into his eyes as she cleaned her palm with her tongue. Her brother's eyes and mouth were both wide open as he watched Joanne collect his semen with her tongue, pull it into her mouth, and swallow. His knees felt week and he had to steady himself by grabbing her shoulders as he watched the erotic sight.

Once she had licked the last drop of cum from her hand, Joanne knelt down in the water and took his penis into her hand. She leaned forward, extended her tongue, and licked his member as he groaned out loud. Remembering the girl at the drive-in, Joanne took the head of Rich's penis into her mouth and closed her lips around it. She savored the flavor of his tangy cum and the texture of the velvety head with her tongue.

Unable to control himself, Rich pushed his hips forward, causing his penis to slide between Joanne's lips into her mouth. She turned her eyes up to his as his member slowly sank into her mouth, smiling around it. When he pushed too much in, she gagged and pulled her head away. Joanne got up off her knees and pressed her body against his.

"Sorry, Jo, I didn't mean to do that."

"It's okay. I guess that will take practice. I love the taste of your stuff-it's yummy."

Rich put his hands under Joanne's bottom, lifted her, and carried her to the pump house. He sat her on the edge, dropped to his knees and moved his head between her legs. Joanne put her hands on the roof of the enclosure and leaned back as she felt her brother's tongue against her slit. She moaned and bucked her hips as he poked at her opening with his tongue trying to penetrate her vagina. When he found that his tongue would only go so far into her, he pushed a finger in and moved his lips to her clit. Joanne could feel her juices flow past her brother's finger and into the crack of her butt as he pumped in and out of her. The feeling of Rich's finger in Joanne's vagina, combined with his tongue on her clit, quickly brought on another orgasm. This one was more intense than any before.

Joanne lifted her crotch up and wiggled it against Rich's face as her vagina squeezed his finger. She felt like there were butterflies in her stomach and tiny pins poking into her entire body. After a few minutes, her clit became overly sensitive and she clamped her legs against his head. When he pulled back, she released him and then pushed her legs back together. Joanne leaned back, rested on the roof of the pump house and tried to catch her breath. Rich sat back on his heals and ran his tongue over his lips. He breathed in deeply through his nose and took in the fragrance of his sister's juices.

When she finally recovered, Joanne sat up, got off the pump house, pulling her brother to his feet. She put her lips to his and tasted herself on his mouth. After kissing him for a few minutes, she turned, charged into the water and dove in. Rich walked out and also dove under the cool clear water coming up next to his sister.

"Wow Rich, that was so good. Will you do that to me again?"

"Do what, Jo?" He teased.

"You know what, what you just did to me."

"I don't know what you're talking about," he chuckled. "You'll have to tell me."

Joanne put her hands on her hips cocked her head to the side and looked at her brother.

"Lick my pussy! Will you lick my pussy again sometime?"

Rich began to laugh, "You bet I will, Jo. I'll eat your pussy anytime you want me to, if you'll do that again to me too."

"Do what Rich? Lick your pussy?" Joanne said giggling.

"No, suck my cock, Jo. Will you put my cock in your mouth again?"

"If you don't try to shove it down my throat, I felt like I was going to puke last time."

Rich put his arm around Joanne and they walked out of the water. They sat in the grass and relaxed with their hips touching each other. They dried off in the hot air before deciding to go back to the house before anyone came looking for them. Before they dressed, they embraced and kissed.

When Joanne and Rich got back to the farmhouse their parents were sitting on the glider in the shade. Seth held his wife's hand as they talked to one another.

"Hi," Rich said startling the two. "How are things?"

"Just fine, Richard," his mother said. "Did you and Jo enjoy your swim?"

"Yeah," Joanne said. "It was great. It felt good cooling off after working in the barn all morning. What's for supper?"

"We picked up some hotdogs in Carson," Betty said. "I thought we would have them and some beans for supper. I also bought you kids some sodas."

Joanne and her brother sat on the grass in front of the glider and talked to their parents. They listened to their mom tell about the movies and the nice dinner they had. While they were chatting, Seth pulled a pack of Pall Malls out of his pocket, put one of the cigarettes into his mouth and lit it. He sat back and talked about the chores that they needed to complete over the next few weeks and what he was going to plant in each of the large fields.

Betty went into the house to start supper and Joanne followed her. In the kitchen, Betty put the hotdogs into a pan of water and lit the burner beneath them. Joanne opened two cans of pork-and-beans, poured them into another pan, and placed them on the stove.

When supper was ready, Betty and Joanne carried the food out to the picnic table, and they all sat down to eat. After they finished, the two women cleared the table, took the things into the house, and did the dishes. When they returned, Seth told his children to go tend to the livestock.

Rich and Joanne went to the barn, fed the animals. They kissed for a few minutes before they had to return to the house. Joanne looked into her bother's eyes and smiled at him.

"I wish I could sleep in your bed with you again tonight, Rich, last night was so nice."

"I do to, Jo, but we have to be careful. If Mom and Dad ever found out we were messing around they would thrash us."

"I know Rich, it's just that I love you so much and want to be close to you as much as I can."

"I know, Sis, I want to be close to you too."

The two left the barn and walked towards the house. As they crossed the lawn, Joanne said, "Where are the magazines you have, Rich, the ones with the pictures of naked people?"

"I have them hidden in the barn."

"Will you show them to me someday?"

"Sure, Jo."

The family watched television until about eight thirty and then went to bed. Joanne lay in her bed staring at the ceiling trying to fall asleep. As she thought about her brother's tongue on her crotch, she slipped her hand into her pajama bottoms and began to rub herself. She finally drifted off to sleep with her finger buried in her vagina.

After finishing their morning chores the next day, Rich went with his dad and Joanne went to the house to help her mother clean. This day was like every other day-hot! Joanne didn't mind helping her mom clean because she could wear shorts instead of the bib overalls she wore to work in the barn and the fields. They finished the first floor just before noon and Betty and her daughter went to the kitchen to fix dinner.

Rich and his dad pulled up on the small tractor, washed and sat at the picnic table while Betty and Joanne brought the food out of the house. When they finished the meal, the women cleaned up while the two men relaxed in the shade. Joanne and her mom went outside and sat in the glider, slowly moving back and forth.

"Well," Seth said. "I'm ready to go finish the plowing. If you two kids want to go swimming this afternoon, it's fine with me as long as your mother doesn't care."

Joanne looked at her mom and Betty smiled, "We can finish the house tomorrow, Jo. You and Richard go swimming."

The two siblings thanked their parents. They ran into the house to get the suits and towels. When they returned, Joanne and Rich started for the lane with the old yellow dog at their heels. Out of sight of the house, the siblings broke into a run, eager to get to the swimming hole. When they were several hundred feet away, they began to remove their clothes. Joanne undid the buttons on her top and then unfastened her shorts. Rich pulled his overalls off his shoulders, holding them as he ran in front of his sister.

When they reached the pond, they stripped. Instead of jumping into the water, they jumped into each other's arms. Joanne pressed her breasts against Rich's chest and he gripped her bottom as their lips met and they began kissing. Joanne felt the heat rise in her body, just as it did each time she was in her big brother's arms. She felt his penis poking into her stomach as she wiggled against him.

Rich pulled up on her butt as he massaged her cheeks with his fingers. He moved his hips and rubbed his hard-on against her soft flesh. Joanne moaned into his open mouth and her tongue danced with his. In a move that caught Rich off guard, she slid down his body and knelt in front of him.

"Please don't try to choke me with this thing," Joanne said.

Joanne wrapped her fingers around his shaft and stroked him until a drop of fluid formed at the tip of his penis. She licked his glans and then lifted his penis and ran her tongue along the thick vein on its underside. When she opened her mouth and took him in, Rich put his hands on the sides of her head and groaned.

"You can't believe how good that feels, Jo," he moaned as she clamped her lips around his shaft.

Joanne moaned around Rich's penis as she rubbed her tongue against it. She kept her hand wrapped around his shaft as she took a little more into her mouth and sucked it gently. When her brother began to pump his penis over her lips, she controlled the depth with her hand.

Rich's movements became erratic as he tried to shove more of his penis into her hot mouth. Joanne started to bob her head, matching his moves. She felt him swell in her mouth and heard him mumble something she couldn't understand. Suddenly, her mouth was flooded with his hot semen and she backed away. Rich's penis continued to shoot his cum and it splattered against her chest. She swallowed the cum in her mouth and once again took him between her lips. His ejaculation began to subside and she was able to swallow as fast as he squirt onto her tongue.

Joanne had one hand on the back of her brother's leg and she felt it begin to quiver as his penis stopped jerking in her mouth. She pulled her head back releasing him from her lips and he fell to his knees in front of her. He leaned into her, wrapped his arms around her, panting in her ear.

"Oh my God, Jo, that was so nice. Did you mind that I came in your mouth? I tried to warn you, but I just couldn't talk."

Joanne stroked the back of his head and said, "It was fine, Rich, I wanted you to shoot in my mouth. I wanted to taste your stuff. I'm just sorry that I couldn't take it all, but I'll learn. I want to eat all of your cum and make you happy."

Rich leaned back and looked at his sister's cum streaked face. He chuckled and said, "You do make me happy, Sis. I couldn't be any happier. It isn't the sex, Jo, although I really like it, it's you. I love you so much and I want you to love me as much."

"I love you more than I can tell you, Rich. I want to do what ever you want."

"Whatever WE want, Jo. It's about whatever WE want."

Joanne hugged him and whispered, "Do we want to lick my pussy?"

Rich laughed, pushed her onto her back and flopped on top of her naked body. He began kissing her, tasting his semen on her lips. They rolled around on the grass and kissed each other wherever their lips touched skin. Joanne wound up on top of him, straddling his chest.

Looking down into her brother's eyes, Joanne inched her way up his chest until her mons was at his chin. Rich put his hands on her waist, lifted her, and then lowered her crotch onto his mouth. He pushed his tongue up into her folds and found her tight opening. As hard as he tried, he couldn't push his tongue into her tight vagina. He sucked her vaginal lips into his mouth, toying with them with his tongue.

Joanne clutched at her breasts, threw her head back, and closed her eyes. When she felt Rich's tongue on her clitoris, she wiggled her crotch against his face. Her juices began to flow into his mouth and Rich swallowed.

As Joanne's body tightened, and her vagina began to spasm, she cried out. She bounced up and down on his face as he tried to control her movements by gripping her waist. Her climax was shorter than the day before, but just as satisfying. She finally rolled off Rich, lying on her back as she gasped for breath.

"Well, Jo, how did we do?"

"Oh, Sweetie, we did just great. Thank you so much."

They got up, walking into the swimming hole hand in hand. When they were in waist deep water, they dove under the surface still holding hands. Joanne and Rich lingered in the cool water spending as much time kissing and hugging as they did swimming. They walked out of the clear pond and sat in the grass facing each other. The family dog came over to them and stuck his nose between Joanne's legs.

"Get away from me," she yelled at the dog as she pushed his hear away. "That's Rich's pussy. You go find your own."

Rich laughed at his sister, reached over to her and rubbed her pubic hair with the back of his fingers. "Yeah dog, go find your own pussy, this one's mine."

The siblings laughed and made jokes about the old dog. Joanne moved around stretching out with her head in her brother's lap. Rich stroked her hair. They gazed into each other's eyes until it was time to go.

Joanne took her brother by the hand and walked over to their pile of clothes. She pulled out their suits, carrying them into the water. Bending over, she soaked their suits in the pond and then twisted the water out of them. The two teens dove under the water one more time before they walked back to their clothes. Joanne gave her brother a towel and then began to dry him with hers. When she was finished, he dried her. Then, Rich kissed each of her hard nipples.

They dressed slowly. Rich watched as his sister stepped into her yellow and black bikini panties and put on her matching bra. She held her arms straight out from her shoulders and slowly turned around for her brother to see.

"Very sexy, Sis, if you keep it up I'm going to start messing around with you again."

"Promises, promises," she giggled.

They finished dressing, picked up their things, and walked slowly back to the house. When they reached the barn, they fed the animals. After supper they watched television with their parents and then went to bed.

The routine was the same for the next two weeks. The two siblings would do their chores in the morning, ending up naked at the swimming hole in the afternoon. Their sessions at the swimming hole were always about the same until they discovered they could perform oral sex on each other at the same time. The only thing that interrupted them was Joanne's period. For several days, she could only perform oral sex on him.

On the morning of her fifteenth birthday Rich let his sister sleep in. He went out after breakfast to do both of their chores. When she woke up and saw the sun streaming through her window. Joanne jumped out of bed, running downstairs in her pajamas.

Betty was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She turned around when she heard her daughter come in.

"Happy birthday, Honey," Betty said. "How are you this morning?"

"Thanks, Mom, I'm fine. Why didn't Rich wake me up to do the chores?"

"He said you could sleep in on your birthday, Jo. Your brother's doing all the chores."

Joanne grinned and went to the cupboard for something to eat. She took out a loaf of bread and a jar of homemade jam. Sitting at the table, she coated the bread with the strawberry jam, folded it in half and began to eat it. When she was finished, she put her things away before going outside.

Basking in the sun, she watched the barn and waited for her brother to appear. When she saw Rich walking across the yard, she ran to meet him. She put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek as he looked towards the house to see if their parents were watching.

"Happy birthday, Sis," Rich said.

"Thanks, Rich, and thanks for letting me sleep. You didn't have to do that you know."

"I know. I wanted to."

They walked back to the house both of them wanting to hold the other's hand. When they got to the house, Joanne went to the glider and Rich sat under the big tree. As she moved back and forth, Rich could see her firm breasts through the thin backlit material of her pajama top.

Their mom stuck her head out the backdoor and told Joanne to go in and get dressed. She got up from the glider, went into the house and up to her room. Joanne put on clean underwear, a tank top, and a pair of shorts. She quickly fixed her hair, pulling it into a ponytail, before she left her room.

Joanne helped her mom with the afternoon meal, carrying food from the house to the picnic table. When they finished, she helped her mom clean up and put things away. After Rich and Seth rested in the shade for a while, they jumped onto the tractor and went to work in the fields.

Joanne helped her mother around the house, wishing she could be with her brother. Her father had to finish dragging one of the fields to get it ready to plant. Rich had to help him. When Joanne and her mom finished the housework, they went outside and sat on the glider. They talked about the heat and things in general.

"Jo," Betty asked her daughter. "Do you have a boyfriend yet?"

"No mom, where would I find a boyfriend out here. There isn't anybody for over a mile."

"Well, I thought you might know a boy from school or church that caught your fancy."

Joanne shook her head and thought about her brother. She didn't want a boyfriend she only wanted Rich. She thought about the fact that it was her birthday and she wasn't going to be able to go to the swimming hole and mess around with him. She wanted to feel him in her arms, his kisses and his penis.

Over the past two weeks, she had learned not only how to take almost his entire member into her mouth, she had learned how to make it last longer. She could suck on him for almost five minutes the first time she would do it, and even longer the next. Rich had learned too, he was gentler when he licked her between her legs and didn't try to rush. On one afternoon several days ago, he made her cum three times.

"You know, Jo, if you ever want to talk about boys or sex, all you have to do is ask."

Joanne nodded and smiled at her mom.

The next question her mom asked almost caused Joanne to fall off the glider.

"Do you play with yourself, Joanne?"

"MOM! What kind of question is that?"

"It's a perfectly normal question, Jo. All women do you know, and so do men."

Joanne's mother shocked her by her candid behavior. Joanne didn't quite know what to say to her. She fiddled with her fingers and stared down.

Slowly nodding her head, Joanne said, "Yeah, I guess I do."

Betty chuckled at her daughter's discomfort with the conversation. She put her arm around Joanne's shoulders and smiled.

"Well, like I said. If you ever want to talk about it, just ask."

"I do have one question mom," Joanne said softly, still looking at her hands. "Why does it hurt if I put my finger in too far?"

"If you put your finger, or anything else, into your vagina, you stretch your hymen. It's a membrane at the opening to your vagina. Someday, you'll break it and it won't hurt anymore. When it does get broken, or actually torn, it will sting for a while, but the pain goes away quickly."

Joanne nodded and looked up at her mother. She smiled and said, "Thanks, Mom."

Betty just grinned at her daughter and began to swing on the glider with her, her arm still around the young girl's shoulders. They heard the tractor coming up the lane and the two women got up to fix supper. Betty took ground meat out of the refrigerator and began to form it into patties. Joanne went outside, poured charcoal into the grill, and lit it.

Tonight they were having burgers and potato salad, Joanne's favorite meal. Her mom fixed hamburgers for her on her birthday every year for as long as she could remember. They family ate at the picnic table and when they were finished, Betty brought a cake out of the house with fifteen candles stuck into the top. Seth used his lighter to light the candles. Everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to her. The candles flickered in the still evening air and Joanne blew them out when her family finished singing.

"Did you make a wish, Jo?" Her father asked.

"Yes daddy, but if I tell anyone it won't come true."

Betty cut the cake, putting a piece on a plate for each of them. When they finished with the cake, Betty went into the house and returned with several brightly wrapped packages.

Joanne pulled the card off the first gift, reading it aloud. She pulled the wrapping off the box from her parents and removed the lid. Giggling, she held up a new short skirt and tank top. She thanked her mom and dad and began to open the second gift from them. The small package contained a watch and she immediately put it on. She hugged and kissed both of her parents and pulled the card from the last package.

After reading the humorous card, Joanne unwrapped the next package. When she lifted the top off the fairly large box, she found another box inside. She opened that one and several more before reaching the gift from her big brother. When she lifted the hinged lid of the velvet-covered box she squealed in delete.

Joanne carefully removed a delicate gold chain with a locket from the box and held it up. She opened the heart shaped charm and read the engraved inscription to herself. "To the best sister in the world," Joanne read.

Joanne's eyes filled with tears. She threw her arms around her brother's neck, thanking him. She released him, showed the locket to her mother and father, and hugged him again.

"Thank you, Richard, I just love it. Thank you too, Mom and Dad. All of my gifts are just great," Joanne said as she fastened the necklace around her neck.

After sitting around for a while, Betty cleaned up the table and took the things into the house. Seth followed her in. After several minutes they both returned. Seth had changed out of his work clothes and was wearing a pair of jeans. Betty had changed her dress and fixed her hair.

"Your mother and I are going over to Mr. Wilkins to check out a bull he has. We have two cows coming into heat and I want to breed them. We should be back by ten o'clock or so. I want you two to get to bed at a reasonable hour; we have a lot of work to do in the morning if you guys want to be able to swimming tomorrow," Seth said.

"Okay, Dad," Rich replied. "We will. You and Mom have a good time."

Seth and his wife got into the pickup and drove away, leaving Joanne sitting at the picnic table with her brother. As soon as their parents were out of sight, Joanne jumped up and sat on her brother's lap. She put her arms around his neck and began to kiss him. Opening her mouth, she pushed her tongue between his lips.

Joanne finally broke the kiss. she leaned back and looked into her brother's eyes.

"I don't know how to thank you, Rich. The necklace is beautiful. I just love itI love you."

I'm glad you like it, Jo. I have another gift for you, but I couldn't give it to you with Mom and Dad here."

Joanne grinned and said, "Oh you do, do you. Now what might that be?"

"It isn't what you think, Jo. It's upstairs in your room. I hid it in your closet. Why don't you go find it while I jump into the shower and wash off this dirt?"

Joanne looked at her brother and slid off his lap. She went into the house and up to her room. Rich stripped off his work clothes and stepped into the outdoor shower. He pulled the chain, shaking his head as the water drenched him.

In her bedroom, Joanne opened her closet door to look for the gift her brother had said was there. She found a wrapped package in the back under several boxes of shoes. Pulling the package out, she went to her bed, ripped the colorful paper off it, and opened the box. She pealed back the white tissue paper gazing down at the contents.

Inside, there was a black and red nightie. The top had satin strings for shoulder straps and a low front. When she lifted the garment out of the box, and held it up, she noticed that she could see through the sheer lace trimmed material. Joanne placed it on her bed, took off her clothes, and lowered the sexy top over her head. She removed the matching bottoms, looking them over. They were made of the same material as the top. The matching bottoms were nothing more than two small triangles with satin ribbons attached.

Joanne put the panties on, tied the satin ribbons into little bows at her hips and went to her mirror. She studied the lingerie as she turned slowly. Joanne could clearly see her breasts through the short top as well as her pubic hair through the tiny bottoms. Her heart began to pound as she looked at her reflection, she felt like a woman instead of a teenage girl.

When she turned to leave her bedroom and find her brother, Joanne saw him standing in the doorway. Rich was wearing a black velvet thong that accented his genitals. He grinned at his sister as he looked her up and down.

"Do you like it, Jo? I went to Carson the other day and got it at that little shop we stopped in."

Joanne walked seductively over to her brother and put her hands on his arms. She looked into Rich's eyes and then at his crotch. Reaching down, she rubbed him. Joanne's eyes filled with passion as she felt his penis respond to her hand, growing against her palm.

Removing her hand, Joanne looked at his budging crotch. She smiled as she turned around slowly.

"Do you like it, Rich? I love your undies, they're so sexy."

"Yes, Jo, you look so hot in that. I wanted to get you something personal, something that only you and I would ever see."

Joanne went back to her brother, put her arms around him and pulled him against her. She moved her hands down to his butt, felling his bare flesh and the band of velvet that went between his cheeks. Moving one of her hands around to the front, she rubbed Rich's erect penis, feeling the head poking out of the top of his thong. Joanne gripped the waistband of his garment, pulled it down below his testicles, and lowered herself to her knees.

Taking his scrotum into the palm of her hand, Joanne kissed and licked his balls. Rich groaned when she sucked one of the orbs into her mouth, moving her tongue over it. She released it and took the other into her wet mouth, repeating her tonguing. Joanne pulled Rich's penis down until it was pointing straight away from his body. Opening her mouth she leaned forward. She let his rigid member slide across her tongue until it touched the back of her mouth before clamping her lips around it.

Rich held the side of Joanne's head as she slowly moved her mouth back and forth on his throbbing penis, groaning out loud. She put her fingers around his shaft, removed her mouth, and looked up at him as her hand traveled the length of his penis.

"You feel so nice in my mouth, Rich. I love to suck your big cock. I want you to cum in my mouth so I can taste you and swallow it for you."

Leaning forward again, Joanne took him back into her mouth. She began to bob her head as her hand stroked the shaft she couldn't get in without gagging. Joanne increased the speed of her head and hand as Rich pumped his member into her sucking mouth. It only took a few minutes for him to reach his peak and begin sending his semen down her throat.

Joanne kept her head moving, but held her hand firmly around his shaft as Rich shot his cum into her mouth. She had learned how to swallow when he pulled back and was able to take every drop. When his penis stopped throbbing and his cum stopped flowing, she held him between her lips. She rolled her tongue around the helmet shaped head.

"I can't believe how good you suck my cock, Jo," Rich said as he put his hands under her arms to lift her to her feet. When his penis came out of her mouth it made a popping sound. They both giggled.

Rich scooped his sister into his arms, carried her to her bed and gently placed her on it. He climbed in next to Joanne, pulling the shoulder straps of her sheer nightie down. He covered one of her nipples with his mouth, sucking on her pink nipple as he rolled it firmly between his teeth. Joanne groaned as she felt the tingling start in her crotch and knew that she would soon be soaking wet there.

As he moved his mouth from one breast to the other, Rich ran his hand over Joanne's scantly clad body. When he felt one of the bows at Joanne's side, he pulled it, untying her panties. He moved his hand to the other bow, pulled the end and pushed the triangle of sheer lace away from her heated mons. She opened her legs as Rich slid his palm over her pubic mound to her vulva. He slowly rubbed her, slipping a finger between the soft folds of her labia.

Moving his mouth from her breast to her lips, Rich began kissing her. Joanne sucked his tongue into her mouth, probing it with her own. She felt her brother's finger slide into her opening, groaning into his mouth as it sank deeper into her wet tunnel. Joanne bucked her hips up against his finger and the thumb that was making small circles on her clitoris.

"Mmmm," Joanne moaned turning her head and removing her lips from his. "Your finger feels so good in my pussy. If you keep doing that I'm going to cum soon."

Rich sat back and gazed between her legs. He watched his finger slide in and out of her soft vagina and his thumb as it massaged her clit. He pulled his finger completely out of her and before she could protest, slipped two fingers back in. He worked the thicker intrusion in and out until she was mumbling and shaking her head from side to side. He leaned over and poked at her clitoris with his tongue as he stretched her further than he had ever done in the past.

Joanne bounced her hips up against his hand, grabbed his wrist and tried to push him in deeper. When her orgasm began and her vagina gripped his fingers, she cried out in lust.

Clamping her brother's hand between her legs, Joanne rolled her bottom on the bed. Her juices flowed freely, coating Rich's hand as he tried to maintain contact with her squirming body. When her body went limp and she lay on her back gasping for breath, he slowly removed his fingers from her.

After several minutes, Joanne sat up and put her arms around her brother. Her top bunched around her waist, her bottoms lost in the bed. She pressed her breasts into his chest and kissed him tenderly. Rich worked a hand between them. He covered her breast, massaging her resilient flesh.

"You have the best tits, Jo. I just can't seem to keep my hands off of them."

"Why would you want to? I love it when you play with my boobs. My pussy too."

The two siblings rolled onto their sides and lay next to one another. Rich fondled her breasts and Joanne played with his rigid penis. As she moved her hands around on him, she felt his thong and asked him to remove it. Rich worked the garment down his legs and off his feet, kicking it onto the floor. When he lay back down, Joanne climbed on him, covering his body with hers. He put his arms around Joanne, rubbing down to her butt. He took both cheeks in his hands, squeezing them firmly.

"You really have a great ass, Sis."

"Well, I'm glad you like it, Rich. It's all for you."

Joanne sat up and straddled Rich's stomach. She pulled the sexy top off, flipping it onto the end of the bed.

"I love my new nightie, Sweetie, but for some reason I don't think I will ever get to wear it very long."

Rich reached up, covering Joanne's breasts with both hands. He rubbed his fingertips over her nipples, watching how they reacted. Joanne put her hands on his shoulders. Leaning into his hands, she moved her body from side to side. As Joanne wiggled on her brother, she bottom slid down closer to his hips.

"I don't mind if you only wear it for a few minutes, you really look sexy in it. It really turns me on when I see you in it or your undies."

Joanne lowered her chest while Rich kept a grip on her firm mounds. She tilted her head down, kissing him softly. The two siblings stuck their tongues out and touched them together. She continued to move her crotch on him, smearing her juices over his flesh. As Joanne squirmed around on Rich, kissing his lips, she felt his penis bump into her bottom. Lifting herself, she scooted down a little and lowered her crotch onto his rigid shaft. Rich moved his hands from her breasts and put them on her butt.

The feeling of her brother's penis rubbing against her clit caused Joanne to take a deep breath. She groaned as she expelled it. Rich pulled at her bottom as he pushed his hips up to increase the contact. Rich could feel her wet slit coating his member with its hot juices and he too groaned. They continued to hump their crotched against one another and began to thrash around on the bed. Rich found his sister's mouth with his and started to kiss her.

They began to perspire as they wallowed against the others naked flesh. Small grunts came from Rich's throat. Joanne could feel her orgasm building deep in her belly as she began to rock her hips faster and faster. Rich rubbed her bottom as he guided her over his penis, bouncing up against her crotch. He too felt his climax coming on so he increased his motion.

The two of them were moving out of control. Joanne tried to rub her breasts against Rich's chest as his slick penis moved against her wet vulva. They humped, and gyrated their hips. Suddenly, Joanne felt her brother's penis pressing against her below her hardened clit. They two of them didn't stop moving and Rich's penis slid into her opening, tearing her hymen.

The sensation of being filled and stretched consumed Joanne. The lovemaking had turned from their normal sexual play into animal lust. In one abrupt move, Joanne impaled herself on Rich's penis as it ripped through the thin membrane of her virginity. Screaming out in pain, Joanne drove her hips down until her brother was completely inside her. Even though her vagina was stinging, she wiggled her hips and savored the feeling.

Rich's eyes opened wide. He gasped as her felt his sister's tight vagina encase his manhood. He heard about it, watched the couple at the drive-in do it, but never thought that anything could feel as good as being deep inside Joanne's vagina did at that moment. He pushed his hips up against her and yelled out.

"Oh, Jo! You feel so good on me."

Joanne began to move her bottom up and down as the sharp stinging began to subside. She felt Rich's penis slip out until only the end was in her quivering vagina. Groaning, she pushed back down feeling him fill and stretch her again. Joanne moved up and down on Rich's hard shaft several more times. She felt her vaginal walls contract around him.

Joanne let a low groan escape her throat as her body began to spasm. Rich felt her vagina grip his penis. It exploded, sending his semen into her with strong spurts. When she felt him swell in her, she slammed her bottom down, driving him as deep as she could. They clutched at one another and as quickly as it began, it was over.

Rich let his arms flop onto the bed and his body went limp. Joanne collapsed onto his chest trying to catch her breath. His penis was still in her convulsing vagina and she could feel it throbbing. They remained still for several minutes, trying to absorb what had just happened between them. Both of the siblings were afraid to speak, fearing the other would be upset. When Joanne finally gathered the courage, she lifted her head, looking into her brother's glazed eyes.

"Did we just do what I think we did?" Joanne asked him.

Rich nodded and stared into her eyes, looking for any sign of her being up set. When her face changed from a look of fear to a look of love, and she began to smile, he sighed in relief.

Joanne pressed her mouth to his and they kissed. They kissed with a new passion, one neither one had felt before. She wiggled her sweaty body against his as she moved her tongue rapidly around the inside of Rich's mouth. As she scooted up to improve the contact with her brother's mouth, his flaccid penis pulled out of her vagina.

Rolling onto her side next to him, she gazed down at his penis. She saw the mixture of cum and blood that coated it, and smiled.

"We did it, Rich, we fucked. You took my virginity and I took yours. This is the most wonderful birthday in my life, and always will be. Thank you so much! I have dreamed about this ever since you kissed me at the drive-in, and now my dream has come true."

Rich smiled at Joanne and said, "I couldn't think of anyone else in the world I would have rather done it with the first time, Jo. I love you and you mean more to me than anything else."

Joanne sat up, glanced at the clock and sprang off the bed.

"We have to get going, Rich! It's after nine and Mom and Dad will be home soon," Joanne said as she gathered her new lingerie and hid it in her closet.

Rich climbed off the bed, went down to the bathroom and cleaned his penis under the faucet. He dried himself, ran to his room and pulled on a pair of boxers and a tee shirt. Joanne went to the bathroom and cleaned off the semen that had run down the insides of her legs and sat on the toilet. She used toilet paper to wipe her brother's cum from her crotch and then went to her room. She pulled on an old pair of panties and then her pajamas.

Joanne went to her brother's room, sat on the edge of his bed, and watched Rich hide his thong. When he sat next to her, she put her arm around his waist and kissed his cheek.

"I want to do it again, Rich," Joanne whispered into his ear. "I want to feel you in my pussy and I want you to fuck me. I will suck you whenever you want, but I need to have you in me again real soon."

Tonight was the first time Rich heard Joanne use the language that she was using to describe the things she wanted to do with him. They had both heard their father use the word to describe the animals when they were mating. They both had used the word in the same context, but this was different, very different. Joanne was talking about sex, sex between them.

Joanne's erotic talk caused Rich's penis to begin to harden. She got up from his bed, went to her room, and turned the light. When Joanne returned to her brother's room, she turned off his light too. Smiling, Joanne sat down next to him.

"Do you want to do it again, Rich? Do you want to put your cock in my pussy and fuck me?"

Rich took her into his arms and said, "Yes, Jo. I want to do it again. I can't explain how good it felt being in you and coming in your pussy. I want to fuck you as much as you want."

Joanne fished his penis out of his boxers and began to stroke it. She felt the warmth of his member in her hand. Rich began kissing her neck as her hand pounded up and down on his penis.

"Jo, if you don't stop I'm going to cum again."

"I want you to, Rich. I want you to dream about me all night tonight."

"I dream about you every night, Sis. I jack off thinking about your body. You're so beautiful!"

Joanne moved off the bed still rubbing her brother's penis. She knelt on the floor between his legs and ran her tongue over the head of his manhood.

"Can I give you a blowjob before I go to bed, I want the taste of your cum in my mouth when I wake up."

Joanne didn't wait for an answer. She covered his penis with her mouth and began to bob her head on it as she pumped his shaft with her hand. Rich put one hand on her head and slid the other into the top of her pajamas. He squeezed her breast as she gobbled his penis.

"Yes ,Jo, that's it. Suck my cock. Make me cum in your mouth," Rich panted as she worked her magic with her tongue and hand.

While she had learned how to make him last longer when he was in her mouth, she also knew how to make him cum quickly. Joanne discovered that if she rubbed the thick vein on the underside of his penis, Rich couldn't control himself. She also knew that if she used only her mouth and tongue, she could make him last almost as long as she wanted to. This time she wanted him to cum quickly. She rubbed his shaft firmly, holding him in her mouth.

When Rich said he was getting close, Joanne circled his member with only her thumb and forefinger so she could get more of him into her mouth. Rich began to buck his hips up off the bed and he pulled his hand out of her top. He took her head in both hands, pumping his hips into her face. Joanne felt his penis hit the back of her mouth, but she didn't gag. She tried to relax and the next time he pushed into her mouth, she felt his penis enter her throat.

Fighting against her gag reflex, Joanne allowed his penis to move into her throat and back out several times. When Rich pulled back, she took a deep breath through her nose before letting him drive his entire penis into her mouth and throat. Joanne pushed her head down, Feeling Rich's pubic hair on her nose. Before she backed off, he began to cum. His spurts weren't as strong as the first time she gave him a blowjob that night, but he sent several jets onto her tongue before his pulsing turned to a dribble. Joanne didn't swallow his semen immediately, she waited until he finished.

Joanne sat back and smiled at her brother as she moved his cum around the inside of her mouth with her tongue. She coated her teeth and then slowly swallowed, feeling the thick liquid slide down her throat. Joanne stood up and moved towards his bed, but stopped. She headed for the door when she heard her father's truck pull into the yard.

"Goodnight, Rich," Joanne said as she left his room for hers.

"Goodnight, Sweetie and happy birthday," Rich called back.

Joanne spun on her heals, ran back, and kissed his forehead, "You made it a very happy birthday for me, Rich. Thank you again for the gifts and making love to me."

Joanne ran out of his room and into hers. She jerked the covers back, climbed under them, pulling the sheet up to her neck. She laid waiting for her mom to come in and tell her goodnight. Joanne moved her tongue around in her cum coated mouth. When Betty opened Joanne's door, she looked in on her daughter and then left, thinking she was asleep. The moment her mom walked out and closed the door, Joanne put her hand in her pajama bottoms and began to rub her crotch.

Even thought she was a little tender, she toyed with her clitoris and thought about her brother and his penis. When she tried to relive the experience it seemed a blur just like it happened. She tried to remember how Rich's penis found its way inside her, but she couldn't. The only thing Joanne was sure of was the need to feel him in her again as soon as she could. As hard as she tried, she couldn't fall asleep. Listening intently for any sign of her parents being up, she contemplated sneaking into Rich's room.

Joanne climbed out of bed, went out into the hallway, and down to the bathroom. When she was finished, she walked quietly past her door toward her brother's room. She stopped in her tracks when she saw light filtering out from under her parent's bedroom door and heard them talking. She went back to bed and finally fell asleep.


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