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A Bad Reaction

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Story codes: Blackmail, NC, MF, MFf, Mf, MMMMMMMFf, mmf

To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my
previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

I'm not even sure exactly what happened that evening, the evening
that it all started. I was on my way up the stairs to my second
floor apartment after a long, hard day at work. The elevator was
out of service again. It was out more than it worked, so I wasn't
surprised. I felt something on my butt and I didn't even think
about it, I just reacted instinctively. I turned around and,
seeing one of my neighbors behind me I did something that I had
never done in my life. I drew back and slapped his face as hard
as I could.

I saw the look of surprise on his face as he fell over backwards
and rolled down the stairs to fall at the feet of his wife, who
had stopped to check the mail. She screamed and that is the last
thing that happened that evening that wasn't a part of the big

Someone called 911 and my neighbor was taken away in an
ambulance. I was taken away in handcuffs in the back one police
car and my daughter, who had just turned thirteen, was taken away
in another.

I tried to explain that I had not meant for Mr. Devon to go
flying down the stairs. I had felt his hand on my ass and I had
reacted by slapping his face, not shoving him down the stairs. 

Mr. Devon had, of course, denied that he had touched me. People
seemed to be leaning towards believing him, since his wife had
been only ten feet behind him. Never mind that I was a
responsible, young, single mother who had never assaulted anyone
in my life and that I was working in an assisted living home
caring for the elderly. I am not, and I have never been a violent
person. In fact, I have never struck anyone in anger before in my

Mr. Devon, fortunately, was not seriously injured. He was treated
for various bumps and bruises and released.

I was kept in custody overnight and then released late the next
day. My daughter was not returned to me until the following day.
They first made sure that I was not abusing her. From my
daughter's description of what took place it sounded very much
like they were trying to convince her that she was being abused.

One problem is that I had come home from a very bad day. One of
my responsibilities at the home is to assist Mr. Packard with his
shower. I don't bath him, but I help him into his shower and I
help him dry off and dress. Mr. Packard is ninety years old, and
he is an octopus. He cannot keep his hands off of me. So I
started to wonder if, in my mind that night, I was really
slapping Mr. Packard.

Things continued to escalate from there. The DA decided that I
was a dangerous criminal and I was tried for assault and battery.
I was unable to convince a jury that I had reacted in defense of
my person and my own honor. I think, in fact, that I had been
unable to convince my own attorney, and it showed.

I was convicted and sentenced to five years of a very restrictive
parole. I was to be constantly monitored, including frequent,
unannounced visits to my home to assure that I was not abusing my

I had a very difficult time convincing my employer that it was
all a misunderstanding and that I was not a violent person and
should not be let go. My job was hanging by a thread now. Even
though I was in a job that paid only slightly more than minimum
wage, I had quit high school in the tenth grade, after I had my
daughter at the age of fourteen. 

Since then I had taken the GED test and passed it, and I was now
taking evening classes, with the idea of working towards a
nursing license eventually. I had been assured that, as long as I
behaved myself and there were no problems during my five years on
parole, my record would be expunged and I would have nothing on
my record to keep me from obtaining a nursing license.

I reported to the Office of Pardon and Parole on the day after my
trial and after a very long wait, a rude and obnoxious woman came
and got me and I was led to the office of Mr. Kent. 

It was not an auspicious meeting. Mr. Kent was an overbearing,
authoritative, and very arrogant man in his mid-forties. He was a
large man, not fat, very muscular, and I was extremely
intimidated. As he interviewed me it was obvious that he was not
in the least sympathetic to my plight. It was going to be a long
five years.

As Mr. Kent interviewed me, asking a ton of personal and often
embarrassing questions, he filled out a stack of forms. I
couldn't help noticing the way his eyes roamed over my body. I
was not dressed to attract attention. I was wearing a very modest
dress. I was not showing any cleavage and the skirt was just
above my knee. He didn't say anything that was inappropriate, but
the way that he looked at me was disturbing.

After he went over all of the many, many rules and regulations
that I would be forced to comply with; he spent a few minutes
making sure that I knew just how much of a force in my life he
was now. Then he made sure that I knew the repercussions that
would befall me if I crossed him, such as going to prison, and
losing custody of my daughter.

I finally left his office, shaking like a leaf. The visit with my
parole officer had been more traumatic than the actual trial had

I sat in my car for a long time, just crying at first, but then
trying to get myself under control. Finally, I had stopped crying
and my breathing was under control. I had stopped shaking and I
thought that I could now drive to my place of employment and talk
to my supervisor and try to smooth things over there. I had not
been fired, but I was working under a very dark cloud. I
understood their position; they could not have violent people
working with the elderly people that were in their care.

I had a long talk with my supervisor, and I didn't hold anything
back. I even told her that if I had, in fact, been wrong about
what happened on the stairs that day, and I was not convinced
that I was, I suspected that a part of it might have been a
result of my subconscious dealing with Mr. Devon and his hands.

My supervisor, Mrs. Thomas, said that she was going out on a limb
for me, and keeping me on even though her supervisors were
inclined to let me go. She was keeping me on because I had been a
good worker for as long as I had worked for her, and she thought
that I deserved a chance. She added that at the first sign of a
problem, if there was even a hint of a problem from my parole
officer, she would be forced to let me go.

She said that she would take care of Mr. Devon. From now on she
would see to it that a male nurse was responsible for his care.

I thanked her effusively and then I went home and relaxed. Home
was a small, two bedroom apartment in a part of town that I would
much rather not live in. The apartment building was old and in
need of a lot of repair. Well, no, it was in need of being torn
down and replaced. But I was lucky to get it with my income. I
was living paycheck to paycheck, just managing to keep my car
running and my rent and utilities paid and put food on the table.
There were no luxuries in my life. 

The only bright spot in my life right now was my daughter,
Heather. I had gotten pregnant at the age of fourteen. I had, in
fact, just turned fourteen. I had gone to a party at a friend's
house. There were not supposed to be boys there, but there were.
And there was not supposed to be alcohol there, but there was. I
had enough to drink to relax my inhibitions, not that I had all
that many at the time, and one of the boys took my virginity. 

I have had sex one time in my life, and I am twenty-seven now.
That one time I had sex I became pregnant, and everything that
has happened in my life since that day, good and bad, is a result
of that one sexual act. And it wasn't even very pleasant, in
fact, I didn't even remember it.

I got home just before my daughter got home from school and I did
my best to let her know that everything was alright now and that
our life was back to normal. Heather was a remarkable young girl
and I was very proud of her. She is beautiful, but more
importantly she is very intelligent. She is strong and
responsible and she is unquestionably a far greater source of
strength to me than I am to her.

My trial had taken place on Monday morning, and not very much of
Monday morning at that. On Tuesday I had gone to the Pardon and
Parole Office and been thoroughly cowed by my parole officer, Mr.

On Wednesday I went back to work and by the time the day was over
and Heather and I had cleaned up after supper I was almost
feeling like life was back to normal. Heather sat down at the
kitchen table and did her homework while I did a load of

When Heather's homework was done I sent her into her room to get
ready for bed and then we went into the living room and watched a
little television. I would have preferred that she could go
outside and play for a while. But until we could afford to move
to a nicer area, I was afraid to let her outside, even if I were
there to watch her.

There was a knock at the door just before nine. I looked through
the peephole and was surprised to see Mr. Kent. It brought
everything that had happened rushing back over me, just as I had
started to feel like life could be almost normal again.

I opened the door and invited him in, and he entered, his
presence filling up the small room. I introduced him to my
daughter and then I showed him around the apartment as he made
notes in the folder that he was carrying.

He asked me a couple of questions about my living situation and
whether or not I was dating. I wasn't. Then he asked me for a cup
of coffee and I put on a half pot and at nine o'clock, while I
was talking to Mr. Kent, I sent Heather to bed. I saw the way he
watched her as she left the room and it made me nervous. This was
a very scary man.

It was ten minutes before the coffee was ready, and in those ten
minutes we sat at the kitchen table in almost total silence. I
was subjected to ten minutes of his prying eyes moving over my
body. And he was not in the least discrete; he didn't hide it at
all. In fact, he seemed to be daring me to react.

I waited nervously for the coffee and then served him when it was
ready. He sat and sipped his coffee and finally he said, "I guess
I might as well lay this all out for you. You already know your
position, you pretty much don't have any rights now, and you have
been discredited. Nothing you say to anyone will have any weight
with any authority at any level. Do you agree?"

He had already intimidated the hell out of me at his office; I
didn't know what the point of this was. I could only nod; I knew
that he was right.

"I'm glad you see things my way. The reason it's important is
that you are such a pretty little thing, and one of the perks of
my lousy job is sweet little things like you. Do you understand
what I am saying?"

My mouth opened, but nothing came out. I realized instantly what
he was saying, or I thought that I did. I would eventually learn
that I didn't really fully understand the depths of this man's

He let what he had said sink in and then he asked, "Am I going to
have a problem with you?"

I thought back to yesterday morning in his office, and how
powerful this man was, how much influence he had in my life. He
could get me fired. He could get me fired and he could send me to
jail with just a word. I knew what he was saying, but I had no
choice. With tears running down my cheeks I nodded.

He reached up and traced the path of tears down one cheek and
smiled. He said, "I like it that you are crying. It's giving me a

I could feel the fear like a hot poker in my stomach. But I said
nothing. I knew instinctively that if I were to try to reason
with this man, or beg him not to do this to me, I would only
bring him more pleasure.

Then he asked, "You any good at sucking cock?"

He might as well have slapped me. I took a deep breath and after
several false starts I was finally able to tell him my entire
sexual history in one short sentence. He could not have been
happier. I saw his eyes light up as I talked and I knew that it
was going to be a hard five years.

He ordered me to pour him another cup of coffee and then he
pulled me into his lap. He smiled at me again. Well, it is a
little misleading to call his expression a smile, it was more
like the look of anticipation that you might expect to see on the
face of a lion that was about to pounce on a gazelle. Then, while
he watched my face, enjoying my agony, he reached up and placed
one of his large hands on my throat. 

He said, "Your life is in my hands, your life, and your
daughter's life, for the next five years. I have more power over
you than god. And I am not a nice man. But you have probably
already figured that out, haven't you?"

I assumed that that was a rhetorical question and I just sat
shivering in fear as he took his hand from around my throat and
moved it down to take my breast in his hand.

I shivered. I had not been touched by anyone since that night at
the party when I had gotten pregnant, thirteen years ago. And I
didn't really remember much about that night. I was not asexual.
I often lay in bed at night and imagined what it would be like to
find someone and fall in love and go to bed with him and make
love. I would have loved to have had a nice man that had feelings
for me kiss me and touch me and make love to me. 

That isn't what this was, and the only things that I felt were
fear and loathing and dread. Dread at what was about to happen,
and dread that my daughter might hear something and come out to
see what was happening and find me being molested by this

He removed his hand from my breast, but before I could move he
unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse and slipped his
hand inside. He cupped my breast again. It was still fully
covered by my conservative bra. I saw that, although he was
enjoying tormenting me, he was anxious to unwrap his present.

He pushed me to my feet and said, "I think it's time you got out
of those clothes, don't you? So just go ahead and take your time
and undress."

I stood in front of him and my mind was working almost as fast as
my heart was beating. I was about to undress in front of a man
for the first time. That he was a man that I feared and hated
made it so much harder. And I had no choice. I reached for one of
the remaining buttons on my blouse, but then I whispered, "Can we
please go to my bedroom? I don't want my daughter to see me like

He looked like he was considering it, but I realized that he
wasn't. He wanted this to be unpleasant for me. He would probably
have enjoyed it more if my daughter was in the room. He finally
said, "No, not this time, maybe next time."

I had a terrible time removing my blouse. My fingers shook so
badly that I could hardly unbutton it. I didn't look at Mr. Kent.
I couldn't meet his predatory gaze.

I finally pulled my blouse off and placed it on the kitchen
table. Then I removed my skirt, with just as much difficulty. I
unbuttoned it and pulled the zipper down and slid it down over my
hips. I let it drop to the floor at my feet and then I stepped
out of it and picked it up and put it on the table with my

I was proud of my body. There was not an ounce of excess fat on
me anywhere. I had smooth skin. There were no stretch marks, no
sign that I had given birth. My breasts were B cups, and they
were firm and might be described as perky, with small, pink
nipples that pointed straight ahead. I was proud of my body, but
I was also very shy, very uncomfortable with the idea of
undressing in front of anyone. Anyone at all! This was very hard
for me.

I stood in front of him now in my bra and panties and I knew that
I was just prolonging the agony, so finally I reached behind my
back and, with great effort; I was finally able to release the
catch on my bra. I let the straps go and then I shrugged my
shoulders, letting the shoulder straps fall do my elbows. 

When I had lost my virginity, that one other time that I had sex,
I had not undressed. I am not sure what actually happened, I just
know that when I became aware of my surroundings I was lying on
the floor in one of the spare bedrooms with my shorts and my
panties down around my knees. Other than that I was fully
dressed. There had been ample evidence that someone had had sex
with me. My pubic hair was matted and sticky and so were my
thighs. There was a small trail of pink tinged moisture on my
thighs, and when I moved I felt a pain in my vagina. I remember
looking down dumbly as the reality of what had happened sank in.

I had consumed a couple of drinks, for the first and last time in
my life. But I have always assumed that I was drugged. I don't
remember anything that happened that evening, at least not until
I had regained consciousness.  A couple of my friends had asked
me where I had gone off to and I realized that they didn't know
what had happened to me either. 

I thought now that it was tragic that the first man to see my
breasts was going to be Mr. Kent. I let the bra slide down and
off and I dropped it on the table with my other clothing. Then I
slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and slid them
down and off. 

I straightened up and dropped them on the table as well, and then
I stood before Mr. Kent, waiting while he took stock of his new

I had never been so humiliated or felt so degraded in my life.
And I didn't realize that this was only the tip of the iceberg. I
had no idea the depths of depravity that Mr. Kent would force me
to. I didn't have a clue how nave that I was, how little I knew
about men like him.

He stared at me for a long time, and then he ordered me to turn
around slowly. As I turned he said, "We are going to have to get
you some sexier underwear. It was fun watching to take those off,
but I think you would look really nice in something from this

I continued to turn slowly and I said, "Mr. Kent, I'm poor. I
can't afford a bunch of expensive lingerie."

When I had turned all the way around he pulled me back into his
lap and said, "Don't worry about that, cunt. I can afford it."

I know it was silly, considering that he had just forced me to
undress and now I was sitting in his lap with his hand on my
upper thigh. But I had not heard that word spoken, as far as I
can remember, since some of the nasty remarks that eventually
drove me to quit school when I was pregnant. I was shocked, and
dismayed. But I realized that that was what I was to this man, a
sex toy. And I also realized something about the way that he had
been treating me, even yesterday morning in his office. He had
started to dehumanize me from the very beginning.

The breath was suddenly forced out of my body in a rush and the
blood seemed to leave my brain when for the first time, or at
least the first time while I was conscious of it, I felt the hand
of a man on my vagina. His hand slit slowly up that last inch of
my thigh and his big finger moved against my slit. 

He saw my reaction and I felt him chuckle. I felt his finger move
up and down my slit, and I was suddenly aware of how moist it
was. I was incredibly embarrassed. I knew that it was just a
physiological reaction; it was not in the least a sign that I was
enjoying what he was doing. I didn't know if he knew that though.
I would hate it if he thought that I was enjoying this.

As he began sliding a finger inside of me I heard a noise from
down the short hallway. I started to panic as I heard my daughter
go from her room to the bathroom. I fought to get up and cover
myself, but Mr. Kent held me down and said quietly, "Don't you
fucking move. I didn't tell you that you could get up!"

He continued to push his finger into me and he leaned down and
took my nipple into his mouth. He licked and sucked on it and
nibbled at it lightly with his teeth and the sensations traveled
in a direct line from my nipple to my vagina. I was still pretty
uninformed about my own sexuality, and the sensations I was
experiencing now for the first time were pretty amazing.

 I listened breathlessly as I heard the toilet flush and I
watched the hallway to see if Heather appeared. Fortunately, she
went right back to bed. It was obvious that it would not have
mattered to Mr. Kent.

After a few more minutes he stood me back on my feet and then he
stood up and kicked his shoes off. Then I averted my eyes as he
took his pants off. I heard him put his pants on the table and I
heard him sliding his shorts off. I jumped as he took my wrist in
his hand and guided my hand to his hard penis.

I groaned in embarrassment as he forced my hand over his penis. I
don't know what I was expecting. I don't think that I had ever
really stopped to think what one would feel like. I was first
startled at how large it was. I finally turned back and looked
down in fear as my hand wrapped part way around him. My hand
looked tiny on his hard shaft. Much more of it was sticking out
of my fist than was covered by it. It appeared that his penis was
about eight inches long and I estimated that it was nearly two
inches in diameter. It seemed huge. 

It was hard and throbbing in my hand, and nearly every time it
throbbed, moisture leaked out of the hole in the tip. It looked
strong and potent and very threatening.

He led me into the living room and he sat on the couch. He pulled
me to my knees between his thighs and I already knew what he was
going to want me to do. I just did not think that I could do it.

He said to me, "You are going to get acquainted with my cock and
balls now. You will be seeing a lot of them from now on. So you
might as well get used to them. I want you to start out licking
my balls and then lick my cock. Lick up all of that nice juicy
lube that is leaking out. Then you are going to take my cock in
your mouth. When you do, I will tell you how to suck a cock. I
know that this is your first time, and I don't expect much from
you this time. But you are going to be an expert soon. Don't
worry, I'll see to it."

I leaned forward and had a close up look at a man's sex organs
for the first time. While the size of them was impressive, the
overall look didn't appeal to me. I thought that they were pretty
gross in fact. His testicles were hairy and wrinkled and could
have used a bath. His penis was large and had several protruding
veins. The top portion, I guess what you would call the 'head',
was slightly fatter than the shaft, and it was nearly covered in
a clear liquid. It looked very unsanitary. I couldn't imagine why
a woman would take one of those organs inside of her, much less
into her mouth!

However, I didn't have a choice. I stuck my tongue out and
gingerly moved it over his testicles. When my tongue touched him
he drew his breath in suddenly, he obviously enjoyed being
touched there.

I moved my tongue over him, reluctantly, until he ordered me to
move on. Then I began licking his penis. It jumped when I first
touched my tongue to it and startled me. I pulled my head back
and Mr. Kent found it all very amusing. I moved my face closer
again and I began licking the underside of shaft, starting at the
base and working my way up. I was half way up when I came into
contact with the liquid that was continuing to seep out of the

I felt it coat my tongue more than I tasted it. I swallowed
nervously, but once I had realized that there was no taste it got
easier. I licked the underside all the way up to the tip and then
I licked the tip clean. So far it was not as disgusting as I had
imagined. It was unpleasant, and humiliating, and my neck was
getting stiff, but I just had to keep reminding myself that I had
no choice. I either did this, or I lost everything, including my

Now it was time for the final indignity. Well, no, that isn't
true, I realized that I would be suffering many indignities now
that I had submitted to this man and he knew that he could do
anything he wanted with me.

I placed my lips around the head of his penis and moved my mouth
down as far as I could over his fat organ. It wasn't enough to
satisfy him, however, and he began instructing me on the proper
way to "suck his cock." 

I hated that word, I hated that phrase. But I suddenly realized
that now I was officially a cocksucker. Not a good one, and Mr.
Kent was quick to point it out. But he assured me that I would
get better.

I could only get a third of his penis, his cock, into my mouth,
if that much. Mr. Kent told me what to do with my hands and at
the same time he had his hand on the back of my head and was
pushing my lips down over his hard shaft a little further each

I had nearly half of his cock in my mouth when he told me to
speed up and get ready because he was going to cum, and he warned
me that I had better not spill a drop.

I was terrified. I had assumed that I would never in my life be
doing this to a man, and that I would never in my life have a man
fill my mouth with cum. It sounded like the most disgusting thing
imaginable. I was certain that I would get sick.

I followed his instructions and I sped up the motion of my hands
and started moving my head up and down faster, and in less than a
minute he grabbed my head and held me tight and started filling
my mouth with hot, slimy cum. It was horrible. It was bitter and
tasted of bleach and it was shooting into the back of my throat
and making me gag. The tears were pouring from my eyes, and he
was holding me and shivering in excitement.

He finally released my head and I sat up quickly. My mouth was
full of his cum and I struggled for a moment to stop gagging. I
knew that I would regret it if I didn't swallow this awful mess.
So I made myself calm down and I swallowed it a little at a time.
I gagged a little less with each swallow and finally it was gone.
All that was left was the horrible aftertaste.

I grabbed a tissue from a nearby box and used it to wipe the
tears from my eyes. I looked up to see him staring at me in
amusement. He said, "Well, I have to give you credit. That was a
piss poor blowjob, but you did better than I thought you would.
Not bad at all for a first time. But like I said, you are going
to get a lot of practice, you'll get much better. Or you will
wish to hell you had."

All I could think was, "I don't want to get good at this!"

He asked me what I had to drink and I told him only iced tea and
ice water. The coffee was still warm, but he didn't want any
more. I got him a drink of ice water and a glass for myself as

Then he ordered me back between his legs. "Christ!" I thought to
myself. "I thought it was over, for tonight at least."

He said, "Get back to work. That was pretty good, and now that
you have taken the edge off, once you get me hard again we can
have a nice fuck."

I groaned again. But I leaned forward and started all over again,
doing all of the things that Mr. Kent had made me do the first
time. He got hard quickly and then he pushed me off of his cock.
He ordered me to stretch out on the floor and he moved between my
legs. He forced my legs further apart and got a close up look at
my naked sex for the first time. 

He got a very good look in fact.  He got down on his stomach and
began licking and nibbling at my pussy. When his warm, wet tongue
first touched me my hips came right up off of the floor. I had
never imagined anything like this. I wanted desperately not to
feel anything with this man. Or at least not pleasure. But the
sensations caused by his tongue exploring my sex were the most
exciting thing that I had ever felt. 

I tried desperately to lie still, and to remain quiet. But I
reacted to every touch and it amused the hell out of him. He was
watching me and enjoying my struggles, and he knew that I was
struggling; I just knew that he did.

I did not masturbate. I had a few times, before I got pregnant,
but never since. I had a lot of mixed emotions about sex. I had a
lot of mixed emotions about men. Thanks to Mr. Kent, however,
they were becoming a lot less mixed, and a lot more negative.

So I didn't want to feel pleasure now. More than I can tell you I
didn't want to enjoy this. But I did. I fought with all of my
strength, but in a surprisingly short time I was groaning loudly
and having one fantastic orgasm after another. And I hated myself
for it. I hated him, and I hated me. But I couldn't stop it, I
couldn't control it.

I was just about to pass out when he moved up over me. He looked
down at me and said, "Okay bitch, grab my big cock and put it
where it goes."

I reached down between us and put my hand around his cock again
and lined it up with my now wet and ready pussy. I was still not
sure that it would fit inside of me. I know what you are
thinking. I had a baby, I knew my pussy would stretch this much.
But the largest thing to enter my pussy since the birth of
Heather was a tampon. I was not looking forward to this. And I
can't deny that I was afraid that I would enjoy it.

He started pushing his cock into me, very slowly at first, in and
out, a little at a time. I felt myself stretching around him, and
soon it felt very good. I was biting my lips to keep from crying
out as he started picking up speed. 

It wasn't long at all before I was cumming again, and again. He
had his arms around me now and was holding me tight and I felt so
overpowered by this large man. There was something primal about
being taken this way. And my body and my mind responded to it.

I finally felt him tense up and I knew that he was filling me
with his cum and I bit his arm to keep from screaming and I came
for a last time. 

He relaxed on top of me for a moment and then rolled off. As he
stretched out on the floor beside me I saw movement out of the
corner of my eye. I looked around swiftly, but I didn't see
anything. I knew what it had been though. I knew that my daughter
had seen us.

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't wipe what she had seen from
her mind. But I knew that we would have to have a talk. As if he
read my mind, Mr. Kent said, "You better have a talk with your
daughter. I am not into little girls, maybe after her next
birthday, but not a thirteen year old, even if she is kind of
hot. But some of my friends may not be so nice. So you better let
her know that there are going to be some changes in her life."

"Some of your friends!" I exclaimed. "What do you mean, 'Some of
your friends?"

He just smiled and said, "You'll find out. Just don't forget, I
own your ass now. You have two choices. You do everything I tell
you, or you go to jail for five years and lose your daughter. You
don't have to tell me how much you hate that. But you can if you
want; because it turns me on that you hate it. The more you hate
it the harder my cock gets. Now get your fucking mouth down there
and clean me up, cunt."

I looked at him, so shocked that momentarily I forgot that my
little girl had seen me being raped by this monster. He looked up
at me when I didn't move right away and said, "I will slap you
around if I think you need it."

I watched as he moved his legs apart and I looked down and saw
his slick, slimy cock and balls. There was even a bunch of our
juices matting the hair on his thighs. I gagged a lot at first,
but I finally managed to clean him to his satisfaction. 

He finally pushed me away and stood up. I stood up as well and I
was aware that the fluids were running down my thighs. I stood
nearby as he gulped down the rest of his water and then he

When he was dressed he left without a word!

I cupped my hand under my crotch and was just about to race for
the bathroom when he pushed the door open again and stuck his
head inside. He called me closer and ordered me to move my hand.
He studied my crotch for a moment and then said, "I was thinking
of making you shave off that hair. But that cute little patch of
little blonde hairs is kind of cute. Just trim it nice and

He drew a line around my pubic hair, indicating the portions that
he wanted trimmed off. Then he left and I locked the door and ran
to the bathroom. As I was cleaning myself up I realized that I
was going to have to get some form of birth control now. I took a
quick shower and then I put my robe on. 

I left the bathroom and tapped lightly on Heather's door. There
was no answer, but I knew that she was awake.

I went in and sat beside her in the dark and waited for some sign
that she was awake and ready to talk.

She was quiet for a long time, but my eyes adjusted to the dark
after a few minutes and I realized that her eyes were open and
she was watching me, waiting for me to speak.

I realized that I didn't have a clue what to say and I struggled
to think what I could say to explain what had just happened, what
she had seen.

She said, "He raped you, didn't he?"

I had promised that I was not going to cry when I was with her,
but I lost control. I started sobbing, almost hysterical now. She
sat up and put her arms around me and we hugged and soon we were
both crying. 

I finally got myself under control and I started talking. I told
her everything. I even told her, for the first time, how I got
pregnant. I made it clear that the circumstances were not
important; the only thing that mattered was that I loved her. And
she got it. 

But I also told her what Mr. Kent had said about her, and I
explained why he had so much power. She understood that too. 

We talked for a long time after that. I learned that she was even
more mature than I had at first thought she was. And I had
thought that she was a remarkably mature thirteen year old girl.
I told her that I wanted desperately to protect her from this man
and his friends, but that, because of what had happened, no one
would listen to me. We talked about running away. But we didn't
have anything.

I had been living from paycheck to paycheck for forever. And
because of all the work that I had lost going to court and to
depositions and interviews and meetings with my inadequate
council, I had lost a lot of money. I was counting myself lucky
for keeping up with the rent and the utilities.

She understood, more than I had any right for her to understand.
I finally left her and went out and cleaned up the kitchen and
went to bed. But I doubt if I got more than a couple of hours
sleep that night.

In the morning I made her breakfast and sat with her and drank
coffee while she ate. We didn't talk much. We had said it all
last night. She finally was ready for school and she came over
and hugged me and said, "Don't worry mom, we'll figure something
out. And I promise you, if you don't freak, I won't freak."

I smiled and hugged her and told her goodbye. After she left I
took another quick shower in an attempt to wake up. I trimmed my
pubic hair to satisfy Mr. Kent. Then I dressed and went to work.
Dressing for work was never a problem. My uniform for work was a
white, one-piece nursing uniform. I had been uncomfortable
wearing it at first. I thought that it was a bit too see-through.
But everyone wore them and eventually I got used to the idea that
my underwear showed faintly beneath the fabric.

I really went out of my way at work to put in every extra effort
that I could. I appreciated the fact that my supervisor had let
me keep my job and I wanted to make sure that she felt like that
was the right thing to do. 

It was a little uncomfortable though. The people under my care
didn't seem to know anything about what had happened, but the
people that I worked with all did. I explained what had happened
to the ones that I was close to, and they seemed to understand.
But I couldn't go around and explain to everyone, and I doubt if
it would have helped anyway. No matter what I said, a jury of my
peers had found me guilty of a felony. I had been convicted of
assault and battery. I was a felon and it was official now.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays a Doctor comes in to the home and sees
patients. I had gotten to know him pretty well. He was very nice.
When I had some free time I went to see him and after a brief
examination and a few embarrassing questions he wrote me a
prescription for birth control pills.

I stopped and got the pills on the way home from work, and then I
hurried home. Heather gets home an hour before I do and I don't
like to think of her alone in that apartment. But I can't afford
a sitter, so she was to lock herself inside and do her homework
until I get home. She probably would balk at the idea that she
was not old enough to look after herself now anyway.

As soon as I got home I changed out of my uniform and went to the
kitchen to start supper.

Unless she had an inordinate amount of homework Heather helped me
cook supper. My mother never taught me how to cook and it was a
real handicap when I finally struck out on my own. I managed to
survive on sandwiches and TV dinners until I learned to cook. But
I wanted Heather to know how to cook, and we enjoyed making
supper together. We could talk and tell each other about anything
interesting that happened that day.

The conversation this day, though, was bizarre. Heather asked
about, and I felt compelled to explain as much as I could about
sex, oral sex and vaginal sex, and about men and their sex organs
and their orgasms. It was a very uncomfortable conversation for a
mother to have with her thirteen year old daughter. And I
honestly didn't know much more than I had learned yesterday. But
after what Mr. Kent had said, I thought it best that I explain,
as least as much as I was capable of, since I was not that well
informed myself.

She asked a lot of questions about her conception too. She was a
lot more world-wise than I had been at her age, and she
recognized the signs of a girl that was drugged and raped. 

She asked about how that had colored my feelings about her. And I
was glad, because I wanted there to be no misunderstanding how
much I adored her, right from the minute I learned that I was
pregnant. I was not necessarily opposed to abortions, but I
couldn't do it. I think it is a personal choice, a medical
decision between a woman and her doctor and it is none of the
Government's or the church's business. 

But I could not have done it. And I am so glad, because there was
no question that my daughter was the most amazing and loving
creature on the face of the earth. And she deserved a lot better
than the life that I had given her, and the danger that I was
putting her in.

I honestly did not believe that Mr. Kent would return this
evening. Not after he had been so thoroughly satisfied last
night. It turns out that I had a lot to learn about his
appetites, and I wouldn't like any of it.

I heard the door rattle not long after supper and then someone
knocked. My heart was in my throat as I went to answer it. I was
pretty sure I knew who it was. We don't get much company.

I was right. It was Mr. Kent. I unlocked the door and opened it
for him and he said, "Don't lock your door any more. Not until
you give me a key."

Then he pushed his way in and went over to sit on the couch
beside my daughter. He handed her a twelve pack of beer and told
her to put them in the refrigerator and bring him back one. 

I was afraid that he was going to touch her, make her do
something with him. He didn't, but it was almost as bad. When she
returned he took the beer from her and then he told her to sit on
the couch near him again. 

She obeyed, and I could see how uncomfortable she was. But she
didn't say a word. Once she was seated he ignored her. He had
been watching me the entire time, waiting for me to say
something, to complain, or to plead.

He asked me, "Did you talk to her? Did you tell her what happened
to you last night, and about the changes in your life?"

I nodded.

He turned to Heather and asked, "What did your mother tell you?"

Heather gathered her thoughts and then summed up what we had
discussed last night.

He said, "What did you think about the things that she told

She responded, "I thought that it sucked, and that you are not a
very nice person."

Mr. Kent just laughed and then he turned to me and said, "Smart
kid. Now strip, I'm horny."

I said, "I don't suppose that it would do any good to ask you to
let her go to her room?"

He just chuckled again and said, "No, I'm not going to touch her,
but it won't hurt her to learn a little about sex. Like I said
last night, some of my friends might enjoy a cute young girl like

"Mr. Kent," I pleaded. "I promise that I will do anything that
you want me to do. But please, she is so young. Please don't let
your friends hurt her."

He said evasively, "I'll take it under advisement. Now strip,

I winced at the use of that awful word, but I pulled off my
t-shirt and slid my shorts off quickly. I was wearing another
plain bra and panty set and he shook his head and said, "Until we
buy you some new underwear, I don't want you wearing any of your
old stuff. Christ! It's like watching my mother undress."

I nodded and he said, "That means at work too."

I nodded again, thinking of those lightweight, white uniforms and
wondering how much of me would show through. I was very aware of
how tenuous my hold on that job was. And if I lost it and could
not immediately replace it, I would be in violation of my

I unfastened my bra and even after all that had happened last
night it was nearly as hard to remove it and bare my breasts as
it had been last night. Actually, because Heather was there and
forced to watch, I suppose that it was even more difficult.

I dropped my bra and slid my panties down and Mr. Kent waived me
over and pulled me into his lap facing Heather, so that she could
see everything that he did.

He moved his hands over me, pushing my thighs apart and checking
out my newly trimmed pubic hair. He didn't say anything, so I
guess it met with his approval. I saw her watching as his finger
slid into me. And I saw him watching her and getting turned on by

He moved his hand up and cupped my breast before teasing and
playing with my nipple. Once he had gotten the first nipple hard
he moved to the other and got that one standing up as well.

Then he leaned down and took one of them into his mouth and I saw
her watching my reaction, I was unable to hide how pleasant it
felt as he worked on my nipple with his lips, tongue and teeth. 

That I would have to be put through this by a man I could not
stand was bad enough, but to have to do it with my daughter so
close that my foot was touching her leg was more than any mother
should have to cope with. As hard as I tried, I was having
trouble hiding how pleasurable it was. And I could see that,
although it embarrassed her, although she did not want to watch
her mother like this, she was fascinated, she could not look

I felt his erection under me. I knew that this would not last
long. And I was right. In a very short time he pushed me out of
his lap and I was standing in front of him. He stood up and
undressed and quickly sat back down beside my little girl. 

I saw the look of fear and awe on her face. He did too and I
could see that it amused him. It was probably the same look that
had been on my face last night. 

Mr. Kent spread his legs and he didn't even have to tell me what
he wanted me to do. I inched forward on my knees and just like
last night, I started to lick and suck on his balls. It was
easier this time, I wasn't quite as scared. But it was harder
too, because my daughter was sitting so close that my arm was
almost touching her, and she was staring at me as I used my
tongue on this horrible man's sex organs against my will.

He demanded more of me this time. He forced more of his fat cock
into my mouth, jamming the dark red tip against the back of my
throat as I went down on it. He didn't seem to mind the tears
running down my cheeks, or the gagging. In fact, he seemed to
enjoy it. But he was watching me closely and he started talking
to me as I sucked him. His strong, cruel voice was a steady drone
in my ears, telling me to calm down and get over it; it was all
in my head. 

Then he started telling me to swallow at the top of each stroke
as I started forcing my wide stretched lips back down over his
cock and I tried that, obeying automatically. And it seemed to
help, I stopped gagging. He watched me as I started to calm down
and then, on one of my down strokes, he pulled against the back
of my head and thrust his hips up and I felt his cock slide right
down my throat and I found myself with the entire thing in my
mouth and my lips stretched impossibly wide around the base of
his cock. 

I was too startled to panic, at first. But then I realized I was
having trouble breathing and I started to struggle to pull back
and he let me, after a brief pause. 

He chuckled and said, "There, cunt! I knew you could do it.
That's how a cunt like you should be sucking a cock."

I couldn't see because of the tears in my eyes, and I was
grateful. I didn't want to see my daughter's face as she watched
me being raped and abused like this.

I took a deep breath and I tried to do that again. But again, I
needed his hand on the back of my head, forcing his cock into my
throat. For the next few strokes he did that, but then he sat
back and I surprised myself by taking it down on my own. It was
painful, but when I did it on my own it didn't seem to hurt so
much, and I could control my breathing.

As I worked now, my eyes were clearing up and I saw that Mr. Kent
had his arm around Heather's shoulder. He had pulled her closer
and she was watching in disbelief as she saw me take his large
cock into my throat on every stroke. I was so humiliated that at
first I didn't even notice that he had his hand resting on her
budding young breast, despite his assurance to me earlier that he
wouldn't touch her. 

I saw that he was nearing orgasm and before long he held my mouth
over him on one of the painful down strokes and I felt his cock
throbbing in my throat and I knew that he was cumming. I almost
felt like I was cheating. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't taste
his nasty cum either.

I was getting worried, desperate for breath by the time he
released my head. But the worst of it was over and I licked up a
few stray drops of cum from the end of his cock and then I sat
back on my heels and waited.

He left me there between his thighs for a few minutes and I was
able to recuperate. I watched his hand on my daughter's young
breast, just sitting there, unmoving. I wanted to scream at him.
I wanted to throw his hand off of her and protect her. I wanted
to drive a knife through this monster's heart, or that place
where the heart would be in a normal human being.

I noticed that he was watching me watch his hand on Heather's
breast, and when he saw me watching he moved a finger around her
puffy nipple. Her breasts had really begun to grow recently and
were about the size of an apple cut in half, or perhaps a little
larger. I guess that I had not been paying attention, but I
suddenly realized that she must be nearly an A cup now. She was
way past wearing those training bras which were the last ones
that I had bought for her. 

She was extremely self-conscious about her breasts. I could see
that she was troubled by her reaction to his touch, which she
knew was so totally inappropriate. I felt terrible. I knew
something of what she was going through. I felt the same
confusion of emotions when he was teasing my breasts or when he
was toying with my pussy. 

I hated him and I hated that I could feel pleasure from his
touch. But there was no denying the pleasure of his touch on my
breast. And last night, when he had raped me right here on my
living room floor I had enjoyed one massive orgasm after another,
despite the fact that I had fought it with every fiber of my
being. My mind was conflicted, but my body knew what it liked. I
would have to have another long talk with Heather after Mr. Kent

He ordered me to get him hard again and while I bent to the task
he sent Heather to get him another beer.

When she returned with his beer he pulled her back down beside
him and she didn't resist as she was nestled back into his arm
and his hand came to rest on her breast again. He smiled down at
her and cupped her small breast and said, "You are coming right
along for a girl your age. The guys are going to love you."

I could see that she was torn between embarrassment and pride. A
girl has a lot of conflicting emotions when her breasts begin to
grow, especially when they are at that stage when they are too
small and too large at the same time, although it suddenly seemed
that hers were a lot larger than the last time I had noticed. I
guess I was just ignoring the signs that my baby was growing up.

He had gotten hard quickly as I worked on him with my tongue and
my lips, but he was sitting, sipping his beer and watching me
work and toying with my daughter and did not seem to be in a
hurry. I took him into my throat again, several times. Just to
see if I still could. Mostly though, I teased him with my tongue
and he relaxed and enjoyed what I was doing. 

He finally pulled me away and stood up and we moved back to the
middle of the floor, just like last night. I didn't look at
Heather, I was too embarrassed. I could feel her watching us

Just like last night, he used his tongue on me first. And just
like last night it was undeniably erotic. I had several mind
boggling orgasms before he moved up over me and I guided his
large and undeniably pleasing cock into my more than ready

I would have much preferred that Heather not see any of this, of
course. But if she were going to watch me as I was forced to have
sex in front of her, I suppose that it is better that she see how
much pleasure it can bring. Perhaps she won't spend as much of
her life denying herself that pleasure as I did.

He fucked me just like he had last night. I was taken like a
bitch in heat. And my body and mind both remembered how wonderful
it had been last night, and both were ready to feel those things

Mr. Kent may be a horrible Parole Officer, but he is very, very
good at this. Even with my daughter watching from several feet
away I could not control my lust when he took me, overpowered and
possessed me. But then, I didn't try as hard as I had last night.
And this time, when I felt like screaming in lust, I did. I
moaned and I groaned and I rose up off of the floor to meet his
violent thrusts and I screamed through orgasm after orgasm while
my daughter was only steps away, watching me being taken
violently by a man that was twice my age, and loving it.

Mr. Kent came in me, and then he supported himself on his arms
and watched me as I wound down, still thrusting up on his
softening, but still large and very satisfying cock as I had one
last orgasm. When I finished I relaxed under him and was
embarrassed to find that I had my arms and legs wrapped around
him tightly. 

I let my limbs fall away and he stood up and moved back to the
couch and sat down beside Heather. He asked her to get two beers
this time, and as she went to get them I struggled up and crawled
over to him on my knees. Heather came back in time to watch me
clean him off with my mouth, but this time I had a nice cold beer
afterwards and I was able to get the taste out of my mouth.

He watched me work to clean him for a minute, and then he turned
to Heather and said, "Kind of scary isn't it?"

She just shrugged, but then she said, "Yeah, kind of." She was
quiet for a moment and then she said, "Especially since she hates
you so much."

I thought he might be mad, but he thought that was amusing. He
tousled her hair and gulped down his beer and stood up. We
watched him dress and he walked out without saying a word.

I rushed to the bathroom and cleaned up and put on a robe. Then I
went back to sit next to Heather and take her in my arms and for
a long time we just hugged quietly.

Finally I said, "I'm sorry you had to see that. You are much too
young to have had to see those things. And I am sorry that he
made you a part of it."

She didn't say anything at first. But then she said, "It was kind
of scary. That first part was terrifying. I don't know how you
could have done that. I am sure that I could never do it. But his
finger felt nice on my nipple. I was surprised at how nice it
felt to be touched by a man, even a big, ugly ogre. It's like
your body likes what it likes, no matter what your mind is

"That last part though," she continued. "That was pretty amazing.
I mean, I know my body isn't ready for that yet, but sex looks
like a lot of fun."

I sighed and said, "Yeah that sounds like all of the things that
I needed to say to you. I guess you don't need me after all.
Except maybe to tell you that it is a lot of fun, when you are
ready and willing." 

 She glanced at me, one of those skeptical looks, and I realized
that I had just had numerous vocal orgasms, and I had been
neither ready nor willing. 

"You know what I meant, smartass!" I exclaimed. I was amazed at
how calm she seemed to be about all of this. She actually seemed
to be taking it better than I was.

Heather giggled and hugged me tight. She said, "That's the first
time I ever heard you say ass!"

We sat like that for a few minutes and then I got up and locked
the door and we went to bed.

Friday at last! Like everyone else I always looked forward to my
weekends. I was a little concerned now. I did not expect that my
weekends would be as free as they had been.

I was dressed for work before I remembered that I wasn't to wear
underwear today. I had to undress and take off my underwear and
dress again. I had never gone without underwear before, except
for sometimes not wearing a bra around the house. I had never
left the house without one. It felt very strange and I had the
impression that everyone could tell. I mean, I knew that they
couldn't, I was just very self-conscious. I had stared at myself
in the mirror and the only difference was that I could no longer
see my underwear under my uniform. My nipples didn't show, or
anything else as far as I could tell.

Except for the way I was dressed, it was a normal morning. I
didn't notice anything different, and I don't think anyone at the
home did either. But it was a good thing that I had obeyed Mr.
Kent's command. When I got home he was waiting for me in the
parking lot. As soon as I parked he was standing at my car door
and waiting for me to get out.

I opened my door and got out and he asked, "Are you wearing

I shook my head, blushing, even though nobody was close enough to
hear him. 

"Show me," he ordered.

I started to look around. It was Friday and there were a lot of
people around, just getting home or getting ready to go out.

But he snapped at me, "I didn't tell you to look around. I told
you to show me that you were not wearing underwear!"

I cringed, but I pulled the zipper down from the top of my dress
to just below my breasts and pulled it open so that he could see
that I was not wearing a bra. 

He looked, and smiled, and nodded. But then he kept waiting. I
groaned, praying that no one was watching I reached down and
inched the front of my dress up until my crotch was exposed.

He didn't look at first. He stared into my face and enjoyed my
humiliation. Then he stepped back and looked down. While I was
waiting for permission to drop my dress I could see that several
people were watching us. Two teenaged boys were sitting on the
hood of a car nearby and I wasn't sure that they could see my
pussy, but they could see that I was showing it to Mr. Kent.

And there were two people sitting in a nearby car that I could
see watching us. 

Mr. Kent finally nodded and I dropped my skirt. Then he put his
arm around my shoulder and with his hand over my breast he led me
through the people that were around and inside the building. As
we walked up the stairs to my apartment he remained a step or two
behind me and I felt his hand worm its way up my dress and touch
my ass.

He removed his hand as we got to the top of the stairs and
followed me to my door. I unlocked it and he followed me inside.

Heather was at the table doing her homework and she started to
get up and come kiss me when she saw that I wasn't alone. When
she saw Mr. Kent she sat back in her chair.

As soon as we were inside, Mr. Kent bent me over a chair in the
living room and lifted my skirt. He put his hand between my legs
and as soon as he touched me he knew that I was ready, to my
great embarrassment.

He pulled his pants down to his knees and slid his cock into me
from behind. As he fucked me he said, "I don't have much time
today, so I just stopped by for a quickie. I will be here around
ten tomorrow morning to take you and Heather shopping. Be ready.
I want you wearing a short skirt and a see-through blouse.

He stopped talking then and he fucked me until he came. I was
just getting started and I didn't cum this time. But he didn't
care, of course. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me
around and I sucked his cock clean before he left.

I noticed that Heather was still watching. I got up and locked
the door and then went into the kitchen. I didn't know what else
to do so I tried to make a joke out of it, "Well," I said, "I
built up quite an appetite, are you hungry?" But it wasn't funny
to either of us.

She was almost finished with her homework so I let her finish
while I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Then I got out of my
uniform and put on a t-shirt and some shorts and went back out to
start supper. 

Heather finished up her homework and cleared off her schoolwork
and set the table while I made supper. 

We had not spoken since Mr. Kent left, except for my lame attempt
at a joke. I finally asked her about her day. She didn't answer
for a minute, but I could see that there was something that she
wanted to say.

She looked embarrassed, and I was getting nervous that something
bad had happened to her today. She finally worked up her courage
and asked, "Mom, do you masturbate?"

After all that had happened in the last few days I probably
wasn't nearly as embarrassed as I might have been earlier. I
smiled at her, trying to reassure her that it was okay to talk
about it.

I told her that I didn't, but that, to the best of my knowledge,
most people did, especially when they were young. Then I asked
her why she wanted to know.

She told me that she had done it a few times, but she felt kind
of guilty about it.

I told her that it was normal to masturbate, and that I had done
it a few times before I got pregnant. I explained that I had been
so busy and so confused after she was born that I had suppressed
my sexuality.

Heather was quiet again and I asked, "What's the matter baby?
What's bothering you?"

"I have been doing it," she said and paused. Then she said, "But
what bothers me so much is that I have been doing it more since
Wednesday. And while I am doing it I think a lot about what I
have been seeing out here. And what Mr. Kent did to me yesterday.
I did it three or four times last night, thinking about his
fingers on me."

Her face was bright red; I knew that this was very hard for her.

She continued after a pause, "I lay in bed and I think about the
things I saw you and him doing, and I think about what it was
like when he touched me, and I think about the things that might
happen to me soon, and I get so excited. Am I weird?"

"Oh baby! Of course you aren't weird," I said softly. "This is my
fault, or I suppose it is Mr. Kent's fault. You should not have
been forced to see the things that you have. You are much too
young to have to deal with this. But listen, if you can cope with
it by getting a little pleasure out of it, then more power to
you. Don't feel guilty. These are sexual things and they are
happening in your life. You can't avoid them, and you can't avoid
thinking about them. 

Don't let that rapist bastard make things any harder on you than
he has already by feeling guilty. It is better that you use that
outlet than it would be for you to do what I did and repress your
sexuality. Okay?"

I suppose that we both knew that I didn't know what I was talking
about. But I was serious about easing her guilt. From what Mr.
Kent had said to me earlier, I gathered that she was going to
have enough problems without feeling guilty.

We finally ate supper and then we cleaned up and watched some
television for a while. Then she went to bed and I went into my
room to find something to wear tomorrow. I don't wear short
skirts or see-through clothing. I was going to have to

I pulled out my shortest skirt. It was only two inches above my
knee. I put it on and saw that it was going to need a lot of
work. I went to Heather's room. She was still awake and I asked
her if she would help me pin my skirt up so that I could hem it.

She was happy to help and we went out to the kitchen and I stood
up on a kitchen chair. Together we tried to decide on a length
that would satisfy Mr. Kent. She stepped back and I slid my skirt
up until she thought that it would be short enough. I thought it
was much too short, but I suppose that was the point. 

She came close again and made note of how short to pin it up. It
was difficult, because there would be more material being removed
than there would be remaining. Finally she went and got the
scissors and cut off nearly a foot of material, as evenly as
possible, then she pinned it up. I felt naked already. I had
never worn a skirt this short, not even when I was her age!

When she had finished pinning it up I took it off and put my robe
on and sat down to sew it up. She left and I thought that she had
gone back to bed. But instead she came back out in a few minutes
and asked me to help her shorten one of her skirts.

I was reluctant. I didn't want to attract any more attention to
her than necessary. But I had always dressed her pretty frumpily.
I suppose that was more of my sexual repression at work. I
thought that it wouldn't hurt to do just one and see how it

Heather slipped off her sleep shirt and I saw her breasts for the
first time since she had been nine or ten. I was amazed. They
were surprisingly well developed for a young girl. They were
still small, an A cup as I had guessed earlier, but these were
not the little fruit sized mounds that I had thought they would
be, these were well formed breasts!

She saw me staring and blushed. I apologized and complimented her
on them. I didn't want her to be self-conscious. She was still
embarrassed, but I could see that she knew what she had to work
with and was kind of proud.

She slipped the skirt on and buttoned it up and stood up on the
chair. We selected a length, a lot shorter than I would have
permitted a few days ago, and I pinned it up for her. Then we sat
together and I turned on some quiet music and we sewed and talked
about anything, just like a couple of schoolgirls.

I found out a lot more than I ever had about what her likes and
dislikes were, about what really went on at that awful school
that she went to. I really have to get out of this neighborhood!
And a lot more about her hopes and dreams. It was actually fun,
although I kept having to force myself to stop thinking about why
we were doing what we were doing.

When we were finished we put our skirts on and they were, of
course, much too short. But we agreed that Mr. Kent would
approve. I looked at mine in the mirror and I felt so naked. But
as I was staring at myself in the mirror Heather said, "You
really do have beautiful legs."

That helped.

I turned around and hugged her and kissed her forehead and sent
her to bed while I tried to figure out what I could wear for a
top tomorrow.

I went through what few white blouses I had, trying to find one
that Mr. Kent would find acceptable. I don't have a lot of money
to spend on clothing, so I don't have a lot of clothing. I tried
on the only blouse that might possibly be acceptable to him. I
looked in the mirror and, although I could see the impression of
my nipples in the light material, which was embarrassing enough
for me, I knew that he would not be pleased.

I put it back on the hanger and put it with my short skirt. I was
just about to go to bed when I remembered something. I had a
sheer black blouse that went with a dress suit I had bought to
wear to Heather's eighth grade graduation. It was part of a three
piece outfit with a long skirt and a matching jacket. 

I got it out and looked at it on the hangar. I had only worn it
once. I had worn it with a bra and a slip under it, and a jacket
over it. The idea of wearing it, and only it, exposing my breasts
in public, was terrifying. I couldn't even imagine how it would
look in the light of day. 

I put the blouse on and buttoned it up, with my back to the
mirror. I didn't really want to see this. I looked down and I
could see my breasts clearly. I could see the bumps on my

I had to see it. I had to know what others would see. I turned
back around and faced the mirror. I gasped at what I saw. I was
very nearly topless! I turned to the side and the curve of the
side of my breasts was clearly visible. I was pretty sure that if
I wore this outside tomorrow I would be arrested. But it was the
only see-through top that I owned. So I would wear it tomorrow
and he would see that it was totally inappropriate and make me
change it. Please god; don't let him make me wear this outside!

I got up early the next day. I was too nervous to get much sleep.
I took a shower and put my robe on and made coffee and waited for
Heather to get up. She came out in her robe and we made
breakfast. We were both nervous about today. 

After we ate she went to take a shower and get ready, and after I
cleaned up the kitchen I went to dress.

It didn't take long to put on a miniskirt and a sheer blouse. I
went back out to the kitchen and poured myself the third and last
cup of coffee and sat waiting. I had just taken a sip of coffee
when Heather came out and I almost choked on it.

She looked hot! In fact, she looked much too hot for a thirteen
year old girl. She was wearing her new miniskirt, and she too had
great legs. Long and coltish I believe is how they would be
described. Her top was a very small crop top which stopped just
under her breasts, not quite showing the lower curve below her
nipples. I didn't know that she owned a crop top and I asked her
where, and more importantly, when, she had gotten it. 

She grinned and said, "Yesterday it was a t-shirt. I made it last
night. Do you like it?"

I said, "Sweetheart, it is very sexy. But no mother wants to see
her thirteen year old daughter in something like that!"

She laughed and said, "We're even mom, when I first saw you in
that blouse a few minutes ago I almost got a hardon!"

"Heather!" I exclaimed.

Then we looked at each other and laughed.

"Isn't it awful?" I asked.

"No mom, you look hot. Like a girl out of Playboy, or Penthouse.
You're beautiful!"

"Maybe, but I am hoping he sees that I can't wear this outside, I
would get arrested in this. And where have you seen a Playboy or

"Don't ask, don't tell, that's my policy," Heather said.

I looked at the clock for the hundredth time. It was almost ten.
Then I suddenly remembered that the door was still locked and I
ran to it and unlocked it. My timing could not have been better.
Mr. Kent arrived before I had returned to my seat.

He walked right in and Heather stood up and stood beside me as he
approached the kitchen. He looked us both over closely, and he
seemed satisfied. I took a deep breath and sighed, but still, I
had to say something to him if he didn't say anything first.

He said, "I am surprised, you two did pretty well. Let's go," and
then he started for the door.

"Mr. Kent," I said quietly, trying not to sound desperate. "This
blouse is nearly invisible. I will be arrested for indecent

"Don't be silly, you look decent to me. Both of you look pretty
hot. Let's go."

I grabbed my purse and Heather and I hurried after him. I locked
the front door and then I followed him to his car. We passed a
dozen people as we made our way to his car and I saw the looks.
The women all looked at me like I was a major slut, and the men
all looked at me like I was a major slut that they wanted to have
sex with. The only good thing was that they were so intent on
staring at my breasts that they hardly noticed Heather.

Mr. Kent opened the passenger door of his car and watched with
interest as Heather got in and slid over. The little skirt she
was wearing rode up and more than a little of her little white
panty crotch was exposed, and stayed exposed, even after she
tried to pull her skirt down.

I sat down beside her and was dismayed to find that my crotch was
exposed too, only I was not wearing panties. Mr. Kent enjoyed the
view for a moment, and then he closed the door and went around
and got in the driver's seat.

He ignored us as he buckled up and started the car and drove off.
But as soon as he had driven out of the parking lot his hand fell
onto Heather's thigh, his finger was only an inch from her silky
nylon panties. I was watching out of the corner of my eye. If his
hand went higher I planned on saying something, even though I
knew that I was powerless to stop him. 

I noticed also that Heather's knuckles were white. If nothing
else happened today, she certainly had fodder for a new
masturbatory fantasy when she went to bed tonight. Unfortunately,
I was sure that a lot more was going to happen today. 

Mr. Kent didn't move his hand the rest of the way up my
daughter's thigh. He slid it down slowly to her knee and then
back up to the same place. I saw Heather's breathing rate change
and her breasts rising and falling quickly and it was obvious
that she was enjoying his attention. I couldn't blame her; I knew
that she had no choice but to let him touch her. And I knew how
exciting it was to be touched by a man.

We had not gone far before we turned into a parking lot of a
store called Sweet Nothings. I suppose that I had seen it, but I
had never paid much attention. As I said, I didn't have a lot of
money to spend on clothes.

There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. We got out
and as we got closer I saw the window displays and I could easily
see why we had come here. The clothes on display were a lot of
sexy lingerie, and even sexier outer clothes. See-through tops
and tiny little micro miniskirts were everywhere.

We went inside and a beautiful, sexy redhead approached and said,
"Hello Mr. Kent. I haven't seen you in a long time. Welcome
back." But I noticed that as she talked to him she seemed
nervous. It was obvious that whatever their relationship, they
weren't friends.

Mr. Kent nodded and said, "Hi Jo. I have a couple of friends that
need to spice up their wardrobes. I couldn't think of a better
place to do that than your store."

She looked at Heather and me and said to him, "The girl is a
little young, isn't she?"

Mr. Kent said, "Yeah, but don't worry, she's just window
dressing. I'm not going to hurt her."

Jo did not look convinced, but she nodded and said, "We have a
lot of new things since you were here last. I am sure that you
will find what you are looking for."

I followed Mr. Kent around the surprisingly large store and he
picked up one slutty item of clothing after another and handed
them to me. There were a handful of see-through blouses that were
just as revealing as the one that I was wearing. There were a
couple of others that contained so little material that it didn't
look like they could cover both of my nipples at the same time.
He handed me skirts so short that it didn't look like they would
cover the important parts. And for every one that he handed me he
handed a similar but smaller one to Heather.

We finally reached a section of crop tops and almost all of them
had some sort of obscene writing on the front. He handed me
several of them that said things like, "I Swallow," and "I Put
Out," with a picture of a fire extinguisher, and "Cum," written
on the side of the picture of a dumpster in large letters. Even I
know what a damned cum dump is for Christ's sake! And there were
others, one that said, "Eat My Pussy," and one that said,
"Looking for a Few Good Men!"

Then he picked out another batch for Heather that said things
like, "Slut in Training," and "I heart My Vagina," and "My
Nipples Get Harder than Most Guys Dicks," and "Designed for
Pleasure," and "Wanna Get Lucky? Kiss My Clover," with a shamrock
placed over one nipple. 

As he picked them out and handed them to her I felt my face
getting white. She was too young to even be thinking things like
that, certainly too young to be wearing things like that!

The last area of the store that he led us through was the section
with the lingerie. And none of it was made for kids! But that
didn't stop Mr. Kent. He picked out a half a dozen slutty,
revealing bra and panty sets for both of us in various colors. He
also picked up a few thongs and similarly revealing sets of
underwear for both of us. 

The only thing left was to pick out a few bathing suits for each
of us. We were both about to collapse under the weight of the
clothes that he had already picked out, despite how little
material there was in each item.

Jo, the owner, and a sales girl who introduced herself as Kara,
came over and took our selections and told us that they would be
waiting at the counter when we were ready. We followed Mr. Kent
into the little corner that contained all of the tiny little
bathing suits. One section had a big colorful sign over it that
advertised "Wicked Weasel" suits. 

Mr. Kent seemed to recognize that brand and headed right for
them. He picked out several suits for both of us. I couldn't help
wondering where someone in his line of work was getting the money
for this very expensive shopping trip. I had not kept track, but
this stuff was expensive. I would not be surprised if the bill
was over a thousand dollars.

We finally went to the counter and Jo asked if we were going to
try our purchases on. I was relieved to find that we were in a
hurry. I had not wanted to try these things on. I didn't want to
wear them. And Jo obviously disapproved of the outfits he had
picked out for my daughter. I did too, but she was disapproving
of me because I was allowing it. She had no idea that I didn't
have a choice.

I watched, embarrassed, as she rang it all up and her clerk put
it in bags. I was astounded when the total came to just over

It took all three of us to carry it all out to the trunk of the
car. I was worn out as we got back in the car and just like
before, as soon as we were on the road, Mr. Kent's hand went to
Heather's thigh. 

I thought that we would be going back to the apartment now, to
drop off the clothes or perhaps even provide Mr. Kent with a
fashion show. But instead he drove to a photography studio on the
edge of the industrial district. I glanced at the time. It was
just before one in the afternoon, but the shop looked closed.
Still, I had a bad feeling about this.

Mr. Kent said, "You two wait here." Then he got out and went to
the door. He had to knock to get in, but as soon as he knocked
someone unlocked the door. He spoke to the man that had opened
the door and they went to the back of the car and opened the
trunk and the two of them carried all of our new clothes inside.
When they closed and locked the door I saw the closed sign moving
around on the glass door.

I looked at Heather, who was looking back at me and she looked
just as worried as I was.

"Doesn't look good, does it?" I asked.

Heather just shook her head and then sat with her head back
against the seat and her eyes closed. 

"I have the feeling that we are not going to like it here," she
said quietly.

"I think you're right," I said, almost under my breathe. "Maybe
we should get out of here and I can take my chances with the
courts. I could probably handle whatever this is. But he
obviously intends to make you a part of this. Hell, he already
has. I should not be allowing this."

Heather was quiet for a moment and then she said, "There isn't
anything you can do against him. You already know it, we
discussed it. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It
looks like bad things are going to happen to us today. Bad things
happen to girls a lot younger than me everyday. I'll get through

Like I said, she is a very smart kid. I said, "Yes, bad things
happen to young girls all of the time. But not with the help of
their mothers."

Heather sighed. She was still sitting with her eyes closed, and
she said, "You aren't helping. I know that you would protect me
if you could. But that is one scary dude, and he would put you in
jail in a heart beat, and god knows what would happen to me. I'll
bet he would still be able to get at me if you were in prison."

I hadn't thought of that! I'll bet she was right.

We had been sitting there for at least fifteen minutes when Mr.
Kent came back out to get us. He opened my door and when we were
out he locked the car. Then he looked around, as if to make sure
that no one was watching, and he led us inside.

There was nobody in the room when we entered. But as Mr. Kent was
locking the door a man came in through another door and looked at
us. He was older than Mr. Kent, and not as large, but he was
still a pretty big guy.  He stared at both of us and then he
smiled at Mr. Kent. But we weren't introduced and nobody spoke. 

The stranger turned around and went back through the door and Mr.
Kent nodded at us to follow him. I took Heather's hand and we
followed the man down a short hallway and into a small studio. 

There were lights around a bedroom set and all of the clothing
that we had just bought was in piles on the bed. But that wasn't
the worst of it. Sitting in chairs just off camera were a dozen
men, all of them staring eagerly at us as we walked in. I watched
as they made comments quietly among themselves, obviously about
us, though I couldn't hear what they were saying.

Mr. Kent took us aside and said, "Here is what is going to
happen. You two are going to go up on the set and Heather, you
are going to sit on the bed and lean against the headboard and
watch as your mother tries on all of her new clothes."
He turned to me and pointed out that they were in piles starting
with bathing suits and then lingerie and that was where I was to
start. I would try on each bathing suit and each item of
lingerie. When I had finished with them I would remove the last
ones and start trying on items in the next pile. I was only to
try on one item at a time so that I would either be topless or
bottomless the entire time. When I put each item on I would turn
around slowly and model it for my daughter's approval. 

After I had tried on all of the items I was to remain undressed
and then help my daughter try on all of the items that he had
bought for her. We were never to look at the audience, and we
were never to look at the camera. We were to act as though we
were having fun. There had best be a lot of smiles, because if we
needed to be reminded we would really not like the reminders they
used. And lastly, we needed to keep a lively pace, so the
audience didn't get too bored.

I pulled Heather close and hugged her and said to Mr. Kent, "She
is so young Mr. Kent, couldn't it just be me? I'll do anything
that you ask."

He grinned and said, "I'm not asking, I'm ordering. And since you
obviously haven't figured it out yet, it is her youth that some
of these perverts find attractive. Now start smiling, get your
asses up there and don't piss me off. Trust me; there are worse
movies we could make."

I shuddered, because I knew what he was talking about, and
because I was not convinced that this was not going to turn into
one of those movies.

Heather shrugged and took my hand and we put on something as
close to a smile as we could get, considering how scared we were.
And then she led me up on the stage. It wasn't really a stage I
suppose. The large bed was surrounded by a carpeted area that was
about fifteen feet larger than the bed, but it wasn't raised off
of the floor.

Heather led me to the bed and found just enough room to sit
against the headboard beside my last pile of clothing. I looked
down at the piles and saw that they were separated into the first
tiny pile which I hadn't even noticed from the door, the swim
suits. Then the small pile of lingerie, then the crop tops, the
blouses, and finally the tiny skirts. 

I smiled at Heather, as best I could, took a deep breath and
started undressing. Three days ago I had undressed in front of a
man for the first time, now I was undressing in front of more
than a dozen of them, as well as several cameras. I noticed now
that there were three men moving around, one with a still camera
and two with professional looking movie cameras. 

It suddenly occurred to me where the money for our new clothing
was coming from! These movies would be for sale!

I shuddered again, but I shrugged my blouse off, it didn't cover
much anyway, and my tiny skirt followed quickly. At least the
audience was silent. I would have had a hard time dealing with a
lot of obscene comments.

I put the first of the tiny bikinis on and then I turned around,
ostensibly for Heather. She smiled and nodded and I looked down
and saw how little it covered, just my nipples and my pussy, most
of my little patch of pubic hair was exposed. I slipped the suit
off and put on the next one, which was basically the same in a
different color. Neither suit had a lining. They would obviously
be transparent when wet. Not that it mattered here.

The last of the suits was a strange looking one piece. I had to
look at the directions that were attached to the strap before I
could figure out how to put it on. It was an all but transparent
powder blue material that covered my nipples if I didn't move,
then came together just above my pussy and just barely covered my
slit. Then it became nothing but a piece of string which went
between the cheeks of my butt and then around my waist where it
tied off to the front piece. I had my doubts that this would be
legal at any public pool or beach. But it looked like something
that the men would love.

I saw Heather giggle at the trouble I had with it, and it kind of
made me relax a little that she could react that way. I smiled at
her and then I took the damned thing off and moved on to the

I tried on the panties first, the thongs. I had a sinking
suspicion that I would be shaving my pubic hair off soon. There
was nothing that I had tried on yet that did not leave my pubic
hair exposed.

I tried on the three thongs and the only panty that he had
selected at the store. It was only slightly more substantial than
the thong, or at least it had a small piece of cloth that covered
my butt. The material was nearly transparent though.

I tried on the bra and panty sets next. They were scandalous, but
I had to admit, they were beautiful. Too sexy for my tastes, but
they would have looked good on someone else. As I put each one on
and turned around I tried to ignore the fact that the audience
was watching us, watching me put on what was basically a sex
show. I tried to not notice the cameras coming in for the
occasional close-up of my naked or nearly naked body.

I took off the last of the bra and panty sets and as I stepped
out of the panties I noticed how damp the crotch panel was. I was
upset with myself for having that kind of reaction. But mostly I
hoped that I was the only one that was aware of it.

The next pile was the crop tops. I put them on, modeled them and
then took them off. As I put each one on, Heather was amused by
the horrible things that they said on them and she frequently
giggled. It made things a lot easier and I winked at her as I
changed clothes.

I put on a half a dozen nearly transparent blouses next. They
were no worse than the one that I had worn this morning. The
thing that worried me was that they were now a large part of my
wardrobe, so I could assume that I would be wearing them out more
often now.

Finally I came to the small pile of skirts. This went quickly.
They were unbelievably short. Shorter even than the one I had
worn today, which I had thought was testing the limits of the

I took off the last of the skirts finally, and then came the part
of this entertainment for perverts that I had tried to put out of
my mind. I stood there naked for a moment, and then I took
Heather's hand and pulled her to her feet and led her around the
bed to the slutty clothes that were piled up and waiting for her
on the other side.

I bent down and kissed the top of her head and then I reached for
her little crop top and removed it. As I did I saw the cameras
coming in for close-ups of her developing body and it was all
that I could do to keep from screaming at them.

I saw the combination of fear and excitement in Heather's eyes
and the embarrassment at being undressed by her mother in front
of a group of perverts. But she kept something resembling a smile
on her face and didn't balk in the least as I dropped her little
top on the floor and followed it quickly with her skirt.

I helped her put the slutty little bathing suits on, one after
the other, and after she put each one on she would turn around to
model it, ostensibly for me, but actually for the perverts and
the cameras.

I tried to keep it light, I remembered how much it had helped me
when she at giggled at the obscene phrases on my crop tops
earlier. So I teased her a little bit as we went down the line
trying on one slutty thing after another. I could tell that she
appreciated it.

The obscene tops were the worst; I couldn't believe that he would
make her wear these. But I didn't think for a moment that he
would spend all of that money on these slutty outfits and not
make us wear them.

When she was trying on the crop tops, and then the see-through
blouses, I noticed that she looked much older than thirteen,
probably because her breasts were so well developed and because
the clothing was made for older girls. But the idea of her
wearing it where anyone would see her was breaking my heart.

We finally came to the end of the clothing that we were to try on
and I didn't know what to do next. He had not given us any
further instructions. Once we were both naked and there were no
more clothes to try on I pulled Heather close and hugged her and
we stood like that waiting.

I saw them getting some close-ups of us, then the man that had
unlocked the door for us and had been taking the stills on his
large camera handed the camera to one of the men seated nearby
and stepped inside the circle of lights and walked around us,
moving a hand lightly over our bodies as he walked around us. 

I shuddered again, fearing that this must be one of those men
that Mr. Kent had described as one of his friends that liked
younger women. After a moment he pulled us apart and instructed
me to clear the clothes off of the bed. 

He stood behind Heather, his hands cupping and holding her young
breasts as I quickly pushed the clothing off of the bed and to
the floor on the other side. When I was finished he ordered both
of us to undress him. 

I let Heather start unbuttoning his shirt while I dropped to my
knees and helped him take of his shoes and socks. Then I
straightened up and began to unfasten his belt. I saw that his
hands had returned to Heather's breasts, teasing her puffy
nipples now, as she unbuttoned and slid his shirt off.

I had his pants down to his ankles and he stepped out of them,
holding onto Heather for support. Then I started to take off his
jockey shorts but he stopped me. He pushed Heather down in front
of him and suggested that she should perform that task. 

Heather glanced at me, but it would not be the first cock that
she saw close up. She took hold of the waist band of his shorts
and after struggling briefly to get them down past his hard cock
she managed to slide them down and he stepped out of them. 

He wasn't wearing an undershirt and he was naked now. He stepped
back and got up on the bed and stretched out on his back. He
called me over and ordered me to get up on the bed and suck his
cock. With one of the cameras nearly in my face I obeyed his
order. I crawled up and started to get between his legs but he
stopped me. He told me to face the other way so that he could
play with my pussy while I sucked him off.

It wasn't too bad; his cock was not nearly as large as Mr. Kent's
was. I was soon taking him down my throat and he was obviously
enjoying it. His hand crawled up my thigh and was soon teasing my
pussy, and it felt pretty good. 

I wasn't too happy about what came next though. While I was
sucking his cock he ordered Heather to get between his legs and
lick his balls.

She had seen me do it for Mr. Kent. And she must have realized
that she was not going to leave this room without having sex of
some kind, probably losing her virginity, though there was still
hope. At least in my mind there was. I don't know what she was

She obeyed with only the slightest hesitation and as I sucked the
man's cock I watched as she watched for a moment, and then
lowered her head and began tentatively licking his balls. 

He was clean and after a short time she became less tentative and
began to lick with more confidence, much like she had seen me
doing it the night before last. The man that we were licking and
sucking was really appreciative and in a very short time he
started filling my mouth with cum.

I held my mouth over the head of his dick and used my hand to
finish him. Then I sat up and swallowed. I noticed that his cum
was not nearly as bitter as Mr. Kent's, and it didn't seem to
have that bleachy taste. It wasn't pleasant, but it was much
easier to swallow than Mr. Kent's.

There were a few drops on the head of his dick as it softened. I
started to bend down and lick them up but he stopped me. He
looked at Heather and said, "Honey, it's about time you got a
little taste, why don't you lick those up so that your mother
doesn't have to?"

I watched in dismay as she stared at the two small drops of cum,
probably not enough to even get a taste. But still, it was the
idea that my thirteen year old daughter had to do this, and right
in front of my eyes, that was so horrible.

She glanced at me, I think she was bothered by the idea that I
was watching as much as I was. But then she stretched her neck
out and stuck out her tongue and licked the head of the man's
dick with the cameras coming in again for some close-ups. 

I saw her hesitate after licking up the drops, but there was no
expression on her face and she swallowed without any show of
emotion at all.

The man stood up and picked up his clothes and walked off camera
and two more men came up on stage. They started undressing
rapidly as they stared down at us with looks of wanton lust on
their faces. 

Both men appeared to be in their late forties or early fifties.
Both were overweight and out of shape, and both had smaller
penises than the first man. These two were both hard already from
watching us, and both had about six inches of cock.

They got up on the bed, side by side and while I was pulled down
and forced to start sucking one of them, the other smiled at
Heather and said, "Well young lady, you should know what to do
now, let's see how well you do with a cock of your own to suck

I groaned in despair as I watched him move Heather into a
position similar to my own so that he had access to her pussy
while she sucked his cock. I was crying quietly as she bent down
and started copying the things she had watched me doing to Mr.
Kent two nights ago. 

She licked the old man's balls first, and then she licked her way
up his throbbing cock. I watched her jump once and I saw that he
had his hand between her thighs now and was exploring her
privates. But except for that brief reaction she ignored him and
began sucking on his cock and using her hand to stimulate that
portion of his cock that she could not get in her mouth.

Unlike me, she was not able to take him into her throat, but he
didn't seem to mind and it wasn't long before the idea of being
sucked off by a thirteen year old virgin sent him right over the
edge and he held her mouth in place and filled it with cum.

We had discussed what that was like in one of our heart to heart
talks, so at least she had some idea what to expect. I watched
her gag as her mouth filled up, but she got it under control and
when he was finished she lifted her head and swallowed, gagging
only slightly as the man's cum slid down her throat.

Seconds later I received the same treatment from the man that I
was sucking off. He filled my mouth with cum and when he was done
I sat up and swallowed. I was beginning to realize that the more
often I did this the easier it got. I was not sure how I felt
about that.

The man that had just filled my little girl's mouth with cum
lifted her up and set her down between them and the two men
examined her virginal little slit for a moment. The one that I
had been sucking off slipped a finger inside of her and stopped
when he reached her hymen. I saw her jump when his finger reached
it. They smiled at each other and got out of bed and picked up
their clothes and stepped off stage. 

The next two men were already naked and ready and soon Heather
and I were back at work. For me it was just another average cock
to suck, but the man that had gone to Heather's side of the bed
had a much larger penis. Not as large as Mr. Kent, but quite fat.

They kept Heather between them and they both played with her ass
and her little pussy as she struggled to suck off the man with
the fat cock. I didn't want to watch, it was killing me that I
couldn't protect my little girl. But I couldn't help seeing her
struggling with that fat shaft of meat and finally getting
several inches of it into her mouth. In fact, I was so wrapped up
in it that I didn't even realize that another man had come
forward and was about to rape me from behind while I was sucking
the cock in my mouth.

I felt my ass being moved around closer to the side of the bed
but I didn't realized what was going on until I felt a pair of
large hands on my hips and a hard cock nudging the swollen lips
of my pussy. 

I gasped when it pushed into me violently and almost lifted my
head from the cock that I was sucking. But the man that I was
sucking off had been watching and he grabbed my head and held me
down as his friend started brutally fucking me from behind.

At first it was very uncomfortable, but it started feeling very
good soon and even though I really didn't want to, I felt myself
nearing orgasm quickly. I was aware that Heather was watching me
and I hated that she would see me cum like this, being raped by
two strange men. But there was nothing that I could do about it.

Soon, both men that were getting blowjobs filled our mouths with
yet another load of cum. The men that we had just satisfied stood
up and left the stage and two more took their places. But this
time there was another difference. The man that Heather was
forced to suck off had moved down further on the bed and after
she took him into her mouth he pulled her over his head and
pulled her down and he started eating her pussy while she
attempted to suck him off. 

When his tongue touched her pussy she screamed around his cock
and her back straightened out and her head flew up. But he pushed
her back down and returned to eating her as the first sound of
the afternoon came from the audience. I heard them chuckle at her
reaction to the man's tongue on her young pussy.

Since she had already started to masturbate she was not
unfamiliar with orgasms. This would, however, be the first at the
hands of another. It was just tragic that it would be at the
hands of some strange pervert that was old enough to be her

It didn't take long. She started moaning quickly, but soon she
was screaming and thrashing around almost out of control. But he
held her down with both arms and ate her while she came in his
mouth, very vocally.

Finally he got impatient with her though, and forced her head
back down over his cock. She seemed to take it eagerly this time,
sucking as though she was enjoying it. I looked at her face and
there was a glazed look in her eyes. And the camera was right in
her face!

It went on like this until the only men left were Mr. Kent and
the two camera men. Mr. Kent got up on the bed after the last two
had gotten off. He stretched out between us and let Heather
attempt to suck his large cock. She had been getting a lot of
practice this afternoon, but her jaw was sore and he was just so

He pushed her away in exasperation. I expected him to let me
finish him off, and I wish that it had gone that way. Later I
realized that he probably had this planned all along, but I was
shocked at the time when he sat up and pulled Heather down beside
him and explored her body with his large hand while staring down
at her. 

After a minute he said, "Since you still can't suck cock worth a
shit, I guess it's time to take that cherry of yours."

I was shocked. She had been molested by all of those men and not
one of them threatened to take her virginity. I had thought that
she was safe, at least for a while longer. I pleaded with him,
"Mr. Kent, please, she is so young, and you are so big. You'll
tear her. Please, let me suck you off, or fuck me instead.
Please, I'll make it so good for you, I promise."

He didn't even look at me. He crawled up over my baby and started
rubbing the head of his cock over her tight little slit. I saw
her gasping at the touch, but she was obviously twice as scared
as I was, with good reason!"

After a few moments of teasing her he continued to stare into her
face, along with the nearby camera, and he ordered me to reach
between them and put his cock in her cunt.

I started to plead again and he said, "It's okay if you keep
begging and whining and crying, I like the sound of it. But
meanwhile, put my fucking cock in your little girl's cunt. Don't
make me tell you again!"

I looked at her face and I said, "I'm sorry baby."

She nodded and then she looked back at Mr. Kent.

I reached down and took his big cock in my hand and with a little
difficulty I rubbed the head of it up and down her surprisingly
slippery pussy and lined the head up with her virginal opening.

I held it there until he began to push into her. I moved my hand
back then and watched as she began panting in pain almost

He didn't drive it all the way in. Not at first. He moved the
head and a bit more of it inside of her, teasing her with it, or
perhaps giving her a chance to adjust to it. I'm not sure which.

I saw her eyes glazing over again and her mouth was open as she
gasped for breath with each of his small strokes. Then, without
any warning he plunged through her hymen and buried nearly all of
his large cock inside of her.

She screamed when he pierced her, and I saw the chords on her
neck bulge out in pain. Her white knuckles gripped the bedspread
and every muscle in her body seemed to tense up. 

He paused with his cock inside her and watched her face, enjoying
her pain. 

He waited for her to relax a little and he lifted off of her
slightly and ordered me to stretch out beside them. When I was
where he wanted me he ordered me to kiss her on the lips and at
the same time he wanted me to play with his balls while he fucked
my little girl's cunt.

I wanted to grab his balls and crush them. But I was smart enough
to know that that would be a fatal mistake. Instead I did as he
instructed. I leaned forward and, with the camera catching every
move I made, I kissed my daughter's lips while reaching down and
caressing the testicles of the monster that was raping her right
in front of me.

After a minute, Heather started to return my kisses and soon she
was beginning to relax. I felt him begin to move again, moving
his cock in and out of her with short, slow strokes as I
struggled to follow the movement of his balls with my fingers.

As he moved, Heather groaned in pain at first, but then it
started sounding more like pleasure. I found it impossible to
believe that she could have an orgasm during her first vaginal
sex, especially with this asshole, but it seemed like that was
exactly what was happening.

She gave up her white knuckled grip on the bedspread and wrapped
her arms around my neck and soon she was kissing me passionately
and working her hips up to meet every stroke as Mr. Kent started
picking up the pace, fucking her harder and faster.

He finally couldn't take anymore of her tight little pussy and I
felt him tense up and begin to fill her with his hot cum. When
she realized what he was doing it seemed to set her off and she
gripped my neck so hard it hurt as she screamed into my mouth and
came violently.

I hated that it had happened. But I had to be thankful that she
had enjoyed it. It could have been pretty traumatic. I wouldn't
want her to be as fucked up as I was.

Mr. Kent stayed inside my daughter until his cock was soft. Then
he pulled out and got up on his knees. He looked at me and I knew
what he was looking for. It turned my stomach, but I had
swallowed enough bodily fluids already today that I suppose it
didn't matter. I bent down and while trying to ignore the cameras
in my face I began licking his soft, but still very large and
slimy cock. I noted a small amount of blood on the base of his
shaft, and I could taste the difference now that her juices
coated his cock. But I managed to suck him clean without getting

But that wasn't the end of my trials. He got up and pulled me
over onto my back. Then he began moving Heather around and soon
she was squatting over my head and he was pushing her down over
my mouth. 

I didn't fight it. I had no fight left in me. As soon as her
pussy was in position I began to lick her clean and let his cum
drain into my mouth. As I worked I felt her being pushed down and
soon she was providing a similar service to me. 

We did this for a long time. I assume that they were hoping that
we would get excited and reach orgasm on the end of each other's
tongue. But I guess that we were both in too much shock. Finally
they let us stop and the lights were shut off and the cameras
were put away. 

I started to take a deep breath and relax, but then I saw the
camera men undressing and I knew that the job wasn't quite done

They both got up on the bed and just as we were about to service
them, Mr. Kent said, "Hold on, might as well get this in case we
need some extra footage."

The man that had opened the door for us when this all had started
stepped forward and turned on the lights again. Then he picked up
one of the cameras and filmed Heather and I sucking off the
camera men.

They were both pretty excited and it didn't take long,
thankfully. My jaw was killing me; I can only imagine how hard it
must be for Heather.

We were finally finished and the lights were off. Most of the men
had left and it was just Mr. Kent and the man that seemed to own
the place.

Mr. Kent went to a corner of the room and came back with the
empty shopping bags and ordered us to fold our new clothes and
neatly put them in the bags. While we were doing that he and the
owner sat in a couple of chairs in the corner and drank a beer
and talked quietly.

It took us nearly fifteen minutes to pick up the clothes and sort
them out and fold them up. We didn't speak at first, but after a
minute or two I asked Heather, "Are you okay baby?"

She looked at me for a second, her eyes were moist but she wasn't
crying right now. She nodded, and then she said, "I guess so. The
sucking wasn't so bad. Not until my jaw got sore. And once I got
past the pain the fucking wasn't so bad. But it really pissed me
off that I let him give me an orgasm."

I almost said something to her about her language, but then I
realized how stupid that was and I laughed. She looked up to make
sure that I wasn't freaking out. Then I said, "I know baby. The
same thing happened when he raped me. You saw it. I couldn't help
it. He is a super asshole, but he is a good fuck."

Heather lifter her eyebrow at that, then she laughed quietly and
said, "Mom! Watch your fucking language! There is a little girl
in the room!"

I got sad then and I said, "Not so little anymore. I am so sorry
baby. I wanted you to have such a good life. I have worked so
hard and now, because of one stupid mistake, now we have this.
And I don't suppose that this was the worst of it. That man is

She nodded and said, "I know. And I know it isn't your fault."
Then she said, "Shhh," and I knew he was coming back over to
where we were just finishing up.

He saw that we were done and ordered us to put our clothes back
on. And finally he led us back to the car.

When we got back to our apartment he helped us carry our clothes
inside. Then he sat down and ordered me to get him a beer. While
I was doing that he had Heather undress and as he pulled her into
his lap he ordered me to undress.

He ran his hand over her tight, young little body and said, "I
don't see any reason for you two to wear clothing in the house
any longer. From now on, as soon as you get home I want you to
strip down and stay naked."

I just nodded. There was nothing to say. Then he said, "I had a
talk with your supervisor yesterday. She said that you blame Mr.
Packard for your troubles."

I shrugged and said, "If Mr. Devon was telling the truth, and I
still don't believe that he was, then the only possible
explanation for my reaction was that I was so upset at what he
did to me that I over reacted. I don't know what else it could
have been. I am not a violent person. And at any rate, when I
slapped Mr. Devon, it was never my intention that he end up at
the foot of the stairs. But I know what I felt, and I am positive
that he grabbed my ass that day."

Mr. Kent said, "The problem here is that you place too high a
value on your skanky ass. I want you to go talk to your
supervisor on Monday. You are to tell her that you feel guilty
for spreading rumors about Mr. Packard and you want to start
assisting him again. And from now on you are to allow him any and
all liberties he should wish to take. Do you understand?"

I was staring at him with my mouth open! He had to be kidding!
But I saw that he was deadly serious, and finally I gave in. He
knew that I would. I nodded and he smiled that evil smile.

"The other thing that you are going to do to atone for the error
of your ways is to entertain Mr. Devon. I am going to interview
him at the end of next week. If he does not convince me that all
is forgiven, then, well, I am tired of making threats, you know
what I can do."

My mouth was again wide open, but I finally swallowed my pride
and nodded. I saw Mr. Devon almost every day, in the hall or in
the parking lot. He always gave me really evil looks. He must
surely know that it was his fault, but he looked like he wanted
to wring my neck. I was afraid of him.

I told Mr. Kent that I was afraid of him, but he said, "You
should be afraid of me. You have a lot more to worry about with
me, trust me."

He stood up then and sat Heather down on the couch. Then he
pulled me over and bent me over her so that our faces were almost
touching. I heard him behind me, pulling his pants down, and then
I felt him kicking my feet apart and preparing to fuck me from
behind. He entered me brutally, and I was not wet, it hurt like
hell. I just grimaced and held my breath for a few minutes until
I started lubricating, then I closed my eyes and waited for it to

I felt something on my lips and I opened my eyes to see Heather
kissing me. She stopped for a second, smiled at me, and then
resumed kissing me. I loved her so much. I saw what she was
doing. And to my shame, I let her. 

I started returning her kisses and I felt her soft hand on my
breast. I had my arms on either side of her shoulders, leaning
against the back of the couch, and we were kissing like lovers
while Mr. Kent fucked me like a two dollar whore.

And just like the other times, I started getting excited, egged
on by Heather's kisses. Soon I was kissing her passionately and I
came just as Mr. Kent filled my pussy with his sperm again.

He pushed me aside and before I could move in and clean him he
grabbed Heather by the hair and pulled her face down to his slimy
cock and made her lick him clean.

She hesitated for a second, but then she did as he wanted. I
looked away, but he pulled my back and held my head tight against
his hip so that I could watch her work at his nasty cock. 

When he was satisfied he pushed us both away and started putting
his pants back together. As he dressed he said, "I'll pick you up
tomorrow evening around four. Be ready, I'll decide what you wear
when I get here."

Then he reached into his wallet and handed me a prescription for
birth control pills for Heather. I was grateful to have it. But I
suddenly realized that I had spent every last spare cent that I
had for my own. I broke down and started balling as everything
just kind of overwhelmed me.

He stared at me surprised at my reaction. Finally he said in
exasperation, "What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid cunt?!
I thought I was doing you a favor!"

I tried to stop crying and explain. Heather came over and put her
arms around me and pulled my head down to her breast and after a
moment I could finally talk.

I explained, "I have missed a lot of work lately. On a good week
I only clear a little over a hundred dollars. I have been just
barely paying the rent and utilities for months now. We are
living on meat loaf, spaghetti, and tuna casserole. And some days
we get by on bread and butter. I don't have a penny left."

He shook his head and pulled out his wallet and handed Heather
some wadded up bills. Then he stepped closer and unzipped his
pants and pulled his cock out.

He reached for Heather's hand and as he used it to masturbate
with he said, "What did I tell you about how much it turns me on
when you cry, you stupid cunt? Now don't move."

He beat his meat rapidly and sprayed first Heather's face and
then mine with cum. The next spurt didn't have as much force and
fell onto my breast. Then a few dribbles fell onto my knee and he
put his cock away. 

I watched as he shoved his slimy fingers into Heather's mouth and
she sucked him clean, and then he made us lick each other clean.
When we were finished he finally left.

I held Heather close again and said, "I'm sorry honey. Sometimes
it is all just too much all at once. That last one was my

Heather grinned and said, "Well, at least it didn't hurt, and
look at this!"

She held out her hand and he had handed her five bills. Five
one-hundred dollar bills!

I almost fell out of my chair! We had been living on a little
less than we needed for Heather's entire life. We had never had a
spare dime. I was so excited that I was shaking.

I realized that the profits from the movie they made of us today
would more than repay him for the slut clothes and the money. But
still, I was so grateful for having a weight taken off of my
shoulders for just a moment. We could eat. I could even buy a six
pack of Coke! Hell, we could go to a movie! 

Heather was thirteen and had never been to a theater. But then, I
didn't know how long it would be before we had any free time to
go to a movie.

It was still early in the evening. We got dressed and went
shopping. I got the prescription filled and bought some decent
food and a few luxuries. I picked up a quart of ice cream and a
six pack of soft drinks. I even bought two small steaks.

I stopped on the way home and had my house key copied. We didn't
live in the kind of neighborhood where it was a good idea to keep
your door unlocked, especially if you were two girls living

We went back home and, still feeling a little strange about it;
we undressed and put the groceries away. We had both worked up an
appetite today. I made a salad, fried up some potatoes and
onions, and then I cooked those two small rib eye steaks and we
poured a couple of cokes over ice and had the best meal that we
had eaten in Heather's entire life.

We cleaned up the kitchen; both of us were too full to have any
ice cream. Then we sat down over our cokes and talked about what
had happened to us, but mostly to her today.

It had been pretty intense for both of us. But we had suspected
that it would be. I told her that I had hoped right up to the end
that she would be able to keep her virginity. I had been shocked
when he took it. I guess I am just too gullible. I had really
believed him when he said she was too young for him. Maybe I
really am a stupid cunt.

Heather said, "I guess that is how he strings out the horrible
things that he plans to do and gets you to go along, he holds out
just a little bit of hope and you keep going after it. If it
makes you feel any better, he fooled me too."

We had the most unusual conversation after that. We spent a good
fifteen or twenty minutes talking about the difference in the
taste of men's cum. I bet that there is not another thirteen year
old girl in the country that has had that discussion with her

We decided that some were very bitter and bleachy, like Mr. Kent.
And that they were the worst. Some were not bleachy but they were
bitter to varying degrees. It was still very unpleasant, but
slightly more bearable. But the easiest to swallow were those
rare guys that had almost no taste at all. Heather had had two of
them today, I had only one.

We noticed that the smokers were the worst. They had the most
bitter cum. We decided that the difference between the others
must be in their diet. Mr. Kent's was probably the worst because
he is a monster.

We didn't have to get up early tomorrow so we sat around and
watched dumb shows in the nude and tried to make believe that
nothing was different in out life. We finally went to bed around
midnight and I probably should have had a hard time sleeping
after the day's events, but I slept like a log until almost ten
o'clock the next morning.

I got up and started to put my robe on before I remembered. I
went to the bathroom and emptied my bladder and brushed my teeth
and washed my hands and face. Then I went out to the kitchen.

Heather was already up and she had coffee ready for me. I poured
a cup and sat down and thanked her. She had already eaten cereal,
so I had some Bran Checks and sipped on my coffee. I had Heather
unlock the door, just in case. Then we put the dishes in the sink
and talked about doing something fun before this afternoon, when
the fun and games would begin again.

We ended up splitting a coke and playing Yahtzee for a couple of
hours. I made grilled cheese for lunch and we played dominoes in
the afternoon. Then at two o'clock we started getting ready.

We took showers and did our hair. We didn't wear makeup. So now
we were sitting around with an hour to kill, waiting for Mr.

He showed up at ten before the hour and we went into the back to
get dressed to his specifications. The strange thing was that he
had bought all of those slut clothes and he made us put the
underwear on, but then he dressed us in one of our normal,
everyday, conservative outfits. I guess it is more fun to despoil
and degrade us when we look like normal people.

He led us out to his car and, before I forgot I thanked him for
the money and handed him a key to our apartment. We all got into
the car and before we had gotten a block he reached into the
pocket in his door and handed us each a blindfold and ordered us
to put them on.

That seemed a bit sinister, but it wasn't a request. After we
were blindfolded I felt Heather jump beside me and I assumed his
hand was where it shouldn't be. He told us that we were going to
a party. It was a fairly regular party that he threw for some
friends of his in order to stay on their good side. He normally
took a girl or two to the party, but this was going to be the
first time he had taken a girl this young, or a beautiful
mother-daughter. Calling us beautiful did not make up for pimping
us out to his friends.

He told us that his friends got a little rough sometimes, but
that no one would get hurt as long as we did as we were told. All
that we had to do was to be friendly and say yes to everything.
The guys all had to work in the morning, so he didn't think that
the party would go much past midnight.

I thought to myself, "What a relief, they are only going to gang
rape my daughter and I for the next eight hours. We are so

Mr. Kent finally pulled up into a driveway and told us to take
off the blindfolds. We all got out and headed for the gate to the
back yard. I looked around and saw that there were other houses
around, but not very close. It wasn't a subdivision.

I could hear music coming from the back of the house, and loud
conversation. I saw a dozen cars parked around, in the driveway
and on the side of the road. As Mr. Kent opened the gate I heard
several people call out, "Hey! Clark is here with the

Now I knew Mr. Kent's first name, though I didn't think that I
would get to use it. We followed him into the backyard and he
closed the gate behind us. There were about fifteen men in and
around a large pool. They ranged in age from mid twenties to mid
fifties. They had apparently been here for a while, some of them
were pretty loud and I assumed that they had been drinking for a

We were led onto the well lit patio near the pool and after
everyone was quiet we were introduced by our first names as a
mother and her horny little daughter. I suppose that, as
skeptical as they might have been, it must have been obvious that
we were a mother and daughter. We resembled each other strongly.

If there was anyone in the crowd that was sympathetic to our
plight, they hid it well. We were soon surrounded by horny men
and passed around like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert.

As we were passed from man to man our outer clothing was quickly
removed. We were left in our new underwear for a while and pawed
by all of the men. Once they had all seen us in our new underwear
we were relieved of that too. 

The man who seemed to be the host came around and pulled us free
of our group gropes and took us to tables and we danced like
strippers for a while, but with hands constantly reaching up to
slide up a thigh or over a butt cheek, or slip a finger into our
tight, wet slits.

The dancing went on for only half an hour or so. I began to
recognize a couple of guys in the crowd after I had stopped being
so wrapped up in my own troubles. I suddenly realized that these
guys were all cops! The first man that I recognized was the one
that had driven me to the station the night that I had been

My daughter and I were being fed to the cops to keep them happy
and protect Mr. Kent from any police problems! Oh well, just
another shovel of dirt on my grave.

The guys had soon had enough teasing and my daughter and I were
pulled down from our tables and taken to a couple of lounge chair
cushions that were laid out on the grass. We were placed on our
hands and knees and the parade started. We both had cocks at both
ends for nearly two hours after that.

We were allowed to clean up a little under the outdoor shower and
we were given something to drink, then we circulated through the
crowd until someone else wanted to have sex with us.

There was almost no sex the last couple of hours. Well, there
were some drunks that tried, but all they got was tired. The
party finally started breaking up and all those too drunk to
drive cops started leaving. 

Once they were done with us the host pulled a couple of large
trash cans onto the patio and with cum dripping down our thighs,
Heather and I cleaned up the mess on the patio. Then we did the
dishes and finally the host woke up Mr. Kent who was napping in
one of the bedrooms and we were cleaned up again and given a
towel to sit on. We put the blindfolds back on and we were driven
home. I had left my purse in the car, thankfully, because all of
our clothing had disappeared.

Mr. Kent pulled up to the door of our building and let us out, in
the nude. We rushed to our door, but thankfully it was early
Monday morning and no one saw us.

Heather and I took a long, hot shower together and washed each
other's hair and back. It had been a very long night, but the
guys, though exuberant, were not overly rough and not especially
kinky. It was just a lot of enthusiastic fucking and sucking. And
I had not seen a camera anywhere.

The next morning the alarm must have thought that I was dead. It
had been ringing for nearly fifteen minutes before I heard it. I
got up and went to Heather's room. She was still sleeping too. I
woke her up and we both needed to take another shower, just to
wake up. I got her breakfast ready while she showered and dressed
and then I took a quick shower. I came out in time to see Heather
going to school in one of those tiny miniskirts that Mr. Kent had
bought for us. I tried to stop her but she was out and gone. 

Oh well, I thought, what was the point at this stage in our
fucked up lives?

I got my things together and locked the apartment and went to
work. On the drive to work I remembered what Mr. Kent had told me
about that grabby old man that he wanted me to go back to taking
care of.

Most of the morning I tried to think of some way to ask my
supervisor, Mrs. Thomas, if I could resume being the care-giver
for Mr. Packard. I couldn't think of any plausible excuse for
putting myself in his grasp again. The problem was solved,
however, when Mrs. Thomas came to me with a problem. It seems
that there were no male nurses scheduled for today or for the
rest of this week in fact. There was a shortage of male nurses
and they were often put on nights when they were available at

It seems that Mr. Packard was insisting that I be assigned back
to his care. I sighed and said that I would be happy to resume
caring for him. I lied and said that it had not been that bad and
I had felt guilty for complaining. 

Mrs. Thomas was so relieved I almost felt good about it.

The good feeling left me though, as I was knocking on his door
and wondering what it would be like now that I could not resist
his advances.

He told me to come in and I closed the door and went over to say
good morning to him. He leered at me and as soon as I leaned over
to help him up his hand went to my breasts. The horny old fart
noticed the difference right away when I didn't try to fend his
hands off and he squeezed my breast for a moment before reaching
for my zipper and pulling it down. By the time I had walked him
to his shower he had my dress unzipped below my waist and his
hands were exploring my bare breasts and dipping down to my

He was saying, "I knew you wanted me you nasty cunt. You fucking
whore! All you fucking cunts are fucking whores!"

He was just ranting on and on. It was very disgusting. I finally
helped him into his shower and he told me to finish taking my
dress off and get in and wash him. I stared at him, partly in
exasperation, partly in shock, because that nasty old man
actually had a hardon!

I tried to remember exactly what Mr. Kent had said and how far I
had to let this go. I remembered that I was to allow Mr. Packard,
"Any and all liberties." So, I guess I had to do what he asked.

I finished unzipping my dress and set it outside the bathroom on
the back of his chair. Then I stepped into the shower stall with
the dirty old man and he was all over me. He pawed me with his
gnarled old hands and leaned against me and gnawed on my nipples
with his gums before he pushed me to my knees and forced me to
take his cock into my mouth. 

I was shocked that this old man could get a hard on, but I was
even more surprised when, in a surprisingly short time he shot a
stream of thin, watery, extremely bitter fluid into my mouth. I
gagged on it, even though I had not gagged on a mouthful of cum
in days. It was horrible. I finally stood up as he leaned back
against the wall of the shower and I turned the water on and
helped him shower. 

When he was clean I helped him dry off, his hands still playing
freely over my body as I worked.

It had been horrible, but I had obviously made a very old man
very happy.

I helped him to dress and put him in his chair and then I put my
uniform back on. As I left he cackled and said, "Not bad, nurse.
See you tomorrow."

I left his room and closed the door and leaned back against it
and took a deep breath. I would only have to shower him three
days a week. But I would have to help him dress five days a week.
I don't know how much more of this I can take!

And then I remembered that I had to make nice with Mr. Devon as
well. That would be even worse. That man hated me.

The rest of the day was pretty easy after putting up with Mr.
Packard. Every time I saw Mrs. Thomas she thanked me for doing
it. She was so grateful it was almost worth it, almost, not

After work I rushed home. I worried a lot about Heather being
home alone in that part of town. I worried even more, now that
Mr. Kent had a key to my front door.

I was crossing the parking lot at my apartment when I ran into
Mr. Devon. We were both heading for the front door at the same
time. He glowered at me as usual, but I tried smiling at him and
I asked him if I could talk to him for a moment. 

He didn't expect that and he paused to see what I had to say. I
really hadn't thought it out too much myself. 

"Mr. Devon," I said, as sincerely as possible. "I am so sorry for
what I did to you that night. I can't even explain what was going
through my mind. I honestly didn't mean to hurt you, and if you
would let me, I would like to make it up to you."

He looked at me, as if trying to figure out what the trick was.
Then he asked skeptically, "How do you propose to make that up to

I didn't want to come right out and say, "Want to fuck?"

Instead I edged closer and gave him a coy look and said, "Why
don't you come to my apartment one evening this week? I am sure
we can think of something that I can do to make you feel

Mr. Devon is a morbidly obese, ugly old man, probably my
grandfather's age. He could not possible believe that I was
attracted to him. In fact, I thought that he was disgusting, not
so much because of his looks, but his personality and the way
that he always ogled me. Not to mention the fact that he groped
me on the stairs that day and got me in all of this trouble to
start with.

Mr. Devon continued to stare at me for a moment, trying to decide
what I was pulling. But I guess the chance to be with an
attractive, sexy, young woman in her twenties was too good to
pass up. He looked at his watch and said, "Okay, how about right

When I had made the offer it was for some time in the future, the
immediacy of "right now" kind of took my breath away. But this
had already been a sucky day. Why the hell not.

I nodded my head and he followed me to my apartment. His hand was
on my ass all of the way up the stairs. 

I unlocked the door, totally forgetting about Heather being nude
at the kitchen table doing her homework. She looked up as he
pushed in behind me and they saw each other at the same time. I
saw his eyes light up as he watched her squeak in surprise and
run out of the room. His eyes followed her all the way down the
hall to her room.

He smiled at me and said, "Cute kid."

I just nodded. Then, much to his surprise, I started undressing
right by the door. No games, no playing coy. I just undressed in
front of him and then I stood there as he moved his pudgy hands
over me, roughly groping and exploring my body. 

He kept his eyes glued to my body as he asked, "Why are you doing

"I told you," I said. "I feel bad about what happened and I want
to make it up to you. I want you to stop being mad at me."

I don't suppose he really cared, beyond not believing his luck
and not understanding why any woman in her right mind would come
on to him.

After a few minutes exploring my body he asked, "Where do you
want to do this?"

I didn't want this slug in my bed. "How about right here, Mr.

"What about your little girl?" he asked.

"She will stay in her room," I responded.

He grinned evilly and said, "That's a shame."

I left it there. I pulled him over to the couch and I helped him
pull his pants and shorts off. He had a terrible, sour smell to
him. He didn't look dirty, but he did not smell like he had
bathed in days!

I invited him to sit on the couch and I stood near his legs and
played with his hard cock. I thought that I might get away with
sitting on it and riding it for a few minutes and then push him
out of here. But he was gaining confidence and he spread his legs
and asked me to suck on his cock. 

I knelt between his legs and the smell from more than a foot away
was just about enough to make me throw up. I took a deep breath
and leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him
down my throat, but not far. His cock was only a little over five
inches. The entire thing almost fit in my mouth.

As much as possible I breathed through my mouth while I sucked
him and he came quickly. His cum was a lot like Mr. Packard's,
thin and watery and very bitter. But there was much more of it
and I nearly threw up again as I forced it down my throat.

Finally I sat up and forced a smile said, "Are we even now, Mr.

He was breathing deeply and staring at me in awe. But then he got
a sneaky look on his face and said, "I don't know, I was in an
awful lot of pain. I fell all the way down those damned stairs! I
think if I was to come back here one day this week and you fucked
me, then we would be even."

I smiled and said, "If that's what it takes Mr. Devon. When would
you like to come back?"

He said, 'I'll have to see when I can get away from my wife. I'll
let you know." I helped him pull his pants back on and as he was
leaving he said, "Give that cute little girl a kiss for me."

"Yes sir," you revolting old pervert!

As soon as he was gone I sat on the couch and cried my eyes out
for a few minutes. I felt Heather sit down beside me and put her
arms around me and hold me as if she were the parent.

I pulled myself together and said, "I have to brush my teeth. Go
finish your homework and I'll start supper. And thanks sweetie."

She smiled at me and went to the kitchen. I watched her cute butt
crossing the room and felt so sad for her. I had promised myself
that she would have the childhood that I never had. Instead she
had this!

I made a simple supper this evening. More like one of our normal
meals. Afterwards we sat around and talked and ate a small dish
of ice cream. She asked about my day and I said, "Trust me, you
don't want to know."

She smiled wryly and said, "You got someone else that you can get
this off your chest with?"

I looked at her, obviously wise way beyond her years and asked,
"Don't you think it will make things that much harder for you if
you are my crying towel in the evening?"

"You have to talk to someone," she said. "I am who you have. And
I don't mind. You are there for me."

I sighed and told her all about my horrible morning with Mr.
Packard. She grinned when I was done and said, "Those horny old
guys never get over a little young stuff, do they?!"

"Heather!" I exclaimed. But I suppose that she was right. All of
the men that were abusing us were older, usually much older. I
suppose that what Mr. Kent had said about youth being sexy was
the truth. Even I saw it in my daughter. Her freshness, her youth
were exciting. If only I could have done a better job of
protecting them.

We cleaned up the kitchen and went in and sat down to watch a
little TV on our little old set. We couldn't afford cable of
course. So we only got the networks on the rabbit ears.

We were watching TV and had just about gotten used to being naked
when I heard a noise at the door and Mr. Kent came in with
another man whom I had not seen before.

We stood up and I turned the TV off and waited to see what was
going to happen. Well, we knew what they were here for. We were
just waiting to be told what to do.

There were no introductions. The men sat down on the couch. I
doubt if Mr. Kent's friend's eyes could have gotten any bigger.

I was ordered to fetch two beers and when I returned, Heather was
in the stranger's lap being pawed. But he was not too rough. He
was obviously in awe of her.

I handed one beer to Mr. Kent and held the other man's while he
pawed my daughter. Finally Mr. Kent took the other beer from me
and said, "Let her up for a while. You'll love this."

He pushed Heather from his lap and took his beer and Mr. Kent
told us to get comfortable on the rug and put on a show.

Heather and I had been forced to have sex several times in the
last week. Neither of us was bi, and the very idea of it was
disgusting to both of us. But for some reason these perverts
seemed to take extra pleasure in it because she was my daughter.

We came together and hugged and kissed for a minute before we
went to the floor and started making out. I kept hearing Mr.
Kent's friend saying, "Holy shit!" and "Son of a bitch!" and
"Would you look at that! Clark, you are one lucky cocksucker!"

Mr. Kent never said a word, just apparently basked in the glow of
this kinky bastard's adulation.

Heather and I kissed and touched and then moved into a sixty-nine
and for some reason it felt better than usual. I found myself
having a real orgasm, not faking it like I normally do. Heather
realized it, and I guess it turned her on, because she came soon
as well, and I was positive she wasn't faking either. The way
that her sweet young pussy closed on my tongue and gripped it
tightly when she was having her orgasm were pretty convincing. 

The men watched us for a few minutes longer, and then I heard
them standing up and getting undressed. Mr. Kent came over to us
and made us get up on our hands and knees, side by side, facing
in the same direction.

The men got to their knees and first they inserted their hard
cocks in pussy and my mouth at the same time. They stroked in and
out for a minute, and then they moved to my daughter and did the
same thing. Mr. Kent was in our mouths, the new man in our
pussies. As they enjoyed our various orifices they talked over
our backs about the relative merits of our pussies and our
cocksucking abilities.

I really wanted to bite his god damned cock right off.

They moved back and forth a couple of times and then they traded
places. Now the new man was shoving his cock into my throat and
fucking my face before moving over and doing the same thing to
Heather. He apparently didn't realize that she had not done that
before and was not very gentle. But he was not that big, average
I suppose. His cock was about six inches and not much bigger
around than my thumb and after struggling with it for a moment,
Heather managed to tolerate it in her throat. 

As they fucked us like that, the new man said that it was a shame
that they couldn't fuck our asses.

Mr. Kent said, "Just be patient. I have something special planned
for them. The next time you can fuck any hole that you want. Or
all three holes, whatever.

It hadn't even occurred to me that there was a hole that they
were not fucking. I mean I knew that I had an asshole, and that I
wasn't being fucked there. But I never expected to be! Now what
the hell was that bastard planning?!

They switched back and forth between us for a while and finally
the new man said, "I can't take much more of this. Do you mind if
I take the girl?"

"Help yourself, Don," Mr. Kent said magnanimously. Then we were
pulled to our feet and for the first time they took us to our
bedrooms and fucked us. For some reason, that bothered me. I
didn't want them in our bedrooms. Our bedrooms were, until now,
safe areas, but not tonight, not anymore.

I was pulled down the hall behind my daughter and I watched Don
pull her into her room. That was all that I had time to see
before I was pushed into my room and onto my bed. 

Mr. Kent got on top of me and fucked me roughly, which was his
normal style. I didn't cum this time. I was too upset. Things
just seemed to keep getting worse and worse.

After he fucked me I automatically cleaned him off. He made me
keep sucking and, when he was hard again I sucked him off. As I
was sucking him I could hear the sounds of sex coming from my
little girl's bedroom and it really disturbed me. Mr. Kent seemed
to find it amusing. But it bothered me more than when it happened
elsewhere. She should be safe in her room.

After he filled my mouth with his second load of cum I told him
what I had done with Mr. Packard and Mr. Devon. I told him that I
pretty much expected that it would be a daily thing with Mr.
Packard, and that Mr. Devon had said that he felt it would
require another visit before I had atoned for my sins.

Mr. Kent found that amusing, but he didn't say anything.

The noises coming from my daughter's room had finally stopped and
I heard the door open and Don came and stood in the door to my

He was ecstatic and raved about how hot Heather was.

Mr. Kent said, "One of these days, after they lose their last
cherries, we can come over and spend the night and fuck the
bitches all night long. How does that sound?"

Don said, "That sounds fantastic. I'd like to spend a little more
quality time with mama too. She is a definite hottie! Hell, she
doesn't look much older than her daughter!"

"She isn't," Mr. Kent reminded him. "Remember, I told you, she
got knocked up when she was fourteen. The bitch is only
twenty-seven. And until I took over her life last week she had
only been fucked once. Shit! She was almost a virgin!"

"She is still tight enough to make your dick sore after a couple
of hard fucks," he continued. 

Sometimes I wondered if I wouldn't be better off going to prison
for five years. But then I remembered that he had the power to
end up in complete control of Heather's life if I was gone. He
had never actually said so, but somehow we knew that he would.

Mr. Kent finally stood up and we all went back out to the living
room. I stopped in the bathroom and wiped my pussy and my thighs.
As I was leaving Heather was coming in and she smiled at me
wryly. Under her breath she said, "What an asshole!"

I smiled and went out to see the men getting dressed. They were
just about to leave when Mr. Kent said, "Just a minute, Don."
Then he went down the hall and entered the bathroom where Heather
was cleaning up, without even knocking.

He shut the door and while Don was waiting he came over and
played with my tits, squeezing and pulling on my nipples, telling
me in the most vulgar language how much he had enjoyed fucking my
little girl and smiling at me arrogantly. 

I was more concerned with what was going on in the bathroom
though, and I just ignored him.

Mr. Kent finally came back out and they left. 

I went down the hall and looked into the open bathroom door to
see Heather on the toilet. She looked very mad. I went in and I
saw why. Mr. Kent had apparently had to use the toilet, but he
had not let Heather move out of the way. He had peed between her
thighs, and he did not have a very good aim.

She was wiping her legs off with toilet paper. As she cleaned
herself she said, "The son of a bitch said that he was going to
give me a ride home from school tomorrow. He is going to pick me
up after school. And when I come out to his car he wants me to
have a load of fresh cum in my panties. I am going to have to
fuck some kid at school tomorrow afternoon!"

I sat on the side of the tub as she stood up and started cleaning
the floor around the toilet. I told her to leave it, that I would
get it while she took a shower. But she ignored me and wiped up
the drops of urine on the floor. Then she stood up and said,

I stood up and tried to hold her but she pushed me away and said,
"No mom, not yet. Let me get cleaned up first."

But I held her close and said, "What's a little piss between

"That fucking pig!" she exclaimed, and held me tight.

I said, "We have a couple of hundred dollars now, three hundred,
actually. I get paid on Friday. We could make a run for it

She looked up at me and said, "And for the rest of our lives we
would be running from him. You could never have anything but a
shitty job like the one you have now, and neither could I. We
would be better off if we killed him and dumped the body in the

"I have thought of it," I said. But I have always been the kind
of person that buys drugs from the undercover cop. Not that I buy
drugs, but if I did, that is what would happen. The only good
thing that ever happened to me is you. I wish I knew what the
right thing to do was. I have never felt so stupid before."

We hugged quietly for a while and then we took a shower together.
Then I got out fresh sheets and we remade the beds.

I cried myself to sleep again that night. My whole life seemed so

The next day I watched Heather leaving for school and thought
about what she had to do to satisfy that cruel bastard. 

Then I left for work and after checking in, headed for Mr.
Packard's room. I knocked and then entered without waiting for
him to answer. He was lying on his bed, naked, and playing with
his hard cock in anticipation of my arrival. 

I walked over to his bed and tried to chastise him, but he just
said, "Shut up bitch, and get that fucking uniform off!"

Oh well, what's the point!

I double checked that I had locked his door, then I removed my
uniform and, at his insistence I got on his bed with my knees
spread on either side of his head and then I leaned down over his
wrinkled, smelly old body and took his cock into my mouth and
sucked him off. 

I suppose the anticipation and the memories of yesterday really
had him excited, because he quickly filled my mouth with his
bitter, watery cum. I swallowed as fast as I could, but he
wouldn't let me up. 

"Again, bitch!" he ordered. And I bent back down and took this
dirty old man's cock back into my mouth. I was shocked at his
stamina. He was over ninety years old for Christ's sake! But I
sucked him again as he explored my pussy and in only about ten
minutes he was cumming again.

He let me up this time but he wouldn't let me dress until I had
dressed him. And the entire time I worked at him he pulled and
squeezed at my tits. I was not permitted to dress until he was
fully dressed and sitting in his chair. He was smiling like the
very devil himself. As I left he said, "See you tomorrow,

I wondered if Mr. Kent had any idea what this old pervert was
like. But I tried to push it out of my mind. The rest of my day
was much more normal and I was anxious to get started and take my
mind off of this sex fiend.

The day finally ended with no more unusual events. Mrs. Thomas
thanked me again for taking over caring for Mr. Packard again. 

I smiled and lied and said, "Oh that's all right. He has settled
down and he is hardly any trouble at all now."

I drove home, but as I drove I wasn't thinking about Mr. Packard.
I was worried about Heather and what she had been forced to do at
school today to please Mr. Kent.

I saw his car in the parking lot as I pulled in. He must have
been alone in the apartment for the last hour with Heather. I
hurried up the stairs and opened the door and there they were in
the living room. They were both naked and I saw that there were
tears in Heather's eyes and I saw a few traces of cum around her

She was sitting, straddling his legs with his large cock buried
in her pussy. She had obviously had a hard day, was in fact still
having it.

I started to go to her but Mr. Kent stopped me. "Strip, bitch!"
he ordered. You know better than to come inside with your clothes

I unzipped my uniform and tossed it on a chair and went over to
Heather. She looked a little dazed, and she looked like she was
in a lot of pain.

"What did you do to her?" I asked him accusingly.

He smiled at me and said, "She finally learned how to deepthroat.
A good cunt needs to know how to do that. And I did her a favor.
Once she can deepthroat me she can do it for anyone. You know
that. Now lean down and lick her nasty face clean, then she can
tell you about her day. It was pretty interesting."

I fought my impulse to glare at him. The only ones that would get
hurt in this relationship were my daughter and me. It would do no
good to make things worse.

I leaned down and licked his cooling cum from around her lips and
off of her cheek. Then I kissed her forehead and finally her
puffy lips, softly.

She was moving up and down slowly on his cock now, he was guiding
her with his hands on her upper chest, his fingers reaching
around and pressing into her breasts.

As she moved her small breasts jiggled with every bounce in an
obscene manner. Her hands were on his knees, for balance, and to
give herself the leverage she needed to bounce up and down on his

He ordered me to sit on the floor in front of them and once I was
seated he said, "Okay, heather. Tell mommy all about your
exciting afternoon."

She smiled wryly as she bounced up and down on him, but she
started talking in a strained, raspy voice that made me want to
put a bullet right through his head.

"I had to find someone to fuck me by the end of the school day,
as you know mom. I don't have a boyfriend, and I didn't know what
I was going to do. My next to the last period is study hall, and
I looked around after the bell rang at the start of it and I
finally decided to ask Mark, the guy that sits next to me to
sneak out. I passed him a note asking him if he would meet me
outside in the hall, I needed to ask him something. He looked at
me like I was nuts, since he had made a couple of passes at me
and I had turned him down. He passed me a note back that said he
had a lot of homework to do, and maybe some other time."

"I was desperate though, so I passed him another note that said,
'Let's go somewhere and fuck!', and that really got his

"He passed me a note that said, 'Meet me in five minutes outside
the boy's room', and I went to the teacher and told her that I
was having cramps and needed to use the girl's room."

"She gave me a hall pass and I hurried out and went down the hall
and stood against the wall between the boy's and the girl's
restroom. In a couple of minutes Mark came out and walked quickly
to where I was standing. He asked me, 'Is this a fucking joke?'
and I was thinking 'yeah, on me!'"

"But I shook my head and he pulled me into the boy's room and
pushed me into one of the stalls. He pulled up my t-shirt and
pulled my tits out of my bra and played with them for a minute,
and then he pushed me down and sat me on the toilet and pulled
out his cock and put it in my mouth. I would actually have
preferred to finish him that way, but I had to have a load of
fresh cum in my panties. So once he was hard and about half way
there, I stood up and pulled my skirt up and my underwear down
and turned around and bent over."

"He played with my ass and my pussy for a minute, and then he
jammed his cock into me and fucked me like a god damned rabbit. I
didn't feel a thing. He came in like two minutes and pulled out
of me."

"I started to pull my underwear up and get myself put back
together to go to class, but Mark stopped me. He turned me back
around and bent me over again. I thought he was going to fuck me
again, but instead, he opened the stall door and stepped out. I
turned around to look and Mark's buddy Jason was standing there.
He stepped right up to me and shoved his cock into my pussy and
fucked me just like Mark had."

"Thirteen and fourteen year old boys don't fuck worth a shit!"
she said, disgusted by the whole affair.

She was quiet for a minute and I thought that she was done, but
Mr. Kent said, "Keep talking, you sweet little bitch."

"After Jason fucked me he stepped back and I finally pulled my
panties up and let my skirt fall into place. Before they let me
leave, Mark showed me the two dozen pictures that Jason had taken
over the wall of the stall while I had been sucking and fucking
Mark. They told me that I had to meet them whenever and where
ever they wanted, or those pictures would be all over the
internet, and all over school. So now I have to fuck those two
little pricks any time that they want."

"After that," she continued, breathlessly because she was still
fucking Mr. Kent's large cock, "I smelled like cum and I wanted
to get cleaned up. But I couldn't, of course. I had to have that
load of cum to show to Mr. Kent. I got back to study hall just as
the bell rang. The teacher saw how bad I looked and didn't say
anything. She seemed to assume that I was having a rough

"I grabbed my things and went to my last class, and I could see
people sniffing the air as I went by. It was really strong."

"I hurried to my seat in Mr. William's class and unfortunately,
Mr. Williams has a habit of walking the aisles between the
students as he talks. He stopped when he came to me and looked
down at me for a moment. Then he moved on. But at the end of the
class he called me to his desk and said, 'Heather, I have a
meeting after class. But I want you to see me after class
tomorrow. We need to talk.'"

"I went to my locker after class and Mark came by and grabbed my
ass and smiled. I just ignored him and got my books out and went
outside. I saw Mr. Kent's car about half way up the block and I
went over and knocked on the window. He told me to get in, and he
even had a towel for me to sit on. Isn't he so very

She squealed when he pinched her tit in response to her sarcasm.
Then she resumed her narrative.

"I got in and he lifted my skirt, with a hundred kids walking by
outside on the sidewalk. Then he drove me home and after I
undressed and sucked my panties clean he taught me how to
deepthroat. Just before he finished he pulled out and sprayed a
few squirts of cum on my face and told me to save them for you."

"Then he made me suck him hard again and straddle him so that you
would have something nice to look at while I told you what
happened to me today. And now I am supposed to ask you to tell us
about what happened with Mr. Packard."

I thought about my morning with Mr. Packard and realized that,
compared to what my poor baby had been put through, I had had and
easy day. I told them all about Mr. Packard and at about the time
I finished Mr. Kent started driving Heather up and down on his
cock forcefully and then he filled her with another load of cum.

He lifted her up off of his cock and held her easily while I
licked and sucked them both clean. When he was satisfied he put
Heather down and she stood up and went to the bathroom. 

I looked up at him and I couldn't hide the hate in my eyes. He
saw it, and he loved it. 

I said, "You fucking pervert, she is just a little girl and you
are fucking up her whole fucking life so that you can get your

He moved so fast I never saw it coming. He slapped me so hard I
rolled over twice before I came to a rest in a heap a couple of
feet away.

He stood up and kicked my ass so hard that I moved another foot.
Then he yelled down at me, "You are god damned right I am doing
it for my kicks. And I am enjoying the hell out of it you stupid
cunt! You can hate me all you want, I love it. It makes me hard
to fuck a cute little thing like you that hates it so much when I
touch her. But if you ever talk to me like that again I will put
your ass in the hospital for a month, and your precious little
girl can come stay with me. Do you fucking understand me you
stupid fucking cunt?!"

I groaned in pain, and I nodded my head, but he wasn't satisfied.

"I didn't fucking hear you, you fucking cunt, I asked you a god
damned question!"

Heather heard him yelling and she ran back out into the living
room. He held her by her hair to keep her from getting to me. She
was crying and calling to me and he pulled her face close to his
own and yelled at her to shut up.

I struggled to my knees and said, "Hush baby, calm down I'm

But he slapped me again and said, "Don't you bother with her, you
stupid fucking cunt. You talk to me!"

I looked up at him in abject terror now and I said, "Yes Mr.
Kent, I understand you."

He finally let Heather go and she fell into my arms. 

Mr. Kent got dressed then, but the entire time that he was
dressing he was muttering about stupid cunts. When he was
finished and on the way out the door he turned back and asked
Heather, "What did you say that teacher's name was, the teacher
that you have for your last class of the day?"

She didn't even look up, the tears were pouring down her cheeks
and she couldn't see anyway. But she answered, "Mr. Williams, my
history teacher."

Mr. Kent said, "You better find some way to fuck him tomorrow,
I'll teach you two to give me a load of crap, god damn it! And
when Devon comes back, I bet he'd like a mother-daughter
threesome too. Don't you think, cunt?"

I nodded, and I held Heather against my body and we cried so hard
that for a moment we didn't even realize that the asshole had

It was a long time before we got ourselves under control. When we
were down to a few quiet sobs I helped Heather up and we went
down to the bathroom. My ears were still ringing from those
slaps. He is a very big, strong man and he wasn't holding back. I
had never seen someone explode like that before and I was so
fucking scared, twice as scared as I had been. This man was not
quite right!

We took a hot shower and then we went into the kitchen and just
sat for a while. I got us a coke and we split it and took a
couple of Tylenol with it.

I wanted to say something, to comfort her. But there was nothing
to say. I had a feeling that I had just made things a lot worse,
but there was nothing that I could say.

After we had sat quietly for what seemed like a very long time, I
got up and started supper. Heather watched me for a minute and
then she got her books out. She was just staring at her homework,
but I didn't say anything. I couldn't blame her for not being
able to concentrate on schoolwork after what had just happened.

She looked up and saw that I was watching her and she said, "What
did you say to him?"

At first I couldn't remember! I had to think for a moment before
it came back to me. I repeated it word for word. "You fucking
pervert, she is just a little girl and you are fucking up her
whole fucking life so that you can get your kicks!"

Heather continued to look at me and then she asked, "Why would he
get so mad at you for stating the obvious?"

I saw that she was calming down finally, and I was relieved. I
answered, "I guess he didn't like my tone of voice."

She shook her head and said, "I didn't know that he was so
fucking sensitive!"

I went around the table and hugged her and said, "I'm sorry baby.
But it looks like I am going to have to kill him one of these

She didn't look up; she just said quietly, "We may indeed."

The next day was bath day for Mr. Packard. I didn't even try to
fight it any more. I just did whatever it took to satisfy him as
quickly as possible and then I bathed him and dressed him and
went about the rest of my day.

When I got home, Heather had just gotten in ahead of me. She was
still undressing. It was obvious that she had not had an easy
day, again.

She went and took a quick shower and then joined me at the table
and I made her tell me what had happened. It had started at lunch
time. Mark and Jason had corralled her in the hallway and they
had gone out into the parking lot. 

They walked to an old van and opened the side door and pushed her
in. Inside was kind of dirty and smelly, but it was carpeted, and
it was a work truck, so there were no windows. 

There was, however, an older boy. Mark's older brother Kevin, the
owner of the van had offered them a place to play during lunch
period. But he wanted a piece of the action. Mark was all too
happy to share.

Kevin watched avidly as Mark and Jason undressed Heather. They
roughly pulled and squeezed at her breasts and jammed fingers
into her dry pussy for several minutes. Then Mark moved towards
the back of the van and sat down and ordered her to suck him

As she was sucking him off, Jason got behind her and forced his
cock into her pussy, which, fortunately had finally begun to
produce a little lubrication. 

Both boys came quickly and Mark was really impressed with the way
Heather could take him into her throat and swallow his cum. So
was Kevin, apparently, and she had to provide that same service
for him. 

The three boys rested for a moment and then, while she sucked off
Jason, the brothers both fucked her until they had come again.
Kevin went first this time, but he didn't get dressed. He waited
until the other two boys had cum in her and then he ordered her
to clean him up so that he could get dressed. 

The other two thought that was a good idea and she had to suck
them all clean. But then, as she started to dress, Kevin, who
apparently had a mean streak in him just like our Mr. Kent, said
to her, "God, you are one skuzzy cunt. Look at all that shit
leaking out of you! You better clean that up too."

She looked at him for a moment, dully, but didn't resist. He
pulled out a camera and took pictures of her as she scooped up
the three boy's cum that was draining out of her and running down
her thighs and licked her fingers clean for their amusement.

While she ate their slimy cum they were talking among themselves
about what a slut she was and calling her a cute little cum dump
and a skuzzy tramp. She couldn't even defend herself. She knew
that it wasn't true, but she was never going to be able to
explain it to anyone.

They had tried to fuck her again during study hall, but they had
a substitute teacher for study hall and he only gave a hall pass
to one student at a time. So she was safe until her next class.

She went to Mr. William's history class and took her normal seat,
which was near the front. She had gotten a chance between classes
to clean up a little, so that she no longer smelled like cum. 

As usual, Mr. Williams was pacing the aisle as he lectured them,
but he stopped often at Heather's desk and glared at her.

She sat still when the bell rang and she waited for the class to
empty so that she could find out what he wanted. She was pretty
sure that she knew, but he was a little weird, she couldn't be

After the other students had left the room, Mr. Williams closed
the door and walked over to her chair. He stared down at her for
a moment and finally he asked, "Do you know why you are here

She did, but she didn't want to admit it. Still, she had to obey
Mr. Kent, so there was no use playing coy. "Am I here because I
smelled like fresh cum in your class yesterday, Mr. Williams?"

He seemed taken aback at her open admission, but he finally said,
"You are indeed. Would you care to explain yourself?"

Heather said, "I was in the boy's room before your class, getting
fucked by two of my classmates. I didn't have time to get cleaned
up afterwards."

While she was talking, heather slid down in her seat, letting her
little miniskirt slide up and exposing her nearly transparent,
blue, nylon panties which clung to her pussy invitingly.

He stared at her exposed flesh for a moment, and then he walked
to the door and locked it. He walked back to her seat then and he
reached out and grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it

His cock was tenting his pants right at her face and she leaned
down and kissed it through his pants. Then she smiled up at him
and said, "You seem to have a little problem there, Mr. Williams.
Would you like some help with that?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She stood up and slowly undressed
as he stared at each inch of her beautiful young body as she
uncovered it.

He watched, fascinated by her beauty and her casual manner as she
undressed in front of him as though it were the most natural
thing in the world to undress after class and have sex with her
history teacher.

When she was naked he explored her body while she teased his
bulging crotch lightly with her fingertips. He didn't seem like
he was going to last much longer, so she quickly unfastened his
pants and pushed them down. He had a very nice cock, about seven
inches long and just the right thickness so that it would feel
good in her pussy, but she would be able to take it into her
throat with no difficulty, at least, not after last night and her
experience with Mr. Kent.

She dropped to her knees and he was astounded with the ease with
which she took him down her throat. His knees got weak and he had
to hold onto her as she worked her magic with her lips and
tongue. She had not intended for him to cum in her mouth, she had
been ordered to fuck him. But with no hint at all that he was
even close she suddenly felt her mouth fill up and she had to
swallow quickly to keep up with his hot load of cum. 

She had the impression that it had been a while for him.

She smiled up at him and saw a look on his face that looked
almost like love! She chuckled and started sucking lightly again.
His cock was still half hard, and she needed to be fucked. Not
that she was horny, but in case Mr. Kent checked, she needed him
to fuck her.

He stared down at her as she continued to use her wonderful mouth
on him. He reached down and caressed her hair and looked like he
wanted to say something nice to her, but he couldn't talk. 

When he was nice and hard and throbbing again, she stood up and
pulled him to his desk and she bent over it and said, "Please Mr.
Williams, I need you to fuck me now."

He obviously didn't want to disappoint her. In fact, he surprised
her. He was very good at it, and he was careful to see that she
enjoyed it too. She ended up having to bite her lip to keep from
screaming as he fucked her to several great orgasms. He fucked
her with one hand caressing her breast and another reaching
around to gently tease her clit and she thought that without a
doubt it was the best fuck she had ever had. 

And after she had bent down and sucked him clean she smiled at
him and told him so. He thought that she was just being nice, but
she assured him that in her limited experience, he was the best
fuck that she ever had, and that she would be happy to do it
again, maybe not everyday, but often.

He put himself back in order, and then watched her dress,
fascinated by her youth, her beauty, and her sexuality. He wasn't
sure when he had ordered her to stay after school that he had
planned on taking advantage of her. But he probably was. On the
other hand, she had been much more the instigator than the victim
of child abuse, this time.

When she was dressed she looked at the clock and saw that the
whole incident had taken only twenty minutes. She went over to
him and stood up on tiptoe and kissed his cheek. She thanked him
and grabbed her books and went to her locker. She got her book
bag and her books for the evening and went home.

She had only gotten half way home, however, when Kevin pulled up
beside her in his van. He ordered her to get in and he drove her
home. Then they got in the back and she had to suck him off
again. It took quite a while, since he had just fucked her at
lunch time, twice. He finally let her out, but as she was getting
out he smiled and said, "You are pretty fucking good at that. See
you tomorrow, cunt."

She kept expecting Mr. Kent to show up. And he did, but not until
I had gotten home. I made supper while she did her homework. Then
we both cleaned up the kitchen and were going to go in and watch
a little TV when Mr. Kent arrived.

He was alone today. And he seemed calmer. He called Heather over
and he stuck a couple of fingers into her cunt roughly and then
he pulled them out, seeing the obvious signs that she had
recently been fucked. 

He sat down with his pants around his knees and made her tell him
everything that had happened to her today, in excruciating and
humiliating detail, while I knelt between his legs and sucked his

When she had finished her story, and I had finished sucking him
off, he looked at me and said, "Compared to your little girl, you
had a pretty easy day. Somehow that doesn't seem fair, does it?"

I shook my head and waited to find out what he had planned.

He stood up and pulled his pants on and fastened them. Then he
led me to my room and picked out one of micro miniskirts and a
crop top that said, "Cum," with the picture of the dumpster on

He told me to put on my highest heels, which were only two
inches, and then he dressed Heather in a matching skirt and a
crop top that said, "Slut in Training."

Then he pulled us through the apartment and we followed him
outside. He paused out in the parking lot and said, "From now on,
until we get back here, neither of you can say no to anyone. The
only exception is if someone tries to fuck your ass. You can say
no to that. Got it?"

We nodded. Then he told us to walk together to the small park
across the street and walk around slowly. He would be following
behind to watch, and he better see lots of smiles.

I took a deep breath and we walked out of the parking lot and
crossed the street to the park. It was getting late and the small
kids and the smarter couples were all inside. We walked down the
sidewalk past groups of teenaged boys.

There was an occasional couple, but this was not the safest place
to be and most women stayed out of here.

We passed a couple of small groups of boys who got a kick out of
our outfits, but none of them asked us, or told us, to do
anything. Not until we passed a half a dozen black teenagers and
one of them said, "Whoa mama! Hang on a minutes!"

We stopped, nervously, and turned around to face them. I could
see Mr. Kent about sixty or seventy feet back on the sidewalk. He
had come to a halt when we had and he was watching.

The black boy that had spoken took a step closer and read our
shirts again. Then he looked at us closely. He said, "I know you,
bitch! You live in my apartment building. That's your fucking
daughter, isn't it?!"

I nodded. I was really scared now. This was really starting to
get out of hand.

He spoke to his friends and said, "Hey guys, check this shit out.
Did you see what these shirts say? Mama is a fucking cum dump,
and her little girl is a slut in training. We need to help these
girls out! Is that what you're out here for mama, you and your
little girl looking for some cock?"

I took a deep breath and I nodded. The six teenagers went crazy.
They were giving each other high fives and making crude comments,
not believing their eyes. The one doing all of the talking pulled
my crop top up over my tits and grabbed one of them and looked me
right in the eye and said, "Bitch, you ever had any black cock?"

I shook my head and he smiled and said, "Then it's going to be
almost like fucking a couple of virgins!" He reached over then
and pulled Heather's top up and they all stared at our tits as we
stood there letting them do anything that they wanted. 

Finally he said, "Man, I have to get me some of this shit!" 

He looked around and pulled us into a nearby copse of trees and
bushes with a small clearing in the center and the six of them
were all over us, pulling our clothes off and touching and
grabbing and pulling at our bodies. 

The talker pulled me close and kissed me forcefully, exploring my
mouth with his fat tongue before he said, "Mama, you got a cute
little girl, but you are some hot shit, and I'm going to be a
mother fucker tonight!"

He quickly undressed and pushed me to my knees and I took his
large, but not overly large cock into my mouth. I took him into
my throat quickly and it was obviously the first time anyone had
done that. He went crazy and called his friends over to show them
what I was doing. But they didn't all come over and look. Two of
them were already fucking Heather from both ends. And soon I was
being taken the same way. 

They went around and around until each of them had had both of
us. Some of them seemed to have taken me more than once. But it
was hard to keep track. It was dark and they were dark and they
always seemed to be moving.

They finally finished and watched us suck them clean with
amusement. Then they watched us dress and the one that did most
of the talking said, "You bitch's was pretty good. We got to do
this again, soon!"

We finally stepped back onto the path and Mr. Kent was right
there. He had been watching the entire orgy. 

He guided us back to our apartment and ordered us to take a
shower. He was horny again.

We took a hot shower and dried off and went back out to the
living room. He was there, sipping a beer and waiting impatiently
with his pants off. 

We walked up to him and waited for him to tell us what he

He gulped the last of his beer down and then he looked back and
forth between us, as if trying to decide which one of us he
wanted to abuse next. He finally decided that he couldn't decide,
so he made us both get down and suck him off.

Heather and I worked together and before long he was cumming in
my mouth, but he ordered me not to swallow. I held is bitter cum
in my mouth after he was finished and he smiled at me and said,
"Okay bitch, give your little girl a big, wet, juicy kiss."

I hated it, but after last night I was terrified of this man. I
pulled Heather close and we kissed and his cum drained into her
mouth. As we kissed he said, "Pass it back and forth girls. Don't
hog it!"

We obeyed; we were too scared not too. He watched us for a
minute, then he said, "Okay, each of you can have half of it, go
ahead and swallow."

We finally swallowed and sat back on our heels, waiting to see if
that was the end of our torment for today.

Mr. Kent stood up and started dressing without saying a word, as

I followed him to the door and locked it as soon as he was gone.

Heather and I looked at each other. Neither one of us could take
much more of this.

I got us each a dish of ice cream and we sat and stared at the TV
with the sound off. I don't even know what was on. Then we went
to bed.

I had only been in bed for a few minutes when Heather came in.
She knocked quietly and opened the door and said, "Mom, can I
sleep with you tonight?"

I pulled the covers down and she came over and got in with me. It
seemed strange to feel her naked body next to mine, unnatural. 

I held her close and both of us cried quietly for a long time.
The next thing I knew my alarm was ringing and I got up and took
a quick shower. Heather had made coffee for me and eaten her
cereal and she went in to take a quick shower and then dress.

She came out and we said goodbye and she went to school. I went
off to satisfy Mr. Packard, and then go to work. But today was
different. I went to Mr. Packard's door and knocked and entered
when he invited me in.

But this morning he had company. Mr. Capp, his next door neighbor
was sitting in the small room's only easy chair. I said, "Oh, I'm
sorry, I didn't realize that you had company. I'll come back

I started to leave but old Mr. Packard said, "You stop right
there young lady!" he said forcefully. "I told Eddie all about
us. He doesn't believe me. So you are going to show him, and then
you are going to suck his cock for him. Now take that fucking
uniform off."

I started to stutter out some kind of refusal, some kind of
denial, but Mr. Packard said, "Do you want me telling Mrs. Thomas
what we do every morning? I hear your job is on the line already.
I don't want any shit out of you. Just take that fucking uniform
off, now!"

I glanced at Mr. Capp and he seemed to be as embarrassed as I
was. But I had the feeling that would all change once I was

I unzipped my uniform and put it on the desk. Then I went over to
where Mr. Packard was lying on the bed. He was wearing his robe,
but it was wide open now and he ordered me to get up over him
like I had the last time. 

I straddled his head with my knees and bent down and took his
cock into my mouth. As I started sucking he played with my ass
and my pussy and jerked his hips a little bit and soon I was
drinking his watery cum again. I waited for him to let me go and
then I stood up. I glanced at Mr. Capp and was surprised to see
that he had dropped his pants and was sitting with his cock
standing straight up. I had thought that these old guys were past

I knelt at his feet and soon I was sucking him down my throat,
and he was groaning and gasping and in no time he shot his bitter
cum into my mouth.

When he finished I swallowed and sat up and he smoothed my hair
with his hand affectionately and said, "Thank you sweetheart. I
have not felt that in close to thirty years. That was

He was so sweet about it that I didn't even mind it. I got up and
got dressed and Mr. Packard said, "See you tomorrow, bitch."

I said, "You aren't dressed yet, Mr. Packard. I have to dress

He looked down and said, "Oh yeah, good. I get to grope you some
more. I like groping you."

So we went through that mess for the next ten minutes. 

Finally I was able to pull away and get back to work.

When I finally finished up for the day and drove home I ran into
Mr. Devon in the lobby. He was waiting for me and he came up to
me and said, "Okay, let's go."

He followed me upstairs again, with his hand on my ass, which was
infuriating because that was how I got into this mess to start
with. I unlocked my door and he followed me in. This time Heather
didn't run away. She looked up and saw us and turned around in
her chair. I invited him to sit down and I went to my room to

After I undressed I had a sudden inspiration. I dug around in my
closet and found an old cassette recorder. I put some batteries
and a blank tape in it, pushed record and hid it behind my back.

I was nervous about sneaking it out into the living room, but Mr.
Devon was already being distracted by Heather. She was in his lap
and he was mauling her like an old bear. He didn't even see me
enter the room. I set the recorder on the floor nearby and prayed
that it was working, although I didn't have a clue about what I
would do with the tape if he actually did admit to groping me on
the stairs that day.

He pushed Heather to the floor and together they opened his pants
and she took him into her mouth. He waived me over and pulled me
down and while my daughter sucked is cock he kissed me and pawed
my breasts. 

He came quickly and then collapsed back onto the sofa and caught
his breath. I offered him a drink and he nodded. I had Heather
get him one of Mr. Kent's beers. Then I started talking quietly
to him while he was relaxed and off his guard. 

I apologized again for slapping him that day, and I told him that
I was just so shocked when I felt his hand on my ass. 

He grinned and said, "Not a problem dear. I couldn't help myself.
You have such a luscious ass. I had wanted to get my hands on it
since you moved in. It was worth getting knocked down the stairs
to get my hands on your ass that day."

I prayed that he was talking loud enough, and that the tape was
actually recording. Then I paused while he sipped at the beer
that Heather had just handed him.

I asked him, "How did you enjoy my daughter's blowjob? Wasn't she
good for a thirteen year old?"

"Boy, I'll say," he exclaimed. "That was just about the best
blowjob I ever had, no matter how old the broad was that was
sucking me. We are going to have to do that again. Aren't we

"Yes sir, Mr. Devon," She responded.

Then he turned back to me and said, "I'd like to stay and fuck
you, Ann, but I have to get home. My wife will be wondering where
I am. I'll be back though."

I followed him to the door and locked it. Then I reached down and
picked up the recorder and stopped it. I pushed rewind and then I
held my breath and pushed play. And there it was, clear as a
bell. Every word that son of a bitch had just said, including his
admission that he had just had sex with my thirteen year old

Now I just had to figure out how to use it.

I hugged Heather and then I hid the tape. We were both pretty

She went back to her homework and I started supper. We ate with a
sense that maybe there was hope after all. It had been a long
time since I had that feeling.

We were all set to go to bed when Mr. Kent showed up just before
nine. He ordered us both to dress in one of our new lingerie sets
and then something conservative over them.

We dressed, we were both upset, we were about to go to bed. We
thought the torment was over for the day.

We followed him to his car and he drove us out to the Airport
Hilton. He never said a word from the time he told us to dress.
We followed him into the hotel and we went straight to the
elevator and up to a room on the top floor. Well, it wasn't a
room; it was a very large suite. 

We stepped inside and there were three men in business suits
looking us over. Mr. Kent nodded to them and then led us to the
center of the room and stood back and ordered us to undress. 

After all we had been through you would have thought that this
would have been easy. But I felt more ill at ease here than I had
in the park with those six black teenagers. These were important
looking business men and being treated this way in front of them
made it all the more humiliating.

We undressed quickly though, and soon we were standing side by
side, naked in a room with four fully dressed men.

Mr. Kent ordered us to turn around slowly and the men watched us,
obviously becoming aroused, both by our youth, and our good

One of the men came over and handed Mr. Kent and envelope and
said, "They are as beautiful as you promised. I'll call you."

Mr. Kent let himself out and the men got up and surrounded us.
One of them put his hands on Heather's chin and lifted her face
up and said, "How old are you sweetheart?"

When she answered truthfully, he turned white and stepped back.
Then he asked, "I'm sorry, did you just say that you were

She nodded.

They had apparently been misled. Either that or Mr. Kent didn't
think that they would care. He obviously had thought that her age
was a plus.

The man that had handed Mr. Kent the envelope, I am assuming it
was the money that they had paid to use us tonight, went out of
the room and came back and handed us both a soft, fluffy terry

I was confused. So was Heather. This was the first time anyone
had been put off by her age.

The men stared at each other for a minute and then looked at me
and said, "Is that your sister?"

I shook my head, I was getting scared now. I didn't know who
these guys were, but if Mr. Kent got any complaints, we would
suffer for it. 

I finally said, "No, that's my daughter, Heather."

"Why are you here, why are you doing this?!" he asked, obviously
unable to grasp of a situation where a mother would allow her
daughter to be used as a prostitute.

I sighed. I knew there was going to be trouble now. I said,
"Look, I am not a monster. I don't have any choice. I don't know
what went on between you and Mr. Kent. I just know that if he is
not happy, we suffer. I don't want to be here, neither of us
wants to be here. We don't have any choice."

One of the men went around and picked up all of our clothes and
handed them to us. He said, "Here, go in the bedroom and get
dressed. Then come back out here. We need to talk."

They offered me a drink when we came back out, but I told them
that I didn't drink. They must have thought that was amusing. I
didn't drink; I just went whoring with my thirteen year old

We all sat down and the whole story came out. It's funny, I
hadn't a clue as to who these men were, but I told them our
life's story without a qualm.

I told them everything, I even told them about the tape recording
which I had made tonight and had no idea how I was going to use.

They looked at us in disbelief. Then the one who seemed to be in
charge stood up and said, "Please excuse us ladies, my friends
and I need to talk."

They filed into the bedroom and we sat looking at each other
wondering how much trouble we were in.

They were gone a long time, more than an hour. We were trying to
decide if we should just leave when they came back out. They sat
down and one of them said, "I apologize for not introducing
myself, or my companions. We are in a profession that makes it
impossible for us to admit to having contracted for sex from a
couple of beautiful young ladies such as you two. However,
although we enjoy the company of beautiful young ladies who are
willing to join us for an evening of adult pleasure from time to
time, we are not in the habit of employing children for that

While he stopped to take a breath I assured him that we would not
say anything to anyone. We didn't want to get anyone in trouble.
We were just worried about how this was going to affect us. We
were very much afraid of Mr. Kent.

They were quiet for a few minutes and finally one of them, the
one that the other two seemed to defer to, said, "This is
bullshit. Ladies, I apologize for beating around the bush. It's
what we do, we are politicians. This can't continue."

"I have made some phone calls and Mr. Kent is probably in jail at
this very moment. If he isn't he will be soon. Mr. Devon will be
picked up for questioning in the morning after we have that tape
in our hands. I am disgusted by what I have heard here tonight. I
have to assume from what you have said that you are not the only
two young ladies that have been in this position. I am seeing to
it that there is a full investigation and every female that has
been on parole since as far back as I can have it looked into
will be hearing from someone in my office."

"I think that it is obvious that there has been a terrible
injustice here. The first thing that I will do when I get to my
office tomorrow morning, is set aside the verdict in your case
and dismiss the case with prejudice."

"The second thing that I will do is see to it that you are
compensated, both of you, to the maximum amount allowable by the
Victim's Assistance Fund. I will also see to it personally that
you are moved to more suitable housing, somewhere safe and away
from the people that have been victimizing you." 

He turned to one of the men in the room and said, "Larry, have my
driver take these ladies to their apartment and retrieve that
tape. Get there personal information before they leave. Arrange
to have them deposed as soon as possible. And get that little
girl out of that school and into a decent one, and I don't mean
the day after tomorrow!"

Larry said, "Yes Governor. I know what needs to be done. I'll
handle it. Why don't you go in and get some rest, it sounds like
you have a long day planned for tomorrow."

The Governor stood up and shook our hands and I promised him
again that we wouldn't mention how we met. He smiled and thanked
me and kissed my forehead and then he kissed Heather's forehead
and said, "Child, it makes me ill to think of what my state has
done to you. I am more sorry than you can imagine. I promise that
my state will make it up to you."

He left the room then and Larry took over. I gave him my name and
address and all the pertinent information about me and Heather.
He looked kind of sheepish and I knew what he was thinking. 

I said, "Please, don't worry about anything we might say, we are
very grateful for what you are doing, and we don't blame anyone
but Mr. Kent. It was not the Governor's fault and we know that
sometimes guys enjoy a little sex, no matter what they do for a

I laughed and said, "He was kind of cute, if he had asked me out
I would have gone!"

Larry seemed to relax, but only a little. He went with us to our
apartment and the ride in the big stretch limo was amazing. He
came in and I played the tape for him and he listened all the way
to the embarrassing end. Then he said, "Got the bastard! Nice

We were picked up by someone from the Governor's Office the next
morning. I called the home and told them that I wouldn't be in
today and Mrs. Thomas said, "Yes I know. The Governor called me
earlier! What on earth is going on?"

I told her that I would fill her in later, but as it turned out,
I never went back. With Larry's help we found a small house for
rent on a quiet street in a much nicer area. We got enrolled in
several assistance programs that I didn't even know existed. 

The nearby school that Heather is going to now is great and she
loves it.

I am going to college full time now, with tuition assistance and
with the lump sum payments that Heather and I both got from the
Victim's Assistance Fund we are not living high on the hog, but
we are living much better than we were. If we want to order a
pizza once a week we can. We have been to the movies a couple of
times. We have a lot of bad memories, but suddenly life is better
than it ever was for us before.

We spent days being deposed under oath. Mr. Kent is in jail now.
They have found dozens of other women that he did the same thing
to. Turned them into sex slaves and sold them and used them to
make dirty movies. There has been a huge shake up in the Office
of Pardons and Paroles.

The only bad thing is that both of us are having trouble turning
back into normal people. We got used to a steady diet of sex. Now
there is none at all. Something in between would be nice.

I have had a couple of interesting offers from some of the guys
in school, but they are all too young for me. That's something I
hate to hear myself saying! 

Heather has a boyfriend, and although I suppose I am a lot more
open minded now than most mothers, I am not letting her take her
fourteen year old boyfriend to her room for sex. At least not
until they know each other better.


Comments? Criticism? Email [email protected]
To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my
previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

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