Little Kaylee

Part 6: Dads and Daughters

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My head is spinning. This is the most fucked up day of my life. And my life was pretty fucked up before today. I mean, everything that Chloe and I have been doing with Kaylee is so sick and perverted, but now that her parents are involved, too...

I look down at Maggie, my mother in-law, on her knees, sucking my cock back to life. The head of my dick is so over-sensitive, but she's not allowed to stop. I'm not allowed to stop her. I look from Maggie's pretty face -- she looks good for a grandmother, let's be honest -- to my wife, Chloe, who is still sitting in her chair at the table, breastfeeding our daughter and her father at the same time.

"Are you going to get hard for me, Sammy?" she asks with a wry smile.

Fuck! How could I not?

"Yeah," I mutter as I feel my dick slowly start to swell back to life. Maggie moans, and I can feel it in my sensitive shaft, and it makes me shudder. As much as my instincts make me want to push her head away so that my dick can rest, I hold back, flexing my fists, but keeping them at my sides. Chloe notices and smiles up at me.

"Do you think I'm torturing you?" she asks. I nod. "I'm just trying to show you how dedicated a little girl can be to her Daddy. I love you so much, Sam, but Daddy is my first love. He's the one who took my virginity. I will always love him more than anything. Even you."

I wince. Her words feel like a rock in the pit of my stomach, but they strangely make my dick immediately hard.

"There's a reason for this torture. Know what it is?" she asks.

"B-because...Kaylee..." is all that I can mutter as Maggie's mouth continues to slobber up and down my shaft.

"That's right, Sweetie. I'm showing you what you're in store for. That even when Kaylee gets married, she'll still want to give her pussy to you more than any other man in her life. Do you want that?"

"Soooo muuuch," I groan.

Chloe giggles at me, then she swats the back of her mother's head. "That's good for now, Mom. Just make sure you keep him hard. Kaylee's asleep," she said, looking up at me with a smile.

Tom stops sucking his daughter's breast. He leans over and kisses my daughter on her milky, little mouth. Chloe tells me to kiss Kaylee too. "But be sure to slip her some tongue," she whispers as I lean in. "See if you can taste your own cum on her lips."

I close my eyes as I press my mouth to my daughter's. Her breath is even and warm. I can smell the milk and cum mingled, and as I push my tongue into her mouth, I can taste it. My cum is so rank in comparison to Chloe's milk. It makes my cock ache and throb.

Chloe leads us all to the bedroom. She lays Kaylee down in her crib and then turns to me. Her tits are still hanging out of that gorgeous dress I chose for her. Her skin looks so white compared to the pink tulle of the dress.

"Take off your clothes, Sam," she tells me.

I glance back and forth between Tom and Maggie for a second. Even though my raging hard-on is poking out of my zipper right now, somehow I'm embarrassed at the thought of stripping down in front of them.

"But..." I start to protest. Chloe raises an eyebrow, and I know that there is no argument to be had. Maggie licks her lips as I start by unbuttoning my shirt. Tom just chuckles. I can't believe how calm and collected he is. I mean, his own wife just had my cock in her mouth, but... I look over at Chloe and realized that Maggie must come second to him. This man loves his own daughter more than his wife, and by "loves" I mean, you know loves. Maggie is so secondary to Chloe in his mind that he can chuckle at her lust over my body.

I drop my shirt to the floor and unfasten my pants. They fall to my ankles, and I kick off my shoes so that I can step out of my pants. I strip off my socks, and then I'm left in nothing but my boxers.

"Oh, let me," Maggie says, putting her arms around me to hook her fingers into my waistband. As she pulls them down, my cock gets trapped in the fly. She takes me in hand and guides my erection through the hole so that she can free me of my boxers. They fall to my feet, and I step out of them. Maggie immediately puts her hand back around my raging shaft.

"It's so hot," she breathes, running one hand over my chest while the other grips my dick. "I hope you like watching Tom fuck Chloe as much as I do. Personally, I like to be tied up sometimes while I watch. It just makes me feel so much more helpless, and it makes my pussy so wet to feel that way."

"That's a great idea, Mom," Chloe says. She's eyeing my body. I can see the pleasure in my wife's eyes, but I don't know if it's because of lust for my body or joy at torturing me. "Why don't you tie him to the chair. I'm sure we can scrounge up some rope."

"No need, Dear," Maggie says. She pushes me into the chair. My ass falls down hard onto the cushion, as I wasn't expecting her forceful shove. I look up at her as she puts one foot in my lap and pulls the hem of her skirt back to reveal the tops of her thigh high stockings. "Who needs rope when you have stockings?" she asks, giving me a wink. I watch as my mother in-law slowly pushes her silk stocking down to her ankle. "Take my shoe off, Sammy."

I slip pump off of Maggie's foot and watch as she pulls the stocking from her toes. She drapes it around my neck and then repeats the process with the other leg. My eyes are drawn to her bare thigh as she reveals it. The texture of her skin reminds me of vanilla ice cream, and I find myself wanting to lick the inside of my mother in-law's thigh. But the image in my mind shakes free when she takes the stocking and ties my wrist to the chair with it. Then she takes the other stocking from around my neck and ties my other hand down.

"Are you helpless now, Sammy?" Maggie asks, kneeling down in front of me. She pulls my laces out of my shoes and uses them to tie my ankles to the chair too. I nod. "Say it, Sweetie. It will make you hurt so bad inside when you admit out loud that you have no choice but to watch your wife fuck her own father."

Maggie steps back. My dick is raging hard, and I see her eyes glance from mine down to my cock.

"I'm helpless," I mutter.

Chloe giggles, and Tom chuckles at my torture. But Maggie moans, "Fuck yes, Sammy."

Tom strips off his clothes and comes over to me. His dick is hard. He stands next to me and starts waving it in my face. "Kiss my dick, Son. I want you to smell the cock that's going to plow your wife."

I groan. He's not as long as me, but he might be a little wider. His belly is sagging, and his balls are so wrinkled. When I don't immediately lean over to kiss it, Tom smacks me in the face with his erection. I pucker up my lips, and Tom grabs my head and pushes it down to meet his cock. I smell his musk. It's so weird to have another man's penis in my face. It's like the least sexual thing I can imagine, but the torture I feel from it -- that is incredibly sexual to me.

Chloe gets closer. She leans over me from the other side. "There's a little bit of pre-cum on his dick, Sam. I want you to lick it off for me."

I groan out loud. The humiliation is so intense. I feel so betrayed and berated.

"Just stretch out your tongue, and taste Daddy, Sam," she whispers in my ear.

As soon as I feel her breath on my face and smell her perfume, I know that I'm going to do anything Chloe wants. If she told me to open my mouth and let Tom fuck my face, I would. I stick out my tongue and lean in. Chloe giggles delightfully as her father squeezes his cock head and wipes his pre-cum on my tongue.

"Yeah, you damn cuckold," he grunts. "Now swallow it."

I look at Chloe as I pull my tongue in and swallow. Her eyelids flutter. I can tell my torture is having an erotic affect on her. I feel...relieved. I realized that I'm glad to endure this as long as it makes her happy.

"God, my pussy is so wet now!" Chloe chimes as she stands up. "Do you want to lick it, Daddy?"

Chloe stands there, with her hands behind her back, swaying back and forth, making her exposed tits sway and her dress swoosh. Tom grunts as he pulls away from me and comes toward her like a raging bull. Chloe squeals as Tom grabs her by the arms and lifts her up to throw her on the bed. I watch her skirt ruffle around her, with her legs stuck up in the air as she bounces from being thrown down. Tom grabs his daughter's ankles and spreads them apart, exposing Chloe's panties.

"The white, lacy ones," Tom growls as he stands at the foot of the bed, looming over her.

Chloe turns her face to me. She winks at me as she says, "I know they're your favorite, Daddy."

"They're so wet," Tom announces.

Chloe looks up at her dad. "I loved watching you make my husband taste your pre-cum. I'm going to make him eat your cum out of me when you're done using my cunt. So I'm glad he got to have a little appetizer before the show."

Tom pushes Chloe's legs back together and orders her to take her panties off, then she spreads her thighs for him, holding herself open to expose her dripping wet pussy to her father. "Please taste me, Daddy," she whimpers.

I've never heard my wife sound more like a little girl. Her face, the way her shoulders are set, her entire composure is just so...babyish...and it's having quite an effect on Tom...and on me. Tom strokes his cock as he gets down on his knees. I watch as his tongue slips out to slide up his daughter's slit, parting her wet labia.

"Oh, God, Daddy. Yes!" my wife moans to her father.

"I love watching him taste her," Maggie says, leaning over the back of my chair to whisper in my ear. "There's so much love there. It's like they were made for each other. Or rather, like we made her for him...for his pleasure. Isn't it beautiful, Sam?"

I don't want it to be. I hate watching my wife react so much to another man's touch, but... I can't help it. I'm so turned on by her sexuality, even when it's in response to someone else. And the fact that it's her own father... I moan.

"I'll take that as a yes," Maggie whispers. "But I want to hear you say it. Tell me how much it turns you on to watch your wife with her own father."

"Oh, God," I groan. "It's...fuck, it's so hot!"

My dick throbs. Maggie's mouth is so close to my skin, I can feel her breath as I watch Tom partake of my wife's cunt. Then I feel something warm and wet and realize that Maggie is licking my neck.

"Yeah, Mommy. Keep him turned on for me," Chloe says, turning her face to me and smiling.

Chloe arches her back as Tom starts plying his attention to her clitoris. She puts her hands on her father's head and thrusts her pussy up to him, but her face is still turned toward me, smiling, as her eyelids flutter. I can see how much pleasure my torture is bringing her.

"If you think this is hot," Maggie croons in my ear, "just wait until you see him fuck her."

Tom, as if he heard his wife's words, stands up and looks down at his daughter.

"You look so beautiful, Princess," he tells her.

Chloe looks up at him.

"I wanted to look as pretty as possible for you, Daddy. I made Sam pick the dress," she giggles.

Tom rubs his cock against her clitoris, making her breathe hard and arch her back. Her bare tits point straight up to the ceiling, and I just wish I could have them in my mouth. Then I watch as Tom pushes himself into my wife's pussy. His own daughter's cunt envelops him, swallowing him inch-by-inch.

"Yes, Daddy," she moans. "You feel so good in my pussy."

"Here comes my favorite part," Maggie whispers, and I feel her take my earlobe between her teeth. She doesn't bite down, she just holds it there.

"I love you more than anything in the world, Princess, even more than I love your mother."

Maggie's teeth bite down on me gently as she moans in my ear.

"I love you too, Daddy, more than anything. Even more than I love my husband."

Maggie bites down harder, hurting me. I love it. I love the pain. I yearn for the humiliation of knowing that my wife -- my own fucking wife -- would rather fuck her father than fuck me.

Tom pushes into Chloe, bottoming out inside her cunt. She holds her thighs wide for him as she looks up to meet his gaze. Then he pulls back and starts thrusting. I see the smolder in Chloe's eyes as she looks longingly, desperately up at her father.

"Do you love it, Sammy?" Maggie asks.

"Yes!" I gasp.

I feel her hand come around my waist. She grabs my cock and moans as she squeezes my hot, iron-hard member.

"Fuck yeah you do. You love it so much," she croons.

I feel her fist slide up me until her fingers are at my head. I gasp and writhe at the explosion of sensation in my dick. Her fingers spread my pre-cum across my head. Then she pulls her hand away, and I hear her mouth sucking on her fingers in my ear.

"God, yes, you really do love it. Don't you?"

All I can do in response is grunt as I watch my wife make love to her father. Yes, make love. They're fucking, to be sure, but there's more -- so much more. The way that they look at each other is just

"She doesn't look like that when she fucks you, does she?" Maggie asks. I shake my head. "But Kaylee will. I promise you. Chloe promises you. Your daughter will love you more than anything else in her life. And Chloe will make it happen for you. Because she really does love you. And because she knows that for Kaylee, nothing will compare to fucking her own father. God, it's so beautiful!"

I strain at my bonds, wanting to touch myself. I feel so desperate to cum. I'm glad that I'm tied up, though. The fact that I can't move my hands, can't touch my cock, makes me squirm with delight.

"Cum in me, Daddy," Chloe moans. "Please! I want to feel your hot cum inside me!"

Tom thrusts hard into my wife's cunt, hammering his daughter, pounding her. I sense that he's close. Which means that I'm moments away from tasting his cum in my wife's pussy.


Tom arches his back as he buries himself to the hilt inside Chloe. His hips buckle as they press against her ass. He throws his head back and grunts.

"Yes!" Maggie whispers. She whimpers in my ear. I suspect that she is close to her own orgasm. My cock is aching, throbbing, burning.

Tom pulls back to where just the tip is inside Chloe, and he lets his last few ejaculations pool at her entrance. When he finally stops and steps away, I can see the semen oozing from between Chloe's labia.

I want it.

I pull at my bonds, grunting. I'm desperate to taste that cum. I fear it. I despise it, but I know that I want it so bad -- even as I hate myself for wanting it.

Chloe smiles at me and motions for me with a crooked finger. Maggie unties my ankles and then my wrists. My cock is aching so hard as I stumble toward her. I fall down between my wife's thighs and look at the stream of white goo seeping from her slit.

"Oh, God," I moan in despair, eliciting chuckles from everyone in the room.

Chloe puts her hand on top of my head and gently pushes me down. My nostrils are filled with the pungent aroma of her pussy mingled with the rank stench of another man's cum. I feel Maggie's dress flutter against my naked body as she kneels beside me.

"Go on, Sam," she encourages me. "You know you want it. You loved watching Tom fill her up. This is your reward for being a good cuckold."

I stop resisting Chloe and let her push me all the way down to her cunt. I open my mouth and plant a kiss onto her sloppy labia.

"Yes, Baby," my wife croons. "Lick Daddy's cum. Eat it, Honey. Just like you promised."

My heart is fluttering in my chest. My stomach is doing somersaults. Despite my revulsion -- or maybe because of it -- I stick out my tongue and taste the incestuous mess. Chloe's sweet, salty musk is mingled with Tom's spunk. It reminds me of bleach and snot -- so salty and bitter. As I pull my tongue in, I feel it slide back. I fear that I'm about to gag, but when I hear Chloe moan, it urges me on. I swallow.

"Good boy, Sam," my wife purrs, and I feel her praise tumble inside my belly, making my balls ache as my dick throbs even harder.

I look up into her eyes, and I can see that she's proud of me. Strangely, I feel proud as well. I just swallowed a gob of my father in-law's cum. And, God help me, I want more. Looking into my wife's eyes, I push my tongue out again and take another taste of Tom's load.

"Fuck yes!" Chloe moans. "Eat it, Baby. Eat Daddy's spunk. God, I love watching you humiliate yourself this way. I love you so much, Sam!"

I feel Maggie get down on the floor between me and the bed, and her mouth finds my cock. It's warm. It's wet. It feels so good. I remember that Chloe told me she wanted my next orgasm to be while I ate her father's cum from her pussy. She said she wanted to make me desperate for the taste of her dad's cum inside her. Despite myself, I realise that I already am.

Chloe holds my mouth down on her cunt, and I moan into her as Maggie starts moving her mouth up and down my cock. I'm about to fill Tom's wife's mouth with my load as I eat his load from my wife. My head is spinning with how fucked up it is. But I know that I love it. I hate how it makes me feel, and I love how much I hate it.

God, what's wrong with me?

As I slurp Tom's semen from Chloe's pussy, I feel my dick hit the back of Maggie's throat, and I lose it. I moan in my ecstasy, groaning against my wife's cunt. The volume of my load feels incredible. It's like I hadn't cum in weeks or something, even though I painted Chloe's tits less than an hour ago. It just keeps coming. I just keep cumming. I feel Maggie's head freeze. She's not swallowing. She's holding it. I can't wait to see what she does with it.

"Are you a desperate cumslut now, Sam?" Chloe asks.

I am.

I nod. And I don't stop liking up Tom's cum.

"Taste it, Honey," Chloe says, letting the pressure off the back of my head. She starts running her fingers through my hair as I continue to lick and suck up Tom's load. "Taste how much I love my Daddy."

As much as I hated the smell and taste of Tom's cum when I started, I know that I'm hooked. I love the salty bitterness now. I love the way it slides down my throat. I shove my tongue deeper into my wife's incestuous cunt to find every last drop that I can. I know that there's more in there that is just out of my reach, but I want it.

My orgasm subsides, and Maggie sucks me dry, still never swallowing. She crawls out from under me. Her hair is a mess, but it makes her look even more attractive. She winks at me then opens her mouth carefully to show Chloe my cum. Chloe opens her mouth, and Maggie leans over, letting my semen spill out Chloe's mouth. The sight of the white froth being shared between mother and daughter is so erotic that I wish my cock was hard again.

Chloe holds my cum. She doesn't swallow it. I think for a moment that she's going to make me eat it, but Maggie goes to the crib and gets Kaylee out.

"Hey, Pumpkin," she says to her granddaughter. "Mommy has a surprise for you."

"S'pise?" Kaylee mutters, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Yeah, she's got a nice big mouthful of your daddy's cum to feed you."

Maggie lays Kaylee down on the bed, and Chloe rolls over onto her belly, propping herself up on her elbows and smiles at our daughter.

"Open up, Kaylee," Maggie sings. "Let Mommy kiss you and feed you that hot jizz."

I watch in agonizing bliss as my daughter opens her mouth. Chloe leans over and spits out a stream of my spooge, now even frothier, between Kaylee's pudgy lips.

"From mother to child...and again from mother to child," Tom says, laying a hand on my shoulder. "It's so fucking beautiful to watch someone eat your cum, isn't it?"

I gulp as I nod. I take his meaning, that it was erotic for him to watch me eat his seed.

"You did good, Kid," Tom tells me.

"You really did," Maggie says, reaching out to stroke my face. "Suck my husband's cock clean with me," she says, getting down on her knees with me.

I know now that I'm not going to refuse. Tom takes ahold of my head as I feel Maggie's face next to mine. I open my mouth, looking up at my father in-law and let him shove his limp dick into me. I close my eyes. I can taste more of Chloe's cum than his, and it makes me smile. But when I suck him, I feel a few drops of his jizz land on my tongue. When I swallow now, it's with pleasure.

Maggie gets on the other side of me, and Tom pushes his now-swollen dick between our mouths. Maggie and I gaze into each other's eyes as we push our mouths together to embrace either side of his dick. When Tom's dick pulls back, I find Maggie's mouth fully on mine. He holds back for a moment to let me kiss his wife. Her tongue pushes into my mouth, and I feel her lust. I can taste my cum on her. And then Tom is back between us, interrupting the bliss of being kissed so passionately by my mother in-law.

"God, Mom," Chloe giggles. "You've got it bad for my husband."

Maggie pulls away from her husband's dick to smile at her daughter. "I want him, Baby. I want to fuck your husband so bad. I really do."

"Well get in line," Chloe says, and she motions to me to come to her, "because I need to reward him for being such a good cuck."

I crawl to Chloe on my hands and knees. She reaches down to me from the bed, running her fingers through my hair.

"You were such a good little bitch," she says with a smile. "I think you deserve to fuck me."

My heart leaps, and my eyes light up.

"But first, make our daughter cum."

Kaylee is lying on the edge of the bed. Chloe spreads our daughter's legs.

"Daddy's going to lick your pussy, Sweetie. Do you want that?"

"Yeah!" Kaylee squeals. "Want Daddy make pussy fee good."

"Hi, Princess," I say as I crawl up between her legs.

"Hi, Daddy. You wick my pussy?"

"Oh, Kaylee," I moan. "I'm going to lick you so hard. I want to taste your cum, Baby. Do you want to cum for Daddy?"

"Yeah," she says, grabbing her puffy labia with her pudgy fingers.

I move her hand away and replace it with my mouth, pushing my tongue between her bald, fat folds. I feel her shiver. It makes Chloe giggle.

"Doesn't it feel amazing when Daddy licks you there?" she asks our child.

"Uh huh," Kaylee mutters, but I know her mind isn't focused on Chloe's words. It's focused on my tongue and what it's doing to her baby cunt.

I feel my daughter put her hands on my head, and it makes me moan. I love how desperate she is for her orgasm. I love the feeling of her yearning as she raises her hips to push her pussy harder against my mouth. I reward her by flattening my tongue against her tiny, little clit. When she gasps, my cock begins to swell again.

"Dad-dy," she moans.

"Yeah, Kaylee," Chloe encourages. "Tell him how good it feels. Beg Daddy to make your little pussy cum."

"Daddy!" my two-year-old moans again. "Ungh, Daddy! More!"

I shove my tongue into her opening, feeling the resistance of her hymen. She startles from the shock of it, pulling her pussy back from the intrusion, but in less than a heartbeat, she is back to grinding her tiny cunt against my mouth.

"Peeese, Daddy!" she groans. "Peeese!"

Maggie and Tom watch in morbid fascination as I eat their baby granddaughter's cunt.

"She's so much like you, Chloe," Tom says.

"Such a desperate, little slut," Maggie comments. "Look at how she's thrusting her hips. She's going to love taking that cock when she's able."

Hearing my in-laws discuss the sexuality of my two-year-old while I lick her pussy is driving me insane with lust. But when Kaylee grabs my hair with her chubby fists and starts spasming under my mouth, my dick swells again.

"Oh, yes!" Chloe gasps. "Look at her cum. Cum for Daddy, Kaylee!"

"Cumming?" Kaylee asks. I hear the shiver in her voice. "Cumming?" she asks again, at a higher pitch. "UUNNNGgggh!" she gasps. I know she's no longer in control of her body as her hips buck and thrust. I press down with my mouth, keeping her body trapped on the bed as she writhes in ecstasy.

"Fuck, Sammy, that was beautiful," Chloe says, running her fingers through my hair. "Is your dick hard again? Put it inside me. I want you to feel Daddy's cum."

My lips are wet with my daughter's cum, and as Chloe guides my cock into her sloppy pussy with one hand, she pulls me to her mouth with the other. As my dick enters her, she shoves her tongue into me to drink our daughter's orgasm from my mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, our baby girl tastes so sweet on your lips," she croons.

I drive myself deep into Chloe, and she sighs with pleasure. I feel the lust burning inside of me. I know that what I really want right now is to fuck my daughter, but that it's not possible. My wife's cunt will have to do.

Chloe lies back, looking into my eyes.

"You wish you were inside her. Don't you?" she asks with a smile.

I nod as I hammer into her.

"You're having to settle for fucking me right now. Aren't you?"

God, is she reading my mind?

"I know what it feels like, Baby," she said, reaching up to stroke my cheek. "Every time I'm fucking you, I always wish it was my Daddy instead."

I should have expected that response after everything I've been through today, but it hits me like a punch to the gut. My eyes water. Chloe pulls me down to he and kisses my eyes. When I pull away, I see her licking my tears from her lips.

"Your humiliation tastes so delicious," she sighs. "But now you know. Little girls are made for their Daddy's cocks to fuck. And Daddy's cocks are for fucking their little girls. It doesn't mean we don't love each other, you and I. I just means that we belong to someone else."

I nod, biting my lip, as I continue to fuck my wife.

"Can you feel Daddy's cum inside me?"

I nod again. She smiles and sighs. She turns her head to look at our child. Maggie picks Kaylee up and hands her to Chloe. My wife holds our daughter to her breast, steadying it against the wave of power from each thrust I make into her cunt. Kaylee latches on and feeds from Chloe's tit as I keep fucking her.

"Don't cum in me," Chloe tells me. "My cunt is for Daddy's cum. And your cum is for Chloe. When you're almost there, pull out of me and finish on her body. Slide it between her labia or just jack it onto her face. I want our little girl to be covered in your desperate cum. You have to cum outside her for now, but someday you will pound her cunt while she begs you to fill it."

"UNGH!" I groan. Chloe's words are pushing me there. The combination of lust for my wife and daughter, the humiliation, the feeling of being so exposed and raw in front of my in-laws, the desperation for the one pussy that I want most in this world that I can't have yet...

"Fuck!" I cry, pulling my shaft from Chloe's gaping pussy. She spreads Kaylee's legs. I rub my sloppy shaft against her labia, still wet with my saliva and her own grool. Chloe pushes Kaylee's legs together, trapping my cock between her fat thighs. I thrust, and it feels like heaven.

"Don't you want to beg Daddy to cum for you, Kaylee?" Chloe croons.

I watch my daughter's pudgy lips let go of Chloe's nipple. She turns to me with a smile.

"Wanna cum fo me, Dad-dy?" she asks with a smile.

I look into her big, blue eyes, as I push against her body. So perfect. So sweet. So young. My orgasm rockets through me, shooting out with so much force that it hits Kaylee in the face. She startles, but when the next blast comes, she giggles. Her tiny hand reaches up to feel the hot, sticky mess I'm painting her with.

"God, that's beautiful," Maggie whispers.

"She was born to be bathed in his cum," Tom murmurs. "That's what little girls are for."

"Yes, Sammy!" Chloe cries out. "Cum on our little girl's face. Make her take your load!"

Blast after searing blast of jizz shoots from my rod, arching over Kaylee's tiny body to spatter on her face. She tries to catch it in her dimpled hands, but she only succeeds in smearing it around. Then she gets some in her mouth, and it's like a switch was flipped. I watch my daughter push her sticky fingers into her mouth and suck my cum from them.

"Yes, you slut!" I groan. "Eat my cum, Kaylee, you fucking whore!"

My words embarrass me, but I mean them. I feel the fervor inside of me, degrading my child as the dirty slut that she is, despite the fact that she is till several months away from her third birthday.

"You're my bitch, Kaylee," I grunt.

"Yeah," Kaylee giggles, rubbing her hands in the jizz to bring it to her mouth and suck it off.

"Mmm, Kaylee, you're such a good cumslut for Daddy, aren't you?" Chloe croons.

As my ejaculation wanes down, Chloe looks up at me. "Put the last few squirts right in her mouth, Sam," she says with a devilish grin, relaxing her hold on Kaylee's legs to free my cock.

I move closer, my erection sliding up my my daughter's body.

"Take Daddy's cock, Baby," Chloe instructs, "and suck all that yummy cum out of him."

Kaylee giggles as she grabs my shaft. I wince at the fierce grip when she takes hold with her cum-covered hands. She pulls me to her greedily, until my head is on her lips, and she works me like a sippy cup, sucking the last of my hot cum right into her mouth.

"Yes, Kaylee," I grunt. "Suck Daddy's cum. Eat it all, Princess."

The sight of my daughter -- my two-year-old daughter for fuck sake! -- grabbing my shaft and sucking my head with her plump, little lips is the most beautiful thing in the world. Her face is smeared with my semen, and her big, blue eyes look up at me while she drains my cock.

"Praise her, Sam," Maggie whispers in my ear. "You want to reward this kind of behavior."

"You're a good girl, Kaylee," I pant.

"Don't praise the deed; praise the effort," Tom tells me.

I think on what he's saying. It's hard because my body is coursing with tingles, I'm out of breath, and I feel dizzy.

"I love the way you're grabbing my dick, Kaylee," I say, looking down at her. Her eyes crinkle with a smile as she continues sucking. "And your little mouth feels so good on my cock. I love it when you suck Daddy."

Tom pats me on the back to let me know I did alright.

"Doesn't she look so pretty covered in your cum, Sam?" Chloe asks.

It dawns on me that Chloe's family is training me on how to train Kaylee. Chloe is asking me a leading question to tell me how I should praise our child.

"Don't tell Kaylee that she looks pretty, tell Chloe about Kaylee's beauty," Maggie whispers. "We always believe most the things people say about us to others.

"Yeah, she looks so fucking pretty," I reply to Chloe. "I love how she looks when she's got my cum all over her face."

"I think he's learning," Maggie says to Chloe. I smile, catching her trick. She's praising me to Chloe instead of doing it directly. And she's right. It means so much more that way, like it must be honest.

"He's going to make a fine Daddy," Tom contributes.

My dick finally starts to deflate, and upon seeing my discomfort, Chloe pries Kaylee's fingers away. Kaylee starts to pout at losing her new toy.

"Why don't you give her a kiss, Sam? I think she earned a nice, wet, sexy kiss from her Daddy," Chloe suggests.

Kaylee's lips are slathered in my semen. It's like some kind of incestuous, nepiophilic lip gloss. I realize, looking down at her, that I'm in love with my daughter. The sight of her face, her bright eyes, her pouty lips, her soft, round cheeks, makes my heart tumble in my chest. I lean in. Her breath smells of equal parts of breastmilk and cum, and I realize that this in my new aphrodisiac.

"I love you, Kaylee," I tell her. Then I kiss her. It's not chaste. It's not fatherly. I kiss her with all the passion I feel in my heart.

Her mouth is mostly unresponsive. She doesn't know how to kiss back yet. But, somehow, that makes it hotter for me. The fact that I'm passionately kissing a child who isn't even potty trained yet stirs my heart. I'm no longer scared. All the worry I'd been feeling about how wrong this must be fades away. I push my tongue between her lips, tasting my own jizz. Her tongue meets mine, and I realize that she's licking my cum of my tongue.

"You like the taste of Daddy's cum, don't you?" I ask, pulling away to look down at her.

She nods.

"Feed it to her," Chloe purrs. "Every drop. She was born to eat your cum, Sam."

I lean in and lick my semen from my daughter's face, getting a big glob of the now cool spooge on my tongue, then I kiss her again, slipping my tongue into her mouth the feel her suck it from me. I do it over and over until her face is clean, and I realize that in the process I'm teaching my daughter how to french kiss me. It's so perverted and sick. I love it.

By the time her face is clean, she's tired again. I realize that I am to. Chloe sees it, and she tells her parents that it's time to go. As I snuggle into bed with my daughter's sleeping body next to me, I watch my wife stand on her tiptoes to kiss her father passionately.

Maggie sits down on the edge of the bed to put her stockings back on.

"That's what you're in for," she tells me.

"I know." I smile, looking up at my cheating, incestuous wife as she kisses her father. I'm no longer jealous of my wife's cheating, I realize. Instead I'm jealous that Tom already has the little girl of his dreams, a daughter to fuck, but I have to wait.

"She'll grow up before you know it," Maggie tells me as if reading my thoughts.

"I hope so," I reply, closing my eyes and snuggling into my daughter. I can't wait.

Next: Part 7: Birthday Princess

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