Grade School Killings ( nc, ped, tort, rape, snuff, hang, humil, amp, img )

Hello, my name is <xxxx> <xxxxxx> and if you're reading this, it means that you've been selected as a potential client of my services.

In short, what my company does is providing its clients with a weekend of pure lust and violence where you can express your darkest desires and dreams on a large number of young girls and women, none of whom will survive the weekend.

Although the cost is not small, there are a number of entry levels, with different amount of involvement, that have reachable cost even for normal people. If you're reading this, it means that we think you could afford it (or at least, be motivated enough to sacrifice something else to attend our activities).
Consider though that there's always a waiting list, especially for the cheapest options. Even more, higher involvement will allow you a larger number of kills, the possibility to bring home a body part, a whole body or even a live slave, if that suits you.


Our meetings are scheduled once a month, sometimes more sometimes less. It takes a good amount of work to ensure the quality of our offers so it's not something that can be done every other day.

What we do is that we buy out a whole grade school.

Yes, exactly what you're picturing: we take as slaves all the females that attend (be it as a student or a teacher) one particular school for young children (in the unusual case there's any boy attending, they got sent home beforehand).

To do so, we contact all the parents in advance and make them a very reasonable offer for the lives of their little girls even if sometimes it's the implied retaliation that does the trick.
We tell them that we will be collecting their daughters during school hours in the next few weeks and that full payment will be completed after the final transfer of ownership. They are warned not to do anything funny or the contract they signed will be in default and all the females in the family will end up as meat.

Obtaining the teachers is much easier, nowadays they are almost all slaves already, owned by the county. And the county is always looking for some new founds.
If they're not, we search for some boyfriend or husband to entrap them. Not that difficult, I have to say.

With sometimes more than 50 little girls (and a few cute grown-ups) to rape, torture and kill, we have enough to satisfy everyone in the group. Especially if you consider that the group is up to 10 men.

The Plan

The first few minutes when we seize the premises are always the most exciting: we enter posing as a bunch of violent criminals, dressed in military fatigues and with balaclavas on. Without fail, panic scatters everyone all around and we have a hell of a good time trying to capture and secure all the little rascals.
Of course, there's no way anyone could escape, all the possible exits are guarded by our escort.

It's only when the little lambs have pissed themselves and stopped running that we gather them in the hall and announce our intentions:
"As of few hours ago, you all are slaves. You are our properties. I'm not going to lie to you, you are all going to die, between today and Sunday."

"However," I continue, "how slow and how painful your death will be, it strongly depends on how cooperative you'll be. Be ready to service any of us in any way, without fussing too much and without throwing a tantrum and we'll see that you die quickly and painlessly."

I make my scary face, works wonder on little girls :
"Be annoying and try to refuse us the use of your every hole or, god forbids, bite or scratch us and you'll find yourself begging to die, for the pain will be unbearable."

It takes a few seconds before all of them get the message that we're going to exterminate them all.

To prevent the usual round of cries, questions and useless begging, we take two or three at random and beat them up a little bit just for fun.

Then we move the group outside in the garden and we hang this beaten-up girls, typically on the swinger for all to see

That sure dampens their spirits and make a good silence in the audience.

"You may want to ask why did we kill these three. Well, because we could, they were our property to dispose at will. And we will be using their dead bodies like pillows or punching bags. Because we can."

Again, I make my scary face :
"These girls had it very very easy, they received just a few punches in the belly and nothing else. If you want to die just as peacefully, you'd better start obeying and cooperating with whoever wants to use your body."

It's now time for the first rape, so that they can really understand what we intend for full cooperation.

The first rape is always special and the man who performs it has paid good money for the honor: the chosen girl doesn't really understand what's going to happen to her when we take her up and strip her naked.
But she quickly understands and her high pitches for the pain and the shock of being penetrated for the very first time provoke some wonderful reactions in all the onlookers, fear among the girls and the teachers and great excitement in us.

While this first rape is going on, the other of us start circling the remaining girls with predatory stares, fondling them at will, choosing which are our preferred. The girls are often transfixed on their friend being abused in the center but those who look at us quickly realize that it's just a matter of time before what's happening to their friend will happen to them as well.

After this, hell break loose and we just start doing anything at will.
Of course we know that each of us has a limited number of killings available (that mostly depends of how much money you paid) but everything else is fair game for everybody.

Rape is the most common activity, at least for the first couple of hours. It takes a good number of ejaculations before your dick doesn't get up anymore by just looking at a naked, crying little girl.


Personal Recollection from a Participant: Mr. Slaner

Hi, I've partaken in a few Grade School Killings and I'm going to tell you my experience.

Personally, I prefer a smoother approach then most of the others, I usually take aside two or three girls that I really like and hold onto them for the whole weekend, teaching them how to please me, how to present their holes for my use


They need to learn quickly how to entertain me while I'm recovering from raping them again and again.


Of course others, especially first timer, are a lot messier and more frantic than me. Some like to beat the shit out of a girl even before raping her.
It's not my style but it's surely fun to watch, while I'm fondling my little girls on a side of the scene.

Others are a lot more into humiliation. For example, they love using torture devices that resembles toys, maybe colored in bright pink or yellow, terrible yet cute objects of painful torture.

The poor girls are forced to choose between the torture devices and the trick is that the brighter the tool, the harder the torture. Of course they don't know and they quite often make the wrong choice.

Too bad, for them.


Back to me, I love a good rope work on the little brats, something tight and uncomfortable, that stops them from hiding their beautiful bodies while at the same time the unforgiving jute ropes marks their white skin.

However, my main objective is always to use these soft, cute, little girls for any kind of sexual activity that comes to my mind.

I just adore to watch and touch their prepubescent bodies, completely devoid of any trace of hair and with enough baby fat to compensate for the lack of boobs.

There's of course a good amount of humiliation going on in making them expose their slits and ass-holes like that but to me it's my feelings that matter, more than their discomfort.

And if I mostly just want to feel my own pleasure, having them shaking from their first orgasms under my knowing attentions it's always entertaining.

Especially because pleasure given like this, it's just as abusive as rape, since they cannot refuse or accept neither one.

Of course, I don't disdain torture at all. I love to see my darlings suffering like the next man.

I often think that it's an evolutionary trait of males, to enjoy torturing females and watching them in pain. Or maybe it's just a way of compensating our original inferiority complex that brings out our violent side.

That's what I'm normally thinking while watching a little girl getting her neck stretched on a noose and pissing herself for my sexual pleasure.

A fleeting pleasure obtained by wasting something so precious as a human life: there's nothing sicker than this.

Nor there's something more exciting.


At the same time it's their body and their holes that I crave the most, that I treasure and worship, even when they would strongly prefer not to be adored like that.

But they have no saying in this and I'm continuously touching them and entering their holes.


And in the end, after a whole three days of beating, humiliating, abusing and raping

these young girls, who were completely naive just a few hours before, are more than experts on male pleasuring. My pleasure.

A few of them actually get to love being abused, to the extent that they willingly cooperate in their abuse and rape.

So, this is a always a great experience and you should do whatever you need to be able to join. It's worth any cent!

Dispatch Ceremony

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and on Sunday evening the Dispatch Ceremony is the final festivity.

It works like this : all the surviving girls get lined up and each of them in turn get called out to stand in the center.
The man who used her throughout the weekend comes forward and express his judgement on her behaviour and proceed to end her life accordingly to the rules.

If she was satisfactory enough, he say: "Thanks for letting me abuse you willingly. As a reward,. I will give you a quick death."

She is made kneel on the floor, the man raise a large blade and swiftly cut off her head.

Her body convulses a few seconds while it bleeds out and then die.

Sometimes the man takes the head to have it stuffed and mounted at home while the body is roughly placed in a corner for later consumption.


If on the other hand she was a pain in the ass, there are three kind of painful deaths, depending on how much she was annoying or difficult.

In the first one, he says "You didn't cooperate with me when I wanted to abuse you. You'll die a slow death."

He then open her belly with an hunting knife and take out her intestines.


She's then hanged up by her arms and legs, facing downward so that her guts dangle under her while she suffers.
She's placed overlooking the bodies of her already dead companions that she'll be joining soon, to add to her sufferings.

Since the stabbing is not immediately critical, she's left there with her life literally dripping away.
Sometimes she can endure up to half an hour of pain before the bleeding makes her pass away.

It's definitely not the best way to go but still much better than the other two options.


The second level, if she's really been difficult again and again, maybe fighting against his tormentor instead of letting him have his way, it's a lot messier.
He says: "You've been a pain in the ass when I tried to use you as it was my right to do. Now you're going to suffer before you're allowed the respite of death".

She's brought to a wooden table and tied down. With a circular saw, her arms and legs are then amputated, leaving her a helpless torso.
To prevent the bleeding from killing her before she's suffered enough, elastic bands are used to stop the blood flow. That way, she has to endure the full extent of the torture.

Only after the last limb is severed, the bands are released and she's allowed to bleed out and finally die.

It's a painful and horrible way to die. Even if she knows that she's going to be killed, it's a great psychological torture feeling her own body being cut apart and sensing her progressive helplessness.


The third kind of torture is used only in case the girl has been a real problem, like constantly fighting with her captors, injuring someone, biting or trying to run away. It's a real torture process and at the end the girls eagerly wait for their death.

The girl gets mutilated by cutting up various part of her body, especially in the sexual areas, like her clit, her labia and her nipples.

Sometimes her fingers get broken and then cut off with a pair of large scissors.

Her lips, her ears and her nose are other particularly painful bits to have cut off.

The eyes are a preferred of mine, there's nothing like the panic that a girl gets into when you squish out her eyes leaving her blind. And you can even refill her empty eye sockets with your dick, just to let her feel you're using every last bit of her body.


At last she gets her arms and legs amputated, not with a sharp saw like before but with kitchen knives, that are a lot more painful and slow than the saw.

When she's finally allowed to bleed out, she's relieved as she knows her death will follow quickly. Sometimes she thanks you for letting her finally die.


We proceed like that until all the girls and all the teachers are gone. At that point, we select a few of their bodies to be used as roasts for the evening repast and a nice evening of light entertainment begin, we start unraveling from the tiring weekend.

Sometime someone still has energies to play with the dead bodies, but many of us have had all the fun we wanted from the now deceased women and we just pass the time by telling each other all the depravities we forced them to do.


So, if this recollection suits you, use the contact on the back of this flier and book your participation in our next scheduled Grade School Killings!

You'll enjoy yourself.


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