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Title: Street Boys
Author: AWH
Summary: Tough street boys and a horny man
Keywords: Mb cons pedophilia ped mast oral preteen yng gay
First published: 31 January 2015

Authors notes

A bit more unrealistic and much less emotional than my usual stories. Hope it's still interesting. :)

Chapter 1

I was walking home, in my own thoughts. The streets were almost deserted.
Then I heard 4 young boys, looking like they were up to no good, shouting and jumping about playing all tough. It was kinda cute, because they weren't very old. Between 14 and 10 was my guess. It was a tough neighborhood, so I wasn't surprised to see such young boys acting like that. That was what boys did around here.

Two of the younger boys, started pulling and pushing a street sign, trying if they could tear it loose. It swayed a bit, but was in no danger of breaking or other wise being damaged.
Yet there were no doubts that they tried to break stuff and be really cool and tough.

I turned around at shouted at them "Hey boys!"
I actually meant to tell them off, and ask them to behave, but I changed my mind as soon as I have yelled after them. What were the odds, that they would give a shit about my opinion.
Not that I was scared of them. They were too young for that, but I didn't really want to sounds like a grumpy old geezer, and they wouldn't listen anyway.

"Yeah, sup?" one of the boys yelled back at me, with an attitude.
I could see them more clearly now. Their leader was older than the other 3, and didn't say much or do much. The mechanics of the group seemed to be, that the oldest one were admired, and he pretty much just played it cool and ordered them around. The younger boys tried to impress him, by acting as tough as possible.

"Never mind" I mumbled, and turned around.
"Hey, I'm talking to you!" one of the tough bananas yelled to me.
I stopped and turned around. Well, I though. I might get to see them up close now. I smiled as they approached me.

One of the boys looked younger than the others. My guess was that he was only 9 or 10. Then there were two of them around 11 and the leader looked like he was around 13. The ones acting all tough were the 11 year olds.

"So, what do you want?" one of the tough guys asked.
"Never mind" I said. "It wasn't for you".
"Who then?" they said and looked around. "There's no other boys around here".
"Yeah well... Ok" I said and sighed. "Ok, are you sweet or tough boys?"
They looked confused for a second, then the 2 tough ones quickly agreed "Tough!" - "Yeah, we're tough boys!". Then they looked at their leader for confirmation.
The leader ignored them and didn't speak.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. I was looking for the nice and sweet boys who wanted to earn a buck, so that's why I said never mind, when I saw how tough you are".
I was teasing them a bit, but it could also have been a praise, since they probably liked to hear that they were tough guys.
Again they looked confused.
The leader shrugged and looked very bored and uninterested.
"What kind of job?" one of the tough guys said.
"Never mind, it's not for tough guys".
"How much are you paying?"
"10 bucks. But never mind that now" I said, and started to turn around.

One of the tough guys sounded very interested.
"I can be sweet" he said and tried to look less tough.
The other tough guy, said "Screw that. I'm tough".
Then they started discussing in a language I didn't understand.
Until the leader said "He just want to you suck his dick. I'm outta here"
The greedy boy looked at me and asked "Is it true? Is that what you pay 10 dollars for?"
It was obvious from their look, that there was no way, they would suck my dick. And certainly not for 10 bucks.

"No" I said. "That wasn't the offer I would have made, if you had been sweet and nice boys".
"Yeah, whatever" the leader said and turned around and started leaving.
"Yeah" the not so greedy tough boy agreed and followed his leader.
The young one was about to join them, but the greedy boy held out his hand and stopped him.

"But I am sweet" the greedy boy said and actually looked a lot nicer.
"And Joseph here is really really sweet, ain't you Joseph?"
Joseph sent him an uncertain look.
"I suppose you do look a bit like nice boys" I said, once the leader and his follower were out of ear shot.
The young one, didn't quite know what to do. It looked like he wanted to follow the leader.
The greedy boy stopped him again and said "Come on, I could really use some money. Please? Let's hear what he wants, ok Joseph?"
Joseph nodded and looked at me.

"Oh... So you're nice now. Great".
What the fuck was I going to do now?
Both boys were very pretty, and all that talk about sucking my dick, had made my horniness set a new record.
I mean... I'm usually not chasing boys. I don't mind boys. They can be ok and all, but I usually had girlfriends to take care of my needs. But I'd had some bad luck lately, and hadn't gotten laid in nearly 2 months.
And with the cute boys, talking about sucking my dick and all my pent up sexual energy, I suppose it was just too much. for me. Suddenly I wanted those boys.

"Ok, come with me this way" I said and lead the way.
"Where are we going? Can't you just say what you want us to do?" greedy boy asked.
"Well, the thing is... It's a bit tricky. I can't tell you, because it's... secret, and I don't know if I can trust you".
I lead them around the building to a deserted parking lot. I spotted a suitable place in the far corner, without any light sources, and some bushed and trees shielding the view. I headed towards them.
"Isme, is it 10 dollars each?" Joseph asked.
Isme, it seemed his name was, looked at me and repeated "Well, is it?"
"No, it's 10 bucks total. 5 for each" I replied.
Isme looked disappointed.

When we reached the secluded dark spot, I stopped. "Ok, here it is".
The boys looked around.
"What's here" Isme asked.
"Just us" I said.
"I'm not sucking your dick" Isme said.
"I know. I told you, that's not how you earn the 10 bucks"
"Then what?" he asked.
Both boys looked at me.
I was scared. Could I do this?

The boys looked really cute, though the light was dim here.
I could feel I had a hard on already.
I decided to take the plunge.
"Ok... You get 10 bucks, if I can suck your dicks" I said.
The boys stood still with open mouths. And it wasn't an invitation.

No one said anything, or even moved.
"Oh, come on" I said. "It's not like you never thought about having your dick sucked, is it? And now you can make an easy 10 bucks, for just standing there enjoying it."
That seemed to snap them out of it. Not sure it was the mentioning of money or enjoyment, but it worked.
"Ok" Isme said, with a determined look on his face.
Joseph didn't say anything.

I smiled my friendliest smile to him, as I knelt in front of Isme. I puller him a little bit closer, and put my hand on the front of his jeans.
I could feel something inside, but just barely.
Slowly I rubbed my palm on his dick, through the rough fabric of his jeans. It didn't seem to make it grow, but it still had an effect, because when I looked up at his face again, his eyes were closed.
I put my face on his crotch and felt the warmth of his little penis on my cheek.
Then I unbuttoned his jeans, opened the front and put two fingers into his cute blue cotton undies.

His little dick was warm, and so soft to touch, that I almost couldn't feel if I was touching it.
I peeked into his undies while I started rubbing it a bit harder. I wanted to make him hard now.
A small sigh of pleasure escaped his mouth, and I looked over at Joseph, who was staring at us with his eyes wide open.
I felt his worm growing in my hand, and pulled down his pants and underwear, so both Joseph and I could enjoy the sight of his hardening little prick.
It was very cute and hard as a nail. Cut of course, and maybe 2.5 inches long.
Well, maybe it was only me who enjoyed the sight.

But it was very cute. I couldn't wait to suck it. I was so horny, I though about jerking myself off, while sucking it. But I decided not to. It would probably scare the boys away.
I leaned forward and sucked his dick into my mouth, with the softest wettest suction, I could muster.
And I was instantly rewarded with another little sigh from Isme.
Again I looked up at Joseph, who was staring at Isme dick in my mouth. He couldn't have missed Ismes sounds of pleasure. I hoped it encouraged him, because he seemed less eager than Isme, and I wanted to suck them both.

While I began sucking up and down in a steady rhythm on Isme fully hard dick, I reached out and pulled Joseph closer. I could feel he was a little reluctant, but I still got him close enough. I put my hand on the front of his jeans and gently massaged his crotch, while I positioned myself and my mouth, so he could clearly see Isme wet hard dick go in and out of my mouth.
He got hard much faster than Isme had. Maybe it was the action he was seeing, while I was touching him.

I opened his zipper, without taking Isme out of my mouth.
But then Joseph took a step away from me.
I let go of Isme dick and looked up.
"What's up, Joseph?" I asked.
Isme was looking at Joseph too, while unconsciencesly pushing his hips just a tiny bit forward, toward my face.
"I don't wanna" Joseph said.
Isme looked down at me and said "Then suck me".
"No" I said, gambling. "I suck you both, for 10 bucks. That was the offer I made you."

Isme looked at me in disbelief. Then he said "Please Joseph? It feels really good."
Joseph just shook his head.
I got up, and said disappointed "Oh ok. I'm sorry then"
Isme pleaded again. This time with desperation obvious in his voice "Please Joseph. If you do this, I'll be your friend forever! And you can have 6 of the 10 dollars! Please?"
I don't think the money was as much of factor for Joseph, as it was for Isme. But Ismes generous offer and obvious desperation, seemed to make a big impression on Joseph. He probably wasn't used to say no to the bigger boy. And here the big guy was, pleading and nearly begging him.

Joseph still didn't answer, but took a step forward.
I reached out and put my hand on his shoulder. Then I gave him a big comforting smile and said "I promise to make it feel really good. And anytime, you want to stop, you just say so, ok?"
"We still get paid then?" Isme asked.
I looked at him and replied "No, You can both stop anytime you want. But I'll only pay you, if you let me suck you for 10 minutes each, or until you have cum"
I could see they didn't really understand what I meant, but I didn't elaborate.
Instead I knelt in front of Joseph and unbuttoned his pants.
I could feel he was nervous, so I said "Joseph... Have Isme hold you hand, and let him tell you what it feels like to get your dick sucked"

Joseph smiled embarrassed when I said the words 'get your dick sucked'.
But Isme heard me too, and understood the risk of Joseph bailing out, so he took Josephs hand, and slowly began explaining...
"Well, it's wet. And soft. And it feels really good. Just wait and see".
Meanwhile I had pulled down the pants and underwear of the distracted boy, and was now staring at his already hard dick.
He looked really embarrassed, but his dick didn't. It was rock hard. And as long as Ismes was. Maybe even a little bit longer.
It was also cut, and it was bending a tiny bit to my right. To his left.
I loved it.

I pulled Isme closer, so both their dicks were right in my face.
My left hand closed around Ismes dick and I squeezed it a little bit, hoping to get another of those lusty cute sounds from him.
He came through right away, when I squeezed it and jerked it slowly.
Joseph and I were both looking at Ismes face as he moaned and closed his eyes.
Then I smiled at Joseph and leaned in to take his immensely hard little boyhood in my mouth.

Chapter 2

It tasted good. For some reason it had a hint of coco about it. And it was so hard. Beneath the thinnest soft skin, it felt like a steel rod.
I sucked it gently, holding back my greed and horniness. Doing my best, to make it feel very wet and soft for him.
I felt Isme humping my hand, and realized I had stopped stroking him. I looked up at him, with his friend in my mouth, and did my best to smile. I was sure I looked happy, smile or not.
Then I resumed stroking his dick, faster and tighter than before.
His knees buckled and he let out a loud moan, that startled Joseph.
I switched back to Isme and sucked some more on his dick, trying to bring him close to orgasm right away, but without letting him cum. Yet.
I placed my right hand on Joseph and stroked him slowly but hard. His dick was so hard, that I thought it'd feel good for him, with a bit of hard slow jerking, while he watched me suck his friends dick.

I was in heaven. 2 perfect little boy dicks to choose from. My own rock hard cock, might feel neglected, but I was still in heaven.
I let go of Josephs dick, and used my right hand to jerk Isme harder, while I kept his little dick head in my mouth, and let my tongue dance a hot wet dance on it.
Isme moaned again, and I could sense I could make him cum very soon, if I wanted to. But I didn't.
I let go of him, and looked smiling up at his cute horny face.
Isme stared at me. "Why did you stop?" he asked?
"Don't worry, Isme" I said. "I'll get back to you, and make you feel even better."
He looked a little bit frustrated, but simply asked "Is it Josephs turn now?"
"Oh yeah" I said and turned to Joseph.

This time there was no hint of pulling away.
I grabbed his dick with my hand again, and looked at his pretty little face.
"Can I kiss you?" I asked Joseph.
"No" Joseph said.
"5 dollars to kiss us" Isme said.
Joseph looked at him. Then at me.

"Ok" I said. "5 bucks extra, but not each. And then I kiss you both as much as I want, until we're done"
"Ok" Isme said.
Joseph didn't say anything.

"Ok with you, Joseph?" I said and jerked his hard dick faster.
He nodded.
I kissed Joseph on his soft lips. Gently and slowly. But didn't stick out my tongue. I was afraid of scaring him away.
Then I knelt before him again, and looked at his hard dick up close, while I rubbed it.
"Isme, come down here" I said.
Isme joined me in front of Joseph.
I rubbed Josephs dick against my cheek, and said "Kiss me, Isme".

He leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on my lips.
I put my hand on his neck, and softly said "No, a real kiss, ok?"
"Ok" he said and kissed me again.
Still no tongue. I supposed he didn't know what to do.
I opened my mouth, and licked his lips.
He pulled back a couple of inches and looked at me with surprise in his eyes.
I smiled. "Give me a real kiss, Isme. You're such a nice boy"

Slowly he leaned forward and let me kiss his lips again.
My left hand found his hard little dick and held it tight, as I once again licked his lips.
This time he didn't pull away, and soon my tongue was in his mouth, and was dancing a slow tender dance, with his own very soft tongue.
I jerked them both, while I kissed Isme slowly and gently.
And then I pulled Joseph closer to our mouths.

I leaned back a bit, and pulled Isme with me, so I could rub Josephs dick on his cheek. He didn't seem to mind.
Then I moved abit forward again, and pulled Joseph closer, so his dick was right by our mouths.
I turned my head, and licked Josephs little hard stiffie. Then I looked at Isme. He looked puzzled.
I think he knew what I wanted him to, but was trying to decide how he felt about it. Then he got a naughty glimpse in his eyes and a smile spread on his cute face, as he leaned forward and licked the hard member in front of us.

I still stroked it, while Isme and I licked the cute little dickhead, his small balls, and each others tongues.
Then I put my hand on Ismes neck, and gently guided him towards the tip of Josephs dick. He got the idea and opened his mouth. First hesitantly, trying it out cautiously. Then he had the hard rod all the way in his mouth.
He sucked Joseph for a minute, while I resumed jerking Ismes dick. Then I grabbed Josephs too, and jerked it into Ismes mouth.
Damn I was horny now. And so were the boys.
I could tell they were both close to reaching their orgasms.

I kissed Isme briefly, then got up and kissed Josephs little mouth. This time with my tongue all the way in his sweet little mouth, while I knew Isme sluppered on his dick. I whispered to sweet Joseph "Now I'm gonna suck your lovely hard dick off. It's gonna feel so good for you".
I bent down and said to Isme "Wait... Let me finish Joseph, then I'll do you".
And with that, I grabbed our preciously little rod, and suck and jerked it hard and firmly.
After only 10 seconds, I could feel it starting. Josephs body tensed and very soon after, his dick started to dance in my mouth. I sucked it hard and held it tight in my mouth, with only slow movement up and down. I wanted to feel his every twitch and share as much of his pleasure as I could.

Then it was over. I kissed Joseph again and asked "That was a fun way to make 15 bucks, wasn't it Joseph?"
He smiled and nodded. "But what about Isme?"
"Oh yes. Sweet horny Isme. Joseph, would you mind kissing him, while I suck his dick?"
"Ok" he said. Technically is wasn't an answer, but I didn't care.

Isme got up, and I could help squeezing my steel hard cock a couple of times, as the two cute boys, with stiffie sticking out, starting tongue kissing in front of me.
Then I knelt and sucked Isme.
It was so wonderful. Beyond anything I had experienced. But I wanted more. I wanted to cum too.

I got up, and noticed Isme let out a weak sigh, as I let go of his dick.
"Boys?" I said.
I was excited and scared, that they would say no.
They were still kissing, but stopped and looked at me.
"Would you like to double the money you made?"
"You want us to suck your dick, don't you?" Isme asked.
"Yes." I said, almost pleading.

"That's 30 dollars" Isme said.
"Yes" I replied.
"Is it ok with you, Joseph?" Isme asked.
Joseph didn't answer. I think he was torn. Horny and afraid of sucking cock and being gay.
"Please?" Isme said. "No one will ever know. And we get a lot of money"
Hesitantly Joseph nodded.
"Great guys. Thanks a lot. I'm sooo horny. I'll suck you off after, ok Isme?"
"Ok. But how do we...?"
My smile felt as if was too big for my face.

I opened my pants, took out my very hard cock. I couldn't help stroking it a little. It felt so good and I was hornier than I had ever been before.
Isme of course went first. He bent down, and licked the head of my cock. Joseph stared at him and at my cock.
I put my hand on Ismes head, and pushed gently forward. He opened his mouth. Then I slowly stuck my cock an inch into his sweet mouth.
It was incredible. I was now having my very hard cock in the mouth of a cute little boy. It almost blew my mind.
I grabbed my cock, and started to jerk it into his mouth.

I reached for Josephs hand and put it on my cock. Then I watched as he rubbed it, while Isme sucked it. It was fantastic.
I wanted it to last forever, but I knew it couldn't. Though the boys were clumsy and awkward, it was just too hot to watch them.
"Joseph... It's your turn to suck me now" I said. Hoping he wouldn't refuse.
He didn't.

Though his mouth seemed to be too small for my cock, he still managed to wrap his lips around my swollen cock.
Isme stared at Joseph, with his face stuffed with my cock.
I took Ismes hand, and placed it on my cock. He looked at me, again with his naughty look, and started to stroke me into Josephs mouth.
I was about to cum.
I desperately wanted to cum in cute Josephs mouth.
I felt it building...

"Oh Joseph... Please continue, when I cum. Please don't stop. You get 10 bucks more, ok? Just don't stohhp". My knees buckled.
And I shot my first huge load, in Josephs little mouth.
He sputtered and gagged. Sperm ran down my cock, as my next load shot out.
It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, and it felt so awesome. There was sperm and spit leaking out of Josephs mouth.
Isme stared with big beautiful dark eyes, and Joseph struggled to keep his mouth on my cock, as I shot load after load into his wet gooey mouth.

Finally I was done. I had never felt so spent and satisfied in my life.
Joseph spat on the ground. Again and again.
I put my slippery cock into Ismes mouth. He didn't seem to mind much and sucked gently on my cock, even though it was very gooey.
Slowly I fucked his mouth, reveling in the aftermath of my powerful orgasm. When Joseph looked back he smiled at Isme sucking my cock. I think it made him feel better, to see that his friend also had my cum in his mouth.
I bend down to Joseph and whispered "Thank you, that was wonderful". Then I kissed him again, and tasted my cum in his mouth.

After another minute of kissing and having my sensitive cock sucked, I pulled it out and smiled to my little friends.
"Isme my dear boy... Come here and let me suck your lovely dick".
He eagerly stood up, and I knelt again. I pulled Joseph down with me, and asked him "You wanna help suck Ismes dick?"
He just smiled at took the hard rod in his mouth. I kissed his neck, while he sucked Isme.

It seemed the boys both rather enjoyed sucking dick now. Man this was good.
Joseph and I spend the next 3 minutes taking turns sucking and licking, and kissing each other in between.
I knew the boys would claim they did it for the money, but I was sure that they enjoyed it.

Finally I decided to give Isme what he needed. I wrapped my fingers around his dick and put it in Josephs mouth. I wanted to jerk him off, and let him cum while he was in his friends mouth.
While Joseph sucked, I explained that soon Isme would cum, like he and I already had, and his dick would twitch and jump around in his mouth, when it happened, and he should just keep it in there until it was over.
Then I stroked it. Firmly and with increasing speed, while Joseph struggled to keep it steady and wet in his mouth.
It was weird. I was sure that Isme was really really horny and had been for a long time. But he didn't cum. He moaned and moved his hips around, but still didn't cum.

I kept increasing the speed, and poor Joseph had a hard time keeping his mouth around his friend.
Then I reached up with my other hand, and stuck my index finger, a quarter of an inch into Ismes tight butt hole.

Maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe not. But 5 seconds after I pushed at his little virgin hole, he began to cum.
He cried out "Uh uh uh" almost as if in pain. But we all knew he wasn't in pain, and kept up our work. I pumped his dick slightly slower, and allowed Joseph to hold most of the throbbing little cock in his mouth, as it twitched and danced. I also pushed my finger anther quarter of an inch up into Isme bum.
Then it was over, and he stood still. And his dick stopped dancing. I discreetly pulled my finger out of his ass, without Joseph noticing what I had done, and then I winked at Isme. That was out little secret.

I didn't have enough cash to pay the boys, what I had promised them. I was 10 bucks short.
I apologized and told then, that I'd find an ATM and pay them then rest.
Isme said, that it was ok, I could just pay them some other day. I caught the meaning of that. I was sure he was up for a repeat performance, pay or no pay.
But I insisted to pay them, what I had promised, so we all walked a mile to the nearest gas station. There wasn't any ATM, but I could use my card in the shop, and get money for the boys. I paid them 20 bucks extra, for being such sweet boys, and I also bought them a soda, and a big bag of candy each.
Then we walked a bit away, before we said goodbye.
I hugged them, and slipped them a little bit of tongue too. They laughed at me and called me a pervert.
I agreed, but insisted that it was because they were so darned cute.
And then we parted.

As I resumed my walk home, I felt really good, happy and satisfied. I never thought that such things could happen. And with cute little boys. Crazy.
Though I felt good and satisfied, my hard on just wouldn't go down. I think my dick had been overstimulated, and would need some massive attention before settling down to it's calmer state.

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