A few days later I told Ashley to keep her clothes on when she got home because we needed to go to the grocery store. When we got there I sat her in a cart, and we went about picking out the various items that we needed. As I wheeled her up, and down the aisles I couldn't help but notice all the smiles, and nods of approval we attracted, especially from the women. I guess to them we just looked like a happy little girl, and her dotting father, and I did dote over her quite a bit, telling her how smart, or pretty she was at every opportunity. There were a couple of good reasons for this. Partly, it was my clumsy attempt to compensate for any emotional damage I might be doing to her, but mostly, it was because that's what I really thought. I'm sure that every father thinks his daughter is perfect, but I was also seeing her through a lover's eyes as well. I mean, when two people eat as much of each other's cum as we did, it's kind of hard not to think that they hung the moon. Of course nobody else knew the reason that we were so close, they just saw a bright, smiling child, and her loving father. Even the young girl who rang us up commented, "What a pretty little girl."

"Thanks." Ashley and I answered in unison. Then we looked at each other, and started laughing.

Brittany , according to her name tag, also chuckled, and said, "Well, you're welcome. Both of you." Then she turned to Ashley, and said, "Aren't you a happy little girl."

Ashley giggled, saying, "Of course I'm happy. I'm with my daddy."

The young, pretty grocery clerk smiled at me, as if to say, "You must be a great father."

I smiled back, but inside I was thinking, 'If you only knew Brittany , if you only knew.'

We got home, and put away the groceries. I sat down on the bed, and took my shoes off. Then Ashley skipped over to me, pulled her pants down to her knees, and jumped across my lap. "Spank me daddy." she said enthusiastically.

I was so surprised that for a moment I wasn't sure how to react. Then she scooted up, planting her hands on the floor, and sticking her smooth perfect little ass up in the air. "Please daddy." she begged.

I gave her a little tentative pop on the behind. She turned her head around to look at me, and knitting her brow, she said, "No daddy. Spank me hard like you did before. It makes my little pussy wet."

Whenever she talked like that it was hard for me not to have mixed feelings. On the one, no eight year old should be saying things like that. On the other hand, it really turned me on. Somehow these conflicting emotions made their way to my hand, and I slapped her ass hard, my palm making a loud smack as it made contact with her soft skin. She shrieked in pain, and then squealed with delight. "Oooo yeah daddy," she gasped, "just like that."

I squeezed one of her ass cheeks, and then slipped my finger in between her thick little pussy lips. Sure enough, she was already dripping wet. At first it really threw me that she got off on being spanked, but the more I had thought about it, the more it made a weird kind of sense. Apparently her mother had never spanked her, and in the almost two years since she had come to live with me, I hadn't either, except that once. She had been highly aroused at the time, and I had cum all over her while doing it. The only context she had for spanking, consequently, was a sexual one. No wonder her sweet young vagina got wet when I spanked her little ass. Of course, none of that explained why my cock strained against my trousers every time I slapped her little butt. She wiggled her tight little ass, and whimpered, as if to say "more daddy!", and I decided it was probably best not to over analyze it. It turned us both on, and that was all I really needed to know. I went to town, just spanking the shit out of her, my hard cock twitching every time my hand made contact with her tender flesh. She shrieked, squealed, and moaned as I repeatedly slapped her ass hard, leaving big red hand prints on her pale flesh. Before long I could feel her tiny body quivering in my lap, and she started leaking out of both ends. Hot tears flowing down her cheeks, as thick, hot cum flowed rhythmically out of her pussy, soaking through my pants. I spread her red little as cheeks, eyeballing her tiny, pink sphincter. 'What the hell,' I thought, 'Why not.' I dipped my finger into her wet cunt, smoothly drawing her juice up, rubbing it all over her little pucker. Then I slid my finger back down to her pussy, taking care to coat it in her thick cum, before I slowly inserted it into her tight little asshole. She moaned, and gasped, as I began slowly working the tip of my finger in, and out of her tight little ass. She whimpered, sounding scared, and confused. "D-daddy, your fingers in m-my bu-butthooole."

I rubbed her soothingly with my other hand as I whispered, "Ssshhh, it's okay baby. Just relax."

I pulled my finger out, and scooped some more cum from her vagina, then slowly pushed it back into her ass up to the second knuckle. "Nnngghhh," she groaned between clenched teeth. "It-it feels fun-funny daddy." she panted, sounding even more frightened.

"Sshh, sshh, it's okay baby." I reassured her. "Remember how funny it felt the first time daddy touched your pussy?" I said, as I slowly fingered her asshole. "Doesn't it feel good when daddy plays with your pussy now?" I asked, slipping my finger out of her ass, and sliding it between her thick wet pussy lips.

"Uh-huh." she grunted, arching her back, and parting her thighs slightly to give me better access to her hot little cunt.

I rubbed her tiny clit with my index, and middle fingers while pressing my thumb against her tight little sphincter. "Want daddy to kiss it, and make it better?" I asked, rubbing little circles on her swollen little asshole with my thumb.

Without waiting for an answer, I grasped her hips tight, pulling her red little ass cheeks open with my thumbs, as I lowered my head, and started swirling my tongue all over her pink little pucker. She squealed with delight, as my tongue stroked her tiny rosebud, and my fingers rubbed her stiff little clitty. Pretty soon her little body shuddered, as she started cumming again. I shifted my hands, holding her little ass cheeks open with my thumbs, while I pulled open her thick little pussy lips with my fingers. Then I slid my mouth down, and sucked up some of her cum. Licking up her taint, I pushed her sphincter open with my tongue, spitting as much cum, and saliva as I could into her little butt-hole. The thick liquid formed a little pool over her swollen pink pucker, some of which ran down the crack of her ass as I once again inserted my finger into her tight asshole up to the second knuckle.

"Wa-wa-wait, da-daddy." she whimpered, her breathing suddenly becoming quick, and shallow, as I worked my finger from the first to the second knuckle, in, and out of her little butt-hole. I was rubbing her clitoris with the fingers of my other hand, as I stretched her tiny pink ring. When I felt her start to cum again, I rubbed her hard little clit even faster.

"Nnnnggghh." she groaned, clenching her teeth again, as I slowly shoved my finger all the way in at the height of her orgasm. She drew in two long shuddering breaths, and I twirled the tip of my finger around inside her ass, as her orgasm finished off. Suddenly she took two sharp breaths, and then burst into tears. She was crying pretty hard, but still managed to gasp between sobs, "Plea-please daddy, take-take it out, my-my-my butthole-hole's too little, it huuuurts."

I quickly pulled my finger out. "I'm sorry baby." I soothed, planting little kisses on her red swollen ass cheeks. "It's okay. Ssshhh, don't cry." I whispered, caressing her back, and pressing my cheek against her ass."You want daddy to lick your little pussy, will that make you feel better sweetie?" I cooed.

"Uuuuhh-huuuh." she said, sniffing away her tears.

"Okay baby, daddy'll lick your sweet little pussy for you baby." I promised.

I quickly stripped our clothes off, and soon had her flat on her back, with her legs spread wide open, as I sucked her stiff little clit into my mouth like candy. Then I slid my tongue up, and down the thick folds of her tiny vagina, curling one arm around her thigh. I slid the hand of that arm down her tummy, and over her bald little pubic mound, so that I could continue to play with her clit, as I stuck my tongue into her wet, steamy little pussy hole. I reached down, and started stroking my cock with the other hand. I was down on my knees next to the bed, my chest laying across the mattress, and my face, of course, buried in between Ashley's wide open legs. I was flicking my index and middle fingers on either side of her clit, rubbing it good, and firm, and swirling my tongue in her tight little hole, when she started cumming again. Ashley got wet so quickly, and would cum so easily, that I often thought, 'This can't be normal.' But how would I even go about finding out something like that? I very much doubted that there was a study out there on the physiological responses to the intense sexual stimulation of the genitals of the average eight year old. Asking her pediatrician was a laughable idea.

"You see doctor, when I play with my daughter's pussy, she gets wet really fast, and whether I stimulate her vagina manually, or orally, she reaches climax quickly, often having multiple orgasms, and I was just wondering, is that normal for a girl her age?"

Oh yeah, that was a conversation I was eager to have. However, knelling there beside the bed, jacking off, as I sucked the sweet juice out of Ashley's little pussy, it didn't seem to matter. If it was abnormal, it was the kind of abnormal we could both live with. I just kept lapping up her cum, as her hips rolled, and shuddered beneath me. As her orgasm finished off with a last big spasm, she cried out, "I love you da-daddy."

I looked up, and said, "I love you more baby." Holding her stiff little clit between my fingers, as I licked it furiously, before adding, "Daddy loves you so much baby."

I went back to rubbing her clit between my fingers, as I stuck my tongue into her so deeply that I could feel the shape, and texture of her hymen. I was really stroking myself fast, as the tip of my tongue rubbed the thin membrane inside her tiny hole, and I thought about how good it was gonna feel when I finally penetrated her.

"Uuugghhh, uuugghh." she grunted, as I pushed twice against her little cherry, imagining the head of my penis breaking through it, my hard shaft stretching her tiny pink hole. Ashley moaned, and her body quivered in that now familiar way that let me know that she was on the verge of another orgasm. Suddenly I felt something rubbing on my chin. I backed up a little, and what I saw surprised me so much, that I stopped rubbing her clitoris, and my mouth dropped open. Ashley had slid her hand under her ass, and inserted her middle finger all the way in to her tight little butt-hole. From the way her hand was moving I could tell that she was twirling her finger around inside.

"Lick my pussy daddy, please lick my pussy." she pleaded urgently.

I quickly snapped out of it, and sucked some cum from her little hole, before proceeding to take her stiff little clit into my mouth. Her cum, and my saliva made the perfect lube, as I gently, but firmly sucked her little pearl tongue, rubbing it between my tongue, and the roof of my mouth. Ashley started cumming hard, working her finger in, and out of her ass. I unwrapped my arm from around her thigh, and gently pulled her finger out of her ass. Then I placed my index finger over her middle finger, and then, grasping her hand firmly, I slowly pushed the tips of both our fingers into her tight little asshole. The little rivulets of cum flowing down her taint, and over her sphincter gave us plenty of lube as I worked our fingers in deeper. I had continued stroking my cock, and as her tiny clit pulsed in my mouth, the feeling of her hot flesh squeezing our fingers together as I guided them in, and out of her tight little ass, was almost more than I could take. I could feel my balls start to draw up, as the less than subtle implications of tonight's ass play sank in. Not only would I one day be nestling my cock inside her tiny sweet vagina, but I'd also be fucking her perfect little asshole. The thought that sometime in the future I would be bringing my baby to orgasm by sliding my hard cock in, and out of her tight pussy, and she might whisper something like, "Put it in my ass daddy." was driving me over the edge. I pulled our fingers out of her ass, and quickly stood up, panting, "Ooohh daddy's gonna cum baby."

She rolled her hips. "Ooooodaddy," she begged between gasps, "Cum on my pussy again."

She placed her fingers on either side of her thick, swollen lips, and pulled herself open so wide that I could actually see her little cherry. I stepped onto the bed on my knees, and grasped one of her thighs, pulling her ass up off the bed, so that the tip of my penis met the entrance of her vagina in the air above the mattress. As I felt myself making ready to cum, it occurred to me that one of the things that drove me to keep sexually molesting my daughter was the quality of the orgasms I'd have with her. I had experienced sensations that I hadn't even known were possible.

That first night when I'd rubbed my cock between her tight little ass cheeks, and masturbated her to orgasm, I'd had what can best be described as a transcendent experience while cumming. The first time I'd spanked her, as I ejaculated all over her back, it had been a truly mind erasing orgasm. This one, however, was marked by a weird sense of hyper-awareness. Her body was listing slightly, as I held one of her thighs against my stomach, and the other hung down, her knee resting on the mattress. I looked down at the head of my cock against her pink, tender little pussy, and I wanted so bad to just shove my thick meat into her, but no, not yet. I wanted to make this last. The number thirteen drifted through my head. If I could keep having orgasms like this, at just the anticipation of fucking her, maybe I could hold out that long.

Hell, if I could wait that long, maybe I'd go a couple of more years, until she was fifteen. By then she'd probably have good, full hips, and well developed breasts like her mother. That did it. As the first stream of cum left my body, the pleasure was so intense, that it almost hurt. It felt like every nerve was being pulled out through the tip of my penis, and with this unreal sense of awareness, it was almost as if I could see concussive waves radiating from our genitals as my white, hot cum basted into her tiny hole, splashing against her little pink cherry. She released her pussy lips, and they closed tightly around the head of my penis, as the second squirt tried to enter her shallow, and already full, little hole. Not only did it leak out, rolling down her taint, but a little semen actually squirted out of the top of her tight lips. Without realizing it, I slowly pushed my hips forward until I could feel her tight little hole squeezing the head of my penis, as the tip pressed hard against her hymen.

She shrieked, and I muttered "Oh shit!" as I pulled back, my dick popped out of her, and a thick ribbon of sperm arched over her pubic mound, landing on her belly.

She quickly reached down, and pulled herself open again, and whimpered urgently in a pleading tone, "No, no daddy. On my pussy, on my pussy."

I swiftly pointed my cock back at her little pink flower, blasting it with another shot of hot, sticky cum, taking care to stay out of range of her thick squeezing lips. That had been close. If I wanted to keep this little dance going until she was fifteen, or even thirteen for that matter, I'd have to be much more careful.

Suddenly that sense of hyper-awareness became a strong sense of self awareness, and the absurdity of what I was doing came crashing down on me, as I watched with a very real sense of horror, another load of cum spray her little pussy. All my denials, and justifications suddenly looked weak, and stupid to me. Even the whole age thing was laughable. As if, "Well sure, I'm forcing my sexual perversions onto my little girl, but I'm willing to wait a whole six years to take her virginity." somehow made it okay. However, I didn't stop pumping my shaft, and depositing my thick, white sperm onto her little pink vagina. It was as if I couldn't stop.

When the last of my cum finally drained out of me, I gently laid her tiny body back on the bed, and moved back, planting my feet on the floor. I looked down at my sweet, innocent little girl rubbing my semen all over her tender, swollen little pussy, and all of a sudden, it was just to much for me to bear. "Oh god Ashley." I muttered, tears streaming down my face, as all the guilt, and shame I'd been suppressing hit me like a ton of bricks.

Ashley sat up, with a look of confusion, and concern kited into her little brow. "Daddy?" she asked tentatively.

I fell to my knees, and started crying uncontrollably. "I'm sorry baby." I cried in a pained voice. "Oh god, I'm so sorry." I wept, as I fell back, sitting on my feet.

Ashley leaped off the bed, and rushed to me. She grasped my head, and cradled it against her chest saying, "It's okay daddy, don't cry." as she stroked my hair softly.

"Nooo." I sobbed, "I kee-keep touching you, and cum-cumming on you, and it's wro-wro-wroooong."

She pulled my head tighter into her chest. "No daddy." she said, her voice cracking, as she too began to cry. "I like it when you touch me, and cum on me."

I was really breaking down, and I threw my arms around her, squeezing tight, as I blubbered, "Oh god, I love you so much baby. How can I touch you like that? What's wrong with me?"

She began rocking me back, and forth, choking back her tears, and trying to speak in a soothing tone. "It's okay daddy. Ssshh, don't cry." she began, rubbing the back of my neck as she spoke. "When you touch me, I know that you love me, and it feels really good when you lick my pussy, and it's fun to make daddy squirt his happy juice, and when I eat your cum, it tastes like love, and love tastes yummy. I love you, and I like to touch you, so it's okay daddy. You can love me, and touch me too."

The vicious irony of hearing my own twisted logic repeated back to me was so painful that I really felt like it broke something inside me, and this really unfunny kind of giggle escaped my lips.

"Well sure, it all o-okay." I whimpered like a mad man. "I can shove my cock in your ass with no lube, and make you bleed, and cry, but it's okay, because I love you." I was suddenly laughing, and crying at the same time, as I continued by saying, "Or-or I know, I could beat you, and sell your ass on the streets, and that's okay too, because I love you. That's what child abusers like me tell themselves, of course."

Ashley suddenly snapped, "No daddy!" firmly, and I think a little louder than she'd intended, because when I drew my head up to look at her, she looked a little surprised at herself for a second. She quickly recovered her composure however, grasping me on either side of my head, looking me dead in the eye, and saying in that almost surrealistically precocious way she sometimes had, "My daddy would never do that."

The firmness of her resolve made me waiver momentarily in my self recrimination, but then I realized how wrong it was. My Ashley, My baby, my victim, was trying to console me. In the middle of this severe attack of remorse over the sexual abuse I had inflicted, continued to inflict on her, SHE was trying to console ME.

"You don't understand," I wept, "Your daddy wants to do bad things to you, and I don't know if I can stop him." Wait, what? I was talking about me, so who the hell was him? I had never been so scared, and confused in my life.

I felt like I was losing my mind, when suddenly Ashley snapped, "Daddy!" forcing my attention back to her face. She looked deep into my eyes, and said with absolute conviction, "My daddy would never hurt me."

I started shaking my head. "No, no, no." I protested in a frightened, nearly hysterical whisper.

She grasped my head more firmly, pointing my face at hers, and then gripping me with her eyes, she said clearly, and with a strong sense of certitude, "You would never hurt me daddy."

In my vulnerable emotional state, Ashley's strength, and seemingly perfect belief in me, became something solid I could cling to, something to save me from the tide of madness threatening to overwhelm me. I pulled her little body in, and squeezing her tight, I cried, "I love you so much Ashley."

She started tapping me on top of the head with her hand, as she quickly said, "I love you too daddy, but you're squeezing too hard."

I immediately pulled my arms back, and recoiled in horror at myself. "See," I almost shrieked, "I keep hurting you."

But she was having none of that. She gasped my head, pulling it back on to her chest. "But you stopped as soon as I said it hurt." she said firmly.

My arms now hung limply at my sides, for fear of squeezing her too hard, as I wept, "I shouldn't be hurting you at all. I stuck my finger in your butt, and made you cry."

My intense emotional outburst was obviously making it difficult for her to control her own tears as she said, "But daaaaddy, sometimes when you do things to me, and it feels funny, or hurts a little, but then I like it. Please don't stop playing with me daddy."

My mind felt numb, so I just sat there, and let her gently rock me back, and forth. Her calm, soft voice began to sooth my jangled nerves, and then she said, "I'll be right back daddy." and as she started to pull away, I felt like I was falling off a cliff.

"No, don't leave me." I cried, throwing my hands up, and grasping her little waist as I nuzzled my head against her chest.

"Aww, it's okay daddy," she said sympathetically. "I'm not going anywhere. I just have to pee."

I felt really foolish, and I said, "Of course." as I released her.

She picked my head up, looking me in the eye, and said clearly, "I'll be right back, okay?" before skipping off to the bathroom.

"Okay." I whispered to myself, as I heard her tiny feet patter across the floor behind me.

Alone with my thoughts was the last place I wanted to be at that moment. I pitched forward, planting my elbows on the floor beside my knees, and burying my face in my hands, as I directed white hot rage at myself. 'You fucking child abusing bastard!' I screamed in my head. 'She's a good girl. A sweet, bright, and beautiful little treasure. What did she do to deserve this? Nothing! You sick pedophile.' I had to stop it, somehow. At first I thought, 'Maybe I can just stop?" but then I scoffed at myself, 'Oh yeah, that seems to go well.' recalling how after the first time I'd molested her I tried to stop it there, and failed miserably. Foster care was out of the question for so many reasons that it was hard to count them all, and sending her to live with one of her aunties was just ludicrous. Judy, and Pam had always bought into our father's "family play" philosophy. It was one of the reasons we hardly ever talked back then. Then it hit me. As much as I had sworn that I would never be like them, here I was, sexually molesting my daughter, just as my sisters had me, our father had them, my grandmother, and my aunties had my father, as my great grandfather had my grand mother, and so on, as far back as anyone could remember. That's one of the things that really creeped me out about the whole situation as soon I was old enough to understand it, the weird kind of dynastic quality to it.

"This is a family tradition that goes back to before the birth of Christ." my father had asserted shortly after Ashley was born. "Who are you to turn your back on it?"

I had grabbed his arm, guiding him toward the kitchen as I muttered, "Keep your voice down."

I had done everything I could to keep news of Ashley's impending birth from my family, but my wife couldn't understand why. Needless to say, I had never told her about my family "tradition" so to her eyes my father, and my sisters were perfectly lovely. she had sneaked around behind my back, and set up a little post birth baby shower. Ashley, and her mother were on the other side of the room with my sisters, when my father had ambled over, and casually brought up the subject of Ashley's "education" as he put it. When I told him flatly that nobody, including me, was going to be touching my little girl, that's when he'd gotten all indignant, and I had to take him into the kitchen. A lot of things were said, and not much of it nice.

"Can't you get it through your head dad?" I'd insisted, "I'm not like you."

Dad set his jaw in that way he did when he thought someone else was being foolish, before saying, "What? You think you're better than us?"

I wanted to bang my head against the counter in frustration. Pop always knew how to push my buttons. I guess that made sense, seeing as how he'd installed most of them. "That's not what I'm saying, and you know it." I shot back. I had done some serious rewiring since I'd left home, and I was not about to let my daughter become another victim in my family's tradition of abuse. "I love my little girl," I had tried to explain. "I would never do those things to her."

He got real cross at hearing that. "You saying I don't love my girls?" he demanded.

I couldn't believe we were doing this again. We'd had almost the same conversation my first year of college. "God dad, why do you have to be like that?" I huffed, "We've been over this. I know you love your daughters, and I don't think that you don't love me because you let Pam, and Judy..." I fumbled over my words a little there. I was going to say "abuse me", but realizing that it would just set the old man off, I quickly racked my brain for a softer term, and ended up spitting out, "...do those things to me."

Of course he didn't respond to that turn of phrase much better. His face got red, and I thought he was about to start yelling, when suddenly, he just took a deep breath, and leaned against the counter. "I'm sorry son." he said quietly. "I shouldn't have let your sisters start you so young."

"That doesn't have anything to do with it dad." I sighed, "Why can't you just accept the fact that I'm not like you."

He made a sour face, and asked, "Is that a fact." Then without waiting for me to respond, he continued, "You're a grown man son. I can't tell you what to do, and neither your sisters, or I can tell you how to run your family. I just think..." He paused for a moment, turning his head, and setting his jaw. He was obviously having a hard time controlling his emotions, which I must admit freaked me out a little. I mean, my father was not exactly what you would call an emotional guy. "I just think," he began again, recovering his composure, "that it's not as simple as you'd like to think it is."

I didn't know what to say to that, so I just let it go. What I wanted to say was, "BULLSHIT!" because at the time, that's all it was to me. My father, and my sisters, despite the fact that I still loved them, were just sick perverts as far as I was concerned, and I was never gonna be like them.

Boy did I feel stupid now. I guess that I'd been suppressing some very complex emotions, because when I'd started my sex-play with Ashley it hadn't even occurred to me that I was becoming just like my father. For so many years I had condemned my father for what I'd considered his moral failings, but suddenly, thanks to my little girl, the depth if the relationship between my father, and my sisters was finally becoming clear to me. Like the opening of a floodgate, all these memories came rushing into my head. Like the first time I'd seen dad fucking my sister Pam. I must have been about five, or six when my sister Judy, who would have been about nine at the time, woke me up, and said, "C'mere, I want to show you something."

She dragged me out of bed, and as we crept down the hall, I remember feeling a little chilly. We were both stark naked, because that's just how we slept. That's one of the few "family habits" that I'd actually kept into adulthood. As we approached the door I could hear moaning, and panting coming from the other side. The hall was dark except for a sliver of light were my dad's bedroom door was open enough for us to peek in. I peered in, and saw daddy, and Pam naked on his bed. That didn't really surprise me since they were in bed, and naked is how we all slept. What did surprise me, and confuse me more than a little, was that my dad was laying on top of her, and his ass was moving up, and down between her legs.

"What are they doing?" I asked groggily, my little penis becoming hard, despite the fact that I didn't really understand what I was seeing.

Judy immediately clamped her hand over my mouth, crouching down next to me. "Ssshhh." She whispered in my ear. "Just be quiet, and watch."

She rested her chin on my shoulder, sliding the hand over my mouth down on to my other shoulder, as she slipped her other arm around my chest, grasping me firmly, and I watched our father's ass continue to move up, and down between our sisters legs. Pam was about eleven then, so my eyes popped when she suddenly wrapped her legs around dad's waist, and moaned, "Oh yeah, fuck me daddy."

I was so ignorant as to what was going on that hearing my sister say a bad word in front of our father was somehow much more shocking to me than the fact that he was pumping his dick between her legs. "Look, look." Judy whispered urgently, pointing to the bed with the finger on my shoulder.

The foot of dad's bed faced the door, so we were watching them from behind, and when Pam wrapped her legs around dad's waist her ass lifted up off the bed, revealing something I hadn't seen before. My jaw dropped as I realized what I was looking at. My dad's hard penis was moving in, and out of my sister's body. I watched dumbfounded, and it felt like my little dick got even harder, which, of course, just confused me more. Judy slipped her hand down off my shoulder, and I looked down in surprise, as she started stroking my hard little cock.

"Ooooo, my little brother has a nice, hard dick." she cooed in my ear, as she pumped the shaft of my penis.

Then I heard the bed springs squeak faster, and I looked up to see dad really pumping his cock into Pam, their bodies slapping together, as he panted, "Oh god, daddy's gonna cum baby."

Pam's arms had been stretched out on the bed, but now she threw them around our father's neck, and moaned, "Oooo, cum inside me daddy."

Now I was really confused, and a little scared too. What did daddy mean when he said he was "gonna come."? He was all ready on top of her, and how was he supposed to "come inside"? Wasn't he already inside her? Was he gonna put more inside her? I turned to look questioningly at Judy, but she seemed completely engrossed with the action on the bed, her eyes wide, and licking her lips, as she continued to play with my penis. As the "slap, slap, slap" on dad's bed became even more frequent, I looked back to see pop really pounding my sister's tight little vagina, as he said breathlessly, "Here it comes baby." Then he trust all the way into her, and stopped, shaking a little as he grunted, "Uuuugghhoohhyeeaahbaby!"

He slowly pulled out a little, and then quickly thrust back in. Pulled out a little, then thrust back in. He did this several times, grunting with each thrust, and each time he pulled out a little bit more, taking longer between thrusts, until finally he pulled out almost all the way. I saw a little bit of thick white liquid trickle down the crack of Pam's ass, and then he slowly thrust all the way back in, as Pam sighed deeply, saying, "I love you daddy."

Suddenly Judy whispered, "C'mon." dragging me down the hall, and into her room. "Climb up on my bed, and lay down." she ordered, as she quietly closed the door behind her.

She crawled up onto the bed, laying down between my legs, and grabbing my dick. She had this strange look in her eye, staring at my cock next to her face as she gently stroked the shaft. Then she slid her hand down to the base, giving it a squeeze, as she flicked her tongue across the under side of the head, looking me in the eye.

My hips started gyrating involuntarily as I whined, "What are you doing to me Judy?"

She started stroking me again. "Ssshhh," she said, rubbing my belly with her other hand. "It's okay, it's gonna feel really good, I promise."

Suddenly she put her mouth over the head of my penis, and started sucking it. I thrust my hips up, feeling really scared, and confused "Nnnnggghh, you're sucking my pee pee." I whimpered, squirming uncomfortably.

I'd never felt anything like it. Part of me wanted to jump up, and run away, but another part of me didn't want her to stop, ever. Her tongue slid smoothly across the underside of my cock as I, almost involuntarily thrust up into her mouth. She just kept sucking, making thick, wet sounds as she slowly bobbed her head up, and down. Then she opened her mouth, and took me all the way inside. My dick was just long enough to reach the back of her throat, and I could feel a firm pinch on the head of my penis, as she quickly moved her head up, and down making this weird "guh, guh, guh" sound. Of course I didn't know it at the time, but my sister was deep throating me. She finally pulled her mouth off with a gasp, dripping thick trails of saliva all over my dick. She smiled at me, stroking my now wet, hard cock with her hand, as she said, "See? Doesn't that feel good."

I was frowning, and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, but I slowly nodded my head up, and down. Despite all my fear, and confusion, it did feel good. Suddenly she got up onto her knees, in a wide legged stance, ans said, "Here, look at this." as she placed her fingers on either side of her thick outer lips, pulling them open to reveal her glistening pink vagina. My eyes went wide, and my mouth dropped open a little. I had seen my sisters' naked body my whole life, but had never suspected that all that was hidden between their tight little slits.

"Do you want to put it in?" she asked, looking at my hard little dick. "Like daddy was doing to Pam?"

Again, I slowly nodded my head. Call it instinct, but even though I'd never heard the term sexual intercourse, I just knew that I wanted to thrust my penis into my sister's vagina.

"Judy!" Pam exclaimed from the doorway. "What are you doing?"

Judy quickly jumped back away from me. "Nothing." she said, sounding scared of our big sister.

I guess we'd both been so distracted by each other's aroused genitals, that we hadn't noticed when she'd come into the room, until she spoke. I was already kind of scared, and when Judy jumped back away from me, with fear in her eyes, and I saw Pam's shocked, and angry expression, I began to cry. Pam immediately came over, and sat on the bed, taking me in her arms. "Sshh," she soothed, cradling my head on her shoulder. "Don't cry honey, it's okay."

Ever since our mother had died, Pam had taken it upon herself to be my champion, and protector. "What the hell Judy." she hissed, rocking me back, and forth. "You know he's too young for that stuff." She reached down, felling my moist penis, and then, with renewed outrage, she whispered, "Have you been sucking his dick?"

Judy suddenly got real defensive. "So," she shot back, "he liked it. Look at how big his dick is."

Pam scoffed at this, "He's not even old enough to cum yet. Didn't daddy tell you to wait until he was at least..."

But Judy cut her off, wailing, "It's not fair!" I took my head off of Pam's shoulder, and saw tears running down Judy's face. "Daddy spends more-more time with yoooou." she wept, "and you get to feel his c-c-cock inside your p-p-pussy. When is it m-m-my turn?"

Pam sighed, and said, "Is that what this is about? You're jealous? Why can't you just be patient? Daddy will pop your cherry when it's time." Then she stopped, looked at me, looked back at Judy, and said, "I'm gonna put him to bed, and then we're gonna have a talk about this."

Then she picked me up, carried me into my room, and put me to bed. She laid down with me, whispering, "Are you okay sweetie?" as she held me in her arms. "Judy didn't hurt you did she?"

"I'm okay." I said weakly, as I put my head on her shoulder, and wrapped my arms around her, feeling safe, and protected.

I didn't really have any standard for comparison back then, so it wasn't until I was much older that I realized how mature, and responsible she was for an eleven year old. It was really only now, on the floor of my apartment, with my face in my hands, that it occurred to me how much attention, and affection she'd lavished on me when we were growing up. She'd done everything she could to compensate me for the loss of our mother, and I suddenly couldn't believe that I'd never fully realized that before.

My reverie was finally interrupted when I felt Ashley's wet hand on my back. I looked up at her dripping body, and that's when I heard the shower running in the background. "You're all wet." I said quietly.

"I know daddy." Ashley responded. "It's okay." Then she crouched down next to me, and grasped my hand whispering, "C'mon daddy, let's get you cleaned up."

I got up, and followed her into the bathroom. She put me in the shower, helping me get cleaned up, and then she started gently stroking my cock. As I felt myself becoming erect, a lingering doubt surfaced. "I don't know Ashley.." I started to protest.

But she just rubbed her other hand on my belly, and said soothingly, "Ssshh, it's okay. It'll feel really good, I promise."

Suddenly I felt like that little boy being introduced to sexual pleasure by my sister. The memory of that feeling when Judy had first stroked, and sucked my cock, served to heighten the sensation as my little girl jacked me off. As I thought about the way Judy had deep throated me, and shown me her pink, wet little pussy, I felt myself rapidly approaching orgasm. From my rapid breathing, and the throb of my muscle in her hand, Ashley must have guessed it as well, because she quickly got on her knees, taking the head of my penis in her mouth, and sucking gently.

"Uuuuggghhhooh god!" I groaned as the first blast of my cum rocketed into her mouth. I grasped her head in my hands, running my fingers through her silky wet hair, as she swallowed my sperm. As the waves of pleasure swept over me, I could almost feel the shape of each ejaculation shooting up my shaft, and squirting into my daughter's moist, and hungry little mouth. She made little yummy sounds between gulps, and that just seemed to intensify my orgasm. I looked down at her, and at that moment, I couldn't think of anything more beautiful than Ashley sucking the cum out of me with the enthusiasm of a little girl who just wants to make her daddy happy. My orgasm finished off with a shudder, and she griped my shaft tight, moving her little fist up to milk out the last little bit of my jizzum. Then she looked up at me, pulling my penis out of her mouth with a little pop, before smiling up at me, and asking, "Do you feel better now daddy?"

"Yeah." I said with a sigh, and strangely enough, it was true, I did feel better.

We dried off, slipping into bed together, and as she cuddled up to me, she said, "It's okay daddy. Everything's gonna be okay." and I couldn't help but think that maybe she was right.

The way that she'd taken the situation so firmly in hand gave me hope that despite everything she could still grow up to be a strong, independent woman. Arguably, she'd only done what I'd trained her to do, but it seemed like more than just that. The way that she'd taken care of me in the middle of my little emotional breakdown had been nothing short of amazing. I looked down at her head nuzzled against my chest, and realized that she really was my hero. 'Yeah, maybe everything really will be okay.' I thought naively, having no idea what was in store for us next.

For the next chapter, go to Popping Ashley's Little Cherry, Chapter 5.


Nickname Feedback
BadBill Too much guilt. I know some people might think it makes the story more realistic, but it doesn't. He should be happy to have such a willing little cunt to take his cum. Why doesn't he shove it up her cunt and make her bleed? Seriously, you write fairly well, but the problem I had with your story was it was way too sad because daddy felt guilty for fucking, or rather pretending to fuck, his little girl. Now the flashback, well, I had to skip that because I don't have ADD. I know, I am criticizing you, but that's what a writer should want, criticism. I don't mean to offend you, but when I read apologies in a story about daddy's fucking daughters, I lose my interest and any erection it might have inspired. Have some respect for your perverted readers and make the old man corrupt the little girl in new perverted ways and have him make plans so he can stay free and keep doing the cool shit. Take care and keep writing.
Sorry BadBill, but I'm afraid you are going to have to write your own stories. Either that or find an author who caters more to your tastes. I have a specific audience in mind when I write and you are clearly not part of it, but that's okay, not everybody likes everything.
--Edic the Red
Anonymous great series, I really like it. Please, I'd like to hear more about Ashley's first blow job, especially the part where it gets rammed down her throat.
Nick Good story, but you can't rely on spell-checkers alone for spelling. They won't tell you that the word you're using is spelled right, but not the correct one. Like "griped" for "gripped."
LadyOfSin I agree with Badbill. The flashback killed the eroticism for me. I don't care why you're attracted to her. Just fuck make her a woman already. I like to play with myself as I read series... Bringing myself close to orgasm but holding back... Waiting for daddy to take her cherry like a thief in the night. You have failed to do that so far. So now I've wasted an hour playing, when I should be sleeping.... And still haven't cum.

Badbill, feel free to email me :) Chris knows the details ;)
Anonymous Very good. Can't wait to read more.
goodtrainher I agree with 'LadyOfSin' (what a hot name). This daddy has nothing to be guilty about. His family raised him the right way! He should be confident now with all that must be done to his little baby girl. Their is a whole array of delightful pleasures he could have in training that little cunt into a real child whore. I am going to read the next chapters in hopes that he does what only Good Daddies must do.
Hey goodtrainher, if you like LadyOfSin's name, you'll be glad to know she's a first author here as well! Check out her stories at LadyOfSin's stories.

jooses great stories thank keep on
Anonymous great story, any chance of Ashley bringing home one of her little friends?
Anonymous I think Ashley is turning- out to be like her Aunt Pam. A nurturing, caring, young "adult'.
[email protected] I love your writing, I understand why some of the readers want to be intensely stimulated during the whole read but I like the build up and the little side stories as it makes my own libido ebb and flow which makes my final 'reward' more intensely satisfying. Keep up the good work and may I add, as a lady who loves to fantasize that she's a little girl again giving pleasure to older, pedo men, if there's much violence involved, that can be an instant turnoff. I would be a willing little player, as long as I'm not hurt (too much). But that's just my own opinion and I respect everyone's.
Sinful mind Too much guilt i agree with badbill
OriginalSin I like the guilt and the flash back. The exciting part of daddy daughter stories is the taboo and forbidden aspects. The flashback also helps the reader see how daddy got to the point where he's playing with his little girl, how he tried to resist but failed. Without it, it's just another quick forced fap story and there are thousands of them already. And for those that are whining... The author got you to four chapters so far and you wouldn't have stuck with it this long if it wasn't a good story.

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