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DATE ADDED 12th August, 2007

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I met her at a convention. She was a booth girl. You know the type they hire to get guys like me to come over to their booth so they can convince us that their latest product is the greatest thing sense sliced bread. Normally I'm fairly immune to this tactic as my interests in women aren't the ninety pound bimbos with blond hair and fake breasts. So when I stumbled (quite literally I tripped over a power cord on the floor) into Melissa I was pleasantly surprised. The young woman who caught me had kind of a chestnut brown hair a little past shoulder length, very kissable lips, hazel eyes and I couldn't help myself but notice an amazing chest. I'm not even really a breasts guy, well as much as any guy isn't a breasts guy, I'm an ass and legs guy. But seeing this girl's all natural and really amazing chest attached to an athletic but not skinny body, was impressive in the least. The fact that I'd stumbled into her enough to have her amble soft breasts pressed against my chest was quite a motivator.

I began picking up the assortment of advertisements that booths had given me for this or that product and she began helping as I apologized for my klutzy behavior. She laughed and we started to talk. The conversation flowed rather freely for the next ten minutes or so before the guy who's booth she was manning started to give her the "get back to work he's not buying" look. She smiled at me one last time and we said our goodbyes.

I worked the convention floor for the rest of the day before heading back to the hotel room I was sharing with one of my workmates John. John's an alright guy I suppose but I don't really know him. So when dinner time hit he went his own way and I headed down to the hotel restaurant. When low and behold who did I run into but the same charming girl who'd been on the convention floor. I smiled and waved hoping I'd get some degree of recognition rather than the standard "I met 200 guys who drooled over me today polite nod." Not only did she smile back but she started walking over to my table. I was surprised but happy by this development.

As she approached I stood up and invited her to have dinner as we both seemed to be alone. She readily agreed and joined me. We ordered and the conversation started to flow from one topic to another. Religion, politics, the war, family and friends this girl could keep up with just about any topic. Not only attractive but bright I was thrilled. Then she said the B word and my hopes were dashed. Her boyfriend would be getting in from the airport around 9 and joining her. She invited me to go with them to a pub down the street but at this point I'd chalked this up to a nice dinner with a pretty girl and didn't want to be the third wheel. She insisted we at least hang out in the bar until he got there. I figured why not seems like I've got nothing else to do that evening.

She ordered the first round and started us off with shots of tequila and a margarita chaser. The tequila was surprisingly smooth for a hotel bar. We were on our third round when nine o'clock hit. I was more than a little buzzed and she was definitely feeling the tequila. Her boyfriend hadn't arrived. She looked obviously anxious for him to arrive. I made some comment about how he was probably delayed with all the convention traffic or something minor at the airport; she agreed. We decided to go ahead and order another round. When nine thirty came around she borrowed my cell phone to give the airport a call. Low and behold his flight was hung up in Chicago and wouldn't be here until tomorrow at the earliest. She was mildly upset and I suggested we go for a walk in the city. See the lights and all the stuff that would be going on to get her mind off of it. She agreed and we half walked half stumbled out of the hotel. We must have walked and talked for at least an hour when the rain started. One of those summer thunderstorms that seem to blow out of nowhere. The warm water soaked us both in a matter of a minute.

She and I ducked into a tiny awning over looking some random office building to escape the sudden downpour. It was more than a little cozy with just enough room for the two of us under there. We had just enough space to stand facing each other and something in the moment just sort of struck. The chemistry that had been building all evening needed an outlet and that outlet became our lips. She didn't so much as kiss me as melt into me. Her lips were soft and full as she sucked on my bottom lip. She tasted sweet from the drinks earlier and her body just molded into my own. My hands traced her face as I continued to kiss this amazing woman whose company I had enjoyed all evening. Her hands began to explore my back and tingles seemed to go up and down my spine as her fingers dragged over my skin.

After a few minutes indulgence she pulled away and looked up at me smiling just a little she asked me how I felt about a walk in the rain. I wasn't quite sure what she meant until she practically pulled me back to our hotel. The rain had us both drenched and we laughing and half out of breath when we got there. I'm sure the people at the front desk thought we were insane. When we slid into the elevator and she pushed a button I pulled her to me again indulging in her soft lips and pressing those amazing breasts up against my chest. The ding of the elevator door seemed to come all too soon but we both grinned at each other and she and I wandered down the hall to her room intermitted stopping against the wall to kiss again. She slid the card into her door and we practically ran into the room. I pulled her blouse over her head and she reached around her back and released the clasp on her bra. I've never seen such amazing breasts. Heavy and full they were something slightly above a d cup. Her figure was athletic with out being skinny. She smiled at me as I couldn't help but ogle her breasts. She reached down and with a miscievious grin pulled one of them up so that she could suckle her own nipple for a moment. I grinned somewhat stupidly I imagine as she smiled and said that for some reason the guys always love that. I agreed whole heartedly as she reached over and unzipped my trousers freeing my dick. I'd been hard sense we started kissing in the door step and by now I was practically aching. She descended upon it licking the head and sucking on it as she swallowed half of it and began rhythmically sucking and licking on it while I removed my shirt. I couldn't believe how fantastic this felt and how lucky I was to be here in this room with her. I finished peeling my wet cloths off while she sucked on me just enough to keep me satisfied but never bring me close to cumming. She definitely knew what she was doing. After I was undressed she stopped long enough for me to reach down and pick her up to kiss that wonderful mouth as my hands worked their way into the top of her slacks reaching around to grasp her firm ass. I couldn't help but smile I pulled my hands up and hooked my thumbs around the wet waste band slowly pulling her pants and underwear off as I slid down her body. Stopping long enough to lick and suck on her nipples as I lowered her pants. I worked my mouth down her body tasting the rain water that coated her as I went eventually finding her very wet with her own juices. I laid her back on the bed bending between her legs licking and teasing her. Softly at first and eventually with firmer and faster strokes of my tongue I brought her closer and closer to her climax. Just as I was about to push her over the edge she screamed "No!" and pulled my face wet with her juices up to her mouth kissing me deeply and then wrapping her legs around me she nibbled on my ear as she said "I want to cum with you in me." We turned over and she ground her hips into me as she lowered those magnificent breasts to my waiting mouth. I could feel her gripping and releasing my cock rhythmically as she ground into me and the sensation was fantastic. Her soft nipples grew harder as she raised and lowered herself on my cock. Both of them crinkling up into a beautiful tip as I held them and alternated from one to the next. I was beyond heaven when I felt myself getting closer to orgasm. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled at me as I said "I don't know how much longer I can last" her eyes pleaded with me to hold out a bit a longer and I tried to distract my mind thinking of anything else but the impossible to ignore beautiful woman who was grinding herself on to my hard cock. The pressure became unbearable as I knew I was getting closer. Her breath was coming pants as she moaned in my ear holding on to the bed and pushing herself back and forth.

Finally when I knew I couldn't hold out another second she called out in pleasure and collapsed on top of me pushing herself down on my cock. I came so hard and it just kept coming and coming. I pumped myself into her as she sighed in contentment. We stayed like that with her on top of me for quite a while.

Eventually we unentangled ourselves and she told me that she really did love her boyfriend. We both agreed this was a one time thing and we didn't exchange contact information. Which is why it was so surprising when five years later a package with out a return address appeared on my doorstep. It had pictures of my daughter and her still gorgeous mother within along with a letter. She'd married her boyfriend and never told him that the girl wasn't hers.





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