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Rape Bait Sister
by Alvo Torelli, 2015

(mg, inc, bro-sis, bond, nc, reluc)


Could there possibly be anything in the world more annoying than a desperately attentive nine-year-old sister? Not if you're a fourteen-year-old boy, solidly planted in the throes of adolescent hypersensitivity, overwhelming hormones and 24/7 uncontrollable lust, who just discovered that the only two things in the world worth anything were pretty girls, especially pretty girls with nice curves and sexy smiles, and wanking off while thinking about pretty girls with nice curves and sexy smiles. And what, pray tell, is the single most annoying thing that a third-grader little sister could possibly do in her eager attempts to get her brother's undivided attention - the thing that would drive any self respecting freshman boy to heretofore uncontemplated actions? Well...

With rapt awe, Adam Partis stared at the woman with the gigantic dangling tits. On her knees, she sucked on a huge cock as another monster dick was shoved into her pussy from behind. Adam stroked his cock vigorously, staring slack-jawed at his computer screen where the two men moaned as they filled the buxom woman from both ends. It had taken about thirty seconds of the amazing video, purloined from dad's secret stash, to bring on Adam's first gushing cum. He was well on his way to his second ejaculation, immensely enjoying the pressures building up in his young balls. With the house to himself for the whole day, until his annoying little sister came home from school much later, Adam had every intention of working through half of his dad's covert collection. He was determined to break his own recent record: six gushing orgasms in a single day.

Watching the screen it was so easy to imagine himself as the man pounding the huge glistening schlong into the bimbo's tight cunt. Adam could practically feel his dick sliding along the sensitive flesh of her slash. The pressure in his balls was building fast. He would fill the bitch with his hot cum! Fuck, why wouldn't the guy reach around and use her fantastic dangling breasts as handholds, like Adam was sure he...

"Oh my god!"

"Ahh! What's he...? Oh my god!"

"No, no, OH! Let me out!"

Adam panicked at the sound of three unexpected female voices screaming simultaneously. He turned towards the door - into the worst moment of his life. His hand still stroked automatically at his oiled and pulsating dick and the moment of truth was at hand, his cum boiled up from his straining balls and arced out.

Three little girls were in the direct line of fire, all three of them screaming in horror and revulsion, bumping into one another in unsuccessful attempts to get out of Adam's room: Adam's little sister Beatrise, her best friend Amber and Amber's little sister Amy. The first huge load of Adam's cum splashed across the front of little Amy's blue school sweater, some of it striking her neck to drip down her front. The young child shrieked in terror, throwing up her hands to fend off any more of the frightening liquid attack. Unable to stop himself, Adam's second massive load streaked across space, soiled the front of Amber's plaid school skirt and continued down across one of her skinny legs, just above her calf-high socks. The piercing howls of the three little girls was deafening, even as a third huge stream of hot cum arced out from Adam's manhood to tangle in unlucky Amy's long red pig tails.

"Ewwww! Ewwww! No, no! Oh my god! What is that?! Get it off of me! Ewwww! Aghhh! Help! NO! Ewwww!" The yowls of the small girls were indistinguishable one from another. Little Amy was nearly knocked to the floor as the two other girls struggled to get out of the way and out the door. Finally all three girls fled out the door and Adam, too stunned to do anything but stand in place with his dick in his fist, listened to their shrieks fade away towards the front of the house. He heard the front door slam and then - blessed silence.

Adam turned slowly back to the screen of his computer where the hot blonde was astride one of the big studs, looking over her shoulder, beckoning the other to come and fill her ass. But even the view of a hard double fuck wasn't going to bring Adam's deflated cock back to life this morning. Why the hell was his sister home from school? Why the hell had she brought her two friends with her, especially those two?

Humiliation is always hard to take. When you're fourteen - when your whole being revolves around what your peers think about you - it's unbearable. Adam stared at the porn on his screen but his young eyes saw nothing, nothing but the total ruination of his life. Complete destruction.

It wasn't just the fact that his sister and her friends caught him jerking off, saw him naked from the waist down, or even that he'd spewed his seed on Amy and Amber. All that was bad, but who really cared what a couple of little girls thought? No, the real problem was much worse: Amy and Amber were the sisters of Alexis - Cathedral High School's most popular, hottest, coolest and indisputably meanest girl. Adam was hardly the only boy at school to be madly in lust with the curvaceous sophomore cheerleader, nor the only one to be terrified of her. And there was nothing Alexis loved more than spreading nasty gossip and tearing down other people's reputations. There was no question in Adam's mind that by tomorrow everyone at school, even the teachers, would know all about his little mishap with Amy, Amber and his annoying sister Beatrise.

And there was the source of the problem: Beatrise, little nine-year-old walking-talking annoyance. Beatrise, who was constantly under foot, always vying for Adam's attention, forever running around in tight shorts and bare midriff, wiggling her skinny but curvy little ass. Beatrise, with her flouncing blonde ponytail and straight bangs that nearly covered her huge blue-green adoring eyes.

Humiliation, fear, foreboding and desperation are strong emotions - overwhelming - and not so far from anger. As Beatrise's pretty young face swam before Adam's eyes his emotions began to shift, to coalesce. Embarrassment bled into outrage, fear into infuriation and strongest of all - desperation into desire. The synapses in Adam's fragile adolescent psyche, already overloaded, experienced a chain reaction system failure. Intellect, restraint and humanity were gone, leaving nothing but raw anger and lust.

There was a soft, tentative, ill-timed knock at Adam's bedroom door.

The door jerked open violently. Beatrise gasped, her small fist still poised in the air. Adam didn't take in her reddened eyes, her tear stained cheeks, nor did he hear her plaintive opening, "Adam, I'm s-so ..."

The look on Adam's face stopped Beatrise cold. Then she screamed as he grabbed her outstretched hand and flung her across his room to flop like a rag on his bed. He was on her in an instant, straddling her skinny little ass and pressing her chest into the mattress. The sudden violence of his actions and the feel of her small warm body beneath him fueled the fire of Adam's out-of-control emotions. Beatrise's pleading screams only drove him on. The way she was thrashing about under him, desperate to get away, was the most exciting thing he'd ever experienced - far more arousing than the hard porn that was still running on his computer screen.

Hardly knowing what he was doing and ignoring Beatrise's screams, Adam pulled his school tie from the side table and seconds later his little sister's arms were tied cruelly behind her back, secured tightly at wrists and elbows. This did nothing to reduce the vehemence of her thrashing, but rendered her actions much less effectual.

"Why!? Why did you do that!?" Adam screamed at his sister, pulling her ponytail back and forcing her to look him in the eyes. He rolled her onto her back, crushing her arms beneath her.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please, please, stop. I just wanted to let you know we were here and see if you wanted a snack with us. I didn't mean...oh god, please! You're scaring me!"

"Shut up! Shut up! You always ruin everything. You're always in the way! You're always running around in your skimpy clothes, wiggling you little ass. You're always in my space!" All of Adam's considerable frustrations with his sexy little sister came pouring out in a stream of yelling accusations. "Why do you have to be that way?! Why do you have to flaunt your hot little body around me all the time?! It's not right! Little sisters aren't supposed to be sexy, you little tease, you little slut!" It was the first time Adam had ever said anything about his sister's body, indeed, the first time he had consciously admitted that his sister was attractive to him. A flood of memories from the past few months ran through his feverish brain - images of little Beatrise in sexy, inappropriately revealing outfits, clearly worn just for his benefit. "Shut up, shut up, you little whore!"

As Beatrise continued to wail in shock, Adam completely lost control. He ripped open the front of Beatrise's thin white blouse and sent buttons flying across the room. The sight of her little nipples spurred him on and he pinched them both. It was intoxicating to touch her in places that were so forbidden.

"Ow!" Beatrise wailed, "Adam, please, what are you...Ow!"

The screams of terror and confusion just inflamed Adam. He wanted more! He had to punish her and there was only one punishment severe enough for what she had done to him.

"Ow, ow, Adam please! Oh no, no, NO," a new level of panic raced through Beatrise when her brother roughly flipped her back on to her stomach and pushed her short school skirt up over her back, revealing her childish pink panties, the ones with the little cartoon animals that he'd teased her about the week before. In a blind rage he clawed at the colorful cotton, pulling the elastic across her perfect round bottom.

The sight of Beatrise's forbidden flesh sent shocks of lust through his brain. Dragging the underpants down her thin smooth legs frustrated Adam, as the panties rolled up and resisted him. He savagely yanked and tugged at them, heedless of the pain he was causing his struggling sister. Nothing was going to stop Adam from his goal.

Beatrise thrashed wildly from side to side, all she could do with her arms tightly bound behind her and Adam pushing her chest down into the mattress. "Adam! Adam! Please! What are you doing? Oh god, stop, stop, oh god, Adam I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, OHH! OHH! NO! NO! Adam! NO!" Beatrise's screams hit a new high as her crazed brother pushed her legs apart and lifted her ass off of the bed. "NOOO!! PLEASE! Adam! STOP! OW! OW! Adam!"

Adam gripped his little nine-year-old sister under her tiny waist, lifting her ass off the bed. He forced her legs wide with his knees. Gripping his raging hard-on in his hand, he swiped the head up and down through the child's tiny hairless cunny - spreading the delicate mounds of flesh apart and revealing the inner pink lips of forbidden flesh. Heedless of what it might do to her he forced the bulbous organ in and swirled it about, trying to find the right angle to plunge inside of her. But she was so tiny! So tight. And he was blocked from entering her. The louder Beatrise screamed and pleaded the more excited and enraged were Adam's emotions. He trembled even as he fought to find the right purchase to rape his sister's tight hole.

"Adam! Please! Oh god, that hurts! OW!" Beatrise understood what was happening, barely, but she couldn't believe it. She loved getting her big brother's attention - she did everything she could to get him to notice her. But she'd never imagined him turning into a monster, binding her and trying to rape her. Her poor young mind was overloading with terror and confusion. "Oh god, oh god, Adam no, no, ow, ow, OWWW! AGGHHH!!"

The incredibly small pussy molded around the sensitive head of Adam's dick, enveloping him in warmth, but squeezing as if to repel him back out. Adam was having none of that. He felt the liquid lubricants that were flowing freely in Beatrise's pussy, making her an unwitting accomplice to his brutal advance. Clutching her waist he raised her ass higher, lifting her skinny knees off the bed and pushing her face down harder into the mattress. Sensing that he had finally found the right position he let go of his dick, grabbed her thighs to open her legs even farther and thrust viscously forward.

"AGGHHHHHH! AGGHHH! OWWWW! OWWW! Oh god! Adam, Adam, please! STOP! OH GOD! OWWWW!"

Adam felt the resistance of Beatrise's cherry give way in a sudden release of tension. Half his pulsing erection slid into space that had never been explored. He never dreamed a pussy could be so tight, so unyielding, so fantastic. And the very resistance of Beatrise's pussy was a trigger to Adam's anger-fueled lust. The harder she squeezed to keep him out the more he wanted to bury every inch of his cock inside of her. And with three more vicious forward thrusts he achieved that goal - six inches of pulsating penis fully enveloped in nine-year-old vagina, stretching the young child's flesh almost beyond tolerance.

As Adam started to rapidly fuck tiny Beatrise she lost all ability to think. There was nothing in the world but the huge pole of flesh invading her insides. The initial pain of her rape faded quickly, but every hard thrust of her brother's big cock sent an intense shock through her system and amplified her terror. He bumped her tender cervix again and again, fast and furious. Unconsciously, Beatrise grunted loudly in time with each violent plunge of the thick cock, "oh, oh, oh, stop, stop, please, Adam, OH!"

It was perhaps fifteen minutes since Adam Partis had accidentally shot his hot load onto Beatrise's friends Amy and Amber, and less than an hour since his first ejaculation of the day. How else could he last more than seconds in his little sister's tight pussy. Instead, he mindlessly pounded her flesh for almost five minutes before he felt the familiar intense welling in his loins. "Oh yeah," he yelled, gripping Beatrise's hips even tighter and thrusting all the harder. "Yeah, oh god, oh fuck, fuck, FUCK!! I'm gonna cum! Here it comes B! Yes! Oh god! Yes!" He rammed his dick as deep as he could and held it there, insensitive to what he was doing to his little sister's insides, as pulse after pulse of his young seed flowed into her womb.

Adam shook all over from the intensity of his first orgasm with a real girl. He panted from the intense exertion and he continued to hold Beatrise tightly for a few moments as she whimpered pitifully. Suddenly, as he pulled his shrinking cock from her warm tightness, all the rage he'd felt towards Beatrise washed away and was replaced by guilt. He quickly and gently eased her down on the bed. As he fumbled to untie her arms he murmured over and over, "oh god, B, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, B, I was so mad..." The little child just curled into a ball and continued to whimper.

Adam fled from the bed to his desk chair, covering his face with his hands. The guilt and shame he felt from attacking his precious little sister were just as intense as the anger and lust they had replaced. "Why did I...?, oh man, I'm so sorry, B, oh god, you'll never forgive me, how could you...?" Adam continued to berate himself, quietly, until he felt a small hand gently touch his shoulder.

Beatrise silently climbed into her brother's lap and straddled him, resting her tear streaked face against his chest. Her school skirt was gone and her blouse hung open. Adam sat back, stunned. Suddenly she threw her arms tight around neck and squeaked softly "I'm sorry Adam." Her little girl voice was so vulnerable and sincere.

"Oh god, no, no B," Adam said. He put his arms around his nearly naked sister and held her tight. "No, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I was just so mad, and so scared. Are you, are you okay?"

Beatrise sniffled, but she nodded her head against Adam's chest.

"Really, I didn't hurt you?"

There was a long pause, but Beatrise nodded her head again, weakly, into Adam's chest. And the she whispered "Y-you don't have to w-worry." She sniffled again then continued. "About Amy and Amber. They won't tell any one, I promise."

"What? I mean, how, but..."

"I made them promise," Beatrise whispered. "They're way too scared of me to say anything. You don't have to worry."

"Scared of you? Really?" Adam replied. The idea of anyone being scared of his little sister seemed ludicrous. Beatrise just nodded her head against him, again, and somehow Adam knew without a doubt that she was telling him the truth. A wave of relief washed over him, both for the release from the threat of Amy and Amber and for the realization that little Beatrise, cuddled tightly in his arms, really was okay. "Wow," was all he could say.

"Adam?" Beatrise whispered several minutes later, her voice uncertain.

"What, B?" Adam answered nervously, sure that Beatrise was finally going take him to account for viciously binding and raping her. Suddenly the idea of her being enraged at him, as she surely must be, was horrifying.

"Um, uh," Beatrise began shyly, "y-you're thing is p-pushing against my bottom. D-did I do something bad?"

"Oh Jesus! I'm sorry," Adam replied, blushing and trying to readjust his position. He hadn't even noticed that his hard-on had come storming back. But of course it had. He was holding a gorgeous naked blonde girl in his lap. So what if she was only nine? So what if she was his sister? His mind was confused but his hormones were not. And no matter how he moved, short of dumping Beatrise onto the floor, he couldn't keep his throbbing erection from pushing up against her fantastic little ass. "I'm sorry, B, really, it's just... I mean, I can't help it. Your just so pretty, and sexy, and geez, I just love you so much..." Adam couldn't believe the way he suddenly poured out feelings for his little sister - feelings he didn't know until that very second he even had. But it was all true, and he blushed even deeper.

Beatrise looked up into Adam's face with huge watering eyes. "Really?" she whispered.

"Really," the fourteen-year-old replied. "I really do. You make me crazy - in a good way."

"Oh, wow," the little girl said. And then, with a sudden twinkle in her eye and with no hesitation at all, she lifted herself up, reached between her legs and grasped her brother's big cock in her tiny delicate hand.

"B! What are you...Oh god, B! Oh geez!" Adam Partis lost control, once again, as his small sister lowered herself onto his throbbing erection, pulling him deep into the tightest wet pussy imaginable.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah," Beatrise Partis moaned in time with each successive downward thrust as she buried her brother's big dick deeper and deeper until she could feel the head of him pushing hard against her insides and knew she could go no further.

Adam watched in ecstasy and awe as his little sister began to fuck herself rapidly on his manhood. She bit her lip and closed her eyes against any pain she was causing herself. Adam helped guide her up and down with hands on her hips, but the little girl was clearly the one in control and he was fine with that.

After five minutes of energetic fucking, beads of sweat glistened on both of the youngsters. Beatrise began to pant and speed up the rhythm. "Oh! Oh! Adam! Adam! Oh god, oh, oh, oh, OHHHHH! OHHHHH!" Her first orgasm burst over Beatrise violently and her body shook uncontrollably in Adam's lap. Only his firm grip on her kept her from falling to the floor. And just at the height of the tiny girl's bliss, Adam thrust up inside of her again and again, letting his balls loose yet another load of his spunk deep in his sister's body.

As it turned out, it was easy to beat Adam's record of six orgasms in a single day. When your partner is as sexy, as willing and as surprisingly horny as Adam's sweet little nine-year-old sister Beatrise, the sky's the limit.

This was one of my earliest stories, but I still like it. Let me know what you thought of it!

You can either email me at this address: [email protected]

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