Mom wanted to know what our plans were for the day. We said that we were going out to try to sell the rest of our candy bars. After we finished eating we headed out in hopes of selling the remaining 37 candy bars. We decided to hit the streets on the other side of the park: closer to Jeff's house than mine


We had been knocking on doors for over an hour without making a single sale: talk about bad luck. I could tell Jeff was starting to get frustrated, so I jokingly said, "Maybe we aren't selling anything because people can tell we're not wearing underpants..." Jeff laughed before saying, "Yeah, that's gotta be it: we should just

head back to your house and put some on..." with a smirk.

I had to laugh at my best friend's comment, "Yeah, maybe we should...but there're only two houses left on the street. Why don't we try them, if we strike out, then we'll go back," I half suggested, half prodded. With a shrug Jeff accepted my reasoning.

At the second to the last house a little old lady opened the door. We gave her our usual sales pitch and were surprised when she bought two candy bars from us. Only 35 more to go and we'd have the money to go to scout's camp! After she paid us for the two candy bars, she pointed across the street to the only house we'd yet to visit and told us, "Go to that house...they have kids...they'll buy some."

The instant the little old lady closed her door we were literally sprinting across the street. A few seconds after ringing the bell, the door was opened by a girl who looked to be about two years younger than us. When we asked her if she wanted to buy a candy bar, she paused for a moment giving us this funny look; then told us, "Come on in, while I think about it," I was a bit puzzled by her response: everybody else either said they weren't interested or said yes at the door. The girl's response so surprised me that I probably wouldn't have gone into her house, but my best friend had already stepped inside; so I followed him in.

While leading us into / through her house she introduced herself, "I'm Stephanie; and you guys are?"

"I'm Jeff," Jeff quickly spoke up, "and this is Ted," he pointed at me.

Directing us to the couch in the family room, Stephanie asked, "So the candy you're selling: what's it for?"

"Well, we're Cub Scouts," I explained, "The money is so we can go to Scout's Camp."

"You guys seem a little old to be Cub Scouts," Stephanie commented.

"We're both twelve," Jeff said.

Seeing the slightly confused look on Stephanie's face, I explained further, "Teenagers can't go to the camp, so this summer is our last chance to go..."

" guys really wanna go to camp," she commented.

"Well yeah, it's fun. Getting to sleep in a tent for two weeks, swimming, hiking, fishing, cooking over a camp fire..." I said.

"...No parents," Jeff added with enthusiasm.

Stephanie's facial expression changed; "that does sound kinda fun," she said. She took a breath before asking, "Can girls go to the camp too?"

"No," Jeff and I said at the same time. "Boys only," Jeff added.

"Hope they change that rule before next year," Stephanie pondered aloud. Seeing the confused looks on both Jeff's and my faces she explained, "I'm eleven."

"So, about the candy bars," Jeff asked.

After a second of awkward silence she said, "Uhm...yeah right... How `bout this: if you do something for me, I'll buy a couple candy bars."

"So, what do you want us to do?" Jeff and I asked at the same time. In the second or so of silence before she answered I started thinking it was gonna be some form of physical labor: moving a piece of furniture...or something like that.

"I...I want you to show me your dicks," Stephanie blurted out; her cheeks turning bright red as she spoke.

"Ahh..." Jeff and I both babbled in complete and utter disbelief.

"Look; my friend Kim is younger than me, she's already seen a guy's dick, and I haven't yet," she said. Not fully believing our own ears, Jeff and I just looked at each other. "Please, I will buy five candy bars if you show me your dicks," she pleaded with us.

"Uhm...okay; we'll show you our dicks," I blurted out, "but you have to take your clothes off," I continued, eager to see an actual living breathing girl naked.

After a couple seconds of silence she said, "Uhm...well...ah, but I'm buying five of your candy bars..." she trailed off.

"Uhn-huh; and there's two of us," Jeff said.

"Oh...uhm...well, yeah okay: that's, yeah...that sounds fair..." Stephanie pondered aloud.

Jeff and I stood and simply dropped our shorts to our feet. "Where's your underpants?" Stephanie asked in a surprised tone, as she stood up.

Jeff and I looked at each other before we both said, "we decided to not wear any today," at the same time.

"You mean guys coordinate what they wear too?"

"Well, no..." I began to explain.

"'s kinda complicated," Jeff continued.

Shrugging her shoulder and smiling a bashful smile, Stephanie asked, "Okay; so, what's it like?"

"You kinda forget about it," Jeff said.

"...but if you're thinking about it, it feels a little weird," I added.

"Humgh..." Stephanie said, "...I'll have to try that sometime," as pulled her dress up and over her head. The instant her chest came into view, Jeff and I might as well have been hypnotized. All we seemed to be able to do was stare at the pair of slightly swelling mounds on her ribcage, each of them crowned by a little pink nipple. I was so entranced by the sight of her little eleven-year-old boobs that I almost didn't notice Stephanie hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, as she pulled them down over her narrow hips.

What attracted my attention down towards her pubic region was the movement of her narrow hips as she stepped out of her panties. Once I realized she was fully and truly naked, my eyes seemed to automatically focus on the spot where her somewhat stick-like legs met... I barely believed what I was seeing: a simple slot (almost like a button hole in a piece of clothing) appeared at the juncture of her thighs and extended up to a little mound, about an inch and a half above... WOW! For some strange reason I had actually expected to see hair on her... But then again, Jeff and I didn't have any hair down there and we were older than Stephanie, so...

Jeff and I must have been staring at her crack for a god two or three minutes before I happened to glance up, to see that she was staring at or dicks. The way she was staring at our dicks: taking in every detail, was almost unnerving.

"Can I touch them?" she tentatively asked after a good five minutes of silence.

"What `them'?" Jeff asked.

"Your dicks," Stephanie replied with a giggle.

"Sure; go ahead," I said nonchalantly, doing my best to seem only marginally interested in letting her physically explore my privates.

As Stephanie began cautiously reaching out towards our crotches, I suddenly became aware of the fact that my best friend and I were pants-less in the house of a girl we didn't know and she was naked! "Uhm, Stephanie: what about your parents?" I asked.

"What about `em?" she asked.

"Well...ah, where are they?" I asked, concerned about getting caught.

"Huh...oh, well Dad is deployed." Seeing the confused looks on our faces she explained, "He's in the army...overseas. Mom took my little sisters to the doctor...they'll be gone for a couple hours... Sit: make yourselves comfortable."

Relieved by her response, Jeff and I sat our bare butts back down on the couch while Stephanie leaned over in front of us. She reached out and placed a hand on each of our dicks. She gently squeezed both of our dicks at the same time, before running her hands up the length of our dicks. She began rolling the heads of our dicks in her fingers: it felt a little weird, but in a good way... "Ouuu," she practically cooed, "they feel really neat...really warm, hard and soft at the same time..."

"Yeah... they taste good too," Jeff said with a smirk.

Stephanie bent over and licked my dick: OH MY GOD did that feel GOOD! "Wow...that does taste good," she said with a giggle.

"Yeah," I said with a chuckle, "Feels pretty good when you lick it too..."

Stephanie squatted on the floor between Jeff and me. She leaned over Jeff's legs and gave his twelve-year-old dick a lick. "Wha-oh!" he half groaned.

Straightening her back, Stephanie went back to half rubbing, half feeling our dicks with her hands. She tilted her head to the side a little and made a strange face: like she was deep in thought. After a few seconds Stephanie leaned over my legs, opened her mouth and plunged her head down over my dick. She moved her head down until almost my entire dick was in her mouth. Suddenly this unnervingly repulsive gagging sound came from Stephanie. She quickly pulled her head back up and had a very disgusted look on her face. "Gagged?" I asked.

"Yeah," she grimaced, "felt like I was about to puke..."

I shuddered at the very thought of her puking all over my dick and balls. Although, I couldn't help but wonder how that would feel...

"Try swallowing when the tip gets to your throat," Jeff suggested. She gave me this questioning look; giving her a little smile, I just nodded.

Stephanie took a breath and plunged her head back down over my crotch: engulfing my twelve-year-old dick in her eleven-year-old mouth. When about three-quarters of my dick was in her mouth I felt her swallow as she jammed her head down the rest of the way...until her cute little nose was pressed against my pubic bone. She swallowed a second time, then moved her head back up until just the head of my dick was in her mouth. She plunges down and once again swallowed my twelve-year-old dick into her eleven-year-old throat.

In little more than a minute Stephanie had gotten into a pretty good rhythm of moving her head up-and-down while swallowing my dick into and out of her throat. And GOD DAMN it felt GREAT!

She had been sucking on my dick for maybe five minutes or so, when Jeff asked, "Gonna do that to me too?"

She let my dick slip from her mouth, rotated her body, and leaned over Jeff's legs. An instant later Stephanie's lips were wrapped around the head of my best friend's twelve-year-old dick; and her head was moving up-and-down over his crotch: his dick sliding in-and-out of her mouth... For a few seconds I just sat there on the couch watching as Stephanie's head bobbed up-and-down over Jeff's crotch.

Fun as it was watching a naked girl sucking on my best friend's dick, there was just one problem: I couldn't really see anything. Her hair was covering up her face (and where Jeff's dick disappeared into her mouth). As far as the rest of her: all I could see was the bare skin of her shoulders and back...and I wanted to see more. So, I slid off the couch onto the floor, then scooted around behind Stephanie.

I was getting my first close-up look at a pussy: WOW! There was a little slit cutting vertically through Stephanie's mound. The slit was slightly open; its inside looked to be pink colored...and appeared to be glistening... That meant the inside of her pussy was wet; and, according to Cassidy and Clayton, that meant she was turned on...WOW!!!

Curious to see if the glistening appearance was, in fact, moistness I reached my hand out. The instant the tip of my finger made contact with her eleven-year-old slit; she literally jumped into the air: Jeff's dick falling from her mouth. "Hey, what the," Jeff complained.

Ignoring my best friend's complaint, "Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," I apologized to Stephanie.

"You didn't hurt me," she replied mater-of-factly, "Surprised me: yeah..." she took a breath, "but seeing how I've been touching your dicks for a while, you can touch me there..." she giggled, " much as you want..."

Before Stephanie could suck Jeff's dick into her mouth, my fingers were on her pussy again. I moved my hand up-and-down the length of her slit: tracing the opening in her soft warm flesh with the tip of my index finger. It was most certainly moist: WOW! When the tip of my index finger reached the top of her slit I felt a little bump. I traced a circle around it with the tip of my finger, then moved my hand back towards the bottom of her slit. When my fingertip was once again at the top of her slit I gently squeezed the surprisingly hard little bump between my finger and thumb.

"Mrnf," the strangest sound came from Stephanie.

"OH MY GOD! Do that again," Jeff groaned in pleasure. I was once again moving my fingers down towards the bottom of Stephanie's slit.

Again, when my finger reached the top of Stephanie's slit I gently squeezed the surprisingly hard little bump between my finger and thumb. And again, the strange sound came from Stephanie, "Mrnf!" this time though, it was a bit louder... Beginning to move my fingers back down I noticed that her slit was definitely moister than it had been before: clearly a good sign.

Having tasted my best friend's twelve-year-old dick and swallowed his cream...I couldn't help but wonder what Stephanie's eleven-year-old pussy and its moistness tasted like. Bending forward I pressed my lips against Stephanie's hairless little eleven-year-old pussy and kissed it. Licking my lips I decided that, despite not being able to really describe it, I liked the taste.

I stuck my tongue out and pressed its tip in between the sides of Stephanie's slit. Tilting my head back, I licked all the way up the length of her crack. When my tongue got to the hard little bump at the top of her slit I closed my lips around it, the same way I had around my best friend's dick, and gently sucked on it.

"Just put your dick in," Stephanie surprised me by saying. There was no way in hell I was going to pass up a chance to see what fucking a girl's pussy was like. I crawled up behind her and placed the tip of my dick at her pussy hole. She pushed her hips back: the head of my dick slipped into her hot hole. It was so tight and warm: IT FELT GREAT!!! So great I wondered if it was possible to die from pleasure...

I must have been paralyzed with pleasure; because I couldn't seem to move my body at all. Or, maybe I was so dumbstruck by the idea that the head of my dick was actually inside a real living breathing girl's pussy that I was lacking the brain power needed to make my body move...

I must have been frozen there for a full minute when Stephanie said, "You can push it in..." in a half exacerbated tone. Her words snapped me out of the trance-like state I was in and I began slowly moving my hips forward...not stopping until I felt my twelve-year-old balls bump against her thighs.

With my dick fully inside Stephanie's pussy I paused for a second, enjoying the warmth and tightness of her eleven-year-old hole...and contemplating the way it seemed to ripple around my twelve-year-old dick...

Rocking my hips back I withdrew my dick. The moisture in her slit made it (physically) so easy to slide my dick in and out... WOW it felt GREAT!

Over a period of about thirty seconds or so, I got into a steady rhythm: sliding my dick all the way into Stephanie's pussy until I felt her butt-cheeks press up against my belly, then pulling my dick out until just its head was inside her warm wet eleven-year-old hole.

As I continued to side my dick in-and-out of her pussy I began going faster...and faster... The faster I went the better it felt: and it felt OH SO GOOD!

About three or four minutes after I first put my dick into Stephanie's pussy I heard a loud groan, "Oug-hoo-whu!" It was Jeff: and judging by his groan, I was all but certain my best friend was about to shoot his hot twelve-year-old boy cream in Stephanie's eleven-year-old mouth.

"Jeff's gonna squirt some salty stuff in your mouth. Swallow it, so it doesn't make a mess," I advised. Stephanie nodded her head as she continued sucking on my best friend's dick.

Knowing my best friend was either already or about to shoot his hot twelve-year-old boy cream into Stephanie's eleven-year-old mouth and she was prepared to swallow it pushed me over the edge. Taking a breath I shoved my twelve-year-old dick as deep into Stephanie's pussy as I could. With her bare butt-cheeks pressed tightly against my belly I felt my balls draw up under my dick. An instantly later the first bug spurt of my hot boy cream was erupting from my dick: spewing deep inside Stephanie's eleven-year-old pussy. A second later another spurt of my hot boy cream spewed out of my dick into her pussy...then another, and another, and another...

Considering I had already shot my hot twelve-year-old boy cream twice that morning, the fact that only six spurts spewed out of my dick into Stephanie's tight eleven-year-old pussy seemed acceptable... So I rocked my hips back allowing my softening twelve-year-old dick to slip out of Stephanie's cum filled eleven-year-old pussy with a slurping sound.

I had swung my body around and sat on the floor with my back against the front of the couch when Stephanie asked, "How do you guys know so much about sex stuff?"

"Well, I heard some stuff from my brother..." Jeff commented.

"Your brother?" Stephanie asked.

"He's fifteen," Jeff explained.

"We also are friends with a few guys who are a couple years older than us," I added.

"Oh..." Stephanie mused, before asking, "So...well, how'd you know about the taste?"

My best friend and I glared at each other for about thirty seconds: neither of us could really blame the other for Stephanie's question; as we had both mentioned the taste... "Well..." I began to try to offer an explanation.

Another few seconds passed in silence.

"You guys sucked on each other," she said in an accusing tone.

"Well...yea," Jeff mumbled.

"I thought they didn't allow gay guys in the scouts," Stephanie commented.

"We're not gay; and they don't," I definitively declared.

"Exactly," Jeff said, before explaining our actions, "we wanted to see what it felt like; so ..." he trailed off.

"Oh...well that's okay, I guess," Stephanie said.

"So can I put my dick in your hole?" Jeff asked in a hopeful tone.

"Sure," Stephanie gleefully replied, before quickly inhaling and nervously asking, "Hey wait, what time is it?"

I glanced at my wrist watch, "11:09," I said.

A look of terror racked Stephanie's face, "Crap! Mom'll be back with my little sisters any minute." Fearful of getting caught the three of us hopped into our respective clothes in a flash.

"What about the candy bars you said you'd buy?" I asked as Jeff and I were running towards the door.

"Wait outside: I'll have the money for you in a second," Stephanie replied as she turned and ran up-stairs. Jeff and I stepped outside on the porch and closed the front door of Stephanie's house behind us.

After a few seconds of waiting, Stephanie opened the door and gave us money; we in turn gave her five candy bars. "You guys on mIpage?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah," Jeff and I both said at the same time.

"'Buddy' me, maybe we can do this again..." she said.

"Hell yeah," I eagerly replied in the fraction of a second before she closed the door.

By the time Jeff and I had gotten to the sidewalk at the edge of the street a car pulled into the driveway at Stephanie's house. HOLY SHIT: we just barely missed getting caught...


"Only 30 bars to go: wanna try the next block?" Jeff asked. "Sure," I replied.


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Dillo Repeating their ages so often was quite annoying
Hearing readers' thoughts is always good: particularly if it can help in the writing of a better story...

--this guy
hairless balls - (Billiard reference) Thank you so much for sharing your writing. I was just introduced to you through Chris Haley's site. I have only read the "Cum Scouts" , but must say that I am avidly anticipating the other stories of yours that are available. Your stories are a breath of fresh air and I find them well-written and just innovative enough to be refreshing and interesting. Although I would be remiss if I didn't mention that a few areas required quite a stretch of the imagination, e.g., accidental anal intercourse and unnoticed loss of anal virginity. Also, perhaps a little too liberal and repetitive sprinkling of adjectives surrounding the ejaculatory process, results, orifices and appendages. (This is a quirk shared by one of my favorite ASSTR authors, Alex Hawk). And let me quickly say that these observations are inconsequential and insignificant little shadows in the bright and shining glow of my vicarious enjoyment of my reading sessions. Kudos, to you, and thanks again.

Yours truly,

hairless balls
Always good to hear from a fan of my work. I try to write the sort of stories I prefer to read; so there may be a few things within my stories, in terms of content and how they read (i.e. grammar and the use of specific words and phrases), that are not so common... I'm also a fan of Alex Hawk's stories which is likely the source of me highly describing orgasms and the like... Additionally, I've found that stories containing an element that is a bit outrageous (i.e. somewhat beyond what we might expect to see in real life: such as accidental intercourse, characters going much farther much faster than real people would in the same situation, and the use of sexual positions that are anatomically not quite possible) can greatly enhance the erotic nature of a story.

--this guy

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