STORY TITLE Kara Deflowered
AUTHOR Blueberry
CODES MMF, 1st, voy, impreg?, creampie
DATE ADDED 24th June, 2007
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DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Living in a small community in the mountains of West Virginia, Pete and Kara had been friends all their life. It wasn't until she began budding out in high school, that they became more than friends, much more.

They had always rough housed and wrestled with each other, with her getting the upper hand most of the time. During the ninth grade, they had played hooky and went swimming in the creek on old man Johnson's farm. Always before, they were naked and never paid any mind to each other. But, this time, Pete noticed the breasts on his best friend. They were the size of oranges and just looking gave him a raging hard on. Suddenly, she she saw his boner and he was staring at her breasts. Now he noticed she had hair between her legs. Swimming was forgotten while they clumsily explored each other's body.

Pete had never purposely touched her there before and she had never touched his dick. Before they knew it, Pete was kissing and awkwardly sucking her firm tits. She had her fist wrapped around his dick and trying to masturbate him. Needless to say, being young and inexperienced didn't deter either of them. Hours of heavy petting exhausted both of them.

After the first time, neither could wait to be alone with the other. It wasn't until the eleventh grade, that she let Pete kiss and stick his tongue inside her virginal pussy. Giving him directions on what to do and how to do it, she was able to orgasm for the first time.

After Pete ate her pussy, Kara felt guilty because she hadn't satisfied him. Kara told him. 'Honey, I don't want you to fuck me until our wedding night, but, I'll suck you if you want me to.'

Pete couldn't believe his ears. Of course, he wanted her mouth on his dick! Pete asked in disbelief. 'Are you sure you don't mind? That would be the most wonderful thing in the world. What if I cum?'

'You can tell me just before you do and pull out.' Kara said. Putting her words into action, she wrapped her sweet lips around his dick and began sucking. Since his dick wasn't that big, she was soon taking the entire length into her mouth. It was just long enough to hit the back of her throat. In a very few minutes, she felt the head swelling, and pulled him from her mouth. She had waited a couple of seconds too long, and as it left her mouth, he began squirting all over face. She had his jism in her eyes, on her nose, and running down her chin.

'Now, look what you did! Why didn't you tell me sooner? I'm a mess!' Kara was angry.

'Oh honey! I'm so sorry. Let me clean your pretty face.' Without wasting a second, Pete was kissing and licking his cum from her face. Most of it had dripped onto her chest and he lovingly got every drop.It entered his mind what he was doing, but, drinking his own cum didn't bother him. After all, it came from his body.

For the next year, they had many suck sessions, but she remained a virgin. For one reason or another, many opportunities were presented for him to drink his own cum. Once, she let him masturbate on her pussy and had him clean her with his mouth. Another time, he fucked her breasts and did the same thing.

Pete worshiped Kara, and anything she suggested was fine with him. Her love was the only important thing in his life. Both turned 18 shortly after graduation, and they were going to Community college in the Fall. During the Summer, both were busy with different jobs they had aquired for spending money. Life was great and things couldn't be more perfect!

One hot Sunday afternoon, they sneaked off to go swimming in the creek. They wanted to be alone and go swimming butt naked like old times. Approaching the creek, they could hear splashing in their private place. Not wanting to be seen, but wanting to see who had invaded their privacy, they kept a bush between them and the water.

Peering through the bush. Tara exclaimed. He's black!'

Pete whispered. 'Shhh. That's Luther, the hired hand of old man Johnson. His folks live down by the crossing. He graduated a year ahead of us. Remember?'

Only a few minutes later, Luther walked out of the water. He was naked and his long black cock was swinging between his legs.

Tara gasped! 'My God! Look at the size of his dick. What's wrong with him?'

Pete was staring himself and was instantly jealous. Luther's cock made his look like a peanut. He said quietly. 'Nothing is wrong. I've heard most blacks have huge equipment like that. Come on. Let's go before he discovers us.'

'Let's wait a few minutes. Maybe he's ready to leave.' Kara said.

Luther seemed not to have a care in the world and lay down on an old blanket. He scratched himself between the legs a couple of times and took his cock in his hand. He was slowly stroking himself and getting bigger and longer. In no time, his cock was fully erect and he began masturbating in earnest.
Kara was mesmerized by what she was watching, but, she couldn't have moved to save her life. Luther's cock must have been ten or eleven inches long. His big hand only covered part of it, as he stroked like crazy. Kara could feel her juices wetting her panties. If this kept up, they would be running down her legs. Then it happened! Luther shot great gobs of jism into the air. Spurt after spurt landed on his belly and chest. His cock was still turgid when he returned to the water and cleaned himself.

Pete had watched in disbelief as Luther shot into the air. Pete never came that much in a month. Glancing at Kara, he could see a strange expression on her face and in her eyes. She was licking her lips as if they were dry. She seemed to be shivering from cold or fever.

Luther looked straight at their hiding place, and yelled. 'Come on in, the waters fine.' They never moved and he said again. 'Pete, I know it's you and Kara. I've watched the two of you from the same bush many times. You have nothing I haven't seen and now I have no secrets from you.'

Not knowing whether to run, or, sink into the earth and die, they did nothing. They were still undecided when Luther walked out of the water and to their hiding place. Taking each by the hand, he led them to his blanket. 'Drop your clothes and jump in, the water's fine.' Turning his back, he dived back in and began swimming with long smooth strokes.

Kara, still in a daze and looking at Pete, slowly slipped her tee shirt over her head. Turning around, she unsnapped her bra and let it fall. She dropped her shorts, but left her thin panties in place.

Pete had removed his shirt and shorts. He was reluctant to take off his briefs, and decided to leave them on. He looked at Kara and said. 'Let's not do this. It's not right to go swimming naked with another man, especially, a black man.'

'I know it's wrong, honey, but, I have no control over my desires. I must do this one time before we are married and settle down. Nothing will happen. I just want to do something forbidden and wicked once in my life. Can you please understand that?' Kara begged. 'Besides, he's already seen us and we have sure seen him!'

Kara tried to cover her breasts before she dived into the cool water. Pete dived in right behind her and immediately lost his briefs. Coming up for air, he saw his briefs and her panties floating down the creek.

For the next hour, they cavorted, swam, and ducked each other. Everyone was tired and laughing as they left the water. Pete could tell the cold water had shrunk his already small dick. His look told him Luther was as large as ever. Kara was first and Luther was watching her wiggling ass as she walked. They unfolded the old blanket and collapsed on it, Kara and Pete trying to cover their private area. With Luther acting as if being naked was the most natural thing in the world.

Kara couldn't help seeing Luther's long black cock laying along his thigh. Looking over at Pete, his dick seemed like a finger compared to a roll of sausage. How could there be such a difference? His size was why she had never let him fuck her, for she knew she would be sadly disappointed. She looked at Luther again and then at his face. He was watching her every move and had seen her compare sizes.

Kara was sitting between the two men, with her knees under her chin, trying to cover as much as possible. Pete was on his side watching her and could also see Luther's equipment. Pete was embarrassed to death, but not knowing what else to do, did nothing.

Luther, lying next to this beautiful white girl made his dick throb. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't keep his cock from getting hard. It was slowly growing larger and beginning to stick out from his thigh, not laying relaxed and soft. Tara was talking about starting school in the Fall, but, her eyes were glued to his growing weapon. Her eyes grew round and glazed with amazement. Luther wonderd what was going to happen. Would it be possible to fuck this white girl?

Pete wanted to get dressed and leave, but was scared to suggest it to Kara. She was acting strangely. For some reason, he was afraid she would tell him to go by himself. He decided to lay there, feeling foolish and left out of whatever was in her mind. She and Luther were making small talk, covering up deeper currents of feelings.

Kara couldn't understand why she hadn't dressed. Maybe, it was because if she dressed, Luther would also. She wanted to look at his body and the huge cock that was now sticking straight out. It was the most powerful fucking weapon she could have ever imagined. She had never even seen a picture of anything so foreboding. Her pussy was wet and the juice was running between her ass cheeks.

The sun was going down and Pete rose, walking over to the bush for the blanket they had dropped. As soon as he left, Luther reached between her legs and got some juice on his fingers. He placed the fingers in his mouth and sucked, all the while staring her in the eyes.

When Luther felt her pussy, Kara jumped as if she had been shot! It happened so fast, she couldn't protest, so she said nothing to alarm Pete. Kara didn't know what was happening to her body. It was as if she had no will of her own, or was hypnotized by his powerful body.

Pete brought the blanket and spread it over all of them. Pete was much more comfortable to be covered from the eyes of Kara and Luther. Kara had laid down on her back, but now, she was strangely quiet. Pete got his nerve up and reached over to feel Kara's pussy. He wanted to see if she was wet. My God! Luther's hand was already feeling her pussy! Pete jerked his hand back, rolled onto his side and looked at Kara. She seemed to be in a trance, staring into nothingness. Luther was looking at him and smiling.

Luther said quietly. 'I think she wants to fuck my black pole.'

Pete stuttered. 'NO! She's a virgin. We're going to be married and she's saving herself until then. She was just curious and has let things go too far. Something has happened to her mind and she has no control over herself.'

Kara heard every word being said, but none of it made a difference. She had her hand around Luther's cock and was holding it tightly. There was a heat in her pussy, reaching all the way to her breasts. The throbbing of his cock seemed to match the beat of her heart.

Luther took Pete's hand and brought it to his cock, 'Feel what Kara has a death grip on. Do you believe now she is ready for her first fuck? She saw my huge cock and will never be satisfied until she has it buried up her tight pussy.'

Pete was stunned! His Kara wanting her first fuck to be with a giant black cock! He wanted to run, but couldn't leave her here alone. She wasn't resisting, so he couldn't scream rape. What was he going to do? What could he do? His mind was accepting the fact she was going to be fucked by the longest, largest cock either had ever seen.

'Since she won't turn loose of my cock, why don't you eat her pussy while I kiss and suck those delicious looking tits?' Luther asked. Moving the blanket back, Luther pushed Pete toward Kara's wet pussy.

Deep in Kara's brain, she knew she must put a stop to what was happening. Her psych was telling her she wasn't the kind of woman to fuck a black stranger. But, at the same time, the motor centers of her brain weren't resisting. She opened her mouth as she felt the thick tongue invade her mouth. She arched her hips as she felt Pete's tongue licking her pussy. Luther's hands were kneading and tweaking her breasts. All she could see in her mind's eye was Luther's mighty spear splitting her wide open. All other thoughts were buried too deep to ever surface in time to save her virginity.

Pete had his hands under Kara's squirming hips, holding tightly to keep his tongue inside her pussy. During the many times he had done the same thing, she had never been this hot before. Exciting her, excited him and his dick was rock hard.

Luther could see how ready Kara was and he wanted to taste her pussy before fucking her. Never had he dreamed of having a virgin white woman and he was going to make the most of it. He almost shot his load when he thought she might get pregnant. If not, it wouldn't be because her pussy wasn't filled with black baby cum.

Turning loose of her firm breast, Luther grabbed Pete's hair and pulled him off her pussy. 'It's time to switch places. I'll show you how a black man eats pussy.'

Pete was intimidated by Luther's command and self assurance. He seemed to be in complete control, while Kara and Pete were puppets doing all he wished. At the same time, Pete loved Kara's breasts and lips, satisfied to switch places.

Pete was kissing Kara when Luther's long thick tongue stabbed into her pussy. His tongue was bigger than Pete's dick. Kara arched her back and almost sucked Pete's tongue down her throat, letting out a low moan from deep in her body. Luther was fucking her with his tongue! It didn't break her hymen, but the tip was touching it. He would thrust inside several times and then flick her clitoris rapidly. The combination of feelings was more than her body could accept. She could feel her stomach getting hot, as an electric current spread through her lower body. Her clitoris was the lightning rod and the next time his tongue flicked around that sensitive nub, lightning struck! Her body bucked and twisted in orgasm! She couldn't control the spasms that seemed to shake her body apart. Slowly, the shaking subsided and she was coming back to her senses.

Pete had pulled his tongue from her mouth before she could bite it off. He was stunned at the force of her orgasm and the power Luther had over her body. He was afraid he was going to lose his lifelong friend and soon to be wife. Pete knew he couldn't compete with Luther's size and expertise. One thing he knew, Luther wasn't going to get her cherry! He had waited too long to let that happen!

Luther was slowly easing up her body to get into position to fuck her. 'NO!' Screamed Pete. 'She's going to be my wife! I'm going to be first!'

Luther looked at Pete for a long minute and calmly moved aside. Pete moved into position to take the treasure he had wanted so long. Pete's dick was so hard and he was so excited, he was actually shaking. Kara's legs were spread and she wasn't resisting, so he had a straight shot at her sopping wet pussy. Placing his dick between her puffy lips, he began cumming as soon as his dick touched her! He rammed forward in a futile attempt to break her hymen. His dick had immediately went soft. Pete wanted to cry! He had his chance and lost it!

Kara realized what had just happened, but it never seemed important. She wanted to be fucked by a real man and she had always known Pete wasn't the one. Kara also knew she was opening a door that could never be closed. Her life was about to be changed forever, but her body didn't care. Her body yearned to be filled by Luther's long black cock. Kara wanted to be mated by the strongest male available, and that was Luther. If her mind had been working properly, she would have realized she was letting lust ruin her young life.

Pete moved up and kissed her gently on the lips. Kara could see the tears on his cheeks. He had been conquered by a better and stronger male. Pete had surrendered his right to be the first to fuck his fiance.

Luther moved back into position, not believing his luck at getting this hot little white cherry. He tried spreading her pussy lips and getting the head of his cock lodged inside, but she was too tight. He needed help! 'Honey, spread your pussy lips for me,' Taking each leg, he raised her knees until the soles of her feet were flat on the blanket. This way, he was able to spread her thighs to the fullest.

Kara obediently, with both hands opened her pussy, while Luther spread her knees outward. She knew what an open and helpless position this put her in. She had tensed up waiting for the pain of her first penetration, but tried to relax as much as possible.

Pete was sucking a breast and watching Luther attempt to fuck the love of his life. Seeing Luther rub the massive head of his cock up and down Kara's slit before impaling her, was the most erotic sight imaginable. Luther was so forceful and self assured. Pete finally realized Kara had always dominated him, but now, she had found a male she couldn't control. She wanted to be submissive, but Pete had never had the self-confident personality she needed. He loved her with all his soul, but knew their life was about to be changed in ways neither had ever dreamed.

Kara could feel Luther's huge cockhead rubbing up and down her slit. With her juices and the cum from Pete's uncontrolled orgasm, her pussy was more than ready to accept his monster. She felt the large head pressing against her tight hole. With more pressure, the head popped inside. She gasped in surprise, but not from the pain she expected. He stopped, thinking he had hurt her, but seeing her face knew she was ready for more. He pushed himself forward again, forcing his dick deeper into her and stretching her even more. She could feel the throbbing vessels on the shaft of his cock.

Using short steady strokes, Luther widened her pussy and prepared her for deflowering. He knew he had to be forceful and break her hymen with the first long stroke. He had felt the head of his cock hitting the obstruction and was prepared to take her most personal treasure. Giving her virginity would form a bond between them that could never be broken.

Kara felt him withdraw slowly and smoothly, abruptly, he pushed back inside and she felt a sudden piercing pain as her maidenhood was destroyed forever. The pain subsided but tears were streaming down her face as she realized what she had lost. Pete wiped her tears away and kissed her lovely face. Thank God, she had Pete's love while having Luther's giant cock buried in her belly. She couldn't live without either one.

While the pain decreased, Luther held still and let Kara adjust her body to his size. After a few moments, he withdrew and thrust forward, putting another couple of inches in her virgin pussy. With each stroke, her pussy was readily accepting more and more.

Kara bit her lip as he pushed into her again and more of his dick slid into her, stretching her wide with his massive cock. The expected pain wasn't there, just a great pressure on her pussy walls. Her pussy was automatically stretching to accommadate his massive cock. The stretching pain was gone and she was becoming more aware of the rock hard cock moving deep inside her pussy. She was more relaxed and could feel fingers of pleasure beginning to radiate in all directions.

Luther felt her relax, and began thrusting harder and deeper. After only a few strokes, he felt his curly pubic hairs pound against her fleecy mound. He continued to penetrate her with his massive rod, fucking her harder and faster. She was moaning and groaning with each thrust. He saw her fingers dig into the blanket and clench into a fist.

Pete had given up all pretense of distancing himself from the fucking of his fiance. Since Luther had collapsed onto Kara and was sucking her tongue, Pete moved below them for a better view of the action. He had a close up of that huge cock entering and withdrawing from her small pussy. One thing he noticed, there was no blood. Why? Maybe her hymen had been weakened in the past, or not as thick as thought. Since he wasn't an expert on hymens, he didn't think much about it. He was only happy the pain hadn't been severe.

Luther was holding Kara so tightly, she couldn't move her upper body. She was trying to suck his tongue down her throat, while moaning deep in her chest. Small twitches of her ass met each punishing thrust of his cock. She whimpered as her body shook and convulsed when an orgasm quickly overtook her. He continued fucking her with his large weapon, as the waves of pleasure soared through her body. After what seemed like several minutes of intense orgasm, her body began calming down.

Luther slowed his thrusts when he felt Kara climaxing, but stopping was out of the question. His hot throbbing cock was hitting her cervix each time he invaded her once virginal pussy. Her tight pussy had him on the verge of shooting the largest load of his life. As Kara felt his huge cock swell even more, she went crazy. She lost all control and fucked back excitedly, moaning loudly, until with a final thrust he squirted load after load of his potent cum deep into her cervix. Feeling his scalding black sperm shooting into her pussy sent Kara over the top again. Her head was swaying from side to side, her ass jerking again and again. She screamed as her pleasure overcame all other senses.

Luther kept his cock buried deep in her pussy, until Kara had calmed down. Finally, Kara came to her senses and sanity returned to her eyes. She looked up at Luther without a hint of reproach or regret. She pulled his head to her lips and gave him a tender loving kiss.

'Please help me up and to the water. I need to clean myself.' Kara asked.

Luther, pulling his still turgid cock from her pussy, took her hand and lifted her to her feet. Sperm was gushing from her well used pussy and running down her thighs. Looking down, he saw Pete sitting there and staring in amazement at all the thick liquid. Large gobs were puddled on the blanket. Luther led Kara to the water and helped her sit down in the clear running mountain stream.

Pete stared after them and then at all the sperm on the blanket. Without thinking, he dipped his fingers into the liquid and then sucked it off. He was surprised it tasted different from his own. Luther's had a stronger and more tangy taste. Pete decided he liked it better than his own. Next time, he was going to clean Kara himself.

The Alpha male had his pack.





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