Role Playing Sessions

The Sexual Adventures of Hanna

Part 5: Corrupting Daddy

By Dandy Tago & SarahMcA2012
Published March 6, 2016

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About: This was a Role Playing session between ASSTR authors SarahMcA2012 and Dandy_Tago. It was played out over instant messenger and reformatted for your reading convienence as a story. Enjoy!

Series Summary: After the fun of doing our first Role Playing Session involving the girl named Hanna and her little brother (check out Chapter 1), we decided that we loved the character of Hanna and wanted to explore her story more. Since we started at the end of her freshman year in college, we figured we'd jump around with her story, filling in the pieces as the ideas came to us. This series (written together collaboratively over IM but presented as a regular story) will explore Hanna's adventures in pushing her own boundaries, trying new and exotic things as she discovers what a filthy whore she is inside and unleashes her inner slut on the world.

Chapter Summary: After a couple of weeks of Hanna and her brother, Patrick, hooking up, they decide to take on their parents. She cooks a meal for the family, drugging their parents' food.

Codes: MF18m13 oral piv anal dp inc ped bd sacrilege

The drugs kicked in shortly after their mother and father had eaten a few bites of the lasagna. The plan had worked perfectly, Hanna thought as she smiled at her little brother.

"Well that went well," she added with a laugh.

"Yeah!" he said, staring at their unconscious bodies.

They immediately set to work. They'd planned everything in advance, and in no time they had their mother stripped to her underwear in the basement, cuffed to a pole.

Then, it was their father's turn. Dragging him up to his bedroom, they stripped him down to his boxers as well and tied him spread eagle to the bed, with each arm reaching towards a bed post. As strict as their parents had always been, it was interesting to see them so disarmed.

Both Hanna and Patrick then stripped to their underwear as well, with Hanna in just a pink bra and thong, and Patrick in a pair of tighty whities.

Their father, Hank, being a large man, it wasn't long before the drugs began to wear off and he drowsily looked around.

"W-what's going on? Why are y'all...," he asked as he suddenly realized he was tied up. "What the HELL is goin' on!"

"Relax, Daddy," Hanna said comfortingly. "Everything's ok, but...Patrick and I wanted to help you. We think that deep down you're a nice, open-minded guy, but mom's just been such a bitch that she's held you back....made you be angry and close-minded."

"Yeah," Patrick agreed. "So, we thought that we would help you open up."

Hanna rubbed her hand on her dad's hairy leg as she talked to him. Though he flinched at her first touch, eventually he stopped, and she thought she felt him relax into her touch.

"Kids, you don't have to do this. We can talk about this. It doesn't have to be this way," Hank protested.

"It's okay, Dad," Patrick said, sitting on the bed next to his father and putting his hand on his dad's belly. "Hanna showed me how wonderful it can be to have sex with your family members. I think you'll really like it once you try it."

"Oh my god, kids! You didn't!" Hank protested.

Hanna giggled. "His cock felt so good inside my mouth, Daddy." She ran her hand up her father's thigh, teasing him by running her fingers under the leg of his boxers.

"Lord, forgive them," Hank prayed.

"Mmmmm. I took the Lord's name in vain so many times when Patrick fucked me, Daddy. I bet you will too. Come on, I've caught you looking at my ass before, Dad. I don't mind. I love it, actually."

Hank swallowed as Hanna's hand moved over onto the growing bulge in his underwear.

"Oh, Daddy!" she gasped. "You're a lot bigger than Patrick. No offense, Bro," she added winking at her brother. "I like all sizes. Why don't you take your dick out, Patrick, and we'll make Daddy watch me suck you. I bet his cock will be so hard by the time you cum in my mouth that he'll be begging us to fuck him."

"Yeah, sis!" Patrick said with a grin as he slid off the bed. "That sounds like a good idea."

As he pushed his shorts down, Hank looked away, groaning; not wanting to see his son nude. That, however was impossible as Patrick crawled onto the bed, placing his knees just to the left of his father's head as his sister approached from the other side.

Hanna never got tired of seeing his little cock, and she could see Hank look up at it, lingering in the air a mere foot above his face.

"Mmmm, isn't his 4 inch cock so cute, Dad? Trust me, you'll love this part."

As she lowered her mouth, she slowly enveloped her little brother's entire shaft, moaning as she did. The sensation caused Patrick to moan too, and he gently rested his hands on Hanna's head feeling it slide back and forth on his cock.

Hank tried to close his eyes...he couldn't bring himself to stare at such dark, sinful behavior! But that didn't stop the wet, slurping sounds of the blowjob occurring mere inches in front of his face from filling his ears, and as disgusting as it was, he felt the dark temptation to watch.

Hanna slobbered all over her brother's cock as she sucked him. Some of it dripped down off of Patrick's balls and landed on Hank's face right next to the corner of his mouth. Incestuous slobber from his daughter's mouth that had dripped down his son's cock. It was so sinful, so depraved.

As he watched his daughter give his son the best blowjob he'd ever seen, he was amazed as his daughter's talent. His wife certainly never blew him that way. She always acted like it was such a chore, but Hanna was going at it with such vigor. It was like she loved doing it.

The feeling of her slobber next to his mouth became too great a temptation, and he licked it, feeling so horrible as he did so. But his cock got even harder at the thought of how sinful it was.

Patrick and Hanna were both moaning so heavily. His hand wanted to move to his swollen and throbbing dick to bring it some relief, but he couldn't budge. He would never want his children to see him masturbate. In fact, he believed the only way to masturbate without sinning was to think of his wife. Anything else would be cheating. But the sight of his daughter acting like such a slut, licking and sucking his son's dick like a wanton whore...

The groan was involuntary. He regretted it as soon as her heard it come out of his mouth. He hoped the kids didn't hear it over the sound of their own moaning, but Hanna pulled her mouth off her brother and looked down at him.

"Mmmmm, I think Daddy's starting to like it," she teased.

"No," Hank replied meekly. "No, this isn' isn't right, kids...."

"Come on, Dad," Patrick said looking down on him. "I bet Mom blows you like once a month and hates it! She probably doesn't swallow either, does she?"

"I....well, I" he said, feeling guilty. "She doesn't."

"Hanna loves cum! You wouldn't believe the things she does with her mouth, Dad! Just watch."

"Mmmm, I really do, Dad," she said before leaning down to kiss his cheek. She then took Patrick's cock back in her mouth and moaned deeply as she sucked it, passionately pleasuring his cock with her mouth as she gently raised a hand, rubbing it over her father's chest as she did.

"Oh no....oh God, Hanna!" he gasped.

They were right. His wife hated to suck him, and she hated cum even worse. Most of the time she made him finish off by masturbating, and the few times she'd let him cum in her mouth she'd spit it out, complaining for days afterwards.

But his daughter....Oh God, his daughter was gorgeous! He watched her mouth work, he saw her heavy breasts constrained in the bra...he saw her tight body in just her underwear.

Patrick's moans began to increase. He may have been getting his cock sucked regularly but he was still a teen and he couldn't last long.

He groaned out in ecstasy as his body jerked. Hank watched as his cock sprung up, pulsing into Hanna's mouth and he knew he was ejaculating into her.

"Oh God, kids!"

Hanna never stopped. She kept sucking even until his cock started to go limp, and then she finally, carefully, took her mouth off. Looking at her father, she opened her mouth slightly to show him the pearly white goo within before swallowing and smiling.

"See? Isn't that so much better than any blowjob you've ever had? And coming from family makes it even better! there's nothing like eating the sperm of your own relatives!"

"My God, Hanna! What have you done?" Hank cried. Tears filled his eyes at the thought of his daughter burning in hell for committing incest with her brother. But at the same time, he felt his rigid cock leaking pre-cum out onto his belly. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so turned on.

"Hanna no," He croaked. "My sweet little girl is a...a..."

"A cocksucking whore, Daddy," she said, leaning down to kiss him.

Hank felt the warmth of his daughter's lips on his. They felt so plump and full, having just blown her brother. Despite him fighting it, she pushed her tongue into his mouth. He tasted it: his own son's semen. It was horrible. He was horrible. This was all so horrible. Yet he found himself kissing Hanna back.

"Yes, Daddy," she moaned. "Patrick's cum is so yummy. Can you taste it? He gives me his cock every day, and I love it. I love sucking dicks, Daddy. I'm really good at it. My professor at school says I'm the best slut he's ever had in his class, and that's saying something."

"Oh God, Hanna," Hank moaned.

"I just want to show you how good it can be, Daddy. Better than you've ever had with Mom. And I don't just love eating cum, Daddy. I love it when cocks cum inside my pussy and even my ass."

"She's incredible, Dad," Patrick said, still panting. "I fuck her like three times a day, sometimes, and she's always ready for more."

"Let me show you, Daddy. Just say the word, and I'll suck your cock like it's never been sucked before. I could do it without your consent. You're tied up. You can't fight. But I want to hear you say it, Daddy. Say that you want your little girl to pleasure you're big, Daddy dick."

Tears poured out of the corners of Hank's eyes as he lay there. He nodded his head. The shame made him blush, and his cheeks were burning. Heaven help him, he wanted to feel what his little girl could do. He'd raised her. He'd taken care of her. Surely it wouldn't be so wrong if he were rewarded for being such a good Christian father to them.

But he knew that's not how Christianity works. He knew this was a sin. One of the worst possible sins. And he wanted it anyway.

"Please," he begged his daughter. "Yes, please, Hanna!"

The words were exactly what she wanted to hear.

"Thank you, Daddy! I mean it. I've wanted to do this for you for months! I promise you'll love it."

Patrick handed her the scissors, and she carefully cut off the boxers that he was wearing. As she pulled them away, she stared in awe at his uncircumcised cock standing nearly 6 inches above his groin. She loved his fat, hairy belly and thighs. He seemed so much like...a father.

As she got between his legs, she lowered her mouth and gently kissed the tip as she rubbed her hand over his stomach.

"You're going to love this..."

She opened her mouth and, knowing the full implications of what she was doing, swallowed his thick cock, savoring the taste and feel of it in her mouth. She was sucking daddy dick!

"OH HANNA!" He gasped as she enveloped his cock. Already he could tell that this was completely different. She wasn't just putting her mouth on it, she was sucking it...using her mouth and tongue to massage him.

"Oh yes sweetheart! Oh you were right! That's it! That feels so good!"

Hanna could taste her father's pre-cum and knew he wasn't going to last long. That was fine with her though, she loved that she could get guys off so quickly.

With every suck, she lowered her head, pressing her forehead into the fat hairy stomach above her. She could smell his crotch, taste his pre-cum, everything about it thrilled her.

"Oh yesssss! Oh Hanna, you're such a good girl! Do it for your father! Suck my cock!!!"

His breathing was increasing, and he knew he wasn't far off.

"Oh god, Baby....I'm going to cum! Swallow it, Sweetheart! Swallow it all for me! I want you to eat your father's cum!"

Inspired by her father's requests, Hanna sucked as hard as she could, desperate to make his first real blowjob the best he'd ever had.

Suddenly, she felt his body tense and then jerk, and as he moaned out, she felt his cock begin to spray the cum into her mouth.

It was different than her brother's, she could tell that right away. Like her professor's, it was thicker, saltier, and grosser; and she loved it!

She kept sucking, sending torturing pleasure throughout his sensitive cock as he squirted glob after glob, moaning out loudly and telling her to swallow it.

"MMMMMM," she moaned, eating her father's load...her own father's semen.

"Don't swallow it all, Hanna!" Patrick protested. "You said you'd save some for me!"

As Hanna got up from her father's crotch, there was a big glob of semen dripping from the corner of her mouth. She and Patrick leaned in together over Hank's body, and he watched in fascination as his son licked his cum from Hanna's face.

"Mmmm," Patrick moaned. "It's so different than when you feed me my own cum."

"Oh fuck!" Hank gasped. "You kids are such perverts!"

Hanna giggled.

"Yeah, Daddy," she said rubbing her hands over his big, hairy belly. "Don't you want to be a pervert with us?"

"Yes!" he blurted out. There was no doubt in Hank's mind now. It was all so sinful, but he wanted it. He wanted everything.

"Let's get Daddy hard so he can fuck my pussy," Hanna told her brother.

Hank watched as his children lowered their mouths down to his limp dick and started licking it. Their mouths would meet sometimes, and they would kiss, but they always returned to his cock, licking the sides, taking turns sucking the head. As he started to harden again, Hanna sucked the shaft while Patrick licked his father's balls.

"I want to feel you inside my cunt, Daddy," she said, looking up at him over the mound of his belly. "I want to feel your hot cum spurt in my unprotected womb just like it did in my mouth."

Hanna's foul language added to the effects of their talented tongues, and Hank's cock was once again a raging rod.

Hanna straddled her father's hips and took his shaft in her hand. Once she had guided it to the opening of her wet vagina, she looked up at him. She wanted to see the look in his eyes when he felt the inside of his daughter's cunt for the first time.

As she lowered herself onto him, Hanna was not disappointed. Her father's face contorted with emotion as her hot, dripping pussy enveloped him.

"Oh fuck, yes," he groaned, looking her in the eyes. "Take me, Sweetie. Ride me."

Hanna felt so much love for her father as he filled her pussy.

"Oh, Daddy, you feel so good inside of me. I've wanted this for so long."

Ditching her bra as well, Hanna began to ride his cock, letting her heavy breasts sway and jiggle from the movement.

"Oh fuck, Daddy! Your cock is so nice and hard! I love it!"

She ran her fingers through her hair as she braced herself, grinding her cunt back and forth and up and down on his cock. It was obvious how much she loved it as her pussy was instantly a swamp, filling the room with wet sloppy noises as she rode him.

As his sister rode their father's cock, Patrick moved next to his body. He kissed and licked his hairy stomach.

Hank was in heaven as he laid there, being cared for by his kids better than his wife could ever have dreamed of.

Getting hard again from the sight of the fucking, Patrick moved behind his sister and pushed her forward.

"Mmmm, I think Patrick's going to fuck my ass, Daddy," Hanna said with a smile as she felt him position his cock at her ass.

Without further warning, he thrust forward into her tight hole, causing her to wince, but moan. Her ass was well accustomed to his small cock, and she loved how it felt inside her.

"Mmmm, yessss! Fuck my tight, little butt, Patrick!"

"Yeah!" Hank exclaimed, lost in the insanity of the situation and loving it. "Fuck your sister's ass!"

Bending over for her brother, Hanna leaned in and kissed her father.

"I love you so much, Daddy," she said between sloppy wet, cum-flavored kisses. "I want to be your little slut. I've fucked so many guys at college. I've fucked all of my professors. But nothing compares to what I feel with you and Patrick right now."

"Oh, Hanna," Hank moaned. "I love you too, Sweetie. I'm sorry I've been such a legalistic prick for so long. You were right. Your mom's such a bitch, and she's been holding me back."

As Patrick started thrusting into Hanna's ass, Hank marveled at the fact that he could feel his son's cock through the walls of her vagina. His eyes got big, and Hanna knew what he was thinking.

"Isn't it sexy, Daddy? Feeling another cock rubbing up against your cock like that? It's so intimate sharing a girl with another guy. But when it's your own son and daughter, it's even better."

"Yes!" Hank gasped. "Yes, fuck her, Patrick! Fuck your sister's ass."

He started thrusting his hips up, forcing his cock deeper into his daughter.

"Oh yeah, Daddy!" she whimpered. "That feels so good. Fuck me. You made my pussy, Daddy. It belongs to you. My whole body is yours. Oh god, I love your cock!"

Having an idea, Patrick suddenly slowed and pulled out of Hanna's ass. Pressing the head against his father's cock, he began to push into her cunt as well.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Hanna moaned. "Fuck yes! Fit both of them in there! I can take it," she moaned. After all of the cocks she'd taken, a medium sized one and a small one together wasn't that hard.

Hank moaned as he felt his son's penis sliding against his. They were finally all together, sharing each other's pleasure!

"Yesssss! Oh fuck yeah, kids! This is the best!" Hank groaned out, still in disbelief at how amazing sex could be with them.

Within moments, the sensation had reached the threshold for Patrick, and he suddenly groaned, thrusting forward as he started to cum, spraying it deep in his sister's pussy and over his dad's cock.


Hank felt his son's hot semen flooding into Hanna's stuffed pussy and gushing over his dick. It was the most hedonistic sensation he'd ever felt in his life, and he loved it.

"Yes, Son! YES! Cum on me! Cum in your sister. Let's fill her slutty pussy!"

Hanna loved the way her boys were getting into it. Patrick's hands dug into her hips as he unloaded in her.

"Yes, Bro! Give it to me!" she cried.

Her father started thrusting harder into her, like he wanted to finish inside of her before Patrick's dick went limp. She loved his fervor. His big belly pushed into her soft skin. He was breathing so hard.

"Yes, Daddy. Do it!" she urged. "I want to feel your cum too. Cum in me! Make Patrick feel your cum!"

Hank groaned as she felt his balls tighten. The look of lust on his daughter's face was perfect as he shot into her.

"Hanna!" he cried in ecstasy. "OH HANNA! I'M CUMMING IN YOU, BABY!"

"Oh, fuck I can feel it, Dad. Yes!" Patrick moaned behind his sister.

"Daddy! Oh, Daddy, it feel so good. Don't stop, Daddy! I'm so close!"

Feeling her father's cum spraying into her cunt, mixing with her brother's, sent her over the edge.

Both Patrick and Hank groaned as they felt her cunt began to spasm, gushing juices over them and mixing with the cocktail of cum.

The room was filled with the smells and sounds of the ecstasy, pushing all of them to a new level of sexual bliss.

Pulling out of her, Patrick leaned back on his heels as Hanna climbed forward until she lowered her freshly fucked cunt onto her father's face.

It was so depraved, so gross, and yet as the mix of cum and juices began to flow out of her cunt and into his mouth, he hungrily lapped at them, swallowing the gross cocktail and cleaning her cunt.

Between his legs, Patrick began his own cleanup, sucking Hank's cock, loving the feel of the semi-limp member in his young mouth.

As Patrick finished, he untied Hank's bindings, freeing his father at last. Hank leaned up, wrapping his kids in a hug, loving the feel of their nude bodies pressed together.

"Thank you so much, kids. That was incredible!"

"That was just the beginning, Dad" Hanna and Patrick said with a laugh.

"Oh yeah? Maybe next time I'll tie you up," Hank teased.

"Well, Daddy. If you want to play with something that's tied up. Mom is handcuffed in the basement."

Next: Part 6: Breaking Mommy


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