The Dollhouse

Part 19: For Daddy's Pleasure

By Dandy Tago
Published July 16, 2015

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Summary: Amelia wakes John up by begging him to fuck her throat. Julie promises her pussy to Daddy in an impromptu Impurity Ring ceremony. Becky teaches Hannah how to deepthroat and learns that Hannah has fantasized about being raped.

Codes: FM oral rough, Mf13 piv pain cons rom, F18f17 oral finger rough humil

John opened his eyes to see Amelia standing over him. It took a moment for him to realized that he was still lying in the middle of the great room floor. He looked over to see Julie's pale, freckled face lying on his arm. Her fiery red hair was a tangled mess, draping across her eyes and matting against her cheek. She looked so peaceful, so vulnerable. John looked back up at Amelia and smiled.

Amelia squatted down next to John and brushed his hair out of his face with her lithe, well-manicured fingers.

"Sleep well, Love?" she asked.

"Mmmmmm," John moaned in response.

"You were an incredible Daddy last night," Amelia said, admiringly. "These girls truly know that you love them and want them. It makes me feel so proud and so attracted to you, Darling."

"Amelia," John gasped, reaching up to stroke her cheek. "If I'm a good Daddy, it's only because of you. You have taught me so much."

"You do take instruction well," Amelia said with a playful smile. "Like when I had you edge yourself inside of Madison's tight, little pussy. But you bring something to the table that can't be taught, John. Love. You have such a big heart. The girls feel it. I feel it. And it's exactly what we need here."

"It's real," John said, looking up into Amelia's eyes. "I feel it so deeply, for you, for Hannah, for each one of my Daughters. I never want to leave this place."

"I don't ever want you to go," Amelia said, pushing aside the sheet that covered his body. "But I do want you to cum."

She looked down at his dick as it lay against his hip bone. He was swelling from the emotionality of their conversation. She could see flakes of dried cum and blood coating his shaft. She wanted to taste it so badly.

"Cum in my mouth, John," she said as she bent over and took him between her lips.

John moaned with pleasure as he felt her wet warmth engulf him.

"Oh, fuck, Amelia," he groaned. "That feels so good."

Amelia gently massaged John's cock with her tongue, sucking against him as he continued to swell inside of her. She could taste the blood from Julie's hymen, the salty, coppery flavor of teenage virginity. Knowing that she had helped Julie to give her hymen to a man that she loved and trusted filled Amelia with such a sense of pride and accomplishment. How many girls could say that they lost their cherry to a man with that kind of skill, who loved them so fully and completely. If Amelia could shape the world, she would make it to where fathers were expected to help their daughters across the threshold of sexuality, opening their vaginas with the very cocks that brought them into being. She loved her own father, loved him with her whole body. And she knew that what John was building with these girls was just as special and magical.

John started thrusting into Amelia's mouth. She could feel the tension in his loins. His hips pushed up to meet her face. Amelia let him thrust into her a few times before she pulled herself off of him. She turned to him as she pumped her fist over his cock that was slippery with her saliva.

"Fuck my mouth, John," Amelia said to him. "Use it like a pussy. I'm here for your pleasure right now. Fuck my mouth and my throat as hard as you want, Darling. Don't show any mercy. Use me."

As Amelia opened her mouth and took John inside again, she felt his hands on the back of her head. She moaned with pleasure, knowing that he was about to take her up on her offer. She felt him pushing, and she didn't resist as his hips rose up to meet her face and his hands pushed greedily down on her head. The entirety of John's seven inches was soon inside of Amelia's mouth. His thick head was lodged in her throat, and her nose was pressed to his balls. She loved the feeling of knowing that she was completely surrendered to his desire now.

John started thrusting into her, jabbing his dick against the back of her throat. She couldn't breathe, and she thrilled at the notion that her life was in his hands. She trusted John completely. Her love for him was so deep that his abuse of her oral cavity made her shiver with delight. She started counter thrusting, swallowing as best as she could to constrict her throat around his sizeable cock head.

John groaned. His ears were almost deaf to the sound of Amelia gagging on his dick. Julie woke, partly from the noise, partly from the motion. She looked over to see Amelia, completely dressed, bent over John's naked body as he held her head down and fucked her mouth with abandon.

"Yes, Daddy," Julie gasped. "Fuck Mommy's mouth." Her little fingers were soon up inside her newly deflowered pussy. "Fuck her hard, Daddy."

John looked over to see Julie masturbating as she watched him skullfuck Amelia. He let go of Amelia's head in order to grab Julie's face and pull her mouth to his own. Amelia pulled off of John long enough to take a deep breath before she took him back into her. She pushed herself down to the root of his dick and let him thrust into her over and over.

Between Amelia's mouth on his cock and Julie's mouth on his own, it wasn't long until John felt his climax building inside of him.

"I'm about to cum down Mommy's throat," he told Julie.

Amelia heard his whispered words and smiled to know that she was bringing John this pleasure. He looked deeply into Julie's eyes as he thrust into Amelia's mouth.

"Do it, Daddy," Julie whispered. "Cum in her. Fill her up with your hot sperm."

John held Julie's face gently with one hand, looking into her eyes while with the other hand, he pushed down on Amelia's head. As he shoved his cock past the back of her throat, he felt his balls clenching, and he held her down as his cock swelled and spurt directly into her gullet. Amelia held her breath until John relaxed his hold, then she pulled off just enough to catch the remainder of his jizz on her tongue.

Julie watched John's eyes glaze over as he came in her Mommy. Her pussy was so wet from watching him use her this way. It was so hot how Amelia was just giving herself up to him, not worried about anything but his pleasure. She thought about last night and how much it hurt when he stretched her open and ripped through her hymen, but she had loved it. The pain had been one of the most incredible experiences of her life. She came now with John as he used Amelia, and she thought about how wonderful it is to make somebody that happy.

Amelia kept John in her mouth until his dick was drained of all blood. She sucked him, pulling every last drop of his semen out of him. Then she looked up at Julie's face. She pulled the girl's mouth to her own and french kissed the thirteen-year-old, letting John's cum slide off her tongue and onto Julie's. The girl let out a moan of pleasure as she tasted her Daddy's spunk in her Mommy's mouth.

"Will you teach me to suck Daddy's dick like that?" Julie asked, when Amelia broke their cum-filled kiss.

"It takes a lot of practice to let a man ravage your throat without gagging," Amelia explained.

"I want to learn," Julie said, looking up into her Mommy's eyes. "I already know how to eat pussy, but I need to learn to suck dick, too. I want to be as good as you."

John shuddered as he listened to their conversation.

"Remind me during our next session," Amelia said, "and I'll start helping you learn to take a cock in your throat."

Julie smiled and clapped her hands in excitement.

"But first," Amelia said, reaching into her pocket. "Daddy has something he needs to give you."

Amelia pulled Julie's Impurity Ring out and held it up in front of her. Julie gasped and clutched her hands to her chest.

"We can do it now, or we can wait until class time when all of the girls are together and can watch you make your vows," Amelia said.

"They already watched me give Daddy my cherry," Julie said. "Can I have it now?"

Her little face looked back and forth between the two of them. Amelia turned to John to let him decide.

"You're right," he said, and Julie squealed. "You've already given me your most delicate treasure. Let's do it right now. Let's make our promises to each other."

Julie and John got on their knees in front of each other and held hands. Amelia fished the notecard out of her pocket to read the vows from.

"Repeat after me, Darling," Amelia instructed Julie, and she did.

"I, Julie, promise to always be Daddy's little Cherry, to do learn from him and Mommy how to reclaim my sexuality. My pussy is my own, but I give it to Daddy so that he can show me love by fucking my little pussy with his big, hard cock. I am Daddy's girl, and I will always be his girl. I know that Daddy loves me, and that is why he fucks me. When I am ready, I may someday offer Daddy my other holes to fill with with his cock so that he can show me his love in my mouth, my throat and my ass the way he shows me his love by fucking my little pussy."

Amelia had John stand up so that Julie was kneeling before his cock.

"I kneel before you, Daddy, and I worship your cock so that you can make me whole by filling my holes. I will always be your little girl, your baby Doll. I will always be Daddy's Cherry. I offer you my panties to you, Daddy, as a symbol that I am offering you my pussy."

Julie looked around the floor for the panties that she had shed the previous night in order for John to fuck her virginity away.

"Never mind, Darling," Amelia instructed her. "Hannah must have picked them up. We'll find them later, and you can present them to Daddy then."

Amelia then prompted John for his lines. "I offer you this ring as a symbol that I will fill your holes with my loving cock. As your finger fills this ring, so will I fill you. I am your Daddy."

"And I am your Cherry," Julie responded before Amelia could prompt her.

Remembering the rest, Julie kissed the head of John's cock which was already filling with blood again and laid back and spread her legs wide to him. He knelt down between her thighs and kissed her vulva right at the hood. Julie sighed with pleasure to feel John's mouth against her tender cunt. Unable to resist, John slipped his tongue between her labia, tasting her fresh juices mingled with the stale ones from last night.

Seeing the libido building between the two, Amelia laid a hand on John's shoulder as he began to lick Julie's swelling pussy.

"Easy, Darling. She just took your sizeable cock last night for the first time. She's probably still sore."

John looked up at Julie from between her thighs as if to ask if it was okay. In response, Julie placed a hand on John's head and pushed him back down. John smiled as he slipped his tongue into her, tasting the stale blood and fresh grool.

"Well, then," Amelia remarked.

"Can Daddy fuck me again?" Julie asked. "Will it damage me?"

Amelia smiled at the girl's eagerness.

"It's up to you, Darling. It will definitely make you more sore, but sometimes..." she rubbed her throat, "...sometimes the soreness can be a wonderful feeling."

"I want it," Julie said. "Please, Daddy. I want you to fuck my pussy again."

John looked up at Amelia for guidance as he licked Julie's little clit. She smiled down at him and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Go easy, Love. Make this one gentle."

John sat up and pulled Julie's mouth to his own. The girl tasted her juices on him as he kissed her deeply.

Amelia held out the ring to him, and John took it and placed it on Julie's finger.

"I love you so much, Julie," he gasped. "I want this with you, too, but if you need me to stop, for any reason, just say so, and I will."

"I know, Daddy," she said, looking up into his eyes. "I trust you."

John guided his hard shaft up to Julie's vulva. She reached between them to take ahold of his cock, marvelling at the girth and the softness of the skin that covered the hard shaft within. She watched as she guided him to her opening. He pushed gently into her. The soft, wet lips parted around his head, embracing it in a sloppy kiss that made him moan.

"I'm ready when you are, my little cherry," he said.

Julie pushed her hips toward him, and John thrust into her with a slow, smooth stroke that split her open and drove his head past her tight opening.

"Oh, fuck, Daddddyyyyyy," she moaned.

"Am I hurting you, Baby?" John asked.

Julie threw her head back and her hips forward, engulfing him as she slowly dilated to receive him. John's own instincts kicked in, and he felt the need, the yearning to push as well. Julie moaned to the sky as her cunt received his cock.

"Yes, Daddy," she answered. "You're hurting me so... so much... so... oh god. Oh, GOD! Don't stop."

John felt Julie's eager hips push against him, and he joined her. They fucked slowly, savoring each deep plunge, missing each other's touch whenever he pulled back. Amelia watched with rapt attention as the little girl and the grown man built a steady rhythm in front of her. Her own fingers danced around her hard clit as she watched the man she loved fuck this beautiful child in their care.

"Fuck her, John," Amelia cried out. "Fuck her little pussy, Darling. I love the way you fuck my baby girls with that glorious cock of yours."

"Yes, Daddy. Fuck me," Julie cried out. "I love your dick, Daddy. I want to feel your cum. Please. Please, Daddy. Cum in my... pussy... in my... oh, fuck! YES, DADDY!"

John quickened his rhythm in response to Julie's pleas. He loved this beautiful child beneath him. Her tight cunt was milking him, driving him crazy. He knew that he was easily going to be able to lose his load inside her any minute now.

"Julie, you pretty little slut," he groaned. "I love you, Julie. I love your tight pussy. Oh, fuck, Julie, yes! I'm going to cum in you, Baby. I'm going to cum all inside my perfect, little Cherry. Oh, Julie. Julie! JULIE! OH YES! YES! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING IN YOUR PUSSY, BABY!"

Julie could barely talk as John's dick surged in and out of her. She held her breath and merely squeaked as her orgasm built. Then she felt John's hot cum blasting into her. She wrapped her pale legs around his waist and pulled him completely into her as she felt his dick swell with the first spurt. She ground her clit against his pubic bone and groaned as her own orgasm burst through her.

"DAADDDYYYYYYYYYYY," she cried, grabbing handfuls of his hair as her body spasmed and shook.

Amelia found her own climax as she watched the two cum together, crying "YES! YES! YES!" as her pussy drenched her fingers.

She let herself collapse next to Julie. Both woman and girl looked up at him with dreamy eyes. John felt like the luckiest man in the world as he gazed down at the two of them with his dick still spurting inside of Julie's cunt.

"I love you, Darlings," he said.

"I love you, Daddy," Julie replied.

"I would give up ever having a cock inside my pussy just to watch you fuck little girls for the rest of my life," Amelia said. "You have an amazing talent, and it's the sexiest thing I've ever beheld."

John's heart melted at Amelia's praise.

"Good," Julie said. "One less pussy for you to fuck, Daddy, and that means more dick for me."

John and Amelia laughed at Julie's eagerness.

"Are you sore, little Cherry?" John asked.

Julie smiled and nodded. "Yes, Daddy, and I love it."

All the girls marvelled over Julie's ring at breakfast. Madison begged to taste John's cum inside Julie's pussy, and she bent over the table and let the younger girl lick his jizz from her pussy as everyone watched. John smiled at both of them when Julie came on Madison's mouth. When Madison slid into her seat next to John, he took ahold of her face and kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue between the twelve-year-old's lips and tasting his cum and Julie's together on her.

The rest of the day proceeded more normally after that. Hannah had to go into town to pick up some supplies, and Becky pulled her aside.

"Can you pick up something special for me?" Becky asked, handing a slip of paper to Hannah.

It read, "Nice 'n Easy R5G Rich Medium Golden Brown".

Hannah looked up at Becky in surprise. She couldn't quite imagine the slutty blonde as a brunette.

"What's up with this?" Hannah asked.

Becky shrugged.

"It just seems like Daddy likes brunettes more, and..." she looked up into Hannah's eyes.

"You don't have to change your hair color to get Daddy to like you more, Becky," Hannah said. "The times I've seen you two together, he can barely keep his hands off you."

"But I just think he'd like it more, and... I want to make him happy," she looked up sheepishly at Hannah.

"I understand," she said. "I know I would do anything I could for him."

Hannah pulled Becky face to her own and kissed the girl on the mouth.

"But if you want me to do something for you, maybe you could do something for me?" Hannah said.

"What'd you have in mind?" Becky asked with a coy smile.

"Teach me how to take Daddy into my throat without gagging," Hanna blurted.

"Mmmmm, you little slut," Becky teased. "You want to get your face fucked, don't you?"

"He looks like he's in so much pleasure whenever you let him take you like that, Becky. I want him to feel that with me."

Becky pushed two fingers into Hannah's mouth.

"Get on your knees, Bitch," Becky said. "I'm going to show you how to let Daddy own your whole mouth."

Hannah felt so dirty as she knelt down. Becky was the epitome of all things kinky to Hannah, and she so desperately wanted to be like the younger girl. As Becky's finger's reach the back of her throat, it felt uncomfortable, invasive. She tried to pull her head back, but Becky grabbed her by the hair.

"Don't pull away, you dumb slut," Becky said with a devious smile on her face. "If you think you're going to gag, then swallow."

Becky's fingers went deeper, and Hannah could feel the reflex. Her stomach clenched.

"Swallow, you idiot," Becky barked.

Hannah tried swallowing around the invasion of Becky's fingers. Her eyes watered, and while it didn't completely make the gag reflex go away, it did help her to overcome it.

"Good job, slut," Becky said. She felt both impressed and aroused. It would be so hot to watch another girl take Daddy's cock into her throat. "Now I'm going to fuck your throat with my fingers."

Hannah began to feel panicked. The sensation of being invaded was overwhelming. Becky saw the look in Hannah's eyes and pulled back. Hannah gasped for air.

"Not bad for your first try," Becky praised her. "Now open up again. I want to really fuck you this time."

Opening her mouth to let Becky shove her fingers in gave Hannah such a crazy, hot feeling in her belly. She was willingly being used by another girl -- trained even. It made her feel so slutty. Her pussy was getting so wet. She swallowed around Becky's fingers as they shoved over and over down her throat. The look of amazement on Becky's face was incredible. It made Hannah want to try so hard to be a good slut for her. But then something felt different, and before she could do anything about it, her stomach clenched, and she was spewing all over Becky's hand.

"It's okay," Becky giggled. "It takes practice. Eventually, even the sensation of gagging will start to feel hot to you. I'll help you clean this up."

Becky went to fetch a towel as Hannah sat there, feeling dejected at failing. When Becky returned, she saw Hannah crying.

"What's wrong? You did good," Becky said, wiping the spittle from Hannah's mouth.

"No, I failed. I want to badly to be a fucktoy for Daddy, and..." Hannah started sobbing.

Becky lifted Hannah's chin and leaned in to kiss her.

"Gross," Hannah said, pulling away. "I have puke taste in my mouth."

"I know," Becky said. "But the fact that you're trying so hard makes me really hot. I love Daddy that way, too, you know? And seeing another girl wanting to let him fuck her throat... You made me really horny. There's nothing as vulnerable as letting a man shove his cock into you where it doesn't belong. It's uncomfortable, you can't breathe, it's so unnatural. And it makes him feel so fucking good. It's seriously the sexiest thing I can imagine."

"But I'm never going to be able to..." Hannah blurted.

"Shut up," Becky scolded. "It takes time. I'm going to help you. I want to watch Daddy rape your mouth and see that look of complete joy on your face as you know you've done something for him that very few girls can actually do. And I want to reward you for trying."

Becky took Hannah to the bathroom and made her brush her teeth. Then she pulled her to the bedroom and threw her down on her own bed and reached up under her skirt.

"You're panties are so wet," Becky commented. "You loved getting used, didn't you?"

"Yeah," Hannah said, shyly. "It felt..."

"Vulnerable," Becky offered.

"Yes!" Hannah shrieked.

"Maybe when you get deepthroating down, we can let Daddy tie us up and use us however he wants to," Becky said, sliding Hannah's panties down her thighs.

"That's sounds so hot," Hannah sighed. She pictured in her mind how sexy Becky would look all bound and gagged. Her pussy was incredibly wet by the time Becky's mouth was on it.

"Mmmm, you're soaking wet. You really like the idea of kinky stuff, don't you?" Becky asked before sliding her tongue back into Hannah's folds.

"I want him to..." Hannah sighed. The thought that crossed her mind was so dirty, so dark that she couldn't say it out loud. But if there was anyone she could talk about this to, it was Becky. "Have you ever been raped?"

Becky climbed on top of Hannah. Then she reached down and shoved two fingers into the older girl's twat.

"Essentially, yeah," Becky said as she started slowly sliding her fingers in and out of Hannah.

"What was it like?" Hannah asked, looking up at Becky.

"Wow, well..." Becky continued to slowly fuck Hannah's pussy as she thought about her experience with her uncle. "It was humiliating, for sure. I think that's why I like humiliation so much now. It hurt. My uncle and his business partners just used me like my pussy belonged to them. I hated it at first. But somehow I still got wet every time. Then one day, I actually came. They made so much fun of me, telling me that I was born to be a whore because my pussy loved being abused."

"Holy shit," Hannah blurted.

"I know. Eventually, I just... started to like it. I mean, don't get me wrong, if Daddy like took me out to dinner and treated me nice and shit, I bet I would love it. I sometimes cream my panties when he's nice to me. But..." Becky got a far away look in her eyes. "It's just better when he hurts me."

Becky smiled down at Hannah who was starting to pant.

"Why do you ask?"

"I want to be raped," Hannah said.

"Wow, you're definitely a slut," Becky said.

"It's something that has turned me on ever since I was a little girl," Hannah explained. "I used to love cop shows where the girl was tied up. I wanted to be that girl. I would fantasize about it all the time. I especially fantasized about my father doing it to me."

"You should tell Daddy," Becky said. "I bet he would love to oblige you."

"Will you..." Hannah began. She looked up into Becky's eyes. She felt like she could trust her. "Will you use me? Right now? Gag me, take me, have your way with me."

Becky smiled. Then her countenance changed. The smile slid right off her face. It almost frightened Hannah.

"Shut your mouth, little princess," Becky said, and she put her hand over Hannah's mouth. "You're mine now."

Becky reached down and stripped Hannah's panties the rest of the way down her legs, then she shoved them in the girl's mouth. She reached over to her nightstand and picked up a hairbrush and waved it in front of Hannah's face. Watching Hannah's big, brown eyes get even bigger gave her a special thrill. Then she flipped Hannah over onto her belly. She used her legs to push Hannah's legs apart and in no time, the handle of the hairbrush was up her pussy.

"You like this, don't you?" Becky teased. "You love being fucked by an object because you're such a slut. You'd fuck a door post. You're so desperate to be used. I bet you even enjoy pain."

Becky pulled the brush out of Hannah's cunt and held the wet handle in order to smack the back of it against Hannah's ass. Hannah tried to scream, but the panties in her mouth muffled the sound. Becky grabbed her by her hair and held her up while she turned the brush and started fucking Hannah with it again.

In no time, Hannah was wiggling, on the verge of cumming. Becky quickened the pace, fucking Hannah's pussy as hard as she could. When Hannah's body started convulsing, Becky knew she was there. Leaving the brush inside of Hannah, she flipped her over onto her back. She pulled the panties out of Hannah's mouth and climbed up over her body in order to sit on Hannah's face. Becky was rewarded with a tongue inside of her cunt that was desperate to make her cum.

It didn't take long before Becky was there herself, cumming into Hannah's mouth. Sharing these slutty sensations with another girl was incredibly freeing for her, and she had never had the pleasure of dominating someone else before. As she looked down at Hannah's face underneath her twat, she knew that the girl would let her do anything to her, and it made her feel so good.

After she came, Becky fell over onto the bed. Hannah climbed up next to her and kissed her, tasting her own cum on Becky's mouth.

"You were born to be a slut, girl," Becky said when they stopped to take a breath.

Hannah giggled.

"That was so hot," she said, and she reached between her legs and pulled the brush out of her. She handed it to Becky. "Shove it in my mouth and gag me with it. I want to pretend like it's Daddy's cock and it's covered in some other girl's cum."

Becky bit her lip as she looked at Hannah.

"You've got it bad," she said.

Hannah opened her mouth.

"Please, Daddy," she said, looking into Becky's eyes. "I want to lick Becky's cum off your dick before you choke me with it."

"Don't worry, little slut," Becky said, lowering her voice to sound like a man. "I'm going to rape your throat good until I cum down it."

Hannah giggled at first, and then the brush was in her mouth, going deeper. She swallowed as hard as she could, but it was different from Becky's fingers, bigger, harder, more invasive. Becky pulled out just in time.

"Let's pretend that Daddy's making us lick Mommy's cum off of his dick," Becky said, holding the brush handle between them. "And we'll lick and suck him until he cums all over our slutty faces because everything should be..." Becky licked the length of the brush handle slowly while looking in Hannah's eyes. "...for Daddy's pleasure."

"For Daddy's pleasure," Hannah agreed as she licked up the handle to meet Becky's mouth at the top.

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