Jessie pulled the pillow over her head. The morning sun was filling her room with a most annoyingly bright and cheery light. God, I've got to remember to put a blanket over the window before I go to bed! she thought as she pushed the pillow as hard as she could into her face.

As she lay there, slowly realizing that she would eventually have to get out of bed before her annoying little brother came in and started shouting about breakfast, she tried so hard to remember what it was like when summer break had begun. Everything was possibilities! It was just a wide-open, never-ending, glorious summer awaiting her.

But here it is, mid-August, and school starts in two weeks. Ugg. And to make matters even worse she starts at a whole new school, Jefferson Heights Middle School, where she will be puny little sixth grader surrounded by a whole bunch of seventh and eighth graders who'll be mean and snotty and cliquey just like seventh and eighth graders always are. Her mother had told her many times that she should be excited because she gets to see all her friends again and make new friends too, but the truth is she only really has about four friends and she doesn't want any more, and she hung out with them all summer anyway, and they don't have very many classes together so the truth is, Mom, that I'll see even less of my friends once school starts!

She sat up and, with a great deal of effort, swung her feet off the edge of the bed. As she leaned over to put on her slippers, she thought about what it was that she wanted to do this summer. She wanted to write a graphic novel, that's one thing. It was going to be science fiction, about a girl who flew space ships and fought wacky aliens and met a boy. She started it a couple times but, well, you know, she had all summer to write her book and now it's August and school is starting and--

"Jessie!" she heard her brother shout. "Breakfast!"

"I'm coming!" she shouted back.

She leaned back on her elbows on the bed. What else was she going to do this summer? Swim a lot. She did that. Learn to play guitar. Didn't get that done. Read all of the Stargames books. OK, she got that done, too.

It took even more effort for her to heave herself up from her bed onto her feet. Ugg.

"Jessie!" Her brother banged on her door.

"I'm coming!" she shrieked. It hurt her vocal chords, she'd yelled so loud.

"Good morning sweetie," her mother said to her as she pushed some scrambled eggs from a frying pan onto a plate sitting in front of her. "Some toast?"


The toast appeared.

"Some orange juice?"


The orange juice appeared.

"Jessica," her mother said once they were all sitting down. "Andrew has a cookout for his little league team this afternoon and since I'm on call tonight, I need you to go with him."

Jessie dropped her fork on her plate with an audible clank.

"Jessica," her mother said in her stern-mother voice.

"Why can't dad go?"

"I don't know. Her just emailed me that he couldn't go."

Probably has a date, Jessie thought to herself, and she knew that her Mom was thinking the same thing.

"But I was going to go to Amanda's house!"

"I know, dear. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault," Jessica mumbled into her plate.

Her mom smiled at her. "I wrote the address down in the whiteboard. You can ride your bikes, it's only a couple miles. Look up directions on your phone, OK?"


So that's what Jessica has to look forward to. A boring day followed by a little league cookout with twenty-five annoying seven year olds and even more annoying adults who will ask her all sorts of annoying adult questions like "So sweetie what do you want to be when you grow up?" "A serial killer." Wouldn't it be awesome if she answered that way? Someday she will.

As they rode their bikes to the stupid cookout, the stupid sun was beating down on them and she was super hot and sweating. God this sucks. Now I will be sitting outside in this stupid sun and sweating all night. At least there'll be hotdogs, that's her favorite food, mystery meat stuffed in intestines. Yumm-ee.

The cookout was actually even worse than she thought it would be. The boys were insane, running around without the slightest regard for anyone else, particularly for older sisters who didn't want to be there and just wanted to be left alone. They screamed, they wrestled, they threw food, and the adults all stood around admiring their little offspring as if they were the most wonderful, humorous things that had ever graced the world with their presence.

Jessie found the shadiest spot in the yard, which was't easy, and sat down, leaning against a fence. At least she'd been smart enough to bring a book. She'd already read this particular book three or four times but oh well, it's better than the alternative that's for sure.

About ten pages into the book, the sun blazing hot even in the shade, she distinctly heard a voice. "Hey, can I get you a coke or something?"

This didn't make any sense; no one at this party would say anything that nice to her, right? She looked over the top of her book, but saw no one. She'd almost convinced herself that it was a hallucination when she turned her head and saw him.

OK, Jess, catch your breath. Don't do anything stupid. She looked at him and opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. Her brain froze. She just sat there with her mouth open in dead silence.

So much for not doing anything stupid. She felt extremely embarrassed.

Oh damn. No, Jess, don't blush. Whatever you do, don't blush! Of course she could feel her face getting hot and she knew she was blushing.

OK Jess you gotta say something. Say something smart!


Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

"Um, do you want a coke? Or there's watermelon. And hotdogs."

"Watermelon?" she said. It wasn't clear even to her if it was a question or a request or maybe she just forgot all about verbs? All about the English language in general? For some reason she added "please?" which while extremely awkward at least cleared up the question about whether or not it was a request.

"I'll be right back," the most beautiful boy in the world said to her.

"'K," she said back.

A minute later he returned with a plate full of watermelon slices. He sat down next to her. "I thought we could share the same plate, is that OK?"

"Yeah," she said. At some point, she was reasonably confident, she will be able to form complete sentences again.

"So what are you doing at this cookout?" he asked her.

"My brother..." She had to pause to clear some watermelon out of her mouth. "...plays on the team."

"Oh, and your parents dragged you along?"

She shook her head as she tried to swallow another bite. "My mom's om mall," she said.


She cleared her mouth. "My mom's on call at the emergency room. She's a doctor."

"Oh, cool."

"And I guess my dad had a date or something."


"So that left me to take Andy to his cookout."

"Oh. Well that's nice of you."

"Yeah?" She didn't feel like she had been at all nice about it.

"Yeah, you must be a good big sister. I bet he thinks you're the best big sister in the world."

She laughed. "I don't think so."

"You'd be surprised."

"So, why are you here? At this cookout, I mean?" she asked him. Wow, the complete sentences are just flowing out of her! Maybe not completely coherent but it's a start.

"I live here. My dad's the coach."

"Oh, cool."

"I'm Jason, by the way."

"I'm Jessie."


They both laughed.

"I mean, it's a nice name," he said.

"Jason's nice too."


"Jason!" she heard a kid yell. "Come play football with us!"

"Just a sec!" he yelled. "Sorry," he said to Jessie. "I gotta go, I promised my brother I would play football with him."


"Hey, I got a baseball game tomorrow. It's at McKinley Field at four, you should come watch!"

"Sure," she said. Except she had just taken a big bite of watermelon so it came out more like "Gurb."


Her pen was flying furious over the pages of her sketch book. She was already five pages into the story; Alexandra had left home, gone to flight school, become a cadet, got her own ship, wasted a few nasty aliens.

"Wow, that's so cool!" her little brother said, looking over her shoulder.

She smiled to herself, remembering what the boy at the cookout had said about her and her brother. Maybe he was right? And you know, even though she always calls him her "annoying little brother," the truth is that he's not that annoying. All seven year old boys are annoying, but he's not nearly as bad as most of them.

She turned the page and drew the next frame. In this one, Alexandra would meet the man that would become the love of her life. He was a space pirate that she had to arrest. As she drew the man, she realized that he looked an awful lot like the boy from the cookout.

She flipped to the middle of the sketch book and just started drawing him, the boy from the cookout. Jason. She'd never been very good at realism, particularly not from memory, but when she finished his face, she thought it looked pretty good. She drew his neck, then his shoulders, then his chest. She intentionally left him shirtless, even though she didn't know what he looked like without his shirt on.

Thinking about what he looked like without his shirt on caused her to wonder what he looked like without other articles of clothing on. She didn't know how old he was but he was definitely a teenager, and she knew that teenage boys looked a lot like grown men in, how shall we say it, certain parts of their bodies. She smiled to herself.

Then she thought, if he's a teenager, then he's not going to be at all interested in an eleven year old sixth grader like me. Then she realized that he probably only asked her to come to his game because she looked lonely and he felt sorry for her. That made her feel depressed.

She tore the picture of him out of her sketch book and threw it in the garbage, then went up to her room. The only thing she could do was try to make herself look older. She took off her shirt and looked at herself in the mirror, trying different poses. The truth is, she just didn't have much up top to work with. She had a little more than some of her friends, a little less than others, but not much. She tried on all her bras to see which one made her look the biggest, but none of them helped at all. Most of them made her look completely flat.

She went downstairs. "Mom, I need a new bra."

Her mom looked up from the newspaper. "Yeah, I guess you are growing, aren't you?"


"How 'bout we go shopping this weekend?"

"No, I need it today!"

"Today? What's the rush?"

"I just need it!"

"OK, OK. Here," she took a twenty out of her purse. "You'll have ride your bike over to Target, I'm afraid I'm too busy to go with you."

"Thanks Mom!" she hollered, already running out the door.

She tried on all kinds of bras before she found the right one. It had pretty thick padding on the cups, which helped, and they were a little too big for her, which helped, too. But more importantly, it was an underwire bra that was sort of a "push-up." When she stood in front of the mirror in the changing room, it did look like she had a little cleavage. OK, she really had to use her imagination to see it, but it was better than nothing!

She had enough money left over to buy some eye liner and lipstick.

She thought she looked pretty good when she got dressed for the baseball game. She was wearing a white tanktop teeshirt that hung pretty low on her chest. You actually could see some cleavage! At least you could if she remembered to keep pulling the shirt down in the front. You could sort of see the pink and green stripes of the bra through the shirt but she thought that was OK. She was wearing a little yellow miniskirt that was well above the knee, although she had to hike the waist up a lot to get it as short as she wanted. And she had her favorite tennies on, too. Then she put some eyeliner and lipstick on.

Well, I might not look like a teenager, but it's the best I can do.

She got to McKinley Field before the game started and sat behind the big fence behind home plate. She didn't know much about baseball but at least she knew it was called "home plate." Jason saw her and came over, hooking his fingers in the fence.

"Hi, Jessie!" he said. "Thanks for coming!"

"Sure," she said, feeling her face get a little hot. She hoped he couldn't see that she was pulling the front of her shirt down.

She really didn't know what was going on in the game, but at least the scoreboard said that Jason's team was winning, and he seemed to do pretty well, there were a few times that his teammates gave him "high fives" and stuff like that. After the game they were sitting on a bench, drinking cokes that he bought them from the concession stand.

"So your parents didn't come to your game?" she asked him.

"No, my dad coaches little league, you know."

"Oh, right."

"And my mom is dead."

He said it so matter-of-fact that it sounded weird. "Oh, I'm sorry, I..."

"It's OK," he said. "You didn't know."

"So, what, like, when?" she stammered.

"She died three years ago. Cancer."

"Oh." She didn't really know what to say. "That sucks."

"It's OK." He smiled at her, like he was trying to show her that it really was OK. She looked at his face and she couldn't help thinking, he's so beautiful. He has the most beautiful eyes in the world.

"Hey," he said, "would you want to go to a movie tomorrow?"

She felt herself blush, hard. Was he asking her out on a date? Her first date! She opened her mouth to say "Yes!!!" but no words came out.

"I've only got my learners permit," he said, "so I can't drive or anything, but we could go to a matinee and we could ride our bikes. If you want."

"OK," she managed to say.

He rode his bike home with her, all the way to her house from McKinley Field even though she knew it was way out of his way.

"So should I swing by here tomorrow? Maybe like around three o'clock?"

She wasn't sure what he meant.

"For the movie?"

"Oh, yeah!" She felt very stupid. "Yeah, three o'clock, OK."

"Sweet! See ya then!" and he pedaled off into the sunset.


She jumped out of bed the second that the morning sun filled her room with its wonderfully bright and cheery light. She pulled on her slippers and ran downstairs.

"I'll make breakfast today, Ma!" she shouted.

"Well!" her mom said.

"Scrambled eggs?"


"Andrew, you want scrambled eggs?"

"French toast!"

"OK," she said.

"Well!" her mom said again.

"Mom," Jessie said as they were eating breakfast. "I'm going to a movie this afternoon, OK?"

"Sure. What movie?"

"I'm not sure. It's a matinee. I'm leaving at three."


Her graphic novel took a decidedly romantic turn. Every frame had the space pirate in it; Jessie decided his name should be Jacob, because it was so close to Jason. Alexandra took Jacob to jail but he escaped, and he chased her all over the galaxy. At first he wanted to kill her, but then he fell in love with her, and he finally caught her and told her how much he loved her and she became a space pirate too and they raced all around the galaxy, killing aliens and stealing treasure.

It was pretty good!

She spent at least an hour getting ready for the first date in her life. She tried on every article of clothing that she had. She eventually settled on a white blouse that she left unbuttoned down to the top of her bra--of course it was her new "push-up" bra--and a black pleated skirt that she hiked up as far as she decently could. She was sitting in her front yard with her bike ready when Jason rode up.

"Wow," he said, "you look nice."

She felt her face blush hard.

The movie was--oh, who cares about the movie? It was some dumb movie. All that mattered to Jessie was that half-way through the movie Jason had reached his hand over, really cautiously, and put it on top of hers. They held hands through the whole rest of the movie. Her heart was pounding so hard that she thought everyone in the movie theater must know.

When he dropped her off at her house, he told her he had another baseball game the next afternoon. "Would you like to come?"

"Yeah!" She grinned broadly. "I'd love to!"

"Good! It's at four again at McKinley Field. Maybe afterwards, we could go get a burger or something?"

"Sure!" Wow, a second date!

That night she stayed up way late texting with her friends:

Jessie: So he asked me out on a second date! :)

Bea: No way!

Amanda: :)

Yasmine: Awesome! Im so jealous i wish i had a boy!

Bea: How far did u go?

Jessie: He held my hnad!

Amanda: Awwwwwww :)

Bea: You need to go way farther

Jessie: ?

Yasmine: Does he text you?

Jessie: He doesn't even have my phone number

Yasmine: ??? Then he isn't your boyfriend

Bea: High school boys expect way more than hand holding

Yasmine: No kid

Jessie: You think I should kiss him?

Bea: Duh

Yasmine: More than that

Jessie: ?

Yasmine: He's gona want way more than that

Bea: Yeah he is

Jessie: He hasn't even tried to kiss me yet

Yasmine: He isn't your boyfriend

Bea: You need 2 kiss him

Jessie: You think?

Yasmine: Yeah!

Amanda: Yeah

Bea: You should do more than just kiss

Jessie: Like what

Bea: You know

Jessie: You guys are stoopid

Bea: I gotta go u better kiss him :)

Yasmine: Night!

Jessie: Night!

Amanda: Night!

As she lay in bed trying to get to sleep, she thought about what her friends said. She knew they were right. She needed to kiss him, and she probably needed to go further than that. How far does he want to go? Maybe all the way! Would she really let him? Maybe. Of course he probably doesn't want to go anywhere, that's why he hasn't even kissed her yet. He probably just held her hand to be nice because he knows she has a crush on him. That's probably what it is. It made her want to cry, to think that.


She was very nervous when she showed up at Jason's baseball game the next day, but he smiled so sweetly at her when he said "hi" that she felt a lot better, and she actually had a good time at the game, even though his team lost.

After the game she overheard one of his teammates saying, "Hey Jason, you coming to Pizza Hut with us?"

To which Jason replied, "No, I got plans."

"It's OK, if you want to go with your friends," she said to him when he came over to her.


"To Pizza Hut."

"Oh, that." He looked at her with a funny expression. "Don't you want to get a burger?"

"No, I do, I just..."

"I don't want to hang out with those guys, I see them all the time. I never get to see you!"

That made her smile and blush a little.

"I can't believe school starts in two weeks," Jason said as they were eating their burgers and drinking their malts.

"I know, right? Like where did the summer go?"

"Yeah. So, like, what's your favorite subject?"

"I guess art."

"Really? You draw?"

"Yeah," she blushed. "I wrote a graphic novel."


"Well, more like a graphic short story."

They both laughed.

"What's it about?"

"About a girl, and a boy. It's science fiction."

"I love science fiction. You gotta show it to me!"

She had to take a deep breath to calm her nerves. "You could come over, like maybe tomorrow? I could show it to you."

"That'd be great. So, you done eating?"


He ate a few of her french fries, then took out his wallet and grabbed the bill.

"I can pay some," she said.

"No way. We're on a date, aren't we?"

"Yeah, I guess." He looked at her funny again, and she felt bad, like she made him feel bad or something. She wanted to tell him that she really liked him, and that she wanted to kiss him and do whatever, but she didn't know what to say.

He came back to the table. "You want to go down to the river before we go home?"

"Yeah, sure," she said, trying to sound excited.

They locked their bikes up in the park and walked down the grass to the river. "Should we sit down?" he said.


They sat there in the quiet late-afternoon sunshine for a little while.

"Look, Jessie," he said.


"So, you know, I'm gonna be a sophomore, you know."


"And you're--what grade are you in? Eighth?"

She thought about lying to him, saying yes. "Something like that," she said instead.

"I wish I had met you earlier in the summer. 'Cause now, once school starts, we'll probably never see each other."

"Yeah." She felt sad. "So, you should probably know, I'm only gonna be in sixth grade." Now she felt really sad. She figured he'd just get up and run away, and she could hardly blame him.

He looked surprised as he looked at her. "Really? You seem lots older." That made her feel a little better.

"So I suppose you don't want go on any more dates with a sixth grader, huh?"

He was quiet. She felt herself starting to cry and she turned her face away from him.

He put a hand on her shoulder, a very soft, tender touch. "I really like you Jessie." he said. Somehow that just made her sadder. But then he said, "I really want you to be my girlfriend."

She wiped the tears from her face and turned and looked at him. "I really want you to be my boyfriend."

He pulled her closer to him. "It's settled then!"

"You mean, you're OK with it?"

"Let's be boyfriend and girlfriend at least until school starts, OK? Maybe after that it won't work, I don't know. You'll probably meet a whole bunch of cool new guys at school."

"No. But you'll be around all kinds of girls."

"I've never met a girl that I like as much as you, Jessie."

She smiled at him and she knew she was blushing but she didn't care. She could feel her heart pounding and she felt really light.

They just sat there for a little while and didn't say anything.

"So, um," Jessie said, trying to talk even though her heart was pounding. "So, if we're boyfriend/girlfriend, then, maybe we should kiss?"

He grinned at her. "I think we should."

Jessie really didn't know what to expect, because she'd never kissed a boy before. The first thing she noticed was his breath as his mouth got close to hers, it smelled--it smelled really really nice and made her suddenly feel really warm. And then their lips met, but he didn't pull away after, he kept his lips on hers, pressing against hers. And then she felt him pushing his tongue in between her lips. She was a little freaked out, she'd heard about tonguing before but now it was happening to her!

She opened her lips a little and his tongue went into her mouth, and she tasted him. He tasted so wonderful! It made her feel so warm, and comforted, the way he tasted.

They didn't stop kissing for a very long time. It seemed like hours, or maybe a second, Jessie had no idea how long but she knew she never wanted it to stop. She wanted him to keep his tongue in her forever.

It was really late, after nine o'clock, when she finally got home. Her mom was sitting on the couch.

"Where have you been?" she asked, sounding a little angry.

"Out," she said.

"You need to call or something. I was worried."

"OK, sorry Mom."

"That's OK. I hope you had fun?"


She texted her friends to tell them that they kissed. Then she realized that she still hadn't given him her phone number. Stupid!


It was around two in the afternoon the next day when the doorbell rang. Her mom was at work and Andrew never answers the door so she pulled herself up and walked to the door.

It was Jason.

"Hey," he said. "You told me to stop by to see your graphic novel."

"Oh, yeah!" she said. She was totally embarrassed because she was dressed really shabby and everything.

She invited him in. Andrew came running into the room. "Who's here?"

"Andrew, this is Jason. Jason, Andrew."

"I know you, you're Evan's brother!"


"I'm going to show Jason my graphic novel so don't bug us!"

"It's so cool Jason you'll love it! It's got aliens and laser guns and stuff."

Jason smiled at him. "Sounds cool!"

"Come on," Jessie said, and led him upstairs to her bedroom. "Sorry it's such a mess, I should have cleaned up." She closed the door behind them.

"That's OK."

They sat on her bed and she took out her sketch book. He paged through it, reading. She was totally embarrassed when he got to the pictures of the space pirate, because she knew it looked like him, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Wow," he said when he finished. "That was awesome. You need to get this published!"

She blushed. "It's nothing. I did it in like a half-hour."

"It's really cool." He put his hand on her knee. She felt all light-headed again; what she really, really, really wanted to do was to kiss him again, so she just turned her face towards his and hoped that he would kiss her.

And he did.

They sat there kissing forever, with his tongue in her mouth again, and she felt all warm and everything. As they kissed, they both just sort of naturally lay back onto her bed and then they lay there kissing for a really long time.

Eventually they were interrupted by a knock on the door. "Did you like it?" Andrew hollered through the door.

"Andrew, I told you not to bug us!"

"Yeah, it's really cool," Jason said loudly.

"Can I come in?"

"No! Get lost!"

"Come on, I'm bored! Jason, let's play catch!"

Jason looked at her and shrugged his shoulders. He leaned down and give her one last kiss, a big, wet kiss. Then he got up.

"OK, Andy," he said.

She sat outside and watched them play catch for a while, then got them all lemonade. When Jason finished his lemonade, he said he needed to get home.

When he got his bike, she stood up on her tippy-toes and gave him a little kiss. She didn't even care if Andrew saw. "I need to give you my phone number so you can text me," she said.

"Yeah!" He took his phone out and she told him her number and he texted her a smiley face.

After dinner she got a text from him. "Want to hang out at the park?"


"See you in a few?"


"Mom, I'm going out!" she hollered as she put her shoes on.

"OK. Remember to text me if you're going to be late!"

"Mom," she heard Andrew's voice, "Jessie has a boyfriend!"

"Andrew, you brat!" she yelled.

"Really?" her mom said.

"Gotta go!"

"Yeah, it's Evan's brother," Andrew said.

"Coach Johnson's son? Isn't he older?"

"He's in high school!"

"I gotta go! See ya!"

"You wait one minute, Jessica."

"Mom, we're just friends. Andrew's such a brat, you know that. I gotta go."

"Are you going to meet him?"


"Jessica, sit down for a minute, I want to talk."

She sat down with a loud grunt. "Mom, we're just friends."

"Jessie, dear," her mom said, trying to sound nice. "You're too young to have a boyfriend."


"How serious are you?"

"We're just friends."

"She kissed him!"

"Andrew you brat!!!"

"Jessica," her mom used her stern-mother voice this time. "You are too young to understand. Boys--high school boys--they, they have different expectations. You're too young to understand."

"Yeah, you said that already. I know what you're talking about. Don't worry he's a 'perfect gentleman.'" She tried to not sound too sarcastic when she said that. "Besides, we're just friends. Andrew doesn't know what he's talking about."

"How old is he?"

"I don't know. He's a sophomore."

"A sophomore!"

"Mom, I gotta go."

"Jessie, I don't think you know what you're getting into."

She sighed, very heavily. "Can I go?"

"Where are you going?"

"To the park. Just to hang out."

"Are his friends there?"


"OK, I guess that's OK. But you be careful, OK? If anything happens at all you need to tell me. And, I want you to invite him over here for dinner tomorrow. I want to meet him."

"Mom! I can't do that! How embarrassing!"

"OK, then, you text him back and tell him you can't meet him."


"Jessica..." Stern-mother voice again.

"OK, fine, I'll invite him over to dinner."

"OK. You can go. But tell me if anything at all happens, OK? And text me if you're going to be out later than nine."

"OK. Bye!"

Thank god that was over. Andrew is such a brat! When she got to the park she saw him standing by the bikes. He waved to her.

"Sorry it took me so long, Andrew told Mom I have a 'boyfriend' so we had to have the whole talk."

"That sucks."

They held hands as they started walking down to the river.

"She wants you to come over tomorrow for dinner so she can meet you."


"Sorry. I had to promise to invite you, so that she'd let me leave the house."

"Does she know that I'm, like, in high school?"

"Yeah, she knows who you are. Andrew told her. You can say no if you want."

"It's OK, I'll come."

Jessica wasn't sure if she was happy about that or not.

When they got down to the river they walked a ways until they were in a more secluded area, and then they lay down on the grass and almost immediately they started kissing. They just lay there and kissed and kissed and kissed.

He was laying next to her while they kissed and he had his hand on her stomach, and then she could feel him moving his fingers up, really slowly and cautiously, while they kissed. Her heart was pounding. Is he going to feel me up? He's going to feel me up! Pretty soon is was obvious; he had his hand on her rib cage, he'd moved it up like three or four inches now, and then he just went for it! He moved his hand right onto one of her breasts! She just lay there, she was so terrified and nervous and excited that she couldn't even move, she just lay there while he kissed her with his tongue in her mouth and felt her up!

After a little while he moved his hand down and slipped it under the bottom of her shirt and then pushed it right up, right onto her bra. Then he moved his fingers up to the top of the bra cup and slipped them under it and his fingers were right on her breast! Right on her bare breast! She felt so hot, she knew her face was bright red, and her heart was pounding hard.

He rubbed her nipple with his fingers, rubbing back and forth over it, and it was the most wonderful feeling she'd ever felt. And then he moved his hand over to her other breast and slipped his fingers under the cup and rubbed that nipple, too.

All the sudden she remembered that she promised to text her mom. "What time is it?" she said, sounding like she was panicking.

He quickly pulled his hand out of her shirt. "I don't know."

She pulled her phone out of her pocket. "I told my mom I would text her if I was going to be later than nine."

"Oh. I suppose we should probably go, huh?"

"No!" she said, rather more emphatically than she intended. "I mean, it's OK, I'll just text her, and then you can... I mean we can..."

He smiled at her. It was a funny sort of smile. She quick texted her mom, "Ma I'll be a little late coming home soon all is OK."

She slipped her phone back in her pocket and lay back down and looked expectantly up at him. He leaned his face down to her and started kissing her again and slipped his hand back up her shirt.

"I should probably go," she said eventually after he'd been feeling her up forever.

"Yeah," he said, pulling his hand out of her shirt. But he had that same smile, a wry sort of smile.

She lay in bed that night and masturbated, gently twirling a finger over her clitoris and rubbing her nipples and thinking about him touching her. Oh, I want him to touch me more! I want him to touch me so badly!

She smiled as she fell into a wonderful, deep sleep.


Dinner the next evening was a nerve-wracking experience for Jessie. When Jason first arrived, she found it hard to think about anything other than how they could get alone together and make out. And she was mortified that her mom would do something embarrassing. But actually her mom was pretty cool, all things considered, and Andrew thought it was just the neatest thing in the world to have Evan's big brother over for dinner and insisted on playing catch with him when they were done eating.

While they were playing catch, Jessie and her mom did the dishes

"He seems very nice, Jessie."


"I think I'm inclined to believe you about him being a 'perfect gentleman.'"

Jessie tried to only smile to herself.

"So while I'm still opposed to you having a boyfriend at your age, I'm not going to say anything more."

"Mom, he's not my boyfriend, we're just friends."

"I'm not going to say anything more."

"So was that just awful for you?" she asked him as they walked to the park after dinner.

"No, it was fun!"

They started holding hands once they were out of sight of the house, and when they got to the park they went right to their favorite special place. They were making out in an instant and he put his hand on her belly. But this time he didn't move it up her shirt. This time she felt his fingers start moving down.

Oh my god he's going to put his hand down my pants! His fingers slipped under the waistband of her shorts, and then her panties. He pushed them down quickly until they were in her pubic hair, and then down even more. Without even really thinking about it she opened her legs so he could touch her private parts. His finger moved around a little bit, pushing a little in between her labia, and she knew that he knew that she was really, really wet inside her and she was just so embarrassed!

He fingered her for a little while and she was felling really nervous and excited, and then all the sudden she just started putting her hand down his pants. All the sudden she really, really wanted to touch him, too. She didn't even really think about. It was like she wasn't thinking, just doing.

She got her hand into his pants but didn't really find what she was expecting. Mainly there was just lots of hair, way more hair than she had that's for sure. She pushed further and her fingers bumped against something but she couldn't really find a hard-on or whatever. He reached a hand down and unbuttoned his pants and fished in his underwear and a second later he was pulling his penis out of the fly of his underwear and she pulled her hand out and wrapped it around his penis.

What she remembers the most about it was how hot it was. Hot and hard, she'll never forget that about it. She just sort of held into it, not really knowing what to do, and way too nervous to do anything else so she just held onto it really tight.

After a couple minutes they both sat up and got their clothes all situated, and they walked back to her house.

"So tomorrow and Sunday are the playoffs, for my baseball team. Will you come?




There were two baseball games the next day, and Jason's dad came to them so even though Jason was really nice to her and even gave her a kiss it's not like they were able to go make out or anything. Jason's team did win both games, in case you're keeping up with the box scores.

That night, around eight, she got a text. "Let's meet at the park."

Is there any doubt the Jessie was out the door in an instant?

Kissing; his hands up her shirt; his hand down her pants; her hands unbuttoning his pants, fishing his penis out. As she held tight to his amazingly hot and hard erection she felt his fingers groping in her wet vagina, exploring, pushing into her. Eventually he pulled his hand out of her pants, having apparently found everything he was searching for, and to her surprise he moved up, he slid himself up on the grass until his penis was in front of her face. Not entirely sure what was going on, she felt him hold her head, pulling her towards him, and she opened her mouth and his penis went in.

He let out a little sound, "Ohhhh," quiet and very sweet; then he reached down and wrapped a hand around his penis. He moved his hand up and down, only about three or four times, and he made another quiet sound, this time a low grunt, "Uhhhgg," and she felt something warm in her mouth, thick and salty, and she knew that it was his semen. He grunted again and more semen came out if him.

It didn't taste very good but she swallowed it, which was good because he kept ejaculating for a little while longer and it was good to get it out of her mouth since there was still more coming. When he finished, he just kept her head cradled to him with his penis in her mouth, breathing hard, while she swallowed the rest of it.

My "perfect gentleman!" She thought, smiling as she lay in bed that night. "Perfect gentleman" my ass! He ejaculated in my mouth!


Her pen flew again over the pages of her sketch book. Alexandra and Jacob were running from the authorities, fighting aliens along the way. Eventually they landed on an barren planet with lots of scary aliens that they had to kill; they decided to stay on the planet and build a house and plant a farm. She even included a "PG 13" sex scene! In one frame they were talking about how they needed to populate the planet with people, and in the next frame they were in bed with the bedsheets covering them, Jacob on top of Alexandra and letting out a low grunt, "Uhhhgg." In the next scene Alexandra was holding a baby. The story ended with the planet now a beautiful place with trees and flowers and children running through fields.

After church, she ate her lunch as quickly as she could and ran upstairs to get ready for the next baseball game, the championship game, the last game of the season. When she came downstairs wearing her favorite outfit, the push-up bra, the tanktop, the yellow miniskirt, her mom looked her over.

"Isn't that a little revealing?" she asked.


"Oh come on, you're my little baby, you don't need to grow up so quick."


They all went to the game; her mom, her little brother, and her, and they sat with Evan and Coach Johnson as they watched the game. Coach Johnson seemed to be aware that there was something special between Jessie and Jason, and it didn't seem to bother him too much. In fact, she even noticed that every once and a while he looked at her in a funny way, the way older men sometimes look at girls.

The game went really well, and since Andrew and Evan were sitting with her now she could ask them questions and even started to understand the finer points. Jason, she figured out, had two hits--a single at his first at bat, and a double later in the game. He also walked once and "hit into a double play," which apparently wasn't a good thing. But he scored one run, after his double when the next player got a hit, and he also got an "RBI" which apparently was a good thing. His team won, 7 to 5. City champions!

There was a celebration party at the Johnsons' afterwards and the whole team went, and so did her family. It was really fun, and even though Jason was a "perfect gentleman" (tee hee) the whole time, she still felt like he treated her very special; he was always finding ways to be sitting next to her, no matter what was going on, and found all kinds of reasons to touch her, on her shoulder or her arm and even once, really briefly, on her butt.

The party ended around six and she went home, but she sort of expected the text that she got a couple hours later.


Her heart was beating hard and her head was light as she rode her bike as fast as she could to the park.

Kissing again; hands up shirt again; hands down pants again. He groped at her wet vagina like he does, pushing his finger in, almost too deep this time, it hurt a little. And it was funny because she realized that he didn't seem to know about her clitoris. He never really touched it.

This time, since she'd seen a bit of what he did with his penis when it was in her mouth, she didn't just grip tight to his erection like she had the last two times; this time she moved her hand up and down on it, like he had done. And she was feeling brave, so after doing that for a little while she slipped her hand inside the fly of his boxers and felt his testicles. This was the first time she'd felt his testicles and they seemed very big and very hairy to her.

He seemed to have finished groping at her vagina and he pulled his hand out of her pants, and then he started sliding up the grass, just like he had the night before. Yes! Her heart was pounding in her chest. Yes! Put it in my mouth again!

She opened her mouth wide when he got his penis up to her face and he slipped it in. Then he reached down and started rubbing himself again, cradling her head to him with his other arm.

"Oh, Jessie," he said, "Oh, Jessie, oh, Jessie!"

He grunted again, that same low, quiet, masculine sound, and her mouth filled with his semen.


She texted him the next morning. "I got another chapter of my graphic novel done you want to come see it"


"Mom works at 10 come over after that"


She spent the next hour cleaning her room up really nice. She put all her stuffed animals in the closet because she didn't want to seem like a little girl but then she decided that was too much and she took a couple of her favorite ones out and lay them on the pillows of her bed and they looked really cute. Then she set about conspiring to get Andrew out of the house.

"Do you have some friends you want to play with today?"

"Huh? Why?"

"I don't know, I just thought you might. Why don't you call Jerry or Fred and see if they want to play baseball at the park? I'll give you some money to buy some junk food."

"Yeah? OK!"

Jason knocked on her door at 10:05. They went straight up to her bedroom.

He read the next chapter of her graphic novel while she sat there, feeling surprisingly nervous. "Wow, this is so good!" he said. "You really need to get this published!"

She smiled, her face going flush.

"What if, wouldn't it be cool if, like, you and me were Alexandra and Jacob? If we were flying around in space like them?"

"Yeah. Jacob, he's supposed to be sort of like you."


She nodded, feeling very nervous, wondering if he was thinking what she was thinking, about that one frame where Alexandra and Jacob have sex.

"It's really good," Jason said. "It's like my favorite graphic novel ever."

She lay down on her bed, her heart pounding very hard, looking over at him and trying to tell him with her look that she wanted him to lay down next to her and kiss her some more. And he definitely understood.

They don't talk when they do their thing. They never say a word. They just do what their bodies want. It's like a dance, and they both know each other's moves; they kiss and they touch and they explore each other, and they fall in love.

There were new dance moves today.

Instead of putting his hands up her shirt, he took her shirt off of her. He started pulling it up and she sat up and lifted her arms in the air and he took it off. And then she reached around her back and unhooked her bra, and he took it off of her. And then she lay down, topless, her heart pounding so hard, her face so hot, her head so light. He touched her breasts while they kissed, very soft and gentle, rubbing her nipples. Then he kissed her chin, and her neck, and her chest, and then he put his lips on a nipple.

She cradled his head to her breast. She wanted him to kiss her nipple for ever and ever and ever.

He moved his hand down her belly, down to her pants, and he unbuttoned them. Then he slipped his fingers under her panties and down to her private parts. She was as wet as she had ever been in her entire life.

She sat up and pulled her pants off, then pulled his shirt off of him. They lay down again, she was only in her panties now, and he was in his shorts. He slipped his hand down her panties again and explored, pushing his finger into her. She pushed her hand down his shorts and he sat up and pulled them off, and pulled his underwear off, too, and he was naked.

For the first time she could really see his penis--his cock. That's what it is, it's his cock. It stood out, so big and erect and masculine. And she knew that he was going to put it inside her. And she wanted him to.

He reached down and pulled her panties off. Her heart was pounding, pounding so incredibly hard, and her breath was short and she felt like she was going to pass out. He didn't say a word, they never talk, they never speak, when they do their thing. She opened her legs and he climbed in between them.

He knelt above her, leaning over onto his hands, and she felt his hard penis poking around down there, down between her legs, and she could tell he didn't know what he was doing, that he couldn't find her vagina, couldn't figure out how to put it in her.

She reached down and spread her lips open and then his penis figured out where to go. His eyes were wide, looking down at her, and he had a big smile on his face, and she smiled up at him, too, even though she was so nervous and her heart was pounding so hard that she almost thought she was going to start crying.

It took a little while for him to do anything. He just had his penis at the opening of her vagina and seemed to not know what to do next. But then she felt him push it in. It felt like her heart was going to explode.

Even though he was pushing it in, it took a little while for him to really get it inside her. She knew he had to get past her hymen, and she'd heard that it hurt a lot when that happened, but she didn't really feel any pain. Well, at least not much, not that she can really remember. All that she can really remember is that after a little while his penis was further inside her, stretching her open and filling her up. It felt so big and wonderful!

But he just kept pushing, and it really wasn't working, he couldn't really get into her, so acting almost on instinct she reached out and took his hips in her hands and pushed him back, so his penis moved out of her a bit, and then pulled him in towards her again, so that his penis pushed back in.

He understood now. He pulled back and pushed in again, and he did this three or four times and then he was all the way inside her, filling her up completely, stretching her open and she just felt so wonderful, it was the most wonderful thing she'd ever felt, being so full and so open and so wet and so excited and nervous and totally in love.

He lay down on her and she wrapped her arms and legs around him and they started kissing and then he started moving, pulling back and pushing in, very slowly and gently.

The sun shone through the window of her bedroom, bathing the naked lovers in its warmth. It was a comforting feeling, even motherly, as if God herself was covering them with love and letting them know that it was OK, that she approved. And they lay there in the sunshine together, learning their new dance.

Jessie has no idea how long they made love that day. It might have been no more than a minute, or it might have been a hour. All she remembers is holding him tightly and kissing him so deeply as she felt his penis gently moving in and out of her vagina, filling her up, so full, so incredibly full! then pulling out and her vagina crying for him to return, and then he did return! filling her up again. She felt like a woman, loving her man, and he was such a man! He was so strong, so large above her, she just melted underneath him, and his penis was so hard, and so big, oh my god it is so big!

And then she heard him grunt. She knew that sound, she was so familiar with it now, low and quiet and loving and masculine, and she knew he was coming and she was so happy, she wanted him to come so badly. He didn't pull out, and she wouldn't let him; she tightened her legs around him to hold him inside her and he grunted again, and again. And then he stopped moving inside her and just lay down on her and they held each other tightly and lay there together in the warm sunshine, breathing, just breathing.


The space ship flew through the emptiness of space, a million miles a second, carrying the two lovers with it. They were flying, they were fleeing, they were running away. They were running away from time, from the end of summer and from all the people who told them that it was wrong, that she was too young, that he was too young, that they both had such promising futures ahead of them. They were running away from the future. They were grasping only for the present.

They were flying to the sun, to the warm, loving comfort of the sun. The sun that would tell them that it's OK, that the universe approves.

The leaves on the street scattered as their space ship flew, the leaves that presaged the ending of the summer. They raced, they rode as fast as ever they could, riding as far away from everything else as it was possible for them to ride. When they finally stopped, way out in the country, so far away from everyone else that no one would even know where they were, they laughed and laughed and ran and jumped, and then they danced. They spread a blanket on the ground and the soft sunshine shown on them and loved them and they loved each other and they danced. They had lost the race with time, school starts tomorrow and everything will be different, but at least they had the present and so they danced.


Nickname Date Feedback
Anonymous Such a beautiful story, one of the best I've ever read. You're really a great author. Your manage to make your stories as believable as it gets. Keep up the good work!
Lib A very nice, charming and arousing story, tastefully written with elegant command of the language.
Anonymous from nice guy to pushy in 2wks?
Anonymous it seems the boy took advantage of the girl and didn't care what happened to her when school started again. The oral sex was deffinatly forced.
Chris Hailey I'm fascinated by the two previous comments; it did not occur to me that people might think of the boy as a "bad guy." He definitely wants to move fast ("from nice guy to pushy in two weeks" is I suppose one way to describe it!). To me this is part of the realism of the story. I remember being 15 years old; all the guys I knew wanted to go as fast and as far as the girl would let us.

In this case. of course, he's older than her, which makes it look more like he's taking advantage of her; but it seems to me that regardless, we should respect her right to make her own decisions. The claim that he is taking advantage takes away her right to her own feelings and actions. She's not a dupe; she's a smart and passionate girl. She made decisions and acted on her desires, just as much as he did.
Chris Hailey As for the claim that the oral sex was forced, I suppose it's a matter of perspective, but this seems like an unfair charge to me. We don't know what would have happened if she'd said "no" but I'm pretty confident that he would have stopped. I suppose he's taking advantage of her naivety, although I prefer to think of it as being caught up in the passion of the moment I guess. But to me the real question is, is she a naive girl being taken advantage of, or an agent of her own actions, capable of making decisions for herself?
Pedroone Not quite up to par, really. Some spelling mistakes, phrases not quite right and very correct English when referring to their body parts. Should have used more earthy language, which would have increased the pleasure of the reader. Also, no ages were mentioned? Again, their ages would have added to the erotic content. But not too bad generally. Again as with the last story I read, there is room for more inter action within the groups. Let your imagination run riot, and go for it!
Chris Hailey Thanks for the feedback Pedroone. The "correct English" when referring to body parts is intentional; since the story is from the point of view of an eleven year old girl just beginning to experiment with sex, it didn't seem like words like "cock" and "pussy" were really appropriate. I've heard before that some readers are turned off by "penis" and "vagina," which I think is sorta odd. Oh well I hope you find your earthy language in other stories by me!
Boo Boo pedrone should have read the story line. it says m.15 g.11 9/27/13 is when i read lip gloss. Very nice. Dancing in the sunshine is extremely erotic!!!! Its so nice to read a story that doesn't sound like a bad porno movie.Don't use the F,D,and C.Word You are very good.
Brody I really appreciate the fact that Chris does not use hard-core words to refer to things. One doesn't ALWAYS want to have crude to convey sex. Thanks for that!
Chris Hailey Thanks, Brody. I hope you didn't mind my latest story ("The Giving Girl"), which is full of naughty words! I like to mix it up a bit.
ohboy Terrific story!! Realistic and believable! Love the narrative coming from Jessie's perspective.... Also that their relationship moves in stages, and that a not-so-experienced boy isn't trying to 'do it' at the 1st opportunity. Also, I feel the tying of the real-life story to her graphic novel is rare in this type of fiction. Well done!! Thanks!
Topshaper The storyline for me was simple and very true to age groups, remembering my own experiences at this age I think I was more afraid of how to do it rather than what we were doing. The writer puts the reader in that seat and then some, graphic explanations can make the reader think porno, but simple experience at slower pace makes the erotic tempo of the story stands out. I always say, if you can write it better then do so, and watch the comments and see how you fare?
timelessfunhuman Great you
Just_A_Fan Nicely done sir! This was a well written story, with just the right amount of trepidation on the part of a young girl coming to terms with her blossoming sexuality. As to the two comments of taking advantage and being pushy too fast? You're kidding right? Do you remember being a teenager? If anything I think Chris wrote AMAZING RESTRAINT into the part of Jason. And Boo Boo sometimes, in the right situations, the C,D,&F words heighten the passion of the moment. In this case, they weren't needed, and their omission lead a much more immersive reading experience!
The Shadow Really enjoyed the story. Yes she is young but willing to explore like all young people. Now I'm wondering what will happen next summer when she's 12 and might be able to get pregnant if they aren't careful. This could be a base for a few more chapters in their lives. Especially if her mother gets the idea there is more going on than expected but still stands aside.
Ruth Beautiful story!
RTM A very nice story. The spelling and grammar mistakes were present, but they were mostly in the beginning and seemed to be nothing more than typos. I found myself thinking "OH HE'S A PIG!" and then "Wait... wait... no, he's not." and then right back to "So he IS a pig!" throughout the story. It made the story almost painfully interesting. In the end, I do feel that as a sophomore in high school, he should have controlled himself better, but I don't think he was totally taking advantage of her. on the other hand, why did he even approach an "Innocent," naive fifth-grade girl unless he was intending to take advantage of her? I found the comment that she looked like an eighth grader to be a bit forced.
Thanks RTM. If you note the specific spelling/grammar errors and forward them to me I will definitely fix them.

I do find it fascinating that people think badly of the boy. This was not my intention at all! Pretty cool what readers can get out of a story that the writer didn't intend!

I've pretty much already hashed out my arguments on the point in comments above, but it does seem unfair to the girl, in my mind, to claim that the boy took advantage of her. I suppose the whole logic of the molestation argument is that an eleven year old is not capable of making decisions like this for herself, but Jessie seems perfectly capable of such decisions to me.

And a quick correction and subsequent argument: It's the summer and Jessie is said to be going into sixth grade; generally (where I live at least), we would call her a sixth grader, not a fifth grader. May be a minor point, but there could be a world of difference between an just-turned-eleven-year-old going into fifth grade, and an almost-twelve-year-old going into sixth. Further, I had dinner a little bit ago with some friends and their eleven year old sixth grade daughter came along. I think if you saw her and I told you she was in eighth grade, you wouldn't doubt it.

jodidrill I never comment on stories but how could I pass on a finely written piece like this? One always has to suspend a certain amount of disbelief with fiction but your elegant style and spot on dialogue, generally the most difficult aspect for a writer, make the reader's journey very enjoyable.

The pacing was excellent, it could even have been slower for my taste, and you didn't rush your characters to "do it". So many writers in this genre express train to the "do it" portion but rarely, very rarely, are able to supply a description of "it" that hasn't been done to death a million times all ready.

I'm also delighted that you didn't go into physical descriptions, as if the reader is so dull as to have no imagination at all. I generally quit a story that has a sentence that begins, "First, let me describe myself..."

You write very well may I encourage you to include our sense of smell in some of your newer stories, it is after all the single most evocative sense that we have.

Finally, I found myself wondering what "mom" would have done if she had found a single small white stain on one of Jessie's tops or would she have noted the amount of discharge in Jessie's panties?
Thanks so much, jodi. I totally agree with you about the physical descriptions. I think the erotic writer's job is to lead his/her readers by the hand but let their imagination do the real work. That's the true goal of erotica in my mind! But, of course, ironically, check out the next comment! And your point about the sense of smell is well-taken, too.

6teen It would have been even better if you had said, how the charaters looked, cause I didn't know how they looked like.
Thanks, 6teen. See jodidrill's and my posts above for an alternative position!

CH Kitten I adore this story - wonderfully romantic as well as the excitement of learning and exploration.

I can only imagine the memories I'd have if I'd met a Jason when I was Jessie's age, but I'm sure they'd be good ones. Certainly feels very real and authentic from her eyes and I can definitely empathize with the feeling of wanting - needing! - to do more.

They're in love!
You're sweet as always, CH Kitten.

teao Briliant, brilliant a great erotic story. please give some links to any other.
Are you looking specifically for stories by me? There's a link on the menu bar--you can just click "Erotic Stories by Chris Hailey." If you are looking for stories by other authors along this vein, maybe other readers can recommend some?

Jimmy You are a wonderful writer with a great imagination. I have responded to you in the past and have read other stories you have written. What a romantic you are. Thank you...
Thanks, Jimmy, for this and your other comments. It is much appreciated.

I plead guilty to being a romantic! :)

drd Moving, erotic, understated. Probably the best I've read of its type. The conceit of the graphic novel is brilliant, lending a poignancy to the end. I felt the characters were quite realistic: Jason, single-minded, driven by hormones, caring about Jessie but also overwhelmed by his need; Jessie, knowing more than her age lets on, texting possible outcomes with her girlfriends, drawing and writing her way through boredom and desire. I love that both Jessie and Jason are "missing" an opposite-sex parent, which gives them freedom and also an extra kind of longing or need. There is just so much to like here.

One little plot point: I thought the shirtless picture of Jason should have come back at some point: found by the brother or the mother. It's like Chekhov's gun, you know? It should have figured in the plot somehow.
I'm so glad you liked it, drd, and am honored with what you say. I must confess I never thought twice about the picture she drew of him! Interesting thought you have there my friend!

dana 2/2/2016 Chris--Excellent build-up...romantic, fun, exciting. Your stories are the best!
Thanks so much for this comment, and for all the comments you've left so far, dana. Very much appreciated. This one has always been one of my favorities, I will admit!
old dog 2/9/2016 G'day Chris, I never comment on stories but I've been an avid follower of yours for some months now and love your style. You write convincingly on different plot lines from 'hard' to 'soft', you develop characters well given such limited time and space and your sex scenes are fantastic. I want more, lots more so please keep it will I! Cheers!
Thanks old dog! I'm glad you like 'em, stick with me because there is lots more to cum!
12/31/2016 Very good story. Personally, I loved the way he let her know he wanted her to take his dick in her mouth... And the next time, she was wanting him to "put it in my mouth again". Excellent writing
Jhn 1/24/2017 For some reason, i m picturing hillary duff as lizzie mcquire from the disney channel and the boy she had a crush on, evan. They were the same ages as the characters in the story and she had an annoying little brother too!
Now that you mention it, this story sort of is a porn version of a Disney "after school special!"

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