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Dreaming girl


Chapter 3 - A Decision Made

Mg(9) : ped : cons

I lay on the bed with Mandy, both of us completely naked, except that she still wore her short white ankle socks. They only served to accentuate her delicious young nudity.

Our clothes lay scattered around us on the floor where, in our passion, we had discarded them. I had just ejaculated all over her hairless pussy and had then entered her with my finger, lubricated by my semen. Now, in the throes of love, I kissed her whilst I gently slid my finger in and out of her virgin vagina. As I caressed her G-spot, I pressed the palm of my hand against her smooth, bald, soft Mound of Venus. We might only have less than 24 hours left of our love. And, in that all-too-precious time I wanted to fuck her.

But only if she wanted to be fucked.

She was 9 years old. Could she take a full-grown man inside her vagina? Was she scared by the idea? Did she even want full intercourse?

I was her new Daddy now. But I wanted to be more. I wanted to be her lover: to take her virginity. Although, above everything else, I wanted our love to be consensual. Consensual love would be gorgeous. “Will you let me fuck you, my angel?” I asked her again.

She hesitated. “I ... I ... I don't know. I'm so small and you're so big. I want you but ...” She hesitated again. “Will I be able to take all of you inside me? Will it hurt?”

“I don't know, darling.” I looked steadily into her eyes. “If you want to make love, we can start. And I promise you, if at any time you want me to stop, I will stop.” I knew that, if I'd started to enter her pre-teen vagina in the full arousal of sexual intercourse, it would be horrendously difficult for me to pull out again. But I really meant it. I wanted our first union to be beautiful, as beautiful as I could make it for both of us.

“Can I think about it?” she asked.

“Of course.” I stroked her hair and kissed her again. “I want this to be true love between us,” I said. And I really meant that.

The temptation to engage in more petting, caressing and kissing with her was overwhelming. There seemed to be nothing else to do that morning, trapped as we were, in that hotel room, by the snow. But I didn't want to expend myself. I'd already had so many ecstatic orgasms in the past 24 hours, and spurted more of my semen that, if I tried to keep up like that all morning ... and I could easily have tried it with my naked little lover ... there might be nothing left if, later, she decided she wanted to go all the way. “Come on angel! Let's get up,” I said.

Slowly, regretfully, I withdrew my finger from her deliciously tight cunt. Then, I couldn't resist it, I raised my hand to my face to inhale the scent of her sex. It was beautiful, utterly beautiful.

“Oooooh let me, too!” Mandy cried, grabbing my wrist and drawing my hand towards her face. She inhaled deeply through her nose. “Oh, that's lovely,” she said, giving another deep sniff. Then ... I could barely believe it ... she leaned forward a fraction, popped my finger in her mouth, and sucked on it.

It was so extraordinarily unexpected, and so incredibly sexy that, mouth half-open, I gazed up at the ceiling in astonishment. My resolve to cool it with the sex play was now wafer-thin and my heart was thundering again.

“What's the matter? Mandy asked.

“I ... I ... I don't know what to say. Sucking our love juices off my finger? You are the sexiest ...”

Mandy giggled again. “Mummy and I always used to do that.”

“What? With ... with ...?”

“With my first Daddy's cock. When he'd fucked Mummy.”

Once again, I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Were there really families like this? Really? “You mean ... you mean ... when your first Daddy had fucked Mummy you sucked his cock, afterwards?”

Mandy rolled her eyes. “Yes. Both Mummy and I did it. We loved it. Don't you like that?”
“I think it's beautiful. I just had absolutely no idea that there were families like yours. It's like a dream for me.”

Mandy sighed deeply. “I've told you, over and over again. We loved each other.” Then, exasperated, she jumped up, straddled my chest, and gently beat on it with clenched fists. “Don't you understand, you silly-billy! We loved each other. Love. L-O-V-E.”

My resolve evaporated. I was lying, naked, on my back, with a naked 9-year old girl sitting on my chest, her legs spread. Totally nude but for those small, white ankle socks. Her smooth, soft pussy was just inches from my face with rounded outer lips parted slightly so I could see her gorgeous inner labia and the little hood covering her clitoris.

I could no longer resist. I reached out, slid my hands up her soft little thighs, grabbed her hips and pulled her forward to straddle my face. She reached over the top of me to hold on to the wooden headboard of the bed and, as she wriggled and giggled, I plunged my tongue into her delicious little cunt once more.

“Mmmmmmm that's exactly the place Daddy!” she breathed as thrust my tongue into her slit and licked her clitoris again. “Lick me there. That's beautiful.”

At the same time I reached down with one hand, grabbed my cock that ached and ached and ached for Mandy, and began to masturbate.

It didn't take long. I was so aroused by her that a few strokes caused me to ejaculate violently, spurting great gobs of my semen up my belly and on to her back.

“Don't stop Daddy! Don't stop!” Mandy cried as she felt my climax. She began thrusting her fanny against my face harder and harder. “I want you! I love you! Love me, Daddy!”

I loved her. I thrust my tongue as deeply as I could into her vagina, then flicked it up to lick her clitoris again. She let go of the headboard and, balancing on her knees, reached down to spread her naked pussy lips with her fingers, causing her tiny pink love-bud to rise out of its hood. Then she angled her hips giving me full access. I licked it and licked it and licked it in a frenzy of desire for her. She was utterly amazing!

“Oh yes, Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes!” She bucked and thrust herself against me, calling out louder and louder, returning my desire tenfold. And such was my passion for her that, right then, I didn't care if anyone heard us.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhh Daddy!” she cried, in one final shattering climax. Then she fell forward, her hands on the headboard, her head resting on her arms, panting and heaving with pleasure.

After a few moments she rolled sideways off my face and lay beside me on the bed, her head thrown back, her long blonde hair tangled on the pillow, her eyes closed, her nostrils flared, still panting. I rolled over slightly, raised myself on one elbow and gazed at her. Tiny beads of sweat stood out on her upper lip. She may have been still too young to produce any of her own arousal cream, but she certainly experienced the most massive orgasms. I wondered how old she had been when those started.

As I was looking at her she opened her eyes, smiled, and then flung her arms around me. “That was beautiful, Daddy,” she said softly.

“You're beautiful, Darling,” I said. “I've never ever met anyone as beautiful and sexy and delicious as you.” Then we kissed. A long, beautiful, loving kiss, with me caressing her naked little body, all over. I'd found the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

The trouble was, after we'd showered again, reluctantly got dressed and gone down to the dining room for lunch, reality struck home once more. It struck with the vengeance. It was exactly the same as that which had happened at breakfast. Only worse, as we'd now gone further. Up in our room we were in another universe, a universe where love between Mandy and I was beautiful, tender, passionate and permitted. Down in the dining room, the real world materialised.

I scanned the room, taking in all the other people there. I wondered how many of them would approve if they knew the sexual games Mandy and I had been playing, up on the bed in our room, just 45 minutes ago. Probably very few. And, I guessed that if they did know, many of them would instantly be on the phone to the police. Such was the real world.

Then I made a conscious effort to snap out of the mood.  At breakfast, I realised, my expression and demeanour had worried Mandy. I should be happy. Whatever happened now, I had just had 24 hours or so of the most exquisite and beautiful love a man could experience. With a little girl of my dreams. And maybe, just maybe ... somehow ... there would be a way for us to be together in the future. After all, in just 7 years, when she turned 16, we could legitimately be lovers.

But I would be in my 40s by then. Would she wait for me? At breakfast she had said she would always love me. I looked at her, sitting beside me at the table, bright, perky and beautiful, swinging her little legs to and fro under the chair. Did she really mean what she'd said?

On top of that there was another nagging worry. Would she tell anyone? Even if she didn't deliberately tell, would she inadvertently let something slip? Could I trust her?

Then there was the request I'd made, in our passion after breakfast. I wanted to make love to her. I'd asked a 9-year old girl if she'd let me fuck her. Full and complete sexual intercourse. A union of love between us. I didn't want to push her or force her to make a decision. Even so, I couldn't help wondering ... had she forgotten?

'No!' I told myself. 'Don't dwell on negatives. We'll be here for another night.' I caught my little angel's eye, and smiled at her. 'Live for the moment' I told myself. 'And don't push her. If it's going to happen between us it must be consensual. And if it doesn't happen ... live with it. That's her wish. You love her.'

As if she could read my thoughts she mouthed back at me, 'I love you Daddy.'

I was still wondering if she'd forgotten my request as we stepped out of the lift on the second floor and padded back to our room along the dim, plushly-carpeted hotel corridor. A faint cry stopped us both in our tracks. “Oh! Yes! Yes!”

We both turned. The cry had come through the closed door, across the hallway. 'Room 227' I saw, written on the door-panel in gold flowing numbers. “Oh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me darling! Fuck your baby!”

Mandy giggled softly. “They're making love,” she whispered, reaching for my hand. “That's lovely.”

The cries were coming louder through the panelling now. “Yes! Push your cock in my cunt! Fuck me honey. Fuck your baby. Fuck me hard! Oh! Oh! Oh! In my cunt, lover!”

As I listened to the faint cries of joy my stomach turned over and my cock began to rise again. Mandy pulled at my hand and stood on tiptoe to whisper in my ear. “Mummy used to cry out like that when my first Daddy fucked her. I used to lie next to them. I loved it when she did that. They were so much in love.” Then she jumped up into my arms to be held and kissed. “I love you, now. And I want ...”

I cut her off. “No! Not here, sweetheart,” I hissed, glancing uneasily up and down the corridor. “Someone might see us.” I took her by the hand and we hurried down the hallway to our room. As soon as we were inside, with the door safely closed, she jumped up into my arms again and we kissed.

Then ... “I love you,” she said. “I want you to make love to me.”

My stomach flipped over. “You mean ...”

“Yes,” she said. “Fuck me, daddy. Like they were doing in that room. I want us to be lovers ... I want you to be my first man. Fuck your little girl, daddy.”

(To be continued)

January 2017

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