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Subject: {ASSM} Stacey's Adventures - Part 1 (Dumpster Diving) ([email protected]) (g solo, BDSM, ws, Mg)
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Stacey's Adventures - Part 1 (Dumpster Diving) ([email protected])
(g solo, Mg)

The following material is for adults only.  It depicts acts of
pedophilia to include bondage, torture, and watersports.  If you are
forbidden to read or obtain this type of material because of either
content or your age please discontinue now.  It is a work of adult
sexual fantasy.  It's not meant to depict anyone real either alive or

I like hearing from people who enjoyed the writing please drop me a
line at [email protected] if you enjoyed the story.

Stacey's Adventures - Part 1 (Dumpster Diving) ([email protected])
(g solo, Mg)

"Fuck my head hurts," Boone Talbott said to himself.  He had been
fighting nausea brought on by his hangover all morning.  "I'm never
doing that shit again - until next time," he continued to himself.
He had the sweats, his hands were trembling, and his bowels were
boiling.  He'd had to lock the store and crap three times already
this morning.  "Fuckin' diarrhea," he said to himself when his
intestines took a particularly violent churn.

Like every Monday the distributor had brought by a new stock of
magazines and books to stock the Adult Bookstore that Boone owned.
Wednesday was VHS and DVD stock day.  Friday was "adult novelty
item" stock day.

Boone went through the inventory and culled out the older magazines and
books replacing them with the newly arrived stock.  He then wrapped
most of the old material in cellophane and threw them on his discount
table.  He pulled a few items from the discount table that hadn't
moved and pitched them in the trash.  On this particular day he decided
to thin the table more than usual.

He went to the back of the store and checked the state of the video
arcade.  None of the trash cans had been emptied and dried cum and/or
used rubbers covered the floors of most of the booths.  "That sorry
fucker never cleans up," he said to himself, referring to his
employee Conrad who worked nights and closed the store at 2 AM.  "As
soon as I find someone who'll take this fucked up job, his sorry ass
is outta here."  He went to the broom closet, fished out a pair of
rubber gloves, and put them on.  He returned to the booths pushing a
mop bucket and started cleaning out the booths, listening for the bell
on the front door in case a customer showed up.  It was usually pretty
quiet until lunch time.  He cleaned out the booths, restocked the
tissue dispensers, and then dumped all of the waste baskets into one
and took it to the front and dumped the content in with the discarded

He grabbed the bag and heaved it up.  The effort of lifting the heavy
trash bag full of magazines caused his head to throb.
"Son-of-a-bitch," he cussed to himself.  He headed for the back
door leading to the alley.  He pushed the door open and walked to the
dumpster.  As he lifted the bag to throw it into the bin the bottom
fell out of the bag.  "Son-of-a-bitch," Boone cussed and kicked the
dumpster, hurting his foot.  "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he said hopping
around on one foot clutching his throbbing foot.  All this activity was
increasing the intensity of the painful pulsing in his head.  He felt
the bile rising in his throat and was just able to make it to the side
of the dumpster before hurling.  After spewing he spit one last time,
wiped his mouth on his sleeve, and bent slowly to start cleaning up the
dumped magazines.  He gathered handfuls of the magazines and threw them
into the bin.  When he was down to a few remaining magazines on the
ground he heard the bell on the front door ring signaling the arrival
of a customer.  "Fuck it," he said leaving the last few magazines
on the ground and rushing to the back door to attend to the customer.


Twelve-year old Stacy Crane's day hadn't started much better.  She
rose to the alarm to get ready for school only to find her drawers
empty of clean clothes.  "Moo-ooom," she hollered as she walked
towards the other end of the trailer and opened the door to her
mother's room.  "You said you were going to do laundry," Stacy
complained to the sleeping woman.  The 26-year old Linda was sleeping
off a drunk from the night before.  She had had Stacy when she was just
fourteen. Her whole young life had been a downward spiral into
hopelessness, and drug and alcohol abuse ever since.  Welfare and
short-lived jobs barely kept her and her daughter housed in the trailer
on the edge of the rough part of town.

"Just put something on.  I'll get it today," Linda groaned
pulling her pillow over her head.

"God, mom," Stacy complained slamming the door.  "Well, at least
she didn't have one of her creepy boyfriends in there with her...or
one of her girlfriends," Stacy thought to herself.  She went to the
clothes hamper and dug out the cleanest dirty clothes she could find.
She pulled on the denim skirt and striped shirt.  She went to the
kitchen and poured herself a bowl of cereal and ate hurriedly.  She
rinsed her bowl then grabbed her book bag and made for the front door.
When she got to her bicycle she found the tire flat.  "God," the
girl whined in frustration.  She didn't have the time or tools and
patches to fix the bike then so she started walking to school.  It
wasn't unusual for her to walk because half the time her bike was in
the pawn shop anyway.

Stacey made it through her school day.  She was a fairly unremarkable
student.  She was smart enough.  If an adult ever took an interest in
her she could become a good student.  But, all of her teachers were
strained by oversized classes and lack of funding and her mom had her
own issues to deal with.  So Stacey coasted through the system like so
many other kids from her poor neighborhood.

After her last class she started home.  She stopped for a soda at the
local convenience store then headed into the alley that ran between the
back of a small strip mall and the trailer park where she lived.  As
she neared the hole in the fence all of the kids crawled through to get
into the back of the trailer park she noticed several magazines lying
on the ground next to the dumpster that concealed the hole in the
fence.  The first cover she saw showed a naked woman posing
seductively.  She looked up and down the alley and then bent to pick up
the magazine.  A strange sensation filled her body as she flipped
through the magazine.  She knew the magazine was "nasty" and she
shouldn't be looking at it, but she couldn't help herself.  She
pulled the book bag off of her shoulder and stuffed the magazine and
the others lying on the ground into the bag.  Then she peeked over the
edge of the dumpster and saw many more magazines and books.  She
boosted herself up to the edge of the dumpster and leaned as far as she
could and retrieved several more handfuls until her book bag was
stuffed with the pornographic magazines and paper backs.  Stacey rushed
home with her new found contraband.

When she got home she saw her mom's beat up old Ford Escort wasn't
there.  She let herself into the trailer and went to her room.  She
pulled the magazines from her bag and started to flip through them.
The magazines were mostly soft core but a few were hardcore.  They
showed everything from single women posing to lesbian sex, men and
women together, group sex, and two magazines even had men having sex
together.  Flipping through the magazines brought a flush to her face
and stirred strange sensations in her body.  Her mother had talked to
her about sex and masturbation so she understood vaguely what was
happening to her body.  Hearing a description of the chemistry never
compares to the strange and exciting sensations when they actually
flood the body though.  As she sat on her bed she began to
unconsciously rub her legs together to heighten the sensations
occurring at the center of her sex.  One handed dropped to her lap and
she began rubbing the front of her skirt.  "God, this feels good,"
she said to herself.  She put her hand inside of her skirt and was
shocked to feel the wetness from her leaking juices.  She lifted her
skirt to examine herself more closely and confirm the wetness with her
own eyes.  She then pulled down her panties and examined her sparsely
haired pussy.  She touched the moist lips of her sex.  "Mmmm," she
groaned.  She looked at pictures of the models posing in the magazine
and compared her own sex with theirs.  She slowly inserted a finger
into her cunt as she saw the models doing.  She felt so nasty lying
back on her bed with the magazines spread about her, opened to her
favorite pictures.  She continued to tentative finger her tight little
puss with her one finger.  She could feel her hymen and understood that
that was what made her a virgin.  She began to rub her puss and found
that rubbing seemed to address some need that wasn't being met by
simply inserting her finger.  Soon she narrowed down the pleasant
sensation to the top of her pussy hole and the little nub she found
there.  She began to rub the little nub frantically.  She flinched and
spasmed as she manipulated the sensitive little bud but couldn't help
herself.  She felt a powerful indescribable feeling begin to build in
her little twat.  She gyrated her hips and humped at her hand as she
approached a precipice.  Finally she went over.  She squealed as her
first orgasm swept over her.  A shock seemed to course through her
whole body.  She was shocked at the sensation and a little worried at
the incredible sensations.  "So that's why adults make such a big
deal about sex," she thought to herself as she recovered from her
cum.  She wasn't aware at the time that some women had difficulty
achieving orgasms.  She shared the gift of achieving orgasms quite
easily with her mother.  She didn't have much time to bask in the
afterglow though.  She heard her mom pull into the drive and had to
scurry frantically to hide her porn stash.

Considering the responsiveness of her hot little cunny and the
abundance and variety of the pornographic material she had it's no
surprise that little Stacey became a chronic masturbator from that day
forward.  She masturbated every night while looking at the porn
pictures and reading the nasty stories.  Within the month she busted
her hymen with a hairbrush handle and after that she was constantly on
the lookout for phallic shaped objects that she could stick into her
little pussy.  Her heart leapt into her throat every time she rounded
the corner to her house after school if her mother's car wasn't
there because she knew she would be able to have a masturbation

She went by the dumpster where she found the magazines every day on the
way home.  It wasn't long before she figured out that Mondays were
the day that magazines and books were thrown out.  Within a few weeks
she had such a large collection of porn she started to throw out the
material that she didn't like as much.  Eventually her magazine
collection was almost all hardcore material that showed explicit sex
and books and little journals that told the raunchiest tales.  She fell
into a pattern of obsession.  She felt guilty at times about
masturbating so much and would try to stop.  Eventually she found
herself fucking herself again more frantically than ever.  She
daydreamed constantly about the images and stories in her collection.
Cum shots especially turned her on.  She was fascinated by jizz.  The
images of the beautiful women with cum dripping off of their faces sent
little lustful spasms shooting through her cunny.  Another thing that
really turned her on was the explicit stories that involved bondage and
S&M.  She was fascinated by the tales of young women being tied up and
abused by men and other women.  At first she fantasized about the young
women being abused.  Then slowly and subtly her fantasies shifted so
that she was the one being tied up and abused.  She imagined herself
being tied up and tortured and used as a sex slave.  In public she
looked at people of every description and imagined what it would be
like being their victim.  Their appearance didn't matter.  She
preferred to fantasize about beautiful women, but the appearance of the
men she fantasized about didn't seem to matter.  If anything it made
it hotter when she thought of a greasy sleazy looking man using her.
She began a regimen of self torture using clothes pins she found in the
pantry.  Lying in her bed surrounded by her pornography she began to
clip her little nipples with the clothes pins and pull on the clips as
she frantically fucked herself with something phallic.  She wished
desperately for some opportunity to service some severe master or

There was another little development in her obsession with sex.  At
first she dug through the trash to get to the magazines and books she
wanted.  Later she got into the habit of just grabbed the whole trash
bag and stuffed it in her backpack and sorting through the trash at
home.  She threw out the office invoices, used tissues, rubbers, and
other trash when she got home.  But one day one of the rubbers leaked
onto one of the magazine covers.  It occurred to Stacey that the
rubbers contained the same fluid that the cum-hungry sluts were eating
in the pictures she liked so much.  Her curiosity was sparked by the
jism.  She tentatively put her finger into the viscous fluid and
smeared it around a bit.  Then hesitantly she brought her finger to her
mouth and tasted her sperm coated digit.  A spasm of lust shot though
her body as she performed the nasty deed.  "God, I'm so nasty,"
she said to herself.  She milked the rest of the cum out of the first
rubber then leaned down and licked it off of the magazine cover.
"Mmm.  God, I'm being so nasty," she whispered to herself.  She
searched through the trash bag and was able to find four more rubbers.
She milked the cum out of the rubbers onto the cover of the magazine.
A nice sized dollop of jizz rested on the cover.  She put it on her
floor.  She shed her clothes and kneeled before the magazine naked.
She applied the clothes pins to her nipples and began to finger
herself.  As the lust built in her body she leaned forward, extended
her tongue and touched it to the pool of jizz.  "Oh God.  That tastes
so good," she said aloud.  "I'm a cum slut," she said and then
began to slurp noisily at the cum.  When she finished cum was smeared
around her lips and cheeks.  She licked her lips clean as she pulled at
the nipple clamps and rubbed her clit to a mind shattering orgasm.

The next day it dawned on her as she rode past the dumpster on her way
from school that just because the magazines were dumped once a week it
didn't mean she couldn't find cum filled rubbers every day.
Digging in the dumpster for used rubbers became an almost daily ritual
for the horny preteen.  Some days she would take the rubbers home and
suck the cum from them immediately.  A few times she accumulated a few
days worth and ate her perverted little harvest in a lustful feast.

The curious girl tried to duplicate almost everything she read or saw
to the extent that she could by herself.  She began exploring anal sex
after seeing a spread of pictures with a woman double penetrating
herself with a pair of dildos.  It was inevitable that the horny little
girl would encounter a story about golden showers.  And when she did
she wanted to try that little kink too.  "How nasty," she said to
herself and immediately went into the bathroom to piss into her cupped
hand and taste the golden fluid.  "Mmm.  Not bad," she said to
herself.  From then on piss play became a part of her sexual
activities.  She began to piss into cups and drink it.  She no longer
complained when one of her mother's male guests failed to lift the
lid and pissed on the seat; instead she knelt before the toilet and
licked the stray droplets while rubbing her creaming little twat.

Summer approached and the days got longer and warmer.  Stacey dreamed
lustily about having a lover that would use her.  The fantasies filled
her every waking hour.  Finally summer break arrived and little Stacey
looked forward to being free to masturbate even more than before.  The
first Monday after school let out she walked to the dumpster to check
on her weekly porn stash.


The sight that met Boone's eyes when he went to dump the second bag
of trash that day almost made him shot a wad in his pants.  Sitting at
the bottom of the dumpster with her short summer dress hiked up to
expose her pantyless and almost hairless puss was a young girl with her
head turned up and milking a dollop of cum from a used rubber into her
mouth.  He watched in fascination as the girl caught the sperm on her
tongue and swallowed the jizz down.  She licked her lips then said
"Mmm, good," before discarding the rubber and reaching for another.

Boone mind raced for a plan to exploit the situation.  As the young
girl lifted the second rubber Boone hollered in his mouth authoritative
voice, "What the fuck is going on here?"  The shock on the young
girl's face was, as they say in the commercials, priceless.  She
dropped the rubber and scooted to the other side of the dumpster which
served to expose her puss further to Boone.  She stammered something
indiscernible and blushed a furious red color.  "You're in a lot of
trouble young lady.  Come here.  Get the hell out of the God damn trash
can," Boone said gruffly.  The girl slowly rose and edged toward
Boone.  He grabbed the young girl by the arms and lifted her from the
dumpster.  He pitched the bag of trash in the dumpster then taking her
by the arm he led her to the back door.  He led the young girl into the
office by the back door.  "Sit right there," he said pointing to a
folding chair, "I'll be right back."  He locked her into the
office then went to the front door to lock the door and put the "Back
in 5 minutes" sign up.  The girl sat in the office and fidgeted and
worried about her position.  She was close to tears.  Boone stood
outside the door and tried to regain his composure.  If he played this
right it could be a lot of fun he thought smiling to himself.  He put a
stern face back on and swung the door open.  He stood before her and
asked "Now, what exactly do you think you were doing in the
dumpster?" he demanded.

"Nothing," the girl replied tears welling up in her eyes.

"Don't bother crying," Boone said threateningly.  "It's not
going to get you out of this mess.  You're in serious trouble."  Of
course this had the opposite effect and the girl immediately started

"What's your name and where do you live?" Boone asked.

"Sta...Sta...Stacy Cra... Crane," the girl answered between sobs
that racked her small frame.  She didn't even think to lie she was so
frightened.  "I... I... live over... over there... in the... the
trailer... trailer park," Stacy said pointing in the direction of her

"Are your parents home?" Boone asked sternly.

"I... I... don't think... think so," Stacey answered between sobs
and hiccups.  "Please... please... don't tell my mom," Stacey
pleaded through her tears.

"What you were doing was pretty serious.  Don't you think?" Boone

"I was just... I was just...," Stacy trailed off.  She couldn't
bring herself to say what she was doing.

"And besides, what would have happened if the trash truck would have
come by while you were in there?  You could have been seriously hurt or
killed," Boone scolded.

Stacey looked down at her hands folded in her lap shamefaced.  "I...
I guess," she said.  Her crying was beginning to subside.

"You guess what?" Boone countered.

"I guess... I guess... I coulda... coulda... been hurt," Stacey

"Now what were you doing in there?  And don't lie!" Boone said.

"I was just..." Stacey broke off her answer again.  She was too

"If you don't tell me you'll force me to call your parents,"
Boone admonished.

"I was just... licking... licking the cum... from those... those
rubbers," she answered with her sobbing regaining intensity.

"And how long has this been going on?" Boone inquired.

"A few... a few months," Stacey sobbed.  "I was getting the old
magazines out of the trash and then... and then...," Stacey
volunteered more than Boone had asked.

"You've been dumpster diving for fuck books too!" Boone asked
with renewed sternness.  This provoked another burst of tears from the
girl when she realized she was digging herself into deeper trouble.  He
let the girl cry it out for a few minutes without saying anything.
When her crying waned a bit he went to his desk and got several tissues
which he handed to her.  "OK.  OK.  That's enough," Boone started
to soothe the young girl.  Stacey took the tissues and wiped her eyes
and blew her nose.  "Just calm down.  I won't tell you parents,"
Boone comforted.  The girl's face seemed to brighten at that.  "I
just want to ask a few questions," Boone said circling back to his
desk and sitting down.  "Now you've been getting magazines out of
the dumpster for a few months, huh?" Boone asked.  The girl nodded
her head yes.  "And you like doing that with the rubbers, huh?"
Boone asked.

Stacey blushed and looked down into her lap.  "Yes," she whispered

"How old are you anyway?" Boone asked.

"Twelve," Stacey answered.

"That's a pretty adult thing for such a young girl to be doing,"
Boone stated matter-of-factly.  "Don't you have a little boyfriend
or something where you wouldn't have to suck cum out of used rubbers
and shit?" Boone asked.

"No," Stacey answered blushing furiously and the lewdness of
Boone's remarks.

"You mean to tell be none of those school boys have been trying to
get into your drawers yet?" Boone asked.

"No," Stacey answered.  The direction of Boone's interrogation
was taking a strange direction making the girl feel a little funny.

"No playing doctor or playing house with the neighborhood boys or
anything like that?" Boone asked.  Stacey looked up questioningly.
"So you don't play any 'you show me yours and I'll show you
mine' games with any of the boys?" Boone clarified.

"No," Stacey answered shyly.  Only a few sniffles remained of her
previous crying bout.  She was starting to warm to the conversation a

"Hmmm, you've been eating cum for months now and have never even
seen a pecker," Boone stated.

"I've seen a lot of them in pictures," Stacey countered.

"Ha.  True.  True.  You've got a point there," Boone said.
"But seeing something in a picture and seeing it in real life are two
different things."

"I guess," Stacey said blushing.

"Don't worry.  You're real pretty.  You'll get plenty of
chances to see cocks in your lifetime," Boone teased.  Stacey blushed
at the veiled complement and fidgeted in her seat a bit.  "So I guess
you're a virgin and all," Boone continued.

"Umm.  Yeah.  I guess.  But...," Stacey started but then paused.
She wanted to seem more mature than she was and tell the man she
didn't have her cherry because she had been fucking herself.

"But what?" Boone asked.

"I've been... I've been mastur... masturbating... with stuff,"
Stacey confessed blushing.

"Ha ha," Boone laughed.  The girl fidgeted uncomfortably at her
confession.  "That's probably one hell of a sight," Boone said.
"But not as hot as seeing you milking the cum out of that rubber with
your legs spread showing you little puss in the bottom of that trash
can," Boone added.  Stacey looked into Boone's eyes at his remark
and recognized the lust in them.  She was beginning to feel a little
hot and bothered herself.  "You aren't wearing any panties under
there are you?" Boone asked.

"Uhn uhn," Stacey said shaking her head no.

"Come over here," Boone said to the girl as he pushed his chair
back from the desk.  She nervously rose and walked around the desk on
shaky legs.  She stopped a couple of feet from Boone.  "C'mon
closer," he said gesturing between his splayed legs.  She could feel
butterflies in her stomach.  The anticipation of what might happen sent
shivers through the 12-year old.  Boone reached for the hem of the
sundress the girl was wearing and slowly lifted it to reveal her pussy
sparsely covered in downy blond hair.  "Damn," Boone said as the
girl's pussy cleft was revealed.  "It's a fucking shame you are
letting someone toy with that slit," Boone said looking up into the
girl's face.  She stared deeply into his eyes.  She was filled with
lust at being exposed and leered at by the man.  The embarrassment she
had felt earlier was replaced by arousal as she stood on trembling legs
before the man.  "Mmm mmm mmm," Boone said.  He held the dress up
with one hand and placed the edge of his finger to her slit.  She drew
her breath in sharply.  Boone began to saw his finger up and down along
the girl's pussy cleft.  Stacey tried to squat a little on Boone's
finger to intensify the contact.  "You like that?" Boone asked.

"Mmm hmm," Stacey answered as she ground her puss onto Boone's
finger.  She bit her lip in concentration as she began to ride the
man's finger.  Boone pushed his finger up into the girl's clinging
twat.  "Ohh," she sighed as the penetrating digit pushed up into
her fuck channel.

"You're soaking wet," Boone commented as he watched his finger
disappear into the young girl's puss.  "Damn," Boone said as he
began to piston his finger in and out of the girl's tight little
cunt.  With his thumb he began to grind the girl's clitoris.

"Unghh," Stacey grunted.  She began to roll and gyrate her skinny
little hips.  It didn't take long before she felt the tell tale signs
of an orgasm building within her.  "Oh God," the preteen moaned.
"Mmm, fuck," she whispered as she rode Boone's finger.

"Are you going to get a nut?" Boone asked.

"Yessss," Stacey hissed as the orgasm shook her.  "Unghh, unghh,
unghhh," she grunted as she desperately thrust herself down on
Boone's hand.

"Get that cum, girl," Boone encouraged as the orgasm shattered the
girl.  She shivered and spasmed as she ground her sex on Boone's
hand.  Her tight puss clutched at the invading finger.  Finally her
orgasm subsided and she slumped down to the floor in front of Boone.

Boone rose from the chair and helped the girl up and into the chair.
"Well, you let me see yours.  I guess I should let you see mine too.
Huh?" Boone asked.  Stacey didn't trust herself to answer and only
nodded her head up and down.  Boone stood before the girl with his
hands on his hips.  She sat in the chair staring at the bulge in the
front of Boone's pants.  "Go ahead.  Take it out," he ordered the
girl.  She looked up at his face briefly then leaned forward to take
the zipper and lower it.  When she finished she dropped her hands.  Her
heart was racing is her throat and she could hardly breath as she
looked into the fly of Boone's pants.  "Go on now," Boone
encouraged.  The girl reached into Boone's pants.  She felt the
stiffness of the cock and fished into the fly of Boone's boxers.  A
low moan escaped her lips and she felt the hot stiff cock for the first
time.  She pulled it out and exposed the stiff cock to her lustful

"God," she whispered as she withdrew her hand from the stiff cock.
It was just inches from her face and looked huge to the young girl.

"Ya like it," Boone said proudly wagging his cock in front of the

"Umm hmm," she answered.

"Go on and touch it," Boone said.  Stacey took the fat pecker in
her hand again and started running her hand over the hot firm flesh.  A
drop of pre-cum oozed from the head and she shyly touched the fluid and
began to smear it on Boone's cock head.

"Fuck," Boone said his cock twitching in the preteens grasp.  He
reached forward and loosed his belt and the button on his jeans and
pushed them down his legs.  His cock stuck out of the fly of his boxers
in the young girl's tender grasp.  "Hold on," he said pushing the
girl's hand away briefly so that he could push his boxers down to his
ankles too.  He stood before the 12-year old with the full raging glory
of his erection waving just inches from her face.

She reached up and took hold of the cock again.  She loved the feel of
the pecker in her hands.  It felt soft and hard at the same time.  More
pre-cum was leaking from his piss hole.  Stacey fingered the slippery
fluid again and then brought her finger to her lips.  She looked up
into Boone's eyes as she moaned "Mmmm, good."

Boone's cock twitched at the image.  "Fuck, girl," he said.

Stacey was pleased at the effect she was having on the man.  "Can I
kiss it?" she said smiling slyly.

"God damn, girl," was all Boone said.  Stacey leaned forward and
kissed the fat pecker on the piss hole.  When she drew away a thin
trailer of sticky pre-cum ran from her lips to the head of Boone's
cock.  He thought it was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his
life.  Stacey extended her tongue and broke the little strand then bent
forward to lick Boone's cock head.  "Yeah, girl.  Lick that
cock," Boone encouraged.

Stacey was filled with lust.  Her little pubescent puss was leaking
fluids onto the chair where she sat.  After licking the pre-cum from
his cock head she frantically rubbed her face onto the stiff dick while
emitting whimpers and mewling sounds.  She groaned lustily as she
kissed and licked at the fat cock flesh.  "Oh God," she moaned

"Suck on that mother fucker," Boone commanded.  Stacey responded by
taking the cock head into her mouth as she had seen in so many of the
magazines.  She tried to stuff the fat pecker as far as she could into
her mouth.  She gagged and tears welled in her eyes.  She scrapped her
teeth on the shaft and was admonished by Boone, "Watch your teeth,
dammit."  Her next effort to throat resulted in another gag.
"Don't worry about throating the mother fucker.  Just suck on the
head real hard," Boone coached.  "Yeah... fuck yeah," Boone
responded as the girl sucked on his cock head.  "Ummm.  OK.  Now jack
the mother fucker off," he ordered.  The 12-year old pistoned the
cock flesh into her mouth as she sucked frantically at the cock head.
It wasn't long before Boone spewed into the girl's mouth.  Frankly,
the thought of being sucked by the little 12-year old was more than he
could handle.  For her part, Stacey was thrilled to actually be getting
a load of cum from the source instead of from used condoms.

Boone slumped back onto his desk.  "God damn," he said.  After
catching his breath he said, "OK.  Look you have to go so I can open
the store."

"OK," Stacey said.

"No more dumpster diving.  Right?" Boone said.

"Umm.  OK," Stacey answered.

"Do you know where the Gas and Grub on Old Creek Road is?" Boone
asked.  It was just a few blocks away.

"Yeah," Stacey replied.

"I live at 515 Old Creek Road.  It's five houses down from the Gas
and Grub.  On Tuesdays you can come by my house and I'll let you have
any magazines I was going to throw out.  OK?" Boone said.

"Umm.  OK," Stacey answered.

"C'mon," Boone said guiding the 12-year old to back door.  Boone
opened the door and checked to see if the alley was clear.  "OK.
Remember...every Tuesday," Boone said in parting.

"OK," Stacey said and then impulsively hugged Boone.  "Bye,"
she said.

End of Part One.

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