STORY TITLE Marta And Robert
AUTHOR Homer Vargas
CODES MC, Fdom, preg
DATE ADDED 27th August, 2005

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DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


“Robert falls into the hands of the wrong woman.”

[This is a spin-off of “Dawn and Ken and Maria and David.” It begins at the reception after the marriage of Maria and Dawn to Ken and David. Reading the other story is encouraged, but not necessary.]

Dr. Robert Van Clef felt out of place here. The crowd was mainly twenty and thirty-something’s and the music was not that of his generation. He might have left right after the ceremony, but he had invested almost an hour driving out to this country mansion. Of course he was happy for Dawn, a younger colleague from the hospital, but there were many things about the wedding besides the location of the reception that puzzled him. First was the man Dawn had chosen to marry, and so suddenly. Until maybe a year ago the young doctor had been dating several of his (and her) colleagues from the hospital, men several years older than she. David was quite good looking and a manager in some kind of Internet company, but quite young. Dawn was an attractive woman, but Robert was also uncomfortable with David’s almost puppy-dog attachment to his new wife, a devotion Dawn seemed to accept as her due. Then too, if he was not mistaken – and as a gynecologist it was Robert’s job NOT to
be mistaken about these things – Dawn was pregnant, about three months, he guessed. How long had she know this boy, er young man?

Equally odd, if not more so, was the other pair in the double wedding. The other bride, a pretty young Latina, apparently had – until when? -- been David’s housekeeper. And odder still, the other groom, Ken, had been, for a short time, Dawn’s live-in boyfriend. Ken, some kind of construction worker, Robert understood, towered over the petite brown woman, but he displayed, if that was possible, an even more subservient infatuation with his new bride who, like Dawn, was several months along with making a baby. Neither bride seemed in the least embarrassed about her state. They had both chosen very short gowns with an Empire tie that drew every man's attention to their swelling breasts and unmistakable bulges.

Finally, the guest list struck Robert as odd, drawn up, so it appeared, to bring together the greatest number of Dawn’s, David’s, and Ken’s male friends with a few of Dawn’s girlfriends and an uncounted number of Maria’s sisters, aunts, and girl cousins flown in from Central America. It was cliché that people hook up at wedding receptions, but this function seemed to be designed with that in mind. And the women definitely seemed to be dressed for the prowl. The décolletage was astounding, hemlines must average six inches above the knee, approximately the height of the strap stilettos, putting acres of eye-popping breast and inner thigh on display.

That thought brought Robert to the final element of his discomfort. He suspected he, too, was one of the men being pursued. That in itself might not be so bad. He could relish an affair with one of Dawn’s svelte hottie friends. It would show Janet that two could play her game. It was wounded pride, he realized, rather than grief he felt over the loss of his ex trophy wife. When they met, Robert thought Janet was perfect. After several years of dating younger women who were skittish about sex, it was a relief to find a woman who really liked to fuck.

That in the end had proven her downfall. Janet had probably seen his wealth and prestige and assumed Robert would be the Alpha Male in bed that he was in the emergency room or at the hospital Board. Janet was at that stage in her life when she needed to be fucked hard, deep, and often. And she had counted on Robert to keep her screwed silly. And, having played around long enough, she was ready for a man to get her pregnant and see she stayed that way until she had a houseful of kids. Six months into the marriage with Robert fucking her less than once a day and still no bun in the oven, she became restless. After a year with Robert still resisting on the baby and sex down to a normal couple of times per week, she was desperate. Even tried to get him to go down on her! What did she think he was, some kind of pussy-whipped pervert!

The desperation, in fact, spoiled her shot at a healthy alimony settlement. Janet’s mistake had been choosing the wrong man to administer the daily doses of hard, nasty sex she craved. She found a man with a horse cock alright -- her personal trainer – but after a few afternoons of mind-blowing, non-stop, multi-orgasmic sex, she was lost. When Tyrone saw the horny white wife would do anything for his cock, he refused to use a condom any longer. Janet had begged and pleaded, but Tyrone was adamant.

Unable to pass up having that long fat cock in her, Janet finally let him fill her again and again with his thick hot seed. Within weeks Janet had his black baby growing in her belly. Robert’s detectives had documented everything and she got only child support from the divorce. The last he heard she was living with one of Tyrone's friends and pregnant again.

Thus, Robert was single again and looking. But the women Robert had his eye on, thin cool blondes for the most part, had David’s young friends in their sights. Instead, Robert kept being thrown into the company of Marta, Maria’s mother. Dawn had told him about Marta, suggesting she’s be eager for a tumble, but Robert ignored her silly attempts at matchmaking. Marta was not the kind of woman Robert was hoping to meet. Marta was dark, loud, unsophisticated, and rather too – large. Not that she wasn’t sexy in a crude way: large breasts that had nursed a brood of children, wide hips that had made the nights of two deceased husbands and (Dawn had hinted) many other men, quite happy, and a waist that was surprisingly small for a woman who had been making babies since she was thirteen.

Nevertheless, Robert had no intention of spending time with Marta that afternoon. Marta, on the other hand, had other ideas and she was remarkably effective in getting her way. Every time Robert turned around Marta was there with a fresh drink and another button of her blouse, drawn too tight across her enormous jugs, unfastened. As the afternoon wore on, most of the women were successfully paired up, some a bit disheveled accompanied by with happy but dazed-looking men.

This left Robert to Marta who was starting to look better as Robert consumed more of the spicy punch. Women her age and size didn’t usually wear skirts that short or heels that high, but on her they showed those extra pounds were packed into the right places. He found himself wondering if she was wearing panties. Somehow they were holding hands and she was gigging and telling him stories that Robert had trouble following as his eyes were drawn again and again to his companion’s luscious brown breasts.

“Time for the movie,” Maria called out. The what? Robert had never heard of showing a movie at a wedding reception. They hadn’t even cut the cake had they? Was there a cake? Robert dimly realized Marta was leading him into a different wing of the mansion. The other men looked as confused as he, but they likewise allowed the giggling women to herd them gently to sofas and loveseats pointed at a large screen.

“Comfy Bobby?” Marta asked. No one had called him anything but "Robert" or "Dr. Van Clef" in years. "Bobby" made him feel like a boy, a little boy very comfortably snuggled against Marta's soft warm woman flesh, her perfume around him like a cloud. He tried to pay attention to the film, but her hand between his legs made concentration difficult. At first it looked like a historical documentary’ then it turned into an R or maybe X-rated tale of soldiers and dark women and orgies. Something about the flickering projection made it impossible either to look away or to think critically about the plot.

“Pretty sexy, eh?” Marta whispered.

“Huh?” Robert felt sluggish, not thinking too clearly.

“I mean, seeing those pretty, busty women using sex to control powerful men must make you really horny, no?”

Yes, he supposed it was true. Robert was certainly feeing odd. His heart was pounding and he was breathing quickly, though shallowly. But could he come right out and admit it, admit that watching a sexy film with a sexy woman pressed up against him had made him horny? He felt at a disadvantage.

“You are, Bobby. I can tell.” She squeezed his prick gently. “Let me help you.” Robert tried to protest, but Marta was already unzipping his pants. “I’ll bet that feels a lot better.” Her warm, soft hand on his exposed prick made Robert speechless. “Oh, Bobby! You’re really hard! Are you horny for me, Bobby?” she cooed. “Do you like me playing with your nice hard prick, Bobby?”

Robert grunted in ecstasy as his clever partner expertly stroked his manhood, keeping him excited but being careful not to grant him release. She had plans for this erection and the subsequent orgasm.

If he could have looked around, Robert would have been shocked at the unfolding scene. The other women had been as busy as Marta and the punch and flickering light of the film had been equally effective in making their companions horny and malleable. A few men had already been fucked and were nursing contentedly as whispered, seductive words flowed into their receptive brains. A few were prone with a woman on board riding them to orgasm. One was struggling as two laughing women held him and a third poured something into his mouth. But Robert saw nothing from the bottom of the deep pit of lust, the perfect snare Marta had laid for him.

“Would you like to suck my tits, Bobby. They’re big and soft.” Robert thought fleetingly at how strange, how wrong all this was to be on a couch with a woman he hardly knew letting her play with his cock and inviting him to suck her titties. But the thought slipped away as Marta placed a nipple – not at all soft as she had said – and Robert instinctively began to nurse. Marta sighed with contentment as she allowed her mamaries to work their age-old magic on the helpless man. “Oh, yes, Bobby, suck me good. You love to nurse at my breast.”

Robert floated for several minutes.

“Oh, look at that!” Marta exclaimed softly, gently removing her breast from Robert’s hungry mouth. Robert opened his eyes, hardly knowing where he was, trying to look where his sexy companion pointed. “Oh, she must really enjoy that!” Robert was confused. On the screen, the emperor was on a couch with the pagan queen. Her breasts were bared as Marta’s were and the man appeared to have been kissing and sucking them. Now, however, the queen was guiding his mouth and lips down her tummy toward her pubic mound. The surprise almost jarred Robert from his horny trance. The smiling queen opened her legs and her royal captive dropped to his knees and buried his face in her bush. Real men didn’t do that for women, did they? Janet’s attempts came to mind. It did look sort of sexy.

“She must be really wet. Women juice up when a man sucks our titties,” Marta giggled. “I am. Wanna feel me?”

Robert let her guide his hand between her legs. It was warm swamp! He had fumbled around with Janet and his first wife, but he’d never felt anything like this. “Uuuu, Bobby. That feels good. You can play with my pussy if you want.” Robert wasn’t sure if he had a choice. One of Marta’s hands grasped his firmly and was rubbing herself with it vigorously. Her other hand took the back of his head and jammed him mouth once more forcefully onto her bosom. “Oh, yeah! Bobby! Suck me, uhhhh. Yes! Feel that pussy, Bobby. Oh, God … Suck it! Oh, fuck it! I’m gonna … gonna ….AHiiiiiiiii!?”

Marta shook violently and screamed like a banshee, but she didn’t release her grip in Robert’s hand or head. “Suck me…. Feel me….” she moaned as Robert robotically continued pleasuring the large woman, little orgasmic aftershocks bringing small soft mews that gradually died away.

Presently Marta, momentarily satisfied, looked up. With good reason she was pleased. Robert was progressing well. He had made her come with his lips on her nipples and his fingers in her cunt. Taking stock, she decided he was ready to be taken farther. “Good boy, Bobby. You made me come real good. You deserve a treat, Bobby.” At some level in his juvenilized mind, that made sense to Robert; he had been a good boy making the nice woman happy, so she was going to give him a treat.

“You like to kiss and suck my titties, don’t you?” A slight squeeze of his prick brought the desired affirmative sigh. “I’ll bet you will really like to suck my big titties when they are all full of milk for our baby won’t you.” A pause that might have been a small protest was cut short by another squeeze and another sigh. “Yes, Bobby you love to worship my breasts. And because you are a good boy, I’m going to show you how to worship me somewhere else, somewhere warm and wet.”

Even as she spoke Marta was gently pushing Robert’s head down from her breasts to her tummy. “Keep kissing, sweetie. Show me how much you want your treat.” Robert was on autopilot, what consciousness he had focused on the exquisite sensations of Marta’s hand on his cock. He did want the treat. “You’re getting close, Bobby. Can you smell it? Your treat?”

Robert would have paused if her could, but Marta’s hand continued guiding his head down, down. He continued to kiss, as Marta had conditioned him to associate the constant activity of his tongue and lips to the mind-banding feeing of her hand on his rock-hard cock. Hair was in his mouth and an overpowering musk filled his nostrils. Overpowering! The pheromone laden odors raced through his bloodstream, burning an association of pleasure and submission into his brain.

“That’s it Bobby. Put your mouth on my pussy. Eat me. Eat my juicy pussy, sweetheart. You love to eat a hot … wet … pussy and you love to please me this way! You love to make you mistress come with your tongue, don’t you Bobby. Make me …… AGHHHHH!” Marta’s hips were shaken by a Richter scale 8.0 orgasm and she roared again in pleasure and victory. Still, years of getting her pussy eaten allowed Marta to hold Robert’s head in place. He knew what to do now and kept doing it. As Robert sucked her juices, Marta was soon off toward another climax.

Marta let Robert bring her to another glorious orgasm and them another. God, she could let a man do that all night. On some other night she just might, but delicious as it was to have a man eat your pussy, Marta had bigger fish to fry. Gently and reluctantly dislodging Robert’s mouth from her steaming twat, Marta brought Robert’s head back to between her breasts and reinserted a nipple. She let him begin to suckle before beginning to speak. “That’s so nice Robert. So nice to rest your tired head on my smooth, firm breasts; so nice to suck my tits like my tired good little boy.” She stroked his head as he suckled. “So tired … so sleepy.”

Robert knew something was wrong. Why was this strange woman talking to him like a child? Why was he so drowsy? But the thoughts were jumbled and lost in the wonderful sensation of her breast in his mouth, her hand on his cock.

“Yes, my breasts makes my little boy sooooo sleepy don’t they Bobby. Bobby wants to go beddie bye with me don’t you sweetie? Cuddle up in my arms and sleeeeeeep. And I’m going to let you, let you go sleepy sleepy with me, Bobby. But you’re not just a sleepy little boy, are you? No, sweetheart, you’re a horny little boy too, right. You need to come before you go to sleep, don’t you?”

Robert moaned his agreement. Marta moved her hand back down to Robert’s still throbbing prick.

“Yes, I know you do and I’m going to let you come, come so good, come in my warm wet pussy. That’s what you want, isn’t it Bobby, to come in my pussy?”

Another groan and Robert began to move as if to mount the woman.

“No, no, Bobby. Let me. You are tooo sleepy and tooo horny; you need me to take care of you.” Robert trembled and fell back. At last she had him! Gently so as not to break the spell Marta mounted the man. Her pussy, wet with anticipation, slid easily down over Robert’s upright cock. Marta sighed with relief before she began to ride him.”

“Do you like this, Bobby? Do you like having your cock up inside my pussy? Me sliding up and down, up and down. Letting you relax, letting me give you what you need? And you want to give me something, too, don’t you?” Robert began to buck feebly. “Yes, Bobby. You want to give me your cum. You want to come in my pussy. Yes, you want to fill my fertile pussy up with your cum.” She felt his movements pause as the implication of what she had said registered in his sex-saturated mind. It was a small risk, but it was necessary for him to “agree” to her plan.

“Don’t you want that, Bobby? Don’t you want to let me make you cum in my pussy? Don’t you want to see my tummy to get big with a baby? Don’t you want my boobies to get bigger and hard and full of milk for the baby you made in me, bobby? Don’t you want me to wear cute, little maternity dresses so everybody can see that you fooled around with me and got me pregnant?”

A low, anguished groan escaped Robert’s throat. At one level he realized he was being had. What was left of his rational brain knew Marta had seduced him and wanted him to knock her up, probably marry her. She wanted to turn him into her private baby-making, child support system. It was embarrassing. It was outrageous! But there was an older reptile brain with other ideas, a brain and a set of pleasure reflexes that just wanted to cum, wanted to make babies in this obviously fertile female.

She felt him tense. “Yes, Bobby. You want it. You want to make a baby with me. A baby, Bobby. With your cum!” At the word, she thrust her self down on him hard and ground her crotch on his.

“Aggggggg!” Robert bucked. A roar of defeat erupted and the helpless man to began to shoot. Gob after gob of sperm gushed from his over-stimulated balls. The long-sought sensation of hot male seed deep in her pussy triggered Marta’s climax, too. Her cunt muscles wrapped around and squeezed Robert’s cock, sucking every possible drop of baby-making jism into her womb. She collapsed on the spent man as she recovered from the orgasm, luxuriating in the familiar feel of a softening male cock in her sperm drenched pussy.

Robert’s eyes were still closed in near unconscious bliss when Marta recovered her senses. With a self-satisfied smile Marta took the sleeping man’s head and once more drew it to her breast. Reflexively he began to nurse. He was ready for the finishing touch. “Sleep, Bobby, sleep. Sleep on Marta’s big … soft … breast. Suck my titties and sleep, my little sweetie. Sleep and listen to me, Bobby. Sleep and learn how always to do what I say and make me happy. Sleep, Bobby. Sleep … and obey.”


Marta looked around the room at other women who were also starting to look around. The men were all in trance. The lightly drugged punch, the hypnotic, Fdom themed film, and plenty of hard, nasty sex had totally subdued them. She smiled at the two couches beside hers where her twins lay recovering. She was very proud of them. Each had bedded a grown man, Chichi’s looked like a chiseled blond god, probably one of Ken’s friends from construction. Tili’s was thin and handsome with dark curly hair, possibly a computer something or other from David’ company. From the idiot grins on their sleeping faces, her girls must have screwed them first into the ground and then several feet below the water table. They must have enjoyed it, too, for they were resting, snuggled against their conquests with soft satisfied smiles. Smart girls that they were, they were letting the men’s now soft cocks lie in their sperm-soaked pussies to hold in as much jism as possible.

Tili opened her eyes and grinned mischievously at Marta. “Wow, Momma, you really fucked yours good. We heard you. Do you think you’re pregnant?”

“Maybe, sweetheart,” Marta replied. “He squirted me good. But don’t worry’ I’ll keep fucking him till I’m sure. I promise you’ll have a little hermanito or hermanita by this time next year.”

“I know, Momma. And by May you’ll have a new nietecito or nietecita, too.”

“I’ll have mine by April!” Chichi, now awake, added competitively.

“Will NOT!” Tili snapped.

“Will, TOO!” Chichi retorted.

“Mijas! Mijas! No se peleen. You’ll disturb them,” Marta scolded, pointing to the unconscious men. “The longer you keep them in a sexed out stupor, the easier they’ll be to manage later.”

“Sorry, Momma,” the girls replied in unison.

“It’s just I’m so excited, Momma. I just know Bill’s and my bebe will have his blue eyes,” Tili explained.

“Tommy’s and mine will be blond!” gloated Chichi.

“Will, NOT!”

“Will, TOO!”

“Chito, niñas,” Marta admonished in a whisper, putting her finger to her lips.

The girls frowned at each other but nodded obediently to Marta.

“Instead of arguing about how your bebes will look, why don’t you do something to make sure you have one.”

“What do you mean, Momma?” asked Tili.

“Get your man hard and make him come in you again.”

“So soon, Momma?” Chichi asked.

“Of course, mijita. They’re young and healthy. Just massage their pajaritos with your cunnies the way I taught you.”

“Like with the Coke bottles?” Tili asked.

“Exactly. Start near the outside. Slowly. Like you are trying to pull it in deeper.” Both girls giggled. “Now again. Slowly,” their mother instructed.

“Oh, Momma! Billy’s getting hard,” Tili exclaimed

“Tommy’s getting harder.”

“Is NOT!”

“Is TOO!”

“Cayense la boca and fuck them, will you?” Marta ordered, loosing her temper. “If you make Robertito loose this hardon, les doy HUETE!”

Turning their full attention to the men, Marta and the girls were soon lost in their own world. Soft satisfied moans emerged as the familiar sensations of hard masculine cocks in wet needy cunts started them up the long wonderful slope toward orgasm.




Marta and the two girls groaned in happy succession as one big beautiful pussy and two cute little twats were filled again with their favorite, life-giving liquid.


Robert’s friends were shocked at his new girlfriend. She was nothing like Janet and before, thin sophisticated young blondes. She was dark, almost his own age, had barely completed high school and had – generous proportions. Robert showed no embarrassment whatever at being seen in public with a woman whose taste in clothes ran to high heels with fishnet stockings, loud short skirts pulled tight around her wide hips, and thin, frilly blouses that barely contained her abundant breasts.

Even odder was Robert’s attitude. Before, he had been the player. A string of interchangeable women fawned on him, knowing he was a great “catch.” They jumped into and out of his bed at his whim. This new woman treated Robert like her favorite pet and he lapped it up. Even before Robert’s friends learned the woman had moved in with him, they knew he went nowhere and did nothing outside of work without checking with her. Some of them whispered the phrase, “sex slave.” What else but hard, nasty, frequent sex could explain the successful doctor’s total, single-minded subservience to the woman?

But shaking heads turned to clucking tongues at the next development. The woman was pregnant! At her age! Why, she had daughters who were expecting! Didn’t someone say she had her first baby when she was thirteen? That she had 12 children by, or at least while married to, two different men? And the grin she wore and the outrageous maternity clothes she started sporting almost as soon as the couple made the announcement indicated that this had not been an accident, at least on her part. Robert’s dazed look anytime she was around her left his thoughts, if he had any, a mystery.

When a wedding announcement arrived not long after the invitation to the baby shower, no one was surprised at all.


Robert was happier than any man had a right to be. Marta was going to have a baby! The sexiest woman in the world was getting sexier by the day as her belly swelled, her marvelous boobs getting even bigger as the filled up with milk for HIS baby! He was so proud when they went out in public seeing the stares and gapes of admiration. He could imagine the blind envy other man must feel knowing that HE was the one who had put the waddle in the walk of this gorgeous creature. And the surprised, sour looks of the women were even better. He knew how jealous they were of Marta’s luxurious figure.

That the pregnancy sent Marta’s appetite for sex through the roof did diminish his happiness, either. Not only did she want him to screw her every time she could get him hard, Marta was not prudish like other women he had know. She would let him eat her for hours when he was not “up” to fucking. (He had always tried to get women to let him go down on them, hadn’t he?) Marta, in contrast, loved to open her legs for him lick and suck her pussy to orgasm after orgasm, letting him drink her cum until he was lightheaded.

And she took care of everything for him. She ran his house, bringing in assistance for “the heavier work until the baby comes.” Their social life – mainly visiting and being visited by scores of her relatives -- was also her domain. Nor did Marta let her pregnancy stop them from going out dancing at least once a week, though Robert had to admit he often fell asleep, leaving Marta alone to dance with the young Latino blades who fell over themselves to get their hands on a woman with Marta’s shape.

Finally, he stopped having to worry about finances. Marta and he had decided that it was easier on him if everything was in her name to manage. Robert smiled as he recalled that originally he had objected – pretty strenuously -- to the arrangement. Marta had just smiled and said money wasn’t worth arguing about and opened her gown. Those man melters made Robert forget everything and soon he was lying happily in the arms of his naked pregnant wife nuzzling her magnificent milkers.

The sex was especially hot that night, he vaguely recalled. Marta didn’t insist on getting it in the rear, her favorite position, but laid him back and mounted him, the position Robert liked best. She know how her “Bobby” as she called him on special occasions, loved to feel his gravid wife on top of him, her ample hips grinding into his crotch, the weight of her expanding belly pinning him helplessly to the bed. She teased him for long minutes, her large brown breasts jiggling delightfully in his face, before finally letting him release a sperm fountain into her. Then, spent, he gratefully let her gather him to her breasts and lull him to sleep with her murmuring.

The next morning after he had awakened Marta with her accustomed orgasm on his tongue and before he went off to see to her breakfast, he had agreed that indeed, money wasn’t worth arguing about. The new arrangement worked because they trusted each other completely. For example, Marta never asked questions about how he spent the money she gave him each day for lunches and things.


“Mi amor, why don’t you just go ahead and resign from that old hospital?” Martha asked, stroking his head.

Robert paused a little reluctantly from nursing. The only disadvantage of Antonio’s birth was that he had to wait for the baby to finish and fall asleep before Marta could give him her breast. Fortunately, there was plenty of milk left for him when she did.

“You know, take that settlement they offered?” she insisted.

Generally Robert went along with anything Marta suggested, but this was a big step. True, Marta had led him to see that the Board didn’t really respect him. And once he started, with her encouragement, to stick up for himself, the rest of the Board had turned hostile. The last several months had seen escalating battles to the point that the Board had offered him several millions just to leave the hospital. Marta wanted him to take the money and “spend more time with me and the baby.” He was tempted, but medicine had been his life – before meeting Marta. Financially, he could do it, probably even without touching his inheritance. Still …

“Things are going to be getting busy around here,” she explained.

They were already pretty busy, Robert thought. The house help – Marta’s nieces and cousins – were struggling to learn English; two were starting university. And they deserved time for a little social life. Robert at first thought they had rather too much social life; he had caught two of Marta’s little sisters in bed with their algebra teacher, but Marta said it was OK as long as they let him watch. Therefore, a lot of the cooking and cleaning and diaper washing fell on Robert. It certainly made him sympathize with his women colleagues who had a hard time balancing family and professional responsibilities.

“True, Gordita, but soon Antonio will be sleeping through the night – things should be getting better.” At least Robert hoped they would! Robert was exhausted. He was the one that had to get up during the night when Antonio cried – the boy had healthy lungs – and to bring him to Marta’s breast. Marta hardly stirred, letting the baby gorge as she dozed. When his son had drunk himself into a stupor, Robert burped him, changed him, and returned him to the crib. Of course by then Marta needed him to help her get back to sleep, bringing her to orgasm with his mouth on her pussy.

“Yes, he will, but have you thought about Tita?”

Robert’s heart froze. Did Marta know about Tita? He couldn’t believe he had been so stupid – to sleep with Marta’s little neice that week when Marta was away. Maybe he was imagining things. Surely the girl wouldn’t have told her aunt that she had had sex with her uncle. It had been surreal. One minute she was standing before him, the picture of teen sexiness and the next she was in his lap with her tongue in his mouth. And then, somehow, his pants were around his ankles and her top was off. She was squirming in his arms and grinding her hot teen pussy on his cock, coming again and again, as Robert frantically licked her budding breasts. The rest of the evening was a blur. In fact he couldn’t remember much about the next several days except fucking her slim, agile body. The girl was insatiable!

“Tita? What about her?” He tried sounding innocent.

“Well what do you think happens to horny girls who fuck without protection?” Marta seemed amused.

Robert’s head was reeling. “Oh, Marta! I’m so sorry. I can explain. It just … Mgfhgfp…”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, Bobby,” Marta chuckled, pushing a tit in his mouth. “I understand completely, sweetheart. You hadn’t been fucked in almost two days. Tita was wearing those cute little miniskirts around the house with no panties, letting those perky new bra-less boobies bounce up and down in her top. You were so horny couldn’t help yourself, could you, Bobby? Especially when she crawled up in your lap.”

Oh shit! Marta knew everything. He was dead. She was toying with him. She would throw him out with nothing. If he didn’t go to prison, he’d have to start all over in a small town hospital somewhere across the country.

“Bwgmmptg,” he tried to explain but the breast in his mouth prevented him.

“I told her you wouldn’t be able to resist a slick little pussy like hers.”


“Well of course I did, Bobby. She’s a serious girl that doesn’t have time for going out with high school boys who nowadays are afraid to fuck a girl without a condom. And her teachers are even more paranoid. So when she told me she wanted a baby, I told her to look no further; just get her uncle “Bobby’s” prick in her and she’d be knocked up for sure. What I didn’t tell her was to spend the whole week fucking you, however,” Marta harrumphed. “Once or twice should have been enough, but girls will be girls!”

“You mean that she … ? That I … ?” Robert finally surfaced from beneath Marta’s abundant tit flesh.

“That’s right sweetheart. The little minx waited until she was nice and fertile before coming on to you. Your naughty old prick squirted her full of jism and put a little baby in her tummy. So now there are going to be TWO more babies for you to take care of.”

“Two?” Robert’s eyes bulged.

“Of course, Bobby! You didn’t expect me to stop after just one, did you?” Marta giggled.





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