STORY TITLE Silent Intruder
AUTHOR Annette
CODES M/F, First, Rom, Impreg
DATE ADDED 25th March, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


"Silent Intruder" is romantic erotica about the sexual awakenings of a teenage girl and the first partners she chooses. It deals with basic foreplay, oral sex, first penetration, impregnation and associated sexual interplay. The copy contains explicit dialogue associated with sexual intercourse.

I'd be delighted to hear from you. More postings if comment is favourable.

Regards...and hope you enjoy.


I was looking forward to my eighteenth birthday party with about as much enthusiasm as I would a bad dose of the flu.

I'd had a lousy three weeks. Tonight's family get together was a bid by my dear old mum and dad to lift my spirits and, at the same time, celebrate my reaching the official "age of consent". Not that they quite thought of it that way, I'm sure.

I didn't think of it that way either, because I'd already done a little bit of unofficial consenting before the event, so to speak. In fact it was the letdown after my first sexual foray that had plunged me into the doldrums.

Mark had been the first real love of my life. I'd been through the usual heavy petting sessions with a few young bucks who were almost as green as I was. But their efforts to deflower me were pretty clumsy, and I was too terrified of pregnancy to allow things to get out of hand. Not that I didn't enjoy the "hands on" experience. There were some beautiful stirrings within me that offered promise of delights ahead.

Mark was two years my senior and had had that little extra sexual confidence and maturity that enabled him to penetrate my defences. He'd been smart enough to "wind me up" with some exciting foreplay sessions before luring me to his bed when his folks were away for the day.

I'd fought the good fight expected of a girl new to the game of boys and girls. But he'd caught me off guard and in a sexy mood. An innocent little get together at his place "to listen to records" had quickly turned into a "get naked" party in his bedroom. A bit more kissing, stroking and probing, plus the production of a condom, had been enough to push me over the edge, In a matter of minutes he had satisfied his lust and laid waste to my virginity.

It hurt like hell that first time, and there had been blind panic when he'd withdrawn and discovered the bloodstained sheets that had resulted from the "damage" his penis had inflicted on my insides. Panic about the evidence of our escapades, not my lost virginity.

Some quick washing and ironing took care of the problem however, and the event became one of our treasured moments as we entered a beautiful but brief series of carnal encounters as I was tutored in the delights of sex.

I was a good, and "hungry" pupil, and while I didn't particularly enjoy having a condom insulating me from real, flesh-to-flesh contact, I accepted that my needs justified his "covered end".

My "oldies" had made it very clear to me that if I was silly enough to get myself pregnant I'd be on my own, and left to "carry the baby".

No chance. I was way too young and had plenty of good years ahead. Besides, I enjoyed the mating game and wanted lots of "test runs" before I allowed some horny guy's swimmers to pop one of my eggs and give me a bellyful of kid.

My first bouts of illicit sex didn't last long before the rug was pulled from under me, though.

A party about three weeks ago had brought the fun times to an end. My half-drunken lover had gotten the hots for one of my girlfriends and disappeared with her in his car. While he was spreading her legs in the back seat, I was in tears wondering what she had that I hadn't, and how the hell I was going to get home.

On top of that came the lousy result in my recent Maths assignment. I was usually pretty good in that area, but I'd bombed badly on some tricky equations. I had let my emotional crash occupy too much of my thinking.

So here I was, on the eve of my sixteenth birthday, an educational flop and already on the lover's scrap heap. Happy birthday!

Tonight's party, given my current bout of the blues, was set as a small family affair. Just mum, dad, my brother and sister. Sort of a "pick Annie up and dust her off" party. Actually my birthday was tomorrow, but tonight was Saturday, and I certainly had nowhere better to go.

John, my brother, decided to add to the numbers at the last minute. He rang from the air base he was stationed at to ask if he could bring a visiting pilot friend who was overnighting there.

John was five years older than me. He was an aircraft engineer in the Air Force.

We had a good association. He was a good looking guy and had had plenty of women. I'd heard quite a bit about his escapades, and he about mine, limited though they were. We were good mates, and confidantes. There were moments when I wished he wasn't my brother though, particularly when I'd caught him naked at odd times.

I sensed it was a two way thing. He'd caught me nude a few times too, and had been in no hurry to look the other way. I knew that look, the dirty beast.

I wasn't in any hurry to get tarted up for the shindig. I decided to stay "grubby" and spend a couple of hours at the computer trying to get my mathematical messup sorted out. Then John walked in with his mate.

I took one look and ran for my room. He was gorgeous! Tall, powerfully built, absolutely bloody beautiful.

It took me ten minutes to make myself presentable. I was still only in shorts when I re-emerged for introductions, but at least my hair was a bit better, and I'd managed to add a bit of war paint.

"So this is our birthday girl," were his opening remarks, as John introduced us. He gave my hand a little squeeze and added, "Happy birthday!" God! His voice fitted the image perfectly. Strong, deep and warm. His name was Anthony.

"Thanks!" I struggled for words, hanging on to his hand, "but it's tomorrow." I ended lamely, cursing myself for being a drivelling idiot.

"Well, I hope tonight is a very special night for you and that tomorrow brings you everything you wish for," he came back. I knew damned well what I wished for where he was concerned.

Needless to say, my stupid sister had the same notions and was trying to take over. She was older than I was by two years and I could sense that the little bitch would have handed him her panties right there and then if it wasn't for the presence of our dear parents. As you can guess, there was no love lost between us.

It didn't quite go as well for her as she might have hoped though. Tony continued to focus on me as he went through the usual opening pleasantries, making me feel the centre of his attention. He had that happy knack of being able to put people at ease, take over a conversation and have everyone involved.

Even the oldies got caught up as we settled down over afternoon tea, listening raptly to stories about Air Force life and the battles of yesteryear and tomorrow, as Tony and John entertained us.

Tony seemed to be on some sort of special assignment. He flew some sort of stealth aircraft called a "Silent Intruder". He was only here for the one night and he wouldn't talk much about it. John explained afterwards that he was attached to an Intelligence squadron and that his operations were "classified".

It soon became time for mum and dad to get the party preps underway. That broke up our little gathering and my damn sister didn't waste any time pinning him down when she got the opportunity. I guess she had a walk up start, given that she was John's age, and I was the "baby".

I guess my blue mood took over then. I gave up and went back to my computer to lose myself in my mathematical conundrums.

I couldn't believe it when, after about fifteen minutes, he was bending over beside me studying the screen. "John tells me you've been having a couple of problems with your maths work. Want some help?" he asked.

"Love some," I answered. "Things have not been going well for me of late."

I glowed smugly as I thought,"Stuff you, big sister, chalk one up for Annie. She would not be happy about this turn of events. Tough!

I really didn't think he could be of much help, but I soon found out differently. He sat down close beside me and had little trouble untangling the mess I had made. He seemed to be good at everything he touched, but I realised he would have to be good at maths and science to be a pilot.

I was ready to swoon, just having him there so close. I started asking more questions to keep him there. He seemed in no hurry to leave, and when his leg brushed against mine I broke out in goose bumps and felt a very warm flush spreading through me.

He seemed so self assured and precise in his every move. He knew exactly the effect he was having on me but didn't make too much of it, just a couple of gentle pats on the arm and a little more thigh rubbing. God! I was ready to eat him. If only the family would buzz off and give me two hours alone with him. What a birthday present.

That didn't happen of course, but the whole evening went beautifully. Tony's attentions had made all the difference. I was out of the doldrums and having fun. I wondered later if my dear brother had done a little devious planning.

The oldies could sense my infatuation but they knew Tony was flying out tomorrow and they seemed happy enough to let me enjoy the moment. To make things even better, my sister, while getting polite responses, was left out in the cold. Great!

Sadly time ran out and my fantasies would have remained unfulfilled but for my dear old dad, god love him. "Tony! Why don't you stay the night?" he asked. "There's a spare bed in John's room, and he's got to go back to the base in the morning too. Saves a double trip."

"Good idea!" John chimed in. It was a bloody good idea as far as I was concerned, though I wasn't sure why. At least I'd see him again in the morning.

I'd had a shower and was just heading for my room when John pulled me aside in the hall with an impish grin on his face.

"Little sister's got the hot's, hasn't she?" He chided.

"Don't be awful." was all I could think of to say.

"I might be able to arrange a special birthday present" he hinted lasciviously. "Are you interested?"

"Wouldn't matter if I was." I giggled. "He's just being nice for my birthday, and besides, I don't think the oldies would be too impressed."

"He's not just being nice. I'm getting signals that he fancies you. And, where the oldies are concerned, they don't need to know unless you're silly enough to tell them." he said encouragingly.

I flushed, and stammered back, "I,I couldn' We'd get caught."

"Not if you do as I tell you." He came back quickly. "Make your mind up. Yes! or No!"

"I can't." I wailed, "I want to... but I'm scared."

"It'll be alright. Trust me." he reaffirmed assuringly, his eyes twinkling knowingly. "Yes! or no?"

I just gave him a weak grin and nodded, blushing.

"Right." he said conspiratorily. "Just do as I tell you. Go to bed, lock your door as usual, leave your window wide open and the curtains pulled back. Don't go to sleep, and don't scream if a visitor arrives around one o'clock."

I knew what he was up to. We lived in a single storey house, and had all used the windows at one time or another to avoid parental attention.

"I'm going to get caught." I moaned. "I just know it. I must be bloody mad. They'll hear us." Mum and dad's room was right next to mine. John's was on the other side of them, and my sister's room was on my other side.

"Not if you're very quiet, they won't." John reassured me. "Have fun, but do it silently."

He started to walk away then turned back, put his lips to my ear and whispered, "I envy the bastard." Then grinned and walked off to his room leaving me stunned in the hallway.

My mind was in turmoil as I locked my door.I don't know whether I was trembling with excitement or fear. Probably both.

What was going to happen? Would he really come? Was it going to be a quiet petting session, or were we going to make love? I fantasised about having his hands running over me, stripping me naked, opening me to his manhood. God! How I wanted him inside me. But this wasn't fantasyland. It was very real. It was going to happen. I was a young girl, and about to have sex with a man of the world. What should I do? What would he expect of me? Would I make a fool of myself? Would he be disappointed?

I didn't have any answers. I was locked into something from which there was no turning back. I was aflame with lust. My breasts heaving, nipples hard with excitement, and my vagina already moistening with anticipation, readying me for easy penetration.

I seemed to be in slow motion as I tried to think how best to handle the situation. I guess if he was coming to my bedroom he'd expect to find me in bed. There was little doubt that was where I'd end up. I put on my laciest shorty nightie and a cute pair of bikini panties. I thought I should at least try to look sexily demure.

I obeyed instructions, opened the window wide, pulled back the curtains, then climbed under the covers to await my fate.

The house settled down quickly. I could soon hear dad snoring, but mum was an unknown quantity.

The minutes ticked by as my mind raced with more sexual fantasies. I couldn't keep my hands off myself as I lay in the darkness, my fingers roaming between my hardened nipples and a vagina that was begging for male attention. One thing was certain. If he did arrive, he'd have no trouble sliding his beautiful weapon inside me. At this rate I was going to be a dripping mess before he even touched me.

I was aching with desire as the clock hit one. Where was he? Had he decided it was too risky? Was it all one of John's tricks? My spirits started to slump.

Then suddenly a warm hand on my shoulder. He was sitting on the bed beside me. I don't know how he managed it so silently, but he was there, and I was in heaven.

He bent down and put his lips lightly to mine, then pulled back and put his finger to his lips in a cautionary gesture and began to turn back the covers. I moved over to make room for him but suddenly found myself completely uncovered, his hands lifting my legs over the side of the bed. Then he took my hands and pulled me slowly to my feet.

I wondered what was going on. Was he going to take me standing up? Was this the silent way of doing it? I wasn't given long to wonder. He pulled me close, looked into my eyes, then closed his mouth over mine, making his first entry into my body with his tongue.

We stood like that for what seemed hours but was probably only seconds, hands running over each other, exploring gently, touching, anticipating, tongues intertwining, the heat building between us. Then he stepped back.

He was wearing one of John's shave coats and, from the feel of what had been pressing against my belly, very little else. How I wanted to hold that thing. But his next move threw me into confusion.

He moved to the end of the bed, again put his finger to his lips, then took hold of the corner of the mattress and began to slide it silently sideways toward the floor, pausing momentarily and motioning me to help. "Everything planned and precise. Typical," I thought, as I lifted the other end. "We weren't going to be caught by a squeaky bed spring."

We prepared our lovers' pad then went back into a clinch, hands roving with lust.He broke away again, this time grabbing a towel from a nearby chair, folding it carefully in two, then laying it midway across the mattress. "What next?" I wondered, but not for long.

He was back with me quickly, kissing me lightly as he lifted my arms upright above my head, motioning me to hold them there. My nightie came up over my head and was flung in the corner, exposing me naked to him but for my tiny pair of panties. I began to tremble.

He lightly kissed each straining nipple, then he coaxed me sideways, standing me on the mattress just below the towel. His leg went behind my calves and I was nudged gently backwards, off balance. He caught my weight at my wrists and lowered my bottom delicately onto the towel. Light dawned! Jesus! He thought of everything. There would be no love juice-stained sheets to give us away in the morning.

He was down beside me again then, easing me onto my back as his tongue invaded my mouth again. His hands beginning their work on my body, readying me for his penetration. My thoughts turned dirty. This is what I had been waiting for, longing for. I was being made ready to be fucked.

His hands stroked me from one end to the other, my ears, my eyes, my breasts, my tummy, then down to my ankles and lightly back up my legs before lifting my knees up. Then in a quick movement he lifted my bottom off the towel with one hand and tugged my panties down with the other.

They were quickly over my ankles and in the corner with my nightie. Then my legs were spread, and I was wide open to him. We were ready to make love and, so far, hadn't made a sound. How I wanted to give vent to my emotions and lust. How the hell I was going to contain myself during the main game I had no idea.

He stood up again as I watched, hungrily. He was silhouetted in the half light as he dropped his shave coat, then slipped his briefs down over his ankles. There it was, his beautiful penis. Proud, hard, erect. Ready to do the job for which it was intended, to fuck and impregnate the female of the species. And there, at its base, were the two soft sacs where his sperm would be produced as he rode me to ejaculation. What an erotic sight. And tonight it was going to be me on the receiving end. Joy and happiness!

I couldn't contain myself. I reached up to him, clasping that beautiful shaft at its base, stroking the silky flesh along its length, watching those potent balls swing in harmony. I couldn't help myself. I'd never been like this with Mark. I felt like an animal. I rose to my knees before him and closed my lips over that magnificent head. "Yes!"...and I felt his response as he jerked spasmodically, the head swelling with pleasure.

My mind was filled with lewd images as I gently drew on that glorious prick. I imagined it spurting its thick creamy liquid into my mouth, tasting his nectar, swallowing the egg-seeking sperm that had but one purpose, to create life. "Was I going to become a nymphomaniac?" I wondered, as I rolled my tongue lovingly around the shaft that would soon be thrusting into my belly. Stretching me, pleasuring me, fucking me!

He pulled away, pushing me down, laying beside me. He was loosing his cool and wanted me ready to take him. How ready I was!

Then his lips were at my ear as he whispered , barely audible, "Not a sound! Not ONE sound!" I nodded silently as he began his work.

His tongue churned sensuously in my ear, then traced a wet line down my neck and across my breast, seeking out first one nipple, then the other. Backwards and forwards his mouth went, titillating, sucking, blowing gently, as a hand stroked promisingly in ever lowering circles around my tummy, driving me wild as I struggled mentally to avoid writhing and moaning with pleasure.

Then he stopped, moving to my ankles, his tongue and hands working from one to the other of my spread legs as he made his way delicately toward the junction that, I hoped feverishly, would soon become the centre of his attention.

His lips were nibbling along my inner thigh now and I lifted my bottom to him, opening myself wider, offering, pleading. I felt his warm breath on the lips of my vagina as he brushed his tongue lightly and teasingly through the downy tuft. I tensed expectantly, but no intrusion. God! Please!

Then his mouth was on mine again, probing with his tongue as he repositioned himself. Suddenly he was straddling my chest, cupping my breasts, lewdly making a love tunnel around his hot penis as he thrust gently back and forth. I watched in awe at the movements. Was he going to shoot all over me?? Who cared!

But no! He stopped and his mouth was back at my ear momentarily to caution me again, "No noises" he hissed commandingly.

Then he was kneeling between my legs again, his cock poised over me, spasming with lust, a dewy droplet hanging ominously at its very tip. But penetration was not to happen just yet. His hands slid down my belly, his knees coaxing my legs wider apart as he parted me with his fingertips, looking intently into me as if checking his target area. His mouth came down.

Suddenly that beautiful tongue was flicking inside me, darting, swirling, driving me to the heights of ecstacy as I tried to control my impulses to thrash and scream. God! The glorious torture. How I needed release.

He sensed my needs. He knew we were both more than ready for fulfilment, and lowered himself on top of me. This was it. Then suddenly it hit me. No condom! He wasn't using anything. He was about to ride me bareback!

I struggled under him, cupping my hand protectively over my vagina as I pushed at him. He raised his head to look at me as I silently and pleadingly mouthed the word "CONDOM!" But I knew I was wasting my time. He had come to me in a shave coat. He had no protection with him.

He looked silently into my eyes, shaking his head regretfully as his penis nudged hopefully against the hand cupping my entrance, trying to coax apart the fingers which were now the only protection I had.

My mind whirled in panic. How desperately I wanted him inside me. I did some quick mental calculations. How long had it been since my last period?. Was I safe? Could I get away with this? Would he pull out before I was filled with his sperm?

Our eyes were locked together as I held him at bay, adding up the days. Hell! Not only was it risky. It was as risky as it could get. I was slap bang in the middle of my cycle. I had no doubt that there was a little egg waiting deep inside me. If I let him release his millions of tadpoles, they'd find it, and one of them would do its job. I'd be pregnant!

What a fix I was in. Desperate for penetration. A beautiful man with an erect penis waiting to take me. No protection, highly fertile, and locked into total silence.

The seconds ticked by and the tension mounted between us as my mind was torn between common sense and bodily lust. God I wanted him so badly. Wanted him to fuck me.

Then that beautiful waiting babymaker nudged my fingers again as he looked at me for my decision. It was enough to push me over the edge. Nature had been too clever for me. I'd been made for fucking and I wanted to be fucked. My willpower was broken.

My stomach churned with a mixture of fear and excitement as I did what I had to. I looked into his eyes, and turning my hand palm upward, gently took hold of him and guided him to his target, nestling that gorgeous head into the folds of my flesh. Introducing that rampant prick to my hungering cunt. A cunt waiting so eagerly to clasp around him, welcome him inside, be a receptacle for his come.

He gave me no more time to think. Our needs were too urgent. One gentle push, then back. Another, this time deeper, bathing in my lubrication. Backwards again, then a more determined thrust. He was very deep now, and only inches from total penetration. My body craved for emotional release. I wanted to scream, claw at him, thrash wildly under him, but I had to take him into me in silence.

His mouth closed over mine again as if to stifle any outcry. Then he finally buried himself to the hilt in me. We lay still momentarily as he readied himself, his throbbing head pressed against the entrance to my womb, my legs twining around him, holding him inside.

Then the fucking began in earnest. Thrust after thrust stirred my insides to a frenzy. I had been on the edge too long. I couldn't last. I shuddered, pressing my lips together to maintain silence as my body was racked with magical orgasm.

A loving kiss to my ear told me he knew what had happened, but he didn't break his rhythmical stroking within me.

"Squish!, Squish! Squish!" I listened to the erotic and unmistakable sounds of lovemaking as I relaxed after orgasm. "Squish! Squish! Squish!" Prick into cunt. The only break in the beautiful silence that surrounded us as he gave my body what it needed.

"This was no boy/girl experimentation with sex anymore." I thought, as I revelled in the sensations. "I had a purposeful cock driving relentlessly into my insides with but one intent. To fill me with come. To unleash a torrent of sperm laden semen at the neck of my womb with the express purpose of impregnating me. This was major league fucking at its finest."

Fear started to grip me again as my release allowed me to think. How could I give him the satisfaction he needed, satisfaction that I had already enjoyed, without him ejaculating inside me? Could I have him shoot into my mouth? I'd take it gladly. More importantly, how the hell could I talk to him or interrupt him.

"Squish! Squish! Squish!" His probing and thrusting continued with near silent determination as he rode on, his body tension increasing perceptibly as he prepared for delivery. I wanted him to pause, to give me a chance to reason with him. But the frictioning of his shaft against the nerve endings at the top of my vagina was bringing my lust alive again, the imposed silence focusing every fibre of my being lovingly on the approaching bliss of another orgasmic explosion.

His breathing started to become laboured, his stroking a little erratic as he speeded up towards climax. I felt him start to swell within me. I knew time was running out if I was to have his come on my belly rather than inside it.

I took a deep breath and pulled back with my bottom, trying to slip him outside me. But his instincts and reactions were too quick. He was hell bent on planting his seed now, and nothing was going to stop him.

He followed my movement, thrusting deeply, recovering his broken rhythm. Then I felt his hands clasp the cheeks of my bottom, locking me to him as he ripped into me, rushing me towards orgasm.

I lost all control as my body began to shudder into release. I had no resistance left. I was going to take his come into me and that was that.

His mouth closed over mine in a final loving gesture and his eruption began from deep within him. In a trancelike state of orgasm and excitement I felt the sacs that had prepared his semen slapping softly against the bottom of my vagina as his muscular spasms began to pump his come upwards through his manhood and into the waiting receptacle that it had found so willing.

He made one tiny gasp, then I felt the hotness and wetness spreading within me as he pumped relentlessly. He held himself tightly inside me now, his final strokes, deep, short and instinctively directed to keep the spurting head close to the entrance to my womb. I was beautifully and precisely filled, and I knew those little swimmers were already fighting their way through my cervix, looking for their target, one purpose in mind, my impregnation. "Happy birthday!" his whispered softly.

My first real unprotected fucking was over. I'd played the game of sex with the big boys and been lovingly outmanoeuvred. The deed had been done. There was no point in worrying any more. Whatever would be, would be.

We lay in each other arms spent and satisfied, his weapon quieter, but still inside me. I felt his juices seeping from me, those that I hadn't sucked into me. But it wasn't the last of his come to be pumped into me that night.

Three more times he filled me as we fucked our way through the small hours, as I devoured him hungrily again and again. Then, to sate the dregs of my lust and lovingly conclude his silent invasion of the innermost parts of my body, I closed my mouth once more over the beautiful head of his spurting babymaker to sample the nectar that would probably make me pregnant.

And it did! Three weeks later I faced the reality that my periods were not going to arrive.

I'd been given my birthday present. It would be delivered in about eight and a half months. Happy fucking birthday!





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