Child of the pure unclouded brow
And dreaming eyes of wonder!
Though time be fleet, and I and thou
Are half a life asunder,
Thy loving smile will surely hail
The love-gift of a fairy-tale.
~ The Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) ~

This is a love story about a middle aged man in a loving, romantic (physical, sexual) relationship with a young girl as she reaches the first bloom of adolescence; about the healing that such a relationship can bring to the dismally lonely and broken-hearted.

Please know, dear reader, that 'Rosenjack' is a FANTASY, an IDEALIZATION. Only in a PERFECT world could such a young girl derive the sexual healing and nurturing I have described here; and we do not, nor ever will, live in a perfect world. NONE OF US. Any man who tries to initiate or defend a sexual relationship with a young girl in the belief that he is helping or healing her, is a deluded and tragic creature who needs to be "fixed". I will gladly do the job myself; to quote Frank Miller, "There's nothing wrong with you that I can't fix... with my hands." There is a special place on an inner circle of HELL for those who would hurt, abuse or misuse children. If you would know my true feelings toward such people, please pay special attention to the third paragraph of chapter 18.

If you happen to enjoy any of this story, PLEASE let me know. Writing is like sex; so much better when more than one person is involved ;)

~~ Updated October 7th - no new content, but chapter groupings have been cleaned up and titled