Erotic Stories by Darius Thornhill

A Wet Summer by Darius Thornhill

Chapter 1.
I'm not really a voyeur but you can't help noticing things sometimes. They happen in front of you and you can't help but look.

I lived in an older-style 3-story house in the suburbs of London in an area of similar houses, where I carry on my work as a writer of articles, and a couple of novels which have been reasonably successful. Built in the days when land was not at such a premium, each house had a long garden that backed onto the gardens of the houses in the next street. Thus, from the upper floors of my house, I could see into maybe 10 or more gardens. I'd had two large dormer windows fitted to the attic rooms and a small balcony connecting them where I could sunbathe away from the prying eyes of neighbours.

Exposing my body to the sun has always had the effect of exciting me and I often made myself come while lying up there soaking up the sun. Sometimes, unwittingly, my neighbours helped. The balcony was orientated so that in the afternoon and evening the light was behind it. It always amazed me that people in their gardens didn't realise that meant someone could lay on my balcony sunbathing and see clearly into the gardens, while remaining pretty invisible because the light was straight into the eyes of anyone looking up. And they almost never looked up. They looked around, sometimes a little furtively – and then I knew then they had a little naughty something on their minds – but they didn't look up.

That was how I saw the couple in one garden on a blanket with their heads buried in each other's crotches. I saw teenage sisters sunbathing naked and their hands creep between their thighs as the sun warmed their nubile young bodies. I saw those same teenage girls examining each other's bodies in a quite stimulating way and thus I saw my first lesbian kiss and what followed – lots of giggly kissing and 69ing with a cute teenage bottom stuck up in the air. After that cock-stiffening incident I bought some high-power binoculars with a little stand and rigged a hide-like screen around my little balcony. I observed one man standing behind his garden shed wanking and almost being caught by his wife creeping up on him. That relationship wouldn't end well I thought.

Late one evening I watched as one couple, who had never before displayed the least unusual behaviour, pull his wife roughly across his lap, lift her skirt up, pull her white panties down and spank her naked bottom. She squirmed and writhed in his lap but made no attempt to get away. His hand disappeared under her and he obviously masturbated her while he continued to spank her. She cried out when she came and then they spent ages laying there with him caressing her now very red bottom. It was very horny and I came too.

On another occasion I watched a neighbour's wife laying on a sun bed with her hand inside her bikini pants while looking at the pictures of nude women in a men's magazine. I wondered if she'd ever find the courage to indulge her lesbian fantasies for real.

It may sound sad to you, all this watching, but I had enjoyed a healthy, if conventional, sex life with my previous girlfriend, but our relationship faded because I am highly sexed and love to play different fucking games. I spend my days in a semi-permanent state of arousal and wank often. If my randy neighbours helped a bit – so what? I never approached any of them, not, that is, until Fiona and her husband Mark moved in next door.

It started innocently enough. I'd gone round the day after they had moved in to introduce myself as James their neighbour and offer any help they needed. It was a really hot summer's day and they invited me in for a drink. We chatted casually and I had the opportunity to look them over. Both in their 30's, Mark, a little older than Fi, was tall and good-looking. Friendly enough but in some hard to define way he was guarded. Fi on the other hand, was quite short, vivacious, had a shock of pale red hair and was a little voluptuous with a nice full figure. She was wearing a tight T-shirt and well filled white shorts that stretched tight over her pubic mound as she sat on the sofa sipping a cold drink. The condensation dripping from the bottom of her glass fell into her lap making it look as if she'd wet herself. She didn't appear to notice that her shorts had gone slightly transparent, but I did... Her blue eyes held me in a steady and confident gaze and I'm sure she caught me taking a peek at her wet crotch. Eventually she stretched her arms upwards, head back, while she arched her back so her T-shirt tightened across her breasts. She parted her thighs with a yawn which gave me ample time to examine her wet crotch. I was sure I caught the outline of her pussy lips which meant she wasn't wearing any panties. I felt quite turned on. Mark didn't seem to notice any of this.

The summer went on. My new neighbours settled into their new routine. Mark spent long days and half the evenings commuting to a high-powered financial job in the city. Fi was a keen gardener and spent most of her time taming the wilderness, working in nice tight shorts often displaying her ample little bum as she bent over to her work.

One thing I love about life is the unexpected. A few weeks after they moved in I was on my balcony watching Fi at work in her garden. For the first time she had removed her top and her bra-less breasts swung and floated while she struggled with some herbage. I spent a happy few minutes closely examining her lovely aureoles and prominent nipples. As she worked the sweat glistened on her body making her glow in the afternoon light. Then there was that slightly furtive look around that was usually the precursor to something interesting. She looked around and then stepped into an enclosed area of shrubs concealed but easily visible from my high balcony. She undid the zipper of her shorts and at first I thought she would continue gardening in the nude, but when they reached her knees she suddenly squatted down and a few seconds later I saw the splash of pee hit the ground between her legs as she relieved herself.

Now I have seen girls pee before, girlfriends caught short on a walk, squatting while looking round to make sure they aren't watched while they empty their full bladders. It does excite me when they do that, but what Fi did was different. As she peed her stream of urine onto the ground she looked between her legs and watched herself. My hand was round my cock and I was very excited by this. It was a while afterwards I realised that she had obviously enjoyed peeing for the sake of peeing and in fact since it was only a few metres to her house she didn't need to pee in the garden at all.

Chapter 2
After that I kept a closer eye on my new neighbour. The next day Fi did the same thing but this time she was facing me so, through the binoculars, I could see her pee jetting from her body as I wanked myself off. When she finished her hand strayed between her legs and rubbed her pussy for a few moments before she straightened up and carried on gardening. I noticed she took regular sips from a bottle of water and after an hour or so I was again rewarded when Fi squatted with her back to me so I could see her pee streaming out, framed behind her nicely curved and ample bottom cheeks. I came again while I watched and again she rubbed herself between her legs for a while after she finished.

The next day, as the summer heat continued unbroken, she did the thing that caused me to know I had to be part of her sexual world. She wet herself. She peed in her tight white pants. Standing there in her garden she pissed her pants. She'd been working and sipping from the bottle of water and then as I watched she lifted her top off, exposing her breasts but holding it above her head. She arched her back and lent back on a low wall with her legs apart. Soon I noticed a spot around the crotch of her white shorts turn translucent with her wetness as she released her pee into her panties where it soaked her white pants and began to trickle in a little waterfall to the ground.

The smile on her face and the way she wiggled her body as she wet her knickers told me the whole story. This was not casual, but a deeply held sexual urge which she very obviously enjoyed. I knew I wanted to share this with her to be close to her as she peed and to feel her pee on my naked body.

Over the next few days, as I planned how to approach her, she treated me to a series of unwitting but very erotic shows. She wore longer pants one day and I watched the wet spread right down her legs to trickle over her feet to the ground. On another she lay naked on her back with her legs well apart and shot a fountain of pee up into the air. I heard a suppressed giggle as she did this.

I had an idea.

'Hi there' she called back over the fence in response to my 'hello' from the garden. We chatted about how she was settling in. Then I asked her for some gardening advice.

'Of course, if you think I can help.' she replied.

Shortly afterwards I unbolted the gate between our two gardens and heard her rattling the bolt on her side. She stepped through the gate wearing a clean pair of thin, light-blue stretch denim shorts , her trade-mark tight white T-shirt Her golden red hair floated behind her. She looked really sexy and even if I hadn't had my own private window into her peeing fantasy world she'd have turned me on. She was a wet dream indeed.

I asked her advice about planting and layouts as we strolled through the garden. At the far end of my garden I'd set out a table with a bottle of chilled water and some glasses. We sat and cooled off there while we discussed my garden and then other things as well. She told me she came to gardening because Mark worked such long hours and she liked being in the open air. 'Yes,' I thought to myself ' and you like standing in your garden, wetting your pants and feeling your pee run down your legs you sexy woman.'

Garden PeeAfter we sat and chatted she said “Do you mind if I use your toilet?” Perfect, my plan was working. She had drunk pints of water and would need to pee soon.

“Well you could I said, but the cistern is broken and it won't flush. I'm waiting for a plumber to call. But if you don't mind there's a bush over there....”

“I couldn't!” She protested.

“Of course you can. I don't mind, it's private and I promise not to peek,” I laughed. “and it's better than wetting your knickers.” I said jokingly.

“Well if you really don't mind,” she said. I reassured her that I really didn't mind and watched her ample bum retreat behind the bushes. After a delay I heard her say “Um I have a bit of a problem, my zip's stuck. Could you help me?” Could I! I was round the bush like a shot. Her zip was stuck a few inches down, but not far enough to let her slide her tight shorts over her rounded hips. She showed me the problem and I knelt before her working at the zip with my fingers.

“Ooh! Be careful. If you press on my bladder I may have an accident.” I noticed her breasts were heaving a little as she breathed faster and she was supporting herself by holding onto an low-hanging branch. My hand 'accidentally' pressed a bit more firmly on her bladder and she giggled. “I meant that,” she said with a little gasp.

“I know.” I said as I took the plunge and massaged her bladder more firmly. Her eyes opened with a sudden realisation. In a soft voice she said “You kinky sod. You want me to don't you? You want me to wet myself?”

As a reply I pressed more firmly, massaging her bladder, encouraging the warm flow to start and smiling up at her. I simply nodded.

“OK. You asked for it!” she giggled and below my hand a circle of wet warmth spread enticingly between her thighs. “There. Look what you made me do. I'm wetting my knickers. I'm peeing myself.” Then she gasped as she felt my hand slide between her thighs, force her legs apart and cupping her wetness in my hand. A trickle of warm aromatic pee filled my palm and flowed between my fingers. I lowered my face to breath in the aroma while I massaged her bladder with one hand and her wet crotch with the other. Her pee came in spurts as she rocked her hips against my hand and moaned.

The excitement stiffened my cock and made me sure I was going to fuck this horny woman. Her pee still came trickling into my hand and through my fingers while I rubbed her pussy and watched her spreading wet patch grow to cover the front of her shorts. Her flow lessened but still dripped but she was now rubbing herself furiously against me moaning and sighing. Her orgasm came quickly surprising us both. Suddenly she clamped her legs round my hand squeezing more pee out of her panties and shorts, with a few strong thrusts she climaxed and then collapsed onto my shoulder. I half carried her back to a chair and sat her down, stroking her hair and telling her how sexy that had been, how much I had enjoyed her peeing and coming. Letting her know I wanted more.

Afterwards as she sipped more water she said “I thought you were a kinky sod when I caught you looking at my wet crotch the day after we moved in. Did you know you had an erection then?”

“And I thought you were a randy tart making it look as if you'd wet yourself and smiling at me like that!”

“We were both right then,” she laughed. “Is your toilet really broken?”

“No. Is your zip really stuck?”

“No, I fixed it like that.” she laughed.

Chapter 3.
That was the start of our affair. A bit later the same afternoon Fi removed her shorts and placed my hand outside her panties while she peed and I masturbated her. After a while she pulled her panties aside and pissed herself while I fingered her hot cunt. I felt her peeing directly into my hand while I kissed her lovely breasts and made her nipples long and stiff. She came again, even more strongly this time. Afterwards she knelt between my legs and sucked my cock deep into her mouth, milking me until I filled her throat with my sperm-laden semen.

At the end of the afternoon she kissed me passionately and promised to see me again the following day for more fun. Early the next morning my phone rang. In an urgent whisper Fi told me that she'd be around as soon as Mark left for work, that she'd hadn't peed yet, was 'absolutely desperate' to go and we were going to pee and fuck and pee and fuck all day. I told her the door would be open, I'd be naked and ready for her to come as soon as she could, but not to pee before she came or I'd have to smack her bum for her. She giggled and we hung up. About 20 minutes later I heard Mark's car and a few seconds later Fi came through the garden gate and into my kitchen wearing a short lacy nightdress and no panties. My cock sprang to attention.

With a wicked sexy grin on her face she pushed me down on a chair straddled me and forced my cock straight into her hungry cunt. As soon as it was fully home in her moist vagina she gasped “Oh God I can't wait any longer!” and let go a jet of pee that flowed over my stomach, round my cock and over my balls. This wonderful warm wetness made my cock even stiffer and encouraged me to fuck her harder and deeper.

I lifting her up and pounded into her cunt as her jet of straw-gold urine became a river that caressed by balls with a hot aromatic flow. I came before she stopped peeing and she came soon afterwards groaning and moaning, spurting and peeing as her spasms opened and closed her bladder. We collapsed in a wet happy heap, her chest heaving with the exertion, the wet bottom of her nightie clinging to us both.

Afterwards we dried off and sat chatting, naked and feeling completely relaxed. She was very open minded and I could tell that she had few, if any, sexual inhibitions. I admitted that I'd been watching her pee her pants in her garden.

“I know.” she said. “Why did you think I put on a display?” I smiled. I had kind of suspected she'd been putting on a show.

“Come with me.” I said and lead her up to a large bedroom. The room held a large low bed which I'd covered in protective waterproof bedding I'd prepared the night before. The wooden floor was sealed and varnished. Around the room were various chairs. There was a large jug of water on the table beside the bed. I told her to drink a large glass and then another. She did so, giggling and spilling some on her breasts which I licked off then I pushed her onto her back on the bed. I knelt between her legs my cock semi-erect and pointing straight at her open vagina. She knew what I was going to do and pulled her lips apart with her hands, writhing and asking me to do it. I relaxed my bladder and let a trickle of my pee drop onto her open cunt. She groaned and wriggled and asked for more. I made a small jet splash over her cunt and then dribble away between her legs over her anus. She was bucking and stretching her self wide open for me moaning and knowing what was coming. I let her have my full hot stream directly into her open vagina while her fingers flew round her clit masturbating like she'd never come again. I splashed my pee all around her open crotch and into her vagina while she brought herself to another raging climax. After she'd come and and my stream petered to a stop, I slid the full length of my cock into her and fucked her until she came for the third time that morning while I'd filled her hungry cunt with my white fluid.

She was right, we did fuck and pee on each other all day. And the next day and for the rest of that week. Sometimes we'd fuck in the garden and sometimes we'd fuck in the house.

I loved laying between her legs as she peed up into the air. I licked her as she bathed me in her warm and aromatic stream. We enjoyed 69'ing where she held my cock and directed it over her breasts while she shot jets of her pee up into my face and mouth.

Once, when we were on the balcony she was laying on her front peering through the binoculars at our neighbour, the one who liked looking at girly pictures while masturbating.

I knelt over her thighs with my cock positioned in the crack of her arse. “Tell me what she's doing Fi.” I asked. And Fi gave me a running commentary about what pictures she a looking at “open wet cunt”, “big tits”, “two girls, ooh she likes that, her hand's in her panties now.” Fi obviously enjoyed watching the woman masturbate as her hand was between her own legs. I let a little trickle of pee dribble over her cheeks and down between her legs while she masturbated. Every so often I rubbed my cock between her nice soft arse cheeks and over her anus. I felt her respond and I knew she wanted it; I certainly did. I poured a little of the sun oil we had onto my cock and eased her bottom cheeks apart, positioning the tip of my cock in her anus. She opened her arse for me, I'm sure it wasn't the first time she'd been buggered as she wiggled my cock deeper into her backside with a satisfied little groan. Once it was fully home she lay her head on the pillow and said with a little sexy giggle“You can pee in my bum if you like.” Christ that was a sexy idea – filling her bum with my pee. “I'd love to Fi” I said.

“OK stop moving and relax your bladder.” I did as she asked and felt a dribble of pee moving down my cock and spurt into her anus. She immediately squeezed her muscles together and stopped the flow. “Now pee as hard as you can.” I tried but of course I couldn't because her sphincter locked it up tight stopping any flow. When the pressure was at it's maximum she relaxed and a strong stream of my pee shot deep into her back passage. She went on like that in effect wanking my cock with her anal muscles and giving herself an internal pee massage. As she became fuller, my pee leaked out of her and the wet sounds of our anal fucking could clearly be heard. It wasn't long before we both came, her spasms gripping my cock like a vice then releasing me so I spurted by fluids deep into her bottom, my semen mixing with the wetness in her anal passage.

She had to spend the weekend with her husband but I did get a quick golden shower when she came through the gate late on Saturday afternoon wearing a short skirt and no panties. She pulled the skirt up round her waist and straddled me in a garden chair then released her full bladder over my cock as it stood erect out of my shorts wetting me all round my crotch and down my legs. She manoeuvred my cock inside her cunt and we fucked slowly and deeply to a joint and very wet climax. She really did have the most amazing ability to hold a full bladder and release it on demand. When we finished she told me Mark was watching sport on TV so she had to be quick and with a brief but sexy kiss and a final little pee of thanks as I patted her naked bottom she scooted back through the gate, her pussy dripping golden drops of pee.

On Monday the fucking and peeing started again only this time she said she wanted to use her digital video camera to film ourselves fucking, then watch ourselves fucking as we fucked some more – kinky but fun. She bought the equipment round and we set it up in the bedroom. We had a quick experimental fuck and 69 pee session and the videos looked pretty good on the wide screen TV. Fi told me she used to work for an ad agency before she married Mark and had been in charge of moving image commissioning so she knew what she was about. One of the most erotic and horny sequences was where she had set up a close up of her spread legs showing her cunt and my cock deep in her arse with her pee cascading down over my balls. You could see the spasms convulse her vagina as she held her lips apart for the camera. It excited me to watch it so we just had to do it again. This was the best recreational fucking I'd ever had.

One day that week she asked me if I was up for anything sexual.

“As long as no one gets hurt and it's all consensual then I don't have a problem with it.”

“It's the consensual bit I'm thinking about. You see the thing is I haven't been quite honest with you.”

“Oh?” I said wondering what was coming.

“Look I should have asked you first, but it was just so horny I had to do it. You know when we fucked on Saturday in the garden?”


“Well the sport Mark was watching wasn't on TV. It was in your garden....”

“You mean he saw us?” I asked incredulously.

“He was supposed to see us. I told him to watch. You see he's into that. He likes me to fuck other men and tell him about it afterwards. It makes him come. I wank him and tell him what we've been doing. It's the only way he can come.”


“I'm sorry, I should have asked you first but he was so turned on by me telling him what we'd been doing he asked me to go and fuck you then, so he could watch.”

"He knows everything?"

"Yes, but he doesn't mind, in fact he likes it, he wants me to. He goes to work happy every day because he knows that by the time he's at the station your cock will be in me somewhere and I'll tell him all about it later. Do you mind?”

Actually I found the idea quite kinky and so I said. “No I don't think I do mind provided he's not going to come round her and start punching me.” She laughed.

“He's more likely to come round here and shake your hand actually!”

“Now listen, I want to show him the tapes. Is that OK with you?” I didn't see why not. He'd already seen us for real. “That's great! She exclaimed. “I promised to tell him if you agreed so I'm going to call him, but I want you to fuck me while I talk to him. Turn the camera on.” My cock was getting seriously hard at this suggestion so I pressed the remote start on the camera, rolled her onto her back, handed her a phone and entered her while she dialled the number.

I was building up a nice rhythm, plunging my cock deep into her slippery warm cunt as she was put through.

“Mark? Are you alone? ... Good. I've got a treat for you.... Yes, I've been naughty again, very naughty.... and I've got pictures to prove it.... In fact I'm being very naughty now... I can't help myself... I have James' great big cock deep in my pussy and he's ... ooh yes... he's fucking my wet cunt ... his big cock is stretching my cunt and making me wetter and wetter... his cock is so far up my cunt Mark.... so far up... I've got my legs over his shoulders and I can feel his balls slapping my arse.... in fact I want him to fuck my tight little hole but I want a wee and if he does that I'll piss myself... yes I might piss all over him... Oh my God Mark! He sticking his thing up my bum.... it's all slippery from my cunt and he's pushing his cock into my arse... it's so big, fucking huge! .... He's stretching my arse with his big cock.... ooh it's popped inside my bum... Mark I like it.... I like his huge cock buggering my backside.... God! He's pushing it all the way into my horny bottom... yes that's right James bugger me, bugger my naughty tight backside... deeper.... Oh fuck! I need to pee... I'm going to piss myself... I can't stop it... I can't stop.... Oh fuck, it's happening ... my pee hole is spraying piss all over the bed and James is fucking my bottom ... it's all wet Mark... and Mark... I'm... coming... I'm coming... oh fuck yes... James' cock is making me come... and he's coming... he's filling my bum... I'm... oh... oh... oh...” and here language passed into animal grunts and cries that took her though her climax and me through mine. We fucked wildly while our orgasms peaked and began to subside, my fit backside thrusting my cock deeply, but more slowly now into her anus, her legs over my shoulders and the bed sopping wet with her warm and aromatic pee. Christ! She was a good fuck. Finally she giggled into the phone and said “I've been fucked again Mark, and you can see the pictures this evening, a special treat. Yes... goodbye darling.” and she snapped the phone shut.

She told me later that Mark came home in a state of arousal and came twice while they watched the videos and she wanked him.

Chapter 4.
There was no stopping Fi. A few days later she told me that although she'd never really thought of women as sexually attractive the neighbour who liked to masturbate with girly magazines really got her going. Fi kept thinking about her. “Perhaps I just want to help her realise her dreams,” she said one day, “and besides, she does have nice tits!”

We watched from the balcony and a few day's later saw the neighbour masturbating in her garden, a magazine open in her lap and her hand busy with her pussy underneath it.

I watched and filmed as Fi quietly lifted the latch on the neighbour's side gate, stripped naked out of site behind the house and appeared, as if in a sexy day dream, on the patio totally nude, her body oiled so her breasts caught the sun, her shaved pubic mound glistened with desire and her face showed a calm, confident and serene smile. The woman was stunned as her deepest sexual desires came alive and walked towards across her own garden. Fi stood, legs slightly apart holding out her hand to the woman who hesitated and then lifted her hand to Fi's. Fi then knelt beside her talking to her, soothing her head and face, relaxing her, kissing her, stroking her, brushing her breasts, circling her nipples, kissing her nipples and then spreading her legs and gently caressing her hungry pussy. As the woman became more excited Fi moved so she was kneeling between her thighs and then lifted her legs up and over her shoulders and buried her face in the woman's vagina. The woman arched her back and started to come almost immediately. Fi held on, her tongue working on the woman's clitoris and cunt as the first of several orgasms washed over her. Fi didn't let up until the woman was exhausted and helpless. Afterwards they talked for a long time before Fi stood up, straddled the lounger and, parting her legs, lifted the woman's mouth to her vagina. The woman sucked and licked Fi as enthusiastically as Fi had licked her and Fi was obviously enjoying herself. The camera rolled as Fi came and then came again after a few more minutes of pussy licking.

After their mutual orgasms they sat and chatted, stroking and fondling each other. After 20 minutes or so I heard them giggle and both stood up. They stood side by side, holding hands and facing straight at me. There was some shuffling and more giggling as they moved their legs apart and then the pair of them began to pee, the hot shower cascading between their legs and splashing onto the ground. In the middle of this very erotic scene Fi looked directly at me – and the camera - and smiled a very knowing smile, indicating that we had found a like-minded soul who'd be happy to join our sexy play.

That was how Elaine came to join us later that afternoon and when we first invented the name 'Playgroup' for our growing fuck club. We showed her our playroom and it wasn't long before we were all naked and I was discovering that she was as randy as hell. Elaine was relieved to find like minded people so close to her and it soon became obvious that lesbian sex was only the start of her sexual fantasies. We had a really enthusiastic and varied fuck session all afternoon. Elaine was guest of honour so more often than not she was in the middle with my cock in her cunt, mouth or arse and Fi either fingering or licking her, or sitting astride her face with Elaine's long tongue probing her willing pussy. Elaine was happy to be videoed and later that night Mark was treated by Fi to a horny picture show. Apparently the bit that turned him on most showed Fi, on top of Elaine, with their tongues buried in each other's cunts and I was kneeling behind and buggering his wife.

Chapter 5.
Later the following week Fi, Elaine and I were in the playroom, resting between fucks and looking at some of the videos of us having sex. I got up and changed the disc.

“Here's something different that will turn you on.” I said smiling to myself. The picture came into focus, a wooded glade showing a close up of a male arse, taken from behind and slightly to one side, muscles clenching and unclenching as he fucked hard.

“Nice James! That looks like your bum!”

“Yep, it's me all right.”

“But who? Where?”

“Wait and see!” The picture zoomed back to show a wider view. Below my balls appeared another pair of balls and a large stiff cock hanging down. Fi and Elaine giggled as they realised I was fucking another man's arse.

“Christ that's horny!” said Elaine and plunged one hand between her legs and the other between Fi's legs. The picture zoomed back further. You could see the camera remote in my hand and now a better look at the long and fit male body who's bum I was so firmly buggering. As we watched there was some animal grunting and it was obvious that the guy being fucked was coming. You could see his semen spurt and his cries of ecstasy were clear on the sound track. Fi and Elaine were transfixed. “You sexy fuck!” said Fi as the picture showed my still thrusting bum clenching and thrusting as I came to my own climax.

When I'd come the picture zoomed back further. My lover's long body and strong shoulders came into view. Zoom back; the back of his head came into view. His head was down and he was panting with the exertion of his first arse fuck but at a word from on-screen me, my male lover lifted his head and grinned over his shoulder at the camera. 'Hi Fi' said a happy and satisfied Mark from the screen as I withdrew my dripping cock from his backside and smiled at the watchers. The screen faded to darkness.

Fi was stunned and almost incoherent with surprise. Concern showed on her face. “Mark? But he.. I didn't know... all these year's and he never said... he could have been happy all this time... I must go and talk to him... tell him it's OK...” She got up to dress but I stopped her.

“It's OK Fi he's here.” I called Mark in from another room where he'd been watching and waiting. He was naked too, no longer the guarded man I'd met when he first moved in. His big smile matched his big cock and Fi and he fell into each other's arms while we explained how it had happened.

A couple of weeks earlier the phone rang in my office. A silence... a tentative voice... “James?”

“Hi, yes, this is James.”

“Um.. this is... Mark.”

“Mark! Hi. Is there something...”

“I um.. wanted to thank you for keeping Fi happy and to ask you something.”

“Believe you me Mark it's my pleasure. You're a lucky man. Fi is something else and what about Elaine – she's a real horny girl too. Now what would you like to ask?”

He didn't want to tell me over the phone so we arranged a meeting at a café in town.

At the café he talked around the subject until I put my hand on his arm and said “Mark, just tell me what's on your mind.” It all came pouring out then. He told me how watching his wife being fucked turned him on but that he found himself more turned on by watching my arse as I fucked her and my cock as it disappeared into her body. He started to have fantasies about it and for the first time in years he got an erection and wanked himself to a climax. “I think I might be gay.” he said. I nodded and said “Well Mark there's only one way to find out!” and dragged him off to a hotel where we spent a happy afternoon discovering that he did indeed like to be fucked and wanked by another man. A more confident Mark went home that night with plans agreed of how we'd let Fi in on our little secret. And those plans had worked out really well. They were now kissing and laughing and both looked really happy.

“Oh Mark!” Fi said “I just didn't know!”

“Neither did I!” he said, until I saw James' bum and cock giving you such good orgasms, and then I guess my body told me what it needed.”

“This is what he needed.” I said, as I peeled them apart, pushed Mark down onto his hands and knees and told Fi to oil his anus while Elaine helped guide my erect cock into it. They watched fascinated as my cock entered his back passage. Soon Elaine was on her back below him, his cock growing in her mouth. Fi was kneeling between Elaine's legs licking and sucking while masturbating herself. It was a fantastic climax and a great welcome for Mark into the Playgroup. We all came in a cascading series of orgasms. First my balls tightened and the pressure built until I filled Mark's bum with my copious amounts of semen, then he came in Elaine's mouth and she swallowed his load while crying with muffled sounds as her orgasm made her hips pound the bed and last of all Fi came and as she did I heard the tell tale trickle of her pee on the bed. I quickly dived between her legs and finished her climax off for her as she peed over my face and came, screaming and moaning in a very strong orgasm.

Chapter 6.
So the Playgroup grew to four members. Now as the lovely summer is ending we have six members. Elaine's husband, John who's in the navy and is fit and very bi-sexual, joined us with willing enthusiasm. He has a shortish but enormously thick cock which the women love and Mark is pretty partial too as well. He and Mark can often be seen in a garden or heard in the Playroom with one or more of us, all enjoying a good fuck. I've even had it up my bum as I fucked his wife.

The sixth member of our group is Caroline. Caroline is seventeen and studying at a local school where I was invited to give a talk to the A-level English group about being a writer. Caroline had obviously read my two books and asked a pertinent question about a bi-sexual character in one of them. After the lecture she was waiting by my car, her books clasped to her blouse and her small breasts. Her short school skirt rose well above her knees and showed long shapely legs and a neat little teenage bottom. It was obvious she had something on her mind.

“Do you mind if I ask some more questions?” she asked.

“Not at all. Do you want to go to the café over there and have a drink while we chat?”

“Wow! Can you spare the time? That would be fantastic!” I thought that I'd be very happy to spend time with this sexy young girl.

She sat across the table staring at me from behind spectacles with her big blue eyes. Her blond hair was tied back in a pony-tail and her breasts pushed against her cotton blouse as she leaned forward talking enthusiastically. She was interested in plot and character and which drove which, especially when it came to the bi-sexual character who was responsible for a major plot twist in one of my books.

“It was the only way I could see of making that change realistically you see. I had to change a few words in the sex scene to keep the publisher happy, but apart from that it was the perfect device.”

“Yes I can see that,” she said animatedly, “but how do you write like that when you don't have any direct experience off....” She stopped, looked at me and put her hand to her mouth. “Oh! I was assuming that you weren't, oh! I'm sorry...” She blushed charmingly.

“As it happens Caroline I do have some experience in that direction.”

“Oh!... I've always wondered about um, you know...”

“About another woman?” She nodded. I considered my options and then asked, “Caroline, I have some friends you might like to meet.”

“You do? Women who... lesbians?”

“No these friends like men and women. We have a group and I think maybe you might enjoy meeting us.”

And so we introduced Caroline to our group; very gently at first, just a coffee and a fully clothed chat. We explained to her that we had sex regularly with each other and that she would be welcome to come and watch, to see what went on in group and bi-sexual relationships. We did explain that the only rule was that as we would all be naked she must at least undress to her panties. She seemed very keen on the idea so we agreed that she'd come round the next afternoon after school.

We arranged for her to be sitting on a sofa in a darkened corner of the playroom so she wouldn't feel too self-conscious. Fi and Elaine started with some gentle kissing and breast play before moving into a full 69 and making each other come. I saw Caroline slip her hand between her legs and then start to fondle her own nipple as she watched the erotic play.

After Fi and Elaine had come I joined in and we fucked again, carefully, no anal, no peeing as we didn't wish to scare our delightful young guest away. I believe I heard her coming quietly as we fucked, and afterwards her face was very flushed.

Fi and Elaine went and sat beside her, naked and warm. Their arms were about her shoulders and it wasn't long before small squeaks and gasps let me know Caroline was enjoying these two horny women's attentions. They stroked her breasts and when she was ready they lead her to the bed, removed her panties to reveal a smooth shaven and virginal school-girl pussy. Fi kissed her and played with her breasts while Elaine had the delicious task of being the first to taste her young body and bring her to her first woman on woman orgasm.

Caroline went home very happy and was back again the next day with a cheeky and enthusiastic look in her eye. Soon there were no holds barred. She accepted all we did and gradually joined with everything. John had the pleasure of deflowering her vagina as it was felt that her bottom was too small for his massive cock. Fi guided his cock into Caroline's little pussy and rubbed her nipples while John fucked her to a screaming orgasm. When he'd finished filling her young cunt with his potent seed, the pleasure of deflowering her anus fell to me. It was a real treat as Elaine helped me slide my oiled cock into her small, white virgin bum and slowly fuck her. Caroline came again, another screaming climax as I filled her backside with my cum. She giggled after she came the second time and arranged John and me so we sat facing each other but lying back with our cocks and balls pressed close together. Then as the two women encouraged her she said “This is your thank you present for removing my unwanted virginity.”

We stared up as she straddled us, legs straight, her recently fucked cunt and anus leaking white semen. We saw her cute little bottom and her shaven mound hovering temptingly above us. We saw her pee hole open and the first drops of golden juice drop from her wetness and fall onto our combined cocks. Then she let go the pressure and peed for all she was worth moving backwards and forwards so she wet us from chest to chest, over our cocks and balls, with a warm, aromatic and tasty stream of her teenage pee. John and I both became erect as she concentrated her stream on our cocks. Fi and Elaine grabbed our cocks and started to wank us to as we bathed in Caroline's pee. As the last few drops fell from her beautiful cunt she giggled and squatted so our semen shot up covering her vagina and anus, then she lowered herself down so her young body was sandwiched between us and massaged our cocks with her crotch. This time she faced me so I kissed her and played with her breasts while John massaged her bottom and kissed her hair. Fi and Elaine put their arms round us and we all bid Caroline a formal welcome to our group.

Afterwards Elaine ministered to Caroline's tender pussy and bottom with lots of giggles and cries of 'not again you sexy girl' while the rest of us prepared a meal.

Then we sat and relaxed until it was time to drive Caroline home. She asked me to stop the car round the corner from her house so she could kiss me without her parents watching.

After a long, deep and passionate kiss she said, quite formally “Thank you James. I had a really enjoyable time tonight. Thank you for having me... and having me... and having me again!' She giggled, squeezed my cock and said she'd see us all tomorrow.

I watched her cute little bum retreat. With a little wiggle she glanced back over her shoulder and then flipped the back of her school skirt up. She hadn't put her panties back on.

Darius Thornhill
Copyright 2007

Readers' Comments:

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Copyright Darius Thornhill

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