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A cute look of concentration passed over Gianna Mare's fourteen-year-old face as she deftly maneuvered the tip of Dr. Leo Cohen's very stiff penis to the mouth of her generously drooling cunt. Not that this was a challenging task for the very experienced girl: she had been blessed -- or rather, first her father, and then the rest of the adult male members of the Daughter Share Program had been blessed -- by her very early menarche, which meant that she had been through her first track -- a Track B case, the doctor recalled -- followed swiftly by Track D at an unusually young age, and so had made a very youthful first entry into the Daughter Share "lending pool."

She had been immediately quite popular, naturally, among the gentleman membership, men so privileged and self-entitled that the existing variety of thirteen- and fourteen-year old vagina had become, for them, quotidian. Then twelve-year-old Gianna’s arrival in the “pool” had led to a feeding frenzy that had hardly abated since.

Therefore now, with two years’ worth of very frequent pairings tucked away under her still-sparse pubic tuft, she certainly knew her way around a dick. Further, having been one of the doctor's all-time favorites, the raven-haired teen of northern Italian heritage was definitely no stranger to handling his particular impressive set of genitalia.

In short, it wasn't unfamiliarity or inexperience which occasioned the look of concentration across her striking visage, but rather the challenge she was about to undertake. Years earlier she had been childlike enough to giggle when Dr. Cohen had trained her in what he called "The Inchworm". Although these days she no longer giggled at the name, Leo was certain that if he could at this moment affix his usual biofeedback conditioning apparatus, her indicated arousal responses would be spiking just as high as they had been the day she was first introduced to the technique.

When executing The Inchworm, a girl must straddle her subject and slowly descend, engulfing his manhood in as excruciatingly slow a process as she can manage. Girls like Gianna delighted in the challenge, in the agony of prolonged self-denial, and of course in the psychic reward that pleasing her assigned partner always provided to a well-conditioned girl.

And Gianna was well conditioned. She was also very good at The Inchworm. Leo frankly admitted to himself, as he felt her moisture descend upon his glans, that in her case "The Millimeter Worm" would be a more apt description of the experience, because with her tight core muscle control, her sleek but well-toned thighs, and her still very taut vagina, Gianna was capable of making the evolution consume a full five minutes from first tip-kiss to complete embedment, while never seeming to pause for a moment in her inexorable descent. Her powers in this regard were unequalled in the seasoned clinician's experience.

"Am I your first this evening, my dear?"

A nod. "Yes Doctor. Well, of course I sucked on my dad the whole drive over, but didn't let him cum. You're the first in my fun hole." A smile. That had been the genital term he used with her in her earliest training. His methods tended towards a more direct and clinical lexicon with most patients, but research had shown that with the very youngest subjects -- despite being pubescent, as required -- a more playful approach could yield faster results. Of course, Gianna was no child now, not at fourteen with literally hundreds of couplings to her credit, so her use of the term with her former therapist was at this point simply an expression of her affection.

"I'm glad to hear it. I love being the first inside your sweet body, Gianna." Leo glanced to his right just as another girl, of mixed race and also completely nude, approached and handed him a highball glass, chilled and full of very highly watered scotch. Leo had no desire to elevate his blood alcohol materially, not with so many physical sensations yet to enjoy in their fullest this evening, but he did like to stay hydrated, and the scotch flavor kept him sipping throughout these monthly evening-long club conclaves.

"Oh thank you, Tabitha." A sip, and then after placing the glass on the side table he reached around the girl's waist and pulled her towards him, until she stood right beside the chaise upon which he reposed. Tabitha and Gianna exchanged smiles, and the latter continued her challenging athletic endeavor. Leo reached between Tabitha's legs from behind and easily slid his middle finger into her slick and heated pussy.

"Ah, but you've already been having some fun tonight, haven't you?"

"Not enough, yet, Doc," she laughed with a pretend pout. "I mean, Reverend Mueller fucked me when I got here, you can probably feel his cum, but other than that I only got to refluff my dad after he nailed Esther -- gave it to her in real grudge-fuck-style, just like she loves it -- anyway, just got to suck on him till he was hard again, then whoosh, he's dragging Sigourney down the hall to the blue bedroom. I guess they're in love."

The girls laughed together again, and in unison sing-songed "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" That was the joke among the girls anytime a man took a girl into privacy during one of these club meetings, where of course most couplings took place catch-as-catch-can, in full view of whoever happened by the couch or chaise or pool table upon which things were happening. Both girls, and of course the doctor, knew that there was nothing monogamous or particularly private about Tabitha's dad -- Mr. Marques -- and his sexual activity. Although neither Gianna nor Leo had observed it on this day, both could be confident that Mr. Marques had "grudge-fucked" Esther Mueller in full view of all in the vicinity -- the display of his very large, black ramrod aggressively splitting her tiny Asian body wide open was a common -- and popular -- attraction almost every month. But changing things up was all part of the fun, so it was no surprise that for a second round, Mr. Marques had chosen to enjoy sixteen-year-old Sigourney Travers in a more "girlfriend experience" setting.

Leo looked up into Tabitha's lovely milk-chocolate-complected face. She was in a sense part of Mr. Marques' "second family," because her own birth mother had been part of the lending library a good decade and a half previously. Mr. Marques, Leo recalled, had swapped breeding rights with a Mr. Swenson in those days, and in his case, had been lucky enough to get a granddaughter, Tabitha, bred into his own daughter, Millicent, a baby whom he and his wife adopted to raise as their own. Mrs. Marques had, of course, insisted on adopting her teenaged daughter’s baby to free Millicent to finish high school, go to college, start and career and so forth without the burdens of practical motherhood. Mr. Marques had, of course, engineered the entire process and in doing so had secured for himself the right to return to the club these many years later with a fresh young "daughter." Mr. Swenson, Tabitha's Nordic biological father, had come out on the other side of the equation: his blond daughter had birthed Mr. Marques' biological son, whom he and his wife had adopted as their own. This young man was now a damn good wrestler on the high school team (freshman squad), but of course was not a ticket back into the delights of the Daughter Share program for Mr. Swenson. Leo occasionally encountered Mr. Swenson, now in his early sixties, out in the town. Of course, out of discretion they never spoke publicly, but Mr. Swenson always acknowledged him with a slight nod and a wistful look.

Tabitha and Mr. Marques, in contrast, were current club members in the highest standing, both being quite popular with their respective mating partners. Tabitha would probably, in an earlier century, have been described as a "quadroon", with light brown skin and rather easily straightened hair, yet she still exhibited the lovely long, slender neck, dusky eyes, and high forehead that can be so lovely in some women of African descent. Dr. Cohen also particularly loved her high, shelf-like derrière. At this moment, he loved it so much so that he removed his now-slickened digit from the youngster's vagina and probed at her anus. Not forgetting his primary partner, he turned to smile at Gianna, who had by this time engulfed his entire cockhead, her abdominal muscles showing lovely definition in her exertion. His finger slipped into Tabitha's bottom, only as deep as the first joint, and he looked back up into her lovely face.

"You know I love this one, sweetheart."

"I know, Doctor. Want me to save it for you?"

"Mmm. My dance card is full tonight, my dear. And you know you must permit each of your gentleman partners this evening to enjoy you however he pleases. If one of them wants this exquisite orifice -- and why wouldn't they all? -- then of course he has every right to it. But...if you can entice them to enjoy you somewhere else..." She clearly understood his advice, for she swept her tongue across her full, gorgeous lips and half-lowered her eyelids coquettishly.

"I think I might be able to entice all of tonight's men to another hole, Doctor..."

"I suspect you can, Tabitha -- nobody looks more lovely sucking cock than you do, my dear. So, if you manage to keep this nice and tight for me," He drove his finger in deeper, and felt the girl's rectum grip it fiercely in return, "then I'll arrange for us to meet tomorrow, perhaps in the afternoon, and I’ll take my pleasure at my leisure." Dr. Cohen pronounced this as a rhyme.

She clenched and squeezed his finger again at his suggestion. "I'll check with you before you leave this evening, and if you've managed to keep it unstretched for me, I'll make arrangements with your father to borrow you."

"That's a deal, Doc. Uh-oh, Mr. Chadwick is watching us, looks like he's getting hard. I'd better go blow him before he gets his heart set on my bottom. I don’t want to miss out on our date tomorrow!"

"Good girl, run along then, I have pressing matters of my own to attend to!" She playfully squeezed her bottom hole down on his retreating finger and was off, allowing Leo to again focus on his current partner, Gianna. This was for the best, anyway, for Leo felt it was good manners to pay attention to one girl at a time, unless of course a ménage was the 'scene' in play. Maintaining one's focus on Gianna Mare in the heat of performing the Inchworm was not much of a challenge. She had reached the midpoint of his cockshaft, the section that, given his particular anatomy, it was at its thickest. Her moist heat felt marvelous around the already-imbedded portion of his penis, and her hovering, athletic form was a delight. Her flat tummy showed none of the strain, it simply looked smooth and pale between her prominent hip bones as she continued to very, very slowly lower herself upon him.

"Shall I make this a bit more challenging, Gianna?" She bit her lower lip and nodded slightly, and the nipples atop her small, upturned breasts visibly hardened, in response to what she knew was coming. The doctor reached up and pinched a nipple with each hand, and commenced to twist and pull on them, mostly gently but with undeniable authority. He knew this stimulation drove the fourteen-year old's pussy mad with need, making her pacing and restraint all that much more difficult to maintain.

"Why don't you just give up, Little One? Why not drop and take me in all at once? That's what your Little Pussy wants, isn't it?"

"You're a meanie, Doctor Cohen!" With a pout and then a sterner look of concentration, she gamely continued her slow descent, resisting the temptation incited by his chiding, by the tit-torment, and by what he knew to be her own very hungry hole. Relenting for a spell, he reached over to the side table for a sip from his glass, and fixed his eyes on her beautiful face. She returned his gaze with a nearly haughty look, which gave her a bitchy, sexy mien. Ah, yes, Gianna was still one of his favorites, even though he'd had her dozens of times and even though after two years she was no longer unusually youthful or "precocious" in comparison to the other girls in the program.

"Eat any pussy lately, Gianna?"

This change of tack broke her act and brought a quick smile to her face. "I knew you'd ask me that, Doctor. The answer is yes, and I was thinking how I was gonna enjoy telling you so while I was eating it this afternoon. Bethany Michaels again. She's got a great taste, Doc. Too bad you've never enjoyed it!" A good natured smirk.

Yes, Bethany Michaels was currently Leo's biggest "one that got away" story. The girl’s sponsor, her stepfather Don Weathers, had opted to eschew the Track D offering, to the doctor's initial surprise and lasting disappointment. He had thought that Don Weathers would be an eager participant in the Daughter Share program, and Leo was honest enough with himself to admit that he himself had exceeded professional boundaries by urging Bethany's participation less disinterestedly than was appropriate. After meeting the beauty in treating her with a Track A molestation acceptance program, he had so wanted to mentor her in Track D training, in which his own penis figured prominently, and of course to enjoy continued access to the girl in the Daughter Share pool. But that's not how it had turned out, unfortunately for the otherwise sexually-spoiled therapist.

"You know you're not supposed to even know -- let alone talk -- about any of my biofeedback patients who are not in the Daughter Share Program. Medical privacy and all of that."

"Hey, it's not my fault Doc, if you remember. She's the one who seduced me, with that 'TrackQ' app of yours she 'talked me into' downloading. I recognized your work right away. That reminds me, I could use an upgrade – she has a more recent version of that app, and there’s this new girl in school, from India, that I just have to taste.”

“That must have been fun, being ‘seduced’ by a Track C graduate.”

“Yeah, it was. Not that I needed that app conditioning, of course: I went through Track C myself at twelve, and besides she's fucking hot -- I'd have seduced her if she hadn't beaten me to it. Anyway, I pretended I had no idea what was going on and sure enough, I was going down on her within days. I think she tried to top me, but I didn't want to waste the time to let that all play out. But she is topping this sweet little seventh grader right now, Ronni Juarez, it's so cute.

"Oh, doctor -- what's that I feel? Your dick is getting a little antsy, huh? I know, I know: you're sweet on Bethany, but what can you do, her stepfather keeps her to himself. I got her to admit to me that he is fucking her, after I let them 'coerce' me into letting him fuck me. Apparently, he makes her live by a rule: she is limited to one cock -- her stepdad's -- but is welcome to all the underaged pussy she can eat."

Don Weathers had certainly surprised him by not going the Daughter Share route with Track D, and he had to admire the clever bastard for finding other ways to secure vaginal variety. Weathers was clearly taking much greater risks than he would have borne within the club. Disporting with un-conditioned youngsters always bears a risk of revelation and consequence, no matter how cleverly you might have arranged matters.

Ah, Bethany. Shortly after her Track A program was completed, instead of Track D, she had been entered into Track C for girl-girl conditioning, with a special emphasis on seduction. Since then, Weathers had been keeping Bethany's pussy to himself -- well, to himself as far as male use was concerned -- and Bethany had apparently been building a stable of little cuntlappers who would, under the scheme she worked on her stepfather's behalf, eventually be caught and "blackmailed" into taking Don Weather's aggressive cock -- and seed. Leo chuckled internally -- he himself had dozens of gorgeous teenaged sexual partners at his beck and call, and yet he still envied Don Weathers for the ones he had for himself. And above all, he coveted Bethany Michaels. Alas.

"There!" Gianna was finally fully seated, her magnificent vagina smoothly massaging the good doctor's ensconced mating member.

"Good girl, you did it perfectly, as always, my dear. Felt wonderful, feels wonderful. Now let's begin again, reverse cowgirl style, shall we?"

"I don't know if I can manage that, Doctor." She elegantly shifted her position and withdrew her graceful cunt along his shaft in one coordinated and continuous movement; in a moment she was perched again atop his glans, her heart-shaped bottom now displayed before his eyes. "Do you promise to not make this too hard for me? Like, you wouldn't play with my butthole while I'm trying to concentrate or anything, would you?" She was smirking over her shoulder as she said this, and she had barely gotten it out before Leo drove an index finger deeply into the orifice under discussion. "Oh, you ARE a meanie today, Doctor!"

"How very naughty of you, Gianna, to try to lay the blame on me. What do you expect me to do when your little hole winks at me so cutely?"

"I don't know if I shouldn’t feel jelly today, Doctor. You're so in love with Tabitha's backpussy that you made a date with it right in the middle of me Inchworming you, and you're probably looking forward to her right now while you're playing with my 'winky', aren't you?" She looked back with a smirk, but after two years of frequent sexual congress with this vixen, Leo didn't need to observe that to know the sleek youngster was merely teasing. Gianna was well conditioned through all of the established tracks, and was therefore only jealous of cock wasn't getting, and never because cock she was getting also enjoyed other playmates.

Gianna had inched down around his full cockhead at this point, and he admired her supple spine as she arched forward in a practiced, feline manner, to align her rectum more horizontally for his gently sawing finger. Gianna was certainly an over-achiever among his patients -- he felt the tightness of her anal grip on his intruding digit, and recognized the fruits of her diligent adherence to the R-K sphincter exercise program invented by his colleague in Japan, Dr. Akimoto. It was clear in Dr. Cohen's experienced assessment that in addition to her obvious devotion to core and abdominal regimens, the girl kept up with her R-K, or "rectal Kegal", discipline. This would have her spending at least a half hour every other day struggling to retain a short metal rod, very slender (about the diameter of a pencil), very heavy (three ounces of tungsten), and very slick (porcelain coated, with rounded ends, and silicon lubricant), within her sweet bottom while using her father’s stair climber machine, holding it in with nothing but her clamped anal ring. As a result, that ring was able to make a seemingly plausible attempt at yanking his finger clean off his hand.

"My, you have been doing your exercises diligently, haven't you my dear?" He pulled his invading finger back to the first joint, and felt the fourteen-year old's eager bottom try to tug it back in, all while that bottom's owner struggled to resist her willful pussy's desire to swallow his remaining cock whole. Her smooth back was flushed in arousal, and beads of sweat sparkled along the concavity of her lower spine.

She had again reached the midpoint, the girthiest segment of his cockshaft in this, her second descent.

"Don't you just want to give in, Gianna, and take the rest of my cock in one big stroke? "

"Ughn, of course I want to, Doc, or at least my pussy does, but then you'd win, and I always have to win." She slid a quarter inch down his length as she said this, her stretched vulva glistening before his eyes. Goodness, this was a fine pussy, he marveled. "Hey, what do I get f I 'win'...if you can't make me ruin this Inchworm?"

"I don't know, Gianna, what would you like as a prize?"

"I want you to fuck me in the ass. I want to show your cock that my ass is better than anyone's, even Tabbie's."

"Ok, I think I can manage that… "

"Oh, we'll see, Doctor!"


Gianna did succeed in maintaining the discipline of the Inchworm, despite his efforts at distracting her via anal play. With a "ha!" She sinuously raised herself up off his cock, which stood tall, stiff, and unbending after such service.

"Up, Doc. Scoot. Let me lay down, I want a missionary assfuck as my prize."

Leo certainly had no objection to that idea, so up he sprang, his prick bobbing, while the girl took his place on the chaise. She rolled her pelvis up and brought her knees to her tits by the strength of her core alone -- she had no need to hold her legs in that position by hand. Then she spread, and before him lay the tableau of a gorgeous vulva surmounting a tight and winking rosebud.

Being plenty well lubricated already with the youngster's vaginal oils, he pressed the bullet-shaped crown of his stiff penis to this nether entryway. Gianna placed the soft soles of her petite feet against his pectorals and looked him in the eye. He noted her feet were French-pedicured.

“Prize time, Doc. In."

Pressing his hips forward, he slid in effortlessly, the silky delight that was her middle-school rectum practically vacuuming up his length. "Ahhh," he sighed, and found himself balls-deep in heaven.

"Ok, Doc, I got a game for you. To win, I gotta a make you come within thirty seconds of the word go. You gotta not come."

"Oh my, that you would lose, but I'm sure I would enjoy your efforts. You are gorgeous, and an accomplished sexual athlete, and indeed, this is a most wonderful asshole, Gianna, but you must understand that I have been enjoying schoolgirl holes daily for twenty years now in my practice. Admittedly, you are one of the best I've ever been so lucky as to enjoy, but you cannot "make" someone with my experience come until it pleases me to do so. You are, of course, welcome to try."

"You are being SUCH a meanie today, Dr. Cohen, so I'm going to have to make this interesting. If I win, I get another prize, okay?"

"What prize would you like to fantasize about getting, Gianna. Make it anything in the world, since I am so sorry to say you cannot possibly win."

"Grrrr...okay, if at the word 'go', I can make you come in thirty seconds or less, you have honor your date with Tabitha tomorrow."

"That, my dear, would be my pleasure."

"I'm not done yet. You have to have your date with Tabbie, and you have to make it good for her. Full deal, plenty of 'O's'', the whole bit."

"Again, that would be my pleasure and is already my plan, so I will grant your prize now, without making you experience defeat."

"Naughty Doctor, still not finished. You have to spend all that sexy, yummy time with Tabbie, but under no circumstance can you touch, let alone fuck, her bottomhole the whole date. What do you think about that?"

Her delicate feet slid up over his shoulders and crossed behind his neck, causing him to lean forward slightly. Her eyes were trained on his, so serious.

"My, that would be a very vexing afternoon, I must admit. While of course I intend to enjoy her gorgeous mouth and cozy cunt, I really do look forward to finishing in that bottom of hers. So that would be a stake I would hate to lose. But it's a silly notion, really, as I’ve said.'

"Do you promise?"

"Ok, sure, young lady. Why not: if you can make me come into this sweet ass of your within thirty seconds, I will submit to those terms."


Her shout took him by surprise, but nothing like the forceful clamp-down of her Olympic-qualifying sphincter did. And them the most amazing sensation pulsed around the base of the good doctor's buried cockshaft -- Gianna's asshole fluttered -- no, fluttered is far too delicate a word – Gianna’s asshole machine-gunned around his cock-base, five or six or more times per second, an amazing feat of strength, control, and dexterity. Looking into her face as her sphincter delighted his genitalia in what was, to his a great surprise, a completely novel and brand-new way, he found her smirking back at him, with that haughty, bitchy, incredibly sexy look.

He came, mightily. Gloriously. Apocalyptically. And after maybe eighteen seconds, tops.


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EJH 5/30/2017 Beautiful - as worthy of the master StepDaddy as of the wicked Dr. Cohen. I love the description of the dimensions of his member, no doubt modelled on life, as much as his invention of the RK rod. Can they be supplied by post, I wonder - or personal application only?
Thank you
The RK rod is available only by personal submission; personal application is a daily duty thereafter.--SD

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