TIffany's Diaper Tales - Chapter 100 - Special Edition - Written By BabyInDiapers on October 30, 2004

"Tiffany?" a voice called to me. My eyes were closed. When I 
opened them I was in a crib. I immediately noticed that things 
were totally weird. "Tiffany?" the voice called again. I tried 
to sit up in the crib but I couldn't move! I felt a warmth 
around me and then noticed a beautiful lady standing by my 
crib. "There you are Tiffany." The voice called. It echoed 
like it was in a cave or something. Everything seemed to be in 
slow motion too.

The lady picked me up. She looked so much bigger than me. She 
held me in her arm and rocked me. I looked up at her face. She 
reminded me of mommy somehow. As she held me and walked around 
the room I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. I could 
hardly believe my eyes. I was a tiny little baby! And this 
woman was normal size and she was holding me. I was dressed in 
a baby sleeper and had on a disposable diaper. I didn't panic 
at all, I just felt a warmth being against her breast. It was 
a security like I only felt sometimes when being breast fed by 
mommy. I felt so safe and calm there in her arms.

The lady laid me on the changing table and began to change my 
diaper. I started to cry. She tickled me and gave me kisses on 
my tummy. I giggled and cooed like a baby. "Momma." I said. It 
was hard to even think of words not much less speak them. 
Everything was sort of blurry off in the distance. The only 
thing in focus was mommy.

Mommy picked me up and carried me out to a balcony where there 
was rolling hills and green forests and blue skies. The air 
was cool, and the sun was warm. Mommy let me sit on the 
balcony rail as she held onto me and let me look at the birds 
and other things below. I had an urge to float in the air or 
to fly. Mommy let me go and I leaned forward and fell off of 
the balcony rail in slow motion. As I was falling I just began 
to hover. Then I was able to fly!

"Come back baby." Mommy said from the balcony as I flew around 
in the sky and flew off towards the clouds. I was giggling and 
having fun. Mommy jumped off the balcony and began flying with 
me. I was in a baby outfit and a diaper. Mommy had a long 
flowing dress on much like a wedding dress. It fluttered in 
the wind as she flew along side of me. It was all slow motion 
and felt so peaceful.

I saw a bunch of small kids and toddlers playing in a huge 
playground in a grassy area with a little river flowing 
through it. I flew down and splashed about in the river 
getting my outfit all wet. Mommy flew by and caught me and 
picked me up. "Now look at you baby, you've gone and wet 
yourself." She said as she held me close to her as we flew 
back to the balcony we had been standing on earlier. As we 
flew back I noticed that it was a huge castle that we were 
flying towards.

Mommy landed on the balcony on her feet and carried me into 
the room and changed me. Then at this point it seemed as if I 
was no longer an infant, but a toddler. I walked down the hall 
with mommy and down some stairs while holding mommy's hand. We 
entered the courtyard of the castle and it was beautiful.

Mommy took me into this large room with cold and diamonds 
everywhere. She sat in a golden thrown next to a man dressed 
in kingly attire. Mommy held me on her lap and unfastened her 
robe and breast fed me there in the room while other people 
were around paying respect to the king, which I assumed was my 
father. After I had suckled on mommy's breasts  she then held 
me and burped me and let me fall asleep in her lap.

"Tiffany?" My eyes were still closed. "Tiffany?" the voice 
came again. I opened my eyes. I was in my crib and mommy was 
leaning over the crib and checking my diaper. "Honey come on 
wake up sweetie." She said. I sat up in my crib and looked 
around. I was in my room. "Mommy I had a really cool dream." I 
said as she was changing my diaper. I told her about it while 
we ate breakfast. I left for school a while later and during 
one of the morning classes I had some free time so I began to 
draw a picture of the king and queen and me on her lap being 
breast fed. I drew it with crayons and it was really cute. My 
teacher walked by and saw the picture. "Do you have your work 
done yet Tiffany?" "Um not all of it." I mumbled as I tucked 
my picture into a folder and pt it in my backpack and went 
back to doing some math problems.

During lunch Robert and I were talking about some stuff for 
the band. Robert taught me a few things on guitar. His dad 
played, and had taught him some stuff. "You know Robert, since 
you already can play guitar, we could use a bass player. None 
of us girls have big enough hands for that." Emily said. "Yeah 
Robert, I think you'd do good at it. See if you can get a bass 
guitar and amp for your birthday. It's only a couple weeks 
away." I said. "I'll see what I can do. It would be cool to be 
in your girl band." Robert said.

After lunch we went to class. I still daydreamed about the 
dream I had the previous night and had a hard time paying 
attention in class. On our second break in the afternoon, I 
went to Miss Megan's to get my diaper changed. The last class 
went by faster and the bell rang. Emily, Laura and I got on 
the bus and went home. We decided not to practice this 
afternoon since we all had homework and a test to study for on 
Friday. I walked in the door and said hello to mommy who was 
folding clothes. "Hi baby. How was school today?" "Good 
mommy." "Do you need your diaper changed?" "NO, I am just a 
little wet." I said. "Come here let mommy check your diaper." 
She said. I shrugged and then walked over to her. She pulled 
me over her knee and tugged on my pants waste band to look 
down the back of my diaper. "Nothing in there accept your cute 
little hiney." Mommy teased as she patted my bottom. She then 
reached her hand in the front of my pants and squeezed my 
diaper to feel how heavy it was. It was barely wet. "Mommy." I 
giggled. She just held me on her lap. I put my thumb in my 
mouth and let mommy rub my back. 

Mommy got up and laid me back on the couch. I was half asleep. 
Tammy woke me up for dinner. "Hi baby." She said as she gave 
me a hug. I went and washed my hands and set the table for 
mommy. Daddy was out doing some computer work. But he came 
home just as we sat down to eat. We had a yummy dinner. After 
we were done eating Teala and I washed the dishes. Tammy went 
to get a shower. While Teala and I stood there by the sink I 
began to feel pressure in my bowels. "I gotta go poopie." I 
said to Teala as I slightly hunched over the counter and began 
to push a little. I felt my messy squish into my diaper. I 
smiled when I was done. "Feel better baby?" Teala asked. "Yep. 
It always feels better to have a load in your diaper than to 
have it inside you." I said. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

After the dishes were dried I went to find mommy. She was in 
her bathroom. "Mommy." "Yes baby?" "I think you should check 
my diaper now mommy." I said. "Ok come in here then." She said 
as I opened the door. She had a towel wrapped around her but 
her top was not covered. She had just gotten out of the 
shower. She sat on the toilet and I stood in front of her. She 
turned me around and then tugged on my waste band of my pants. 
"Yep, you've got a messy hiney little girl." Mommy said. 

Mommy took me down the hall into my room. She changed my 
diaper. She then sat down with me in her lap on the edge of 
the bed and breast fed me. I very much enjoyed this. I laid 
there on the bed in her lap. I kept her nipple in my mouth 
even after the milk was all gone. Finally mommy got up and let 
me lay there a while. Tammy came in a while later and got me 
up and took me into the bathroom and gave me a bath. "Mommy 
fed you didn't she?" Tammy said. "Yeah." I said. "I can tell. 
You're sort of out of it." "Yeah." I said. "Ok squishy go to 
your room and Ill put you in a nice comfy didee." Tammy said 
as she swatted my naked bottom. 

I laid there on the bed. Tammy came in and laid 2 cloth 
diapers under me. She then put baby oil all over my hiney and 
between my legs and rubbed it in. I couldn't help but smile. I 
liked it. She then sprinkled me with power. Then she got up 
and went to wash her hands. She then pulled the diaper up 
firmly and pinned it into place. She then had me stand up as 
she slid a pair of pink rubber pants with ruffles up my legs 
and over my bulky diaper. She then gave me a hug. "There you 
go baby. Now you wont need a change until morning."

We went out into the living room and watched TV with mommy and 
daddy. Aunt Kathy and Amy came home from work and got there 
showers and then joined us. I sat in Tammy's lap. She fed me a 
bottle and burped me. Daddy came over and picked me up from 
Tammy's lap and held me and rocked me and then sat back down 
in his recliner. He put the foot rest up and leaned it back. I 
laid there with my face on his shoulder. My legs ran over the 
edge of the chair and my feet dangled. I laid there with my 
arms by my sides. I drooled all over daddy's shirt. Daddy just 
held me and rubbed my back. I felt my diaper get nice and warm 
as I totally emptied my bladder. That was the last thing I 
remembered before falling asleep. 

The days went by as they had a habit of doing. Robert's 
birthday came and his mom and dad got him a 4 string bass 
guitar and an amp with 2 speakers in it. Robert rode up in 
Emily's drive way one afternoon. We opened the garage door and 
his dad and him unloaded the amp and the bass guitar. Robert's 
dad hung around for a while and listened to us girls play. 
Laura had wrote out a bass line for Robert. He did pretty well 
too. "You all sound pretty good. You keep up the good work." 
He said as he got back in his truck to go home. We closed the 
garage door and then Robert turned up his amp and rattled the 
aluminum garage door. Emily's mom came home from work. She 
came in the garage and saw Robert had joined us. "Wow cool now 
you have a bass player. Rock on kids." She said as she went 
back into the house.

Later that night we ordered pizza and Robert and I decided to 
take a walk. We walked all the way to his house and then back 
to Emily's. Finally it was dark and we all had to go home. My 
mom came and got Laura, Robert and I and dropped them off and 
then took me home. I brought my guitar home with me because I 
broke a string during practice towards the end. When I got 
home I put a new E string on my guitar. Then mommy came in and 
told me it was bed time. She changed me into a nice thick 
cloth diaper and rubber pants. I immediately flooded the 
diaper while she was pulling up the rubber pants. "Honey!" 
mommy said. "Sowwy mommy, but I had to go pee pee." I said in 
a babyish voice. "It's ok honey bunny." Mom said as she hugged 
me. I crawled into my crib and mommy slid up the side rail and 
locked it into place. We said our prayers and then she gave me 
a good night kiss. I held Mr. Fluffy in my arms.

That night when I fell asleep I had a dream that our band was 
really famous and we were playing at a concert and it was a 
lot of fun. In the dream I heard some music in my mind. I woke 
up later that morning early and wrote some of it down. When 
mommy came in to wake us up she saw me at my desk with a 
flashlight. I didn't want to turn on the main light because it 
would wake Teala. She woke Teala and diapered her and then she 
came over to me. "What ya doing?" she asked. "Got some ideas 
for a new song. I had a dream that we were in a concert last 
night and I heard this really cool song in my head so I woke 
up and am writing it. I've been up for an hour." I said. "Well 
I bet your didees are squishy aren't they?" She said. "Yes 
mommy my didee is very wettie." I said. "Well let momma change 
your tinkle poopers and then we can have breakfast." She said 
as I got up from the desk and then laid on the bed and let 
mommy change me. 

I decided not to take guitar lessons any more. I was learning 
a lot of stuff on my own. So after my last lesson in April I 
decided to quit. I also saved up some allowance money and got 
a distortion pedal and a wah-wah pedal. I was starting to play 
some lead parts on the guitar in the one song I had written. 
We had about 5 songs that were pretty good now. Some of the 
kids from school were going to have a party at the end of the 
year and they said we could play. But we had to learn a lot 
more then 5 songs though. What we did the rest of the time 
before school was out was learn other people's songs instead 
of taking time to write our own. Song writing was much more 
time consuming then learning other songs.

By the time may came around I was one busy girl. I had exams 
to study for, a concert to play in, and Tammy's graduation to 
go to. The night of the concert we were all nervous. Finally 
the time came for us to do our first live show. We kicked it 
off with a couple faster songs that we had written. We then 
played about 15 other songs and then ended with 3 slower ones 
that we had written. The kids really loved us. We had finally 
come up with a name for our band only a few weeks before this.

One day when Tammy and Kimmie went to the school to get their 
pictures taken. Mommy and I and myself and Laura from a few 
years ago rode down to the school. When they came out they 
were shocked to see us. We all took a different way home then 
usual. Then I sent Laura and Tiffany back in time. It was 
really not surprising since I already knew about all this from 
that one day when Laura and I played time machine in the 
closet and stuff really happened. It was really weird being 
the current me talking to 8 year old me. Anyway all was ok and 
Tammy finally did realize now that I was serious about the 
time machine stuff. 

Later on Tammy went on her senior trip with her class on a 
cruise. She got home and a few days later we went to her 
graduation. Teala had been home schooling for the past couple 
years so she got her diploma a few months earlier. Unlike 
Tammy, Teala was not going to go to college right away. She 
wasn't sure what she wanted to do. So she got a job and 
planned on working for a year.

We were glad that school was out. Tammy and mom and dad went 
up to the northern part of the state to check out the 
university that Tammy wanted to go to. It was a big school and 
Tammy was excited. Mom and dad were glad she was going to 
college but wished she could be closer to home. They finally 
got back the second week in June. We were going to fly to 
Pennsylvania this year instead of driving. Daddy had a great 
Christmas bonus last year and still had some money saved.

I was sitting on the porch swing one afternoon with Tammy and 
mommy. Teala was at work and dad was busy in his office. We 
just sat out there talking and stuff. "You know what's so 
weird is that now that I'm graduated its just a weird feeling 
ya know?" Tammy said. "Yeah I remember when I graduated." Mom 
said. "Did they have your diploma on a stone tablet?" I said. 
"No, they had scrolls back then." Tammy said as we both 
laughed. "You two are awful." Mommy said as she laughed with 
us. "You know what mommy?" "What honey?" "It's been like 5 
years since I became a baby again. Remember it was back in may 
when I was seven years old and in the second grade. "Wow honey 
you're right. It has been a while now. It's hard to believe 
it." Mom said. "Well girls, I'm going to go in and get dinner 
started.' Mom said as she went inside.

Tammy and I sung on the sing as we just sat there. "I still 
remember the first day when you became a baby. I came home 
from school with daddy and you were wearing your diapers and 
then mommy and daddy made you go poo in it and you cried and 
then mommy put you in another one. I thought it was cute. I 
was glad to have you as a baby again."  Tammy said. "Yeah I 
remember." I said. "You know, I think that's why we're so 
close. I mean If I hadn't become a baby again, we may not have 
spent as much time together the past few years." I said. 
"Yeah, I mean you never know I guess." Tammy said. "Well let's 
go in and see if we can help mommy." I said after a while. "Ok 
I'm gonna go potty first. Do you need a diaper change?" she 
asked as we walked in the door. "No, I'm fine." I said. 

We sat down to dinner and said grace. We ate and then Tammy 
bathed me. I talked on the phone with Emily and Laura on 
three-way most of the evening until it was bed time. Mommy 
tucked me in and said prayers with me. We talked for a little 
bit while I lie in my crib. We talked about Tammy going away 
for college and how I was sad. Mommy stayed with me for a 
while until I felt better. I fell asleep with my pacifier in 
my mouth and Mr. Fluffy in my arms.


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