(mf, 1st, Mmf, inc, oral, facial, cons)

by Buddybear

Ima becomes her brothers' sex toy, and learns that two cocks are better than one.

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So, there I was, only sixteen, sucking my brother's cock and having a great time letting him finger fuck me silly. It wasn't long before I was sneaking into Tommy's room every night. We would cuddle in the dark under the sheets, then he would tongue kiss me, and work his fingers into my pussy until I was hot. After I came, I would go down on him and get my mouthful of salty thick cum.

On one particular night, I heard his shower running. I made sure no one saw me, and slipped into his room, locking the door behind me. Yup, he was in the shower, so I got naked as fast as I could. I open the shower door.

"Tommy, can I come in?"

"Awww shit, Ima! You scared me to death. Why don't you knock, damn it?"

"Cause I like scaring you, meathead. I'm coming in."

I let the shower door close behind me and brushed up against my brother as the water wet me down. I could tell Tommy was annoyed. So I reached down and grabbed his penis and squeezed it.

"Ima, come on, I gotta get a shower and get to bed. I gotta test tomorrow morning. Algebra."

"You gotta test right now, mister Tommy meathead. Ejaculating your nasty cum in my mouth."

"Shit, I wished I never taught you that word. Ain't you gonna give me some peace, for cry-sake?"

Tommy's penis was getting thick and hard. I reached up and got some lather off his head and stroked it all over his erection until his cock was hard as a brick. I loved the feeling of all those veins that surrounded his cock when he was super hard. My other hand was between my legs, friggin my clit.

"Sure. As soon as I get off, Tommy. I'm horny!"

"Shit, sister, you're always horny. Okay. Go ahead and get down on your knees."

I did as he said and put the head of his cock in my mouth. My pussy was twitching like crazy. There was nothing nastier than having a boy's hard cock in my mouth. And I loved nasty. The nastier, the better! The fact that Tommy was my own brother made it even nastier. Tommy grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head roughly toward him, forcing the head of his cock into the back of my throat.

"You horny little slut! You want cum in your face? Well, you gotta suck me, sister! Suck my big nasty cock! I wanna fuck your cute virgin mouth, Ima! Make me cum in your mouth, slut! I want you to swallow my cum!"

Tommy knew what talking dirty did to me. It lit a roaring fire in my cunt! Truth is, he loved talking dirty to me! It made his cock even bigger and harder! I reached up and fondled his balls. They were covered with a mass of black hair. I loved the feeling of them. They reminded me of the horse Shasta's balls and cock. I looked up into Tommy's face like a little lost girl and whimpered. I already learned what got him off.

He suddenly held his breath, then grunted. The first few spurts of hot cum filled my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth and stroked it with my hand. The following spurts plastered my eyes and face with a thick layer of warm cum that drooled slowly down my face. I could feel it dripping down on my small tits. My free hand jammed three fingers into my cunt and I came like an exploding bomb. This was what I needed. This was even nastier and more wicked than sucking cock. I had my brother's cum spurting in my face! I was his cum slut! This was as dirty as I knew how to be!

We dried off and headed for his bed. I jumped on the bed and spread my legs.

"C'mon, Tommy! Jack me off!"

For more evenings than I can count, I sucked and jacked Tommy off, and then he jacked me off. But this time was different. He said he was tired of jacking me off. He wanted to do something different. He pulled out his old ratty copy of Horny Teen Bitches, opened it and threw it on the bed.

"Wadda ya think of that, Ima? That's what I wanna do to you. I want you to be my bitch in heat, and I wanna fuck you from behind. C'mon Ima, be my bitch!"

I don't know if it was the picture, what he said, or how he said it. But it sounded so nasty and dirty! I would be his hot bitch in heat! The idea of my brother fucking me like a dog flashed through my mind. Before I could answer, he grabbed my arm, flipped me over, grabbed my butt and lifted me up onto my knees. He jumped on the bed behind me. I was a little startled, but before I could snap at him, I felt something blunt press between my pussy lips. For a brief second, I wondered what was that?

Something thick and hard shoved into my warmly lubricated pussy. I yelped with surprise, then it shoved even deeper into me! I was stunned stupid! My brother was fucking me! That was his cock inside my cunt! He thrust two more times until all eight inches were completely buried inside me. I felt like I was being split apart. His arms went around my arms, pinning them to my sides. I was helpless! I could feel his body pressed against my ass and my back. I tried for two seconds to struggle, and then he began hammering his cock into my cunt. Eight inches is a lot of cock to be thrusting in and out of a tight young virgin pussy! I was overwhelmed with shock and surprise! I couldn't breathe! I couldn't move! His cock head was pushing so deep into me that it pushed the air out of my lungs! My vision blurred and my pussy clamped down like a vice on his cock. I could hear my brother grunting loudly, like some kind of animal out of its head. My brother was fucking me like a fucking machine! It felt SO good! It felt better! My ass and belly muscles relaxed, surrendering to the powerful thwack! thwack! thwack! of his thighs slapping into my ass!

Oh, this was so good! This is what I needed! To be pinned down and fucked like a dog! An orgasm started growing deep in my vagina. It grew bigger and bigger. My eyes scrunched closed. I kept hoping the wave would break, but it just got bigger and bigger so that I was actually scared! And then like a huge tidal wave, it crashed over me! Like a volcano, it erupted with cunt-shattering force!

I wailed, "Tommmeeeeeeeee!!!" as my orgasm shook me every which way but loose. I almost passed out. I never wanted it to stop. And then I felt a warm pressure grow inside me, and I knew that Tommy was shooting his cum deep inside my pussy. My own orgasm hit again and again, as the pressure of fluid inside me built up.

I opened my eyes. I was on my back. My legs were so weak I could hardly move them.

"What was that?"

"That, little sister, was a doggie fuck. God, you are one hot, sexy cunt, Ima! You said you wanted to be my sex toy? Well, I want to fuck your young virgin cunt! Every time you come in my room, you just better be prepared to be fucked stupid, you hear me?"

"Yeah, Tommy. That was awesome. I never imagined... yeah... I'm your sex toy, Tommy. You can fuck me like that all you want! That was fucking awesome! But I got some new for you, big brother, I was a virgin until tonight. But now I ain't one, thanks to you!"

"Great! Now get outta here so I can get some sleep. You're a pest, Ima."

I just grinned at him, put on my clothes and slipped out of his room. I had a wonderful, warm feeling in my cunt.

The next day, every time I passed Tommy in the hall, I would whisper, "virgin raper!" And he would punch me on the arm.

A few days later, I went to his room for some more fucking, but he wasn't in the mood, even though I was just wearing a thin tank top and cotton panties. So, I finally told him that if he wasn't gonna fuck me, he should get me some more of the porn magazines. I had read through all six of the ones he had hidden in his room, and I needed something new. Finally he called me a pest and told me to follow him. We went down the hall to the other end of the house where Ben's room was. His room was on the second floor at the back of the house, directly under my parents' room. They had an outside staircase back there, so Dad and Ben could come and go to work without bothering anybody else.

Ben's door opened and we walked right in. Tommy went over to a filing cabinet while I looked around. I hadn't never been in Ben's room before, not since I was a kid. On his walls he had pictures of naked women, really beautiful women, with great big round tits and perfect hairdos. Oh, how I wished I would grow up to look like that! But with my small titties and all these freckles on my face and chest, and these braces on my teeth, I just didn't see how it was possible.

"Hey! What you jerks doing in my room!"

It was Ben coming out of his bathroom. He was wearing just a towel around his hips and flip-flops. I couldn't take my eyes off all the muscles in his chest and arms. Wow!

"It's okay, Ben," Tommy said, "Ima wanted some more sex mags to jack off to. What you got that's new and different? Something really nasty."

Ben got a weird smile on his face. He told Tommy to look in the bottom drawer under "girl one men two plus". He came over to me and pulled me over to his bed. He sat down on the edge and his towel parted. I could see a glimpse of his penis, but I didn't say nothing.

"So, Tommy, what have we got here? Ima's into porn and jacking off? How do you know?"

Tommy had his head in the bottom drawer and mumbled, "Because I'm jacking her off almost every damn night."

Ben grinned even bigger. He looked me up and down. I felt a little uncomfortable wearing just tank top and panties, but my pussy was quivering. I loved Ben, but he had never stared at my tits and my crotch like this before. I decided I liked it. I noticed that his penis was swelling up.

"And what's she doing for you, baby brother? She jacking you off too?"

Tommy stood up with some magazines in his hands. "Yea. She blows my cock something wicked, too. Ima's turning out to be a real hot slut, Ben. She even swallows my cum."

Ben turned to me, "You're sucking Tommy's cock?"

I really loved Ben, but it was always from a distance because he was so much older than me. I was sixteen and he was twenty-one. Nowadays I rarely stood this close to him, like I used to when I was just a kid, and certainly not with us both half-naked. He was still holding my arm and I was feeling a bit defiant.

"Yes! I suck Tommy's cock and I swallow his cum! And last week, I fucked Tommy and he said I was the best piece of ass he's ever had! Let me go, Ben!"

Ben's eyes got big and he turned to Tommy, who grinned, then nodded that it was true. Ben's dick slowly swelled up and poked through the towel. I couldn't ignore it now. He wasn't as long as Tommy, but he was a lot thicker. It must of been two inches thick at the head, or I'm lying. Ben told Tommy to show me the magazines. Tommy tossed them on the bed as Ben turned me loose. I looked down at the covers.

Oh! My! God! Each magazine cover showed a young girl with big tits and shaved pussy. And each girl was taking on two or three men! One had a cock in her mouth and two more in her hands. Cum was spewing everywhere! The other girl had one cock shoved up her cunt, and had a second in her mouth! Her big round tits were like totally covered in cum! Totally covered! God, that was a fucking lot of cum!

A fire boiled up inside my pussy! It never occurred to me that a girl could fuck more than one guy at a time! But here it was, three times the fucking, three times the cum! As I was thinking this, I felt my panties being pulled down and fingers probe between my thighs from behind. The fingertips found my pussy, and let me tell you, it was wet and slippery as an Alabama swamp!

"Ben! What are you doing puttin' your fingers down there? You wanna have sex with me?"

"Baby sister, I think both me and Tommy are gonna have sex with you!"

I looked up at Tommy."Is this for real? Can a girl really fuck two guys at once, Tommy? Or three? I never..."

I had to stop right there because I realized that Tommy was naked. And his cock was totally hard and pointing straight up his belly. And then a couple of fingers plunged deep into my pussy, taking the breath right out of me. Hands stripped off my tank top. Other hands positioned me in the middle of the bed. I felt Ben grab my hips and position his huge cock between my pussy loves and slowly push in. God, it was so thick! Tommy was right in front of me poking his cock in my face. I opened my mouth and sucked it in as far as I could.

I couldn't believe it! Oh! My! God! Both my brothers were fucking me at the same time! I could barely breathe around Tommy's cock and Ben's cock was about to split me wide open! I loved it! I loved it! I LOVED IT!! I couldn't believe anything could feel this good! I closed my eyes and did my best to milk both of those cocks of every drop of cum I could!

Tommy came first and shot half of it in my mouth and the other half in my face. Ben withdrew and gently flipped me over on my back and slid his cock back into my cunt.

"Well, Ima, are you enjoying being fucked both of us at the same time? You want some more?"

I nearly shouted, "Hell, yes!", and wrapped my ankles around his neck.

Holding my hips in his powerful hands, he starting thrusting his cock deeply into my cunt. I stared at the sight of my pussy being fucked by a cock the size of a tree trunk! He groaned loudly and came! He filled my pussy so full of cum that on every stroke, big gobs of it squirted on my thighs!

Maybe an hour later, they let me go. They had both fucked my hungry cunt twice and had fucked me stupid. I thanked them and gave them deep tongue kisses, then picked up my clothes and the magazines and slowly walked the length of the house back to my room, naked, with cum bubbling out of my pussy, oozing down both legs and covering my face and tits! It was marvelous!



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